Snow toilet

Hi I'm tia, I'm thirteen and I'm brunette. Well one day me and my friends were having a team vs team snow ball fight. We got to build snow forts. We build a snow bank for protection and a bunch of small trenches. Well I had to pee and poop really bad. Well I didn't want to leave the game so went to the furthest trench under a tree and in the shade. Well when I go I take my pants and panties off completely. Well I started going when i realized I was being watched. Then I found out it was a boy. And he had a major erection. After I was done and dressed, he was still watching me. I said hey follow me. Ok. I took him to my house which we infront of. Well my parents were gone for the weekend and I'm an only child, so I knew I could do what I was about to do. I took him into my room. He said why'd you bring me in here he asked me nervously. I said sit down while I was taking off my jacket. Ok he said nervously and his voice cracking. Why'd you bring me in here he asked again. Well you saw my jewels, I said collapsing onto my comfy bed, so I think I should get to see yours. No he said.(although he didnt sound so sure of his answer. I started climbing on him till my head was above his chest. Well not to bore you, but this is how pooping and peeing in the snow, got me to see a boys jewels my first kiss, followed by my first make out Sesh, and my first bf

At the library

My name is Lucy, well one day I was walking to the library. Well I had been having diarrhea al through put the school day. Well I run up the steps to the library walk inside the cool air conditioned place and, BAM, I lose it. Well my crush and his best friend are there to witness it. Well his friend says wow Lucy, for such a small fragile girl, you sure make a huge mess. He said as he pointed at the lump in my pink pants where a huge lump had now formed. I practically died.

1/ Would you Poo in Public Toilets?
2/ Would you Poo at a friends house?
Yes have done so.
3/ Would you Poo in front of your Other Half
Yes, in front of a girl roommate on a athletic overnight.
4/Would you Poo at Work
I did when I worked in a store.
5/ Would you Poo on a Train/Aeroplane
6/ Would you Poo whilst on the phone to someone if u were desperate-
I do on occasion.

7/ LASTLY - Desperation stakes - poo your pants/knickers or hold it in for as long as possible until you get to a toilet?
Hold it in. I always get lucky. I know where to go.


To kennady - accidents

I never poop in the morning, I usually poop in the late afternoon, but I guess my latest accident was because of not being able to get to the toilet when the urge came a bit before my normal time.

My only other accident was when I had diarrhea when I was little, so you should probably include "being ill" in your options.


To Yan

Hey Yan, miss reading your posts! Hope to see more of your diarrhea stories :3


what comes in will come out

yes Brandon T, I did have a good church poop the rare times I make it, my pastor wife seem much better, I feel when people delay there poop it makes it harder to go even if it's that day, so my papi taught me sense my accident from middle school, don't think I feel sorry for you cause you mess up your undies, so most of the time when I get that urgent poop alert though it's more likely be away from home cause I rarely. be at home, so, gotta make key choices, when I become a parent, wife, I wouldn't want mine make the mistakes of hurting them selves on the toilet misable, but sense law time I and Deiese have taken to police on what happened and talk with my pastor for councleing so far it has help just going take time , I know lesbians are real but I never met any aggressive kind before cause I have a cousin is one but she still a doll little younger than me, so that's all. right now though I'm still able to poop just having liquid kind sense Monday at home

#Zip I live in SF. Most of my school chums wear briefs. Most men and boys here on the coast wear briefs. In Philippines and Asia, we boys like briefs. I have some boxers but they are too loose. I like tight fitting short boxer briefs, or trunks. I have some from Jockey. I wear a men's small or a boys medium-large.


Torpedo tubes for butt torpedoes

For all you constipated folks out there, Dulcolax suppositories now come with handy applicators for launching those log jam busting torpedoes where the sun don't shine.

I strongly recommend Dulcolax suppositories if you've been backed up for a couple of days -- they're safer than Fleet enemas and only require an hour of alone time to clear things up, so to speak. However, they do need to be inserted far up the rectum to work effectively. Doing this the old fashioned way involves ramming a finger knuckles-deep up your pooper, until you're feeling the mucous membranes and fecal matter - a nasty experience, even when you have latex gloves available. (If it isn't inserted far enough, the irritating chemical will cause a burning sensation in the anal region, and you'll feel a strong need to expel before the medicine stimulates the sigmoid colon.)

I hadn't taken a good dump all last week. After finishing off an 8 pack of suppositories in the past year, I bought a pack that came with applicators the other day after work, and decided to get thing taken care of that evening. After letting the wife know that I "needed a Dulcolax," I headed to the loft to try out the new product. The length of the applicator measured slightly longer than my middle finger. With the push of a plunger, the torpedo was fired deep into enemy territory. As usual, I lay down on my favorite couch and started channel surfing to help keep my mind off the cramps for as long as possible. After half an hour, my colon was contracting in waves and desperate to purge. As soon as I lowered my jeans and boxerjocks and parked my rear on the throne, I let loose a couple of loud voluminous farts which were followed by a series of wet, crackly ones that ejected the melted remains of the waxy torpedo. Then I got down to business. After some hernia-popping straining, I expelled two massive, hardened anus-busting turds. This was followed by a seemingly endless log, which was at first rather firm, but became softer and softer as I continued straining. I must have pushed for a good five minutes before the massive log finally tapered off. A couple of quick plops later, I knew I was done. With part of the long log emerging above the surface of the toilet water, this was certainly one of the most satisfying dumps of my life. I slept soundly that night.

Look forward to hearing from others who have tried these.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kat first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and Shay had an interesting time and I would to hear part 2 and any other stories you may have thanks.

To: SC another great story about hearing you teacher pooping it sounds like she was beyond desperate and really had to go and just made it the toilet in time and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to.

To: Jimbo great story about you helping your wife poop it sounds like she really had to go alot and I bet she felt pretty great after she was done and please anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Lucas great story about seeing your friend Hollys big poop it sounds like she really had to go.

To: Crystal great story.

To: Bill F great story as always it sounds like you had alot of fun and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marie great story.

To: Annie great story as always.

To: Jemma as always another great story it sounds like you just barely made it to the toilet and i bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Thirty Something Female first welcome back and great story you so close but karma is tricky like that it will get you at random times and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


huge poo @ library this morning.

Hey guys and girls,
So today I had the morning off work,
& went to the library.
I like to read Crime Novels so I had a good butchers at new books I hadn't read.
Whilst there I did some studying for my college course I recently started.
During this, the strong urge for a huge poo came on. I was aiming at holding it but it felt very strong so I had to go for a poo in the library.

Walking in to the ladies an old lady was leaving and another loo was occupied.
I took the other cubicle & pulled down my red pencil skirt, black tights & green knickers to my ankles and plonked my buttocks on the seat, & relaxed to unleash my monsters... I had a ???? ache so I knew this wouldn't be pleasant.
Within 2 seconds of sitting down my plops fell one after the other in to the loo - banana shaped & sized, my initial 6 fell in the loo with loud plops, I then released a huge wet fart & my final 8 banana sized and shaped plops fell on top of the others.
The loo stank!! & I still had a ???? ache, I looked at my creation, very pale colour,
My 14 plops that I was desperate to release, no wonder the urge was strong!
I wiped 3x flushed leaving skids everywhere on the porcelain, pulled my clothing back up & left to wash my hands.
The lady in the occupied loo was exitting as I was & said to me "I'm constipated lovey you got a secret?" I replied "yeah bad IBS!" I prefer being constipated sometimes!!
Well I just got home from work so it's time to stick the kettle on!
J x


At a coffee shop (4)

Some comments before my story,

Lucas, I envy you, lucky guy!! How does your friend look?

Kat, what an interesting experience!! Of course, I'd like to read the second part!!

In the same coffee shop, I saw a lesbian couple. They were Hispanic in their early twenties; one was chubby, the other was slim, and both were attractive.

So, anyway, they were hanging out in the bookstore section. By the way they were hugging and kissing each other, you could tell they were really in love. Later when I went to the bathroom, the slim girl was out side the door, and the ladies' was occupied. I went into the men's,

Just then, the slim girl knocked on the ladies' saying

"Honey, can I come in?"

The chubby girl answered


"I'm pooping. I've told you I need privacy when I poop"

At that moment, though I felt like taking a dump, I just sat on the toilet and kept on listening.

After a few minutes of silence,

The skinny girl asked again.

"Is your poop coming out?"
"Yeah, its half way out."
"Push it out"
"Uh... I'm trying but it's stuck"
"So cut it"

After some seconds I heard a big plop.
So did the girl waiting her girlfriend.

"Feeling better, Honey"

The chubby girl wiped flushed and quickly left; then her girlfriend took her place. I didn't hear any bodily functions from her, so I guess she just wanted to enjoy the aroma of her lover.

I really envy lesbian girls who can listen to, or even take a small peek on those beautiful girls doing thier No. 2

Have a nice weekend!!


For Steven A....The famine

Hi Steven....

So; have you remained regular throughout the famine and the days following?

I assume you pooped on Saturday.....because that would be the normal digestion from the meals on Friday and prior....

How about Sunday and after....did the lack of fiber moving through you get you constipated?


The J

Huge pees and my secrete is out

Hello everyone,

Well, last night my secrete got out. My GF finally asked if I had an interest in her bathroom experiences. I told her all about them and she's completely cool with them. Talk about huge weight off of my shoulders. Anyways, she can take some massive and I mean MASSIVE pees. Massive as in like last night she took a 7 minute pee and then went back a minute later saying she had to pee again and that one lasted almost 2 minutes. Unbelievable! She's so amazing.


Does eating Fast food makes your ???? upset? No.

How often you drink water a day? I do not keep count 1-2 ltrs.

How many times you poop a week? daily 2-3x

What's doess make you gassy the most?

Do you like taking a dump at a public place? Yes.

How long could you hold poop/pee? until it is unbearable. My parents and the doctor do not want me to do so.

Have you ever had the runs at work ? I do not work. I got to school.

Steven A

To Crystal

You have some good stories so far about you and your friends. Also, that's good that you have a motto: "what comes in will come out." I actually wanted to say to Marcus that I hope that he becomes a famous NFL Player someday. You can tell him that someone on this site (if he knows about this site) wants him to try his best at becoming a great quarterback in the NFL.

1. Do you wipe with toilet paper or flushable wipes? - Paper or seat covers.

2. What was your longest fart that you've ever did? - maybe 10 secs.

3. Do you have any teachers that have any bathroom policies and do you think that they're fair for everyone and yourself? - I attended private schools. We just leave the classroom

4. Have you ever witnessed an embarrassing accident in public and how did other people around you react and what was your reaction? - I watched girls and some boys wet themselves.

5. Would you ever let someone go in front of you in a bathroom line if they were really desperate to go? - Yes.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

liza M

Failing to poop

Hi everybody , have you enjoyed my last story "freind pooping at mall" ??

It was exciting to see what Suzi did in mall toilet ??!!! after we got out the ladies room we went back home but I was thinking of what Suzi did and imagine !!!!!!

after one week she called me and asked if we could go out after work . I said it is ok but why not coming to my home specially my parents were in vacation for some days ..... she said ok and she would bring lunch with her

She came and we had our dinner it was delicious Indian food with spices and flavors . we finished eating and washed our hands and sat down watching TV and chatting about our work's day but I was not concentrate with her

I was hesitating to tell her something but she felt and said" Lizaaaa where are you ??!!!"
"with you Suzi "
"nooooo tell me really "
" aaaaaaaa Do you remember last time in mall ??"""
" of course hhhhhhhh who can forget"
"can you do that again for me Suzi ???""""
"hhhhhhhh it was just one time I needed to do something different "
"it means that you did not make it again ???!!!!!"
" No it was 1st and last time but if you want I can make it again"
"ohhhhh yes I like "
"ok let's go out to mall"
"Why going out ???!!!! I have also toilet hhhhhhh and you can make all you want "
"hhhhh you are so excited for that "
" yes really I am "
" I am not sure I need to do it or not but i will try ...... but I will not clean it anyway sure I will not clean it "
" ok I hope spices help you hhhhhh"
" wait me and I will try to make you better than mall time"
" ..... I wanna come with you watching "
" are you serious "
" yes so we are in home "
" .... I never made it in front of someone even my sister "
" do you know from last time I imagine how you did it in mall really I am so curious to see that "
" ohhh ok let's try "

We moved together to bathroom she asked me to close the door
"why nobody would come "
"to be more comfortable"

she pull jeans down then her rose underwear and sat on toilet peeing
I said " I mean like last time in mall"
" hhhhhhhh wait honey just pee on toilet or you want us swim in my pee??? !! "
" ok take your time"
she finished peeing and sat up wiping between her legs the she Squatted and start to push out she took our some loud farts and I was watching her hole move outside then return again but after about 15 minutes nothing but farts which made smell stingy

" I can't I don't know why may be I don't need or stressed while watching me sorry Liza I can't push more"
" ohhh my dear friend thanks anyway you tried "

she pulled her jeans and paints up and we went out continue watching movies


TOIELT TISSUE/DUMP SURVEY- answer to the best you wipe front or back or a combination of both

2. on average, how many sheets of toilet tissue do you use to wipe

3. has there been cases you wipe excessively and still could not get all the spots

4. Have you ever wetted slightly a paper-towel or large ream of toilet tissue to get the remains.

5. Have the toilet tissue ever tore when you were wiping

6. do you wipe your butt every time after you take a a leak or at least 50% of the time

7. Have you ever used damp or formulated toilet tissue wipes to do the job

8. Do you ever feel completely clean after wiping including the elimination of odor left after the dump

9. do poop stains or skidmarks eve show in your underwear

10. what your favorite brand of toilet tissue


11. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN PUBLIC RESTROOM and heard some-else wiping after taking a dump. describe some experiences

12. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN in public restroom and heard someone taking or a dump or someone heard you. describe an experience

13. ON AVERAGE, IS THE TOILET TISSUE b very messy after wiping or only a little so

14. how much do you spend on toilet tissue each for personal use

15. do you have to wipe more frequently during the hot summer months



1. How often do you have a shit? Every day to every couple of days.
2. Are you a folder or a crumpler? Folder
3. Are you an inspector? Yes

4. Are you a stander or sitter? Sit

5. Are you a double dipper? No
6. Do you use moist wipes or wet toilet paper? Toilet paper then shower if I'm home and just toilet paper in public
7. Do you read in the latrine? Yes

8. If so, how often do you read? At home only

9. How often do you sit when using the toilet? All the time
10. Do you inspect what you've left before flushing? Yes

11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear? Ankles

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush until
its all gone? Usually
13. To wipe, do you reach between your legs, or do you reach your
hand around your backside? Around the back
14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back
to front, or some other way? Front to back

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until
most of its gone? Totally in public or most of it with toilet paper then shower when I'm home
16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other
people are there? No
17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when some-
body else is around? No. Door is always closed

18, Do you drop paper into the toilet before going? No

19. Do you use air freshener after? We have none.

Leaving the car

One day my mom was dropping me off at school. Well I had to make a BM. Well I stepped out of the car. Half of me was out of the car, and the other was still in it when, I lost control. And n full sight of my crush.


Once I was running track, when runny shit went down my track and into my panties

Need to go

Plantar fasciitis

I am suffering from a case of plantar fasciitis... Severe heel pain witch is at it most severe when walking after resting. As a means to alleviate the pain I an wearing a night splint that makes it impossible to walk while wearing it. So if I have to pee during the night or first thing in the morning I've been keeping a Gatorade bottle by my bed to use as a urinal. It has worked out fine to help delay that dreaded first walk of the day! I did run into an issue last night though when I woke around 4 need needing pee badly. I grabbed the bottle put my penis in it while sitting on the side of the bed in the dark and let it flow. It felt great until I heard dripping on the carpet.... I had filled the bottle to overflowing .... Now picture this: foot in splint, bottle filled to brim in one hand and the other hand pinching my penis to stop the flow! I managed to get the splint off and hobbled to the bathroom to finish peeing and clean up the wet carpet!


questions for the people who having poop accidents in pants?

i always wonder, what is the main reason to have a poop accidents in public places? pls try to answer my questions.
1. not having a daily shit in the morning.
2. careless
3, Embarrassment

Steven A

After The 30 Hour Famine

I'm back! The famine wasn't that hard because we drank alot water and juice to stay hydrated and that helped alot. Nothing much interesting happened but I noticed that people had to pee more because they were drinking all day. The meal at the end was nice and everyone loved it. I plan on doing it again every year when they have this event.



Hi! I'm new to this site, so I just wanted to share something with you guys.
So I was out with my friend,Shay (she's a girl and so am I) and we went to this Mexican restaurant were we both got a chip burrito with beans. After eating it I got super gassy and thought that I'd be embarrassed if I let one rip. So I ended up walking to the bathroom. Inlet so many come out that I thought I'd pass out myself! But I can't lie, it was delightful. So anyway I really had to go poop after I let some go. So I sat on the toilet and put a PEICE of toilet paper under my big butt so If I had to fart, it wouldn't echo against the toilet, because someone just walked in. So I farted but of course it went straight to the toilet paper. And that happend multiple times. I was done going poop and I wiped but I accidentally dropped the toilet paper clump on th ground and it rolled right to the next stall were the other person was. I watched and saw there hand pick it up. Why? I dont know. So anyway, I noticed after that,that the bathroom was completely silent. It was just me and that person. So I heard a long sniffing sound and I thought the person was sniffing my farts and was disgusted. So I decieded to go back to the table since I was done. When I went back to our table shay was not there, so I thought she was testing a refil. When she came back I didn't know we're she came from cuz I was on my phone. I accidentally dropped my ring on the ground so I looked under the table for it just as shay blasted a big one. I pretended I didn't notice and got my ring and got back up. I wasn't mad she farted, but I didn't want to make her embarrassed. I was going up I noticed shay was holding something white as I noticed it was a PEICE of toilet paper. I pretended I accident fell to see if I could get a closer look and as I got closer, I smelled something on the paper. It was my fart paper.

If u want part two comment!


Teacher Farts

One time I sat in a run down bathroom in my school it was right across from ms jen's room and she had always stayed after school a long time. Mrs Jen came in holding her butt and somewhat fast running. "I have had to poop all day I cant hold it any longer." She released a hell storm of farts into the toilet.She had aid she had been holding in the farts all the day and hoped that no one was in the bathroom. She loudly blasted her crap into the toilet, letting a huge log drop in with the other liquid poop. I hope no one is in here, she said as she released sickening loud farts. I hope no one is in here, she grunted loudly as she pushed out a huge log. After some finishing farts she got up and left.


Well Hi everyone, this is my first post.
My wife is this really lovely Chinese girl with a body to die for.
Ever since we have been together she has never been shy about using the toilet in front of me. We have an en-suite and when she goes she never shuts the door and I hear her peeeing and plopping all the time. however I have never plucked up the courage to actually stand close to her and watch, until this week that is.
We woke up early yesterday and were lying in bed just chatting when she let out a long soft fart. Not unusual in itself. She told me she needed the toilet and walked next door and sat down, and let out a long pee. Then there was another little fart, then silence. After a minute she called out to me and said her ???? was hurting, she couldn't go, and could i come in and help?
I went in to the bathroom, and she was sitting on the toilet, leaning right forward. She said can you massage my lower back, it's really painful. She said she hadn't been to the toilet for three days. She pulled off her top and leant in to me and I started to rub her back quite firmly as she asked. I could see her bum quite clearly as she was lifting herself off the toilet and leaning right forward. This went on for a minute or so and then she let out a huge fart, followed by the head of a large turd poking through her lovely little ass.

She groaned and pushed more, and two little golf ball sized turds detached and plopped in to the toilet. The huge turd was slowly coming out, it must have been 2 inches across, and more bits fell off it until at last it fell in to the toilet with a big splash. It was about 4 inches long and very wide. It was very exiting to see all this close up and personal. She sat back and relaxed a bit, then said, "there's more, please can you rub my back again?"
So she leant right forward again and she asked me to push hard on her lower back , just above her lovely bum crack. She had her arms around my knees and was hanging on as I bent over her. She groaned again, then a very long shiny turd appeared, making a sort of crackling noise and kept coming until the end was in the water, then it broke off, followed by another one even longer which curled up in to the bowl and must have been over 12 inches. There was a faint smell like molasses, not unpleasant at all.

Then still leaning forward she did another pee, must have been 30 seconds, and just as she finished I saw her hole open up again and this time about 6 soft turds , each about 5 or six inches long, flowed out of her ass in quick succession and plopped in to the bowl which by now was getting very full.

She said "I think that's it, I feel much better" She pulled off some toilet roll, and wiped, it came off clean first wipe much to my surprise. She had to flush 3 times before it all went down, she must have done nearly 4 feet of turds. It was VERY exiting, I can't get it out of my mind. I am looking forward to the next time!

1. How often do you have a shit? everyday 2-3x or every other day or 2.
2. Are you a folder or a crumpler? crumpler
3. Are you an inspector? yes

4. Are you a stander or sitter? sit, stand or squat

5. Are you a double dipper? NO!
6. Do you use moist wipes or wet toilet paper? just paper
7. Do you read in the latrine? Yes, I take my text book, newspaper or comics.

8. If so, how often do you read? at home, only.

9. How often do you sit when using the toilet? all the time, unless the it is a real public like a park or playground.

10. Do you inspect what you've left before flushing? Yes

11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear? at home from my knees to ankles. behind a stall door to ankles, public with no privacy to my thighs

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush until
its all gone? always flush at home or public.
13. To wipe, do you reach between your legs, or do you reach your
hand around your backside? around the back or I open my legs.

14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back
to front, or some other way? front to back or back to front.

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until
most of its gone? totally.
16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other
people are there? No. I have been since 1st grade.
17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when some-
body else is around? I close the door. Sometimes, my parents or my older female cousin looks in on me. She is a woman in her 20's. Saturday night, my cousin Ann visited with us. I was quiet. So, she asked for me. My father said that I was probably in the bathroom. She knocked on the door and called for me. I was so happy to hear her. I opened the door, my jeans and white bikini briefs at my ankles, my legs slightly apart, and I was holding my young boyhood. We said hello to each other. It was obvious what I was doing and she saw 3 large dark brown logs floating in the bowl. She said, "You must have had a big lunch." I told her that I had 3 burgers and two hot dogs with potato salad and cole slaw. While talking to her, I let out a loud dry fart. She rubbed my hair and left me alone. I was in there for 20 mins. It was murder to push those logs and my rectum hurt. When I finshed, I wiped from the front, while leaning over, then standing up. I flushed the toilet, fixed my clothes, washed my hands and then joined her in the living room.

18, Do you drop paper into the toilet before going? No.

19. Do you use air freshener after? We have none.

Stuck on the Pot?

Has anyone ever been stranded without toilet paper after going to the bathroom (either to pee or for a number 2) in public or at a friend's house? How did you, if you did, end up getting to the toilet paper (knocking on the next stall and asking the person sitting down, etc.)?

Steven A

Another Weird Bathroom Dream

I had another weird bathroom dream. I was in a school and I had to poop. So, I went into this room were it was a room where people went to the bathroom plus it was co-ed. After I entered the stall and pulled my pants down, I let out some gas before I went. But, I actually pooped myself completely and after that I cleaned up the best I could. When I came out of the stall, a girl saw me and she said nothing but I think she knew what I did, I was embarrassed and got out of the room. Well, that's another weird bathroom dream, I hope to have more.

Okay, so yesterday my friend Holly and I went down to the rec center and played basketball on their indoor court. We ended up playing a 2-on-2 game against some other kids who were there. But anyway, when we finished we headed back to Holly's house.

We had a snack and then went to hang out in the basement. After a bit, Holly said she had to go to the bathroom. As soon as she was in the bathroom with the door closed, I turned down the TV volume to try and listen. The bathroom is right off the main area, but even so I couldn't hear much. After several minutes of hearing basically nothing, I gave up and just turned the volume back up.

Several minutes passed and she was still in the bathroom. I knew without a doubt then that she was pooping. Another ten or so minutes later, I heard the bathroom door open and she called out to me. I responded "What?" and she said, "There's no more paper in here. Can you get me some from the closet?"

I got up and got a roll of toilet paper and went to hand it to her. But she said, "You can come in, it's okay." I asked, "Are you sure?" And she replied, "Just get in here, you idiot!"

I opened the door all the way and saw her sitting on the toilet with her jeans and panties around her ankles. There was also a heavy, but not entirely unpleasant poop odor present. She took the roll and began to wipe herself. Then she asked, "Enjoying the show?", but from the way she said it, I knew she meant it as sort of a joke. So I shot back, "Yeah. Wipe that ass good, girl"

She even showed me the soiled paper on her next-to-last wipe. And then when she was finished, she got up and showed off her dump. We looked at her pile of soft turds for a short while before flushing.


what comes in will come out

Quick survey
(1) how times you poop a day, 3x times morning evening night

(2) do you like or love pooping, no seems like a job with benefits

(3) have you on propose stayed seated to hear others, no but I'm sure others did for me.

last one (4) name a place you haven't poop at before but you would
well never been camping so take a dump in nature

Now unto story yesterday evening after spending time with pastor and family, I went over Marcus house, so pull up car seem like it hasn't move much ring the bell, so maid answers it let's me in, so I take off my heels walk around barefooted, so he come down and greets me with a kiss, so how are you? I'm good he said, you, peachy. so we go in the family room, watching a movie together, maid comes in offers anything I like to eat or drink, so I take water and bowl of raisins, pop and fries and chessmen steak, was his order, asked him did he make. it to his church. yes he said was really great, I see you made it to your yup, did your papi go with no, he still into Catholic see I grew up Catholic but was introduced to Christian last year, so after watching the movie we cuddle a little bit, didn't want to do too much, so went to his play room play with him on his ps4, kicked his butt good to in 2k can't beat Lebron, so afterwards had some deep conversation, his parents came home by this time his my mom gave me hug his dad a hat tip, so we end up talking about our expectations in life what goals you have, NFL player he want to be go to good school earn a teaching degree, wow I said that's wonderful goals, I wanna be a doctor, that's good he said, so we talked about past relationships we had, wow both have short list, so his parents chime in saying they was college sweethearts, they was just casual friends in high-school. so I wizper to Marcus it's kicked in, so we excuse ourselves, so he re- showed one the bathrooms at, so he walks back out, I turn on the lights close the door pull down my panties to ankles and slacks to ankles and sit down, holding my hands in my lap, mushy soft poop start falling into the bowl after 5mins I was down toilet gave me option to be spray or no, I said spray to give it a try so like hands come out under neath spread my cheeks some and spray water with soap, felt good so I wipe few got up automaic flush, pulling up my clothing I notice on way out forgot to lock door, close call, so greeted by bathroom maid she wash my hands for me, sorry for being late, Marcus didn't tell me you was in there, I said that's fine cause I like doing things independent come to that, so I rejoined him and his family so around 8 I headed home, now I'm home getting ready for bed, so have nice day.

Bill F

Summer Camp - Day 7

Finally, the last part of my story.

I woke up first again, and had my morning pee and poop in the bucket. Soon after, Emily woke up, but not in a rush like yesterday. I soon realized why. She pulled the covers back, and got out of bed, leaving a dark stain on the bed where her butt was. Also, the back of her pants were soaked. I said "I guess you didn't wake up from your dream this time?" She said "Yea, and it's still wet, so I probably peed not too long ago." I said "Do you still have to go?" And she said no. However, she walked to the bucket anyway. I said "Trying for a poop?" She said yes. She sat down and began pushing. In between pushes, she told me to get her clothes for her, and put her wet pyjamas aside for her. I got changed as she kept pushing, apparently with no success.

Soon after, Emily had given up pushing and got changed, when Lisa woke up. She sat on the bucket and had a rather mushy poop. She wiped a few more times than usual. As Lisa was getting changed, Lucy woke up and replaced her on the bucket. After peeing for a while. She suddenly bore down and started pushing. I said "What happened to only at lunchtime?" She said "I'm gonna try to go now so I don't have to go on the bus." I said "Have you ever not gone at lunch before?" She said "Not yet." And started pushing again. I heard three quiet plops and she caught her breath. She said "Wow, I didn't think I'd actually get anything out!" Emily said "Yea, wish I could say that."

Suddenly, I remembered the Snail Method, which is something that I liked to use to relieve constipation. (I talked about this on Page 2323) I reminded her about it, and it was obvious she couldn't get anything out, so she said she'll give it a try. Once Lisa was packing up and Lucy was changing, Emily got on her hands and knees, stuck her butt in the air, and let her anus open up. A loud farting noise was made as air rushed in. Eventually, she said "Ok, I think that's it." And she closed up. She went about packing up while she was holding in the air. Eventually, it was just us two in the cabin.

Emily and I finished packing up, and she continued holding the air. Suddenly, we heard the supervisor call out "Final roll call! Everyone needs to be on the bus in ten minutes!" She said "Shit. I won't be finished with this in ten minutes." She got her things, and pushed out as much of the air as she could, all in one seven second fart. After that, she put on her last clean pair of pants, which seemed very tight on her.

We all got on the bus, and I made sure to grab a few empty bottles to be safe. About halfway through the ride, I heard a long quiet fart from Emily that quickly started smelling like poop. She suddenly tensed up and sat as straight as an arrow. I said "What's wrong?" She said "It's coming out, I can't hold it!" I quickly started looking around for a container for her to poop in. I found a snack back that they packed for each person, and emptied it out. I said "Do you want to try going in here?" She said "I don't think It will all fit, but I'll try." She continued sitting still and straight, so I assumed she was making sure no one was looking. I then caught a poop smell and thought it was too late. I said "Is it still coming out?" She said "It's pushing out on its own, but the seat is stopping it!" Still sitting completely still, she held her stomach with both hands, as it seemed like her poop was still trying to push its way out.

Soon, she said "I can't take it anymore!" And stood up, expecting her poop to instantly slide out. Instead her tight pants kept it from sliding out, and I saw a small bulge where her poop was touching against her jeans. She sat back down, and bore down again. She pushed on her stomach to help along. I could hear a small amount of crackling, which stopped again. The poop smell got a bit stronger and I asked her "Is it out yet?" She said "I pushed as hard as I could, and it came out a little bit more." I said "Why don't you try standing up again?" She stood up and held her stomach again. She bent over, and I could see that the bulge was larger and stuck out a little further,

She bore down again, and bent her knees slightly. The bulge starting growing slowly, then stopped as she had to catch her breath. The bulge suddenly started shrinking. It was almost gone when she started pushing again, and it grew even larger. She stopped pushing again to catch her breath, this time the poop stayed where it was. She looked around to see if anyone was watching her, then bore down again. She pushed again, harder than ever before. I thought her head was going to pop, her face looked so red. The bulge grew a little bit more, and with a grunt she stopped pushing. The bulge shrunk down and disappeared as the poop receded back in again. She said "It's no use. These jeans won't let it come out!" I said "So you can't hold it anymore, but it won't come out either?" She said "Yea, pretty weird, huh?" I said "So are you pooping yourself or not?" She laughed and said "I don't know anymore, I'm confused! On the bright side, the cramps are slowing down."and she sat back down.

Lucy said she had to pee, so I handed her one of the empty bottles and she peed for about 25 seconds, filling halfway. She was about to give it back, but I said "You keep that... Lisa might need it later." I looked back at Emily. She undid the button on her pants and stood up again. She gave another push and the bulge returned. After pushing again, the bulge grew a tiny bit and she gave up. Again, she looked around to make sure no one was looking. This time, she pulled her jeans down and the bulge in her panties started growing without her even pushing. They had a brown spot on them, and I could hear a lot of crackling as the bulge grew very quickly. The poop smell also got stronger, but it would probably just smell like a fart to anyone else. The bulge grew slightly again before she said she was done. Finally, she pushed out a very quiet fart.

She crouched down and took off the jeans completely. She said "Give me the bag." I did, and she carefully took off her panties and put them in the bag. She said "Now the bottle?" I gave her the bottle and she peed into it for about 15 seconds, filling a third of the way. She made sure the bag was sealed and put it in her bag. Still in a crouch, she put the jeans back on and hopped back onto the seat. I said "How much lighter do you feel now?" She said "I feel like I lost over half my body weight, I almost feel like flying!" She ate the snack from her bag and gave me the bottle to pee in. I filled it the rest of the way and set it out. I turned to Lucy and said "I wonder if they ever found your pile of poop behind the bus on the first day?" She laughed and said "They probably thought it was from a boy!" Lisa then said "Or a cow." We all laughed, and Lucy said "Oh shut up, it wasn't THAT big."

I saw that Lisa had also filled up their bottle. I told them "So Emily was finally able to poop today." Lisa said "When?" I said "About five minutes ago, in her pants." Lisa said "They don't look like she pooped in them to me." I said "They were too tight, she pulled them down and went in her undies." Lucy said "And where are they?" I said "Hidden and sealed away from the world." They laughed, and the rest of the bus ride was uneventful, aside from a few leftover farts from Emily.

The bus stopped, and the four of us agreed to let our parents know we were home and then meet at the treehouse. I was the last one to arrive at the treehouse, and showed up to see Lisa on the old toilet seat, plopping away. I said "Back to the old grind, it seems." She finished with a wet fart, and we started another game of Monopoly.

And so concludes my seven-part story, hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed remembering it.

See ya next time!


School accident

I had an accident today. I was in English class when I felt my stomach gurgle. I'd been a little gassy all morning, I think it was the Chinese food we had last night. It didn't feel like just gas now, though, it felt like soft poop, maybe even a diarrhea attack coming on. I looked at the clock. 25 minutes til lunch. I tried to hold on for a while. A little later, my stomach gurgled audibly. I was surprised no-one noticed. I was quite uncomfortable, and really needed to go now, so I put my hand up, and asked to go to the toilets. The teacher replied; "It's 15 minutes til lunch, can't you wait?" I went back to my work, he was strict and the school recently had problems with people smoking in the toilets during lessons, so I didn't want to make a fuss.
By now, my stomach was actually starting to hurt, and it was hard to concentrate on my work. I little while later, I asked to go again, but was told "no, it's nearly lunch, you can go then". I struggled through the rest of the lesson, with my aching stomach being really distracting. Eventually, the bell went, and I hurried straight off for the toilets. Unfortunately, our room was upstairs, in a part of the building mostly for older grades. I wasn't allowed to use the toilets there, so had to go downstairs and make my way through the crowded corridor to the other part of the building. I nearly lost control getting bumped around in the corridor, but made it to the other side. I then had to go upstairs again to the girl's toilets, as it was just the boy's on this level. Climbing the stairs was agony, and I felt a tiny poop squeeze out between my cheeks as I climbed. I pushed open the door, and saw all the stalls were taken, and there were a few girls waiting. Standing in line was agony, and as I stood there, my poop slowly started to push out uncontrollably into my panties. By the time a stall opened for me, I'd shit probably half my load into my panties. Eventually, I got into the stall, pulled my pants down, tipped my panties into the toilet, and sat down. The rest of my soft poop rushed out into the bowl, followed by a gusher of pee. My panties were ruined, so I threw them in the sanitary bin, and started to wipe up. It was a real mess, and took nearly 15 minutes before I could pull my pants up (going commando) and leave.


Stopped up bad!

So yeah I can't pooh so I got the idea when I was younger I would use old shampoo bottles as a home made enema! well I got some in there and got some squirts out but not the full blown cleanse I was looking for! It's been 2 days! since I had a good BM!

1/ Would you Poo in Public Toilets?
2/ Would you Poo at a friends house?
3/ Would you Poo in front of your Other Half
When I get a guy or girl
4/Would you Poo at Work
I do not work. I go to school, so yes.
5/ Would you Poo on a Train/Aeroplane
Many times when I travelled.
6/ Would you Poo whilst on the phone to someone if u were desperate-
My parents answer the phone.

7/ LASTLY - Desperation stakes - poo your pants/knickers or hold it in for as long as possible until you get to a toilet?
Hold it in. I will find a toilet.

do you poop in public ? Yes
do you sit on the toilet bare bottom or cover the sit or squat? sit bare bottom or squat, if needed. I did a lot of squatting in Asia. I squat if I do not like the public toilet.
Do you pee in public? yes
When you poop in public do you grunt and strain? Only, if I am really constipated or if have long hard logs.
How far do you pull your pants or shorts and panties down? if I am in a toilet with no doors or stalls, I keep them up to my thighs to cover my pipe. At home or in school we have stalls and doors, so I let my pants and underwear to my ankles to be comfortable.

Do you like pooping? yes
Do you like peeing? yes

Have you seen anyone pee or poop on accident? Rarely.
Have you seen anyone pee or poop on intention? Nasty.
Have anyone saw you pee or poop ? family members, teachers and classmates.

What places you poop at beside at home? school, movies, stores anywhere it is clean, parks and playgrounds. I did a lot on airplanes, buses and trains.
Is there a place you have poop at but you won't do that again? not yet.

do you poop in public ? Yes
do you sit on the toilet bare bottom or cover the sit or squat? sit bare bottom or squat, if needed.
Do you pee in public? yes
When you poop in public do you grunt and strain? no, because my bowels are always loose.
How far do you pull your pants or shorts and panties down? to my ankles, sometimes to my knees or thighs.

Do you like pooping? yes
Do you like peeing? yes, I like flow of relief

Have you seen anyone pee or poop on accident? I've seen little kids and a few adults.
Have you seen anyone pee or poop on intention? Yes, for to be mean and spiteful.
Have anyone saw you pee or poop ? in the park and woods and at home. My parents, grandparents, other kids and classmates.

What places you poop at beside at home? school, cinema, work, church, dept. stores and hotels.
Is there a place you have poop at but you won't do that again? If it is creepy.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lizzy great pee story.

To: Bloated Butt great story as always.

To: crystal as always another great set on pooping stories it sounds like you had a good poop at church and it sounds like the pastors wife was having a little trouble hopefully she was able to get a good poop out and great story about your big poop on your date and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: J.J. great story about hearing you sister inlaw poop it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to.

To: Catherine great fart story.

To: Annie great pooping story.

To: Missy first welcome to the site and it sounds like you were having a pretty rough day I hope you feel better soon and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jessica great peeing story.

On sunday I was at the bookstore waiting in line for the bathroom a girl had just gone in I didnt hear anything then she flushed but only part of her load went down there were still a couple chunks of poop and pee along with the toilet paper then a couple hours later a woman went in and began farting and then peeing or having runny poop or posibly both so 2 good catches.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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