Someone asked me for memorable motion, and I have just had one, so here is story.

I was traveling with 2 friends over weekend. One is Kazuko, she is about same size as me but with long straight brown hair (she dyed it) and very uneven teeth. She likes to eat sweet things very much… She has the same high cheekbones with me but my face its a bit rounder. And her bottom is a bit smaller than mine. One is Maho, she is slimmer than me and has black hair down to shoulder and very black eyes and a long thin nose. Her hair is curly, but not as curly as me.

Well on our traveling, we ate and ate and ate. For two days. On third day after breakfast, suddenly Kazuko farted in our hotel room. We knew it was Kazuko because her smell is different from Maho and me. We looked each other. Kazuko said, sorry. Maho said, no problem, I want to go too. And I wanted to go too! We all had same feeling at same time. I said I would go last because I stay longest, they laughed. We decided Kazuko go first. She went in and shut the door. We don't poo in front of each other. We like a bit of privacy.

So Maho and I heard plop noises, then a pause for some minutes, then more plop noises, then Kazuko flushed. But she didn't come out and we heard a fart and more plop sound. To me that is normal. I said so already on this site. After about 7 minutes Maho and I went to the door. "Kazuko, are you OK?" Kazuko opened the door. She was facing us. "I'm OK but I want to stay a bit more." Then her face changed and we heard another plop, then a sound like brrrrr as she did very soft long motion. We closed the door. Suddenly the smell got very strong! Then Kazuko flushed and came out.

Maho went in and shut the door. And we heard plop sounds and a pause and plop sounds and flushing just like Kazuko, and then silence. After a while we went to the door. "Maho are you OK?" Maho opened. I'm OK…." suddenly her face was red and then we hear 3 very big plop sounds. Maho gave very big smile, then signaled to us, please close door, so we closed. Then we heard farting noises, but we didn't listen so hard. Finally Maho came out. "Your turn Mina".

So I went in. Well I'm writing this, I can tell you more. I did big motion which broke into many pieces, then wee, then waited, and as usual another motion came but it was even bigger than first one. and I couldn't hear plop sounds at end, so I knew that my motion was higher than water line, and it began to smell. So I flushed and laughed a bit because we all had same pattern. I thought, will they come to the door?

But I felt, there are still a lot of motions in my bottom, so I didn't move. And then I did another motion, and then I heard footsteps, so I opened the door before they arrive. "Mina are you OK?"
"Yes but I ate too much! So I need to stay here longer just like you!" And suddenly very noisy motion came out of my bottom. We all laughed, and then they shut the door, and I opened my bottom 3 more times, the last time no sound and I looked and it was over the water line again, and then I was finished. So I washed my bottom with wash let and dried and came out. And sat down on tatami. And we all looked at each other and said "Yaaaa!" We felt good then.

Kazuko was in the loo about 10 minutes, Maho about 13, me 21 minutes (Kazuko said). So 44 minutes just to go to loo! We put some medicine into the loo to stop the smell.

It was nice feeling to do big motions all at the same time. Maho and Kazuko also said so.

Sorry this is long story.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tori great story about your first poop of 2014 it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story about your poop at the gym.

To: Me great desperate poop story it sounds like you were beyond desperate and just made it in time and your boyfriend sounds like a very caring guy.

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like that summer camp gave you a ton of great memorys.

To: Althea as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go pretty bad and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie hope your poops get back to normal soon.

To: Linda great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Steven A **POOP AT LOWES**

You know're a lot more well-adjusted than me. I mean; you do trophy poops at poop in charter bus toilets. Me; I've always been so self-conscious about pooping in public. I always try to avoid it. But; I know it's dumb...and sometimes I force I did today. So; I want to tell you what happened.

I was at Lowes Hardware with my parents. Even before; this morning....I felt a minor urge...but it wasn't strong and I just ignored it. I knew poop was there...and it felt good.

But; at Lowes I realized that there was A LOT of poop...and I also realized that it had been 3; maybe 4 days since I had done I decided to poop there.

Lowes has nice bathrooms...and when I went in there was just this one employee guy washing up. The last stall was a handi-capped I took the next to last and sat on the toilet. By now the employee had left. I really freak if anyone hears me farting or grunting or the I started just pushing easily. My poop started coming out...and I just kept pushing steadily. It was a long one...all in one piece (I like that!) and it was all out quickly.

I even stood up to wipe! That's one of the worst parts for me...standing up to wipe. I'm not fat...but I do have a bit of a ????...and when I'm wiping my ???? is sorta bulging out...and of course there's my privates out there....all stuff I hate for people to see through the crack in the stall door. But; I wiped (3 times!) and I was done.

I went back to mom; I felt good. I suppose she knew where I'd been....and I bet she was itching to ask me if I was constipated and/or if I'd been able to go good,....but she didn't. (Back when I was about 11 or so I asked her to stop asking me about it...and she doesn't....)

So; anyway...that happened :)



To Bloated Butt

I do love the feeling of being stretched by a huge log! Its one of my guilty pleasures haha:)I especially love it when its a really long one that curls around the bowl. The relief is amazing lol. I will definitely be sharing more stories:)

I dont know if I could see myself pooping in front of him at the moment but definitely in the future. He's going to have to get used to my gas just like your BF haha. Im always holding it in by the time I leave his place I basically fart the entire way home lol. Im sure it must have be hard for you to hold in your gas when you first started dating your bf haha

So how often do you pass gas a day? I suspect there might be something wrong with my bowels too with the amount of gas I pass lol. When your really gassy do you ever get the walking farts? Where you fart with every step? I always get that my friends think its so funny haha. Have you ever had so much gas you had to just lay down and fart for a few hours?

Anyway sorry for all the questions Its just nice to talk to someone who likes to poop and is gassy like me haha


From a guy in a wheelchair

I'm a guy in a wheelchair who LOVES this site. I have been reading stories on this site for as long as I can remember.
Because of my disability I have no idea what the feeling of needing a poo is like. I have ways of managing this though and have some symptoms that I can go on.
I Would love for guys and girls to describe the feeling of needing to go in as much detail as possible.

Have a great day :)

Little Mandi
What up guys? Long time no post.
My bathroom habits aren't interesting at all. haha
I almost peed myself a few minutes ago. I had been feeling the need to pee for a few minutes and was getting up to go. I didn't have to go bad so I decided to check the kitchen to make sure everything was put away before I went to bed. I stopped at the kitchen table and took a sip of water and my pee just started coming out out of no where. I almost didn't think I was gonna be able to stop it but luckily I did. I went up to the bathroom and finished my pee in the toilet. There was a medium sized wet spot in the seat of my undies. I changed them before I went back downstairs.


Do u guys try to poo with pants by the knees?
Usually I do poop with my pants at my knees. Occasionally, i'll take my pants completely off when I'm at home.

How much days do u wait for a good, long poop?
I don't wait. If I feel the need to go I go right away. I'll only wait if I'm not at home. I usually poop every 3-5 days

Do you use seat covers at all?
I don't use seat covers. I'll squat if I don't wanna sit on the toilet in a public bathroom.


RE Bloated Butt

I concur there's nothing I enjoy more than, sneaking into the toilet with my laptop or phone and sitting on the loo reading posts whist desperately holding in my morning dump.
I find it exhilarating, it really gets me going, I've found desperation turns me on also.
I was pleased to see your post today I feel there's been a lack of quality posts recently,
lets get some desperate stories going peeps!!!
I was reading your post this morning BB (Bloated Butt) doing the same :D
After moaning about lack of stories I cant go with out giving a mini one now!!!
Once again I found myself desperately needing to go soooo bad I was prepared to pay 30p at Paddington station I got in the morning dump had been causing lots of gas on the train, I burst into a just cleaned cubicle, locking myself in there for as long as I needed :D
My first turd started to emerge before I even got my round behind seated on the cold felt sort of naughty that it was coming out before I was seated so I sort of half squatted, but I didnt bank on the fact it would amplify the sounds of my dropping turds...oppsss they sounded massive even though they were fairly average by my standards but there was plenty of them leaving the toilet look like a puddle of shit, not to mention the potent smell although I enjoyed it.
Leaving the womens feeling very relieved wiping back and front vigorously ;)
gotta dash peace out xxx


Tuesday Morning Poop

Lately I've been trying to improve my eating habits, mostly by eating fat-free turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread at lunch, with a banana and apple, instead of fatty stuff like burgers. I try to drink lots of water, too, even during these cold months when I'm not thirsty. Seems to be paying off, as I've lost some of those holiday pounds, and also is paying off in the bathroom each morning.

Tuesday morning, I went through my usual pre-work routine of showering, making coffee, letting the dog out and feeding the cat. I had my first cup of coffee while checking e-mail and Facebook, then started feeling the need to take a dump. I went to the bathroom, carrying the sports section of the morning paper, pulled down my sweatpants, sat down, and peed. Then I started looking at the paper, while the pressure increased in my lower bowels.

I read for a few minutes, while farting about 5 or 6 times, then I pushed out a long, firm load. It touched the bottom of the bowl and began curling around while it was still coming out, then tapered off and slid out silently.

I was in no hurry, as I still had about 15 minutes before I had to start getting ready for work, so I sat reading the rest of the paper for about 5 more minutes. I dropped the paper, wiped, then stood up to admire my work. A smooth, light brown snake, coming up out of the hole, curving to the right, with the end flopping back to the left across the part coming out of the hole in the bottom of the toilet. It looked like a brown number "6".

Feeling proud, and a few pounds lighter, I pulled up my pants, flushed, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, and got dressed for work. It's always good to start the day with a healthy dump.

Linda - good to see you posting again. I really enjoy your stories. Hope things get easier for you, poop-wise.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bloated Butt
To Ass-Stretcher:
I can't wait to hear more from you! Please post some great pooping stories!

To Linda:
Oh my goodness, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets a little "excited" reading this site. Do you ever read this site when you really, really, REALLY need to poop? I love to read the posts on this site while lying on my bed in only my underwear, feeling the tip of a massive thick log just barely poking out. Its amazing to read stories of people who are pushing out huge logs while I have my own gigantic log that I desperately want to push out. I like to relax and let the poop poke out a little more until it stops because its so wide, and then suck it back into me again. It feels so sensual and amazing, and its like a private little pleasure that I have. I'm such a weird person!

Its a shame you're not comfortable pooping around your housemate, though! I'm so lucky that I've gotten comfortable around my boyfriend. I feel for you, having to hold it all in when she's around, or leave and go to a public toilet. I haven't pooped in a public toilet in years because I'm so shy about it, but reading your posts, I might reconsider. I think it'd be pretty amazing to hear someone struggling to poop while I'm also struggling. Plus you don't have to worry about clogging the toilet. I've clogged our toilet a few times, and my boyfriend's always the one who has to fix it.

Can you imagine if you and I both lived in the same place and had to poop at the same time? Both of us bloated with days and days of poop in our bowels, stripping almost naked, our soft round curvy butts jiggling as we waddle to the bathroom. I can imagine one of us sitting on the toilet, grunting and gasping and straining, while the other has to wait for goodness knows how long. I'd probably let you go first and give you gentle encouragement, stroking your legs and massaging your poor stomach while you "Oooh" and "Aaaah", but as soon as your done I'd plonk down and start grunting and moaning. The poor toilet...

And I'm sure Alicia did have a good time watching me, and I her. I've never confided in her about my feelings so I don't know if she has the same degree of enjoyment that I do, but she didn't HAVE to stay in the bathroom with me and she stayed the whole time, so who knows? I think she's more concerned about my health, though, and wanted to make sure I was okay. She looked really worried when she saw how much I pooped, and kept asking if I felt okay, and I assured her that I was fine and that it was normal for me. She and I are really close.

Can't wait to hear more from you! Hope you're pooping better in the future.

To Sarah:

Thank you for liking my story! Yes I definitely felt like I was about to burst, but I've felt that way before. I've gone up to ten days without pooping, although thats rare. I probably have IBS but I've never been diagnosed, and I don't have any serious health issues so I never worry about it.

Of COURSE I was passing tons of gas, LOL! But at the actual party I was pretty much holding everything in, and after I pooped I felt loads better (literally). I farted a bunch before the party, though. I definitely annoyed my boyfriend.

To answer your question, yes, I've gassed him out of the room! When I'm really gassy, like when I've just eaten a ton and am feeling really bloated and everything's digesting, I blow up with gas. Sometimes my stomach hurts, and I like to have him rub my bloated belly. This always makes me start farting like crazy. I like to play up being a helpless damsel, I'll cuddle up close to him and say "Ooooooh, my ???? hurts, baby...Make me feel better...". He's so sweet that he actually does it, too.

I've definitely passed gas while hanging around friends, many times. I don't know if I've posted this story before, but one time I was in the middle of the backseat with some friends (including Alicia, who was driving) and we were stuck in traffic, and I was just blowing up with gas. I held it in as long as I could but my stomach just gurgled and bloated out until I just had to let it out. I dropped a major gas bomb right in the middle of the car and everyone knew it was me! Everyone rolled the windows down while I turned bright red!

I loved your story about pooping on a date! I bet it felt amazing to just push it all out like that. I LOVE bowel movements where the logs are so big that they come out slowly, stretching you wide as they inch out, and you try not to moan too loud. I bet your date DID guess that you were "dropping some friends off at the pool", wink wink. I'm sure your stomach was flatter after pooping and farting like that. Can you imagine pooping in front of him? Please share more stories!

To Migraine Loverer and Brandon T: Thanks for liking my story. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who enjoys this sort of thing and likes reading about it.

That's all from me for now. Thanks for reading, everyone.


First poop of the new year

Well, it's a bit late, but I'd like to tell the story of my first poop of 2014. I took my dump around 1:00PM on the 3rd, but the story actually begins 3 days earlier...

It was New Year's Eve and my family did our annual tradition of going to a buffet that evening. We're a competitive family and of course that includes seeing who can eat the most. I won the contest this year for the first time, but only just barely. There was a lot of fierce competition and I ate so much I was afraid I was going to explode.

Then on New Year's Day we all gathered again to watch football. I ate plenty during the game too. I'm don't know how much I ate, but I'm sure it was a fair amount, as one of my brothers asked how I could still be eating after last night.

So, anyway, fast forward through the 2nd, which was just a day of normal eating, but I still hadn't pooped since eating at the buffet. As I said earlier, my need to take a dump came shortly after lunch on the 3rd. I went to my bathroom, stripped totally naked, and sat on the toilet. I started reading a magazine and prepared for my mega dump.

Nothing happened for several minutes, though I was feeling the pressure. However, once the first turd had exited, the action accelerated. Log after log emerged from my butthole and piled up in my poor toilet. After I had let out roughly a dozen turds, I flushed to hopefully avoid a clog. I felt nowhere near done though.

All totaled, I was pooping for at least fifteen minutes and had flushed four times. Well, five counting the flush for just the toilet paper. And afterwards, the bowl was covered in tons of my skidmarks and my bathroom reeked.


sunday morning poo at the gym.

Hi everyone.
So every sunday morning I go to a zumba class at my local gym with my friend suzie.
Starts at 10am till 11am so I'm up relatively early on a sunday.
Today I got to the gym early and needed my 1st poo of the day.

The loos in our gym r rubbish.
But this poo was poking out of my butt & I had to go for a poo before zumba.
So in I went & had a nice poo consisting of 8 nice loud solidish plops that slid out of me.

I wiped 4x and left for my zumba class and met suzie by the studio doors.
More soon! J x


Unexpected poo

Last week i went to a lake,with my friend,and someone special lol
Ok..i was going to go,when i have a urge to shit,im telling my friend that i have to pee,my
Bestie emma go with me,letting all that shit out,take me like 5 munites to finished,pretty bad..but no one actually knows that i have a ????ache

On the road,my ???? start to feel worst..but its 15 munites away from the hotel
I did not realized time its passing..when we arrived..i rushed with a han right in my butt to the toilet.. I slowly open my jeans and undies and start to shit..
Arghhh..Damnnnnn i scream to let the shit..i let go like 7-10 logs and rest of it its water
I take alot of toliet paper,i washed my hand and leave

When i am out from the toilet,im shocked there is my boyfriend,Dave waiting in front of the girl restroom
"How do you feel?" He asked
"A mess" i answer
He hug me,and give a rub in my belly,it was a pleasent
He is been taking after me the whole day ,he even share the same room with me lol
Ok maybe thats it

Bill F

Summer Camp - Day 2

Hopefully this part won't be as long as the first.

Day 2

I woke up before any of the girls and went to use the bucket, which was still empty. I peed for about 30 seconds and dropped two solid logs. I then realized there was no toilet paper. I was about to wake up one of the girls to go get it, but I didn't want to disturb them. So instead waddled over with my pants down to get the paper, hoping none of the girls would wake up.
I made it back to the bucket without anyone noticing. As I was wiping myself, I heard two buzzing farts from the bunk area. I could pick out who it came from until Lisa stirred awake, and said "What stinks in here?" I said "I think you just farted yourself awake." She said "Yea, I think I did, 'cause it's time for my morning poop." I got off the bucket, with no messes this time, and said "At least I don't have to clean out the bucket." Lisa walked, in a half-asleep fashion, to the bucket. She pulled her pyjama pants down, and sat on the bucket. She peed for 40 seconds, and then let out a wet fart, which had a unique metallic sound in the bucket, kind of like "BRRBBTTPP". She then dropped three very soft turds into the bucket, which splattered on the bottom. Her fart must have been louder than I thought, because the other two girls woke up not long after that. The first thing Emily said was "What's that smell?" Lucy said "What do you think? Lisa's poops are the worst smelling in this cabin." Emily said "She can't help that. When you gotta go..." Lisa wiped and got off the bucket as Emily and Lucy jumped down from their top bunks. I gave everyone a sort of 'briefing' on what was going to happen today. "First thing's first, Lisa empties out the bucket." I was interrupted by Lucy and Emily, who said "We still have to pee here!" I said "Right. So whoever goes in the bucket last, empties it out." Lisa said "How do we decide who goes last?" Emily said "Rock paper scissors." Lucy won with paper, and got to go first. While Lucy peed for a good 30 seconds, Emily sat on my bed, with her legs crossed. When Lucy was done, Emily jumped up to replace her. She surprisingly peed for almost a full minute. Lucy said "Wow, you really had to go." Emily replied, with a dry, forceful fart, and said "Yea, I would have let that out while Lucy was going, but I as afraid I would piss myself." Lisa added on "Not to mention that you would have blown a hole in your pants." We all burst out laughing, and Emily wiped herself, and pulled up her pants. She took the bucket out to empty and clean it.
I continued the briefing while Emily was cleaning the bucket. "So, we were told yesterday to just hang out in our cabins until the coordinator take us out for the activity, which we'll be having every day. They said they'll call us out at about 11:00, and it's only 7:30 now, so we've got more than 3 hours to kill. Hope you brought books." I had brought my Harry Potter series. Emily didn't bring anything, but Lucy managed to sneak her GameBoy with her. Emily said "I didn't know you could bring those!" I said "We can't we'll have to make sure no one sees it." About five minutes later, Emily came back with the bucket and said "Bad news guys, we already have two holes filled. I covered them back up with dirt. We're gonna need to dig more holes." I said "Let's worry about that when the time comes."
We were still having our sort of 'group meeting' in our pyjamas, so I said "The bathroom only has room for one person, so who wants to change first?" Lucy said "I do!" And promptly dropped her pants and took off her shirt. We all sort of stared for a few minutes, me for probably a different reason than the girls, when Lucy said "Oh, so we pee and poop in front of each other but we can't be naked for a few seconds?" She had a point, so Emily and Lisa stripped down and went to get their clothes for the day. They were all at different beginning stages of puberty. Lucy had just started sprouting breasts, while Emily was starting to grow pubic hair. I noticed Lisa had some pads in her change bag, so she was probably starting her period. I waited until they were all fully clothed before I started changing, again for obvious reasons.
Back on topic. We were all doing our own thing for a while until I found a Monopoly game, a staple of our treehouse, in the back of the cabin. So we played Monopoly until it was 11:00 and the coordinator called us out for brunch. Once everyone from the other cabins was finished and all together, she explained the activity. "We're going to be playing a game of hide and seek in the open woods! We've set up fences so that you don't go too far. When you get caught, you have to introduce yourself to whoever caught you." There were seven other boys and four other girls in our camp group. We drew straws to pick who was it, and with my luck, I was drawn to be it. I gave everyone five minutes to go and hide. I knew that with fifteen people in a forest, this game was going to take a very long time.
Within ten minutes, I found three people. Two boys, names Isaac and James, and a girl named Amelia. Twenty more minutes and I found two more people. Two girls, named Hailey and Sophia. About ten minutes, later, I felt the urge to fart. I thought "Anyone who hears this will burst out laughing, and I'll catch every one of them." So I pushed it out, making it as loud as possible. "PBBBBBBBT". Thanks to that, I caught six more people. Five boys, named Nick, Pablo, Ron, Marcus, and Chris. Lastly from that fart, I caught Emily, who had climbed up one of the trees. All I had left to catch were Lisa and Lucy.
I caught Lisa standing behind a tree. The first thing that let me know she was there was a splattering sound. I got a closer look and saw Lisa pulling her panties aside, and peeing. I said "I told you not to bring Gatorade. You know what that does to you." A little while later, Lisa finished her pee, and went back to the coordinator with everyone else. Leaving just Lucy.
I must have spent a good twenty minutes looking for Lucy. As I was nearing the fence, I started to catch a funny smell. Remembering it was around 12:00, I knew what that meant. I followed the smell, walking where it was getting stronger. it was strongest around a pile of bushes, and I saw a large turd behind one. I jumped around the other side of the bush to scare her. She was squatting down, with her dress lifting above her legs and butt. I scared her so much that the log that was exiting her receded back into her butt, which closed up. I asked her "Where are your panties?" She said "I don't have any, now that you scared the pants off me!" I added "And the poop into you." She laughed and we walked back. We were halfway there, when she suddenly lifted her skirt, and the shy log from earlier started coming back out, all while still walking! Because of this, the log coming out was moving back and forth, like she was wagging a tail. The turd dropped, and she said "Watch your step!" She slowed down a bit as some mushy poop started pouring out of her. She let out a fart that was quieter than mine, but smellier. She then stopped walking altogether, let her skirt down, and spread her legs wide apart. Then a jet of pee let loose, going straight down, surprisingly not running down her legs or ruining her dress. When she was done peeing, she kept walking without wiping, and I asked her why she wasn't wiping. She said "I'd rather have a little bit of poop on my butt than poison ivy." I corrected her, saying "There's a lot more poop back there than you might think." She said "Still better than poison ivy." I then asked her "Have you ever pooped while walking like that?" She said "I've almost pooped myself while walking, but there was my hand holding it back." I said "It looked like you were wagging a tail!" She laughed, and we kept walking.
There were no more toilet incidents until later that day. We were eating dinner in the main building, when Emily cut another one of her signature dry farts. She immediately regretted that, saying "Uh oh, I think that shook it loose!" I said "Shook what loose?" She said "My pee! I have to go back to the cabin!" I went with her, mainly to get away from the smell. We eventually snuck out and made it back to our own cabin. She pulled down her pants, and plonked down on the bucket. She let out a sigh of relief and started peeing. While she was going I asked her "Have you pooped yet?" She said "Nope, the last time I was now was three days ago. Road trips like these make me constipated. I haven't had a single urge yet!" She finally finished peeing after about a minute, and I peed into the bucket standing up. We snuck back to the dinner cabin, and finished eating.
We went back to our cabin to continue our game of Monopoly. Lisa got up to the bucket to pee once, and went for about twenty seconds. That was it for toilet activities until we were all gone ti bed. We were all getting changed out in the open again, when I saw just how much poop was leftover on Lucy's butt. Emily must have noticed, because she said "What happened to your butt? Did you fall in some mud or something?" She said "No, I just had my lunchtime poop during that game of I hide and seek." I added "While walking." They laughed. She continued, "I sure wasn't about to wipe with poison ivy." We all got changed and settled into bed.
Later that night, Lisa said "Anyone else gassy from that pasta?" We all said yes, and she said "Why not have a farting contest? Prizes go to the loudest, longest, and smelliest!" Lisa let loose first, with a fart that was quiet and short. She said "Wait for it..." A few seconds later, and we all caught a whiff of it. It was an SBD, except for the silent part. Lucy even held her covers over her nose. I then said "My turn!" And unleashed a loud, but short, and odorless fart. Lucy said "Ok, so far, Lisa DEFINITELY takes the cake for smelliest, and Bill has the loudest." Emily then said "I'll go for the longest. You have to let it out slowly, so it'll be really quiet." We all remained silent, as Emily cut a very quiet fart, that came out as sort of a series of pops that went on for an impressive six seconds. It had a slight meat smell, something to be expected from someone who hasn't pooped in three days. Lucy said "My turn!" And let loose a fart that was medium in loudness, length, and smelliness. Both Lucy and I were out of gas, so the competition was between Emily and Lisa. Lisa cut a puny fart, and announced she didn't have any left. Emily was still blasting away with a fart even louder than mine, and quite long too. I said "How can you fit that much gas in you?" She said "Two words: Constipation." Lisa said "That's one word." We all laughed and then quieted down, as it looked like Emily was trying to push out another one. Out came a small pop, like Lisa's last one, and she said "That's it, that's all I have." And with the contest was over.
Or so I thought. About half an hour later, Lisa said "Look out below, Bill." And let loose with a loud, long, and very wet fart. She said "Oh no!" And rushed down her bunk, ran to the bucket, ripped her pants down, and let loose with a series of soft poops that sounded like they bordered on diarrhea. When she finished, she got back to her bunk and said "That was a close one." I noticed that there was a brown stain on her pants as she walked back up the ladder. I told her this, and she walked back down to change. She climbed back up the ladder in only a shirt and a pair of panties. Lucy said "Ok now, the contest is over. The winners: Emily wins loudest for one fart, and longest for the other, despite Lisa's impressive last one. And the winner for smelliest, by far is Lisa." Emily said "I'd like to add a fourth that Lisa also won: Wetness." I said "I'd like to add a fifth that Emily won: Most likely to blow a hole in her pants." Emily reached back, and said "Nope still intact." Lucy whispered "For now..." And we all laughed and went to sleep.
Whoops! This part was longer than the first one!
Special thanks to Brandon T for giving feedback on my stories. It means a lot.
I'd like to hear feedback from other people on the forum, as well as any other stories about summer camps or field trips when you were younger.
Stay tuned for day 3!
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Been gone a while.

So I've been gone a while and I'm sorry. I know I haven't answered everyone's questions but I will do my best to do it. I've been eating a little more and (trying) to keep things constant.

Alta-Cocker: It was last summer that it happened (I live in U.S So last June. It didn't really do anything to my functions believe it or not. Odd.

Tyler, I don't have a football player's build, not at all. But I'm not that skinny. I am in-between. I have a toned body, well actually just toned chest, my legs need some work. I am 5'9 and I weigh 150. I can hold quite a bit of poop, and me not knowing it, since there is just my bladder and then my colon.

I re-read some of the past entries, and I accidentally looked over your question.

Can I do coilers? Not really. It's just usually one big fat straight log. However I do have a story about a time that I did do a coiler.

It was Christmas Eve and I hadn't pooped in about 3 days. My stomach started hurting too, which I knew what that meant, whenever my stomach aches before a BM I know it's big. So I left my bedroom and went into the bathroom and sat down. I expected that I needed to push, but I didn't. I barely pushed and poop shot out. One log fell and then the second one came out a few seconds later. It smelled really strong. I got up to see a poop bigger than the hole and it's twin sitting next to it. The poop had spots on it...that scared me (Not health scare, but just like Slenderman scare. Ick.) I didn't wipe because I was going to bathe afterwards. I flushed it, or tried to, but it wouldn't budge. After 2 failed flushes, I went to the closet with the plunger and broke the huge shit apart. The water was a brownish colour, and the odour was truly rank. After about 10 minutes of messing with it, it finally went down, and I was truly relieved.

Now to Tyler's Questions.

(1)Did you ever get taken to the doctor because you were constipated?
Nope, never did, parents had enemas and suppositories. The weird thing about me is that my poop seems to lubricate itself, like I very rarely have hard turds. I can hold my poop up to 10 days and it would big and fat and very thick, but it wouldn't be dry. It would still come out like toothpaste. That may be due to the elastic of my colon, or maybe my body knows not to get truly constipated.

(2)Do you remember the questions the doctor asked you? I never went to a doctor, although my parents asked me everyday after I had episodes.

(3) Do you remember how you were touched? My doctor would press around my belly to see if anything had been blocked, but nope nothing was there.

Funny, even after 10 days my abdomen was not hard. Which makes me wonder, where is all the poop? I always wonder why I can hold a lot of poop.

I always think it's the bigger people that have more poop, but apparently it's the thin people...

So here's another story, it happened when I was 11 and it was with me and my friend John..
Basically John and I had been good friends for a while so we started hanging out a lot. He was taller than me but just as thin as me. He had dirty blonde hair, but don't let looks fool you, I was more intelligent and more patient than he was. So there was this construction like site where we lived and we liked to explore it a lot. We would go "hiking" and play in clay, grass, and brush and what not. One day we were out there, I really had to poop. Bad, and I couldn't wait either.

"John, I need to crap."

"Okay, just go behind the tree."

I walked towards the tree and walked behind it so he wouldn't see me. (I think he might of looked at me. I dunno. Doesn't bother me.) I squatted down and tried not to pee on my pants. I started to push, and a big fart came out. Like sitting on a whoopee cushion. After, I started to grunt and big log started to come out. It felt like it would never end. There was also quite a bit of pressure too. I pushed and pushed and heard a lot of rustling underneath me. It began to stink really bad.

When it finally came out I stood up and looked at my dump. It was very big. Not as big as when I held it for 10 days, but it sized it up very close. Just then, John stepped up and pinched his nose.

"Dude, that is one huge crap."

I remember him staring at amazement at it, and he grabbed my phone and took a picture of it. I deleted it.

Then right after he said that he told me he needed to go too, I started walking away and I walked in a big circle. I walked back and I saw him still going, but he didn't see me. He was almost finished when I got a good look at him.
When I finally got to where he was, I smelled a pungent scent. He warned me that I almost stepped in it. When I looked down below I saw my big turd, and next to it a big pile of dark orangish poop. It was a few big logs, but it was smaller than mine. When he was done, we walked away and went home.

I always wondered if he looked at me that day.

With Love

To Mina

What's your record for most plops during a number two?

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