I've only had one real accident in my pants till the other day. I knew I had to go but things kept getting in the way. A friend was walking with me (she had to go too) when I fell behind. She turned to see why I stopped and said later that I had this confused look on my face and was holding my stomach. I just could not hold it. My bowels were releasing slowly but surely into my pants. I told her I was completely filling my panties and couldn't move. I couldn't believe what I was doing, and it smelled awful, worse than when I do it in the toilet. All I could do was step off the trail and try to dump most of the load out of my panties. It was an awful day. My friend was able to make it to a bathroom before it almost happened to her.


Never been constipated in my life

Hi all.

I am a 23 year old visually impaired male. I have never been constipated in my life, but I suppose that's because I drink about 9.41 litres of hydrogen oxide hahaha.

Anyway, This site is a bit too awesome hahaha.

Keep up the good work, I will attempt to post again in the not-so-distant future. Until the next post, keep up those sewer-meteors


Some responses (Linda, Dude in Distress, Survey)


Linda - Thanks for responding to my post. I’ve read a lot of your stories before and they sound interesting. Your constipation sounds pretty bad and makes me think of mine. Luckily I don’t really seem to have hemorrhoids, but I do seem to be constipated much of the time, several times a month, that’s for sure. It normally takes me 15-20 minutes to do a poo, if it’s really bad, it can be over half an hour.

Dude in Distress - Glad you were finally able to go. I am frequently constipated as well and for me, not going for three or four days is often normal. Sometimes I just have to resort to an enema or something at that point, but I usually I prefer to just try and push it out.

Farting Survey

1. Do you think farting is funny? - It can be!

2. What's your reaction when random people fart in public? - I usually just chuckle to myself, but I don’t want to walk into the smell.

3. Have you ever farted in public before? - I have, usually if not too many people are around.

4. What's your longest fart? - I’ve done one that seemed like it was almost 30 seconds long lol.

5. Did you ever fart in class at school before? - Yeah I used to fart in class pretty often. Often no one knew it was me, but sometimes I was outed lol.

6. What are your and other people's reactions when someone farts in class? - I usually don’t pay any attention, but sometimes I will comment on it. I’ll never point fingers, though.

7. Based on your opinion, in a relationship, when should couples start farting around each other? - Whenever they feel comfortable. I don’t think it’s a problem.

8. Based on your opinion, Which gender do you think farts more? Guys or Girls? - I think they both fart the same, but guys are more open about it.

9. Do you have any farting stories/experiences that you would like to share? - Well, one time I farted during a physical exam when I was 16. That was very embarrassing!


Using the toilet with others very close

Hello. Recently I was on a very crowded train and I found myself standing right next to the toilet, and next to many other passengers. A few girls needed to use the toilet. Based on how long they took, I assume they only needed wees, but I still couldn't help thinking that they were doing so very close to others - I was less than 50 cm away, even though I could neither hear or see them. It was an interesting thought, yet at the same time, it somehow did put me off using toilets on trains when they are so crowded, to the point where I had to take a taxi home from the station the other day, for fear of not being able to make it. (It did, but just in time.)

Megan, Natasha, Lara: I like your posts, please keep posting. Abbie: are you still here? I miss your posts! Megan: you mentioned that you 'occasionally' go in your pants. Do you really? I don't recall you ever writing about that. In any case I hope it doesn't happen too often.

Secret Pooper

My HUGE smelly poo last night and again this morning.

Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since I last posted on here. Have been very busy with work and life in general really. I always read your stories about your poos.

I have two stories of my own, very recent actually as the heading suggests. So let me first tell you about the HUGE poo I took last night. Well it was about 6:30pm when I really started to feel a tad uncomfy and was getting a bloated belly plus a flatulent bum. I could feel a build up of something inside but the need was no where near urgent yet! I was still breaking wind every couple of minutes which began to smell like bad eggs. So I got on with some housework running around in t-shirt and shorts.
A quarter of an hour down the line is when I could feel a belly ache brewing up with intensity as my flatulence got smellier and I felt twinges of tiny cramps in my belly. This was a sure sign that I was due for a poo very soon. I usually go from a tiny urge to a almighty urgent urge to go to the loo, but still nothing was telling me to do so. I could feel a very big poo inside building up and now a faster rate. By now it was 7pm and my bum was still letting rip with some really minging SBDs.
Then in the space of literally 3 minutes I was hit with cramps that said to me that I was now seriously in need of a poo and ... NOW! Not in 5 minutes but NOW! I was doubled up so placed my right hand on my belly and rubbed it and made my way to my loo, went in switched on the light with the fan and walked the few last steps to the loo, pulled my shorts and panties down to my thighs and just plonked my myself on the loo ready to drop this big brown smelly beast out of my bum. As always I take as much time as I need to have a poo. I usually take up to 25 minutes sometimes.

I took up my usual bog standard (see what I did there lol!) legs spread apart, arms crossed pressed to my belly whilst leaning forward a bit and then I felt a huge pressure suddenly rushing towards my bum so I took a deep breath and let out about at least 5 softish grunts to get started.... Hmmm, nngggh, nggghh ngggh nnghgh! Then I let rip with a smelly loud fart immediately followed by the crackle of my poo poking it's head out my bum then it dropped into the bowl below ... PLOP! then about a few seconds later I then dropped some chunky pieces ... PLOP!, PLOP!, PLIP-PLIP-PLOP! It was getting quite smelly now and then before I had a chance to get my breath back I could feel a big chunk-ier piece of poo turtle heading then it dropped out ... BLOP! I could still feel a lot more poo inside so then let out a few more grunts and pushed and surely enough about there was a rapid succession of loud plops ... PLOP, PLOP, PLONK, BLOP, BLOP, PLIP, PLOP, PLOP, BLOP! Isn't a blissful feeling to just sit on the loo and really go for it? I love that feeling so much, I don't care if I fart loudly, grunt and plop loudly it's the bestest thing about having a huge poo and of course the smell. Anyway back to my poo, you might've thought that after dropping all of that out of my bum I must be near done now?! Yeah?! Nope! A couple of seconds later about 7 chunky, smelly pieces of poo just slipped out with no effort ... PLOP, PLIP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, BLOP!! Followed by more ... PLOP, PLOP-PLIP-PLOP-PLOOP-PLIP, BLOP-PLOP! This was already safely in the category of 'satisfying dumps' as I knew this was a good colonic clear out and boy I must've needed it as I felt ready for my bum to deposit more brown, smelly nuggets into the bowl below ... PLIP! PLOP-PLOP-PLIP-PLOP-PLOP! PLONK-PLONK-PLIP-PLOP!
And I was done, it was 7:35pm by now and I had been on the loo dumping this smelly brown beast but at least he was released into a smelly wilderness! I tore off some loo bunched it up and took a quick look behind me into the bowl and it was covered in pieces and one chunky sausage like piece but was stinky! I wiped my bum for the first time and the paper was covered in poo, then went to wipe a second time a little less, then a third and was getting there all in all after the fifth wipe my bum was clean and I got up off the loo, pulled up my shorts and panties, flushed the loo and sprayed the trusted Febreeze into the air. Phew! That was a smelly one but I didn't matter always a joy to take a HUGE poo like that.

The poo I took this morning gave me little or no warning at all and usually comes straight after my first customary morning tea or coffee of the day. I quickly rushed to the loo barely had split seconds timing to pull down my shorty shorts and panties to my thighs, and parking my self on the loo before an explosion of what I can only describe as a 30 second assault on my poor loo. Loads of wind then a torrent of smelly brown bum chocolate plopping in rapid succession but again so relaxing and satisfying. The bowl was a mess though but only took 3 wipes.

Just a few quick shout outs:

Jemma: I love your posts about your poos and please keep them up. So sorry about your bad news hun x
Linda: Keep them stories coming love reading them.
To everyone: I just love to hear all your poo stories they keep me engrossed!

That's it for now, good night all x


TOIELT TISSUE survey, the more info the better

1. do you wipe each and ever time or most of the time after a toielt pee

2. how many times on average after a dump

3. has the toilet tissue ever tore or broke when wiping

4. ever feel you wiped too much

5. do you only wipe a few times with same tissue, or fold and go further

6. how much do you spend on toilet tissue each week and does it last long

7. ever use moist, damp, or formulated toilet tissue wipes and does it really work better

8. ever been in public restroom and seen flushed toilet tissue especially messy such

9. have your toilet tissue ever clogged the toilet

10. ever been in a public restroom and heard someone else wiping after a dump. what did to sound like and times

THE MORE DETAIL THE BETTER. you can give some experiences too

Friday, April 04, 2014


Random thoughts

I first discovered tis site some three years ago. One of th first things I did was to go back through the early pages and its good to know that from the earliest days that Adrian still keeps posting! Well done fella!

Your comments are always spot on and a source of education and of course its good to have a UK input!

Jemma you look after youself babe, you know what I mean; my wife and me went through a similar situation some 30 odd years ago all turned out well in the end, love and God bless!

Love to you all on this site John B


Deep Tub

I'm Kye, 19, an American transgirl. Over spring break I flew out of state with my boyfriend (and his dad) as he was visiting universities. While we were there, we also went to the biggest anime convention I'd ever been to. But I never went to the bathroom at the convention. Everything happened at the hotel.

We were staying in a ridiculously ~swanky~ hotel, which mostly left me unimpressed ($5 a glass for orange juice during breakfast?! Without telling us, just offering to pour?), but one feature stood out. The deepest bathtub I'd ever used. The faucet and water pressure were both so high that I figured I could clean out with an enema just by laying back, ass up. The first night there, I tried just this, after actually bathing. It took some finagling to position myself right, but in the sweet spot, the water flowed hard into me. I kept myself from wincing or losing control and filled up till I felt urgent (probably 15 seconds or less, heh) and dashed to the toilet on the other side of the room. Apart from some small directly lodged pieces, wave one was only a nice warm ~fwoosh~, a chance to make urgency solely for relief. After the water stopped coming, I hustled back to the tub for another round. The second ~fwoosh~ came with discolored water, but still no significant "product". I figured I hadn't reached that section of bowel, and wiped off the soaked toilet seat with a towel. Soon as the seat was dry, I felt the "uh oh" pressure in my butt. I wanted to keep the top seat dry so I lifted it and sat on the wider part, and just ~allowed~, not pushed, a sloppy column of farts and mush to fall out of me. The wave must have lasted a good two minutes and it left a proper mess of shit in the bowl.

The second night, I started the bath with the cleanout, and got my ass ready first with my fingers. The second time was even more intense, and loosening my butt at the start left me so gassy that I had to keep the bath faucet on. I didn't want anyone else in the room to hear the noises and get worried. Felt good to be emptied though, especially not having to go at all while at the convention.


Holding It All Day

Short Story But Im A Guy and Dont Like Pooping In Public Toilet So I Waited Until I Got Home To Go So Bout 30 Minutes Ago I Had To Poop and Was On The Toilet For 15 or 20 Minutes and There Was Alot Of Poop and Wiped 2 Times Not Messy But It Smelled A Little. But I Go Poop Atleast 1 Time A Day or Every Other Day But If I Got Runs Then 2 or 3 Times A Day.


Rest Stop Stopover

Two summers ago my friend Miranda and I were riding our bikes in the country because I was staying with her family which lives on an acreage. It was Sunday morning and we were both hot after having ridden about two miles and Miranda said she knew of a back way we could take into an Interstate highway rest stop where we could rest, go to the bathroom, and use a machine to get something to drink. We had to go up a couple of hills, leave out bikes, and cross a fence, in order to get to the building. Going over the fence activated my need to poo like nothing else. We walked through a weeded area and I thought I was going to have to drop my shorts there and go. Somehow we made it to the brick building and Miranda ran ahead and I could hear her plop her butt down on the toilet before I actually got to the door. She sighed and a surge like from an explosive faucet started.

Miranda was on the first of eight doorless toilets. There were no cubicles. Just concrete building blocks as a barrier about 2-feet high on the sides of each toilet. I took the toilet next to Miranda. The seat was up and I dropped it and quickly threw my butt onto it. My poo came immediately. There was like four blasts of the softee type that I've described in previous posts. Miranda said something about not liking doorless stalls, but I told her I didn't think 10 o'clock on a Sunday morning would result in many visitors. Just then two cops came in. They were in uniform, had their radios going and they were joking about some baseball game they were going to be playing in that night. They smiled at us, said Hi, and took the next two stalls. The one next to me swore when she saw there was no toilet paper and she asked her partner to pass her some. Then she carefully placed it on the seat before slowly sitting on it. Her partner seated herself much more quickly and immediately started to wee. A little girl about 9 or 10 came running in, took one of the far stalls, and really started blasting away with her gas. Miranda and I both got done at about the same time, and because I was sweating so badly (you could see where my butt print was on the black seat) I did three wipes. That's about one more than I usually do. I washed my hands and waited outside for Miranda. Shortly thereafter, we got our giant drinks out of the machine and we sat down at a picnic table to rest. The cops came out and asked if they could join us. One of them was really funny and reminded me of my older sister. Then a beep and some numbers came across the radio and they had to go. Miranda and I stayed for another half hour or so. Before we want back to the bottom of the hill and got our bikes, I went back in and weed. There was an old lady on the toilet I had used earlier that seemed to be having a hard time pooing. She stood up and changed position a couple of times, and she was gasping a little when she pushed. Miranda said she was probably trying to release a rock. I kind of felt sorry for her.

Dude in distress
Adrian thanks for the reply! Finally after about 4 attempts, it came out- but I was desperate for relief and ready to try anything.. i squatted down and used lots of lube to manually assist things along. I didn't dig it out, I just kind of massaged and pushed around my hole. Especially around the perineum. Surprisingly it worked!! I have tried all sorts of diet modifications and doctors don't have answers. I just have frequent difficult movements.

Hello again. I was able to do a poo this morning, but it was difficult, as you'd expect after I didn't go for four days. When I first woke up, I was feeling like I might be able to go, and I went straight to the toilet. After sitting for a few minutes, I felt the poo ready to come out. But I still had to push and strain hard to get it started.

The log was wide and dry and it hurt. At first, I had to keep pushing or else it would stop. Then thankfully after a while, it was coming out on its own. After it broke off and plopped into the toilet, I pushed some more and did another almost identical log. By the time I had finished, my bum was sore. It was just as well, then, that my poo was dry and I only needed to wipe twice.

I think that's all I have for now. Hopefully the next time I do a poo it'll be at least a bit easier. Bye!



Hey everyone it's Kyra, Anne's lover, and I want to say hi specifically to all the girls who are discussing their poo holding and the release that follows. I've been a poo holder for most of my life and have always enjoyed it. I want to share a few thoughts on it for you all.

I totally connect with you on letting my poo begin to come out, then flexing my muscles to stop it before I can totally open for it. Honestly, the only way to describe this sensation is it feels really good in an almost exercise fashion. The ability to squeeze my colon muscles and hold until I have built a solid poo that I can really feel from reverse against my anus I feel very proud of. When I was a little girl I would sit on the floor to keep it from coming out and clench my whole body to stop the automatic contractions that were pushing it along. I always got sizeable poo marks in my panties from where the poo would press out as I sat on a hard surface and struggled to stop it and eventually the poo would go slightly backwards and recede back into me. Over time, this muscle conditioning made my ability to hold my poo for lengths of time practically second nature. If I choose to hold on, I don't usually have to take my poo seriously for almost a week. If I want to go more frequently, I can usually poo after 2-3 days no problem, but often I get a longing for a big, hard poo and I begin holding on, wishing for a poo that will rock my world and give me an experience letting it out. A pleasant stretching sensation that can't be produced by any other means. I feel I have a relationship with my poo, that it's desire to emerge is balanced by my desire to contain it. A desire that stems to childhood and arose out of pure instinct for whatever reason I don't know.

I haven't had a proper bowel movement since Sunday (March 23). I have had bowel movements every day since then, but they have been very small and very hard to pass. The last few days now, I have been quite gassy on the toilet. Even drinking coffee (which makes me go 90% of the time) hasn't been of much help. I had a coffee this morning and one at around noon, so hopefully I will be able to get some relief later on today!

I do suffer from chronic constipation, so this is something I deal with every so often.

I must confess that I used to pee in the shower when I was a girl. My mother caught me trying to pee standing up facing the toilet like a boy. Sometimes, I took showers, so I would stand up and aim. I also did it in the college showers.


To Steven

I'm really sorry to hear you can't see your friend any more and I hope your and her parents will relent.

Tinfoil Hat

Failed stunt gave me hemorrhoids

Last week, after reading the latest Rebecca's post, i tried to pull that holding back stunt again. I took advantage of a relatively heavy meal ahead; on Sunday my parents took me to a restaurant in a town near Rome to have a lunch with my relatives and to celebrate a birthday. I personally ate a lot of meat and pasta dishes and i felt really full after it. Next, we went walking around in a park near the town and then we came back home on the evening. I didn't get any urge on Monday. On Tuesday i started feeling sick and bloated and i had to go to the gym so i decided to stop holding it. Bad mistake, because that decision came while i was in a hurry (i have a time limitation in my contract). So i went to the toilet and pushed everything out of me (not an extreme load, surprisingly) a little too fast and it hurt a lot. The next day i woke up with hemorrhoids. It only stopped yesterday (and my hole's still swollen) but it hurt like hell everytime i sat down on something, not to mention that every fart i get out is no longer silent due to the partial obstruction, yet it didn't stop me from going #2 (pooping after every urge of course), even without Metamucil increments (and with absolutely no pain). I think that it's due to getting used to eating the right amount of fiber everyday.

In second grade one afternoon, I left class to use the toilet. I farted and my behind felt wet and my stomach felt full. I got to the latrine, pulled down my red uniform shorts and white and light blue trimmed briefs to my ankles, bent over and cleaned out a little brown spot in my briefs with toilet paper. I then sat on the toilet with my legs and knees together and my clasped together. My pipe was limp, so I did not have to hold it down. I pressed hard 3 large brown logs about 12 inches long. On the second and third log, I peed and it felt good. A first grade boy from the next classroom, entered the latrine. He was friendly with a smile. He took the next toilet to me. He pulled down his red shorts and Batman the Brave briefs to his ankles, pulled up his white cotton uniform shirt and put his little behind on the bowl. He took a breath and then squeezed out 5 medium size brown logs. They plopped and smelled. He laid a silent fart. He said, "I feel better. I cold not wait before I go home. I have to pee." I told him, "I almost made in my pants." He said, "I really have to pee." Then, he peed and farted loud. "I did not expect that!" It was a long one. We sat and talked and giggled. His hands were cupped over his pipe. We said how we liked each other's underwear. I told him about my favorite cartoon underwear. We stood up, and wiped our pipes, and our behinds good. He said, "We made big cocky." we used a little piece for our pipes and two wads for our behinds. We dropped our paper in the bowl and flushed the bowls. The latrine had flush toilets. Another latrine had cutouts over a pit. Some flush toilets had seats or none. We did not care. I sat on many cold bowls.

Steven A

Comments and A Question

To Hannah: I pee in the shower as well. It's just more convenient to go during your shower than to get out and use the toilet.

To Steven: My cousin is just like your friend Stephanie, but except for going to the bathroom together. We talk about bathroom stuff sometimes and I also introduced her to this site.

To Jemma: How long have you had IBS?

My Question:

Is it bad if I have to eat Fiber One Bars/Cereal everyday just to keep me regular? I eat 1 Fiber One Bar a day or 1 bowl of Fiber One Cereal a day every morning. I drink water 99% of the time and I don't drink juice that often. I also eat an apple or a Fiber One Bar everyday for lunch at school.

I was at church this morning. A pretty lady in her 40's, well-dressed asked me for the female toilet. So, I showed her because I was headed there, too. She was wearing a nice flowered dress. I was wearing a flannel pink and blue skirt. As we walked, we talked about church. When we got into the ladies room, we hitched up our clothes, showing our black slips. She said, "I have to move my bowels. I went to a party last night." We closed the stall doors. She was fast, got her dress and black slip up, her panty hose and panties to her thighs. Her bowels just expelled lots of logs, chunks and wet farts, on and off. I got up my skirt and full slip, pulled down my red panty hose and rainbow colored, nylon bikini panties to my knees, sat on the toilet, squirted out my pee and then a series of soft loose chunks with farts. She asked, "What is your name? My name is Carol." I told her, Timeeka or Timee." She said, "I am sorry, but I ate and drank to much. It was a good party" At the next point, she farted and dropped more chunks and two splashes and a fart. I told her, "I've been there before. I love to eat drink and party and I am a Pentecostal girl." Carol said, "We have that in common.I gotta do a #1 pee." She talked about the party, the food and liquor and the men there. She let her pee go like a fire hose. We talked some more. She is very educated. We had to get to Bible class, so we wiped ourselves seated, with our legs open. She said, "Wait Timeeka" and she dry farted one more time, then pulled up her hose, undies and let down her dress and slip. We both flushed. We came out of our stalls fixing our stuff. I got a peek at her pink FOL briefs. She saw mine and I know that she liked them. We washed our hands and went to class.


Re: Mr Clogs' Survey

Mr Clogs,

I want to reply to your Survey, but instead of responding point by point, I'm going to
combine all of this into a short (hopefully) narrative.

I'm a long time reader and occasional poster on this blog. I am disabled by cerebral
palsy but to a large extent it has no real impact on my use of the toilet. However,
from an early age I've had an almost life-long fascination with "bathroom stuff" partly
because of my childhood experiences at a school exclusively for disabled children.

When I began school at age 5 and through many years afterwards, I knew kids who
because of their disabilities could not toilet themselves. For the most part these
were severely impaired cerebral palsied children who were wheelchair bound. They
were unable to stand at the urinal (or toilet) or transfer independently to the toilet (say for a BM),
and so they needed assistance which was provided by a staff of full time care givers
employed by the school.

The school's boys' rooms provided male urinals, essentially a container into which
these wheelchair bound boys could urinate while still situated in their wheelchairs.
Typically the care giver would need to hold the urinal in place while a boy peed,
and then empty the urine into the toilet, flush, and rinse out the urinal with water.
If such a child needed to do a bowel movement, then they would need to be lifted
from their wheelchair and placed on the toilet. This school went through the 12th
grade and often by junior high, many of these more severely involved children
were able to develop the skills needed to toilet independently.

As a very young child, I was very private about my own toileting and I was very
grateful that I didn't require much assistance in the bathroom. And I was especially
glad that I didn't need to use a male urinal. Little did I know that this would change,
albeit for a brief period of time, when I was 16 and 17 years old (almost 50 years ago).

At age 16 I had surgery on my left ankle which left me in a full leg cast (toe to groin)
and essentially immobilized me for six months (actually there were two surgeries about
three months apart). It was very difficult to get to and from our bathroom, and getting
onto the toilet or back into bed was a project, to say the least. In order to make things
easier, my mother purchased a male urinal for my bedroom (much like the ones used at
my school). At first I probably wasn't too happy about this although the difficulties of
using the toilet were probably worse. My biggest fear was either overfilling the urinal
or spilling it after I "went." I had a bedside table in my bedroom and I probably kept
the urinal there (full or empty) out in the open. Of course, it was my responsibility to
let my mother or siblings know when it needed to be emptied.

When it came time to poop, I was able to lower myself from the bed to the floor, and scoot on my
arms and backside to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I figured out a way to get myself up
on the toilet, pull my pajama bottoms down, and get situated for a bowel movement. Because
of the weight of the cast, it was a bit of a balancing act on the toilet seat and wiping myself was
also a challenge. When I was all done, then I had to reverse these steps to get myself back into
bed. Clearly, the male urinal made all of this a lot easier.

A year later (at age 17) I had the same procedures performed on my right ankle and I returned to
the same methods for peeing and pooping.

Today, having a urinal would not be very helpful as I would still be very fearful of spilling its
contents. Fortunately, we have a bathroom attached to our bedroom and I'm just a few feet
from the toilet at night

Steven A

Fart Survey

Hey, I have a fart survey for everyone.

1. Do you think farting is funny?

2. What's your reaction when random people fart in public?

3. Have you ever farted in public before?

4. What's your longest fart?

5. Did you ever fart in class at school before?

6. What are your and other people's reactions when someone farts in class?

7. Based on your opinion, in a relationship, when should couples start farting around each other?

8. Based on your opinion, Which gender do you think farts more? Guys or Girls?

9. Do you have any farting stories/experiences that you would like to share?

I hope you enjoy my survey!


Toilet Clogger

A few days ago, I did a somewhat large 2 in the toilet. It was blocked so badly that mom had to plunge it! Even this however, didn't work. It felt like one peice of poop when it came out. Anyway, most of the poo stayed in the drain pretty much all day up until the next morning. Water was still entering the drain, but the poop couldn't budge until the water desolved it.


Another story

I had a small urge to poop on Saturday. I was invited along to go shopping with my sisters and before leaving I thought I'd use the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and peed, gave it a minute but I guess my poop decided it didn't want to come out yet, so I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands and went shopping. We were gone shopping for several hours and by the time we headed back I had to pee again. We get parked and the urge to pee was getting desperate but I had to grab my stuff first. Boy did I have to pee. I get inside and rushed to the bathroom, made it just in time. That was about six or so and I didn't pee again until yesterday morning. I had decided that I didn't really have to pee before bed, I mean if I had went and sat down on the toilet I would have peed, but it wasn't anything where I had to go. I had a strange pee dream and woke up really having to pee. I got up and went to the bathroom still 3/4 asleep. I ended up going back to bed and when I woke again later I didn't have to go. Then about noon or so my stomach started feeling weird. I felt I had to poop and had strong urge to pee. But of course the bathroom was occupied so I had to wait. I could have went in and used the toilet while she was in the shower but I felt like I would be in there for a while. So I waited and waited. The urgency of having to go was becoming quite demanding. I was sitting on my foot trying to keep it in. I felt like I was constipated but had to poop and wanted to start pushing but feared if I did that, I'd pee myself. Finally she came out of the bathroom. I got up to go in there but the dog wanted to be let out and I tried to tell her that but it looked like the dog was pretty desperate too so I let her out first. I finally got to sit down on the toilet and started peeing. Such a relief that was. I started to push to get my poop out, slowly I could feel it head towards my bum and finally it starts to stick out. I pushed again and plop, it falls into the toilet I push again and another small plop. I felt like I still had a lot more to come out so I push again, nothing more than several farts. I pushed harder. I could feel poop moving but still nothing yet. I let out several more farts into the toilet and my stomach was starting to hurt really bad and knew I had to get this poop out of me. I push and a piece starts poking out but then I stop and it gets sucked back up. I push again and again, finally able to release another small piece. I felt more needed to come out but when I pushed I couldn't get anymore out and my stomach was killing me. I didn't know what to do and I had been on the pot for quite a while now by this time. I decided to wipe and take a warm shower, the shower seemed to help some but I still felt bloated. Then I had a lot to eat for supper and really stuffed myself. This morning I wake up with a strong urge to pee and knew I had to get to the bathroom quick. I also had the urge to poop. The release of the pee was so relieving and had pushed two turds out. I went about my day and later this afternoon I had a strong urge to pee so I went and sat on the toilet but to my surprise no pee came out but yet all of a sudden I could feel a piece of poop pushing against my rectum. I didn't even have to push, I just relaxed my muscles and the piece of poop starts to slide out a little at a time, nice good size solid poop. It breaks off followed by another turd and yet another turd. Oooh such a sweet relief. My stomach felt so much better.

i still have pee accidents

hi. my name is christa and i have struggled at staying dry consistently since i was a child. im considered high functioning autistic (diagn at 3) but aside from the fact that i didnt speak or potty train until i was nearly six, i think i seem fairly normal except when im stressed or overstimulated. i didnt understand the toileting process and timing very well as a kid (i wet my pants constantly even in high school) and im still not the best at timing even though im 22. i often think i can wait to go pee when i really cant. my mom still catches me at times holding or doing the potty dance, usually when im stressed or anxious and i start slipping back into my autistic world as a means of self protection. this is hard to explain but mymom is good at catching this and reminding me to go to the toilet so i dont wet my pants. im not always successful. yesterday i peed my pants for the first time in a month. i was at the store with my mom. i had to pee but i felt too shy to say so. there were alot of people and i get overwhelmed by so much stimulation. i was ignoring that i needed to pee and it kept getting worse. i was holding my vagina through my pants. a trickle came out into my panties. i was totally doing the potty dance and holding my vagina as hard as i could. A huge dribble soaked my panties. my mom noticed just at the second i couldnt wait anymore. piss was pouring down my pants and all over my shoes and made a huge puddle all over the floor. it was a mess. my mom took me to the bathroom to clean up. i always carry a change in my pack. my mom suggested i put on a pullup instead of panties. i was glad i agreed cuz that evening, during the drive home i had a HUGE accident in my pullup probably from drinking 2 big sodas. i was so wet that the pullup wetness indicator had disappeared and the swollen bulge of the pullup could b seen through my pants. maybe one day i wont ever have another accident. miracles can happen.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Woman In Mens Room great story it sounds like she was beyond desperate and gave you a really good show to I bet once she was done she felt really good and you ended up with a new friend to.

To: Steven great story about seeing your friend Stephanie pooping its to bad you guys got in trouble and were never able to do it again.

To: Mystery Poster great poop and pee story.

To: Jemma great story about your 3 big poops in one night it sounds like you really had to go and had a good cleanout to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natalie X great story abou your desperate poop it sounds like you just made it in time and it sounds like you had to go alot to I bet you felt really great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

To: ?, Kimberlylez, Mark the Shark, Yan, Andrew, Vince, Adrian: Thanks for your replies. It is good to know I'm not the only one. I don't pee every time in the shower. Mostly when I have not much time, but I kind of like it so I will do it more often. This was also the reason I started, you could call It an "accident" in the shower. I was in the way home after school an I needed urgently to pee, but I also needed a shower because am idiot from my class spilled coke over me as a prank. I cam home an went directly the the bathroom and took my clothes off for the shower. I thought this would be just a quick shower but my hair was so sticky of the sugar, it took ages. I did hold my pee but my legs start to shake cause it was so urgent. On one point I just let it flow and it felt so good. After the shower I felt a bit embarrassed about it. But some days later I overslept lightly and did not have a lot of time ans so I did my morning pee in the shower.

I started to read some older posts. I like the posts of Abbie very much, maybe because I'm a nearly similar age.

I hate it when I have only little time in school for the toilet. One good thing, the teachers let us go to the toilet in the lessons. Maybe I will tell some stories.


My Day of ???? Aches

Had a bad ???? ache this morning, so I spent 20 minutes sitting and trying to poop. The shit felt pretty soft and it hurt as it came out, so I figured that it was the chilli in the noodles from yesterday's dinner that made my ass sting. I was late for work, so I was really pushing and rubbing my lower ???? hard. It hurt like hell, but my belly felt a little bit better so I just wiped and left the house.

2 hours later at work, my belly starts to hurt again. It was aching in waves - I could ignore the discomfort at first, then my gut and stomach started hurting fiercely at the same time. I was feeling nauseous and hadn't eaten breakfast, but my stomach was aching while my gut was telling me that I needed to go! Finally, I can't take it anymore and get up to go to the toilet.

I keep pushing for 15 minutes, hands digging into my hurting ????, but only one turd comes out. The pain below my navel goes away, but the churning in my stomach doesn't disappear. I figure that it's as good as I'm going to get, and I wipe and go back. I have to make up a story about dropping the key card, because I'm too embarrassed to say that my ???? wasn't feeling good.

Before dinner with my friend, my belly starts aching again in the train. I rush into the mall and head for the toilet, but there's only a little bit that comes out. I sit there for almost half an hour, pushing on my ???? and straining, but nothing really works. Just a few small hard turds plops out, then finally I just wipe and go.

I'm lying in bed now, with a blanket wadded under my ???? because it's still feeling upset. I wish the ???? aches would just go away - or better yet, if i could have a partner to rub my hurting ???? and make me feel better.


Massive shit at a hotel

I have a story about a recent vacation I took. I was staying in a hotel, and I woke up one morning with a major urge to shit. I hadn't shit in five days then, which is not unusual as for some reason, my bowels slow down when I'm on vacation. Probably due to the new foods, and different routine.

So anyway, I walked over to the bathroom, blasting a loud, smelly fart every few steps. I stripped naked and sat on the toilet, and began reading my book. I continued farting a lot, and I was beginning to think that maybe that was all I had to do. But after a bit, I felt something solid ready to come out. I just relaxed and let it come at its own speed. My asshole opened wide to accommodate a fat, firm turd. It was crawling out of my body at a snails pace, and I loved it.

By the time a few centimetres were out, the smell was really beginning to hit me. But, I've never been bothered by the smell of my own shit. Other people's shit stink I can't stand, but don't care about my own. The turd started to speed up then and soon it was probably 20 cm long and still growing. I think it was close to 30 cm when it broke off.

Over the next ten minutes, I shit out four more turds. Each of them were short compared to my first one. Likely between 8 and 10 cm each. I had shit a lot, but still felt like I had more in me. A few minutes went by with nothing, but then another turd was in position. It shot out fast and felt very long. After that, two more turds came one after the other. Both must have been over 20 cm long. I finally felt empty, after taking an absolutely massive shit.

I looked in the toilet and it was packed full of my shit. There was no way it would flush. I really didn't want to have to call the front desk and tell them I had blocked the toilet with a huge shit. There was a toilet brush, and I used it to break up the shit, and after six or seven flushes, all of my shit had gone down the drain.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Urgent poo whilst travelling

Hey guys, I'm mark, I'm 16 and have blonde hair, blue eyes and my hobby is football.

This Saturday we had to travel approximately 5 hours home on a minibus from a training camp we had been on all week. The food and hygiene standards there had not been the best and my stomach was starting to hurt before we set off.

I went and sat on the toilet and pushed out a lot of gas but nothing else would come out. I sighed, my belly was making all sorts of gurgling noises. One of my team mates quickly walked into the bathroom, took the cubicle next to me and ripped his shorts and underwear down. A loose sounding wave erupted from his bottom, along with a loud wet fart as he moaned with relief.

'Are you okay?' I asked. 'I will be mate, I've had the shits all morning' he moaned as runny poo squirted from his bum. 'Ah that sucks, I feel like I'm going to have it but nothing is coming out' I said. 'I felt like that last night' he admitted, 'but once it starts, it won't stop'.

He released a final long squirt before starting to wipe. We washed our hands and walked to the minibus. We sat beside each other, both holding our stomachs. I let out a long smelly fart. I sighed, I was very bloated. Liam looked at me, 'You alright mate?'. My stomach gurgled loudly, 'yeah I'm fine, just got stomach ache'

'Me too' he rubbed his rumbling stomach and told me he needed the toilet. We had been driving for about an hour when he first got the urge. After two hours he couldn't wait much longer and told the driver he needed to stop.

He exploded violently all over the toilet but I still couldn't do anything more than gas. 'It'll come eventually' he told me. We had to stop twice more so Liam could run to the toilet. About ten minutes before we got back to the sports centre, I started to feel a sudden nauseating pain in my guts.

I was groaning and had a sudden urge to empty my bowels, my stomach felt upset and I was starting to panic. Five minutes away and I was farting constantly, I had one hand on my stomach, the other on my bum. I was fidgeting like mad and I was about to go in my pants.

Just before we arrived, I casually asked the hot female coach if she happened to have the keys so I could nip to the loo. She said yes, thank god so when we got off I stood up and almost lost it in my pants. She was stood talking to one of the parents, my need was becoming incredibly urgent so I politely asked her if she could open up the building.

She did, so I hurried inside, dropped my kit and ran to the toilets. I rushed into the first cubicle, ripped my clothes down and exploded with wave after wave of very sloppy poo. More runny waves and farts kept coming every so often, I moaned loudly with relief.

Eventually I heard a tap on the door, 'are you okay?' the hot coach asked. I was so embarrassed, I looked at my watch and I had been on the toilet for over ten minutes. 'Yeah I'm fine, I wont be long' I breezed. 'If you're not feeling well, there's no rush' she reminded me.

I spent another five minutes releasing runny poo, then I began the massive job of wiping. Halfway through wiping I farted and got a massive urge so I had to sit back down and do some more diarrhoea. Eventually I was mostly clean and I had spent 35 minutes on the toilet. I walked out, knowing the instructor knew what had just happened.

She smiled at me, 'feeling better?'. 'Yeah' I ducked my head and scuttled out of the building, my stomach feeling terrible.

I still have an upset stomach today, I don't know why!

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