what comes in will come out

here is another story, woke up got ready for school yesterday running little behind, slipped into my old school uniform with the knee highs you know like in Japan if you wear the skirt but wore some flip flops instead of the uniform shoes, and tied sweater around my waist, hurried out the house, so drove to Jack in box for there quick breakfast drive thru, on way to school. I ate it by time I got to school I was running 5 minutes behind, so get to my locker get my back pack school books, supplies, wait till bell ring then it does, but the thing is I hate being late cause i tend to forget, so fast-forward after homeroom had sowing class with Deiese told her what happened she said girl you need plan night before cause you need to change big time drawing to many stares, so I said I can't help it but get permission pass, so after class I rode out with Deiese to get another outfit, so Marcus text me where I'm at cause we normally meet each other to our 3rd class together, texted him back, and he said I understand, so got to shopping mall Macy's look at their skirt found one bought it got spring Polo top with it, than poop alert pains so I called Deiese told her she said her to so we met up at the ladies restroom, we enter see two of four already in use so took the middle ones, so enter the stall, lock it see on my end black slacks to ankles and thong underwear guess another pooped but I didn't hear anything, so hang up my clothing I bought strip from waist down so I change after this poop, so sat down with just panties to my ankles lady start making groans and moans, thinking okay, poop pop out splash, then last piece ease out but grew more and more than broke off, then felt another one slide out, reached for tp but it felt so hard to tear apart, so I asked Deiese for some she said hers don't have any, so i asked lady next to me for some she said sorry going use it all, next minute I new I said liar need to share so I got mad pull up my panties half way knowing being messy back there, so girl on the end came to sink, wash her hands so i got up waddle to the end stall girl that was on end comes back in locks the door girl didn't share exist her stall I told Deiese I need help so she got half way dress and say do we got a problem, they said ya so we got in our fighting stance, they say they don't want no fight just company, I said no thanks I'm good, so they said can't leave till they get what they want, so Deiese said we not the ones, they drew closer so I said srew it pulled up m
y panties all that way Deiese did two, they said such tragedy, so one reached out, so move in time kicked one in shin she said fine let them go so the one said no like the fight in them, so the one said no hit me then Deiese hit her so I said we all even, now Just let us go please, only one condition, one get on knees and other face the sinks, I said no can't do it, Deiese said let's just die, so we heard knocks on door we screaming help, so after 1hr I was told we was in there police came arrested them told us we caught the Bonnie and Clyde of bathroom, so police took us home each explained to our teacher faulty what happen so I be off rest of week kinda got me paranoid, so Marcus come over to check on me at lunch hour and after school and Deiese is shaken up to Mike said she won't leave her house, so right now birthday cancel


Been pooping every day. No laxative!

Hi all. I've been having really messy poops every day now. I'm just taking the stool softener these days. I'm avoiding the laxative because of the soiling the pants issue. Besides, the healthy eating, water, coffee and stool softeners are enough to keep me going. Since I stopped the laxative the nasty accidents have stopped too and my underwear has stayed clean. My poop however is SUPER messy! It's not diarrhea but it's not solid either! It's somewhere in the middle. Mushy without being diarrhea. The past few days I've done skinny snake-like turds that come out with a loud crackle. Sometimes more than once a day and every time requires getting clean in the shower because the mess is WAY too messy to clean up with toilet paper. But I'll take that any day over having a disgusting mess in my underwear and long clean up and scrubbing of my underwear, myself and the bathroom. And the problem was: I couldn't even feel it coming out so I didn't know I messed myself until I went to the bathroom and saw the state of my underwear! It's good I no longer suffer from constipation anymore. But I eat plenty of vegetables with dinner (hot pot every night-meat, vegetables, etc cooking on a portable stove at the dinner table) and drink a lot of coffee and water so it keeps my bowels loose.


desperate sloppy poo at docs this morn...

So this morning I had a doctors appointment, it was at 9.10am & I arrived at 8.55am
Sitting in the waiting room I felt the urge for my morning poo.
And just as I thought I'd better go and let loose, I was called, so I sat there uncomfortably whilst the doctor spoke to me & 10 mins later it was nearly coming out in my knickers.
I had to drive for 20 mins afterwards to get back to work, so had to poo after my appointment.
I was so desperate that as soon as I pulled my tight grey short pencil skirt down & black tights and purple knickers, and plonked my big butt cheeks on the seat I was letging loose a ton of very quick plops all at the same time, all plopping in to the water very noisily, I relaxed as I let out more plops on top of that.
I couldn't tell you how many there were as it was a sloppy poo & like I said they all just plopped out at the same time as an explosion!
I can tell you though that I was very messy and had to wipe my messy butt 8 times!!
I went again when I got to work!
J x

A: What is your gender?

B: What is your age?

C: Describe your body. (And looks, if you like..)
Thin, medium-pudgy,

1. How often do you go to the toilet to take a poo?
2-3x maybe 4.

2. How do you refer to taking a poo, if you gotta go?
ca-ca, cagando or #2

3. After you sit down on the seat, then how much time does it usually take you to get started?
quickly or I may need to push it out.

4. How much time do you usually need between sitting down, and wiping?
10 minutes

5. Do you usually (have to) push, while you're on the toilet?
If it does not come out, I push a little. When I have hard logs, I have to push.

6. a. Do you fart during your pooping session? If yes: In which phase do you fart the most?
Yes, mostly before pooping.

b. Are your farts usually dry or wet, on the toilet?
It can go anyway.
7. Do you ever remain seated, after you're done?
I sit for a few minutes to rest my bowels and that there is no more or if I have to pee.

8. How often are you constipated?

9. If you are constipated, how long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?

10. If you are constipated, then how long does it take you between sitting down, and wiping?

11. Do you fart on the toilet, when constipated? If yes: In which phase do you fart the most?
All the time, before, and in between pooping.

12. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet, while constipated?
About an hour.

13. How often do you go to the toilet to try, if you're constipated?
If nothing comes out after about 30 minutes, I'll give up and try again a hour later.

14. How often do you have diarrhea?
(If ever. Skip the next questions if "no")
About 2 times a week.

15. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?
About 1 to 10 minutes.

16. If you have diarrhea, then how long does it take you, between sitting down, and wiping?
Can be up to 30 minutes, if small squirts keep coming.

17. Do you fart on the toilet, while having diarrhea? If yes: in which phase do you fart the most?
All the time. Usually I poop and fart at the same time when I have diarrhea.

18. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet, while having diarrhea?
It seemed like forever. I was home sick with a cold in 3rd gr. and I spent the entire afternoon on the toilet letting it run out. Then, there was Scout Camp in Thailand. That was an adventure. I ate spicy food and I spent the afternoon, evening and night in the latrine. I will tell about that another story.

19. How often do you go to the toilet to poop or try, when you've got diarrhea?
I had diarrhea and I was in and out every hour while letting it run out of me every 10-15 mins. with cramps.

20. What is your favourite pooping position on the potty, while:
a. Having a regular dump.
legs together, slightly hunched over or sitting up with my hands on my knees. Or, if I squat, my pants to my ankles.

b. Be´ng constipated.

c. Having diarrhea.
same position or legs slightly apart or sitting up with hands on my knees.


To Bloated Butt

Haha thanks for the story. You guys are definitely similar in the gas department:PLOL I always joke with her that she's an endless tank of gas LOL. When its really bad she can pass gas for hours. We usually end up having to open a window. Does this ever happen to you?(hours of farting)Are mornings bad for you? My fiend says she usually has a lot of gas in the morning cuz it builds up all night.

Also I wanted to ask have you always been gassy? Before you met your current bf was it hard dating with all of your gas? My friend says she feels like she's gonna explode when shes on dates sometimes. She says she spends a couple hours "deflating" when she gets home lol

Anyway now about me:) I took a huge dump at school today(im in university) after I had been holding it through the entire 3 hour long lecture. I quickly ran out of the class to a bathroom and immediately let out an explosion of soft logs and mushy poop. Felt like an avalanche was coming out of my butt hehe. It was over in about 5 mins but it felt amazing! I might have to start holding my loads on purpose lol


Drinking games

Being a student, I've played a few drinking card games where there's a "toilet card", so you can only "go" if you have the right cards. Obviously, with the addition of alcohol, we need to pee more often, and I've seen a couple of people get really desperate waiting for the card. It's never resulted in a wetting incident in any game I've played though.

Has anyone else played games like this, and have you ever had, or witnessed, an accident because of toilet rules?

Thirty Something Female

Back again

Wow, I just checked and saw the last time I posted was August of 2012 - over a year and a half! For me that is a long time to go by with no new stories to share. Since that time I've had a few small leaks here and there, but nothing that would really show on anything besides my panties.

Well, that changed this weekend. I had the day to myself because my husband had the kids for the day so I could have a day off and go get some shopping done. After we all had breakfast together hubby and kids went off to the zoo and I went off to the mall.

After a couple of hours at the mall and a tall Starbucks from the food court I was starting to feel the need to pee but, as usual, I held it to keep shopping and wait until I got home. I went to some more stores and then drove over to the outlet center nearby. My need was getting worse but this was the last place I planned to stop so I put it off.

I got distracted at one of the stores and forgot my growing need for a while, but then it returned with a vengeance and I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until I got home and would have to use one of the public restrooms there. But I had a handful of clothes to buy and decided it would be better to pay first and then go. So a few minutes later, with my bladder twinging like a klaxon alarm, I made my way to the checkout. I had to fight with all my might to stand still (with my legs crossed and squeezed tightly!) so the girl at the register wouldn't see I needed to pee.

I finally finished checking out and started to make my way to the exit where the restrooms were located. At this point I was desperate to the point of bursting and starting to worry I wouldn't even make it. I had to hold one hand in my crotch behind my shopping bag.

I made it to the restrooms, praying under my breath for a few more seconds, but as I opened the door to the ladies room I lost a big squirt that I couldn't stop for a couple of seconds and felt my panties get very damp and a trickle run down my left thigh. I pressed my hand tighter but I lost another squirt a few steps later and felt wetness on my fingers on the outside of my jeans.

I plunged into a stall, turned around, flung my bags onto the floor, and tried to lock the bolt but that was where I ran out of time. My bladder spasmed one last time and I felt my body flush and tingle as it gave up the fight and I stood there inches from the toilet and completely flooded my jeans. The relief was amazing, but the embarrassment was, too. I must have stood there wetting myself for over a minute.

When I was done I wiped off any excess wetness I could and hurriedly left before anyone else came into the bathroom. I carried one back in front of me and tied my jacket around my wait to help cover the back, but in both cases it only helped to hide the wetness above my knees even though I was wet all the way down.

I hurried to my car, sat on my jacket, and drove home. Thankfully hubby and kids were still out so I was able to clean up and shower and do a load of laundry without them finding out. Of course, I did tell hubby after the kids went to bed. And then so did we. :)

So there's my newest major accident for all the world to read. Just another day in the life of a thirty-something who holds it too long.

Until next time!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


1 Min Pee

A friend and I decided to try to pee for as close to a minute as possible. We both drank a lot of water and waited. Later, I had to pee and peed for a minute and five seconds. My friend had to go and peed for 1 minute and 11 seconds. In the end, I won as mine was closer to a min.


At a coffee shop (3)

Sorry for not having posted for a while. I will continue on relating my experience with this blond, maybe a graduate student (see my latest post , 2-3 pages back).

So, I waited at the end of the corridor for her to come out, for I needed a poo, too. She flushed twice before coming out. She had a catalog of shoes and her handkerchief in her hand. She didn't see me and just went to the sink, so I quickly approached the toilet, which is ladies', but unisex for a technical reason, at that moment. She saw me, and smiled,
I did the same I quickly locked the door. It was obvious that she had sprayed something, but I cold still smell a faint aroma of her poop, an earthy one, I saw a dark brown skid mark in the toilet bowl. It looked like she had a big piece. I also had a hard crap, but the seat was warm and the smell of the beautiful blond's poop helped me a lot.

I had taken three sizable logs and was finishing up, when they knocked on the door,

I answered "I'll be out in a minute"
A female voice asked "Excuse me, but I left my phone in there... on the lag". It was the attractive blond.
I said I would get it to her, and started to wipe with her waiting just outside.
When I handed her the phone, I said just jokingly,
"Coffee helps, right?"
She knew what I meant, so replied shyly,
"Yeah, very much".

After that day, I haven't seen her. Maybe she has finished her course or just preferred another place where they have separated bathrooms for each sex. I should have asked her e-mail or something...

Happy pooping

Bloated Butt

To Michelle:

I definitely get gassy when my boyfriend and I go out to eat ;)! I always like to get big dishes and I rarely bring anything home because I eat it all in one sitting. We've gone to buffets and my boyfriend always shoots me these looks when I get up to get yet ANOTHER plate of food. I always end up so bloated and pregnant-looking by the time we're done, slowly waddling to our car LOL. And of course I blow up with gas. I make my boyfriend give me stomach massages when we get home, hee hee.

Yes I've gotten gassy when I'm with friends, and yes I usually have to warn them. Sometimes they can notice that I'm gassy because I usually get kinda quiet and holding my stomach. I was actually with some friends last night (it is Saturday evening as I type this) and I was blowing up. I haven't pooped since Wednesday, so of course I was really stuffed and bloated and trying not to pass gas all night while we were out. We went to a sports bar-type place for margaritas (forget the name) and I just nibbled on some corn chips because I had eaten with my boyfriend earlier, but every few seconds I had to seriously clench my huge soft buttcheeks to hold a fart in.

Like every minute or so, I'd feel a huge pressure in my butt and I'd think to myself: "Oh God...hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it!!!! Oh..." and it would go back up into my stomach. But I knew that in a short while it would try to come out again. This kept on for a while until I just gave in, discretely lifted one hip, and tried to let one out silently. One of my friends, Alicia, saw me tilting my wide hips and pointing my big butt away from the table and instantly knew what I was doing!

"Oh God, are you letting one go?"

I turned beet red, "Shhhhhh!"

Everyone laughed but then our waiter came over to take some dirty plates away and we all got quiet. I carefully watched his face to see if he noticed the huge stink bomb that I just laid, but he didn't seem to notice, thank goodness. He was cute, too.

I managed to avoid farting for the rest of the time we were there, but after we left Alicia had to pull in to a gas station and put gas in her car. I was sitting in the car with my hands on my stomach and one of my other friends asked if I was okay, and I confessed I had to fart bad. Then she said "Just step outside and let it out", so thats what I ended up doing. I got out of the car and Alicia asked what I was doing, and I said "Sorry but I'm about to burst", and pushing out explosive farts out of my huge soft round butt! I actually started laughing because of how loud they were, but there wasn't anyone else around. Shortly after Alicia dropped me off at my house and that was that.

So my advice to your gassy friend is to just enjoy herself when she goes out. It sounds like she's comfortable farting in front of you, so she shouldn't be too embarressed if she gets gassy when she's out with you guys. I try not to let my bowels get in the way of having fun and enjoying myself, and she shouldn't either.

I still haven't pooped, by the way. My last BM was on Wednesday and I definitely feel bloated with a huge load of massive logs inside of me. I'm actually passing a lot of gas even as I type this! I'm hoping to poop tomorrow or Monday, but for now I'm just relaxing. I'll keep you guys posted ;)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica great peeing story it sounds like you had alot of fun and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F great story as always.

To: Nadia great story about you and Chloe pooping together outside it sounds like you both really had to go and I bet you both felt really great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story it sounds like you had a rough day that grandmother couldve been a little considerate true she was helping her grandson but leaving that bloody toilet paper on the floor in front of you was inconsiderate and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Crystal great story.

To: Zara first welcome to the site and great pooping story it sounds like you had a really great poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Eves Dropper great story.

To: Jemma great set of stories it sounds like you had 2 really desperate poops and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


what comes in will come out

Hello fellow potty users, got up early today for Sunday church, took good warm shower ate good breakfast, slip on my dress slacks Sunday top, put on Sunday heels headed out, so got there at good time, church was going on felt little gassy so put s in, so hour went on than felt really gassy so casual excuse myself, walk to the ladies saw the stalls was kinda busy so waited by the sinks passing gas while waiting, so the pastor wife came in smiled looks someone going miss offering time, so some stalls came up, so I took the middle one she took the end, lowered the slacks and my panties took a seat on the warm seat, began to poop, plopped some good one's peed some, then grunted some plop some more and heard pastor wife began to moan, asked her if she okay but bloated been awhile she last went,, so I got done sipping asked she need help, she said sure so, I pull up my clothing flush, open her stall door seeing her face all red, got on my knees start rubbing her swollen belly she said thanks and start pushing then heard a plop and I said I see you later on closed the door washed my hands heard another plop got back into service, so pastor look over at me, gave him the bathroom look and nodded his head so after service went to lunch with them, another poop done another will come

Had a awesome date with Marcus again, went to the mall, looking for party supplies and my papi is cool with the idea as there be adult supervision, which I'm cool with so anyway strolling around store to store, Marcus shaking his head can't help it love shopping, eventually went to the food court, went to subway, got me pretty much everything on it, got me a large drink Marcus got two footlongs, so he help carried my food came to 30something cause all my extra meats hehe,, so we sat down, so during eating he asked no offense where all the weight goes to, mmmm to my butt I said, he said I can tell cause it's got a nice shape, I said who know it maybe flat he said naw baby got back and I can't denied, giggles me ya but can't help it, so he ask me why people think say I'm just Mexican, stupidity I said but, I'm multiple Hispanic race, my papi is half mex- cub, my real mother was half pre rican - dommincan.Now my step is half Caucasian and Mexican. So after we was done we went to the ball playroom had to buy a pair for safety rules, so when we got. in hide myself from there view start taking a sock off, Marcus shook his head like come here, so I came he said sit so I sat one sock on one sock off he took me by my other foot took my other sock off and place them in. his pocket and kissed my toes and said be careful okay, smiling me said okay so playing around for a awhile, got me the urge to go bathroom so he gave me back my socks help me put them on asked why he kiss my toes early, just out of love so, I said never happen before, so I told him, than got up to go bathroom went in lower my skirt to my ankles locked the door looked in the mirror at my butt like baby got back laughing to myself as I got to the toilet I pulled my panties down to my ankles and sat on toilet, didn't have to push just open logs just start falling out plop plop plop, last one splash me hate that, flush wiped check it see if I was done tried pushing but loud fart came wiped to see any residue nope clean, so got up pulled up my clothing wash my hands rejoined Marcus got my flip flops on, he said I still have my socks on I said yea but going buy some Jordan's so went to finish line bought me two pairs and got him a pair and shirt, picked up my party supplies, that's all right now, Brandon T hope you doing well



So my wife and i have been living in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom Condo and for the summer her twin sisters (they all 3 are triplets) Erin and Angel came to stay wifh us during the summer. Angela is 19 and Erin is 20 by about. Couple minutes. I was up in thd bathroom that waz in our bedroom, i was up getting ready to shower and clean up and relax for the evening. I was in shaving. Erin came in and asked she could use the bafhroom and i said sure and told hsr I would leavd so she could have privacy and she told me to stay.

She was in a tank top and warm ups. I continued to go about my business shaving and cleaning up when she shut the door and walked over and opened the toilet then turned around Yanked her warm ups down to her ankles exposing her white bikini cut ,panties which were soon bunched up at her ankles as well. She sat down and first thing rolled off a wad of toilet paper then she relaxed and a big kaploonk in the toilet with a few dry farts at the same time and she leaned forward a little and pushed and out came a bunch of loose poop and a big wet pffffffffffffffffffftttttttt!! Then she sat for a few minutes and kept pushing and she saix she was pooping out a long curly snake, she then wiggled to break it off. Then she reached behind and took 2 swipes to her butt and flushed. Then she rolled off a huge amount of tp and wiped again and kept wiping a total 4 times. She was finally. Clean and pulled her pantiez all thd way up into her butt crack so she had a wedgie. Then up her pants went and she left.

Angela then came in and did the same thing. She was waring thd same pink panties my wife has. Her and my wife wipe there butts standing up.

Jonathan c.
I'm 16, and two years ago, my family went on a trip with our family friends to San Francisco. I was the oldest kid on the trip, so the other kids looked up to me. Secretly, I had a crush on my friend's sister Tiffany, who is 4 years younger than me. Anyway, one day, we went on a whale watching tour. It was a medium sized boat which was pretty packed. After a couple hours at sea, we started heading back to shore. I really had to pee but there was no bathroom on the boat. I was also really tired, so I proceeded to sit down. Tiffany say down next to me. I almost immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, i realized I had wet my pants and when I looked, there was a giant wet spot. All the kids and the parents, including my own could see the wet spot and had undoubtedly seen it grow as I slept. When I looked over, I realized Tiffany had seen too and she was staring at the wet spot in shock. I had to sit through the rest of the boat ride with the kids, the parents, and Tiffany all staring at me with a giant wet spot on my pants. When we got back to the pier, I ran off to the bathroom to dry my pants. Later, when we got back to the hotel, Tiffany actually approached me and comforted me.


Look Before you Fart

Hey! We've had some warm weather here in the south lately, and I've been enjoying it! I am so looking forward to spring. I'm still having two really healthy bowel movements per day, eating heartily but health, and exercising regularly.

Yesterday I had an embarrassing experience. It had to do with a fart. When I pass gas, it usually is not the silent and smelly kind. Instead my farts are usually loud, and long. Some may smell, but mostly they are noisy!

I had just finished at the pharmacy and was getting ready to go to the gym. I had been on my feet all afternoon with no bathroom break and I wanted to get to the gym, so I didn't go at the pharmacy. Because of this, I had a lot of gas trapped and needed to fart in the worse way. So, as I was about to open my car door, and because I had not noticed anyone near in the parking lot - the cars were empty - I just looked down and relaxed my sphincter.

The result was a very loud, bubbly fart that lasted several seconds. I looked back up and began to open the car door. And, out of the corner of my eye was an older man, maybe in his 60's, with the window rolled down, several parking spots down.

My face immediately flushed. I did not make eye contact. I recognized him as one of my customers. I got in quickly and left. But I was soooooo embarrassed!

Lesson learned: look before you fart!

Love to all!



Still having soft messy poop.

The past couple of days I've been doing skinny rope-like turds. One today and one yesterday. Both times were still really messy/soft and required me getting clean in the shower because toilet paper wasn't going to clean the mess. Fortunately though I've been pooping every day, and haven't had an accident since Valentine's Day. The stool softeners, water and coffee are enough to keep me going. No more laxative!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Got the runs today!

Hi guys! I'm Taylor, a 20 year old uni student with medium length blonde hair, blue eyes and a curvy body. I am currently suffering with a bout of the runs!

I woke up this morning feeling fine, then at about half nine I developed a bit of a stomach ache. I didn't feel like I needed a poo so I just had something to eat and went to watch TV. About forty minutes later my stomach started gurgling and churning.

I'm wearing loose grey sweat pants and a hoodie, as I'm chilling out at home today. I placed one hand lightly on my stomach and realised I needed the toilet now, quite urgently. I jumped up off the sofa and hurried to the bathroom.

My straight blonde hair swinging side to side in a ponytail, I smoothed my fringe away from my face and raised my hoodie a little. I quickly pulled my baggy sweat pants and thong down and placed my bum on the toilet seat. I instantly released a loud wet fart which made my stomach feel very uneasy.

I sat holding my rumbling stomach as I felt beads of sweat appear on my forehead, smudging my foundation. I pushed gently, causing a landslide of loose poo to fall from my bum, splattering the toilet bowl.

I moaned softly as two more waves followed through me, leaving me feeling weak and unwell. I don't get diarrhoea very often so I was a bit shocked as to how loose my bowel movement was. I spent another ten minutes sat on the toilet just in case I had to go again. I farted a few times and a few loose loads dribbled out of me.

I got cleaned up and went and sat on my bed. A few minutes later I urgently had to go again. I grabbed my bum and hurried to the toilet. I quickly tugged my baggy sweat pants and thong down before releasing several long squirts of runny diarrhoea into the toilet. I had cramps and still felt full but no more would come out.

I spent ages wiping the diarrhoea that was caked all over my bum, then went to sit and watch movies on my laptop. I had to run to the toilet another three times in the morning. At twelve, my friend rang me asking if I was coming out. I told her I had the squirts and needed to stay near a toilet so she said she would come round.

I hurried to the bathroom to release as much liquid poo as possible so I wouldn't have to go and be embarrassed when my friend was there. As it turned out I had to go four times whilst she was here, my stomach was that upset!

About half an hour ago she told me a joke, which made me laugh, which because I'm ill, made me fart, which resulted in me following through and a shot of diarrhoea squirting down the leg of my tracksuit bottoms.I managed to get her to leave without her realising I'd shit my pants. I'm now still sat in my messy underwear writing this post, but I'm about to go to the toilet and do some more diarrhoea then get cleaned up.

I think I've eaten something that didn't agree with me. I haven't had the runs like this in ageees!


Learned something new

Thank you Nicholas I really liked your post. Thanks to you and your girlfriend I learned something new. I had no idea that I could successfully pee facing the toilet that is without making a huge mess. I was traveling across the country on a Greyhound bus and at one of the stops was reading the posts and your story with your girlfriend intrigued me. Well I actually had the chance to try to pee standing facing the toilet. I was asleep on the bus for a few hours and got woken up and bounced around as the road was little rough. It was about 2 o'clock in the morning the bus was dark and quiet in my bladder was rock hard and I really needed to pee. I've never used the bathroom on a bus before it was small with the toilet and little sink. Sitting down is out of the question not to mention someone went poo and some of it didn't quite make it in the toilet. I usually hover over the toilet so I lowered my pants bent forward and tried to pee. I was bouncing all around it was horrible the bus hit a bounce and I whacked my head against the wall and then was thrown sideways and almost fell back on the toilet it was really hard and I could not get myself to pee. So thinking about the post fresh in my mind I thought what the hell. I turned around and pulled my pants down to my ankles and leaned forward. There was a safety bar behind the toilet which I grabbed onto so I was able to steady myself stood on my tiptoes and prayed I was not going to make a mess everywhere with pee running down my leg as my only change of clothes were in a suitcase in the buses luggage compartment. I took a deep breath relaxed and to my surprise the pee went straight into the bowl no mess. Even when the bus was bouncing up and down I still managed to stay steady and not go everywhere. As long as I was leaning at an angle over the toilet the pee went straight down in the toilet instead of my leg. I was so excited I never thought I could do this. I'm definitely going to use this technique instead of hovering

Train Station

Story and Question

Hey everyone! So this week I have been doing some big BMs after work. For instance, I was sitting in traffic on Monday coming home from work when I got the urge to fart. I'm usually holding in immense amount of gas at work but not today. I let the fart out and I felt better. A few minutes later I felt a pain go into my lower abdomen and then it went to my bum. I knew then that I was going to need to poop very soon. It felt like a long drive home sitting in traffic needing to poop. I was close to pooping myself a few times when I was trying to release the pressure by farting. I just kept doing sbd farts so I knew that I had a hard poop coming. Finally I got home and I headed straight to the bathroom. I didn't even have to push hard for the BM to start coming out. It was a very long and stinky poop! The poop was followed by two farts that were trapped behind the poop. I checked my creation out then flushed.

Also, how do you break the fart barrier with friends? I only have two friends that I can comfortably do it around by I haven't done it yet. They belch around me all the time so I feel like letting one rip is fair game.

Danielle ^_^

I'm new.

Hi fellows! I am Danielle and I heard about this website and wanted to check out what it is about and stuff. I am a girl in high school and my cousin told me this is a good website to talk with other teens about bathroom stuff.

Bill F

Summer Camp - Day 6

I noticed the survey that Joyce answered, and I thought I'd do the same.

A. What is your gender?
I'm a male.

B. What is your age?
I'm 17 years old.

1. How often do you go to the toilet to take a poo?
Usually once a day.

2. How do you refer to taking a poo, if you gotta go?
I'll just say I have to use the washroom.

3. After you sit down on the seat, then how long does it take to get started?
It doesn't take me any extra time once I'm seated.

4. How much time do you usually need, between sitting down and wiping?
Around 2 minutes.

5. Do you usually (have to) push while you're on the toilet?
I usually give a few short pushes to get things moving, but I don't have to.

6. a. do you fart during your pooping session? If yes, in which phase do you fart most?
Sometimes, after I'm finished pooping.
b. Are your farts usually dry or wet on the toilet?
Usually dry, they get wet if it was messier than usual.

7. Do you ever remain seated after you're done?
No, I wipe and stand up right away.

8. How often are you constipated?
Not often, maybe once every four months.

9. If you are constipated, how long does it take to get started?
About ten minutes.

10. If you are constipated, how long does it take you between sitting and wiping?
About thirty minutes.

11. Do you fart on the toilet when constipated?

12. What was the longest time you spent on the toilet while constipated?
45 minutes.

13. How often do you go to the toilet to try if you're constipated?
Every two hours or so.

14. How often do you get diarrhea?
Almost never, maybe once a year. (I might have Christmas dinner to blame, hee hee)

15. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take to get started?
Same as if I was regular, as soon as I sit down.

16. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take between sitting and wiping?
It's never been a consistent amount of time. The shortest I've taken was 8 minutes.

17. Do you fart while having diarrhea? If so, which phase?
Almost all the time, so all the phases, or waves in my case.

18. What was the longest time you've spent on the toilet with diarrhea?
30 minutes.

19. How often do you go to the toilet to try when having diarrhea?
With the diarrhea, the amount of times I go to the toilet isn't up to me.

20. What is your favourite position on the potty, while:
a. Having a regular dump.
Legs spread apart, with my elbows resting on my knees.

b. Being constipated.
Legs spread apart, bent forward all the way to put pressure on my stomach.

c. Having diarrhea.
Same as a regular dump.

Now for the next part of my story. I woke up first again, and had my usual three logs. I went back to bed, and a while later, Emily woke up very suddenly. She quickly jumped out of bed, with both hands on her crotch. She apparently took off her pants sometime during the night, because she was naked from the waist down! In an instant, she sprinted towards the bucket, leaving a large trail of pee behind her. She didn't even sit on the bucket, and instead stood with her back facing it, bent forward and her pee gushed out behind her. She stayed like this for about thirty seconds, then sat down on the bucket. It looked like she was trying to have another go at pooping. After about a minute of pushing, she gave up, not even able to produce a fart.

I said "I have to ask: what was all that? One minute I'm reading, then the next I see you running to the bucket and peeing at the same time, with no pants!" She said "Well, I had a dream that I really had to pee. In the dream, I finally found a toilet, and pulled my pants down to start peeing. Apparently I also took my pants off in real life. Then, I was about to start peeing, and that's when I woke up. I think you know the rest."

A while later, Lucy woke up and had her morning pee. While she and Emily were getting dressed, Lisa woke up. She sat on the bucket and peed. Then, she farted twice and let out one big log and a few pebbles. She went to clean the bucket while I got changed. Once Lisa was changed, we went for breakfast. We were given a choice of cereal to eat. While the rest of us chose the fruit loops or cinnamon toast crunch, Emily ate the high fibre all-bran to hopefully help her along. The supervisor said there was no activity planned today, so we played any random games in the main yard all day.

We split up into teams for soccer. As we huddled around to come up with a game plan, it started smelling funny. Everyone else wrinkled their noses a bit, but no one said anything. Before the game started, Lisa winked at me and said "Yea that was me." In the end, our team lost, and Lucy, who was on the other team, couldn't wait to start bragging about it. The two of us started playing tetherball, and this time I beat her. Suddenly, she stormed off to the cabin. I followed her in, thinking "I didn't know she was a sore loser." I entered the cabin, and saw Lucy, not sulking on the bed, but pulling her pants down and sitting on the bucket.

I said "I thought you were quitting because you lost." She said, "Nope, just a potty break." and I heard the first log drop. After a buzzing fart, I heard another log drop. Another wet fart, then I heard a bunch of splattering. I said "Are you peeing now?" She said "Not yet, wait.... Now I am." I heard hissing for about twenty seconds, and she said she was done.
A little while later, Emily went into the cabin. I paid this no mind at first, but eventually I had to pee as well. I went in and saw her still seated on the bucket. I said "How long have you been here?" She said "Twenty minutes. I've been trying to go this whole time, but still nothing." I told her I had to go, so she stood up. As I was peeing, I could see it looked like she was still pushing. She went down into a squat, and continued to push. I was finished peeing, and it looked like she gave up again. I said "I guess you haven't been doing any sports today?" She said she didn't. I said "Maybe that's what you need, it could get things going."

We played tag, soccer and other games until it started getting dark. We went to dinner and had tacos. again Emily tried to eat as much as she could, as she knew this would get things going. The supervisor called us all over and said we'll be building a fire. At first we were excited, but then she said "As in gathering the wood, putting it into a proper pile, and getting it to catch fire." While gathering the wood, Emily had to pee again. She squatted by a patch that was already wet so she wouldn't ruin any firewood, and peed for about fifteen seconds. We finished gathering the wood, now it was time to build the fire. Needless to say we couldn't get it to light until the supervisor fixed it. Once the fire was going, we all sat in our chairs and passed marshmallows around.

Eventually, one of the boys, Pablo, had to use the bushes. He told the supervisor, and she walked off with him. While they were gone, we played Truth or Dare. As usual, no one chose Truth. Amelia then dared me to fart on the fire. I could feel a fart coming, so I stood up and let rip. It made the flame grow a little bit, but then it went back down again. The rest of the group burst out laughing and I sat down. Much to their surprise, Lucy then stood up and said "That's nothing!" She turned her butt to the fire and let loose with a fart that was a lot longer than mine. It affected the fire quite a bit more as well. Everyone else stared at her in disbelief. I think some of the guys had just found out that girls fart. She said "What was I supposed to do? Hold it in?" They all burst out laughing again. Lisa stood up and said "Check this one out!" She turned her butt to the fire and let out a very wet fart that didn't change the fire at all. Everyone laughed again and she sat down. As she sat down, her expression changed very quickly. I said "What's wrong?" She whispered "I think I sharted." I said "Like, diarrhea sharted?" She said "No, I pushed a little too hard and something solid found its way out, I think."

The supervisor came back, and we continued singing campfire songs, telling stories, roasting, and eventually the fire died down until it was just hot coals. When everyone headed back to their cabin, Emily stayed behind. I wondered what was going on, and saw she was hovering over the coals with her pants halfway down. She then started peeing on the coals. After about twenty seconds, she was done, and I could tell that she put out most of the coals that were still burning. When we returned to the cabin, there was a horrible smell. I could soon figure out why. "Lucy, you forgot to clean out the bucket! It's been sitting there for like, 9 hours!" Plugging her nose, she cleaned out the bucket. Once the bucket was back, Lisa and I took turns peeing. All Lucy could say was "Really?" She gave in and peed as well.

We all got changed into our pyjamas, and I noticed there was indeed a small turd in Lisa's panties. She emptied them into the bucket and threw them out. We packed our suitcases - with some underwear absent - and went to bed. We were told the bus would be leaving promptly at 9:00, so we had to go to sleep earlier. And so we did.

I'm almost done with my ridiculously long story, but I hope you enjoyed reading it. (and maybe re-reading it to get all the details... hee hee) I'll post the last part, again, as soon as I can.

See ya next time!

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