Diapers when traveling

Who of you wears diapers when you are traveling to avoid dirty toilets or because of other reasons?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tia great snow toilet story.

To: Lucy did your friends help you out.

To: Jemma great story about your big poop at the library it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Potter great story.

To: Liza M great story about you helping Suzi hopefuly she will be able to poop soon and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Big dumps

It's been so long since I posted. Just never truly had time to sit down and type. So I have been eating oatmeal, and ever since, almost everyday I sit down and have a nice big poop. Usually it's a big log with softness at the end, or a ton of thin small poops. I've had some really big ones so far in the past week and the half. Let me tell you the story behind one.

Last Tuesday, it was after the end of the day before I walked out to practice I decided I needed a poop badly. My stomach rumbled and growled and felt a severe pressure by my anus. I walked into the bathroom and nobody was in there, yet it smelled like stale pee and left over poop. I looked into the first stall and there was a small bit of diarrhea and pee on the toilet seat. I went to the handicapped stall and it was clean as a whistle so I went in, locked the door, wiped the seat down, and sat to poop. I took out my phone to play. I then pushed and felt a big log crackling out, in a few seconds it made a big floomp sound. After that a small fart came more pressure came, I pushed and more crackling came with turds just as big. There were at least 5 other splashes.
I had to sit and catch my breath a while. The smell was very ripe and smelly however. The paint was peeling off the walls. I felt bad for whoever was going to have to come in here. I stood up to observe my work. There were three big logs, on top of each other in the center of the toilet taking up most of the bowl, and going up the edges, in the center was a big pile of mush. I began to wipe, and it required quite a bit. When I was done I didn't flush. I changed and left the bathroom.


to marie

thanks marie, if you go regularly in late afternoon,then sure you wont be doing in your home should be doing poop in your work place or some public place right? how can u do that daily ,isn't embarrassing to poop in other places other then your own places?

Saturday, March 01, 2014

1. Do you wipe with toilet paper or flushable wipes? - Paper or seat covers.

2. What was your longest fart that you've ever did? - maybe 10 secs.

3. Do you have any teachers that have any bathroom policies and do you think that they're fair for everyone and yourself? - I attended private or religious schools. We just leave the classroom.

4. Have you ever witnessed an embarrassing accident in public and how did other people around you react and what was your reaction? - I watched girls and some boys wet themselves. I felt sorry for them.

5. Would you ever let someone go in front of you in a bathroom line if they were really desperate to go? - Yes. I have many times and they did for me.


Does eating Fast food makes your ???? upset? No.

How often you drink water a day? I do not keep count 1-2 ltrs.

How many times you poop a week? daily 2-3x

What's doess make you gassy the most?

Do you like taking a dump at a public place? Yes.

How long could you hold poop/pee? until it is unbearable. My parents and the doctor do not want me to do so.

Have you ever had the runs at work ? I do not work. I got to school.


THE BREAKFAST DUMP and skids. before work break

hello forum and I back with a post thats all about me

Just recently in northeast Florida area and early in the morning, had to get breakfast. It was an restaurant in a office tower and was yogurt with granola, orange juice, 2 eggs scrambled with cheese and sausage on wheat bread and a little salt and peeper, and pancakes with syrups. I know its fatty but wanted a wholesome meal and thats pretty all that matters. Then i walked over to small chain and bough 2 special K fortified milk that had plenty of vitamins and nutrients and drank them all down. A rather large breakfast but did not have dinner the previous night. I very firm meal and was full afterwards.

Well, it backfired and just shortly after reaching my office financial related job, the urge too take a dump was strong. Netherles, I decided to wait about an 2 hours on shift, could not hold no more and had to step out. I was on ta higher floor and had to to step put to the ladies room. Went in and about 4 of the stalls were in use and some other ladies walked in.

A very strong pee that was moderate yellow, a little foamy and moderate urine smell too. A about few seconds between and several loud farts that can be heard. The many plops came out, then a little gas and some more plops. all dropping out and about 7 minute use. Had to wipe about 5 times and one piece did not come all the way out. WEhe wiped, it smeared and required more tissue. The plops were like small longs and did make some skid-marks. The turds all sunk and was indeed stinky. the skids were some above water and below water as well. It was messy and had to flush a second time as well. The tissue was messy too during the wipe. Netherless, it was a gassy poop and soon as walked out,one women that had heard such saw me and i washed my hand. I did go back and perfume the stall area a little though.

while in there, I heard another women middle age e.g. 35-40 looking, tight jeans and boots taking. a constant pee steam, some crackling sounds , and about several long large. she came out about 3 minutes after me. stepped over and of course skids and some tissue not completely flushed. walked back to work and few issues for stepping out before break, but known to be a more than productive worker.

Steven A

To Tyler

I normally poop in the morning, so, I got an urge to go when I woke up on Saturday at church. It was normal, medium size and came out easy. I never got constipated during AND after the famine. So, have you ever tried a 30 hour Famine before? If not, would you like to try it?


TOILET TISSUE/DUMP SURVEY - answers to the best you wipe front or back or a combination of both> I usually wipe from the back.
2.on average, how many sheets of toilet tissue do you use to wipe? 5 or more sheets.
3.has there been cases you wipe excessively and still could not get all the spots? Yes.
4.Have you ever wet-ted slightly a paper-towel or a large ream of toilet tissue to get the remains? No but i might consider it.
5.Have the toilet tissue ever tore when you were wiping? Sometimes it has. you wipe your butt every time after taking a leak or at least 50% of the time? I would consider myself 25% of the time.
7.Have you ever used used damp or formulated toilet tissue wipes to do the job? No but i might try it.
8.Do you ever feel completely clean after wiping including the elimination of odor left after the dump? Sometimes it does. poop stains or skid marks ever show in your underwear? Yes 15% of the time.
10.whats your favorite toilet tissue? Quilted Northern.


11.HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN PUBLIC RESTROOM and heard some-else wiping after taking a dump, describe some experiences? Yes i have.
12.HAVE YOU EVER BEEN in public restroom and heard someone taking or a dump someone heard you, describe an experience? Yes i have been.
13.ON AVERAGE, IS THE TOILET TISSUE b very messy after wiping or only a little so? Mine is sometime messy. much do you spend on toilet tissue each for personal use? I usually pay about a penny. you have to wipe more frequently during the hot summer months? No.

1.How often do you do you shit? Usually once a day but sometimes none.
2.Are you a folder or crumpler? I would consider my self a crumpler.
3.Are you an inspector? Yes sometimes.
4.Are you a stander or sitter? I usually a sitter but sometimes a stander.
5.Are you a double dipper? No.
6.Do you use moist wipes or wet toilet paper? I use dry toilet paper then usually shower at home, at work dry toilet paper.
7.Do you read in the latrine? Yes i do.
8.If so, how often do you read? At home i usually read, at work no.
9.How often do you sit when using the toilet? All the time for shit, but sometimes for both pee and shit.


poo at hospital...

So my hubby & I went for our baby scan at the hospital yesterday & I needed a poo,
So after everything was done I went to the ladies.
Pulling my jeans & pink knickers down I plonked my bum on the seat, & plopped 7 medium sized light brown logs out.
Wiped 4x flushed and washed my hands.
More soon, J x

I was drinking in a local pub where the toilets are upstairs. You go up a steep curving flight of stairs, then along a corridor into either ladies or gents. The partition wall is thin so you can hear everything.

As I walked up the stairs I heard footsteps and saw a girl following me. She was about 20, with black hair and quite well endowed, wearing a black dress. I entered the gents, sat down in the cubicle and a short while later heard her enter the ladies, slam the cubicle door shut, pull down her tights and knickers and sit on the toilet with a sigh. There was then a silence, which I thought peculiar as she sounded quite desperate. After about a minute of her sitting there, a loud hissing sound erupted which went on for at least another minute.

Has this ever happened to other girls? Being desperate then waiting when you sit down?



what comes in will come out

Hey guys had a wonderful 18th birthday, so I got to make it to the hotel pool party,so I got there to check in, so Marcus carried my bags for me,so after wards went to the bathroom to change, my step mother said she had to go so Marcus mom came along with Deissi with her mom, so we all enter a stall so , I took off my jumper and slid out mymy panties and took off bra sense I was in there chose to pee,so I sat down and peed, after wiped and flush slip on my two piece, and wore my flip flops, greeted by some my classmates that in some classes here and there, so got into the pool,Marcus complined how nice my hair looked, so I reach over gave some kisses,having great time so after couple hours got sung happy birthday,afterwards that papi served hotdogs punch and chips, so ate few chips and half hot dog, than had cake and ice cream, settle at the end of pool place feet in water Mike came by sat next me we talk laughMarcus came behind me tap on me gave me a birthday gift, so more gifts start coming, afterwards me gave a thank you speech, so after it was all over like 9ish went to change felt the need to poop so I change out swimsuit, hang it up on rack went to toilets joined by Marcus mom I apolgize for my apperance she said its okay just know you family maybe mother and daughter, I smiled, and enter the stall and sat on toilet, had few good plops and few farts afterwards I stay seated till she was done so after 10mins she was join by sinks she looked like free didnthave her swimsuit no longer on, so after our shower we talked on our way out, and I notice she pointed to Marcus thumbs ups, so Marcus told me how much his mom like me, so drop me off at home so walk in kick off my flip flops go up my room take jumper off put on my pjs and called it a night not sure about Saturday yet

Steven A

Some Surveys Plus A Thank You

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that this site is one of the best things in the world. I thank the Toilet Stool founders AND the staff for making this site possible. I hope this site can go on for as long as it can possibly can go. I'm now going to answer some surveys that I have noticed while reading through the posts.

1st Survey:

1/ Would you Poo in Public Toilets?


2/ Would you Poo at a friends house?

Yes, but only if they didn't mind, but usually my friends wouldn't mind. I actually once had to go at a friends' house who was a girl and she didn't seem to care.

3/ Would you Poo in front of your other half?

Yes, I'm guessing "half" means your boyfriend or girlfriend, so I would go but not actually "in front of me" unless if she doesn't care if I watch her or if she wants to watch me go. Plus, I wouldn't like it at all if that she didn't want me to poop at her house at all. That's not right at all in my opinion.

4/Would you Poo at Work?


5/ Would you Poo on a Train/Airplane?


6/ Would you Poo whilst on the phone to someone if u were desperate?

Maybe, but I would rather want to them wait until I'm done.

7/ LASTLY - Desperation stakes - poo your pants/knickers or hold it in for as long as possible until you get to a toilet?

Hold it in, unless if I have trouble holding it in (which I don't), then I might go find some privacy and do it then, but I would rather hold it in until I'm unable to possibly hold it in anymore.

2nd Survey:

Does eating Fast food makes your ???? upset?


How often you drink water a day?

Maybe a couple of bottles (2-4 bottles) or somewhere around there.

How many times you poop a week?

7 times a week, (everyday), but I may skip a day which is rare for me since I eat Fiber One Cereal and Fiber Bars which help me stay regular.

What's does make you gassy the most?

Beans, Fiber One Cereal/Fiber Bars and maybe other food/food combinations that might cause me to get gas.

Do you like taking a dump at a public place? Yes

How long could you hold poop/pee? I don't know, but I never like "holding it in" that much unless I'm forced to.

Have you ever had the runs at work? No

Last Survey:

1. How often do you have a shit?

Everyday in the morning, rarely I might skip a day.

2. Are you a folder or a crumpler?


3. Are you an inspector?


4. Are you a stander or sitter?


5. Are you a double dipper?

Yes, I fold the wipes to waste them.

6. Do you use moist wipes or wet toilet paper?

Wet, flushable wipes.

7. Do you read in the latrine?


8. If so, how often do you read?

I hardly read at all.

9. How often do you sit when using the toilet?

I usually sit to wipe in the beginning and then stand up to wipe to finish.

10. Do you inspect what you've left before flushing?


11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?

All the way down at home, to my ankles if I'm in public

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush until
its all gone?


13. To wipe, do you reach between your legs, or do you reach your
hand around your backside?

Hand around backside.

14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back
to front, or some other way?

N/A not a girl

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until
most of its gone?

I wipe until I feel clean.

16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other
people are there?

No, I go when I have to go.

17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when some-
body else is around?

Closed door

18, Do you drop paper into the toilet before going?


19. Do you use air freshener after?

No, I use a fan that runs during when I'm on the toilet.

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