In my last post on page 2299 I was with a lady friend in a couple of stores...this story is about another female friend, (we will call her, "C") that I used to live near in the past, and see from time to time. This girl was sexy and smart and single! A blast to speak with, and very hospitable, and not shy. Some time ago, I was doing some repairs in her house, the house is single story, and not to large...two bedrooms that are separated by a shared bathroom.(each bedroom had a door to the bathroom, and the bathroom was in between the bedrooms, the living room dining room, and kitchen with the front and side doors, on the other side of the bedrooms and bathroom. So you have to walk through the bedrooms to get to the bathroom from any other part of the house. One day I was there working, and had some stomach pain like pre diarrhea pains, and asked C if I could use the bathroom..she said I proceeded to walk though the bedroom that was used as an office, shut the bathroom door on the office side, and noticed that the door on the bedroom side had some large shoe rack or something like that,preventing the bathroom door on the bedroom side from moving.. At this point I took a seat and started shitting with some farts..not liquid like diarrhea, but certainly audible..At this point I sensed that the bedroom door was open to the living room, (since I walked through the other bedroom that was the office on my way to the toilet), so since I couldn't close the other bathroom door to the other bedroom because of the rack on the door, I called out to "C", wondering it she could hear me..and close the bedroom door in case someone else came over..To my surprise, she sounded startled, and when she answered, it was obvious that she was in the bedroom just a few feet away from the bathroom door! It was sort of funny hearing her voice, like she got caught listening! In actuality anywhere in that small house if it was quite you could probably hear what was going on quite well! I know she heard that first load into the bowl, that was rather interesting! Anyway, she said dont worry about the bathroom door, she would close the bedroom door, which at that time I let another fart out and filled the bowl a bit more, if indeed she had a fetish for those things for her excitement, and proceed to get cleaned up. I then went out and continued working and having fun speaking with her, saying sorry that I made such a show, she seemed not shy at all about being in the bedroom while I was filling the bowl, and she also said that fresh orange juice will give you the shits, (as she offered me some an hour earlier that I drank, but never had that happen! Like I said, she is a really cool girl, and very open, seemingly about bathroom experiences too. This brings me to another story that happen about a year after...Same house same set up except this time she had done some remodeling in the bathroom and did't have a door on the office or bedroom side of the bathroom, only doors on the bedroom side to the living room and the kitchen. I stopped by after a long day at a concert in the early evening to say hello, and needing a good shit at some point, either there, or at my home about an hour away, as I ate to many flax seeds earlier in the day as a snack on some fruit. Having shit there before, knowing this girl well, I was not embarrassed at all, looking forward to see how the opportunity might present itself..well I wasn't disappointed. Having got there, we sat outside in her garden talking for a bit, then she and I went inside where she offered me a glass of wine, that I declined, as I didn't want to get intoxicated having to drive, and god knows what other trouble I could get myself we continued chatting..after about 20 minutes, I told "C" that I eat way to many flax seeds, and If I could use her bathroom...She said, sure, let me show you what I both of went in there, and that is when I noticed that the doors to the bathroom were removed on both sides of the bathroom leading into the office side, and the bedroom side, and she proceeded to show me the new bathroom that she built. It was nicely done, it had new shower tile, a new expensive type toilet, a beautiful stone counter and hardware for the sink. The sinks counter was really cool, it was granite, so we were speaking about the cool patterns in the stone, when a pain hit my gut, and I had to interrupt our conversation and tell her that I really needed to go!, She giggled and said, Ok, I will let you Pee! I responded, (knowing how she acted last time)thats not the only thing I have to do! She looked at me and smiled and said that she would wait outside. (I thought that was odd,figured she wanted to listen, but soon, I would realize why) So I proceeded to undo my belt, and sit on the bowl and in rapid succession had a bunch of nice smooth longs plop into the bowl in the little water that was was a low gallon type, and not nearly enough water for them to even have a chance to float, they just piled up on top of each other, anyway, as I was letting loose, I realized that with no door on the bathroom side of the office, you could see outside into the garden where we sat talking earlier, the blinds were up, and it was just before dusk, and the bathroom light was on, so you could see right into the bathroom! As I was looking out that window, I saw "C" looking right in at me sitting on the bowl, as I was looking out! LMAO! she didnt stand there or anything, just a look for a second or two as she walked by, but we made eye contact! At this point I was excited, as I knew what she was thinking!, I know what I was thinking!..then I heard her go directly behind the bathroom wall on the outside of the house with her dog...She didn't seem to go and sit on the side of the yard where the table was, but rather was doing something with the dog right behind the bathtub window, outside.( the bathroom layout was the toilet next to the door on the office side, the sink on the bedroom side, and the tub on the exterior wall). I knew the sewer cleanout was right behind the bathroom outside, sticking above the ground by a few inched, because I had tripped over it in the past when I was there..I don't know if she unscrewed the top to see the load flow out or not, but I did hear her in that area with the dog and such. The reason I posit that is what happened in a bit...I filled the bowl, and couldn't find the toilet paper! It was not on the right side of the wall, like most places, after a second, I realized it was on the left side, attached to the sink cabinet! So I proceeded to clean up, wash my hands, and flush a huge load. Amazingly it went down with no skid marks, surprising to me, but the room had some scent no doubt, so I went outside, and she was sitting at the table away from where I heard the soon as i got outside, she got up and walked inside, and went right back to the bathroom to continue showing me all the new stuff she did! I said, "C", sorry about the scent, but I had to really go badly...all that flax and fruit! Her response was, "I saw"! I don't know if she meant to say, "I know" or not, but what she said was distinctly different! So I said in reply that I was surprised that the toilet took such a big load with out clogging or skidmarks! She said that the toilet worked good and I agreed! Then she talked about stone and tile work, and I said that I couldn't find the toilet paper, she laughed and said that she could wipe with both hands, and that why it was on the left side! We both laughed at that one..I told her I would try it some time, In the sink were a huge mound of bubbles that I commented on, she said that she put liquid Dawn in the sinks soap container, we laughed about that too! After that, we went into the living room and chatted for a while, sure enough, she heard my stomach rumble again, I said, excuse me, but I have to go again..this time she stayed on the living room, as I went back, mostly gas this time though...went out a few minutes later, and spoke some more about the benefits of flax, she said, "yes, that will clean you out!" thats for sure...My stomach continued to growl, so I said I better go, before I have to stay here all night, she smiled, and gave me a big hug, and I left..I will have to visit her again sometime, it has been a while, and I have always enjoyed her company! Until next time...keep up the good stories!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


you may remember a while ago I wrote a story about me and my little cousin Liam (13) at the beach where he did a poo.

I am 23, 5ft 7", slim build in general but not skinny. Brown hair to mid back.

Anyway, On Saturday I picked Liam up from his house ( my aunt and uncles) and drove him to his football match.

I stayed and watched him and afterwards we went to a fast food restaurant for lunch where we both had a large meal. When we were finished and were just talking, I was thinking to myself that I would need to visit the bathroom either here or at home to do a number two.

It was strange that just as I was thinking this, Liam put his hands between his thighs, jiggled his legs and faintly said "oh I need a poo". I looked round at him surprised and said "really? you need one too".

he looked quite shocked, it never fails to amaze me how surprised he gets when I mention the fact that I also have needs to poo and fart, the same as he does. I think sometimes he genuinely believes that I pee and nothing else haha.

He suggested that we left right then and went to our houses to do the toilet. I didn't really want to drive home before doing it though so I just said "liam, im going to run into the ladies and quickly do it here, you could just go to the mens?"

Not being the biggest fan of public pooing myself, I could understand when he said that he didn't want to poo in the boys bathroom as it isn't the nicest. I would have felt quite bad if I had gone, done the toilet meanwhile he was getting desperate. I realised the only thing I could do was bring him into the ladies with me.

I think he was pleased with this conclusion. As ive said before, I don't mind bringing him in the ladies with me as you regularly see mothers bringing their sons in. For all people knew I was a young mum!

Seeing as there are only two cubicles in there, I knew we would need to share one so that a queue of girls didn't form while we were both in the cubicles. As he isn't a little child though, I thought it would be best if we waited until it was quiet before he came in. We decided I would text him when the coast was clear.

I told him to wait at the table and come when I texted him. I went off to the loo's and went into the girls bathroom. I worried when I went in as there was a queue of 3 people and it looked busy. After 5-10 minutes the two cubicles opened up at once, a tall, tanned, young lady with a long pink skirt and tights went into one cubicle. I sat on the pan fully clothed and texted Liam to come but be careful. I was worrying that the girl next to me would be flushing as he walked in. In a minute I heard the door swing open and saw his long football socks walking quietly towards the cubicles. Before he had a chance to speak, I quietly opened my door and gestured him to come in before locking the door.

We were being very quiet as the girl next door was still sitting on the loo. I let Liam go first while I stood silently beside the toilet bowl. He aligned his body with the seat, pulled his shorts and boxer shorts to his mid-shin before resting his thighs on the toilet. I was trying not to directly watch him but there wasn't really anything else to look at. I saw Liam straining as he pushed some pieces of poo out.

I'm not sure whether the lady next door was doing a long-pee or a number two. But all of a sudden, I just heard her stand up and pull up her tights before leaving. There was by now a queue of 1 or 2 people outside.

Liam looked quite relaxed and whispered "this feels better". I crouched down eventually as I was sick of standing up. Every now and then my eyes caught a glimpse of a bit of poo dropping from his bum. He did a pee as well. From watching him I was quite desperate to use the toilet myself now.

Liam had made a fair smell from his bum. He took toilet roll and stood up suddenly to clean himself. As his bum was virtually in my face, I asked him if he could wipe sitting down. He said he couldn't wipe on the toilet so I just allowed him to continue. It wasn't the nicest sight watching him as he cleaned the inside of his bum and thighs. He bent over and pulled his boxers and shorts up at once. he signalled to me to use the loo now.

I quickly rolled my skirt up, pulled my tights to my knees and my pants to my knees also, before sitting down on liams warm toilet seat.

Liam crouched down in front of me and although he was trying not to, I could see him looking to see evidence that I do infact poo! I pulled my tights up just a little in order for him not to see my girly part.

I did a few big pieces of poo which Liam didn't hear but did see out the corner of his eye. I concluded this by doing a pee and a couple of little farts which liam laughed at.

As I was sitting there concluding my poo, I had my ankles crossed. Liam asked "how can you sit with your legs crossed and still be able to pee?" I replied "that's the beauty of being a girl liam!".

I wiped my bum 3 times before wiping my front once and pulled up my tights and let my skirt down.

I left first and then texted Liam when the coast was clear.

As there w


to cp

Hi cp
Ok well, feeling of needing a poo is like feeling a solid pressure coming out of your anus,
When I hold it the pressure gets worse hence clenching the butt cheeks.
And the difference between normal poo & diarrhoea is that diarrhoea is like water its a liquid not a solid pressure so u know the difference - difficult to describe, hope I helped a bit :) Jemma.


Holding it for the BF

I arrived at work the other day and everything was going well until about an hour or more into my day i started to develop an urge to take a shit, I hadn't been for a few days so was sorta expected. The urge wasnt too bad o I held it my BF had been a real help recently and he loves watching me go so I decided I was going to give him that privilege and hold it till I got home, besides I love holding it and becoming DESPERATE any way.

I didn't really encounter any problems only that when I went for a wee in my lunch break it was rather tempting to push it out whilst I was sitting but i instead text my BF teasing him letting him know what he could expect when I got back from work today.

However, I did start to struggle about an hour after my lunch break, I think the banana's I had on my lunch brak had done most of the damage, but with 2 hours left of my shift I was starting to become rather desperate now and I could feel a big firm turd pushing to get out.

I had become rather gassy and bloated now I really needed to take a dump! I would have just gone at work but I had sorta promised my BF now and didn't want to disappoint him, things weren't helped by the fact with an hour to go I needed a wee again pretty bad too!

I went to the toilets to wee before I left but it was no use I couldn't go without pooping, so I quickly left and managed to hop on the bus home, its only a 20min ride and takes me straight to my house but the bus was packed I was hoping to sit down to help keep this massive poo inside me but alas, no such luck, I was desperate to fart to relieve some of the pressure but standing at the front of the bus I didn't dare, the 20min trip was made longer by so many people having to get off at stops it was agony.

Eventually I got back though, at this point although I needed to poop bad, I was on the verge of peeing my knickers. I raced to the front door and found it unlocked I called out to my boyfriend but no response...I climbed the stairs to go to the bathroom only to be confronted with the sight of him sitting on the pot.

He explained he just started his dump so I'd have to wait to make me desperate, but I explained I had pretty much reached breaking point already, there was no way I was goin to allow him to finish his dump, I was desperately doing a pee and poo dance holding myself hoping from one foot to the next in my heels whilst waiting for him to drop his first log.
PLOP! It dropped I demanded he move out of the way, he complied whilst I pulled up my black pencil shirt and dropped my black thong to the floor quickly assuming my position on the toilet

As I sat down he asked if I could hold it more, sitting down had put all sorts of pressure on my needs I lasted about 1 min my legs started shaking I was very close to orgasm, and thats exactly what happened when I finally started pissing it was just like a dam had broke, and as this happened the huge log I was holding onto all day started forcing its way out I promise this was better than sex Ive never feel soooooo much relief and satisfaction, I dropped my massive poo and started releasing a few more as my piss died down the smell in the bathroom was soo raunchy, I finished up and started wiping explaining to my BF he had been an extremely luck boy to witness that, I walked out to start dinner leaving him to finish his dump and more I assume, needless to say he was very grateful.

Peace out peeps xxx


Where have they gone?

John from the UK here. A year on since I last posted but have been
reading and enjoying!

Just wondered where Abbie and Megan have gone, hope you're both keeping well!

Take care one and all.


John (UK)


macdonalds part 2

Hi everyone, Donrocco from Southe Africa again.
I wrote about the Macdonalds mexican burger I had.
I had it on Saturday and had the lava shits on Saturday and Sunday.

However, although the burning stopped, I still have liquid coming out of me today still.

Luckily it's never a super urgent need, it's twice or thrice a day that i casually drop my pants and have the liquid poo pour out of me lazily So glad i don't have to clean these toilets.

I have some aches during the day just under my ribcage. Wonder if that burger gave me an ulcer? :)

Earlier tonight I had a semi-solid poop and i thought all was back to normal. But oh no, 1 hour later I peed out of my ass again.
Finally, anybody know what happened to Wendy and Kirsty the couple? Also, there was a woman on here called Fat Chick who only ever wrote 2 stories. They were brilliant. I wish she would contribute again.

Till we meet again.


todays desperate morning poos (Wednesday)

So today I woke up & had my first morning poo just before I left for work,
Loose plops, 6 of them, wiped 2x washed hands & left for work.
Then as I got to work my digestive system was telling me it was ready for my second poo of the day,
Before my first client arrived I rushed to the ladies &
Had a huge poo that consisted of 9 loose plops all falling from my bum 1 after the other within like 20 seconds (I was desperate)
Wiped 3x, washed hands etc
Then finally my last morning poo was just before lunch so I finished with my client & raced upstairs to the loos.
I pulled my grey short pencil skirt & black tights down to my ankles along with my white knickers, & sat my big peachy bum on the seat.
This time I only let out 3 quite solid plops & wiped once.
Done the usual, and left for lunch, ???? Spaghetti Bolognese!!
J x



Me and Shauna were sitting at home and she was dusting and I was on my computer. she came upstairs and sat on my lap and her stomach grumbled. "Ooh, I sound hungry, lets go get some taco bell. We got there and she had a huge order of 3 volcano tacos and a burrito. 'Don't those give you real bad shits?' "No not at all" We drove home and she had finished and said she was stuffed. She almost looked bloated. The day went on normally until nightime. She lay in bed with me for 15 minutes. She must have thought i was asleep because she ripped weren't loud but they smelled like absolute poop. 'S, are you awake?" I did not answer, and she got up quickly and pulled down her red thong quickly. She ripped a fart that was very stinky right in my face when she got up. She ran ripping wet farts. And spraying out some liguid shits on the floor. She sat on the toilet and unleashed soft poop with a couple of farts. Soft poop poured out of her asshole and she was releasing sharp farts. "It is coming out,like butter ooooohhh" A huge wet fart blasted into the toilet. She then said, 'Those burritos, wow" She tried flushing but it wouldn't, she managed to clog my toilet with soft poop. She went into bed with no realization of me waking up. She left early in the morning and said "It was coming out so hot, I could not control it coming out my ass. I looked at the toilet and a huge turd was surrounded by a wad of paper and diarrhea.

jessica (az)

sugar-free Haribo gummy bears prank

i haven't posted here for a while because i was busy moving to a bigger house, but i do have a story

when i was going through the internet i found out that Haribo, the gummy bear company, makes sugar free gummy-bears that each gummy has a laxative effect, and sell them on amazon, so i ordered some.

after school i invited my friend Nicole over to see our new house and relax. when we entered my house i asked her if she was hungry. she said yes. i suggested the gummy bears and she agreed to it. i filled a small cup of them and handed them to her and we sat down to watch T.V. As she was snacking on them i was giggling to myself. barely ten minutes she had finished the gummy bears and started to look uneasy. she would her stomach a couple of times, bite her lip, or dig her toes into her flip-flops. a little after she farted so hard that it made the couch rumble. she blushed and got up with her hands gripped her stomach hard and said excuse me. she asked me where a bathroom was. i told her the first door down the hall. she dashed to the bathroom and didn't even close it. for a minute i heard loud farts and grunts and it started to stink up the living room. i went to check up on her without trying to laugh.i saw her with her pants down to her flip-flops, with her arms on the toilet seat, and sweating. i asked her if she was okay. she told me she is had massive diarrhea. i couldn't even talk to her because her poops and farts made loud sounds and she kept constantly flushing the toilet. soon the smell got so bad that i had to open the window. Nicole tried stopping me and told me what if the neighbors hear her. i told her it smells horrible, so she let me open the window. after thirty minutes, she went to go wipe her butt while on the toilet seat, but once she finished wiping her butt i heard a loud rumble from her stomach and she said oh no and grabbed the edge of the toilet seat and raised her legs up to the toilet and blasted smelly loud poops. once she stopped doing that leaned forward exhausted, while continuing to poop. Nicole told me that it was the nastiest shit she ever took. once she finally stopped pooping, she weakly reached for the toilet paper and wiped herself. again her stomach rumbled and she said not again. this time it didn't take so long, but when she reached over to the toilet paper to be shocked that she used all the toilet paper. she started moaning, and i told her i'll get her some. i came back with a fresh roll of toilet paper and she wiped herself and got up and said that she was tired. i told her that i pranked her with the gummy bears. she told me what i meant. i told her everything about it. she got mad, but i told that she is allowed to dare me with the gummy bears at anytime. she had an evil grin, which worried me. which is probably for another story

I drank so much tea last night and today. Last night, my bowels were loose before I went to bed. I made a very spicy turkey sal. I drank lots of tea at church in the class and at fellowship. One toilet was in horrible shape. I used another on the same floor. I went into this walk-in closet, pulled up my maroon skirt and black full slip, pulled down my light green pantyhose and white full-cut Hanes panties to my knees, squatted over the bowl and peed real hard for about 60 secs. I wiped my cat with 2 wads of paper, fixed my clothes and left. I should have stopped off somewhere to urinate. I took a subway-el train home. As the train progressed, I felt pee building up in my urinary tract all the way to my vagina as I walked from the station. As I approached my house, I started farting, and pee hit my vagina opening. I got into my mother's flat, took off my coat, hit the toilet, opened my clothes, sat on the toilet. I farted as my bowels opened and let out a long brown rope and I peed all at the same time. When my bowels finished, I pushed some more and more urine squirted and trickled out. I was on the bowl for 10 minutes until I wiped my cat and rectum. I pulled up my clothes and flushed. I am in my flat relaxing. It is cold here.


Dreaming About Pooping


I sometimes dream about going poop. I too, love to feel my anus stretch. It was stressful onetime when a big poop got stuck midway out my rectum, and I think Mom called the doctor while I was still on the pot. When I dream about pooping, I'm in a bathroom that looks like a public one, but it belongs to my house in my dream. I have races to the bathroom in my dreams, and the loser always messes his pants. Sometimes I have magical dreams about poop. In the dream my poop comes out looking normal, but then I can wave my wand, and my poop turns into whatever I want it to be. The object that it turns into (whatever I decide it shall be( will no doubtedly magically let the loser soil his pants if he hasn't done it already.


Post Title (optional) Finally found some relief!!

I mentioned that I ate heaps of fruit salad yesterday and it helped my constipation. Well I ate more last night and I was able to drop a big load before I went to bed. It still took 20 minutes but it was easier than normal. I've just woken up and taken another dump!! It took 20 minutes again and I did have push a bit but at least it was enjoyable. I'm going to continue eating lots of fruit because its really helping me.

I don't want to start taking laxatives or using suppositories because I don't want to become too dependent on them.

Tinfoil Hat
To Linda:

If you want to get out of it without going by the laxative way (they will irritate your bowels on the long term, with the exception of bulk forming ones which of course could add more trouble) try adding fiber increments (slowly so they don't get you bloated) to your diet first and observe the results. Flax seed (buy seeds, put them in a miller or food blender, mill them, put the resulting meal in a glass, add water, stir and swallow away from lunch, that's what i do with this stuff) and wheat bran (i measure it on a kitchen scale then i eat it with a tablespoon). They're also cheap. Just find a health food store or something similar. Flax is a source of soluble fibers (roughly 27 grams per 100 grams of seeds) and Omega 3 fatty acids while wheat bran gives you insoluble fiber, roughly 42 grams per 100 grams of bran.

To Jemma

To Jemma

Hi Jemma

I love your posts. I'd love you to describe the feeling of needing a poo to me. I'm in a wheelchair and have spina bifida so have no feeling down there so don't know the feeling of needing a poo.

I notice in your posts that you hold it in for several hours sometimes with your business meetings. Does that mean you have a feeling in your stomach or in your back passage that you have to deal with during this time? What's the difference between a feeling of diarreha vs a solid poo?




SC: I worked in a very small exclusive girls school. I liked it. My bowels moved in the afternoon when I had a free period or sometimes in the morning. I shared the toilet room with other teacher, girls, the headmistress. One morning about 10:30 AM, I had a free period, so I went to rest my bowels. Another teacher joined me with her Mme. magazine. I knew she was going for the same thing. She was a skinny blonde French girl named Janine who taught French and Spanish. She reached under her peach skirt and slip to unsnap her garter panties from her stockings. We took adjoining stalls. As she undid her clothes and parted her skirt and slip, I removed my royal blue skirt and white half slip to a hook. I was in my white blouse, bra and white Maidenform panties which I pulled down to my ankles and sat on the bowl. Janine was on her throne with her peach satin panty bikini to her ankles. I heard her thumbing her magazine, when I pressed out 5 large dark brown logs. My stomach was full and still had more. They plopped and splashed. Janine crackled, plopped and splashed and farted while peeing at the same time. I must have heard at least 7 plops. Janine asked my why I take off my clothes. I told her that I do not like my clothes wrinkled. She said, "Althea, I was teaching last period. I held my bowels until free period." Then, I dropped-splashed 2 more large logs with a fart and a pee. Then she said, "OH," she made a dry and a watery fart with loose chunks. "I am sorry to stink you out. This happens at home and everywhere." She was telling me about what she saw in the magazine. We were in for about 20 minutes. I opened my legs to wipe my pussy and my rectum from front to back. She opened her legs, took a little paper to wipe her pussy and more paper to wipe her rectum. Meanwhile, I stood up to put on my clothes. Then, she stood up, pulled up her panties, and let down her clothes. We both flushed and came out of our stalls. Janine reached under her skirt to apply her pink garter to her stockings. We washed our hands with time to spare in the lounge before our next classes.


He and I went to Aunt's house for lunch and to play with her 12 cats. I was a college soph. He was a HS junior. We took a bus to her house when I met him at a subway station. After a lunch of fried chicken, baked mac. potato salad and greens, we were through. In the afternoon, David and I were splayed out on the floor playing with all colors and shapes of cats. Then, we felt gas in our stomachs and we were breaking wind. I was first, then David. It was loud and we started to stink the basement. I went to the cellar toilet. It was old but finished in 1950's motif. The toilet had an old jet flush and it was elongated. I lifted my black poplin cheerleader skirt, tugged down my white FOL white band-leg panties to my ankles and took the throne. My lower digestive tract was full. I farted and I started dropping these long dark brown logs. They just came out in medium long pieces, slowly. They plopped and splashed. After the 5th piece, there was a break. I peed and broke wind while talking to David. Then 3 more logs splashed down with a dry buzzing fart. David asked me, "Althea, you wore your cheerleader skirt. Why?" I told him, "If I wore the regular poplin skirt, I would have to wear a slip. It is summer and too hot for a slip." After a long while, I reached for toilet paper, spread my knees, and wiped my developed vagina, then took another wad and wiped my rectal area and repeated with two more wads. I sat and talked with David because he had just graduated HS. I stood up, pulled my panties, let down my skirt. David was shocked by the large size of my bowel movement. I flushed then let him have it. He tugged down his purple gym shorts and white Hanes briefs to his ankles. He squirmed a little and then his bowels pressed out these long brown pieces, one after another. He pressed out 5 long pieces. They had to be a foot long each. Then, he let out a long pee like a firehose. Plus, he stinked the place good. I told him to take a purgative to clean himself out. He sat with his knees together and his feet apart. He said, "You had a reputation for stinking the girls gym toilet in HS. I hear you have it in college, also." I asked him, "Who told you?" He said, "A girl a year older than me and a year younger than you." He took paper, leaned forward and wiped his rectal area. He used 3 wads to scrub himself. He said, "My mom and big sis complain about the condition of my underwear when they do laundry." He stood up, took a piece of paper to wipe his Johnson. He looked in the toilet and said, "That is what we ate" and he flushed. He washed his hands when Daddy came along and drove us home. We asked him to stop off for ice cream sundaes.

I am still peeing. I am on my 3rd. Now, I know how well my kidneys function.

I made a spicy turkey salad tonight. I will be shitting it out in the morning at home or in church.

Linda that sounds dangerous. Get a laxative in you, now. That many days? DULCOLAX. Drink lots of hot tea and stay in with lots of toilet paper. That waste has to leave you yesterday. Good luck. Let us know.

Steven A

To Michael

The oatmeal is working good for you because the oatmeal is obviously making your pooping streak go on for 3 days and hopefully more because as I said, it's healthy to poop everyday once a day based on my opinion, and plus many people on this site I assume would agree with me. I eat Fiber One/Plus Bars and the Fiber One Cereal and I'm pleased with the results. I hope Linda and other people on this site with constipation problems are willing to try to eat oatmeal or Fiber One/Plus Products because I'm telling you, without Fiber One, I wouldn't be going everyday.

It was a normal day in school. Well, it wasn't that normal - I kept getting cramps in my stomach, signaling I would have to go soon. But I kept sucking in and kept my cheeks tight. It was during math class when the cramps became unbearable. I tried to keep my butt hole closed, but it kept puckering, becoming ready to unleash the brown beast that lay inside. At that moment, I knew I'd have to go.

"Mrs. Smith, may I use the restroom?" I quickly asked. She nodded, but by that moment I was already bolting out of the classroom. When I made it to the bathroom, I quickly pushed into the closest stall. I managed to bring my pants off and take a seat on the bowl. I didn't even push when I began to go.

The sound was deafening; a mixture of loud squirts and thunderous toots echoed back and forth in the stall. The feeling was incredible as a river of brown poured out, carrying large boats on its way. I don't know how long I sat there, but when it was done, I turned around to examine my creation. In the murky brown water lay about five long, thick logs. I would say they were each five to nine inches long and two inches thick. Just huge. My embarrassment slammed me when I saw it. I wiped up fast and tried to flush, but the monster didn't want to leave. I tried again, but instead of flushing the water level rose higher and higher. I quickly ran out of the stall, scrubbed my hands, and left.

I looked at the clock when I returned to the classroom and noticed I had only been gone for about five minutes. As I walked down the aisle to my seat, I received a couple of weird looks. My legs were shaking and I think that's why. So, I sat in my desk and got back to my math work.

A few seconds later my enemy, Melinda, got up and asked if she could use the bathroom. The teacher nodded.

Uh oh, I thought.

Melinda rushed back to the classroom a few moments later. "Mrs. Smith!" she exclaimed. "There is this - well the toilet is clogged and it won't flush!" A smile crept across my face at the thought of Melinda uncovering the surprise I left for her in the toilet.

The teacher called up the janitor, and a few moments later I saw him come down the hall, saying, "Phew! Wow, unbelievable…" I felt bad for the janitor but just fabulous about Melinda. I still don't like pooping in public... well only if I can show it to someone I hate.

Tinfoil Hat

To Bloated Blutt

Upon further reading of your adventures i am beginning to think that yours is not a case of IBS. If you were to have it you'd have also told us of frequent loose stools, which is not the case. Instead, i think that your experiences come from a combo of prolonged urge suppression, eating a lot and not exercising enough, all of this your bowels seem to have got used to over time, greeting you with that very disposal mechanism you and others here (including me) love and the gas you seem to hate with all of your heart. I am by no means a doctor by the way (in the facts i am a Chemistry student), but these are the impressions i got from reading your posts when comparing with similar experiences of mine and others.

Anyways, to everyone here, keep on with the good ol massive dumps stories we all love! Perhaps i'll be able to come there with my own version of this one day!



The recent story begs a question. How do you ladies deal with going to bathroom while out in the snow? I can imagine holding it when you need to poo, but don't you have to pee?

Going through the archives suggests that it is not that rare to wet yourself while out there in the snow. Someone even wrote about wearing diapers while on a snowmobile trip.

When I was a child, we went skiing quite often. Both me and my sister wore one piece snowsuits. Being a boy, I was able to get the zipper down enough to pee, but even then I had my share of accidents. My sister come back wet almost every time and I recall my parents discussing putting her in diapers. Not sure what really happened, she was about 10 and this was before disposables were available.


choc chip muffins from woolworths

Hi Everyone

I'm perhaps turning into an over enthusiastic poster.

Just one thing, for any south Africans that may be reading, I find that a 6pack of choc chip muffins from Woolworths really gets my bowels moving. It's not runny but definitely more active after. a pack of those. If i need a cleanup, I get myself a pack, eat it early in the morning and by work time i wibl have a semi-soft pasty poop brewed up. It usually comes out in a one-movement semi-soft pasty rush - usually proceeded by a popping fart.

And after that I can start my day :)

macdonalds mexican burger

hi. Donrocco again.

We have what is called amexican burger here from macdonalds. it's a very spicy burning thing. I had it once before and the next morning my poo burned my ass like spicy food would.

Yesterday I had one againg and, as expected, my poo was burning - only, it was like nothing i ever experienced before. Like in the movie Bridesmaids, it felt like lava coming out of me. Had the runs all day and each time it burned worse!

Normally, when i have spicy food my poo will burn but when i wipe, it is pretty much over, not this time. After every wipe it will still burn for 10 minutes after! I had to put cream on. I must have had about 5 times. each with 1 or two medium squirts and the most awbcful burning!

Anyway, you get the point! It was horrible!


huge desperate poo at bowling alley

So yesterday afternoon
My hubby & I went out with his best mate & gf Stacey,
I had a ???? ache before we met up but told hubby not to mention it.
So we met up in the bowling alley n played in the arcade 1st, me n Stacey on the dance machine, the lads on the cars.
Soon I needed a poo, I knew it would be a big one as I kept silently farting, & it really smelt.
I told my hubby I was off to the loo, Stace decided to come with me.
I told her "Stace babe I'm gonna be doing a poo, I'm really desperate & got a ???? ache so I might be a while" "that's ok I will wait" she replied.
So in we went, we both went in a cubicle, I pulled my denim hotpants & black leggings down to my ankles, then my pink knickers, and plonked my butt cheeks on the seat.
I was so desperate that like always it required no effort for my initial big pile of poo to plop very loudly in to the water. The first plop was very long very heavy and fell with a plllllooooooop, the next 5 all fell out in quick succession, still making a loud plop as they fell but not as heavy feeling as the first plop.
I then let out my sigh of relief at releasing some poo but I wasn't finished. Meanwhile Stacey was finished and asked me if I was ok and if I'd be long?
I replied yes to both and said she could go.
I was clutching my ???? as my next 3 plops fell in to the water. The room stank of my poo, but I have IBS & When it flares up, I have to go!!
I rubbed my aching ???? as I went to grab some loo roll. Farting a wet fart, I pulled loads of paper off and folded it in my hands as my last 2 plops fell in to the loo. I looked at my load as I stood up to wipe my big peachy butt, mustard colour, banana shaped and sized, 11 plops all over the place.( I still had a ???? ache though, and had to poo again after our 3 games of bowling.) I wiped 5x and flushed, leaving lots of skid marks and a nasty smell. Pulled my knickers leggings and hotpants back up and noticed Stacey stayed but stayed quiet, washed my hands, & we went back to the guys
Realising we were nearly 10minutes!, On our arrival hubby asked if I was ok and gave my butt a huge slap that made me scream! (I love it when he does that) told him I had a bad ???? to which he rubbed my big peachy bum and told me he loved me (aww) ;-)
Well thats my latest story, more soon, J x

Monday, January 27, 2014

I fart when my bowels or bladder are full before I use the toilet or after I pee.

When I was younger, the girls would pee, #2 and wipe their cats and kittens with toilet paper and not flush. Some did not wipe after pee, they'd just pull up their panties. I had to flush a bowl before I could sit. Some girls peed a lot, while some made #2 in single or multiple logs or loose. I liked the public library. It has many floors. The upper floors had more privacy. The kid's library was nice. It was just us kids. I quit that place and then went to the main floor or the upper. I would make #2 there after school, if I did not go home or stop somewhere. The girl kids toilet had 2 stalls.

Public malls have too many females waiting in line just for a piss. I go elsewhere public. I have one favorite dept. store toilet. It is clean, modern and swanky. Or, I go to hotels. There is a mall that I like. The toilets are always clean and there are no lines. This place is exclusive and swanky. College toilets are clean most of the time. Janitors clean and sign the sheet. I went to this real old college that was a hodgepodge of old and new bldgs. They demolishing one of them. Glad to see it go.

I am going to sleep early tonight. I watched the bldg. heat all night. plus shoveled snow.



Linda, drink a cup of hot water with lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper, or take Colon Cleanse. Either should do it. Dulcolax is good, as a last resort. The results are brutal. You will have cramps, but it will be worth it. The Dulcolax will be your best bet. Do it first. I suffered like you when I was 19. Just stay home when you take it or know that you will be near a nice clean public bathroom like school, hotel, church or a friend's house. Good luck.


3 day pooping streak! With a(some) question(s)

So ever since I started eating oatmeal, I got blocked up for a day, but then I started pooping everyday. This is the third day. But I do have one question, why doesn't my stomach hurt whenever I need to poop anymore. Is my colon not nearly full? Sure I feel a small pressure at my bum, but no stomach ache. Also my poop and gas stink much worse.

Before when I was inconsistent, the odour was mild, but now when I go everyday, it's much stronger. My farts stink worse as well.

So I'm wondering right now, would I rather be everyday, or inconsistent. I'm missing the inconsistent 2-4 days, because my poops were much thicker, and a more orange-brown colour, now they are dark brown. Can someone tell me what's going on? Because it's a bittersweet surprise.

--Help me. Michael

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