First Post and Concerned

My name is Michael. I am 25 years old and I would like to share my story about this. The big question is, do I have Diverticulitis?
It started around December 2013, at least 1 week before the Holiday Break from school. I go to school online at University of Phoenix. I am a Sophomore studying Business Management in Human Resources. Anyways, I woke up around 5 in the morning with stomach pains and I felt like I had to poop. So I ran straight to the bathroom and did my thing and when I was done I felt okay. I wasn't even in there very long either. I went back to bed and thought nothing of it. I felt fine for the rest of the day up until 7 or 8 o'clock, at night, later on that very same day. That sour feeling in my stomach started back up again right after drinking part of A&W Cream Soda. I went to bed early that night trying to sleep it off but the next day my stomach was still hurting. I didn't feel like eating anything, I was slightly nauseous, lightheaded, gassy, and constipated. I only ate soft foods like pudding, jello, crackers, rice, juice, and water. The 3rd night I had this stomach bug and was ready to go to bed I felt like I had to poop so I went to the bathroom, had a seat, and all I did was pass gas. The only stool I passed was pebble-like. I pushed, strained, and I rubbed my gutt trying to work the nasty stuff out but nothing. I spent an hour on the toilet that time, but I've been on the toilet for longer periods of time compared to this. Anyways, I texted my friend the next day and told him that I was feeling pains in my lower right abdomen and slight irritation on the left side as well. He told me to see a doctor. The next day I went to see a doctor and the first thing I asked her was "Can I please take off my shoes?" I asked her this because I hate wearing shoes. I also had to wear a clinic gown but I kept my socks on bcz my feet get cold. Anyways I told her my symptoms and I asked her if I was coming down with Appendicitis. Before I go further I must tell you that I have a scar on my stomach. I've had it since I was an Infant. When I was an infant I had Pyloric Styrosis, and I almost died from it. They tested me for Influenza and it was negative. They took blood from me and they said that I was tested positive for H. Pylori whatever you call it. After the doctor did the tests she said that I might have Appendicitis or Diverticulitis. Now the thing is Appendicitis is where you only feel pain on the lower right abdomen. Diverticulitis is where you feel pain on the lower right abdomen as well as the left side. I am not worried about it at the moment, I am just concerned. I am trying to get going on my health insurance bcz of this stupid law. The doctor says that I am not fully diagnosed until I see an actual doctor about this kind of thing. I think they call them Gastrontornalogists. However, the doctor said that, at that time, I had Gastritis, which is a stomach bug that is NOT CONTAGIOUS. My doctor told me to be on a liquid diet for a couple of days and take 1 tablet of Zantac 75 per day. I had diarrhea two days later and I was concerned so I called the doctor again and they told me to take Imodium which made me tired. I ate soft foods a couple of days after that and I felt okay. I was able to eat an actual meal on Christmas Day. On New Year's Day I didn't feel good at all. I threw up only once and then I felt okay. I think it was the alcohol that caused that. I normally don't drink bcz alcoholic beverages are not my thing, I smoke weed. After that incident I felt okay. At the moment I am feeling okay but I still feel kind of funny before I go into the bathroom to defecate. I heard that fiber is good for this kind of thing and I have started taking it in my food and drink, however, I take the required amount bcz I'm not a dare devil with drugs. The fiber helps me poop two or three times per day. If I don't take any kind of fiber then I only poop like once or twice per day. Any time I have to (go) I spend like 25 to 45 minutes sitting there reading a book, taking deep breaths, rubbing my gut, and just listening to my body. I heard that you're supposed to do this. I'm used to being seated on the toilet for ages bcz sometimes my BMs are a half an hour to an hour apart. When it comes to pooping everybody is different. I can't push or strain bcz it causes me to bleed. I can't do laxatives bcz they do the same. I don't know about the other treatments, so I'll stick with fiber for now.

My first question is, Does Pyloric Styrosis have anything to do with H. Pylori?

My second question is this, what does H. Pylori have to do with Diverticulitis?


what comes in will come out

Thanks Brandon T, oh yes very much so, it wasn't always that easy to poop so especially what my body went through last year definitely dealing with my pooping habits, like for example last year if I had to poop it be like once every two weeks cause my ex did something to me cruel to. cause tear tissue in that area, but God, now unto update story, I went to see my doctor after school telling her about my liquid poop, so she told me drop them asked what my diet been but that's not. the reason why, so she asked me drop them let's have a look, I said oh I forgot that quick so I pulled down my shorts and panties to my ankles and she put on some rubber gloves massage my poop poop hole asked me what it feeling like soft she said that's good but a lot worn out abit, so she asked me what was last regular I had Sunday I told her, so she said well do you want regular I said yes please so she took some pills for me to take, so I took few so far I haven't felt the need to go bathroom for liquid poop so apparently it's working, wish me luck, but before I took them I did have to give a stool sample, to their likenesses that I'm not forcing myself to poop that's all it didn't take long for me fill the bottle up cause it was liquid, that's all right now


what comes in will come out

hello everyone, just quick one, I just left the principal office to talk with him about my suspension from the field, so he asked me few questions, like have I been late to class before, I said once or twice, he said correct but doing what, mmm I don't know running behind he said I knew just be honest I said with my head down pooping, he said don't that make you feel better, I said no cause I feel it's none your business no offense to you just really feel that's being noisy, so he said none taken but look it at this way what happen we go code red and you in the bathroom all alone and the person decide to go in the same bathroom you using, think about it, I said I never thought about that before, he said I can careless who this and who do what on the toilet my wife know that and she spend a time well spent, but the point is Crystal the students safety, and I believe you don't try be late it just need you work on being on time overall and that's what lead to your suspension, Why Marcus though cause he said most times we get security every two days and they very cautious about who is who, so it's all safety for the student body, I said okay I will try work on being put on a better time management and just don't poop no more at school, he said don't say that but just mange it right, I said how, like if you know you going be awhile like his wife get a head start, I said how, he said come early, and if you must I would tell them you have a special project do and you need extra time, me laughing said mmm only thing is I go 3 times a day and I normal don't go back to back like that, he said okay just stop in the office each time you have to go even though it's staff but I make the expecption sense you still under medical condition, so that's all now, all most your lunch hour is up but we been here talking so, he gave me a health bar to keep my energy going, I'm still suspended but only few more weeks get to play against rivalry and two others so its okay, just going do better on the toilet while at school, that's all bell just rang


Stuck turd

In reply to Jas:
Your question reminded me of a really uncomfortable situation I was in once back in college. I'd been feeding my starch habit pretty heavily, which meant my very regular bowel movements had grown thicker, longer and a little less frequent. I went a couple days feeling bloated and full, and while I'd pooped, it was only these hard, dry chunks which were uncomfortable and difficult to pass. I don't mind grunting and straining, but I like to have something to show for it. Finally, I felt like the rest of my poop was ready to come out, but I had a full class schedule. Luckily, I got out of a class early and practically sprinted home to get to the bathroom before my roommates got back. There was a lot of grunting and moaning as I struggled to get my bag down, shoes, coat & hat off and my ass onto the toilet before whatever was sliding down my rectum reached the point of no return. I ran into the bathroom, slid everything down to my feet, and carefully sat on the pot, spreading my asscheeks and feet apart wide. I saw a nugget of dark turd in my panties as I sat staring down at the floor, and I realized I'd been touching cloth a little more than I realized. Oh, well, no one had to know.
I settled in, took a deep breath and got to work.
"Hhhnnhh," I pushed, and felt a little twinge in my hole. Leaning forward a little further, I tried to relax, waited for my body to get ready, then when I felt the urge, shut my eyes, grimaced and bore down. "Mmm....mmm...mmph...ohh," I sighed, looking down between my legs and seeing a little rounded brown tip poking out as my turd started to emerge. "Nnnhh - c'mon-" I urged, feeling that this one needed extra effort. I winced, lifting myself up on one leg, hoping that might help, but I felt so tightly packed. I sat there another minute or so, gave another push or two and realized I was in for an ordeal. I pulled off sone toilet paper, bent far forward, which raised my butt up in the air, and reached back with the paper, intending to wipe. I felt something solid still sticking out of my ass and tried to wipe it away, but it wouldn't cooperate. I touched around my open hole a minute and decided to try to get more moving. I carefully got off the pot, turned around and squatted down, pulling the garbage can up under my ass.
"Mmnn....uh- ooooohh," I pushed and strained, my legs starting to shake, and thankfully I felt this huge turd beginning to slide down. "Please," I whispered through gritted teeth, "Please....come....oooooout," I grunted, and peeked between my legs; I had a thick, knobby, five-inch turd tail.
Just as I was preparing myself for more anal discomfort, I heard the front door open, loud voices in the living room, and my butthole clamped down like a fingertrap. "Uh!" I moaned in disappointment, spread my legs like a frog, hands on my knees, and shoved. Nothing moved. I prodded between my cheeks with toilet paper but no luck there either; I even tried to push it back up into my pooper, but it wouldn't go. I had no Vaseline or anything like that in the bathroom, and my privacy was over, so the only thing for me to do was pull up my pants and wait for it to slide out on its own.
So that's what I did - I dropped the little turd from my panties into the bowl, carefully pulled them back ip over my butt and loosely pulled my pants back on. I flushed and went out to pretend like nothing was wrong, even though I had five or six inches of shit poking out of my ass. I remember going on the computer for a little bit, turning my chair backwards and sitting with my backside hanging over the edge. It was so uncomfortable I eventually got some lotion of some kind and, sticking one hand down the back of my pants, rubbed it around my pooched-out hole with a Kleenex. It wasn't long after that I felt a sudden, intense, "need the toilet NOW" urge washed over me and I got up, waddled out of my bedroom with one hand on my butt, and booked it into the bathroom . The pressure had built so much that I couldn't even sit down, I just got my pants down and started to bend over, and the widest, biggest, hardest shit I ever pushed out began sliding out of me involuntarily. "Aaahhhhuuuh!" I groaned, trying to keep my balance, and watched this massive turd curl down between my legs. It hurt so bad, but I couldn't control it; I remember just wanting to stop for a second and catch my breath, but it kept coming and I winced, " no....nnngghh----no....NO-----Ooouch!" And It finally dropped with a loud plop and splash in the water underneath me and I sighed in relief, "ohhhhhh, yes, thank you God." Somehow there was more in me, but I managed to get my butt down on the seat before that came out. That was more, "Rrrggh" PLUNK "ooph" SPLICKfartPLOOP "aaahhhhh" I heard my one roommate say from the other side of the door, "Wow, that must feel better." Buddy, you have NO idea.

liza M

continue "Finally pooping at home"

hi guys

Brandon :thanks to your posts and follow my stories , I am happy you enjoyed it

back to continues " Finally pooping at home"

Suzi wiped two or three times then set dressed , We went out bathroom and I closed the door leaving all messy inside

Suzi asked " let's do something different I wanna beat you on playstation"
" you are dreaming I am ready for you hhhh"

we started a big competition playing our favorite game "virtua tennis "
we were so enthusiastic and shouting as it was a real game

after about 20 minutes Suzi seemed to be less care of game and she started to move her butt every minute

" are you o.k Suzi "
"no I think I need to go toilet again ....... I got a cramp on my stomach it is really painful "
" but you have just made it "
" ohhhh I think there are still more .... may be because I didn't sit well position "

then she farted with high voice " come on lucky Liza I have another show for you hhhhh "

she moved to bathroom quickly and I followed her. Suzi pull down her jeans short and underwear on her way to toilet leaving them fall
she opened the door and got in bathroom nothing on her lower half body sitting immediately on toilet seat. after two or minutes she moved her butt over toilet seat by about 30 cm and towards as her hole became over the seat not in the middle of the toilet . I noticed that there was piece of poop out partially form her hole while she was moving .
Suzi at her new position pushed again so the log continue her way out to my toilet seat !!!!!!!!!
then she moved again sat on the toilet seat side close to her log but not tough it started to give a lot of farts followed by some logs I listened to their sound fall down
she continued pushing and farts may be for another ten minutes then she sat up wiping her hole and laughing " I think that is more you expected honey "
" yeahhhh it was amazing are you sure you don't have more "
" No I feel exactly empty now "

she got out pull up her paints then short " I am ready to continue game honey "

Friday, March 07, 2014


A Hard Log

Has anyone got any stories where you where pooping and your turd got stuck halfway and it won't come out?

Has anyone have stories about pooping in school with a buddy or any portta potty stories?


2 stories

When I was a teenager, I sometimes did little poops in the toilet. I wasn't too constipated, but only had slight urges when these episodes happened. The little poops didn't smell much, and I sat on the toilet for maybe 10 minutes (I'm quicker during normal poop sessions). I was at a camp called Peaceable Kingdom when I had one of those tiny turd experiences. The bathroom had maybe about 4 stalls in it, a shower, and the fan came on when the light did if I remember correctly. The only times I was ever constipated in school were when I tried to poop during lunch, and once do to medication while at The School For The Blind. My second story is related to high school. I had to take the Baby Think It Over doll home. When I went to the bathroom to do my business, I always kept an ear out for when the baby cried. I have to admit the experience with the simulator wasn't always pleasant, but I still enjoyed it. Mom only had to babysit once when I took my bath. One of the positive sides to the experience was when the doll cooed. Having no real poopy diapers was also nice. A couple of the most coolest features were that the computer chimed, and when the audio chip inside played a sound, I could hear the electronic high-pitched hum from the speaker during some sounds.


To Danielle

In response to your recent post could I ask, do you read when your on the toilet?
And, do any of your friends or relatives do so?


what comes in will come out

Part 2 I made it to the bathroom, after the bell ring so I sped walked to the ladies, enter in saw all stalls taken 3 others in front in me bouncing up and down little bit trying take my mind off, but it didn't help much so I slowly walked out to go upstairs ,ran into Marcus on the way told him hurry follow me, and he did, start asking me why I'm up here shouldn't I be headed to class, yes I said but I have to take a major dump bad, he said oh wait stop, I said I can't, he said trust me, I said okay so I stopped he hurried picked me up ran to the ladies bathrooms, almost lost my flip flops in the process but didn't, so not many there, so I enter into a stall, dropped my ankle shorts to my ankles and yanked down my panties fast to my ankles and hurried place my butt on the toilet, immediate on impact my hole open up hot poop start spraying out, audible farting going on, rubbing my stomach, really stinking it up hear Marcus asking was that you, I said yes, he said o I'm sorry wish he could do something to help, I said ya I know but say a prayer for me I'm going be awhile, more and more start pouring into the bowl, so I hear him start praying for my stomach agony go away so after 2 minutes after few waves calm down it went away, so I flush and start sipping till clean, after I pulled up my clothing joined Marcus and standing by school security officer writing a ticket a piece, so had go office get it sign and go to class get it sign return to office, so got back to office visit with principal asked me why I was being late to class told him straight up had major poop to do he said o really, I said yup, he said it must be nice just to poop as you please and waste valuable time when I could be in class but no you in bathroom pooping, You think it's cute huh, I said no sir just had go really bad, well to bad he said cause you wasted valuable time of, class time so he suspended me from the soccer team indefinitely till he feel I get my agenda straight out, and next two Saturdays detention, I really wanted to cry right there so Marcus was next, he was bench from practice and detention for skipping class so headed back to class Marcus said it was worth it too know you are feeling better, gave him some wet kisses in his mouth

Mystery Poster

To Linda

Linda, please eat Fiber One Products like the cereal and the bars. They help me as well. You can trust me on this, if you eat them everyday in the morning, maybe a bowl of cereal or a the fiber bars, then you will not suffer from your horrible constipation anymore. You can eat ANYTHING you want, BUT every morning, eat a bowl of that cereal and a bar for a snack. I'm telling you, this helps alot!

P.S. It may take a day or two for your body adjust when you start eating Fiber One, but it still works. You can still eat the fruit, but not alot of it. Also, drink more water and control your cheese intake if you eat alot of cheese.


what comes in will come out

Hey guys, not too much to post just been suffering from liquid poop sense yesterday even at home just very hurt about yesterday, so woke up today with liquid poop to do, probably be like that till mid March cause, Marcus is trying help me through my sadness right now but can't get it together right now, so hope all is well with you all elsewhere, well gotta make it to the toilet now

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca great peeing story.

To: Crystal as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had some good poops I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story it sounds like had a really poop and it sounds like you felt really great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Liza M another great story out Suzi it sounds like she really had to go and gave you a great show to and I bet she really great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


My second constipation story

Hello, I haven't posted here in a while, but had couple of interesting experiences so I might as well share one of them. It was after a competition in my university. Having some social anxiety I decided to take some immodiums before and during the competition just to make sure no accidents would happen. I had a bm in the evening before the event, but after taking immodium I didn't have any urges during the event or the day after. It was only in the evening of the next day, after going three days without pooping.

I was at my flat watching a movie when I got the urge. I don't like using the bathroom in my flat as other people might hear it but the urge was quite strong and holding was uncomfortable so I just went to the loo to get it done. I could feel my rectum stretched but constipation was still quite a new experience for me so I wasn't sure what I would get in the loo. Anyway, I pulled my trousers down, sat and relaxed. I felt my rectum being pressed down but that was all. I leaned forward and started gently pushing. That didn't do anything so I pushed stronger. I felt my anus opening and log starting to move a bit. It was difficult to move it as if it was stuck in there. I strained even harder and felt sharp pain as log was moving. The pain was quite strong, so I stopped and tried to move it with short pushes. After a while I felt my urge to poop increasing rapidly and soon I couldn't control it. I almost didn't have to push anymore, my body was squeezing the log out, though with quite a lot of pain. It quickly got stuck after the tip was out and I could feel anxiety going up so I gave it a very strong push and with a lot of pain got it out. It was smaller than I expected, about five inches long and maybe 1.5 inch wide, and it was out quite quickly. But I still had that feeling as if some was left. I tried pushing again and after few long pushes I felt that there definitely was more. I leaned and pushed again. After a few minutes nothing was coming out and I didn't want to do any damage to myself pushing if nothing was there, so I put my finger up my rectum and pushed more to see if there was anything. I felt a hard lump maybe an inch wide, quite deep inside rectum, but as soon as I relaxed it went back up. I wanted to get rid of that incomplete pooping feeling, so I leaned forward and pushed as hard as I could. I could feel it going down close to my anus, but as soon as I relaxed getting back. After more pushing I needed to catch my breath, so I decided to try to climb up and squat over the toilet. I then pushed as long and as hard as I could again. I even started to grunt quite loudly even though I knew someone might hear it. I just wanted to push it out and after a couple more minutes of very intensive straining I finally felt it going past my anus and into the bowl. I then sat for a while catching my breath and also wondering how something quite small can be so difficult to get out. There was some blood on the toilet paper but not too much.

Well, that's my second story, I'll post again if something interesting happens. It's a great site and I'm hoping to see some more constipation stories here.


To Bloated Butt

Haha I cant imagine what it must be like to be so gassy:P You must feel like a hot air balloon when your so bloated and full of gas! I almost feel sorry for your bf you must gas him out of the room all the time aha. You should punish him when he's bad by not letting him light any candles or open any windows when your really gassy LOL

On your "gassy days" how bad does it get? Whats the longest you've ever had to hold your gas in for? My friend always has the walking farts whenever we're walking somewhere or even when she walks around the house its so funny lol. Do you ever get those?

Sorry for all the questions btw just curious haha:P

But to answer your question I do have some massive BM's! Its especially bad during that time of the month lol. The other day I had to take a massive dumb at one of my friends places. It had been building up all day but I ignored it until the urge was way too strong. While 3 of my friends were talking I quickly slipped into the downstairs bathroom letting out a little fart as I walked in.

I puled down my jeans and panties and plopped my butt down. A huge log started to creep out like a huge snake. I could feel it was massive. I could feel it stretch me as it forced its way out. I grunted as I was pushing out this monster. I could feel it curling around the bowl and it only felt half way out!

"oh godddd" I said

Finally the last of it plopped into the toilet silently. I shot out a couple small poop torpedo's and pushed out some mushy poop. When I stood up to look at it it was a huge load! My first log was about a little over a foot long! The other two pieces looked about 3 inches long each and were covered in mushy poop. I wiped and flushed and prayed to god it went down which it did thankfully lol. I must have felt 10 pounds lighter after haha.

P.S. Your Butt sounds amazing and so does your figure. It must be huge! Does it jiggle a lot when you walk?:P

Brandon T

Tales Of The Bookstore

About 2 hours ago I was at the bookstore when a family came in the mom said she was heading to the bathroom cause she had to go bad so she we went in and a few seconds later I heard a burst of diarrhea then she flushed but the toilet is kinda fussy so she comes and I go in and see cloudy brown water in the toilet so a good catch the end until next time.


Skidmark and weird poop

Hi all. Not much on the pooping front. I did a weird braid-like poop the other day that left a skidmark in the toilet...and my underwear. I don't usually get skidmarks in my undies but it left a big one despite wiping my butt well. Weird.

Other than that not much on the pooping front. Not really constipated but not going as often anymore. Started taking the laxative again and fortunately there have been no accidents (whew!). Let's hope it stays that way!


Big poop

Hi all. I was kind of constipated over the last couple of days. Lack of vegetables, fruit and water I guess. I pooped a small log last night. It wasn't that hard but it wasn't soft either. Somewhere in the middle.

Then right after lunch (a bagel with peanut butter, a banana and cup of coffee) I got a major urge to go so I had to rush to the bathroom. I pulled down my pj pants and undies, reached behind me for the Garfield comic I keep in the bathroom and pushed. Within a minute I was done. It felt pretty big and soft and I was right! It was about a foot and a half long and needed a lot of toilet paper (and a shower) to get clean. Surprisingly it went down in one flush. I flushed again to be sure because I didn't want it to overflow the toilet. There's still more in me but I feel about 5 lbs lighter. I've got to start eating more fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water again to make sure I can "go" every day. Haven't been for a good poop in a couple of days.

11. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN PUBLIC RESTROOM and heard some-else wiping after taking a dump. describe some experiences I was in Cambodia. I went to a good school with clean toilets. They had no doors on the stalls. I was in second grade. I had to pee one morning and I saw my friend on the toilet. His red shorts and pink bikini briefs were at his ankles and his legs were close up tight. We almost saw each other everyday and we were playmates. I took the stall next to him, dropped my red uniform shorts and white briefs to my ankles and peed in the toilet. When I finished pee and pulled up my pants he called me. He was pulling off toilet paper to wipe himself. I walked to his stall and he talked to me. He folded a strand, opened his legs and wiped under his behind and inspected the paper. He took another strand and did the same. Then, he took off a little piece and wiped urine from his penis. He told me, "I have to make doo-doo everyday at this time." I saw 4 huge brown logs floating in the water. He then, stood up, pulled up his underbriefs, then his shorts, snapped his pants and flushed the bowl.

12. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN in public restroom and heard someone taking or a dump or someone heard you. describe an experience Another morning, my 2nd grade friend and I met up. We just got to school. We asked our teachers to let us go. We went to the bathroom. It had 4 stalls- a lot for many boys. We were talking as we undid our uniform shorts. We wanted to show our cartoon underwear. Mine briefs were white with giraffes. His were with teddy bears. When we undid our pants, we noticed our "bulges". I felt mine growing. He and I talked as he sat in the stall with his pants to his knees. He held his stomach with one hand and his pipe the the other. He pushed out thick dark brown chunks and a fart. I sat in the next stall with my pants at my knees and let out six medium sized hot dog pieces. Then, he said, "I have to pee. Do you?" I said, "Yeah, as soon as one more piece, but it is a fart." And I farted dry 3x. Then, I peed. My friend and I let out a long ones. We sounded like faucets. This was 5 years ago.We were in there for about ten minutes. We reached for toilet paper and wiped ourselves. He told me that his older sis taught him to wipe like a girl through the front. I told him that I do the same. I sat a little longer while he wiped and fixed his clothes. He came into my stall and talked to me while I sat a few minutes. We each used two wads. Plus, we used another for our pipes. I stood up, pulled up my pants and we saw our messes. He had brown chunks floating while my pieces sank to the bottom of the bowl. We lflushed the toilets and went to class.


Questions for DaniŽlle ^_^

Uhm.. I retrieved al old survey, if you like.
But I can ask you a few questions about pooping..

1. What is your age?
2. How do you say that you need a toilet to poo?
3. How long does it take you to get started after sitting down?
4. How much time do you need between sittting down and wiping?
5. How much do you fart, before things start moving/during pooping/after?
6. And are they wet or dry?
7. Do your anal muscles dome out a little bit when you're pushing?
8. How you sit on the toilet when pooping? (Leaning back/upright/bent forward/constantly changing)
9. What is the longest time you ever spent on the toilet, pooping?
10. Did you ever had the feeling you where done, started wiping, and then felt like going some more?
11. If ever, how often are you constipated?
12. If ever, how often do you have diarrhea?
13. Usually, how much time do you spend on the toilet in both cases?
14. How many wipes do you normally need?

LOL.. I hope that's enough bathroom related questions for you.. :-)
X Joyce.


what comes in will come out

Another back in day story, I know this really late but early morning post should be in bed right, nope can't I'm on the toilet right now with the liquid the last 15 minutes feeling like their is no stopping of it yet, so going share back in day story, so. the next day after the park, I slept on my side cause what happen the day before, so woke up early the next morning felt the need for a pee, went into the bathroom raised up my nightgown sat down was down decided look at my butt in mirror saw some blisters and welps on it barely could walk, well that's all, need to wipe and go to bed

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hi I'm Matt... 22 year old male, rugby player with toned stomach, quite tall and muscley.

I very rarely have a bad stomach, I poo every day, a large soft log which just slips out when I strain. The only time I have a loose stomach is when I've been very drunk, when I've eaten something dodgy, or occasionally if I have a ???? bug.

Yesterday I ate some ham which had been left out a while too long. I didn't think anything of it until I developed a stomach ache in the evening. I felt like I had a weird sort of pressure on my abdomen and I felt really gassy.

I was sat on the couch with my girlfriend when I suddenly really needed to fart. We haven't been together that long so I didn't want to fart in front of her, when I felt that this wasn't going to be a nice relieving fart.

I quickly got up off the sofa and ran upstairs. I made it into the bathroom, closed the door, and leant against the door frame. I held my bottom, which was quivering with the task of holding my gas in, my designer jeans holding everything tight.

Gently rubbing my bloated stomach, I prepared to break wind. I bent over, easing the pressure on my guts and slowly pushed out a massive fart that lasted ages and felt a little wet at the end. Things didn't feel good at all in my churning belly.

I pulled my jeans and boxers down, and wiped my arse crack with toilet paper. There was nothing on it but I still felt sticky. I pulled everything back up and went downstairs.

'Are you okay babe?' Chloe asked, hugging me. 'Yeah fine' I smiled as I felt another rumble in my already churning stomach. I sat back on the sofa and realised I needed to fart again. But this felt like more than a fart; I was starting to need a poo as well.

I'd already been for my afternoon poo that day so it was highly unusual for me to need to go again so I knew I was going to be poorly. I apologised to her and went back up to the bathroom. I had a really urgent need to empty my bowels and I felt like I was about to have diarrhoea.

I hurriedly pulled my jeans and boxers to my ankles and placed my bum onto the seat. I pushed and felt something move up inside me. A loud wet fart squelched out, followed by a log which slowly started to inch out. After it was halfway out, it suddenly exploded from my bum, along with a massive rush of runny poo.

I groaned involuntarily as it hurtled through me, leaving my insides feeling sore and queasy. I continued to push and was rewarded with a little relief as several squirts of runny liquid shot from my bum. I wasn't feeling well at all and I was reasonably sure this was happening because of the dodgy ham.

I spent twenty minutes on the toilet, just in case anymore needed to come out. I eventually wiped up, which was a messy job, and went to the kitchen. I got some water and went back to the sofa. Even though I had wiped thoroughly, my arse still felt very dodgy when I sat down.

'Whats up?' Chloe asked looking at me. 'I'm having a bit of an upset stomach' I muttered quietly, embarrassed. 'If you've got the squits, you can just tell me, I don't mind' she laughed gently.

I was shocked at how open she was being. I nodded, 'Erm, yeah I've got them really badly'. 'You've just been for a dodgy shit now haven't you? I could tell when you winced as you sat down cos your bum's hurting you'she guessed.

'Come on, if you've got diarrhoea it won't be long before you have to shit again so we may as well go upstairs' she took my hand and led me to the bedroom. 'Here' she gently undressed my lower half, unbuttoning my jeans and pulling my boxers off.

'Now lay down, on your stomach' she advised as she gently helped me onto the bed. I felt bloated and queasy as she began to knead her palms against my bum cheeks. Chloe gently rubbed her cool hands all around my bum and near my bum hole which made me need a poo.

She reassured me, 'If you have to fart, or worse, just let it all out, it's okay' she continued to massage. I got a sudden overwhelming urge to pass wind as I laid there semi-erect thanks to her light fingers. I pushed involuntarily and moaned as a squirt of diarrhoea shot from my anus and spread like curry sauce all around my bum hole.

'It's okay, she held my hand as it came out. She got a damp wash cloth and carefully removed the runny shit from my bum. She massaged for another ten minutes before I urgently needed to sit on the toilet. I was up all night with the runs and I've had it all day today. Chloe has been brilliant though, massaging my stomach and bum and just generally being really cool about it.

I feel really dodgy still now and I think I still have diarrhoea! :(


Pee Dance In Bed

Hi, guys,

Have any of you done the pee dance in bed? When I was little, I often wet my bed. Beforehand, I often grabbed myself, and bounced around while still asleep. Onetime when I was little, I walked around the house after wetting my bed. I think my brother had wet himself, too. I'd say one thing was quite strange 5 years back. When I used the toilet while I had a wax blockage in my left ear, everything sounded muffled. Nowadays, I often hear a slight thumping sound in my right ear when I go pee. The strangest thing is it only seems to happen at home (I guess different toilets produce different pee pitches). I love reading the accident stories on this page! Please everyone, keep those stories coming!

Danielle ^_^

Second Post

Hello again fellows of TS!! I can probably only post on here about once or twice a week. I'm a pretty busy person and it gets harder for me to have time to go on the computer on a daily basis to catch up on things. I figure I should actually write about bathroom stuff now.
Would anyone like to give me a few questions on anything bathroom related? I will try to respond as soon as I can.
One thing I have realized about going to the bathroom is that it is quite a nice pause in the day and it is refreshing to go to the bathroom. It's nice to just go and then get back to whatever you are doing.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: THE CURIOUS SKIDMARK GAL great story it sounds like you had a really good poop.

To: Jemma great story it sounds like you had a good poop at the hospital.

To: Crystal great story as always

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Response to survey

1 Do you wipe with toilet paper or flushable wipes? Normal toilet paper at home, but at my school they have these like 4 x 4 inch slips of toilet paper in a dispenser. You pull them out and when using them, you sometimes get mess on your fingers.

2. What was the longest fart you ever did? I was in the bathtub and my sister was on the toilet across from me peeing. She said it was like 15 to 20 seconds and might have been longer because I was in the water.

3. What are teachers bathroom policies and are they fair to everyone and yourself? In 5th grade may study partner Noah almost cost us points on an oral report because just before it was our time to make the presentation, he got permission to go to the bathroom. He went all the way downstairs rather than just across from our classroom because he wanted a stall with a door, the principal caught him in the wrong hallway and gave him a 30 minute detention. He also lost his rights to leave the room for a week.

4. Have you ever witnessed an embarrassing accident in public and how did you and others react? Last year before school, this girl came running into the bathroom as I was combing my hear, and threw herself onto the toilet. Problem was she fell onto the bowl because she was the first user of the day and the seat had been left up by the custodian. She probably bruised her thigh, but she was lucky there was no audience.

5. Would you ever let someone in front of you in a bathroom line if they were desperate to go? Sometimes. Just as I was next to go, last summer at the airport, a mother pleaded with me to let her daughter have cuts. The girl got right onto the stool, pooed, wiped herself, and was out in a minute or so. She didn't flush, but I did it for her, and I didn't mind helping out.

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