Hallo, im from germany and i enjoy reading this site. Im often im constipated and so i have some experience with laxatives and something like that. As this laxatives dont work or work better than expected, ive had some pooping accidents. To Sara B: Dragees and suppositories have advantages and disadvantages. Dragees are easier to take, but they have got the disadvantage that you can only rough estimate, when the effekt will occur. If you have constipation for more then four days the dragees can cause cramps in the ???? region, i think the active agent of dulcolax, biscacodyl will stimulate the colon with the hard stool and that causes cramps. For my experiences i think suppositories are better. They will work within 30 minutes. The disadvantages are that they only clean the last part of the digestion system. For my person, i feel that they have also a stimulating effect on the bladder. That means, ive have to pee frequently after the application of the suppositories. Ive good experiences with a laxative called "Klean-Prep" in Germany. i think the name in the USA is "Golytely or Nulytely". This is a soluble powder, you must dissolve it in water and drink it. You should be at home and drink one cup every ten minutes. After some time you might have a feeling like the begin of a diarrhea, but thats a sign of the effectivness of golytely and if there are no cramps, drink more cups. Drink the liquid until you felt an urgent need to go to the toilet. The liquid isnt adsorbed in the body and so it causes liquid diarrhea, but this diarrhea stops mostly one hour after drinking the last cup and the hole body is cleaned out. I think youll feel very good. Has anyone further experience with golytely or nulytely ? To Silke: Im glad,that there is another interesting person from germany. Where do you come from ?. Im coming from south germany

Movie Fan, here's another film for the female pooping list. It's called "Senseless." It's a comedy about a college student who is trying to land a big job Wall Street. (Some of us here might call that a "jobbie.") To earn money, he becomes a subject in an experiment which makes his five senses super sensitive. In one scene, two females enter the ladies while the guy is coming down the stairs. One of the two girls goes into a stall to take a dump. The viewer doesn't see anything but you hear everything, although it's only sound effects. Meanwhile, the guy in the experiment, outside in the hall, is getting an overdose of the sounds and smells coming from the women's room. It's a bit voyeuristic but pretty funny.

I just found this forum and it's great. To Sara B: I can relate to your experience with the dulcolax. I have had trouble with constipation since I was a kid and on occasion, have used dulcolax tablets to stimulate a thorough movement. When they work, they generate a massive, urgent dump, but I never know for sure when it is going to happen. Sometimes it takes 6 hours, sometimes 24 or more. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. For that reason, I hate using it. I have a very active lifestyle and don't want to have to stay close to a toilet for up to a day wondering when or if my bowels are going to erupt. The dulcolax makes me feel sick too, with cramping and gas pains. Its a good thing to avoid. The worst experience I had with dulcolax was when I was in college. I took two tablets after dinner. The next morning after breakfast, I sat on the toilet and pushed out a couple of hard lumps with much straining. Assuming that the dulcolax had worked, I went to a chemistry class. About 15 minutes into the class I got terrible stomach cramps followed a few minutes later by an extremely urgent need to dump. I ran from the class, but, instead of finding a toilet in the chemistry building, tried to make it to my dorm which was a five minute walk. Half way to the dorm I lost control and started to fill my jockey shorts with soft poop. I couldn't make it stop. Fortunately my roomates were all in class, so I had the bathroom to myself while I cleaned up the mess and pooped my guts out. I didn't stray more than a few feet from the toilet the rest of the day. Needless to say, I am very careful when I take dulcolax tablets. As a result of that experience, I discovered dulcolax suppositories. When I told my best friend what had happened with the laxative, he confided that he was also occasionally constipated but that he used dulcolax in suppository form because it was more convenient. He told me to let him know the next time I was having problems and he would let me use one of his suppositories. I was constipated again about two weeks later and asked him to come over with a suppository. He instructed me on its use and left the room while I lay on my left side on my bed and inserted it. After I pulled up my underwear, he came back in and told me that I needed to retain it as long as possible. He sat at my desk chair and made small talk while I lay on the bed and waited for the suppository to work. He kept encouraging me to hold it until I was on the verge of losing control, claiming it would work better that way. After about 30 minutes, I was very uncomfortable and sprinted for the toilet. He wanted to go into the bathroom to be there during my ordeal but I closed the door and asked him to wait outside. I must have been in there for 45 minutes squeezing out massive, hard lumps one at a time while my guts cramped. Even though the urge was overwhelming, I still had a hard time getting rid of everything. I wanted to call a timeout several times to rest but the dulcolax just wouldn't let my bowels stop. My friend was obviously listening just outside the door and no doubt heard my grunts and the sound of the cannonballs being ejected into the water. My ordeal finally ended and I had to admit, I felt a lot better. The suppositories, or silver bullets as my friend called them ,became an inside joke with us and we would tell each other whenever we would have to use them. Sara B, I would suggest you try the suppositories next time you are constipated. They don't clean you out like the tablets since they only work in the lower part of the colon and rectum. They also don't soften the poop very much, so if you are impacted, it still hurts when you push out the stool. They are convenient and predictable. I used them all through college and still have to use them pretty often now. I wonder how many other guys have to use suppositories frequently. I also wonder if anyone has had any buddy dumping experiences while using a suppository to enhance the effort.

Monday, August 24, 1998

Talking about smelling up the bathroom. A few years ago, I was at a retreat at FCA Camp in Western Indiana (near Turkey Run State Park). There were a couple of guys that had to take a dump very badly so they went to the rec center and one guy took the mens room and the other guy took the ladies room. They were in there for a long time. One guy got finished in the guy's room. A few minutes later, the guy in the ladies room finished and flushed and then walked out. There was a girl waiting. He apologized for the smell. It was kind of funny.
Well, school starts on Monday and I look forward to dropping some dirt in the library there.

Well some girl, here are a few tips to improve pissing while you stand up. always push hard at the beginging and becareful for drips at the end. Bending your knees slightly also helps with the arc. a lot of my college friends that are women piss standing up, especially outside clubs or in parking lots. Julie who is my best friend can shoot her stream up to 5ft and a little bit longer if she's drunk! i also have a little bit of a dribble down my leg, but thats because it takes me on average about a minute and a half to finish urinating. just keep at it, practice makes perfect.

Richard's great letter about the girl sitting opposite him on the train going to the toilet and his subsequently seeing the big fat jobbie she had done rings a bell with me. I have often called the long distance trains "Inter Shittys" for this reason. Often I have been travelling around the country by train rather than car to Conferences etc and have seen a girl or woman get up and go down to the toilet located just where the carriages join. The light in the carriage goes on to indicate "Toilet Engaged" and I time her. If she comes back in a few minutes I deduce it was only a wee-wee and there is nothing to see, however if she is away for a suitable length of time I will do as Richard did and go and use that toilet myself and often there is a nice big fat jobbie stuck in the pan. British train toilets have a very weak flush in many cases and have a smaller size pan with a smaller exit hole so even smaller turds which would flush away at home or in an ordinary toilet will often get stuck. I have myself often done really big ones in train toilets and blocked the pan and so has my wife Moira. Jeff A's post about his girlfriend's mother doing motion with the door open is not that unusual as there are quite a lot of adults who do this. Moira and I of course never close the door unless we have strangers or very prudish visitors in the house. When we are on the toilet doing a jobbie at home we usually have the "other half" in watching anyway. As a child of course I was used to my Aunt Helen who brought me up and my two cousins Debbie and Nicky sitting on the pan when I was in the bathroom having a wash and also them coming in when I was doing a motion myself so this didnt bother me and I have always looked at defecation as a perfectly normal physical activity resulting from eating etc,and like eating quite enjoyable. Obviously as a child I was taught by my Aunt that not everyone thought like her and I must respect other people's views on such matters so I didnt just barge in on other people doing the toilet but it is amazing how many people I know are quite happy to let close friends or relatives watch this intimate function or who at least leave the door open and continue to hold a conversation while having a motion. Donna who posts here is a long time friend of Moira and I, and I am one of the few men who have been allowed to watch her doing one of her big jobbies, apart obviously from any who have seen her doing one outdoors unknown to her. Reading this site there are many who enjoy accompanied and buddy dumps. Like Donna and Lauren we have also had a visitor who had an accident in their pants and tried to flush their soiled knickers down the toilet pan. US toilets may be able to cope with such a load but in British ones even if the offending panties go away they will often get caught up on a piece of pipework further down the system and all the subsequent turds, toilet paper, sanitary towels, tampons etc get held back and build up behind them. Again , everyone can have an accident and "fill their pants" and this has happened to both myself and Moira and we would not mock the victim of such an unhappy experience. Like the two girls we were however a bit annoyed that an adult who should have known better flushed them down the toilet reckless as to the consequencies, which they really ought to have envisaged. If it had been a child or a teenager who had done this we would have understood that they might not realise the outcome of their actions. In the event about a couple of days after we had some guests for a dinner party our downstairs toilet started to back up and foul water also started to come up the shower tray and bath plug holes. I got the rods and eventually unblocked the drain bringing down a great load of fat turds and toilet paper held back by a soiled pair of white Y-Fronts. As I dont wear this type of underwear myself,(I prefer Sloggi Briefs), and I wouldn't flush a pair of panties down my own toilet anyway, they could only have belonged to a male guest who had attended one of our parties a few days previously. We didnt know who the culprit was as there had been a number of people at the party, but it was a problem we could have done without. Since then I have had the plumbing upgraded with modern 6 inch plastic pipes and such a blockage would probably not occur again, but I would rather people didn't flush shitty knickers down the toilet pan. Finally, I can only suggest that Elias W visits a doctor as he could have an internal problem if he has chronic diarrhea. Immodium (Loperamide) capsules would probably help but he should not just take medicines until he has had a proper medical examination and tests to be on the safe side.

Well I am back from some time away and it's great to read all the postings. Among other places we visited was a music festival in the midlands, and they had the most civilised loos I have ever seen at a festival - including pictures on the wall, proper flush toilets, running water and soap dispensers. Mind you there were some of the type where you just do your stuff straight into a sort of bucket with chemicals in. Having said that the flush toilets got very busy (as you can imagine, given the choice!) and one of the cubicles in the ladies nearest to where we were camped got blocked, but it hadn't stopped people using it. Yuk!
On the subject of French (hole in the ground) loos; I quite got to like them. There is quite an art in aiming your poo so it goes straight down the hole, but you do have to take care not to pee on your shoes!
I used to go to a (all girl) boarding school. We had very good food and plenty of it, as well as lots of exercise (I am fairly sporty anyway - I played a lot of netball, hockey and tennis) and the loos were always getting blocked - usually with poo but occasionally with STs or knickers, even though there were bins provided. I seem to remember that I had a bit of a reputation as a toilet blocker!
To: Richard. Like you I commute to work by train, and I quite often use the train loo. I don't think it was me you met, even though I do sometimes wear a grey suit. I have even been known to have a phone conversation while sat on a train loo!

pooping girl
While at the mall yesterday I some how managed to get grease on my hands. I needed to go to the toilet to do jobbies and headed to the ladies toilet. I was not desperate so I wanted to get the grease off my hands so I wouldnt get it on my clothes. There were 4 toilet stalls with 1 occupied. I was washing my hands for about 5 minutes as I finally got them clean. I didnt hear a sound out of the lady on the toilet. I went into the stall next to her and pulled my shorts and underpants down and sat on the toilet. Before I started to go it sounded like 2 teenagers came in with one saying she had to go real bad. The other girl said she would wait for her outside. The girl entered the toilet next to me and pulled her pants and underpants down and sat and started to push right away and she let go with a lot of gas and jobbies all at once. She was grunting ,farting and dropping alot of poop. Her friend came back in and asked her if she was almost finished. The girl said not yet and farted, the other girl said she would meet her at the arcade and left. My jobbie was rather normal, not much effort but a few good farts and a nice load of jobies. As I wiped my fanny the girl grunted loudly and let go with another wave of jobbies. I pulled my underpants and shorts up and flushed the toilet. I went to wash my hands as the girl wiped her fanny and dressed,I was drying my hands when her toilet flushed and she walked out. She looked at me smiled and just said wow, I said to her feel better she just looked back and said much thankyou. I said me to and left. The lady in the far toilet was still sitting there and I heard no sounds at all except her moving her feet once in a while. Will be away for a couple of weeks, so see you then.

I liked Richard's story about the girl opposite him on the train doing a motion in the toilet and his then seeing her big fat jobbie stuck in the pan. I have often seen such big turds stuck in the toilet on a train and have often done some such big ones myself when travelling and have left them for others to see. This tale reminds me of last year when I was on a boating holiday with some friends. The toilet pan was a contraption rather like a big funnel with a small central drainage hole and after the user had done their business it was emptied by opening a valve and pumping it out. The contents were expelled via a pipe into the water. You can guess what happened. I did one of my big fat jobbies and it stuck in the hole. I must say everyone found it a good laugh as my friends are not prudish, especially their 10 year old son who was very amused to see "Aunt Nicky's big turd sticking up out of the hole". Eventually with a lot of pumping it was slowly sucked from the pan and again to everyone's amusement it shot out of the pipe into the water and floated for ages at the side of the boat. This didnt embarrass me as I am not at all bashful about such matters. Afterwards however I agreed to use the toilets ashore when I needed a poo when I could and do my motions in a bucket and sling it over the side if I needed to do a number two at night or when aboard the boat. The postings about people having an accident in their pants then trying to get rid of them down the toilet reminds me of a time when I had an accident myself as a teenager. I was walking home from school and should have gone in the girls' toilets there but didnt intending to go when I got home. Unfortunately I didnt make it and a big easy jobbie came out in my panties. Luckily these were a pair of cotton interlock briefs and the elastics through the leg openings stopped any poo from leaking out. I did make a detour to a Ladies' Toilet in a nearby shopping precinct and went into a cubicle. I took off my skirt and carefully stepped out of my heavily soiled knickers with the big mass of squashed up poo hanging down in the seat. I had my navy blue gym knickers in my satchel as I had played Hockey at school that day and after cleaning the poo off my buttock cheeks I changed into these, my skirt not having been stained in any way. The smell was terrible but in a public toilet I d! ont suppose anyone noticed. I had the shitty panties to dispose of and for a moment I DID think of flushing them down the pan but then saw the bin for used sanitary towels and tampons and put them in that and being restored to normality I left the cubicle washed my hands and went home. Since I always wore a clean pair of panties every day and had so many pairs my mother didnt notice one pair missing from the laundry. Like others I always look at my motions before I pull the flush and have often seen undigested food matter in them such as corn, seeds from Burger Baps, a piece of string from a Sunday roast which had been on the slice of meat I had eaten and had passed through and once a small button I had popped in my mouth and accidentally swallowed. Anyone else got stranger items that they have swallowed and which have passed through them and come out in one of their turds?

Sara B
I love reading the posts here, I don't submit many because I don't consider that I have much to contribute. I'm so envious of the openness of some people. I'd love to have Moira's experiences of a ???? rub when I'm constipated (which is quite often), and Buddy dumping sounds such fun. I have to admit to being aroused by the feeling of needing to poo and I'd love to be with someone while they passed their motions. The only recent unusual (for me anyway) experience I had was last week when I was feeling full and uncomfortable because I'd not passed anything in three days and I took 2 Dulcolax at lunchtime, hoping to enjoy the results in peace when I got home. They actually worked quicker than I thought they would and I got the most awful ???? cramps and rumblings in the afternoon. I had to stop at a store on the way home, and I did a huge load of thick poo which I didn't feel comfortable with, as I am a private sort of person and this didn't smell too good either. Felt much better later on though, when I was all cleared out. Would I have been better using the suppository type? I've never tried them. I didn't like the cramping and cold sweat that the laxatives gave me, made me feel quite ill. Sara.

Hey, I'm from germany and I read this site for severeal times. I like to tell you some stories about going outside. I will write from time to time if I have enough time to translate my stories into english, which isn't so easy for me. But here's my first. It was four years ago when I was still at school at a school bike tour.We sometimes did some bike rides before, but always with a lenght of one day. I and the other girls often had to pee at this rides, and then we went behind bushes and squat at the stops.During this time the one or other boy has seen us, and we have seen them-it was no problem for us. But this ride goes over 4 days,and this could be a problem.We (21 boys,17 girls, 1 male + 1 female teacher)drove to a lake and build up our tents. It was a nice lake with sand on the shore -and at some places there were bushes growing into the lake. Our tents were near to a sandy beach , but around this place there were no bushes or trees.In the first night I stood up for a pee and went out of our camp.In the moonlight I saw 2 boys standing and pee, they giggled as they saw me, but I went some way deeper into the night. After some time I nearly crashed into a squatting girl. I also squatted down next to her and peed. I woke up when the morninglight shines into my tent and felt a big urge to poop.I woke up my friend in my tent, and we decided to search a place for some privacy for a poop together.My friend,Conny,said why shouldn't we go into the lake,and so we went to the next beach not far away to our camp.But we were not the only ones who had this idea!We saw 4 boys ,3 standing and peed a long bow into the lake and one squatted and let out a big turd into the sand.Between them we saw 2 girls which had no time to wait and started pulling down her pants-they looked cool while they also start their job. Both lent only a little bit forward and pressed out their poo with a loud fart. One made a big fat turd next to the boy in the sand and the other let out a load of diarrhea into the water. My friend also couldn't wait any longer and pulled down her pants and squatted directly on the way and let out her jobbies.Nobody laughs or giggled so it seems normal what they were doing.But I don't want to do it in front of the boys and so I went along this beach and I wanted to go behind a bush at the end of this beach which grows some meters into the lake. I went into the water and went through the pee of the boys and turds(from who?)and the diarrhea of the girl behind the bush.In the moment as I wanted to pull down my bikini I saw a women not far away walking through the water. It was my teacher!She couldn't wait and pulled out her clothes,hang them on the bushes and spread her legs. It was extraordinary to see my teacher naked .She peed some minutes and then she pressed out some turds and farts-I think she pooped for 15 minutes.After the 5th or 6th turd I couldn't wait and let out a big turd-with a loud "splosh" he fell in the water. My teacher turned around and flushed into red.But we talked about it and since this moment we are very good friends because we shared this private situation.Her name is Britta and we go out together with my friends at the weekend and fly to holiday-I will write some stories later.We brang our jobs to an end and after 25 minutes we went back to the camp. As we came around the bush we saw many turds and puddles on the beach, and lots of turds swam in the water. We went together to this place every morning and pooped together.On the day we drive back we went a last time to this place short before we start our journey back.The way, the beach and the water was covered with stinky turds and tp.It smells like a pissed mens urinal in our school.The smell of pee and poo was a horor and so we made our last puddle as fast as we can and went away. I'll be back with more soon !

Sunday, August 23, 1998

Hi guys! I read Alex's post on the same day my father got a mail-order travel outfitter's catalog. One of the items in that catalog is a "funnel" that females can put under their vagina while standing to pee. I showed Alex the picture of the item when I saw her; has anybody used them? I have squatted to pee (in European "squat" toilets and outdoors, here in the States) but I don't think my friend's too keen on that. I've been pretty *regular* and have nothing out of the ordinary to report this time... Welcome back, Blake! I hope you didn't have too many incidents up at the camp; looking forward to hearing about whatever happened. Peace, Steph

When I eat corn, I see the kernels in my poop afterwards, for one to two days. I see it in my brothers' poop as well (we often go one after the other, if our turds are not too big or if the others just have to pee. also, my brothers are smaller, and don't always flush). Me, my brothers and some of my friend often poop outside next to the trail to the beach. There you can see everyone's poop real well. I have also seen black olives and onion bits in my and my brothers' poop. Once, one of my brothers ate a lot of gum. The next day, his poop looked what one big wad of gum, with some brown poop mixed in. The only other thing I have seen in my poop was some grains or nuts from my cereal.

Jeff A.
Hi all, I had a great experience one time at a girlfriend's apt. She lived with her mother who was a nurse, and I would would stay with them for weeks on end sometimes because their place was more fun than mine, and they liked having me around. The girlfriend's name was Kyra, who I've mentioned before, and we used to sleep on a sofa bed out in the living room, because Kyra only had a single bed in her room. One morning, at about 4:30 am, I heard her mother get up and go into the bathroom. She was getting ready for work, and was wearing only her white nurses pants, and a bra. She had taken a cup of coffee with her, and from my view, I could see into the bathroom where the door was ajar, and I watched her take her pants down, and sit on the toilet with her coffee cup. I don't think that she cared about the door being half open because she was sure that we were both asleep. (When I was young, and in bed, supposedly asleep, my mother's friends often would go into our bathroom for a poop with the door open all the way, giving me some of the greatest shows in my life, which I remember vividly.). Anyway, I slowly rolled over onto my stomach, so I could see the whole thing right side up. She had on a girdle that was all twisted up with panties and pants around her knees. She was a very handsome woman, also single, and about 55. Judging from the sounds, I figure that she'd been holding her poop for awhile, because alot came out. I didn'' hear any exit noises, but there would be a "splat!" sound every minute or so, followed by a soft, puffing exhale. I watched and listened for a good 10 minutes as I heard 7 of these hard splats into the toilet. Her delicate, but stinky poop smell was making its way out into the living room area, making the whole thing even more realistic. After a few more minutes, she finally leaned forward for what I guessed to be the big one. She folded her arms across her stomach, as if to squeeze the crap out of her lower self, and her head was slightly tilted as she was staring off into space, and her face was motionless as she was silently pushing. This was the first hard crackling I heard, and then it was like 'fire at will' as many plops were hitting, and splatting on top of her original pile. For some reason, Kyra woke up and softly giggled and said in the slightest whisper "Look! Mom's takin' a shit with the door open" (I think she thought I was asleep,and tried to wake me for the event before I missed it). I whispered back "I know. I'm watching." Her mom reached around and flushed, but stayed to drop some more poop, occassionaly sipping her coffee. We both laid in bed and watched in silence. After a bit, I heard another couple of "splats" and then she wiped herself, very thouroughly, and pulled up her armament of underwear, (I could hear elastic snapping as she pulled them up). For the rest of the day, I kept thinking of that morning, and later that evening I purposely let her mother catch me on the toilet, which had an even more interesting effect. I didn't shut the door all the way, and she came in thinking that the bathroom was unoccupied, and was she ever shocked to see me sitting there. She put her hand to her mouth in surprise, and started to back out immediately. apologizing for the intrusion, and I said "It's ok Diane, I'm not embarrassed". So she stuck her head back in the door, explaining that she just wanted to get some things out of the drawer in the sink counter, and came back in to do that. She made wonderful small talk, and even looked at me from time to time,while I sat and crapped. It probably took her only about a minute to get everything, but it was a great minute! I don't think I ever enjoyed anything so much. I dropped a few turds in her presence, and she didn't even bat an eyelash. After she left, I heard Kyra ask her "What's he doing in there?" and her mother replied "He's on the toilet." Instead of trying to be overly polite, and deliberately looking away, s! he would look right at me sitting there as if it were perfectly natural for her to be there. That's what I loved about her mother. I actually admired her for many things besides this story, as she was a definate trooper in the real world!!! That's all. I love you all, you're the greatest! JA.

On my commute home from the city the other evening a buxom young lady of about 24 came to sit opposite me. When she sat down we exchanged plesantries and started to chat. She was dressed in a grey pinstripe business suite with a micro length skirt. After about an hour of chatting and doing the crowssword etc she excused herself saying that she needed to make a visit to the toilet. About 10 minutes had passed and she still had not returned and the toilet sign still said engaged. My imagination started to wonder and think of this women dropping a huge fat jobbie. After about 15 minutes she came back...sat down and smiled. I dedcided that I should excuse myself by saying that I needed to make a visit to the toilet, which I did. When I got into the cubicle their was the smell of a good solid dump, and sure enough wedged in the pan was a jobbie of about 2.5 to 3 inches thick and about 8 inches long. It was very dark in colour. Returning back to my seat I sat down and started to chat to her again....and she actually apologised for the smell that she said she had caused in the toilet..

some girl
hey, I have a question. I am a 16yr old girl and I like to urinate standing, but I sometimes have a problem with some runinng down my legs. I hold myself open and pull up , and i can piss about 3 or 4 ft. But sometimes it still splits into more than one stream and/or runs down my legs. Can any women who also go standing give me some tips? * I will post a story next time* Bye 4 now

To Movie Fan: We musn't forget the following movies:

1. Empire Records
2. The Rachel Papers.
3. Sticky Fingers
4. Doc Hollywood

Elias W.
Hello, Im writing from Germany, from Emmendingen. Please excuse my english because im in the sttzkurs. I found this site by tipping the word diarrhea and was very amazed about it. Since I was a child i have many problems with diarrhea. I remember just a few days in my life without it. Last month i was doing the exercise in maths when i felt a big plob of diarrhea in my ass. Our teacer is very unfriendly and he wouldnt have let me go. So i opened up my break-box and shat in it and covered it with the lid. But hte smell was unbearable. Everybody looked angry in the last row where im sitting. Later that day on the stairs a silly pupil of a lower grade kicked me and my break-box came out, opened, and the diarrhea was all over the stairs. I WAS ASHAMED!!!! Such a blamage!! I didnt visit school for a week. Please write me of your accidents with diarrhea. Please tell me solutions for my problem(is there anything that i forgot to use) Im so thankful that this site exists and that I can tell someone my problems. So my anonymity is still there. Thank you. Elias

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