Woman in Mens Room

I was at the store the other day, when suddenly I got the urge to have a bowel movement. As I was walking towards the back of the store where the bathrooms are located I noticed this woman, about in her mid 40's, voluptuous figure, not bad looking for her age. So I kept walking towards the bathroom, when I got there I noticed the ladies room was out of order and had a lock on the door. I went into the men's room, it had 2 urinals and 2 stalls, the first stall was out of toilet paper so I took the 2nd handicap stall. I'm sitting on the toilet when all of a sudden I hear the door open and hear a woman's voice, "is anybody in there?" I thought at first it might be the cleaning lady, any ways I heard the door shut and went about my business trying to have a BM when I heard the door open again and the woman said, "You don't mind if I come in to use the toilet?" I was a little stunned at first, but I told her it was okay. She took the first stall, the one without TP. She sounded desperate to use the toilet as she hurried in. She said, "I'm so sorry I'm about to have a real bad case of diarrhea and the ladies room is out of order." When she takes the stall I notice the woman's shoes and it is the voluptuous lady I saw earlier in the store, I recognized the sexy red high heels she's wearing. I could hear her pulling her pants down, and a thud of her quickly sitting on the toilet, then all of a sudden I hear a loud explosion of gas and diarrhea, and she says," oh my god that feels better." At this point I'm done and ready to wipe but I'm intrigued by the show she is putting on. A few seconds pass and another explosion of gas and diarrhea can be heard coming from her stall, I can hear her moaning and sighing from the relief of emptying her bowels. She then says," do you have toilet paper, I'm out over here?" I took some off the roll for her and passed it under the stall to her side. She kept asking for more TP, must be because she has a really big butt I thought, more area to clean. We both cleaned up and flushed and came out of our respective stalls, man her poop smelled really bad. She kind of smiled with a red face when we both walked out of the stall and met at the sinks. She was a little embarrassed and said, "Thank you so much for letting me in to use the bathroom, I would of gone in my pants otherwise, I owe you." We have become friends since.


To Hannah

I've done it as long as I can remember. So I would say it's pretty normal. Nobody I live with minds as long as it's not poop. you don't have to clean it up so that's nice. I think a lot of people pee in the shower even if they don't admit it.


About Clowns

A long time ago my Brother's Friend came to our house. She was telling us about the time she was at a circus. She said two clowns came near her and they both were arguing and one clown bend over and farted and made a darker stain in his orange pants. A few years later some teen boy I always sat with at lunch told me that clowns laugh because they $hit in their pants.


Response to Hannah's question

Hannah, in regards to your post about peeing in the shower, do you know what started it? I don't have the answer if it's normal or not, but I can tell you I have done that in the past. I'm not sure how long I had done that for but the other week I had to pee when I was in the shower and didn't feel like getting out so I just let go. Do you pee every time you shower or just from time to time?


Friend and I pooped together

This is a story from a number of years ago, when I was about 12 or 13. I had a good friend back then named Stephanie. She was a year older than I was, she had a long brown hair, and hazel eyes. She was fairly tall, almost as tall as I was, and very pretty. I had a major crush on her too, but never worked up the courage to tell her.

But anyway, Stephanie and I had been friends for years and we shared a lot of toilet experiences together. She'd openly fart around me, and if either of us dig a particularly big poop, we'd leave it for the other one to see. And one day, I actually got to see the whole thing, from start to finish.

On that day, we were walking home from school, and I needed to poop. I felt it was going to be a big one so I wanted to hold it and go at Stephanie's house so she could see it. I told her what I had planned and she got a big, mischievous grin on her face. She said she also had to poop, and bet me two dollars that hers would be bigger than mine. I felt like I was ready to do a really huge one, so I took the bet.

When we got to her house, her parents were still both at work, and she said she wanted to watch. She said it was to make sure I didn't cheat, but I knew she really just wanted to see me pooping. I didn't mind though, and said okay. We went to the bathroom together and I made a nest of toilet paper at the back of the toilet, so that the turd wouldn't go around the bend and we could see the whole thing. I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet.

I pushed out a big, long turd. Then I stood up and we looked at my turd. It must have been over a foot long and shaped like the letter 'U'. I sat back down and wiped and flushed. Then it was Stephanie's turn. She too made the nest of paper and then lowered her jeans and panties and sat on the toilet.

She spread her legs so I could even see the turds coming out. She passed three turds, none of which were all that long. And when she got up and I looked in the toilet, her pile was actually quite large. I thought it was very close, as to who had done the bigger poop. But after just a short while, she said she actually had a bit more. She sat back down and pooped out another turd and after a pause, one more skinny turd. That addition sealed the deal and I was forced to admit that she had done a bigger poop than I had.

I told her she had one, and what she said next kind of surprised me. She said that I didn't have to give her the money, but instead I had to wipe her butt. I knew then that was her plan all along, and I was just as thrilled as she was. I rolled off some toilet paper, and she bent over and showed me her soiled butthole. I gently wiped her, and rolled off more paper, repeating three more times before she was clean. She flushed the toilet, pulled up her clothes, and we washed our hands and left the bathroom.

Sadly though, that would prove to be our last toilet experience together. A few days later, we were all set to do it again, but we got caught while we were doing it. Each of us got in major trouble and we weren't allowed to see each other anymore. It was a huge overreaction on our parents part, if you ask me... but nobody did.

Drifty Boots


I'm back. Well, after a few more nights of wetting my sheets and mattress even with one of my Depends on, I finally know the reason it's happening. My d*** will be positioned so that I'm peeing around the padding, so it's like I'm not even wearing one. And if I'm laying on my back, it trickles down around my waist and makes a puddle at my back because the padding stops at my ass cracked. Personally I don't mind a wet bed too much, but my wife doesn't like it and neither of us likes the extra laundry. What To do.

To Megan: I really enjoy your posts! Very well written and detailed. :)

Not much to report. Today I woke up feeling quite full, so I went to the toilet and sat down. I pushed out a massive log, with two smaller pieces following, and a long fart. I then wiped and began the day! :D

Mark the Shark

Peeing in the Shower

TO HANNAH: I started peeing in the shower sometime when I was a teenager. My routine was to pee before the shower. It didn't make sense to pee in the toilet, flush the toilet, then start the shower and wait a few minutes for the water to get hot. So I took out the peeing in the toilet part. My routine changed to start the shower, grab the shower head and point it away from me (I've always had a detachable shower head) and pee in the bathtub and let it go down the drain. By the time I had finished peeing, the water was hot and I could start my shower.

Embarrassed J

Drunken Accident

I've been reading this forum forever but have never posted because I'm very embarrassed that I enjoy having and reading about accidents so much. At this point it might just be time for me to admit I enjoy it and accept who I am.

Last week, I went out with my friends on Saturday night. Eventually I got separated from them (which always happens) and I blacked out from having too much to drink. What I do remember is that I got home around 5 am and I really needed to pee. The only problem was that I really couldn't figure out how to get my key into the lock. As I struggled to figure it out, I realized how much I needed to go to the bathroom and started to get nervous I wasn't going to make it. Finally I realized I actually didn't even have my key on my key chain because it had fallen off. At this point I was crouching over, holding myself, trying to tell myself that it would be OK - I would find my key, open the door and be able to go to the bathroom. I figured I'd find my keys in my apartment hallway so I started to walk downstairs to try to find it. Each step was that much harder to hold it in and eventually, in my drunken state, I decided it wasn't worth it. I relaxed and started to feel the pee soak into my jeans and drip down my leg. It felt like it lasted forever but finally I was done and started to get really embarrassed. I thought about how my roommates would react if they saw me standing there with pee soaked jeans.

I didn't find my key and I had to call my roommate to let me in at about 6 in the morning. It was extremely embarrassing as he opened the door. I tried to turn away, take off my shoes and enter the apartment without him seeing what I did but it was probably no use. I took a shower with my jeans on (and my wallet in my pants still, which took forever to dry) and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and saw my jeans hanging up to dry and every time I look at them I feel embarrassed. I still don't know if my roommate could tell I peed myself when he opened the door to let me in.


advice for Annie...

Hi Annie,
About your friend who's trying to potty train her little boy...
I was a childminder & am obvs qualified in childcare level 3. - here's my advice.

Sometimes it helps if the child feels like they are not being watched...
Pressure on children to "hurry up" & poo can be daunting & make the child feel like a failure if they can't do it. (How would you feel if u had your elders watching you poo?)
So 1 suggestion is his mum and dad leave the room and stand outside so the child feels more private & at his leisure to poo. It is very intimidating for children having people watch them try & poo. Do not tell him to be quick or rush them as this will make them nervous & more prone to accidents in their pants!
Once he has pooed give him lots of praise as it will encourage him to carry on.
If he can't poo DO NOT MAKE IT AN ISSUE as this will actually work the other way & again make him feel like a failure, & if he thinks he'll just fail everytime he tries to poo he'll never be able to poo as his body will become subconciously tense and he'll always have it on his mind it's a massive problem that he can't do it.
So basically leave the room don't rush him & once he's done it give him lots of praise & a reward.
If it is still an issue may I suggest you make sure he's not constipated, give him lots of water, and find out if he's straining to poo in which case see his doctor for advice on how to cure his constipation.
Good luck with everything if u have anything else you want to state about it or other questions I'll answer them the best I can.
Let me know how they/he gets on. Jx

I pee in the shower, if do not feel like getting out of the shower. Or, sometimes I pee as get in with the water running. I wake up with a full bladder and an erect penis.

I've really been pushing my bladder limits today. I've had a couple close calls. I had to go pretty bad when I woke up and had just got into the bathroom when I slid which of course took my attention off my bladder causing me to almost lose control, luckily I was able to regain control before I started to pee myself. I sat down and the pee just gushed out of me, it was such a relief. Then later on, I was watching a tv show and didn't want to miss any of it as I have not seen it before and I got a strong sudden urge. At this time I felt like I had to poop. After the show I decided to relieve myself. I pull my pants down and sit on the toilet, started to release my pee then I sat there for a second and gave a small little push, more pee came out. I could feel my poop hole getting stretching. I pushed a little harder, it opened even further. Finally I could start to feel the tip come out very slowly. About a third of the way out it stops, I push harder knowing I needed to get the turd out. It slowly inches it's way out. Then there was a plop, gave another little push, the second piece fell and plopped into the toilet. Pushing a little more the third piece came out and fell into the toilet. It was a hard solid poop.

Later I had went to the store and while I was there I had a slight to moderate urge to pee but I figured I'd wait until I got home. I decided it was such a nice day out that I'd enjoy the weather a bit. Of course as soon as I got home and went to the door I had to go really bad. It's like a sensor saying ok you're here. I hurried to unlock my door in pure agony, had my legs crossed. Got inside set my stuff down and hurried to the bathroom while unbuttoning my pants on the way. I had to stop before I got to sit down otherwise I would have started peeing. Oh it felt so good to be able to release my pee. Now once again I've had to pee for the last three hours, even sitting on my leg really strong urges. I'm going to try to make it to the toilet as I really really have to go.

Another time in 2nd grade, I was in my second week. That other one was my first week of school. I ate lots of applesauce and it gave me soft diarrhea after lunch. In the afternoon, I eased off one and I my behind felt wet. I went to the latrine, slid down my red shorts and white cartoon briefs to my knees. The damage was not too bad. A little toilet paper did the trick. I wiped a little spot in my underwear, let my shorts and briefs to my ankles, hitched up my shirt over my navel and sat on the bowl. I squeezed out soft light brown cream. I sat with one hand on my stomach and the other holding down my pipe, because it was half-hard and I had to pee. Another, boy came in from class. He had to pee at the trough. He dropped his red shorts and pink and black bikini briefs to his ankles and peed. He pulled up his pants and was talking to me. Then, he walked over to a toilet next to me, pulled his pants and underwear to his ankles and sat on the bowl. He pipe was limp and hung down. He said, "I have to make #2. Is it alright?" I said, "Sure." His bowels plopped chunks many times with farts and he peed. My bowels just poured out more soft brown cream and farts. He said, "Everything is coming out of us loose." We were in there for 15 minutes. Then, we took toilet paper wiped our penises, then opened our legs took more paper and wiped from front to back. We used 3 wads and wiped hard. We pulled up our briefs and shorts, adjusted our belts, flushed and returned to class.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jasmin first welcome to the site and great it sounds like you had a major cleanout and I hope you feel better soon and I look forward to anymore stoires you have thanks.

To: Sara first welcome to the site and great accident it sounds like you were so focused on other things the feeling of having to go just vanised but then it returns with a vengance and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kimberlylez as always another great story.

To: Megan great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Reply to Hannah

Hello Hannah.Yes I do occasionally pee in the shower and have done for a number of years.I imagine it is more common for guys,but I'm glad you like doing it.Perhaps you can post again and tell us more.Thank you and bye for now.


to Hannah

Personally, I find it normal to pee in the shower. I do it every day, and have since I was a kid. For girls, it can be a great place to practice peeing while standing, because it doesn't matter if you pee all over.

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I last posted. I think it was in September or maybe October. Anyway, things are about the same with me, only my constipation has been bad lately. I'm sure it's all the stress around the end of the school term and getting my arrangements together to start university.

I still do my daily routine of sitting for fifteen or twenty minutes every morning, but even so I usually go three or sometimes even four days between poos. And when I do go, I have to strain a lot and it's not fun at all. In fact, right now I haven't been for a poo in two days, since Thursday, and I didn't feel any urge during my sit this morning.

I don't have any stories to share right now, but I will post again in a few days when I do. At the moment though, I have to wee quite badly. I started to have to go shortly after I started typing this post. I ignored it in order to go ahead and finish, but I can't hold it any longer. So, bye!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


3 huge poos at the pub last night!!

Hi people!
Last night me & the girls went down our local, with our boyfriends/husbands
I had not been pooin my normal poos in the week so u could say I was constipated I suppose.
We met @ 7pm and that's when I felt my first urge for a poo coming.
10mins later I was touching cloth! !
So I went for a poo whilst the others got the drinks in.
I was wearing a 'LBD' (Little Black Dress) with black high heels,
I had a red thong on.
I pulled up my dress & pulled down my thong.
Sat on the seat & immediately let out 4 medium sized curly logs, then silence, then a wet fart, then a further 5.
I wiped 3x and flushed.
Washing my hands and leaving.
My next need for a poo came around 830pm when we were all chatting on our table, & I realised I had a ???? ache, I got up to give my mate Hayley a chair to stand with my husband to which he started caressing my big peachy bum, me clenching my buttocks, I whispered I needed a poo & had a ???? ache to him & then left to go and have it.
This time it all came out as one, no pauses, 16plops just fell 1 by 1 in to the loo with loud plops,.
I wiped my bum 4 x & went back to my hubby & mates.
My last poo of the night was about 1130,
Hubby caressing my bum again giving it a lovely massage then again I felt another poo ready to be let out so I told my hubby again who said he was sad he couldn't come in and wipe my bum for me!
I went to the loo again & this time I had 11 loose long logs that all curled round as they fell in the water. I wiped my messy bum 7 x that time & flushed. I left skid marks in the bowl all 3 times I went.
That was it, & today I haven't gone at all.
More soon
J x


Random comments

Hi its John B.

Thanks for your comment its good to gat feedback. The reason I enjoy your posts so much Megan is the anecdotal style in which they are written which makes for a good read.

One thing i've been meaning to ask you Megan is do you still have any contact with your old uni mate Leanne? I used to love the amusing stories of you perfomances in adjacent cubicles! Please give her my regards if contact her.

Well thats all for nom

Natalie X

To Lori and story (warning it's deatailed)

To answer your question I do have trouble holding in a load after a good workout. Especially if I'm doing squats or running a lot then I usually get the strong urge to shit. It's either a case of workouts make your digestive system run faster or it loosens your bowels. For me it's probably both. Just last week I had a hard time holding in a pretty nasty load as I really didn't want to use the gym toilets. I did my usual hour workout but concentrated on my core and butt more, this meant more squats and sit-ups. A couple times while doing the squats I did actually fart some nasty ones, no sound really just stunk! It was only when I was about to finish that I thought hmmm maybe I should of gone at home before I came to the gym. My stomach was gurgling as I was getting changed back into my normal clothes (in hindsight I should of kept my gym gear on for time reasons) As I was finishing putting everything into my bag my gut completed cramped and holding the next few farts were impossible, they just flew straight out and they were loud too, quite embarrassing even though there was only 2 other women and they seemed like they didn't care. I walked out to the toilets and carefully inspected the stalls. All of them were completely disgusting. Even though my insides were now almost constantly gurgling, twisting and cramping I just held my breath, let out a small squeal, held my stomach and walked out. Luckily my house is only a 10 minute walk from the gym but it felt like 5 minutes before my dump would explode out, toilet or not. I was trying to walk without making it look like I was on the verge of shitting myself and my god I was! Every step felt like it made my cheeks have less of a grip on this monster that I was about to give birth to! Desperate was an understatement. I remember as I got to my house I was properly waddling with wet farts that were slapping out. You know those farts that sound like you've shit yourself, basically them all the time, every 15 seconds on the walk home! As I walked through the door my mum said that I was just in time for dinner. I replied great but I'm dying for a poo, be about 10 mins with a cheeky but worried grin on my face. I opened the bathroom door and seeing my nice clean toilet was just heavenly, I thought to myself that poor toilet is about to be destroyed and oh my it was... I lifted the lid, struggled with my belt and struggled harder to pull down my skinny jeans. It's hard when you have a big butt! Think I got down to my thighs when I gave up as it was past the most important bit I just pulled down my panties and let fly. I farted out a huge one, followed by a series of wet loose small turds at rapid speed making a loud continuous plopping noise as they cannoned in! During I farted a lot, exploding more poo out my ass onto the sides and back of the pan. I can remember this dump so well as the relief was simply amazing. I held my legs and squeezed my knees together as I pushed out the remaining mushy bits left. It was over and the toilet was a state. I was still farting a lot so I remained seated and unwiped just in case, probably best as they did feel very wet. As I let off endless gas I cursed under my breath and sighed a lot thinking what the hell happened to me. When the cramping stopped I looked in the toilet, brown murky water with a bunch of small turds floating on the surface and 4 regular size turds in the water just poking out. So disgusting, it smelt so horrible too. I opened the window and sprayed immediately. There were giant skid marks on the back of the pan where the turds flew out at ridiculous speeds. There were also minor marks on the sides when my dump was exploding out of me. I flushed before I wiped and yep sure enough everything went down except the back skid marks. I wiped, it took ages, my crack was caked, it was like I didn't make it. Though I was turtle heading an incredibly mushy poo. Probably did seep up and down. Flushed again after the wipe and it struggled to get all the paper down but it did it, just! The marks still remained and I didn't clean them, my mum needless to say wasn't too happy with the state and the smell I left the bathroom in. But I didn't care, never do really, when you gotta go you gotta go, just not in the gym toilets. So yes Lori, I know how hard it is to hold in a massive dump after a workout. Anyone else feel our pain?

Long time no post, love you all!
Nat x


the BHS poo

So today I had a day off work & I went shopping with my mate Gina.
2 hours in I needed a poo,
So we went to BHS
G came in & had a wee
I had a huge log that made a nice change as usually I have poos that are a mountain of plops.
The relief was great.
J x


More replies

Dude in distress. I was sorry to read your constipation was still ongoing. I hope it's soon over and resolved by the time you read this. Meanwhile the advice in my last post still holds good.

Hannah. In answer to your question it's perfectly normal to pee in the shower. I do so on a daily basis and know plenty of other people who also do it. It's impossible to say with certainty how common the practice is though because it's not something everyone who does it is likely to admit to.

Monique. You're not the only one who enjoys pushing a good fat poo out after holding it in! I was out for most of today and basically needed to poo from lunchtime onwards until around 7.5pm when I arrived home and decided it was time for a good toilet session.


Potty training a little boy?

Hi :) Nothing happening on the pooping front since last Saturday's dump. But my landlord/friend is trying to potty train her very adorable and smart 2 year old little boy. She was asking me for tips on how to do so but I don't have any kids so I don't actually know. I have been looking up info on forums to try to help her.

He is doing well with peeing in the potty but will not poop. Does anyone have tips on how to potty train a little boy or how to get him to poop in the potty? He uses the potty a few times a day but spends most of the day in diapers. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated as neither of us know what to do. I have no kids of my own (I'm 27) so I don't know how to help her. Thanks :)

Hello my name is jasmine I'm new here but I have been reading for awhile. I'm 19 years old currently in my first year of college. I have blonde hair and a tiny body. So anyways yesterday I had the oddest day with pooping . It all started around 9 in the morning I had just finished breakfast I had a bowl of fruity petals and three pieces of bacon. 30 minutes later my stomach started hurting really bad so I went to the bathroom paused out a long fat turd and two smaller ones they were softer than usual. After that I felt empty then about 10 my stomach started to hurt again so I went again I pushed out a few small balls of poop then I farted a few times and was done then about a hour later I was in the middle of my class and I had to go again this time it was softer but still solid I pooped out four huge logs and some mush it was really gross looking it was greenish in color and smelled horrible. I went back to class then for lunch I stopped at this local restruant ( fast food type place ) and had a slice of pizza and a salad. About 3 I had to go again this time my stomach was killing me I went into the bathroom at my dorm ( thank god we I only share it with my roommate and we don't have like one of thoes big bathrooms ) I farted a few times the pushed out a long tired that was sticky like then a few more smaller ones after that I felt empty . So I went and started to work on some school work and no less than 10 minutes I felt the urge to go agin so I did and I was only able to go a little. I went again two more time before bed both still solid . It was really odd for me beacuse I only go once a day and yesterday I went a lot and it wasn't even like diarrhea. Even today my stomach just doesn't feel right . Anyways next time I post I have a good story to tell .

Bloated Butt
To Rebecca:

Oh my gosh, I loved your story so much! It must've been brutal holding it in for that long. I bet you felt like you were going to burst by the end of it! I know I do when I don't poop for several days. Was your stomach really bloated and pregnant-looking? Mine always gets like that. My farts are always really bad when I'm full of poop. I know exactly how you feel when you finally pooped, too. Did you make a lot of noise when you pooped? Like moaning and grunting? Please post more!

To monique:

Thank you for liking my stories! Like you, I love reading stories about people struggling with huge poops. I guess its because I can relate to them so much, since those are about the only kinds of bowel movements I have. I absolutely love all of the feelings I get with it, too: the intense urges and pressure right inside my butt, my butt being stretched wide by tremendous thick logs, the immense feelings of relief. And I love reading stories where people share these experiences. I loved reading your story, by the way. I've done the same thing: lounged around in just a shirt and thong. I have a really curvy figure with a big butt and wide hips, and I like to let it all hang out when I'm home. I've also stripped down when I'm about to poop, because I know I'm going to be a while and I want to be comfortable!

Please share more stories, thanks!

Dude in distress
I finally made some progress, but now it's stuck at the widest part. It pokes out when I push as hard as I can, but then it goes back in! I have had chronic constipation as LNG as I can remember, usually it's under control but every once in a while, I get REALLY backed up. It's literally stuck right at the exit. If. Anyone has advice - please help.


A brief survey

Hello, all ye poopers out there--here is a little survey, based mostly on my own experience of over 70 years of proving the saying, "You never outgrow your need to poop." Life is a grand adventure and an amazing gift, and pooping is a part of life. Here are my questions, with my own answers.

One. Do you now keep, or have you ever kept, records of your bowel movements, and why? My answer: Yes, at several points in my life I have done this, including for the past five years (2010 to now). The first time it was to satisfy my own curiosity; after that I kept track as a result of a doctor's suggestion, to see whether a particular diet item or a specific medicine had any effect on my bowels.

Two. Have you ever noticed the effects of certain medications or certain foods on your bowels? Answer: Yes, I have. Certain foods have specific effects, especially if I eat lots of a particular food; high-fiber cereals, if overdone, can give me diarrhea. Certain medicines can do the same, such as Augmentin, a strong antibiotic. Some medicines, especially strong pain-killers such as Percocet (taken after a couple of my surgeries), deaden nerve endings to reduce pain; those nerve endings include the nerves in my rectum that tell me it is time to poop, so they can end up giving me severe constipation.

Three. Do certain foods go through you without being digested completely, so that you see them again? Answer: Yes, sometimes. While most of my turds are just brown cylinders with no specific food items visible, occasionally I will see any of several possible traces: corn, kidney bean skins, tomato skins, nuts, okra seeds, little black or dark green traces of lettuce or spinach, carrots, and rarely other vegetables. I never see traces of meat.

Four. Do any foods give your bowel movements a different color than usual? Answer: Beets (which I enjoy a lot) can turn my poop a deep red, purple, or even almost black; often one or two pieces will be reddish, while the rest of the movement is not; and sometimes, between the time the poop drops into the water and the flush a few minutes later, an apparently all-brown poop will give off a reddish-purple tint to the water. If I have enough carrots, the poop may glow sort of orange. Spinach can give it a green tinge. I know that certain soft drinks can make people's poop turn green, but I don't drink soft drinks, so I never get that neon-green effect. Dark chocolate can turn my poop dark brown rather than its usual light to medium brown.

Five. Do you ever experience hemorrhoids or fissures on your anus, and if so, what do you do about them? Answer: I had a tiny hemorrhoid once, went to the doctor, and as a result applied Preparation H to the spot; it went away quickly. Fissures are more common in my experience: I get them every few months, for unknown reasons. A fissure is a tiny crack in the anus, which can get quite painful during wiping after a bowel movement. If I get one, it tends to last a few days to about a week, during which time it is hard to wipe clean. I have never gone to a doctor about a fissure, but I have used a salve called Balneol as well as a cleansing cream like Noxzema to soothe the spot; I also clean my anus extra carefully during my showers.

Six. Have you noticed any changes in your bowel movements--size, color, frequency, hardness, ease of passage, etc.--during your life? Answer: As a youth, I had large, long movements, often in a single piece that could be well over a foot long. As a young adult I noticed that such long pieces or large b.m.'s were not as common. At those times I most often had one bowel movement per day. Constipation and diarrhea were rare (diarrhea mostly if I was sick, though corn on the cob, if I ate enough of it, could give me a blowout). As I got older, especially after needing to take so many more medications (heart, prostate, etc.), I have had more frequent bowel movements; some of that change may be due to eating more high-fiber foods (Granola, whole-wheat bread, and the like), but definitely the medications have made a difference. Now I typically have two bowel movements per day, occasionally three or four; a day with just one b.m. comes only about once a week, if then. While my movements were firm, hard, and lumpy when I was young, now they are more often smooth; more of them now are sort of soft, though still well formed.

That's enough questions for now! See how many of them you can supply answers to--and thanks!


In the shower

Hey to you all. Is it normal to pee in the shower? I started to do it a month ago. I like it very much. Do you do it and when did you start?


A holding accident

I've lurked here for a while but never posted. Since there have been some other stories about holding too long lately I guess I'll share mine. I'm 29 now but this story took place in mid-July 2005.

I know the date well, because that's when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released (the book, of course). At the time I was a 20 year old college student, living off-campus with my best friend and almost sister Briana. I was a huge HP fan so instead of going to my summer class on release day I got up, threw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, and I waited in line at the Barnes & Noble where I had pre-ordered my copy with a group of other crazies, got it and went straight to a Panera for breakfast and coffee and to read.

I ate my sandwich and finished two cups of coffee and after reading a while longer I drove back to our apartment and immediately plopped myself on the couch and dove back into the book. Around 1pm I finally decided to eat some lunch and carried the book with me, propping it open to keep reading, while I made a quick sandwich and ate it standing there reading, crossing my legs because I had to go, but held it, then I went back to the couch because the bathroom urge had passed.

I then spent the entire rest of the afternoon on the couch reading. Urges to go to the bathroom started to get really strong but I didn't want to stop reading (not even to walk to the bathroom to keep reading on the toilet!) so I held it, contorting myself whichever way necessary to keep both holes closed, though it became more difficult as the afternoon wore on. I was so wrapped up in the story, though, I couldn't put it down and I would overpower the urges. Briana came home at some point and made fun of me a little and went to her room to work on a paper down the hall across from the bathroom. I kept reading.

I finished the book, sobbing in tears, and Briana came out to check on me. I told her why I was crying and she laughed a little and went into the kitchen to make her dinner. I stayed on the couch, reread the last chapter, still crying, and then realized I was seriously about to have an accident. It just hit my like a ton of bricks that I hadn't been to the bathroom at all since before I left that morning and it was now dinner time and my body was at its limit.

I got off of the couch, having to hold one hand in my crotch and squeezing my cheek muscles hard, and waddled down the hallway toward the bathroom, still sniffling and crying a little. Standing up and moving only made the urge multiply. My body was pushing and I felt the poop start to move and I was turtleheading while walking and I had to grab my butt with my other hand and push to keep it in, even though that meant getting my panties dirty. Focusing on the back only made me lose focus on the front and I lost a small squirt of pee into my panties.

I whimpered and waddled to the bathroom door, turned on the light, took a step onto the tile, and... lost it. I just couldn't hold it one second longer. Maybe it was the sight of the toilet. Either way, my body went sort of tingly/numb, my heart raced, my skin flushed red, and I very quickly filled my panties with a giant poop that spread into a firm ball in a matter of seconds, followed by a torrent of pee that flooded down my jeans and around my crotch and thighs and butt. I was so overwhelmed I started crying harder, but after a second I realized the absurdity and the crying started to turn to laughing. I just stood there finishing a few feet from the toilet, making a yellow puddle on the tile around my bare feet, laughing out loud.

Briana came down the hall asking what I was laughing about and when she turned the corner since the bathroom door was open and saw what was happening, she busted out laughing, too. "You pissed your pants!" she squealed, tears of laughter in her eyes. I nodded, still laughing, and said, "That's not all!" That made her laugh harder, then she grabbed herself and pushed past me, tore her shorts and panties down and flopped onto the toilet and released a flood of pee, then pointed down to the egg sized wet spot in the crotch of her panties. I climbed into the bath tub and started to slowly peel my soaked jeans off of my legs while trying to keep the mound of poop contained. Luckily I was wearing full cut panties so it held everyhing in.

Briana wiped and got up without her shorts or panties on and joked, "Since you made me piss myself I'm glad you shit yourself at least." I said, "This is soooo gross! It feels so weird!" I slowly lowered the panties down and could not believe the size of the mound of poop. Briana laughed and said "I'll leave you to clean up." and left to her room to change as I dumped the load into the toilet and flushed, threw away the panties, and took a shower.

When we went to see the movie version after it came out Briana teased me and made sure I went to the bathroom before the movie started, haha.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Monique great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: That Girl great story it sounds like you were having a pretty rough time I hope it didnt last to long.

To: Lori great accident story at least it was an easy clean up.

About 15 minutes ago I heard a girl poop at the bookstore she went in and started peeing then she let of 4 or 5 wet sounding farts so she may have been kinda desperate.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



I spent the day with my sister out and about. It was like an hour or better drive to where we were going so I peed before we left so I wouldn't have to go on the way there. We stopped at an office store and I got the gotta pee urge. It wasn't bad or anything but since I happened to come across the bathrooms I decided to go. I walked into the bathroom where there were two separate stalls, went into the furthest (they were both unoccupied) shut and locked the door. I couldn't believe the pressure of pee that was coming out of me, it was like I hadn't been peeing all day but I had. Anyway, we go a couple other places and then decided to eat lunch. I didn't have a whole lot but enough. Several years ago after I would eat out I would have to poop a half hour later or less, but now it's gotten better. So we went to Wal-Mart and I had just gotten in there and was looking around for the stuff on my list when my stomach started hurting. A minute later I had to stop right were I was because the urge to poop overtook me out of nowhere. I had to clench my butt cheeks hard, bent over a little in pain. I thought oh please not now, not here. After a minute I was able to walk again but the urge to poop was still there. I was alone in an aisle and thought if I could just let out a fart maybe it would help. Then my sister caught up with me but still figured I had to do something to make the discomfort go away. I hoped that it would be a silent fart but I went to push a little to get it to come out but nothing would come out so I kept walking having to stop and found myself bending over to try to help my stomach. Once again I got where I was alone and bent over thinking I could just let a fart escape, but such luck. I got back to the car and relax and farted a nice long fart followed by another, oh it felt so good. Luckily for me they were silent and she didn't notice or if she had she didn't say anything. I get home and my stomach started acting up again, once again I released a nice quiet fart that lasted about five seconds followed by another. I kept farting, not having control anymore. I went to put something away in the bathroom but as soon as I got in there I had to pee but no poop. Right now I have an urge to pee again and my stomach still feels upset.


almost accident

This morning I had an urge to pee but didn't want to be interrupted with what I was doing. I decided I could wait and continued on going about my business. Then the urge came back stronger after a bit (not sure how long after) and a urge to poo but I still didn't want to get up so I found myself squirming in my seat. It got so bad I had to close my eyes and concentrate hard on not peeing right there. I finished what I was doing all the while having to stop often to really concentrate on not letting go. I get up and head to the bathroom trying to shut the door while turning on the light. I have jeans on and forgot it might take a little effort to get them unbuttoned. By this time I really had to pee and was very desperate and knew if I didn't hurry I'd pee my pants. Luckily, I was able to get my jeans unbuttoned but didn't have time to shut the door all the way as I really had to pee. I could feel the pee trying to escape while I was still working on pulling my jeans and underwear down. Luckily I didn't pee my pants, if I had been a second later, I would have. As I was peeing I could feel my poo wanting to escape so I relaxed and soon I was feeling this turd push out. It came out without much pushing, after I wiped three times I got up and seen what came out of me. It was a good size turd, lighter brown, chunky like but one piece. It was about three inches thick and six or seven inches long. I went to sit down to type this and it felt like I still have poo that was stuck but I hadn't noticed it when I wiped. Now I really have to pee again

Survey time
A.What is your gender? Female
B. What is your age? 24
C. Describe your body. Short, but of average weight

1. How often do you go to the toilet to take a poo? Once or twice a day
2. How do you refer to taking a poo? Pooping
3. How long does it take you to get started after sitting down? If I have to go really bad, the poo comes out immediately. If not, it takes about 2 minutes to get started
4. How much time do you need between sitting down and wiping? Anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes
5. Do you usually have to push while you're on the toilet? More often than not
6. How much do you fart, before things start moving/during/after pooping? Not much at all
6. Are they usually wet or dry? Dry
7. Do you ever remain seated after you're done? No
8. How often are you constipated? At least once a week
9. If you are constipated, how long does it take you to get started after sitting? 5 minutes or longer
10. If you are constipated, then how long does it take you between sitting down and wiping? 20 minutes or more
11. Do you fart on the toilet when constipated? No
12. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet while constipated? Almost an hour
13. How often do you go to the toilet to try if you're constipated. Anytime I feel the urge
14. How often do you have diarrhea? Rarely
15. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take you to get started after sitting down? Immediately
16. If you have diarrhea, then how long does it take you between sitting down and wiping? 5-10 minutes
17. Do you fart on the toilet while having diarrhea? Yes, a lot!
18. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet while having diarrhea? 10ish minutes
19. How often do you go to the toilet to poop or try when you've got diarrhea? Whenever the urge hits
20. What is your favorite pooping position on the potty while:
a. Having a regular dump: Legs spread apart, elbows on knees
b. Being constipated: Legs spread apart, elbows on knees, toes pushed to the ground
c. Having diarrhea: Legs closed, hand rubbing stomach

1. How should toilet paper be hung on the spool? Should the sheets be hanging around the front or around the back?
In my house, around the front. I do not care as long as I can get to it and I have it.

2. Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
Yes, always.

3. Do you urinate every time you defecate? \

4. Have you ever eaten anything while you are going to the bathroom?

5. Before sitting on a toilet in a public bathroom, do you wipe the toilet seat to clean it first (or use a protective cover)? One or the other. Usually wipe it clean.

6. Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead?
Almost, but not quite.

7. Does it bother you to have a conversation with someone while you or they are going to the bathroom? No.

1. How should toilet paper be hung on the spool? Should the sheets be hanging around the front or around the back? I never gave it a thought. It is murder when I have to lean to get the toilet paper at school.

2. Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom? Yes.

3. Do you urinate every time you defecate? 99% of the time.

4. Have you ever eaten anything while you are going to the bathroom? NO! (giggling).

5. Before sitting on a toilet in a public bathroom, do you wipe the toilet seat to clean it first (or use a protective cover)?
Yes. My mom and dad taught me.

6. Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead?
Yes, in second grade, 3-5th grade. A few times, I farted, thought that I that I had air in my stomach and the back of my pants felt wet. I ran to to the bathroom at school, pulled down my school uniform shorts and bikini briefs to my knees and wiped myself and the crotch of my underwear. It was not much. Older boys saw me in the toilet and felt sorry for me. When I was finished cleaning myself, I sat on the toilet and made cockey. I may as well finish what I had started. One incident was in 2nd grade. I was in a school that had a latrine-toilets with no stalls or doors. There was an older boy. He was peeing at the trough and saw me pull down my red shorts and printed bikini briefs to my ankles squeeze my legs together and hold my stomach. I pushed out 4 dark brown logs easy. The boy was a year older than me. He said, "You messed your self." I said, "a little." He told me it happened to him when he farted and I giggled. I had a wad of paper from the classroom, plus a roll next to the toilet. I first wiped my behind good because my bowels were empty.The boy and I talked some more. Then, I had to pee. So, I held down my penis, and let out my pee, then took some more paper and wipe my penis. I checked the paper as I wiped from behind, then pulled up my underwear, and pants, zipped them up and flushed.

7. Does it bother you to have a conversation with someone while you or they are going to the bathroom? No. I talk to boys and men. At school and camp, we talk to each other. At school, some of us meet in the bathroom and talk while we pee and or make cockey. Today, I had to pee twice at school, in the morning and afternoon. Both times, I saw my new friends and we talked, dropped our pants, or unzipped our pants and peed at the urinals and flushed. We come in all races and colors in that school.



Dude in distress. I'm sorry to hear about your constipation. Some variation in our bowel habits is normal and most of us get constipated at some time or other. However constipation isusually a self limiting condition which usually sorts itself out without outside intervention. I certainly wouldn't try digging your poop out and medicinal laxatives can do more harm than good. What I would do is eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, have a decent amount of brisk exercise (walking is excellent for keeping onself regular) and have plenty to drink including warm drinks. If the problem persists it might be worth seeing your GP/family doctor for advice.

Rebecca. Thanks for sharing your story. I too enjoy holding poos in and find the feeling of relief enormous when I finally go. As a rule I find poos easier to hold in than pees. All things in moderation though - I'd counsel against regularly holding either in to excess as, for good reason, they're better out than in!

Anne. It's good to see you back after a long absence. I'm glad to hear you're still enjoying your poos and you must have felt really relieved after letting 4 days' worth out. Like you I don't manage to post here as often as I'd like to but it's good to see you around.


the BHS poo

So today I had a day off work & I went shopping with my mate Gina.
2 hours in I needed a poo,
So we went to BHS
G came in & had a wee
I had a huge log that made a nice change as usually I have poos that are a mountain of plops.
The relief was great.
J x

1. How should toilet paper be hung on the spool? Should the sheets be hanging around the front or around the back? That has been a debate.

2. Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?

3. Do you urinate every time you defecate? Yes

4. Have you ever eaten anything while you are going to the bathroom? NO

5. Before sitting on a toilet in a public bathroom, do you wipe the toilet seat to clean it first (or use a protective cover)? Many times.

6. Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead? When I was a girl and few times an adult

7. Does it bother you to have a conversation with someone while you or they are going to the bathroom? No.


Welcome Monique--a few questions

Welcome to the site Monique. A few question if you don't mind. Don't feel obligated to answer anything if you are not comfortable

1) You mention being "petite" so I was wondering what you are for height and weight?

2) How often do you have a bowel movement? Do you frequently take large dumps because you go a long time between BM's or do you still drop a lot of poop, despite going frequently (at least once a day or more)?

3) How long and thick are most of your logs? How many logs do you usually drop? Have you ever calculated the weight of your poop by using one of those small digital scales like the have in the post offices?

4) When was the most urgent time you had to move your bowels? Where were you, what were you doing before?

5) What is the longest you've gone without pooping?

6) I've heard some other women mention on this site that thin women take larger dumps usually, than other women? Is that really true in your experience? How come do you think? I am rather large and overweight myself at 5ft 3in and weigh about 170 lbs so i don't really know what lighter women do.

6) When you are pooping, how much longer, most of the time, would you have been able to hold in your bowel movement, before you would have lost control?

Thanks in advance to answering my questions!!

John & Brandon- Glad you liked my latest post. Never a dull moment where the toilet is concerned, after all!

Today I got some lunch in a small cafe and when I finished eating I needed a poo quite strongly. I went to their toilets, which were at the back. There were two cubicles which were both taken, by two teenage girls who had been eating there. They were both only weeing, but they were talking to each other and taking a long time about it! After a few minutes they both flushed and left, so I went in. Once they left the room I let out three soft logs and a couple of quite loud farts, feeling better afterwards!


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

It was horrendous for me, walking around my loungeroom with no pants on and a huge tur d stuck between my legs! It really stretched my anus and made my hemarrhoids stick out. I was so constipated! I did moan a lot while I was walking around with that tur d sticking out. I also grunted very loudly on the toilet.

I'm actually constipated again! I can't believe it! I've been trying to eat my high fibre cereal every day but on Wednesday, I had a bad food day because I worked late and then had a meeting. I had take away for dinner and I hardly drank any water all day. By the time I got home, it was too late to sit on the toilet so I didn't do a poo at all that day. So it's Friday now and I still haven't done a poo! I'm planning to make my way to a public toilet soon........

I'm sitting in my room, I've really got to go, but there's a load of guys around and I don't want them to hear me go poop. Hopefully I can hold it until they leave.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Now the fuss has died down, I'll tell you guys what my dormmates did to get back at me and get me talking about going to the toilet. We were going out to the bar one night. We had a predrink session at the dorm before, and then took a cab to the town center. In the cab, I started to feel that I had to go number 2, and had a bit of a ????ache. I was holding back some gas, which wasn't helping, either. When the cab arrived, I got out, and covered by the sounds of the doors and chatter, let out a fart. It helped, but I felt moisture, and I could tell my poop was going to be quite liquidy. We had to stand in line to get into the bar, and I guess I was visibly fidgeting and struggling to hold back the oncoming diarrhea, because my dorm mates made fun of me. I can't remember exactly what was said, but someone said something that made me think that they were responsible for my predicament. I asked whether they put something in my drink (we had some weird mixed drinks earlier). They said no, but I was sure they had. Eventually, we got inside, and I headed straight down to the toilets, hoping they wouldn't follow, but they all came right behind. I practically ran into a toilet, and slammed and locked the door. I struggled with the button on my jeans, and thought for a moment I was going to leak, but got them down just in time and sat down. The seat was damp, but it was too late too worry too much about that. The poop spurted out, first, a few loose chunks, then a sloppy torrent of soupy paste. My dorm mates laughed, and admitted the orange mixer was a flavored laxative. They made me describe how it felt, and joked about it. Eventually, I felt better, and after many wipes, felt clean, flushed, and left the toilet. It took a while to live it all down, but there's been no mention for a couple of weeks, now, so I think they've had enough of it

Mr. Clogs


Here's my survey so here goes:

1. Does anyone keep a container in their bedroom or any room in the house such as a cup, bottle, bucket, chamber pot, bed pan etc used to go to the bathroom in? If so when do you use it?

2. When the main bathroom is occupied and you need to use the bathroom, do you use the the container ?

3. Do you pee/poop or both into that same container? If so which container did you use to use to do your business in?

4. Do you wipe after using the container?

5. When you finish using it, do you dump the contents in the toilet if it's poop or in the sink or shower if it's pee?

6. Do you reuse the container for next use or get a new one?

7. Provide a brief story about using one.

Thanks in advance.

--Mr. Clogs

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