horse dude

horse-stall poop

i had to poop so bad about halfway through work today. i work at a horse barn so there are a bunch of horse stalls with wood shavings for bedding, i was talking to my boss (an older lady around 45 years old but really cool we're friends lol) and shoveling out a horse stall when all of a sudden i got a huge urge to dump, it was like tryin to come out lol.
i said to my boss "oh my god sorry to interrupt but i really have to poop!!"
she said, "just drop your pants and go in the horse stall! if its urgent honey! i'll get you some tp"
she ran down the isle-way and i dropped my pants and squatted! i tried to hurry up and push it out before she got back but instead i only managed to fart and take a leak before she was back at the sliding-door entrance with a roll of tp in her hand lol. i was really embarrassed right at first and then she said,
"heres your paper honey! want me to leave you alone while you poo?"

"i guess we can keep chatting" and then i farted a big smelly puff of air.

we chatted for a bit like it was nothing and after a minute a thick log crawled out of my butt. it made a flopping/slapping sound when it fell and it made us both laugh! then the stench hit her and she pinched her nose and fanned in front of her face :P she handed me the roll of tp and said "oh my god thats huge honey! what did you eat? ?"
i took the roll from her and said"thanks for the paper!! we had pizza last night haha"
i wiped my butt then shoveled my log and paper into the manure wheelbarrow and carried on with my workday as usual :)



Hello all--my name is Anthony. I am 22 and I am constipated a lot of the time. I'm a fairly thin guy--about 5'7" and 120 pounds or so, but I always have massive turds that have clogged toilets and numerous occasions. But I like to talk about it constipation, number one. And I love reading stories on this site from other constipated people and hearing about what it's like when they poop.

Most of the time I don't need enemas or suppositories; I just push it out on my own even if it can be fairly difficult to do so. I prefer to lean forward on the toilet to do it or squat on the floor or on the toilet--those seem to be the most effective ways I get out poop.

My last constipated poop was just a couple days ago. It had been about four days without going. I could tell it was going to be big because I had that feeling that something was plugging me up down there despite really having no urge to go. I did a few "test pushes" to see if it would move and there was nothing even budging. But later on, I got the slightest of urges and I started doing more test pushes and eventually I kinda felt like I was getting out it in my pants a little bit (I do that sometimes). But I decided to head to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet, spread my cheeks, leaned forward and started pushing. After a number of good pushes, it started to poke out of my hole and once that happened, I was able to get the rest of it out without too much difficulty, but a lot of grunting and pushing. I am usually very vocal on the toilet--I like to grunt loud and don't really care who hears.

But looking in the toilet showed how lumpy and dark brown this turd was. And the soreness in my hole more than showed that. Overall, a pretty satisfying poop and certainly not that constipated compared to how mine often are.

I look forward to posting about more of mine :)


To Jane

Do I wear diapers when traveling? Of course, but not to escape dirty restrooms. There is no way I can hold it long enough to find any restroom if I get stuck in traffic. After coming home wet become all too frequent, I have started to wear diapers for any longer trip. Worked well for me, even in cases I needed more than to pee.


what comes in will come out

Hey you all, went to Sunday church this morning this time with Marcus, so got to meet his pastor and pastor wife, first time going big building, so this morning. I ate bowl of oatmeal and banana, cup of apple juice, so drove his house, wore a green skirt and all white flip flops and white blouse, so during one the choir songs I was clapping my hands but accident slip out a slient fart, so I whispered to Marcus I be back, so I clenched my cheeks together gently walked out santuray to the ladies felt like forever, so finally got in there took a stall, hurried locked it, rush my skirt down to my ankles and panties down to my ankles as well, and sat down, quickly some warm mush start coming out feeling so good felt like cloud nine so closed my eyes a bit and deep sighed, as more poop was coming out of my butt enjoying every second of it, it's really good feeling to have a great poop session, so relaxed no care in the world, then after 15 minutes I was done took toilet paper wiped really good till clean, flushed and sat for few more minutes cause felt so relaxed, after got up adjustment to my clothing went to join next to Marcus he asked if I was okay just explained to him my experience told me good that you had that time, I said me too go like that everyday be sweet, so after service was over went back to his place and he took me for lunch, have a good one you all

Bloated Butt

To Michelle:

"Haha thanks for the story. You guys are definitely similar in the gas department:PLOL I always joke with her that she's an endless tank of gas LOL. When its really bad she can pass gas for hours. We usually end up having to open a window. Does this ever happen to you?(hours of farting)Are mornings bad for you? My fiend says she usually has a lot of gas in the morning cuz it builds up all night."

Oh absolutely. I have days where i'm pretty much gassy all day. It gets worse as I go longer without pooping, hahah. Sometimes we light scented candles when I'm really blowing the place up. When I'm really gassy I have my boyfriend give me a stomach massage. I like bossing him around ;). But he's really patient and understanding about my gas.

I'm gassy every morning but usually it starts to level off as the day goes on. But if its a "gassy day" (LOL), the morning won't be any worse than the rest of the day. On my gassy days I end up looking almost pregnant, especially if I haven't gone to the bathroom in a while.

"Also I wanted to ask have you always been gassy? Before you met your current bf was it hard dating with all of your gas? My friend says she feels like she's gonna explode when shes on dates sometimes. She says she spends a couple hours "deflating" when she gets home lol"

I've been gassy my whole life, same thing with having huge bowel movements. Its just the way my body works, although my diet probably doesn't help. I rarely dated before I met my boyfriend, it was my friend Alicia who introduced me to him. I've always been quiet and reserved and when I was a teenager I didn't have boyfriends. So fortunately I haven't had too many embarressing gas attacks during dates. But when I first met my BF I definitely had to hold it in for a while! The ice finally broke when we were in bed together and he had his arms wrapped around my midsection, and I was feeling gassy. He ended up squeezing a huge fart right out of me! I actually started crying! But it got me to be more open about my body ;)

I enjoyed your pooping story! I bet it felt so good to get it all out. To just plonk your butt down and plop away ;). Do you usually have large BMs? Holding them in could make them bigger, but it can also make you constipated. I have huge BMs even without trying to hold them in, and I usually go every 2 to 3 days, which is considered regular for me. But when I "hold off" from using the toilet, like if I go maybe 4 or 5 days without pooping, it starts to build up and gets even bigger. Then I get worried about how difficult its going to be, and continue putting it off. When I finally go its positively massive. It does feel pretty good, though. I like the feeling of having a huge heavy BM ;). It's so sensual and pleasurable. Just be careful and don't get yourself really constipated!

To everyone else:

I actually pooped last Tuesday, the 25th. The last time I had pooped was on the previous Wednesday, so I went almost a week without having a BM. I'm so bad about staying regular. Anyway, the urge to poop got so intense by Tuesday morning that I absolutely had to go and I couldn't ignore it any longer. My boyfriend was in the bathroom shaving and brushing his teeth, so I knocked and let myself in, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties.

"Sorry honey but I need to use the toilet" I said. I clenched my huge soft butt to hold in the enormous load for just a few more seconds.

"Can't you wait until I'm out?" he said, his face covered in shaving cream.

I started walking over to the toilet, farting with each step, "I can't wait, I'm sorry!" I pulled my panties down and settled my wide hips and huge round butt on the seat. Immediately I felt the tip of a massive log poke its way out of me. I started pushing a little but it was so big and thick that it wouldn't come easy. For a few seconds I tried to push quietly, trying not to be rude since my BF was right there. But it was no use.

I looked over at him "Honey I'm sorry but I need to make some noise".

He shrugged, "Alright".

I took a breath and "HHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!" The log inched out a bit, then stopped when I had to stop pushing and catch my breath. It was stretching my poor anus apart so wide, I felt like I had a potato sticking halfway out. I took another deep breath and bore down again, pushing it out another inch. After a few seconds I had to stop again and sighed loudly, "Ooooooohhhhhhhh....."

"Geez, sweetie..." my boyfriend said. He turned the sink on and rinsed his razor off.

"Sorry..." I blushed. "Its so big, though..."

"You sound like you're giving birth"

I giggled, "I feel like I'm laying an egg."

I continued to push. This went on for a good while, maybe five minutes of me just trying to plop it out. My boyfriend finished shaving and brushing his teeth, then left to go iron his shirt and get dressed, all while the bathroom echoed with the sound of my grunts, gasps, and moans. I tried everything to hurry it along: I grabbed my enormous soft buttcheeks and pulled them apart, I made stamping motions with my legs as I sat on the toilet, I wrapped my arms around my stomach and hunched over until my boobs touched my legs.

My boyfriend leaned into the bathroom to say bye while I was in the middle of arching my back and grabbing my immense butt. He couldn't see it but now the log was hanging halfway out.

"Kiss me before you go..." I managed to say, my voice straining. He came over and kissed me and I suddenly felt a powerful urge to bear down again. I grabbed him before he could go and "UUUUNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I pushed the rest of the log all the way out and there was a huge ker-sploosh underneath me.

"Oh wow...Feeling better?" he asked.

I caught my breath "Yes...Now you can go." He gave me another kiss and then he left, leaving me to finish my poop. The rest came out a lot easier and I finished up after another few minutes.

That was just this past Tuesday. I also managed to poop today (Saturday, March 1st), but it wasn't quite as eventful. I just sat down and pooped out about three large logs. I had to push to get them out but they weren't nearly as epic as the one on Tuesday, which felt like a baseball bat coming out LOL!!! Every once and a while I get a really big one like that.

Anyway, hope everyone's healthy and happy. Hope to keep reading tons more stories from everyone!


A Hard Log

Has anyone got any stories where you where pooping and your turd got stuck halfway and it won't come out?

To Mina

Loved the story of you and your friends. Any more like it?


what comes in will come out

Hello everyone, just a quick story, I promise hehe, so I got up early to make papi breakfast in bed and his coffee he likes how, I make it, so making it really good for him, so half way complete, had to pee but choose to hold it in, so finish up, head up stairs breakfast knock on his door, he says come back later I'm very busy, so I told him it's me, so he said oh okay come in a second, but unfortunately I didn't hear that part so I came in, my step mother scream, my papi trying tell me no no no don't look, so I hurry put down the food ran out, wishing I didn't see what I saw, so after I went to my room got my clothes for school out, went into the bathroom, went to the shower forgot about my pee but it didn't forget me so, I try to run to the toilet side of the bathroom but lost control of it, peeing on myself wow, so when finished I threw away my pajamas shorts and panties and shirt, and went to shower, that's all here at school very distracted right now soon I will have my morning school poop cause my stomach giving me fits, so in closing I never wanted to see that, papi been trying text me sorry but I'm not going respond to that my stomach only can take so much, So I told Marcus about it he reassure me that we will not do none of that, so I better go, now literally go, so if I have time I tell what happens when I get to bathroom and on the toilet ok bye

Mystery Poster

Quick Post: The J and Everyone

The J: Great to hear about getting out your secret. How long did you keep that from her? I bet it felt great for her to finally know AND for her to understand.

Everyone: Keep the posts coming!

Steven A

Some Surveys Plus A Thank You

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that this site is one of the best things in the world. I thank the Toilet Stool founders AND the staff for making this site possible. I hope this site can go on for as long as it can possibly can go. I'm now going to answer some surveys that I have noticed while reading through the posts.

1st Survey:

1/ Would you Poo in Public Toilets?


2/ Would you Poo at a friends house?

Yes, but only if they didn't mind, but usually my friends wouldn't mind. I actually once had to go at a friends' house who was a girl and she didn't seem to care.

3/ Would you Poo in front of your other half?

Yes, I'm guessing "half" means your boyfriend or girlfriend, so I would go but not actually "in front of me" unless if she doesn't care if I watch her or if she wants to watch me go. Plus, I wouldn't like it at all if that she didn't want me to poop at her house at all. That's not right at all in my opinion.

4/Would you Poo at Work?


5/ Would you Poo on a Train/Airplane?


6/ Would you Poo whilst on the phone to someone if u were desperate?

Maybe, but I would rather want to them wait until I'm done.

7/ LASTLY - Desperation stakes - poo your pants/knickers or hold it in for as long as possible until you get to a toilet?

Hold it in, unless if I have trouble holding it in (which I don't), then I might go find some privacy and do it then, but I would rather hold it in until I'm unable to possibly hold it in anymore.

2nd Survey:

Does eating Fast food makes your ???? upset?


How often you drink water a day?

Maybe a couple of bottles (2-4 bottles) or somewhere around there.

How many times you poop a week?

7 times a week, (everyday), but I may skip a day which is rare for me since I eat Fiber One Cereal and Fiber Bars which help me stay regular.

What's does make you gassy the most?

Beans, Fiber One Cereal/Fiber Bars and maybe other food/food combinations that might cause me to get gas.

Do you like taking a dump at a public place? Yes

How long could you hold poop/pee? I don't know, but I never like "holding it in" that much unless I'm forced to.

Have you ever had the runs at work? No

Last Survey:

1. How often do you have a shit?

Everyday in the morning, rarely I might skip a day.

2. Are you a folder or a crumpler?


3. Are you an inspector?


4. Are you a stander or sitter?


5. Are you a double dipper?

Yes, I fold the wipes to waste them.

6. Do you use moist wipes or wet toilet paper?

Wet, flushable wipes.

7. Do you read in the latrine?


8. If so, how often do you read?

I hardly read at all.

9. How often do you sit when using the toilet?

I usually sit to wipe in the beginning and then stand up to wipe to finish.

10. Do you inspect what you've left before flushing?


11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?

All the way down at home, to my ankles if I'm in public

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush until
its all gone?


13. To wipe, do you reach between your legs, or do you reach your
hand around your backside?

Hand around backside.

14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back
to front, or some other way?

N/A not a girl

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until
most of its gone?

I wipe until I feel clean.

16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other
people are there?

No, I go when I have to go.

17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when some-
body else is around?

Closed door

18, Do you drop paper into the toilet before going?


19. Do you use air freshener after?

No, I use a fan that runs during when I'm on the toilet.

Timee you wipe front or back or a combination of both
Front most of the time.

2. on average, how many sheets of toilet tissue do you use to wipe
Just enough

3. has there been cases you wipe excessively and still could not get all the spots
Yes. I had to stand.

4. Have you ever wetted slightly a paper-towel or large ream of toilet tissue to get the remains.
I tried it, did not like it. I have used rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. That is good.

5. Have the toilet tissue ever tore when you were wiping
Yes, when I have a soft mushy bowel movement.

6. do you wipe your butt every time after you take a a leak or at least 50% of the time
No, I have a direct front squirt. In fact, I just had one. I went to the bowl in my flat, dropped my sweat pants and white FOL band-leg panties to my shins, spread my legs and squirted into the bowl. 10 secs. but it was heavy. I wiped bet. my legs and flushed.

7. Have you ever used damp or formulated toilet tissue wipes to do the job
Yes, did not like it.

8. Do you ever feel completely clean after wiping including the elimination of odor left after the dump
Yes because I wipe myself clean. If I do not, I wipe again. That is why I stand, sometimes.

9. do poop stains or skidmarks eve show in your underwear
Sometimes, rarely.

10. what your favorite brand of toilet tissue
I use organic recycled where possible or Scott or Marcal. I cannot use scented.


11. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN PUBLIC RESTROOM and heard some-else wiping after taking a dump. describe some experiences
Yes, at church, school, dept stores, cinema, subway. In school, I would see no toilet paper after someone made #2 or pee and not flush. Some girls were nasty, not wiping themselves. I hated all my schools. I had no friends in there.

12. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN in public restroom and heard someone taking or a dump or someone heard you. describe an experience
Same as above places. At church, the deaconesses have some noisy bowel movements. They talk about me. In grade and HS, I never moved my bowels. I would hold it until I got home or stopped in the park or library. Some girls would shit at school. I would not.

13. ON AVERAGE, IS THE TOILET TISSUE b very messy after wiping or only a little so
Messy because my bowel movements are huge, loose and chunky sometimes.

14. how much do you spend on toilet tissue each for personal use
I never kept track. Less than $2.00/mo.

15. do you have to wipe more frequently during the hot summer months
When I perspire and my vagina is very wet from my pussy juices and/or a pee. Muddy bowel movements add to it.


what comes in will come out

Thanks Brandon T and Steven A and Marcus say thank you for the support
Not to much poop activy on Saturday I went but I guess I share. woke up in the noon hour, took a bath got dress,for a jog, so I called up Marcus see if he wanted to meet up he did, so I jogged over his house, waited outside for him than he came out, embrace me with kiss, so anyway we choice to jog the middle school track a few times, so I beat him a few times but he beat me the last few times, he got very good aglity wish he show his versitly unto the field though not just good pocket presence but his all around skills set,so afterwards I rested on the grass he sat down facing me, leaned over kissing me,so after that we talked about family, asking him questions,so he reached over my legs took my water bottle and squirted me with it, me laughing saying oh you got jokes, so I reached for his but he said maybe one day if you can move fast now we really laughing hard now, so he begins to untie my shoes, I said becareful they are brand new, what's new he said my socks, he said not to worry gently took my shoes off and said thanks that he know some people need shoes, I said laughing yes but not my pair so took out couple franklins toss them to him here lets go shopping,so he hands back my shoes,I said I thought at first you was going rub my feet laughing, he said naw you got brand new socks on laughing, I said just was teasing, he said he know just playing too, but let's go help those need,I said cool so we get up and about to leave get a pee alert bell told him like Forrest Gump, he laughing like he do too, so we found some bushes I told him no pecking he said come on now you my girl I wouldn't invade your privacy, I said I know sorry but come over here, so he came over, so I lower my jogging pants he quickly close his eyes shut than I pulled my panties down watching his experssion on his face and belt line normal reaction, so I peeing good done pull up my clothing told him his turn so I close my eyes he begins to pee, after he gets done, I ask him why he wanna be good, he gave me the most realist answer, so we did got to donate some shoes. including mine and while I'm typing this I'm getting a good feet massage hehe so catch ya later


thank you

Hi everyone
Thank you to those who answered my survey.
Sure is interesting finding out what people are like.
No stories today/atm
Bit constipated because I'm pg.
Though I have a memory from years back being in the car with mum dad n siblings on holiday, pooing in my knickers aged 5 because I was desperate & we were in a traffic jam & going nowhere.
Lol, funny times.
More soon, J x

The J

Wicked Pee

Hey everyone,
Just a quick post. Remember how my girlfriend can take MASSIVE pees? Well, tonight she took, and yes I timed it with a stopwatch as I heard her go non stop for 8 minutes and 35.6 seconds to be exact. She said it felt so good she actually came halfway through it. Unbelievable amount of pee. I had to pee super bad one time and I went into a couple 1 litre bottles. My pee oh lasted a minute and a half, but I filled up 1.5 liters worth of pee. With that in mind, I can't even fathom how much pee my girl can pee during 8 and a half minutes non stop. Wouldnt that be well over a gallon? How can anyone have a bladder that huge in the first place? It is so awesome. A true tallent it is. Could a huge bladder like hers be a birth defect or is there a way/method to put into practice to be able to hold that much pee? She's never desperate and only has the "urge" to pee. Her normal everyday pees are never less than 4 minutes straight and average out around 5 minutes straight. It's incredible. Never seen or heard of someone's bladder being that big before. I've reD a few people talking about they have some giant bladder capacity on here, but nothing over like 6 minutes. I'm glad to report in with some great pee story's. Much more to come.

The J

I will answer this part. The toilet paper does not appeal to me.

11. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN PUBLIC RESTROOM and heard some-else wiping after taking a dump. describe some experiences
Yes, a big fat sloppy-looking guy in a suit, his legs were spread in his over sized white boxer shorts. He reeled off lots of paper and was scrubbing away. And still made wet and dry farts. He stinked the place. That was when I visited London two years ago. Then, when I was in Cambodia at school, I was in 2nd grade. The stalls had no doors at school. One morning, I went to pee in the urinal. I pulled down my shorts and cartoon briefs to my ankles and peed. There was a boy from another 2nd grade class on the bowl. His red shorts and red bikini brief were at his knees and he feet were off the ground. He was finishing when he took a bunch of toilet paper and he leaned over to wipe himself. He did not get up. He looked at the paper and dropped it in the bowl.I guess he had more coming. I left him, pulled up my pants and went back to class.

12. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN in public restroom and heard someone taking or a dump or someone heard you. describe an experience A few times
In many public places-school and elsewhere. Adults make lots of noise. Them big fat ones are the worst. I am noisy when my bowels are loose or I pushing out logs and peeing while on the bowl. Or squatting or hovering, then my logs make noise when they hit the water. I break a lot of gas, especially when I have diarrhea. I will finish this. It is late and I have to go to sleep. I have Sunday School in the morning. My parents are asleep. I will tell tomorrow, after Sunday School. Maybe, I might have an episode there.

13. ON AVERAGE, IS THE TOILET TISSUE b very messy after wiping or only a little so sometimes very messy.
Very messy.

14. how much do you spend on toilet tissue each for personal use
My parents buy the stuff.

15. do you have to wipe more frequently during the hot summer months
My stomach is loose, or I am sweating or my logs are muddy and mushy. I drink lots of water in the summer and my diet is different with more salads. I love salads.

liza M

Finally pooping at home

Hi everyone, hope you enjoy my stories.....

back to last story "Failing to poop" where I managed to persuade Suzi to poop in front of me at my home bathroom same as she did in mall toilet in story " freind pooping at mall " .... unfortunately she could not except pee and some stingy farts

continue , after two days later Suzi called and told me she wanted to visit me but she asked if my parents came back from their trip or not
I replied no they would back the next day , so she said " excellent I will come to you after work at 6 p.m "
" you welcome Suzi I will be waiting for you "

about 6.15 Suzi came to my home wearing a tight yellow top and a hot short Blue jeans
" ohhhh Suzi you are so beautiful today"
" Summer is so hot Liza "

While we was having some cold juice and talking Suzi farted a loud fart then laughed pretended shy " sorry I am so gassy"
" hhhh honey feel free "
"do you know ??!! I didn't make it since last time together" then Suzi followed by another some farts
"you seems to be so Bloated "
" really I am fighting from yesterday to hold it on do you know why ???!!"" she winked
" ........ no would you tell me "
" Liza " she shouted " you know "
" OK I am going home bye bye"
she grabbed her purse and sit up but I said
" wait Suziiiiiii just kidding with you hhhhh"
" Holding it for you all work day and you kidding I am going back home !!!!!"
" wait Suzi don't be angry girl i am sorry ...... Would you please make it for me ??"
" let me think " follow by short fart
" for me Suzi I am your best friend "
" ok but I will not clean ......."
" sure honey let's go "
we moved to bathroom and got in and I closed the door Suzi grabbed down her short and underwear sit on toilet farting with irregular pee
" you finished peeing??"
" just a minute "
then she wiped and squatted behind the toilet and started to push out het butt hole was going out quickly then return while she was doing horrible farts then her hole got out and something brown appeared on it then a small log fall down on floor followed by 4 long pieces of log
and some pee

" ohhhhh finally fell good I was about to do in my short at work"
I was watching but it was really difficult to believe what she did
" Liza is it ok ??!!! "
"h yeah yeah thanks Suzi you are really true friend "

Suzi wiped two or three times then set dressed


Post Title (optional) Long time, no post

I haven't been on here for ages. Since I last posted, it's been a bit of hit and miss for me, regarding my constipation. I tried sticking to a strict diet, with lots of fruit salad, high fibre cereal and ????. This last a few weeks and I was doing a poo once a day! And it was only taking about 10 minutes to do a poo! It was fantastic! However, I got busy with a few things and I got a bit lazy, so I went back to being constipated again. So lately, I've been getting backed up about once a week. And I've been having a really hard time on the toilet. I have been trying to eat high fibre food but it's just so hard, especially because I love all the bad food that makes me very constipated.

About a week ago, I had an EXTREMELY difficult time on a public toilet. It was a marathon effort for me and absolutely horrendous. I had been constipated all week, even though I had been pushing out a few rock hard pebbles, I still had a massive lump of poo in my rectum. I finished work early and it was a Friday afternoon. I didn't want to go at home, because my housemate was home and I didn't want her to know I was constipated. So I went to my favorite public toilets. When I go there, it was around 4 pm. I made my way to the toilets and chose the disabled one. It was bigger than the normal toilets and it would mean I would have room to move around, while I was pooping.

I took my pants off completely and sat on the toilet. I tried to relax, to see if it would help my poos move down a bit. After a few minutes, I knew I needed to put in lots of effort, so I did some gentle pushing. This didn't help. I was curious to know how far up the poo was, so I reached down and stuck a finger up my anus. I felt the poo high up on my rectum. I bore down and started straining hard. I really had to work hard! I closed my eyes, screwed up my face and clenched my fists. I pushed and pushed and pushed as hard as I could. I felt my anus opening up and it crackled as it opened. It hurt like hell, as the huge turd stretched it to its limits. I knew this wasn't good for my hemarrhoids but I just had to keep bearing down. After 20 minutes, I needed a rest. I reached down and felt my anus. To my surprise, about an inch of poo was poking out. Normally it takes much longer for me to get that much poo to stick out. I started working hard again, I was doing lots of heavy breathing too. Nobody else was aroundbut if anyone was, they surely would have heard me. I pushed and strained with all my might. I felt the big hard turd slowly moving down and it continued to stretched my anus apart even more. It hurt like hell! Then I decided that I needed to do more: so I started grunting. At first, I wasn't too loud but then I got very loud! After 45 minutes, I could feel about 5 inches of rock hard, dry turd sticking out of me. I needed abother rest, so I stood up. I had a massive poo between my legs and it felt so uncomfortable and sharp in my anus. I was able to move around a bit in the disabled toilet so I did. I remained standing for several minutes, as I pushed and strained hard. The poo moved down slowly and then I sat back down on the toilet. I pushed and strained like there was no tomorrow. I grunted loudly "hhhhhhhmmmmmgggghhhhhhh!, hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmggghhh!, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! The poo seemed to be getting wider as it came out further. By now, I had been on the toilet for over an hour. I was SO CONSTIPATED!! The poo was so massive and I thought it would never come out. After a bit more pushing, it finally came out! Then I pushed out a few more hard pebbles but they came out much easier.

I had a look at my job and it was at least 14 inches long and as a wide as a coke can. It looked dry and hard as a rock.

Monday, March 03, 2014

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