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2 most memorable going to the bathroom related experience

Okay folks I have 2 stories to share.

That morning, I had to take a dump. I wasn't feeling good and felt backed up. I was getting ready to take a shower to go to work. So I had a cup that I had used to pee in the middle of the night. I haven't pooped in a cup in a while I figured why not. I tried squatting over it while it was on the floor. I got into position, started pooping, not much poop in the cup, but I feel the pressure built up in my knees, so I had to get up. I then finished the rest of my poop in a half squat on the edge of the tub. I finished up and I had a mess to clean up, mainly cleaning up the poop from my butt cheeks and dumping out the cup. Once the mess was cleaned up, I took my shower to go to work.

I just finished working on a client's computer equipment and didn't use the bathroom before I left the building. The urge was really bad and was getting close to pee on myself. I had a half full water bottle that had some water in it, I finished it since I was thirsty. I took the the bottle and was getting ready to pee. I was cold outside in my truck and the bottle had a narrow opening. Since I'm not "well-endowed" man down there and it was cold, it took a while to get started. Finally after 5 minutes fidgeting to pee in the bottle, finally I was able to pee. I filled the the once empty bottle with a nice warm golden yellow urine. I felt relieved and got a little pee on my pants which dried up. Once I was done, I put the cap back on the bottle and stuck it in my bad to dump it out later, finished getting myself together and went home.

Keep the posts coming and happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Linda:I am happy for you. Also, drink lots of water and tea. The natural route is the best. I am lucky that my bowels are always soft or loose.

It is real cold here. I have been peeing not much. I have not drunk much.


Answer to Thomas' question

Thomas asked a while ago how females pee in one piece snowsuit.

Well, I find that always difficult and tend to avoid wearing one piece snowsuits... But when I have worn one most of the time I have just took off enough clothes to pee, which really isn't very comfortable since it's cold and snow can get inside the suit. That's why I hold it as long as possible.

Twice I have peed in one piece snowsuit. Both of those were situations when it was very cold and I knew I would be home soon to change.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Axle it sounds like you had a pretty rough night I hope it didnt last to long and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eddie great story you hearing your girlfriends big poop it sounds like she really had to go and alot to.

To: ??? great story about your monster poop it sounds like was pretty painful but I bet you felt so much better afterwards though and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Jessie great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and alot to I bet you felt so much better afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about your stomach bug it sounds like you had really rough time but in the end you ended with a boyfriend so something bad became something good in the end.

To: Karen C great story.

To: Megan great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Catherine great story it sounds like you had a really good cleanout.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Migraine Loverer

Stomach flu

I have the stomach flu. It started on wed. I had a cold to begin with on Tuesday but then I got the stomach bug on top of that! I threw up in the bathroom toilet for the first time in my life. I only threw up once. I had awful Diarrhea last night. 3 rounds of it. no fun. I was peeing poop. My stomach feels awful.


the bus ride & the days' desperate poos.

Hey everyone!
Yesterday my car had an mot & service & I had to get the bus to work.
I left my house feeling fine, as soon as I got to the bus stop,
I felt the urge for a poo.
I had to wait 10 mins.
I suddenly got more desperate & my ???? was churning now too.
I clenched my buttocks though letting out little poots as & when.
The bus arrived & I was so desperate for this poo!
On I got along with 4 others & took a seat.
The bus journey lasted 15 mins to get to my work place, that 15 mins felt like forever.
I kept raising my buttocks off the seat to clench and try & make it not obvious
What I was doing.
As we pulled up by work I got off & ran to the loos,
In the cubicle I pulled down my grey pencil skirt black tights & blue knickers
& plonked my peachy backside on the seat.
Immediately I let out plop after plop.
8 loose plops all together, wiped 4 times & flushed. Pulled my clothing back up, washed my hands & left.
I had another big poo at lunchtime having held it in for an hour.
That poo consisted of 11 plops, more desperate than the first poo.
Then my last poo of the day was before we went to bed about 10pm
Again very loose & consisted of 9 plops all very loose, and my hubby was there to wipe my bum when I finished too which was the best bit of the day!!
More soon, J x

too good but had to poop

Hello new poster here but checking out other stories what brave women, so if they can so can I, I'm 17 about to 18 in few weeks,
So here my story, I was hungry the late night before, so I ate tons of fruit from apples till on down you name it I probably ate it, so I felt good going to bed, the next day my stomach was hurting so I woke up early to poop but when I made to the toilet I lifted my shirt up some and sat my butt down, so after.five minutes nothing, and I gave up decision was made to get ready for, school so I took shower got ready, made sure my papi had his coffee ready before he went to work and on the way. So afterwards I went to school, my friend was already there so i hang with him some, talking about life, and was going with me after school for soccer, fast forward, so during the soccer practice, I end up really needed to poop badly, so my friend asked me have I lost a step but need bathroom emergency, so he said he'll wait till I come back outside, I told him it be best you come inside, he laugh and said J-lo and you sure got that in common, me lol, so I hurried to the ladies, so when I got there I
saw panties and pants pulled down in one stall,so girl call out Who is there, I announced myself, she apologize about the smell, I said I be joining the action soon, so I took stall next to her, so I pull down my shorts and panties to my ankles and sat on the seat, she and I began, to make chat, finding out I was about to have a poop with the homecoming queen next door, so we talk, she began to wipe, she wait till i finish, so I said you sure .so and so outside, she said she don't mind a lot people have
to poop, so she pulled up her pants and panties and washed her
hands and waited for me so after 15 minutes just pooping I was
done and wiped, flush and wash my hands, and we was joined
by my friend so me and her became friends, so my friend was
so shock to know the homecoming queen was in there with me all that time so, this few days they been talking he always had a crush on her, so she been trying fix me up with her older brother, cause he says he like me alot well that's all my story

Friday, February 07, 2014


my poo in kfc last night.

So last night after work my hubby & I were in town & went to kfc for our dinner,
I'd needed a poo before eating, but being hungry I ate our chicken then went to the loos.
Pulling my trousers & knickers down I plonked myself on the tiny loo
& let out my first plop.
Then came 4 all at once, a pause, followed by another 3. Mustard colour slimy & banana shaped. God I felt better afterwards!
J x


bubbly gut

I love everyones stories sorry havnt posted for a while

Last night i was drinking coffee my belly gurgled i rubbed it not wanting to get up so finally i got up to get the remote an pushed alil to fart an mushy poo shot in to my black thong i grabbed my belly an ran down the hall got my yoga pants down an pushed with all i had.

Mmmmmm! Aww *fart fart* *plop plop plop*
Mmmmm ughhg ughg!!!
Mushy poop poured out like a water fall i held my belly lenning forward breathing heavy i keep going for a long time i got up an looked in the bowl.looked like brownie mix i got up to get toilet paper an got a sparp cramp an sqwated on the floor watery diarrhea shot out on the floor i held my belly.
Ooooooo mmmmm *splat splat flop* mmmmm come on!!!! Awwwww owww
it finally stopped an i cleaned up an went out for the night


My girl's Mega dump

Yesterday ,my girlfriend took a monumental dump in our apartment. The biggest for this year to was the evening when we came home after work.I proceeded to boil some pasta for dinner.She suddenly went to the loo saying nothing and closed the door.After about two minutes silence,

Probably got it her special poopy position with her seated on the loo with her knees next to her boobies (She was a gymnist and so infinitely flexible)I started hearing butt splashing thonks as if she was dropping bricks into the toilet. it amazingly went on as I distinctly heard her huffing and pushing ten plops and paused for a while, maybe to catch her breath.

A few smaller plops followed by another pause maybe she was savoring her accomplishment and started to wipe.I know that she neatly folds every time she wipes.

This Morning she emptied the last of the batch with three large plops and a mega wave of soft-serve poop.Goodness gracious, I said to my self,She's 32, Five foot seven tall with a twenty four inch waist.tiny boobs, and allays wears her arrow straight hair on a high pony tail. How on earth do cute prissy girls do it?


The Return of ???

It's been a while since I've last posted. If you forgot what I looked like, I'm an Asian female about 5' 5" and 110 lbs. Anyways, on to a story.
Story: My Most Recent (school) Dump

I hadn't pooed in 5ish days, constipated but not noticably. I had been eating yogurt to try to digest my food. Anyways, I finally had the urge, though at the wrong time- during school. I had started getting gassy, which is almost always a sign of an impending dump. Throughout the day, I was letting out tiny, airy poots, fairly smellable but no one would expect that adorable me could do that. During PE while doing exersises I farted fairly loud, but not overly noticable. The smell was noticible though. After PE came recess, where I finally had the opportunity to relieve my bowels. I walked into the restroom, opened a stall, pulled my pants and thong down to my ankles and started to pee. I let out a cute little poot as I peed. This cute little poot was about to make way for a complete monster. I started to strain, but nothing was coming out. I strained a bit more, nothing came out. For a second I read as I waited... it may've been longer than a second. Traffic came in and out of the bathroom as I tried to drop my load, but my poo was stuck! Eventually my butthole started to loosen, and in a painful slowness came out my first turd. It didn't come out immediately, as it stopped about halfway out of my butthole. It was really stinky, almost a musty smell. My face was red as I tried to push this first turd out. -PLOP-. I still had to drop a few more. As I waited I undid my ponytail and re-ponytailed it. My silky hair was fairly comforting. I farted once again, and felt a new, smaller turd begin to come out, but slowly much like the other one. I looked in between my crotch to look at the monster I had just dropped. It was dark brown, about an inch thick and 8-9 inches long, the smell almost unbearable. Eventually the second turd fell, and multiple others did too, a few round balls, all that dark brown color and putting up a real stink. I quietly pinched my nose and said "Eeew..." I started to wipe, front twice and back 4 times. I got up from the toilet, washed my hands, and left. Now that I think about it, I forgot to flush. Oopsies! I'm sure the next person to go into that stall was greeted by quite the surprise.



To Bloated Butt

I have suffered with constipation for years. Recently it got so bad that I was unable to go for four days. Finally I knew I had to get it out no matter what. I spent a good 45 minutes pushing and straining. The turd would start to poke out but it was to big and dry. It came out about and inch and it was totally stuck. I was dizzy from straining and it really hurt. I was desperate and yelled for my boyfriend to come help. Hey used some Vaseline and kinda massaged around the sphincter then I pushed really hard again and he used his fingers to press against the spot between my girl parts and my anus. And just like that it popped out! The relief was great. Sometimes when a bm is very difficult it's nice to have help from a close friend or spouse.


Post Pooping

Hi Guys,

My poop came out without me having to go to the doctor )the big poop issue when I was little). By the way, I had a great poop today at work. It came out nice and smooth. It was one of those silent but smelly ones )SMS lol)! It felt like 5 peices. My boss Miss Renita was in there, but I didn't here her pooping (most likely she was done going). I didn't go poo anymore today, but had a pretty good evening. Just awhile ago, I was sitting in front of my computer sucking a small candy cane from christmas when I accidentally choked on the crook of the cane. I felt it in my throat, coughed a bit to the point some salava came into my mouth, but got everything down in as little as 10 seconds or so. I'm letting you guys no I was ok so you wouldn't worry about me.

Shy Shayla

To Bloated Butt

Can you please share the first time your boyfriend saw you on the toilet?


To Steven A.

Hi Steven...

Well; I think that if you don't eat anything for 30 hours.....that might affect your bowels a little...but I guess it would depend to a certain extent on when you start counting the hours.
Say you have dinner on a certain day....and then don't eat anything for 30 hours. That would really only mean not eating anything for one day....because dinner time the next day would be 24 hours later...and then you only have another 6 hours after that (after which you'd be in bed asleep anyway...)

I guess it might have the effect of slowing down the movement of poop through your intestines....since there wouldn't be the sensation of eating food to help push what's already in there along....

But; like you should have no real problem with staying regular.Hope so anyway....

Let us know....


Hi everyone, I'm a new poster but I've been a lurker for god knows how long (probably getting close to 10 years or so) but just for a quick visual introduction: I'm a 20 year old American male attending college, overweight for my height, and I have long dark brown hair. I really don't know what overcame me to finally break down and post for the first time in a decade, but hey, it was destined to happen sometime I guess.

So yesterday was Super Bowl, and it's been a tradition in my family since I was young to get together and just hang out for the day. Of course there were snacks, pizzas and desserts, the average junk food you would find at any Super Bowl party. We all just dug in and snacked for the whole day while watching the poor Broncos get destroyed. However, I was unaware of what else was going to be destroyed later.

After returning home, I lounged around for the rest of the night browsing the internet, when suddenly my stomach began to cramp up and I felt a slight urge to take a shit... But I ignored it, too absorbed in whatever mindless Facebook status I was reading. The cramps kept coming and going, until at one point a super sharp one hit and had me doubled over as I sensed something attempting to "get out". This was my cue to get up and speedwalk to the bathroom, but I didn't get that far. About 5 feet from my desk, I let out a muffled fart and felt something - a lot of something - just drop into my boxers. I clenched and waddled to the bathroom, afraid to lose anymore of my load, then carefully took my underwear off, and sat on the toilet to release what was left. My boxers were covered in soft shit. Not diarrhea, but close enough to it to make the cleanup a hassle. After the 15 minute cleanup (including the floor - some dripped out on the way to the toilet) I came here to post it. This was the first time in forever that I had pooped myself in my own home by accident, and it is a bit disheartening the more I think about it. At least it's better than in public!

I have a few more stories I'd be willing to share in a few days now that I have finally got over my irrational fear of posting. Hope you all enjoyed it!


Biggest poop of my life

Hey guys. I have a story to share. It's from a few years ago, but it's still very fresh in my mind. I was 17 at the time. I have a big appetite even today, but back then I ate way more because I was very athletic, and on the cross country team. A typical day, as far as eating goes, for my 17-year old self might have looked like: Two bowls of cereal and a banana for breakfast, two grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup at lunchtime, and three big plates of spaghetti for dinner. And that doesn't include snacks.

Anyway, on the specific occasion of the story, I didn't poop for several days. I guess it started on Thursday, with a normal poop shortly after dinner. Then Friday was normal also, except that I didn't poop that day. And Saturday, the same thing. I was getting concerned, but at the same time too embarrassed to say anything to my parents. But I knew that if I didn't go by Sunday evening, I'd have to get over my embarrassment.

Luckily for me, I did feel an urge to poop mid-afternoon on Sunday. At that point, I was just hoping it wouldn't be too painful. I sat on the toilet and only had to give just a small push before a thick log started its way out. It came to rest in the toilet without a sound. It was followed by two more similar logs.

I was feeling better, but not yet completely empty. Still, I used the momentary break from pooping to flush, wanting to avoid a clog. A few minutes later, I was feeling a renewed urge, telling me I needed to evacuate more turds. A log, not quite as thick as the others before, came out and grew to be very long. Effortlessly, several turds almost like rope, emerged one after the other.

I knew yet more was on its way, so I flushed again. I held it off until the flush finished, and then it rushed into the toilet in a few seconds. I finished up the dump with tons of messy chunks of poop and some gas. Then I began the arduous task of wiping myself. It took a lot of wipes to get clean. Finally, with one last flush, I sent the rest of my poop and the paper down the drain. I washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling amazing.


Post Title (optional) Lots of fruit salad is really helping!

As you all know, I started eating lots of fruit salad each day, in the hope that it would help my constipation. I've been doing that for over a week now, having fruit salad with natural Greek yoghurt for breakfast and after dinner for dessert. It has worked well for me and I'm not nearly as constipated as I was 2 weeks ago. I must admit though, I'm still having some trouble on the toilet as I'm still a bit backed up but nowhere as bad as before.

I've been pooping most days, some days I'm even going twice a day!! Which is so fantastic for me!! I'm still having to spend a bit of time on the toilet - its still taking me 20-40 minutes on the toilet most days. Although I have had a few shorter dumps, between 15 and 20 minutes.

To Tinfoil Hat: to answer your question, yes I have gone a considerable length of time without getting constipated at all. I've always been prone to constipation but when I was younger (like in my 20s) I had less trouble. As I've got older, I've become more and more constipated. And last year, I had a few times when I went for a couple of months without any constipation. When I was a kid, I was very constipated for a long time.

Bloated Butt

To Shanon:

You think I seem pretty? Oh my goodness, thank you! I've had people tell me I'm pretty before but it's always family, close friends, and my boyfriend. They kinda HAVE to tell me I'm pretty, LOL! I bet you're pretty, too ;)

As for restroom and accident stories, I barely ever use public restrooms. A few years back I used a public restroom and was trying to push out a massive log, but someone came walking in and sat in the stall next to me while I was in the middle of pushing. So I had to stop and wait, my hole being stretched super-wide with this immense thick poop, LOL! I had to wait until they were done before I could continue! That was four years ago, I think. I can't really remember the details. I may have public restroom stories in the future, though ;)

I don't have any accident stories, I'm afraid. My poop is always so big and wide that it doesn't really come out on its own. It just barely pokes out and then stops, being too big to come out unless I really push on it. That's why I always have so much trouble on the toilet: I need to push and push and push, and it comes out so slowly and takes forever. If I just relaxed and did nothing, it would sit there. And as for diarrhea, I can't remember the last time I had diarrhea. I've had powerful urgent needs to poop, but it's always huge and firm, not liquid or anything. Sorry :(

But thank you for liking my stories! I'll be sure to keep sharing them since I know you like them so much!

Justin K

Accident at Basketball practice

So I'm new here this site is like my guilty pleasure. I am 16 year old guy I'm in 10th grade. I play a lot of sports quite popular in school.
So I have a story about this accident I had during basketball practice just a few weeks ago.
It was after school and I had been feeling sick all afternoon. I suspect it was lunch we had this disgusting mac n cheese. Anyways it was time for practice we had to run suicides I started doing them and my stomach was hurting really bad. I told my coach he said suck it up ( sometimes the other people on the team try to get of doing suicides cuz they suck) so I did and started agian and I as I was running I let a fart out and poop to slide out I was wearing boxers so it didn't hold it well so the liquid poop started to run down my legs out of my basketball shorts. Some of the older guys were laughing my coach told me to get cleaned off and then just go home he also apoligized to me about not listening when I said my stomach hurt. I was so sick for the next three days it was horrible.
Sorry if it's not very good I have a broken elbow so I'm typing with hand and it's very hard if I had both my hands there would be more details and it would be longer.

Had something happen last week that hasn't happened in years. I nesnstopped at an out-of the way restroom off a country road; the kind that were built years ago. Since I honestly did have totake a shit, I decided to go on in and check it out There, all in a row were five toilets, no doors, stalls nothing. I decided to sit down for a little, (hoping someone might walk in on me. No other people were there. about 10 minutes later, I heard a vehicle pull up. With my pants still down, I jumped up and peeped out the door. A red-neck dude was getting out of his pick-up. I went back and sat down on the fifth toilet, furthest from the door. He walked in, smiled and said, 'Care ifI join you?" I said, "No problem." (and smiled back. He came to the toilet just one over from mine. He had a firm butt withsome blonde hair on it. After a couple of grunts, he said "I got a big 'un comin. I replied, ' I just did a whopper myself. I proceeded to wipe. Since he was sitting to my left , he had to bend over to the left to wipe. He bent far over, making sure I got a good shot of his butt cheeks and the tp rubbing slowing between them. We both finished about the same time and pulled our pants up together. He said, "Take it easy, good buddy and I said the same. Oh,the joy and heaven of sitting and shitting with a friendly guy.

Last year I was on a first aid course with work and I was suffering from a minor stomach bug on the second day. I'd had a bit of an iffy ???? on the first day with loose bowels a couple of times in the evening, after the course had ended for the day.

During the night I had a bloated stomach and had to go to the loo a couple of times to release some sloppy loose poop and I was also sick a few times, but not badly.

In the morning I got up early, went and sat on the toilet and pushed out a wave of thick mud like sloppy poo and I realised I had a bad belly ache. I jumped in the shower then halfway through I got cramps and had to sit quickly down on the toilet to have some more poo, this time looser still.

I was starting to feel quite nauseous as I arrived at the training centre, and I quickly needed the toilet to calm my churning aching belly. I hurried to the ladies, pulled down my leggings and thong and placed my sore bum on the seat.

Instead of the sloppy mud I had been having all night I was surprised to find runny diarrhoea squirting out of my bum. I groaned as I felt it all rush out, waves of it making me feel crampy and bloated.

When I was done I spent ages wiping my bum, golden brown sludge covering the toilet paper. I went back to the room ready to start the morning session, all the while my belly was making horrible noises, rumbling loudly below my blouse.

Within half an hour I had to go again, the crampy pains in my belly making me need to go even more badly. I was holding my stomach and praying a break would be called soon. As soon as we were allowed to go, I jumped out of my seat and dashed to the ladies.

I ripped my leggings and underwear down and before my bum even touched the seat, a rapid torrent of diarrhoea shot into the toilet. I moaned loudly, gripping my belly. Several waves ran straight through me, before I felt done. As soon as I stood to wipe, another wave rushed through my bowels and I quickly had to sit back down to release it.

I carefully made my way back to the room, my belly rumbling madly. I was pale and nauseous with a very upset stomach. I had to rush out of the room during one of the lessons, as I just had to go right that second, I couldn't hold it.

When I came back, the instructor asked me if I was ok. I said yes, I just said I had stomach ache but I was fine. Another participant looked at me sympathetically; I think she'd heard me go to the loo earlier and knew I was suffering with bad diarrhoea. After a particularly bad rumble and cramp, I felt like I had to fart.

I sat rocking forwards in my chair trying to hold it in, as I knew this was unlikely to be just a fart. I was okay until we had to practice the recovery position. I was in a pair with the girl who knew I was sick.

I bent over to place her arm in the correct position when I accidently let a huge wet fart squelch into my panties. Luckily it was soundless, but it absolutely stank. I stood, horrified, gripping my stomach and realising I suddenly badly needed the toilet.

'Come on' she grabbed my arm and helped me shuffle to the ladies, where I dashed into a stall, holding my belly and moaning loudly. She helped me pull my leggings and panties down before I let rip with a huge gush of diarrhoea. 'Are you okay?' she asked, rubbing my stomach.

'I'm not very well' I complained, stating the obvious. 'Aw hunii, I'm really worried, you look faint, I'm going to get the instructor' she ran off before I could protest.

Our instructor was in his late twenties (I'm 26) and rather good looking so I was mortified. I'd been flirting with him earlier but I was now really embarrassed as I tried to hold my diarrhoea in.

'Jasmine are you alright?' he came into the ladies, accompanied by the woman who was with me before. 'Yeah, I-' I stopped mid sentence as he appeared at the cubicle door. He looked at me concernedly, his gorgeous face creased as he frowned.

Suddenly I got a huge cramp and I bent double, allowing runny poo to squirt loudly from my bottom. I realised then that there was a stain in my panties where I had followed through earlier. I heard him tell the woman that we'd be fine. He came into the cubicle and asked me how I was feeling.

'Mortified' I smiled sadly, holding my belly. 'Why? It happens to me sometimes as well you know!' he laughed. 'What symptoms have you got?'. I groaned as some more liquid splashed from my bum. 'Erm, well obviously diarrhoea, then I've got stomach cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, I was vomiting last night, I feel dizzy'.

'Jasmine' he said softly, 'it sounds like you've got a stomach bug, which is very contagious'. He walked in and pressed his cool palm against my rumbling belly. 'It doesn't feel too good in there I bet' he smiled.

'No' I groaned. 'Well, I'm going to make you better. The other instructor can continue with the course' he leaned slowly forwards and gently kissed me. I pulled back, shocked, and also not wanting him to catch my bug. 'What's up?' he smiled, rubbing my bloated belly.

'I don't want you to catch my diarrhoea and stuff' I explained. 'Well, for you, it's worth it' he gently held me as I continued to empty my bowels. When I was done he even helped me wipe my bum before he led me to his car.

He took me home, where I instantly had to have more diarrhoea. He sat with me, stroking my face and rubbing my belly until I felt emptier. He helped me get changed and into bed. Every time I needed the toilet he got up with me, reassuring me and easing my ???? cramps.

By morning the diarrhoea was much less frequent but he stayed and we quickly became an item. Twenty four hours later, Grant came down with a spot of the runs which quickly progressed to the full blown stomach bug...If you want to hear about it let me know..we're still together now :) and he was teaching the day he got sick.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: OnTheToiletGal great story about your poop in that busy bathroom it sounds like alot of women all had to go at that time to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sasha K first welcome to the site and great poop story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Timee great story it sounds like that other girl was beyond desperate and just made it to the toilet in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this sit

Karen C.

New Year's Cleanout?

Hi, I know I haven't posted in a long time. I quit driving for the cement company after they laid me off and now I am back to substitute teaching and teaching music at home, and doing mystery shopping which is a lot of fun.

Just wanted to tell you about a recent jalapeno sandwich experience that left my insides clean but not the toilet. Sunday afternoon for dinner I got a Subway meatball sub and I asked for quadruple extra jalapenos because I'd been feeling constipated and I read that hot peppers help. I also took a laxative. About midnight I woke up with excruciating cramps and spent the better part of an hour blowing loud messy loads into my toilet. When I stood up I saw pieces of chewed jalapeno peppers, tomato skins, olives, and remnants of lettuce stuck to the higher parts of the toilet above what looked like vegetable soup from hell in the bowl below. Had a couple more episodes throughout the night and by morning I was done and spent the day sleeping.

Oh, and before I forget, if anyone is interested, back in early January I gave the students a puke show. Guess I musta had a 24 hour stomach bug, it's been going around the local schools here lately; I didn't feel right all day then I started feeling nauseated around two in the afternoon, I got stuck with afternoon bus duty, long story short I started throwing up on the grass in the area where the students catch the bus home; couldn't help it, it just came over me and I had to let it rip, had just enough time to turn my back and bend over before it came. It looked nasty and tasted even nastier, it was leftover green bean casserole, some cabbage, and some baked chicken I'd brought from home for lunch, and two chocolate milks from the school cafeteria. A senior boy who I think has a crush on me rushed to my side and kept asking me if I was okay and offered to get me things, that was sweet. He tried to hold my hair but I brushed his hand aside and didn't let him get too close in case I might be contagious. Some of it got on my pants and shoes. When I finished I let him walk me over to the sidewalk and we sat and made small talk until his bus was up. He took drum lessons from me over this past summer and still comes over for piano lessons, he lives just the next block over from me so I gave him a ride home because he had a lesson that afternoon anyway, I called his mom to let her know he was with me. After he went home I threw up again then took some Pepto and crashed, then I felt fine the next morning.


Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I got kind of caught up in things over Christmas and kept forgetting to post! Hope everyone here is well and enjoying the new year!

Onthetoiletgal- Great story! I know a few girls who are of the same view as your mother regarding their toilet visits. Personally I'm like you and I don't mind going in public toilets or telling people that I need to go, although I don't exactly announce when I have to go number two!

Jemma- Enjoyed your story about visiting your client. Sounds like you had to go badly!

At the weekend I went shopping, and after earing a lot the day before I soon needed to find a loo so I could take care of an urgent number two. I was in a department store so I headed for their loos. An young, elegantly dressed lady went in ahead of me as I approached. By the time I got in she was in one of the cubicles lining the seat and she sat down as I entered the other cubicle. I pulled down my jeans and pink knickers and sat. I could see her purple knickers and her skirt at her feet and I figured she was probably there because she needed to have a number two as well.

We both weed and then I heard nothing more from her. I figured she was probably hoping to have the toilet to herself and was embarrassed about having to have a poo. I broke the ice by letting out my first turd, followed by another. She shuffled her legs a little and after I pushed out my third log I heard a quiet plop from her, having overcome her reluctance I suppose! I did another turd and then I was done. As I wiped I heard another splash as she pushed out another turd, and I left her to finish up.


One day when I was at camp I woke up at night and had to poo. I knew it was gonna be a big one so I went into the bathroom It took a bout 15 minutes and it filled the whole toilet. Soon everyone started waking up and I was still on the toilet. I worried they would find out and everyone did.


Shout Outs

Hello everybody!

Just wondering if some of the posters from around 2010-2011 were still reading! I guess those are like pages 1800-2100.

Leanne, Ashley, Amylee - how are you?

Lastly, I had the best diarrhea the day after the Super Bowl. Got together with some friends and family for the game. I woke up, feeling bloated and not wanting to eat. Finally, I felt an intense urge to go to the bathroom, accompanied by that familiar gurgling in my stomach. When I went, I had a good bit of solid stool come out first, and it seemed to uncork a torrent of mushy, liquid poop. And it came wave after wave. No pain and no farting. It just ran for a few seconds, stopped, and started again. I was on the toilet for close to an hour with diarrhea. Of course, the waves came further apart as the hour commenced, and finally got off the toilet after ten minutes of no diarrhea.

After that, I had no more diarrhea. I don't know if it was something I ate or a small bug, but yesterday and today I have been back to my normal two solid bowel movements per day!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014



Hi Guys and Gals,

I do not post on here very often but decided to share this today. I am currently living and working in Bogota D.C., Colombia on a work project, the food here is some of the best I have had, also a lot of calories, fiber, protein etc. This morning woke up farting a lot and had been during the night also so knew I would need to poo soon, finally I was ready and went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and only gave one gentle push, and what I produced was amazing, I watched my poo come out slowly, it was very thick, maybe 4 inches and just kept coming, I thought the first piece would break off and then continue with the second but no, it continued to come out slowly and curled up in the toilet, once finished I checked it and was amazed, it was approx. 25 inches long (once piece)and 4 inches thick, I had to flush 3 or 4 times, I have been doing big poos since arriving here 6 months ago, more or less, but this one was the biggest poo I can remember doing...ever !

Catch you later


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Somebody great story about your sisters long pee.

To: Victoria first welcome to the site and great desperate poop story please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kimberlylez great poop story hopefully the rest of yopur poop comes out soon and I look forward to reading about it thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story.

To: Littlemandi great story.

To: Jemma great story about your big poop at your clients house it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Axle great story about pooping in your car and I forgot to put this in the post before my last.

I heard a woman poop at the bookstore again about 15 minutes ago I was at the bookstore when I saw a woman kinda horrying toward the bathroom she sat down nd farted a kinda dry quiet fart and the let out a few poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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