My first time going to Taco Bell

Hey my name is Julie, I weight like 140 pounds I live in Canada and I'm Asian.
So.... This is my first time using this website and so far I find it pretty cool.
Okay here is my story.
For my friends sweet 16 we went to Taco Bell, it was a big restaurant, really big restaurant. We took a table and sat for are meal. When the meal came to our table I ate as fast as I could because I was extremely hungry. After Taco Bell she took us home for a sleepover. 1 hour later my stomach felt pretty uneasy so I had to release gas to make that ???? ache to go away. It became worst as I was waiting patientl. I knew I couldn't wait that much longer so I told my friend if I could use her bathroom. My friend knew something was Up! She came to the door and knocked , "Julie are okay" said my friend . I reply "yes everything is okay". I flush the toilet but I still had the urge to poop and maybe worst diarrhea. I was so uncomfortable taking a dump at Stacey house (my friend). Me and Stacey left the girls to go and *talk*. She pulled me as I was going to the stairs. She looked at me with a smiley face and said "look Julie I know you want to take a dump in my house, their is a bathroom over their so that the girls won't hear you" . My face came down with a sign of relief, then 1 min later when we're finish talking my stomach growled loudly and I started to gas. I ran to the bathroom and shut the door. Farts, poop , diarreah came out , it make me moan but atleast I felt much better then before. I stayed in the bathroom for like 5 mins to unleash all the nasty stuff in my ????. I went upstairs and gave an excuse to my friends so that they could understand. I'm truly happy that Stacey knew I had to poop . Cuz I was red like a mother????ing tomato trying to hold my poop.

PDX: I do look in the bowl to check for anything foreign. I am a girl especially. I am suspect for bleeding, if you know what I mean. I either look behind or open my legs. Being that my bowels are always loose and soft, any foreign matter is seen in the toilet. I see lots of undigested roughage and protein in my loose stringy stools. If I eat hot peppers, which I like, it irritates my rectum, causing it to bleed, because I rub it with dry toilet paper.

Missy <3

Swimming Lesson

I had a beautiful blue and yellow glittery swimsuit and I had a small bladder at 5 years which was a problem. I had to pee really bad at the lesson from the beginning. I don't remember what was taught but I do remember bouncing in the pool and struggling to do the exercises. I was so relieved when it was over.

Migraine Loverer

feeling better

Hi. I am feeling better. No more stomach bug! Yay! Food tastes different to me for some reason though. I still have a cold. I had Diarrhea once but only because of too much fiber in the cereal I ate. I was eating it because it's the only thing that still tastes good.

Jemma: I had roto(a) viruses when I was a girl. They sneaked up on me with sudden cramps. I thought at first I was having a normal bowel movement but when I sat on the toilet, it was endless. The more cramps, the more loose movements. Then, my rectum itched.

I used to babysit when I was from grammar school through college. It was my cousins and neighbors' kids-boy and girls. I taught them to wipe themselves good and flush the toilet. They were trained from home, anyway. My 3rd cousin is 12 yrs. younger than me was very good. His bowels were loud when he was 10 years old. He always took his comics or mine to read. Same thing with the girls.

More to come later.


Survey response

This is my response to the survey that was posted last time.

1. Do you pee or poop in public? How many times a day? Yes, about 6 or 7 times a day on school days, because I prefer to go in during passing periods and over lunch rather than wait an hour and be hurting and having the embarrassment of a teacher refusing to let me sign out. I also go in before I board the bus because my trip is sometimes an hour long and I hate having to hold it.

2. How often do you pee daily? See above. However, when I'm not in school I will pee less. The exception is when I'm out with my friends at the mall or a movie. I will usually go into the bathroom the same time as they do and most often try to contribute something, if you know what I mean.

3. How many times do you poop a day? Usually once, at about 8 or 9 in the morning. Sometimes, if I've eaten a big lunch or drank more soda or coffee, I might have a second poo at about 2 or so.

4. When in public, do I cover the seat? No. My grandma disagrees with me on that topic. But I think it's a generational thing. Her class celebrated their 50th reunion last summer.

5. How far do I pull down my clothing while seated? Jeans or sweats to mid-thigh level, although I'll have them a bit higher if I'm using a doorless stall. (Sometimes I'm desperate!). Once or twice a week I wear a dress, which I will just hike up.

6. Has anyone ever seen you on the toilet? Yes, just about two months ago I made a bad mistake. (A story for another time!).

7. What foods do you normally eat? Nothing out of the ordinary, but I drink a lot of soda and coffee.


Another Dream

Ok Last night or this morning I had a dream that I did enrolled in some classes at a college. Well Any way I was in a place that was supposed to be a restroom. But it had Sofas and couches with toilet seats on them. It had Young and mid age people in there of all genders. There were Girls around 19-22 years of age they was sitting on the seats with there pants still on. But then one girl with black hair who was wearing tight pants says to me WATCH! She pulls her pants and underwear to her knee and lifts the lid and sit down with one of her cheeks off the toilet and showed me her poop coming out. And she started getting it on those chairs. Her poop was half brown and half yellowish brown.

And For the one who was in the Wal-Mart stall. You should have told that girl and mother a thing or two.

Karen C.

Another story, and special thanks to Brandon

Hi Brandon, glad you like my last report! Kinda sucked for me, it was pretty embarassing getting sick tom my stomach like that in front of students that are supposed to look up to me and all; but even us substitute teachers are human, right? But sometimes even we fall victim to viruses too; twenty years ago I might have been embarrassed and wanted to bury my head in the sand, but now it doesn't bother me.

Okay, for my story. I didn't post this in a timely manner, but for Christmas dinner I spent it without my sons as they couldn't make it home, but I was invited to go out with my brother who's going through a divorce so he's basically single now, too; it was just like we were both teenagers again. We flew to Las Vegas and got a room at a well known casino hotel which I won't name, gambled $10,000 and came away with just under $85,000. Luckily I know when to quit. Finished the night with kebabs, onion rings with dip, several mixed drinks, and a steak and seafood dinner with all the trimmings and a few servings of the most wonderful strawberry cheesecake for dessert, and then of course my laxatives. Woke up at 4 next morning, had some coffee, then soon I started exploding into the toilet with the foulest, onioniest smelling poop ever, my brother almost threw up when he caught a whiff of it! All in all, it was the best Christmas I've had in several years since our parents died.

A question: do you think it would be weird for a woman my age to date a guy in his thirties? I've sort of been seeing a much younger guy and we have a lot in common and always have so much fun together.


To Emily

Thanks for the reply. I bet it must be really uncomfortable when the snow gets into your suit. No wonder you would just go, I would do the same. Actually already did a few times.


Curry farts

Hi guys, I have been looking at posts on this site for years, but have never submitted any stories. This is my first story.

Just a bit of background, I am 27 years old, overweight (116kg),Maori (native new zealander), female, lesbian (my partner is also overweight), very short (don't know how short though)and from New Zealand (NZ). I work at a clothing shop that specializes in XXL+ clothing.
So here's the story:

One day after work, my partner (Lucy)and I, decided that we were too tired to cook dinner, and instead wanted to go out to eat. So, Lucy picked me up from work and we drove to a near-by Indian restaurant, that we both love. For starters, we ordered kebabs, samsosas and these other indian things. For those of you who don't know, Indian entrees are very big. But since we are very big ladies we managed to finish all of it and were still starving for our mains. For mains we ordered two Chicken vindaloo's with 5 Garlic naans each. After we finished, I was feeling a little bit bloated and I told Lucy I need to take a dump, she wanted to too. As we were walking to the toilets, I let out a SBD, which smelt bad. The bathrooms already smelt like farts and poo when we entered. There was no-one in there, so it was very quiet. My partner and I both enetered differnt stalls, which were next to each other. i pulled my panties down and could hear Lucy do so to. As soon as my ass planted down on the toilet seat, a torrent of loud farts escaped my body. We both laughed and I heard her fart and poo too. I had diarrhea that splashed all over the toilet bowl and left skidmarks on nearly all corners of the bowl. The smell in the bathroom was becoming very strong, but luckily we had both wiped and flushed and were ready to leave the bathroom. Just as we were washing our hands, a young indian lady, run into the bathroom. It was very evident she thought the bathroom smelt because as she was running in her nose was scrunched up. Funnily enough, the lady went into the stall that I had just been in. I could hear her mumble "yuck" as she locked the stall door. She was probably busting to do her business, so she didn't enter a differnt stall, despite the smell and skidmarks i left. As the lady sat on the toilet we could hear her do several farts and finally one big dump that splashed into the water. At this point we felt we should give the lady some privacy and left the bathroom. We then paid and left the restaurant. As we approached the car we were no longer bloated and felt a craving for a desert. So we drove to another restaurant that specialised in deserts. i could write about the restauarant but nothing exciting happened except for the fact that my partner and I had the most ???? chocolate desert. So, we left the restaurant and started to drive home. Since our flat, is abut 45-50 mins outside the city, it was a very long drive. About 5 minutes into the drive, I told lucy I needed to fart, and she said 'go ahead". So i let out a wet fart, that stunk up the car. since it was 11pm, it was very cold outside so we decided we shouldn't roll down the windows, despite the smell. About 2 or 3 minutes later, lucy let out a "rotten egg" fart without warning me. In unison we both said "It must have been the curry" and laughed. The rest of the drive consisted of us burping, fart and laughing. As we entered the flat, i "shotgunned" using the toilet first. I entered the bathroom and did some more wet farts and even more diarrhea. Before I had even entered the bathroom there were skidmarks in the toilet from the last time Lucy had been (in the morning)...we dont even own a toilet brush so we rely on the flush to gradually get rid of That night both Lucy and I went several time to the toilet to do diarrhea and farted in bed most of the night. We truly are a smelly couple...

I hope you enjoyed the story...more to come.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: What Comes In Comes Out great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and that woman should learn respect what if its her next time having a nasty poop and someone says that bout her how will she feel and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica (AZ) great story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop.

To: Annie great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee great story.

To: Jemma great set of poop stories.

To: Abby I hope you feel better soon.

To: ??? as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop.

To: To Good Had To Poop great story it sounds like you both had really good poops and you made a new friend as well and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Desperate Jill
I can't resist surveys. I haven't been active on here in a while, but I like to check back every so often to see what is happening in the world of peeing and pooping!

1. Have you ever got bored of sitting on the toilet and layed out toilet paper on the bathroom floor and squatted over it to poo? Nope LOL. I only poop in the toilet. This seems kind of like a gross thing to do and inconsiderate of whoever has to use the bathroom after you.
2. When in public toilets, have you ever decided to grunt extra loud to try to kind of engage the person in the next cubical? You mean like in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the whole battleshits sequence. Lord no LOL. I am extremely shy about pooping in public restrooms and wouldn't want to draw attention to myself like that. Although I have to admit that when I am pooping I make a lot of loud grunting noises involuntarily, which is one of the main reasons I am shy about pooping in a public restroom. That and because I take a real long time and my ass tends to be really loud LOL.
3. Have you ever intentionally let little pee out in your underwear? Sometimes I will let a little bit leak out, but usually as soon as I start leaking I will run for the toilet if I haven't already done so.

(1) do you pee and poop in public if so where? I will pee and poop anywhere I have to go, especially pee. It sort of a joke in my family that every bathroom at every place I have ever been to I have peed in. But pooping in public I try to avoid as much as possible. Of course I have lots of digestive disorders that make that difficult, increasingly so. Often I will go just to have a quick pee and won't be able to hold back the fact that I have to make a poop once I sit down. It's just instinct! When you sit down you just naturally relax and can't continue holding it! But as I've got to go not going to hold it must the toilet is beyond atrocious or lacking in privacy.
(2) how much you pee per day average? A real lot. I've never counted but I usually go at least once every hour or two. So I'd say more than 10 to 15 times a day. If I had to I could make do with less, but I would be uncomfortable.
(3) how many times you poop per day? When I am not sick (I have recurring health problems) I usually go probably every day, often several times a day. I don't go a tremendous amount every time, as sometimes it's lots of little ones that just come out when I go to take a pee. But I would say on average I have about 1 to 3 times a day.
(4) when in public do you ever cover the seat? Not usually no. If the seat is wet I will probably try to find a different toilet or else I will take toilet paper and wipe it off.
(5) how far you pull your down your clothing? Like someone else said, it depends on what I am wearing. Generally speaking I pull my pants or skirt down to my ankles. I figure they're just going to fall down when I go to wipe myself anyway and it's easier to move my legs. I kind of like to stretch my legs out a bit when I am going to the bathroom. Also I tend to lean forward sometimes what I'm going to the bathroom. If I am wearing a bathing suit, and I generally wear one pieces, I will pull the suit down to my ankles were just take it off completely and hang it over the stall. Of course now I am much more cautious about that because one time somebody snatched my suit and left me naked in the stall as part of a prank. Fortunately I was able to get it back! That would've been awkward otherwise.
(6) Has anyone see you on toilet? Nobody that I know, although I have been peaked at under the stall a couple of times. Also, one really embarrassing experience that I related here several months ago, was when I was at a psychiatric hospital and they had no doors on the stall and I ended up having to take a huge dump (that I had been holding in for several days) in front of an entire group of girls. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.
(7) what foods you normally eat? I eat almost entirely fast food, fried food that's really greasy. Probably doesn't help my digestive disorders, but I am extremely picky eater.

Now I have a couple of questions or sort of a mini survey of my own.
I think that I might've posted about this once before, but for new members this might be interesting idea. I have noticed that a lot of people here seem to enjoy pooping quite a lot or at least have had lots of experience with it LOL. In my case however, I find that I am extremely shy about pooping in a public restroom. So I thought of this imaginative scenario to help me deal with it. The idea is that one day 90% of women wake up never having to poop again and never have to worry about having to go in public. But on the other side of the coin, the other 10% of women have to make up the difference LOL. So this means they would be desperate to poop 7 to 10 times a day, or probably once every three or four hours. And each time it is like a days worth. It's no little tiny bit, it's like a bowl filling mega-dump LOL. As you can imagine I would be greatly relieved to be in that 90%, as I think most women would. But if I was in that 10% it would be beyond embarrassing, not to mention extremely inconvenient having to take a huge dump basically everywhere I go and having others know that I have to poop when the majority of women do not. So I always like to wonder what other women think about this (I made this scenario only affect women, mostly because I am female and I think it is more embarrassing when women have to poop). So my questions are as follows.
1) Which group would you want to be in and why?
2) Regardless of whether or not you enjoy pooping now, what would you do if you were in the 10% of women who had to poop? Keep in mind that this would entail a lot of life changes. It means you would have to poop a large amount pretty much everywhere you go multiple times a day, meaning often in public. Also you would have to deal with the fact that the vast majority of women never have to poop, meaning that the fact that you poop would probably become a part of your identity and that could be quite embarrassing.
3) If you were one of the 10% that had to poop, how do you think it would change your life and affect your relationship with others?
4) Someone I discussed this with raised an interesting moral dilemma. I told him how I thought that this would be an interesting scenario to see played out because it would be rather hilarious, although it's rather hypocritical of me considering I wouldn't want to be one of the 10% due to my public shyness. So he proposed the following question and this applies only if you do not want to be one of the 10%. He proposed the idea that my scenario would be revised such that men never had to poop and 95% of women didn't. He pointed out that the vast majority of people do not enjoy having to poop (although that might be different on this message board LOL), so this would be seen as a good thing. So he asked me whether or not I would still want my scenario to come true (and remember the vast majority of people would be very happy with this) if it meant I had to be one of the pooping women, which is like partially a nightmare. But I would kind of be a bitch if I didn't go through with it, wouldn't I? LOL.
5) This isn't related to my scenario above, but was just another interesting question that someone brought up. In our society it seems like it is more permitted for men to urinate outside but not so much women. In the course of the conversation I thought of a really good question. Since society is much more permissive about men urinating outside in public, but not so much women, what if they passed a law that said it was legal for men to urinate outside whenever and wherever they needed to, but for women it was still considered indecent and illegal? How would you feel about that?

Here are my answers.
1) Although it would be really interesting as an experiment I would probably say that I would prefer to be in the 90% who didn't have to poop.
2) I would probably become much more shy but would be kind of forced to get used to it. So I wouldn't let it change my life and I would just have to make sure I go to the bathroom before I leave anywhere. But if I was gone for a long time I guess I would have to just bite the bullet and poop in public. I'm not going to let it dictate my life.
3) I don't think it would change my life tremendously, as I am mostly the stay-at-home type. I would probably learn to get used to it eventually, but I would still probably find it really embarrassing, doubly so because now I would have to poop when the majority of women did not. I would mostly try to go to the bathroom before I went anywhere and for longer periods of time where I was away from home I would just have to get used to it and make sure I am always close to a toilet.
I think it would affect my relationships only slightly, but rather awkwardly LOL. Since I am one to avoid pooping anywhere but home when I'm alone due to my embarrassment, I guess this is going to have to change. I don't think it would really negatively impact on any of my relationships, with the one exception that I would be the butt of a lot of jokes and there would be some type of poetic irony about the entire situation. I say this because, as you might guess by the fact that I am posting on a website about toilet matters, I have a bit of a scatological sense of humor that is well known by everyone that knows me. So it would be rather ironic that the girl who likes joking about other people's awkward bathroom experiences now has to poop all the time LOL. So mostly it would just result in a lot of general awkwardness in public situations, but I think I would get used to it and just have to grin and bear it.
But it would still be very embarrassing to have that be a known part of my identity - she's one of those girls who has to poop! Definitely not the thing I want people to associate immediately with me, but like I said, it would be some degree of poetic irony in that happening.
4) As I said, it would be kind of wrong to condemn the majority of the world to having to go to the bathroom just to save myself a little embarrassment. I would just have to suck it up and get used to it. But I would still feel extremely jealous of the fact that I have to poop constantly when 97.5% of the world's population never has to go ever at all. I mean really really jealous. Although on the plus side I would have a lot more stuff to post about on this website and in my various blogs LOL.
5) I think that this would be an incredibly unfair law that I would find very frustrating if that were to pass, but at the same time I would support this law passing. Hear me out. I think that both men and women should be able to pee wherever they want without it being considered a crime, well with some exceptions. But I don't think anyone should be considered a criminal for taking care of the necessary biological function. But if we can't get it to be for everyone, I think it makes sense to at least let men pee outside since it is already widely accepted. Once that is made legal maybe it would be legal for women eventually as well. But in the interim it would be extremely frustrating because it would be a law saying that men can go wherever they want women are legally obligated to hold it in until a restroom becomes available (which they often aren't). But I always obey the law LOL>

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


to Tiana

Your experience with Wilmina reminds me of a babysitting co-op we participated in a few decades back, in which parents would babysit for each other's children to permit members to dine out or attend a concert without having to get young people to do the babysitting. One couple for whom I babysat a few times had two small girls, maybe 4 and 6, who seemed to save up their bowel movements until I came and would take my hand and pull me into the bathroom with them to have me there while they pooped. They could do everything themselves--take down their clothes, sit on the toilet, push out their poop (quite noisily), and wipe--but wanted company while doing it. That didn't bother me, but while one little girl had me with her while she pooped, the other was not there, but elsewhere in the house, which opened up possibilities that did concern me. I actually mentioned this to the parents, but they were not concerned: "Oh, they've been like that since they were potty-trained; the one that's not in the bathroom will just read or color or something harmless; don't worry about it." So I didn't. Yes, the girls could do everything; but they did not flush. Rather, they hopped off the toilet, pulled up their clothes, and turned around to look at what they had done, obviously expecting me to look also. I got to see some surprisingly large turds, of which the girls were quite proud.

As for Wilmina--now that you know how she uses the toilet, just have some toilet paper handy and wipe the seat after she poops, if necessary; go ahead and flush also. If that's how her parents have taught her, it's not really your place to try to correct it; just do any minor cleaning you think is necessary. At least the little girl is getting her poop out, which is a necessary and healthy activity; also, you can verify that she actually did it (Parent: "Did she use the toilet?" You: "Oh, yes, she had a nice bowel movement about 8:30").

One thing you might try: Suggest to Wilmina that she raise the toilet seat and squat over the bowl, since she doesn't sit down anyhow; that would prevent splashes on the seat.

what comes in will come out

Hello I'm back again, I have another brave story to share but sense people description of themselves here is mine before the story, 5'3 like 102-105 depending the school activities going on but normal weight is 102, I'm not skinny any shape or form just very healthy eater, guys say I have cute butt just all around cute figure, just overall a cutie from head to toe. Now to the story yesterday after school, my papi called me and asked me to make my special chilli tonight, so I went to the store right away, so I arrival at Walmart, so I was shopping around getting my special ingredients for special chilli, than last night food start knocking on me pretty instance, so went to back of the store to the bathrooms I saw the ladies was getting clean and the family bathroom was in use, so getting very desperate by now, so the cleaning person was done, smelled so good in there but unfortunately I had be the one with the poop, so I go in ran into the first stall locked turn my butt facing the seat, pulled down my shorts and panties to my ankles, place my butt on the seat, immediate I start farting dropping loose stool, so someone came in took stall next to mine, so it was like a young teen, so seen her pants and her pants drop to the ground guess she had to poop like me, so I began to wipe butt like four good times got up to flush, and the poop hit me again, so I hurried place my butt back on the seat but still flush anyway,girl next to me said thanks, thinking to myself like wanted kick in her door and cry I know it stinks we all stink, so girl mom came in asking her was she okay but no progress, so girl mom said phew it stinking in here, girl said to her mom yea it's the shorts girl, so her mom said that's what happens to you when you not normal American, so I'm ready to cry but held back and try my best to finish my liquid poop was coming out of me, so afterwards like 30 minutes i was done, wiped really good flushed went to sinks to wash my hands and mother daughter came out without flushing, mother gave me a dirty look up and down, said to her daughter see those people have unhealthy food choices, so becareful sitting behind them, so I ran out crying forgot all about the food ran to the car drove home told papi what happened, he understood and gave me a big hug told me he was sorry, so not his fault, but that's all for right now

jessica (az)
I woke this morning with a stomache. i got out of my bed and headed to the bathroom. i pulled down my pajama shorts to my ankles and started pooping a long soft serve. i was in the the bathroom for 10 minutes pooping out soft serves.i wiggled my toes got up, wiped 3 times and flushed the toilet.


for TIana


as i can see she does it the same way i do. I know its different, but if she is more comfortable to do it like this, just let her do it.

Anatomy student

Answers for TIana

The mother was almost right. If thief feet are on the floor and they hover over the toilet, it isn't better than sitting. If they stand on the rim of the toilet and squat, or sit and put thief feet on a stool, that is better for the colon and helps prevent hemmorroids. We weren't designed to sit to poo.

Regular teen

Constipated illness

So I never really have any problems with my bowels, I eat healthily, lots of fruit and do exersise like running regularly.
One time though I got really ill, I was off school for like 8 days and I hardly are anything. After this my doctor told me to eat lots of carbs to get my body going again to fight off my illness so I don't feel sluggish or tired. After this I noticed I didn't need my daily poop. I didn't really think anything of it until I didn't go for about three days (a very long time for me as I usually go once or twice a day). So I took two of my brothers constipation tablets and went to sleep. The next day I woke up as usual, but still didn't need the toilet. But then, at school I started getting really bad stomach pains and really felt the urge to go. I was lucky that I had a free period next so I got comfy on the toilet nobody uses and expected this to be very long and hard. But I strained once and nothing came out, so I tried one more push and I felt something start to move, at this point my butthole started to burn. Then I decided to push as hard as I could and then it felt like something huge just fly out of my butt. A few more pushes and a few more logs came out. When I looked in the toilet I had done 6 sizeable logs! The most I have ever done as my logs are usually medium size due to the fact I go regularly. After this I felt so much better and went for a run after school. I have been regular ever since!

Tiana, you are describing hovering. It makes sense if the toilet is dirty, otherwise it's just being a germophobe. There's no excuse for not flushing--if you don't want to touch the handle use a bit of toilet paper to flush it.


To Bloated Butt

I just stumbled onto this site and I just wanted to say I love your stories! Love your writing style. Definitely one of the posters I look forward to reading here:)

Anyway I just wanted to ask how do you deal with all the gas you have? Whats the most bloated/gassy you've ever been? and whats the biggest/longest fart you've ever ripped?LOL:)



Hi all,

I just went for a quick poo in the office. Working on a Sunday sucks.
What came out of me felt like a torpedo. It was quite hard and pointed at the front.

To Dominik - thanks for replying to my survey.

I wonder if anyone else would mind replying? I really want to know what you guys think about the following:

1. Have you ever got bored of sitting on the toilet and layed out toilet paper on the bathroom floor and squatted over it to poo?

2. When in public toilets, have you ever decided to grunt extra loud to try to kind of engage the person in the next cubical?

3. Have you ever intentionally let little pee out in your underwear?




At a coffee shop (1)

Where I live, there is a bookstore which has a coffee shop. They offer us two things that stimulate our bowels: coffee and books. As the place is frequented by students and young professionals, I have several experience that might be interesting to you folks.They have two single-toilet bathrooms, ladies' and gents', of course, but sometimes for maintenance, they turn into unisex bathroom.

I often saw this dark blond girl, tall and well built in her mid-20's. She uses computer working on her papers there, so I guess she is a graduate student. Any way one day I was drinking my coffee reading a novel which I had just bought, she was working as usual, when she suddenly took a magazine out of her bag and headed to the toilet. Ten minutes passed and I couldn't concentrate on the novel any more...

I tripped to the loos. The ladies' was out of order, and she was waiting in front of the gents'. Maybe she had never used the gents' and didn't know, but its door lock has some problem, I mean, when it's locked turns blue, and when it's unlocked, it turns red. So she thought it was occupied.
I told her to try knocking on. As she knew the toilet was free, she said to me,

"Go ahead, if you like".
"No thank you, you were already in here"

She smiled shyly and added.

"Well, I'll be for a while".

I was amazed by her frankness and kindness, with her magazine in her hand it was obvious what she was going to do. So not to embarrass her, I thanked her and used the toilet.

Happy pooping!!

Just curious
Chelsea - I was reading through some stories randomly and I came upon part 1 of your festival poo back on page 2328, but I couldn't find part 2 - do you know what page it was posted on? I also saw that you were thinking of posting a story about a broken toilet at your uni house. I didn't see that either - maybe you never posted it, but your stories are very interesting.



Hiya :) Haven't posted for a long time because I was constipated for quite a while :( The doctor put me on Lax-a-Day and the stool softener and that seems to help. I try to drink as much water as possible too. I did go once last week, the first night I took the Lax-a-Day and I clogged the toilet. It came out in one huge piece that kind of looked like a braid and was really thick. It took plunging it twice and flushing like 3 times to finally get it to go down. Then nothing for a few days.

And then today after lunch I got a strong urge to go. I didn't want to go because I thought it was going to hurt and clog the toilet again but I had to go BADLY so I had to. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my clothes and gave one push as this big load finally came out of me. It was softer than I thought though BIG. It took a ton of wiping and even washing my bum in the shower because the poo was so messy. Finally after drying off and putting my clothes back on (the bottom half anyway) I decided to try to flush. I was afraid to because it was MASSIVE.

It was one huge piece, thick around the top/body part and kind of curled around itself at the end, like cartoon poo lol. Surprisingly it went down with no problems and no plunging. Wow.

I peed all day today. I drank 5 large cups of tea. I had to go downtown just to get away for awhile. While downtown, I had to pee three times. Once was at a loft store. The owner gave me the code and I found the toilet. It was a large utility room with a dirty sink and toilet. The toilet was liveable. I had no toilet paper. I just let down my white long johns and white Hanes panties to below my knees, spread, squatted and let it squirt out. I pulled up my pants, kicked the flush valve and left. Later, I walked up the road and I had the urge. I ducked into a nice clean hotel, closed the stall door and repeated the same, then less than 30 mins. at a Whole Foods. I took home the subway-el, got home in time to pee one more time. Sometimes, I do not sit at home or out, so I either hover or squat to pee. I squat to #2 because my bowels are loose and I do not want to splatter the seat, walls or floor.


Diarrhea Trials

I'm studying chemistry at university, and we are currently doing a module on chemistry in the food industry. I'm sure many of you have heard of some of the sugar-free foods that are known for causing stomach problems. Well, I've been reading about some of the trials they've been doing to work out safe levels to put in food. Obviously, for foods, things have to be tested on real people, they're not satisfied with just the sort of lab tests I'm familiar with.

How it works; every few days, they give the trial subjects a dose of the food they're testing, and get them to fill in a questionnaire about their bowels the next day. They keep increasing the dose until the person gets diarrhea.

They have to get full informed consent for the trial, and obviously, the volunteers are paid, but still, I wondered what types of people sign up for studies like that; it certainly wouldn't be for me.
Would you be happy being in a study where you had to take something that was eventually going to give you diarrhea?


Well I seen some surveys so thought I post some of mine own. I need a cute name to go by on here, not going use my name so I won't be tease, but unto survey. (1) do you pee and poop in public if so where ) basically anywhere that has a toilet to seat on, like school, malls, gorcey stores, Parks including amusement.
(2) how much you pee per day average like 6 or 7 times
(3) how many times you poop per day like 2 depending on what time. Pretty health person.
(4) when in public do you ever cover the seat, I can but I don't my last my bf talked me out of it
(5) how far you pull your down your clothing depending on my clothes I'm wearing, like shorts to ankles, pants to ankles, skirts take off hang on hook but if it's like a portable toilet knees, home I just lift my night shirt
(6) Has anyone see you on toilet yes my friend (male ) like a brother from another mamcita I never had but it was accident
(7) what foods you normally eat, beans, chilli, tacos, enchiladas, caseadees, ???? lots of fruits and of course burritos

Sunday, February 09, 2014


a memory from years back. ..

So when I was 14 my parents brothers & I went to a festival & I had diarrhoea, unbeknownst to me did I know that as I was fine for about an hour then all of a sudden was desperate to poo. Going to the portaloos they stank & already dirty.
I let out my watery diarrhoea & continued to have it for 12hrs. Must have had Rotavirus/Rotovirus (diarrhoea only stomach bug)
So yeah since then Portaloos have not been a choice of mine (unless I had diarrhoea again)
J x


To Catherine

Awesome Story! You Must have felt like a million bucks after that hour of Cleansing.

I have not been on this site for a while when I saw your post. I do remember you posting in that time frame as I had some posts too in that time. Your Stories are very well written and you express yourself well.

Happy Pooping :)

Random question for all: Has anyone ever used Mineral oil? How long does it take to kick in? Does it cause gas and Cramps? Does it make you poop solid or soft?


loudest poo!

Just a quick one. My aunt is staying with us.

This morning i heard the loudest poo ever. she was in the bath room, with the door closedĘ and i was 2 rooms away. I only heard the explosion, not the plop. she must have eaten something bad.

I couldn't go investigating the smell unfortunetly.



odorless poo)

morning everyone

I got o say that my poops are wonderfl again. They're even complelely firm now. like i haven>'t had them in years.

This morning i came close to an odorless poo. I never done that before. there was a firm log that hurt a bit coming out followed by two smaller plops. but no odor.

I suppose it would've started to smell if I stayed longer but i'm bac to my regular 2-3-mituteo i guess that's why.

Anybody else can do odorless poos?

poops s


food poising

well it the weekend so me and my friend we going out so we went to a Mexican Restoration and went shopping and etc well on our way home I was getting very sick by the min. well we go to my house and run to the bathroom and it splattering out of me and I had my head in puke bucket and my stomach was churning then it was come out at both ends again finally my stomach let up and I took some pepto my friends call and ask if was felling better I said not much


Babysitting question

Last fall I started babysitting. I do it for six or seven families so I'm getting a lot of experience, and pretty fast. Since we live close to a large mall and two parks, I take the children out frequently. One of them, Wilmina, I spend a lot of time with because her parents have a cabin they travel to a lot. What's different about her is when we're away from home, she uses the bathroom so differently than the rest of us. She stands over the toilet in a squat, and relieves herself by letting it drop down into the toilet. She does this to both wee and crap. Sometimes she splashes the seat a bit. She never flushes. She says her mother does this too and that its healthier than seating yourself on a public toilet. I've never heard of this before. What advice can you give me. Thank you.

Welcome back ??? Just happened to read your post, do you massage your stomach any cause that's very hardcore poo you did


Big, stinky poo

Today, I started to feel bloated, like I needed to poo. I had eaten 2 waffles for breakfast and multiple (3-4) hotdogs at lunch. After school when I got home, I waited for my family to go to bed and marched off to the bathroom. I plunked my curvy butt on the toilet, pants ankle-width, and began playing around on my phone. I texted a few people. I told my best friend that I my poo was stuck, and it was. After a while, bored me began tapping my feet and humming waiting for progress. I felt frusterated and decided to see if straining would do anything. I pooted when I strained, but no poo felt like it was close to coming out. Sighing, I started to rub my stomach, trying to get something out. Just as I wanted to, I felt something. It felt humongous. After pushing for a while the head started poking out. Without even being in the toilet yet, this barely out poo was stinking up the area under me. About a minute later, I made a little more progress. This huge turd felt like it was an inch and a half wide, and long. I strained a lot more, trying to get this thing out. "Mmmmm!" I was making that sound as I tried to push this monster out. "Mmmm...Er....Ah!..." -Kerplunk- I looked in between my legs and saw this monster, about 8 inches long, and an inch and a half wide. The water was yellow and the turd was close to black. I pinched my nose. Pheew it stank! I unrolled toilet paper and began to wipe (I'm a wadder by the way). I wiped my butt 5 times and my front twice, followed by me flushing. I saw the skidmarks I left. Anyways, I washed my hands and left.



colombian neighbor

Hello, falfks. I haven't posted for a long time. I'm a 33 y/o male, single. Like some of you, I'm interested in the toilet habits of other people.
Recently, a beautiful columbian girl with back hair and slightly dark skin moved into the house in front of my place. It is a duplex house and the bathroom she was suppoused to share with her house mates was near from may terrace. The day she arrived, the owner of the house introduced us to one another. I got so exited because the other loggers had not arrived yet. She was the only person to use the bathroom for some time.

That night I cooked some spaghetti and I invited her to eat with me. She accepted and we dined together. We talked in Spanish. Her name was Ana and she was starting her MA course in biology in our city's university.

After we ate, I got back to may room and worked on my PC by the window. I saw the light of her bathroom got turned on twice, but for short time on each occasion. She went to bed early that day.

The next morning when I woke up I heard her preparing her breakfast. When I went to the kitchen, I could smell the aroma of the coffee she had prepared. I fixed mine and got back to my window. I saw her bathroom's door was closed. I went out to my terrace, but I did't hear the shower running, so I guessed she was using the toilet.

Five minutes had passed when I heard the toilet flush then again!! Definitely, she took a big morning dump... I heard her using the sink.
Then she came out, boy with her laptop in her hands!! I pretended to have just went out to my terrace,

When Ana saw me, she looked a bit embarrassed, but we exchanged "buenos dias". She said she did't know it was my terrace, I asked her if she takes her PC to everywhere. She said no but it helps her going to bathroom.

An interesting experience.

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