what comes in will come out

Just a survey
1) are you comfortable pooping in public, yes cause If I hold it in I'll have a accident
2) what kind of kind of poop you have, Mmm normal for me is soft medium turds, if freaking out the liquid poop, mushy if ate lots of fruit,
3) do you ever do any activities while on the toilet, well when I'm at home I sometimes paint my toenails, or text my male friend or call my female friend,
4) what's the longest you been in bathroom like 2 hours had very bad conispation problem last year cause of a condition I had, long story. Happy V- Day maybe i get lucky I can get a date


My Poop

Today I had to go poop like crazy bad. I was at school but I hated pooping in the toilets there because there was no doors to the stalls. After lunch the urge got too strong to bare. I went into the bathroom and sat down on the seat. I had been constipated the last week and finally took some laxatives. I started pushing out a monster log 1 inch thick and almost 2 feet long. Then another girl walked in and said ''Do you mind if I join you?'' and I said ''No.''. She sat down. Then I made a huge fart and watery diarrhea started spewing everywhere. The girl next to me was finishing pushing out her last log and wiping when I was still was spewing out diarreah. The other girl got up, washed her hands and left. Right as I was wiping the most popular girl i the whole grade walked in and gaged when she saw what I had done. After I flushed and washed my hands I heard the popular girl drop a huge log.

Person desctription. blonde hair, white skin, tallest girl in the grade, wears braces


Bathroom Fan

Hello everyone,
I know I talked to you guys about my metallic-smelling vent in my loo at home. But sadly, I forgot to mention that there's 2 fans, and both are currently broken. One of the fans actually worked when we moved in, and I enjoyed using it for controlling fecal smells, and removing dampness from warm baths. This fan wore out do to a power outage. This one isn't the fire-danger one (that old fan broke before my family moved in). I have a habit of wanting to use a bath fan for odor, and moisture control, so I actually have been missing using one at home. I did however, get to use one at my dorm at The Texas School For The Blind. This bathroom had a walk-in shower, one toilet, and one sink. Bye


To Desperate Jill, Catherine and Karen C.

@ Karen C. - One of the best relationships I ever had was with an older woman when I was in my younger 20s, I was 24-25 and she was 41-42. If you two are having a great time together, don't let age inhibit that, just enjoy yourselves. Younger men have a lot to learn from older women about life, relationships, experiences, women, themselves and other stuff ;)

Also liked your dump story.

@ Catherine - I still read the board, love your stories. Thanks for sharing.

@ Desperate Jill - As a man, I obviously can't speak on your survey about the 90/10 from a woman's perspective. However, I love the topic of pooping, and if I could have my choice, I would choose a 10%er woman every time. There is nothing to be ashamed about with pooping and taking a huge, gut emptying, stinky dump is a pleasure that I think both genders definitely find extremely satisfying and underrated, even if they don't admit it.


Fecal leakage and really mushy/messy poop

My doctor put me on Lax A Day a week ago and I've been doing well (somewhat) with it. Between that and the stool softeners my poop has become TOO soft. I'm going multiple times a day and every time I have to wash my bum in the shower. I'm going through an insane amount of toilet paper too. Even worse: I'm having fecal leakage! I'm wearing pads this week because of my period and when I go to change my pad, I'm noticing quite a bit of poop on it. The problem is I don't feel it coming out! All I feel back there is an irritated, uncomfortable feeling, like diaper rash because of how much I have to wipe/wash. Help! Should I eliminate the stool softeners (3 pills a day), cut down on the laxative (a cap full a day)? I can't completely quit the laxative because the doctor prescribed it to me. I don't want my poop to get all dry again but I don't want it THIS messy. And I sure don't want this leakage! Help!


2 unintentional poop accidents yesterday 3)

I had another accident yesterday (Thursday) where I didn't really feel that I was going. I had the urge to go but I didn't have to go THAT bad. When I went to the bathroom to poop, I pulled down my pants and underwear and saw crap all over my pad! WTF? This has happened a few times already this week and I don't know why. I don't even have the feeling that it's coming out. I get the urge to go sometimes but it's never THAT bad. I've come home a few times this week and found crap on my maxi pad, especially near my vagina. And I know it isn't blood because when I wash off in the shower crap goes everywhere (I use a cloth and soap and spray off the soap and excess stuff in there with the showerhead. It's gross but it's the most effective way for me to clean myself. Toilet paper doesn't do it and even just a cloth and soap doesn't either).

Anyway, I was sitting with my husband watching a documentary when I farted which I thought nothing of until I notice the smell lingered. I didn't feel anything though. No squishy feeling etc. Like I said, I went to poop and I saw crap all over my maxi pad! What a mess! It was everywhere, near the front of the pad (where my vagina should be), all over my butt. Such a mess! I pulled off my pj pants which thankfully weren't messed and put them on the table in the bathroom (we have a bigger bathroom than our old place), pulled off my messed undies and put them on the floor and finished my poop in the toilet. There was soft crap all over the pad but luckily none on my undies. That's the second time it happened yesterday. WTF? After doing a soft crap in the toilet (soft serve type poop) I got in the shower and did my daily clean up routine-soap, water, a cloth and the shower head to clean up the stubborn residue. Afterwards, I scrubbed down the shower floor with disinfectant to make it clean again. Plus I don't want my husband stepping on a dirty floor. Yuck. I asked my husband to grab me a clean pair of undies and he did. I put a clean pad in my clean undies and put my pants back on, flushed the toilet and put the soiled pad in the garbage.

What's going on? Am I becoming incontinent or something? This isn't like me to have poop accidents. I do have the occasional "shart" but no actual poop accidents in a long time. And none of them before happened without my knowing it. This is so embarrassing. My husband and I eat fairly healthy. We rarely eat take out/greasy food and we drink a lot of water. We do indulge in coffee, both at home and outside of home and the occasional treat but we don't overdo it. Or am I using too much of the laxative/stool softeners that the doctor prescribed? My poops went from too dry before the doctor prescribed the laxative to now WAY too soft and messy to the point I'm using an insane amount of toilet paper and having to wash myself in the shower multiple times a day because I'm going about 3 times a day. Normally I'd be happy I'm going that much but not when it comes with a constant messy cleanup and accidents! I'm 27-this isn't supposed to be happening to me!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Timee great story about you and Jaylin pooping together it sounds like you both really had to go and also you both made anew friend in eachother to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Barbie great story about your big poop.

To: Lexi first welcome to the site and great live coverage of your poop it sounds like it was a really great one I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and please post nymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Julie first welcome to the site and great story about your desperate poop at your friendStacies house shes a true friend for helping you out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Karen C great story about your big poop.

To: Sandra first welcome to the site and great story about you and Lucys gassy and diarrhea filled night it sounds like you both had of fun with it to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

About an hour ago I heard a woman poop at the bookstore first she sat on the toilet then let off a kinda low fart then her poop began plopping in the toilet.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steven A

Survey/Poll For Everyone

I have a survey/poll for everyone.

1. Do you wipe with toilet paper or flushable wipes?

2. What was your longest fart that you've ever did?

3. Do you have any teachers that have any bathroom policies and do you think that they're fair for everyone and yourself?

4. Have you ever witnessed an embarrassing accident in public and how did other people around you react and what was your reaction?

5. Would you ever let someone go in front of you in a bathroom line if they were really desperate to go?

I hope you enjoy my survey/poll!



Once my kid cousins ate, it primed their pump. When I was their age, I would hold my bowel movements until I could not take it any longer. They were painful and hard.

This was my post. It bled on to Timee. somehow. No harm done.

Bill F

Reply to TIana, Summer Camp - Day 5

TIana, if by squatting over the toilet you mean standing on the rim and squatting down, I read somewhere that the human body is used to squatting, and that it's healthier than sitting. If you're looking more for advice on cleaning up after messes, just remind her after she goes, asking her "Did you remember to flush?" My sister Sam actually did that for a short time, until we kept reminding her to clean up. She returned to sitting soon after that.

Back to my camp story. By the time I woke up, Emily and Lucy were already awake and changed. I went to the bucket, and saw that there was already quite a bit of pee. I sat down, and pushed out four small logs. After I finished peeing, I got changed myself. At this point, I was hoping that Lisa would wake up and use the bucket before anyone complained about the smell, so I wouldn't have to clean it out.

Alas, Lucy said "Bill, it's your turn to clean out the bucket, it's starting to smell." I emptied the bucket into the toilet and flushed it. There were still marks on the bucket, so I took it outside to rinse it out. Once it was clean, I went back in to find Lisa awake, crossing her legs, and holding her butt. I said "Are you kidding me? I just cleaned it out!" Lisa said "I don't care, I'll clean it again, just give it here!" So I gave her the bucket. A wet fart slipped out of her as soon as she took her hands off her butt. She yanked down her pyjamas and plonked down on the bucket. She immediately began peeing and dropped two large logs at the same time. She finished peeing, and dropped another large log and said she was done. As she was changing, Emily said "I didn't know you could do that." "Do what?" "Do both at the same time." "I thought everyone did that." "I never pee during my poop, only before or after." Lucy said "Same here." I said "And here." I said "Probably because you had to go really bad, you couldn't decide which one to do first, so you just did it all at the same time."

At breakfast time, it became more clear that Emily's constipation was ruining her appetite. She only ate half of her breakfast, and Lucy ate her leftovers. Just then, the supervisor quieted us down. She said "The weather is so nice again today, we decided to go swimming again!" Everyone cheered at that. Emily told me "If it starts getting warm around me and I stop moving, you'll know why." We went back to our cabin to get changed, when I noticed that Lucy's bikini still had a stain on them from yesterday. I said "You should probably wash those out, I don't think that brown circle is part of the flower pattern." She laughed, and washed them out as I finished changing. She was done washing them, and asked if they were ok. I said "You wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it, so just make sure no one stares at your butt."

When we got to our section of the lake, it seemed like I was getting used to the cold water a lot faster than Lisa, who was shivering. Lisa said "How are you not freezing?" I said "I don't know, the water's just warm..." And then I noticed why. Sure enough, Emily was standing perfectly still, peeing already. I stepped away from her, and I started shivering as well. I said "Peeing already, are we?" She said "You know I have it worse that you right now, plus I get a break from the cold water." She finished peeing, and we kept playing.

A while later, I saw Lucy walking past the boundary, and she motioned for me to follow her. Once we were out of sight, she said "I really have to poop, and I didn't want anyone else to see." She squatted down, so only her head was above the water. She said "It's coming out!" I dove underwater, and saw that her bikini was already down and her anus was open. The first log came out slowly, and eventually stopped. I came up for air, and she told me it started coming out again. I went back down, and saw the first log reach the end. Instead of hitting the floor, however, it rose to the surface! A few gas bubbles came out, then the second log came out quickly. I went to breathe and dove back down again, as she started waddling away. I thought it was because of the floating turds, but then a brown cloud grew from behind her. She kept waddling away from the mushy poop, while still pooping. Eventually the cloud stopped growing, and I came back up for air. She stood up and said "Finished!... Wait." She turned around, her bikini still down, and pushed out one more fart before pulling them up.

Eventually, swimming time was over, and everyone cleared out of the lake. I was almost out, but then I saw Lisa standing it the far corner. I went back to her, and said "You peeing?" She said "I already did that. There's a bigger problem." I said "Pooping?" She chuckled and said no. I then saw through the water that she was naked from the waist down! I said "Where are your shorts?" She said "I don't know, I guess they slipped off while I was swimming. I can't keep my eyes open underwater, can you look for them?" I searched underwater, but didn't find any. I said "I'll bet one of the other boys found them and snatched them." She said "What am I gonna do? I can't walk back bare backed!" I said "I'll find a towel to cover yourself with." I found the towel, and told her to come back to the shore. Once the coast clear, she walked over, trying her best to keep herself covered. I gave her the towel, and we started walking back.

About halfway along our walk, I had to pee. I said "Can we find a tree?" She said "Why didn't you pee in the lake?" I said "I didn't have to go then. Plus with you three, the lake was probably mostly pee anyway." She laughed, and we walked off the side towards a tree. I started peeing, when she let out a big, low fart. I said "I didn't know you played the tuba." She laughed, then tensed up. I saw about seven or eight balls of poop drop to her feet. I finished my pee, and said "Looks like a good thing that you don't have any shorts now." She said "Or a bucket to clean out." I said "That'll happen soon enough." She laughed and we kept on walking.

Emily and Lucy didn't know we were late, so we tried sneaking into the cabin. But Lisa, gassy as ever, 'blew' our cover. Emily said "Sounds like Lisa's back" and Lucy laughed. We entered the cabin, and they asked "Why so late?" I said "Long story short, she has no shorts." Lisa explained what happened, and Lucy said to Emily "Now imagine that you lost one half of your swimsuit, Oh wait: You have a one piece." Lisa laughed, and said "I just hope we don't have to swim again tomorrow." Lucy said "Don't worry. If we do, you can always wear a pair of panties, right?" Lisa said "Hell no! I'd rather wear half of Emily's one piece!" Emily added "Or your dirty bikini bottoms." We all laughed, and Lucy said "They're not dirty if no one commented on them." I said "That's because no one saw them, you were behind the boundary." Lucy said "Well, I had to poop, and I didn't fancy them getting even dirtier." We got changed back, and headed to the main cabin for dinner.

Just like at breakfast, Emily only ate about half of her dinner. Lisa ate her leftovers. We were just finishing when Emily said "I have to pee again, I'll be right back." She was in the girls' bathroom for ten minutes. I thought she was finally able to poop, but when she came back she said "Still nothin'."

As we were getting changed, Emily had to pee again. Lucy said "Holy smokes, that's like the fifth time you had to pee today!" Emily said "I peed in the lake three times, it's crazy." Lucy said "How much water have you been drinking?" She said "Same as normal, but my bladder being squeezed by the poop, so I have to go more often." Lucy joked "See? I knew you were pregnant! When my mom was pregnant with my baby brother, she had to pee all the time!"

We all went to bed without anymore bodily functions, until Lisa and Lucy were already asleep. Emily got up to the bucket and peed again. She ripped an average fart, which sounded a lot louder in the bucket, but somehow it didn't wake the girls up. Emily looked over and saw that I was awake. She said "Did that wake you up?" I said "Nope, I was already awake." She went back to sleep, and eventually, so did I.

This is the second time I wrote this part, my laptop died before I could submit it the first time. Keep the stories coming, I love reading them!

See ya next time!

Bloated Butt
To Shy Shayla:

It took a long time for me to become comfortable with my boyfriend seeing me on the toilet. It came gradually. For a while, I pretty much held everything in until he was away from me, then I'd let loose, LOL. The ice finally started to break a few weeks after we started living together (I think about three or four years ago) when he went to the store to pick up some stuff, and I took the opportunity to drop a massive load that I had been holding in for a couple of days.

But he ended up coming home earlier than I thought and really had to pee, so I'm in the middle of pushing out a tremendous log when he comes banging on the bathroom door! He had to wait until I was finished, which took about half an hour, and I know he heard me pass gas and grunt a few times. And of course he had to go in as soon as I came out, so it still stunk even though I had sprayed some air freshener and had the fan going! I wanted to die! He came out after he was done but didn't say anything, but I could barely look at him in the face for the rest of that day!

The first time he actually saw me on the toilet was a little while later. I had been sitting on the toilet for like five minutes, slowly pushing out a huge log, when he suddenly comes in and says that he needs to brush his teeth. I gasp and tell him I'll be done in a minute, but he says that he's running late. Then he says "Don't worry, I won't look at you." So I sit there as quietly as I can, with a coke-can-sized log sticking out of my huge butt, trying to hold back the urge to bear down and push, and the only sound is the sound of him brushing his teeth. And of course he has to floss and use mouthwash, too! But finally he finished, said bye, and left for work. That was like three years ago, I think.

To Struggling:

Wow, you're lucky your boyfriend did that for you! My boyfriend's "helped" me out a couple of times, mostly by rubbing my stomach, keeping me company, etc. He used KY jelly to help me poop once. One time, I sat backwards on the toilet and he massaged my huge round soft buttcheeks while I pooped. I'd like to do something like that with him again, but it's hard to ask that of him.

To Michelle:

Thank you for liking my stories! I deal with all the gas by farting it all out, LOL! But seriously, I usually hold it in as best I can when I'm around most people. When I get the chance, I let it all out. I've gone into other rooms just to fart, LOL!

I can't specify a time where I was the most bloated/gassy, since it happens so often. When it's really bad, I look pregnant. I've had to go to our bedroom and lay down on my stomach, sometimes pulling my long skirt (I like to wear long skirts the most, I rarely wear pants or jeans) and underwear down a little so that my huge butt is exposed to the air. Then I just pass gas to my heart's content. I'll do that for hours. Maybe I'll read something, then feel some more gas coming, let it out, then keep on reading, LOL! Then my boyfriend will come in to check on me and start gasping for breath, and I'm like "What's wrong, honey?" I've made him cuddle with me and massage my bloated stomach when I'm like this LOL

The longest farts I've ever passed are usually a few seconds long. Maybe almost five seconds long, but I don't bother to count or keep records, heh. That happens when I try to eat a lot of fiber, like FiberOne bars and stuff, and I get super gassy. My bowels rumble, I wince, and "BRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!!!!" They're LOUD, too, but they don't usually stink.

Thanks for reading and liking my stories! I'd like to hear some of yours, too!


Update and story

Hello everyone. I'm a guy who used to post here some years ago. You can find some of my posts in the 1700s pages. It's been a long while since I last posted, but I have kept reading this forum through the years. I just haven't had the time to post regularly. I still don't think I'll be posting that regularly, but I'll try to share a story or two a month.

Last time I posted I think I was still in high school. Now I'm in college, living in college dorms. I decided to return because of some of the great posts I've been seeing. I'll just contribute with one of my own. But first...

I used to be shy about going to the bathroom at school, but I've gotten over my shyness thanks to some help from my friends. And by "help", I mean knowing they need to take a dump and taking a dump in the stall next to them. For me, at least, that's been helpful. Most of them think nothing of it, but I find it very helpful and kind of a bonding experience. After all, it represents a certain degree of trust (at least for me) to begin pooping with your friend doing the same at the same time, in the still right besides you. If you are comfortable enough to fart, grunt, gasp or sigh while pushing and don't mind your poop plopping into the water with a friend next to you, I believe it means (at least in some level) that both of you trust each other and know that the other will not say anything wrong or mention the smell, the noises or make fun of you.

My bowel habits have more or less stayed the same throughout these years, with the only difference being that its consistency will vary according to what I eat. But if things stay the same, I still produce either one large firm log or two medium sized ones, which are a little softer. Yesterday and today, however, I've had to go to the bathroom twice, which would not be that weird except that in both occasions, both days, I've crapped the same amount.

Yesterday I was with a close male friend, wating for a female friend of ours to go and eat pizza. But while waiting, I began to get a fullness feeling in my rectum. It soon grew stronger, so I told my friend I needed to crap. He decided to wait in a nearby bench and I headed to the restroom in the 4th floor of the nearest building (I've gotten over my shyness, but not entirely, and I wanted a peaceful dump). I went into the bathroom, which was fortunately empty, entered the first stall (of 2) unbuckled my belt, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down. Because no one was there, I decided to relax and start peeing. As I was releasing my stream of pee, the first log moved into place. When I finished peeing, I started pushing out this decent-sized log out. I didn't hurry, as it was a pleasant feeling. I didn't even have to stop pushing because I pushed it so slowly and lazily that I could keep breathing. Finally, after some time, it broke off and fell into the bowl. I wasn't done. I still felt somewhat full, but I decided to wait until the next log moved into place. When I felt it, I pushed again and out came two more logs. I started to tear off the toilet paper but then I felt more coming and, not wanting to make my friend wait for me alone, I pushed hard and two smaller chunks of poop came out. I felt finished, so I wiped myself 5 or 6 times. After I came out and went back to meet my friend, he joked: "You looked like you lost weight". I laughed and told him I did. And yesterday night, I felt the need to go to the bathroom again. I thought it was because of all the pizza slices I ate. I went to the bathroom down the hall in the dorms, and finding it empty, I took the last stall and pulled down my pants and sat down. I wanted to go to sleep already so I pushed hard and a torrent of pee gushed out while 2 long logs dropped. I felt relieved afterwards, but it also took a lot of wiping.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this story. If you want to know more or want me to tell another story, let me know. It's good to be back.

I had kid cousin, Diane who is 11 years younger than me. She was 8 and I was 19. She was from England and visited with us. One evening, I took her to the movies. When we arrived in the city, she asked, "Althea, I have to use the toilet." So, I said alright. I bought tickets and went into the cinema. I held her soft little hand and took her to the ladies toilet, found a stall for her. I thought that she had to urinate, but she held her stomach. I asked her, "Diane do you have to urinate?" She said, "I have to do jobbie. I can pee without toilet paper, but not jobbie." I saw that there was plenty of paper for her. I put paper on the seat for her. She lifted high her yellow dress, pulled down her white and yellow printed panties to her knees and made herself comfortable on the bowl. She clutched her stomach and pushed out two dark brown huge logs about a foot long each. Then, she said, "I think I have another piece." It was not. It was a fart. She sat with her little feet hanging of the floor. I told her, "Sit there until you are finished." She urinated a little. She asked me to stay in the stall because it was a strange place. When she finished, she reached for toilet paper. I told her how a girl should wipe from front to back. I told her to wipe her vagina first. She said that her mother and grandmother taught her. She wiped herself clean. Her logs floated on the water. I showed her how to flush the bowl with paper. Her clothes were simple, just the dress and the underwear. We washed our hands and went to the film.

Three summers ago at a street fair, I ate Italian sausages and they were good, with lots of sweet and hot peppers and onions. The next day, they worked on me. I was at college summer school in the morning. Before class, I went to the female toilet, where there were three stalls. I pulled down my short plaid red skirt and my white Jockey microfiber bikini to below my spread knees. My bowels exploded, followed by plops, splashes and watery farts. The hot peppers and undigested onion skins irritated my rectum. As I sat, a tall skinny black girl, Moret from class walked in and called me. I told her, "My bowels are loose. I ate some spicy food yesterday." Moret said, "Timee, I got to drop my deuce." Moret took the next stall, undid her light blue cut-off shorts and her black cotton bikini briefs to her ankles and sat on the bowl. She let out a loud buzzing fart, then followed by three loud plops and splashes. Moret said, "Oh, girl. Those three were hard. There is more," and she farted and let out a long pee. Then, my bowels released more loose chunky stools. Being that my skirt was down, I opened my legs and watched that action like a faucet. Moret said. Timeeka, you and I sound like we did something wrong," at which point she dropped three more logs. Her legs and feet were together. "You sound like a diarrhea." I told her my stomach is always soft and loose. I felt the urge to pee and I did. Moret had enough and she wiped her rectum and her cat. I still was not finished, but Moret sat on her bowl and kept me company. I reached for toilet paper and carefully applied it to my itching rectum and I wiped cat of any urine. I wiped and blotted my rectum,with my legs spread, dropped the paper in the bowl partially fixed my clothes and flushed. I washed my hands good, took a white paper towel soaked in hot water pulled down my panties and applied it to my rectum. Then, I inserted my shirt in my waistband and fixed my panties. I reached under my skirt and tugged them hard, then let the skirt down. Moret had already washed her hands.

Lazy Guy

First Post

Hello! Long time reader making his first post! For some background information, I'm currently 17 and in high school.

After school, I decided to walk to the store to pick up some food. On my way there, I began developing the urge to poop, so I searched for a bathroom as soon as I entered. The bathroom had a single stall, which was thankfully vacant, and a couple urinals. The toilet was surprisingly high up, so much in fact that my feet barely touched the ground! I lined the toilet seat, sat down and started pooping. As I started, another guy came in to pee, which was when I made my first plop. After pushing out a decent sized log, I was almost finished when the bathroom door opened. The guy walked to the stall and actually opened the door. I had thought it was locked! I was so embarrassed. I covered myself up as he apologized and left. As I was preoccupied with my poop, I didn't get up to lock the door, which was my first mistake. I was just nearly finished pooping when another guy walked in and did the same exact thing! He stuck around slightly longer, which freaked me out. After he left I began wiping, which took quite a bit. After I finished (whole thing took around 15 minutes), I walked through the store and saw one of the guys that walked in on me mid-poop. Talk about awkward!

Have you ever been walked in on while pooping? Do you care being seen? Thanks guys for reading my first post!!!


Rectum & anus

Some posters here have noted that after certain kinds of bowel movements or some foods, their rectum itches. Actually, it's their anus that itches. The anus is the hole that lets the poop out; it has to open up enough that the turds can get through, and some turds have attributes that make the anus itch. The turd can be too thick, making you strain very hard to push it out, and that can cause tiny tears in the tender flesh of the anus. The turd can be very hard, with little pointy lumpy parts that can scratch the anus. Or the movement can have a lot of acid in it from eating certain foods that you don't digest very well, and the acid can either start a tiny scratch or worsen a scratch that's already there. Any of those can make the anus itch or become even more painful, perhaps even bleed.

The rectum is inside the body and is the last six inches or so of the large intestine. It acts as the last holding tank for your poop before you push it out. The rectum doesn't have the kind of nerves that make an itch; the nerves around the rectum are what give us the full feeling that lets us know we have to poop or fart. That only happens when that last 6" part fills up fairly full, either with poop or gas, or both.

So when you have an itch down there after pooping, it is your anus that itches; your rectum and its nerves are what let you know you had to poop in the first place.


what comes in will come out

Thanks you all for the response, I know I'm very passive when it comes to expressing myself I'm going cry before anything else, just how I'm, but tonight I went to Walmart a different one to make sure my papi gets his chilli.So get some out door clothing on put on my shoes, was ready to go, so I get to Walmart picking out all what I needed to make it, then all of sudden past thoughts came across my mind cause what happened last time, so my stomach picked up that vibe and it start turning knots, flips you name it, it was going out of control, so I hurried got in line cause state of poop emergency had been raised, so I get to be waited on a cashier in looks like his 20's start talking with me while he ring my items up, so he asked me for my number, I decline his offer he don't me, so I get things together and leave soon, as I begin to leave my stomach stomach start barking, slip some farts out, slowly walking back to car, so i wont let. It out on me, so as i begin to drive home the pressure just got worse, so i pulled over to the nextit, found steak &shake, got inside than rest of way, got to ladies and made it to the toilet, pulled down my sweat pants to ankles and sat on the warm seat, and farted one after another, than came the liquid poop, sat till done than wipe, wash my butt to make sure, pulled up my sweats wash hands left and just wanna share


what comes in will come out

Back again with a another story sorry for so many post, but I make it short, just got out of gym took a good shower felt good urge to go pee and poop, so I got dried off good put on a clean bra and clean shirt on and slide my feet into my sandals, place towel over waist down walk into two stall restroom walk into the end one took off my towel place it over the side cause it's spotless but anyway, I place my butt on the seat peed a good stream, felt few good smooth logs fall one after another, and I was done wiped will good like 4 to make sure flushed wash my hands headed back to locker to get my clean brand new panties on put my shorts on, headed to study hall to post this waiting till 2 so I do some soccer drills,

Friday, February 14, 2014


Morningafter poo

Hi :everyone. Donrocco here again.
Today I would like to tell you about the most unromantic yet bonding experience I had with a guy.

I was out with friends at a bar about a year ago when this big burly guy and I hit it off. We ended up at his place and had lots of fun.

I awoke the next morning to the most horrible smell and my guy stumbling out of bed to his ensuite. He tried to fling the door closed but it only closed halfway.

He proceeded to give me the most awesome show! The beer must have done a number on his bowels. Poo poured out of him for at least 20 minutes. The sounds from his bowels was like that from that scene in Not Another Teen Movie! Well I couldn't pretend to be asleep for too long but by then the ice was broken. So I went in and held his hand as he doubled over with every wave.

After he was done, he must've wiped about 15 time.

Well, after he was done, there was noting for it but give him a show as well. Despite our partying, my bowels were ok and I deposited two solid logs into his solid mush.

He told me that it took 2 flushes to go down.

While we never became a couple, we still hook up from time to time and when we do, we remember that first date fondly. I used to be shy of doing a no 2 at a guy's place the morning after however after this, I leave my calling card at every guy's place where I spend the night.


huge desperate poo whilst shopping with mother in law

Yesterday my M-In-Law (Mrs O ) & I went on a shoppin trip.
3hours in to it I was desperate for a huge poo as I had a ???? ache.
She needed a wee,
So off we went to the public loos & it was empty.
Mrs O went first, had her wee & washed her hands, then
I took a cubicle whilst Mrs O held the bags as we didn't want to put them on the floor.
In I went, pulling my black leggings down to my furry boots.
And relaxed, letting out my long loose plops. Loud as ever as they plopped in the water, Mrs O couldn't help but hear.
My first 7 plopped immediately one after the other, I sighed, & let out my last 5 loose plops on top of that.
"You alright love? you got a ???? ache?"
"Yeah, it's ok, I'll not be long now" I answered.
I wiped my bum 4x and flushed.
We then exitted & continued shopping for another 3 hours.
I needed another desperate poo once we got home so got her the sudoku book out for her, whilst I went upstairs to let loose another set of loose plops!
J x

Miss D

Messy Poops at Work

Hey guys, so I thought I'd tell you about my bowels this week; haven't been feeling too great! There's a bit of a stomach virus going round and I had it a few days ago; my boyfriend has had it as well. I woke up one morning with a full, heavy feeling in my bowels and bad smelly gas. I went and sat on the toilet but couldn't pass anything more than a tiny glob of light brown poo. I sighed as I pushed on my aching belly but nothing happened.

I got ready for work, still feeling like I needed a poo. I've just started working in the mens department of a big clothing store, so I didn't want to be late. I hurried back to my bathroom and tried to have a poo but nothing more than smelly gas came out of me.

By the time I got to work I had light cramps as well but I tried to hold it for a while, until my morning break. My rather hot manager was back after taking three days off with the stomach virus, but he still looked quite pale and I noticed him quickly leave the shop floor a few times so I think he still had a bit of an upset ????.

He came up to me and quietly asked if I could cover the till for him as he needed to go downstairs rather urgently. I agreed and he walked away briskly, holding his stomach and looking uncomfortable. I stood at the till point, fidgeting and feeling like I needed to sit on the toilet. My bowels were gurgling and churning as I stood there.

My boss came up twenty mins later, rubbing his ???? but looking very relieved. 'Thankyou' he smiled. 'No bother..are you okay?' I asked gently. 'Er well' he lowered his voice, 'my stomach's still not feeling that great, so I might need to ya know, disappear, again' he blushed a little.

'Its fine, if you really need to go, just give me a shout' I soothed. He smiled as he continued to massage his guts. Meanwhile, I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my own guts which told me I needed the toilet. As soon as my morning break came around, I hurried off the shop floor and ran to the ladies.

I felt like I was going to poo myself, as I quickly slipped my tights and thong down, and lifted my skirt. I sighed with relief as my bum hit the seat and my stomach contracted ready to help me get rid of whatever was causing me problems in my bowels.

A semi-solid log rushed through me, speeding up as it exited. It smelt like diarrhoea but I let go of another three semi-solid logs which slithered quickly out of my bum, leaving a huge mess on my bum cheeks. I rubbed my belly, dreading to look at the mess on my bum.

I took a sheet of white toilet paper and carefully wiped my bum. Thick golden brown mess covered the paper, my belly rumbling constantly. I wiped many times before I felt clean and even then I still felt a little sticky back there.

I still felt like I had to poo so I sat back down and released a small batch of semi-solid logs, which left a huge mess on my bottom.

I pulled my thong back up, feeling it settle between my dirty bum cheeks, and pulled my fishnet tights and pencil skirt up. I flushed everything away and went to wash my hands, my stomach gurgling fiercely.

An hour later I felt like I had to go again and this one felt looser. I asked my friend to cover for me and I hurried off the shop floor. As soon as I sat down, a barrage of semi-solid, soft logs rushed from my bottom, making me feel sick.

'Ohh' I groaned as I let rip. I knew I would need the toilet a lot more today, so I wiped lengthily, pulled my clothes up an went back upstairs, my belly still bloated.

Before my lunch break, I got the urge so I asked my manager to cover. He looked puzzled and asked me if i was okay. I told him I had a dodgy belly and I needed the toilet. He sighed, me too, I hope you get better.

I ran to the ladies and released several waves of loose, sloppy poo, much more liquidy than the last round. Eventually, I felt finished, so I spent a while wiping up and went upstairs, my bum feeling sore and ready to fire.As I went back up, I passed my manager who was running, holding his bum.

When he saw me he instantly released the grasp on his bum then swore as he almost lost it in his boxers. I helped him to the toilet and looked after him as he had bad diarrhoea. He was embarrassed but he needed help, he was clearly still poorly.

Halfway through,I got the sudden urge to empty my own bowels. I rushed to the cubicle next door and let go with some loose, runny poo. I continued to have it for four days, as did my manager. We both had diarrhoea problems throughout the week and we looked after each other well. I've just been for a runny poo now, my belly feels sick and I'm still desperate for the toilet. Weird stomach virus tho as neither of us threw up!

My boyfriend came down with it in the early hours of this morning. He suddenly woke up with a severe bellyache and ran to the toilet to have some loose, messy poo. He came back to bed, holding his stomach and saying he had diarrhoea.

I rubbed his stomach for him and cuddled him until he had to go again. He had strong cramps as he ran to the toilet, this time releasing full blown runny diarrhoea which seemed never ending. He eventually finished his poo and came back to bed where we talked about the runs for a while.

We're really open with each other and it's nice to be able to talk about anything! 'Baby what's your stomach like now?' he asked. 'well I had diarrhoea this morning, then twice in the afternoon and once before bed' I said. 'how badly and urgently did you need to go?' he asked me, his face a picture of happiness.. he loves hearing about my upset stomachs!

'Well, if I'd have waited a moment longer it'd have been in my thong' I whispered. 'really?' he gasped, his eyes lighting up. 'Yep, it was so loose, it was pulsing at my bum, waiting to rush out, I had to go sooo bad' I moaned. 'ohhh' he moaned, how did you feel whilst you were waiting to get on the toilet?'.

'Terrible, I had really uncontrollable gas so I kept letting out wet farts and my stomach felt sooo bloated and crampy' I told him. 'Mmm have you ever not made it to the toilet when you had the squits baby?' he gently rubbed my belly as he spoke. 'Yeah, a few times babe, usually when I've had a stomach virus' I admitted. 'Ohh tell me about the last time' he cried.

'Well it was after Christmas when I came down with that bug that was going round your family, remember?' i checked. 'Yeahh' he was mesmerised. 'Well I went to bed the night after you went away and my belly felt really bad. I couldn't stay awake and I must've suddenly needed the toilet during the night, I woke up with a warm, wet feeling on my bum'. 'I got up to run to the loo and lost it in my panties again, I couldn't control it'.

'What about you baby, any accidents?' I teased, stroking his belly lightly. 'Yeah loads' he laughed, referring to his weak stomach. 'Last one was after that curry we had, I went out with the lads and didn't make it to the toilets in the club. I had to come straight to my mums cos I didn't want you to see me with my diarrhoea in my boxers' he laughed.

'Aww babe I'd have cleaned you up' I rubbed his guts. 'Yeah i know that now' he smiled, suddenly grimacing as he had a cramp. 'I have to shit baby' he grabbed his belly and rushed to the bathroom where I heard him let loose with a torrent of liquid diarrhoea. I went in and rubbed his stomach for him as he let go. I felt like I had to go again desperately as well, so I perched on the edge of the bathtub.

'Ohh baby are you ok?' he saw what I was doing. 'Not really, I have to go right now' I squeezed and let out several squirts of runny diarrhoea which splattered into the bath tub. He released more runny liquid as he tried to regain control of his bowels. We chatted for a while, each of us having the occasional wet fart or runny evacuation. At 3am we went to bed, and when we woke up found we'd both had a bit of an accident.

I had followed through quite badly into my thong and he had released a few squirts of diarrhoea into his boxers. Runny poo was running down his leg and had dried on his privates, thighs and bum. He clearly wasn't very well as he had a temperature too; how I had been feeling a few days ago.
I helped him clean up, I changed my panties and we got back into bed, cuddling and trying to distract ourselves from the fact we both have diarrhoea!


Today I went into town shopping. After walking around for a while, I was really needing to find a toilet because I had to both wee and poo pretty urgently. I was near the main library so I made my way there. I went quickly to the nearest loos, which were one male and one female single-occupancy cubicles next to each other. They were both taken so I had to wait, which I was happy to do since I needed the loo quite badly and didn't want to go off looking for another one.

I didn't have to wait long as after a minute a woman came out and I took her place, locking the door. I pulled my jeans and red knickers to my feet and sat down. The men's toilet became free as I did so. I quickly emptied my bladder which was the first thing I needed to do, and then I relaxed and started to do my number two.

I was quite gassy from eating chili yeterday, and after a sputtering fart my first soft turd slid out soon after with a plop. While I was doing my second someone tried the door, obviously a woman needing the loo. My second turd came out quietly and she stood waiting. A minute later I did another log with a fart, and soon after that she obviously decided not to wait for me since I was going to be a while. She went into the vacant men's loo next to mine and I heard her sit and start to have a wee. Of course, as she did so someone came along and tried the door to her loo. I assumed it was a man. I did another turd as the woman flushed and washed her hands. Leaving, she spoke to the man who was waiting, saying, 'sorry, the ladies was occupied!' He said no problem and went in. I heard him wee and then leave, and I finished going with another two logs before leaving myself feeling much better!


a a young under age 30 Caucasian girl educated with bachelors and 2 master degrees and east coast. I HAVE SEEN THIS FORUM AND VERY IMPRESSED. Now, its time to discuss poop skidmarks. It seems like for some reason after taking a dump, some residue and poop stains are left in the commode. Sometimes they are a back, splash all over, in deeper inside on the bottom, more to front of the commode, or stick all over the place. The skidmarks can be light, medium, or heavy and may or may not have a smell. The skidmarks also may just be everything in the toilet and so sticky that you may have scrub in there to clean. Its a very fascinating topic to discuss skidmarks because nobody knows what they are or caused. you can eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids or even coffee, workout and exercise before going, stretch and meditate, or do any range of activities and it may not prevent skidmarks. I have discovered from being in public places and even visiting homes that most people have no issues with skidmarks. They take their heavy toilet dumps and flush and if the skidmarks dont go, they do not keep flushing. They leave the skidmarks and walk off and then when the next person come in, they have to look all those streaks. Internally, there feeling is that its a waste of water to keep flushing skidmarks and since its common for folks to do it, there is no reason to keep flushing. Just leaving it and the water will eventually weaken the streaks so when the next person comes, they only have to flush one time and then the skidmarks do away.

Personally, I have no objections with my own poop skidmarks or seeing others. I have always tried to rationalize what type of foods people eat that may cause such. I know every time i drink too much starbucks or coffee, they are more likely to have skidmarks. The coffee weakens the digestive system and destroys and leeches vital nutrients and leads to the system not effective processing all the foods you eat. Also, if you eat heavy greasy foods like mashed potatoes, french fries, pies, meats, pasta, and ones that have much fat and calories, the skidmarks will be left as well. You surely will have skid-marks if do dont drink enough fluids and go dehydrated or even drink acidoc such as orange judice. rehardless of the case, skidmarks are not avoidable. No matter how hard you try, those skidmarks are coming and you have to deal with it while taking a dump as well as when you get up. regardless how heavy, everything is just a rush to flush and walk out and dot take the time to see how others may think. I presume it may be because folks want others to see their poop skidmarks, analyze, study, capture a picture with their phone, or meditate as what they can be. Even when a public restroom is crowded and skid-marks are left, folks still dont flush an additional time and walk out and the next immediate person have to see such. But that person will never flush before doing their business or walk out and question the last person, they just take a look at the poop skidmark and do their business. Its a natural feel and folks just dont care. Thus, skidmarks and presence of such are considered acceptable to leave because we need to conserve water or other folks dont have no issue with such. There is never been folks making inquiries to any entity about making the toilet flush automatic or put up signs to let folks know to flush their poop skidmarks if its very heavy. In addition, the automatic toilet will not flush all the skidmarks either or will do so again if a large number of amount is left. Thus, there is really no way to avoid such.

Both men and women have skidmarks. There had been little research to suggest if men or women are more common to have them despite different body chemistry and elements. In addition, there are few blogs or discussion forum anywhere that discuss skidmarks either and is large left in the air. But we do see them in the toilet and always wonder without never looking for ways to research, analyze, study other folks, see what it suggests about the digestive system, find out peoples personal opinions, or even analyze our own skidmarks. Most folks do not understand much about their own poop skid-marks either and has been a major limitation. Even for those folks with digestive system issues like IBS or have to go more than normal, they do not take the time to look. Thus, its presumed skidmarks is not something even worthy of a debate or discussion, but to a very few. there is some value of skidmakrs.

Now, THE BIG QUESTION IS WHAT TYPE OF POOP AND TURDS CAUSE SKIDMARKS.we obviously know if you have diarrhea, there is going to be skidmarks. There is no way to avoid such. But since lots of water is in diarrhea, the skidmarks will usually flush with one or perhaps 2 times. You dont have to keep going. The biggest issue is diarrhea skidmarkds will tend to splatter all over the inside of the toilet or on the toilet if there is a rush. Thus, diarrhea skidmarks are very messy and you may have to get a brush to go down in there and clean out the poop skidmarks. Diarrhea skidmarks may or may not have smell. The water kids of dilutes the the odor and make it easy to flush. It really rdepends on how much fluid the person drank and if they had to keep constantly going back and forth and drinking fluids in between, it too will have affected. But if folks had plenty coffee and acidic beverages, its probably going to have such a smell. Thus, diarrhea skidmarks are messy and large but easier to flush

THE NEXT TYPE OF SKID-MARKS IS THE LOG SKID-MARKS. iT MEANS A LONG TURD or turds from a heavy meal is the cause of skidmarks. All that heavy food compacted the digestive system and did not digest fully. I heavy long turd and log is toigher to flush. When it comes out and hit the toilet the toilet, there is a lot of weight and pressure and easy to smear. When the amount of water on the toilet is lower, it has a high likelihood of smearing. When the amount of water is heavy, the turd may decide to either float or sink. If the turd decide to sink down or break, its likely to cause skidmarks. If it floats and water pressure is high, it may be forced all around during the toilet flush and cause skidmarks too. Many folks push their turds out too quickly because in a rush and dont take the time have have a slow ones. Thus, the turds break apart into so many different pieces and components and have a greater likelihood of smearing. Other times, the turd is so long like a steak and reaching all the way down into the commode and very sticky because the person may have held it inside themselves too long. Thus, during a flush, that long log may break or if the commode is small or narrow, it may be difficult to get it through and this creates a very volatile and messy situation. You can see plenty of skidmarks as it rub up against the toilet commode and smeared. The skidmarks are heavy and will not flush with one, two, or even three flushes. Thus, larger turds carry so much undigested food and is much harder to flush. All those undigested components are very sticky and just will not go away. Thus, heavier turds are primary cause of skidmarks and those turds always make the splash and sound too. In addition, heavy turds contain a lot of gas too and when they split and break apart, the toilet commode too will have to deal with stink.

The next type of turds are small pieces and they come out easier and more easily but tend to be broken into many pieces and sink to the bottom of the commode. When the toilet pee is very concentrated and heavy, the poop will have a higher likelihood of creating skidmarks. Many folks though because it was easy to push out without no struggling, there would be no skidmarks. But there are all those turds may have fell out rapidly, sunk, and sat for 5-10 minutes during the dump that the poop did indeed create such. These skid marks may be to flush or not but the sight will most likely been inside the commode or further down where you have to stick the brush further down the commode to see. Thus, even smaller skidmarks can be a mess as well



I had visited a financial firm for a intern and some training and was in an office building. It was around 2:00 and one of female co-workers was doing business as normal. I have been coming for about 2 weeks and she usually eats mildly. She brings her food and commonly are spaghetti or pasta, coke or drink, yogurt, drinks coffee especially Starbucks before the morning, and others foods as well. I analyze and she usually very patient and dont wait long too the restroom. Well, it was strange that day because she did indeed step out and was in the restroom for 5 to 7 minutes. I did for some reason decide to come in and was trickery. I pretended i came in, asked who was there, and then step shut the door despite opening one of stall.thought it make her realize the everyone was gone when the door slammed. I was still in and she went to stall on the end which was the larger one. she had to do business and there was a moderately loud pee, a weak fart, and some plops released. she did wipe her butt around 4 times and she pull the toielt paper rather quickly. the wipes were not slow. she did flush the toilet and came out to wash her hands. no lotion either. the stall doors are designed where those inside can see out but nobody can have no idea whoc is end. she she went out,she walked briskly back to the office. i went over the check the toilet bowl, and there a few skidmarks. There down in the commoode near the front where that little hole was. not veru heavy and easy to flush. the inside of toilet did not have a heavy odor and looked in. Then i realized the girl was just in such a rush. a small young petite girl too leaving skidmarks


In the same office building is nursing school. A different day and nursing student had come to class. For some reason, had the urge to go. have no idea what she ate or drink but went in with the both the big door and stall doors slamming and making noise to do business. There was a loud pee and some grunting. i presume she was late and in a hurry to do business. about a 5 minute dump, wiped quickly, flushed only one time, washed her hand and walked out. its odd because i came in and some toielt paper was left as well some poop skidmarks. she was wearing the gym workout pants and fit like she exercise. skidmarks was left and no odor and then just came back to class

3. another time, a woman at that place where i intern had to go as well. she was young and tight jeans and had to go. a 5 minute dump and afro american. came out and there was some skidmarks in the toilet.

the way the female employees treat the bathroom in floor where i intern was not that great. sometimes came in late and would more often than not see poop skidmarks of the heavier type and did not flush


on another floor where the nursing students come, one of staff i believe went with all doors slamming to take a leak. it was loud toilet pee stream and noisy and despite being crowded, did not let down and the long pee stream had to be heard. no sign of wiping with toilet tissue though, flushed, and came out though a small sign its was heavily dark yellow and concentrated and did not all flush away.



first off, thanks for sharing. you dont have to be embarrassed pooping at anybody homes unless there you have reason to believe there is skidmarks. the fart smell can easily be eliminated if you spread. but skidmarks, its something you have to think about and if there is no brush around, it can be a little sensitive. I ALSO WANT TO THANK YOUR FRIEND STACY FOR LETTING YOU TAKE A DUMP NO NATTER WHAT THE NEED WAS. i presume you did not discuss the dump with her or she did not ask you question. she saw that you needed to go and thats very commendable

NO, YOU HAD A LOT OF DIARRHEA AND WONDER how you took such dump in 5 minutes. was it very urgent and you had drank plenty of fluids so that it would be very easy to come out. 5 minutes is very quick for diarrhea but it can be possible though you may had to go again later on somewhere else. NOW, WAS THERE A LOT OF FARTS. HOW MANY FARTS AND DID THEY HAVE A SMELL OR NOT. WAS THE FARTS LOUD WHERE THEY COULD HAVE BEEN HEARD.

THE BIG QUESTION ALSO WERE THERE SKIDMARKS LEFT FROM THE POOP AND DESCRIBE WHAT THE REMAINING SKIDMARKS WERE LIKE. were there a ton of skidmarks. did you keep flushing. was the bathroom gassy and did you spread anything and did you fill all the diarrhea was gone

ARE THERE any other times you had skidmarks. describe some multiple experi4nces to us and difficulty flushing. if you leave any, do you flush again and again or walk off.

sorry for caps, not yelling BUT HIGHLIGHTING CRITICAL POINTS. let me know if issues


valentines day poo at restaurant

So lunchtime my hubby & I celebrated valentines day by going out for lunch at
A posh local restaurant.
Soon, I needed a poo
Told hubby who suggested I wait until we were home so he could wipe my messy bum , though I had to decline as I was desperate & had been holding in my load for a while.
I made my way to the ladies, & took a cubicle, pulled down my black trousers to my black high heels & black knickers & plonked my peachy big backside on the loo seat.
No effort required my plops slid 1 by 1 straight away in to the bowl.
My initial 5 then a pause followed by a further 3 plops on top of that.
I wiped 2x and flushed pulling up my knickers & trousers & noticing the skidmarks I had left on the bottom of the bowl. I returned back to hubby, we then paid the bill & celebrated V.Day in another way when we got home ;-)
J x

I was in 4th grade when one warm May Friday afternoon after school I was on the playground monkey bars, swings and slides. I was playing with some kids that I really liked, but I had to make #2. So, I left for the playground girls toilet. It had 4 stalls with no doors. I took the second from the rear, undid my navy and my yellow and white Carter's panties to my ankles. I was on my tiptoes. As soon as I sat, loose watery chunks splashed out. I felt cramps and it started to stink the palace. A Hispanic girl playmate came up to me and said, "There you are. I was looking for you." I told her, "I am making #2 loose. It's coming out of me loose." She said, "I have to do a ka-kee." She she undid her navy skort and I saw her white cotton panties. She talked to me. She was a year younger than me. She said, "My name is Jaylin. What is your's?" "Timeeka." Jaylin walked up to me and saw my little girlhood starting to pee. Then, she took the stall on the right, with her clothes to her ankles and sat on the bowl. I stalls were short so that we could literally look out and in on the next. I heard lots of loose plops and splashes and loud farts. I knew it was the apple sauce and juice that loosened me. So, Jaylin and I talked and giggled. Then, she said, "I gotta now pee" and she did for about 30 seconds. I looked bet. my legs and saw my dark brown stools flat and stringy floating in the water. Then my rectum was itching. Then, Jaylin said, "I got some more. I feel it coming." I peeked over and under the stall and saw her squirm her little feet, clutch her stomach and she let out a long watery fart and chunks. We talked a little more, then we wiped ourselves good, opening our legs. We stood up to wipe more, then pulled up our skorts and kicked the valves and flushed. We agreed that we felt better, washed our hands and played some more.

what comes in will come out

I had chili con carne at church on Sun. It was good. Today, I was performing my tasks when at noon, I felt the urge. So, I went to my mother's flat, undid my work trousers, rainbow belt and white Hanes band-leg briefs to my ankles. My bowels released all the undigested meat and fiber to the bottom of the bowl. I was not long. I wiped real quick, flushed the bowl, fixed my clothes and returned to work.

Once my kid cousins ate, it primed their pump. When I was their age, I would hold my bowel movements until I could not take it any longer. They were painful and hard.

When I was 15 (I'm 18 now)I had never used the bathroom outside. My family went fishing and camped out for a week. My fear was what to do when I had to go. My mom said to just drop my panties, squat, and turn loose. For some reason I was too scared to do it. Mom said to get over it before I grunted in my pants or made myself sick. Finally, on the fourth day I had to do something or else, so I took off my pants and panties and squatted. I must have pushed for ten minutes, crying all along, before it came out. Then I was crying out of sheer relief. I've never laid a turd so big in my life. It must have been over a foot long, and it sure did stink. Since then I've had no problem squeezing one out most anywhere.


Pooping right now

Hello there. I'm a 19 year old girl, 5'5" tall, about 120 pounds. I'm a brunette with long hair and blue eyes. So, now that you know a little about me, on with the story. I have to take a dump pretty bad right now, and I think it's going to be a big one. I've been holding it all weekend just for this post.

Okay, I'm sitting on the toilet right now. I'm wearing my pink Superman pajamas and they're around my ankles. I've been farting quite a bit, a sign that I have to poop. They're long airy farts, like Pffffffft. This last fart was a loud one, Bbbrrrrrtttt. My butthole is opening and it feels so good.

The turd is coming quickly. It's already pretty long, but still growing out of me like a brown tail. The feeling of the turd working my muscles is so amazing, I can't even describe it. The turd is slowing down, but it has not broken off yet. Now it is all out. It didn't make a sound when it came to rest in the toilet.

I don't think I'm quite done yet. I still feel like there is more poop in me. I will sit for a while and wait. I just let out three trumpet-like farts. Prrrtt Prrrttt Prrrrrrrt.

There is another turd about to come out. It came out even faster than the first, but wasn't nearly as long. Oh, wow, another one just shot out of me. I think I'm really done now, so I'll look at my dump.

There are three turds in the toilet. The really long one is shaped like the letter 'U'. It starts out thick and gets thinner towards the end. It must be a foot and a half long, at least. The other two turds are banana-shaped and I'd guess they're each about 8 inches long. There are kernels of corn throughout all of my turds.

I'm sitting down again to wipe. I needed to wipe five times to get clean. It was a pretty messy dump.

Okay, that's all. Hope you enjoyed.

Tinfoil Hat

To Chemist and Tiana

Being a Chemistry student myself too (unfortunately, an Industrial one, so no food related courses at the moment, only Math, Physics and PC except for OC which i liked very much and passed last week with a B), i would appreciate similar trials done by students and by me. After all, we're chemists and we need to do as many experiments as we can in order to increase our knowledge on the matter. I also haven't had diarrhea since 6 years ago and tried loading up on PJ this December in order to experience unusual BM's, to no avail.

To Tiana: it's basically squatting. I also do it the rare times i am going to have massive movements and nobody's home in order to enjoy the huge splash. Well, a kind of anomaly that a guy likes doing that too, isn't it? It's a great exercise too.
Leaving the toilet unflushed is a completely different matter of which i don't know. Perhaps her parents want to check her BM's like mine used to and she got used to leave it for them to have a look.

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