I've just thought of something that Alex (who doesn't like squatting for piddles) would like. Called LaFemme, its a disposable paper funnel for a woman to hold between her legs to divert her wee forwards while standing up fully dressed. Invented by a man for his wife, it's not yet in production. The idea is that they come flat packed, you press them into shape for use and flush them away afterwards. The great advantage seems to be that they're small, inconspicuous, disposable paper products, unlike the alternatives which look like surgical appliances and have to be cleaned after use. It's surprising how many woman-weeing-standing-up accessories there are on the market, which make urinettes rather pointless! Well done Donna and Lauren for unblocking your drain yourselves; please don't be too hard on the girl who flushed her kinckers. Every woman needs a little privacy in an emergency, and knickers usually flush away OK. As you might have guessed from my posts, I've unblocked quite a few drains, often after Janet attended to her personal hygiene. I bought her some special "collectors edition" cane rods, and had her name engraved in them, but somehow it was me who used them to retrieve her little loads. For one birthday I even made a neat collapsible plunger which could be carried in a handbag. I had a fun experience once while working in an inspection chamber which served three houses. I saw Julie next door go into her bathroom, and heard nothing for about 5 minutes. Then I heard a flush, and a two lovely big poos appeared from the pipe next to me, with a small wad of tissue. The next flush brought me her panty pad and more tissue, and the final one lots more tissue and the release paper from her fresh pad. I had placed a brick across the outlet of the chamber in case I dropped any tools, so the stuff just stayed there; it didn't worry me. Soon, Julie came out into the garden. She turned to speak to me, obviously saw her waste lying there next to me, and fled indoors. False modesty, I guess; she should have been proud of her efforts! Gotta go, back in 3 days. In the meantime, girls, what do YOU flush when no-one's looking... Crimson.

Saturday, August 22, 1998

Meaasage to Alex. I was in France earlier this year & they still have a few of the squat type toilets. It seems the further south you go, the more common they are. In the big citys it seems that the automatic self cleaning toilets are very popular. The squatting type are not bad to use, at least they are fairly clean & you do not end up sitting on a seat splashed with pee. The only problem is that it is hard to change a tampax using these. So just hope you are not on your period when you go!

I have just loved the correspondence from Moira (who I know) and Nicola who I dont - welcome :-). I have done my jobbies in many strange places, often outdoors but never in a gents urinal. I have always been quite fat and I can imagine such a fixture might break away from its mountings if I sat on it! Crimson's idea of myself, Moira and Nicola having a buddy dump down the same toilet pan would be quite something. I can visualise 3 great, long fat torpedos jammed together in the bottom of the toilet. I have buddy dumped with Moira and that lot did take ages to flush away. Like Claire and Nicola I have often been blamed for large turds blocking the toilet even when I didnt do it, although this didnt really bother me. Of course if one does a motion outdoors it doesnt matter at all.
To Gerald and others who mentioned the retained turd effect I too have experienced this from time to time both in the way Moira mentions of a small lump left behind after a really big jobbie is passed and dropped the next time one goes to the toilet usually for a wee wee and the serial motion passed, as by Harry, in installments during the course of the day. I did a motion of the latter type last weekend. I had been a bit constipated but on Saturday morning I got up and felt the need to go. My partner, Lauren, came in with me to rub my ???? as she usually does. With a lot of straining and "OO! OO!s" I passed a number of big, fat, hard lumps the size of tennis balls and yes my arsehole hurt. The sound effects were quite something KURPLOONK! KERPLONK! KUR-SPLOOSH!". I felt there was more up there to come out but couldn't pass it. About a couple of hours later after breakfast I needed to go again and this time passed a firm but easier single long fat carrot shaped jobbie of about 14 inches long and about 2 inches fat which entered the water with a "FLOOMP!" I still felt I needed a bit more but nothing came. Again after a few hours I needed a wee wee but as I was sitting on the toilet I felt my bowels move and produced a soft butsolid and properly formed sausage of about 8 inches long and again 2 inches thick. It was very smelly and curved and floated in the pan. This one hardly made any sound at all as it dropped into the water on top of the bigger one I had done earlier which was still there. This greatly amused Lauren! After that I felt truely empty at last.
I have also known of toilets at school being blocked by soiled pairs of panties and knickers being flushed down the WC, although I never did anything like this myself. A few years ago such an event took place in our toilet at home! We had a party and one of the girls had a bit too much to drink. She had gone to the toilet to be sick and was away quite some time. When she came out she looked quite pale and one of the other girls, a non drinker, drove her home. Later another girl came down after using the toilet and said the water was coming up to the rim of the pan. Lauren joked that one of my whoppers had got stuck down the pipes but I hadn't done a motion in our toilet at home for a couple of days having instead gone at work or at the pub. When we went up to investigate, sure enough the water was high. Luckily everyone was then going home and we then tried to unblock it with the plunger but to no avail. Next day we lifted the manhole outside and used the drain rods to cle! ar the blockage and with the load of toilet paper a pair of pink panties came down . Hooking these out we could see that there was the remains of a squashed up poo in them so we could only assume that our drunken guest had a big accident in her pants and had flushed then away. We felt sorry for her having the accident , but annoyed that she had done this as we would have dealt with the matter quite discretely had she told us, even washing her panties and giving her a pair of Lauren's (mine would have been far too big and would have been like a tent on her), to wear. Obviously although we never said anything to her about it she didnt get invited again.
To the 16 year old foodstuffs like corn are hard to digest and often are found embedded in the stools . I have also seen peas, bits of rind from fried bacon etc and other vegetable matter in my jobbies (I always look at what I have passed). Also once I swallowed a bit of chewing gum and sure enough a couple of days or so later there it was on the side of one the big turd I passed. Anyone else got stories of things that have passed through them and come out in one of their jobbies? Love to all from Donna and Lauren
All the best to you all Donna and Lauren.

Movie Fan
Thanks for the input on movies that reference women pooping. Here's a list I've put together of movies that have any kind of female bathroom references. I've put these into three categories: poop scenes, pee scenes, and scenes where they're using the toilet but you don't know what they're doing:
Movies with female poop scenes:
Patch of Blue
Once Upon a Time in America
Kindergarten Cop
Caged Heat

Movies with female pee scenes:
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
Point of No return
Love Crimes

Movies with females using the toilet, but it's not established whether they're pooping or peeing:
Psycho 3
The Drifter
Groove Tube
Three for the Road

There's also a few other movies I've heard have female bathroom scenes, but I haven't seen these myself so I'm not sure what categories these go in. If anyone can help with these, I'd appreciate it:
Leaving Las Vegas (I think this is a pee scene)
Once Upon a Time
Wild Reivers
Choir Boys
Winter Kills
The Man Who Fell to Earth

If anyone has info on these movies, please post it. Also, please post if there are any other movies with female bathroom references, especially where they are making number two. Thanks.

This is my first post. I think this site is great, but that oriental girl in the picture looks like she's getting tired. This is a story I once heard in a radio talk show in Mexico. I don't really know how true this story is, but just to think about it is very interesting. In this radio program, people call a tell the host and the audience about experiences they've had with ghosts and spirits. Well, a guy called, he said he was an architect and his story happened when he began working at certain design office in Mexico City. He told that on one occasion he had to finish a particular design on sunday, so he went to the office, told the guard he had work to do, and went to the office that was on a third floor. The guy explained that the office had a bathroom that was used both the men and women that worked there, anyway as soon a he got to the office, he went to the bathroom to wash his hands, and then he saw some turds in the toilet, he just flushed, made shure the turds disappear and leave the bathroom closing the door. His desk was just few steps away from the bathroom so he must have notice anyone coming into the WC. Well when he fished his desing, he went to the bathroom to take a leak and he opened the door he got petrified because sitting in the toilet there was this young beautiful girls with her jeans and panties around her ancles. As I said he was apparently petrified because no one could have get in there without him noticed. The girls looked at him without a expression, then He reacted a closed the door without saying a word. He stood outside the bathroom almos wetting himself, all frightened. After a few minutes He got corageous and opened the door again. He almost died when He discovered that there wasn`t anyone in there, the light was off again, but the bathroom had this particular shit odor, and the turds where again in the toilet. He forgot He had to pee and ran to the entrance where the guard was. This guy explaiend the guard what he saw, and the guard explained that a couple of months ago, that girl use to work there, and one sunday she had finish a work, she was alone in the building, but it happened tha three thieves hit the guard, and got into the building, they arrived to the office exactly in the moment she was taking a crap, son they shot her. She died instantly sitting in the toilet. Since then that girl appears sometimes in that office, just the way she was killed. What do you think? As I said, I'm not shure is this was real, but indeed was a great story.

I'm back! I have another great summer as a camp counsler! I ahve a couple of good stories I will post soon! It seems like I have a lot of reading to do on this site! I'm gonna start now, I'll post soon. Moira, when you pooped in the urinal, what did u wipe with?

Pooping Girl................ Glad to hear that you finally went. So did I, although I needed a Dulcolax suppository to get the job done. Sat on the toilet on the beginning of my fourth day with no movement and tried as hard as I could to get something going. But no luck. Then I inserted one of the suppositories I bought the night before, went out to the kitchen for another cup of coffee and to wait for developments. After about fifteen minutes the suppository kicked in with the near sudden onset of the feeling of REALLY needing a movement. Got back on the toilet and after a couple of minutes of straining as hard as I could the movement started. The first stool I passed was the largest in diameter but only about four inches long. Then another one like that, followed by one maybe a foot long. All these were hard, dry and "knobby" showing signs of impaction. This took me about fifteen minutes and I was exhausted and feeling much relieved after passing this movement. I bought a jug of prune juice at the grocery store and am taking a glass of that every morning now in an effort to get back to easier movements. Mine usually are somewhat constipated but this was almost the worst I have ever been. Not at all pleasant. And a real "pain in the ass" so to speak. *LOL* Keep me advised of how you are doing, and I will do the same for you. Later............................

Friday, August 21, 1998

I really like the idea of talking to someone on the phone while that person is sitting on the toilet, pooping. I agree with George and Moira that it would be very interesting and a real turn-on to listen as the person at the other end of the line would pause every so often between sentences to grunt and strain. Also, to hear the background noise of an occasional fart and last but not least the sound of the turds as they splash into the toilet. With the technology of visual phones being introduced on the market, it would be even more interesting to actually see the person you are talking to. Bridget

Uta Pippig is the female runner who won the women's portion of the Boston Marathon a couple of years back in spite of visible diahhrea and menstrual bleeding stains. I'm sure there are others.

Hi everyone! I'm sixteen years old and just curious... does anyone know why there are pieces of corn in your shit the day after you eat it? What other traces of the food you've eaten or foreign objects have turned up in your bowel movements?

I loved Claire's post about holding it at the campsite in and then doing a real whopper in the Girls' Toilets at school. Myself and many of my schoolfriends were always blocking the toilet pans when I was at Secondary (High) School but we didn't get the extreme reaction that Claire got. Teachers seldom came into the pupils' toilets having their own of course and it was usually only a senior pupil such as Prefect (monitor) who was there to prevent rowdy behaviour etc. Unlike Claire, when I did one that was a really big motion I would pull the flush once and if it stuck, so what! I was quite happy for others to see and perhaps admire what I had done. I agree that exercise does help to get things moving if you are bunged up. I often did a nice big jobbie after a game of Field Hockey or Netball or exercises in the Gym and it was not uncommon to see really big turds in the toilet pans in the Girls' Changing Rooms so this effect must have been quite common for the others too. Claire! 's remark about the larger girls getting the blame for her large motion reminds me of the time when I got blamed, (being quite a ???? girl) for one my cousin did. Steven was about 16 at the time and I was 18 and although he was a skinny lad he must have been holding it in for a few days as he did a motion in our toilet when visiting and it was a single long fat jobbie which got stuck in the toilet pan. I knew it was him as I went in for a wee wee afterwards and saw it . I have to admit it was as big as the ones I do my self . His mum, (my aunt), also saw it later and mentioned to my mother who just said, " Oh I suppose it's our Nicky again, she's always doing them" and I was despatched to evict said turd from the toilet by throwing a bucket or two of water down the pan, even although I hadn't done it! My cousin Steven found this highly amusing of course as no one suspected a skinny lad of passing this big torpedo. Robert's story about finding the pair of panties with the big accident in them in the Girls' Toilets reminds me also of similar incidents at my school. Every so often one of the toilets would get clogged up with something a bit more substantial than a big solid jobbie and the caretaker had to unblock it. Usually it was a sanitary towel or tampons not put into the container provided but there were a few occasions when the angry caretaker retrieved a soiled pair of knickers (panties) from round the hidden bend where some girl had an accident in her pants and flushed her shitty knickers down the pan. Once the culprit was caught as when the caretaker removed a soiled navy blue cotton briefs he discovered that a name tape was sewn to them at the back. The girl in question NOT ME had the added embarrasment of being summonsed to the headteacher's study and given a severe scolding for such a silly action. Not I add for messing her pants as anyone can have an accident, but of the way she disposed of them. I also believe that similar blockages with soiled underpants occured in the Boys' Toilets as one of my boyfriends told me. Have any other readers similar stories both about being blamed for someone else's large turd blocking the toilet and about toilets at school or elsewhere being blocked by pairs of panties or underpants being flushed down them? Finally, I love Moira's story about being on the mobile phone when doing a jobbie. I dont have a mobile myself but the idea of phoning a broadminded friend and letting the, listen to the performance does appeal.

pooping girl
Hi everyone, well I went to the toilet yesterday pulled my pants and underpants down (white ones) and after a hard effort a jobbie started out. It took four hard grunts to get it out, I pushed and grunted some more then another large jobbie made its way into the toilet. I rested and read a little bit as I tinkled and some gas came out. I leaned forward and and pushed again and more jobbies came out, as I was doing this my friend came into the bathroom and said, "Well I see your finally going". I grunted out a thank goodness as my jobbies splashed in the water. She stayed and talked for a little while until I finished. I had a little more gas and another weewee before I wiped myself and stood up. I had been on the toilet for a long time as I looked at my fanny I could see the red mark around my fanny from the toilet seat. Yes I had ring around the fanny again. Bob I hope you can go to the toilet soon. If I am constipated I will sometimes buy a disposable enema or will need ! a regular enema with around a quart of warm soapy water, this time I just managed to go.

Jeff A.
Hi all, Claire: Woowee! your post should have been set to music, it was so beautiful! I'm sure that you were a vision of loveliness sitting down to compose your masterpiece. I can just hear Beethoven's 'Emperor Concerto' 2nd movement, (pardon the expression), with the wonderful sound effects of swirling water going down the drain. I'm just teasin' ya. I did love your story though. Moira: That was a great story about the cell phone thing As a similar thing, A long time ago, when I was 16, I was talking to a girl that I was just starting to go out with on the phone, when she said, "Hold on, I'm gonna switch phones" From that point on, there was more of an echo in her conversation, and after a few minutes I heard a huge plop with water splashing in the background and knew right away what was going on. She was silent for a minute, then I heard her exhale real softly trying to hide what she was doing. I tried real hard to listen in on my end. After a second or two, I heard 3 more plops in a row, and she tried to talk louder to mask the sounds. I said to her "Are you on the toilet by any chance?" and she replied back "Ya' heard that one huh?" From that point on, she finished her poop, and her conversation, giving me all the details down to the last wipe. Since then, I've been a real fan of phone pooping. One time, my sister in law called me about something to do with my brother, and said that she was in the bathroom. I heard a big plop in the background , and she mumbled "oooh, that was a big one", and kept right on talking. I, like Pooping Girl, have been constipated for the last 2 days. There must be something in the air. Today was the end of a long hold out. I'm a fairly large guy, (6'3", 240 lbs), and I eat like a horse, so y'all can imagine how much was stored up inside of me! Anyway, I lifted my weights this morning, and took a shower. While I was in the shower, it hit me hard. I almost doubled over. I had time to quickly towel off before I sat. This was about 6:15 am, and my wife was stirring around getting ready for work. I grunted almost in agony, softly and to myself, and out came this huge monster turd that seemed to go on forever. My wife came in and was talking to me, all the while I was crapping this monster out, but she was polite, even over the pooping sounds. She was watching me in the mirror as I grunted and strained, I think she thought it was funny. After a few minutes, she began sniffing, and looked at me with a horrible look on her face like something had died in the room, but didn't say anything. It was a 3 flusher! It's been a long time since that's happened. She also has been constipated, and I watched her tonight, (she left the door open), go in, hike up her skirt, with panties around her knees, struggling and straining. No results though. Damn! She is so sexy, with her long legs, and brown curly hair, that I was really looking forward to a great show, and as some of you may be aware, I've been anticipating this for a long time now. Maybe later. She said that she needed to lie down for awhile. Oh well, also, Joseph: welcome! I loved your story about watching the ladies and their temporary bathroom stalls without doors. Please go into more detail with it. Bye all.

Moira and Nicola; I'm not aware of a 'pissy smell' problem with urinettes. The smell arises in the gents' because a: men occasionally miss the urinal and splash the walls and floor, and b: the flush rate is often turned right down or off altogether to save water, and some urinals don't get flushed for days. All modern urinettes have individual flush valves, and the design is such that women can't really miss, so the fittings stay cleaner and fresher. The most modern urinette is Kathy Jones' "She-inal", from 1991. The woman faces the wall (unlike earlier types; see my post on urinettes) and positions a funnel under her vulva. Even if she misses that, there is a full stall surround to catch it. She also gets paper to wipe with, it's generally a more sophisticated and thoughtful design. As I mentioned, the first urinette I made for Janet spent some time in the living room, where it was entirely inoffensive (although she didn't use it much). CLAIRE, I enjoyed your account of the little flood you caused, and I sympathise about your punishment. Anyway, ALL sanitary products can be flushed safely away, it's only when girls don't tear them apart properly that they cause blockages. In my capacity as sanitary engineer I have been on the quest for the unblockable toilet and spent three years with a woman who always needed to flush the unflushable. There are standard tests for toilets and flushable products, but they don't take account of women's emergencies and accidents. I always regarded Janet, on her period, as the ultimate realistic test (rather than the plastic balls and putty and other arbitrary measures), but now I'm trying to imagine what would happen with Moira, Donna, Nicola and yourself having a buddy dump (you all own up to having bunged up the plumbing with your plops). Could ANY toilet survive that onslaught? We'll have to try it sometime. Alex, sorry to hear you don't like squatting. I even squat for tinkles when I get the chance (yes, i'm a man)! There are'nt too many squats left in populous areas, but I find a few every time I go to France. Hopefully you'll also have a chance to enjoy wash-out toilets (the type with a shallow pan and the outlet at the front), so get ready to make serious smells in the bathroom! Have fun, tell us about the squats. If you're feeling adventurous, try using one standing up (wearing a skirt) for both functions. I've done it, it feels crazy! Laters all, stay regular. Crimson.

Thursday, August 20, 1998

I enjoyed reading Drew's post about mobile phones in the toilet. My work demands that I have a mobile by me at all times and a few weeks ago I was in the Ladies' Toilet when my phone went just as I was doing a motion. As I listened to the caller I could feel the jobbie sliding out of my back passage. I hoped it would be a quiet one which would just slip silently into the water but no, its was one of those great fat turds which dropped into the pan with a depth charge "KUR-SPLOONK!". Luckily it was my secretary on the end of the phone and she recognised what was happening and said, "I bet you feel better for that Moira!" When I told George he was greatly amused and turned on and suggested I should phone him when I did a motion in a public toilet or in the loo at the office and let him "listen in". I might just do this too! The correspondence about Urinettes is of interest. Personally I agree with Nicola and I wouldn't like to see these in Ladies' Toilets as I feel they would introduce that horrid pissy smell that so typifies Gents' Toilets from their Urinals and which is thankfully absent from most Ladies' Loos. It does remind me of an incident which occured when I was a teenager of 16 (that's 25 years ago). I was on holiday and just before going back to our hotel one evening with a group of teenagers I neede a wee wee. The Ladies' Toilet on the sea front was closed but the Gents' was open. This wasn't a proper toilet with WC pans but merely what the French call a "pissoir" with a row of Urinals. As the alternative was wet knickers, I went in with the lads standing guard outside to stop any man going in while I was there. I went to one of the urinals, (there were individual troughs not the long slab type). The pissy smell was terrible and hitched up my skirt and pulled down my knickers and sat! over the urinal. I did my wee wee but then felt that something else was coming down. I needed a motion as well! I could hardly stop it so just remained and let the fat turd slide out and drop into the urinal. When I looked I saw the big jobbie lying there in the white porcelain trough. The automatic flush cut in but of course it was far too big and solid to go down the central drain hole which had a non removable grill. When I came out and told the others they found this highly amusing and went in to have a good look. Next day one of the lads went in again to see if it was still there but the Toilet Cleaner must have removed it. I wonder what he thought? My sympathies to Poooping Girl and Bob on being constipated although to my mind this is better than having the runs. Last week I was bunged up for 4 days (it was during my period) but this doesn't worry me as I know everything will come to pass in the end and luckily I had my husband George to rub my ???? when I did need to go. With a lot of "OO!s and AH!s" I first produced several big hard lumpy balls with resounding "Kerplonk Kerploonk!" sound effects then two big, long fat sausages of 14 inches and 8 inches respectively which were 2 inches thick . I felt a lot better and very satisfied afterwards and George was well turned on by my performance. To Harry that certainly was a spectacular installment motion you passed, a ten incher, 2 six inchers and an eight incher within about a 3 hour time scale! I dont usually do anything like that when I have the "retained turd" effect myself but what usually happens is that I do a nice big one first say a single 12 to 14 inch, 2 inch fat jobbie but feel that there is still something else up there that won't come down. Probably about a couple of hours or so later I will need a wee wee but when I sit down and do it I feel the retained turd start to come down and I then pass what was left undone from the previous motion usually a small fat turd of about 4 to 6 inches long, what we call a "mick" in Glasgow then I feel that I have now finished what I started a few hours earlier.

One time I got into trouble at school (for cutting class) and I got three days punishment of cleaning the bathrooms after school. It was really disgusting -- especially cleaning the boys' room -- but on the last day of my punishment, I got to clean one of the girls' rooms. As I was emptying out one of those little sanitary napkin boxes into a big garbage can, something was stuck in there. When I reached in there, I got a big surprise. Jammed into the little box was a pair of panties and inside them was a nice, big dump of poop. It was all contained within the panties (it didn't look like anything leaked out), but it was no small accident. This wasn't just a little stain that happened in rushing to the girls' room. This was a full blown accident mess. I kept staring at these frilly white panties with this big solid dump right there in the seat. I kept wondering what girl at school would do such a thing -- obviously having the accident, cleaning herself up in the stall, and stashing her panties in the little box so no one would find out. I never found out who did it, but to this day I fantasize about the girls in my high school, knowing what at least one of them did.

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