Two Stories: Wal-Mart and the Mall

Hey everyone! Last time I posted, I told you all about my huge poop at the zoo a few years ago. I was reminded the other day of another huge dump I took at our local Wal-Mart but failed to post about. I was 25 at the time. It was a Friday evening and I had been holding this dump for several hours. At the time, my wife and I were just a few months into our marriage so we did not yet have a place of our own. We were staying with her parents in the meantime but it was about 30 minutes outside of town. When I got off work she wanted to go out for dinner but we also needed to take a trip to Wal-Mart. I told her I seriously needed to use the bathroom, like BAD! She asked if I wanted to go to Wal-Mart first then eat. I told her yes as I thought this would probably be a long one and I didn't want to hold up dinner using the restaurant bathroom. So off to Wal-Mart we went.. When we arrived I told my wife I'd meet up with her somewhere and headed straight for the bathrooms in the back of the store. I don't know if every Wal-Mart is laid out like this but the mens room in the front only has one stall and one urinal. The back mens room has like 4-5 stalls and 4-5 urinals. The restroom was empty so I chose the first stall next to the urinals. After wiping the seat down (I don't see any need in covering the seat, that's just silly to me) I pulled down my jeans and boxer breifs and took a seat. Instantly I let out a huge airy fart and felt the tip of a large turd start to emerge. In the beginning I really didn't need to push. I simply relaxed and let it slide out naturally. I pulled out my phone and started browsing around on it to kill time. A couple of minutes into my dump and the turd had not yet broken off yet. I was really stinking it out too! Then a father and son came into the restroom but they never went to a stall or urinal. They were speaking spanish and I couldn't understand them but the kid started making awful straining noises. I couldn't tell if he was vomiting or what. Then they left and I was along again. By now 6 or 7 minutes had passed and I still had not felt like my turd had broken off but it had continued to slowly move out of me. I spread my legs a little bit and looked under me. Holy cow, my turd was probably going on 2 feet log and it was coiled up in the bowl like a snake but still coming out of my butt. It reminded me of those ice cream machines and the soft-serve coils up in a bowl or cone. Anyway, finally the turd tapered off and dropped after about 8 minutes of it slowly coming out. The last part I had to push I little to get things going. My crap had progressively gotten softer so when I started pushed, it was pretty much soft and mushy. A small turd about 4 inches plopped right out. I pushed again and felt a little more come out but it got stuck to my anus. Feeling completely empty I started pulling paper from the dispenser to begin what I knew would be a long wiping process. Sure enough, the first wipe was smeared in crap. Second wipe was the same. Third, fourth, fifth, etc. I don't remember now exactly how many wipes it took but I used a ton of paper to get completely clean. Finally done I pulled up my breifs and jeans and flushed the toilet. Fortunately the powerful flush sucked everything down without any problems. It left a ton of skid marks and the smell was pretty strong too. Washed my hands and left the restroom feeling 20 pounds lighter. Overall it took me almost 15 minutes but man it was a great dump!

I have another story I'd like to share while I'm thinking about it. A few weeks ago on a Saturday my wife and I had gone to the mall to do some shopping. We had just eaten and all the walking really got my bowels moving. I usually take a dump once a day, sometimes twice. I had not been yet on this particular day. When we got to the mall, we did quite a bit of walking. First we stopped at Barnes & Noble and looked around there for a while, then we walked to Target. We had been in Target no longer than 5 minutes when my gut really started churning. I told my wife I thought I was going to need a bathroom pretty soon. A couple of minutes passed and it continued to get worse and I finally said I was hurting and needed to poop bad. This Target has only one set of restrooms in the front of the store and they are past the Starbucks coffee shop they have. I walked into the restroom and saw a pair of tennis shoes in the first stall so I thought I'd try my luck in the only remaining stall, which is one of those large handicapped stalls. It's impossible to tell if anyone is in that stall without bending over and looking underneath. When I got to the door, it was locked and I could see a younger guy (probably my age) sitting there with his pants down to his knees. Neither one of the guys sounded like they were finishing up so I left that bathroom to try and find another one in the mall. I was really hurting by this point and having to trek across the mall was not the best circumstance. I walked a few minutes down to the food court and went to the restrooms there. I really wasn't thinking clearly, I guess because my dire need, but I had passed a JC Penney's a couple of minutes earlier and I know they have nice restrooms there. Anyway, I got to the food court restrooms and they were huge. A long row of sinks to your right, a set of 5 or 6 urinals, then farther down there were about 5 stalls. A couple of them were already in use so I just chose the 4 stall to the right. There was a guy in the last stall with his son. I don't think the son was using the bathroom but the father was definitely taking a major dump. I could hear farts, crackles and plops from his stall. I wiped my seat down and took a seat. Without even pushing, A big fart came out to start and then the mammoth turd began to emerge. Like my first story, I did not have to push, I just relaxed. It came out fairly quickly and landed in the toilet. I did not look at how long it was but it sure felt like at least a foot. The stink began to fill my stall (which already kind of stunk from my neighbor). Another turd began making its way out. I just let it slide out on its own. I had pulled my phone out and was texting my wife explaining I had to find another restroom because Target's was full. Anyway, the second turd had dropped quietly into the bowl. I still felt a little full but I sat for a minute just to take a breather. The other guy was finishing up and I could hear his son making comments about his dad's poop. Then when they left their stall, the kid apparently saw my feet and said something like "are they going poopoo too?". It wasn't very clear so he must of been maybe 3 or so. I kind of laughed though. So continuing on with my dump, I began to push for the next turd. It came out and plopped into the bowl and another turd came out right behind it. After that I felt empty so I began to wipe. It was somewhat messy and took about 5 or 6 wipes before I was totally clean. After I stood up and adjusted my clothing, the auto-flusher kicked in but it didn't swallow my load very well. I pushed the manual buttom to flush it again and that took care of it. The flush wasn't very powerful and I recalled when I entered the stall, there was some toilet paper and skidmarks along with slightly brown water in the toilet. It didn't bother me so I didn't flush it before sitting down. The whole ordeal took about 7 or 8 minutes and I felt so much better.

Well that is all for today.



to LP

Hey LP, interesting questions. Thought I would answer them.

1. I have squatted over toilet paper to poo, but not because I was bored, but because I was constipated and it made it easier to poo that way. Though I'll admit that pooping that way is often more comfortable, even if I'm not constipated.
2. I've grunted loudly in public bathrooms, but not to engage in the person. If there's someone next to me, I generally try to be a little quieter.
3. Yes, I've let out a little pee into my underwear before.


Steven A

To Tyler Plus 30 Hour Famine For Church

That story was about a girl and it somehow got mixed into my post without a name. In a while meant maybe 1 or 2 days and I'm still good with the Fiber One. I never like pooping out small pieces only and I there was not alot of them before I started Fiber One. I like a big log or at least more bigger pieces than doing small ones. I'm going to be participating in a 30 Hour Famine at my church in a few weeks. So, I won't be eating for 30 hours. I'll still be okay with being "regular" because I plan to eat the Fiber One Bars before I start the event. I will have a story about the 30 Hour Famine if anything interesting happens.



Diarrhea blew out my ass when I was in the school bathroom and it smelled.


A couple of weeks back, my family from America were over and we all went out to a nice restaurant for Dinner.

To fill you in, my mum always believed and taught me that ladies should be very discreet about their use of the toilet. She always maintains that when a girl needs to pee they should slip off to the loo but never talk about what they have done or say that they need it. If you needed to poo, she was adamant that ladies should never do it anywhere except their own house and never make it known that that is what they are away doing.

I don't really buy into it as I don't mind certain people seeing me using the loo. But when she is around I make sure I am private about my toilet habits.

Well, after the meal had been consumed I felt a small urge to do a poo. It wasn't urgent but I had farted a couple of times and I didn't want to keep farting when we went through to the bar so I decided I would slip off and quickly do a poo.

I did so and walked into the ladies where annoyingly, it was cubicle less. The first thing I noticed was a sign on the wall discouraging you from squatting on the toilet and telling you to sit on it with a little paraghraph something along the lines of "you may only be weeing but be considerate to other women who may need to use these toilets to defeciate so sit don't squat". There were 2 lines of 3 toilets directly across from one another. Although it was an open-stall, they were beautiful toilets with carpet. The toilets themselves had a little gap at the front of the seat which is always more comfortable and hygienic I feel.

I took the first toilet on my left hand side and pulled down my tights to my knees along with my pants. I rolled up my short brown dress to my waist and slowly sat myself down.

Right as I sat down, a young waitress with brown hair tied up in a bauble, stuck her head round the door before seeing me and saying shyly but routinely "oops, just here for the hourly restroom inspection. is everything clean enough?, is there enough bog roll?" I said calmly "yes thank you everything is lovely". She jestured to the toilet and muttered "do you mind if I quickly?" I said "yes go ahead" and giggled.

She smiled and proceeded to skip over to the toilet across from me and rapidly heave up her long skirt before pulling her tights down to just below her crotch and sat her bum only on the toilet. I still hadn't done anything as I was hoping that once she left I would be left in peace to get on with it. She started peeing as soon as she sat down and it was coming out very strongly. she spent the majority of her wee looking at her thighs to avoid awkwardness obviously but she did quickly say "I thought I would pee while I was here rather than go on my break" I laughed. As soon as she said this, she riped off a piece of loo roll, quickly wiped her front before standing up to pull up her tights and roll her skirt down. she said "bye enjoy your evening" before washing her hands and leaving. I have never seen someone pee so quickly! she returned back through the door very quickly saying "I just realised, I was asking if this place was clean enough and I don't think I was the cleanest myself there". there were tiny little drops of pee on her seat which she wiped off with a piece of loo roll before leaving again. It was nice how she was trying to ensure the loos were clean but I really wanted to start using it now. She must have gathered that I was doing a poo by now.

I finally relaxed and began to allow the first piece to make its way out. It was half way out my bum when who walked in but my Mum and Aunt! My mum seemed shocked to see me there and my aunt who is very outgoing just laughed and said Hi. Although my mum doesn't think people should witness each other doing the toilet, she didn't mind this as 1. we were family and 2. these were the only toilets so there was no alternative.

They took the two toilets across from me. My Mum pulled her pants down and moved up her skirt and my aunt pulled down her trousers and underwear. After a few glasses of wine, my aunt was quite jolly and was saying how pretty I was and that "its nice to see that all you young pretty girls still have to come for a pee the same as your old aunt and mum". They were peeing away meanwhile I was trying to keep this poo from dropping into the water and splashing.

My mum saw that I wasn't actually doing anything and looked at my face before looking between my legs and then looking back up at my face with a puzzled response as she didn't see any pee. I pushed my front while keeping my bum cheeks close together (not as easy as it sounds!) and mustered out a little treacle of wee which my mother saw but it only made this bit of poo feel as if it was going to fall out!

They both pulled everything up but just stood there waiting for me. My plan was to do this poo when they left but I realised I couldn't. I wiped my front before making an obviously notcable face as I pulled the jaggy piece of poo back into my bum. it felt absolutely disgusting and was quite sore. I pulled up my tights and pants and let down my dress and then left with them. It was horrible feeling my tights against my bum where the piece of poo wasn't entirely back inside me. I must have walked slightly funny as well.

My mum pulled me to one side and said "you weren't going to do a number 2 in there were you?" I admitted that I was and then she said "oh silly girl, didn't you go before we came? try to hold it until we go home, don't do it here incase anyone walks in while youre doing it" I agreed but I knew I couldn't possibly get through the night without going.

As soon as her back was turned, I headed straight back to the ladies. I chose the toilet my mum and the waitress sat on this time. Down came the tights and pants to my knees which had a tiny skidmark on them for the first time In my life. I sat down and instantly let that piece right out before more pieces rushed into the pan. I let out a big sigh of relief.

Two young girls with short skirts came in and sat on the far away loo's on the opposite side from me. they threw their thongs down and both sat down to do long pees. After letting the waitress and my family stop me, I wasn't stopping for these two and when two plopping sounds and a squelching fart emerged from between my legs, they both looked at me in a disgusted manner.

At this exact time, another waitress (brown hair, about 30) walked in and said the same thing as the first one to which one of the girls replied, it whiffs a bit. I could have kicked her there and then but to spare some embarrassment I nodded in agreement. The woman sprayed a little bit of air freshener.

The girls eventually left and I concluded by wiping my bum several times and pulling everything up before returning to the dinner.

To Sydney!

Have you ever ran out of toilet paper, tushy-on-the-toilet (or standing up, depending on how you wipe)?

Exploding poo
I was taking my morning poo and i just finished having a bowl of frosted mini wheat's. well actually i had 2 and i felt like my stomach would explode if i don't poop. so i was going to poop and when i went to flush the poop exploded. it was like a mushroom bomb in my toilet. i was confused and was wondering how my poop got like that

Steven A

To Ricky

I might have missed a day but usually I poop everyday and they're normally logs near or over 1 foot long and it doesn't require me to push alot whenever I eat the Fiber One Bars or the cereal everyday. If you eat the cereal everyday or a Fiber One Bar everyday or just eat both, it should work for you, I seem to give more effort in pushing out my poop (rather than just to push lightly) if I eat too much cheese. But, I try to control my cheese intake. I don't like oatmeal much, but I do at least like apples and I drink water alot and hardly any soda. Will post again soon.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Tinfoil Hat

To Bloated Butt, one question for everyone

Yes, IBS is officially classified upon the predominant symptom it gives, be it constipation, diarrhea or both.
However, if you were to be an IBS-C you would not enjoy it and you surely would not stimulate your constipation issues further by holding BM's back (just like an IBS-D wouldn't eat fast food). You would regard a small urge as a blessing, trust me. Also, you would not be so "regular" (after all, you're somewhat regular with BM's even if you held them in for some time). IBS also often comes with issues that would make you suffer and regret having it, such as headache, backache or depression. You would also feel the need to eat less constipating food.

I've got a question for you and others with similar experiences: have you ever gone clockwork-regular for some time (that is, a solid BM or more per day in a week, in some days or in a part of your life)? How did it feel compared to your usual massive experiences?

Sasha K.

My bowels.... couldn't hold it.

I'm a mother of one and is in my early 30's and I've never had problems making it to the toilet since I was a little kid. But that completely changed recently.

About a week ago, I was heading home from work and was stuck in traffic, sadly I had a very urgent need to poop at the time. I was having trouble passing stool since the night before and every passing moment that I was stuck there, the more urgent it had become. After being stuck for half an hour or so, it finally lighten up a bit and I knew I would be able to get home pretty soon. Before I did, there was a sudden sharp discomfort in my stomach that made me let loose a fart. Then the tip of this thick solid started poking out. I let whatever strength I could to press my butt cheeks together to prevent it from coming out. Then the urge kept growing and at this point, I was already at a losing end of the battle. I managed to park the car somewhere to try and settle my bowels but I just couldn't prevent the tip of the turd to slowly move out.

I knew I couldn't hold it any longer, so I quickly hopped onto the seat and lifted my skirt up. As soon as I did, I gave into the urge. A few seconds later, the poop started to come out a little faster but still rather slow. I immediately thought to myself: "Ugh here it comes, I'm about to poop myself.... urgh". This thick solid poop slowly started to slowly make it's way into my panties and it didn't take long before it was completely filled. After finishing, I carefully slid my panties off and tossed it over to the passenger's side seat and wiped before heading on him and deal with that problem.

I don't think I would ever forget this any time soon, if ever.

liza M


First to Bloated Butt : about your "Alicia helps me poop" , it was really interesting story and your are so lucky to have a friend like her to insert her finger inside you while your butt full of logs !!!!!!
I think s*** may reach her fingers ohhhh no ....... in addition to stand all of this horrible farts !!!!!!!

OK Girls -and girls only- let's start new survey

Have you used to pee in sea ??
if yes is it was only no 1 or no 2 also ??
Have anyone seen or noticed you while or after doing ??

i was in 11 grade. There was this big goofy awkward girl in the same grade with me-hair like it stood up from an electric shock. She was friendly. One morning, I got to school early to use the library. First, I had to pee. I went to the female toilet before the guards saw me. Little did I know that she was settling into her stall. She was lifting her khaki skirt, pulling down her black pantyhose and white panty to her ankles. She sat on the bowl with a wide stance and she said, "Oh, my stomach." Her bowels rumbles and I heard plops and chunks hit the water. Then she let out a watery fart. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my black pantyhose and Jockey royal blue microfiber panty to my ankles over my black rubber soled uniform shoes. I had to really pee and I just let it squirt and run out for about a minute. The girl said< "You really had to pee. Is your name Timeeka?" "Yes. Do I know you?" She said, "I am Stephany from your science class. You are a real smart girl. Listen do not stay in this school get out. I am graduating in June. If you have to get a GED, do it." I told her that I hated the place and I wanted out. She then said, "I had to move my bowels. I could not hold it in all day.I've been constipated and I took a laxative. I farted on the bus and damn near chased the passengers off." Then, at which point, her bowels exploded again with force and more chunks. She said, "These cramps are worse than my period. You got time? We can talk," and she dished on everyone saying they are no good. She asked, "You have to shit? Do it now. I go everyday. I have a reputation for not flushing the toilet." "Yes, I know. The girls talk about you." Then a guard came in and asked what was going on. Stephany told the guard all kinds of obscenities and to mind her m-----------f---------------- business. The guard slammed the door and ran. Stephany said, "Do not take guff from that ho'." Anyway, she said to me, "That's a nice color panty. Sit here awhile. We can talk." So she told me more about school and then I decided to wipe my cat, and fix my clothes. I flushed the bowl. I waited outside her stall. I saw her through the door frame, holding her stomach. "I am sorry, but my bowels are bad. I'll be better later. Usually, my bowel movements are solid hard, not loose. You do not move your bowels in school." I told her that I do not. Anywhere but here. She then took paper, leaned over an wiped from the behind with 3 wads, stood up, pulled her hose and underwear tight and let down her skirt. She opened the stall door and left the toilet filled with black mud. We washed our hands and went back to the library.


To Steven A

Hey Steven....

That was quite a story in your post to Michael. Was that from some experience you witnessed or were involved in?

I usually read all your posts...but I missed one. I was looking through the older posts yesterday and I say yours where you mentioned that you hadn't gone "in a while"....
That was right before you started on the Fiber One regimen.
I was wondering....when you said "in a while" long had it been? And....did you need a laxative or suppository to get back to being regular?
I know from your past posts that you seem to be pretty sensitive to diet. Cheese slices always seem to get you backed up. I'm glad that the Fiber One bars and cereal made a difference for you.

See ya....



past experience

I was one of those kids who never went to the bathroom in school if I could help it. I would be afraid to use the bathroom for some reason or other. I would always try to make it home before i went. Well, when I was in elementary school I didn't always make it home. One time I didn't even make it off the bus without peeing. Most of the times I'd have the accident when I was almost home, could always see the house in site. Would walk with my hand in my crotch whimpering. When i got into middle school and high school my bladder would hold it and I wouldn't be desperate when i got home. Since then, my bladder size has seemed to shrunk.


My sister, the peeing queen

Hi everybody. It looks like the forum has become mostly poop stories lately, but I have a pee story for anyone who still likes them. My sister definitely has a bladder of steel. She starts off her day with a pee in the morning when she first wakes up. Then she doesn't pee again until late in the evening.

I remember one event in particular when I actually timed how long my sister peed. It was the summer of 2012 and we were on vacation. We left the hotel about 7AM and didn't return until after 8:30 at night. All of us, except my sister, had been for a bathroom break several times. When we got back to the hotel room, it was almost two more hours before my sister went to the bathroom.

When I thought about the fact that she'd not been for a pee in like 13 hours and remembered how much she'd been drinking (it was unusually hot that day and we were all drinking tons of water), it was then that I decided to time how long her pee lasted.

The bathroom door did very little to block any sound, so I knew when she had actually started peeing. She peed for about a minute and then there was a slight pause. Then her stream resumed, but stronger than before. This continued for two and a half more minutes, but the stream didn't stop altogether, just weakened. She kept on peeing for yet two more minutes at that weaker rate.

There was a period of intermittent tinkling, as she peed in spurts for forty five seconds or so. She then started up a constant, but weak stream for thirty seconds, and then a final thirty seconds of spurting again before I heard her rolling off paper to wipe.

She had peed for close to seven minutes! I knew she could pee a ton, but that seemed somehow incredible, even for her. But "the world may never know", as they say.


some dude in the ladies' room

Hi, I'm new to the site, and a 21-year-old college student from NYC. Yesterday in a super boring physics lecture towards the end I needed to poop really badly, but the professor was talking about the upcoming test dates and i didn't want to miss it, plus it was about the end of class. So I waited till the end and realized I hadn't taken a dump since Tuesday morning (this happened Thurs. afternoon.) I almost ran into the ladies room on the lecture floor when the class was over, and into a three-stall bathroom with the stall farthest from the door being taken already. I took the one in the middle next to her since the first had a huge skidmark in it along with some leftover piss. Locking the door and putting my bag on the floor, I pulled my skirt up and panties down. The girl next door had already left the room. First, I let out a huge fart that was probably audible outside the bathroom, and then started pushing my turds out. I pushed out a super long turd which must have been at least 8 inches first, but I knew there was more on the way. As I let out another loud and smelly fart, the door opened. This new person literally ran into the stall on my left, while letting out a long zipper like sounding fart the whole time. Sounding very desperate, the person threw their clothes off, and they no sooner had sat on the toilet than they exploded with a load of what sounded like soft poop. Not one to be outdone, I answered with a stream of wet soft shit myself, as I was hit with a stomach cramp. Soft poop was falling out of my tush for about 5 seconds straight, and tailed off with another loud long fart. At this point, I should have realized that the toilet was about full, but my stomach still ached and there was a little more to come. While my new neighbor let out some dull low farts, I pooped out a few more soft bits, and started to wipe. It took four wipes, since it was a pretty messy dump, and on the fifth I was clean. However, when I pulled the flusher, the toilet completely clogged, and a poopy mess was left in the bowl. There was nothing to do but leave and wash my hands. That is when my neighbor opened the door, and saw me. It was not another girl, but a guy! He was actually kind of cute, and said to me, "Excuse me for using the ladies room, I had a really bad stomachache and there's no men's room on this floor. I couldn't hold it or I would have pooped my boxers." Appreciating his candidness and honesty in this embarrassing situation, I told him "A good reason to use the women's room. I kind of had the same problem, lucky for me this school uses reverse discrimination." He said he probably had food poisoning from the previous night's dinner, I didn't feel like telling him my side of the story, but just told him, "Hope you feel better." I sure hope he didn't see or notice my clogged toilet, that would be more embarrassing than anything else. Maybe our paths will cross again some time...

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amanda first welcome to the site and great accident story and thats happend to me before I waited to long and didnt notice how desperate I was to pee I tried to make it to a bathroom but didnt make it im 27 now this happened to me when I was 26 so accidents can happen at any age and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Bloated Butt great story about your mega dump it sounds like had alot in you and luckily Alicia was there to help you through it and I can you felt alot better after that and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Barbie first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kimberlylez first welcome to the site and I hope you feel better and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Liza M first welcome to the site and great pooping story it sounds like you really had to go and I bet it felt pretty interesting pooping like that and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: OnTheToiletGirl great story.

To: Chelsea great dseperate poop story I bet your boyfriend really enjoyed the show and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great stories about your desperate poops it sounds like really had to and I bet you felt pretty good once you were finaly done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Last night, I could feel pressure in my ????, but no urge to poop. I went to bed with no urge. When I got up this morning, I took my morning pee which lasted for what seemed like forever. Still no urge to poop. After lunch I could feel my ???? had pressure but no urge to poop yet and it's been a couple of days since I went. I started watching a movie and there was about 45 minutes left of the movie and I had to pee, but I didn't want to pause the movie so I tried to ignore the feeling, but as time went by the urge to pee was becoming stronger. A couple of minutes left of the movie and I was so desperate I put my hand in my crotch. As soon as the movie was over I got up and raced to the bathroom. After peeing I stayed on the toilet to see if poop would come out. I gave a little push and could feel some moving, so I pushed harder and then there was a plop. I could still feel more in there so I pushed more and another plop. I wiped and looked into the bowl and there wasn't that much poop, only a 5 inch or so log and a tiny ball of poop. I'm still waiting for the rest of my poop to come out as I can feel my stomach churning.

Bill F

Summer Camp - Day 4

I woke up very early for some reason, the sun wasn't even up. I had to pee quite badly, so I went over to the toilet instead of the bucket, so that no one would notice the smell of urine that's been in the bucket for several hours. I pulled my shirt over my nose and went in. I stood at the toilet and peed for a good minute. I then realized I had to poop as well. I thought, well since the girls do it standing up all the time, how bad can it be? So I turned around and tried it for myself. It felt very weird having the turd slide past my cheeks. My instincts must have thought I was pooping my pants, and so my reflexes tried to stop me from pooping. I must have stood there for a couple of minutes to get the first turd out.

I then realized how stupid I was. "Why did I not spread them to avoid the mess?" So I pished the second turd out with my cheeks spread, and it was much easier. I wiped for a very long time until I felt clean, and went back to bed. I couldn't fall back asleep, and that's when I noticed the time. It was 5:45! So I read my book for a while, until I noticed it was getting brighter. I looked out the window, and got the amazing view of the sun rising over the lake.

It must have been two hours before someone else finally woke up. It was Lisa. She walked over to the bucket, and sat down. She let loose what was probably her biggest fart yet, and it was made even louder my the metal bucket. It was loud enough to wake Lucy up. She said "Emily! I'm trying to sleep here!" Lisa had started peeing, and she said "That wasn't Emily" Lucy said "Wow, that was loud for you." Lisa said "Yea, and dry too, I think I have a hard one coming..." And she started pushing. There was silence, and then a thud. She looked down, and said "Wow, that's big!" Lucy said, coming down from her bunk "Yea, yea, Lisa did a big monster poop. Move, I gotta pee!" We all laughed, and Lisa stood up. Before Lucy sat down, she said "Wow, that actually is pretty big for you." She peed for half a minute, and stood up.

Emily still hadn't woken up, and the bucket was starting to stink. Lucy was about to take it outside, and Lisa said "We dump it in the toilet, remember?" And Lucy turned around to empty it in the toilet. Lucy said "Whose turds are these?" I said "Mine." She said "You know the toilet flushes, right?" I forgot about that. She emptied the bucket, flushed, and cleaned it out. Soon after, Emily woke up. Lucy said "Are you kidding me? I just cleaned it out!" Emily said "Don't worry, I can try peeing in the toilet." She went into the bathroom, hovered her butt over the toilet, and started peeing she had more luck than anyone else, and it all went into the toilet. Once everyone was changed, the supervisor told us what we were going to do.

"You all know how to swim, right?" We all said yes. "After brunch, we're going to the lake for a dip." We were all pretty excited. We had packed our swimsuits like everyone else. After brunch, we changed and headed to the lake. Once everyone was there, the supervisor said "We have two sets of boundaries: One at waist height, and another at head height. If you can't swim, you have to stay in the first boundary." After that, we all went in.

I wasn't prepared for how cold it was, but eventually I got used to it and slowly went to the deep area. The girls followed me, and we found our own little zone to play in. We were splashing each other, when Lisa said "Hold on, everyone stop for a second!" We stopped, and I said "Forgot your sunscreen?" She didn't say anything, but then I saw bubbles forming behind her. She said "That's better. Alright, keep going!" Emily said "Not yet!" And we soon saw big bubbles form behind her. We thought she was done, but then another, longer stream of bubbles came up. Then I said "My turn!" And I pushed out a few big bubbles. We then went back to playing.

Lucy then yelled out "Stop, I think it's my turn." She let out one bubble, and said "Oh no." And she ran out of the lake, holding her butt. I followed her to see if she would make it or not. I caught up to her, and she stopped at a tree. She pulled her bikini bottoms down, still with one hand on her butt. She pulled everything down, and I could already see her first log about three inches out. She stuck her butt out as the first log fell. She then farted and got into a squat. She gave a push and the next log shot out of her. She farted two more times and a small amount of mushy poop poured out of her. She peed for about thirty seconds. She pulled up her brown-stained bikini bottoms and stood up. She said "I knew you were here the whole time, so don't even try to scare me." I said "I just wanted to see whether you would make it or not." She said "I don't even know if I made it or not. I made it to the tree, but my swinsuit is still dirty. At least I wasn't wearing a one piece." "What's so bad about a one piece?" "You have to take the whole thing off instead of just the bottoms" "Can't you pull them to the side?" "Not while you're wrestling with your butt." We laughed and walked back to the lake. I said "What about wiping?" She said "I'll let the water take care of that."

When we got back, Lucy said "Right. Now where was I?" Emily said "You were in the middle of pooping yourself." We all laughed, and Lucy said "Yes, but before that." To remind us, she pushed and a few more bubbles surfaced behind her. Lisa said "Can we go somewhere else, even underwater farts stink!" We moved away from the smell, and continued splashing. A little while later, Emily whispered to me, "I have to pee really bad!" I said "Just go here." She seemed hesitant, but eventually agreed, probably because she couldn't hold it anymore. I dove underwater to see better. She pulled the bottom of her one piece to the side, spread her legs a bit, and let go. I could see a yellow cloud of pee growing very quickly. About fifteen seconds later, it stopped growing. Thinking she was done, I came up for air. I said "Are you done?" She said yes. I said "That was pretty quick." She said "Yeah, I think the four days of poop is making me have to pee more." I said "You didn't poop at the porta-potty yesterday?" She said "Believe me, I tried, but it wouldn't come out." I said "Does it hurt?" She said "Nope, I guess because I'm used to going so long without having a poop." I said "Should we go back?" She said "Yeah, plus it's warm if you stand here, so that will give it away."

We went back to our cabins, where Lucy tried her best to wash out her bikini. While she was cleaning, I peed in the bucket for about thirty seconds, then Lisa went to the bucket and sat down. She let out a wet fart and peed for forty seconds. She wiped, and Emily sat down on the bucket looking quite desperate. She peed for about twenty seconds. She said "I hope tomorrow's activity will have plenty of places to pee!" Lisa said "You should probably wear a skirt, to be safe." She agreed, and we went back to the main cabin for dinner.

We got back to the cabin later than usual, and got changed as soon as we got there. While we were getting changed, I could see that Emily's stomach was quite bloated, and apparently the other girls could see it too. Lucy said "Emily, you never told me you were pregnant! How far along are you?" Emily said "Five days." We all laughed, as that's how long she had been without pooping. We got into bed, and it was pretty quiet for a while. Lisa said "What, no farts from anyone? Not even the great Emily?" Emily said "I don't think so, I'll try." I couldn't hear anything, and she said "Nope, nothing." Lucy said "I think we should all give our butts a rest anyway." We all laughed, and agreed. The girls went to sleep soon after that. I read until it was too dark to see the words, then I dozed off.

I'll post Part 5 as soon as I have the time. Until then, keep the stories rolling in!

See ya next time!

Little Mandi
On Saturday, I legit almost came close to completely peeing myself.
I was over one of my best friends house. We're super close and open with eachother and we're always talking about our bathroom habits which I never do. We were just hanging around being silly and thought it be funny for me to try and give him a piggy back. So here I am this little scrawny 5'2 120 pound girl trying to lift my friend who weighs a lot more than me. We were hysterical. I had been drinking a shit ton of water and already kind of had to pee. When I went to pick my friend up we winded up both falling over. It was hilarious. I must have not realized how badly I had to go pee. When we fell over we started busting out laughing and I lost it. I immediately felt a huge squirt of pee come out. Oh shit I thought to myself. I jumped up and immediately told my friend I had to pee and was gonna get changed into pajamas. I ran up to the bathroom. The seat of my undies were completely soaked and there was a huge wet spot on the back of my yoga pants. Good thing I always bring a spear pair of underwear even if I just spend one night out. I finished peeing in the toilet and went back down to my friend. He asked me if I peed myself cause there was a wet spot on the floor too. I denied it and guess what he bought it. I said maybe some of the water we were drinking spilled. I was pretty embarrassed that I wet the floor.

Friday, January 31, 2014

John H


Hey all.
I haven't been able to post for a long time as I have been busy but I have been reading all the new posts and enjoying them very much.
I enjoyed reading everyone's post Christmas dump posts and enjoyed several very pleasurable dumps myself over the Christmas period.
Some comments before my story:

@Linda, I really enjoyed the post where you described pushing a large poo out at home while still having your knickers on.
I would love to hear more posts like that and I have done this myself in the past.
I am sure there must be other people on here that have done the same at some point.
I may write more about this if people are interested to hear about my experiences.

@CP, like you I love this site and I would love to hear more from you.
For me the need to poo begins with a gentle pressure and gradually builds.
After some time I then feel the tip of the log pressing against my hole which can be a pleasurable feeling but if held to long or there is a lot of gas with the load the pressure can be come very strong and painful if held for an extended amount of time.
Releasing farts can help ease the pressure but as time goes on the pressure grows stronger.

When it comes to releasing a dump the feeling will change depending on what kind of poop it is.
For example if it is soft or runny it will come out quicker and feel messy.
If the logs are well formed then it can feel pleasurable as the log moves out because it stretches your hole on the way.
If the logs are very hard, dry or thick they can be painful to pass but I don't suffer from constipation so I can't talk much about these types of dumps.
If for example a person eats spicy food the poop afterwards can feel hotter as it comes out.
Hope that helps and if you have any more questions then I will try to answer them.

I think I have written enough for this post so will keep my story for the next one.
Soon I will write about seeing my girlfriends sister on the toilet.
Take care all,

Johnh H.


clogged up clients toilet during work today....oops!

So Thursday, I had to drive to visit a client for 8am.
And I had a bad ????!!
I had 2 dodgy poos at home before I left and I drove to my clients from home.
When I arrived 1/2 hr later, I needed another poo.
I tried to forget about it but I had a dodgy ???? and I was getting desperate for this poo.
I asked to use my clients' loo & she said "of course, up the stairs second on your right"
So in I went pulled down my black tights, grey Mini pencil skirt & black G-String,
And decided to let it out in bits rather than all at once so she couldn't hear anything.
I sat down, unclenched my buttocks & my first 3 loose plops all fell in to the water with a plop-plop-plop... I clenched my buttocks again after the initial 3 were let out, then unclenched and let out another 4 that again fell with a plop-plop-plop-plop. Clenched again, unclenched, and finally released all I had left which was another 7 plops all plopping one after the other on top of that. I was so desperate, the relief was great. I wiped 4 times (and used up all her loo roll left in the loo) . I pulled my clothes back on BUT As I went to flush, her flush was weak. And 3/4 of my poo-poo wouldn't go. So I flushed again, no luck. Oh no I thought. Just then, embarrassing moment alert, my client shouted tgrough the door
Oh Jemma I'm sorry I forgot to mention, our flush upstairs isn't very good"
"Ive just discovered that" I replied. I tried to flush again. Still no luck.
"Sorry, it's just not flushing" I said
"Don't worry, as long as you haven't left a huge poo I'll forgive you"
She joked, though I was embarrassed.
I couldn't put more paper on top of my visible poo as I'd used her remaining loo roll, so put the seat down & sprayed her oust.
On my way out, she greeted me
I had to tell her - I was embarrassed.
"I'm so sorry, I had a poo - I was desperate, & most of it is still there, I'm sorry!"
"Don't be silly, we all poo!" She replied.
So I stayed with her 1 hr then had to get back to work for my 9.45am client.
Well that was Thursday 30th so my most recent story.
When I got back to work I was desperate for my 4th poo of the day. Holding that in until lunch (no free time in between) was a barrel of laughs.....not!! My butt cheeks get good work outs with the amount of clenching I do all day put it that way.
Must look at what I eat & what could be upsetting me & my IBS...
J x

Hey All,

Happy New Year!! I haven't posted for a while but thought of something I would post.
I often when I'm sitting there pooping, I often turn around and look in the toilet. I'm curious what just came outta me, either it just felt so good when it came out or it felt so big, I need to see how big it was..Do any other guys do this? Have fun on the toilet!!

Hi all,

I've been reading this site for at least 8 years but have only posted 3 or 4 times.

I have a few miscellaneous survey questions.

1. Have you ever got bored of sitting on the toilet and layed out toilet paper on the bathroom floor and squatted over it to poo?

2. When in public toilets, have you ever decided to grunt extra loud to try to kind of engage the person in the next cubical?

3. Have you ever intentionally let little pee out in your underwear?



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