Peeing in beanbag chairs

My name is Leslie, I'm a 40 year old divorced woman. I have a boyfriend (Dan) who I've been with for about 3 years, but I'm not sure the relationship is going anywhere. Partly this has to do with some disagreements about our outlooks on toileting; he is not as open about it as I am and he doesn't like me to talk about it, which is why I was so excited to find this site about six months ago.

Here's a childhood reminiscence. When I was about 7 years old, my parents moved our family to another town. I was really upset by the move, and I regressed a little and started wetting the bed and also having daytime accidents. I think it was because going potty in my pants comforted me and helped me feel like a little kid again.

I was in a new school of course. I was always pretty smart and a good student, and this didn't change. My second grade classroom had an open floorplan and there was a reading circle with beanbag chairs. They too were very comforting and I loved sitting in them. One day we were sitting in the chairs -- I had a dark maroon one that day -- and our teacher was reading us a story. I was feeling sleepy, it was after lunch or something, and I had to pee, and I decided to just pee right then and there. I was wearing a dress which was spread out around me, so it wasn't going to get wet. In a lazy way I felt the urge build and I just relaxed and felt this delicious rumbling feeling and a feeling of warmth that spread out underneath me. After awhile we all got up and since the beanbag had soaked up all the pee, my panties were wet but not dripping and we ran around outside and they got mostly dried out, and no one found out about it. (my mother might have known when she did the wash since they would have smelled of urine).

After that I looked forward to sitting in the beanbag chairs again, and maybe not the next time but soon afterward I found myself needing to pee again, so again I just went. The warmth and childlike comfort were again so nice. This time I was wearing dark pants and so my butt got wet, and stayed wet, but no one said anything to me, except I told my mother I'd peed my pants on my way home from school.

The next day, though, I sat in a different beanbag at storytime, and a boy in my class named Howard sat in the chair I'd wet in the day before, and it was still wet so his pants got wet and he complained about it. And our teacher told us that she knew someone had wet in the chair and that that was a very serious thing. but that day I didn't have to go so I didn't wet my pants in the chair.

But it was a few days later, storytime again, and I had to pee, and having forgotten about the scolding our teacher had gave us, and feeling sleepy and comfortable again, I let myself start to pee again, and that same lovely feeling of warmth enveloped my crotch and rear end. After the story was over we all got up and were preparing to go outside for recess when my teacher took me aside. She'd been watching all of us and had checked each beanbag after we got up and so she knew mine was wet. She asked me if I'd had an accident and I lied and said I hadn't but then she touched my bottom and felt that it was wet (this would probably be illegal in this day and age but at the time I didn't know to complain about it, and anyway she wasn't doing it to molest me or anything like that, just to find out if I was wet and needed a change of clothes). And so I started crying and had to admit that I'd wet my pants. She called my mom who came to school with a change of clothes. Fortunately none of my classmates ever found out that it was me who was peeing in the beanbags, and my mother had me start to see a psychologist who helped me through my immediate problems (a lot of it having to do with not accepting our move).

But even now I still remember those beanbag chairs with fondness and I sometime like to sit on the edge of my bed and deliberately wet my pants.



Food poisoning

How long does food poisoning last. I had it for two days last week and then it went away for two days but now it is back with a vengeance. I have been having the worst diarrhea of my life, going maybe 15 times a day, for the last days. When will it stop or is this something different. I cant eat anything only water, juice, Gatorade, and apple sauce but I don't know if I should go to the doctor yet. Thanks



Leave sugar, apsertame and sucralose alone. You have read the dangers. I have studied the stuff on my own. I am working on my clinical nutritionist lic. Use stevia or xylitol.


Fulup, Jenna, and Pee

Jenna,I really like your pee stories.

I had the day off. It was Christmas. This morning I got out of bed and knew I had to relieve myself. I hadn't gone since last night (9 p.m.) Now it was 9 a.m. But I went out and got my paper and my wife started to get ready for my breakfast. I ate, began to read the paper, and after that the last two chapters of a mystery I was reading last night. By then it was 11 a.m. and I still had not listened to my bladder and empty it. I had not pissed for 14 hours. I finally did relieve myself. I have a very large bladder, holding about a quart (liter) of urine. Now I usually pee in the morning (7 a.m.), later afternoon (3 p.m) and at bedtme (about 10 or 11 p.m.) I got thinking about when I was in high school, about 10 years back, and how I was very pee shy and could not urinate when anyone was in the boy's room. My friends usually called me as the guy who never pees. During those years I had to hold my piss all day, about 9 hours. I had a lot of pain in the afternoon. So I ran home into the bathroom. And some times, I had been holding so long that it would take 15 or 30 minutes to start to empty. Then it was 3 minutes before it ended. In college my roommate also had a bashful bladder. So we helped one another to naked showers and to piss at the urinals. Stage fright is gone for me except when the men's room is full with guys waiting for every urinal. Then I can't go. My wife goes about 5 times a day. She still thinks it is strange that I go into the men's room sometimes and come out with a full bladder When we get home, she follows me into the bathroom and watches when I rid myself for 4 minutes. And if we had been out for 5 or 6 hours, it would take 2 minutes for her to pee.

Markham's Razor: I was in the movies one summer day and I had to pee. I went to the female toilet, pulled down my light blue cut-offs and my American Apparel white and blue trim boy short panties over my light blue sneakers, sat down and let out my pee. Meanwhile, next to me in the handicapped stall is a pair of feet with plaid shorts pulled down over a pair of brown sandals. I knew it had to be a child. Whoever it was, they were breathing heavy, laid a loud buzzing fart and a long pee. My pee was long, also. When I finished, I opened my legs and wiped my cat. I stood up with my pants around my ankles and flushed. I pulled up my pants and came out of the stall. Then, I saw the motion them wiping and fixing their clothes. They did not flush. When they came out, IT WAS A BLOND-HAIRED BOY! I was shocked and so was he. He was about 9. I was fixing my shirt and panties when he came out fixing his shirt in his red boxers. He was shocked to see me. He said, "You are in the men's room." I told him, "That is what you think. Look around and you see toilet stalls and no urinals." Then he smiled and held his head down. I told him that it was an honest mistake. Well, we saw each other's "stuff." He said, "I had to move my bowels bad. I just pushed the door without looking. I almost made in my pants." When we washed our hands, he said, "I forgot to flush." When I saw the bowl, he left a WHOPPER, I mean it was close to 18 inches long and 2 inches wide and dark brown. He flushed the bowl and his stool broke in 2, just leaving about an inch in the water and he flushed again. He left saying, "It was awesome pooping with you. I never thought that I would ever poop next to a black girl."

I am from the Phillipines and I am new to the States. I am half Filipino and Cambodian. I am living in San Francisco and I love it. It takes getting used to. I was born in Cambodia, came to the Phillipines when I was 8; now I am 12. I forgot to say that I am a boy. I am slightly pudgy 5'1" 80 lbs, with black hair.

I have used all kinds of toilets: squat toilets, bowls, latrines, outhouses, even in the bush.

I eat pretty good. I take my lunch to school. I eat lots of rice, fish, meat, poultry and vegetables and fruits and I drink lots of water. I am never constipated. I move my bowels 3-4 times a day. If I do not at home in the morning, then it is at school. I definitely go in the afternoon after lunch. Then maybe at home in the afternoon and after dinner in the evening. The boys know me at school because they catch me with my pants down two or 3 times a day. When I pee, I undo my pants and let them down to my thighs. When I move my bowels or ca-ca, I let them down to either my thighs or ankles. I go to religious school. I wear a uniform, almost like what I wore back home. When I arrived, I wore my Filipino school uniform because I arrived after school started. It was grey shirt and pants with a red tie. I wear navy blue trousers and white shirt and red tie. I wear lots of briefs or boxer briefs or trunks. Sometimes I wear boxers. Our underwear is different from American.

I will leave you with this story. My first day, I wore my Filipino uniform to school. I wore grey short pants because it was warm. The school said it was fine. Anyway, I was catching up with the work. About 11 AM on Monday, I had to go really bad. My stomach was killing me and I felt my bowels backing up on me. It was more nerves being in a new school with all kinds of kids. I left the classroom and found the boys toilet, took a stall and closed the door, undid my web belt, my grey trouser shorts and my navy Warren briefs to my ankles and sat on the bowl. It was diarrhea. It was soft, loose, creamy and muddy. Plus, I was breaking wind. When through, I wiped myself good, flushed the bowl, washed my hands and returned to class.

I will tell you more about my toilet adventures in Asia.

Mr. Clogs

Have the runs on Christmas day :)

Now you probably wondering why I would happy with the runs. Well I don't know if it's true, I guess it's the body way of "cleansing" itself out. So this morning without any effort, I woke up and needed to pee. So I peed in a cup and dumped it into the toilet, after U poured the morning pee into the toilet, I could feel my bowels began to expel itself. So I put the toilet seat down and sat my behind on the cold toilet seat. Soon as I sat down, I just exploded into the toilet with now liquefied poop (diarrhea). It felt great and I felt much relieved too, even though I was able to have regular bowel movements throughout the week. I wiped, brushed my teeth and had my first cup of coffee. I had another round after my second cup of coffee and had the runs again. It's really rare I have diarrhea without the help of laxatives. So I must of been the broth in the soup I had for dinner that helped cleansed me out. I drank plenty of fresh water and not so from the tap (water is too heavy to drink), beer, cranberry juice to keep the urine clean and flowing free, and popcorn as a snack before bed. So maybe all of these concoctions made for a nice runny stool this morning, or like I said, maybe the body decided to "cleanse" itself.

Well folks enjoy your Christmas Holiday with your family and friends, happy peeing and pooping to you all.


J Curt

Phart Time

I am about to experience a post prandial upper abdominal distention leading to an explosive gastric disturbance which will cause the gradual release of an unspecified amount of intestinal flatulance into the immediate atmospheric environment on the elevator in which I am currently a passenger. This may cause severe olfactory distress on the part of the other occupants of the car in which I am riding. Since such actions may cause serious injury to, or the sudden violent demise of the perpetrator, I may not be able to communicate with you in the future. It has been nice to be able to share this however. Bye.
Signed, Mr. Windbag :-)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

captain brown

Post christmas dump

Im sending this from the toilet as im finishing up from dropping a load, if came out rather easy, and again rather firm, feels like theres much more to come out as ive been backed up for two days, its quite fat for me, probs about 2 inches at least and about 8 long, its just sort of poking around the bend, kinda funny somehow, there was a small nuggety plop at the end and thats when i stopped, i hate feeling all bloated, i think something major is brewing up, ive been letting rip like crazy lol


My boyfriend's Christmas diarrhoea

Hey I'm Katie, I'm 23 with long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim waist and a beautiful 6"2 dark haired handsome guy called Mike as my boyfriend!

We've been together almost ten months now, so we were obviously going to spend Christmas together. His mum's not with him anymore, and his dad was planning on going away for Christmas, so we agreed we'd spend this year at my family, and next year with his dad.

On Christmas Eve me and Mike settled down on the sofa at home with a glass of wine and some chocolates and a decent film. Mike unusually for him declined my offer of food and rubbed his belly a little. 'Is everything okay?' I asked gently. 'Yeah, my stomach just feels a little uneasy' he admitted, 'like, I'm really bloated tonight' he belched loudly. 'Sorry!!' he blushed.

'It's okay' I reassured him and gave him a gentle belly massage to ease the abdominal cramping and bloating he was experiencing. Around half ten he told me he was starting to feel nauseous and like he might throw up, so we went up to the bathroom. Mike knelt in front of the toilet and retched badly a few times but nothing came up, so we went to bed.

An hour after we got into bed I heard him moaning softly and could see he was holding his belly. 'Whats wrong baby?' I whispered, putting my arm round him. 'My guts..I really really need to go sit on the toilet; I don't think I'm very well' he groaned. 'Aww are you about to have the runs?' I asked gently. 'Yeah I think it feels like I probably will do' he sighed, releasing a loud wet fart which squelched into his boxers.

I helped him quickly to the toilet. As soon as he sat down, his stomach rumbled and a gush of runny diarrhoea shot straight through his bum and splattered onto the toilet bowl. He had a couple more waves of runny liquid out of the rear end before he leant forward, trembling slightly with beads of sweat standing out from his forehead. 'It's okay beautiful' I carefully massaged his stomach and rubbed his back.

I helped him wipe his very messy bum, then pulled his pants up for him and helped him back into bed. He looked really pale and apologised twice for me seeing him poorly like this. I told him not to be so daft and that I didn't mind looking after him. I got up with him another 5 times just so he could have explosive diarrhoea.

At 7am he managed to hold the contents of his bowels for almost two hours, before he collapsed onto the toilet for more of the same. I told him if he was too sick to go out I'd just tell my parents we couldn't go to theirs, but he was feeling a little better and was intent on going and making a good impression.

At 10am, after we'd opened our presents, I went to the bathroom with Mike and rubbed his belly, encouraging him to push out anything he could feel in his bowels. After a few small squirty farts,he let out one rush of thick diarrhoea before changing back to watery poop and a few more farts. When he was done I helped him get cleaned up then we went and got into the car.

'You sure about this?' I looked across at him, pale and weak, still holding his upset stomach. 'Yep' he smiled briefly, grimacing as he felt a cramp rip through his guts. 'You going to be able to hold whatever is in you now until we get to my parents' house; be about ten minutes, yeah?' I checked.

'I hope so' he laughed. Just before we arrived he told me he really needed the toilet, so as soon as we'd made our greetings to everyone, I told him where he would find the bathroom and made it easy for him to disappear briefly. I knew he would be quite a while as his stomach was so bad so I started up a few conversations to cover for him.

When he came back fifteen minutes later he looked uncomfortable and kept reaching for his bloated stomach.'How did it go?' I whispered. 'Just the same as last night; it just won't stop coming out' he sighed miserably. 'Are you empty now?' I asked. 'I don't think so but I didn't want to be any longer in one sitting because then everyone would know'.

'Aww baby, come here' I hugged him gently, feeling his stomach bubbling and churning beneath mine. 'If you need to go home just say' I reminded him.

During Christmas lunch, Mike was sat next to me and I could see he was struggling with his plateful. He was squirming and fidgeting which I knew meant he urgently needed a poo. He held it for nearly an hour before he just HAD to go right that second. He stood up swiftly and apologised to my mum but told her his stomach was playing up and he really needed to use the bathroom.

He was gone ten minutes and came back looking more comfortable, but extremely embarrassed. Mike apologised and sat down. I could still hear his stomach rumbling loudly but he managed to hold it in for a bit.

He had to go three more times, each a load of runny diarrhoea came squirting out. At the tea table I heard him follow through quietly and he looked at me nervously because he was obviously on the verge of an accident.

In the moments after dinner, he grabbed my hand and ran up to the bathroom where he continued to have a severe stomach ache. We drove home not long after. He's still having diarrhoea...he's on his bed resting at the moment, so I hope he's better soon!

Bill F

Day Care on a Day Off

Hi everyone! I'm finally back! I haven't had time to post with all the finals that were going on, but that's all over.
Today I have a story from Grade 4. The students had a day off school just before the holidays, but most of our parents were still working, so we stayed at school and basically had fun in the gym the whole day playing whatever games and such. Neither Emily nor Lisa ever came to the gym, because their parents stayed home with them.
There was one girl who wasn't in my class, but stayed in the gym. Her name was Lucy. She was extremely open, and never kept anything a secret. I was playing a card game with her, and she burped very loudly 3 or 4 times during the game. I said "How can you possibly burp so mich?" She said "I guess I'm just gassy after all that pop." I asked "What about farting?" She said "It doesn't usually come out that end. But when it does, watch out!"
We finished our game, and later we went to snack. I overheard Lucy talking with a friend of hers. It sounded like she was trying to blame her friend for going "coo-coo" in class. Her friend went back, saying it wasn't her, and then Lucy said "Well it can't be me, because I only go coo-coo at lunch." This was all very confusing to me, but I didn't dwell on it. At around lunchtime, she asked to go to the bathroom. The gym teacher said yes, and she skipped out of the room.
She came back nearly half an hour later, which is a pretty long time. Soon after, a boy I didn't know asked to use the bathroom. The teacher said yes, and he left. He rushed back seconds later, shouting "There's poop in one of the urinals!" And like herded sheep, all the boys except me ran over and added to the commotion. I wanted to go see as well, but I knew there would be a crowd and that I could look later. So it was just me and the girlseating and the table, and I said "Kids these days, huh?" I was surprised that they all knew what a hypocrite was, because they all started laughing.
Eventually, Lucy and I were the last ones eating. I asked her "What did you mean earlier by 'going coo-coo' at lunch?" She said "You know, taking a poop, dropping a deuce, going number 2." I have never before, or never since, heard 'coo-coo' used to mean going poop. I would guess 'coo-coo' was used like code between her and her friends to talk about that, but I don't see that someone like her would worry about that.
Anyways, so I said "You only go 'coo-coo' at lunchtime?" She said "Yup." I asked "So you went coo-coo just now?" She said "Yup." I said "You're lucky it works like that for you. I wish I had a schedule like that."
I'm regular now, back then between the treehouse and each classroom being quite near a bathroom, I never really had to hold it.
A while later, I asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher said yes, and I went to the boys room. Sure enough, there was a sizable ball of poop in one of the urinals, and a large puddle of pee surrounding it. I found a stall with no pee around it and went. When I got back, I saw the gym teacher pointing at the whiteboard, saying "It doesn't matter what's in the urinal, only 1 person of each gender goes at once. You don't have to ask me to go, just sign your name on the board. However, if I catch you leaving without signing, or if I see another group leaving like that again, there will be some serious trouble."
Looks like I made the right choice waiting until later.
A few days into the new year, and we already had a snow day, but the day care was still open, so we stayed in the gym again. That day was uneventful until lunchtime. I signed my name on the board and went to the bathroom. The bathroom had been cleaned, including the urinal with poop in it. As I was peeing, I noticed someone coming into the bathroom. My first thought was 'Well, looks like someone's getting in trouble' Until I realized it was Lucy when she said "Oh, you're here." I said "Why are you here?" She said "Because this bathroom's closer." She undid her pants and let them fall to her feet. She went to one of the urinals, turned around, and bent over. I saw her anus was already open before it looked like she was starting to push. Soon a large log quickly emerged behind her and started coiling around the urinal. That log snapped off, and she said "Darn, looks like one urinal won't hold it." She started waddling over to the urinal next to her. I then saw her anus open up again as she was still waddling, and a larger log started to come out. The log snapped off just as she got to the neighbouring urinal. She said "Not even two?" As she waddled much more quickly over to the last urinal on that side. I was finished peeing by this point, and decided to get some toilet paper for her. Before that, however, a wet fart exploded out of her as a round of mushy poop came out into the third urinal. The wave stopped as the urinal was almost full to the brim. She waddled the other way to the urinal I was at, farting at every step. Before she could get there, she stopped and bent over and I saw another large log drop to the floor at her feet, barely missing her shoes.
The first thing either of us said was from Lucy. "Could you quickly get me one of those containers?" I gave one of the plastic conatiners from the sink. She placed it between her legs and started peeing. As she was peeing, I went inti a stall and got her a roll of toilet paper. She finished peeing, and carefully set the container down. She wiped herself front and back, and put the used paper in the pee filled container. She pulled her pants up, and walked over to a stall to dump out the container. She flushed the toilet, and came back out.
I had a lot of questions, but the first I asked was "Good God, what did you eat? You could have put four urinals out of order if you could make it to the last one?" She said "Between two large breakfasts here today and yesterday and a buffet dinner, I ate a lot." Next I asked "Was it you who went 'coo-coo' in the urinal last time?" She said "Yes, and it happened almost exactly like this, except I had less in me." Lastly, I asked "Why did you come to the boy's room both times?" She said "I guess I wanted to do something bold and crazy, but I also don't think I could hold it in time to get to the girl's room." I said "Well, I'm gonna go. You were right about watching out for your ither end." She laughed, and to bring things back to circle, she burped loudly as I left.
Later, as we were watching a movie, she farted loudly about halfway through. Almost everyone said "Eww!" At once, and she just said "What? Why should I hold it?" As I was sitting next to her, I was the first to catch a whiff of the fart. It wasn't the worst I smelled, but it wasn't pleasant either. Soon everyone else smelled it too, and started backing away from her. She said "Blame the burritos we had for lunch. i'm surprised no one else is farting."
I did hear a couple of the other guys farting quietly, and even fewer of the girls, but Lucy was loud and proud.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!
See ya next time!

one day me and my friend were walking to my house.she really needed to pee!i walk in to see my bathrooms being renovated!so we take a walk.about 2 minuites into the walk she starts grabbing and potty dancing.2 more min.'s l8r, a wet spot starts getting bigger!it ran down her leg!so i walked her home!

Pooping on Flights

Jemma I have pooped several times on shorter flights of 3 hours.
When you have to go just go.

I remember my first time pooping on a plane was when I was in high school the only weird thing about it was looking in the toilet and seeing my shit there with no water since the toilet had no water and just the blue stuff come down when you flush. I noticed that newer planes have a clear liquid and some liquid down there. That is the only weird thing i remember. One flight I had a stomach ache and had to go before my flight and on the flight several times.

Most times I just poop before my flight but sometimes I have to go midflight.

Bloated Butt

Getting bloated again

To Sarah:
Mornings are bad for me too. When I first wake up, usually i just lie in bed and push out fart after fart for five minutes. My boyfriend gets up earlier than me to go to work so he's not there when I'm laying gas bombs, except on the weekends.

To Linda:
I'm glad you had a nice satisfying BM. Constipation is the worst! It feels so wonderful to finally take a huge poop, huh? Glad you're feeling better.

To answer your question about constipation and the holidays, yes I usually get a little more backed up than usual. Right now I'm sitting here with a bloated stomach because I haven't pooped since Wednesday evening. I was doing so well with pooping every other day, but that lasted maybe two weeks after Thanksgiving and now I'm back to where I was before. Right now we're gearing up for Christmas, doing some last minute gift shopping, all that stuff, and I've been pigging out. So now I'm feeling bloated because I can feel a massive load building up inside of me, and of course its making me blow up with gas. It's late right now as I type this, so I'm hoping to have a bowel movement tomorrow. I definitely don't want to go into Christmas with my bowels loaded with poop! I'm determined to enjoy myself!


Best friend pooping

My best friend, which is also my roommate, and I had been living together for some time now. We're both in our late 20's and been friends since we were in kindergarten.

Anyways, yesterday I was sitting on the toilet having a major stomach pain when suddenly my best friend suddenly came in and was in dire need of using the toilet. I told her that it was probably going to take a while. She waited for a little bit while trying to keep me company but the entire time she looked rather uncomfortable. After some time had passed, she moaned slightly and asked if I was done. I told her no and without any notice, she jumped into the tub. She pulled her pants and panties off and said she was sorry.

She suddenly bent her knees down a bit and said: "omg I'm sorry....oooooooh here it comes.....". Then this thick solid turd emerged and it didn't take a lot of time before it was long. As soon as she was finished, she held her stomach tightly, then another one emerged. A couple more smaller ones came out after that 2nd one but after that she was finished. She sighed of relief and said she was sorry for the smell and that she couldn't hold it.

We ended up laughing about it until we realized it was taking a while to rinse it all down the drain and nearly clogged the bathtub drain in the process.


Still constipated :(

Hi guys. Not much change here. I pooped out some hard chunks for a couple of days that made my bum bleed but have no relief from my constipation :( I want my nice soft poops back. I don't get it. I'm eating healthy and drinking lots of water though I'm not exercising much because of the ice storm here in Toronto. Is that it?

a guy

bushes poop

My house has a plumbing problem, so I go in the bushes nearby, until the pipes are fixed.
Last night, I had a little bit (too much) to drink. Early, early this morning I woke up and farted. Then farted again, and farted again. I do not usually fart much when I first wake up, there were 3, then 4 farts first thing.
Then, I felt the poop coming, pushing out, out toward my hole, it had to come out my hole.
I got up, and the poop was starting to come, through the hole. My hole was getting rounder and opening as the poop started to come out. Out my door I went, into the bushes, the poop was now passing out of my hole and coming into our world. When I reached the bushes, the tip of the poop was out of my hole and was coming out, and I pulled down my pants as it began to come out fast.
I bent down, and it came out fast. "Oh," said I," Out comes all the poop so fast, I feel it coming out." Once it was started there was no stopping it, a long brown poop came out. The first end was firm, but the last part was really wet. when it was done, I farted again, and I felt another poop starting to come out. This one came out fast, very fast, with two farts.
Finally the second poop and farts was done, and I wiped my hole with toilet paper and felt better.
When my pipes are fixed and I poop in my house, I will tell you all about my toilet poops. (I average two farts per poop)


Tyler and Linda (Constipation responses)


I think you are right about the enlarged colon and large intestine; it allows for me to get backed up really easily. I'm pretty sure I do have that issue, same with the poop drying out, since most times when I'm constipated what comes out is hard, huge, and dry. I wish I could get those long and soft ones, but that never seems to happen to me, at least not if I haven't gone for a couple days.

And when I was younger I wouldn't say anything and I would often let it get worse, but now I can't take that chance, and my parents are kind of nosy about my bowel habits and sort of know if I need an enema.

And yes, I have done the experiment that you mentioned, with corn, seeing how long it took for me to poop it out. I don't remember what the results were though lol.


Yeah, it did finally clear up after the enema and I was able to enjoy the rest of the vacation. And yeah, my brother did get constipated, except it wasn't nearly as bad as mine. But one day he did tell me that he couldn't go at all, but later that day he went into the bathroom and after a long time of pushing and straining, he was able to go. He said it was one of those times where the first thing that came out was this really hard wide chunk but after that it was softer and easier to get out. That wasn't my case, unfortunately.

And I have definitely used enemas and suppositories before, but I can't think of an instance where they didn't work.

Bloated Butt

Nice relieving poop

Ahhhhhh. I took an immense poop earlier this evening (Monday the 23rd), after not having gone since last Wednesday (the 18th). I was so worried I'd be constipated through Christmas, but I feel so much better now.

My boyfriend and I were at the all earlier this evening to do some quick last minute Christmas shopping. We figured it wouldn't be as busy as on the actual weekend since it's Monday, but it was still pretty packed. Anyway, I was feeling super gassy because I was in dire need to have a BM, and as we were walking around I could feel the dense heaviness of my bowels being so packed with poop. The tip of an immense log kept poking at the inside of my anus, pushing with so much weight behind it. It was difficult to walk around with the feeling of having a football (American) stuffed up my butt and a bloated belly weighing me down, and I made my boyfriend walk slower. He usually walks way faster than me anyway, and I'm always like "Geez slow down, I can't keep up", but this time I was like "No, seriously, I can barely move" LOL

We managed to get everything we were looking for, at least I hope so because I am NOT shopping anymore, and we were leaning on the railing on the second floor looking down at the Christmas tree that the mall had set up. That's when my bowels rumbled and I felt like a bomb had gone off in my guts. I had a second to squeek out "Oh God..." before I released a tremendous fart from my butt. I couldn't help but arch my back and stick my huge voluptuous butt out while gripping the railing. It lasted almost five seconds and was LOUD. I gasped in shock and quickly looked around but there was nobody near us. That's when I realized I was ready to poop, BIG TIME.

"Oh my God. Honey, we need to go". I quickly grabbed my boyfriend's hand and started speed-waddling through the crowd. More farts kept bursting from between my big soft buttcheeks as I walked, but I was more concerned about the immense log that was sitting right inside my anus. As we reached the parking lot my boyfriend jokingly remarked "You have a sexy walk when you need to take a dump", because I was swaying my wide hips so much. I tried not to laugh and said "Shut up I have to go!". We got in the car and I pretty much just sat in the passenger seat and whimpered "Please hurry" over and over again as my boyfriend drove us home.

We get home and I speed-waddle into the house and to the bathroom, pretty much pulling down my long skirt and thong as soon as I'm inside. I plonk my huge round butt on the toilet and "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" as loud as I can. I keep pushing and pushing, pausing to catch my breath, while my huge log sloooooowly inches out. I can hear my boyfriend bringing all of the gifts from the car, and I'm sure he can hear me grunting and groaning. For several minutes I'm just pushing and gasping as a 3-inch thick log slowly coils out of me. It finally plops out. I then wrapped my arms around my stomach and hunch over as the toilet bowl echoes with my bursting flatulence, then bear down again to plop out more turds. I was on the toilet for close to half an hour before I felt like I was finished. I flushed, washed my hands, and joined my boyfriend in wrapping the gifts.

I'm sooooooo glad I pooped! I was so worried that I wouldn't poop today. If I hadn't, tomorrow would be my last chance, because Christmas Day we're going back over to my boyfriend's brother's place, and just like with Thanksgiving I won't be able to poop there. I'd be so uncomfortable and I don't want that! But now I'm feeling so much lighter and empty, it feels wonderful. I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a happy one, and to everyone who doesn't, I hope you all have a nice day too. Thanks for reading!

Tech Guy

Pooping on TV

There is a series on British TV about CCTV cameras and some of the crime and anti-social behavior that is caught on camera. This includes going to the toilet outdoors. In last week's episode, one scene showed a policeman catching an 18 year old guy as he was urinating in a shop doorway. The guy was told to stop and he was given a warning instead of a fine of $130.

Another scene showed a guy who sitting in a park at night with a can of drink. Then he went and found a secluded dark place, or so he thought. Little did he know that he was being observed by a long range CCTV camera in the town center. It had an infra-red spotlight, so it could see in the dark. We saw him turn his back to the camera, drop has pants, bare his butt and squat. Then a huge gush of water came out of his butt in a few seconds. The CCTV operator switched on a visible spotlight so that the guy knew he was being watched. He wiped, pulled up his pants and walked out of the park with his face clearly shown to the camera. The CCTV operator said he thought this was disgusting as it was near a children's play area.

At the end of the program, we were told that many of the people shown had been caught but the guy who relieved himself in the park was still "on the loose". Was that intended to be a pun?

After the program, some viewers left comments on the program's web page. Two women were sympathetic to this guy. One said that he might have a chronic bowel condition or a stomach 'bug'. She said that unfortunately some people have medical conditions that cause them to need the toilet instantly from nowhere so the TV program had probably humiliated someone going through something horrendous. Another agreed and said that the way the poo shot out of him, it's clear that he had a bad stomach. In a desperate situation like that, she felt that he should be commended for making it to that dark spot, poor guy.

I went to a local Mexican place to eat tonight and ordered New Mexican Chicken which is pieces of chicken with onions,mushrooms,rice and cheese in it,also had sweet tea to drink. The food was great but did a number on my stomach,so I went to the local Walmart to take a dump. I enter the bathroom and take the final stall. I lower my jeans and boxer briefs all the way to my ankles and sit on the toilet. What happened next is several loud farts along with mushy yet not mushy awful smelling poop,this continued for about five minutes and my stomach felt better so I wiped several times and pull up my pants and underwear and leave. I then go to the local sports bar and had a beer, after that I use the bathroom there,same mushy smelly poop along with a pee. I finish and pull everything up and wash my hands. When I got home I had to pee bad so I went to the bathroom and peed for about 45 seconds.


my desperate poo I had at work today.

Hey everyone!
So my latest story is the big poo I had at work today (mon 23rd)
Mid morning, had 15 mins spare before my next client & I had been sitting on my chair lifting my bum up whilst clenching my buttocks to keep my loose poo from escaping in to my knickers - for quite a while, maybe 1.5hrs.
My colleague Jane noticed I needed a poo as she said I was making it a bit obvious.(fidgeting, subconciously holding my stomach, she saw me clenching my buttocks a few times)
I finished with my client and made my way up to the ladies.
I was so desperate to release this load of loose poo that I panicked trying to get my grey skirt down, (button and zip not as easy as elastic) black tights & my black and white knickers. Felt like ages getting that all down.
As soon as I sat down i let out 8 loose plops, I let out a sigh after those initial plops but I had a ???? ache and there was more to release... I paused for about 10 seconds as my next lot of poo was ready to exit. I dropped another 6 plops 1 after the other on to my previous 8. I still had a ???? ache but I needed to wipe up ready for my next client so I wiped 5 times, and flushed leaving a lot of skid marks and a bad smell.
As I left to wash my hands, my colleague Sue came in "finally had your poo then!" She laughed.
"I was so desperate, still got a ???? ache" I replied.
I had my next poo at work at lunchtime, I made the girls start lunch without me as I had an appointment with the ladies loos!! (Feel better now - at least I have made room for Xmas lunch!!) Have a merry xmas to all you toiletstool posters & visitors! Jemma X


My constipation experience

Hello, I am 21 year old guy from Europe, now a student in England. I love constipation stories, that's how I found this site and after reading here for a while I decided to post one of my own. Basically it's about my first constipation and also most memorable bathroom experience,which only happened about a year ago when I was already 20. I don't remember being constipated ever before and after reading stories about it I even wanted to experience it myself. It probably happened because upon arriving at the university I changed my diet and my daily schedule was different from what I was used to and so a lot of times I ignored urges to go and after a while I would only go once every two days, sometimes three. Constipation didn't happen at once but after a month or a bit more. So here's how it happened.

I was back in my accommodation after a dance class, when I got the first urge to go. It was nearly three days since my last poop. I decided to ignore the urge because it wasn't too strong and it faded quite quickly. I also didn't want to use bathroom that was in my dorm because the flushing was weak, you had to flush it like three times if you had smth bigger and other people could probably hear it. So I thought, I would go to one of the bathrooms in the university, they were good and I knew about two that were empty most of the time. Anyway, I got my next urge in the next morning maybe 10 min after I woke up. I started to worry a bit if I could hold it in before I reached university which was about 20 min away. I decided to try and quickly left. As I was walking the urge was getting stronger and when I was only a minute away I even panicked a bit because urge was really strong and I could feel something big pushing down my anus. Of course I still hadn't had realized it wouldn't come out that easy. When I reached the bathroom which was luckily empty I almost ran to the furthest cabin, pulled down my pants, sat down and relaxed.

I took me a few seconds to notice that something was different - I could feel the pressure but nothing was happening. I realised that I was actually constipated, for the first time as I remember. The urge to poop was getting stronger, I could feel my colon being squeezed as my body was pushing. I started to feel uncomfortable sitting straight as if my body was making me lean forward to help it push though nothing was really happening down there. I also felt some weird, never experienced anxiety about not being able to poop as my heart was beating faster than usual. I was sitting there not pushing, just trying to stay calm and relaxed. Soon the urge became even stronger, it felt like all my intestines were being squeezed together, I had to lean even more forward and I could feel my anus starting to open up a bit. I started to get another weird feeling, my legs felt somehow weaker and a bit shaky. Soon my anus was really open and the pressure of big mass pushing down even stronger but still nothing was happening. I don't remember how long I sat like that, maybe ten minutes or maybe just three, but after a while the urge weakened as if my body was giving up and my poop wasn't moving. I decided that I should start pushing myself. I leaned forward again, put my hands on my legs, elbows against my stomach, and pushed. Quite soon I felt sharp pain in my anus, which wasn't really that strong but unexpected and a bit scary and so I immediately stopped pushing and leaned back.

I then decided to use my finger to check what was happening. My anus felt quite stretched and a bit embarrassed but also curious I moved on to see how big that log was. I could feel the tip of it just inside my anus, less than half inch in. But the log was then getting wider and after about two inches I felt it pushing the sides of my colon. I put my finger out and used a bit of toilet paper to clean it. I wasn't dirty, but it had some blood on it which again was a bit scary. My anxiety got even stronger as I realised that my poop wouldn't come out easily.

I leaned forward again, put my arms around my knees and started with short but strong pushes. With each push my poop would push down a bit and then go back as soon as I stopped. After a couple of minutes I could feel the urge to poop stronger again and so I just took a deep breath and tried pushing as long as I could. I could feel my face turning red, I could hear myself making some grunt noises as I was straining and my legs started shaking a bit. After a few long pushes, the log finally started to move. Few minutes passed or maybe more and the log reached its widest part and stopped again. My anxiety was very strong, my heart was beating fast and I was out of breath. I needed a break before I could make more of those really long pushes, but the urge was quite strong and I wanted to get it out as soon as I could as it was making my anus really sore so I then went on with short but really strong pushes. I was grunting loudly then but the bathroom was empty so I didn't care. My already stretched anus got painfully stretched a bit more, I strained as hard as I could and the log slowly slid through my anus. When the widest part was out, the rest of it came out quite quickly. I heard a plop and some water got on my anus and gave it some burning sensation. I was sitting, catching my breath and didn't really care. After a minute I stood and looked into the bowl. Now I have to say I couldn't see all of it as the water was red with blood, but what I saw was about half of foot of big hard mass. There was more underwater, so I guessed it had to be somewhere near a foot length or maybe a bit less. At the widest point that I could see it was a bit more than 2,5 inch wide as I guessed. I was impressed and even strangely proud of its size. Anyway, I wiped myself and used a few tissues as there were some blood on them, though no poop at all. I pulled my pants up and left, feeling like after a workout.

So, this is my story about my still most memorable experience in the bathroom. Hope you liked it, if you have any comments or thoughts please post them, as I mentioned, this was my first story so any feedback would be nice. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

captain brown

first big one in ages

So yep i was kinda hungrg the other day, so i chowed down a full tin of beans and hotdogs and after it i chucked on some wholewheat spaghetti with a bit of sauce, next day i unleashed a mud demon into the toilet, it wasn't thick per se, but just very long, and there was about three of them, i was pretty impressed, haha, i never usually do ones like that since ive got problems with my nerves, typically diahorrea


blue light special

I'm back for another story well here it is we had our company Christmas party it was fun then about 12pm or 1am it end so was on my home and the blue lights in the rear view light then I pull over and just before the the cop came to the window I let a big nasty fart then I row down the window the cop made a odd face I was sneering a little bit he ask me what that smell was I said I just farted and have to poop real bad so he gave me a warning so I got home and couldn't not find my house key so I went in the back yard and dropped my jeans and squatted down and drop 4 monster 10" inch turd and 5"wide and after I was done I felt better

Willie B

Out shopping

For real, I like this site where people can freely express the bathroom experience to others, whether private or public. Reading plenty of these stories remind me of a recent restroom experience while I was shopping with my girlfriend, we just started dating and we stopped in Wendy's for a bite to eat, while I was enjoying my meal I felt an urge in my ???? and bottom letting me know I have to drop off a big load bad. My girl and I just begun and I am not ready to tell her "hey baby I gotta go to bathroom and take a crap." Instead I told her "I'm going to the bathroom." She replied, "I'll be waiting 4 u!" I figure I go into the Wendy restroom for a 1 or 2 minute dump and as I get to the restroom door, this kid about 7 to 9 years old makes his entrance with me behind him, the kid ran into the only toilet stall locking the door, where there is a urinal only with sink. I hoping junior would go into the booth and pee, instead I heard a loud swooshing sound, along with some plops, pissing, farts and grunts and from the look of the bottom of the stall with his pants all the way down and the smell, he was going to be in there awhile the way his leg was moving trying to push a big one out, also the boy's concern mother ask if he was okay... shoo she should asked me that question bad smell. I just watch my hand, blow-dry and left the restroom successfully holding my bowels.

I got to my girl house, thinking about using her bathroom, like I said earlier we just started and I am not ready for that part in my relationship yet instead I waited 'til I got home to take my 2 minute crap.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Charise first welcome to the site and great peeing story and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you and your sister pooping together it sounds like you both had pretty good poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Jessica (AZ) as always another great story it sounds like you and your mom gave your bathroom a really good workout and I bet you both felt alot better once you guys were done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie I hope you are able to poop soon.

To: Sarah great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Don't get your meals from gas station.

So, This Is My First Pat Here. Hope You All Like It.A Few Days Ago After Work I Had To Get Gas In My Car And I Was Starving. I Decided To Get A Chicken Tender Meal And A Drink While I Was There. I Should Have Just Left When I Saw That There Was None Left And The Guy Would Have To Cool It. He Told Me It Would Take 10 Minutes But Then Took It Out In 8. First Mistake. Still Starving Though I Are In Anyways And Started To Feel A Little Nauseous So I Just Drank The Juice And Arrived At My House. For The Next Few Hours I Felt Nauseous And My Stomach Got Extremely Bloated. My Mother Made Dinner And I Are It So She Wouldn't Worry. Second Mistake. Shortly After, I Went To Sleep Feeling Extremely Nauseous. I Couldn't Sleep And Was Shaking And This Was The First Time That I Felt My Stomach Bubbling. After A Half Hour Of Dee Breathing And Telling Myself I Wouldn't Be Sick I Finally Went To Sleep. I Woke Up About 2 Hours Later To My Stomach Bubbling, Rumbling, Churning, And Gurgling And cramping. I Thought It Was Gas And Farted A Few Times And Went Back To Sleep For About Ten Minutes When I Was Awaken By One Of The Loudest Rumblings My Stomach Has Ever Made And A Burning Sensation In My Butt. I Jumped Up To Use The Bathroom And Had Pure Liquid Diarrhea From Hell For About A Minute Straight. My Stomach Rumbled Again And The Process Started Again About There More Times. I Felt Better After And Went To Sleep For About 3 Hours And Then Repeated The Process Again.After This I Was In The Bathroom Every Hour With Less Severe Bouts For The Next Two Days. This Happened Four Days Ago And My Stomach Is Still ????bling And Gassy But For Now No More Diarrhea. No More Gas Station Meals For Me No Matter How Hungry I am. I Hope You All Enjoyed The Story.


To Dominic

Yeah; about you being plugged up on your LA vacation.......that sounds so much like when I was 13 or 14. I would know I hadn't been going....and would sit on the toilet; pushing as hard as I could....with the reward of a rock-hard marble finally falling out.

You and I most likely have an enlarged colon and large intestine....and you and I both share the characteristic of our bodies drying out our the point where it is so hard and huge that it can't get pushed through. Most people don't seem to have that issue....their poop stays soft. Just long and soft....ours are wide and hard.

You are better than I was at acknowledging that you need an enema. I would just not say anything....and the days would go by....and then I was SICK.

Enemas really work though....your comment about all the hard chunks that come out....that's exactly what it's like for me.


PS: Once my doctor told my mom to feed me something corn....and then see how many days it took before I pooped it out. I think he wanted to know how many days of poop was backed up inside. Have you ever done that?


Post Title (optional) Another big poo!!

I just did a HUGE poo in the toilet and it felt fantastic!! It took a while to get it all out because I'm still slightly constipated but nothing like a few weeks ago. I took my time and it felt so good to have a huge turd stretching my anus apart - it was a bit painful but nothing compared to what I normally get (when I'm extremely constipated)It took me 35 minutes to get my load out.

I'm hoping that I can go again tomorrow, so I can be comfortable for Christmas. I don't want to be constipated on Christmas day. I've been eating loads of fruit, which is helping.

To Dominic: I hope your constipation resolved and you were able to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Did your brother end up getting constipated too?


Walmart Shoppers

Walmart always seem to have a lot of customers. I often see many women going to the bathroom and I wonder how many are doo dooing.I would like to hear stories of women doo dooing at walmart. Were you desparate? Was it a big doo doo? Were in pants or a dress?

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