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myths about who farts more

Hi its Leah here.
I have a complaint. Often when we go out in a group of people for a meal or to hang out one of the ladies let's off a silent but deadly. That is not the issue but most of the woman would look at me or other overweight woman as to accuse us of farting.

So I have spoken to a few of my friends and was reminded of one of our friends Lauren. She is a really sweet person, very pretty and skinny. But often if she is out in the club and she was drinking beer you notice an eggy fart spell around her. One of our friends Jackie who knows Lauren pretty well says she is really flautent and suffers from IBS. Whenever Lauren gets some fresh air she fires off a silent one. Now I want you all to answer this question. Who breaks wind more, big or skinny woman. I bet katty perry farts more than Adele.


Huge poop on date

I once took David to my uncle's house for dinner and then a movie. We ate ourselves to death as usual teenagers. I was 19. He was 17. We spent the whole afternoon and evening there. David and I were in the lowest level of the split-level splayed out on a throw pillows on the floor watching TV and talking. I started farting and felt fullness in me. I was trying to hold my bowels thinking it was gas. David stroked my head and stomach. I said, "I have to take a shit bad." i walked over to the bathroom, lifting my navy skirt, white half-slip, tugging my white pantyhose and white Maidenform brief panties. I sat on the toilet, my underpants and hose to my knees. My bowels loosed with a loud explosion and chunks just poured out of me. I ate lots of salads, greens and grains and drank lots of iced tea. Everytime I farted, I squirted out more thick brown mud. This went on for 5 times. Then, I peed out 3 short squirts, then a long stream for 60 seconds. I still had gas in me. So, I farted 3 dry buzzes, my black female butt muffling the sound. David asked if my stomach hurt. I told him no. I was just had to move my bowels and I could not hold it in any longer. I then took toilet paper and wiped myself, first my rectum 3x and then my pussy 2x. I leaned over to open my legs, inspected the paper each wad. Then, I pulled up my panties, hose and let down my slip and skirt. David said, "Your stomach was wicked." I told him, "I've been with you when you move your bowels and your stomach is murder." The toilet was filled with dark brown-green chunks and mud. I flushed the bowl, adjusted my slip, panty and skirt waistbands. I will tell you about David another time.


lorens survey


do you try to poo with pants by the knees?
when peeing @ public restroom I drop my pants and my underwear is at thighs> Iam male & i sit to pee

How many days do you wait for a good long poop?

every day I use fiber pills and drink a lot of fluids

Do you use seat covers at all?

Always @ Public restrooms!

Do u guys try to poo with pants by the knees?
when i'm pooping or peeing Short pants to knees or ankles, long pants to ankles.

How much days do u wait for a good, long poop?
I do not wait.

Do you use seat covers at all?
Many times, if available. In the old school bldgs, there are none.


For Steven A. **POOP DREAMS!**

Hey Steven....Yeah; I read your dream post...the first time you posted it. I read all you posts; I really like your posts!

I don't think I've ever dreamed about pooping. Ever. It would be sweet...I hope it happens.

That first weird that the "stall" would have a sink in there.....with girls hanging out....hahahaha.....who didn't happen to mind you needing to move your bowels....right while they were standing there!!! That's just WAY too funny. So; tell me....was it a big poop? Did you grunt??? And....did you wipe sitting or standing???? just makes me crack up just thinking about it!

And the second dream....this is a girl that you know....who just squats and poops **right at the bus stop** hahahahaha.....That is hilarious. Now; you should tell her some day "Hey; ya know what? I had a dream about you pooping the other night....A big smelly mega-poop right over by the bus stop. Lets go over there and see if it's still there...."

So funny. I only hope I can have dreams like those....'s the real-life pooping for you? You still regular as ever? Have you had your urge yet today? Please tell me all about your urges.....where you strong they were....if you could feel a large firm log moving around inside of you....

See ya Steven....


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sarah great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda great story.

To: Bonnie first welcome to the site and great story about peeing accident it sounds like you really had go bad and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jemma great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Huge poop on date

Sarah: I was 18. I went to a funeral in the morning for an old aunt who was run over by a garbage truck. She was 77. After we planted her, we went back to the house to eat and drink ourselves into comas. After turkey, stuffing, potato salad, ham, peas and rick, fried chicken, cole slaw, baked macaroni, plus hard booze. After a few hours, I left and headed to my kid cousin's house in another borough. I was fine. His name was David. He let me in and we sat on the living room couch. Later, I started belching and breaking wind. I was uncomfortable. David asked me, "You alright, Althea." I told him that I ate too much and if I could use the bathroom. He said, "Sure. You have to take a shit?" I said, "Yes. Do you have plenty of toilet paper?" He said yes. Anyway, I walked to the bathroom, hitching up my dark brown dress, white full ship and tugging at my white nylon full-cut panties. I pulled them down below my knees, sat on the bowl. I started plopping logs. 5 of them plopped and splashed in rapid succession with a loud wet fart and a series of chunks. As if that was not all, I dropped two more logs with farts before, between and after and then there was a very long pee. David asked me, "Are you alright, Althea?" I said, "Yeah, kid. I ate and drank a lot." We talked about HS, because he was 2 years younger than me and I left him there. He talked about my HS toilet episodes and how I would let him into a unused girls toilet with me. I let out two more dry farts before I reached for paper to wipe myself. I then pulled up my panties, fixed my dress and slip and flushed. David saw my mess and was astonished. It took 2 flushes. Two logs and some chunks did not go down.


Constipated :(

Hi there. I haven't posted anything in a long time because I haven't had anything really happening when it comes to poop. I've been pooping out little chunks here and there despite eating healthy but not much else. I just had an interesting (rock hard) poop though. I did a poo that was the shape of a penis! About 6 inches long. I thought that was kind of funny and weird haha.

I'm hoping I can somehow get my nice soft poops back :( I miss the feeling of being somewhat regular. I don't like being bloated, backed-up and uncomfortable and having to struggle to go :(


Post Title (optional) Thick, hard, dry, burning poo!!!

Well after dropping some nice loads yesterday, my poo has turned very dry and rock hard overnight. I just spent an hour on the toilet, pushing, straining, grunting and struggling with a thick poo that has the consistency of sand paper. I managed to squeeze a few inches out and it really hurt. It was burning my anus and it wouldn't budge. The poo was so stuck that I had to reach down and try to 'coax' it out with my fingers. I put 2 fingers up my butt, and tried to dig the poo out. I could feel a long, dry turd up there and lots of rock hard pebbles too. It was no use, I just couldn't get any poo out. So I decided to have a rest.

So now I'm standing at my desk, with just a bra on and 4 or 5 inches of poo sticking out of my butt, while I'm typing this on my laptop. The turd is really stretching my anus apart, almost beyond its limits. Its burning like no tomorrow. I feel like I've got a grapefruit between my legs, with big thorns sticking out. It must be around 3 inches thick. I need to get back on the toilet for another try......

Well I just finished on the toilet and I was able to get that gigantic turd out. It only took 15 minutes but it hurt like hell!! I had to bear down as hard as I could to get the demon out. My anus is so sore now and its burning. I had to get some ice wrapped up in a towel to put on my anus to stop the burning. Its made my hemarrhoids pop out and bleed.

I've been so constipated lately. And I've been extremely constipated too. I can't wait to have a long period of doing normal, enjoyable poos. Sometimes I can go a few months without getting constipated and then I go through a losing streak, where I just seem to be really backed up all the time.



yeah my parents took me to the doctor's a number of times for being constipated, usually if it had been about a week or so because then they knew something was really wrong. my visits to the doctor were pretty similar to yours: I remember having my abdominal area felt around and I know they could feel the mass of poop inside me and then the doctor would usually inspect my anus as well and they would do what they would do with you, they would poke around in there and know that there was a mass of poop right at my rectum.

I remember being asked how often i had pooped and when the last time i pooped was and if it was hard/difficult to get out, etc. most of the time it was kind of a "duh" moment too, like my parents knew what to expect, but sometimes i had an enema done at the doctor's office, so there were some benefits to it. i remember being pretty embarrassed to go to the doctor's because i couldn't poop. that happened into my teen years too.


@Linda - starting to get pretty backed up

Hey Linda, saw your story about only doing hard chunks, and honestly, that's kind of how I've been lately. The past few days I've only been able to poop out hard chunks; I've been going every day and all that comes out are small hard pieces that I really have to strain to get out. It doesn't seem like all is coming out at all. So my guess is that I'm starting to get pretty backed up and I'm going to need an enema or something soon.Today after dinner I felt an urge to poop, but after doing a test push, it seemed like a really hard piece and lo and behold, all that came out was a small hard piece. My anus has been kind of sore lately lol. I don't feel bloated, and I also haven't been eating as much lately (been busy), but I'm guessing I'm starting to get pretty constipated!


Post Title (optional) To Dude in Distress

Yes, I have been constipated like that before, with 2 or 3 inches of poo sticking out of my anus, that got stuck. Actually, this has happened to me a few times. I often need to have a rest in the middle of my difficult pooping sessions (when I'm constipated) and I have to walk around with a few inches of poo sticking out of me.

I remember one time in particular, when I was extremely constipated and I had 2 hours to get ready to go out AND I also needed to do a poo. I was desperate to get the poo out before I went out I spent over 30 minutes on the toilet, bearing down as hard as I could. I managed to squeeze out some rock hard, very dry chucks but I still had heaps of poo up there. I stuck my finger up my butt and tried to dig the turds out. I could feel lots of dry, rock hard balls of poo (about the size of marbles) so I tried to dig them out. It was hopeless so I gave up and got in the shower. I made an 'enema' out of soap and shoved it into my anus. I finished my shower and got back on the toilet straight away. The soap enema worked and I was able to complete my dump.

I'm constipated quite a lot and lately, its been really bad. Actually last night, I had an extremely difficult time on the toilet. I mentioned in my last post that I had tried to do a poo in a public toilet. Well I got home and had dinner. I waited about an hour and then I walked around the house, doing some pushing. My house mate had gone away again, for the whole weekend, which suited me fine!!! I decided not to get on the toilet straight away, instead I kept walking around, pushing and straining. I kept my pants on. After 20 minutes, I could feel a gigantic turd moving down. I squatted on the floor in the lounge room, with my pants still on and bore down. I did lots of farts and I felt some liquid poo leak into my knickers. Amazingly, it felt good. I kept bearing down and after about 35 minutes, I felt the tip of the turd start to poke out.

I stood up and walked around a bit more, pushing and straining as I went. The poo felt like a watermelon in my anus, it was so big!!! Then I stood in one spot and pushed with all my might. I closed my eyes, screwed up my face and clenched my fists. I felt the turd move down a bit more and it was now sticking into my knickers. It felt so good, to be doing a poo in my pants!! After that, I decided to get on the toilet. I pulled my pants down and sat down. I grunted loudly "Hmmmmmmmmmmm, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, ugggghhhhhhh!!!!! The turd was getting bigger and bigger, the more it came out. Then, I gave it all I had and pushed like there was no tomorrow. I really had to work hard for several minutes and just when I thought the turd wouldn't come out, it finally came out in one, huge log!! It was about 3 inches wide and 10 inches long!!! I felt so much better after that!! I was SO backed up!!!!!!

Today I've been to the toilet 5 times to do poos!! The first load was massive but easier to get out than last night. The next loads were a bit harder and smaller.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lara great poop story it sounds like you had a good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenna great peeing story.

To: Lizzie it sounds like you were pretty desperate and just made it without having an accident and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Jemma great story about your big poop at the doctors office.

To: Bill F as always another great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Huge poop on date

Bloated Butt: Absolutely loved your New years poop story! I cant even imagine what it was like for you with 7 days of poop in you. You must have felt like you were gonna pop! And by the sounds of it It must have felt like you gave birth LOL. I cant even imagine how gassy you must have been. Were you passing a lot of gas leading up to that and at the party?

I also loved your most recent story with you farting in front of your BF LOL Do you gas him out of the room a lot? I imagine you have to keep the windows open in your place when your really gassy haha. I admit I do that sometimes:P

Lastly, Do you pass a lot of gas while your talking with friends? And I'd love to hear another story of one of your gassy days:)aha

Now for my story. So the other day I had a date with a guy I'm seeing named Dave. He's A really nice guy and super cute:)lol. So any way he said he would pick me up around 7. I had been super bloated and gassy all day since I hadn't pooped in about two days but I really didn't want to cancel on him. The whole time I was getting ready I passed gas trying to get rid of my bloat before he got to my house. My room stunk LOL. It felt really good but I still had a TON of gas in me. I figured I would just have to deal with it.
Fast forward to the restaurant and I'm even more bloated from the food and im struggling to hold my gas. The pressure becomes to much and I decide I'll try and pass a little. So I lean to the side slightly while he was talking and slowly let out a long hot fart. It didn't smell to bad so a couple minutes letter I farted again. For the next 20 mins I silently farted as we both talked and laughed then I felt this big gurgle in my bowels. It was definitely a huge urge to poop.
"It had to be now of all times" I thought to myself.
I excused myself and quickly walked to the bathroom silently farting with ever step. I walked into a stall and quickly pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and sat. I let out a huge bellowing fart which deflated me a bit. I then could feel this huge log start to inch its way out completely stretching me. I couldn't even believe how good it felt. As its came out it touched the bottom of the bowl and just kept coming curling around the bowl. Finally it ended but another long log quickly took its place. I dropped 3 more long logs with a little bit of soft poop on top. I ended it off with an incredibly long fart that got rid of all the gas in my system. As it trailed of I let out a huge sigh. I felt 10 pounds lighter LOL. I wiped and looked in the bowl. My first log was about a foot long, second was about and the rest were 6 inchers. It was a real mound of poop. I was scared it wasn't gonna flush but they were heavy duty toilets so I was good lol.
I quickly washed my hands as I realized I had been in there a long time! I ran back to the table feeling completely relived.
"Feeling better?" he asked smiling. He obviously must have known what I was doing. "Much better "I said laughing lol
The rest of the night was really fun and I had a really good time with him:)

Hey guys, wanted to let you in on the first notable experience i've had. I was traveling home over the holiday weekend, and had been in the car for a couple of hours when I started to cramp up. I hadn't taken a good shit since before Christmas so I knew there was a lot in there that needed to come out. The urge came on pretty strong and I knew I was going to have to stop somewhere soon or risk shitting my pants. There was a rest area coming up with a gas station, normally I'd wait it out but I didn't want to take the chance. I had been farting pretty much non stop for the past several minutes as I pulled in and parked the car. I figured I'd go inside the store first in case I needed a key since at this point every second counted and I didn't want it to be locked. The clerk told me that the bathroom was unlocked and then she gave me directions. Pretty sure I just crop dusted the entire store so I left in a hurry. I walked back outside and around the building to where she told me to go. I was trying to keep my ass closed as much as possible but the relief of being this close actually relaxed my grip and I felt a turd poke out. The bathroom wasn't as bad as I expected so I quickly went into the first stall and made a seat cover out of toilet paper. I turned around to close the stall door but the lock was missing so I pushed it mostly shut. Then in one motion I pulled my pants and boxers down and sat down. As soon as my ass hit the seat a monster turd just started coming out. It just exploded out, I didn't even have to push. I felt the end hit the bottom of the toilet so I slid forward on the seat and lifted my ass up a bit and then aimed my penis down as I started to piss. The rest of the turd slid out after I finished pissing and then I let out a really loud fart. I was glad I was the only person in there. I still felt pretty full and my guts were churning so I knew I was still going to be awhile. I looked at my boxers to check the damage and they looked clean. That's when I heard some talking and the door opening. A woman's voice asked if anyone was in there. It was so unexpected I found myself speechless. After hearing the door opening the rest of the way and footsteps coming in I said uh I'm in here. She asked if I minded if "we" could use the bathroom and again mostly in shock I just kinda said uh ok. I heard her say something and then childrens voices. By "we" she must have meant herself and her two children. She apologized when she walked inside and I guess realized I was in the stall taking a shit. She said that the womens room was a nightmare and her daughters really had to go. They were really young, maybe only a couple years old each. I figured I could hold on until they were gone because I was pretty embarrassed so I just sat there while they were getting situated. It took forever for the mother to get all of the winter clothing off of the girls and I felt ready to explode. The younger girl must have went first with the mother in there helping her. I pulled my cell phone out to distract me while I waited. As I was staring at the screen I heard "hi". I looked up to see a little face staring at me, so I quickly put my legs together to cover my penis and said "hi". She must have pushed open the door when I wasn't paying attention. The mom quickly came over and told her to leave that man alone. The mom was gorgeous. She was thin with curly brown hair, about my age late 20s or maybe early 30s, with a pretty face and nice features. She looked at me with wide brown eyes in a panic and said I am so sorry! I laughed and told her it wasn't a big deal. She relaxed a bit, she reminded me of the actress Katie Holmes. I could see her eying me up. I am quite handsome too, ladies love me. I've been told I look like Robin Thicke but without the talent. When she realized I caught her she averted her eyes, gave a charming smile and tried to close my stall door while apologizing again. At this point my stomach couldn't take it anymore and I let out a loud fart with some chunks of shit. I said sorry this time and she said that they were intruding and that I should just go about my business like they weren't there. I really still did have to go and this was starting to become exciting. So I pushed and farted again as another turd started to come out. One of the girls said eww mommy he is pooping, and the mom giggled and said shh I know let the man finish. The older daughter was now in the stall and wanted to be in there by herself so the mom was standing outside of her door. The door to my cubicle was still open enough that the mother could see me from where she was standing and was stealing glances whenever she could. I was really aroused and was enjoying this attention so I pretended not to notice. After my turd plopped in the toilet I switched to the camera on my cell phone so I could watch her too without her knowing. I let out a string of loud farts and she was definitely staring hardcore now. I couldn't see either of the girls so I let my legs spread open to reveal my massive erection resting on the toilet seat. I let out another loud fart and another monster turd started to come out with loud crackling sounds. She was hooked. I think one of her daughters said something to her but neither of us were really paying attention. I lifted my ass a little off the seat and the big turd broke off and splashed into the toilet. I wrapped my left hand around my package so I could move it out of the way and look into the toilet. There was a lot in there already but I still didn't feel finished. I was still being watched so I scratched my balls as I farted a few times until more shit started to come out. This load was very loose as it poured out with loud farts and splashed noisily into the water. It was starting to burn a little so I let out a little moan. I could hear the little girls laugh and their mothers face was beat red. I was letting off some silent farts as the girl came out of the next stall and told her mother that she was finished. So the mother told her to take her sister and wash their hands while she went to the bathroom. Then the mother went into the stall and sat down. I stopped shitting for a second to listen to her piss. But that must have been all she had to do. It went on forever though. I let out the longest nastiest fart while she was next door though. It was so loud and long that it stung and it ended really wet with some liquid shit dripping into the toilet. I said oh god sorry and she said that it was ok. I felt about finished but really didn't want this moment to end. I heard her unrolling toilet paper and wiping on her side, so I quickly started to roll up the paper on my side to make it look empty. She flushed the toilet and when she went to walk past took a peek at me and then started to turn her head away when I said excuse me. She stopped and I leaned forward and said I'm so sorry but it looks like I am out of paper here, could you please pass me some from the next stall. She looked me straight in the eyes now and said aww of course. So she went back into the next stall to get some. I was making myself fart while she was over there to make sure I was all cleaned out. The smell was pretty rancid in here now. Instead of passing the tp underneath she walked around in front and actually leaned right into my stall to hand it to me. This was so cool. She kept eye contact with me when she came in but stole a glance down at my cock when I reached out to take the rolled up tp. I said thank you so much, and she said thanks for letting us use the bathroom, it was an emergency. I told her it was for me too. I started to wipe when she was walking away. She didn't give me much so I made the most of it. It was pretty messy back there but I couldn't unroll any extra paper because they were still in there putting their coats and stuff back on. When I got up off the toilet I saw that it would clog so I didn't even bother flushing, I also got some brown spray on the back of the toilet. So I pulled up my jeans, threw my makeshift seat cover in the bowl, and met the family by the sinks to wash my hands. The girls said hi to me and the mother thanked me again for letting them use the bathroom. Her face was flushed and she had a permanent grin. I hope she enjoyed it because I gave her quite a show. After they left I went back into the stall as a little more shit worked its way down. Just a few small pieces, and then I was able to wipe as much as I needed to. It was definitely the most exciting dump I've ever had, probably the biggest too!



Do u guys try to poo with pants by the knees?
when i'm pooping or peeing Always i pull down my underwear/pantyhose/trouser to mid tight. I feel good so especially if I'm in u public toilet.
I pull down to the the knees only leather trouser because.

How much days do u wait for a good, long poop?
Every day i go for poo. I follow a diet with a good amount of fibers

Do you use seat covers at all?

Have a good day to every ones


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

I'm glad you loved my story!! I couldn't really see the log poking out of my anus because like you, I'm very curvy, with wide hips and a large butt cheeks. I tried to bend down to look but I couldn't bend down far enough. I wish I could have arranged for someone to take a photo of the log sticking out of my butt!! I could definitely feel my butt cheeks spreading apart while I walked around and it felt like I had a brick stuck in my anus!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also associate massive logs of poo with people that are very curvy and/or overweight. I'm not really overweight, more of a solid build with lots of curves. I could lose a bit of weight and at times, I do lose some weight but I'm happy with my body shape. Normally during winter, I tend to put on more weight, which makes my constipation worse.

So I answered one of you questions already - I don't mind if you ask me lots of questions, I'm happy to answer them! Anyway, you also asked if I walked around my whole house with that huge log sticking out of me or just in the bathroom - I just walked around my bedroom, not the whole house because some of the windows don't have curtains on them. I didn't want the neighbours seeing me naked (well almost naked) or with a huge log hanging out of me!!

My housemate doesn't know about my constipation problems, even though we are good friends. We don't talk about our bathroom habits with each other. She has never noticed me being uncomfortable when I'm constipated or noticed my stomach being bloated. I feel like I can't poop when she is home because I take such a long time on the toilet. My loads are often huge too and I don't like doing them at home, when she is around. I've almost blocked the toilet with my massive logs, which is why I go in public toilets most of the time. I used to hate using public toilets to poop but now I love it!! I don't tend to get gassy around my housemate either.

I'm not sure about you but reading good constipation stories on here really turns me on. Or even when someone isn't constipated but they spend a long time on the toilet doing a big, firm log. I love it when I can actually enjoy myself when I'm taking a dump. I tend to drag it out a bit when I'm not having any trouble because I love the feeling of my anus getting stretched (but not so much that it hurts, which is most of the time for me, because I get so constipated)

Its good to hear that you are having an easier time pooping. As usual, I'm constipated again.


New Years Eve

My name is Bonnie, I'm 28, divorced with a 4 year old, just a normal woman. New Years Eve I went out with my boyfriend and a group of friends downtown to the riverbank to party and watch the big fireworks show. It was cold out so I was wearing dark blue jeans and a long coat that goes down to about my knees.

We went to dinner first then went to a few different bars to drink and have a good time. The whole place was packed and people where everywhere, making it hard to move around. I had to go to the bathroom (1 and 2) but didn't want to get separated from our group so I held it. We eventually went to find a spot to watch the fireworks around. I really need to go by that point and said I was going to go find a place. One of my female friends came with me. We tried to push our way through the crowd to get to one of the groups or port-o-potties the city had setup but it was too crowded and after almost 30 minutes we had only moved a few hundred feet. My friend said she didn't have to go that bad and was just going to hold it. I was getting really desperate by that point but didn't want to show it so I said I would hold it, too.

We pushed our way back to our group and I stood there next to my boyfriend with my legs crossed, muscles clenched, fighting off waves of urges that were getting stronger and stronger. Luckily the long coat meat I could press my fingers into my crotch through my pockets without anyone noticing. I was also shaking a little. My boyfriend thought it was because of the cold so he put an arm around me to try to warm me up.

A few minutes before midnight I knew I was about to lose it. Just before midnight I lost control for just a second and peed some into my panties but not too bad. Midnight came and everyone did the countdown and I tried to act normal and seem happy but I was freaking out. The fireworks started and I tried to act normal but a minute or so into the show I lost another spurt of pee, then more. I was shaking. I was turtleheading and "touching cotton". My whole body felt pins and needles and I knew I was about to have a full-on accident right there in the middle of a few thousand people next to my boyfriend and friends and there was nothing I could do about it.

A minute later I realized it was too late. I tried to stop it but my body just would not respond. My butt pushed involuntarily and I filled my panties with a huge poop that was thankfully solid. I had to bear down a little to get it all out against the resistance of my jeans. Then my bladder released full force. I could hear the hissing sound over the crowd noises as it came out and soaked all aroudn my crotch and butt and down my legs. There was nothing I could do. I felt like a little girl just standing there soiling and wetting myself. I hadn't pooped my pants more than a couple of times in life since potty training and rarely had any wetting accidents bigger than a small leak, so this was uncharted territory at my age.

I finished and stood there, sure that everyone knew what I had done, but looking around nobody was paying attention. I looked down and my jeans were so dark and there was so little light that even below my coat you couldn't tell that I completely peed down my legs.

It started to get cold and clammy fast and uncomfortable, especially the poop against my butt cheeks. After everything ended the crowd finally started to dispurse and I said I was going to find a bathroom. We went into a bar and I waited in line with my back to the wall. I got into a stall and emptied my panties and threw them away and cleaned up as best I could. My jeans were almost dry by then. Somehow nobody found out.

Steven A

To Tyler Plus Another Weird Dream

Hey Tyler, I don't go to a private school, I just go to a really good public school. I have actually used a charter bus bathroom to do a #2, but after I was done, no one said anything because everyone was getting ready for a band adjudication in the morning. But, anyway, I got another weird dream that I would like to share:

It all started after school when I was waiting for my bus to take me and everyone else home and after the 1st bus group left. (My bus is in the 2ND group of buses), there was a girl that I knew and she also gets off at my bus stop and she had to go poop and she couldn't hold it. So, she went somewhere to squat but I could see her face and maybe some other people did too. Eventually, when my bus came, she was finishing up and she didn't miss the bus.

Steven A

My 1st Weird Dream - Tyler

Tyler, this is my first weird dream in case you missed it.

So, it all started out in a school bathroom and I was waiting in line for a stall to pee but later while I was on the toilet, I realized I had to poop. The line took a long time and eventually, it was my turn. When I went into the stall, which was big enough to have a sink in it, I saw 2 girls sitting near the sinks as I peed on the toilet. I then realized I had to poop. One of the girls asked, "Why are you sitting still?" I told them that I had to poop. I also asked if they didn't mind me pooping, and they said they didn't mind. So, I pooped and after I finished going, I wiped, flushed, and then washed my hands, I went back to class just to pick up my stuff to go to my next class. And that's how it ended. Well, I hope you enjoyed my weird dream, I will post again soon.

Migraine Loverer

Feed Back and story

To Bloated Butt: I loved your story! sounded like hell to get out. I am happy you did.

To Linda: I would definitively offer to help someone if they were making straining noises. I would offer to coach them through it and go into the stall if need be. I would also spread their butt cheeks if they needed me to. I would do whatever I could to help them out. I have not ever had a difficult pooping session in a public toilet. I think that would be an interesting experience for me though. I think I would love it if someone were to ask me if I was ok when I was having a hard time pooping. I would accept the help.

Fast Food Bathroom Story:

One time I was at McDonald and I told my dad I would be right out. I go in and there is this woman with her two kids. They were interesting to listen to. I then get a women calling my name. I tell her I'm here. She then asked me if i'm ok. I say yeah. I then go out and me dad said he was worried. I was in there for 20 minuets! I couldn't believe it. It didn't seem like that long to me. He thought I must have had a big poop. I didn't. I just got side tracked. Has anyone else have this sort of thing happen to them?



Hi Josh! Hiya Michael....

I wanted to ask you two if you had experiences like I did when you were little. My memories from this come from when I was like 9 or 10....but I remember it like yesterday.

(1)Did you ever get taken to the doctor because you were constipated?

(2)Do you remember the questions the doctor asked you?

(3) Do you remember how you were touched?

I had many visits with my pediatrition for constipation. He would have me take off my pants and underpants...and have me lie down on this exam table thing....which had a paper "sheet" on it. First I was made to lie on my back. He would take his hands and kinda massage my ????....pressing and sort of kneading around. I know now that he was feeling for backed up hardened poop in my transverse colon and descending colon. He found plenty....and would poke and press at it for what seemed like a long time

Then; he would make me roll over on my ????...and proceed to examine my anus. Like it was yesterday; I remember the feeling of him spreading my cheeks and gently (at first) touch me. He would spread some lube (always COLD!) on and in my hole....and then would push his finger up into me.....It would always surprise me how far it seemed to be able to reach.

He would then turn to my mom and say "Your son is severely constipated".

Duh?? When she made the appointment he was told that I hadn't shit for 2 weeks; of course I was severely constipated.

I was then told to go and sit on the toilet and try to go. I never I was sent home for an enema.

So....Did either of you experience this? I would really like to know how it made you feel.

Tyler (feeling sorta sad....)


20something girl poos in next cubicle at pub

So my fiance and I went out for a meal tonight,
I went for a wee, I walked in to the loo with another lady waiting for the girl pooing. At first they continued talking about their day at work.
I finished my wee washed my hands and suddenly the smell of her poo overcame me.
I mean I can do some smelly ones, but geez! ! Poor lass.
I left and 10 mins later noticed both girls leaving the loo, the girl in question was in her 20s & had long blonde hair and her work clothes on.
I didn't hear anything whilst I was in the loo though, just the smell.
No stories from me at the moment!
J x


Post Title (optional) Constipated again : (

Well I'm constipated yet again. I dropped a small load on Monday, which consister of 2 rock hard, golf ball sized pieces of poo. When I tried to flush them, they wouldn't flush! After several attempts, they flushed down the toilet. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I didn't do a poo at all. I had liquid poo and mucous coming out of my butt. I had to keep going to the toilet to let out liquid poo. I was also quite gassy. My stomach was very bloated, I felt lethargic and miserable. I was getting desperate on Thursday night but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't push any poo out. I felt so full of poo on Friday and I was in dire need for a poo.I did some gentle pushing throughout the day at work. I finished work early and drove to my favorite shopping centre, with my favorite public toilets. By then, I was getting more of an urge to do a poo. I made my way to the toilets and chose the one in the far corner. Nobody else was there. I went in and locked the door. I took off all my clothes, apart from my bra. I didn't want to get too hot. I sat on the toilet and waited. I did lots of farts and I felt the tip of a turd moving down. I started pushing and straining.

I felt the turd moving down as I pushed and strained. But when I had a rest, it went back up a bit. I really had to bear down to get the turd to start poking out of my anus. After about 30 minutes, at least 2 inches of poo was poking out. But it was stuck so I had to keep straining. I even grunted a bit too because nobody else was around. No matter how hard I pushed, the turd wasn't budging. I tried every technique I know to try to get the turd out but nothing helped. I was so backed up! And by now, I had spent almost an hour on the toilet. I reluctantly decided to give up. I relaxed and let my anus suck the poo back in. My anus was so sore and it was burning. I drove home, still full of poo! I just had dinner and I'm u yet to try again on the toilet. I will report back later.

Old Fart
Anatomy Student

Trust me, don't stretch it. You will regret it when you are older, and that means before you are old. Issues I had with parents that took what poor doctors said as gospel on how to handle constipation left me with a stretched colon that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

Dude in Distress

For Linda-

I too have some really difficult bms. Most recently was during during the holidays. After a couple of days worth of unsuccessful attempts, I decided enough was enough. I pushed and strained for a good half hour. Finally the tip poked out- but stopped. It was rock hard and unbelievably wide. I did what I had to do and used some lube and my fingers to help ease things out. Has that sort of thing ever happened to you? (Or anyone else?)

I'm a swimmer. One day after an extremely difficult practice one of my swim friends and I went to pizza ranch. My friend is skinny and ate A TON! She ate 2 pieces of pepperoni, corn, potatoes, two pieces of dessert pizza, and to top it off ice cream. She joked that she was going to break the porcelain.

Later we went to my house. After about an hour of watching tv she grabbed her stomach and said, "Man, that pizza really went through me." I told her that I knew I had vanilla air freshener, but I had to find it. I looked for a minute or so but she said that she couldn't wait much longer. I told her just to go so she did.

After almost 15 minutes I realized I had to go to! I ran upstairs thinking she couldn't be much longer and plopped down on that toilet. I really had to go and it came out after some pushing and grunting. I quickly spayed the air freshener that I tried to find earlier and ran downstairs.

As soon as I sat back down on the couch she came out and said," Well, I didn't break the porcelain but it was close! There was some corn in there from 2 days ago." We both laughed and I took a sigh of relief. I was so glad she didn't finish before I did!

It is cold here today. Real cold. I am going to bed. I gave the residents extra heat at night. I had 2 massive bowel movements today. I ate ravioli with green pesto and I dipped my sprouted bread in the pesto for breakfast yesterday. I was working in the hallway when I got the urge. I went to my flat bathroom, pulled down my navy sweat pants and white full-cut FOL band-leg cotton panties to my ankles. It was brown/green and thick. I saw seeds and other undigested things. I wiped myself and flushed 2x. Later in the afternoon, the same thing. It is too cold to be preoccupied.


to Mina

Hi Mina,
Yes I do have an intense pain just before I need to go & awful spasms as do lots of ppl with IBS I am on various medication for it to try & give me an easy time.
I noticed I cut you off mid post lol , oops, sorry! ;-)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Anatomy student

Expiriment update

I can't seem to make it more than 2 or 3 days holding in a poo... I will keep trying periodically. Maybe I can stretch my rectum to accommodate more fecal matter.
With that said, I will tell of the biggest turd I ever produced.
I was at school about 4 years ago. I got an uncomfortable feeling, but not quite a definite urge. It was berable till I got home. After I got in, I went to the bathroom and sat down. It took soooooo long to get things moving. It hurt my butthole to strain that much, but after close to an hour, this thick chunk of shit splashed. I looked and it was 2" wide and 2" long... It looked like a cupcake, but felt like fire. I've crapped much more in one sitting, but this was the biggest single turd I ever produced.
The most I've ever pooped was after my hernia surgery. I was put on pain medicine and had my abdomen cut up, so my bowels were at a stand still. I don't even remember farting much. After about a week, I took a senna laxative. I then left to hangout with my girlfriend. I felt the urge, but couldn't push because my ab muscles were cut, so I took a glycerine suppository. I couldn't even get that to come back out. My girlfriend drove me home, then I went to my bathroom. I finally got things moving. I sat there with similar solid week old shit pouring out of my butt for close to an hour. It was a 10 on the pain scale. I finally finished. I looked in, I had filled the drain and the bowl and built a small shit island on top of the water. My pants fit better afterwards.

Sorry, I wrote JENNA instead of JEMMA. My post seems to be cut in the middle by a post by Jemma. And sorry Jemma, if you have IBS you are not as lucky as I thought. I hope you don't have pain. I don't know well about IBS.

Mr. Clogs

Peed in a bottle in my truck

I have a post to share and wondering if anyone keeps a container or has gone to the bathroom in their car in case of an emergency? This is not the first time I had to use the bottle in the truck. I had worked on site pretty much the rest of the day and in desperate need to pee. I left the site and on my way home and been holding back for a long time. I reached for the bottle that I keep in my truck, I opened the lid and unzipped my pants and but the mouth of the bottle up to woody. I slid back in the seat to make it discrete, relaxed and started peeing into the bottle. I felt relieved and felt great! I've been holding in since 1:00PM that day and left about 8:45PM! That's a great hold for me. I filled the bottle half way and put the top back on and put the bottle in my book bag so I can pour the piss into the toilet when I get home which I did.

Happy New Year to all of you and keep the posts coming.

--Mr. Clogs

Do u guys try to poo with pants by the knees?
Yes always. I just pull down my trousers/leggings/tights to my mid thigh if im doing a pee. When im pooing though, I go to the knees for comfort.

How much days do u wait for a good, long poop?
I only poo every few days so for a big, long poo I would wait maybe 4 days.

Do you use seat covers at all?
We don't have one in my house and you don't really get them in Scotland in public toilets so no. If the seat is horrible though I will lay down some toilet roll to sit on.

I did an absolutely foul poo on boxing day.

My family were all up at my aunt and uncles house and had finished having steak for dinner. The turkey from the previous day and the steak had all caught up with me I think and I quite urgently had to use a loo.

I saw my brother Kieran go up stairs to the toilet so I decided that I would make my run for the loo then as I didn't want to proceed anyone else to have my poo.

I caught up with Kieran at the top of the stairs and asked him if I could go in before him (so that only he would have to go into the toilet directly after me) He seemed a bit confused but agreed to wait outside while I used the toilet.

I closed the door over, locked it and walked over to the toilet. I quickly pulled my denim shorts to my knees and hoicked my black tights to my knees and sat my bum on the seat.

I didn't even need to push 3 big long pieces out of my bum which instantly made me feel a lot lighter.

Afterwards, little watterty spurts were coming out all over the insides of my bum cheeks. Then it was time for a long pee from all the liquids I had drank.

I was trying to be in and out quickly seeing as Kieran also needed to use the toilet so as soon as the poo was finished and my pee had stopped, I ripped off 8 pieces of loo roll for my behind.

I lent over onto my right thigh and wiped thoroughly but quickly 8 times before standing up slightly, wiping my front once and pulling up my pants, hiking up my tights and bringing my shorts up and zipping them up. I flushed the loo and washed my hands.

As I left the bathroom, Kieran said that the bathroom stunk so he obviously knew that I had done a poo.

bye x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karina great story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bloated butt as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and Alicia had a pretty good poop to and I bet you
both felt pretty great afterwards you probaly more and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and it sounds like your friend Alexas really had to poop bad and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda as always another great story.

To: Layla great story it sounds like you an interesting day poop wise going from almost diarrhea to constipation hope it wont last to long and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story it sounds like your ladies room at work got a good workout and I look forward to reading your next post thanks.

To: Jemma I hope you feel better and great story about your major cleanout poop at work it sounds like you really had to go alot and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sammie In Troy your very lucky to have such a carring boyfriend and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amy great peeing story.

To: Laura great story it sounds like that girl really had to poop badly and I bet she felt pretty good once she was done to.

To: Abby great outdoor poop story.

To: Olivia first welcome to the site and I look forward to reading your stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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