Studied too long

My name is Amanda. I'm 34, mother of one, married, career, etc. I'm also studying to get into an MBA program and have been studying for the GMAT for the last few months. My exam is coming up soon so I've really been focusing hard on it lately during all of my spare time.

This past Sunday my husband took our son out for the day so I could be alone at home to do a practice test and study. I started after breakfast at 8 am and it is a four hour exam. By halfway through I needed to pee but didn't want to break my concentration. After three hours I was sitting on my heel. By the time the exam ended after four hours I was positively bursting and felt like my teeth were floating! But after I got the score I wanted to review some of the ones I got wrong and started going through the answers. I couldn't sit still. I shifted around and knew I desperately needed to go to the bathroom but I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn't want to stop. I lost track of time for a while, lost track of my need, but then, suddenly, I felt a short squirt of pee escape and dampen my panties. It shocked my out of my focus and I realized it was almost 1 pm.

I shifted to stand up and lost another squirt - bigger that time - and felt wetness spread on my crotch. I clamped down and squeezed my legs shut, shoving a hand against myself to stop the flow and could feel wetness on my fingers on the outside of my jeans. Crap!

I took a breath, steeled my resolve to hold it until I could get to the nearest bathroom, squeezed tight and stood up. It was all I could do not to lose it right there in the office.

I waddled as quickly as I could - thighs and knees pressed together, hand pressing hard against my crotch, partially bent forward... I'm sure I was quite the funny site.

I made it halfway down the hallway when I got another huge urge and I had to stop, cross my legs, bend and squat, etc - all the usual "don't pee!" maneuvers. I said to myself, "You're a grown woman. You can hold it. Well, you can hold the rest of it, anyway." This last thought made me giggle. The giggle made me squirt again. I cursed and started waddling again, slower now to keep control, but after a few steps my whole body started to tingle and I suddenly felt certain I was milliseconds from losing control of my bladder. I was only a few more seconds away from the front bathroom, if I could only make it...

Alas, my bladder had other ideas and I suddenly released a full-force flow of urine into my panties and jeans, warm wetness spreading out from my crotch and down my thighs. I fought to regain control but couldn't stop! I stood there, heart pounding, face reddened with embarrassment and shock, staring down at the rapidly expanding darkness on my jeans as it spread - out from my crotch, down my thighs, past my knees, down my calves...

It felt like ages, but I'm sure it was less than a minute before I was done. The relief was immense. So was the shame. At least nobody saw it happen! My socks were wet, as was a small area of carpet around my feet. My jeans were soaked. I regained my composure and turned around, heading to our master suite now that the deed was done. I got into our bathroom, turned on the tub faucet to warm up, and saw my reflection in the mirror. I surveyed the damage front and back and shook my head before turning on the shower, removing my top and bra, and stepping into the shower with my wet jeans, panties, and socks still on to help in rinsing them off. I washed off and finished, dried off, put on clean panties and pants, then ran a load of laundry to wash my soiled things. I had to spray the carpet in the hallway.

That night, my husband and I were lying in bed and I shared with him the story of the time I studied too hard and peed my pants - that afternoon as a grown woman. He found it just as amusing as I did.


Bloated Butt

Alicia helps me poop

To Tinfoil Hate:

Doesn't IBS come in two types, a constipation type and a diarrhea type? I figured I might just have the constipation IBS.

To Linda:

I'm so glad you were finally able to go. I loved your story about going in the public toilet at the park. I would've loved to have been in the next stall, hearing your groaning and grunting as you pushed out that massive log!

I've been plugged up for the past week myself. I finally managed to go today, Tuesday the 28th. The last time I had gone was Thursday, the 23rd. But now I had five days of poop bloating me out and weighing me down. Not the longest I've gone without pooping but of course I've eaten a lot, LOL. I had tons of pasta for like three days in a row, for one thing, plus bunches of other stuff which will make me sound like a pig if I listed it all, LOL.

Anyway, Alicia was over at our house and I was super-bloated. Huge logs were just sitting in my colon, and I felt like I had grapefruits stuffed up into my huge butt. I had been passing tons of gas all day and yesterday, too, and I couldn't hide it all from Alicia. At one point I had gone into our bathroom to let out a long gassy fart, because I knew it would smell bad. I bent my knees, pushed it out, fanned the air a little, then opened the door and Alicia was standing RIGHT THERE, needing to pee. She came right in and remarked on the smell, and I had to confess that I was feeling a bit flatulent LOL.

"Just a bit, huh? Okay." she said, sarcastically. I was super embarressed but Alicia just shrugged it off.

A little bit later, we were in the kitchen getting ready to fix us something to eat when I felt a sharp cramp in my bowels. I had only a second to grunt and grab onto the counter and bend my knees a little, sticking my big round rear end out while a massive fart blasted out of it. My bowels rumbled with more gas, but I also felt heavy and full of poop! Alicia was right there, too. She looked at me and asked if I was okay, and I said yeah.

"Are you sure?" she said. She came over to me and felt my bloated stomach. "Yeah I thought so. You're constipated."

"No, I just need to poop. But I can go later" I said.

Alicia shook her head, "No way. You're pooping right now. Come on", and then she grabbed me by the arm and led me down my own hallway to the bathroom!

"Hey, stop!" I tried to pull away but Alicia's too strong. She easily pulled me along and led my into the bathroom and closed the door behind us.

"I'm tired of you getting so backed up. You're going to poop right now."

"Calm down, geez. I'm not that backed up, I'm just holding it in", I protested.

"Why don't you go when you need to go?" demanded Alicia.

I just shrugged.

"Well you can go right now, while we're here in the bathroom. Get your fat booty on that toilet, young lady" she said, jokingly. But I knew she was serious and wouldn't let me leave until I plopped something out.

"Ok..." I said, pulling down my long skirt and thong. I didn't want to argue. I plonked my massive soft butt down on the toilet seat, my wide hips and thighs spreading over the sides, and sighed. Alicia stayed standing before the door, making sure I don't leave.

Once seated, I could feel the tip of the first huge log weighing down on my anus. I sighed and started to push. I pushed for like five seconds, then stopped to catch my breath, then kept pushing for another five seconds. This went on for a minute as the log inched out, and I could feel it stretch my hole as wide as it would go. But then it stopped coming out! I kept pushing, catching my breath, pushing some more, for another minute or two but the log had only come out about an inch! I knew there was so much more inside of me and this thing was blocking me up!

"Unnnghh-uh..." I grunted.

"Having trouble?" said Alicia.

"It's not coming out..."

"Don't strain, sweetie." she said, softly. She wet a wash cloth and dabbed my forehead with it.

"Ooh that feels good," I said, as she dabbed my face and forehead. I wasn't that sweaty but it was kinda warm in the bathroom.

I went back to trying to poop, but even after another five minutes I still couldn't make progress. This log was THICK. It had only progressed about an inch the whole time, but it must've been thicker than a Coke can, and there was so much of it deeper inside of me. I felt pregnant with poop!

"Ooooooooh...." I moaned.

"It's still not coming?" asked Alicia. I shook my head. I was feeling a little dizzy from pushing.

"Okay, come along." said Alicia, and started pulling me off the toilet. "Don't bother pulling your skirt and underwear up, just follow me."

I didn't bother to argue with her, so I just held my skirt and thong up around my thighs and waddled after her out of the bathroom and into me and my boyfriend's bedroom. The massive thick log went back into my anus as I walked. We went into the bedroom and Alicia told me to get on the bed and lie on my stomach. I did so, leaving my huge round soft butt naked. Then I saw Alicia take some KY Jelly and put some on her pointer finger.

"You see where I'm going with this?" she said with a smirk, and spread my massive buttcheeks and started dabbing some KY Jelly right on my butthole!

"Oh geez..." I said as I felt her finger smear the jelly around my anus, lubricating it. The tip of her finger poked into my butt a little and when she pulled it out, I actually farted a little.

"Okay, just relax, I'm going in", said Alicia, and started to probe my butt with her left pointer finger. My big soft buttcheeks jiggled a little as she pushed her hand in between them, her knuckles pushing them aside as she was shoving her finger deeper into me. I could feel the firm dense thick log being pushed on by her finger.

"Oh wow, that thing feels huge," I heard Alicia say. I whimpered a little because I felt such a massive pressure in my butt and lower bowel. My bowels rumbled and I could feel gas moving towards my butt. Alicia jiggled her finger around and then pulled it out, and immediately I let out a huge loud rumbling fart.

"Oops..." I said when it was done. The tip of the log was now pushing against the inside of my anus, completely filling it. It felt so big and firm.

"No problem. I bet that feels good", she said. Then lubed up her finger some more and poked it back up my butt. Her finger pushed on the log again and forced it back up my colon. I grunted and moaned a little as my stomach cramped slightly.

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Uh-huh..." I said. "My boyfriend actually had to do this after Thanksgiving." I actually posted about that back in November, if you guys remember. "He did exactly what you're doing..."

"He should do this more often. I'd do this to you all the time" she said. She pulled her finger out again and rolled me over onto my left side, and pulled my shirt up a little so that my bloated pregnant-looking stomach was exposed.

"See this?" she said, putting her right hand on it and rubbing it, "That's all poop. You're literally full of crap, sweetie". She pressed her hand down and I grunted.

"Oh please don't squeeze me..." I said softly, and another fart came out.

"We're going to get all of that poop out of you. I'm not stopping until you get it all out, got it?"

"Okay..." I said softly. To be honest I was kind of enjoying this. She rolled me back over onto my stomach and started probing again. This went on for goodness knows how long. I think it was about 20 minutes of her just pushing her finger up into me. Sometimes I would push back with my hips while she probed deeply into my butt, poking at my huge thick turds, while I moaned and sighed softly, sometimes in pain, sometimes in pleasure. All the while I felt a tremendous urge to poop out immense logs.

"Feeling ready to try again?" asked Alicia finally. I nodded, because by this point I could barely stand it, and she helped me up and slowly walked me back to the bathroom and onto the toilet. I plonked down onto the toilet, feeling like I was about to lay an egg the size of a watermelon. Immediately I started bearing down, and my well-lubed anus started spreading wide as the gargantuan log came out.

"Unnnnnnnggghhhhh...." I grunted, pushing harder and harder. God, it came out so slowly but it felt like a redwood tree. It was so long, too. Alicia watched and dabbed my forehead and face again with a wet washcloth, waiting patiently while I alternated between pushing and catching my breath.

"I feel so bad for you, honey. Are you sure you're okay?"


Finally the log came all the way out and splashed into the toilet. I moaned in ecstasy so loudly that Alicia actually laughed "Holy crap!" I laughed a little too, then grimaced as a loud fart echoed in the bowl and I started plopping out more turds. This went on for probably 20 more minutes. Alicia turned on the fan thing before I was even done because it started to stink so bad. Finally I was done and I wiped myself and weakly got off the toilet.

Alicia took a quick glance at the toilet and said "That's almost as big as the dump you took at my house on New Year's Eve. Good thing this is your house". I flushed and washed up, and then we left the bathroom.

That's pretty much all there is to tell, for now. Hope you all enjoyed reading it! I hope to hear back from all of you, too. Love this website!

Mr. Clogs

TO TImee, Althea, and Bloated Butt

To Timee, Althea, and Bloated Butt, I enjoy your posts and appreciate the details you provide. Keep the posts coming.

As for me, well I almost literally let the cup runeth over. As you know I get up in the middle of the night to pee. I keep a cup in my room just for that purpose. I was close to overfilling it, but luckily the cup was a 30 oz plastic green cup that I use and was large enough to hold the contents of my bladder. Once I was done, I put the cup back in the dresser and went back to bed.

That's all for now. Keep the posts coming.

--Mr. Clogs

I went to the bathroom to poo and it was orange, but i was barely red and nowhere near bright red. I didn't hurt at all when i went and there was no blood on the toilet seat. Can someone help?

I'm a girl, age 18, 5'3", and I work a few hours as a lifeguard at a fitness center. I've never really had an accident, but the other day I was in a rush to get to work and needed to crap real bad. As I got out of my car I stumbled on the curb and completely filled my swimsuit and shorts. I didn't know what to do. The turd was pretty hard and couldn't come all the way out because of my suit, and I had an awful bulge on my butt and did it stink! I went to the toilet and emptied what I could, then went into the pool to try to rinse my suit since I had nothing to change into. Disgusting!

Not sure why, but I've been noticing lately when I have to go the bathroom, I have to go right away pretty much and then only a turd comes out and nothing more but feels like I have more inside of me.

I could feel my ???? gurgle and knew I had to get to the toilet right away. I went in the bathroom, pulled down my pants and panties and I could feel it coming out before I was sitting on the toilet. I heard my stomach gurgle again but nothing came out, I tried pushing a little but still nothing. This was my second poop of the day. I'm hoping the next time I go, more will come out and I won't feel like I still have to go.

Also, I'm new to this site, but have been reading posts for a while, thought I would post something today. Great site, thanks


To Bloated Butt

Wow, I love your stories! It seems like you and me have a lot in common. I was just wondering, do you have and stories to tell about a time that you used a public bathroom, or a time that you had an accident? Those kinds of stories are my favorite.

PS you seem really pretty!


To Steven and Tyler

Yes, the oatmeal is helping. The only thing though, is that my gas is very very stinky and smelly. After I pooped (missed a day but I have a 5 day streak now), when I passed wind it smelled absolutely awful.
Steven how did you go that much in that one day, did you miss a day? Because if you did that is what happened to me yesterday, I missed a day and I had a really big poop afterwards, let me tell you about it.

So after the three day streak, I missed a day, I was like, woah. I didn't know what was going on, so I waited till the next day. My farts began to smell really bad again, and I knew I had to take a dump. I was walking around my room, playing on my weight bench, trying to get the poop to move. When I passed wind after playing on the bench, it smelled like I pooped myself, so I made it to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet, and without even pushing hard, a big crackling came out of my butt. It splashed into the toilet, in one sound. I felt very relieved.

When I looked and saw, it was just one big log, not as big as my other ones, but big for just missing one day. About a footlong and 2 inches thick (judging my the water in the bowl, it was pretty thick, Probably because my colon is being cleaned out thank god because it needed to happen). I then proceeded to not wipe (was a very messy poo though) and flush. I had to flush twice, and even then there were a ton of skidmarks on the toilet bowl.

After I was done, I sat on the edge of the bathtub, turned the water on and washed my butt with the faucet using my hands, it sounds gross, but it works better for me than toilet paper, because I have a hairy butt. No, I'm not shaving it.

Tyler, how are you doing? Good? I hope you are regular as I am :D.

One thing I miss though, is giving birth once a week. Though the poop that comes out of me is close, it is not close to the big logs I use to do. I miss pooping giant :(.

Oh and another question for anyone who eats it - How well would you think fibre one cereal would help me in addition to oatmeal?


wow that story sounds interesting

To Bianca: What was the full story of your poop getting stuck midway? Did you really end up needing a doctor to help?

BTW, has anyone else had such an experience? For me, the wide hard part is always at the beginning of my poop, so it never gets stuck after that came out.


replies to Jessica [AZ] and Linda

The Haribo gummy bears are well known for their laxative effect, which can be quite severe. Actually, knowingly giving someone else a product that can cause severe diarrhea (and dehydration) is like prescribing a medicine without a license and can actually put another person in danger. It would likely have been better to tell her about the laxative effect ahead of time, and even to have a few (very few!) of them yourself, so as to share the misery.

Eating a lot of fruit can also stimulate the bowels; once you have had a good bowel movement, it might be well to go easy on the fruit, or you might get some pretty potent diarrhea at an inconvenient time. Fruit is good for you, yes; but in large quantities it will go through you too fast. Be careful!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: SC great story it sounds like Shauna really had to poop bad and alot to.

To: Jessica (AZ) great story it sounds like you got you friend really good with those sugarfree gummy bears it sounds like they really claened her out to and it sounds like you will be getting the dame trick from her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always great story.

To: Linda thats good you were finaly able to poop I bet you must have really great afterwards to.

To: Althea great story.

To: Jemma great story about your deperate poops at the bowling alley it sounds like you really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Luv's Lightning MWF great story about Karens accident and you pooping yourself to.

To: Bill F as always another great story.

To: Valerie great story about your poop at the gym it sounds like it wa a good one.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

liza M

Beach Story (unexpected pooping)

Hi I am Liza female 23 years old . I used to read girls stories here and I love it as this is the only place I found talking about that many and many interesting stories . sometimes while I am reading I feel that I was in the same situation before !!!!

I decide to tell you story about me and my best friend Suzi while we was in a one day journey to a beach with our friends of college (it was female group about 50 girls)

It was a simple beach just umbrellas and chairs in front of cost and cabinets and bathrooms in back , in between it was a good area with volleyball net .... and a small cafeteria no even a pool

I really get surprised as It was really cheap but I expect to take us to small hotel even 2 or 3 stars , anyway I say o.k let's have fun as noway to escape now . then I went with Suzi to female cabinet to change and wear my swimwear it was very crowded as all girls went at same time so we had to use one Cabinet together I wear my one piece as I do not like bikini because I am moderate fat but most of fat in my butt
Suzi get dressed her bikini she was wonderful although her butt is big also but seems okay as no fat (she playing sports )

We spent day swimming and playing volleyball until lunch time . They gave every girl two big size sandwiches with cola and french fries . It was really delicious and we were angry . after that we continue activities with girls on beach as there were a lot of competitions we did enjoyed our time but I started to feel farts came out and came out so I decided to go to toilets as urge to do no 2 increase . I whispered Suzi and she replied "wait I need too" we went to toilets
It was four stools one closed for maintenance while others were open so I entered one and Suzi entered another . it was smell bad and while i was about to sit I realized that it was a lot of sh** on seat I got out quickly it was so disgusting and entered a 4th one it was same but more horrible as there was sh** on ground as it was clear that some girls had to made that to avoid sitting on a dirty seat . I was out quickly also and found Suzi in front of me I asked her "have you finished" she replied " yes " I decided to go into her stall she said " take care it was awful" just I entered I understand what she mean I asked her "how you did?"
she replied " i only pee while I am standing and laying and couldn't touch toilet even it was no toilet papers "

I said to her " OK i will hold it I need to do no 2 and can not use these toilets "

once we got out and after ten steps and said " Suzi what I do I do need to do it " then farted with loud voice she replied " why not to make it on floor as other girls ??!? " I said " no I can not entered this toilets again"

she said" you have only way and it so clean " then she laughed while she looked to sea while laughing

I got what she mean and said " ok no way it is better to make it in my swimwear "

fortunately most of people were around competitions and songs and their back were to sea

We both go to end to beach in the left side it was rocky and no one was near us we started to walk on sea then swim away from beach until we felt that nobody around and voices from beach were so weak Suzi told me go some steps forward then finish it quickly and she would notice if anyone come would give me warning

i went some more steps towards, water covered me except my head while standing on earth I got my swimwear off and hold it with my hands under water then started to pee a long quick pee then tried to get it out my anus but it was difficult than my expectation although I was very desperate after 5 minutes a small log out follows by others long logs until I felt empty it was great feeling I could see mu logs while going down in sea then I swim 5 meters away more away from beach to get dressed

finally we went back to beach while we were laughing and laughing


Post Title (optional) To Timee

I don't normally go too many days without pooping - probably around 3 full days without pooping at all but the other days I usually pass some rock hard chunks of poo.

I know its not good to be that constipated, which is why I've started eating loads of fruit. I've been eating 3 or 4 big bowls of fruit each day since Saturday and its helped my constipation a great deal. I'm still having trouble but its not neary as bad as it has been. In the last couple of days, I've been pooping at least once a day. And today I've been three times, which is fantastic for me. I haven't eaten any bananas because I know they make me constipated.

I've found that high fibre cereal makes my loads even bigger than normal (and my poops are always massive anyway) although it does help me to pass the turds more easily. I will buy some high fibre cereal tomorrow.

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