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Christmas decorating story

My husband John and I own an acreage. I am 36 years old and John is 37. Yesterday, we were doing outdoor Christmas decorations and snow removal on our acreage. Some 15 inches of snow fell and the temperature was about -10 with the humidity at pretty much 100%. So both of us were bundled up in snowsuits. I had a one piece snowsuit on. Anyway around 2:00 P.M., I had to pee so I went inside to pee. It was such a hassle unbundling and then bundling up again. About 2 hours later, I had to poop. It was now starting to get dark and colder and we still had several trees to light up. I decided while John was standing on a ladder to just go poop in my pants. They were all old clothes that I was wearing anyway. Both John and I have peed our pants occasionally in the past but neither of us has ever pooped ourselves. Anyway as John stepped of the ladder I told him I had to poop. I started laughing and he looked at me oddly. "While go then" he said. "I am starting to do it now in my pants" I said. I stood there and just relaxed my sphincter and pushed what was thankfully a dry solid load into my panties. I giggled the whole time. John laughed also. We then finished the rest of the decorating which was about another 2 hours. When we were finished I went inside and cleaned up. We both spent the rest of the evening laughing about it.


Post Title (optional) A bit constipated

I haven't been on here for a while because I've been busy with work and life in general. Since I was on here last, I've been constipated on and off but not as bad as before. I've still been having some very difficult pooping sessions though but I seem to be going more often, which is good. A couple of weeks ago, I had a rough time and I was badly constipated all week. I was so busy that I just couldn't find tome to sit on the toilet to do a poo. So I stayed constipated for three days and on the fourth day, I spent over an hour on the toilet, struggling with a gigantic poo, that was extremely difficult to push out. It didn't help my hemarrhoids either.

Since then, I've been going once a day, although it has been taking me at least 30 minutes to do a poo each time. I've been eating lots of fruit lately, to help with my constipation. This morning, I spent 30 minutes on the toilet, pushing out a HUGE load!! It took a bit of effort but it also felt very good!! Then, a couple of hours later, I did another big poo, this time it only took 10 minutes and it felt SO good!!! It was so nice to take a big dump and it not hurting when I pushed it out!!

For those of us that get constipated all the time, do you get even more constipated at Christmas?? Jasmin K, Bloated Butt, how badly does your constipation get at this time of the year??

To Annie: I hope you don't stay constipated for too much longer and that you can get a load out so you can enjoy Christmas. I hate being constipated too, especially at this time of the year.

I'm hoping that my constipation continues to improve so I can be comfortable at Christmas. Normally around Christmas, I get VERY constipated. It seems to be worse at this time of year.

To Dominic: It sounds like you were badly constipated. I hate it when the poo just won't come out, no matter how hard you try. Its awful!! I'm glad the enema worked for you. Have you had to use an enema before?? My Dad also suffers with constipation when he travels. I remember once, while on holidays with my parents, my Dad was so constipated that he needed to use a suppository. It didn't work for him! When he used the suppository, he had already been backed up for at least a few days. Because it didn't work, he stayed constipated for a few more days after that too. So he was backed up for at least one week.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


thank you & latest story

Hi everyone
Thank you to those who replied to my question about pooing on a long haul flight,
I guess your right. I just need to overcome my fear about it.

So my latest story is that on my way home from work on Thursday evening
I was desperate for both a wee & a poo, thankfully traffic was moving nicely, got home - literally just got in the door & the phone rang so I answered it, clenching my bum cheeks and crossing my legs, just a ppi call so I put the phone down rushed to the loo to discover my fiance had used the last of the loo roll, rushed back out to the shop to get some, got home, made my way to the loo, sat down and had a mega long wee to start off with as I was most desperate for a wee (or so I thought) I relaxed & let out my first plop which was quite solid, then my next 3 plops all fell out 1 after the other, more looser and slimier, slight pause, then I let out another 5 slimy poos again 1 after the other slimy and loose, on top of that.
That was a great poo! I wiped 4 times and flushed spraying the air freshener, I left 1 long skidmark on the bottom of the bowl, which i then removed with the loo brush, washed my hands & exited the loo, to discover my fiance was home. :)
More soon, J x


Laugh accident

My name is Charise. I'm 19 and in college and a normal girl. Earlier today I was hanging out with some friends after lunch and we were just standing in the kitchen joking around and my friend said something really funny and I started laughing so hard then I couldn't stop. I suddenly realized I had to pee really bad. I tried to stop laughing but I couldn't and then a big squirt of pee wet my panties and I squealed and clenched my legs together and that made everyone laugh harder and that made me laugh harder and suddenly I couldn't hold it and started completely peeing down my legs under my skirt and made a huge puddle on the kitchen floor and totally soaked my panties and leggings and part of my skirt. One of my friends grabbed her crotch and ran off down the hall towards the bathroom while I stood there dripping and laughing. My other friend also was laughing really hard and said she peed a little, too, but it didn't show on her pants. The other friend came back from the bathroom a minute later and she had peed enough to have a big wet spot on her jeans all over her butt and to her knees and part of the front. It was hilarious that all three of us peed ourselves.

To Mina

Any memorable motions passed while seated on the loo lately?

I took a great dump earlier today. My family went out to dinner, and after eating I had to poop. My sister, Anna, said she needed to go as well, and we headed off to the bathroom together. When we got there, we found that the bathroom was a one person at a time bathroom. We're not shy at all so we both went in and closed and locked the door.

We had to figure out who would use the toilet first. Anna asked, "Do you have to pee or poop?" and I told her, "Poop". She replied, "Oh. Me too." I then said she could go first because I didn't have to go that badly.

She pulled down her pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. She started peeing and soon was plopping away. I didn't consider that listening to her poop would make me have to go worse. Standing there hearing every fart, plop, and splash was making me need to go very badly. After a few minutes, she said "Sorry, I'm almost done. Going as quick as I can"

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she wiped and then flushed. I yanked my pants down and took her spot on the toilet. Immediately a soft creamy rope of poop eased out of my butt. It broke off and was soon followed by another and another after that. When I was finished, I wiped my butt and briefly examined my five coiled up ropes in the toilet before flushing them away. Then we washed our hands and went out to the car and drove home.

jessica (az)
Now that finals are i can concentrate on my constipation. when i arrived home from school i dropped all of my stuff in the living room and did what you guys suggested for me to do. i walked around for bit inside my house and drank some milk. also i exercised a little to loosen up my stomach a bit. some time later my stomach gurgled and i walked into the bathroom to find my mom sitting her skinny body on the toilet straining while trying to read the paper, i could tell she was straining to because he face was slightly red, she had her skirt to her ankles and her toes pushed down into her black flip-flops. i asked her if she was okay and if she will be finishing soon and she replied "yes, just minor constipation and i am barely started to poop". i told her that i was constipated too. she suggested to drink the prune juice she just bought to relieve myself. i told i had to go right but i can hold it. about 20 min later i had to go again and opened the bathroom door again to see my mom crinkling the paper on one hand and her other hand on the sink with her eyes shut and sweating. in about 5 seconds i heard crackling of poop slowly coming out of her butt and when it broke off it made a loud splash and my mom sighed in relief, moved her hair, untensed her body, wiped some sweat off her forehead and opened her eyes to notice that i was watching. she blushed and said you were there the whole time. i told her dont worry we all have our embarrassing poop moments and symptoms and that i dont care because you're my mom. she stopped blushing and said thank you for understanding. after that i asked her if she was done. she said she still has more in her. as i was leaving she told me to stop and talk with her while she goes. looks like she is a little more comfortable pooping with people around her. since my mom is basically my friend to i accepted. as we were talking at she would fart up and poop up a storm at a couple of times, but kept talking like it never happened. soon i started to get desperate, so i started farting a little and i held my hand on my stomach. my mom pooped some more and said "that felt soo good, i have never been so relieved in my life" she got up, wiped and walked over to the weighing machine to weigh herself, as she was doing that i looked over at the toilet to notice 3 long soft poos and a lot of pebbles. once she was done weighing herself she added that she never felt any skinnier and flushed the toilet. my stomach gurgled again so i quickly pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down trying to get this beast out of me. my mom walked over and sat down on the side of the tub and asked why i dont i take off my 4 in. foam black platform thong flip-flops because they seem uncomfortable. i told her that they give me height in body and it helps to get height while pooping so i dont have to tip-toe as often if only im desperate. about 10 mins have passed and im still struggling on the toilet. my mom told me to wait. she left the bathroom to come back with a cup of prune juice and told me to drink up. i told her while im trying to poop. she said yes and to listen to her. i accepted and drank the prune juice. soon enough i started pooping and i told my mom in an airy voice that it was working. my mom being cocky crossed her legs, started playing with one of her flip-flips with her toes, and checked her nails and said i told you so, momma knows best. i giggled a little and started pushing softly and the poop broke off and made a loud splash in the toilet. i shivered, wiped the sweat of my forhead and wiggled my toes. i wasn't done yet i still had more to go. as i was talking to my mom, just like her, i was farting and pooping up a storm and never really cared, because bonding with my mom was fun. at times i would stop talking in the middle of our conversations to grunt and poop. when it was the last wave i told my mom to hush and i squeezed my toes in my flip-flops and plip plop plip plop plip plop plop plip plop was the sound of my final wave. i sighed in relief and wiggled my toes again, and got up to wipe. i looked down to see my masterpiece which contained two long soft poops and tons of pebbles. my mom said "i never have thought we had so much inside of us and that we would stink up the place". i went to weigh myself and became happy that i lost some weight. later at night i think some prune juice stayed in my stomach along with my mom because we both had to go again at the same time and mind you guys that we only have one bathroom. we both played rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. i won and quickly ran to the toilet and pulled my shorts down to my 2 in. foam black platform thong flip-flops and blasted diarrhea into the toilet. my mom started to get desperate and told me to poop as much as i can and quickly get of the toilet so she can poop so she can do the same for me when she has pooped enough poo. so we played musical toilets, but i started to get sick of it because i can barely hold my poop for 10 sec. i grabbed the trash can pulled my shorts to my flip-flops again and let loose once more. i tried to talk to my mom but we both struggled to talk due to the painful diarrhea. we were in the bathroom for nearly 20 mins and and we used the last roll of toilet paper to our constipation, so we did rock, paper, scissors again to see who gets the toilet paper. alas i lost and i struggled to walk to our supply closet to get toilet paper because i still had my pants down to my ankles and my stomach was in pain, i looked like a fool for walking like that. i returned to see my mom blast more diarrhea and my stomach gurgled loudly so i waddled as fast as i can to the trash can to blast more diarrhea. the diarrhea hurt so bad that i started sweating and squeezed the toilet paper in my hands that i have yet to set down and my mom was holding the toilet seat roughly and sweating too . i laughed a little and told my mom "momma knows best huh" while doing the gesture she did to me while i was on toilet with constipation, but it was hard to do it on a trash can. she said "oh be quiet" and laughed a little. 10 mins later we both finished and wiped our bums. my mom was lucky to have the toilet last, because i ended up throwing my poop in the bathtub and let it flush down with the water on. my mom said to me that she is done for the night and was tired. i told her as of i.

Quick survey:
have you ever taken a poop so big that your clothes fit better

do you sometimes sweat while pooping

Mr. Clogs

Some stories to share and comments

I haven't posted here much, nothing really interesting but I just have some to share. Let's start with the porta john when I had to pee so bad. I had a job to do at a client's site but the customer wasn't available. Apparently the building was going under some construction and had some porta johns in the parking lot. I was hoping that they were open and sure enough they were! Okay now for the porta john, it's one of those that has the regular part that you sit down to poop or pee and they had a urinal in there too which connected to the cesspool. It was clean and virtually odor free. Since I had to pee and not poop, I opt for the urinal. I unzipped my pants and pull out the woody and peed fiercely into the urinal. Since it was cold outside, the urine was streaming into the cold urinal started to steam up. Since this urinal had no sink, I had some hand sanitizer to wash my hands after I got dressed. I left the porta john and left to go onto the next customer.

Here's a sharting incident that happened several days ago. I was getting ready to take a shower to go to work, I was farting and full of my morning cup of coffee, I started to poop some in my underwear as I was getting ready to take a dump. So I finished taking a dump on the toilet and cleaned some of the poop that seeped into my undies. I was done and had to clean the poop mud from my butt cheeks. It took a lot of wet wipes and toilet paper to get the job done. I flushed the toilet and took my shower.


Yumiko: Yes diet sodas and slenda would do it and cause the nausea and diarrhea. You should try brown sugar or honey as others suggested. Key is moderation. Hope this helps

Annie: I enjoyed your post about sharting. Good to here you're able to poop without the laxatives and stuff.


--Mr. Clogs


For Steven A


You did a trophy poop!!!

I have always wanted to do that! It must have been awesome. Something about seeing another kid's poop; I dunno.....everyone is soooo weird about it.

And; You must have felt soooo good swimming after that; all empty and loose up in there?

That was your best post here...EVER!


PS: Hope you wiped good before the pool (eeeewwww....)


Constipated again :(

I haven't pooped for about 3 days after such a good streak with my bowel movements :( I'm not sure if it has to do with my sleeping/getting up habits or not enough water or what but I hope they get back to normal (soft, easy to pass logs or mush). I hate being constipated.

Bloated Butt: Haha loved those stories! I can definitely relate as some days I feel like and endless tank of gas LOL. Must have felt good to get rid of all that gas though. Mornings are the worst for me, I always wake up full of gas. I usually pass gas for a bit when I wake up, real long ones too LOL. Do you ge those really long farts that seem to go on forever?lol To answer your question though I do love the feeling of pushing out huge logs. Its defiantly one of the best feelings. I also love the empty feeling after words lol. Although I do get a little embarrassed when I have to drop a huge load when im out in public or at a friends house. I tend to flush after each huge log just to be cautious.

kmd: Im not sure if it has anything to do with my diet as I eat fairly healthy. Sometimes I think even water could give me gas LOL

Nothing too eventful today to post but I did have a good poop at work the other day. It was just one really long piece i'd say about a foot and a half long. Felt amazing pushing it out. Im super gassy right now. I've just been farting and watching tv the last few hours. It smells bad in my living room.


Please post any Pooping accident stories that you have had

Friday, December 20, 2013


To Yumiko

There's nothing that says that artificial sweeteners are any better than the real thing. I would go off of them for a while and just use sugar or even honey. Sugar is not bad for you unless you use it in large amounts. Caffeine isn't all that great for you either especially as a teenager. It is possible to OD on caffeine. Sugar in moderation should be fine for a few weeks and see what happens to your body. If you have nausea and are vomiting, make sure that you are keeping yourself hydrated. If you drink a little at a time there's a good chance that you'll be able to keep it down. The best thing in that situation is just plain water. Try to think of any other changes in what you've been eating or drinking that correspond to the time when the nausea and diarrhea started. That may help. Hope you feel better soon.

Steven A

A Change and A Story

Well, I started eating Fiber One Cereal and it's making my poop normal for me. But, today was great. I had to go poop at school so I went poop before I went swimming for gym. It was a log that was a little over a foot long, and maybe 2-4 inches diameter. Well, I decided to leave it there for someone to notice after swimming. So, when we all went to the locker room to change, someone went into my stall and they were like, "Someone SH*TED in here and its huge!" And people went to see it and they asked if it was me and I tried to deny it, but they found out it was me because I was late for attendance and they were all sitting and waiting to swim while the teacher was talking to them when I came up to swim. Some people said that was funny and awesome what I did and some people were surprised and asked, "Did that come out of you?!?" One person took a picture of it and said, "I'm instagramming this SH*T!" I also got a few high fives. haha, what a funny day... Will post again as usual.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To:Yumiko first welcome to the site and its posible that whats causing it try not drinnking any for awhile then drink one and see if you start feeling like that again and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like that girl probaly was pretty desperate but just have the desperate feeling.

To: Shay first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a rough few days im glad your back to normal and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: annie as always another great story it sounds like you were beyond despeate and I bet you felt good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma thats good your not constipated anymore.

To: Jenna great desperate pee story.

To: Tech Guy great story.

To: Suzi first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough time but at least Dean was there to help you out and be so understanding and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Here are a few stories first yesterday I was at the pet shop and about to head to the bathroom to pee but one of the employees got there first and she sat down on the toilet and let off a wet sounding fart and I think a few plops I coudnt really hear since the shop had music playing and then later that day I was at the bookstore when a lady hurried into the bathroom and sat down at let off a burst of diarrhea it sounded like it came out really fast and she sounded a little out of breath and then later another girl went in and I heard a few plops at least I think I did and then today I heard a woman have a kinda urgent solid poop she went in and sat down and a few seconds later I heard plop plop plop plop plop 5 in quick sucession and they sounds like eggs being dropped in the toilet then she peed and then later I heard a woman have a mushy poop so in all I got some good catches.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Enema on Vacation

So this weekend my family and I went on a small vacation to L.A. Vacations tend to make me constipated and this one was no exception lol. My brother often gets constipated on them too, but he seemed fine this time. But I was quite constipated.

Except this time I was constipated before we even left. The night before I tried to poop several times, but to no avail. I kept feeling urges, but nothing. I tried squatting on the floor of the bathroom and pushing and straining as hard as I could, but all I could get out was the tiniest little piece of dry compacted poop. I knew it was bad and that I might need to do more.

Finally after we got to the hotel and had had a big dinner I got another urge to go. I thought for sure it would work this time, so I went to the bathroom and prepared to poop. It was just me and my brother in the room, thankfully. I sat on the toilet and pushed as hard as I could. I was pushing so hard it was giving me a bit of a stomachache. Finally I was able to squeeze out a small hard dry turd. I knew that wasn't it, but I was exhausted and I knew that it probably wasn't going to come out anyway, so then I decided I needed an enema.

Because my brother was there, I asked him to help me with it a little bit. He didn't mind that at all. It was a Fleet enema and after a little while of holding it in and cramping I was finally able to go. When I sat on the toilet, I was able to get out a bunch of hard chunks; I had to push a lot to get them out, but it was so relieving when it all came out. My anus felt kind of sore after that and I saw so much poop in the was crazy how much came out. And it smelled awful lol.

Thankfully after that my regularity seemed to be restored and yesterday I managed to do a good sized turd without any assistance hehe.

Earlier today I went with a friend to go Christmas shopping and birthday shopping, where the stores are about an hour away plus in a different county. We stop to get gas and she also buys a Diet Pepsi and starts drinking it. After about twenty minutes we get to our destination and while in the parking lot she says out loud she has to pee, I've known this person for over ten years so we are not shy about anything including bathroom stuff. We get inside the store and walk up to a cash register and my friend really has to pee pretty bad, she is crossing her legs together and kinda doing a pee dance. We finally find the bathroom and she goes to pee and she probably pees for about a minute or two, after that we go shopping. We get done and go back to her house and I have to pee and take a dump. I go to the bathroom and lower my pants and underwear to my ankles and pee a little and start to poop, I pooped out two good size turds and wipe and flush.

Hi everyone

I'm a very long time lurker - over 12 years. I think I posted when I was around 18 or 19 but I can't find it looking through. I'm now just over 30.

I've just had a pooing experience interesting enough to post.

So I often work at the British Library in London and I like to poo there. They have huge bathrooms on every floor with lots of very clean stalls.

So a few hours ago I needed to go. Having not been for about 24 hours.

I walk straight into one of the bathrooms and head for the stalls. A guy is right behind me. And despite there being like 8 empty stalls in a line he goes right in next to me. He sits down and let's out a really loud pfffffft.

He drops one log fairly slowly and start to grunt out a second. I don't usually grunt and like to keep fairly quiet but this time I thought I would. So I grunt out a log - splash and then his drops and he starts grunting louder to get another out. And I do the same.

He gets up and I hear him wipe. I let him leave and then I leave too.


to Jemma &Yumiko

Jemma: I went to Europe 8 years ago; long flight. With my bowel schedule, I was fairly sure I'd have to poop during the flight, and I did; no big deal. I did nothing by way of trying to get it all out before the flight because my body does as it will regardless. Don't be overly concerned about it; if you have to go, just go.

Yumiko: Each person's body is unique, including the digestive system. However, your intake of Aspartame, coffee, and diet Pepsi sounds suspicious. Any one of those three can stimulate bowel activity, and the three together could be a bad combination for you. I don't know that, obviously; I'm not your doctor. But if you have been having both nausea and diarrhea for a long time, you should see your doctor as soon as you can. It could have something to do with hormonal changes that often come at about your age, or it might be your diet. Your doctor can tell you.

Years ago, on a trip to the western US for a few days, I took a long bus tour of the city during which my only drink was a Pepsi (diet? maybe). About an hour after that drink, I had some of the worst explosive diarrhea of my life. I was in the home of some wealthy and influential people of that city at the time, and I was mightily embarrassed; but at least I let go in the toilet. I have not had a soft drink since then.


To Jemma - Long haul flights

Whatever you do, don't try and plan to avoid having a dump on that flight.
You will be on that flight with several hundred other people who, let's face it are all human.
So you can pretty much guarantee that there is likely to be on average about 1-2 poos per person during a long haul flight.
So you won't be alone. Just do what your body tells you.
If you feel the need, just go while you can because the same turbulence that makes the crew activate the seat belt sign also makes your need more urgent.
The last thing you want is pains of desperation and holding or worse still an accident.
I hate other people's leftovers on the seat as much as anyone, but there's nothing a wad of tissue can't cure before sitting.
Just don't flush while sitting lol :)


Markham's Razor
When I was In grade school I played for my school basketball team. One day one of my buddies said he had to poo. I said I didn't but I had to pee so we went to the bathroom. It was a crappy school and the stalls didn't have doors. He said he really had to go and that the lunch gave him a stomach ache. So he sit down and had a diarrhea attack

Artificial Sweetener Dangers for Yumiko

Artificial sweeteners may definitely be causing your nausea and diarrhea. Here is a list of artificial sweeteners and there dangers.

-Found in Equal and diet sodas
-Contains phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol(used as fuel for drag racers)
-Lethal in large amounts
-Can cause headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, seizures, brain ????ors, and weight gain
-Methanol is converted to formaldehyde(embalming fluid) when consumed

-Found in sweeteners such as Splenda
-Contains chlorinated sucrose(table sugar)
-Can cause headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and bladder issues
-The chemical structure of the chlorine is nearly the same as the now banned pesticide DDT


To Michael

Hi Michael; I meant to ask you something but forgot.
Are you a football-player like build.....or just skinny? How much do you weigh?
I ask because I keep thinking of you with 10 days of poop inside someplace....and I'm betting that....on top of it're gonna say that you're thin....with a flat ????....

I just don't know where thin guys put all the poop :)

Anyways.....Merry Christmas from Tyler


Tyler response

yeah, I guess for me, five days is kind of a lot. im not used to being constipated for much longer than that, but sometimes i can get pretty constipated just from a few days of not going. but ive also experienced what you have sometimes where i do go, but its not enough so its still building up and making it worse. usually that means i need an enema or something more drastic.

and hospital cleanout involved a nasal tube and enema and all that, it was pretty invasive. i didn't like it too much, but i was glad with what it produced. i was starting to get really bad cramping, that was the worst part more than anything; i don't mind constipated poop, but all the cramping just got to be too much.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

To Jessica,
Try drinking lots of water and walking. Also, Dulcolax (Bisacodyl), which is available in any store that sells pharmaceuticals. No prescription is needed. For real stubborn constipation you can also get that product in a suppository form for anal insertion. Either of the Dulcolax products usually produce a bowel movement in about 3 hours although the suppositories usually work faster. I am blessed to have mine supplied by the VA Hospital as a disabled veteran, but I believe both are relatively inexpensive. (Under $5). I take pain med for my injuries, so I am no stranger to constipation.


Sunday Morning at home!

Ever Saturday Night My Brother's girlfriend would spend the night. Well they had been going together for eight years now. And a Month ago I asked my Brother if he ever farts around her, and he said no and she complains that he never farts. Well last night Me my Brother and his Girlfriend Ate chinnesse food. Then I went home and the other two went out until 1am. Well around 9am I heard farting in his room and I assume it wasn't my brother. The farts sounded like the ones you hear in comedy movies or cartoons. Then I heard someone get up and run to the bathroom, I heard His girlfriend cough in there, so I knew it was her. A few minutes later she came out there then went home. But the strangest thing was, she wasn't in there long enough the toilet didn't flush and there was only pee in the toilet. I guess it was a false alarm.


First Post

I'm a 13 year old Japanese girl from Atlanta. I'm 5 ft. tall and weigh 95 pounds. I consider myself pretty but try to stay fit. I try to replace sugar with artificial sweetener whenever I can. Whenever I drink coffee or tea, I sweeten it with Equal. I also drink at least two diet Pepsi's a day. I've been having nausea and diarrhea that's been going on for about a month. I've seen on TV that the artificial sweetener aspartame has been linked to health problems. Does anyone know if this may be causing my nausea and diarrhea?

Jenna- Sounds like you enjoyed going outside! I have done the same a few times in an emergency, although not for a while, and I agree, it does feel liberating!

Lara- Enjoyed both of your posts about going with your friends. Those school toilets sounds almost exactly like the ones at my old primary school too- I think the general design must be pretty popular, with very low doors so that teachers can make sure everyone is ok.

kmd- Regarding the saleswoman; she finished weeing before she started to poo, although there wss not much time between the two. The fart, from what I remember, was followed pretty much immediately by the crackling sound of her poo coming out, and then each log came out a few seconds after the previous one, although only the first one seemed to crackle or make any noise as it came out. There wasn't much smell as you guessed, and your theory stands up because she was quite slim, too!

Today I went out shopping and while I was out I had to go for a poo not long after eating lunch. I was in a department store and I made my way to the ladies, where there were two cubicles. As I entered a very pretty girl of about my age followed me in. She had dyed her hair almost like a rainbow which suited her! She didn't seem to be in a hurry because when we entered the cubicles she spent a while lining the seat, which made me guess she was probably there because she needed to go number two as well. I sat down and weed while she did that, with my jeans and pink knickers at my feet. I heard her undo her belt and then her jeans and blue knickers appeared at her feet. I was right that she needed to poo.

She hadn't seemed like it was urgent, but it certainly sounded like it when it came out! She did a wet sounding fart and then two lots of soft sounding poo. I guessed she had been pretty desperate for that! After that urgent part was done she did a wee and I pushed out two fairly small pieces that needed a bit of pushing. My neighbour then did three plops of her own, that sounded like small but fairly solid pieces of poo. I did two more of my own that were a bit easier to get out, then I was done, so I wiped and left her to finish her poo in peace!


Waited too long in the Coffee Shop

Waited too long in the Coffee Shop
I'm a 45 years old male, About a month ago I was at my favorite coffee shop. I was sitting down doing homework for my Graduate class. I had just eaten a very healthy and tasty sandwich and I was drinking Ice Coffee. All along I had felt the urge to go to the bathroom and poop. But I was so much into my studies that I held it in. As I sat there the urge kept on coming. Suddenly "I guess I must have waited too long" because I had an accident in my pants. I got another major urge and I started to go to the bathroom in my pants. As I sat there soft poop started to fill my underpants. It was a lot and stunk real bad. I had stained the seat that I was sitting in so I figured I better say something. I motioned for the lady to come over that was working behind the counter. I told her that as I was sitting something happened and I lost control of my bowels. She was sympathetic and ask me if I wanted to use her phone to call someone. I said no, but I was very embarrassed and can she help me out of my seat. She did and I said I am sorry for messing up the seat, I felt bad that I had an accident! She said don't worry at all about it. I gathered my stuff and gingerly walked out of the coffee shop. Kinda waddled. People probably new that I had pooped my pants. As I was walking to my car I looked at my reflection and noticed that I had poop stained the back of my blue jeans. As I was walking, I was really embarrassed and I sat down along the way. This lady saw me and ask me if I was alright. I told her that I had went to the bathroom in my pants. She was really nice and told me that its embarrassing but that accidents happen. I thanked her for her encouragement and went to my car. It was embarrassing to go back into my favorite coffee shop a month later. But were not perfect and its all right now. I have previously pooped in my pants before in public and have found that it is best to be honest about the situation. People are usually understanding and helpful. Can others PLEASE POST if they ever had a similar public poop experience - It would makd me feel better. Thank You So Much. Paul S.


Mud Butt for Three Days

Here's some background: I'm a 23 year old female with a medium build. I have brown hair and eyes and I live alone.

Thursday evening, I went to my local Walgreens to pick up a few items. Then, I got distracted by the candy isle. I decided to get a bag or two of candy, but I wanted to try something new--no more Snickers or Mr. Goodbars. That's when I saw these chocolate covered marshmallows. I picked up four bags and left. In the car on the way home I polished off two bags with ease, as they were SO good. What I didn't realize, however, was that these were sugar free candies, as I didn't read the label that well. I had, in one sitting, eaten nearly 130 grams of maltitol. I got home and about 3 hours later, my stomach started to gurgle and cramp up. Mind you, I'd also eaten a very hardy dinner, and I figured it was just a bit of gas. Wrong. Half an hour later, I was in the middle of putting up some Christmas decorations when I felt a familiar urge telling me to shit NOW. Little did I know, I was about to have diarrhea from hell. So I kept doing what I was doing. 10 minutes later the dam broke. I was on my way to the toilet when, as I was getting toilet tissue, mushy, wet diarrhea ran into my pajama pants. I rushed to the toilet where I let the rest of this mush run into the bowl. It was creamy and thick, and it felt like I was shitting out mashed potatoes. I left the toilet, cleaned out my pants, put on a new pair, and got a glass of water. Not even five minutes later, I was back in the toilet, but this time I shit out gravy for the potatoes. I was peeing out of my butt. I had to use half a roll of tp to get my butt clean. I was in the bathroom for 10 minutes, shitting out niagra falls. I stopped shitting, finally, but I still felt full. I was bloated, EXTREMELY gassy, and my stomach kept cramping up. I wanted it to be over, but not even the worst was behind me.

I had mushy, urgent diarrhea for the rest of the night. I sharted at least twice and had another full blown accident while bending over to find something I had dropped. Most of the time, I had mush coming out of me, but there were a few instances of butt gravy here and there. The next morning I almost repeated my mistake until I read my marshmallows and saw that they were sugar free. I promptly the then out. That day I still had a little mush left in me, but nothing so urgent I shit my pants again. I was also still cramping up. The third day, I had the runs AGAIN. It wasn't nearly as bad as Thursday though. Thankfully, I'm back to normal today.


Jessica in Az

Hi Jessica,

Wow; due to the delay in posts and replies in the moderated's a tough place to ask for help for on-going constipation. Hopefully you've been able to go by the time you read this; eh?

The thing is; everyone defines constipation differently. Can you tell us a little about what is going on with you?
Are you doing some poop; just a lot harder and less quantity than you're accustomed to?
Or....have you been unable to poop at all. If so....for how long?

The reason I ask is that; at least for me....the suggested remedy would differ greatly depending on just what category I found myself in.

So....maybe someone else can help more "right now".....but I'd need some more information first.

Hope you're feeling better,


Almost didn't make it

Whoops. In my last post I said I haven't pooped in 3 days but my husband said it's been 2 days (which every 1-2 days is normal for me now). Anyway soon after I finished lunch today I had the "gotta go now" urge and almost shit my pants again because it was trying to come out.

I went to the bathroom and almost shit my pants while trying to open the toilet paper package (one of those huge 30 roll packages from Costco) but I managed to get it and get my pants & underwear and my butt on the toilet on time. Whew!

Then out came a rush of mushy shit without even having to push. It only took about a minute to finish. When I was done I wiped (messy) and pulled up my clothes. There was a big mess of mush in the toilet.

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