Phew I have been super gassy lately. All day at work I had gas. One of my friend joked about how bloated I looked LOL. I was a bit constipated so im sure that had something to do with it.

All during work every few minutes I would lean on to one cheek and let rip a huge fart. At first I didn't mind but after a while it started getting annoying. Thankfully though it didn't smell to bad. After lunch we had a two hour meeting and I was seriously bloated. I was struggling to hold my gas in. I let a few small SBD's loose but they ddnt provide any relief. During the last half hour of the meeting it was getting hard to concentrate as my stomach was gurgling and all the gas was begging to be released. I clenched my cheeks and managed to make it. As soon as the meeting ended I speed walking to the woman's bathroom accidentally letting a long hot fart out as I walked.

I quickly went into the bathroom got into a stall, slid my pants and panties down and sat. I immediately let out one of my longest farts in recent memory. it must have been over 15 seconds long. let out a huge sigh as my intestines deflated. After that I kept releasing gas for about 5 minutes when I felt a rumble in my gut as some poop was finally ready to be let out. I bore down and pushed as thick turned came out and curled around the bowl. It felt extremely long, at least a foot. It dropped out but another thicker turd immediately took ts place completely stretching me. It felt absolutely amazing. Thank god there were no other women in there as I was very loud LOL. The got about 5 inches out before it got stuck. I caught my breath pushed extremely hard causing the piece to shoot out like a poop torpedo into the water. After that I was done feeling completely empty and lighter lol. I then wiped and washed my hands feeling much better:)

Thanks for reading:)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Molly great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you really had to go alot and it sounds like those other 2 girls both had good poops to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie hopefuly that problem wont last to long.

To: Bill F as always another great story.

To: Timee great story.

To: Crystal great desperate poop story.

To: Jemma great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you really had to go.

To: Miss D great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty time hope your feeling better.

To: Megan great poop story.

To: Mystery poster great story about your bathroom observations.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



To CeeJay, Sean and Brandon: Thank you all for your thoughtful replies! I remember your replies and stories well!

Also, to Jry, I remember your stories as well. Glad you are doing well!

Lastly, to "Under 30 Caucasion, Well-Educated on the East Coast" (What is your name or nickname by the way?): I have never thought that much about skid marks in the toilet.

I guess I've noticed a few things:

First, I always flush a couple of times to get rid of the skid marks, at home and if I'm out in public.

Second, I don't use a public toilet with skid marks unless I have to. If I see them, I will go to the next stall. Don't know why? I guess that's kind of snobby, since we all poop :)

Lastly, I've never really thought about whether I've left skid marks or if someone I know or work with has either.

Your comments are interesting, but not sure that I can relate. I'm glad you are on the forum and hope we hear more from you!

Love to all!



Great restroom, Ted

Ted: that is quite a find, a restroom with no partitions between the stalls. I have never had the opportunity to use one, but I can still hope! Lol! I've used plenty of doorless stalls. I've also used restrooms with a single toilet and had someone waiting for it while I was still on it, or using the urinal next to it.

I did have to use the toilet at the public restroom yesterday. Doorless stalls and I really unloaded quite a bit of crap. There was a guy at the urinal and he went to the sink in front of my stall as I sat down. I could tell he was interested in what I was doing. I just looked down and unloaded. Then I took a very long piss. Felt like I was peeing for at least a minute. Great to completely empty out like that, though. The guy kept moving back and forth from the sink to the adjacent stall. I didn't mind if he wanted to watch, though. I did my usual wipe between the legs and then stood up to finish it off. The guy finally left after I pulled up my red Jockey briefs.

I've been squatting to poop lately, and I find it does seem to help me eliminate better. Mostly at home, because it would seem kinda weird if I did it in a regular stall. But I have done it in a few public places, like at my gym, and the Home Depot. Usually when there is no one around, or if I'm in a stall furthest from the door. Although I thought you are just supposed to pull your pants down to your thighs, I find that stuff falls out of my pockets easily that way. So when I'm squatting on the bowl, I have my trousers and briefs at my ankles.

Esteban! Great to see you here, bud! I always loved reading your stories. They are so reminiscent of how I like to poop in doorless stalls. I hope you get the chance to do so again soon and post your story here.


More on skidmarks

Good post on skidmarks! I enjoyed reading it. For those who don't know, I'm a retired teacher, 71, male, mid-Atlantic state in the USA. I can certainly agree that males as well as females leave skidmarks in the toilet. As a teacher, I occasionally had check-up duty that included making sure things were OK in various places in the school, such as the restrooms. I did from time to time see skidmarks in the toilets of both the boys' and the girls' restrooms; much more rarely, someone (usually one of the boys) would leave a bowel movement unflushed. If I saw either poop or skidmarks, I would flush the toilet once to make sure there wasn't a clog, and then I would leave the real cleaning to the janitorial staff, who came later. [One of my main tasks in the restrooms was to pick up any books, assignments, or clothes that might have been left there, which happened quite seldom but was occasionally important to the student who had left the items.]

I'd like to add one point about how skidmarks get into the toilet. My observation of my own bowel movements seems to indicate that almost any movement--hard, soft, or in between--can leave a mark, but it seems more likely when I am seated well forward on the seat and have actually leaned forward to attain maximum projection of my turds (i.e., the movement is stubborn, perhaps tending toward constipation, so the position enables me to get it out more easily). Thus, falling from a slightly greater height, the turd hits the porcelain harder and leaves a mark. Not only that, but sitting well forward makes the turd drop into shallower water and thus hit the porcelain with more force. I never try for skidmarks, but I am never much concerned about them either, since they will soften in time for the next user's flush to take them away. I've never noticed any odor from the marks, since usually they are under water.

Somehow, Timme's post and mine are bleeding into each other.
Diane is my cousin. David and I attended a wedding. I was a HS sr. and he was a soph. We had a good time. I taught him how to dance. It was one of those weddings where you ate until you dropped dead. He and I raided the catering hall galley of good ice cream, We took the bus to my house. On the bus, I was breaking wind. We were in the back of the bus. He said, "Althea, your farts are killing me. You over did it with all that food." We got home. I took my shoes off and flumped in an easy chair while David flopped on the floor, shoes and jacket off. I asked, "David, unzip my dress, please. I have to loosen it to sit on the toilet to move my bowels." He unzipped the red dress. I stripped it off to my black full slip, hitched it up as I entered the bathroom.I tugged down my peach silk panties to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I broke wind and peed while I pushed out 7 hard dark brown logs. They were long. I sat on the bowl, just braking loud buzzing wind. When I finished, I opened my legs, wiped my pussy and rectum, pulled up my panties, let down my slip and flushed the bow. I will tell you waht happened the next morning.


Big Dump

Today, I took the biggest poo. For the past few days, I had been eating waffles, yogurt, and eggs. The last time I had dropped a load was about 4 days ago. Anyways, after getting home from school, my stomach began to ache. I waited until everyone was asleep and crept off to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and thong, sat on the toilet, let out a tiny poot, and before I knew it, I shot out 2 1 inch wide turds. "Phew, stinky!" I thought as I pushed to see if I had any more (I didn't). I wiped my bum, and stood up to see what I had done. As I thought, there were two logs in the toilet, about an inch wide, 6-8 inches long. I pinched my nose and flushed. I had left skidmarks in the toilet. I decided to shower afterwards. I didn't really feel clean.



Another accident :(

I was accident free for 2 days (15th and 16th after having an accident with the laxative on Valentine's Day)and my husband told me to experiment and start gradually reducing the Lax A Day until I don't need it. Well I've been going fine with the stool softeners (TOO messy still in fact but at least there have been no accidents with the stool softeners only) but I decided to try anyway. I put a tiny bit of the laxative in my coffee and later felt the need to fart so I did. I didn't feel any wetness or anything so I didn't think about it. Until I went to take my shower. When I took off my pants and underwear I found a nasty surprise in my cute (oversize) purple polka dotted undies. A big shit stain! :( I was confused and disappointed YET AGAIN. And I had another clean up to do. Damn. I scrubbed my undies in the sink first with cold water and shampoo and got some of the stain out. When that didn't work I took them into the shower with me and scrubbed them again with shampoo and warm water. Before the cleanup I contemplated just letting the rest of the load of diarrhea out into my underwear since they were dirty anyway but I didn't want a big mess so I didn't. Let's just say most of the stain is out but they're permanently stained now :( I'm so sick of these accidents and so is my husband. He thinks it may be the size of my butthole (big) that could be contributing to the accidents. I dunno. But I want to just stop the laxative and stick with the stool softeners. My husband thinks I should stay with the laxative and stool softeners but reduce them. But the laxative=messy underwear. Sigh. My poop is so messy and I'm sick and tired of the accidents! Help!


food poising*** experience

Hey guys, My name is Julie I weight 140 pounds, im Asian and i live in Canada
This Website is a amazing!! . Thanks for the questions & love the compliments hehehehe. xxxx
Last year , My boyfriend took me to an amazing adventure with my friends! He rented a big cabin with enough beds and off course a bathroom. We were 17 when we decided to do this :) the best part I enjoyed was when there was a lake next to are cabin. Anny ways before the trip my boyfriend decided to take me to a **all you can eat buffet**. the Next morning i woke up i felt **okay. i met my friends and we were ready to go to this amazing trip. When we settled in the car i had a upset stomach.
i rubbed my stomach thinking it would go away. I told my friend who was driving i needed to go to the bathroom. we stopped at a gas station and ran inside to go to the bathroom. i sat clutching my stomach to see if anything would come out. i knew i had diarrhea and i knew it would take a few good minutes to realise stuff. But i couldn't be so long in there. so i pooped a little bit but still stayed in the bathroom panicking because i had an upset stomach. i came back with a smile but had a painful ride. When we all got to our destination. i really didn't feel good. as i walked to the bathroom my boyfriend pulled me and kissed me. As he was going deeper, Steven** (boyfriend) took me upstairs. I clutch my stomach doing a weird face as i was going upstairs ``what`s wrong Julie , are you okay```. i responded ``no``. I told him to go and get me a glass of water.`` As steven went downstairs . I rushed to the the closest toilet i could find. shut the door`, crossing my legs , pulled my undies, sit Comfortably and started to shit , I had at least 2 Big farts before my diarrhea came in. My poop sounded like i pooped peanuts. I sat in the toilet for 15 mins. It felt like an hour because of the pain. Steven knocks to see if i was okay. I felt really embarrassed cuz Steven was hearing me moan. He told me it was sexy but i felt disgusted.
i felt much better, i joined the activities with my friends outside to have fun. i acted like nothing ever happened inside. At night when we all went to bed , i woke up with a urge to poop. so i went to the toilet closing the door slowly. pooping comfortably , clutching my ???? doing the weird face.I had a long fart with a watery stool. this time i stayed for 30 mins lucky no one saw me. i flushed and went back to bed . although the next morning i was a little gassy but got much better relief. ** but the weirdest part is when i was in the bathroom i heard foot steps** so im stil suspecting someone heard me while i was taking a dump. hmmmm

Answering questions this is for **HELLO**

Was there a lot of fats , how many farts and did it smell
um 4 big farts and ya it smelled .

was your fart loud
the fart was loud at the beginning

their was like a little sidemark

And you were right 5 mins wasn't enough i had to bug stacy to take another dump

thanks Brandon T


Stopped the laxative-no more accidents so far

Hi there. I wrote about how I was having fecal leakage/unintentional poop accidents without being able to feel it coming out. Well I did what my husband said and cut down on the laxative and it still happened so I stopped the laxative completely and am staying on the stool softeners instead.

Good news: no more accidents so far! I've still been having super messy poop but no yucky "surprises" in my undies for the last couple of days (yesterday and today). I had a nasty accident on Valentine's Day which topped off a crappy Valentine's Day. No pun intended. I decided that night to stop the Lax A Day and just stay on the stool softeners instead. So far so good. I had to do a load of laundry last night because I was running out of undies despite doing laundry on Thursday. That's how bad of a week it's been between my period and accidents. Have had to change my underwear up to 3 times a day. And I only have 14 pairs of undies! So needless to say, I needed to do some laundry! So far my undies have stayed clean. It's not a nice feeling to come home from out in public and going to the bathroom to realize you had crapped your underwear. It's embarrassing. My husband knows about these accidents and he is watching out for me too. That's why we cut out the laxative and are monitoring my progress.

I have had some pretty messy poops over the last few days. Most of them were piles of curly-ish poop. Think cartoon poop lol. They left major skidmarks in the toilet and meant a major clean up both in the shower and cleaning the toilet seat. Wish me luck that the soft poop will continue, and that my undies will remain clean!


To Bloated Butt

Wow you sound super gassy haha. It must feel amazing letting it all out though:) Do you get gassy when you and your bf go out to eat? It must be hard being full of gas when your around friends too.Do you warn them when your completely filled with gas? Do you get really gassy in public a lot?

I have a friend who's really gassy like you and every conversation I have with her she's always leaning to the side to let out a fart LOL. Shes even refused to come out with me because of her gas lol

And yes I will definitely be posting some stories! I have a fascination with pooping and farting. Its nice to find a place i can talk about it freely!:)

Esteban: I am 16. I live in NYC and got to school. I had to use that toilet in Wash. Sq. Pk. a few times from age 12 to now, but it is closed. I thought that I never but I did. One afternoon, I was 10 in 6th grade. I was walking home and I had to pee. So, I stopped in Wash. Sq. Pk. It was my first. I went to a toilet bowl to pee when I farted and I said, "Oh fine, you got to take a shit." I looked around. I really did not want to do this, but I had no choice. I put my books down, found toilet paper to clean the seat, undid my jeans and black Hanes briefs to my just above my knees. I did not want my boy stuff seen. I sat on the bowl, farted, peed and pushed out a 13 inch brown log at the same time. I was a surprise for me, but I got it out. I kept my knees together, but my little white ass did not cover the opening. I wiped myself from the back, pulled up my pants and underwear and got out. I did not flush.

1) are you comfortable pooping in public, yes.
2) what kind of kind of poop you have, hard logs, long and soft, light brown.
3) do you ever do any activities while on the toilet, read and other boy things.
4) what's the longest you been in bathroom-all night with diarrhea when I was in elementary school.


what comes in will come out

Well I did get a Valentine's date , but also a Valentine's day poop hehe, but anyway here the story, I was going out with the quarterback, I surprised he knew my name so around 6 pm, I took me a nice bubble bath, got ready for the date,put on my Valentine's day special panties, slip g-string on, nice red above the knee dress, necklace and loop earrings . Painted my fingers and toes high sling back heels. So around 7 he came picked me up in his mom and dad car, went to movies to ride along, very funny movie so I had to see for myself, so he rang door bell, introduced himself to my dad very gentleman like, plus flowers and stuff bear, so was overwhelmed wow me, so we got to the movies tickets, looking for a great day, so was bit thristy he paid for, so watching the movie and had good meaningful full chat afterwards, went for dinner nice meal and conversation again, so all he paid for, so after awhile had to poop from school food, so I excuse myself, went to the ladies greeted by the toilet lady and selected a stall, she cleaned the seat gave her a tip and she went back to the sinks, closed the door pulled down the panties and sat down produced a good load finished after 25 pooping and wiping, getting my hands cleaned. So joined back with him asked me if I was okay so, yes just school food lol he did, so after 9 he was dropping me home thanking him alot for being a great day, so gave him a kiss on cheek and asked me out for another date so this Friday another date who know where goes, but got me feeling great all over, that's all hope everyone had a great one


Valentines day

Okay I'm a girl about 5'6 135 pounds I've got what my boyfriend calls a nice ass it's pretty big and I've got blond hair so me and my boyfriend go out to the beach to have a nice valentines dinner and cuddle and what not but what I didn't know is what was lurking in my food..see a few days ago me and my sister got in an argument and she said she will get me back time passed I thought nothing of it she was helping me make the picnic I was preparing and she made the and my boyfriend are our meal and he wasn't in the mood for chocolate so I ate the brownie bad idea we got back to his house and I was in this sexy outfit giving a nice lap dance when my ???? gives this intense rumble from deep inside I stoped he didn't hear it! then Again ...(rooooooarrr gurgle gurgle...prftprft) a wet fart leaked out of me so I'm in mid dance my boyfriend looks so shocked and ask if I'm ok I say I need the bathroom now so I take him with me and I sit on the toilet it was like my ass was on fire it was sssssppplt Prffft splalslalalalalaldpdllsla followed by the most liquid shit I've ever takin pure water it was never ending well I felt great after and he asked if everything was good I said yes sowe got back into everything and went to smack my ass when it all let lose it was pure brown lava coming out all over the floor I ran to the bathroom and was in and out the rest of the night come to find out I found the 6 boxes of chocolate ex lax that was in my brownies :( my ???? is still messed up I couldn't even go to work I was on my way and had to stop twice in some nasty gas stations it was more like lava mud coming out today so bad ruined a good thing :(

Secret pooper

A really good but smelly poo tonight .... Oh the relief! :-)

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I hope you fellow pee and poo lovers out there are all well. Sorry it's been a good while since I last posted on this site. Have had soooo many problems with battling BAD depression, again sadly :( but I'm getting there and I still read all your excellent stories especially the poo ones which I so love.

A few quick shout outs ...

To Jemma: I so love reading your stories and I feel for you with your IBS issues I really hope it gets sorted out but keep those excellent stories of your poos coming. Great job!

To Linda: I also love reading your accounts of how you battle constipation but am so pleased to hear that you are eating a lot more fruit now and things to help you go more easily. I do feel for you when I read you have trouble with constipation as I used to suffer with it as a teen but not as half as bad as what you go through. Keep those brilliant stories coming. Well done!

To Annie: Having read your recent posts in my honest opinion I do think you should go a little easier on either the stool softeners or the laxatives. I seriously think that the combo of them both is causing your fecal leakage. I hope you find a solution.

Right, well on to my story from tonight...

Relaxed after a long day at work I had quite a bit of work to do at home tonight sorting out paperwork and stuff like that when I could feel a very very uneasy feeling in my belly. I had changed out of my work clothes into something relaxed like a black figure hugging top and a pair of grey pinstripe shorts and boots. It was the kind of feeling that came on gradually but got more intense as time went on tonight. I had quite a bit to eat today and was beginning to feel bloated and was passing foul smelly SBDs which stunk and it's no joke. I do these kind of pre-poo farts and the more the urge gets for a poo the more frequent and smelly my gas becomes until it's unbearably smelly that I know that I have to go and have a good poo. I could feel my belly getting more fuller with poo and it was getting achy as you can imagine so I put my right hand on my belly and gently massaged it and sure enough the more I passed wind which was so smelly.
The urge hadn't got to the point where sheer and utter urgency was the case and so I kept doing my work and getting things done, the funny feelings in my belly along with constant breaking of wind lasted at least half an hour when I knew I clearly couldn't hold out much longer and simply had to go to the loo. I stopped what I was doing and was hit by a cramp not an intense one but one that I knew was giving me an 'AMBER' warning if you like of an imminent need to poo. I then leant over to my left on my desk chair and just let rip with a fart which needless to say stunk. Yep it was a very meaty one yet sharp and smelly! I then put my right hand again on my belly and got up off my chair and made the few short steps to the loo, I quickly went in shut the door and turned on the light and with that the extractor fan came on automatically. I hurried the last few steps to the loo quickly undid my grey pinstripe shorts and pulled down my light blue panties to my thighs (which I usually do) and just planted my white bum on the loo and took up my usual position of spreading my legs apart, lent forward, crossed my arms and pressed them against my belly and I was adamant that this wasn't going to be a quick poo. In fact rarely does that happen. I always take as much time as I need to have a poo and it can take me anything from 10-25 minutes on the loo at the best of times.

I took a few breaths and let out some soft grunts to start with ... nnnggh, nggh! Surely enough it worked as I could feel a HUGE and I mean a HUGE load rearing it's way to my anus ready to drop out of my bum ... in about 3 seconds the first couple of pieces dropped out they were chunky pieces and not logs as they were easy to come out ... Plop!, plop, plop-plip-plop!! It was getting smelly now in my bathroom but I still had a load more to drop yet. Then a few seconds later more smaller, chunkier pieces of poo began to drop out my bum .... Plop-plop-plip-plip-blop!-plop-BLOP! The smell by now was quite strong but there was more in me still .... a lot more! Then without any pushing or grunting about 5-7 more pieces of poo dropped ... PLOP!-PLOP!-plip-plip-plonk, plonk, plop, plop, plip-plip-plop! By now I had been on the loo a good 7 minutes at least but was no way near done, nope! This was a huge brown beast I could feel it and then I realised it needed a big push to get it out and with that I took a few deep breaths and just went for it .... Nggggghhhhh, nggghh, nggghh! I could feel a thick brown log then begin to turtle head it's way out of my smelly bum. A couple more soft-ish grunts and then it will plop out, so I gave at least 3 more pushes ... ngggh, ngggh, ngggghh! and then a huge log dropped into the bowl below with a loud PLOP! and joined it's other brown smelly buddies! By now it was getting very smelly in my loo but the fan was clearly doing its job. A few seconds later I was hit with a mild cramp which then saw at least 10 chunkier, smellier pieces drop out one after another ... BLOP!, BLOP!, Plip-plop-plop-plip-plop, blip-plip-plop! Then followed by more and more and more just dropping from my bum, there must've been at least 20 plops and splashes and again getting very smelly. By now I had been on the loo for 15 minutes and had almost finished when I passed more smellier, chunkier pieces of poo which all made a rapid fire of plops in the bowl and then I knew I was done! It was really smelly by now but I had just had a really good poo and it was HUGE as when I looked behind into the bowl to see what I had dropped it was a mound of chunky pieces with one 6-8" log broken on its landing. It definitely was a healthy brown colour. I tore off some loo and then wiped my bum for the first time and the paper was a mess, then wiped again for a 2nd time and it was less messier but needed a 3rd wipe and this time not a mark or smear on the paper but there were marks and smears in the bowl. I got up off the loo, pulled up my grey pinstripe shorts and panties and then flushed the loo. Boy! was that a HUGE beast that I just unleashed ... but hey better out than in!

God! it's late I better go bed for sleepies.

More from me soon, happy peeing and pooing.

Night x


Its my first time posting here.I'm 16, male. Back when I was 12, my friend needed to go to the bathroom real bad. He was pretty shy about his business, he didn't want people hearing him poop. So I told him to go to the kidergartin toilets, since no one used them unless they had diarrhea too. A lot of people in my school were really shy about pooping. So he gave me his phone and keys to hold for him, went into the stall, pulled his light blue jeans down and exploded. plops, farts and more explosions came. A kid came into the bathroom to get some paper towel, and my friend stopped his diarrhea and just held it. The kid eventually got bored waiting to see what my friend would do and left. His stomach started to rumble, and instantly was follwed by a huge watery diarrhea explosion. I sat there listening to him, feeling bad for him. His feet didnt even touch the ground while he was on the toilet. After 15 minutes, he eventually finished, wipe a couple of times and left.

I just wanted to ask if there are any people here that are 15 or younger, I dont see a lot of young people in these forums.

The J

Quick story and a question

Hi, everyone. I'm going to keep my name silent; however, I have posted on here before. My girlfriend just took a pretty decent dump. It was about 20 inches long and just over an inch thick. How lovely is that? I didn't get a chance to see it sadly.

Now here is my question. How could I go about letting her in on my interest in her going to the bathroom? She is grossd out by all of it, and she dosen't like "Fetishes", so how on earth could I tell her my interest? I told her shes sexy when she's peeing and she's like "ewwwww that's gross". So I'm stuck. Any advice on that would be appreciated.



Big poop this evening

Hi everyone. This evening I began to develop an urge to poop during dinner. It was very mild at first, so I finished eating, but then it was my night to do the dishes. And by the time I was done, I definitely needed to poop.

I headed upstairs to the bedroom I share with my sister Anna. But of course, when I really needed to take a dump, she was already in our bathroom. I sat down at the computer to wait for her to be done. And I got involved and forgot about my need to poop, at least for a while. Eventually, the need came back and stronger than ever - I had to poop BAD!

I headed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Right away, a thin log started working its way out. It was extremely long, one of the longest turds I've ever done. Surprisingly, I didn't feel empty after passing that turd. I gave just a small push and another thin, long turd came out. By the time it ended, it was just a little bit shorter than my first one.

Then I started wiping. This dump was pretty messy, so I needed four wipes to finish the job. And of course I had to see my dump, so I looked in the toilet. My two turds were coiled up together and it was impossible to tell one from the other. It was a great dump and I was almost sorry to flush it away, but I did.


what comes in will come out

Hey guys hope all is well with everyone. Today I got to hang with my group, I told my friends about this site how I been opening up more and how it's improving my social conversation, so here my friends description, and names my male friend I talk about Mike 5'8 160 long black hair golden skin Native American, my female friend but also his gf, she 5'5 120 long black hair with highlights, light skin African America and Caucasian Deiese so I guess you call her biracial, my guy is 6'2 175, dark skin Marcus African America, so we have a good group. So we all met up for breakfast, so here what I wore green tank top and black carpi shorts, green flip flops, I rarely wear tennis shoes, except if I'm going be Jordan's, Marcus like my style of fashion, so back to story, I got me a large bowl of fruit, bowl of oatmeal with Turkey bacon, after breakfast we hung out had lots of laughing, So that's how I told them about this site, after awhile I happened to notice Deiese sqirmy, so I whisper to her I come with her, so we excuse ourselves to the bathroom, It was one person bathroom, but we went in, I locked the door behind us and waited by the sinks and turn my head, faced the door, after she got settled I turn face her, seeing she had her shorts and panties down to ankles she said it's been few weeks sense last time she went, So I confess about the changing room, she asked me did I like it yea I did never did that before So Marcus text me if I was okay, text back yea just waiting, so I told her I be back, going get something to relax your bowels so you can empty, left the bathroom and asked Mike for the special pills, he hand them over, Marcus kind hearted self asked is there anything he could do to help, joking I said rub my feet, he said sure I would be honor, giggled me smiled and walked back to the bathroom knock on door, she open it from side and waddle back to toilet and sat down, I gave her five pills and bottle water, she asked me why so many, cause it's a big monster needs to come out, so she took them after five minutes all you can hear was plops and sigh of relief, so after 40 minutes we walked out the bathroom together and welcome by our guys, so as I'm typing this Marcus is giving me a very good feet massage feeling so good, that's all right now remember what come in will come out, I share my own story later on, love you guys


Steven A's survey

Great questions, Steven, though I would answer them:

1. Do you wipe with toilet paper or flushable wipes? - Both. I have used both toilet paper and flushable wipes since I was little and continue to use them. Wipes feels so good against my butt hehe, I couldn't just use dry toilet paper.

2. What was your longest fart that you've ever did? - Well, one time after holding it in for almost an hour, I let out one that was almost 30 seconds long, it just kept coming and coming, I almost couldn't believe how much gas was inside me.

3. Do you have any teachers that have any bathroom policies and do you think that they're fair for everyone and yourself? - My teachers just let you take a pass, doesn't matter when it is, as long as only one person is in the bathroom, they're fine with it. I can't tolerate teachers who don't allow anyone to go the bathroom...

4. Have you ever witnessed an embarrassing accident in public and how did other people around you react and what was your reaction? - Never witnessed one like that in public other than seeing my brother have an accident, though it was not in front of people other than family members (even though we were not at home).

5. Would you ever let someone go in front of you in a bathroom line if they were really desperate to go? - If I could tell they were, sure.

To Annie: I would see your doctor and tell him what's going on.


Another poop accident on my pad earlier :(

Hi all. Well it happened again. I had another accident on my pad. My husband and I went out earlier for Valentine's Day for dinner and to walk around. After dinner we decided to grab a coffee and steeped tea from Tim Hortons and walk around the mall to browse. Afterwards we walked home from the mall, enjoying the fresh air. I felt a urge to go poop but it wasn't a good time because we were walking on a residential street with obviously no coffee shops etc around to use a washroom. So I held it back. The urge got stronger and then eventually went away. About half an hour later we got home and I had to look for something for something we have to do tomorrow. I ended up emptying my entire plastic drawer out and throwing out all the junk in there I don't need. I did end up finding what I need (and what I thought I lost).

I didn't think anything of my earlier need to poop because I didn't have an urge anymore. But when I went to pee, I realized to my horror that I had somehow shit myself again without realizing it! I didn't feel anything come out. But my entire pad was covered in soft shit, front to back! So I had to repeat the same clean up process from earlier today (and last night and the other times before that) and grab clean clothes AGAIN. I told my husband what happened and he's not sure either what's causing this. He thinks it may be the laxative pushing out ALL that crap that's been trapped in there for weeks but I'm not sure. I'm frustrated and embarrassed this keeps happening! I don't even know WHEN or how it happened, it just did!


At a coffee shop (2)

The other day I went to the same coffee shop as usual. I took a seat where I can observe the entrance of bathrooms. I asked the manager if they finished fixing the bathrooms, and he told that now they were working on men's so the ladies' was for use of both sexes. When I sat down, I noticed that a table near by was taken, and I recognized the laptop on it. I thought it might be the girl who had let me in the bathroom first so that she could take her poop in peace after wards.

So I tripped to the bathroom just to make sure. I approached the toilets quietly. The mens' was out of order as they had told me, and the ladies' was engaged. As I got closer to the door, I heard a grunt "ugh". It was a female voice.Then came some plops in sequence. She sight There was a minute of silence and she went on "ugh umm..." Sounded like it was tough one. As though I was feeling a need to take a dump, I let her poop with more privacy: I stepped back to the end of the corridor and waited, just imagining how that Meg Ryan type beauty were taking her major shit.

I will continue.



I am 26 years old, 5'11'', brown hair, blue eyes, 160 lbs. I was coaching some sports over the summer at a local high school when I became desperate for a huge dump. I went to go to the school bathroom but the doors were locked. There was a port-a-potty however in the parking lot for the construction workers. I went to go in and found that there was no door. It was facing away from the parking lot and directly into the sun. I had no choice but to sit down and use it. Because the sun had been beating down into the toilet the seat was incredibly hot. I had to hover. Just as I surrendered to an enormous poop, I heard footsteps getting closer. It turned out to be an incredibly pretty girl around my age. She walked up to the front of the port-a-potty and was astonished at the sight. She managed to see me hovering naked with a two foot long log emerged from my ass. She froze and stared for a good few seconds before apologizing and moving out of sight. I continued dropping logs and she was just right outside listening and waiting for her turn. I was mortified and apologized as I was pooping. When I finished I left, but returned later to look at what she had produced as I thought this was only fair. Her poop was even bigger than mine and quite impressive. After this moment I have had a thing for girls seeing me poop and me seeing them poop. Hopefully I can experience something like this again!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Ted, great buddy dump

Thanks for your post. How great to find a men's room with open toilets AND someone who wanted to share the experience with you.

Washington Sq Park in NY used to be like that. Old posts about it run the range from buddy dumps, to being laughed at, to saying "I'd never dump in a place like that."

I used it a few times myself when I'd travel to NY. I enjoyed the feeling of being free and open, but never had a shared experience like yours, and once I did have a run in with the police who we're prowling for drug dealers. All I wanted to do was take a shit.

Sad to say, it's all been renovated. Thanks for sharing your luck with us.


POOPING AT FRIENDS HOUSE, telling them before, and no shame


I have been eating heavily lately and have been taking many fiber and digestive colon cleanse substances. The past day, it was energy drinks, mashed potatoes, fish, a few slices of pizza with many toppings, egg beaters which have all the protein, sugar free tapioca, oatmeal, 1 trenta size Starbucks Cappuccino with soymilk and no whip cream, and ate out at a couple of restaurants e.g Olive garden and some asian places as well. I did have sirloin too. I am a heavy eater but do take fiber, takeout and exercise often, and take vitamin supplements. I cant tolerate hunger and never had any weight issues, Healthy and 135 pounds. I did not eat all that food quickly and it was very through bites. All pieces and elements of the food was crunched down, stirred up, mixed thoroughly, and well chewed. I have learned from previous pooping and skid-mark issues that that you cant stuff the digestive system. You eat fast, dont chew thoroughly, not enough vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and do small workout, the digestive system just cant process all the food. Its too much too handle and when its not all that healthy or person has other health issues, it definitely takes the toll. For me, I rarely become constipated and all the food from yesterday came out with ease. I amazed myself because I dont drink much water as I should, its sugar free energy drinks, diet coca cola, sparkling water, fortified milk drinks with all the vitamins, and Gatorade occasionally. I do not to keep sugar level in check. Thus, yesterday was no surprise that the poop came out so easily. My digestive system is strong and a small little laxative or high fiber foods before going helped. Despite the digestive improvements, I have rather been slow on such because it produces very water, broken up, and fragile poop types. I really prefer healthy solid logs come out and too much of the fiber is unwanted. Thats where the energy drinks come in and all the caffeine and sparkling water can definitely aid in the digestive process. Its much easier when you exercise and workout beforehand because it burns all the calories, sugar, and rids the toxins away and helps the digestive system more thoroughly process the food. Its a speed up and works for some.

NOW, TODAY Saturday BEFORE NOON, I did take a dump. Not at work because the office buildings are closed. Thus, I was at home and did something not considered off for me. I went to my friends house which i have known for 2 years now. It as usual in the morning, woke up, not very crowded and just her, 2 sisters both grown and mid 30s and also healthy and fit, and mom around. Its an upscale neighborhood filled with middle class residents where average incomes range from $30,000-$70,000, educated, and median age of about 41. Its fairly large too and about 600 residents and nice homes ranging around $160,000 which is above average in market i am in. TODAY I WAS STRAIGHTFORWARD WITH EVERYBODY as usual. It was morning at the house, all woke up, energetic, already ate and dressed up. Since its Saturday, all wanted to eating and shopping out. The place mapped out was a mall. They were all suppose to be there around 12:00 but my toilet needs begin to be an impediment. I had actually planned it out the day before and told everybody at the house that i needed to take a dump. I had to go the day before but held it off because it was not so tight and urgent. Thus, i prepared some fliers with details about my bathroom needs i could present the next day and explain all the points.

OK, right before leaving for eating first and shopping afterwards with all the crew, I told them I needed to take a dump, it might be messy and leave skidmarks, i did not know if I would flush a second time If I had left poop skidmarks, and if there a smell remaining, I would not spray fragrance around. There was little to no opposition but it was like go. So i went in and it was about a 5-6 minute dump. About 5 turds. The first was long, curly like a sneak, above semi solid, and sunk down either going further into the commode. I little gas was involved with that and was indeed stinky. The push was easy and came right out and no breakages. The second turd was about half the size but hit the water with more pressure and reaction was a skidmark streak on the back the toilet inside directly above the toilet water and commode hold. was moderate brown and looked more like the heavy skid-mark types. Then, the pee came and was a moderate dark yellow from holding it it in so long. not foamy but was darker yellow color and strong. The pee stream was about 15 minutes and powerful and loud. It came consistently and I did have to grunt and push to get to get it all out. It came out string enough for gas to be released but not loud type. Then there was a minute pause I was preparing and last 3 turds came out and as well as smaller smaller chunks. It did not push very aggressively and took my time so all turds could all come out thoroughly. Its easier for me because area shaved completely and high level of hygiene and maintenance. Thus, nothing blocked the flow of the turds and wiping the bum was much easier and more direct. Ok, the toilet water pressure for flushing was was lower and the type that's only enough to flush get down and not clean all the skid-marks. The water level in the toilet was sufficient too and in the middle and just clear water, not all the cleaning ingredients.Much of the turds had sank down and some small crumbs or pieces were visible. They were above semi solid logs but not the very hard, thick, and heavy type. It was moderately stinky as well. I have wiped my bum 4 times. The toilet tissue reams were long and split in half and wipe thoroughly. Now, it was time to flush, but I did something new.

LEFT IT UNFLUSHED AND CAME BACK OUT AND BOILED SOME HOT WATER. the rest went back to do something and told them i was making some coffee. I boiled a pot half full of hot water and had heat on high. Took less than 10 minutes. then I came back and poured the scaling hit water on the the turds. the reaction was rapid and intense lots of foam, dissolve, gas and and breakdown. The gas did get stronger and the toilet inside turds very brown. The hot water continued to dissolve and after about a 2 minutes. i flushed the toilet. The poop did indeed left some skid-marks but different from what I am used to seeing. They were a different makeup and still left visible on the toilet and still sticky enough to require second flushes. Thus, I am now looking more into this


HAVE A POOP CHALLENGE. you can boil a pot of hot water and pour it on your poop after done. see what the reaction is and answer the following questions


1. was a lot of gas released and what did it smell smell

2. did the turds completely dissolve or partially so

3. what color did the water turn immediately and after a minute or so

4. WERE THERE ANY SKID-MARKS LEFT and how did they compare to usual


we do need this and water to see how poop of all types can tolerate hot water. you can microwave some or boil and pout it on those turds. best to do at home. have water boiled before going to take a dump. this is new and need to see what occurs

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