Upset Guts at Work

Heyy so I'm 22 years of age, long blonde hair, hazel eyes and I'm usually about a size 12 so I'm pretty slim.

I work in a big department store in a big city, on the mens department. Today I got up early, had breakfast, did my hair and make up, slipped a black skirt and some heels on then headed to work.

I felt fine until about 11am, when I started to get an uneasy feeling in my stomach, like I had to pass gas really urgently. I was gently rubbing my belly in a circular motion, feeling a bubbling sensation beneath my hand.

A few minutes later I knew I was seriously going to have to fart as I felt so gassy, so I asked Victoria to watch the till, and I headed to the staff bathrooms. A new guy has jus started on my department, he's 23 and absolutely gorgeous (and single!) so I didn't want to risk passing gas on the shop floor in case he came over, as it felt as though it was going to be pretty smelly.

I still had a gurgling feeling in my belly, so I clutched it as I hurried to the toilets. I passed my friend who asked me if I was okay. I said yeah then hurried past. I ran into a cubicle and pulled my clothes away and placed my bum on the cool seat. I instantly released a loud explosive fart which felt a little wet at the end.

I let out several more farts, each smelling worse than the last. I still felt bloated but my belly was a little more comfortable. I think Trudy knew I lied when I said I was ok as I heard her walk into the bathrooms. 'Lou, you alright chick?' she asked.

'Yeah, I've got a bit of a bellyache' I told her as I pulled my panties back up and left the cubicle, hand still firmly on my stomach. 'aww bless ya! Going to the toilet does sometimes help tho. How are you feeling now?'. 'Nothing came out' I admitted, still rubbing my poorly ????.

'Ohh I hate it when that happens, must be loads inside you still'. I grimaced, as she spoke, a sharp cramp hit my guts. 'Go sit back on the toilet,see if you can go, itll help your stomach' she encouraged. 'Okay' I sighed and went back into the cubicle. I felt embarrassed because she was stood there, but I let out a small wet fart and nothing else.

'Gas is better than nothing I guess' she laughed. I smiled, 'yeah true, my belly hurts so bad'. 'Come on, I start now, so I'll come back up with you' my friend led me back onto the shop floor. My stomach still felt really upset and achey as I went back over to the till. 'You alright?' she asked concernedly. 'I've got a bad stomach ache' I admitted. 'Ohh well if you need to run downstairs, just give me a shout' she smiled.

I spent the next two hours clenching my bum cheeks and feeling sick. Eventually I had such a horrible ache in my bowels that I just had to go. I left the shop floor and sat on the toilet. I strained gently and produced some were very wet gas but no bowel movement.

I had a very blosted belly but otherwise wasnt ill. I went back upstairs feeling miserable. 'You alright?' Trudy asked. 'I feel know when you're about to have diarrhoea. But nothing is happening!'. 'Aww ha I think Cameron has beaten you to it, he didn't look that well earlier'.

'Where is he?'. 'He's sorting out the jeans I think' she replied. I headed over to the corner, my belly still aching badly. There he was, he really is gorgeous! But he did look a little less enthusiastic than usual. 'What's up?' I asked gently.

He looked up, one hand lightly resting on his belly and told me not to tell anyone else, but he was having bad stomach problems.'Ohh like what?' I gasped, feigning interest in what was actually wrong with him, as opposed to just wanting to hear his toilet stories.

Well i've been sick, ive got a temperature, and umm I have to use the bathroom A LOT this morning. 'Ohh bless ya hunii, I've had a bit of an iffy ???? this morning too!'. 'Oh right, I-ohhh I got to run' he looked at me apologetically' he paused, 'im not well at all, will you come with me'

I nodded and stumbled after him. We entered a disused mens bathroom, where he instantly took a cubicle. I was starting to feel the need to go myself, but I tried to wait. He let out a few waves of loose poo before it turned into thick runny diarrhoea. He groaned loudly, so I opened the door and carefully held his hand to make him feel better.

'Thankyou' he sighed, moaning in relief. He eventually finished and started to wipe as I decided I needed the toilet too.

I also experience some chunky thick diarrhoea, and the inevitable after effects began with wet farts and upset guts. He came in and cuddled me, telling me it'd all be fine.Cameron really suddenly had to shit again so I had to let him go. He dashed into the next cubicle, almost accidently filling his boxers.

He held it just long enough to get his bum over the toilet before his ???? exploded out of the rear end. 'Ohhh god ohhhh' he was moaning in relief as the liquid splattered out. 'Have you eaten something dodgy?' i asked. 'no, ive got a viral infection in my bowels...started yesterday he groaned.

Hey y'all, been a while since I posted last! To update on my last story, I ended up using the bathroom because I reeeally didn't want a huge mess to clean up :S Anyway I have another story to share with y'all today!

So we just started the new semester and I wanted to be ready for my first full day of classes. I woke up bright and early, showered, did my hair, put on some fresh undies and a cute outfit, and walked all the way to the other side of campus for my first class...only to discover classes were cancelled today for Martin Luther King Day and that I had spent an hour getting ready and walked all that way for nothing. I then did the only logical thing to do at the time and walked all the way back (there weren't even any buses out today) and took off my jeans and put on some track pants to lounge around in the rest of the day.

I then had a strong urge to poop, so I went to the bathroom (which is now my own private bathroom in my own private apartment - yay!) and figured out I had diarrhea. The worst part is I had NO idea where it came from, I didn't remember eating anything that would've cause it. Anyway I got cleaned up and was about to pull my pants back on when I decided it might be a good idea to change into a pair of GoodNites Nighttime Underwear for the day just in case because I had some left over from last year (I ended up stocking up on them after I ran out of the Walgreens brand). I pulled one out of my dresser, slid out of my panties, and pulled the nighttime underwear on snug followed by my track pants. It's a lil bulky for day-to-day undies, I thought, but comfortable.

I spent the next couple of hours sorting laundry and browsing Facebook, when I suddenly had the urge to go again. I let out a couple farts thinking it was no big deal, but some liquid poo ended up coming out. I rushed to the bathroom because I REALLY didn't want to have to clean up a huge mess, but it was too late. I ended up letting the rest of the diarrhea into the diaper. I was glad I had the sense to put on some sort of protective panties, but it felt...not very nice. It smelled terrible, it felt gross having liquid poo stuck to my butt, and it was a pain in the ass to clean up (lol). I don't wanna go into detail, but I ended up having to take another shower to get completely clean.

When i finished I put the ruined diaper in a plastic grocery bag and changed into a fresh one. I threw on a coat and some shoes and brought the grocery bag out to the parking lot dumpster to get rid of the smell. After that I came back inside, took off my shoes and coat, sat down at the computer and got on ToiletStool.

So there you go, that's today's story ^_^ I hope you enjoyed reading it and that it didn't gross you out too badly! I've still got the clean diaper on and will probably keep it on tonight even if I won't end up needing it. It does make for comfy lounging-around underwear if you ignore the bulkiness lol. Well I've got laundry to finish so I'll end it here. Y'all have a good week!

-Mels <3

Bloated Butt

To Sarah:

I pass gas at least a few times an hour, and it just goes up from there depending on what I've eaten, if I need to poop, etc. At my gassiest I've farted a couple of times per minute. In the worst cases, I do have to go lie down because my stomach is so bloated and rumbling. I've been told that I literaly look pregnant when I'm so gassy because my stomach is so round and sticks out. Then I'll lie on the bed on my stomach and just fart fart fart while my big round butt sticks up in the air, LOL. Its not long before the bedroom gets really stinky. Eventually my boyfriend will come in and will immediatly recoil from the gas that came out of me.

I've been really gassy in bed, too. I've ruined sooooooo many moments because of my bowels, LOL. We'll be close together and then my bowels will fill up with gas that I just can't hold in, I'll sigh as a loud explosive fart ripples my giant soft buttcheeks. One thing I like to do is wrap my arms around his shoulders and neck, hold him close, and just grunt out a huge gas bomb, LOL! Then hold onto him so he can't get away! He usually knows I'm up to something when i start snuggling real close, though I love to cuddle anyway.

I've definitely had the "walking farts". Usually when I have to poop really bad, I'll have a hard time holding them in and they'll just pop out of my big round jiggling butt as I walk.

Speaking of pooping, I had a lovely bowel movement earlier today. It was my first BM since Tuesday, and felt so good. I laid three great big thick logs that stretched my butt wonderfully. They weren't too hard to push out but definitely took some work. I moaned softly in sweet relief as they slowly came out, so big and thick and heavy, while I sensuously rubbed my huge pillowy buttcheeks and pulled them apart. Felt soooooo much better!



Peeking on accident

So a while back me and my friend were hanging out at his house. We decided to play hide and seek. As I was the hider I ran around his huge house. I decided to hide in his bathtub covered by a shower curtain. I also shut the door to the bathroom so he would think that someone was using the bathroom. So i hear a voice say "Is Anybody in there?" I think it is him so I don't answer, " I have to go really bad." I see his mother run in and slam the door shut. Her stomach gurgles and lets out a couple farts as she takes of her pants and thong and her butt is exposed. She sits on the toilet and lets out a huge wet fart. "ohhh I have been holding that in all day." She then grunts and lets out small but stinky wet farts as she pushes 4 huge logs into the toilet. She was getting up to wipe but let out a bubbly fart and sat back onto the toilet. This whole time she does not realize I am watching from the bathtub. She sprays the bowl with diarrhea. She gets up and wipes throughly her backside was covered in poop. She did not flush at first and went to the mirror with her pants down and checked her face and hair. She let out a pungent fart and said " Ouch the aftershock!" She then looked at part of the mirror and saw my little head peeking in. "how did you get in here?" I said we were playing hide and seek and I hid in here" I had asked her how she could take such a big poop, and she replied "I love garlic pizza but it gives me bad runs. She had turned around and i had seen her vagina. I was only a five year old boy so this was strange. "Don't tell Braden mommy too a big poopy, OK" I nodded. She said " The smell in here is terrible, get out before i go again" she turned around and sat on the bowl and i left.


Stina constipated?

Sara from Sweden here again. I havn't read all post since I posted last time, but I thought I'd share something real quick. I think my friend Stina is constipated again. She has complained twice about "being swollen". Also on saturday there was a small party in her corridor (we live in student corridors) and I was there a bit early. When I got a beer from her fridge I noticed she had some babyfood prunes in the back. Seems strange, does anyone else eat this stuff? Looked really yucky. She later made out with a guy from my corridor and I overheard him telling another guy about it and he said she had "perfect breasts", talk about compliment! Anyway, will see if I can find out anything more. I feel a bit bad about this as I know she would die from embarrassment if anyone found out.


Re: From A Guy in a Wheelchair

To CP :

I saw your post a few days ago but I wanted to see if anyone else answered you before I decided to give it a shot.

I am disabled by cerebral palsy and I don't have any issues regarding using the toilet. However, I understand the origin of your question. As a child I attended a special school for disabled children
from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Some of the children had spina bifida, were incontinent, and needed to wear diapers. In fact, my best childhood friend had spina bifida and over a number
of years I learned a great deal about his incontinence issues and came to understand that he couldn't feel when he needed to go the bathroom. He had no awareness of a full bladder and no awareness of the need for a bowel movement, so his bowels and bladder emptied involuntarily and he needed to wear diapers. About 10 years ago another fellow with spina bifida posted a question similar to yours on this web site. I didn't reply to it then, and I don't recall if many others did. Since no one has replied (yet) to you, I'm going to give it my best shot.

Although you didn't make it clear in your post, it seems like your issue is with bowel control. I'm assuming you have bladder control. If so, you know the feeling of a full bladder in the region
below your stomach where your bladder is located and in your penis prior to urinating. If you don't have this feeling, then the best way to describe it is a sensation of pressure that is felt below your ????. The sensation results from the pressure of your urine against the sphincter at the base of bladder. The sphincter is a muscle that opens and closes the opening between your bladder and the urethra which carries your urine through your penis when you pee. In people with spina bifida or other spinal cord defects, the sphincter doesn't receive the correct nerve impulses to open and close properly, hence involuntary leakage of urine or retention of urine in the bladder become issues.

The situation with bowel movements is similar. The anus is the opening through which a stool is passed and the opening and closing of the anus is also regulated by sphincter muscles. Stool
material collects in one's rectum essentially on the other side of the anus. When everything is working right, the sphincter keeps the anus closed so there is no involuntary loss of stool.
Typically, over a 24 hour period enough stool collects in the rectum and one begins to feel pressure (similar to the pressure indicating a full bladder) in the anal/rectal area. For people with voluntary control of their bowels, the anus remains closed until one sits on
the toilet and allows the sphincter to relax and a bowel movement follows.

Speaking for myself, the sensation of pressure indicating the need for a BM is not necessarily unpleasant or painful and sometimes it's a pleasant feeling. However, again speaking for myself, in cases when I delay going to the bathroom, the sensation of the need to poop can increase and the pressure intensifies to a level of discomfort. Moreover, I think that psychologically the discomfort can be further intensified by the fear of having an accident. However, in cases of diarrhea or other intestinal upset, the sensation to poop can actually be quite painful and the pain can extend over broader areas of the GI tract throughout the abdominal area.

I know this has been a rather long-winded answer but I hope it answers part of all of your question. Please post again if you want to share more about yourself. Like, you I am a big fan of this web site and this is a subject I've loved for almost an entire lifetime.


Mike from MD

1. Has any one been in a rest room when farted while pooping in a stall? Yes.
2. Do you use it if it smells bad? No.
3. Girls do you sometimes fart when you got to poop [shit]? Yes.
4. Do you sometimes find un flushed toilets and urinals with pee or shit? Yes
5. Do you use public stalls in mall bathroom or wait to go home? Wait until I go home unless it is swanky.
6. Do you use school toilets? Yes
7. If you have to pee outside would you pull aside your panties or pull down your zipper and let it go? Yes
8. Have you ever used a portajohn or poartapotty? Yes.
9. Have you ever used the opposite sex toilet Come to think of it when I was 9.
I am tired. I will explain more.I have been peeing all day unitl 11PM too much tea.

samny in troy
I told one of my friends about shutting myself in front of my bf and she dared me to shit my pants on purpose in front of her so I pulled my sweat pants down bent over and shit my white panties for her. I felt kind of naughty so I had her take a picture of my messy butt and I sent it to my bf. Then I didn't clean up. It felt so good to sit down in my own poop.


desperate poo at work.

Saturday I did overtime at work 8-2pm .

My first client was 8 & I wasn't free until 11am so 3 long hours I was clenching my buttocks to prevent me pooing my white knickers!
So at 11 off I went to the loos, took my white skirt & white knickers down to my ankles & plonked my peachy bum on the seat.
My poo slipped out in to the loo requiring no effort.10 loose plops all in quick succession.
Stood up to wipe my bum looking in to the loo. Mustard colour & I created a lot of skidmarks.
I wiped 4x
Flushed and left.
Spraying my perfume as I exitted the ladies loos.
J x


Caught in the Act.

The other day I was at a store I was going to one bathroom. And I noticed a bald man with a mixture of gray and brown hair in the back of his head. And had a mustache. He was about a couple of feet away from the bathroom and he was talking to someone with a funny voice and odd smile. I didn't think much of it and I gone in the bathroom and went in the big stall since the other stall can't lock or close. I started pooping a little then I heard someone entered the bathroom and someone was near my stall, it was locked and I heard the door rattling and it busted open, and it was that bald man, the lock was loose on it. And he says OH! SORRY! I saw his feet in go in the other stall for a second and left it. I just started wiping and leaving the bathroom while he was still in there. A few minutes later I saw young man go in the bathroom and I saw the same bald man go back in there a minute later. Next time I am going to use a stall where some one can see my feet.

Another month later, David and I went to our aunt's house. We ate a second lunch after eating 3 Wendy's triples. She had a big house. So, we explored it. She had also 12 cats which we loved. Anyway, we were in the basement when we both started breaking loud wind. I said, "David, I cannot take it any longer. Neither, can you." He said, "Is a toilet down here?" I said, "Yes. We need toilet paper." There was a full roll. He stood by the door. I lifted my royal blue cheerleader skirt, pulled down my white FOL cotton briefs to my spread knees. I pushed out the hardest pieces, I think in my young womanhood. They were 6" logs. And an inch thick. They crackled, sputtered and plopped each. I was just glad to get them out. Plus, I farted bet. the last 2 logs. It was a long one followed by a loud piss. I pushed out 8 light brown logs-HARD! I sat for awhile. David was patient and said, "I can wait. Ladies first. You look like the girl in COOLEY HIGH sitting the toilet wearing that cheerleader skirt and white panties." I told him, "I should throw this toilet paper roll at you, David" and we started laughing. I used a lot of toilet paper-3 wads for my rectum, 1 for my pussy. I gripped my skirt hem, leaned over to wipe my rectum, after I opened my legs to wipe my pussy. I pulled up my panty, let down my simple skirt and flushed. David yanked down his grey oversized school gym shorts and white FOL briefs to his knees. His bowels crackled out a series of many logs in one motion with an immediate pee. He held his stomach and said, "I really over did it. We both over did it." He was on the bowl for about 15 mins. Plus, he stinked up the bathroom good. He took paper and wiped himself from behind and wiped his penis with another piece of paper. When he stood up, his penis was still schoolboy hard. His bowels were dark brown logs. With his pants at his knees, he flushed the bowl. Then, he pulled them up, stuffing his penis in his gym shorts and underwear.

Here what happened yesterday. I went to the public lib. to study. I carried my tablet. I looked at mags. until the urge hit me. I walked to the female toilet when I met a little African girl looking in each stall. She said, "I need a clean toilet with toilet paper. I have to make doo-doo." She was about 8 or 9. So, I told her, "They are all clean and they have plenty of toilet paper." We each took a stall. As she entered, she undid her long green corduroy trousers, closed the door, faced forward, yanked the pants and lime green panties to her ankles and sat on the bowl. Her pink sneaker feet were off the floor. I hung my jacket and tablet, undid the drawstring and my navy sweat pants and maroon Carter's cotton full-cut panties to my ankles. I still have a very small waist. I took my throne. The girl was digging her little feet down. Meanwhile, my bowels sputtered out thick brown mud. Then, I heard her breath heavy and she seemed relieved with a series of 5 pl oops. When she heard my bowels, she said, "You got diarrhea." I told her no that my bowels are always soft and loose. She said, "I hate diarrhea. My stomach hurts and everything comes out loose. I like it hard and tight. Sometimes, I feel like constipated." I did not have to pee. The kid said, "I have to make pee-pee." Then, she trickled out her urine and then a gusher for about 30 secs. Meanwhile, I had wiped myself bet. the legs front to back and sat on the bowl talking to the girl. We were talking and giggling. She bent over and said, "I made 5 large pieces of doo-doo." Then, she said, "Finished, I have to wipe my kitten." She pulled off paper opened her legs to wipe her vagina and moved forward to wipe from behind. She was very thorough. She used 2 wads for the back and one for the front. We pulled up our clothes piece-by-piece and we flushed our thrones, came out, smiled, washed or hands and said good-bye.

1. Has any one been in a rest room when farted while pooping in a stall?Many times.
2. Do you use it if it smells bad? If desperate.
3. Girls do you sometimes fart when you got to poop [shit]? I do.
4. Do you sometimes find un flushed toilets and urinals with pee or shit? Yes. I did in elementary and HS.
5. Do you use public stalls in mall bathroom or wait to go home? If the place is swanky.
6. Do you use school toilets? Yes.
7. If you have to pee outside would you pull aside your panties or pull down your zipper and let it go? I've done so in the woods, park or some public toilets.
8. Have you ever used a portajohn or poartapotty? Many.
9. Have you ever used the opposite sex toilet Yes, I did. I was at a playground after school. I was about 9 years old. The girls toilet was locked, so I had to use the boys toilet. There was no stall. It was rotted and removed. Only a urinal and the bowl. Thank God, I had to pee, only. I undid my navy skort and yellow nylon panties, trimmed with with elastic to my knees. There was no paper. I sat on the bowl with my legs together if a boy came in. I let out my pee when another girl came along, so I was alright. She had toilet paper from the caretaker. She gave me some. I wiped my little kitten and left.


Camping in the mountains

Last summer I went for a camping trip by bike in the mountains with a friend. Where we camped there was no toilet but there were several others camping there too, hikers, bikers and even people with caravan cars. One morning I saw a woman squatting to take her dump behind a big rock. I think she was Dutch. She was around 40. Fnny to see an adult woman squatting to poop.


Accident on Way Home from Work

This happened to me last week. I was driving home from work and got caught in a traffic jam on the interstate. light urge to go, but figured I'd be fine and do my deed at home. Towards the end of work started feeling full and a light urge to go, but figured I'd be fine and do my deed at home.

After 30 minutes of moving about 20 feet, I suddenly felt very full, and knew the clock was ticking. Another half hour passed, and still barely any movement. The urge to push kept getting worse, and ten minutes later there was just no stopping it. I lifted my butt up off the seat, and proceed to fill my panties and black dress slacks with a huge load. When I was done it felt like I had a football in the back of my pants. Thankfully I only peed a little.

I finally got home after sitting in my car for another hour with the windows rolled down. I got inside without anyone seeing the enormous bulge in my pants. In the bathroom I took my slacks off, then looked in the mirror before I got my panties off. My striped Victoria's Secret hiphuggers had a huge bulge in the back.

I got cleaned up and put my clothes in the wash. Thankfully it was a solid load so everything cleaned up.

I will admit to a bit of a thrill as I did it, even a little excitement, but the cleanup part wasn't the greatest.

Migraine Loverer

Questions about constipation assistance

1. Are you constipated often?
2. How long do you spend on the toilet?
3. Do you have a supportive friend,family member who can/helps you when you are having difficulty pooping?
4. How vocal are you in the bathroom? 1-10, 1 being the smallest 10 the largest
5. Does/has anyone ever asked you if you were ok in there?/needed help...etc...
6. what sort of things do you say when you are straining to poop?
7. is there a thought process to when you poop?
8. what does the person(s)do to help you poop?
9. what would you want the ideal pooping coach to do and when to help you pass a hard log?
Thanks for reading and replying,
Migraine Loverer

Monday, January 20, 2014

Steven A

To Tyler Plus Some Advice For Constipation

Everything is great! My bowels are as regular as ever since I'm eating Fiber One Products, like the bars and the cereal. I go once a day and rarely skip a day and it's a great thing to continue with my pooping streak which will never end unless I run out of Fiber One Products, which I won't since my mom buys them for me. I recommend these products to Linda and other people with constipation problems to start buying Fiber One Bars, Cereal, etc. I eat a bar everyday and or a bowl of cereal everything 1-2 days and that should help you get on track.

P.S. It might take a little time to adjust your bowel habits from not going everyday to going once a day everyday or rarely skiping a day. In my opinion, I believe that going once a day is healthy for you.


thanks to Brandon T

Hi Brandon - in amongst your "comments & stuff" I notice you quite
Often like my posts.
So thought I'd just take this opportunity to say Thanks :-)


Pooping on a date

David and I went to a cousin's house and we ate big as usual. It was a party. I was 17. He was 15. We had just met in HS. It was spring of 77 and we had lots of parties at the old-timer's houses. I was already drinking. David did not and hated the stuff. Late in the evening, I brought him to my house. We messed around like kids would. We talked about how we ate and how I put away the booze at 17. He said, "Althea, can I use your bathroom? I have to take a shit." I told him, "Sure David" and I stroked his curly hair. He went in, unzipped his bleached red/coral cut-off jeans, undid his web belt and let down his pants and white FOL briefs to his ankles,sat on the bowl. He penis jutted out erect, like a typical schoolboy. It was 7 inches. He let out a loud buzzing fart, followed by a long crackling noise and 5 loud plops and splashes. He sat with his white Keds sneaker feet curled inward, as he pressed out each log. David held down his rock hard penis. On the last plop, he broke a hard loud fart, followed by a long pee for almost 60 seconds. He said, "Althea, I never ate so much." Hey David, "I have to shit when you're finished. I over did it, too."
Then, he broke wind one more time and surprisingly, he squeezed out another log. He then took paper and wiped himself good-2 wads and another to wipe his johnson. He stood up, lifted his briefs and his shorts, stuffing his still half-hard penis into the waistband and his school gym shirt hem. When he stood up, the dark brown logs were floating around the water with the toilet paper. He flushed the bowl. Then, it was my turn on the throne. I lifted my black cheerleader skirt, reached under for my panties, one was a gold spandex cheerleader panty, underneath, a white FOL bikini brief. I had to loosen the skirt zipper to find my panties waistband. Up went the skirt, down came the panties to my knees. I sat on the bowl and pressed out 5 brown medium logs each with farts. I was talking to David when I said, "David, I have more in me." He said, "How much more can you have?" Then, I let out a series of muddy chunks and then farts. Then, there were the cramps while peed for about 60 secs. I said, "It feels like a diarreah because of the pepper sauce." As I peed, the cramps were worse and my rectum itched. We had to admit, we enjoyed eating ourselves to death. I was drinking beer so the smell of it was my urine and stools. When I was finished, I let out one last buzzing fart, took paper and wiped my tender rectum and my pussy. My ass itched, so I scrubbed with paper until no more. When I dropped the last piece of paper, I stood up and David and I saw the contents of my stomach to go into the city sewage system before I flushed. With my skirt askew and my panties down, I flushed the bowl, then pulled up my underwear and then fixed the skirt waistband. David and I talked about our bodies. Later, I walked him to the bus so he could go home. I have another with he and I.


Food poisoning/bug

Here I sit on the toilet, practically expelling brown water out of my rear. I woke up this morning, threw up, got sick, and still managed to nail a job interview and get one smaller job done this afternoon. All without shitting my pants! Sick or not, this year is off to a great start!

Keep the stories coming, especially pee accidents. Those seem harder to come by these days.

Love you all!


Little Mandi Survey

Do you Poop with pants at Knees?

If I am home I Put them to the Floor. If in public I pull underwear to my knees.

How many days do you wait for a good long poop?I don't wait normally I go every day but always every two days.

Do you use seat covers at all?
Yes if available, otherwise I paper the seat.

Happy pooping.

to Sarah

That was an interesting date story. I remember being on a date with a girl who had to go the the bathroom at least 3 times after dinner the first one being 10 minutes the other just a little bit shorter, longer than a pee. I remember thinking of what she was doing in there sitting on the toilet with shit coming out of her. I didn't make a comment when she came out but I was thinking what would of happened if I did asking if she felt better or if her stomach was OK. I remember her saying at dinner that night that the food was spicy and bothering her a little bit.

When you are dating especially in the early dates you wonder what your date is doing in the bathroom and also think that at some point in the next day or two they are going to shit out the food they are eating but they in most cases won't talk about it with you until you are in a very serious relationship with them.

Mike of MD USA

Has anybody ever been in a bathroom when somfbody farted

1. Has any one been in a rest room when farted while pooping in a stall?
2. Do you use it if it smells bad?
3. Girls do you sometimes fart when you got to poop [shit]?
4. Do you sometimes find un flushed toilets and urinals with pee or shit?
5. Do you use public stalls in mall bathroom or wait to go home?
6. Do you use school toilets?
7. If you have to pee outside would you pull aside your panties or pull down your zipper and let it go?
8. Have you ever used a portajohn or poartapotty?
9. Have you ever used the opposite sex toilet
Here are my answers
1. Yes I have.
2. If I have to go.
3. N/A
4. Yes I do sometimes find them.
5. I would use them in an emergency.
6. Yes I do because I work in one.
7. I would pull down my zipper to let it go.
8. Yes I have.
9. Yes I have use one when I was young.


To Bloated Butt

I do love the feeling of being stretched by a huge log! Its one of my guilty pleasures haha:)I especially love it when its a really long one that curls around the bowl. The relief is amazing lol. I will definitely be sharing more stories:)

I dont know if I could see myself pooping in front of him at the moment but definitely in the future. He's going to have to get used to my gas just like your BF haha. Im always holding it in by the time I leave his place I basically fart the entire way home lol. Im sure it must have be hard for you to hold in your gas when you first started dating your bf haha

So how often do you pass gas a day? I suspect there might be something wrong with my bowels too with the amount of gas I pass lol. When your really gassy do you ever get the walking farts? Where you fart with every step? I always get that my friends think its so funny haha. Have you ever had so much gas you had to just lay down and fart for a few hours?

Anyway sorry for all the questions Its just nice to talk to someone who likes to poop and is gassy like me haha

I bought Chai tea last night. I had 8 cups of the stuff, been peeing all day.

I'm a male who's lurked this site for quite a while, but this is my first time posting.

To: Chelsea: Great story, sounds like you really had to go! I'm the same way in that I love sitting on the toilet holding my poop in whilst reading of other's relief. It gets me excited, while also allowing me to enjoy my own motion that much more. :)

I'm currently seated, ready to drop my morning load. Peeing a steady stream, and starting to push. My first log slides out easily with very little effort, making a splash as it hits the water. This next one is a bit more difficult, needing to bare down and grip the sides of the bowl. Nuuggghhh! This log eases its way out of my bottom, and hits the water with slightly more force. Finished now, I stand and wipe thoroughly 3 times, feeling much better.

After lunch yesterday, about 1:45 PM, I was in the school library. I started farting and my stomach rumbling. I am on good terms with everyone at school. I told the female librarian that I was going to the bathroom because I could not hold it longer and she said, "Go." So, I did. I walked the hall to the boys room, found a clean stall with toilet paper, undid my navy uniform trousers, belt and underwear-white/green asian bikini to my ankles. I sat on the toilet. My bowels exploded loud and plopped out chunks. Another boy, a boy from Jamaica came in. I recognized his shoes under the door. I called after him and he answered me. His name is Paul and he is in my class. He said, "I got to move my bowels. I will take the stall next to you." He entered, closed the door, let down his uniform pants and his royal blue Jockey briefs to his ankles and sat on the bowl. His bowels gushed out of him. It was loud. 3x times it released. He said, "Everything is coming out of me loose." I asked, "What did we eat?" We sat and talked. We had a few minutes. We talked about school and our lives. He told me about Jamaica. I told him how I lived all over Asia and travelled. Later, he said, "I am finished Yan." I said, "So am I Paul." We wiped ourselves, fixed our pants and flushed. I notice how some of us on the forum compare each other. When we came out of the stalls, we took a good look at ourselves and each other. We washed our hands and returned to library.



Tyler--Your poop story in public sounded great! You're lucky that your parents don't ask you about your bowel habits anymore--mine certainly still do. They ask me if I've gone, they ask me how it went, etc. I guess I don't mind being honest and I know it makes them glad to hear that I've been able to go successfully, but it can still be pretty embarrassing, even though my parents have been dealing with my constipation issues my whole life.

Anyway, I've been pretty constipated lately and finally I was able to go last night. And surprisingly enough, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I decided to do it in a squatting position because sitting on the toilet wasn't really working--but once I finally squatted and got the first initial "really hard" part out, the rest came out much more easily, it was a big long hard turd and it felt awesome once it was out--I felt lighter lol. It was so great to have an end to that constipation.

And of course my parents did ask--my dad asked if I was able to go and how it went. I told him how big it was and that I did it squatting. He seemed relieved that I was able to go, but if I hadn't been, I'm sure he would've been prepared to give me an enema or something.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lynn first welcome to the site and great story.

To: Jemma as always another great story it sounds like you really had to poop and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends all had really great poops and also gave that toilet a really good workout to and I bet you all felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chelsea great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, January 18, 2014


accident prone

my name is lynn, i'm 17 in high school, fairly athletic from playing tennis and golf, and otherwise a normal teenage girl. except that i'm a little accident prone when it comes to my bladder. my best friends all know this and sometimes try to make me pee my pants if we're all hanging out and goofing around. most of my accidents are small and often nobody knows but me because it is just a little leak. sometimes the leaks are a little bigger and i wind up with a wet spot on my pants that i can hide if i'm careful. rarely the accident is bigger and it is visible to everyone that i peed myself. once i do start wetting i need to get to a bathroom pretty fast or the rest will come out and i'll have a full on accident if im not carefull.

like this weekend i was hanging out with my friends at the mall. we had lunch in the food court and were shopping around for clothes at different stores and i started to need to pee but we all wanted to keep shopping so i held it. a little later i was pretty desperate and having to cross my legs and stuff like that and my friends started teasing me a little (not like in a bad way). finally they agreed to go to the bathroom because i didn't want to leave everyone and go by myself. so we started going towards the food court again where the bathrooms are and i really, really had to go and was holding myself to help keep it from coming out and my friends were cracking jokes to try and make me laugh. then my one friend did make me laugh and i had to stop walking and bend over and cross my legs and squat down but even still i peed a little and felt my face turn red and my friends laughed and asked if i peed and i tried to act normal and stand back up and walk faster. but now i was laughing too and we were all laughing and it was hard to walk and i started leaking a little more and i could feel my jeans start to feel wet under my fingers and then on my upper thighs and then my butt and my friend saw the wet spot and we were almost to the bathroom and i started running ahead of them but that made me start leaking more and by the time i got into the bathroom i had peed halfway down my thighs and i couldnt stop. i got into a stall and just stood there in front of a toilet and laughed as i completely peed my jeans all the way down my legs, all across my crotch and butt, like totally soaked, completely obvious i had wet myself. my friends came in and same my feet under the stall door with a puddle on the ground between my feet and me laughing and knew. a couple of them used the bathroom and two of them went to buy me a cheap pair of pants from old navy i could wear. so i took my jeans and panties off and sat on the toilet and wiped myself down and then they brought the old navy clothes so i put those on and put my peed jeans and panties into the old navy bag and we left and they all felt proud of themselves for making me pee my pants again.



poo whilst out with my nephew.

Hey everyone!
So yesterday I had a day off work to help my poorly sister Louise out.
I took my Nephew shopping for the day.
As most of you now probably know, I suffer with really bad IBS which is being investigated by doctors as it's so bad - currently I take Colpermin & mebeverine to control.
So my Nephew Barney is nearly 5.
We were having fun shopping & it was about 10am when I felt the urge for a poo. I held it & held it because I didn't want to poo with Barney standing there watching me (I wasn't going to leave him waiting outside the cubicle was I, anything could have happened.) Come lunchtime I was really desperate now & about to poo in my pink knickers and I kept clenching my buttocks to hold this mass of poo in.
We sat down in McDonald's for lunch. And as soon as I'd eaten I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. It was tough, I had to go as I'd now given myself a ???? ache too.
Barney would have to hear me plopping! !
So we found the loos in Asda & in we went.
"Auntie Jemma are you having a wee wee" Barney asked me.
"No darling" I said quietly as other women were in the loos too "so you're having a poo then? Urgh!" He replied.
A cubicle came free so we went in.
I decided i'd delibrately try to make my poo come out as slow as possible as not to make too much of a noise... I sat down & as soon as I did my first plop dropped in to the water within about 3 seconds of sitting down I was that desperate. Plus I now had the next one out plopping with a loud splash in to the water without any effort. I was so desperate the next 3 all plopped out at the same time with a plop-plop-plop, Meanwhile Barney shouts out "auntie Jemma you're poo is really smelly and loud have you got a ???? ache?"
"Yes, shh!" I replied mortified.
I got him to pull off some loo roll for me.
Meanwhile I was still plopping loose loud plops. I had 11 plops all together & when I stood up to wipe the loo was covered in my poo.
"Wow that's loads of poo Auntie Jemma" he said getting a nose at my poo too.
I wiped my messy butt 3x
Barney laughing!
& flushed. Washed hands and left.
The other women gawping at me as we left.
Barney and I then went to another 3 shops before heading back to my sisters.
At my sisters she put the kettle on & thanked me for having him.
I needed another poo at my sisters but waited till I got home.
Oh and as I left Barney shouted "mum Jemma had a poo in town with me and I saw her poo and there was lots and it really stank" red faced I went, & left them to it.
J x

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