Swimming pool toilet experience, and my sister in law.

This might be my last post for a while, unless the webmaster comes up with a solution to allow posts via the UK Virgin internet network. It's really frustrating being able to read, but not post.

For Yan.....

You obviously enjoyed my are about the same age now as I was then, and it's probably the only time of your life when you might find same sex toilet experiences interesting and exciting, so make the best of gets more interesting though when you are older if you get the chance to listen to, or watch girls use the toilet. If you want to have the best chance of hearing someone else doing a poo, I found that 9-half 9 in the mornings was a good time...quite a lot of boys in my age group seemed to need to go at that time.
There was only about one more swimming pool toilet experience that sticks in my mind, it was round about the same time. I decided I'd go on my own one day do swim some lengths. I had been a bit constipated, and felt uncomfortable, so I decided to go and sit on the toilet before getting in the pool. All 3 cubicles were empty, so I took the middle one, took my shorts off, and sat down. I strained a little, and managed to pass a few small hard lumps of was quite an effort. I'd been sitting there a few minutes, when I heard someone running up to the toilets, and the door to my left slammed shut. Almost immediately, I heard PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP about 6 quite heavy plops in quick succession......I peeped under the cubicle, and could just see a pair of very wet feet, about my size, with a pair of green shorts above them.....obviously someone who had been in the water, and had a desperate urge brought on my the exercise...He started wiping, and had finished and flushed, all in probably less than 2 minutes....I was surprised that anyone could know there was no more poo waiting to come out...I often do some more, even after I think I've finished. Again, I was really jealous that someone could poo so easily when I always had a struggle......That really is all that I can remember about swimming pool toilet experiences. I'm still quite happy to have a poo at the pool, but prefer it if no one is next to me nowadays...

Now, for something in more recent years, I have a lovely sister in law called Sandra...petite, thick shoulder length red hair, pretty face,wears glasses, about 5'2" and very open about her toilet habits, much to the disgust of her eldest wife, who is very uptight about such things. Sandra is a bit pun intended... about having a poo....she often goes about 3 times a day...she says if she feels the slightest sensation in her bottom, that she has to go and get rid of it. She will actually say that she is going for a poo... so needless to say, I have heard her doing a poo when she has stayed, or visited our house, also heard her at very close quarters when we all had a canal boat holiday and caravan holidays together, but the best one, was when we stayed at her house. It was a few years ago, when she was about 40....we were all working on a local 1940s weekend...our sons were camping on the exhibition field with their uncle, and I, my wife and daughter were staying with Sandra for the night. I decided to sleep on the sofa downstairs, my wife and Sandra, sharing the main bedroom so they could talk about whatever sisters talk about. The flush on the upstairs loo was broken at the time, and in the morning, I heard Sandra tell my wife that she had to use the downstairs toilet as she needed to poo. Sandra came down, wearing nothing but a very short night dress...have to say she's a real hottie :) We chatted a bit, before she said 'I have to poo' and went in to the downstairs loo and locked the door. I tiptoed to the door which was dead opposite the kitchen door, so it wouldn't look odd if someone else came down....I was just on my way to put the kettle on......anyway...I heard Sandra start to release a very long, hissy wee. it was very quiet in the house, so I could hear everything. After she had finished dribbling, all was quiet for a minute, then I heard her start to grunt softly...nnnnffff.....nnnfff Plop..plop...plop...plop.....nnnffff...plop.plop....MMMnnnfff KERPLOPPPPPP.......plop.plop.plop........she had obviously had a very satisfying poo, starting with little hard lumps, before passing a big heavy log. I thought she would start to wipe, but instead, she was very quiet....after a couple of minutes, I heard nnnfff.....and she did a small wee.....closely followed by SSSSSSPLAAAARTTTTT!!! pliplopploplopplopliplipplop....she obviously had still felt full and needed to wait awhile for a semi liquid poo to work it's way through her system. At his point I heard her whisper to herself 'that's better' and she started to pull paper off and wipe herself. She wiped about 6 times, and flushed. I expected her to wash her hands and come out then, but was surprised to hear her pull more paper off and wipe about 6 more times...she must have got quite sticky...before flushing again.
I settled back on the sofa...she came out, and smiled at me. I said I was glad she wasn't any longer, as I needed to go. she said I might want to wait, as she'd left a strong smell...well....she wouldn't realise that suited me fine. I went in to the loo, and locked the door....there was a nice strong healthy smell of Sandra's poo, and just a few browny/yellow poo streaks in the bottom of the pan. I sat down on the nice warm seat...she'd been on it for 10 minutes, and had a really satisfying poo myself, and made the best of the moment in another way, thinking how lucky I was to be able to go straight after my lovely sister in law....
I'll tell about some of my experiences at work another time....and the poo I heard my youngest sister in law take on a caravan toilet last year.


What come in will come out

Well Steven A it's my diet and I don't like to wait for long periods to poop, basically I'm a almost vegetarian just eat some meat, Thanks Brandon T

Tinfoil Hat

To Anatomy Student, first fact details

Wow. That's impressive for sure. I wonder what that special diet could be, having tried nearly any combination of fiber increments in varying quantities to no extreme results, never holding it in on purpose of course (not willing to risk ending with an impaction or with constipation issues). Abnormal amounts of roughage and protein together, perhaps?
Not everyone comes with such hi cap bowels, anyway.


Dolls That Poop

Hi everyone,
I'd like to know if any of you as a child played with a doll that pooped, or peed. I'm an adult, but I still enjoy dolls. Currently, I have a talking baby alive one that can poop, or pee. I used the diapers she came with, so she hasn't wet in awhile. She has a tube that runs from the back of her mouth to her butt, so the poop, and pee can feel real (the doll comes with food packets you mix with water). My favorite phrase is "I love you mommy!". This is one of her shut off comments, not one that is heard periodically while she's on. I also had a pee-only doll a year ago that cried when water touched a sensor somewhere around his pee-pee area (yes, it had a boy's pee-pee

#George: tell more swimming pool stories. I am 12. I cannot wait until I try a public pool in the United States.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Althea as always another great story it sounds like you and Camille both had really good poops that day and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda I bet once you got that monster out you felt a ton better.

To: THE CURIOUS SKIDMARK GAL as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go bad and alot to and i bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Thirty Something Female great story as always.

To: Big Girl great fart story.

To: Bianca great pooping story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Close Encounters

Tth reason for this post title is that I dedicate it to Megan. In your case hun it was "Close Encounters of the Turd Kind" bearing in mind the dodgy locks you encountered! I must say again its good to have you back because you always tell it well.

As for me my turds have taken on a different stance these past couple of days; the usual couple or three logs but of the tarry consistency which means that the clean up is actually taking more than the production! And my diet hasn't changed. Any comments would be welcome guys!

Love each and everyone of you on this forum. John b

Saturday, March 22, 2014


2nd poo in swimming pool toilet.

Hello Again.

Thought I would post this while I can still access the site. It was round about the same time as my previous post, but during the school holiday. I had decided to go swimming one morning with a couple of friends, Lee and Keith. It was still at the time when I was constipated as well, and I had taken a couple of Senokot laxatives the night before. For anyone who doesn't know, this is a natural laxative, that doesn't bulk up poo, but makes it very soft, it also can cause quite bad belly cramps. Well..I tried to go poo that morning before I went out, but no I set offto meet my friends.....Lee said he nearly didn't come, as he'd had really bad diarrhoea that morning...lucky him I least he'd had a good we got nearer to the swimming pool, my belly started to cramp, and I wanted to fart, but I knew there was a poo on it's way. Anyway, we got there, changed, and handed our baskets of clothes in to the attendant, in the days before lockers...a bit embarrassed, I told my friends to go on ahead, as I needed to sit on the toilet and I'd got bad belly ache. Lee laughed, saying I know how you feel.Out of the 3 cubicles, the middle and left were vacant, the third being in use, so I went in the left one. Things were getting a bit urgent, and I knew I'd poo a lot, so to make sure I was really comfortable, I took my shorts right off and hung them on the door lock.
I sat down, and leaned back slightly, my legs wide open, and just relaxed. A few drops of liquid poo came out of my bum, followed by a few small lumps, then a massive explosion of runny poo, that when I looked, had coated the front of the toilet pan above the water. I felt instant relief, but my belly still hurt. I changed my position to leaning forward, hands and forearms pressing my belly, and feet tucked sort of towards the back of toilet pan.
While I was trying to poo some more, there was the noise of a small group of boys who were talking excitedly, and stopped near the toilets. I heard one say don't wait, I have to go No.2. the others were taking the mick out of him, but went anyway, and the one needing the loo came in to the cubicle next to mine. I was a little surprised to see a pair of shorts almost come under the partition...he had obviously decided like me to take them off, but had thrown them on the floor. I heard him sit down heavily.
Straighaway came the sound of..PLOP.....PLOP......plop..plop..plop...plop.....then a long pause...then plip.plop.plop.plop.plop.plopplipplipplop..I heard him sigh with relief....he must have been pretty desperate to poo..... and start pulling paper off the roll.
He seemed to be messing about during must have been 6-8 times with a long pause between each wipe. In the meantime, I had wiped, and wanted to get out before my neighbour, as I had made quite a smell, and felt a bit embarrassed about being seen. I flushed and opened the door to then go and wash my hands. I was a bit put out to find my neighbour had decided to open his door, and come out at exactly the same time, and without flushing.....he was a small blond haired boy, about a year younger than me. I got the feeling he was curious to see who was doing a poo next to him. I was even more surprised to see him hare straight off to the pool without washing his hands....
I had washed my hands, when my belly suddenly cramped again, and I knew something wet wanted to leave my bum pretty damn quick.....I ran back to the toilets, and was dismayed to find only the one that my young neighbour had used was vacant. I slammed the door shut and slid the bolt, and was shocked to see what my neighbour had done.....he had as I guessed produced a bulky poo...a couple of biggish, smooth light brown logs, probably about 8 inches long, and an inch diameter, some smaller 'sausages' and some small fluffy lumps, but the crazy thing was that he had laid the used toilet paper all around the pan above the water, so his poo was clear to see. I was about to flush, but was about to explode, so just pulled my shorts down, squatted, and released a small, gassy diarrhoea explosion, most of which went all over the used toilet paper.....There was only a mild, healthy poo aroma left, by the other boy, and I sat there for a further few minutes releasing a little more diarrhoea. Finally, I wiped a few times, and out of character for me, did just the same as he did with my toilet paper, and didn't flush...for some reason, it felt good having a poo on top of someone elses...and leaving our joint effort for someone else to see....Pleased to say I grew out of doing such things....Hope some of you found this interesting or amusing....If I get chance, I'll write about my experiences with hearing ladies toilet activities in unisex or individual toilets at work in later life....

Wiping [to Kennady]

I have been keeping count of my bowel movements for some years now, including the number of wipes I use. A wipe is a pad of three or four sheets of toilet paper folded into a single square. Once having pooped, I make as effective a pass as I can to get as much remaining poop as possible off my anus; then I refold that pad and make another pass, getting (I hope) much less poop the second pass. That constitutes my first wipe, which I drop into the toilet, generally as far forward as possible so I can still see my movement when I stand up. Then I take a second pad of 3 or 4 sheets and repeat the process: two passes over my anus, with the paper folded for the second one; that's the second wipe. Most of my movements require 3 wipes, or 6 passes with toilet paper; for the last pass, I apply a small dab of Noxzema or similar cleansing cream on the paper and use that to clean my anus and my anal canal (that way I can also feel up into the lowest portion of my rectum to see if I have emptied it well). So: 3 wipes, 6 passes of paper across my anus; that usually gets it reasonably clean, though of course to get it really clean requires a shower.

Jas, I used to have diarrhea at home and it was frightening. It would attack me overnight. I hated it. I was a girl at the time. I would get nauseous and throw up. It would run out front and back. My bowels were always loud. I did not want to get diarrhea at school. It attacked me in 7th and 8th grade. By then, I decided, why not. Then, it was in 10th grade.

Where I grew up, the church toilets were always clean and we kept them that way, always mindful to flush. I moved my bowels at church on Sats. when I had GS mtgs. The church ladies made the most noise with their gassy farts. I stayed a Scout until 9th grade. When I was in 8th grade, my cousin Cammille 4 years older had to make #2 on Sat. at church. She was a senior scout leader. They did not like her because she wore pants. She was a suspected lesbian. I went upstairs to the female toilet. It had lots of stalls. I took one, lifted my green jumper and yellow full slip, pulled down my yellow cotton panties and white panty hose to my ankles. I pushed out these huge painful brown logs. I was so scared. There were 8 of them, but did they stink. It took minutes to get them out. Camille came in calling for me. I opened the stall door and told her, "I am moving my bowels and it hurts." At which point, I let out a huge pee and closed the stall door. Camille said, "My stomach is killing me." She took the next stall, undid her green uniform slacks, let the green web belt hit the floor, with her pants and white band-leg cotton panties at her ankles and sat on the bowl. He bowels just exploded and she let out a series of logs that sounded like boulders in the water. She too smelled the place, but we did not care. We were happy to be with each other. She told me, "If your bowel movements are painful, you are developing and getting your period. I am on mine right now." I sat awhile and talked while I played with my clothes. Then, I took paper to wipe my pussy, then two wads to wipe my rectum. Later, I would find skid marks in my undies. Anyway, I wiped good, pulled up my undies and let down my uniform and slip. I flushed the bowl 2x. My stools were bulky and stringy. I went to Camille's stall and she opened the door, baring her jet-black everything she owned. I saw 8 huge logs through her opened legs. She took a wad of paper, opened her legs and wiped through the front and repeated again. She pulled up her panty, then her slacks and belt and flushed the bowl and completed dressing herself.


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt and Anne

To Bloated Butt:

Yes indeed that was me, who posted about my struggle with poos in a hotel bathroom in Melbourne. I was extremely constipated and because I was away from home, it was worse than ever! I'm glad I had that big bathroom with the big mirror in it, so I could watch myself doing a poo. I've never watched myself like that before so it was great. I also had lots of room to walk around, naked, with a massive turd between my legs!! It sounds like you are doing better with your poos too and not getting as constipated.

Since then, I've been doing well with my poos. I've been eating lots of high fibre cereal and dried fruit, plus I've been drinking lots of water. It has really helped me too, my poos have been easier to push out, although my loads are still massive. And some days, I don't do a poo at all but most of the time, I go once a day now.

To Anne: I loved your story!! I can't believe you didn't have a hard time getting that poo out, after having held it in for 4 days. If that was me, I would have had the worst time trying to get the poo out, as I get badly constipated so easily.

Here are some questions for people that get constipated all the time:

What food makes you the most constipated?? For me its chocolate.

When you're constipated, do your poos always get stuck in your anus, when your trying to push them out? What do you do when that happens? That happens to me most of the time when I'm constipated. Sometimes I've had to break the poo off, other times I've sucked it back into my anus.

Have you always suffered with constipation or has it just been as you got older? For me, I've always been prone to it, as a child, I had chronic constipation for a couple of years. As an adult, I've suffered with it quite a bit, especially over the last couple of years, its been terrible.

Have you ever needed a manual disimpaction? I haven't needed one of those.

Have you ever spent an hour or more on the toilet when doing a poo?? Yes, the longest time I've spent doing a poo was 2 hours. 30 minutes is probably the shortest time its taken for me to do a poo, when I've been constipated.

Have you let someone else watch you, while you were struggling to get a poo out, on the toilet?? Could they see the poo as it came out? I haven't let anyone watch me but I've watched someone else doing a poo and he was constipated at the time.

Do you have close friend that also get constipated? Have you ever had a buddy dump with them, while constipated? I have never done that before.

Do you have friends who you can openly talk about constipation with and you can go into lots of detail? I wish I could talk to someone openly about it!

I had been stuck in traffic for over an hour I really had to pee but the traffic still wasn't moving. i had no choice but to get out of the car, unzip my jeans, pull out my wee wee and let fly. At that point, I didn't care WHO saw me!

Steven A

Comments To Some People

To Kennady: Sometimes when people wipe after they poop, nothing or a little bit is on the toilet paper or wet wipes. I'm OCD about wiping and sometimes nothing will be on the paper after I wipe but I may wipe a little more just to be safe and also I wipe until I feel clean.

To Bloated Butt: Have you been this gassy your entire life and is anyone in your family gassy like you?

To Crystal: Is your diet causing you to poop 21 times a week or is it just natural for you?

To Anatomy Student: Did you ever try drinking Lactose Free Milk or any Lactose free foods? I think that may help with your Lactose Intolerance.

To A Thought: I think we are so fascinated with peeing and pooping plus farting because we want to talk about this subject with people on this website that share our same interests without people judging us on what we think about this who have never been to this site before.

Will Post again soon.


What come in will come out

my response to Kennady?
well I know for me when I have a poop it don't take me a lot wiping, it's a method to it without getting skid marks inside someone underwear cause when using tp I tend grab more than one sheet, but anywho it's just a method how one wipe that's all

I have some really great poop stories I like to share but right now can't school prom preparation with Marcus at my old school he wanted me as his date just hard to choice what to wear from panties finger nails toe nails the whole 9 I want look good for him though he said I'm already a 10 without all that but still wanting look good for him


Post Title (optional) A very difficult pooping session......

I mentioned that I've been doing well with my poos lately but for some reason, I had a very difficult time pooping this morning. I had lots of ???? last night for dinner and high fibre cereal for breakfast. So I'm not sure why I'm constipated again and I had a great poo yesterday too.

After breakfast, I felt the urge to do a poo. I've been mostly going in the morning lately. I made my way to the toilet, thinking it would only take 10 minutes or so, maybe 15-20 minutes at the most. I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. I didn't bother closing the door because my housemate was at work. I felt my anus open up and I heard it crackle as the turd started to stretch it apart. Then I did a few farts, as the poo slowly moved down. After a few minutes, the turd started to feel hard and sharp in my anus. I had to put some effort in, which didn't bother me but it didn't seem to help. So I worked a bit harder, pushing a bit harder - that didn't help much either.

I had been on the toilet for about 15 minutes, when I realised I was going to have a hard time getting this poo out. I pushed and strained as hard as I could and the poo slowly moved down a bit more. It was really stretching my anus apart and getting bigger the more it came out. I continued pushing, until I could feel the poo sitting just above my anus. I had to keep pushing because my anus was trying to suck it back in! After 30 minutes, the poo got stuck in my anus. I needed a rest at this stage so I reached down and felt the poo. There was about an inch sticking out, it was huge, solid and dry. After a few minutes of resting, I got back into it, I bore down and pushed with all my might. I did that for 10-15 minutes. The poo slowly inched its way out and it felt even bigger now. My anus was so sore from all that straining and I needed to have another rest. I was so hot and sweaty so I took my pants off completely, then I took my t-shirt off, so all I had on was my bra.

I reached down and felt the poo in my anus again. I had managed to get it to stick out a bit more, about 3 inches this time but it was well and truly stuck. I decided to get up and walk around the house. I was the only one at home, so it didn't matter. I walked into the lounge room, with my bear bottom and a turd between my legs. I had to waddle around because the poo was so thick and wide in my anus. I went into the bathroom (my toilet is separate to my bathroom) and tried to have a look at the poo sticking out of my butt. I could just see it! I kept walking around, pushing and straining at the same time. I felt the poo slowly sliding out so I got back on the toilet. This time, I bore down and pushed like nothing else, hoping I would be able to squeeze the demon turd out. It was burning my anus as it slid down, ever so slowly.

"Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" I grunted, pushed and strained for several minutes and just when I thought I would never get the turd out, it came out!!!!! I was so happy!! I was sure I would need to give up and break the turd off. My anus was SO sore after that too. I spent an hour and 10 minutes on the toilet.

I'm not sure how I got so constipated again or why I had such a terrible time on the toilet this morning. Even though I did had a nice, enjoyable dump yesterday and the day before.

Drifty Boots
To Blind Guy: Thanks for the suggestions, but unfortunately with money being an issue for me right now, I can't afford the pricier diapers. The good news, however, is that the right sized ones are doing the trick. I don't really wet a lot at night.

There isn't a lot else new. I think caffeine might be an issue. A couple nights ago I had a monster before bed and wet twice (I changed both times), and last night I had a 32 oz soda and wet twice again. This time I just went back to sleep after the first time and waited to change until I woke up. During the day it's getting better, which is great because the diapers are getting way too uncomfortable to wear at work. Hopefully after the first I can get this taken care of in a more permanent manner.


1st poo on public toilet at swimming pool.

Hello Folks. I'm George, and I'm an ordinary middle aged family bloke, from Northants England. I've been reading posts on here for years. I haven't been able to post, as although I can read this site ok, my internet provider seems to block contact, both with the site and the webmaster, but I'm trying things out from another place with wifi access.I've always had an interest in bathroom or toilet habits ever since I can remember, and thought it was a bit abnormal, but reading everything on here, I've realised that lots of other folk find the subject normal, interesting, and even sometimes exciting. I find ladies habits the most interesting....but being an only child, the only other folks I had seen or heard in the toilet were my parents...I hated following either of them to the loo, as both were inclined to be rather stinky.
In adult life, I've never liked going No2 in a public toilet, especially if another bloke is going next to me...I also get BB syndrome if I want a wee, and someone stands near me. The only exceptions to how I felt about being near someone of the same sex using the toilet, were as a very young teenager...the first, I found really confusing, and I'll tell you about that.
As for my interest, I always used to be very constipated as a kid, and a big issue was made of the fact that I might not have had a poo for a few days, and I would be given senakot laxatives, and be asked if they had worked...maybe this had something to do with my interest, as it was always a big issue.... first close experience of pooping near someone else, was when I started secondary school. We used to have a swimming lesson once a week, at the pool, which was 10 minutes walk from the school. It was second lesson of the morning, round about 9.30. I had tried to poo before I went to school, but couldn't. I felt a bit uncomfortable, and decided to try and go at the pool, after I had changed. There were 3 cubicles, between the changing room, and the pool entrance. I headed for the middle toilet, and heard rapid footsteps behind was a classmate, Chris....he had a reputation for farting a lot in class, and asking to be excused, usually in the mornings.....he said Mind Out....Emergency....and dashed in to the toilet on my left. I heard him hurriedly sit down, and heard him grunt Nnnnnnnffffff...raidly followed by plop.....PLOP...PLOP....plup.plup.plup.plup.plup.plup...pllllurrrrtttt...plup..plup....obviously relesing a large, soft, and loose poo, he might have had diarrhoea at the very end.........It's still vivid in my mind some 40 years later...
I must admit to feeling slightly jealous that he could just sit down and let go like that, when I was sitting there straining...he then wiped about 5 times, flushed, and hurried out.
I realised I wasn't able to go, so pulled up my shorts, and left. Curiousity got the better of me....there was no one around, so I decided to look in the toilet where Chris had been...there was what was best descibed as a warm, meaty aroma, that sort of goes with a soft poo, and some light brown streaks in the bottom of the toilet. This is where the shock came...I'll not go in to detail, as I know it's against site rules...but I realised I had become 'excited' and I didn't know why. I realised it would show, so I had to do what all teenage boys do to get rid of it...I sat on the loo to do so, and then pushed hard and managed to do a hard poo as well...It felt kind of satisfying, going just after my class mate...I still don't know why I had the feelings I did, as I am 100% straight...maybe it was just teenage hormones. I had one more toilet experience at that swimming pool, thankfully not with the same reaction. I will tell of that on if anyone is interested, and tell of some
of my future encounters with ladies. Wonder if anyone else had one of these confusing experiences...I get the feeling reading past posts, I might not be so unusual after all.

Best Wishes



THE BEACH DUMP AND rush with urgency- very messy

hello I am back

Just recently was on beach in northeast Florida area. Its warming up and in the mid 70s. Was on the beach having fun and a sudden urge came. I had taken a laxative earlier on and had plenty to eat. Cafe mocha in morning at Starbucks with soy milk and no whip, 2 eggs scrambled with cheese & salt /pepper. around noon had fish a restaurant and tacos,some steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli cheese and french fires at another restaurant, and of course calamari, shrimp, and Chinese noodles wit seafood at another. Its was about $65.00 gone on one day. was on beach around 2:30 est and very bust. All by myself and everything plenty of walking, stretching,exercise, and fitness. wee the urgent came and could not hold.

i ran to a nearby hotel and found a way to ladies room. very quality and decent and about 6 stalls. i took one nearest the door and sat down. I had on nothing but bikini and some high heel shoes and bra. nobody said nothing. everything was washed today and no skidmarks or nothing. iIn bathroom, very messy dump. about 4 loud continuous farts, very stinky and gassy. and plenty of skid-marks inside. About 3 other middle women were in and heard all the gas. luckily i was oiled and lotioned all up and diluted the smell. I left all my belongings except wallet on beach. about a 6 minute dump. very messy and creamy and moderate brown. its was like avalanche coming down and was still sliding sticking all the inside. the water was not that high level in toilet either and flush was only moderate. i did pee and was moderate yellow but brown dark murky water diluted everything. plenty of vitamin c meant only about 5 wipes and was clean around the 4th time

i flushed about 2 additional times and some some heavy skidmarks. the toilet tissue was ok.came out and went back. the gas and farts was stinky and still had some later on

Anatomy student

Shitty facts

The longest recorded turd came from a female who ate a special diet and used a butt plug to prolong evacuation for a week, then pooped In a bowling alley due to the lenth. The final product was 26 feet long.
Countries that do not use sit toilets had almost no cases of hemmorroids or diverticulitis.
Using a squat toilet saves about 1 minute of pooping time because squatting totally relaxes the rectum, and since squatting spreads your cheeks more, wiping is easier.
As some of you may know, when a woman gives birth, sometimes more than the baby comes out. I recently came across an article explaining why. Apparently, if the mother poops on the operating table, the bacteria transfer to the baby will develop a healthy bowel quicker. Babies that were c sectioned typically had lower immunities and stinkier farts due to developing intestinal bacteria from milk alone.
Poop is 75% water
Poop is brown because of your liver.
Gum is not stored in your gut for 7 years. You poop it out if you swallow it.
Red blood in your poop indicates external bleeding, black blood indicates internal bleeding. Internal bleeding is very bad, see a doctor. Red blood is usually due to fissures (anal tears.)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bloated Butt great story as always.

To: Blondebeauty first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you really had to poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anne first welcome back and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop outside I bet it felt really refreshing and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Crystal great story as always.

To: Megan great story it sounds like you had some rough times and your mom should have been more understanding and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Deiese first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

To: Megan great set of stories about beeing walked in on and it sounds like you had some good poops to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Yesterday I heard a woman poop at the bookstore she went in and sat on the toilet then I heard a plop plop then nothing for a few seconds then plop plop plop then she wiped and about 2 hours ago I heard a woman have a burst of diarrhea at the bookstore or it maight have just been a wet fart so 2 good catches.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thirty Something Female

For Debbie and Maria

Debbie - answers to your survey

1. Have any of u been in the situation where u get poo on your hands when u wipe?? Where u concerned ??
Not really

2. How many here hold their poo till almost accident time ?
I hold everything till almost accident time and frequently too far and actually wind up having accidents. If you search for my name you can find most of my stories. My latest story is on page 2355. My last poop accident story is on page 2174. There are plenty of others I've posted. Beyond those full accidents there have been plenty of times over the years where I held it to the very end and barely made it, often with "skidmarks" in the back of my panties and wet spots in the middle.

3. Or do u hold because you are pee/poo shy ,by that I mean too shy to tell somebody you need the toilet ?
I just don't like to stop what I'm doing, I guess!

Here's a story for Debbie about one of those almost-accidents. I remember it from when I was in high school and Titanic came out in the
theater I went to see it with some friends. We were so excited and wanted to get our seats that I didn't go to the bathroom before the movie. As everyone knows it was really long. I had to go worse and worse as it progressed, and all the water didn't help, but I also needed a poo. By the end I was almost to the point of a full on accident. Then there were lines in the bathroom (of course). As I stood in the line I leaked a little pee and the poop was pushing past my anus and it took every ounce of effort I could exert to keep it from coming out all the way. When I was next in line the poop pushed more and I crossed my legs hard and squeezed and fought hard as it pushed against my panties - touching cotton as they say - but managed to stop it at that point. More pee leaked out, though. Finally a stall opened and I rushed inside, the poo still hanging out touching my panties. I ripped my pants and panties down in one push as I was squatting down onto the seat. Another squirt of pee escaped into the back of my panties before I could get them fully out of the way before releasing a huge torrent into the bowl and a large BM. I had a decent sized hershey mark and the crotch of the panties were pretty wet. I wiped everything as best I could and stuffed some toilet paper into the crotch when I pulled them up to help them dry so that hopefully it wouldn't show on the outside of my pants to my friends. I don't think anyone noticed but it was an extremely close call.

Maria - loved your stories about your laugh pee accidents. You aren't the only one! Stay strong! haha

More later I'm sure,

Tinfoil Hat


I am a 20 years old Italian guy.
The fact is, i feel like not having any stories to tell, not only body-related, but of any kind. Days just go by in my family without a single worry. I don't have a GF, i don't go out with my friends too often and i'm only concerned about my studies and my health. If it wasn't for my family i would be a very lonely person. My fascination with my own bodily functions is one of my little secrets that nobody seems to know about.
What i could call stories, alas, only stem from my childhood in this moment of my life. I remember being somewhat afraid of the toilet as a little child and, as such, my toilet training came fairly late, yet i don't remember any constipation issues. I ate very bad, though, and i experienced diarrhea quite often.
One day i was at school and felt a shart coming on. I was forced to hold it all the day until i got home at about 5 o' clock PM. When i came home, i went to the toilet and too loud of a fart came out in the resulting BM. My parents soon asked me if i had diarrhea. I remember being very embarassed and wary about taking noisy BM's in public after this accident.
About my current habits, i get the urge everyday, even with small BM's. Recently i've managed to hold it in for 3 days straight and on the fourth day i had a big and hard movement in the morning and a second firm one in the evening. The first needed to be pushed out, while the second came out by itself. I expected a single and very long movement instead of these two short ones, but my bowels seem to work this way.


Soaked Seats

Earlier this week my friend Lorenz who is a year younger than me practically bumped into me as I was putting my tray away in the cafeteria. He had to poo and he had been to the bathroom right outside the cafeteria, but he refused to use it because all 7 or 8 toilets had their seat dripping with pee. So he was going to the other side of the cafeteria to find a better bathroom to use. I saw him after school and he said he had done his poo in an open stall, but with all the toilet paper gone, he knew he was dirtying up his boxers. I told him about last weekend when I was in a crowd of about a dozen of us waiting in a three or four cubicle bathroom at Wal-Mart. A custodian was knocking on doors and asking women if they minded if she refilled the ass-gasket machine which is located on the wall behind each toilet. Mine wasn't out but she put another new box full into the holder and apologized to me for intruding. Then I latched the door, dropped my jeans and underwear and did my wee. I've never used one of those ass-gaskets and think they are kind of dumb. However, I told Lorenz about them and he said no guy dared use them at school even if they were to be available because the boy would be kind of like bullied. Since most of the cubicles are without doors, I could see that as a problem. I guess I just don't know what the answers are, but I don't see the situation becoming any better.



Hi people!
Does anyone on here where an adult nappy that they actually use to pee or poo in??

It would be so tempting for me to do that with my bowel issues but I personally don't think I would feel comfortable doing that. Though if you're comfortable with it then that's fine I dont judge anyone.

I'm just curious. .. :)
J x

Big Girl

Post Title (optional) Gas Explosion

I do not like passing gas in public. Others may joke about it but I think it can be fun only in private. I was sitting alone in my room when my parents were out.
I decided to do something that would cause gas so I drank down a couple of glssses of chocolate milk which I really like anyway. Then I answered my emails, did my homework and kept busy.
Then after I was mostly washed up and ready for bed I felt pressure build up down near my bottom. I got undressed except for my panties and tank top. I sat down on the plasic chair in my room.
When I could barely hold it any longer I pushed. Then there was a loud BRRRRRUUUUPPP! PppTT!PPPPTTT! AAAhhh! I sighed as it all came out.
Then a while later I pushed again and there was a BBUUUPP!PPP! I sighed again and that was the last one for the time being.
I remember reading an old post where an oriental girl said American woman fart loud. Well the two I just mentioned above sure were. I hope you all enjoyed the post.


I'm Back

Hey guys,
I compare a lot of things in life to how good pooping feels. For example, when I rode on the Austin Duck truck, the ride was so smooth I thought if I pooped for an hour and a half straight, that would be great lol! The ride was so good in fact, that if I could see, an amphibious vehicle of my verry own would be my way of transportation if legal. I'd put surround sound audio in it so I could play music while quacking my duck horn out my window. Anyway, today I pooped twice. I farted a couple of times earlier, and it smelled like eggs. Both of my poops were small, and about 5 peices each. I didn't have to wipe much. I did however, have to get off the toilet with my pants down to get more paper. Our house is old, so we can't flush our toilet paper. I think those bathrooms that I read about that flip upside down to drain are pretty cool! What were to happen if you accidentally stayed in their when it came time for it to self-flush? I'd be too afraid to try to poop in that kind of bathroom if I had constipation fearing that I'd get sucked into the sewer and drown. Could that even happen?

Friday, March 21, 2014


Question about wiping?

1. how many times do you wipe after a poop? many people says that they wipe just 2 or 3 times. How could be possible that stains will go and get cleaned in 2 or 3 wipes?

Bloated Butt
To Tinfoil Hat:

I don't have a problem feeling urges. My boyfriend massaged my stomach because it hurt so bad. I really did feel like I was about to pop! But I don't think my colon is stretched too much, and I don't lack feeling "down there" either. I just have embarressingly large poops, and I feel every inch of them. I'll feel the urge to poop, but hold it until it gets overpowering.

Recently I've been going more frequently, and try to go when I first feel a log back there. This is usually every two days or three days, which I've read is normal for some people. Not everyone goes every day. I last went yesterday (Monday the 17th), and before that, the last time I pooped was Saturday the 15th. And every time I've gone, it was huge. Not as big as when I don't go for days and days, but still, it's like I'm laying bricks. And I have to push and grunt to get them out. So even when I'm regular, I have huge turds, 'scuse my French ;)

By the way, are you male or female? And what are your pooping habits like? Please share some stories!

To Michelle:

Yeah mornings are usually pretty gassy for me. I always have to rip at least a few farts when I first wake up. As for how many farts in a row I can do, I'm probably similar to your friend. I've farted five or six times in a row before. Your friend sounds beautiful, by the way! So do you! I'm sure she'll have no problem finding a nice man who'll give her stomach rubs when she needs them ;)

To Linda:

Were you the one who posted that story about staying at a hotel in Melbourne? It sounds like you! I've never watched myself in the mirror while pooping before, but it sounds like something that might help if you were really struggling. Like maybe watching you push and strain might make you want to poop even more? I'm sorry to hear you were so constipated, though! It would've been nice if you could've had a nice, big, pleasurable BM in that hotel bathroom! I would love to have a huge bathroom to just relax in (and strut around naked in, LOL) when I'm pooping. Can't wait to hear more from you!

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