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Cross country ski trek.

This past Saturday January 18, my husband John was off to a photography seminar in New Hampshire. My friend and neighbor Karen who is 42 was also home alone. Her husband who is in The Millitary was doing some training in Kentucky. We both decided to go on a Cross country ski trek along an abandoned railway bed to a lake. The temps were frigid but blue skies abounded. Both Karen And I are athletic and love the outdoors. We both wore 1 piece snowsuits. Underneath, I Wore an old pair of green fleece sweats and a pair of panties. I also wore a t-shirt and a sweater. Anyway after about 1 hour, we arrived at The lake shore. Karen looked liked she was in some discomfort. I asked her if she was ok. She said she needed to desperately poo. After about 10 minutes she asked if I had any toilet paper. I said no. She looked more desperate. She then looked at me and asked "what would you think if I just went poo in myself" I assured her that it happened to me before also. At that point, she looked at me and said "it's coming out, I'm crapping myself." she looked embarrassed but I started to laugh. When she observed me laughing ,but in a good natured manner, she started to laugh also. I then assured her I wouldn't tell anybody else. At that time, I also felt the urge to go poop. Anyway 20 minutes later, I was several strides ahead of her. , I decided to stop for a bit of a breather and let her catch up. At that point realizing my own need to poop also, I decided to let go slowly in my own pants also. She caught up to me. I jokingly said to her "you and I are now the local ski POOtrol." when she heard that and saw my facial expression she asked me "are you doing what I think you are doing?" "What do you think I am doing?" I asked. "Are you also pooping you pants?" she asked. I then grinned and said "yes." It took a few minutes but in time a Melon sized load filled my panties. We both laughed. Thankfully, we encounterd nobody elso on the trail. We then continued on, got home and both of us changed and cleaned up. It was hilarious but it was an awful mess to clean up. I then went on Sears' internet site and have ordered a 2 piece snowsuit so that if the urge should ever happen again, I can go without having to mess myself. I will also always have some toilet paper along in the future.


blind south african

I am a 20-something blind south african guy. I have been reading for more than 10 years. not sure why i never posted. I love the poep stories most. I have always been interested in poo related activities. i remember once, when i was 4, i pushed my hand down the loo after flushing trying to find out where the poop went. got such a hiding for it :).
I wish i had these firm poops shat stretch you like some on here have but allass, mine is mostly sort-of semi-soft and pasty (as far as i can tell, i don't touch it any more). Sjill, it could've been worse, I could have been like Linda with her constipation problems.
I marvel at people who can do 5/10/15 plops like the ibs folks. Mine is more like 1/2 "floomps" if I can describe it like that. Well, hope to contribute a lot more. Speak soon.


new car accident

Hey im Axel i am 19 a girl i have long redish purple hair i am farly skinny i only wigh 115 i have a nice butt an i guess imm pretty i have brown eyes an full lips .

Anyway i was in the car with my mom coming back home from out of town when my guts started to hurt i new i could wait so a hour went by almost home. When my belly gurgled i held it tight as king my mom to hurry or stop so me were but there were no gas stations or anything she told me to hold it i was in pain holding my belly an clenching my cheeks when i was hit with a cramp i let out a moan an leaned over the tip of my turd poked out an more was coming i bit my lip an held it i crossed my arms over my belly an moaned my mom said were almost there i seen our street as we turned down it more came out we pulled into the drive way an i jumped out an ran for the door and to my luck it was locked i held my butt as more inched out my mom came up unlocking the door i ran down the hall got to the bathroom an the turd started coming i grabed the conter looking in the merrior as my hole opened up an the turd streached it open an slid in to my panties i spun around an pulled my pants down an sat on the toilet with my panties on an pushed hard.
Mmmmmm ughghhh! Come on mmmmmm!!!
It slide out more and more i held my belly sweating i pushed hard as i could an it slid out the leg of my panties an into the toilet i groned holding my belly.

Hope you like it an comment and stuff i love New pple

Bill F

Summer Camp - Day 3

Once again, I woke up first, at about 7:30. I walked to the bucket, and had a 45 second pee and two large logs. I was safe from emptying the bucket yet again! I read my book until Lisa woke up. She stood up with a wet fart, and walked to the bucket. She pulled down her panties and sat down. I said "No stains this time!" She laughed and started peeing. Three small logs quickly slid out of her, and she wiped and stood up. I had already changed, and all Lisa needed to do was put on a pair of pants. She did that as Emily woke up. She walked to the bucket and had an impressive minute long pee. As she was changing, I noticed Emily's belly was bigger than usual, as she hadn't pooped in almost four days now. I asked her "You think you'll ever be able to go?" She said "I will eventually, and when I do, there will be no stopping it!" She finished changing, and we played Monopoly while waiting for Lucy to wake up.
She must have been up until the early morning playing her GameBoy, because it was 11:00 and she still wasn't awake when the supervisor came in and said "The activity will be a little late, we're just going through safety regulations." Lisa said "That's a good thing. I wouldn't want to wake HER up early." We all laughed and the supervisor said "We'll be starting around 1:00, so hopefully she's awake before then." She left, and I said "You know the activity will be fun when they have to go through 'safety regulations' first. We all laughed, and went back to our game. About an hour later, I started to smell something funny. Lisa did too, because she said "Who farted?" I said "Not me", and we both looked at Emily. She swore that it wasn't her. I said "Emily, you were the last one to use the bucket, you have to empty it." She said "But I only peed!" Lisa said "Pee can stink too, ya know." We finally convinced her to clean it out. Despite the bucket being gone, the smell persisted.
I decided to check on Lucy, and I noticed the smell was getting stronger near her. It was around lunchtime, so I knew what that meant. She was lying on her stomach, fast asleep and I could see a small bulge in her pyjamas that was slowly growing. She was pooping the bed. I could see she was peeing too, as a puddle began to form under her. I thought about waking her up, but I decided to let her do it on her own. Emily came back, and said "It still stinks in here! How?" I said to both girls "Lucy pooped the bed." They both said "What?!" And flocked over to her. She had stopped pooping, but was still peeing. Emily asked "How did that happen?" Lisa said "Well, it is her time of the day..." Emily said "Imagine how bad she'll feel when she wakes up... If I ever pooped the bed, I would just start crying." Lisa said "Well, she's been open and carefree about everything else so far." Emily said "I just hope she won't be upset."
Eventually Lucy woke up. She said "What time is it?" I said "12:40." That shock woke her up. Then she said "What stinks in here?" Lisa said "You do." Lucy said "No I don't, it's bucket, you haven't cleaned it out yet." That was when she noticed the puddle in her bed and remembered the time. "... i pooped the bed, didn't I?" We all nodded. She just said "Oh well, no one else is gonna know." And she went to get cleaned up. Lisa said "See, Emily? No tears from Lucy." Lucy came back ten minutes later, changed and with new sheets. Emily said "And for the record, I did clean out the bucket." Lucy tossed the sheets onto her bunk to do later. She said "These pants can't be saved though. Never really liked them anyway." And she went outside to toss them in one of the holes. She came back, and said "All the holes are filled." Emily said "After only three days." I said "Well instead of making the yard look like a minefield, let's start emptying the bucket somewhere else." I then had an idea.
I said "The toilet may be too dirty for your butt, but it's never too dirty for your poop." I went to see if it flushed. Surprisingly, it did. "It flushes; even better. That'll be the new dumping spot." Emily laughed. I said "What's so funny?" She said "You said dumping spot! As if we're all gonna start hovering and pooping in there!" Lucy said "We might, but you sure won't." We all laughed, and then the supervisor called us out for the activity.
"Today we're going on a nature walk. You're going to look at different plants, and figure out which ones they are by comparing them to the pictures. The activity should take around two hours, so I hope you brought bug spray!" Once everyone showed up, we set off.
About half an hour in, Lisa said she had to pee. Soon after, so did Emily. I was starting to get the urge as well, but I didn't say anything. I said "I'm sure you're not the only ones. They're bound to have a porta-potty up here somewhere." Emily said "Eww! I hate porta-potties, they're disgusting!" I said "They're better than peeing on your class project." She laughed, and we kept walking.
Sure enough, we stopped at a porta-potty fifteen minutes later. Lisa and Emily were one of the first in there. The line was getting long, so I decided to sneak away from the group and lean on a tree. I noticed I wasn't the only one with this idea. As I was peeing one of the girls I caught yesterday, Amelia, said "You too, huh?" I said "Yea, that line's too long." We had both finished peeing, but Amelia stayed squatting. She began to blush, and said "Oh no, why now? Not in front a boy!" I said "What's wrong?" She said "I haven't pooped the whole trip, and NOW it decides to come out." I said "Believe me, I've been through this hundreds of times." That seemed to make it easier, as I could hear the log crackling. Because this was her first time going in front of me, I didn't peek. I then heard the log drop, and then I heard a fart, and a short squeal. She was obviously very embarrassed. I said "Do you want me to go? If you'd rather be alone, that's fine." She said, grunting "Yeah, if you could get me something to wipe with that would be great." I went and gathered some leaves that I could recognize as safe, and returned to Amelia.
She was finished her poop, and I gave her the leaves without looking. She said "You're sure these are safe? I don't want an itchy butt for the rest of the trip. You'd think I'm embarrassed now..." I said "Don't worry, I doubled checked." I left her to her business and went back to the group. Emily and Lisa were already out of the porta-potty. Lisa said "That was the cleanest port-potty I've ever been in! Even then, it was still really dirty!" We all laughed, and kept walking. Nothing else happened relating to bodily functions on the trip.
After looking over the different plant species, I told Lucy "See? No poison ivy." Lucy said "Yes, but there IS poison oak." We had our dinner with no gaseous interruptions from Emily this time, and went back to our cabin. Lucy flipped her mattress over and redid her sheets while I peed in the toilet, standing up. Lucy said "Oh, why not?" And hovered her butt over the toilet. She started with a weak stream that went directly into the toilet. Her stream got stronger, and surprisingly she was able to keep it under control. When she was done, I could a bit of pee on the floor, but most of it went it the toilet. She said "That was fun, but I think I got lucky there." She changed into her spare pyjamas, and we all got into bed.
Emily seemed to want to start another farting contest, as she unleashed a loud, 3 second fart. She said "Been waiting all day for that to come out." No one else joined in, and Emily said "What, no one else has anything? Wow." And she promptly ripped another fart. Lisa said "Are you sure you haven't blasted a hole in your pants yet!?" She said "Nope." Lucy said "I predict that Emily will have a hole in her pants before the trip is over" Emily said "I predict that I will hopefully finally poop before the trip is over." I said "And I predict that both of those things will happen at the same time." We all laughed, and I said "Lucy, it's probably a good idea to not play your GameBoy the whole night, unless you brought five pairs of pyjamas to poop in." She said "Don't worry, the GameBoy's dead and I forgot the charger." We all went to sleep shortly after that.
I'll post part 4 soon, but I might answer a survey or two if I can.
See ya next time!

Lara: good answers.

I was in the library first week of HS school after school half-day. I went into the female toilet. There was a slightly chunky black girl in a red and black plaid uniform skirt and a white blouse. She seemed a little distressed and awkward but pleasant. We spoke. We knew each other's school from the uniforms. She was in 8th grade. I was in 9th. She said, "I got diarrhea since this morning at home and at school. Everything came out of me loose. I went 3x at school. My stomach is killing me. I just had one in that stall." In the bowl was unflushed brown mud. She put her hand on her stomach, then reached under her skirt and said, "I have to run my bowels again." I told her, "I have to take a #2, also." She hitched up her skirt and walked into the stall, flushed the bowl, pulled down her navy pantyhose and white cotton panty to her ankles and sat on the bowl. I took the next stall, pulled up my khaki skirt, pulled down my navy panty hose and white Jockey microfiber panty to my ankles. The girl's bowels exploded with farts and plops and splatters. When I sat, I squeezed and my bowels released dark brown loose squiggly chunks. I asked her if she was alright. She said, "Horrible, the cramps. I do not know what I ate or what." At which point, her bowels splattered more and soft juicy farts and plops. She asked, "How are you and your stomach?" "Fine. My bowels are always soft. Sometimes my rectum itches." My bowels released another set of loose chunks. She told me, "My bowels are usually hard and firm like large meatballs and sausages or in one large long piece." I had time on my hands, so I sat on my throne and kept her company. My bowels had run out.
She asked, "What's your name?"
I told her, "Timeeka" (my real name).
"My name is, Kyra."
Kyra said, "Timeeka, I wish I had something to read in here. It would take my mind off of this. You know, I feel a little better. I bowels move anytime but this is ridiculous today."
Having enough, I reached for toilet paper and wiped my rectum. I did not pee, so I did not have to wipe my developing cat. I wiped bet. my legs, then bent over and wiped from behind. I heard Kyra reach for paper 3 wads and scrub herself good. I saw her spread her legs and ankles to wipe. I was pulling up my clothes while she was wiping. I flushed and left the stall and turned around to wait for her. She then stood up, pulled up her undies, unbunched her clothes and then flushed. She came out fixing her clothes and I took a hitch at my skirt zipper and pantyhose. I was wearing a tight skirt that day. He skirt was a larger and wider size. She reached under her skirt to pull up her panty and pantyhose tight, then let down her skirt. We washed our hands and said goodbye. We did see each other in the library later on.

Migraine Loverer

name explaination and poop change report

I'm sure many if not all of you have been wondering: why Migraine Loverer? Well, you see, I've never had one before. I know TONS about them though. I find them interesting. I don't know why. I'm trying to figure that out. I don't love migraines at all. I know how awful they can and often are.

My poops have been different lately.I've been eating these Kind Plus bars. They have made my poop come out in a nice firm shape. Before I started eating them my poop was kind of soft. Now they are more firm and have shape. The bars have nuts in them. Could that be what's doing it?
Thanks for reading,
Migraine Loverer

Tinfoil Hat
To Sarah: after reading your post i can't think of anything but wow, that was surely a huge dump. I think it could've been caused by far more than two days of holding back when i think of similar "accidents" of mine. I don't think i would hold all that gas either.

Yet today i've had a close call while doing experiments in my lab. It was basically a fart that seemed to end in a shart and, not wanting to go #2 in the uni toilets i held it back and the urge crept and i ended bloating up. It always goes like that when for some reason i'm forced to hold farts back. It got worse on the trip on the bus back home, with my belly groaning. When i got home i went to the toilet and it started like a normal solid dump only ending with a bunch of pent up gas. Being my parents around i tried to control it but a very loud deflating like fart went out of control. Fortunately nobody appeared to hear it and therefore i didn't have to give bitter answers about it (BTW my name here comes exactly from this; nobody has the right to control my thoughts about the acts of relieving myself, much like a poster here said as for now it's my own little secret).


To Michael

Hi Michael....
I don't think oatmeal would constipate you. I would think that it's a fiber food of sorts.....and would help you go.
Back when I was having my worst constipation problems (Like when I was under 13) mom made me oatmeal most every day. I never asked her....but I bet it was a suggestion from my pediatrition....'cause I was seeing a doctor a lot back then because I was getting sick from constipation.
It doesn't sound like you're badly constipated. If your poop is soft enough to "shart".....then that's not too least not so rock hard and dry as my poop gets when I'm backed up bad. It's so dry that even if it did come out in my would just sit there.
I remember once when that eventually rolled down my pants and out on the ground LOL! Just a little hard marble. I kicked it over into the bushes!
I think it just might take you some more time to get regular. Like you've described...those large hard poops that you typically do every three days or so....that leaves your intestines enlarged...and it takes months of soft regular pooping for them to shrink down to a more normal width. Once that happens I bet you will poop better.
So; did you go today? Do you get urges before you go? you have to think about it and make a point to sit and push? (That's Me!)

ttys Michael,


Pooping at the gym

Hello everyone. I took a great dump this afternoon and wanted to tell you all about it. I went to the gym this afternoon, and first began to feel the urge while heading home. It was a mild urge that I easily held until I got to my house.

I went into my bathroom, sat down on the toilet, and began to read a magazine. I peed a heavy stream for about a minute before it trickled to a stop. Then I let out a soft grunt as a turd emerged. It came only a little bit before stopping. I pushed again and it started to ease out on its own after that. After a bit, it snapped off with a ploop.

I continued reading until the next turd was ready. It didn't require any pushing to get it out, but it was inching out at the speed of a snail, it seemed. By that point, I was really beginning to notice the smell in the bathroom.

The rest of that turd came out and, over the next few minutes, it was followed by two more turds. At the end, I had a bunch of very small turds that plopped into the toilet. Then I was done and looked in the toilet before wiping.

My dump was a good one, with four medium-length turds, almost like sandy brown bananas, and about half a dozen or so small nuggets of poop floating all around the bowl. It was a fairly stinky dump as well, I'd say a 7 out of 10. Then I sat back down and wiped. I needed five wipes in the back and one in the front to get clean.

So, that's

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Linda I hope your constipation ends soon.

To: SC great story about you seeing your girlfriend take a major poop it sounds like she really had to go and alot and I bet she felt pretty good once she was finaly done.

To: Timee great set of stories.

To: Karina great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: SC great story about jearing your teacher take a major poop it sounds like she was beyond desperate and just made it and I bet that memory will last forever.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Russian Olympic toilets

Lots of media complaints about the Russians having 2 men's toilets side-by-side with no partitions at the Solchi Olympics.
I say HOT!
Hope the idea catches on.


hi to cp, & latest story - the work meeting...

Hi everyone
Hi to cp :) glad you like my posts :)

So Weds at work we had a meeting to discuss improving & training...
I was needing my first morning poo as I hadn't had it yet.
Sitting there fidgeting, I was getting more desperate, having needed a poo as soon as it started.
Meeting lasted 50minutes.
As soon as I was out there, I rushed my peachy bum to the ladies.
Pulled down my skirt tights and black knickers and let out a huge fart followed by 4 big kogs. Wiped 3x flushed washed hands & left :)
J x

Tinfoil Hat

Answer to ML's survey

Let's get down to business...

1)Are you constipated often?

Absolutely no. In facts i wish i could get somewhat constipated for huger stools but i seem to be eating too much healthy and/or working out myself too much for that (i'm a tall and slim muscular guy by the way).

2)How long do you spend on the toilet?

Well, i could be done in ten seconds. In facts i'm experimenting with letting it slide out instead of pushing it out with sheer muscular tone.

3)Do you have a supportive friend, family member etc.

Now we're speaking of my past here. Yes, when i was a little child they'd help me out soon if they somewhat knew that i had trouble with constipation or the opposite. And we're speaking only of my family.

4)How vocal are you in the bathroom?

Well, 0. I coordinate everything with my breath. I'd only make a short exhale.

5)Does/have everyone asked if i am/were okay in the bathroom etc.

Yes, in the past my parents would soon be at the door if they heard a very loud fart. They'd rather be annoying and i often told them to mind their own business, getting scolded for that. Now i control myself and my dumps could get very loud when nobody's home.

6) What sort of things do you say etc.

As before, i'm quiet.

7) Is there a thought process to when you poop?

Nope, with the exception of "Is this gonna be too loud?" "Is this gonna make too much of a splash?"

8) What does the person(s) do to help you poop?

My parents would stay there and do nothing when i was a little child. They'd just freak out.

9)What would you want the ideal pooping coach etc.

As Bloated Butt would, i'd like my ideal coach to stand here and massage me if i were seriously constipated. But that's not going to happen in a hurry, unfortunately.

To Linda

Have you ever tried a suppository for your constipation? It'll probably have to wait until you've sent your current load down the pan (reckon it'd rather hard to put one in a full bumhole) but it might prove effective in the future.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Post Title (optional) Constipated all week, found relief!!!

This week I've been so extremely constipated and I've had lots of difficulty pooping. My constipation has been worse than ever!!! The last time I posted, I had just finished a marathon pooping session but I didn't get much out. I had a rest and tried again, before going to a friend's place. I didn't have much luck and only managed to push out a few more rock hard chunks of poo. I went to my friend's place for dinner, feeling very bloated and lethargic. I was completely full of poo and so backed up but somehow, I was able to eat heaps for dinner.

For the rest of the week, it was the same. I stayed very constipated all week and even though I tried on the toilet several times, only a few rock hard poo balls came out. I was in dire need for a poo so after work on Friday, I went to a public toilet. This time, I didn't go to my usual place, I went to a park that had good, clean public toilets. I wanted to try somewhere different. The park was closer to home than the other toilets I normally use.

The toilet block had 6 toilets in it and I chose the one at the end. I went in, locked the door and pulled my pants off completely. I sat down and did some gentle pushing to start things off. I could feel a monster turd trying to work its way down towards my anus. It moved slowly and I helped it along by pushing very hard. I pushed and pushed and pushed for about 20 minutes. The turd wasn't moving much. It felt gigantic and I wondered how I was going to push it all out. I reached down and felt my anus with my fingers. It had opened up wide but nothing was poking out yet. I put my finger up my anus and I could feel the tip of a very dry turd. It was still up high so I knew I needed to put in lots of effort to get it moving more.

I pushed and strained with all my might. I was desperate to get this load out. I stood up, clenched my fists, closed my eyes and screwed up my face - I pushed like there was no tomorrow!! Then I sat back down again and I could feel the turd moving down. I had to really bear down hard to get the turd to poke out of my anus. Finally, after 45 minutes, I had about 3 inches sticking out. My anus was stretched to its limits and it was so sore. I tried to have a rest but my anus was trying to suck the poo back in so I had to keep going. I bore down and pushed so hard that I thought my head might explode. The poo continued to move down slowly and it got bigger as it came out further. My anus was burning. I reached down and felt my anus again. The turd was massive!! It was sticking out about 6 inches, very dry and extremely rock hard. It was thick too, like the width of a coke can. I pushed down on my anus with my fingers and strained at the same time. It helped the poo come out a bit more. Then I needed to have a rest.

I stood up, with no pants on and a huge, thick brown snake between my legs. It felt so uncomfortable! It was out far enough now that my anus didn't want to suck it back in. I tried to bend down to have a look at the turd hanging out and I could see it - it was huge!!!!! After resting for about 10 minutes, I remained standing and did some pushing. The poo was coming out even further so I sat on the toilet again. I spent another 20 minutes pushing the demon out - then it came out in one, massive log!! I had a look at it and it was sticking out of the toilet bowl!! It must have been about 20 inches long!!! I didn't bother flushing........

It took me well over an hour to get that load out, probably close to 2 hours!!

I went to the supermarket and bought lots of fruit. When I got home, I made a big bowl of fruit salad, with about 6 different types of fruit. I ate half the bowl for dessert and the other half for breakfast today. I made more fruit salad this morning and ate some after lunch. I managed to have a nice dump about an hour ago, it was still hard but nothing like yesterday. I think the fruit is helping my constipation.

I'm seriously considering buying some laxatives soon


huge desperate poo whilst out with mate shopping

Hi guys!

So Friday afternoon I had half a day at work (yesterday)& my mate Deena & I had a catch up & decided to do some shopping.
Not long in to it I felt an urge for a poo.
We carried on until I felt I had to go as I was getting more desperate.
We left New Look & popped in to Greggs to use their loos.
Dee waited outside the cubicle (as there was only one loo for everybody to use)
While I took my blue jeans down to my ankles along with my purple knickers, & plonked my bum on the seat. My first 3 loud small loose logs plopped without any effort. Then my next 4 plops - still loose small and loud ones plopped in to the water
I sighed some relief as my last 5 plops fell in to the water all with loud splashes.
Dee asked if I was ok. I replied yes I was nearly done, I stood up to wipe, wiping just 3x
Flushed, washed hands, and left. We carried on shopping. :)
That's all for now, J x


Post Title (optional) I'm so constipated!!!!!

I'm extremely constipated and I've been having so much trouble pooping!!! I just finished a marathon session on the toilet, which took me well over an hour. I only managed to get a few rock hard chunks of poo out and now my anus is so sore and burning. I'm having a rest for a while before trying again on the toilet.

I haven't done a decent poo for a few days. All I can get out is rock hard chunks. I'm thinking about buying some laxatives to help my bad constipation.

I just got a message from a friend, to go to her house for dinner. I'm so backed up that I don't really feel like it but I might just try for a poo again now and then go out. I really, really hope I can get some poo out!!!!! I hate being constipated like this and I wish I could have a nice, enjoyable poo!!!!!!!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Melanie great poop story it sounds like you really had to go and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: SC great story about seeing your friends mom having a major poop I bet that memory will be with you forever.

To: Jemma great poop story it sounds like you really had to go and just made it to the toilet and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea great story.

To: Timee great story it sounds like you and that other girl both really had to poop and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Sylvia it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

1. Has any one been in a rest room when farted while pooping in a stall? Yeah, Anytime I'm doing a poo I do farts as well, its kinda difficult to hold them in.
2. Do you use it if it smells bad? it depends how desperate I am but as most public loo's smell bad then I mostly do use them.
3. Girls do you sometimes fart when you got to poop [shit]? Yeah every time. If im farting a lot then I know that I need a poo
4. Do you sometimes find un flushed toilets and urinals with pee or shit? Very often. In Girls bathrooms (school especially) there is often pee lying in the bowl and poo occasionally
5. Do you use public stalls in mall bathroom or wait to go home? I'll pee in any toilet. Depending on my desperation, I will do a poo in public stalls(but I prefer not to!) but I prefer to do all my toilet needs at home if possible.
6. Do you use school toilets? Yes, I have that pleasure every day :( They really are disgusting to sit on but I just try to be in and out quickly.
7. If you have to pee outside would you pull aside your panties or pull down your zipper and let it go? On the couple of occasions where I have pee'd outside, I was wearing a skater skirt. I just pulled my underwear to my knees, crouched down and made sure my skirt was out the way.
8. Have you ever used a portajohn or poartapotty? yeah I have used them at concerts and things.
9. Have you ever used the opposite sex toilet? I put a story on here a while ago about me and clare using the boys toilets in a café and I have been in once or twice with my little brother too.

Bye x



So one day me and my girlfriend were 16 at the time and she came to my house. While we were there we were having fun in my bedroom and her name was Ana. She was a slim girl with with a big booty, and had long straight hair down to her butt. We were making out on my bedside and her stomach rumble badly. She sat on my lap and i felt her stomach. When she did this I could see her butt and some of her pink underwear. She let out a wet and forceful fart. "Sorry, it slips sometimes when I'm really gassy." "It's ok we all do it." "OK hear comes another one....' She let out a nasty fart and ended with a spike." "That one left a mark in my underwear" I felt her stomach and said it felt liquid like. "I have to go do diarrhea, I'll be back' She ran with little farts coming out and i heard her sit on the toilet next to my room. She released a huge wave of diarrhea and made loud grunts and made audible farts. I knocked on the door and asked if she was alright. She said " I might need a lot of toilet paper!' I came in and she wasn't mad at all. She continued to fart loudly on the toilet with her shit stained pink thong around her ankles. She appeared to stop but stomach gurgled like an earthquake 'She said, "the finishing touch' She sat up a bit and put her hands on the toilet bowl. She released a huge fart that was the worst I had ever heard. The toilet bowl splattered with diarrhea. She continued to wipe while I brushed my teeth. She said 'Ooh cheese from that Mexican place." She had been comfortable with me like this for years at this point.

Anonymous Person 4

A whole month Without Pooping, believe it or not...

This is my first post. I've been reading here for two years now. I am a male. That's all I'll say to keep my identity a secret.
This happened when I was around 9 or 10 years old. To make a long story short, Back then I never use to like to drink a lot water so my number twos were always hard, big, and painful. Well one day I went to try to use the toilet. When I pushed, I could feel that my poop was going to be really hard and big, so I held it in because I was terrified of the pain.

The next day I tried to go again (btw I was not constipated, just didn't wanna go). Same result as the day before. This pattern continued. Each day I would attempt to go, but it would be bigger and harder than the day b4, so I would hold it. Next thing I knew, it had been 3 weeks since I had last gone.

I don't recall how my parents found out (it was so long ago) but when they did, they took me to the doctor. My parents told me that if I didn't go within the next week, the doc would stick a needle up my butt (don't know if the doc was going to really do that, but either way it struck fear into me).

The following Sunday, I had cousins over. We were playing video games when I decided to myself "enough is enough, if I don't go the doctor is going to stick a needle in me, or even worse, I might die!" So I drank a glass of water, and headed to my parents bathroom since no one was near it (I wanted as much privacy as possible for this).

I got into the restroom and sat on the toilet. For the first 5 minutes, I didn't even attempt to push. I just sat there in fear thinking of how painful it was going to be. I finally began to push, hard. Hopefully this story isn't dragging too long so I'll try to speed it up a little. Anyway, my worst fear was that it was going to be one gigantic turd. I was hopping for multiple turds, but my worst fear came true. It moved extremely slowly! I pushed very hard but it was only moving at about 1 inch per minute. At about 15 minutes in, it began to slide out on its own....but not for long.

About halfway out, it got stuck! I mean it stopped moving on its own, but I also tried pushing very hard and it wouldn't budge! It was rock solid. I began to panic. I stood up off the toilet and began to pace the floor in the bathroom thinking what I should do. As I walked around the restroom, I looked into the mirror.i had a tail all the way down to my knees! My first thought was "I need to go get my mom". But that would mean I would have to walk out in front of my cousin and parents with that thing hanging out, and I knew nobody wanted to see or smell that. But what other choice did I have? So I began to open the door and I took a few steps out the restroom, and Immediately the turd began to move on its own again. So I sped walk over to the toilet, and had to stand over the toilet to let it go.

It ended up being around 30 inches long and nearly 3 inches wide! Definitely the most painful and largest thing that's come out of me. I was so happy it was out I didn't bother to wipe or flush, I just told my mom I went and it was in there. The biggest surprise to me was that it wasn't the stinkiest dump of my life. After 30 days worth of food, I thought it would be the worst Smelling crap of my life, but it wasn't. But it was still pretty stinky though.

Hope to post more in the future. Hope y'all enjoyed.

Bloated Butt

Migraine Loverer's survey

1. Are you constipated often?

Yes. I've always been a big pooper and have always had difficulty with very large BMs. I typically go at least a couple of days without pooping, and have gone over a week sometimes. Even when I go more frequently, the actual logs are still huge and are difficult to push out.

2. How long do you spend on the toilet?

Never less than 20 minutes. I can't remember the last time I was just in and out of the bathroom. Average is about a solid 30 minutes, just sitting there, pushing out logs and farting. But if I'm really plugged up I can take an hour.

3. Do you have a supportive friend,family member who can/helps you when you are having difficulty pooping?

Yep! As a child my mother would sometimes stand there and watch me try to poop and make sure that everything plopped out okay, but that stopped when I got older. Now that I'm an adult I sometimes have my boyfriend with me, or Alicia. I wasn't always comfortable with my boyfriend watching me, but I've gotten used to it. I've known Alicia for many years and she's always kept me company when I'm trying to go. Mostly we just talk, but if I'm really struggling (which is often LOL) she'll massage my stomach, my thighs, my hips and butt. My boyfriend's done this a couple of times too, but Alicia's done it for longer and much more often.

4. How vocal are you in the bathroom? 1-10, 1 being the smallest 10 the largest

VERY vocal. I'm always grunting, gasping, straining, pushing, taking deep breaths. If there's people visiting I try to keep it down but a couple of grunts and gasps still escape. But if I'm home alone, or if it's just Alicia or my boyfriend, I don't hold back. The wall's echo with my moans and sighs! I'd say a 10.

5. Does/has anyone ever asked you if you were ok in there?/needed help...etc...

Yep. I've already covered this, i think. Alicia's usually the one that comes in without my asking, I usually have to ask my boyfriend to come keep me company. But if I'm making a lot of noise, I can count on Alicia to let herself in LOL. She says she's concerned and wants to help me feel better.

6. what sort of things do you say when you are straining to poop?

Usually I sound like "Hhhhhhnnnnggggggghhhh...ooooooh my goodnesssssnnnnnnnngggggggghhh....Mmmmmmmmmm....ooooooh....".

7. is there a thought process to when you poop?

Mostly just "Oh my god, oh my god, I gotta poooooooooop sooooooo baaaaaaad....", and then when it's coming out I'm thinking "Oh God yessssssssss....Mmmmmmmmmm.....Aaaaahhhhhhh..." LOL.

8. what does the person(s)do to help you poop?

I already covered this, but Alicia likes to massage my stomach, thighs, hips, and butt. She always comments on how soft and curvy I am, her fingers really kneading my soft body. It feels good ;)

When I had my Thanksgiving poop, I sat backward on the toilet and had my boyfriend rub my big soft round buttcheeks and spread them wide. He never does stuff like that but he did this time. I think he enjoyed the view, I definitely enjoyed the feeling ;)

9. what would you want the ideal pooping coach to do and when to help you pass a hard log?

I just like being touched and made to feel comfortable, really. I love having my stomach, thighs, hips, and butt rubbed and massaged by someone with a delicate touch. I love it when Alicia comforts me by whispering "It's okay, sweetie. Take all the time you need. There's no rush", while she gently caresses my huge soft butt. That's what I'd do if I were helping someone who's constipated. I like to be reassured that the person is going to stay with me until I've gotten everything out. I feel so vulnerable and I like to feel protected and taken care of, hee hee. ;)

By the way, Migraine Loverer, what's with the name? I've never met anyone who lives migraines! I called myself Bloated Butt because I've got a big butt and I'm always bloated. Not the most attractive name but its accurate for me LOL

Tinfoil Hat

Hi everyone,

Hi everyone. Came here after reading posts by poster Bloated Butt. I'm a 20 years old guy, an UG science student, and i've also been somewhat fascinated by my bodily functions for my whole life. Like that girl i just found about, i find that delaying my poops brings me about 5 times more formed and solid stools but unlike her i'm not accustomed to doing that because i'm into weight lifting and cardio training. I've been experimenting with it this week and for now i can hold it for only two days. After gaining adequate tone i find it easier to clench against large loafs (of course i eat healthy with lots of fiber and water; i find that drinking only outside of meals makes your stool firmer). I could do it for a longer time but i don't eat that much (so it would be useless) and i find it hard to hold it while doing exercises in the gym, especially lifting weights and running/climbing on the treadmill. When i go it's a single long and thick turd (i'm not into measuring these things, really) yet it won't coil. I also experimented with a local brand of Metamucil but it didn't give noticeable improvements and it got somewhat expensive so i stopped it. Wheat bran and milled flax seed won't increase the stool volume as soyburgers and hamburgers would.

Anyway, today i was at a bus stop waiting for my bus and a strange and awkward thing happened. Out of nowhere someone called for me and asked for "help". It was a guy with blonde hair, a suitcase and some kind of mental illness. I asked him what he needed and, speaking in a barely comprehensible tone of voice, he said something along the lines of "Could you put a hand on my pants and tell me if i just pooped myself" doing strange gestures all the time. Shocked yet rational and calm i kindly answered that he'd better seek this kind of help from somebody else and then i set off for the next stop along the bus route.


Is oatmeal supposed to constipate you?

So I've been trying to eat a little healthier, but I've been having some poor results. Beforehand, I didn't eat breakfast but I ate 2 other heavy meals during the day. I pooped every 3 days, and it was pretty big, it would usually be one big solid log, that was 2-3 inches thick.

A few days ago I decided to go back to oatmeal. I have been drinking a lot of water as usual, and I have 3 big meals instead of two. But my latest bowel movements were dissapointments

On Tuesday afterschool, I had the urge to fart, and I did which is a mistake, because I crapped myself a little bit, and went into the stall to clean up. After finishing I pooped out 2 medium sized chunks of poop. Feeling done, I wiped again and flushed. I had to flush twice due to the TP not going down.

Today afterschool, there was track practice,so the track team was in the bathroom and changing area of our school. I suddenly got a bad urge to fart, so I just casually let one loose. It stunk like rotten eggs and poop toghether. It was very pungent. People began putting their shirts over their nose and coughing. I couldn't help but feel a little proud.
After I changed, I walked over to the stall, got in, and sat down. I began to push easily. Crackling out was a thinner than usual very dark stool, and it smelled strongly. It was much different than my usual stool, that is usually bright coloured and a little stronger in smell. I got up and looked at the dinky shrimp, it put a frown on my face. I wiped, then flushed. I saw the bowl afterwords and it had two dark skidmarks from my dump. I washed my hands and left.


Reply to MikeyPee and shoutout to Jemma

Firstly I wanted to just say Hi to Jemma and say that I love your detailed stories. Keep them up :)

Hi MikeyPee. Thanks for your very detailed message, it's appreciated. Sorry my post was short. I was a bit nervous about posting on here but thought it was easier to ask here than to a person face to face. I hope people didn't mind me asking :)

I've got spina bifida and have no bladder or bowel control. I do have a sensation when I have a full bladder similar to how you describe and use a catheter to empty my bladder.

Bowels on the other hand I have no sensation and have to try and guess which can be interesting (especially given I work). I sit on a toilet the same way as anyone else to have a poo and manually evacuate using my hand from the outside of my rectum. So I guess if I could feel down there it would be similar to the dull pressure I feel in my bladder when it's full

Thanks again for your reply.


I used school toilets for peeing. I never had time to #2. Guards harassed some of us. Some girls could #2. My first school bowel movement was when I took my GED.

I had to pee outside after drinking too much or holding it in for long. I was in the park playing with other kids on a hill. I was wearing a real short denim skirt and the nearest toilet was 1/2 mi. away. I was 12. I was with some girls and boys that I did not even know. I unsnapped the waistband, pulled up the navy skirt above my waist, stood with my legs apart, reached under my white Carter's panty leg band, pulled it apart, and let my pee squirt straight down on the dirt. I had no toilet paper. I let the panty snap back and fixed my skirt.

One Sunday afternoon after church lunch, I had to go #2. I ate lots of chicken and greens. I was 12, also. I was reading in the lounge when my stomach rumbled. I put down the magazine, walked to the female toilet, took a stall, pulled up my beige/grey skirt, tugged down my brown pantyhose and white VF panty brief to my knees and sat on the bowl. My bowels just poured out brownish green stringy pieces, complete with wet farts. I was in there alone for the time. I took paper, spread my legs, wiped good with 3 wads, pulled up my undies, down the skirt and flushed.

Another Sunday morning, my mother and I walked to church and I was breaking wind. She was appalled. She asked me did I make #2 at home. I told her that I did not get the urge when I woke up. I was 16. I told her that I would go when I got to church. I handed her my coat, went to the female toilet,closed the stall door, raised up my beige plaid wool skirt, white full-slip, pulled down my FOL cotton eggshell colored panties and brown panty hose to my knees. Soft logs and farts poured out of me, plopping and splashing. I had some gas in me, so I had 3 loud buzzes. When I had enough, I wiped myself bet. my legs, fixed my undies and dress and flushed.

I have used portable toilets in parks or at street fairs. I was with my mother at a street fair and I had to pee. I was 6, so my mother took me in. It was clean, but she would not let me sit. So, she put paper on the seat. I pulled down my aqua shorts and aqua print Carter's cotton briefs to my ankles, clasped my hands, my legs spread and I hovered bent over the pit and peed. I just wanted it out of me. Mother gave me paper to wipe my little kitten and throw in the pit. I pulled up my clothes, used sanitizer and we exited.


Desperate poop

Hi again. Last Friday I was walking home from school when I started to have to poop. I thought at first I could make it home, since I don't live that far away. But each minute the need worsened until very soon I knew I could only hold it back for just a few more minutes.

I was close to the library then, so that was where I was going to poop. I went to the bathroom and only one of the three stalls was taken. I went in the one closest to me and yanked down my jeans and panties.

Immediately a turd emerged. It came out fast and it was a long one too. I farted several times before letting out three medium-length, kind of thick turds. Then I was finished. It was a clean poop and I only needed two wipes to get clean.

I looked at my creations before flushing. But I guess the library toilets have a weak flush, because I had clogged it. Oh well. I washed my hands and headed for home, feeling much better.


To Steven A.

Yeah Steven....I agree that being regular and pooping every day is healthy. You seem concerned about taking good care of yourself; that's awesome.
I think that way too many parents ignore their kid's bowel habits....and lots of kids are constipated all the time....and nobody knows or cares much about it.
With me; my parents knew and have always done what they could.....still for most of my life I have had problems going.
A lot of my friends just seem to poop like they pee: it just happens....regardless of what they eat....and without them ever giving it any thought whatsoever. Kinda like breathing.....they just do!



Post Title (optional) Migraine Loverer

I can answer all your questions because I'm constipated a lot.

1. Are you constipated often?

Yes, I get constipated quite often. Sometimes I can go for weeks without getting constipated but lately, I'm backed up most of the time.

2. How long do you spend on the toilet?

I spend a very long time on the toilet when I'm constipated - 45 minutes to an hour and even longer if I'm extremely constipated. Sometimes, it takes me nearly 2 hours to get my entire load out,

3. Do you have a supportive friend,family member who can/helps you when you are having difficulty pooping? No

4. How vocal are you in the bathroom? 1-10, 1 being the smallest 10 the largest.

It depends on how constipated I am and if I'm home alone. I don't grunt too much when I'm on the toilet at home but if I'm in a public toilet (which is where I go to do a poo most of the time) I tend to make more noise - maybe around a 4 or 5 noise level.

5. Does/has anyone ever asked you if you were ok in there?/needed help...etc... no

6. what sort of things do you say when you are straining to poop?

I whisper under my breath and say things like: Come on, come out, I'm so constipated!!

7. is there a thought process to when you poop?

I only think of how hard it is to get my poop out!!!!

8. what does the person(s)do to help you poop? Nothing, I always go it alone.

9. what would you want the ideal pooping coach to do and when to help you pass a hard log?

If I had a pooping coach, I would get him/her to watch the poo coming out of my anus and get them to let me know how far it has come out. I would also get them to massage my stomach and back. I would also get them to spread my butt cheeks apart and get them to apply lubricant on my anus. If I was having too much trouble getting the log out, I would get them to insert a suppository. Or if they were up to it, let them try to dig some of the poo out for me.

Thanks for reading and replying, Migraine Loverer



A while back in high school I had skipped class to sit in the bathroom all day. While I was in there I heard conversations about tons of things but one interesting one happened. While in there my english teacher, Mrs. p ran in. she slammed the stall door next to me. I peeked under the low cut stalls that somewhat exposed the butt of the person next to you. She violently thrusted her pants and black underwear to the ground. she sat on the toilet. He vagina was shaven and her butt had a small poo sticking out of it. She was a tan woman that was very short and had some nice features. I had then realized I had stumbled into a teachers' bathroom that was not gender marked. I thought it was just a bathroom no one went in. She sat and released an initial fart that sounded wet. She grunted and moved her feet a lot while pushing out a big turd. She seemed very relieved panting after her release. She said, "Is that you Becky?" Becky was my math teacher. I did my best impression of her and said I had had a cold. "Phew I thought you were Val" She then had a very loud fart. She then had a wave of liquid shits that sounded like syrup being squirted. "I have been holding this all 3rd period, I'm never eating that fajita again those peppers destroyed my stomach." She got up and desperately searched for TP. She farted while looking for it. she asked me for some, and said I had none. She scurried to the next stall with her underwear down. She released another log and then wiped for a good minute. After she was gone she forgot to flush her original shit and she had sprayed the bow

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