a recent tale of 2 urgent poo trips on the train

Hi guys and girls!
So in August of 2013 my mate Kylie & I went to Weston-s-Mare on the train, long journey, & I had a bad ????.
I hadn't told Ky, and I felt a need for a poo whilst waiting for the train.
By the time we got on I realised I was rather desperate & either it was poo my white knickers or poo on the train... so I told Ky I was off to the loo.
I had to wait with my legs crossed & holding my churning stomach. The fit lad came out & I went in, undone my jeans pulled my knickers down & as soon as I sat down I let out my loose plops 1after the other very quickly in to the loo. To start with I had let out 9 loose small plops ... then a fart.. without any effort my next 4 plops worked there way out. Then another fart, & 1 final plop. I wiped about 7 times & as I flushed hardly any of it went. I had to flush 3 times!!
So I went back to Kylie who said "you ok you've been ages" so I told her I had a big poo because I had a ???? ache. An hour in to it (our train journey was about 2hrs) I needed another urgent poo.

My second loo trip was a bit better. I sat down and had the initial 8 plops but more solid than my previous trip, then a fart, followed by 3 more plops. Wiped 4 times & flushed. I had to flush twice for that episode.
I was ok for the remainder of the journey, though I had to go twice in WsM...
All from me now for 2013!
Happy new year to you all & more from me in twentyfourteen!!


New Experiences

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and an awesome holiday so far! I certainly did lol. Nothing really exciting happened to me bathroom wise during Christmas, but I'm back with another story!

So, today my mom, dad, and sisters all left to go do their own things, leaving the entire house to myself. I was exhausted from all the usual holiday hustle so I just planned to take it easy today and just be lazy and chill. I woke up this morning and as usual, I had to pee. I went to the bathroom, pulled my shorts all the way down to my ankles, and sat down on the potty. HOWEVER, before I let loose my morning pee, an idea popped into my head. Since discovering this site and reading through all the other posts, I've wanted to be more adventurous and try new things when I peed. All my posts before have been me sitting on a toilet letting out a gusher or me squatting outside. I wanted to do something more daring, and since the year is almost over and I had the entire house to myself, I figured now would be the perfect time to try new things. Still sitting on the toilet, I crossed my legs to prevent myself from peeing and I began to set up my plan.

I gave myself the challenge that throughout this whole coming day, whenever I had to pee, I would do so in a way that's not sitting on the toilet. I could be as creative as I wanted. Also, it had to be different every time. Now that the parameters were set, I was ready to begin the day long challenge. I was getting pretty desperate since I was on the toilet but not peeing, so I quickly tried to figure out what I'd do for my first pee. I looked up and saw my bathtub and I had my answer. I took off my shorts completely, got up from the toilet, and stepped into my tub. I sat down and stretched my legs out in front of me, as if I was taking a bath. I laid back a little bit, as much as the end of the tub and wall would let me. Once I was comfortable, I took a deep breath and relaxed my bladder. My pee started trickling out, getting all over my vagina and my butt. It was warm and felt pretty weird lol. After a couple of starts and stops, I finally got a steady flow going, though it was still a trickle. A couple of times I pushed and the pee came out in strong spurts, getting on my thighs and a bit on my knees, then went back to being a slow trickle. It was probably the slowest pee I've ever taken haha. After what seemed like five minutes later, my bladder felt completely empty, and the back of my legs and butt were completely soaked. I stood up, got cleaned up, put my shorts back on, then went downstairs to have breakfast.

I drank a lot of water during and after breakfast, because I wanted to pee as much as possible today so I can do different positions. By 11 am, I had to go again, and it was time for challenge #2. I went back to my bathroom and took my bottoms off. I decided that this time I would do a standing pee. I stood in front of the toilet, lifted the seat, and got into position. At least as best a position as I could. I spread my legs and aimed my vagina to where I estimated my stream would land. I stood like that for maybe a minute with nothing happening. Then, I started to pee. Boy, was I way off lol. My stream splattered out of me into a mess of tiny streams instead of one solid flow. Some of it went down my legs, some splashed on the edge of the bowl, some ended up hitting the base of the lid. It was a mess haha. I was like "shit shit shit, stop peeing, stop peeing!" But I couldn't stop. I tried to adjust my aim but it just made things worse. By the time I finished, pee was everywhere and probably only half of it actually ended up hitting the water. I couldn't help but laugh at myself for the piss poor (hehe) performance I just did. Needless to say, I had to thoroughly clean up the mess I just made. Gotta practice peeing standing up in the future.

So a few hours and a few more bottles of water later, my bladder was signaling to me once again. It was around 3 in the afternoon and I decided to be more daring. I was gonna pee in the sink. In the kitchen. I had to pee pretty badly so I quickly went to the kitchen, got naked from the waist down, and hopped up on the sink. I had to scoot myself back a little bit to make sure my pee would go in the sink. I'm a little above average height and leggy but my feet were still dangling high above the floor. It was a lot easier to get started this time since it was really similar to sitting on the toilet. Besides the fact that the sink was cold, the edge was kinda biting into my thigh, and I was completely exposed since the rooms surrounding the kitchen had large windows lol. I actually got a thrill out of peeing in an exposed situation like that. Anyway, my pee started and this time it was a stronger and steady stream. I had to hold on to the sides of the sink and lean forward a little bit to keep my balance. It was kinda bizarre peeing like that, but I liked it. After I finished I got off the sink and cleaned it well, cause that's where our dishes were washed after all. I didn't even bother to put my shorts back on for the rest of the day.

I didn't have to pee again until later that evening, but by then, the rest of my family was back home. That kinda put a damper on my plans. I went to the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at the toilet and had another idea. I could still get creative with this. I took off my shorts once again and straddled the toilet backwards. I was facing the toilet tank and my legs were spread wide. Once I got started I forced it out, which was a mistake cause my pee shot forward and hit the base of the lid and the seat instead of going down into the bowl. I dialed back a little bit and just let it come out of me. This time all of my pee went into the toilet, splashing into the water. I let out a sigh as my pee was reduced to dribbles. Out of all the positions I tried today, this was the most comfortable. I tore off some toilet paper, wiped, and got my shorts back on.

I managed to accomplish four different peeing techniques in one day. I'm so impressed with myself lol. Granted some were messier than others, I succeeded in trying something different so there is that. I'll definitely be sitting on the toilet backwards again, but idk about laying in the tub lol.

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a great New Year! Now if you guys don't mind, I gotta pee.



Bad neigh


Bad Habit

Have any of you had a bad habit related to the bathroom? I have! When I was little, I'd dig in my butt, and smell the poop. As you already know, I have mild CP, so had little poop accidents. I got poop in my underwear when I was young, and even wor sanitary napkins in my underwear. My bad habit began like this. I'd feel poop in my pants (most often it was smeared), put my fingers in it, and sniff it! I did it a lot during the day. This habit was done during sleep, while listening to music such as the Winnie The Pooh Friendship tape )I got a cd of this today), and while sitting on the floor. I'd like to hear some bathroom habits you had as a child that you did while awake, and asleep. Bye toilet lovers!

bor I back for another story well me and my friends had been shopping all day and I just pull in my driveway and my neighbor is yell at me cause my car is to loud well the next day he's yelling again I said so I got me a brown paper bag and poop in it I dropped a 15" turd and 5" wide after I was done I took the bag over to his front porch and lite on fire then I run back to the house


Talking On The Phone While Peeing & Pooping

Hi, I'm just curious to see if anybody else on here talks on the phone while peeing or taking a dump, men and women feel free to respond. I sometimes will use the bathroom while on the phone, just a few days ago I was talking to someone on my cellphone when I had to take a dump, so I went to the bathroom, lowered the seat down gently so not to make any noise and pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles and continue to talk while taking a shit. I also pee while on the phone, I just sit on the seat and pee, I also have a friend who stays on the phone while using the bathroom, I won't even know they are in the bathroom until I hear a flush, it doesn't bother me at all.


Post-Christmas pooping

Hey everyone, hope you all had a nice holiday. Just wanted to share some recent pooping stories.

Me and my brother had pretty big post-Christmas dinner poops. My brother and I probably ate too much, it happens, but sometimes when I eat that much, there's no risk of constipation, it just tends to form a nice big bulky poop that isn't constipated. I was hoping that's what would happen and it did lol.

My brother pooped first and he was in there for a while so I could tell it was a big one. I could hear him grunting a bit from outside the door. When he finally got out, the smell came wafting out of the bathroom and he looked a little embarrassed, but I could tell he was also probably a little proud of the poop he had done. He told me that it had been one giant turd. And when I got to the toilet to do my poop (I had already started feeling urges while he was in there and had done a few test pushes, I could feel it right at my hole about to come out, so I knew I was ready), I saw that my brother had left some skid marks on the toilet bowl and when I opened the lid, man the smell was even worse!

But now it was time for me to unload. I sat on the toilet with my pants down, the seat was still warm, and I peed. I had a lot of pee because I hadn't gone in a little while. And I leaned forward a bit and pushed, and all that came out was a fart, but it was kind of a big one. And it did not smell good so I knew I was full of poop. I did a few more pushes until I felt my hole open up and I could feel a turd moving. It felt big, but not constipated, just big. It started moving out as I grunted and pushed it along and after the initial harder part, the rest came out quickly and pretty soon I felt it drop and it felt like something had been yanked out of me. I felt a few pounds lighter. And it smelled so bad hehe. I looked inside the toilet and saw this enormous turd that had curled a bit at the end. It was harder a bit a lumpy at one end and soft and light brown at the other. I was amazed at how much it filled up the toilet bowl.

I wanted to show someone, but alas, I flushed it before it could make the bathroom stink more and before I wiped, so as to not clog it.

Well, that's my post-Christmas dump, hope you liked reading about it.


Huge fiber-aided dump

Hello. I'm a 14 year old girl from Canada. I have very long, light brown hair and blue eyes. I'm 160cm tall (I think that's like 5 foot 3) and I weigh 55kg (About 120 lbs). But on to the reason why I'm here: I love to poop! I take a dump once every day, and it's usually fairly big. I've never clogged a toilet yet, but I came very close just now.

I heard about fiber and how it makes your poop bigger. I wanted to try it and have a really big poop. I bought some fiber powder on Thursday afternoon and I took some with every meal. The first thing I noticed was that I was much gassier than usual on Friday. And then I also didn't have my daily dump. But that happens to me on rare occasions, so I wasn't too worried.

Anyway, I mixed some more powder with a glass of water shortly before going to bed. I had a dream where I had to poop very badly, but every time I was about to find a bathroom, something prevented me from doing it. Finally, I got to a bathroom, but there was no toilet! I woke up at that point with a major urge to poop in real life. I was lucky I didn't poop my pajamas.

I hurried to my ensuite, lowered my pajama bottoms and plopped myself on the toilet. Poop that was like soft serve chocolate ice cream flowed from my butt for a long while. When I was done, I wiped myself, which was very difficult because my butt was coated in poop. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands and started walking back to bed, but then I felt the need to poop come back and I had to scramble to the toilet again.

At least that time it was a firm poop. It was a sausage shaped turd. After a short delay, it was followed by another, and another. In the end, there were eight sausages before I was done. Or not, as it turned out. My stomach rumbled and I farted very loudly. "There can't be more in me, can there?", I thought.

Then a soft slimy rope of poop started coiling out. It broke off, but more kept coming and coming, even after snapping off a second time. Then I had a bit more soft serve to finish it off. The relief I felt was enormous, but I was afraid I might have clogged the toilet. I stood up to look at my dump.

There was an awful lot of poop in the toilet, but it was all one giant mess. Impossible to tell any one piece of poop from another. I tried to flush the toilet and thankfully my poop must have been soft enough, as some of the load went down. A second flush sent more of the load down, and then I wiped my messy butt again. With the third flush, all of my poop and toilet paper was gone.

I washed my hands and came right to my computer to post about it. Now I need to get back to bed, as it's just a few minutes before 5AM here.


holiday fun with sis

So over the past couple of days Kaitlyn has started pooping alot and in various places. The first thing was when she went in the shower. She stripped from the waist down, squatted in the shower and started peeing. Then she farted and dropped out two 4 inch logs. She picked both up and tossed them in the toilet then cleaned her hands

Two days later she went in the sink. She squatted over the sink and peed onto the faucet. It splashed back onto her legs and vagina. Then she faced me giving a good view of herself and started to poop. She dropped one long 6 inch and dark log that really smelled. I felt risky so i picked it up this time to put in the toilet. The turd was warn and hard but wet. It left a really strong smell on my hands that lasted for hours.

Then we started my new favorite thing. She pooped in my hands. She asked me if i was willing and i agreed because ive wanted to try it. So again she stripped down and squatted in the floor. I was on my knees and i cupped my hands under her. She joking warned not to touch her vagina so i touched her anus. I said u never said i couldnt and we laughed. Then she farted and i felt the warm gas on my hand. Her hole opened and i heard cackling as the turd began to move. Her pink anus spread opened and the poop began to emerge. It was about and inch and a half in diameter and it slud out into my hands. Ut was really warm and soft this time. I spread my finger to catch it all as the turd kept falling. I told her to stop pooping and i grabbed the turd right where it touched her anus and squeezed it off. Then i put all the poop (about 7inches worth) in one hand in a pile abd put my other poop covered hand under her legs again. Ok go i said. Her hole opened agained and more light brown poop came out. She grunted and pushed out about 4 more inches. I then dumped all the poop into the toilet and cleaned my hands. Thats all for now


Post Title (optional) To anatomy student

You are brave doing that experiment, holding on to your poo for a whole week. I can give you some tips on how to get backed up. If you want to get really constipated, eat lot of chocolate and I mean LOTS. Eating lots of cheese will also work. Plus don't drink as much water either. These things make me constipated but I'm prone to it anyway. Also, when it comes time for you to do a poo, make sure you give yourself heaps of time on the toilet. It might take a very long time to get your load out, especially if you go for a week without pooping. I often take an hour or more to do a poo when I'm constipated, even if I go just 1 or 2 days without doing a poo. It doesn't take long for my poops to get hard, very dry and massive and I become EXTREMELY constipated in just a few days too.

I'm actually quite constipated right now. I've been going each day but only pebbles have been coming out. I need to do a big poo but it won't come out. The last time I did a big, enjoyable poo was on Christmas day so at least I was comfortable that day.


This is for JOSH

Hiya Josh....

I hope your bowels made it through the holidays OK. Always a tough time for me.....erratic privacy ....just not thinking of how long it's been since I've gone. Way too easy for the days to slip by....

So; can I ask you something?

(1) When did you last go? How much did you do?
(2) At this moment....if you do a couple of "test pushes".....what do you feel back there? If you were sitting on the toilet right now....could you do anything?
(3) Since your last poop....have you felt urges that you decided to ignore?

All questions I get asked by my family.....

Hope that when you "test-push" don't get that feeling of concrete up in there.....


BTW....I did a "NO PUSH POOP" today! I felt an urge....was close to the I just pulled down my pants....sat down....and let it slide out....ALL BY ITSELF!

your name

To other girls

Hi. First timer here. I have always been interested in the way people poo and stuff like that. Questions...
To other girls:
Do u guys try to poo with pants by the knees?
How much days do u wait for a good, long poop?
Do you use seat covers at all?
I've always been interested in these questions.

Steven A

Weird Dream

I just had a weird dream that I would like to share with everyone. (I don't know if I'm allowed to share dreams, but this one has to do with "a bathroom experience". So, it all started out in a school bathroom and I was waiting in line for a stall to pee but later while I was on the toilet, I realized I had to poop. The line took a long time and eventually, it was my turn. When I went into the stall, which was big enough to have a sink in it, I saw 2 girls sitting near the sinks as I peed on the toilet. I then realized I had to poop. One of the girls asked, "Why are you sitting still?" I told them that I had to poop. I also asked if they didn't mind me pooping, and they said they didn't mind. So, I pooped and after I finished going, I wiped, flushed, and then washed my hands, I went back to class just to pick up my stuff to go to my next class. And that's how it ended. Well, I hope you enjoyed my weird dream, I will post again soon.


Locked Stall

Today I had breakfast stuff for lunch, Eggs, Bacon, And French toast. Well before I ate my gut was cramping and after I ate I felt a little bit worse, But I could hold it. Then I went into one outlet store that had two stalls. I heard someone in the 2nd stall so I went in the first but the door seemed to be locked. I left the bathroom and waited for the man to leave. 2 minutes later he came out of there. Then I went back in there. But I didn't want to use the 2nd toilet since some one used it less than 5 minutes ago(and what a stink). So I got in the stall and crawled under it and went in the first one. It turned out it wasn't locked, It just opened the oposede way than the other stall. I then released some loose stools. I was in there less than 5 minutes.

Some Guy

To Anonymous College Guy

Thanks for your reply to my post about buddy dumping in high school. You asked what made me able to poop like that, and if it had to do with how I was raised. Actually, it has happened out of necessity. Once I started high school, I realized I would need to be able to poop away from home. It was something I knew I couldn't avoid...think of the bumper sticker saying from the movie "Forrest Gump!"

I remember one time in third grade when I needed to poop. I asked my teacher for permission to use the bathroom. I walked down the hall to the bathroom (which was empty at the time) and sat my 8-year old butt down on the toilet in the first stall. Even though the bathroom was empty, I just couldn't go. Fortunately, I wasn't in any discomfort from not pooping, so I made it through the day OK.

Same thing happened to me once in 6th Grade. The day before, I had been home sick. I needed to poop and asked to use the bathroom. I went in and sat down in either the third or fourth stall. I think I only went a very little bit, if at all. Another boy entered the bathroom when I was in there, and I was grateful he didn't give me grief for sitting on the toilet. You know how kids can be sometimes!

So, in high school, knowing that pooping is natural and everyone does it, I trained myself to be able to poop at school. I'm glad I did, because now I can poop anywhere when I need to. Bathroom habits are private and not discussed in my family, which may be why I wasn't able to poop away from home until high school. But what I think had the most impact was the fact that I was shy and didn't want to be seen or made fun of for pooping.

Anyway, thanks again for your reply, Anonymous College Guy, and I'm sorry I made this kind of long. I am actually sitting on the toilet right now...and you guessed it...pooping (well, I'm done now. Time to wipe)! :)

Happy Pooping!
Some Guy


Still can't go :(

I still can't go :( What happened to my nice, soft, easy to pass poops? I miss going every day to every two days. My stomach is swollen again and I just don't feel great. I'm eating healthy still and drinking plenty of water and trying to exercise enough. WTF?

Little Mandi
Hey guys,
Hows everyone? Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.
I honestly have nothing interesting at all to post.
The other day I was bored and felt like I needed a cleanout so I filled up a medium glass with prune juice and drank up and guess what it didn't make me poop at all. I know pretty much everyone that has prune juice winds up in the bathroom exploding their guts out on the toilet. Not me. About an hour after I drank it my stomach started rumbling then I started to fart a lot. Thats it. Never got a single urge to poop or even the slightest stomach cramp. The only thing I felt in my stomach was gas bubbles sloshing around. I find this weird. haha
How many ounces should I put in the glass for a cleanout? The cup I used was a lot of it and didn't do anything to me.


Post Title (optional) To Tyler

I know what you mean about always having big, hard, dry turds. I do go through times of having softer poops but when I'm constipated, they are very dry, wide and rock hard. I also produce massive logs that stretch my anus and burn coming out. Sometimes my logs are medium sized but still very dry.

Do you get very constipated really quickly and easily? This happens to me. Even if I only go for 1 or 2 days without pooping, I still have great difficulty pushing out my load. My pooping sessions require lots of effort when I'm constipated, as you would have seen in my other posts.

Are you always constipated? I'm often backed up, maybe once or twice a month. Lately though, I've had heaps of trouble on the toilet. I did have a few very nice dumps before Christmas, which was fantastic! If you read my other posts, you will see how much I get constipated. I've also got piles. How long does it take for you to do a poo? For me, it takes a very long time, an hour or more if I'm badly constipated.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Leslie first welcome to the site and great peeing story it sounds like you had alot of fun peeing in that bean bag and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


to JBR re: food poisoning

Do check with the doctor, right away, if this diarrhea hasn't stopped. You may not have food poisoning, but rather Norovirus or something similar, which actually can come back. I had it back in 2009 or so, lost 11 pounds in one night to diarrhea, and had to wear Depends. It is a nasty disease, very contagious. Not something to fool around with; continuous diarrhea can kill you if it's not stopped, and common anti-diarrhea medicines simply go on right through. For diet: as soon as you can safely eat, try the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast--but always in moderation, a bit at a time to start--it is recommended for firming up your bowel movements.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Leslie first welcome to the site and great peeing story it sounds like you had alot of fun peeing in that bean bag and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

To whoever asked me for news of memorable motions….

Sorry, I don't have a fantastic motion to report. My motions seem to normal, at least normal for me. About 5 or 6 times a week and about 10 minutes each time. I was a bit constipated before Christmas. The motions came out, but they hurt. However on Christmas Day I had a much easier time. They came out steadily, not fast, and as usual I heard about nine plopping sounds below my bottom, followed by silence tho' I was still emptying that bottom. usual for me. I stood up and found that my motions were above the water line. usual for me. I flushed and sat down again and did more motions, but not very many. Not usual for me; I normally do a bit more than that the second time, though the first time always the biggest. Today was same as Christmas Day except motions came out of my bottom three times and it took about 13 minutes. But same easy good feeling.

I don't understand people who finish motions in 2 minutes and feel good. Do they feel empty? Once I try to come out of the loo after doing only one motion, but about half an hour later I was sitting on the loo again. I don't want to come off the loo until I am sure I am empty.

To the woman who worried about doing a motion on a plane: I've done it. I didn't take so long then, about 7 minutes. I went while most people were sleeping so that I wouldn't keep people waiting. I thought, the plane make so much noise that I can't hear a motion, even my own motion. And there is a smell inside the loo only, I think. So you don't need worry so much.



a swimming lesson memory

Hi everyone!
Hope you all had a good xmas.
This story is a memory from when I was 7/8 having swimming lessons.
I needed a poo before the lessons started but the swimming pool loos were
Full of paper that someone thought it would be funny to waste and block.
So the only other available loo was in the swimming pool area.
My instructor was a nasty woman always shouting at us & never praising,
I really needed to poo but as soon as I got into the swimming pool area our instructor was ready for us to start! So I had to conclude my lesson desperate for a poo.
Now when I was that young I was scared of pooing in public so I held it all in for the hour but typically after my lesson I was going to my friend Carly's house.
I didn't want to poo there so I thought needs must and I went to the loo by the pool after the lesson finished. My instructor stood right outside & I could hear her before I started so no doubt she'd hear me but tough, I needed this poo.
I remember having about 7 solid logged plops and felt so much better afterwards. A lot lighter.
As I exitted she was still there, so she heard everything but I was relieved so I was happy.
More soon, J x

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stan- Yes, a good Christmas and I'll tell my latest story in a sec! Hope yours was good too. I'm living at home at the moment, so no more loud plops from that toilet! I'm sure someone has moved in there though. I wonder if they have noticed that they sound particularly loud?

On Boxing Day I went shopping in the sales (of course)! Having eaten tonnes on Christmas Day, and a fair bit on Christmas Eve too, and having not pooed since lunchtime on Christmas Eve, I knew when I did get around to needing to go that it would be a very big one. I had a sandwich for lunch and soon it got things moving quickly. I needed to find a toilet for a number two, and I needed it very soon! I could feel it was a big one and it was getting urgent very quickly.

I quickly made my way to the toilets. The shopping centre was busy, and so were they. There were four cubicles and three women waiting. I was far from the only one who needed to do her post-Christmas poo, and the queue was moving slowly. I clenched my bum to hold in my increasingly urgent load. Someone came out and the first waiting woman went in. She only had to wee so she was replaced by the second woman quickly. She had to have a poo, as did the third woman who was still waiting. She seemed to be quite urgently needing to go, as was I by now. She got a seat a couple of minutes later and I heard her start pooing.
Two more women had joined the queue behind me now. I was desperate by now- if I had been anywhere other than in the queue for the loos, I would have been panicking a bit! A woman of about 40 who had been on the loo since I arrived came out and I gratefully went into her cubicle and locked it.

There was a strong smell since she had been pooing, and a couple of brown stains still in the bowl. I pulled down my jeans and pink knickers to my feet and sat down on the warm seat. I had to do a short wee first. As I did so the tip of my poo started to poke out of my bum. I relaxed and let it emerge slowly. I heard plops from the cubicles on both sides of me. I joined in as my first, big log slid out with a loud splash. Another similarly big log followed, then two more that felt smaller. Another followed a minute later, then two more, and then half a dozen little pieces. After that I was finally done after ten minutes on the loo. I looked in the bowl and it was full of poo! I flushed before I wiped and it all went down ok, then I wiped and flushed the paper. I left, feeling much lighter and much better!

Dude in Distress
I really over did it on unhealthy foods during Christmas. I have been trying to poop for 3 days with no success. It's really uncomfortable especially now- I decided I was gonna really "push" my luck (pun intended). After 30 minutes straining, swearing, and grunting- The tip has started out, but it's stuck. I have some rubber gloves and KY. A friend suggested pushing my taint to help it move. I need some advice as to how to go about this, because it's not coming any other way!


Boxing Day Work Accident

Hi everybody!

This is my first time posting, but I have been reading for a long time! My name is Jasmine, I'm 22! Tall, Skinny, Blonde Hair, pretty average!

I work as a waitress at this restaurant in town. My uniform is quite smart, consisting of a tight black shirt, a short pencil skirt, tights and smart footwear. This boxing day, I was called into work to carry out an extra shift. I wasn't expecting it, so I had to get ready quickly. I did my hair and make up, put on some cute little white hipster panties and my uniform and set off.

As I was walking, I could feel the previous day's Christmas Dinner starting to rumble. I let out a small fart as I walked, trying not to push too hard. As I got to work, my stomach was really aching and hurting. I tried to use the loos at work before I started but nothing would come out. I ignored the pain and started my shift.

About an hour in, I got a really bad cramp. I was talking to customers so I knew I couldn't just fart. I held it until I could walk away. I found a quiet corner and pushed. Opps. I let out a silent fart, followed by a tiny squirt of diarrhea into the back of my white panties. Trying not to look awkward, I walked off, but my bum felt wet. I knew my panties would be a little stained. But I tried not to worry.

I carried on my shift, knowing I cannot go to the loo until my break, which was 30 mins away! I was trying to ignore the pains. Every so often, I would find a empty corner and release gas, every time a tiny bit of diarrhea came out. By the time my break came, I ran to the loos, dropped my tights and stained panties and let rip. A torrent of pure liquid came out, it stunk! I looked at my white panties, which now had a large wet stain at the back. I tried to dry it off while finishing my poo, and left.

The rest of the shift was uneventful, I was still farting but no diarrhea came out. When I got home, my panties were ruined. It wasn't a full on accident mess, but it was a large wet spot, covering half of the bottom bit. I washed them the best I could, but it was no good. They went in the bin.

Thanks for reading guys, I have plenty more stories where that came from, I used to be really bad when I was in school!

Jasmine x

Today I was out in the city and needed the loo. Public conveniences in the UK have been closed over the past 20 years or so. Typically, the Council will cut back on cleaning and attendants, so the facilities look and smell awful. They then get used less by the public and more by less salubrious types. When complaints are made, the solution is to close the toilet entirely or shut it at say 6pm. No wonder urination in the street is such a problem. I digress.

Part of the response from the Government has been that people could use the facilities provided by businesses. Whether these businesses welcome people using their facilities when they aren't buying anything I don't know. However, I went into a McDonalds (figuring that, the billions they make, they can absorb the cost of a few sheets of bog roll).

I needed to use the cubical which was in use, so I waited. I could hear another user plopping away inside. A short time later the door burst open and three guys about 10/11 years old came in, dressed in football shirts (there had been a football match nearby). The first two dashed for the urinals and started weeing strong streams and sighing with relief. The third tried the door to the cubicle, then hopped around from foot to foot grabbing himself. "Come on guys quickly hurry up!" he said, obviously desperate, but the two others were still urinating fiercely. He continued to hop from foot to foot, and I then saw him unbuttoning his jeans, fidgeting and putting his hand actually inside his trousers to hold on. "COME ON I CANT WAIT!" he said but his friends were still weeing. He started breathing deeply and moaning, then he stopped fidgeting and a very loud hissing sound started as he totally wet himself. One of the guys had finished by this point and he turned around to see his friend urinating in his jeans. The guy waddled towards the urinal and took out his penis whilst mid-flow, to finish his wee in the urinal.

All three had obviously been to the football match and were all desperate, I suppose it was unlucky for him that he wasn't quicker to the toilet. I wondered if the others had been able to hold it for longer if they'd had to wait?

This is also the disadvantage of individual urinals, whereas a "trough" type can be used by as many people as can fit in the space.


Stanznick ( Stan )

Hi hope you had a good Christmas when plenty of good firm poos.

Since you finished at uni, do you still live in the same flat that has a toilet which gives extra loud plops when it drops?

if not - I wonder which lucky person has moved in

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like Lucy really had to poop and alot and I bet the janitor wasnt to happy though but when you gotta go you gotta go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Arelllia great pee story.

To: Samantha great story about you seeing your room mate having a really big poop in the shower it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: annie that sucks hope it ends soon.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go bad ant at least you made it without having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abby great story about your desperate poop outside I bet you felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda great story.

To: Luvs Lightning MWF first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping your pants and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anatomy student


I'm trying to research serious constipation to find cures. I don't advise this either. I'm going to try to go a full week without pooping. I will keep my water intake high, and I eat an adequate amount of fiber. I plan to eat more cheese and hold back my crap until it can build up and dry up.
I need advice on what causes your constipation.
I did this once recently, but only made it 2 days holding with the urge, 3 total. My poo was in walnut sized lumps. I had to go at work due to discomfort (I lift heavy objects and climb ladders.) My plan is to go a full week starting Christmas Day.

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