Bloated Butt

To Linda: walking around trying to poop

Oh my gosh, I LOVED your post about standing up and walking around while trying to poop. I just loved the visual image of you waddling around wearing only a bra, an enormous thick heavy log sticking out of your butt. Could you actually see the log, or did your butt cheeks sort of cover it up? I once posted a story about having to get off the toilet and grab some toilet paper from the kitchen, and had to waddle down the hallway with a big wide log lodged in my anus. My buttcheeks are so large that I couldn't actually see the poop, but it was difficult walking. Is your butt very big? For some reason I imagine you being very curvy. I guess its because you're always describing your massive logs and I always associate huge turds with being curvy, having a big butt and wide hips, and so on.

I bet if felt magnificent to be walking around like that, wearing only a bra. Did you walk all over your house, or did you stay in the bathroom?

Does your housemate know about your constipation? Has she ever heard you on the toilet? Have you ever needed to poop really bad but couldn't because she was around? Has she ever noticed you being really bloated and obviously constipated? Have you ever been really gassy around her? How open is she about her own bowel movements?

Sorry to bombard you with all of these questions, but your last story got me so excited! Please respond!

Oh, and in a previous post you asked if I'm presently constipated. Actually I've been doing okay since my New Year's Eve poop. I pooped again on Saturday (Jan 4th), a nice sensual BM with three large logs that plopped out. But now I've gone Sunday and Monday without pooping, and I've definitely got some poop building up in me now LOL. Today I was sitting on the sofa with my boyfriend, and I said "Guess what?" He looked at me and said "What?", and I leaned over and blasted a huge three-second-long fart. LOL! That wasn't the only fart I've been passing, though...Its a wonder he puts up with me.


Actively Peeing

Has anyone ever had one of those days where you constantly pee even though you barely drink anything? I just had one of those days a few days ago. If you've read my previous posts, you guys know that I drink a lot of liquids every day, and that results in me going potty several times a day. So anyways I'd planned to go over to my friend Kendra's house to hangout. I woke up and got dressed to go for a run, carrying my usual water bottle. When I got back home, the bottle was empty and I was really needing the toilet cause I hadn't had my morning pee yet.

So I peed before taking a shower and then got dressed for the rest of the day. I arrived at Kendra's place at around noon and we had lunch. During that lunch I only had one cup of water. So an hour passes and we're sitting around in her room talking and chilling and such, when I got the urge to pee. And it wasn't like a slight urge. It was like I should pee really soon and it came out of nowhere. Strange lol. So I excused myself and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Once inside, I hiked up my skirt, pulled my panties down and took a seat on the toilet. My stream started right away, and it wasn't a tinkle either. It was a constant strong FSSSHHHHHHHHH. After about 30 seconds it weakened, and I squeezed out a couple more spurts and then I was done. I cleaned up and flushed. I was kinda confused cause most of what I drank that day I peed out before I showered, and the only thing I had in me was that cup of water I had during lunch.

Well Kendra and I continued hanging out and less than an hour later, I had to pee again! Keep in mind I didn't drink anything between that time and when I last peed. So I told Kendra I had to pee again, but she was in the middle of telling me this long story so she just went to the bathroom with me. So I sat on the toilet again and Kendra sat on the floor with her back against the tub. I let out another strong stream that sounded like I had two whole water bottles within the last two hours, except I didn't. Seriously, what's going on? Lol. After I finished, Kendra and I went to her living room to watch some TV. Not even an hour later…you guessed it. I had to pee. We were in the middle of watching an episode though, and I didn't wanna get up in the middle of commercials, so I waited until the episode was done before making my move.

Unfortunately Kendra had the same idea and reached the bathroom before I did. I had to stand there and wait as she pulled down her jeans and peed for nearly a minute. She wiped, got up without flushing, and I took her place on the toilet. FSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-FSSSHHHHH-FSHHH. I produced yet another gusher. Kendra made a face and said "Dang, did you drink like a gallon this morning?" and laughed. "I swear I didn't even drink much today." I said as I tore off some toilet paper and wiped my vagina. "Seriously I don't know where all this pee is coming from." We both laughed. A couple of hours later, we decided to go to the mall.

Our first stop was the food court, and we had an early dinner where I finished an entire medium cup of soda. It was only a matter of time before that soda hit my bladder, and that was 30 minutes later, when Kendra and I were in at a Macy's fitting rooms trying on outfits. I figured I could hold it, but Kendra said something really funny and we both burst out laughing. I nearly lost it right there. "Oh my God, stop. Don't make me laugh! You're gonna make me pee!" I was saying between gasping laughter. That only made us laugh even harder, to the point where I had to double over and jam my hands in my crotch. "Oh God, Kendra! Watch my stuff! I gotta piss!" I said still laughing. I struggled to get my skirt back on and ran out of the fitting room. Thankfully the restrooms were nearby, and I had to keep my composure as I walked into the bathroom and into a stall. I quickly lifted my skirt, tore down my panties and sat on the toilet. I peed for 40 seconds but it felt a lot longer lol. After I finished up, I came out of the bathroom and Kendra met me out front. After browsing the mall for another hour we headed home. The next time I peed was when I got home.

I seriously don't know why I peed that much that day. I've drank way more and peed way less on many other days, and so far as I know, this has never happened to me before. Oh well, it was fun nonetheless, in a way lol. At least I got to experience the relief a lot more haha.

Until next time! :) Bye guyssss!


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

I absolutely LOVED your story!!! I can't believe you have 7 days worth of crap loaded up inside your bowels, plugging you up and you were still able to eat heaps of food over the Christmas period. I bet your friend Alisha had a great time watching you while you struggled with your gigantic load, pushing and straining to get it all out. How long did it take for you to get your entire load out??

I'm actually constipated again myself. I did some nice big poos on Sunday but I started getting backed up again on Monday. I've got liquid poo coming out, my stomach is bloated and I feel lethargic. I just wish I could do a nice, big firm poo that stretches my anus - but not so much that it hurts, just enough to make it feel enjoyable.

I can't remember if I have asked this before but has anyone else had a really difficult pooping session in a public toilet?? Did anyone ask you if you were okay?? Obviously, I've had lots of hard pooping sessions in public toilets, as I'm constipated a lot but nobody has ever asked me if I'm okay.

Or has anyone been in a public toilet and heard someone else having a hard time with a constipated poop?? I've never experienced this but I wish I could one day!!

To bloated butt: I know exactly where you're talking about. The wow-feeling what goes through your whole body when you feel you're stretch to the limit is amazing. A special moment for me is the feeling that i know there is a big solid bowel movement in the nearby future. As specially the typical farts that are going hand in hand with a solid motion. And the knowledge that there is something big on his way. So the fun and pleasure before the 'big' moment is also great. I have the same secret as you have, nobody knows of my secret pleasure. Did you ever pooped somewhere else than on the toilet?

To everybody: I soon came up with a good story about my bowel movements!


Pooping at school

I was at school when I suddenly felt a sudden urge to poop. So I sat on the toilet, pulled down my tights and panties and pushed. Immediately, lots of brown water came out of my butt, followed by loud farts. I then heard the voice of one of my friends from the next stall. She asked if I was okay.i said I was and we talked while I repeatedly farted and pooped. Three minutes later, I finally stopped pooping and wiped. Afterwards, I pulled up my tights and panties then flushed the toilet.


no longer constipated - nice big poo at the doctors

Hey all!

So since I've been constipated since Saturday mid morning I finally had a good poo
At the doctors this arvo.
I went about my stomach issues as my IBS is being investigated.
My appointment was 1pm & I arrived at 1250. I started to feel an urge about an hour previous, so sitting in the doctors waiting room I was getting more desperate.
I had to go. It was a good poo. Just 5 long solid plops but boy did it feel good & I felt empty afterwards which was a lovely feeling!
J x


Steven A: **BAND BUS**

Wow Steven; you go to such a cool school. Swimming in PE.....Trips to Florida.....Your parents pay big $$$ for a private school hahaha.....???
Hoooo boy; a bus with a bathroom!!!! I dunno....I doubt a tiny toilet like that is gonna be much of a match for a bunch of poop-laden teenagers! It will just take one kid....feeling his once a week decide to go in there and grunt out a fecal potatoe.....and it's all over for the rest of the trip. OOOOOHHHHH the Stench!

But; until that should be fun to watch the kids having urges....deciding to go for it...or hold. Can't wait to hear.

Myself....unless I was desperate....I think I'd hold my poop. How 'bout you Steven....????


PS: I've been amazingly regular lately. This morning I got a strong urge....strongest I've had in a while. I did a "soft-serve poop"....long and soft. I feel good when I'm empty like this.

Bill F

Summer Camp - Day 1

This story happened with me and three of the girls: Lisa, Emily, and Lucy. We were all around the age of 10, and we went to a summer camp for a week with about eleven other kids. I'll split this painfully long story into several parts to cover each day.

Day 1
We all had to be up rather early for the bus, and we all boarded at about 10 a.m. We were told the drive would be around two hours, and we all brought a lunch to eat. Each seat on the bus could fit three people. Us four wanted to stay in a group, so I sat between Lisa and Emily, and Lucy sat in the seat next to us. I made sure to use the bathroom before getting on, and Lucy was very confident in saying she did the same.
Not long into the ride however, and it was clear that Lisa didn't. She was starting to shift quite often. After about an hour of driving, Lisa was getting more desperate, and starting crossing her kegs every so often. Emily was starting to shift now as well. I was getting hungry, so I started eating my lunch. About half an hour later, I was almost finished my lunch, and I looked over at Lisa, she had her hands between her legs and she couldn't sit still. Finally she piped up. "Bill, I really need to pee, I don't think I can make it to the camp. Are you finished with that water bottle?" She pointed to the empty bottle. I was going to reuse it, but I remembered I brought a few more, so I lent it to her. I asked "You want to switch seats so no one sees?" She said yes, and we switched. At first, she was reluctant. She said "I picked a bad day to wear pants instead of a skirt. How am I gonna do this?" She sat on her knees, lifted her butt off her feet slightly, and slowly lowered her pants, almost constantly looking for peeping eyes. She lowered her panties next. She unscrewed the cap off the bottle, and placed it between her legs. Before starting her pee, she said "Let's hope those peeing standing up lessons paid off. Hopefully I wont't miss."
Her pee started slowly, because she was afraid of missing, and she kind of did. Most of the pee got inside, but there was a small stream going down the outside. She quickly adjusted the bottle, and let loose. Her stream of pee was very forceful, and with the water bottle it was quite loud. So loud that Lucy leaned over and asked "Are you peeing into a bottle?" I said "Nope, that would be Lisa." She said "Holy crap, that girl can go!" I looked back at Lisa, and I noticed the bottle was already half full, and she showed no signs of stopping. While she was peeing, she farted a wet sounding fart, and because of the way she was sitting on her feet, her butt cheeks were being spread. That, plus her peeing, meant that there was nothing to hold it back. This fart must have lasted three seconds, and it was wet the whole time. Her pee was finally starting to slow down, and not a moment too soon. The bottle was almost completely full when she stopped peeing with a quick spurt, topping it off. She closed the cap, and put the slightly yellow bottle on the floor. I asked her "Did you get it all out?" She said "Not quite. If I can't hold it, I'll finish on the floor and it'll look like I spilled some water." I said "Well you kind of would be spilling water." She laughed, and said "Hold on." Her pants were still down, and she simply turned around so that her butt was hanging off the seat. She finished the last bit of her pee, and let out another wet fart. She pulled up her pants and switched seats with me again.
I looked over at Emily, who was looking out the window this whole time, to keep from looking or listening to Lisa's pee. She was looking quite desperate now, and she had her hands between her legs. She chose to wear a skirt, which might come in handy. I said to her "We're almost at the camp. Can you make it?" She said "I think so. I don't want to take a risk like Lisa did." She turned toward the window again. I asked Lisa "Those farts were pretty wet. Did you just have to pee?" She said "I could probably poop if I tried, but it's not urgent."
Another forty minutes later, Lucy was starting to look uncomfortable. I thought she had used the bathroom before we left, but then I remembered from the holiday break that she always poops at lunchtime. I was also reminded that she had almost no inhibitions when she raised her hand and asked across the bus to the coordinator "Are we almost there? I'm starting to turtle-head back here!" The coordinator couldn't help but laugh along with the rest of the bus (except Emily). She said "Yes, we're almost there." I said to her "You must really have to go to blurt it out like that!" She said "Yea. I was afraid of this. When I went before we left, I tried really hard to poop to avoid this, but it just wasn't ready to come out yet. But now it sure is!" She then sat on her foot to make sure she wouldn't lose it. I asked her "Do you think you'll make it to the camp?" She said "I think my bowels will decide that more than me."
We got to the camp, and just before the bus stopped Lucy said "You go on ahead. I'll stay behind so no one bumps into me and makes me lose it." I left the bus with Emily, who by this point was very desperate, and hopping about. She said "I won't make it to the cabin, let's just find a spot where no one will see us." She was about to head off into the woods, when I said "Why walk and make it worse when you could just go behind the bus?" She ran, or rather hopped, to the other side of the bus, and I followed suit. Just then, Lucy got off the bus and followed me, she was practically waddling and she was holding her butt with both hands. Emily had already started peeing furiously. Even though she was squatting the jet stream went easily three feet in front of her. Lucy was unbuttoning her pants, still holding her butt with one hand. She said "I don't know if I can pull them down without losing it." I squatted down to pee while Lucy tried to solve her dilemma. Suddenly, I saw her pants and her butt drop to the ground at the same speed, and a small ball of poop fell even faster. A huge log started to poke out very slowly. It was taking so long to come out, that Emily was finished her pee before Lucy's turd dropped. Finally after what seemed like forever, the huge log split off from her anus. I said "Why did that log take so long?" As another turd was coming into place, she said with grunts, "There was a whole log?! I thought I was still holding it! I was closing my butthole as hard as I could!" Even I couldn't believe she had to go that bad. As her second log emerged more quickly because she 'let go' of her hold, I saw that her panties had a pretty bad poop stain on them. I said "Looks like your panties are more brown than blue." I heard Emily say "You too, huh? I threw my panties under the bus they were so bad." Lucy's second log snapped off, but before her third started, she said "I'll have to do the same thing, except my panties are brown, yours are see-through." We all laughed, and Lucy's third turd started. This time, she was pushing it, and it came out so fast it looked like it popped out. Then she peed for about twenty seconds, and finished with a little bit of mushy poop and a good long fart. Emily retaliated with her own fart. Lucy took this as a challenge, and said "Oh, you want to have a farting contest?" Emily said "I wish, but that was all I had in me." I gave Lucy some toilet paper to wipe with. When she was done, she pulled her pants up and gave the roll to Emily, so she could wipe her front. Emily gave it back to me, as she could tell I was starting to poop. As I pushed my first log out, I said "I wonder if the bus driver will see any of our piles." Lucy said "You could see mine a mile away." By this time I was finished, and I stood up. She added "But you couldn't pick out yours further than fifty feet." We all laughed and left our creations to get settled into our cabin.
As with most camphouses, the bathrooms was a complete disaster. Emily said "Get your shovels. We're gonna have to dig a few holes." We all laughed, but then I found a big bucket we could use. I told them about it, and they weren't too keen on using it. I found a few small pillows and taped them to the rim of the bucket, and I found a stool to put it front of it. I said "There! A makeshift toilet. Kinda." Lisa said "Better than what it was. I think I could use that. The other girls agreed. I put the bucket in one of the corners next to the bunk beds, as I didn't think privacy would be an issue.
The bucket didn't get any use until later that night. Soon after dinner, Lisa ripped a wet fart and said "I think it's time to break in the bucket. She dropped her pants, got up on the stool and sat her legs on the pillow so her butt was hanging off, like on the bus. She quickly dropped four smaller sized turds, each of them hitting the bottom of the bucket with an unusual "Ping!" sound. She peed a little bit, which made a pitter patter as it hit the bucket. Lisa said "You'll have to make sure not to pee too hard so it doesn't hit the front cushion." Lucy bravely went to the bathroom to get some toilet paper. Lisa wiped and got up.
I quickly saw a problem. "Lisa, you kinda missed again." She turned back around and said "How?" I said "Look at the back cushion. You splattered it." There was a brown mess on the back cushion gross enough to even make the three Gross Girls go "Ewww!" all at once. Lisa untaped the cushion and threw it out. I shouldn't have put it there in the first place. After the bucket situation calmed down, we went back to reading or other things. Until the bucket situation made itself known again, as it was starting to smell really bad. Lisa took the bucket outside and came back in. Lucy said "Well we can't just leave it there. I say we should empty it whenever it gets bad. Last person to use it has to dump it out." We all agreed to that. Emily repeated "Get your shovels. We're gonna have to dig a few holes." We all laughed and got to work. When we were done, the backyard of our cabin had 5 holes, all of them about 2 feet deep. I said "Let's hope these contain seven days worth of four people's poop." Lisa then emptied the bucket, as she used it last. She rinsed it out with a hose to get the residue off the bottom as well. It was getting dark, so we all went to bed. No one got up to use the bucket during the night, as it was empty when I got up the next morning.
And the trip was only just beginning.

Hooray! You made it to the end of the first part. Hopefully none of the other parts will be nearly as long.
See ya next time!


Peeing Experiment

Earlier I decided to try an experiment: I drank 2 litres of water. I wanted to see how much i would pee later. So I waited as long as I could until I felt that I couldn't hold it in anymore. I then peed into a bucket, measured it and it was around 1600 ml.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Morning Poo

Jemma - no problem about the shout out, always enjoy your stories!

I've just got back from work, but thought I would share a story about today's poo.

I get up for work about 6:45am and usually have my breakfast before getting dressed and going to work. I rarely have a poo before going to work, but today was an exception.

I had just finished breakfast and the urge for a dump came on. I made my way to the toilet and could feel that this was going to be a good shit. I sat on the toilet and within seconds a huge log was crackling its way out. This slid into the toilet almost effortlessly. I had a quick look and saw the log curled round the bottom of the toilet.

There was far more to come, and 3 logs came out one after another, about 30 seconds after I had dropped the monster log. 2 small logs followed and I was done. I had another look and there was a mountain of shit, with 2 logs sticking out the water. I wiped, and felt great for dumping out that load.

I had to flush the toilet 3 times to get rid of it all. I felt so relieved getting all that out., not much better than a good morning shit!

Steven A

Band Trip - Tyler

Somewhere in April, I'm going to go to Florida for a 4 day band trip. We're all going to Florida on charter buses with bathrooms and we are leaving around noon and not getting there until the next day. I asked some people about the charter bus bathrooms and they all said not to use them but I don't care I'm still going to use them. I may have some new experiences on this trip and I will share what happened to me and or other people on the trip if anything happens.

Hi. I posted the other day about my sister Anna and I pooping at the restaurant, but I must have forgotten to put down my name. Anyway, I'm back with another story.

I was at a friend's house yesterday and we were watching a movie when I started to have to poop. I wasn't too in to the movie, so I told her I needed to poop, but she didn't have to pause the movie for me. She said okay, but then told me that their toilet was broken and I've have to use the one in the basement.

I went to the bathroom and by the time I reached the stairs I was farting up a storm. But then once I was sitting on the toilet, I did a few more farts, my urge was gone. I knew if I sat for a while, it would probably come back. I got out my phone and started playing around with it while I waited.

After a few minutes, I was feeling a renewed urge to poop. I let out a pretty long turd. Four shorter logs followed it, with each separated by a deep, long fart. Another firm turd even longer than the first came at the end. I wiped my butt several times and flushed the toilet. Then I washed up and returned to my friend's room.

To Jenna

Wow! 73 plo


to Phil

Hi phil.
Thanks for your shout out in your last post lol regarding the poos I had on the hen weekend...
I have bad IBS, which I'm on various tablets to control - most days I poo a good amount about 4/5x a day unless I'm constipated (as I was only yesterday) & also I eat alot of fruit and fibre foods! ;-)

ps in one day?? I think I do more than most people, but I've never produced as many as that!! I'd quite like to do like you however, you are lucky woman.

Bloated Butt

New Year's Eve Poop

To Ass Stretcher:

You and I are of the same mind! I know exactly what you're talking about when you say you love pushing out immense logs. I'm a 30 yr female with a big butt and hips. I love the feeling of a tremendous thick log pushing its way out of me and stretching my anus so wide. It usually takes me a while to push it all the way out because its so big and moves slow, and my poop rarely comes out on its own without pushing. But I enjoy every blissful moment of it! My favorite pleasure is to have my bowels fully packed with heavy poop, feeling the tip of a massive log poking at the inside of my anus, like I have an American football stuffed in my butt. Then I go to the toilet and push push push and it comes out so slow. I love those moments and want them to last as long as possible! None of my family or friends knows about my secret pleasure.

To everyone else:

For some weird reason, my last two posts were posted in the wrong order. So in case anyone is confused, my post where I described pooping the day before Christmas Eve was my most recent post. Anywho:

My next BM occurred on New Year's Eve, so I went Christmas Eve, Christmas, the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th without pooping. I ate like a pig, though, and completely stuffed myself all through that time. There was tons of leftovers after Christmas so I of course helped myself to those, packing more and more food in and letting it build up inside of me, turning into poop.

On New Year's Eve, my boyfriend and I went over to my friend Alicia's, and a few other people were there. Except for Alicia, my boyfriend, and about two other people, I didn't know anyone very well. Of course I was bloated and flatulent and feeling like a bloated chicken that desperately needed to lay a huge clutch of massive brown eggs, and was self-concious of pooping with unfamiliar people around. I thought I could hold it until my boyfriend and I got home but the urge was getting stronger and I realized with a sinking feeling that I was eventually going to have to use Alicia's toilet.

Around 10 pm we were still hanging out when I finally broke down and told Alicia (discretely) that I needed to use her bathroom. But another woman overheard me and quickly piped up "Oh, hold on a sec, I need to go too", and then Alicia herself said that she needed to go too! They both said that they only had to pee so I agreed to wait since I knew I'd be a while (and plus I'm not very assertive so I just let them go in front of me).

The three of us went down the hall to the bathroom. Right across from it was Alicia's own bedroom, and the door was open. The girl (who I didn't know very well, so I won't divulge her name) went into the bathroom and shut the door, and me and Alicia went into her room. The pressure in my butt was so intense that I was basically standing straight up and clenching my big butt as tight as I could. I looked at Alicia's bed and saw that her bedposts are only about waist-high, and are topped with smooth round wooden balls the size of grapefruits. I quickly waddled over and sat down on the nearest one, my massive round butt sinking down on it and enveloping it. I let my weight sink down and relaxed, and felt the hard round bedpost push deep into my soft rear end.

Alicia noticed and said "You break it, you buy it".

"Nnnnnnnnhhh....I won't.....break it..." I said. God, I had to poop so bad and this girl was taking forever. The bedpost was pushing so hard into my butt and pushing my poop back up into me. My stomach rumbled and I winced and sighed as I sat gingerly on the bedpost.

It felt like ten minutes before the other girl FINALLY came out. I heard the toilet flush, then the door opened and she came out saying "Sorry for the wait", and then went back to the party. Then me and Alicia went in. As soon as the door closed, I gasped in desperation:

"Oh God Alicia, I have to go so bad, please let me go first!"

"Just wait just a minute, okay, sweetie? I'll be real quick!" said Alicia, pulling down her jeans and underwear and sitting on the toilet. I've said it many times, but Alicia has a much more athletic and strong build than I do. She's thin and toned and has a tight butt and her hips arent too wide, whereas I'm soft and curvy and have MASSIVE round butt and hips like Tinkerbell LOL.

She sat on the toilet and peed a little, then said, "Hold on...I've actually gotta poop..."


"Shhhhhh...I didn't want to let anyone know."

"Oh my God, Alicia..." I groaned, putting one hand on my gassy bloated stomach and the other on my big round soft butt.

"Don't worry...." she said, and started to push. I heard a soft crackling down and then PLOP, she laid a big log. A split-second later, two more PLOPs. "Ahhhhh, all done." She took some TP and started wiping.

"Are you seriously done? That was quick."

"Yeah. I told you I never get constipated. I always go everyday." She stood up and I caught a glimpse of three sizeable logs, each about an inch and half thick and 8 inches ling. They weren't nearly as big as mine, which are more like 3 inches thick and 10 inches long. She flushed and washed her hands, then said, "You want me to stick around?"

I was already pulling down my long denim skirt and thong and plonking my tremendous booty down before the toilet tank was done filling up again, "Um, do you WANT to stick around? This is going to be bad..."

"I'll keep you company."

So then I started pooping. As always the first log was too big to come out without pushing, and I had to take a few breaks to catch my breath, while Alicia stroked my thighs and the sides of my butt, encouraging me. I groaned and sighed as my anus was stretched to accomodate this tree-sized log.

"C'mon, sweetie, imagine you're giving birth..."

I tried not to laugh "Shush!" I kept pushing, trying hard to get the butt-plugging log out of me but without making too much noise. I gasped and softly grunted, bearing down as it inched out slowly, as Alicia kept gently kneading the sides of my butt. After a few minutes it started coming out on its own and plopped into the water with a loud splash.

"OH-ohhhhh....." I moaned, but the relief lasted only a second, because I immediately felt a tremendous and irresistable pressure in my anus again as the tip of another huge log started pushing on butthole. "Hmmmmmmmmm......ohhhhhhhhhhh.....aaaaahhhhhhh...." I had to push to move it along or else it would just sit there and plug me up. "Hnnnnnnggg...ooooonnnnnnnnggggghhhh...." The second immense turd slowly came out, forcing my anus wide open as it passed, stubbornly refusing to move unless I bore down. I took a breath and HHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHH, until it splashed into the toilet. I moaned loudly, "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhoooooooooooohhhhhhh...."

"You better keep it down, or else people will hear you and start wondering what exactly is going on in the bathroom" said Alicia, smirking.

I blushed, "Oh God I hope nobody hears me." As I was saying that, I felt my anus dome out again and a THIRD thick heavy log started poking out.

"I'm just messing with you! No one can hear you, I promise." she said, and brushed a strand of hair from my face.

I started pushing the third log out, "Hhhhhthank goodnessssnnnnnngggghhh...." After a few minutes of pushing, catching my breath, then pushing again, it soon came out of me. Then I started pooping out a series of smaller and softer turds that were easy coming out, and then I was done. By then I had completely stunk up the bathroom!

"Sorry about the stink" I said, wiping.

"Yeah you better be." said Alicia, putting the fan on and spraying some nice vanilla-scented air freshner. I took a quick look at my load, and the biggest turd was around 3 inches thick! That must've been the first one. I saw the other two big ones, but they were a little smaller, maybe 2 and a half inches, and all were maybe 8 inches long. Plus there were all the smaller turds.

"That is a LOT of poop, honey" said Alicia as I flushed and they all went down. "Its not healthy to be walking around with all of that inside of you for a week. Its a wonder you can even move."

"Its okay. I've been like this my whole life. And even when I poop more frequently, they're always big like that" I explained as I washed my hands.

"If you say so. Its just alarming to see someone poop that much. Are you feeling okay?"

"Of course! I may actually have to poop more later! I'll do it at our house, though."

"Yeah, you got that right. You're pooping at YOUR house."

We both left the bathroom and went back out to the party. Fortunately no one else had to use the bathroom for the rest of the evening, or else they would've had to hold their breath LOL.

Happy New Year everyone!

I am coughing my head off. I did not sleep at all last night. I was running to the toilet to pee all night. Everytime, I cough my temple feels like it's coming off. Today, I drank more milk thistle and white tea mixed. I was peeing constantly. I had a semi-solid bowel movement around 1 PM. I pulled down my olive green adidas warmups and white FOL full-cut briefs and squeezed it out. I wiped myself, inspected the bowl and flushed. I am going to church in the morning. I will take my tea bags and get hot water from the church ladies. It is cold here, really.

I have my friend Alexas here with me. She will go home tomorrow. She had a wicked belly this morning. We slept in late. All the bldg. work is done. Sanitation is not collecting anytime soon with this snow. The kid started moaning, "My stomach hurts. I ate too much over the holiday." At about 8AM, she could not take it anymore and went to the toilet just outside my bedroom. She pulled down her white long johns and her maroon Carter's panties to her knees. She let out a series of explosive farts and plops. She was in there a good 20 minutes. She said, "I just want it out of me." I heard lots of plops and then she peed. Alexas took paper and wiped bet. her legs-once to wipe her cat and three to wipe her behind. When she got up, I saw 7 large logs and medium chunks. She pulled up her night clothes, flushed the bowl and returned to sleep.


Post Title (optional) A difficult pooping session

Well I got home late on Saturday afternoon, close to 5pm. I had managed to push out some rock hard chunks of poo that morning but I was still constipated. My housemate had sent me a text earlier, telling me that she had gone away for the whole weekend and wouldn't be back until late on Sunday. That suited me just fine! I put my suitcase in my room and put some washing in the machine. Then I went out again to get some Chinese food for dinner. I came home and ate my dinner while I was watching TV. I waited a while after I had finished eating and I could feel a huge log moving down towards my anus. I did some gentle pushing while I was sitting on the lounge.

After about an hour, I decided to make my way to the toilet. I was getting the urge to do a poo, after eating and I made sure I ate lots of ????. I took my knickers and pants off completely and sat on the toilet. I didn't even bother closing the door because I was home alone. At first, I did lots of farts. Then I heard my anus crackling as it opened up. I started pushing and straining to get things moving. Surprisingly, the turd move down quite quickly. I still had to push and strain hard to keep the poo moving. After about 15 minutes, I could feel the turd really stretching my anus apart as wide as it could go. It started to stick out and I had to push and strain with all my might. I screwed my face up, closed my eyes and clenched my fists while I was pushing. I also dug my toes into the floor.

As I was home alone, I had no problem making as much noise as possible. I did lots of heaving breathing and it seemed to help a bit. I also did lots of grunting. After half an hour, I could feel a few inches of poo poking out of my anus. I reached down and felt my anus with my hands. It was stretched to its limits and I could feel a very dry, rock hard turd sticking out about 5 inches. It was well and truly stuck though so I knew I would have to work hard to get it out entirely. It also hurt my anus.

I bore down as hard as I could and the turd didn't move. Then I pushed and strained like there was no tomorrow. Sweat was pouring off me so I took my shirt off, so all I had on was my bra. By this time, I had spent almost 45 minutes on the toilet. I decided to have a rest, with a huge turd poking out of me and I got up and walked around my room, just wearing a bra. I felt so uncomfortable with the turd poking out and all I wanted to do was get it out!! I did some more pushing as I walked around. It seemed to help because the poo slowly inched its way out a bit more. I really hoped it wouldn't break off and fall on the floor. But it was so dry and rock hard, there wasn't much chance of that. It also stunk to high heaven!! After 15 or 20 minutes of walking around, I got back on the toilet. I pushed and strained very hard and after about 15 minutes, the turd came out it one long piece. I had a look at it in the toilet - it must have been 16 inches long!!!! It stuck out of the toilet bowl too. I didn't think it would flush but amazingly, it did!! So it took me almost one and a half hours to complete my dump!!

On Sunday, I had an easier time with pooping and I went 3 times!! My poos were softer and easier to push out too. I think because I ate lots of fruit and drank heaps of water.

7:30 in the morning i was called to work at the office. After a long day at work my boyfriend decides to take me to one of the best buffet in town. When i saw fresh good food i start packing the food to my plate like a pig, I ate so much that i couldnt even have a romantic evening with my love, My stomach felt like a piece of garbage trown in vomit or somthing like that. I didnt have no meds to stop my upset stomach, so i went to bed. the next morning around 9:00am i had the urge to poop and i knew it was big. I got up and walked to the bathroom thinking my boyfriend would have gone to work. I opened the door and he was taking his shower. I wasnt comfortable at all because im normaly shy taking a shit infront of my people. I waited patiently for my boyfriend to get out the house. When he left, i ran upstsairs like their was no tommorow. I pulled my pants and start taking a dump, 5 mims later, my client rings the bell. I get up , wipe my ass, took the perfume to spray the bathroom. I run downstairs to open the door and say "Hello sabrina, take a sit , make yourself comfortable im going to get water" i took water to calm my upster ????. I sit down to listen to her opinion about her issues and concerns. About 30 mins later i had the hurge to poop, i told her to stay put im going to the toilet. She sat kietly as used the bathroom. I squrt to push all the garbage i ate from yesterday . Wet poop and big farts starting to come of my butt it sounded like popping popcorn. My client was trying not to laugh when i finished doing what i had to do. I came down stairs rubbing my stomach like unfinished bissness but kept on going with my client. At the end of the day i went to my sister house to pick up papers, then went home i felt the urge to go but this time i got constipated ... :,( episode 1 until next time

Monday, January 06, 2014

I recently found this site, and have enjoyed reading the stories. I thought I'd tell a few of my own. There's several things I might tell, so I think I'll spread them over a little while and see what people have to say about them
First off, I live in mixed sex accommodation at uni. That means we have shared bathrooms. The showers are in nice private rooms, but the toilets are all together. I don't mind peeing with lads around, but I hate having to poop, especially if I'm going to take a while, and often my bowels lock up completely. It's much easier for me to use the ladies rooms on campus for that.
So anyway, I tend to get constipated quite often, especially after holding all weekend. This one time, even, it'd been a good 3 days since I last went, I'd been stuck indoors all weekend working on some coursework, and even on the monday at uni I was still bunged up, and it was making me feel really terrible. That night, I took a laxative last thing at night, so I could feel better.
The next day, I had an early lecture, so I was up early. I risked trying for a poo in the halls bathroom, but nothing was happening yet. After sitting for a little while, I had to go to my lecture. After that, there was a big gap between until my lecture in the evening, so I had plenty of time to get my poop out. After the lecture, I went to my favourite bathroom, a 7-cubical room near the lecture halls. It gets a lot of traffic around the hour, when lessons change over, but it's otherwise quiet enough, apart from occasional people from an open-access computer cluster. The lesson changeover rush was just about done as I got there, so I took a seat and tried to move my load. Nothing yet, but I could feel the laxative squeezing my intestine about, so I stood up and went to the computer cluster to do some work while I waited. A little while later, I was about ready to go, so I signed out of the machine and went back to the toilets. My favourite end cubical was taken, and the other end is a disabled access one, so I couldn't use that, so I took one part way down, purposely avoiding the 3rd, which had problems with an unreliable flush, and the one next to it, which was out of paper.
I took my seat, and began gradually pushing out my load, assisted by the push from the laxative from above. The girl at the end left, and I managed to get rid of a few pebbles. Part way through, the lecture bell rang, and soon the bathroom filled with people. I sat and listened, not wanted my pushing and sighs to be heard by everyone. It was quite a busy changeover, and all the cubicals were getting used, including the two I avoided. I heard several people next to me go out of the cubical "oh, there's no paper", and one further down, someone was cranking the flush furiously, and eventually getting it to work. Someone rushed in after her, sounding pretty desperate. Several minutes went by, then the cranking began again as the new occupant couldn't get it to flush. I think there were a few girls in the queue now, and I felt a little guilty taking up a seat, but I'd got a piece moving out, and didn't want to stop and get even more constipated. A couple of girls used the cubical with no paper next to me. At least one had tissues in her bag to wipe with, but another I'm pretty sure left without wiping. The girl with the bad flush gave up, and left the cubical, saying in an embarrassed voice "that one's rather unpleasantly blocked" to the person that was about to take it. The next girl went in anyway, with a nonchalant "ok", but soon recoiled with a "ewww". By now, the rush had died down, and another cubical opened up for her.
With the rush almost over, I pushed out a few more pieces, and a softer log, then took my time wiping. By the time I finished, the bathroom was empty again, and as I left my cubical, I took a look, out of curiosity, in the blocked one. The water was completely brown, with small round bits floating, and some broken up tissue mixed in. No wonder she recoiled in disgust. I turned away, went to the sinks, washed up, and went back to the computers for a while before lunch. After lunch, I had to go again, quite desperately, but I think I'll leave that for another time if you people want to hear, as I think this is quite long enough already. Let me know, I'll be lurking over the next few days, before things get busy again in the new term.
Uni Lass

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

A few hours ago I was at the bookstore I was in line for the bathroom a woman had just gone in and she started to pee then farted loud and the farts kept coming it sounded like she had diarrhea and then she finished and flushed then later I heard a girl fart while she was waiting for the bathroom it was a high low tone and finaly later I heard a lady fart while she peed she may have pooped to hard to say so it was a good day.

friend's wetting accident

I am kinda if new to this board. I read a lot but very seldom post.

Anyways, I am currently living with my best friend. She is a few years old than I am (like 45, I am only 29). We talk about everything including our bathroom habits and we are complete opposites. My friend is not shy about peeing or pooping, she will go in any restroom, wherever she is, regardless of who is around. She has a very weak bladder and she usually has to poop urgently due to some medical issues.

I am the opposite. I only use certain rest room and only if I really have to go and if no one is around. Although if I need to go bad enough, I will go wherever and not worry about. I have a strong bladder and I can hold it for hours.

I came home from work and did a few loads of my laundry...and my roommate called me and I offered to through in a few of her loads too and she said okay. I went to her bedroom to get her bags and at the very top of the bag, was a pair of her jeans that I noticed smelled. I picked them up and smelled them and I accidently felt them and they were soaking wet and smelled like pee.

I remember a day or two early, she came home and ran into the house and said "I gotta go the bathroom really bad." and she raced to the bathroom throwing her keys and purse as she ran. I was sitting on the couch near the bathroom and I heard her pull down her pants as fast as she could and sigh with relief as she had some explosive diarrhea into the toilet. She was in there for like 10 minutes and then she went into her room to change into her PJs. I didn't think anything of that at the time, but I think that as she pulling her pants down she just lost control of her bladder.

She did tell me once (and I agree) that even when you have to go badly, as soon as you are on your way to the toilet, your need gets ten times worse.

I don't know of her having any other wetting accidents but I do remember twice while we were driving and stuck in traffic, she had some diarrhea. I am not sure if I should say something or just continue to watch and see if it happens anymore. I am not a lesbian at all, but it sometimes excites me to see people desperate.

It's cold here. I went to church, had a party and came home. I have another party tomorrow night. I had leftover pork rib, mango and two cups of tea for breakfast. Lunch was a nice fatty ham, green salad, cheese and more tea and grapes. This evening, my bowels moved about 30 minutes ago. I unzipped lifted my blue violet plaid skirt flannel skirt, high above my waist, pulled down my purple panty-hose tights and white FOL band leg panties to below my knees, and released my bowels. It was a smooth heavy coiled rope that sank to the bottom of the bowl. It was not even 5 mins. I took the last bit of toilet paper roll and wiped from the back. I half-fixed my clothes and flushed. I am on my couch with my shirt unzipped and unsnapped. I will be here until I go to sleep after midnight. I peed at church 3x.


constipated again! (IBS sucks!)

Hi all

So I alternate a lot between basically having very loose big poos up to 5x a day and very occasionally -constipation.
Today I am constipated.
Drinking a lot of water.
I was in town with fiance Saturday & very nearly pooed my knickers, we had to rush to BHS so I could have my poo, that's the last I went. 10am(ish) saturday morning!
Well that's all from me until I have a proper story to share.
J x

sammie in troy

omg it happened again!

I was at my bf's house and I squeezed out a fart but I totally filled my white panties. My bring was really nice though and cleaned me up, giving my big butt a little kiss when it was all clean. I don't think I mind having accidents as long ass he is there to help.


On one New Years.

This was on new years eve of 1989. I was at our family friends' house where the grown ups played games and watched TV. And us kids played Nintendo. The House had two bathrooms. At one point one of the bathrooms toilet over flowed and the woman of the house had to get the plunger and of course everyone gatherd around to watch. And a half hour later in the other bathroom my cousin opened the door and told me to look. And the only thing I saw was( a girl from our school)her pale milk white butt on the toilet. She was peeing. I just laughed a little and told him to grow up.


Held it as long as I could

Today I decided to have a holding contest, just to see how long I could go without peeing. I peed just before starting, to make sure I had an empty bladder. The idea was very simple, I just drank a full two liters of water and then held it for as long as I could. I had set up a two liter bottle in my bathroom with a funnel for measuring my output after, as well.

I made it about an hour before holding it became difficult. At that point, I was crossing my legs to help hold it. From there, the need increased rapidly. Half an hour later and I was squirming and really had to go. By around two hours, I was beginning to leak tiny amounts. I managed to hold it like fifteen minutes past that before I couldn't take it anymore.

I went to the bathroom and got into position over the funnel and started to pee. My pee stream was gushing so strong that I was worried I might overflow the funnel. I slowed my stream to avoid that but kept on peeing. At one point, I could see that I had filled up close to half the bottle and was still peeing.

Finally, I was fully emptied, and I let the last bit flow from the funnel to the bottle. Then I looked and saw my pee had filled most of the two liter bottle. I wish I had a better way of measuring exactly how much I peed, but the test told it was probably around 1700ml.


a day in the pooing life of Jemma.. the runs at work!

So I thought I'd do a poo report.
Yesterday 2nd Jan I was back at work.
This is my "poo diary".

6.45- alarm goes off I have a shower, then I get dressed and have breakfast, then my morning poo.
Today's consisted of four solid plops.
I wiped twice flushed washed my hands and left for work at 730 to start at 8am.

8.15 my first client arrives, and as always I get desperate for my second poo so I had to hold it in.
He was dealt with by 855 but I had my next client at 9 & I wouldn't have enough time to go for a poo and be back.
He was with me until 940. Now I could go for a nice long poo as my next client wasn't until 10am.
I went to the loos & my colleagues Sara & Beth were in there washing up their coffee mugs.
I took a cubicle, pulled my mini grey skirt & black tights down to my ankles and plonked my buttocks on the seat.
Immediately I started plopping very loudly and typically the other ladies then stopped talking to hear me. 1 after the other and quite loose now though still falling loud in to the loo I had 14 big plops that curled up in to the water.
I wiped 3 times flushed washed my hands and went back to work.

My next poo came typically just after lunch had ended, but I was determined to hold this in as long as possible as I had clients and couldn't be seen keep wandering to the loo... I needed this poo from 1pm. I had 6 clients from 1pm until 5.30 & I was determined to get through as many of them before going to have my poo.
Come 2.30 & only my 3rd client, I was so desperate & trying to keep this loose poo in. I knew it, I had the runs!!
(I often get the runs at work my colleagues think it's hilarious...
I don't)
My client asked if I was ok as I was sweating & kept fidgeting. I told her I was ok.
Though I wasn't, I was almost about to poo myself! I told her we'd get thtough the matter quickly & thankfully we did! 2.50 I shaked her hand goodbye whilst clenching my buttocks tightly & holding my aching ????. I basically ran to the loos.

Again I pulled down my grey mini skirt of my big peachy poo filled bum & my tights & basically fell on the loo seat. The poo slipped out of me. The first wave of 10 plops fakling quickly in to the water, then I sighed. Then my next 6 loose small curled up plops fell on top of the other ones. Then I heard my colleague Teresa come in. "Jem is that you babe you ok?" She asked "just having a poo I'll be fine" I said.
Then a final wave of 8 loose small curled up plops fell on ghe other 16.
I wiped my bum 8 times& flushed twice, Washing my hands and leaving.

I was ok then until 5pm when my last client arrived & I felt the need for another poo.
Thankfully he was dealt with by 5.20 so I went to use the work loos one last time.
I again took my skirt & tights down, & purple knickers of course, & started plopping away. Not as loose as before but still a lot. I had a wee too. I had 8 solidish loud plops to begin with all falling out of my big peachy bum at once, then a fart. Then I sighed and let out another 8 plops pretty much the same. I wiped 4 times, flushed & washed my hands & left work.

At home my fiance cooked me dinner. We sat down and ate the stir fry he made.
Soon after, about 7pm I had my final poo of the day.
But a big one again!
My fiance knew I needed a poo as I was lifting my bum up to clench my buttocks I went. In our bathroom. I threw my clothes off as I got into my pjs after this poo. My fiance came with me whilst having this poo.
I sat down & immediately & very desperately let out plop after plop. Again all small plops and curled up. I had 15. With a few pauses in between. Wiped flushed and got my pjs on.
Well that was my story of a day in the life of me.
J x


Hot girl poops

Hi. I have a story from a number of years ago, when I was in high school. Back then, I was just starting to figure out that I was a lesbian. And well, there was one girl I really fancied. She had a great body and I think she was even a cheerleader.

So, one day after gym class, we were all in the locker room getting changed into our regular "street clothes". I noticed the girl, her name was Katee, heading off towards the two toilet stalls. I saw this as my opportunity to hopefully, maybe, hear her pooping.

I just sat on the toilet and didn't even pull down my pants, listening. First I heard her peeing just a trickle. It built up over a short period of time until it was a full force gusher. Then when she finished, she rolled off paper. I thought that was all she needed to do, but when there was no flush, I knew she wasn't done.

I waited, each second feeling like an eternity, until finally there was a fart from her stall. After that initial fart, she was clearly in full on pooping mode. I heard tons more farts, some loud, some not, and many plops and splashes. It must have been about three or four minutes of near constant pooping sounds from her, before I heard her rolling off paper again. This time she repeated the rolling two more times and then flushed the toilet.

Alright, well, that's my story. Much as I hoped and prayed, I never got another chance to hear Katee poop. It was a once in a lifetime experience, I guess. But it's alright, because I can replay every detail in my mind any time I like :)


Post Title (optional) Some nice poos and also constipation

I had some nice poos after Christmas, which were big and very enjoyable. They did take a bit of effort to get out and they stretched my hole but it felt so good! Up until new year's eve, I had a relatively easy time pooping. I'm staying with my family over Christmas so I've been eating loads of fruit, which has helped my constipation a great deal. I was going each day and a couple of times, I had 2 poos a day! Which is so good for me! Then I had one day where I didn't each much fruit or fibre and I got constipated again. It was new year's eve and I started getting backed up that night. By new year's day, I was full of rock hard poo. I couldn't get any poo out that day or the next day. I'm still constipated now. I've been pooping out rock hard chunks of dry poo yesterday abd today but that's about it. The big logs are still stuck in my bowels. I haven't done a decent poo since the day before new year's eve. Even though I've been eating lots of fruit yesterday and today, it's only helping a bit. At least I've been getting some chunks of poo out, which is better than nothing I guess. But I can't wait to get back home tomorrow (to my own house) and trying for a big poo on my own toilet. Hopefully my housemate will be out so I can spend a long time pushing and straining. And hopefully I won't have to use a public toilet.

To Bloated Butt, Jasmin K, Dominic, Annie and anyone else who gets constipated like me, are you constipated right now? Please share your stories!


Hi everyone, it's months since I have looked at this site. It seems that constipation is more of a problem for FEMALES than for MALES. This rather surprises me, because girls and women are always in the same position - sitting - for both number one and number 2.

When 'on the road', if setting out early, it's sometimes difficult to find a toilet to sit on in cafes: there are only urinals for guys.

This morning I woke up early, and decided to hold on to my first pee of the day, as I felt that I would be able to kill two birds with one stone, if I had a cup of coffee first.

I switched on my computer to look at my emails, drank my coffee, and knew that I had the urge in my nether regions. I wear jogging bottoms when I get up, before my shower. They are easy to pull down.

Into the bathroom, down with the toilet seat, down with my jogging bottoms to the floor, then down with my own bottom on to the seat, pushing my penis inside for number 1 to avoid wetting the floor. My bladder empty, I clasped my hands, as I like to do for number 2. I like to fidget about, lifting one cheek and then the other. Clearing my bowels go with clearing my mind. Real relaxation - not a care in the world. Wiping with paper, then cleaning my bottom in the shower. I stepped out of the clothes I was wearing, towels and fresh socks and underpants on the radiator. Then I had my shower and washed my hair. I felt on top of the world.

Incidentally, I would rather have diarrhoea than constipation any day - even if it is more inconvenient.

I missed several days during the Christmas period, but it righted itself. One good bowel movement a day, in the morning, is what I like.



you're right--sometimes the poop isn't down far enough and that's frustrating because I feel like i should be able to go, but it's just not ready to come out yet. and ignoring weaker urges is killer for me--i cant seem to go at all without an urge. i can sit and try and push something out, but usually i get no luck--i need an urge to make something happen.

you do test pushes around friends and stuff too? i do that as well, it doesn't really matter where i do it, though i might try to avoid farting (lol), but yeah, if i feel maybe a slight urge, i'll do a few test pushes and doesn't really matter where i am.

and yeah, right now im on a cycle where ive been having big hard ones every few days. just had one today and it was pretty big--it had been almost three days since i last went--no real urges in between, although i actually did feel full toward the end. . but when i went, a LOT came out, i was afraid of clogging (lol). it wasnt too difficult to get out though, it was kind of harder at the beginning, but softer and bulkier at the end. it was very satisfying!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shay great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day at least you didnt have an accident.

To: Ass-Stretcher yep a nice big poop feel so good sometimes.

To: Jessica (az) great story

To: Sarah great pee story.

To: Bill F great story as always.

To: Jemma great poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I exerted myself shoveling snow that I had a sore throat and congested sinuses. I have been drinking hot tea all day. It opened my sinuses, but now I am peeing out of my pussycat all day-every 15 minutes. It is cold. That makes me pee even more. I slept in three layers, long johns, then long flannel pj bottoms and sweat pants. I will take a hot bath and go to sleep.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

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