Bathroom needs at the circus

When I turned 13 last year my parents allowed me to start babysitting. I'm lucky, I guess, because I make some good money at it and have two customers where mom and dad travel a lot and need some babysitting 24/7 for a few days. I got paid very well to take Mitzee (7) and Tevor (5) for three days and that involved taking them to an afternoon circus matinee at civic auditorium. We took a 10 minute walk to the bus stop and while we were waiting for our bus, Tevor was bored and said he had to wee. I didn't know whether to take him seriously because we risked missing the bus if I took them across the lot to the park. Finally, after more complaining and putting his hand over his crotch, I decided we should take the walk to the park restroom building about a block away. It was 30 degrees out and I wasn't sure the bathrooms would even be open as we made the walk and Tevor started to complain more, even running ahead of us a bit. He was running toward the open door of the womens room as I tried to call him back, but Mitzee could hardly keep up with me. Finally Mitzee and I got to the door and walked into the one toilet bathroom. Tevor was slowly trying to place his butt on the seat, but he'd quickly jump up saying it was too cold. Finally, the pain got to him and he stayed seated, but his pee started going into his sweats and the front of the seat because he wasn't seated back far enough and he didn't aim the stream inward. I showed him what to do while Mitzee stood and snickered and called him stupid or something like that. While I stood with him, Tevor weed for about 30 seconds, although I practically had to physically hold him down. Finally, when he got done Mitzee said she had to wee so she pulled her jeans and undees down and seated herself. Her stream was both consistent and loud as it splashed onto the water. She leaned over and whispered to me about how warm the seat was, and I tried to keep Tevor from hearing that because it would get the conflict going again. We found we had missed our bus and had to wait another half hour. Once we arrived at the circus, I decided to take them into the first bathroom we came to because having been out in the cold, I had to go. I opened a stall door for Mitzee and asked her to seat herself and try to go again. Then next door, I had Tevor seat himself and both of them were able to produce a little more. Finally, I had Tevor walk to the stall door, nose first, and stand still while I seated myself. I weed for about a minute and dropped a little poo, too. Then the three of us enjoyed the circus and with no need for bathroom interruptions.

The Solar Flame

Re: Anatomy student- longest turd on record by woman

I heard about that longest poop woman and I believe it was revealed to be a hoax. Without looking it up I also recall some of her other artistic stunts turned out to be hoaxed or botched as well.

Mr. Clogs

Response to Mystery Poster's Survey

1. How should toilet paper be hung on the spool? Should the sheets be hanging around the front or around the back? In front.

2. Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom? Yes.

3. Do you urinate every time you defecate? Yes.

4. Have you ever eaten anything while you are going to the bathroom? Sometimes.

5. Before sitting on a toilet in a public bathroom, do you wipe the toilet seat to clean it first (or use a protective cover)? Both, clean the seats and put the seat cover on. Also toilet paper.

6. Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead? Yes, them sharting incidents. Sometimes I would just do my business in my undies and dump it later. Then clean up the mess too.

7. Does it bother you to have a conversation with someone while you or they are going to the bathroom? Yes.

Anatomy student

Enemas and Travel

I gave myself an enema a few days ago. I guess it was spring cleaning. The outcome was very violent and colorful with bits of corn. My family and I are on vacation and I was finally able to poop just now. After all the eating I'm doing I expected more, but I did have an enema before we left.

For the school bathroom challenge when I was really young like 1st grade I was convinced the school bathroom was haunted- It was really gross and dirty anyway- so unless I remember- I'm usually half asleep- I don't go to the bathroom before school. And I never go to the bathroom during school. I did the challenge without meaning to today- This is me being weird it was a good challenge though for people that aren't used to it- I don't know why I don't go to the bathroom the bathrooms at my school are really nice now


To Mystery Poster

That sounds impossible to me. I'd be pissing myself before second lesson if I didn't go in the morning, I always have a massive pee after waking up. It'd be hard enough for me to make it through the whole day even if I did go in the morning.


to bloated butt and linda

To Bloated Butt and Linda--

I'm a first time poster, but long time reader on here. Im 30years old and petite but I am also a massive dumper and I LOOVE your recent stories about struggling to get your enormous logs out.

I secretly really love the feeling of having a thick, firm BM stretch me out and I'm super interested in hearing stories of others working out a giant turd. I would love it if my husband or friends and I could watch/help each other on the toilet, but so far I'm too embarrassed to bring it up!

Yesterday I was home alone and could feel a big load ready to make its way out. I like when I can tell its going to be a big one but not too difficult or painful. I took off my jeans and laid down on the bed in just a thong and tank top. I could feel my hole wanting to open but I just laid there for a little bit, enjoying the feeling of the tip just barely trying to poke out. Finally, I reached down and could feel that had to get on the toilet. I relaxed and heard a little crackle as the tip of what i knew would be massive log start its way out. I just let it stay there for as long as possible without starting to push. Its embarrassing, but sometimes I like to get a little mirror out so I can watch the turd starting to emerge on its own. It felt so good sitting there feeling that big load just waiting to plop out. Finally I gave in and gave a little push to get things moving. My hole stretched even more to make way for the thick turd. I spread my legs and grunted a little bit as it moved out a couple of inches. I grunted again and looked down as I saw a thick loaf hanging between my legs. I wanted it to break off so I could push out some more, but it was stuck. I spread my cheeks a little and leaned forward, pushing and straining. Slowly slowly slowly the log started moving a little more, but I really had to work at it, bearing down hard and feeling the monster stretch me out and finally slide into the bowl. ALmost painful, but mostly i enjoyed it :)

I would have loved to have some company! Keep the stories coming, ladies!

That Girl.

First post-BIIG DUMP.

This is my first post here, I've been being just a reader, but, this BM was remarkable..

Well, this days have been crazy, on Monday I had a terrible diarrhea, but a day later, I started with constipation, as always.
I stay constipated like 3 days, until today..

I was there for ages.
I felt the urge, really bad cramping, really bloated, gassy, but nothing happened, so I push, and get a big stool out, I pushed again, and another, then I did it for the third time, and A LOOOT came out, A LOT, then gas, a lot more came out, more like diarrhea, cramps, gas, then I kept there, pushing A LOOT, but, nothing more came out, and I still felt really full!

I stayed there, doing some massage, trying different pooping positions, pushing, but, nothing except gas, still cramping.

I wipe and, gosh, there was a big amount of poop, I stay there a short while, because I still felt bad, but nothing. I flush and left.

Then, at bed, massaging, belly-breathing, but nothing, still here..
Thank you, hope you enjoy and ask.

Dude in distress
I am a long time constipation sufferer but every once in a while it gets BRUTAL. I haven't gone in 4 days! I have spent the last couple of hours pushing, rocking, straining, squatting, ANYTHING. I have gotten a few pebbles out but there is a huge piece stuck right at the opening. Should I push? Dig it out?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rebecca first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop after you held it for 5 days I bet it felt really good coming out and once you were done and I bet you felt refreshed to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you had to poop and it may have just been your body having a good cleanout since you felt good the rest of the day for the most part and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: althea as always another great story it sounds like you both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like Kazuko really had to poop and alot to I bet she felt good afterwards to and it sounds like you had a great poop to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great set of stories it sounds like you really had to poop both and it sounds like your second time was pretty desperate and I bet you felt good after both and as alaways I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: George great story about hearing your sister in laws big poop it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt good afterwards to.

Here are 2 stories about hearing women pooping at the bookstore first one happened yesterday a lady rushed into the bathroom and sat on the toilet I then heard what sounded like pee but it may have been runny poop or a mix and then I heard a couple plops and then just about 2 hours ago a woman who ive heard poop before and posted about went in and began peeing then I heard plop plop plop plop in rapid sucession then plop plop plop plop plop then plop silence plop then a wet fart along with a small runny burst and I heard say afterward ah thats good and then 2 final plops then she wiped and flushed it sounded like it was a pretty desperate poop so to good catches.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Well, sorry I haven't posted for a while, my dormmate found out I read this site from my history, and I had to go quiet for a while until the fuss died off. More about that another time, but first, today's story.

This morning, I woke up really having to pee, I think it was the drinks from last night. I got out of bed, threw on some clothes, and dashed to the bathrooms, holding my crotch. I made it inside, and plopped down onto a toilet, not even bothering to shut the door. Piss sprayed out like a pressure-washer. Luckily, there was no-one else around, and I finished up without interruption.


Couldn't Make It Home

I was driving back from the gym the other day and lost it big time. Usually my workouts get my bowels going, so by the time I get home I'm ready to make a deposit at the bank.

Well, this time my workout really got things going. I could feel it ready to come out. I got stuck in traffic because of construction, and while waiting my body couldn't hold back. All I could do was lift my butt off the car seat and drop a huge load in my workout shorts, the running nylon style ones. I could feel my shorts tighten as everything came out, thankfully a solid load. By the time I was done it felt like I had a football in my shorts. Thankfully I only lost a couple of squirts of pee in my shorts while doing it.

When I got home I waddled into the bathroom (thankfully none of the neighbors were around to see me) and surveyed the damage. There was a huge bulge in my shorts, thankfully the inner liner along with my panties kept everything contained. After I dropped my shorts, I saw my Jockey hipsters I wear for working out were pretty full! I dumped the out and got cleaned up easy enough.

I gotta admit, the feeling as I fought to hold it back, and the relief of my poop's unstoppable gave me a nice feeling. Does anyone else have trouble holding it after a good workout?

Felix the poo boy

Class camp poo story

Last year my grade and I went on a class camp for about 7 days. I'm quite a shy person when it comes to pooing, especially around girls! One of my great concernes was that the toilets were coed, so boys and girls used them.
One night I went to the toilet while everyone else was at the fire. I was walking for about 20 seconds when I noticed 2 hot girls from my grade (which I am good friends with) walk to the bathroom behind me. I couldn't turn back cause I was desperate to poo and it would be awkward... I got to the toilet before them and sat down. I heard them talk while they walked in, and I started peeing to make them think I was just there to piss. After about a minute I squeezed the first poo out as quietly as possible, and it made no noise, just a stench that they could most probably smell. The next log made a splash though and they definitely heard it cause they were giggling. One of them said: "the beans worked fast on you ey?"
I felt extremely embarrassed, but I knew it was over, they now knew I was pooing. So I just got it done with... I pushed out about 3 more logs that splashed and had about 2 farts.
The girls giggled every time and at some point they finished brushing their teeth and left.
When I returned to the campfire someone smelt a fart and everyone cringed. The one girl said: "it definitely wasn't Felix, I can assure you!" everyone laughed. They all had heard about my poo.... Ugh, the embarrassment!

Poo at a friends house

I have a really good friend who is a girl and our parents meet up a lot so I see her often. Her bathroom is inside her room and very close to the bed... So one day we were chilling and I needed to poo really badly. So I got up and said I need to use the bathroom. I walked to the toilet,pulled my pants down, sat down and just farted my ass off.... It felt extremely awkward cause no one was laughing or saying anything, but I knew she heard it.. I spent like 10 minutes in there and had like 5 more farts of that volume.. When I was finished I reached over to get the toilet paper and I used the whole half roll that was there and yet I was still not clean... So I though this can't get worse and I just asked for toilet paper.... She said: "there was like alf a roll this morning dude. But okay..." she handed me another roll, I wiped up and looked into the toilet... That's when the shock begun... I had covered the whole toilet in poo. And to make it worse there was no scrub in the room... So I asked for one... But it turned out that they didn't have one in the house and they c,ean the toilet with toilet paper... So I flushed to make the job easier and started to clean... I had never had such an encounter regarding poo with her before so it was quite awkward.... Another incident like that happened about a week after, but I will post it some other time :)


To Jemma

Well, I wear and use nappies. It is better now, but there was a time I had them 24x7. The cheap ones are scratchy and do leak, but the expensive ones are actually quite comfortable. With proper clothing nobody can tell. When you wet, you feel both the warm feeling and the bulk expanding, with soiling it depends. For me they were mostly accidents when I had diarrhea,but I used them out of convenience a few times. If your BM is not soft it is not very pleasant feeling, you really have to push and it might hurt. I did that when I was constipated

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

to "a thought"

I agree that pee and poo are a gift, in a sense, and that sharing a pee or poo with someone is more about love than about sex.

I often pee or poo in front of my partner and she does the same. She was extremely prissy before we met but now she has completely changed, and she still manages to say "I love you" many times while doing a 10-minute poo of considerable size. And of course I am the same.

Bloated Butt
To Tinfoil Hat:

Oh, I see. At least you didn't have too much constipation growing up! And it sounds like you don't have too much trouble with your bowels, so you're very fortunate there. Good luck with your studies!

To Linda:

I LOOOOOOOVED your story about "waddling around" in your house! I bet that felt so amazing. I've done that a couple of times, I posted about it once. I remember the feeling of having a massive thick log sticking out from between my huge jiggling buttcheeks, and swinging my hips around as I walked. Very awkward but exciting! I was home alone, like you. I'm glad you were finally able to poop it out, too! The relief must've been undescribable after carrying it around for so long. Did you moan really loud? LOL

I also have massive loads. They can be embarressing but I secretly enjoy having a gigantic BM. It feels so good to push out huge logs that stretch me as they come out. As long as they aren't too painful, I find them quite blissful and sensual :blushes:

To answer your questions:

"What food makes you the most constipated?? For me its chocolate."

Its not really a particular food. I eat so much that my loads are also gigantic, so they're hard to come out. I guess maybe cheese will plug me up if I eat too much. But my problem isn't really rock-hard poop. My poop is always firm and dense but not rock-hard. Its just that its also so huge and wide, and that happens regardless of what I eat.

"When you're constipated, do your poos always get stuck in your anus, when your trying to push them out? What do you do when that happens? That happens to me most of the time when I'm constipated. Sometimes I've had to break the poo off, other times I've sucked it back into my anus."

If I have stuck log, I sometimes grab my buttcheeks and spread them with my hands, while arching my back. Other times I rub my stomach, or wrap my arms around my stomach and hunch over, pushing. Occassionally I've done what you do: actually get off the toilet and waddle around, heheheh. A few times I've actually had to take some toilet paper and grab the log and jiggle it a little until it came out LOL.

"Have you always suffered with constipation or has it just been as you got older? For me, I've always been prone to it, as a child, I had chronic constipation for a couple of years. As an adult, I've suffered with it quite a bit, especially over the last couple of years, its been terrible."

Ever since I was a child, I've had problems with huge poops. I remember many times where I was sitting on the toilet with the tip of a tremendous firm turd sticking out, feeling scared to push it out more or else it'd split me apart. I still get like that!

"Have you ever needed a manual disimpaction? I haven't needed one of those."

Well, like i said, I've done the thing where you take some TP and try to pull it out, but that was only a couple of times. I just jiggled my poop a little bit and then it started sliding out again by itself (while I pushed). But I've never had to dig the poop out entirely.

"Have you ever spent an hour or more on the toilet when doing a poo?? Yes, the longest time I've spent doing a poo was 2 hours. 30 minutes is probably the shortest time its taken for me to do a poo, when I've been constipated."

I think my longest time might be roughly an hour. Usually its about 45 minutes when I'm truly constipated, but the worst times were about an hour. 20 to 30 minutes is my normal time when I'm regular.

"Have you let someone else watch you, while you were struggling to get a poo out, on the toilet?? Could they see the poo as it came out? I haven't let anyone watch me but I've watched someone else doing a poo and he was constipated at the time."

I've posted many stories about my boyfriend watching me, and my friend Alicia watching me. My BF saw the poop actually coming out of me when I sat backwards on the toilet. Normally Im extremely poop-shy but when I'm comfortable with people I don't mind if they're with me. In fact I kind of like it ;). I like having someone to talk to, keep me company, maybe massage my stomach, rub my thighs or hips or sides of my butt.

Tell us more about watching that guy on the toilet. Did you encourage him to poop? Did he make a lot of noise, grunting, straining, etc.?

"Do you have close friend that also get constipated? Have you ever had a buddy dump with them, while constipated? I have never done that before."

I'm the only one who ever has difficulty pooping, as far as I know. The only buddy dumps I've ever had were with Alicia, and she's much more regular than I am and she's much faster on the toilet. I posted a story about her and I pooping at her house at New Year's Eve.

It might be interesting to buddy dump with someone who also takes massive poops. We could encourage each other, stroke each other's legs, make each other feel better. Of course, it might be agony to wait for someone else to slowly finish pooping while you're bloated and desperately need to plop out your own gigantic load! We'd probably be begging each other to please hurry up!

"Do you have friends who you can openly talk about constipation with and you can go into lots of detail? I wish I could talk to someone openly about it!"

I talk with Alicia about it. My other friends know Im gassy but I don't talk about pooping with them. Too shy!

Pooping Activist

Work poop

Hello! While this poop wasn't really eventful, I thought I'd share it anyways. I entered the bathroom, pulled my pants down and sat. Immediately I started pushing my first log out. While I was pushing, I noticed how much smellier the bathroom was becoming! I wonder what somebody's reaction would've been upon walking in. The log landed in the water silently. After pushing out a few pieces I was finished and I wiped and left.

Survey time
A.What is your gender? Male.
B. What is your age? 17
C. Describe your body. On the short side, average weight.

1. How often do you go to the toilet to take a poo? Once a day or maybe once every couple of days.
2. How do you refer to taking a poo? Pooping
3. How long does it take you to get started after sitting down? I start immediately, assuming nobody's around. If there's people around, usually I hold it in. I have no qualms about pooping in public though.
4. How much time do you need between sitting down and wiping? Around 10 minutes.
5. Do you usually have to push while you're on the toilet? Depends. Usually not too much.
6. How much do you fart, before things start moving/during/after pooping? A lot before and after.
6. Are they usually wet or dry? Usually in the middle.
7. Do you ever remain seated after you're done? Yeah. I like the alone time.
8. How often are you constipated? Not often.
9. If you are constipated, how long does it take you to get started after sitting? Still around 10ish minutes.
10. If you are constipated, then how long does it take you between sitting down and wiping? 20 minutes or so.
11. Do you fart on the toilet when constipated? Yeah.
12. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet while constipated? Like all day.
13. How often do you go to the toilet to try if you're constipated. Usually I wait until I get a really strong urge.
14. How often do you have diarrhea? Rarely.
15. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take you to get started after sitting down? Immediately.
16. If you have diarrhea, then how long does it take you between sitting down and wiping? probably 10 minutes.
17. Do you fart on the toilet while having diarrhea? A LOT.
18. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet while having diarrhea? Perhaps half an hour or so.
19. How often do you go to the toilet to poop or try when you've got diarrhea? When I feel the urge?
20. What is your favorite pooping position on the potty while:
a. Having a regular dump: Leaning forward, arms resting on my knees.
b. Being constipated: Same usually.
c. Having diarrhea: Probably the same.


Held it for almost five days

Hello. I am an 18 year-old girl and I love to be desperate to poop. I'll often hold it until I'm bursting to go, just to feel the amazing, intense relief. Today, I have a story from last month, when I had an awesome holding experience. It was a few days before President's Day and my parents were going out of town. I decided that I'd try and hold it all weekend, until Monday. I pooped on Wednesday night, and then began the hold.

Thursday was nothing special to report, with no urges to go at all. On Friday, I felt the first urge towards the end of school. It was very minor and easy to ignore. I had planned it this way, so I wouldn't be visibly squirming and desperate to go while at school. In the evening, I had another urge after eating dinner, but it too went away after just a few minutes.

Saturday was the first day when it was difficult to hold in my poop. I woke up feeling a fairly strong urge. It felt good to clench and not let it come out. Eventually the urge went away and I stood up, but then it came back, stronger than before. I tried to carefully let out a fart or two without pooping. That was very hard to do, but I did feel better after I was able to blast a long, loud fart. Throughout the day, urges would come periodically, although none of them were was intense as the one I had while lying in bed.

Then on Sunday, most of the day went by with no urges. It was weird, because I expected to be very clenching and holding most of the day. But around 2:00, I got a bad stomach ache. But it wasn't really a need to poop though. I rubbed my stomach to try and soothe it, and let out a silent, noxious fart. I continued rubbing my stomach and did another one. But that made me really have to poop. It was the worst urge I'd felt so far. I clenched hard and even curled my toes to fight off the urge. It was intense and it lasted for several minutes.

This same strong urge came every few hours through the day, so it made sleeping impossible. I stayed up all night and continued fighting back the urges. It was very difficult, but felt amazing and kinda turned me on. That may seem weird, but it's true. Finally, early on Monday morning, just after sunrise, I felt an urge that was even stronger than the super strong urges I'd been fighting all day. I knew I could never fight this one and I'd either go in the toilet or in my panties. I chose the toilet.

I kind of waddled to the bathroom, clenching with all my might and even holding my butt with my hands to help. As soon as I was seated on the toilet, I stopped holding and let the poop come out. A thick column of poop emerged. I was surprised that it wasn't coming out faster, given how intense the urge was. As expected though, the relief was the best feeling I'd ever had. This thick poop was inching slowly out of my hole, stretching it real good.

The poop grew longer and longer and I loved the feeling as still even more came out. It came out so slowly that I'd been pooping for ten minutes before I was done. But now I had a problem, there was no more in me pushing to get out, but the turd was also too thick for me to break off. I stood up and the last little bit came out and the turd was completely out of my body.

That left me another problem though, I'd just pooped out an absolute monster of a turd that I knew would never flush in a million years. Thinking quickly, I realized my only option would be to fish it out and put it in a garbage bag and throw it directly in the trash. There was at least one good thing though, the turd was so thick and dry that I barely had to wipe.

So I went and grabbed two garbage bags and went back to the bathroom. I covered my hand in one and grabbed my turd and dropped it in the second bag. I went outside and threw away the poop-bag, then came back in and took a long, relaxing shower.


Stomach upset yesterday (Saturday)

Hi. I hadn't pooped for a couple of days but yesterday before I had to go out to meet my friends, I had a stomach ache. Suddenly I got a sudden urge to poop so I rushed to the bathroom. I pulled my yoga pants and undies down and sat down. Reaching behind me for the Garfield comic, I relaxed as a bunch of poop came out. It took less than 5 minutes for everything to come out.

After I wiped I checked out what I made. There were a couple of logs about a foot each and a giant pile of mush. I was afraid that I was going to have an accident on the way to or at the mall but I had no other problems yesterday. Just a lack of appetite. Don't know if it was just a random stomach upset or what. There is still more poop in me so I will have to keep hydrated and drink lots of coffee lol.

I thought I wiped well but later I found massive skidmarks in my undies. Ewww. I rarely get skidmarks. So when I showered I took my undies in the shower with me and scrubbed the stains out with shampoo. Washing my bum properly and putting on clean undies felt good. I still feel like I have "diaper rash" though.

Danielle ^_^

I'm back.

Sorry I haven't posted in like two weeks now I think. My teachers have gave me a lot of work and I couldn't get enough time to go and post even a short post. But now I shall make up for it. I will answer a few questions part of a survey.
What names do you use to refer to your bodily functions when peeing?
Peeing or urinating
How many times do I pee day? Probably around 3-5 depending on how much fluids I drink
How often do you have a bowel movement? I'd say either everyday or every 2 days. Once in a while I get a bit constipated but it usually doesn't last that long.

Brandon T: Camille and I were close. The churchwomen could fart as well as shit and pee. Another Saturday, I was playing with the girls. I was 12 and Camille was 16. I tried to hold my bowels because I really did not like the church toilet. I wanted to wait until I got home. I could not. I went upstairs to the female toilet. I took the first stall near the door, closed the stall, pulled up my green uniform, yellow full ship and yanked down my white panty hose and yellow silk panties to my knees and sat on the bowl. I had to push out my bowels. It hurt and I was scared. My body was delayed in developing. I was taking hormone shots to grow me. I pushed out 8 logs. They were thick about 8 inches. Plus, they itched my rectum from eating relish with my 3 giant burgers at my father's house. My parents were splitting up and it took years for them. My stomach hurt and with each push and each plop, the pain was worse. It took about 10 minutes to get get one out. I sat on the bowl with my hands on my stomach for the pain. Then, Camille entered and called for me. She said, "You making dookie, I smell.' I have to also. She took the next stall, lifted her green skirt, white nylon slip and let down her white band-leg panties below her knees. Her bowels splattered chunks and farts. I said, "MY stomach hurts. Does your's?" She said, "Yeah, it must have been what we ate." I started to peeing real hard, then Camille a few mins. later. While we were sitting, a female Scout leader and church woman came in, took the 3rd stall next to Camille. I heard her rustling her skirt, slip and panties. She sat on the bowl, peed and she plopped about 5 hard pieces with a squealing fart. She sat on the bowl awhile and let out a series of hard farts. The lady was about 40 years old. I heard her wiping and many times, pull up her undies, let down her skirt and slip and flushed. She washed her hands and left, saying nothing. Camille said, "That was Mrs.-----------------. She opened her legs to wipe her pussy." After awhile, we opened our legs and wiped ourselves with lots of paper. We wiped our rectums three times each, then our vaginas 2x. We asked each other if we felt better and we agreed. We stood up, fixed our girl clothes. I had to stand on my tip-toes and stretch up my panty hose and underwear. I let down my dress and slip and flushed the toilet. Camille did the same. We came out and looked ot see that our slips did not show. We washed our hands and returned to meeting.

Mystery Poster

School Bathroom Challenge

Hi, I have a challenge for everyone who goes to school on here.

Try to not to go the bathroom at all at school. But, you can't go pee in the morning. You can go pee after school is over or when the final bell rings.

Good Luck on whoever does this challenge.

random young dude

church dump survery!

i loved this survey, had to answer it!


1. have you ever take a dump at church and describe some experiences:

-yeah i have more than once haha. had a big dinner before church one night and i had to hold it all the way through the service. as soon as everyone was leaving though i made my way to the mens room and got in the second stall of 4 lol :P i passed gas as soon as i got my pants down and sat on the toilet. as soon as i leaned forward i felt the poo make its exit and there was a very satisfying faaaa-looooomp sound as it fell in the bowl. one of the guys using one of the urinals commented on the smell and said "smells like a healthy BM pheeeewww!", made me chuckle haha. i wiped and took a peek at my dump before i flushed and left the stall to wash my hands feeling very relieved.

2. have you ever heard someone else taking a dump at church and share as many experiences as you like:

- a. went to church on a sunday morning a few weeks ago, had to take a dump by the end of the service so i made my way to the mens room. i got up to the mens room door when a middle aged lady approached me with her 2 sons who looked around 6 or 7 years old. she asked me if i'd make sure they were okay in there and made sure they washed their hands, i told her no problem and that it was no big deal! i figured the kids were gonna take pee's but when we got to the urinals they both said they had to poop. I told them so did i and we each took a stall . i sat in the middle stall and saw that neither of the kids feet reached the floor which made me chuckle lol. they both immediately started pooping, mine took a couple grunts before it slid out into the toilet. i wiped my butt, took a peek at my offering, flushed, and went to wash my hands. when i finished washing my hands i stood by the sinks and said "alright boys i'm waiting patiently for ya!" they each said okay and pooped some more. after a couple mins they were both wiping and getting off their toilets. they each flushed at about the same time and when they came out of their stalls each of their poo smells wafted throughout the mens toom. was quite pungent in there. they both washed their hands and i got them paper towels. when we exited the mom smiled at us and asked me if everything was fine. i said yeah, all 3 of us had to take care of some business though". she smiled and said she hoped her boys didnt stink me out of there. i just laughed and said i've smelled worse before haha.

b. i was taking a leak at one of the urinals before church one night a few weeks ago and i could hear an older gentleman in the handicapped stall grunting and farting. he had some success after i flushed the urinal because i heard some splashes and a sigh of relief haha.

3. ever seen a unflushed toilet at church?

-yeah a few pee's, and even some poops. i hate getting pee splashback on my butt so i always flush it before i sit down if a dude left a piss in the bowl.

4. ever passed gas or heard someone else passing gas in the toilet stall at church?

-everytime i have been in the bathroom at my church i have heard dudes farting and plopping away in the stalls haha.

5. have you ever had see toilet skid-marks or had to flush multiple times at church?

-skids are a common sight in the mens room lol. the flush is strong on the toilets at my church they can handle a big load lol.


to Jenna

Sorry for the loss of your baby. I hope y'all are ok.

Crystal and Deiese

What come in will come out

hello again people it's Deiese and I

have a very interesting interview that Deiese want me to do on her smh but okay here we go

Crystal, so Deiese are you a shy person in bathroom?

Deiese lol not really

Crystal so you don't mind pooping in public?

Deiese of course not like you poop too in public I think more than me haha

Crystal well I can't help it because I be on go more but this not about me

Crystal but anyway what you do while on toilet ?

Deiese I rather keep this to myself nothing gross but you know

Crystal not sure what you mean

Deiese, of course not squeaky clean. but that's okay I'm done going over there and drop some bombs in your toilet

Crystal no thanks lol only few people can do that. well that's all people peace

A few nights ago my friend Kazuko slept at my place. Since our very long motion together in the hot spring hotel, which I told about. we become more open about the loo, though even now, we do motions in private. But Kazuko said, it was a relief to go for a long time in the hotel and do a lot of motions and not get scolded by her parents. because she still live with parents and they say it's not ladylike to stay in loo long time and do a lot of motions, real lady do only very small motion and come out quickly.

Anyway, Kazuko went into loo at my place and sat down. And ten minutes later she was still there and I had heard plop sounds with pauses in between. She opened the door a bit and said, can I stay longer? Soft one coming out. Of course I said OK. She closed door and I heard noise like fountain, then again a minute later and then again. She often do soft motion like that, she says. And very strong smell, but she is my friend and I love her so I don't care smell.

After 15 minutes she was finished. Sorry so long, she said. But I said, I want to go long time too. I hoped to do lot of motions so she wouldn't be embarrassed, and I was lucky, I did six noisy ones and then long pause and then three more, and strong smell but different from hers. Maybe I was there about 12 minutes.

My friends Maho and Hisae are more open than before about the loo, though Hisae didn't come to the hot spring with us. But she often have diarrhoea so she has done motions before when she was with us. She say sorry, but we said to her, never say sorry again. So she said OK.

Happy times to all you.


Steven A

Disney World Band Trip

So, in about 2-3 weeks, I'm going to Disney World with my high school band for about 3-4 days. We will be taking coach buses with only 1 bathroom on them. I will most likely have some experiences with a unisex bathroom on my bus since the trip down to Disney including the trip on our way back up to our school is about a total of 40-42 hours with breakfast, lunch, and dinner stops. In that time frame that we will be on the bus, it's nearly impossible for someone to not use the bathroom on the bus at all. I don't mind using bus bathrooms but during lunch, one of my friends told me that she will try to not to use the bathroom on the bus and that she will only use the bathrooms at the restaurants for our food stops during our bus trip. I may have some stories and experiences to share when I come home from Disney. I hope some of you are looking forward to my Disney Trip story/experience.

Mystery Poster

Survey For Everyone

Hey everyone, I got a survey for everyone to answer.

1. How should toilet paper be hung on the spool? Should the sheets be hanging around the front or around the back?

2. Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?

3. Do you urinate every time you defecate?

4. Have you ever eaten anything while you are going to the bathroom?

5. Before sitting on a toilet in a public bathroom, do you wipe the toilet seat to clean it first (or use a protective cover)?

6. Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead?

7. Does it bother you to have a conversation with someone while you or they are going to the bathroom?

Monday, March 24, 2014


2 latest poo stories...


1- the desperate stop at the services poo that just kept on coming....

So I left a client & on my drove home, 20 mins in to it I felt the urge for a poo.
As time went on I was getting more & more desperate.
I had such a ???? ache.
So I stopped at the next services & went to the loos
Typically they were busy & there must've been about 9 women in front of me.
And to make things worse the queue was going down so slowly.
Eventually I got a cubicle, all the others engaged also, I pulled down my work gear of grey mini pencil skirt & black tights & black knickers.
I sat down and immediately let loose plop after plop.
I initially dropped 7 loose plops, sighed initial relief, then dropped another 3, then another sigh of relief, then another 4 ... 14 plops I thought that was it but suddenly I felt an IBS spasm & knew there were more plops on the way... thankfully just another 5 fell out my arse...
I cleaned my butt 6x & flushed leaving a nasty smell & a skidmarked loo!

2- Yesterdays' embarrassingly loud poo at a football match...

Hubby treated me to a day out to watch a football match.
By half time I was desperate for a poo.
I rushed to the loos & the loos were taken & there was another lady in front of me then another 2 ladies joined the queue behind me.
I eventually got a cubicle, pulling my short black skirt & red tights down I sat on the loo & relaxed.. within seconds it was a very loud (&embarrassing) PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP.....PLOP.....PLOP...PLOP!! 13 Extremely loud plops in a loo full of women! Banana sized and shaped very light brown in colour, I had difficulty wiping as it was the sort of loo roll in places that doesn't unroll properly and you end up pulling tiny bits off!!
But I managed to do my best with what I had... I just didn't realise I took nearly 15 mins having a poo when it was meant to be a quick poo job! Damn poxy toilet roll!


In Response to George

I'm a middle age man from the home counties UK ( peripheries of London ). Working as a van delivery driver around the home counties, I often use Public Toilets for a number 2, I like to have company so to speak in other words other gents doing the same in near by cubicles. I like George have had this listening habit for as long as I can remember. Love reading the site also

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