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Stopping by real quick

Sup everyone! Just got back from a refreshing work out at the gym. It's been a long time, I've literally been eating pizza and lying around these past months everyday(when I'm off of work)... And while that gave me awesome fat dumps, my lactose intolerance wasn't loving it. So back on a strict diet again. I'll let you guys know how my bowel movements change. My belly definitely isn't so bloated with gas all the time anymore.. cause man it was embarrassing spreading my cheeks every couple minutes at work to let it out!

@Esteban: Thank you very much for your support, as it's impossible to find someone in real life who'd say what you did. And trust me I don't believe I'm doing anything illegal in bathrooms, it's just that my view on them is kinda far from innocent. I've been on other websites and seen guys with the same fetish, but it's still not very comforting.

About it getting in the way of my personal life... It can be pretty bad. When I was going to that college earlier this year I literally stayed in those bathrooms at 5 hour intervals sometimes. I was of course passing the time on my phone, but the fact I stayed in a public bathroom for that long waiting for someone is kinda boggling. And I bet the guards watching the security cameras were tripping out too lol

If you don't mind, can you share a little bit about how you view this whole bathroom thing? Of course we gotta keep things PG, but from reading your posts before I'd say we're similar... Being gay in this world and being into this subject(most gays are repulsed even by the idea of taking a healthy dump) can really make a person feel alienated. Anyways looking forward to seeing your next post.

@Some Guy: That's true actually, when 2 guys know what they're both doing on the toilets, it's easier to let loose(literally!). That's great you could have a bonding experience like that though with an old buddy. I'm trying my best to think and honestly, I didn't take a poop outside of home through Kindergarden to 12th grade in highschool. What made you so easygoing about pooping in a public bathroom at school? Just raised like that? For me and my friends, pooping was always considered a private thing that you should pretend doesn't happen.

So I'm thinking of a good public place to take a dump at that offer decent privacy(with actual bathroom doors). My conclusion so far is either Target, the movie theater, the mall(which is never busy) or somewhere else. What would you guys recommend? I find outdoor malls to have the busiest bathrooms honestly. Well that and beaches, but I live too far for that.

Anyways I'm heading out so I'll talk to you guys soon, sorry this post was kinda long without a story but I'll make it up soon. :) Bye!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica (az) fruit helps.

To: Bloated Butt great set of fart stories it sounds like you were kinda cropdusting the stores and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tiffany first welcome to the site and great story about you huge poop it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt so much better afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie as always another great pooping story.

To: Lara great peeing story.

To: Markhams Razor it sounds like Amanda was beyond desperate and I bet she felt good afterwards.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Constipation Tips

To all:

I am writing not to judge, but to really encourage everybody to think about your diet and your poop schedule. I've read a lot of posts lately about people getting constipated, defecating once per week, and dealing with bloating and such.

IMO, constipation can be psychological. We cram our schedules and have no routine, which can contribute to constipation. We are also self-conscious about going #2 in public. I totally get it! Many of us feel ashamed of pooping. We don't want

1. Others to know that we poop.
2. Others to know that we are pooping at the moment.
3. Others to hear us pooping
4. Others to smell us pooping
5. Others to see us in the act of pooping.

(Which is why I think that this forum is great - we can't talk about this on Twitter or Facebook! We need to be anonymous!)

One of the things that we can do is realize that we are all in this human being thing together. We need to treat pooping and passing gas like peeing - like it's no big deal. We don't need to laugh at people or even acknowledge that someone is taking care of business. Too, if you have to poop, just do it, whether you are at school, work, a friend's house. Don't try to hold it. If you think that going is a big deal, others will laugh!

Another is diet. We need fiber, water, probiotics, and exercise to maintain a healthy system. We don't have to avoid pizza, steak, hamburgers, or whatever - we just can't have them every day. We have to make a conscientious effort to plan meals, etc.

Lastly, we need to have some kind of routine that we follow as best we can so our bodies will do their thing. I go in the morning before work, after exercise and breakfast. Then, I go in the evening, usually after dinner. What comes out is soft and substantial. It takes me five minutes tops to go. And, the smell is not as pungent as bowel movements on a bad diet. (All kinds of benefits!)

I promise that some simple changes will make life better.

Annie, way to go! Keep it up! I am so happy that you can tell a difference, that you feel better, and that your bowels have adjusted to your changes!

Love to all,



a question...

Hi everyone
I am going to Australia in May with my Fiance & Initially I was worried about needing to poo on the long haul flight...(enclosed space/full of germs/lack of cleanliness/smell drifting through the plane/people waiting hearing you go/people knowing what you did through time spent, etc) I've come to the conclusion I will just try to push out as much as I can before the flight. And if I need to go, I'll try to wait till we arrive in Oz...
Which made me think I suspect alot of people would be a bit anxious of pooing on an aeroplane for a long haul flight.

My question therefore is:-
Would you poo on a long haul flight?
& if no - what lengths would you go to, to ensure you didn't need to.

Interested... J x


Public Restroom Dumping

Anonymous College Guy - don't worry, you aren't alone in wanting to dump in a public restroom. I try to use a public toilet whenever I can. Just need to make sure it isn't interfering with your daily activities and social life. We all have to poop, usually daily, so I don't see the harm in using the facilities next to a stranger.

I used to like going to the library in the morning when I was in college. I must admit that I would try to use it when another guy was also taking a dump. They were side by side stalls, and the space below he partitions was big, so when I was on the toilet, I could usually see the entire legs and underwear of the person on the toilet as he sat there. Always enjoyed buddy dumping with a good looking guy with his jeans and briefs at his ankles as he dropped a load.

I have to take a dump now and will be headed to the park down the road and unload in one of those doorless stalls. Maybe I will have someone join me, or maybe someone will just strike up a conversation.


not constipated anymore

Hey guys n gals
So I suffered with constipation on Thursday and Friday, went out with the girls friday night & THANKFULLY I didn't have to poo in public that night.
I stayed over at my mate Lauren's house & along with my hangover Saturday morning I had in a total of 3 hours before I went home, 4 big sloppy poos at her house, in the end I ended up asking her for some Alka Seltzer!
Yhe most embarrassing thing was she had no air freshener so I couldn't even fisguise the horrendous smell!!
Went home n went back to bed till the afternoon lol. That hangover done me in!!
J x


A Pit Stop Driving Home

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a fantastic holiday so far!

So I finished my last final exam yesterday, which meant today was the day I went back home for the holidays. Home for me is about a four hour drive from my college, so it's always quite the trip whenever I go back home. The whole route is a long winding road through forest and some foot hills, with numerous small towns peppered in between. It's a beautiful scenic route, and I always enjoy driving through it. Since starting college, I've never had to stop to go to the bathroom when I go back and forth between home and college. I can always just hold it until I got to my destination. That is, until today though.

I woke up early and got packed and ready to go so I could avoid traffic. Before I left my apartment, I took off my pants and sat on the toilet. I only managed to pee one quick spurt though. After that, I met one of my friends for breakfast at a Denny's nearby before I left since I was not going to see her until after break. I had a lot of orange juice and water with my breakfast so that's probably the factor would have me peeing in a few hours.

Anyways, after breakfast, I got in my car and got straight on the road going home. For the next hour, I just listened to the radio, enjoyed the scenery, and drank intermittently from my water bottle. By the end of the first hour, I was started feeling the need to pee. Within the next 20 minutes, the need grew considerably. It went from a little twinge in my bladder to a constant pressure that's getting harder to ignore. Two hours into my drive I was starting to get really uncomfortable. I wasn't too worried though as there were a lot of towns that my route passed through, and that meant plenty of bathrooms.

Another half an hour passed and it was to the point where I needed to cross my legs, and I couldn't do that cause I was driving. I had just passed another town and the next town would not be for another 20 miles. For a moment I panicked and thought I may not make it, but then up ahead I saw a lone gas station. I pulled in and saw that it was an older building. I thought this was gonna be interesting.

I entered the bathroom and as expected, it wasn't the cleanest of bathrooms. There was trash on the ground and everything looked worn. At least the toilet looked somewhat clean and functional. I put down a layer of toilet paper on the seat. I turned around, unbuckled my jeans, slid them and my thong down to below my knees, and sat on the toilet. Immediately my pee came out in a strong jet and made a loud splash on the water. I sat with my legs slightly apart, and my forearms kinda resting in the space between my knees. I stared blankly ahead as I continued to pee. As usual, it felt super good. After I finished, I wiped, stood up, and flushed. The rest of my trip back home was pretty uneventful.

That's all for now. Until my next post! :)

Tech Guy

Three drunk girls pee, poo and puke behind my car

One Friday night recently, I stayed very late at work because we had an urgent deadline to meet. By the time I left, it was after midnight. I drove through our town center and stopped for fuel at the supermarket, which has a 24 hour self-service filling station. My car is a model that is also popular with taxi drivers and as I was filling the tank, three rather drunk girls in their early 20s came over to me. They told me where they wanted to go and then they all squashed into the back of the car. I explained that I am not a taxi driver and they should call a licensed cab. They said that they had called one half an hour ago but it hadn't arrived yet and they were getting cold. As they were all wearing very short skirts, it was easy to see why they were cold.

I reminded them of recent advertising about the importance of only taking a licensed taxi cab and they said that as there were three of them and one of me, they felt quite safe. The place they wanted to go wasn't far off my route home so I agreed to give them a ride. They said their names were Emma, Katie and Becky. They had been out for a meal with a group of friends, then they had rather a lot to drink.

After about 10 minutes, Emma said that she was feeling sick so she wound the window down and put her head out. We were on a dark road just out of town and I didn't want Emma to be sick down the outside of the car so I pulled into a parking area in some woodland. You have probably seen cars that have a parking camera that shows what is behind when reversing. This wasn't originally fitted to my car but I bought a reversing camera and screen on-line for about $40 and rigged it up so that it only comes on when I engage reverse gear. It was completely dark so I put the car into reverse gear to turn on the reversing lights so that Emma could see where she was going. The screen lit up on the dash and I warned Emma that this was a rear view parking camera that showed what was behind the car. Emma said that she didn't really care as she just needed to get out quickly and throw up but she wanted to have some light to avoid tripping over in her high heels on the rough ground.

Emma went round the back of the car and we could see her bending over and being sick. Then she turned her back to us, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and bent over. We could see her weeing against the back of the car. Becky said that my rear view camera was giving us all a good view of Emma's rear! Katie and Becky both thought this was hilariously funny. Then Emma got back into the car and the other two girls told her what we had all seen. Emma also thought this was hilariously funny and the three girls laughed so much that Katie said if she laughed any more she would wet herself. I told her that I didn't want her to wet her panties in case she wet the car seat. "She's not wearing any!" Becky said.

Katie said that she needed to get out of the car and relieve herself. I asked her if I should turn off the reversing lights and rear view camera but she asked me to leave them on as she didn't want to step in Emma's puke. Katie went round to the back of the car and lifted her short skirt. Becky was right, Katie wasn't wearing any panties. Katie bent over and backed up towards the rear of the car. The rear view camera is just above the license plate so we had a perfect view of Katie's bum. We could see her doing a gushing wee onto the ground then she paused and Emma said, "Oh no! She's not, is she?" At this point, we could see a long turd hanging down from Katie's bum. Becky exclaimed, "Ooh yuk, she's having a shit! That's what I need to do, big time!"

Katie came back to the car and was about to get in when Emma said, "You'd better wipe your bum before you sit on this nice guy's car seat with no knickers on!" Emma handed Katie a small pack of Kleenex and Katie wiped her bum before getting back into the car. Then Becky said that it was her turn to go behind the car. I asked her if I should turn off the reversing lights and rear view camera but she asked me to leave the lights on as she didn't want to step in Emma's puke or Katie's poo. Becky said that we could watch if we like but she warned us that it would be messy. She explained that after all the food and drink tonight, she really had "the shits".

We could see Becky going behind the car. Then she lifted her skirt and took her thong panties right off. She bent right over, backed up close against the car and we could see her squirting out a stream of liquid diarrhea all over the back of the car. Suddenly the screen went blank and we didn't see anything else after that. We waited a few minutes before Becky got back into the car. "You shat all over the rear view camera!" Katie said, "So we couldn't see what you were doing!". Becky said that was just as well as it was not a pretty sight.

I drove the girls home without any more stops and when we got to Becky's house, she fetched a pail of water and rinsed her poo off the back of the car. The girls thanked me for the ride and I thanked them for the entertainment.


Haven't pooped in 3 days

After such a good streak with my pooping I haven't gone in 3 days :( I'm still eating healthy, exercising and drinking lots of water. WTF? I hope I can go when I get up.

Anatomy student


Just do your homework while you poop.

To bloated butt.....Your posts have brought a breath of fresh air! No pun intended. I love reading your stories please keep them up Thanks and Merry Christmas......


To Jessica and Doorstop

@Jessica - sorry to hear you've been constipated during the run up to exams. From the sound of your post I presume that you've ignored the urge to poop with the result that your poo has become hard and difficult to pass.

Here are some suggestions:-

1) Try not to resist the urge to poo when it comes - homework can always wait for a few minutes.

2) If posible set aside a particular time to poo e.g. in the morning - whatever your usual routine is.

3) Take a break for 5-10 minutes every hour to unwind. Drink some water during this time rather than tea/coffee. This will help combat constipation and improve mental alertness.

4) When pooping don't rush off the toilet - wait a few minutes in case there is waste further up your bowel. This applies particularly if you're passing a large load.

@Doorstop - welcome to the site. One thing you could try is pooping outdoors in a remote area e.g. hiking trail - then you don't need to worry about clearing the poop up. Just make sure it's a quiet area so you're not likely to be seen - if someone does notice you then they will assume you're both answering the call of nature due to necessity.

It seems harmless for you and your sister to observe each other pooping if that is all you intend to do. As for games, I wouldn't suggest "holding on" too much - in case of constipation. Perhaps instead you could try eating different foods e.g. on/or before a hiking trip and seeing what the results are in terms of amount and consistency.


Blame it on the Alcohol

Sup guys! I'm back with another story lol. Some responses first though.

To Shelbi: Thanks for all your positive responses! I'm glad you enjoy my stories! And don't worry, I have way more stories lined up so stay tuned lol.

To Brandon T.: Thanks for the comments as well!

To John H.: Thank you for the welcome! Yeah, I agree that a minute and ten is longer than an average pee. I was surprised myself that I was able to pull it off. It was really enjoyable lol. Me drinking a lot is more of a recent thing. Lately I've forced myself to be more active with exercising and many say that it's good to keep hydrated constantly, so I do lol.

To SquatSpotter: I've never really considered actually measuring my bladder capacity with a measuring cup. I've always just measured how long it takes for me to pee. But I will definitely try that sometime soon!

Ok, so onto my story. A lot of us know that alcohols can make you pee a lot, so here's one of my more recent experiences with it.

This happened earlier this semester, when a friend of mine had a party at her house to celebrate this internship she just got. A lot of people came, and it was what you would expect a college party to be. Lots of music, games, and even more alcohol. I arrived with two of my friends, Dinah and Shae about half an hour after the party started. We all decided to just let loose and have fun that night, since we all just got done with major exams ourselves. I started drinking this fruity mixed drink that was really sweet. I think it had flavored vodka in it. After two whole cups of that, I was already starting to feel the need to pee. I thought to myself that I probably should have peed before we left for the party. Oh well. I considered going to the toilet, but I didn't want to "break the seal" just yet. I grabbed a bottle of bud light and just intermittently drank that while I went around, talking and chilling with people. Half an hour later I'd drank all the beer, and I figured I should drink a few gulps of water so I don't get drunk too fast. I had half a cup and as soon as I drank it, I knew it was time for me to pee. It didn't matter that after this point of no return I'd be visiting the bathroom probably every 15 minutes afterwards. I hurried to the bathroom, where it was thankfully empty. I quickly went in and closed the door. I unbuttoned and lowered my shorts and panties down to my knees and sat down. Without much effort I started peeing with this loud and forceful stream into the toilet. Another thing alcohol does is it makes peeing feel so much better than it normally does. I sighed loudly as I peed. When I was done, I wiped, flushed, ad went back out to the party.

Half an hour later, after another beer, a rum and coke, and several drinks of water, I had to pee again. I went back to the bathroom and repeated the process of sitting down , peeing loudly, and almost reaching euphoria. It felt so good. When I came out, my friend Dinah invited me to play some beer pong. It was fun, but we lost two of the three games I played. As you can imagine, I drank a lot more beer by playing those games and after the third game I was bursting. Dinah and I looked at each other and agreed it was time to visit the little girls room. When we got in, Dinah went first, since at that point I don't think she had broken the seal yet. She lifted her miniskirt, pulled down her panties and sat down. She unleashed this huge stream that seemed to go on for several minutes. Hearing her pee splash into the toilet didn't help me much. I made my need grow so much that by the time she was wiping I was doing a full pee pee dance. As soon as she got off the toilet, I tore down my shorts and quickly took a seat. My pee immediately started coming out, hissing loudly as it hit the water. It was nowhere as impressive as Dinah's pee, but it was still a big pee for me.

Over the next two hours, I went to the bathroom three more times. At that span of time, I had shots whiskey, rum and vodka, a couple of more beers, and a few more mixed drinks. Plus a lot of water to dilute it all. In those three times, there were lines for the bathrooms. The first time I barely made it, as I spurted once into my panties before getting to the toilet. The second time I was in line with my friend Shae, and she said something funny that made me almost pee myself right there. The third time was just a regular trip. I wasn't really too desperate but I just figured I'd pee. By this time though, I was really drunk, and had a little trouble getting myself seated on the toilet. At least I remembered to pull my underwear down as well lol. All three times, the same loud, heavy stream came out of me, and it felt so nice every time.

After that last drunken pee, I started to sober up, mainly because I had stopped drinking alcohol and mainly drank a lot of water. Two hours passed, and by then the party was dying down. People started leaving and I went from being drunk to just tipsy. I was on the couch talking to this really cute guy and just sipping on my water. As I was talking to him, I started to get desperate, but I ignored it because I didn't know if I'd ever see this guy again. He was a friend of a friend from out of town. I just sat on my heel and tried not to look as desperate as possible. After another half hour of just talking I couldn't take it anymore. I told him "can you hold that thought? I really gotta pee." He chuckled and said sure thing. I carefully stood up and made my way to the bathroom. I saw that there was no line outside and I rejoiced to myself on the inside. As I opened the door though, I saw why.

My friend Shae was sprawled in front of the toilet, puking every now and then. I asked her if she was alright and she said she was fine as long as she stayed in front of the toilet. I panicked a little. I was about to pee myself and the toilet is occupied by my friend puking. The other bathroom was all the way upstairs and I didn't know if I could make it. I considered peeing in the sink or bathtub, but I thought that would be a bit rude. I asked Shae if I could possibly sneak in and have a quick pee and she said she maybe almost done puking. I had to go so bad. I wasn't taking any chances so I took off my shorts and panties so worst case scenario, if I started to pee I can just jump into the tub. I really preferred the toilet though. So I stood there, bottomless with my hands in my crotch and my legs tightly crossed. Finally Shae seemed to puke once more and then flushed to toilet and scooted back to the tub. "It's all yours" she said. "Oh my God thank you! I love you!" I said as I dashed to the toilet and sat down. My pee exploded out of me as soon as I sat down. This pee was way stronger than any of my pees earlier tonight. "Ohhhhhh that feels so good." I said to no one in particular. I found myself lightly closing my eyes and biting my lower lip. I kept going and going. Finally I finished and just sat there with my head bowed down. I looked up and saw that Shae was fast asleep. I got up, put my clothes back on and flushed the toilet. I then helped Shae back to the living room where my other friend gave her a blanket and pillow to sleep with. Thankfully the guy I was talking with earlier was still there and we continued talking for the rest of the night.

It was a pretty awesome party with lots of peeing on my part lol. Hope you guys enjoyed this story once again! Sorry that this is longer than usual. Let me know if my posts are too long and I won't be as wordy next time.

Hope everybody has a great day and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Unexpected Diarrhoea Troubles!

I'm Suzi, I'm 21 with long blonde hair, blue eyes, around 5"9, size 14 curvy body.

One Thursday I made a trip to visit family, along with my mum and dad. We were going to see my auntie, uncle and cousins who live about 4 hours drive away. Before we set off, I went to the toilet and let out a long forceful pee and a small log.

We arrived at their house at about half twelve, just in time for lunch. My auntie's cooking is notoriously not the best shall we say! We sat down for a buffet style lunch with cheese, ham, coleslaw, bread, pasta, cheesecake and buns.

I made myself a sandwich of cheese, ham and coleslaw which tasted okay but I think the coleslaw would've masked anything else tasting bad. After lunch we went for a walk in the nearby woods. My cousin Archie had brought his best friend along as well; Dean is 20 and very attractive, so I was trying my best to impress him with my witty banter.

About halfway round the track I felt a little sick and brought my hand up to my belly, rubbing it slowly in a circular motion. My belly was bloated and I felt like I had concrete in my guts but luckily I didn't feel like I needed a poo yet.

'Are you okay?' Dean asked me, noticing how uncomfortable I looked. 'Er yeah, fine' I smiled, quickly dropping my hand to my side and carrying on walking. As we passed the old farm, I felt a crampy sensation in my belly and I felt like I had to pass gas, but it was the last thing I wanted to do with such an attractive guy with me!

'I'm just going to take some pictures; I'll catch you up' I suggested, whipping out my camera. 'Sure' Archie shrugged, but Dean still looked concerned so I smiled at him to convince him I was alright. As soon as they were out of sight and smell, I rubbed my belly as I tried to ease my intestinal distress. I pushed out two long smelly farts but no more gas would come out so I walked on, catching up with the boys.

As soon as I reached them I felt like I had to fart again, but I clenched my bum cheeks together and vowed to hold all the gas in until I could use the toilet and let it out there.When we got back to my auntie and uncle's house I still had a strong urge to break wind so I excused myself to the bathroom.

I pulled my tight black leggings down and sat on the toilet, slowly massaging my bloated belly. I let out lots of long wet smelly farts. I still felt really bloated but I didn't want to be in there so long that everyone knew I wasn't just having a wee, especially Dean!

I went back into the living room and curled up on the sofa, knees tucked up against my poor bloated stomach, heels pressed firmly against my bum to stop me having unexpected gas. Dean came and sat beside me; 'Are you going to tell me what's wrong?' he asked gently, stroking my forearm. I blinked, hoping I'd heard him wrong.

'Oh nothing I'm fine' I breezed, stopped mid sentence by a sharp cramp which caused me to grab my belly. 'You've got a stomach ache haven't you?' he asked me. I blushed, 'erm yeah'. 'Aww it's okay babe, I get them too, it's nothing to be embarrassed about!' he gently rubbed my belly, easing the cramps.

I started to feel a churning sensation in my guts and my stomach began to rumble and gurgle. Dean heard it making noise and cuddled me to make me feel better. About fifteen minutes later I got a sudden intense urge to have a poo. I held my ????, and debated how to get to the toilet efficently without messing myself.

'What's wrong?' Dean hugged me. 'I erm, I need the bathroom' I stuttered, mortified. 'It's okay baby, I'll come with you, come on' I gazed at him horrified; he obviously didn't know I was feeling sick! But he insisted on helping me to the bathroom..I expected him to leave but he stayed there. 'I want to make sure you're okay' he said.

I was too desperate to argue, I just pulled my leggings and panties down and plopped my round bum onto the toilet seat. I suffered a particular bad cramp, before runny poo shot out of my bum, accompanied by loud wet squelchy farts.

I moaned in relief and agony as it all fell out of me; I had two sloppy poops and several runny watery ones. Dean stood there silently rubbing my back and murmuring reassurance to me.Once I was done I stayed sat down for a while just in case I suffered another bout of the runs. It seemed nothing else was due to come out so I reached for the toilet paper and took many wipes wiping my messy bum.

We'd been in the bathroom for nearly half an hour by this point, so we returned to the lounge, me feeling pale and weak after my episode on the toilet. Dean was so sweet looking after me and half an hour later when I had to go, he came with me again.I had several more waves of the liquishits before I felt empty enough to return to the living room. 'My belly hurts' I moaned, rubbing it gently.

'Shh it's okay' Dean gave me a big cuddle and helped me back to the living room, followed by another three trips to the bathroom. It started to make me feel quite unwell, but then I remembered I had to travel soon! I was still having a bowel moment every two or three hours so I didn't think I'd make it home.

On my final toilet trip, I pushed out as much loose poo as I could, leaving me feeling a little emptier.I also put some toilet roll in the seat my panties in case of accidents on the car journey home. Still, only me and Dean knew about my stomach troubles and I didn't want anyone else to find out as I was embarrassed.

Within twenty minutes of setting off, I needed to use the toilet, and I had a bloated achey feeling in my belly. I texted Dean back as he'd asked how I was. 'Don't ask, I have to go already :( xx'. He texted back 'aww beautiful just go, itll make you feel much better inside..ask if you can pull over! xx'.

'Nahh it's okay, I can hold it for now, I just feel like I would be much better on a toilet lol xx'. I spent the entire journey squirming and holding my belly and bum, trying not to release liquid runny diarrhoea all over myself and the car. Ten miles from home, my belly told me it needed the toilet NOW. 'We have to stop' I groaned, rubbing my belly.

I ended up running into McDonalds to relieve my bowels. I was gone nearly half an hour and my dad was getting stressed out with me by the time I got back to the car. When we got officially home, I spent another 8 hours running backwards and forwards to the toilet, emptying my dodgy bowels. By morning I was still releasing bouts of smelly semi-solid poo but it was starting to feel more solid.

By the evening I was releasing semi solid soft logs and then the next day I was back on solids. I did get a text from Dean though on Friday morning saying, 'hope you're feeling better beautiful. Looks like it must be the food..I had tea here last night and am now suffering with a very dodgy ????!! :( xx'.

I texted him back saying 'aww baby, hope you're alright. Thanks for looking after me, do you want me to come and look after you?xx'. Long and short of it being he said that would be nice, I went via train to stay with him, accompanied him to the toilet whilst he was having severe diarrhoea and we're now engaged haha. We still look after each other if either of us has an upset stomach and now when we go to my auntie's house, we ALWAYS pack Imodium!


jessica (az)

school finals constipation

lately it has been getting closer to my schools finals and my teachers have been pounding me with homework, so i would not have time to go poop which resulted me being constipated

any tips, please

Bloated Butt
To Sarah:

Answering your questions:

"When around people do you ever make trips to the bathroom to relieve your gas?"

I've definitely gone into other rooms to get away, including the bathroom. But I don't usually sit on the toilet just to fart. Usually I just bend over, stick my butt out, and just let it all out.

"I imagine you must fart a lot while you write your stories LOL. It sounds like you can do some really long farts haha."

Yeah, I usually post on here with my laptop, not the main computer that both of me and my boyfriend use. He doesn't know about this website! So when I'm posting I'm usually in another room and am free to pass gas all I want LOL.

"Whats the worst case of gas you've ever had?"

Oh gosh, I don't know. I pass gas so often and there have been so many times where I'm extremely gassy. One time, earlier this year, I bought some FiberOne bars from the grocery store, and ate the whole box in one go. Oh my goodness, I literally looked pregnant within about an hour of eating them. There was so much gas inside, and my boyfriend could actually hear my stomach groan from across the room. Then I started farting non-stop for the rest of the day. Each fart was so loud and lasted several seconds, and when I let one out my bowels would instantly inflate with more gas. There was no end! Eventually I just laid on my stomach on our bed, with my underwear pulled down to my thighs and my big ol' butt exposed to the air, and just shamelessly farted, one after the other. My boyfriend rubbed my back and at one point he even massaged my butt while it exploded with flatulence every ten seconds. The farts themselves didn't stink, though. They were just really loud and long and forceful coming out.

Another time, also this year, I had a really wicked case of gas. I don't know what caused it, my stomach was just upset one day. My stomach just bloated out with gas and every few seconds I would just release these really potent SBDs. They felt hot coming out, like I was going to burn a hole in my underwear, and they smelt like rotten eggs. I remember sitting on my boyfriend's lap and feeling my bowels rumble, then I just released this cloud of stink from my big rear end. He looked at me and I blushed and said, "Sorry, hon. I just laid a rotten egg."

Just as I said that, another one came out of me, and I actually pushed it out a little. "Ooooooh, I'm full of rotten eggs", I said, rubbing my stomach. LOL I love messing with him. He looked at me and shook his said, "You're so pretty but you're so gross". I said, "Awwwww, that's mean. You're pretty girlfriend has an upset ???? and its your job to make her feel better. Now rub my ????". LOL I got him to give my a ???? massage.

There's another time where he massaged my stomach while I had gas, and it was after we had gone out to eat. I actually posted this story a couple of months ago, I think it was in October. Anyway I completely stuffed myself at the restaurant (a buffet) and was basically so stuffed and bloated that I was practically waddling everywhere. When we got home I got extremely flatulent and couldn't stop farting because of all the food inside of me, and I roped my boyfriend into massaging my poor distended stomach while I laid fart after fart. Eventually he had to leave the room because I basically stunk the whole place up!

The above scenario happens a LOT, by the way. Like I said I love to eat and my system is just naturally gassy. Sometimes I wonder if I have IBS but I've never been diagnosed. And its not like I'm in severe pain or anything, so I don't bother to get my bowels checked out. I just poop and fart like a cow LOL.

I'm also gassy a lot around my friends, as I've said before. Last year I was Christmas shopping with Alicia and another friend, Elizabeth, and I was dropping SBDs there, too. We were at the mall and I just couldn't hold them in. In one store I kept passing SBD after SBD, and eventually Elizabeth came up to me and said "We can tell where you've been in the store, because you're stinking it up everywhere you go". I blushed and said "I've got a little bit of a ???? problem today". We kept walking around and I still couldn't stop farting. Every thirty seconds my stomach would cramp up a little and I just HAD to release a long, hot, windy fart. We couldn't stay in any store for long because Alicia and Elizabeth were afraid people would catch on to us LOL.

Later on, we were in the car and the poots just kept coming out of me. Alicia had to roll the windows down even though it was freezing and we were driving down the highway. I had my arms wrapped around my stomach and was bent over a little in the passenger seat, and said "I'm sorry, y'all." This year I've asked both Alicia and Elizabeth to go Christmas shopping and so far they've both said they're busy. The boyfriend keeps putting off, too. Gee I wonder why LOL.

Those are just the stories off the top of my head. But as for you, that sounds like a huge BM that you had! Don't you just love having a massive poop? It feels so good to have thick heavy logs coming out of you. I love the feeling of my butt being stretched as wide as it can go while an immense log comes out. It sounds like you have similar experiences. I hope to hear more from you!

To Linda:

I bet it did feel fantastic to be wearing nothing but a bra. Like I said, it sounds so exciting. But I'd be so nervous even though nobody can see me. Its just the thought of being almost naked in a public space. It gives me goosebumps to imagine standing there, my soft body and sensitive skin all exposed, desperately needing to take a massive poop, while a perfect stranger is just a foot away.

I'm so sorry that you're constipated again! I really feel for you trying to get those gigantic logs out. Pooping is supposed to feel good and it sounds like you have such a rough time of it, being in pain every time you try to go. I hope things get better soon and you have some nice big sensual bowel movements.


to: Anonymous College Guy

Glad to see you drop by. I agree. there aren't enough posts by guys, and when I see one I make sure I read it.
I see you're concerned about enjoying taking a dump in a public men's room, and you've made yourself stop. First, you are not alone. Just look at this forum. Second, if you enjoy using a public men's room, next to another guy, why not? As long as it doesn't lead to behavior that could get you into trouble. As long as you're not spending so much time in public men's rooms that it interferes with your life...I say, go for it, enjoy it, and don't punish yourself for it.
And remember. We're all here to support you.


Forest Dump

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the comments on my last story.

Sarah - sound like you had a similar dump at work to me!

Near where I live there are some forests with lots of walkways through them, which we often go strolling through. Yesterday afternoon I was off work so decided to go for a walk in the woods. I had felt a poo brewing earlier so decided to take some toilet paper with me, as I thought I may need to unload while I was out.

I have had a few outdoor dumps in these woods over the years, and have always enjoyed them. After about 15 minutes I could feel the urge for a good shit. I found a very secluded spot behind some trees and squatted down.

The breeze blowing around my bare bum felt really nice as the first log eased its way out. This curled out onto the ground, and soon after another big log was coming out, this curling on top of the first log. The relief as immense but I knew there was more to come. Two more smaller logs rushed out, then some 'soft serve' and I was done.

I moved forward a bit and wiped a few times. I pulled my jeans and boxer shorts up and looked at my creation. It was a huge dump and I felt so much better for it. It always feels mischievous taking an outdoor shit, but it is an enjoyable experience.

When my girlfriend came in from work, I told her that I had to have a poo outdoors. She laughed and said.that years ago she had too! Apparently when she went travelling with a friend a few years ago they went to an uninhabited island in Thailand, and on arrival the tour guide told the group that there were no toilets! They were told that all toilet activities had to be done outdoors and that if you needed a dump you had to dig a hole.

She told me all the details which was great! She isn't shy about pooping, but I've never seen her go. On their first morning on the island they both had poos, my girlfriend in the morning, her friend after lunch. That evening they had a BBQ, and the next morning they both woke with an urge to shit. She said they walked away from their tent, dug a hole each and both proceeded to shit their brains out from the spicy food they had eaten the night before. Pity I hadn't known her then as that could have been me! She said by the end of the week, some girls were openly shitting anywhere, and that there were piles of shit to be seen around the place, as people gave up digging holes.

Hope you liked my two stories in one, will post again soon.

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