new year eve party

I back for another story well had a house back on the mountain and going to have a wild part with my friends so we had a keg of beer and whiskey well any the party got started it went on until there was a huge line of people waiting to use the bathroom then Joyce and Amy Kelly said they really had to go I said me to as to as we was walking to more people pull up we told them that there is a long line to the bathroom there was bushy area we went to take to take a dump and take a leak while everyone was peeing I was dropping a log it was 12" long and 6" wide then I pee and wiped and went back to the house I told other if they had to go badly there was a bushy area they could go to then about 1:00 in morning the cop broke up the party after the cop left I was told someone seen my neighbor drive by a call the cop


Desperate Dump

Hello everyone,

Jemma - great story about your Hen weekend poos, 4 in a day is good going!

At work today I was in a meeting that seemed to go on forever, in total it was just over an hour, but that is a long time to hold on when you need a good poo.

This was my first poo of 2014, as I hadn't had a dump for a few days, so knew it would be a big one. About ten minutes into the meeting, I could feel the urge to go. I held on and held on, and eventually we finished talking and the meeting was over. I rushed into the toilet, pulled down my trousers and boxer shorts, sat down, and almost immediately a long poo started to come out stretching my hole as it came. That log dropped into the toilet, but I was soon letting another big log out.

The second log dropped on top of the first one and made a thudding sound. A third log started to poke out, this one took its time and decided to stop half way. I just sat there enjoying the feeling of having this poo come out of me! I let out a few small bits and I was done.

I had a look at my creation, and then wiped, which didn't take long. I sat there for a couple of minutes feeling relieved after getting about 4 days of poo out! I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, then left.

As I was walking out the gents, one of the women who had been in the meeting with me called Karen was leaving the women's toilets. I think she must have guessed what I had been doing, as she exclaimed 'God, I needed that. I thought that meeting was gonna go on forever". I laughed and said 'I feel a stone lighter now, hope you had a good one!'. She told me she usually has a poo after breakfast, but today she hadn't. I was surprised how honest she was with it all. Perhaps she enjoys it!

When I got home from work, I needed another poo, and I dumped out two logs in quick succession. All in all, a good day pooping!



So, I've been lurking on this site for quite a while and only just decided I'd write after reading Josh's post. I've suffered with chronic constipation since I was about 4 or 5 and I'm 20 now!
After being put on so many medicines as a kid, it kinda puts you off things altogether. Well , I got put off anyway. After my medication finished in April last year, I decided to stop the many, many years of laxatives and just use a fibre supplement, so I tried benefiber. It's an amazing thing, sadly I never managed to get into the routine of it so I'd be fine one day then terribly backed up a few days later. I don't exactly feel urges anymore, unless there's a lot sitting in my rectum. Stretched nerves I suppose? Either way , I started using suppositories to help with the 'end blockage' and used benefiber before and after I used the suppository.
Right now, things are actually working out well. I've reduced the fiber and haven't needed to use a suppository to help. So fingers crossed it works out!
Maybe try a supplement Josh, I do find them a big help. Hopefully my story is helpful to someone out there suffering too.


Slippery Slopes

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. I have a story for you about mine. So a few of my friend from college and I wanted to go skiing last week. It had been a while since we last went, so I needed to buy some new gear. I was out at my favorite athletic store when I started feeling trembling inside my belly. I have kind of a weak stomach, so I get the runs often. "Not now," I thought. I decided to just come back later, and went to the restroom. I strained and pushed, but oddly, I couldn't get my bowels to move. I let out a few small "marbles," but that was it. I went back to the store, got the items I needed, and left. On the way home, about 7 minutes from my house, I felt my ???? trembling and rolling again. This time, I felt water move through my bowels as well. I knew the second I made it home I'd need the toilet. My stomach started cramping and churning and I could barely control my self. Finally, I made it home. I ran up the stairs, pulled down my pants and undies, and sat on the toilet. I let loose with some runny, mushy poo. Not quite diarrhea, but I knew that would come eventually. And 20 minutes later it did. I sat down and released a torrent of water from my butt. I moaned and clutched my ???? as diarrhea rocketed from my bowels and into the toilet below. I was done with this wave, but my stomach still felt really full. It was gurgling and cramping up constantly. I drank a glass of seven up thinking it might help, but the sugar and carbonation only made my diarrhea worse. I was on the toilet most of the night with brown water and chunks spilling from me. The worst episode I had was while I was in the closet looking for a quilt. The urge was so sudden and strong that I couldn't make it to the restroom--I had to squat over a bucket and let mud run out of me. I had diarrhea for two days, and on the third day, I just had some gas. And by the forth day I was clear and ready to ski. Whew. I have a few more stories for later. Bye for now!


Pooping in your PJs???

Hi ....This is a question for everyone.

Over Christmas I overheard a story told about a young kid (8 years old) who was having issues with constipation and holding his poop. The story was told by his dad....and he said that his son was very stressed by issues at home and at school.....and despite using sit times and all sorts of bribes and persuasion....the kid just refused to poop....

Except at night....when he was in bed asleep. His Dad said he would go into his room about three in the morning to check on him....and sure enough....he did a huge hard poop in his PJs....and just laid there in bed asleep the whole time.

It was hard and dry...Dad could just pick it up with not much mess....

Has anyone here ever done that? Or hear of anyone doing that?

I was always constipated at that age...but I don;t think I ever pooped in my sleep.



Huge log

Hello i'm new here. My english
is not very good, but i try my best. Actually as the most of the people i enjoy pooping very much. Esspecially turds that stretch your anus to the limit. I'm 26 year old female and i'm living in the netherlands.
The feeling i enjoyed the most is the feeling right before a big turd
stretches your anus. As a familiar big pooper i'm dying for that moments.
Very slowly you felt the big turd is moving down to your anus. And the moment before
Your anus opens up to stretch to the limit, i moaned in pleasure,
And felt very sensuable on that moment. On that moment i'm freezing
On the toiletchair. Are there poopers who also enjoy that moment?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jenna great peeing story.

To: Heather first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you had to go pretty bad and alot to and it sounds like you felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Doorstop great set of stories it sounds like Kaitlyn is having alot of fun pooping in various places.

To: Jemma great poop story.

To: Megan great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmine first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day luckily it wasnt a major accident and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

jessica (az)

new years dump

When i was on the toilet, during a new years party, i was taking my final dump of the year. during mid poop my drunk uncle barged into the bathroom to throw up on the floor. he threw up near my feet in my 2 in. foam black platform thong flip-flops, which some got on my toes. i screamed at him to get out. the door was wide, so some of my family members and friends were able to see us. when my uncle was done vomiting he slurred he was sorry and left the bathroom with out closing the door. i sighed and told one of the people to close the door for me. i finished up by pooping 5 soft poos and wiping 2 times, and cleaned my flip-flops and feet, but i didn't even bother cleaning up the vomit on the floor.


Very desperate to pee

Hello there. I have a story about me and my best friend Marie. We're both 20 years old and we've known each other nearly forever. Anyway, the story happened several months ago during the summer.

It was really hot that day and we decided to go swimming. There's a swimming pool about 15 minutes from Marie's house, so we walked there. We each had a big bottle of water and we had both finished drinking it by the time we got to the pool. Then after swimming, we filled our bottles and left for her house.

As you might expect, the bottles were gone before we even got to her house. And then by the time we finally did arrive, we were both extremely desperate to pee. But here's the problem: She only has one bathroom. Marie said I could go first, because I seemed to need to go worse. But she told me to hurry as much as I could.

I lowered my bikini bottoms and sat on the toilet and started peeing. Oh it felt so good. I can't even describe how wonderful just peeing was to me in that moment. I finished and very quickly wiped and then let Marie go. She began peeing full force immediately. I could tell by the look on her face that she was experiencing the same relief I had felt.

Tim T
I was at the hockey rink watching my best friend play for our high school team. Another mutual friend, Dave, came with me. During the game I felt dinner looking to leave my body, but I'm a little shy about using public toilets. I wanted to wait until I got home after the game. During the 2nd intermission, we were hanging out in the lobby. It was no longer a choice to wait until I got home to go to the bathroom. I had to go now at the rink. I told Dave I had to take a dump and started walking towards the bathrooms. I was surprised when he said he had to go too. This wasn't turning out the way I had hoped. But my choices were limited. I took the furthest stall, giving him room to choose a stall away from mine. Instead he chose the stall right next to mine. Now I was getting a little angry. I quietly pulled down my pants to my knees and sat on the cold toilet. At the same time I could hear Dave dropping his pants and could see his pants drop to his ankles as he sat on the toilet. I didn't have the option to be bashful. I started filling the toilet with shit. At the same time I could hear Dave groaning as his shit splashed in to the toilet. It didn't sound like he had to go as bad as I did. For some reason he started giving me a commentary of what he was doing, and how good it felt. I'm not sure if he expected me to join the conversation but talking about what I was leaving in the toilet was not going to happen. I finished as quickly as I could, then started the messy clean-up effort. Dave laughed and told me his girlfriend just texted him, asking what he was doing, and he told her he was taking a shit. I was pretty disgusted with the whole thing. I pulled up my pants and went to wash my hands before Dave could surprise me with more weird behavior. We were never close friends to begin with but I distanced myself after our shared bathroom experience, and made sure to never put myself in a situation like that around him again.

After a great snow fall during the holiday break, my mom took my younger brother and I, along with a couple of our friends, to the sledding hill at the park. After racing down the hill for awhile, I felt a big dump coming on strong. There was really no place to go at the park, and really no trees to take cover. I had no choice but to just hold it until I got home. We were having so much fun with so many of our friends from school that I just tried to forget about it and enjoy the sledding. But after a couple hours, I was starting to worry that I couldn't hold it too much longer. I convinced my brother and our friends that we should head back to my house to warm up for a little while. I called my mom to pick us up. By the time she got there, I was in a panic. I was close to pooping in my pants. My mom pulled in to a parking space, then came out to get us, while saying hi to a few other parents watching their kids. As we walked to the car, I realized I wasn't even going to make it home. I had to go now. I quietly told my mom I had to go to the bathroom real bad. She somehow seemed to know that I had to poop. She asked me if I could make it home. I shook my head no, now holding on between my legs. My brother and our friends realized what was going on. My mom told them to get in the car. She told me to go behind the car, drop my pants, and do what I needed to do while she watched for anyone coming. There was really no cover but at least there was nothing going on behind the car but an empty field. I ran behind the car, squatted a little so the car hid me, slid my pants down, and squatted like a catcher. Immediately a big pile of poop rushed out of my butt. I groaned with relief. It really didn't take that long to empty my butt because it came out so fast. But the pile on the ground was huge. Again, my mom must've been reading my mind because she came to the back of the car with a handful of tissue for me to wipe my butt. I wasn't real enthused about her seeing me with my pants down. I was just heading in to puberty and very uncomfortable about anyone seeing me with no clothes on. But it was better than having a dirty butt. I heard my brother say he wanted to see what I did. My mother yelled for him to stay in the car, then handed me the tissue. I wiped a couple times. She gave me a small grocery bag she had in the car to put the used tissue in. She asked if I was done. I nodded my head yes. I quickly pulled up my pants while still squatting so nobody would see me with my pants down. I looked behind me before getting back in the car to look at the pile once more. My mom said it would go away when the snow plows did the parking lot. My brother and our friends were laughing at me when I got in the car. I didn't really care. All I knew is I didn't poop in my pants, and nobody saw me with my pants down in a parking lot.

A happy new year to all readers. With lots of people having been out for a night drinking in the street there were I'm sure many desperate people and awkward situations amongst the crowds.

I was heading home last night from the celebrations and, as part of my journey, needed to alight from the tube and catch a Nightbus from the station. As you exit the station, there is an open forecourt (think 1960s concrete jungle) and stairs up to the road where the bus runs from. The indicator showed a Nightbus in 12 minutes time.

As I waited from the stop I could see people coming out of the station. A couple of guys ducked behind pillars or a newspaper stand to urinate, at least one was running in obvious urgency.

After a while I saw a mixed-race girl come out of the station with her boyfriend. I overheard him saying "Go on, it's only a wee!". She went around to behind a pillar and looked around to see nobody was approaching. Then she pulled her leggings and white thong down in a swift motion as she squatted. She was there for a few seconds before a very strong stream fizzed out, leaving a large puddle. I noticed her arse was practically touching the floor, projecting the stream in front of her rather than below her. The moment she finished weeing she pulled her thong and leggings up as one and went to rejoin him.

Did anyone else see or hear of anything?



Bill F

New Year 2014

Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year. I celebrated with a small party at my house with my family. I'm also celebrating my one-year anniversary with Anna. She spent the New Year with her family.
I'm going to post about my last poop of 2013, as I haven't gone yet since as I'm writing this. Unexpectedly, it was actually diarrhea. I was watching TV, when I felt a strong urge to fart. I was about to, but it felt heavier than usual. Not taking any chances, I went into the bathroom and sat down. Immediately when I let go, what felt like a ton of mushy poop rushed out of me. However, it was all over after five seconds, and I had no repeat attacks. I don't know if I can exactly call it diarrhea, but for that brief moment it sure felt like it.
My other story is about Sam, and it happened during the countdown. At about 30 seconds left, she told me she was going to do something funny for the countdown. Then came the countdown. "Ten!" PRRT. "Nine!" PRRT. "Eight!" FRRT. "Seven!" PRAART. "Six!" FRRT. "Five!" PRRT. "Four!" PRRT. "Three!" PRRLRRPT. "Two!" PRRSHLRRPT. "One!" PPT. "Happy New Year!" And she stood there with her arms in the air for a moment, with a look of concentration on her face. She said "Darn, the last one was silent." And she ran off to the bathroom. I could then start to smell it. "But deadly." I said, and everyone laughed. After she came out of the bathroom, we all went to bed. I went to the bathroom after Sam, and saw a large log and a few pebbles of poop. I had a short pee, and flushed. The pebbles went down, but the large log would move. I broke it up with the plunger, and flushed again. This time it went down. I asked Sam "You need to remember to make sure it's all flushed before you leave. Make that you New Year's Resolution!" She laughed, and said "Darn, I thought I could get those last few bits out before it finished flushing." I said "I meant about the log that I had to break up." She said "Oh, I didn't even know that didn't go down. But man, that was hard to push out!" She went to bed, and I followed suit.
So, Sam's first poop of the year was rather interesting, and technically started the year before, because the two farts that come before it were among the ten she ripped for the countdown. I actually just had my first poop of the year as I was typing this story. It was two decent sized logs. I looked down at the toilet, and I can't tell whether the skidmarks are from me or Sam. (Or both!)
Happy New Year, here's to 2014!
See ya next time!


november hen weekend desperation poos. 2 stories...

Hi everyone,
happy new year!!

So my latest story is from November this year I was invited to my friends hen weekend
And we had a 4 hour drive to Norwich to enjoy.
I left my house at 6 am for the coach to pick us up at 7am, & unfortunately I couldn't have my morning poo!!

We all met up (18 of us) & started on our way to Norwich.
Typically for me only 10 minutes in to the journey I was desperate for my poo.
I hid it well though... come the hour I was really bursting for a poo & a wee now so casually asked if we'd stop, the driver said we'd stop in about 20 minutes... but that 20 minutes seemed like forever!!
Meanwhile some of the girls twigged I was desperate for the loo as I kept
Lifting my buttocks off the seat to clench them to hold my major poo in. And I was doing it more often - though the girls I work with are used to me doing that at work when I quite often need a poo at work.
I was so close to pooing my knickers!!

Eventually we arrived at the services, 4 of the girls followed me to the cubicles and we joined the queue of 6 women waiting though the queue went down quickly thankfully as there were about 20 cubicles.
I went in, took my black miniskirt & green tights and pink & white knickers off down to my ankles sat down & as soon as I started weeing I started pooing at the same time
The girls heard me plopping away and were amazed at how desperate I was. I let out 16 big loose plops all together - initially with my wee I had the first very loose 9 long plops, then I paused whilst I rubbed my aching ????, finished my wee, then continued with another 4 loose plops... paused for a bit.. heard my phone ring it was my fiance so I answered and told him I was in the middle of having a big poo & to call me back. .. then I pushed out another 3 loose plops... I was so desperate & I still had a major ???? ache for being desperate and holding it for so long. .. but the girls were waiting and the loo was covered with my massive poo which no water was visible anymore and skidmarks greeted most of the porcelain.
I was so messy I wiped 8 times, flushed, washed my hands and the girls and I went back on the coach.
I got a sausage sarnie & cup of coffee to enjoy too
My next massive desperate poo I managed to hold until we got to the hotel some 2.5hrs later but again I was so desperate I was clenching my buttocks a lot & my big peachy bum felt even bigger with the amount of poo I was holding.
I got to the room I was sharing with my friend Kylie and immediately jumped in the bathroom to let out all this loose poo I had been holding.
I locked the door, took my skirt tights & knickers off, sat down, stretched out& let out an initial 9 plops all in quick succession
Then paused as I let out my initial relief then rubbed my ???? as I felt the next wave of poo coming to exit... I let out another 5 less loose poos looked at what I'd done, wiped 5 times then had to flush 3 times as the flush was rubbish. Bit like how my poor achey ???? felt.
Anyway I washed hands and the girls & I went out to have some lunch...
I had a further big poo in the restaurant half hour after lunch that day, then I had my 4th poo of the day in the last bar at night as I was desperate & about to poo my knickers... then we got a kebab & went back to the hotel...
The next day I didn't poo at all which was nice.
More soon, Jx



Hey Josh; thanks for replying to my post to you. If other kids see teens posting here...they might be more comfortable with joining in. I think it helps me to post here.

You know....we are a lot alike. When you said that you did test pushes; even after not going for two days....and you felt NOTHING....that's EXACTLY like me sometimes. I know the poop is in there....but it's not down where I can feel it....or push it out. you say that it's easy for you to ignore weaker urges. YES! I do that...and then the urge disappears.

I try to pay attention to when I've last gone. For me....three days is kinda my limit. At that point....I sit for maybe 10 minutes and try....and I do test pushes; even like when I'm standing around talking to friends. They never know unless I fart LOL. I even do test pushes while lying on my belly in bed.

It's weird because I often don't feel full....even if I haven't gone for a long time. I'm sometimes surprised by how much finally comes out.

So; you're on a cycle sorta now where you do big hard poops like every three days?


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Doorstop great story it sounds like Kaitlyn really had to poop and it sunds like it really took her by surprise.

To: Yan great story about seeing that girl poop.

To: Jemma great stories about your 2 desperate poops on the train it sounds like you really had to go the first time and it sounds like the second time was just get rid of what was left from the first one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


In the stalls

Hi all.

I'm curious whether people sometimes sit in their stall a lot longer than they need to so they can hear other people pooing?


Great dump at the park

Yesterday I had a great dump in the doorless stall at the nearby public park. There was one guy in the far stall as I came in, so I took the one closest to the door, right in front of the urinals. The seat was clean, so I just dropped trou, pulled my green briefs down, and had a seat. Up on the toes, too. This was one of those dumps that just flows out easily.

A few guys came in while I was downloading my crap. After a few minutes, I was pretty much all emptied out. I had a few paper towels that I wet at the sink before I sat down, so I reached between my legs and lifted my junk out of the way to get good access to clean up. Not too bad! Then I stood up and wiped from behind, pulling one cheek to the side with my left hand and wiping with my right. I lean forward a bit while doing that.

As I was digging away in there, a young guy, around 20 or so, comes running in and sees me standing there cleaning up. He looks slightly surprised, but heads to the 3rd stall down and has a seat. The partitions are low, so it is interesting to see when someone is standing inside the stall either undoing their trousers to pull them down, or wiping while standing. You can see their upper half, not their lower half. I could tell he was going to dump.

I finished up, pulled up my briefs, then my pants, and buckled up. As I walked by the younger guy's stall, I saw he was on his phone. He was darker skinned, maybe Mexican, very slim, with a very handsome face. And he wasn't shy, in that he sat with his jeans and boxers all the way down at his ankles. Might as well be comfortable, right? Skinny legs, too. Nice looking guy. I finished up at the sink and headed out. Love those easy dumps in those restrooms!

Thursday, January 02, 2014


diarrhea explosion

To jenna: sounds like you had a lot of fun peeing everywhere. Keep up the good work amd good stories!

So Kaitlyn has been pooping and peeing in more and more places now. A few days ago i held a glad container under her vagina and she peed into almost filling it up. Then later on she pooped in my hands again only it was less than the first time. Then the next day we went to a mexican resturant and got some spicy food. That night she had to pee so she got on the sink. I thought she was gonna go in the sink again but instead she faced away towards the door and started peeing. She spread her vagina open and hosed down the door and wall. I could see the pee come right out of her in a stream. We wiped down the walls and the floor.

The next day we were home alone. She was farting all day so i knew she had to poop. When night came she said she was ready to go. We went to the bathroom and she stripped down from the waist as usual. I grabbed the glad container for her to pee in but she said she wanted to pee on the floor. We have a tile floor so it was ok. So i took of my socks so they wouldnt get stained. Kaitlyn squatted and faced me so i could watch. She spread her vagina and saw her pee come out of her uretha. Pee sprayed onto the floor and onto my bare feet. It was warm and it kinda tickled. Pretty soon there eas a puddle of urine around our feet. It dripped down her butt onto the floor.

Now kaitlyn turned around and got on her knees so her anus was higher up. This way i could really watch her poop. I cupped my hands under her anus and this time my fingers brushed her lips. I dont think she minded though. She asked if i was ready and i said yeah. She let of a couple farts. Then it all happened. A stream of liquid poop shot out of her ass onto my hands and chest. She farted and diarrhea erupted out like a blast. Oh shit i yelled. She was surpised because she didnt know it was gonna be diarrhea. Another massive wave erupted out of her onto me. My clothes were soaked and diarrhea ran all down her legs. She got on the toilet and finished there.

Warm diarrhea ran all down my arms chestband legs. It was the most extreme smell ive ever smelt from my sister. Diarrhea was in a massive puddle in the floor. We spent an hour scrubbing the floor and got it mostly cleaned up. From now on i will be more cautious around kaitlyn after she has mexican food! Thats all for now

Christmas was nice. The residents gave me money and liquor for doing a good job. I am 21. So, I can drink legally. I am going to a party Tuesday night. I will take one of my bottles with me. I am staying overnight. I will not brave the streets or subways. My bowels are still loose and I drink a lot of water and tea.

Leslie, a few girls in my lower-grade would wet themselves. I felt sorry for them. My parents told me to just get up and go.


Response to TYLER!

hi Tyler, thanks for asking me those questions, I would like to answer them :)

1) I last went a couple days ago, and i did a pretty big amount--it included Christmas dinner and i had definitely been eating a lot. i always get pretty constipated around the holidays, so i had a pretty big poop a couple days ago. it wasn't super constipated, but it was pretty big and hard.
2) doing test pushes now, i don't feel anything, it does't feel like concrete, but i just don't feel anything even though its been a couple days since i went. i think if i sat on the toilet, nothing would come out.
3) i felt an urge last night that i kind of ignored--it didn't feel very strong and sometimes it's really easy for me to ignore those urges that seem weaker. sometimes that ends up being bad; i hope i can go soon.

I get asked these questionst too! seems my family is always concerned about my bowel habits lol

Merry Christmas to you all. I am home from school until next Monday. I was in nursery school and kindergarten in Cambodia. It was fun both boys and girls. They took us to the bathroom together so we got to see each other and our different clothes and bodies. It was a warm weather place, so boys wore mostly short pants and girls wore simple dresses. We were toilet trained at home. So we knew what to do. The boys would undo their short pants and underwear to their ankles to pee or sit on the toilet. The girls would lift their dresses, pull down their little panties to their knees or ankles. The toilets were low so that our feet touched the floor. The toilets were in an open air room with no stalls. They flushed and were clean. Sometimes, I had to go by myself and not with the class. So, I would go with another boy. That was fun. He and I would compare ourselves.
One morning, I was sitting on the toilet with my red shorts and light blue bikini briefs to my ankles, when a girl walked in and took the bowl next to me. She lifted her dress, pulled down her white underpants to her knees and sat on the toilet. She said, "You making ca-ca? So am I." Her belly and mine were both loose. She and I poured out brown chunks. We sat in there for a long time. Then, we wiped ourselves. I always wipe through the front like a girl. We were always taught to flush the toilet. We pulled up our underwear and fixed our clothes.
While on vacation, I went to the movies this afternoon. I have been in the movies everyday. I love film. I forgot to tell you that I break lots of wind or fart. I was farting on the BART train and on the MUNI bus and
trolley and in the theater. I went to the male toilet, took a stall, closed the door, took off my jacket and sweater, cleaned the seat with seat liner, pulled down my red corduroy trousers and my colored striped Jockey mid-briefs to my ankles. I pushed out 6!!!!! long light brown pieces with farts and a long pee. Did it ever feel good. I was in there for about 15 minutes. I then wiped myself, even my penis, fixed myself and flushed. Then went to the film.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jenna great peeing story.

To: Heather first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you had to go pretty bad and alot to and it sounds like you felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Doorstop great set of stories it sounds like Kaitlyn is having alot of fun pooping in various places.

To: Jemma great poop story.

To: Megan great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmine first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day luckily it wasnt a major accident and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hi Linda,

Yeah; I've read a lot of your posts. I don't know what causes some people to have so much moisture removed from their poop. You and I both know how difficult that makes going.

My constipation has gradually been getting better. I was the absolute worst when I was a little kid; I just couldn't go at all lots of times. Laxatives and suppositories did little to help; my mom gave me enemas....and sometimes it took 2 or 3 to empty me out. Doctors and my parents would ask me to "PUSH"...but they didn't understand.....there was nothing down there; the blockage was up higher someplace.

When I got to around 11 or 12 my poop actually got down to my hole....these huge knobby wide turds that hurt sooooo bad to push out. But; I could at least get them out. Sometimes with the help of a finger. a young teen the width diminished a little....but my poops were still gigantic and very very hard; although as I got older it gradually got better. I guess at 15 or 16 or so...I actually started to really enjoy my bowels; the urges were awesome and the feeling of a large turd moving inside of me was; I have to admit....pretty damn amazing.

Now....It's kinda gone the other way....I go "OK" most of the time...but I rarely get urges. Certainly not like I used to. I have to think about when I've last gone....and do sit times and test pushes to stimulate things. Then; I usually do smaller softer poops.

So....there you have it.

Hope you pooped good today Linda. I always like your posts.



For Abby

Well lets see here. I would have a habit of pooping outside in my back yard. I know I posted this story before, but I don't think the new posters read it. Well one evening when I was little I went outside and took my Mossman action figure from He-Man outside with me. Well I tried to poop outside and did very little, and I didn't wipe. Well for some reason I found a little piece of poop on my toy, I didn't know how it got there. I went in the house and started to take my bath and I looked in my underwear and saw a large brown stain in it. I showed it to my mother and she was mumbling angry. And my father goes, What's Wrong? My Mother goes HE $HIT IN HIS DROURES!

And by the way Also my mother warned me about people like you. I would have a habit of putting things in my mouth, And My mother would say that SOME ONE MAYBE HAD THIER FINGERS UP THIER BUTT BEFORE HANDELING THAT!


An Unforgettable Dump

Hey everyone,

I've been on this site for a while but never had anything to post. I'm a freshman in college 19 and 6' 4", with a nice tan and toned body from what I've been told. But after what happened today I actually have something. So let me start off by saying after eating all of the food I had on Christmas I got pretty constipated which is odd. But I had an excess of cheese which is what I think caused it. Anyway I'm currently assisting my high school for spring musical while I'm on winter break. Well with today being day of five of my constipation I was pretty uncomfortable when I arrived. I got there a bit early just in case I got the urge to go I figured it would pretty than going at home. Since I got there early I figured no one aside from the basketball team was in building but they were on the other side of the school so I knew I wouldn't see them. So I turned to be right because shortly after checking the time and realizing that I was really early I got some pretty severe cramps telling me that everything from Christmas till today wanted out.

So I headed to the nearest restroom which was the one just off the cafeteria. When I got there two out of the three stalls were occupied. I knew I had to wait since the last stall which has been notoriously known to be clogged almost at times throughout the school year at my high school was indeed clogged. So I had to really use total concentration which to hold it all in.

I began to get more desperate as time passed since I knew that the two guys in there were on the basketball team and were doing some serious pooping. I considered leaving and going to another restroom but knew that the nearest one was by the principal's office and I know I would lose it by then. Well as I was focusing very hard at this point my friend who is a senior this year and also in the musical came in, and from the looks of things he had to go just as bad as I did.

But luckily for he didn't have to wait for as he came up to where I was waiting for the stalls to open up I heard both guys begin to unroll paper and wipe. And after a few more grueling minutes we both took the stalls. Now I this point I just dropped my pants as quickly as possible and got seated my friend doing the same.

I started letting go a huge log that crackled out for almost three minutes!!! During that time my friend had plopped out two turds and was working third from the grunts that I could hear. So after I let out that beast which was 16" long 2" wide it covered almost the entire bowl and I was in absolute shock that there was still more in me. So I knew that I was going to be a while since the next one was coming out slowly. I started to talking to my friend that I hadn't seen since I went off to college.

He was asking how I liked it and if I had a girlfriend and in mid sentence I had huge PLO-OP sound he large sigh. Well after hearing all of that I bore down and really worked to grunt out the rest of log. My friend proceeded to ask when I had last been and was in utter shock that when I told him not since Christmas Eve. Finally I could feel it taper off and thud in the bowl on top of other beast.

I didn't even get to look to see how big it was before I was hit with massive diarrhea at this point I was beginning to worry that it would overflow. So I asked my friend if was finished he said almost, then I told him predicament since I knew that anymore and there would poop everywhere so he suggested that I hold anything else and use the clogged one since it's suppose to get cleaned out before school starts. So I unlocked my stall and waddled in to the last as another monster was on it's way out and I managed to get seated just in time to let it out. After that I farted a few more times and was finished. At this point my friend had let his last one and was wiping. He asked me how I was going to wipe I said I would need his stall for that. So he flushed and left his stall. I waddled into his and wiped and let a little bit more diarrhea.

After that amazing buddy dump I survived the other two stalls surprisingly my second turd before my diarrhea attack was well above the water line and looked to be well over a foot long. And the last one I left in the last stall was 10" 2". Overall I was impressed since I hadn't gone that much since the summer vacation which I will post about later. My friend was impressed beyond words and jokingly said I want to poop just like you when I grow up.

Hands down that was the best way I have ever ended the year. So happy New Years to everyone and happy pooping.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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