Massive poo yesterday

Hi everyone. I'm a 16 year old girl, and I did a huge poo yesterday (Tuesday). The last time I'd gone for a poo was a week ago. I felt the urge early in the day at school, but the toilets there are filthy and many cubicles have no doors, so I wasn't about to do a poo there. By the time I got home, I was beyond desperate.

I headed straight to the toilet, just in time to see my sister close the door. Thankfully, she just needed a wee and was out very quickly. If she'd been in there much longer, I'd have pooed my pants! I ran in and nearly threw myself on the toilet.

My poo started coming out very quickly and grew quite long. It broke off, then a bit more came out before breaking off a second time, then some more oozed out. Then I farted a few times and a wide log emerged. It was very long, far longer than my first log. I felt it meet resistance as it curled up in the toilet.

When it finally did end, it was quickly followed by another just like it. I felt amazing after letting out all that poo and was about to wipe when I felt my stomach rumble. I blasted a long loud fart and then several soft short turds flew out of me nearly all at once. I heard them make splat sounds as they hit the poo that was already in the toilet. I knew then even without looking that I'd majorly blocked the toilet. But that's not rare for me, so I was prepared.

I wiped myself thoroughly and then got the toilet brush. I worked and broke up my poo into mush, and after four flushes it all went down. I then washed my hands and left the toilet, feeling so much better.


Soft log

Hi there. I didn't poop yesterday (which seems pretty normal for me these days. I've been going every day or every 2 days these days) but earlier I needed to go pretty bad. I pulled down my undies and pants and sat on the toilet where I pushed out a pretty big soft log with a loud crackling noise. I wanted to do it in my panties on purpose but couldn't because my husband was home and didn't want to explain the underwear change. Anyway, the log was about a foot long.

It's great. No more bloating (besides gas), constipation, nausea, sore bum etc from huge poops etc. It's nice to be able to go so much more often than to be constipated for 1-2 weeks. Now I'm going every day (sometimes more than once) to every 2 days. This diet seems to be helping my constipation and helping me lose weight (I gained like 40 lbs over the last few months :( ).

I should have done this months ago but now hubby and I are trying to be more health conscious and watch our weight. More water and juice rather than pop, less take out and junk food, lots of vegetables and fruit, less meat (and better meat like chicken rather than burgers etc), lots of water (me anyway. My husband still doesn't drink much water), whole grain breads and cereals (including fibre cereal), olive oil instead of vegetable oil, etc. Tip for constipated people here: if you aren't already eating this way, you should. You will feel A LOT better. I do. I feel more like a normal person going every day to every two days and am no longer uncomfortable. Haven't had any more diarrhea since the "shart" accident from Monday.

Happy pooping!

Some Guy

To Anonymous College Guy

Thanks for your reply. It wasn't awkward walking out after we pooped...Anthony was finished and walked out before I did. So, I didn't end up seeing him. Not sure if it would have been awkward if we had finished and walked out at the same time. After all, we both knew why we were there, so maybe that helped. :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hiya, quick pee story

last night me and my friend Jennifer were going to dancing at the sports centre.

Jennifer or 'Jenny' has brown hair, dyed blonde. relatively slim built, and relatively short, about 5 foot 4 maybe.

We got out the car and went into the sports centre which wasn't the usual one that dancing was situated in.

We were walking up the stairs towards the dance studio before Jenny said "hold on, I'm desperate to pee" I said back to her "yeah I could be doing with one too" so we agreed to quickly go and find the girls toilet.

We went to reception and asked the girl where the bathrooms are and she said back to us "is it just you two girls yes, would you like to use the twin toilet?". Jenny just agreed to what she said due to her sheer desperation to use the loo as she was standing with her legs crossed and had her hands clasped between her thighs.

the lady stood up and walked with us down the corridor before opening a door on her right hand side. she smiled and said "there you go girls, these loo's really are lovely as they are just new"

What we saw was a carpeted room with two toilets a foot apart. Between them was a bin. There was a sink as well as a mirror.

As soon as the lady left we closed the door over and Jenny said "I didn't realise the loos were right next to each other are you okay with it?" I just agreed as I was fine with it, we both have the same parts after all.

Jenny very quickly lined her bum up with her toilet, Bent over, pulled her tights to her knees and rolled up her skirt before slapping her bum cheeks down onto the seat. I did the same as we were wearing the exact same things.

Straight away I heard a powerful stream of pee come out from between Jenny's legs. I was peeing but it was only a little one as I went before we left her house.

I was finished my stream yet Jenny still powered on. When she was releasing the final few spurts, she reached into her knickers and pulled out something and threw it in the bin next to us, I had a pretty good idea what it was!

We both just relaxed on the toilet for a bit in which I heard Jenny do a small fart. she said "I like having a pee buddy" and laughed. She then did a loud and quite smelly fart and she looked towards me and giggled. I thought she may be needing more than just a wee and I asked "Jenny do you need a poo?" and she said "yeah a wee bit but we've not got time or I would go for one"

There was a little vending machine for tampons between the toilets that said you could get them for free from it. Jenny reached up to it and pushed the button and received one. She didn't say anything but I looked away while she turned round to insert it.

After this, Jenny and I pulled our pants and tights up and rolled our skirts down before washing our hands and going to dancing.

Markham's Razor

Girl in the Men's Bathroom

So when I was in 8th grade I had a girlfriend who I loved very much (her name was Amanda. Me and Amanda were really close, as we would hang out a lot. One day at school, we were in History class (we sat next to each other) she farted and I smelled terrible. I asked her if she had to take a dump and she said yeah. I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom he said ok. A minute later she asked and it was ok so she went. There was only 2 bathrooms at our school, and they were on the opposite ends of each other. The girls bathroom by us was closed so I asked her if she could hold it and she said no. So I told her to come in the men's bathroom and she said ok. Luckily the outside door had a lock so I locked it (there was no doors on the stalls, or even stalls at all). I had to go a little too so we sit down next to each other. She had diarrhea like crazy and I only droppped one turd. It smelled awful. Then we left and returned to class. tHe end

Me and my friend Daved were pretty close and had shit at each others houses before. One day, David's girlfriend and my friend Annalysa and my girlfriend Amanda came over. We watched a movie and Daved kept farting like crazy. I asked him if he had to crap, but my toliet was broken for now. He said he really had to go, so me and him went outside. At that point I really had to go so I brought some toliet paper with me. At my treehouse I built deep in the woods there was a toilet so we decided to go there. We got to the treehouse and David and I sat down on the two holes. He started by farting on me and then we got to business. He had diarrhea and said he had an idea. There was a creek by our Ouse and we coldnshit in the creek for fun. I said ok. At that time Annalysa and amanda came looking for us, saying they had to shit (must've been the food). So we said we were gonna shit in the creek. They said ok and we went to the creek. It was a hot day so we decided to take a jump in the creek as well. Then we could relieve ourselves in there. So we did and we all had diarrhea and practically made 10 pounds of shit. The end for now


To sammie in troy

How much do you weigh?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Linda I hope your contipation dosent last to long this time.

To: Sammie In Troy it sounds like you had an ambush poop at least your boyfriend didnt make a big deal over it.

To: Karen great story as always it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but at least it didnt last to long and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


now I'm constipated!!

Hi guys!
So my latest news is for absolutely ages I have constipation - which is quite nice for me!
Makes a nice change! Last time i went was yesterday evening, haven't been at all today & on a daily basis I usually have a bowel movement about 4 times a day!!
Don't feel full with it either which is nice, maybe I would if I still was constipated tomorrow. .. hope not going out with the girls tomorrow night! Don't wanna have to unleash a huge poo in a nightclub!!....
Anyways that's my news - more soon, Jemma x


To Megan and Sarah

@Megan - great stories about your library poo (must have been a big relief to release those logs) and the young woman at the sales stand in the shopping centre who had to poo. It seems she had a lot to release from both ends i.e. she had been baking it for some time.

I have a friend who was made redundant (laid off) early last year and she took a job as a sales stand assistant. The job involved getting sales leads for a company and she did this for over a year. She quite enjoyed it and made a reasonable living but it was hard work being on her feet all day and the company were very strict about toilet and meal breaks. She got a 15 minute "tea" break in the late morning and another in the mid afternoon (with lunch inbetween). However, by the time she made her way to the customer loos (and sometimes waited in the queue - as she wasn't allowed to use the staff toilets) and used them there wasn't much time for anything else so her "tea" break became a toilet break.

Anyway, great story - I had a few questions about the young saleswoman:-

How long into her wee was she before she started pooing? Did she start pooing shortly after starting her wee or towards the end?

You mentioned she did a soft fart - was this immediately followed by the crackling noise?

How quickly did her logs come out i.e. did the 4 loud plops occur one after the other - indicating they came out in quick succession? Or was there some pause inbetween.

Did each of the 4 logs make a crackling noise as they came out (suggests a lot of gas mixed throughout her poop) - or was it just the first one or two?

Was there much if any smell from her cubicle - I'm guessing probably not? Also, was there any indication that she had finished as you were leaving e.g. did you hear her wiping?

Lastly, was she slim? (I have this theory that slim women can produce quite large loads)

Hope you can answer my questions. I've got some stories of my own from work where I act as a volunteer - I'll put them in another post. My duties involve cleaning - amongst other things.

@Sarah - great stories (like the detail). Sorry to hear your gas has been causing problems e.g. having to curtail your date - is it better now? Glad you're about to talk about it on here - that's one of the great things about this site.

If your gas is still causing an issue one thing to consider is whether you've made any changes to your diet? Certain foods are well known to cause intestinal gas.

Thanks to all the others who post on here - including but not limited to Jemma, Bill F, Michael and Tim etc. - Phil and Lara too.

Rare Poster

Raising Hope

Hey guys and gals!

I'm not a faithful fan of this show, but does anyone here watch it? There was a recent episode called, "Extreme Howdy's Makeover". In the beginning of the episode, there was this scene where Shannon Woodward's character, Sabrina is talking to Jimmy about bathroom stuff while hiding for a birthday surprise. Then the surprise ends up being on them and she gets scared shitless... literally. You don't hear or see anything, but she excuses herself. Burt asks why she's being a party pooper and she pretty much says "Too late", Lol.

Hope all is well otherwise! Take care!


bladder measuring for Jenna


Have you ever considered measuring your bladder capacity? You could do this by peeing into a measuring cup or by purchasing a female urinal (basically a bottle with a large funnel like opening to hold against yourself while you pee, it also has measuring marks on the side) if you do decide on this let us know what your "normal" pee capacity is as well as holding.


Post Title (optional) Constipation (to kmd and Bloated Butt)

To kmd: I do try to eat lots of fruit and ???? each day but I still tend to get constipated quite a lot. You will see from my other posts that I suffered with very severe constipation when I was around 6/7 years old. So I'm prone to it, along with my Dad - he gets very constipated like me but he has to use suppositories and laxatives to help him go. I have only used laxatives a few time when I was younger and suppositories only a few times too. My Mum used the soap enema thing with me when I was a kid. I had to use the soap enema thing once as adult, only a few years ago, when I was extremely constipated.

Lately, my constipation seems to be worse than ever and I'm thinking about buying some laxatives and suppositories for next time. Plus Christmas is coming up and I want to be prepared.

I have also tried drinking lots of water but I work in a job where its really busy and hard to get time to use the toilet, apart from lunch breaks and tea breaks. I hardly ever poop at work either.

To Bloated Butt: It was fantastic when I was in that public toilet, with just my bra on. It doesn't bother me doing that because nobody could see me. I was SO constipated that day and it was such a huge relief to finally get my load out!!!

This week I'm constipated again. I did a small poo on Sunday and nothing at all on Monday. Today is Tuesday and I tried for a poo before work but it was hopeless - I was way too constipated

just spent an hour on the toilet, struggling with a gigantic load of poo. When I got home from work, my house mate was out, she told me she wouldn't be back home till late - perfect for me to take my time on the toilet. I sat on the toilet as soon as I got home. The turd seemed to start coming out straight away and I thought maybe it wouldn't take too long to finish my load. I was wrong!! The turd got stuck in my anus and I spent 15 minutes pushing, straining and grunting. I really had to work hard and bear down with all my might. I closed my eyes, screwed up my face and dug my toes into the floor. It was horrendous and my anus was stretched apart so wide that it stung and burned. It felt like I had a grapefruit coming out of me. I had a rest and bore down again, this time for 20 minutes. I pushed and pushed and pushed with everything I had!! Finally, the turd moved down a bit more. I reached down and felt my anus - it was stretched beyond its limits and the turd was out about 5 inches. It was rock hard, dry and wide!!

I really had to bear down to get the turd out, which took me up to 55 minutes and finally, it came out in one, huge log!! I had a look at the log and it must have been 10 inches long!! I'm not sure why I get so extremely constipated after not going for just one day!!

sammie in troy

car accident

I was waiting in the car for my boyfriend when I felt the urge to fart. So I lifted my big bum off the seat and farted... except it wasn't loud like mine usually fact it wasn't even a fart I filled my panties with a mushy load. The most embarassing part was sitting in my mess for the car ride home


to Suzi

hey Suzi, sorry your experience was negative, i guess i just feel differently toward my parents. they've always been pretty involved in my constipation/withholding issues and ive never minded that fact. of course i have given myself suppositories and such before, but often its just easier if someone else does it, and since my parents have been doing it for a while, im okay with them still doing it occasionally. i've always been kinda open about that kinda thing with them.

anyway, thanks for responding :)


To Jenna

Hi Jenna, loving all of your stories so far, it sounded like you really needed to go! It must have been amazing peeing in the open like that.

I'll be posting an outdoor pee shyness story pretty soon, I don't suppose you have any pooping stories do you? Weather it's in a bathroom or outdoors, both are great. Thanks!

Shelbi x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bloated Butt great story bout your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and alot to and it sounds like you felt pretty great after getting those 3 big poops out of you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as alway another great story and its good your pooping is going good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah great story about your giant poop at work it sounds like you really had to go and it sounds like it was a pretty good dump to and I bet you felt so much afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenna great peeing story it sounds like it was a pretty refreshing outdoor pee.

To: Lara great story about you and Claire probaly that was just curious.

To: Megan great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

To: Jemma great story about letting your boyfriend here you poop I bet he really enjoyed it.

To: Unknown Poster great story about your you hearing you friend Jordan pooping it sounds like she really had to go.

To: Jemma it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Josh

At first I was surprised to hear you say you needed a hospital cleanout after not going for 5 days. 5 days is really not that long.
But; if you're like might have been 5 days of not going at all....but following a period of just doing a little each day.

See; for me....I would go through these periods where I would grunt out a marble or two every day....but that was obviously no where near I would gradually get backed up more and more. some point I couldn't even do the marbles...and a week or so of that would end up with me being just packed solid.
Maybe just 5 days of not going at all.....but I was already badly constipated at the beginning of the 5 days.
The hospital cleanout.....what did they do to you? A nasal tube? Enema? That is sooooooo embarrassing for a kid to go through that.


To Michael....10 days of poop inside of you!

Hey Michael....

What a story! That was amazing that you could hold that much inside of you....and even more amazing that it was still squishy.

Good thing it was squishy; eh??!! Using your "toothpaste tube" analogy....with the fat part of the tube being your intestine....and the tip of the tube being your hole....your poop was soft enough that you could squeeze it through. I think that what happens to me is that my "tube" gets that full....but with hard poop that can't fit through the matter how hard I push.

On Thanksgiving I was visiting a neighbor and they had a group of kids in a room playing X-box. I knew there was at least one holder in that room....I could smell his farts. Maybe he was like you....super backed up with day after day of poop inside of him.....but trying as hard as he could to keep playing...and not going to the bathroom.
Who knows....maybe there were a couple of kids doing contest with each see how long they could hold.

PS: Loved your story!

Alta Cocker

New Chanukkah Toilet

First, to Michael-- that was an awesome 10 day turd hold back story. Really amazing you could hold it that long. How old were you when this happened? Did staying stopped up for 10 days affect your sexual functions from the other end?

OK, on to the story. We have 5 toilets in my 2-flat building. Two in each of the apartments and one in the common laundry area in the basement. When Grandpa Oivink was alive with Grandma Ethel, they lived upstairs, so the whole building was one family dwelling. The toilet in the basement was original from when the building was built in nineteen fifty eight and Grandpa had cracked the tank and used caulk to patch it back. This was on Chanukkah probably 15 years back- he told me not to worry, it wouldn't leak and who cares, the toilet was in the basement anyway. I had gotten my bonus and decided to call in Mario the plumber (my wife was smitten with his brother Joey's blue eyes) and have them put in a new toilet. Mario told me I was in luck as this was shortly after the regulation came out to use the lower flush volume toilets and he still had a brand new toilet in the older style with the full tank, on his truck that he could sneak in. That was the first Chanukkah toilet and it is still flushing strong as my son Lil pisher is now home after finishing uni and living in the basement.

A few weeks ago, our toilet in the main bath overflowed all over Mrs. Alta Cocker-it had been acting up for quite a while and I wanted to get a new one last summer when we did extensive renovations to the 2-flat before moving back in it after living in Wisconsin for 3 years-- the tenants were pretty harsh and it was time after 18 years to put more money in. Well, we did change the 1958 Maroon colored toilet that flushed with a massive VARRROOOOM that Grandpa Oivink and Grandma Ethel had loved in the upstairs apartment, but ran out of money to replace our toilet which was a 1986 model (the dates are stamped into the lids, but these days they use barcodes instead!). If you read back to one of my old postings from several years ago, this was the toilet that my neighbor's daughter (with the delicate stomach) destroyed. It was never a good flusher and Mrs. Alta Cocker replaced the guts a few times to no real avail-- poor design on that Kohler. Well, after a loud exchange of words and Mrs. Alta Cocker flicking the poo-watered bath rugs at me, she finally agreed to a new toilet which arrived just before the first candle light of Channukah, Thanksgiving eve. Bless the new American Standard Champion-- even with the smaller flush, it works wonderfully. Whoops, excuse me, I need to have a post-prandial (after meal) sit down right now before I shart...aging bowels are so unpredictable.

Markham's Razor

School Dump

As a kid, I never really liked to dump at school. It wasn't until 7th grade when I took my first shit at school. I remember it like it was yesterday. By 4th period, I had to shot so I walked in the bathroom with my friend (it was his first time too) and we both took seats right next to each other (there was no doors or stalls). My friend started out with one large rip. it turns out both of us had the shits. So we decided to play a game seeing who could fart the loudest and shit the most. Well this went on for about 5 minutes until we finally stopped. Well, I stopped, he kept going. He produced so much shit it clogged the toilet. I decided that I had to shit more so I went to his toilet and crapped some more. Then he said he had to go but I was still on so he said ???? it and went right on top of me and shit through the whole between my dick and the toilet seat. He crapped all over me too. So I had to wipe all the shit off with toliet paper. Then we didn't flush and walked back to class.
More stories to come!
-Markham's Razor


Phone with a Friend.

One time When I was in the 4t grade, my friend from school called me and he said he is on the toilet. We talked for a few minutes and then he told me to listen and I heard a toilet flush. And then I told him to listen, so I put the phone to my butt, then no sooner my Mother caught me and goes JASON! THAT'S GROSS!


Waiting for a toilet in the nude poster

That would be a bit awkward for me, to stand in the nude to wait for a toilet. Although it could be kinda interesting to see you do it. Didn't you have a towel with you? I've waited, but I usually wear a towel around my waist.

I'm about to head to the gym now and will probably drop a serious load there. I will probably still be clothed when I head to the toilets, though.


Stomach Virus, Long Time No Write

Merry Christmas my friends, sorry I haven't written in a while. I've long left my stint with the cement company as a deliver driver and am now back to sustitute teaching, mostly music, and I tutor and give drum, piano, and guitar lessons at home to supplement my income. Last monday there were a lot of teachers out sick so I took a job as 12th grade algebra sub. I wasn't really feeling all that great myself but I took it anyways. Long story short I had a stomach virus. I wasn't feeling so great the weekend prior, kinda tired and run down, went over to my brother's place saturday to hang out, help decorate the tree, and bake some goodies for the kiddies. Felt sick to my stomach later and spent most of this past sunday throwing up every couple of hours and having diarrea every three hours. Still I managed to get some christmas shopping done. At school on monday I came armed with my trusty peptol bismol and peppermint hard candy but I still had diarrhea between classes and in a couple of cases I had to leave the room to deal with epic diarrhea sessions, thank goodness I brought my own toilet paper, haha. Ate lunch in the school cafeteria and the featured vegetable was corn, one of the few things I was able to get down without gagging, I just ate the corn, the roll, and the fruit,then after lunch I thought some fresh air would do me good so I hung out outside in the senior's courtyard and had a nice conversation with one of my extracurricular guitar students, a nice and rather attractive young man with potential but was sorry to cut it short because I felt nauseated and politely left because I felt like I was about to throw up in less than a minute; I didn't end up vomiting, I held back the urge, but yep, you guessed it, a fifteen minute diarrhea session ensued instead but it made me feel alot better after it was over. Later at night at home I saw my corn from lunch revisited in my very own toilet bowl for my diarrhea finale, yay! Nothing dramatic, nothing to write about but there was a lot of gas. Took some more pepto, a lot of hard cheese and crackers to stop the diarrhea, then had a hot bath, a short walk in the fresh air, a bowl of soup and peppermint tea then a sleeping pill and spent the rest of the evening watching DVD's of Charlie Brown holiday specials, then went to bed and felt fine next morning, so good in fact that I made sloppy joes for breakfast then went shopping, then I washed and waxed my car. Tried to get ahold of my boys to see if they're coming home for Christmas but couldn't reach them or their wives, just the answering machines so hope to hear from them when they get a chance to call.

All in all, I feel really cleaned out on the inside and I feel great today and hope all of you do, too. Merry Christmas.


big c

to Sarah and bloated butt

Awesome posts! Haha Sarah you asked bloated butt the same questions about her farts that I wanted to ask both of you. Bloated butt when you said tons of gas... like how many would you say? I hope one day you give us a post where you describe a heavy gas day.
Sarah, haha geez that was a big fart if you lost your breath! Do you think you could write out how your farts sound?
I love reading posts from you ladies.

I finished working out at the gym the other day and needed to take a dump so I headed to the locker room stripped and headed to the toilets before showering. When I got to the toilets both stalls were taken with one guy already waiting. I joined the line though it was a bit awkward standing there nude... I really didn't care. I made small talk saying wow it's a full house etc. I did for a brief moment consider to go and put on my shorts. I go commando so simply putting on underwear wasn't an option. I would have put on my regular pants which seemed silly since I had already stripped and would pull them down to shit then pull them up only to take them off to shower. Plus I didn't want to loose my place. Eventually the stalls opened up and I proceeded to take my dump then showered.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bloated Butt

To Linda:

I forgot to add that I loved your last story about pooping in the public toilet. It must have been so exciting to be standing there in the toilet stall wearing nothing but your bra. Do you think the excitement helped you poop? I don't have the guts to try something like that, though I'd love to do it one day!

Don't have anything to add in this post except to say that I pooped earlier today. Friday, yesterday, and today I was passing tons of gas. Finally I gave in to the urge. I went into the bathroom, peeled my tight sweats and underwear off, plonked my big round butt down, and sighed. For almost five minutes I did nothing, just sat there and enjoyed the feeling of my bowels being so full and stuffed. I could feel the tip of an immense log poke out of my anus, pressing down with the weight of other huge logs behind it, but it was too thick and wide to come out any further. It just protruded ever so slightly out of my butthole, completely plugging it up, and for several minutes I would suck it back in and let it sink down again.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." I moaned to myself because it felt so good! I kept doing this: letting the log poke out and quickly pulling it back in with my anus, the pressure becoming greater and greater each time. I wanted to bear down and push it out sooooooo badly, it felt so huge and heavy and thick. Finally after almost ten minutes I just gave in and "Hnnnnnnnnnnggghhhhhh!!!", the log sloooooooowly inched out. Like always, it only came out when I pushed, and it took its sweet time. I had to stop and catch my breath for a minute or two. I enjoyed just sitting there, feeling this tremendous dense turd hanging from my butt as I sat on the toilet. There was more poop behind it and weighing it down, adding to the pressure and weight, but it didn't budge an inch if I didn't force it.

After a couple of minutes I decided to continue, so I squeezed my huge soft buttcheeks and pulled them apart, then bore down again. This cycle continued for almost 10 minutes until the giant log came out all the way and plopped into the water. I released a quick fart before my anus was immediately stretched out by another equally massive poop. I had to do the same thing to plop it out, taking another 10 or so minutes. And no sooner did that one make a splash then a third huge turd started to come out! This one was a little smaller than the first two and came out after only 5 minutes. My bowels were completely empty and I felt so light, but also tired. I wiped and got up and looked to see at the three gigantic brown eggs that I laid. The first two were around three inches thick and almost ten inches long, but the third was maybe 2 and a half inches thick and 8 inches long. I flushed, washed my hands, and left the bathroom feeling 10 pounds lighter LOL.

See you all later.



I haven't pooped since Saturday until today. This morning after breakfast I felt cramps and some gas coming on (what I thought was gas) so I pushed and instead of gas, I accidentally crapped myself! Not a lot, but enough to know I did! Fortunately my husband didn't hear (it was silent) or see it (my pants were dark) despite being right behind me on the computer. I rushed to the bathroom and pulled down my pants to have explosions of diarrhea in the toilet. Now what to do about my underwear? I looked down and saw a wet spot and on top of that a wet brown stain. While sitting on the toilet I opened the door and asked my husband to bring me a clean pair of underwear. He came to the door and said "Didn't make it?" (He knows I've been having diarrhea issues lately but no accidents until now) and I said that I tried to fart but shit myself instead. He very nicely brought me a pair of panties and left me alone to clean up.

After I was done I got in the shower and scrubbed myself with a washcloth, warm water and soap and wrapped a towel around myself. While standing at the sink I scrubbed out my undies with soap and cold water. I think most if not all the stain came out (doing laundry right now using both pre wash and wash on the washer at the laundromat). This time was a smaller diarrhea accident than the last one that happened about a year ago which my husband DID witness. After that, just dried off and changed clothes and put the dirty ones in the hamper.

Lately I've been having diarrhea after meals and I don't know why. Is it all the fibre, ????, fruits, etc?


Massive Poop

Leah T.: Nice to know I remind you of your friend lol. Farts were always hard for me to talk about until I found this site. Its nice to have somewhere I can talk about my gas and bowel movements. Have you been gassy lately?

Bloated Butt: No problem! I definitely look forward to your stories:)Haha I know exactly you mean. I usually apologize to my friends ahead of time if I know I'm gassy. When around people do you ever make trips to the bathroom to relieve your gas? I imagine you must fart a lot while you write your stories LOL. It sounds like you can do some really long farts haha. Whats the worst case of gas you've ever had? and Those logs must have felt amazing to get out. Bet you felt a lot lighter after that LOL

Today I had HUGE dump at work!. I had been constipated the last couple days so I was full of poop and gas. The first day or so I was extremely bloated but every time I sat on the toilet nothing would happen. I couldn't even pass any gas to relieve the pressure. My ???? continued to gurgle all that night. This morning when I woke up I rolled over in my bed and passed a long fart but that was it. I got up and got dressed and went to work. The whole morning I was bloated and uncomfortable at work. Finally lunch came and I was eating with my friend Sharon just talking. I started feeling gassy so as we talked I would lean slightly and ease out a silent bit of gas. It wasn't much but it did seem to help. luckily I dont think Sharon smelled it. After silently farting for about a half hour I felt an urgent need to finally poop. I excused myself and quickly walked to the women's bathroom.

As I entered I rushed quickly into the first stall and closed the door. I pulled down my pants and pink thong and quickly sat. Almost immediately a huge long log started making its way out of my bum. it was soft and was coming out fairly quickly. It was thick and felt super long. It curled at the bottom of the bowl. Finally it ended with a "PLOP". I let out three more logs almost the same length but similar thickness. It felt absolutely amazing. I sighed as they dropped from my bum. I still felt extremely bloated. There was one more hard log that i was struggling to get out. I grunted as it was extra thick. "UHHHHHhhh" I moaned. It inched its way out. When it got half way The huge amount of gas I had behind it shot it out of my butt like a torpedo! A massive fart followed that lasted so long I had to catch my breath after LOL. "Wow" I said to myself amazed I could fart like that. I pushed out one more fart then wiped. My first log was a foot long I'd say with the next 3 being 6-8' and my last one was a thick 4 incher. I flushed and thankfully it all went down. The smell was terrible

I washed my hands enjoying how light and thin I felt now lol. I felt 1000x better during the rest of the day


To Annie


You've made a great choice changing your eating habits and adding some exercise. You will feel great once you get used to your new routine.

You're right - the diarrhea is probably due to your change in diet and the addition of exercise. That stimulates digestion as well.

The "have to go" feeling may be a little different since your stools are softer. I eat lots of vegetarian recipes even though I am not a vegetarian, whole grains and high fiber. When I have to go, there's little time to put it off.

Glad you made this change and hope you stick with it!


Peeing Outside

What's happenin?! Lol here's another one of my experiences for you guys.

A couple of years ago, during my freshman year of college, I got a part time job working at a horse farm through one of my professors. It was several miles outside of the outskirts of the town my college was in, but it was in the beautiful countryside. I would work there on the weekends and became sort of a break for me from all the stress and worries of my college classes. It was a large place and plenty of open space and fields, bordered by thick wooded areas. In the times I've been out there, I would usually be alone, working on whatever my manager had me doing on that day. Several times I've found myself out in the far reaches of the farm and needing to pee, but I always just waited till I got back to the main building of the farm and used the bathroom there. Sometimes I thought about just peeing out there in the open, behind some tall grass or some bushes. It's not like anyone would see me. The main areas are so spread out that I'm basically in my own world. But, I've always chickened out of doing that, ultimately preferring the privacy of a bathroom than being out in the open. That is until one time when I decided to just go for it.

That day I woke up and didn't feel the immediate need to use the toilet, so I skipped my morning pee altogether, which hardly ever happens. I decided that today would be the day that I would pee outside. I got dressed for work, which was a plain shirt, jeans, and boots, and had a light breakfast before heading out for an early start. So I got to work and went on with the usual routine. My manager gave me a list of tasks to be done and as per usual got a chunk of the farm to myself. I saw this as my golden opportunity for an outdoor pee (no pun indended lol). So as I worked, I drank slightly more than my usual amount of water. I found myself mentally preparing for when I had to pee, which was kinda weird because this is definitely not the first time I've peed outside lol.

Anyways, my bladder slowly filled up as the day wore on. I wanted to keep waiting until I was absolutely bursting so I could pee as much as I can. Lunch hour came by and a couple of my coworkers and I went out to lunch. We ate at a small restaurant just outside of town. I had two glassfuls of water with my meal and had to tightly cross my legs the whole time cause I starting to really need to pee. It didn't help that our table was near the bathrooms. When we got back to the farm, I could really feel my full bladder. I wanted to wait until everyone else got back to whatever they were doing before I tried anything though. I got back to my area armed with another bottle of water and decided to wait a little bit more. After another hour and a half, I couldn't take it anymore. It was almost 3 pm and the last time I peed was the night before. The floodgates were about to open.

I walked over to where the outer perimeter fence where it was nothing but open fields and patches of woods all around. The main buildings and horse stalls were so far in the distance. I determined that it was safe for me to finally pee. I struggled to get my belt undone, and afterwards quickly pulled down my jeans and thong and squatted. I got ready to feel instant relief and……nothing happened. Of all the times for my bladder to seize up its when I'm in an open field with my butt hanging out. Wtf. So I tried to get started but I just couldn't, even though my bladder was screaming to be emptied. It was starting to hurt. Then, I heard the sound of a tractor approaching so I quickly pulled up my pants and walked away from the fence. It turns out the tractor was all the way on another corner of the farm, not nearby, so I was safe. But I still needed relief. I moved to an area closer to some woods and once again squatted. I was so nervous that that was probably what was causing my bladder to seize up. I really had to pee though, and I wasn't getting back up until I'd emptied my bladder. Finally, after what seemed like several minutes, I started peeing. It started as a really slow trickle, then slowly built up to a loud hissing stream as I peed out nearly everything that I'd drank all day. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh. That feels nice." It was so relieving that I was saying that to myself lol. It really is a different experience when you're peeing outside, out in the open air, with the blue sky above you. My pee started to die down, and after a couple of final spurts , I was done. I stayed squatting for a few seconds, just enjoying the relief and the outdoors. I drip dried, pulled up my pants, and got back to work.

That pee didn't seem to last as long as I had thought though, and I found out why when I got home. When I got to my apartment I immediately felt the need to go to the bathroom again. I ran inside, straight to my bathroom and sat on the toilet. I had another hissing stream that must have been everything else I've drank that day. Now fully relieved, I thought back to my victory of finally being able to pee out in the open country lol.

Anyone else have any stories of getting pee shy outdoors or any good pee stories in general? I'll be posting more soon. Byeeeeeee

Yesterday me and Clare were walking home from school again. This time though I was picking my little brother Kieran up from his primary school on the way home. As Clare lives near to me she comes with me.

As we were approaching Kieran's school, Clare scrunched up her face and stood still while yanking her Tights/pants out from her bum and said quite loudly "I need the Loo Big Time".

We sat down on the picnic benches with all the parents while waiting for the bell to ring. Clare had her legs clenched together, wasn't saying much and I assumed that she may need to poo as she wouldn't usually make any fuss if she needed to pee.

Kieran emerged about 5 minutes later and just before he came over Clare said quietly to me "im going to use the toilets here, are you coming? and what will you do with Kieran" I responded with "okay yeah I'll come and pee, I'll tell Kieran to wait here for us".

I quickly whispered to Kieran that Clare needed to use the loo and so did I so we would meet him back here in 10 minutes.

Clare and I both went to this school years ago so we knew exactly where to go.

We entered the girls bathroom to find the same 6 tiny cubicles that were there 5 years ago. The cubicle walls barely even came up to our chest and the doors were closed with a weak hook, meaning there is a little gap between.

Due to our height, we couldn't help but catch a glimpse of a little girl on the first toilet. We took the furthest away two cubicles. As we went in I told Clare I was just going to pee but would just sit in there till she was done.

We both looked over the wall at one another and giggled as we pulled our tights and pants down and moved our skirts. All of a sudden, we both dropped down onto our tiny toilet pans.

I consider my legs to be quite toned but even they were hanging over the side of the seat, I thought Clare would be hating it as her thighs are a bit bigger due to her football. The loo's were so low that your knees were almost at your chin. It was like sitting on a potty!

I was peeing away and taking my time. I heard Clare dropping a few poos into her pan but didn't want to embarrass her by saying anything as they splashed quite loudly.

My pee came to a halt and I was just sitting there playing with the top of my tights. I think the position I was in was the factor behind the amount of little farts my bum was doing. I didn't hear a lot of action from Clare but a fair smell was whafting over.

By this time, girls from the school were coming in to use the toilets. They were all just doing pee's but it was rather embarrassing as some of the older ones were tall enough to see into our cubicles.

They stared a little as they didn't recognise us. I looked back at them with a cold expression and slipped a hand over my privates. Still kind of embarrassing though having little girls watch you with your legs bare and sitting on a toilet.

This one girl stood up while obviously pulling her clothing up and took a big long stare at me as if examining me. My hand was in the position but it was as if she was trying to get a glimpse of something. As she was picking up her bag, she turned round sidewards and was looking directly at me. She was looking over me presumably at Clare and I saw a little smirk on the girls face so she may have seen clare pushing or something. I didn't want Clare to be embarrassed and felt a bit awkward myself so I nippily said "do you mind?" to her and she looked back at me and sharply exited.

When the loo got a bit quieter, Clare whispered "im wiping now so ill be out in two. I heard Clare pull off 4 pieces of toilet paper and heard as she rolled it over her bum cheeks. I took one piece to wipe my front and pulled my tights up and my skirt down before meeting Clare outside the cubicle.

Bye x

Jemma- Really enjoying your stories! Like you I tend to wee 5 or 6 times a day and mine aren't very long either. Sounds like you were really getting desperate for your poo at work. I was too today, and so, twice, was my co-worker Lis.

I was working at the library and we were being kept really busy. At about half past ten I could see that Lis was fidgeting a little as if she had to go to the loo. I had found a minute to go for a wee earlier, but I knew she hadn't been since we started work, so I guessed she was getting desperate for either a wee or a poo. Sure enough soon after she said, 'It's no good, I'm going to have to nip to the loo!' She went off and I covered for her. She was back in a few minutes so I knew she had only needed to empty her bladder.

After a quick lunch break we got back to work, and soon I needed a poo. We were still busy so I couldn't go, and I started getting desperate. I noticed Lis fidgeting again and I guessed she was needing the loo again too. I really needed to let it out! She obviously did too, because she came over and said, 'I've got to go to the loo again!' I said, 'so do I, I'm getting desperate!' She said, 'oh, you can go first, I'll probably be a while.' I asked if she needed a number two and she said yes. I said so did I! She let me go first and I quickly went to the loo and unloaded five logs that felt great. I went back to work and she took her turn on the loo. She took just over 5 minutes, a little longer than me since I had been trying to be quick since I knew she was desperate too!

Anonymous College Guy
@Phil: Nice story dude! Wish I were the guy to walk in on it and push out a big dump on top. I sadly find unflushed toilets to be extremely rare, either due to automatic flush or guys taking leaks in stalls who flush it before I can reach them. I've maybe found a total of 3 unflushed toilets during my 2 years at college, one of them having a girth bigger than the toilet drain!

I've always wondered what plumbers/janitors think of cleaning the bathrooms at the end of the day. I mean you have the pee and pubic hairs all over the urinals, and sometimes poop on the toilet or clogging it up. Makes me wonder if any of them enjoy their job. I certainly think it'd be interesting to see what traces everyone whos used the bathroom left behind.


to Tyler and Charlie

Charlie: hey i thought you sounded similar to the anonymous post. well, im glad im not alone. so your parents would give you enemas sometimes? i know other people have experienced that. glad to know others who have.

Tyler: hi, yes, i was posting it in Word first and obviously that's been a bit of a problem, so now I'm just tying straight into the website. so your constipation was pretty severe, huh? sometimes it was like that for me. the soiling from encopresis happened to me mainly when i was younger, not as much when i was older. ive never experienced nausea and vomiting from it, im sorry to hear that, i guess i haven't been as constipated as you have. for me, the most ive ever gone without going was probably 5 days. and those were the extreme cases. i have had a couple hospital clean-outs before when i did have those 5-day periods without going. that wasnt usually a result of holding. holding for me is usually just a couple days and it tends not to really make me constipated.

but i also get skid marks because ive never been too good at wiping lol

thanks for responding to me guys! This site is so cool--i never get to talk about this stuff with anyone.

Steven A

Just Took A Good Dump

Today, I was on the computer and then I eventually developed an urge to pee and poop. So, I went to the bathroom and sat down and I pushed out a few pieces and then a log. I didn't know how long my log was because it went into the toilet hole and only a part of it was showing. I felt better after I went. I then wiped, flushed, and washed my hands and then went to type this.


To Jemma

Hi Jemma,

Thanks for responding to my questions and for asking for me - yes, I am feeling much better now though the 'flu I had has left me feeling pretty tired.

It's good that your cramps soothe when you visit the loo even if they don't go completely so I would suggest going as soon as you can to relieve the pressure in your bowel rather than holding it in; but it sounds as though that isn't always easy at work...I was pleased to hear that you didn't avoid pooping at work due to embarrassment when you had the "asda poo". The bloating you get is due to gas in your bowel so being able to release it by passing gas when 'plopping' is important - the more gas you can pass the better. Some people with ibs find peppermint tea helpful but if you don't like it fair enough - it's not everyones cup of tea (haha!). I'd keep on going with the colpermin and mebeverine if they're helping.

I liked your story about the poo you had at work but I felt sorry for you having to hold it in for so long - 2 hours - poor you! It sounded very big - over 20 "plops" - must have been a huge relief...

Anyway - here are some suggestions - in part based on your answer to my questions. Hopefully you (and others) will find them useful.

1)Perhaps try fennel tea during the day and chamomile tea at night. Fennel might help your ibs cramps and bloating and chamomile can help with stress/anxiety too. You might not like them or find them helpful - but they're worth trying.

2)When you're on the loo try gently massaging your belly in a circular motion from right to left to help encourage gas (and poop) to move towards your bum so you can expel it - this will hopefully soothe the cramps and bloating. I find this helpful when I get gas.

3)Try leaning forward with your knees together at times when "plopping" (particularly when your poo is coming out) so that your belly is resting against your legs - this will help you to expel poop and gas (this technique has also helped me). However, your anus will rise up a bit when you do this so make sure to sit forward so that your pubic area is quite close to the front of the toilet seat - otherwise any runny/loose poo might spatter the rear of the toilet rim.

4)In your particular case if you can spend at least 10-15 minutes on the loo so that you can pass as much poo and gas as you can - the more the better. I noticed from a couple of your previous posts - the Debenhams poo and Premier Inn poo that you did more plops when you started wiping - this was likely caused by poo being further up your colon i.e. large bowel and taking some time to "travel" down to your bottom. However, I realise it may not be easy to spend much time on the loo at work.

5)Have you thought about telling your boss about your ibs? It's a personal choice but it might be worth it if they are sympathetic - they might be able to rejig your work schedule. If they're not then it may be best not to tell them since once you tell them you can't "untell" them.

Anyway, perhaps you could try my first 4 suggestions (especially 2 and 3 which I've found useful in the past) and see if they help and then feedback to me. As for the final one re: your boss that's one to at least consider.

Look forward to your feedback and more of your stories :-)



Tyler's Question and I held my poop in for 10 days.

(1) The 10 days.....was it on you got urges but kept holding just to see how it would feel?
I held it on purpose, I wanted to see how it felt. I got really bad cramps in my stomach.

(2) How did you feel on day 9 or 10? Any stomach aches? Was your stomach noticeably distended?
My stomach was flat, no noticeable signs of puff which is weird, but then again I had to go pee every 5 minutes because my bladder was so squished. I had bad stomach aches, and my farts stunk really bad, luckily this was in the summer, there was no school, and I was busy moving with other people.

(3) Was a parent or someone concerned...and inquiring daily if you'd been able to go? No, nobody asked anything. They didn't even know I was constipated.

(4) Do you remember where you were when you got the urge on day 10? I was listening to an audiobook and then I got this horrid urge in my belly and I decided to waddle to the bathroom to decide if I was going to take a dump or not.

I held my shit for 10 days.

During the summer, in the process of moving out of an old house it was up to me, and two other people, but on this certain day it was me alone. I was taping things up and putting them in boxes to be put in the truck. Over the past 10 days I had eaten a ton of fast food (Taco Bell) and drank a lot. I knew 10 days was a long time, but I wanted to see how it would go. Following up to the 10th day were mostly horrible cramps, awful smelling gas, and my bladder was very squished, at one point I began to feel my poop smash into it.
It was the middle of the day and I was just listening to an audio book and sitting against the wall when I had to fart. I pushed it out slowly, not letting any poop out, and out came the worst smelling fart you would ever smell. I had to put my shirt on my nose, I needed to crap, now. I got sick and tired of holding it and so I waddled off to the bathroom. Knowing this was my last day in the house I wasn't going to unclog it if it stopped up. I proceeded to take my pants and underwear off and walk around the bathroom in just my shirt. I started sweating so bad I had to take my shirt off too. I was trembling. I wanted to poop so bad, but I wanted to hold it in longer. Before I could make any major decision, a pressure erupted around my hole. I pushed out a quiet wet fart that smelled worse than the first one.
Left with no choice but to crap anyways, I dashed to the toilet, and sat on it. I could feel it roaring in my butt. I spread my legs and pushed softly, immediately I felt something very large and thick with enormous pressure against my ass, I pushed even more, the more I pushed the easier it became. It felt like squeezing toothpaste out. There was no crackling as it was very smooth. In one big long continuous push, after thirty seconds it was out.
The smell was god awful, I knew I had just destroyed the bathroom. I was so scared to look up and see what I did. I got up and could not believe what I saw. Sitting in the toilet was one huge log in the shape of a V. I did something disgusting, I put my hand in the toilet and around the turd. My fingers didn't touch. I pulled them out, went to the sink and washed them rigioursly until they were raw. It was almost two feet long (Big toilet bowl) and at least bigger than three inches around. (More or less a full blown out Pringles Can) Now the true problem remained; I had to flush this bastard. But first I had to wipe.
Not wanting to back up the toilet even more, I did something even more drastic, I got down in the bathtub and bent over so the faucet would run over my butt, I then turned the water on, and got clean that way. I got up and proceeded to dry butt off on the bath mat (I know gross, whatever, you gotta do what you gotta do)
I bravely flushed the toilet, but to no avail it didn't even move. It was too big. I was so scared, what if someone were to find out. There was no cutting utensils, no knives, not even a plunger. If I was smarted I would have done this in the gas station. But I didn't.
Then I thought of the most disgusting thing ever. It was beyond disgusting, and I think it's gross that I did this, but I had to. I was going to shove my poop in the toilet drain. I grabbed a piece of toilet paper and began to break up the huge turd into parts, I was coughing, because the smell was so bad. After several minutes of breaking it up (I mean several it took forever, oh my gosh.) I failed miserably at getting it into the drain. I was about to cry when I thought of something...fertilizer.
Correct me on the last part, this is the most disgusting thing I've ever done. Because the bathroom was so close to the outside backyard, I did something desperate. I took each big piece of the turd, and put it in the yard, hoping it would pass as dog poop (it would dry out and I broke it up into many many pieces so this took FOREVER). After about half an hour of going back and forth, I finally got rid of the whole mess, and the people that live there never found out what happened, and nor do the people that worked with me that day knew. I got off lucky..
Now let's just hope their dog doesn't dig any holes in the backyard...

Monday, December 09, 2013

John H

Comments and recent dumps

Hi all.
I will talk about some recent poos in this post but first some comments.

@Jenna. Hi and welcome to the site. I enjoyed reading your posts and I am really looking forward to reading more from you.
Thanks for sharing your average pee day in your latest post.
You sure did drink a lot of liquid that day. Do you drink that much water most days?
Your second last pee at your friend's house must have been very enjoyable after holding it for so long and drinking so much.
One minute 10 seconds is much longer than an average pee of mine.

@Annie. HI it sure must be good to be pooing more than once a week or less.
I hope that your body is still getting used to the new foods and that you wont have as much runny poo after a while.
I would say that the amount of water you drink and the whole grain bread will lead to runny poo so if after a number of days you find that you still are having issues than try slightly reducing the amount of water and whole grain bread and see if that helps.

@Phil. Hey man that sure sounded like a enjoyable dump that you took at work. I love when I get a good long log that stretches my ass on the way out.
I also like to hold back a poo for a little while before going to the bathroom like you did and I laughed at your use of the term baking it. That is the first time I have heard that expression.

@Anonymous College Guy.
Hey man, good to see you posting again and glad that you enjoy my stories.
Thanks for your comments, I sure do hope to keep the stories coming.

Last weekend I noticed that I hadn't pood in two days.
Late Saturday night I was relaxing at home when I felt a load moving down to my hole.
I went to the toilet and dropped my trousers and boxers.
I sat on the toilet and spent around five minutes holding the poo back.
It felt very good and I knew that it was going to be a large load.

When I finally decided to relax and let the poo out my hole opened very slowly as the head of a thick log slowly pushed its way out.
I relaxed and tried my best not to push as the large log stretched my ass wide.
After around 20 seconds the poo got stuck and it hung out of me.
I have read about this in other people's posts here but this never happens to me so I made the most of it.
After enjoying the feeling I knew that this log was stuck and wouldn't come out any further without some help so I gave some small pushes and the widest part made its way out.
The log continued on for several more seconds before landing softly in the bottom of the toilet.

This log was followed up with another very pleasurable and thick log but it moved out quicker than the first and flopped loudly on the log that was already in the toilet.

Needless to say I was very relieved after passing such a large amount of poo and it took several wipes to clean my ass as the logs were thick but not dry and hard.
The first log took over a minute to pass which is very rare for me.

The last number of days have seen my poos go from very solid and well formed to much runnier.
I am farting lots more and releasing soft poos twice or three times each day.
Yesterday I pood three times and the final one was a thirty minute poo marathon that included several rounds of soft smelly poo and lots of loud long farts that stank up the bathroom.
Today I pood once and it consisted of one thick but short log and several farts.
I really don't know where all this extra poo is coming from but its better to get it out than to have cramps.

That's all for now.
Take care all,

John H


Suggestions for Linda & Jasmin K - constipation


I read your recent posts and decided to make a few suggestions/comments - though I realise you may have tried - or thought of - them already. Hopefully other people with constipation who visit this site will find them helpful.

Try to drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses (about half a pint or quarter of a litre) of water a day if you can - water really is the best natural stool softener. You can flavour the water if you like. Try to avoid drinking more than 2-3 cups of tea/coffee a day as it tends to make you pee.

Try to increase your fibre intake if possible - though it's best to do this gradually to avoid bloating. Wholemeal bread/pasta and rice and certain fruits/vegetables are good sources - as are nuts. If you do try this then bear in mind you need to drink sufficient fluid otherwise the fibre can have a constipating effect.

If you're finding it really difficult to poo - then you may wish to try some glycerin suppositories. You can buy them "off the shelf" in supermarkets etc. They are made of a jelly-like bullet shaped substance called glycerin. You insert them into your rectum i.e. back passage and over a period of about 15-20 minutes they melt around the hard poo. This helps to soften it and also lubricate your back passage and anal canal making it easier to pass. The usual dose is 1-2 suppositories but I have known people who need 3 at once. If you do try them try to hold on and resist the "urge to go" within a few minutes otherwise they won't get time to melt and thereby do their job. The other point is that you can't "overdose" on them so if 1 or 2 is not enough you can insert another. A word of caution - it is best to use them at home or somewhere where there is easy access to a toilet.

Haemorrhoid cream is ok to use from time to time but it does contain substances which can cause the anal skin to become "sensitised" to it. This can result in itching etc. and is similar to a skin allergy so it is best not to use it for more than a few days at a time. Jas K - the feeling that you need to poo that you described on page 2330 may be caused to some extent by haemorrhoids; this can lead to a vicious circle but I think you may realise this already.

Hope things improve for both of you.


To Josh

Are you really still getting suppositories administered to you by yourparents in adulthood?
I got them all through childhood (i.e until I started menstruating) and it wasn't just "embarrassing", it was painful, oppressive and humiliating.
I had and have long-term bowel problems (which is why I still use glycerin,. dulcolax and soap suppositories at times) but I could not bnear to let myparents get involved, even though I still live with them.
Of cours I've had to give a fair few to my daughter over the years,she's just as "irregular" as me - and it's not nice 'cause she doesn't like them either.

I am regular as ever. Since Thanksgiving, I've been eating a high-fiber diet with fruits, vegs. and whole grains. I took psyllium and will taake more. My bowels are nice and firm. I'll tell you all some incidents of late.

I am home breaking wind in privacy. This morning, I did not wipe good after a bowel movement and messed my FOL white band leg cotton panties. I took them off washed them out in hot water and Ivory soap. They dried well. I ran low on toilet paper, so I bought rolls tonight. My ass is itching from the roughage.

Someone gave a choice of constipation or diarrhea. I prefer the latter. It means that something is bad in me and wants out.

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