Friend took a massive dump

Last summer, I went on a camping trip with some friends over a weekend. The trip had a lot of memorable experiences, but I'll only talk about the one that's about pooping. It started early Sunday morning, shortly after sunrise.

My friend Chloe and I were the only ones awake and we decided to go for a swim while we'd have the whole lake to ourselves. After we were done and had changed into our normal clothes, Chloe said she had to poop. I said I did as well. We hurried to get back to the campsite to get some toilet paper and went off into the woods.

We found a spot that, while it wasn't perfect, would have to do because we both had to poop very badly by then. I squatted down and Chloe squatted a short ways away. Very soon, we were both peeing and then began to concentrate on pooping. I fairly quickly pushed out several soft, somewhat long, sandy brown turds. I wiped my front and back and then pulled up my jeans.

I looked over and saw a big pile of turds underneath Chloe, and she was still pooping! She had a thick, dark brown, log hanging out of her and it was nearly touching the pile. When it snapped off and fell, and she started working on another one, I was amazed. I just stood there and probably stared, I couldn't believe she had made THAT. Chloe is a skinny girl who weighs maybe 100 pounds soaking wet.

Finally though, she seemed to be done after that turd. She wiped her butt several times and began to pull up her pants. She turned around and saw her humongous pile. I said something like, "Where were you keeping all that poop?" and she replied that she hadn't been in a couple of days.


what comes in will come out

Thanks Brandon T, yes it was hard time it always happen when I don't eat healthy, plus got a not normal size hole so gotta be careful what come in and when it time come out as you can see, today I went to emergency room cause being sick got more than the stomach bug / the flu, so got ready 8 this morning feeling quite dizzy, so on antibiotics but while at the hospital, I had to pee so far no poop yet part of side affect state slight constipation I hope not, I hate that rather poop and get it done with though most girls I know back home always question why I poop at school school toilets are gross well, some maybe but you going make things alot worse holding it in I know if I get a urgers to go regardless where I'm at 9/10 out times, I'm going sit my butt on some toilet and poop, when I was in middle school I would try hold it but failed one day filled my panties, but anyway it's up to each individual. But at hospital had take a urine sample, while getting check over, came out all dark highly unusual for me. Well take care all


My football game mistake

This past fall I had a bad experience when my Uncle Jim came to town and took my Dad and I to a professional football game. When Uncle Jim comes to town he has a lot of money to spend and we know we're going to have a long, but fun-filled day.

I overate at the Sunday morning buffet we went to so by the time we arrived at the stadium, I was stuffed and knew I was going to have to poo before the game started. After we got our seats, my gas was increasing so I told Dad I was going down to the toilets. He made me write our section/row numbers on my hand and I hurried on downstairs. As soon as I opened the door of the nearest bathroom, I could see it was jammed. There must have been 30 toilets and I practically fell onto a boy who looked to be about 4 and was being pushed forward by his grandma. There was an eruption in my gut and I knew I couldn't wait. Once the crowd cleared a little in front of us, I spotted an open stall. I knew it was mine. Bumping into the boy and grandma, I ran for the doorless stall. (Beginning with my 5th grade year in middle school, I would use a doorless stall in such a situation because I pee and poo fast). Sometimes as soon as a second or two after I place my butt on the seat.

Often when I'm bloated, I will blast a series of gas that's immediately followed by a heavy direct dump of really soft poo like mashed potatoes. I quickly pulled down my jeans and underwear well below my knees because I didn't expect to be seated long. Immediately the gas blast come, followed by another. I threw my hair forward and lowered my head to where I could see into the bowl between my legs. All I could see was clean water. At that point, I looked up and found the little boy standing in front of me with his finger in his nose. I told him to go away and give me space and at that point I could see he had a nose bleed. His grandma moved in front of him, grabbed my toilet paper roll and quickly tore the remainder off. Then she got on her knees directly in front of me with her butt practically against my knees and worked to stop his nosebleed. While see was doing that, I started pushing as hard as I could to get my poo out.

There was some blood splashing onto the floor and she took the bloody toilet paper and just started dropping it at my feet. My next gas blast came and was loud. It hurt but a big log followed. It was tearing at my rectum, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get off the stool and back to our seats. The grandma and boy got done, left their bloody paper in front of me, and quickly left. I stood up to look at how big my poo was. It was huge and my ring was still in pain. I seated myself gain and was reminded there was no toilet paper left. So I stood, pulled up my underwear and jeans, and stepped over the bloody paper and immediately left the room.

I had to pee at halftime. I went to a different bathroom, but it was just as crowded. Yes, there were a couple of doorless toilets available, but I wasn't interested. I think I waited about 15 minutes and once I seated myself and was peeing, I looked at the damage to my underwear. It was pretty gross. I took my jeans off, laid them over the door, and stepped out of my underwear. I cleaned myself, using almost all the toilet paper provided, and then put my jeans back on. I crunched the dirty underwear up in my hand and placed it in the trashcan. Then as I was washing my hands, I was thinking about the lesson I had learned.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tina as always another great set of stories about you and your firend pooping in various place it sounds like you both had alot of fun and both had really great poops to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Crystal it sounds like you had a really rough time but at least you had people to help you out and I hope you feel better soon and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: BIANCA great story it sounds like you had 2 good poops and it sucks you got sick hopefuly it didnt last to long.

To: Lex first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really rough day hopefuly it didnt last to long and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kholi first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop at mc donalds it sounds like you really had to go bad and im betting you wont eat as much next time since now you know what will happen and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Chelsea great story about your big poop I bet you felt amazing afterwards and I bet your boyfriend really enjoyed the show to and i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Liza M great story about your friend pooping.

To: Tom great story.

To: Jemma great story about your loud poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


what comes in will come out

Feeling alot better over the flu now, did go back to school today, got a enmma yesterday and today just in case to make sure all the poison is out, so going share the experience, I used to get them all the time cause I have torn tissue in my retucm dealing with my ex so ladies be careful out there don't be afaird to say no if he don't stop call police. Anyhow, yesterday I got up bloated in my swollen, my step mother notice and told me come in and close the door, she got her vaseline she always has a jar I wonder why yea anyway with gloves on she told me drop my clothing and spread my legs and bend over, so I pulled my pajamas shorts down to my feet and spread my legs and bend over, so she start rubbing my hole really good and took medium bottle out eased it up there and squeezed it about almost finish I start feeling to go, but she said got use all of it, so like 5 minutes left it was gone now, so I bolted for the bathroom toilet, with pajamas short half way down cause forgot to pull way up, got to my toilet just in time pushed them all the way down and sat down, plops after plops was shooting out one after another like 15mins after the plops came the liquid and it was so smelly in there flush, then had more plops going on then came my beast, slowly came end splashing me, than more liquid, and about 1:30 minutes I was finished, sore was I and soaked my
butt rest of that morning than afternoon took a shower slept all the way till evening and ate soup, story two is now nurse gave me one, just been having liquid in her office bathroom sense I got to school, as we speak it's still going so hope all is well with rest of y'all


quick survey for those interested

1/ Would you Poo in Public Toilets?
Me - yes I have IBS I have no choice.
2/ Would you Poo at a friends house?
Me - yes (reason as above)
3/ Would you Poo in front of your Other Half
Me- yes, we are very comfortable with that sort of thing.
4/Would you Poo at Work
Me- yes (reason as Q1)
5/ Would you Poo on a Train/Aeroplane
Me- yes I would have though initially I was wondering if I would.
6/ Would you Poo whilst on the phone to someone if u were desperate- family/friend/cold-caller
Me- no I would phone them back. Or put phone down on cold-caller
7/ LASTLY - Desperation stakes - poo your pants/knickers or hold it in for as long as possible until you get to a toilet?
Me- hold it in!!!

Thanks, J x


survey these look cool

1. How often do you have a shit? usually every 2-3 days
2. Are you a folder or a crumpler? scruncher quicker and easier
3. Are you an inspector? always

4. Are you a stander or sitter? always sit

5. Are you a double dipper? no way
6. Do you use moist wipes or wet toilet paper? just toilet paper usually
7. Do you read in the latrine? at home sometimes usually i like to just sit there and enjoy it

8. If so, how often do you read? not offen

9. How often do you sit when using the toilet? all the time

10. Do you inspect what you've left before flushing? yep always

11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear? in public to my knees at home or at a friends to my ankle or all the way off

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush until
its all gone? at home and friends places yes in public i just leave everything all the time

13. To wipe, do you reach between your legs, or do you reach your
hand around your backside? around the back

14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back
to front, or some other way? front to back

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until
most of its gone? definitly totally clean or as clean as i can get

16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other
people are there? nope coz they do it too

17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when some-
body else is around? i live alone but no i shut the door to contain the smell

18, Do you drop paper into the toilet before going? nope i love hearing my poo drop

19. Do you use air freshener after? not ussuly


bored so i'll do another

my toilet survey habits

do you poop in public ? often
do you sit on the toilet bare bottom or cover the sit or squat? sit bare bottom
Do you pee in public? yeah thats a given

When you poop in public do you grunt and strain? if i have to im free with pooping
How far do you pull your pants or shorts and panties down? in public not far at home as far as i want

Do you like pooping? love it
Do you like peeing? yes but doing a poo is better

Have you seen anyone pee or poop on accident? yeah occasionally
Have you seen anyone pee or poop on intention? same as above
Have anyone saw you pee or poop ? heard heaps of people watched only a few people

What places you poop at beside at home? wherever i gotta go i go
Is there a place you have poop at but you won't do that again? na


poop at the train station

hello im zara a 1st time poster discoved this site by accident but i like what i see
so a bit about me im 25 short and told i have curves in the right places tho, i absolutly enjoy pooping its a free plesure we get i used to always hold it as long as i could so as a result i now only go every 2-3 days but when i do go i get a very big one so i dont mind

anyways onto my story i had been shopping with my friend claire all day and the whole time i had a slight urge to poo but not bad so we kept doing what we did but once we were done and we caught the train i was starting to get desperate once we got off the train we had to get a bus back to her house by then my need was bad and i said claire i need to use the toilet we had 5 minutes before the bus so she said thats ok we got time to pee before we catch the bus coz i have to aswell i whispered to her as there were others around i actually have to go number 2 and i dont think i can hold it much longer she said thats ok coz she knew if we missed the bus we had 20 minutes any way im rabbling we both entered the ladies room i rushed my jeans down seconds after i sat down i started to poop it grew quickly and landed with a loud floomp, claire said sounded like you really needed to go i said you have no idea she peed wiped up and said im gonna wait outside i said ok as i pushed another big log out which landed on the other one tthe bathroom was starting to have a strong smell another lady walked in and i heard her muttter seriously how can people poop in public, i said loud to shut her up hey when you gotta go you gotta go as i did i pushed another big log out and went aaahhhh pushed out a few more small turds then i was done wiped up, didnt flush i never do in public, met claire outside and said oh i feel a lot lighter after that

bye for now have many other stories will share later

liza M

To Chelsea Valentines Day story

Hi Chelsea, I did enjoy your Valentines Day story specially how you hold your poop to make your BF happy watching you do it on the floor

He gave Romantic lighting the candles while you gave him s*** hhhhhhhhhh

Mystery Poster

To The J

Ok, this is my opinion, I would act sad or cry around her (your choice) and hopefully that will make her ask to you: "What's wrong, honey?" Then, you saysomething like this: "I have a fetish and I hope you understand me." If she doesn't understand you, then she's not a caring/accepting girlfriend to you. A caring boyfriend or girlfriend in a relationship would accept you no matter what. If I had a girlfriend and she had a fetish or had an "interest" in something that most guys like, then I wouldn't get mad at her. I would accept her no matter what.

Eves Dropper

Probably a time I really shouldn't have listened.

Hello folks. I've no idea why i'm telling you all this, other than that it'll probably make anything else I post not look so bad.
This story is from about 2 years ago when I was going out with a great girl. She new that I liked to listen when I shouldn't and she didn't mind helping me out so to speak. So i'd heard her go a few times. At xmas we went to her mothers house and on boxing day and ended up staying over as she lives a couple of hours journey away. I had already noted that the bathroom was next to the bedroom we were sleeping in. Anyway, you can probably guess where this is going. In the morning I slept in, and I was dimly aware that my girlfriend had got up and gone down stairs. A little later I woke to the sound of the bathroom door closing. I shouldn't have listened i know, but I couldn't help myself, and any how the bed was against the wall and with my head on the pillow my ear was just about against the adjoining wall anyway. I heard a delicate tinkling, about 10 seconds worth. Then a pause. Then a deep plop. It was awesome. Another pause, about 5 seconds. Then, plop. Another deep one. Then almost inaudible, a sigh of relief. By this time I was excited. I can't deny it. I heard paper beeing pulled after another pause, and wiping going on. At that point, I heard a faint voice from downstairs. It sounded like my girlfriend perhaps on the fone. There was a jolt in my stomach. I heard the toilet flush, and I had to be sure. I went to the bedroom door and opened it, and sure enough my girlfriends mum was just coming out of the bathroom. She said "Morning" as she walked past and went down the stairs. So yes, you guessed it. I had heard my girlfriend's mum take a poo, and there's no point lying, I liked it. Well there we are. Me and the girl didn't stay together in the end, and of course I never mentioned it, so I suppose in the scheme of things, it doesn't matter that much. I stil feel bad, but I don't think i'll forget it in a hurry. My apologies if i've offended or grossed anyone out, but I guess i'm not the first. Any other stories I post won't be that bad. Lol. Bye for now.


what comes in will come out

Lying down in bed thinking about my 18teen birthday party, the antibiotics are working so far but still can't poop, so I may need get a enmma to help me out, but I have some sharp farts, so I was talking to my papi see what he says cause wanting hotel pool party, but Deiese called check up on me while farting unto the bowl she like me we not ashamed to poop in front of each while on the phone, now watching someone poop is little bit werid to me though I seen her on the toilet but not glazing at her seeing what come out and vise versa. But anyway if I do hotel pool party can do a few nights starting day before all the way till and day afterwards, well gotta go now, me need to pee and sleep again hehe

Friday, February 21, 2014


2 poo stories.

So my first story is from work, (I am a customer service rep for those who don't know.)
Yesterday, I had a client who happened to be late, i tried to get him sorted as quickly as possible and the entire time I was desperate for a poo. Clenching my buttocks the whole time lifting my buttocks off the seat to clench and fidgetting throughout our conversation he must've realised I was literally about to poo in my black knickers!!
1 & half hours later I legged it to the loos upstairs, and without any hesitation, through my grey pencil skirt & black tights & black knickers down to my ankles & plonked my bum on the seat.
Lots of loose soft plops erupted from my anus, I think I counted I'd done about 18 plops all together. My stomach still hurting, I had to get back to my desk for my next client so wiped up 5x & flushed. Pulled my clothing back up
Washed my hands and left feeling 10 pounds lighter!

Second story -
that night at home our neighbours came over for drinks and curry.
During the evening whilst chatting I realised I was getting desperate for my next poo.
Our loo is right next to our garden where I ask people to smoke, so I went for a poo, & Andy decided he'd go for a smoke as I walked to the loo.
He heard everything as the walls are paper thin. I was so desperate and had a ???? ache, i couldn't hold it in any longer, I pulled up my red dress, & pulled down my black knickers, put my huge ass on the seat & let out 10 loose plops all in quick succession as soon as I sat down , a huge loud wet fart, then a further 5 plops. & 1 more wet fart, & 2 more loud loose plops. Flushing and spraying. I had such a ???? ache that I went again about an hour later.
On my exit Andy finished his fag and joked "I'll leave it 5 minutes shall I?!"
IBS in all it's glory!


More odd place pooping

Hi guys, I have more to share. My friend was suppose to be on her way over, but I had been holding my poop all day waiting for her. I had also been thinking of places to go. I really couldn't hold it anymore so I rushed into my garage and found an old bucket. I pulled down my pants and first squatted next t the bucket as pee gushed out, splattering the cement below. After I finished I stood and squatted my butt over the bucket and relaxed as soft poo poured out and splattered into the bucket. I grunted and pushed again as more poo slid out. Just then my friend pulled into my driveway. "Why didn't you wait??" She asked. "I really had to go!" She rushed over and yanked down her pants while I was still going. I moved over so she could share, but there wasn't enough room. She waddled over in front of me and found and empty paint container. But as she was grabbing for it a piece of soft poop slipped from her butt and hit the cement. "Oh forget it!" She said and just stiood there and released. "Ahhhhh that feels so good!" Pee gushed hard from her and onto the ground as a pile of soft serve poop grew underneath her, tons of soft pieces falling from her butt.

The other day we were in the car going to our friends house and we were driving in the country and she said she really had to go after the dinner we had. So we pulled to a rest stop that almost looked abandoned. We rushed out of the car and into the women's restroom, which first had a long hallway. We got to the door and it was locked! "I really have to go!" She hiked up her dress and turned with her back towards me and bent over, both hands on the wall in front of her. She stuck her butt out and bent slightly and she grunted as a few pieces of poop shot out of her butt. She lowered her squat a little and started to pee as more poop snaked out of her butt. Once she was finished I handed her tissue from my purse to clean up. I had to pee so I yanked my pants down and just squatted, peeing on top of her poo. That's it for now, many more later!


what comes in will come out

Hello everyone again, just got up to use the bathroom few minutes ago, feeling bit dizziness so no school for me, :( but Marcus did bring me my homework and made me soup, so not going post long but going tell my story, so got up to use bathroom, kept the lights off slowly walked over the toilet hiked up shirt and sat on toilet, pee a weak stream but burned, then came the runs so place my hands on my lap, closed my eyes to rest heard knock on door from papi asking if I was okay told him no, called my step mom to come help me, so she came to help, took a warm washcloth asked me get up slow and turn on lights so I closed my eyes, so she took the cloth start washing my poopie butt softly till clean, told me she was done so help me walk back to bed, told me I need wear panties to bed, so she told me hold on grab a pair of panties from my drawer and shook her head told me don't tell your papi kinda laugh told her don't worry I only wear those to cause the other kind reveals to much, well that's all


squatting & diarrhea

To TIana: What you describe is a hover or partial squat; a full squat would take your bottom down near the level of your ankles. Squat toilets in some parts of the world are for squatting way down; if you merely hover, you could shoot a wet movement well behind the back of the toilet, making a bad mess. A hover doesn't get you that low, but leaves your bottom above the toilet bowl.

Telling others I had diarrhea: This depends upon the situation, but from time to time I have either told others that an illness included diarrhea, or listened as they told me about their diarrhea. A few years ago I was a teacher at a high school. Over Christmas break I got what we are fairly sure was the Norovirus, a truly noxious disease. It started with diarrhea, then rapidly got worse, so that, weak as I was, I had to get out of bed every half hour or so to spurt some more diarrhea into the toilet. Suddenly I started pooping before I got to the toilet, soiling my clothes. My wife had to run to the store for some Depends, which I wore for the first time in my life. The first night of the Norovirus, I lost 11 pounds. It was some days before I could eat normally, and by the time school resumed, I looked much thinner and my skin looked all folded up. My students noticed immediately, so I told them about having diarrhea so bad that I lost 11 pounds in a night. By then--10 days or so after the disease was over--I was no longer contagious; but I thought my students needed to know just how severe it could be. There were both boys and girls in the class, but I was not embarrassed to tell them. In fact, a couple of them came up to me afterwards and said they or their family members had suffered the same thing.

I certainly do not do anything like the people in the stupid anti-diarrheal medicine commercials do, waving the product around and watching their smiling faces as I discuss diarrhea with them. However, if there is a good reason to discuss it, I don't hesitate, as with an infectious disease spreading about.


what comes in will come out

To Brandon T, thanks I try hehe, To Nicholas me as a Hispanic female myself, I prefer sitting on toilet regardless if public or not, it too much trouble getting on my tippy toes, plus my outfits will reveal too much,??? Sounds like to me girl you need poop more instead of waiting for people fall asleep I know I can't be very painful. Now unto my story as Marcus was massage my feet the feeling was so incredible never had that one before but been told I have cute little feet and toes but never massage . So being over his house got to meet his parents, his mom being 5'6 his dad 6'7, I felt really tiny around them but felt made welcome but again as Marcus was such a good job I told him me need bathroom fast, so he stop and let me off the sofa, and walk with me to bathroom, holding my hand, so I told him breakfast and lunch kicking my butt, he said it's okay, I said Okay i closed the door any locked it took a deep breath, drop my Crapsi and panties down to my and place my butt on the seat, start peeing a bit then started farting, then my hole open up liquid poop start purring out like water, after 25 minutes I was finished felt so weaken, after leaving bathroom I lay down, Marcus told his mom how wore out I was, his mom gave me a blanket pillow,and spent that night, that's all

Poop Prophet

First Car experience

Hi everybody, I'm a 11 year old boy and I've been a lurker on this site for around three years. When I started reading posts here when I was 8, I took interest in Car mom's stories. I showed them to my friend Lilly who also that they were cool. After reading some more stories, we started finding weird places to pee and poop. At first it was places like in her garden and the back of my closet. We wanted to find a more fun place to go and the only place we could think of was a car. We couldn't think of a way to convince our parents. Then one day my mom said she was taking us to the amusement park and we left early in the morning. The drive there was incredibly long and I got a genius idea along the way. After we got there me and Lilly got in line for a ride without a long line. Since not many people were there that day, my mother let us go wait in line alone, As we waited in line I told Lilly my idea of how we could get to go in the car, I said we should hold our pee until we head home so that we have to go while on the way. She agreed and we spent the rest of the afternoon on different rides and drinking a lot. My mom kept asking if we needed to go and each time we shook our heads. After getting in the car to go home, I felt like I was gonna burst. Lilly was occasionally shaking and obviously had to go pretty bad. After we got on the road, like a miracle, we hit traffic. It was clear we weren't going anywhere and after about 20 minutes we decided to start asking her to let us go. "I have to pee really bad" I said to my mom. She got a frustrated look before responding "We can't go anywhere so you will just have to hold it" . I held it for another 10 minutes before telling her it was getting worse. Once again she told me to hold on. Lilly began to complain also."We could just go in the car" Lilly said. My mom looked back at her like she just said the craziest thing in the world. "What are you talking about" she asked. "I heard about how some people just go in their carseats like a toilet. It's easier and kinda fun" Lilly said back. My mother declined but we kept doing our desperate faces hoping she would cave in. My mom was always soft and overprotective of me and we knew she was going to cave in eventually. I guess she couldn't stand to see me suffer because she said ok a few minutes later. Lilly then explained about how it was going to go directly into the seat and my mom said urine couldn't be that hard to remove. So Lilly and I pulled down our pants and undies to get ready. Lilly was ready to go immediately, but I had to push my penis down so that it went into the seat. After we were both ready, we looked at each other and said "Go" at the same time.after that we both let loose. I could feel the warmth spreading out over my legs and bottom. I could hear the sound of Lilly peeing as it made a light hiss noise as it hit the seat. We couldn't stop smiling as we finally felt relief. Car mom's stories didn't describe how fun it was well enough. After about half a minuet the puddles forming beneath us combined and began to leak unto the floor. When my mom wasn't looking Lilly would bounce up a little to show me her pee leaving her. I could keep my eyes off of her golden stream. I had seen her pee before but it never gets old. Sadly our streams eventually ended and we sat in our mixed urine for the rest of the ride. When we got back to my house, my mom said we could just take off our pants because they had gotten a bit wet when we hit some bumps. My family is very open and so is Lilly's. Seeing each other while missing some clothes wasn't exactly abnormal. So for the next hour we played around in our undies waiting for her parents to pick her up. When her mom arrived to get her, my mother told her about us peeing in her car. They both thought about how useful it would be to have a way for us to be able to go in the car all the time without having to clean it. After a few minutes they came up with the idea of getting some large child potties that we could keep in there. After that Lilly left and we both got the happiness of acting like Kaylee and her friends in the car mom story. Our parents never asked where the car pee idea came from so it was like a little secret. In later posts I'll talk about our time with the kid potties in the car and other adventures we had in cars and out.


2 poops at work + another story

Hi, it's bianca again!

I had 2 poop sessions today at work. The first time it was really quick with some gas in it. It was quite a stink, too. Someone who works at my job came in, and she needed to go as well. The lady was quieter than I was. another time the poop was a little softer. I think either the kiwi I had with my lunch, or the broccoli soup for dinner yesterday did the job. My second story happpened a long time ago )I was about 9 or 10(. My family (Mom, my brother Leon, and I) went to the flee market, or some other store. I found this rag doll with lace on her socks, a dress on her, and she had a bow on the dress. I loved the doll until nearly 3 years later our boxer tore her up! On the day she was purchased, I was in bed with my rag doll laying in my empty toybox which I had next to my bed. Sometime during the night, I threw up all over my pillow. I had to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up, I threw up on the floor later that night, and again at school the next day. At home, I made it to the toilet each time I felt sick, this time vomitting only water.I felt better after I took a nap while listening to the Bee Gees.



Just wanted to ask if anyone has diarrhea at school stories


Im new. accident

Hi my name is Lex and this is my first post but i have been reading the posts on here for over a year.I am in high school and I wanted to share a story that happened to me today. I was at school in my last period of the day and my stomach started cramping. I felt like I had some gas so I started pushing out small farts. They were very smelly but the class has tons of students so nobody knew who did them. Over time my stomach started cramping more and the more it cramped the more I was farting. The bell finally rang and I was speed walking to the bus stop because I refuse to shit at school. A few times I had to stop to hold in my poop. At this point I realized that I really needed to pee too but didnt notice because I was so focused on having to poop. I got on the bus and sat down. In a way I felt better but it was also worse because it was like I was pushing on the poop through my butt. My house is about a 15 minute bus ride from my school but it felt like hours. I was letting out a lot of farts on the bus but one felt particularly wet. I wiggled around a little to try to see if anything came out and I definitely felt some poop smush in my panties. I was clenching my butt for the rest of the ride but some farts slipped through. I could see almost everyone on the bus was holding their nose and complaining about the smell but no one suspected me. When I got off the bus I had to go up a small hill to get to my house.I was having so many cramps and was in really bad pain. I was around the corner of my house when I had a horrible cramp and everything hit. I doubled over and just let go. I had three wet farts and then soft poop that turned to diarrhea flooded my panties. I kept farting and pooping in my pants when my bladder let loose. So I stood there on the sidewalk messing my pants but nobody noticed because I was thankfully wearing dark jeans so I just took out my phone to make it look like I was texting. It smelled terrible though so when I finished I rushed home. I went straight to the toilet where I had some more diarrhea and then got in the shower. I was having cramps in the shower so I just squatted and had more diarrhea in the shower. I was squatted like that for ten minutes before I got up and finished cleaning. I feel a little better now but think I will probably have to go later on.


Too much food

Hello, my name is kholi AND I'VE GOT A STORY TO TELL to tell you. since I'm a 14 year old girl, i decided to go to MC.Donald's with my friends because we made a bet with each other to see who can eat the most MC.Donald's. We bought 24 MC.doubles and 3 Mocha frappes then sat at a big table to fit the food. my 3 friends [including me] had 8 burgers and 1 frappes for each Friend. i ate only 4 burgers while every one else was done. my stomach gurgled and felt horrible with this burning sensation that i had. I told my Friends that i will be right back. I ran to the bathroom when i felt the burning go down to my anus. i was holding my butt but that did not help. i ran inside the bathroom looked under stalls to see if any were open. After a couple of Agony minutes, one opens and i suddenly ran to the stall, scaring the little old lady. i pulled down my short shorts and my panties and sat down without putting anything on the toilet seat because usually i do that when I'm in a public restroom. I can feel my butt shake and my stomach gurgle even more. I hear poeple talking and leaving. i looked under each and every stall to see if i can blow up without anyone hearing. nobody was in the bathroom yay. so i let a rip and a whole bunch of diharea exploded through my butt hole and sprayed the toilet till it was fully brown. i peed a little bit but then exploded some more. after all that bad diharea came out i wiped my bum and peed the rest of the time i needed. i wiped again and put on my short shorts up and looked in the toilet to see my mess and saw little bits of undigested burger. it was really gross. i flushed and washed my hands and saw my freinds waiting for me.

The End

Donnie C.

Talking about...diarrhea

Catherine: Most likely because of the very high "ick factor" that diarrhea has. You might be old enough to remember a famous TV commercial for Pepto-Bismol, which was pretty much the first time the "D" word was mentioned in an ad.


Germany dump

When I was 18 years old I went to Germany on vacation with my family. We stayed at our friends house. I felt weird pooping in their bathroom as I am mortified of clogging someone else's toilet and I am a shy pooper anyways. I held my poop for the first 3 days and I usually go every day. On that third day I could not hold it anymore. Their house was really narrow but had like 5 floors to it. I thought I would be safe on the top floor. I sat down and right away felt the relief. A huge steady, but slow shit started making its way out of me. It was the greatest feeling in the world! until one of the girls living there tried to turn the handle and come in. I told her I was almost done and she said ok. She was fairly attractive too so I did not want to leave a mess. I wiped and then went to flush. To my dismay I could not find the flusher. This must have been one of those weird Eastern toilets where its like a button or something and I could not find it. She continued to knock and I finally gave in and just let her in. I closed the lid and then told her that I could not find the lever. She laughed and said it was ok. I quickly left. I am not sure maybe she flushed before lifting the lid, but I am almost positive she looked at what I had left which was a monster log that wrapped around the toilet twice!


odd pooping places and groups

I love to poo in odd places, with friends. We have a fascination with it.
A few weeks ago i was getting ready for work, i was about to get dressed and was standing in the bathroom doing my hair. I live alone. I had the urge to poo all morning but had not. My friend had slept over and was coming into the bathroom. "I have to go!" I told her. Just go! Right there! She said. I took off my underware. Still standing, i bent my knees and grunted. Soft poo started to fall from my butt and made a splat as it hit the floor. A stream of pee followed, splashing onto the poo. My friend was not impressed and said she could do better. When i finished she hoovered over my pile. As she moaned, a chunky pile fell from her butt and landed onto mine. She grunted followed by another chunky pile. Some pee dribbled from her. She did a more impressive job.

Another time me and the same friend and one of our other friends were hanging out at her house, all holding our poo and thinking of places to go. Finally my friend couldnt hold it and said she had to go. We went outside it was a nice day. She said shed go kn her deck. She lifted hp her skirt and sat with her butt on the edge of a bar stool. Pee starting dribbling from all edges of the stool, as she grunted, a pile of soft poo oozed from her butt and hit the desk while we watched she moaned and said she felt better as another wave fell from her butt. Watching her really made me have to go. She cleanded up and i decided to go inside. I wanted to go on her living room floor. I pulled down my shorts and squatted, grunted and pushed out a few logs onto the floor. A large pile of poo continue to grow as i pushed more logs from my butt. They were impressed with my pile. The last girl had to go really bad. She got naked from the waist dow. And said she wanted to go lay in the hammock. We went outside and she said on her back. A long stream of pee gushed and dribbled from the hammock and hit the ground. She then sat up and a liquid poo squited from her butt through the hammock and splashed the ground beneath her. She got off the hammock and turned with her butt facing us and did a high squat. She moaned and anothef wave of soff poo fell from her butt to the ground. We have done this alot will post more. Would love to hear others odd stories!


Valentines Day

I had a fantastic Valentines day with the BF, however, it wasn't easy!
Knowing how much he loves to watch me take a desperate poo in front of his very own eyes, I decided he would get just that for valentines day.
After my huge poo at work Tuesday morning, nothing happened come Wednesday, but by Thursday lunch time I could feel some pressure down below and knew come this evening I was going to need a shit bad. After dinner that night I was bursting, I couldn't stop releasing gas and getting stomach cramps it was hard to hide it from the BF but I was determined that he should get his treat tomorrow.

After riding out the storm for a little while despite it being agony, it got to the stage where, the urge passed.
Come the next morning still no urges which was a relief as I still had a half day at work to contend with, I decided to pig myself out and had a huge cooked breakfast with my BF Bacon,hash browns, sausages, black pudding and fried eggs after this no effect on me but I was seriously bloated and starting to worry if I've become constipated! I left the house with my BF on the throne, breakfast was too much for him :)

Work was fine we were busy and I was massively bloated but otherwise okay and I really was starting to think I was constipated, like I said I was only working a half day and was finished by 1 so I went to cure my constipation by first munching down a footlong subway! But then got a huge coffee to go from Starbucks, now I still had some shopping to get i.e Ann Summers :) and I was just in the process of paying for my items when the urge hit me!
That coffee and footlong sub had more than done the trick, if I thought last night was bad no it was much worse I had to hold my bum, in the shop fortunately the girl behind the counter couldn't see, I was having some very strong cramps and needed a toilet desperately! I raced to the car dropping some really warm ripe farts which was helping to relieve the pressure somewhat.
The drive although only 20mins was a nightmare this dump needed out and now sadly there was no way I could hold on till my BF finished work.
I parked up on the drive only to see my BF car still there I entered the house to find he had turned it into a Valentines Palace I suppose with roses and rose petals everywhere I was very touched to see what he had done. He was just lighting the candles at this point knowing I'd be back early he had booked the day off work but not told me, a great surprise but one I couldn't appreciate till after this desperate poo that I needed...

By now the tip of a large poo was already pushing out of my large behind. I quickly told him follow me now, I was soo desperate he loved it I ran to the toilet in my heels very quickly dropping my jeans and thong to my ankles and sat down, my BF was watching with great anticipation I started my piss first into the toilet still desperately holding on to my poo, I thought I'd give him an extra surprise, so when my wee stopped I got up and pushed him back and bent over right in front of him. He commented how he could see my poo inching out already he was rather excited! I could not wait for the relief I was soughta excited myself now, I squatted in front of him resting my huge cheeks on top of my heels and proceeded to push out this desperately needed monster shit.

His face was a picture as I groaned doing my business all over the floor with him watching, it felt so naughty, the strong smell only added to this, after I dropped the first huge streamer he asked if I'd finished the only response I could give him, was a huge groan as another smelly 6' poo started slowly exiting my hole it was an amazing feeling, I was becoming very satisfied!
After that I then dropped a softer poo that curled up over the over two leaving a huge steaming pile of shit on the bathroom floor but I was empty at least!

I'll leave it up to your imagination as to what happened next but it was a very very good valentines day looking forward to more stories peeps
peace out Chels Xoxo

liza M

freind pooping at mall

I have a new exciting story . this is my second story here the 1st one was Beach Story (unexpected pooping) I hope you like it .

I was going to do shopping with my best friend Suzi . do you remember her??!! she was with me on beach when she peed while she stood while I do no 2 naked in the sea !!!! it was really wonderful experience I did enjoy it.

We decided to have a break on a cafe talking after more three hours between shops but we bought nothing . we was talking about our last journey to beach and she was laughing on me because of my pooping on beach. I told her that I was really enjoying that although it was difficult at the beginning but once log got out it was nice feeling

She asked me if I am talking serious or just kidding . I replied really interesting . she told me that she would do something different " I am going to poop on toilet floor "
"why ???!!"
"just to try what girls was feeling while pooping on beach toilet floor ..... they made a huge amount of s*** hhhhhhh"
"but here toilet is clean in this mall and may some one see what you do"
"you will notice and after I finish I will ring to your mobile and wait your ring when nobody near my stall"
" ohhh no your are crazy Suzi "
" don't be selfish .... who helped you last time ??"
"ok "
"let's go honey"

We both pay and move to ladies room , it was so huge contain more than 15 stalls as it is big mall . Suzi choose the last stall far from door and closed the door . I got it one in the middle . it was really clean ready with toilet paper so I made my jeans and panties down then started to pee wipping but still sitting waiting Suzi ring . I started playing SUBWAY on my mobile killing the time waiting..... finally after about 15 minutes Suzi gave me ring . I stand up flushing , got my paints and Jeans on , got out stall there was some occupied stalls while nobody waiting outside so quickly I gave her ring , she got out and closed the door , walked to sink confident !!!!
I washing my hands behind her and asked her " have you made it on floor? "

" it is awful inside hhhh"

I was so curious to know what she did exactly so I told her" I am going to see .... give me a ring to go out "

"ok i will but take care "

I walked and open stall door and got in and closed the door., once I got in it was stinky smell . It was a huge log in toilet seat and small logs behind toilet ... I was astonished that Suzi made all of that messy and had all of this confidence while walking out !!!!!!

I ring to her but she cancel me and waited for some minutes until she gave me ring

I did same as Suzi ..... getting out and washed my hand then out of ladies room

When we became inside mall I said " Suzi how dare "

both of us laughed and laughed

Steven A

30 Hour Famine This Weekend

Well, it's here, I'm going to do the 30 Hour Famine for my church this weekend, going without food for 30 hours for a good cause, but I'm still allowed to drink water and other liquids. It's starting after school this Friday after I have a good dinner. I'm staying at my church overnight with other people that are doing the famine until the 30 hours are over. I'm going to have a big feast with the other people that did the famine with me after it's over. I will post on how it went and if anything "interesting" happened during the famine.


With my girlfriend

I was out with my girlfriend Tiera and her mom Jodi. We had been out to the movies and out to eat after, when we got back to there apartment which is a good sized 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. The bathroom also has another entrance to there bedroom as well. Tiera and i started watching t.v. when her mom said she was going to go change her clothes and then she would be in the bathroom to do her business. While we were watching t.v. Tiera mentioned she needed to go both #1 and #2 but her mom wasnt out of the bathroom, she sent over to the bathroom door and asked if she was almost done and she said almost, a few more minutes went by and she asked her mom to hurry. She opened the bathroom door and in plain site her mom was on the toilet, she was waring a white t shirt with warm up pants which were bunched up with her white and blue striped underwear at hher ankles and she was leaning forwarx with a big wad oc toilet paper underneath her wiping her bottom which had big brown stains on it. She told Tiere to come in and she would finish while she did her business. Jodi was still seated and flushed the toilet and shut the door. 5 minutes later the bathroom door opened and Jodi came out and in plain site you could see Tiera on the toilet behind her, sound affects and all. She was sitting on the toilet in her pink top and jeans with her pants and dark blue panties bunched at her ankles and she was sitting on her tip toes to. She was peeing and you could hear turdz dropping to. Then a big partially dry but really wet pfffffffffffffffffffttttttt!! Then she positioned herself again.....pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttt!! Then she started to wad up the toilef paper and wipe. She stopped again and a big pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftffffffffffffftttt! She stood and wiped about 5 times and pulled her panties up so far she had a wedgie. She flushed and washed her hands and walked out of the bathroom pulling her pants up at the same time. She sat on the couch and went ahhhh much better.


what comes in will come out

Today not feeling so well caught the stomach bug had to leave school early, so here what happened went to school with Marcus feeling great got up early, took bubble bath, got dress put on a nice Demi skirt to knees, pair of my morning flats, turtle neck shirt, went down stairs to kitchen start cooking him breakfast,Waffles eggs, Ham, so around time that time he strolling down talking all game pick up lines winning my heart over, so so had him sit down at the table brought breakfast to him, he thank me and said I look tasty like , he asked where my food told him not hungry much but I sample little bit after he got done he asks me to pray with him so he do right by we prayered, so on our way to school him driving, I start feeling little sick, got to school made it to home room, started feeling hot and sweaty, asked to be excuse went to get water, on my way a wet farts start happening, oh shoot, made it the bathroom took the end stall took my skirt off and drop panties to my feet slide them off and sat on the cold seat, began passing gas, than a wave came out, felt little better began to wipe got up flush start feeling attack turned around threw up, while doing that I felt wet fart got my barebutt off ground notice liquid poop on ground before I got to sit down again back to back waves hit me it was so yucky, finally made it back on the seat was so weak to wipe texted Deiese get help, school nurse came within five minutes, jantior also poor clean up guys they work so hard, nurse help me out jantior waited outside, nurse help me wipe got redress, help me walk, greeted by Mike but soon as I open my mouth threw up again, so he help out, while asking questions what wrong Mike answer for me, told him get to class I be okay, though I knew I wasn't, but Marcus stop in skipped class asked the principal to take me home, so I'm on my way his place, cause my dad not home yet got a noisy maid like to gossip, so feeling another wave just hit me, bye bye, for now to sick to continue


Doorless stalls an endangered species

Sad to say, the last of the men's rooms with open stalls along the greater Los Angeles beachfront is being torn down. From Malibu to Venice the once great places to watch and be watched have been replace with those individual toilet closets for just one person at a time. Looks a lot like Europe.

Zip, Washington Sq Park in NY has been "renovated." Now the beaches on the opposite coast. There are a lot fewer opportunities to enjoy watching and being watched!


what comes in will come out

Laying down on the sofa, feeling awful, soiled myself in front of my bf never before, but being sweet about it he picked me up letting me lay down on sofa and bought me a pair of boxer I can wear till my papi get me from work, though these boxer are his having hard time keeping them up fell down few times, when I had make few trips to bathroom, just texted Marcus, see he made it back okay, just laying down on my side good thing my skirt still in tact, and shirt, but that's all I want to say going to sleep snuggle up in this blanket, and becareful this bug no joke,


Stina at the pharmacy

I've got some news about my friend Stinas stomach problems. So she's a super cute girl and I bet no guys can imagine her pooping at all. And well, in fact it seems that she havn't lately.

So she had baby prune juice in her fridge and shes been complaining about "swollen ????", etc since a while. So last week after each lunch she wanted me to follow her to the "private bathroom" - A low trafic and fresh bathroom on our campus. There were huffing and puffing, but no other action other than tinkeling. I could not hear her pushing, but I could hear her exhaling like "eh!".

So yersterday I asked her if her stomach was troubling her.
- Yes, it won't let me use the bathroom as often as I should, she said with a tilted smile and rumbed her stomach.

And today we had a really long break from 10 to 15 and we went to the mall. She was going to the pharmacy and I was like "ok, I'll head back to uni". But she wanted me to come as "moral support". So we went to the pharmacy, but we we got closer she suddenly turned around and quickened her pace. I saw she was flushing and she said "oh, god I can't do it there is a cute guy working there". I looked over my shoulder and she was correct.
- Haha, what are you buying? I asked her.
- Don't know. Something to get this stomach ache to go away!

Luckily there was another pharmacy with and middle age woman working. We went in and stood probably confused looking at the stomach shelfes. The lady came and asked if we needed any help.
- Err, yeah. Said Stina looking down at the floor.
- Tell me, what can I help you with?
- I think I have constipation. Said Stina and looked at her under her fringe.
- Ok, nothing to be ashamed for dear, I hear this everyday.
She asked some more questions and Stina answered and started to blush slightly again.
She has stomach aches and it hurt when she goes to the bathroom. Also she can only go like 1-2 times per week! Usually she goes everyday before school. She had been constipated before but it usually went away by itself, but now she's had it back and forth since this year basically.
The clerk recommended some pills that would make her go and some poweder that would make her more regular after a while.
- By the way, have you had problems with your behind such as bleeding or itching?
Stina paused for a while and quietly said "yes.."
- We have this cream to, it can help.
She also picked up the cream which was like 20. Thats like 10 beers so she must have really been needing that.

So thats it! Thought you might be interested in the habits of a girl like this.


Stock photos of guys on the toilet

I was checking out some stock photos online and decided to put in "man" and "toilet" in the search engine. Boy, there are a lot of pics out there for use as stock photos! I noticed there were many that didn't show any underwear. I wonder if the photographer really thinks a lot of guys go commando, or maybe wanted to be generic in his photo, or maybe thought a particular style of underwear would convey a particular message. There were several that showed boxers and boxer briefs, but not very many that showed briefs. Anyone who has read my posts knows I'm a big fan of briefs, so it was a bit disappointing to not see them well represented, lol!

I do remember one time when I came back from Hawaii and I was in the toilet stall at the airport. I peeked down under the partition and checked out the rest of the guys unloading their bowels and we were all wearing our clothes around our ankles and everyone had briefs on! I should have taken a pic and hung it on my wall, lol!

I was once again using a doorless stall over the weekend. Usually, there aren't too many people that enter that restroom when im using it. I did notice a guy in his 20's outside just before I went in. He came in behind me just as I dropped my trousers, so he just saw me in my underwear before I pulled them down too. Since there is no door, I wasn't going to squat on the bowl and take a dump, but I did get up on my toes as I crapped. I was pretty full, so I loaded up that bowl.
The guy kept walking past my stall as I was dumping, and then again as I was wiping. I guess he just wanted to see me crap! I remember when I was younger, and I was interested in seeing a guy use the toilet. Not like needing to see the poop coming out, but just using the toilet. Maybe it is the vulnerability, or just so I could check out his underwear, lol!
I used to go to the Montomery Wards which had a row of about 8 or 10 doorless stalls and I would see guys taking a dump there. I'd use the urinal and then wash up,at the sinks in front of the toilets. After a while, I became one of the guys who would use the doorless stall, too. I wouldn't hang out there, I went only if I needed to take a dump. I used to make sure no one could see anything, though. Boxers and trousers up at thighs (yep, I wore boxers back then). Chest to my knees, almost. Eventually I would just get comfortable and put everything down at my ankles. Why not be comfortable, right? I got shy again when I switched to briefs, but it over that pretty quickly. Now if you see me taking a dump in public, it is exactly like when a take a dump at home. Clothes all the way down, up in toes, wet wipes, wipe from between my legs, while standing, etc. Except for squatting on the bowl. Haven't done that in a doorless stall yet!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Nicolas great story.

To: Crystal great set of stories your first one sounds like you had a pretty tough poop at the store and great story about your valentines day poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica (AZ) great story it sounds like you and that other girls all had really great poops I bet you all felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: SC great story about hearing your girlfriend take a major poop it sounds like she was really desperate and just made it.

To: Sarah great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and it sounds like you gassed the area out pretty well to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea great story.

To: ??? great story about your big poop.

To: Annie great story its good you havent any accidents for awhile hopefuly that lasts and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Julie great story it sounds like you had a really rough night hopefuly the symptoms didnt last to long and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda firsrt welcome to the site and I hope your feeling better and didnt need to go the hospital cause that much laxatives can be dangerous but at your boyfriend helped you out and I bet your sister was sorry she did that and di you ever get her back fo it and please post anymore stoires you may have thanks.

To: Secret Pooper great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and alot and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The J great story about your girlfriends poop.

To: Karina great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards.

To: Potter great story about hearing that girl pooping at the coffee shop it sounds like she really had to go.

To: THE CURIOUS SKIDMARK GAL great story about your huge poop it sounds like you really had to go alot to and I bet you felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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