A Regular Pee Day

What's up guys! First of all, to those who have responded to my first post, thanks so much for making me feel welcome!

In my last post, I described myself as a regular pee'er. That meant that I go pee an average of 5 times a day. Well it just so happens that yesterday I went to the bathroom that many times. So I thought I'd walk you guys through what is an average pee day for me.

I woke up in the morning immediately feeling the need to pee, so I went straight to my bathroom sat on the toilet, and peed my usual amount. I didn't get to time this pee but I would estimate that it was around 45 seconds. After that, I got off the toilet, and went for my morning run. During my run, I of course hydrated so I drank an entire bottle of water. After my run, I showered, had breakfast, which included a glass of orange juice, and headed out for my classes.

During my first two classes, I kept drinking water from camelbak bottle (what? Water is good for you! Lol). By the end my first two classes of the day (this was at around 11:45), I was already feeling that I needed to pee again. I had an hour free period before my next class so I decided it was time to visit the ladies room. I went into one of the bathrooms of my old lecture building and entered a stall. The seat looked clean so I didn't put any toilet paper down. I had my phone on my so I could time this pee. I unbuckled my belt, slid down my jeans and underwear, and sat down. My pee started almost immediately. I let out a little sigh as I my pee tinkled into the water below. My stream tapered off to a stop and I looked my phone timer. That pee stream clocked in at about 32 seconds. A valiant effort if I do say so myself lol. I wiped, pulled my pants up and flushed.

My third pee was actually when I was pooping lol. It was around 1:30 and I was in the library studying when I guess my breakfast and lunch decided that it wanted to come out. I usually prefer pooping at my own apartment, but this time the urge was coming on fast. I quickly made my way into the bathroom and was kinda relieved to see that it was empty. I went into a stall, pulled my pants down to just below my knees and made myself comfortable on the toilet. My pee came out first. I was a short stream, only about 9 seconds. I didn't even realize that I had to pee before that. I then continued on with the rest of my poop. I figured this would be a good time for a study break so I just played on my phone the rest of the time I was sitting there haha.

I stayed at the library for a few more hours cause I had a lot of studying to do. All the while I kept drinking from my camelbak and refilling it with water whenever it was empty. So yeah, you can see where this is going. By the time I left the library, I had refilled my bottle three times, including just before I left, so I had at least 2 bottles worth of water filling my bladder. Needless to say, I had to pee. On the bus on the way home, I drank about a fourth more of my water. When I got home, I dropped my stuff and made a beeline for my bathroom, undoing my pants as I go, when my phone rang. It was my friend Cassie, calling me and asking if I wanted to come over and hangout. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to see her, so I said sure. Forgetting about my need to pee, I zipped up my pants, got my stuff, and left.

When I got to her house, she already had dinner cooking, and we sat around her table and ate dinner and chatted for the next few hours. We were also having fruit juice, so that only added fuel to the fire. My need to pee didn't cross my mind at all during that time though. After dinner, we were putting away the dishes and Cassie turned on the faucet. Right then and there, seeing and hearing the water, I was immediately reminded that I should really pee soon. "Hey, um, Cass? Can I use your bathroom? I really gotta pee" I asked, trying not to sound desperate. "Oh yeah sure! I have to pee too. Let's go" Cassie said. We went to her bathroom and I proceeded to pull my pants down panties to my knees and sit on her toilet as Cassie was chatting me up about her new job. I was only half listening though, as I knew what was about to happen was going to be so relieving. A few seconds after sitting down, my pee started splashing into the toilet. I couldn't time myself on my phone since Cassie was standing right there, that would be kinda weird lol, so I just kept glancing at my watch, keeping track of time as I peed. I engaged in conversation with Cassie while at the same time timing myself and peeing noisily into the toilet. That's not an easy feat to pull off haha. My stream finally began to slow and then stopped, and that stream clocked in at about 1 minute and 10 seconds. Woohoo! A long one. I quickly wiped and got off the toilet because I could see my long pee had made Cassie really need to go. She hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties and sat down. Her pee didn't last that long; compared to the one I just had anyways lol.

My last pee of the day was later that night, at around 11. I was thinking about going to sleep soon so I figured I'd go potty one last time. I went into my bathroom, dropped my shorts down to my ankles and took a seat. Oh, and random detail, I never close the door to my bathroom when I use the toilet, unless I have people over of course. My pee trickled out slowly and ended up being only 14 seconds. I got up and flushed, and then went to bed.

So there you have it. A regular pee day for me. Hope you guys enjoy my second post! I have many other stories I can't wait to share with you guys. Until then, see ya!


Bowel changes, gas and healthy diet. No more constipation!

My husband and I recently changed our diet to a more healthy diet. More water, more fruits and ????, olive oil instead of vegetable oil, olive oil & vinegar as a salad dressing, whole grain bread instead of white bread etc and of course more exercise. I notice I don't suffer from constipation anymore now that I'm more active and eating healthier. In fact, I went the other way: now I'm getting diarrhea! For the last few days I've been having diarrhea and/or soft stools. Not that I'm complaining about the soft stools. That is what I wanted to accomplish, having been suffering from constipation most of my life. But I don't like this diarrhea. I feel like I'm about to crap my pants any minute. I've been eating healthier for the last 2 weeks (in Taiwan when my mother in law lectured my husband about his eating habits and switched us over to healthier foods) so I should be used to it by now. My husband isn't having diarrhea, only I am. I am happy I am going 1-2 times a day as opposed to once a week to every 2 weeks like before. What's up with this diarrhea and gas? I've been farting some real rippers since the diet change. Is this an adjustment thing? Been drinking almost nothing but water. Trying to avoid pop and cut down the caffeine to 1-2 cups of coffee/tea a day.

I've been having healthy BMs. No more straining or laxatives. Just lots of healthy food, whole grains, water, etc. Avoiding white foods/starches. High fibre foods and whole grain bread etc. Feels good to go almost every day as opposed to once a week or every 2 weeks. I feel a lot better.

In Taiwan I used a mixed gender bathroom for the first time though no one was in it. There was a urinal in it and a squat toilet. Oh man, I made a huge mess when I used the squat toilet! Got a huge wet stain on my black yoga pants and made a huge puddle on the floor from my pee spraying forward. When I poop I stink up the bathroom pretty bad. I rip some really loud huge ripper farts too.

Today I did a huge soft poop, about a foot long. For once I didn't clog the toilet. A couple of days ago I did a bunch of mushy poop. My husband hasn't had any bowel changes but he doesn't drink much water. I've been drinking tons.

Just an update.

Bloated Butt
To Sarah: thank you for liking my stories! No, my BF doesnt mind me being gassy too much, but mostly because he's used to it and has learned that there's no stopping it. I try to keep it under control for his sake but sometimes my stomach is REALLY acting up, or he happens to squeeze me a little too hard, and I just can't hold it.

Same thing with my friends. They all know I have that "reputation" but I try to be courteous as much as possible. Oftentimes they can tell when I'm trying to hold it in because I'll look really uncomfortable and have one or both hands on my bloated stomach, and someone will tell me "Just let it loose, honey". Then I just release an enormous fart that lasts five seconds LOL. My boyfriend and Alicia both have joked that they're gonna plug my butt up one day. But I've never had anyone get seriously angry with me, thank goodness.

The good news is I've pooped twice this week since my last big Thanksgiving load on Saturday, November 20th. Tuesday I sat down, and plopped out about three big thick heavy logs, and then again earlier today (Thursday December 5th), I did the exact same thing. The turds were still huge and wide, and took some work to get out. I think I'm just naturally a big pooper, because the actual logs are the same size and consistency, its just that now there's only three of them (each about 3 inches thick and 8 to 10 inches long) and then I'm done in about 20 minutes (most of that time is just me sitting there trying to lay these big eggs that are sticking halfway out). Whereas my constipated dumps consist of four or five immense logs plus several loads of softer poop, taking me up to an hour or more to get it all out of me. Hopefully this pattern continues, but knowing me I'll probably screw it up LOL.

To big C, Brandon T, and Greg: Thank you also for enjoying my posts! Its nice to know that some people like hearing about my bowel habits, which is more than I can say for my poor boyfriend who has to put up with me constantly farting and pooping huge loads. I love taking huge poops, they make me feel relaxed and they're just so sensual for me, and I'm glad I have a place to share my feelings and have people enjoy reading them.


Response to Tyler + story about my brother

Hi Tyler, great to hear from you. Yes, I like that I'm close to my brother. And usually my parents give us enemas and such if we need them, but he and I have both given each other suppositories and Fleet enemas before. When it comes to the enema bag, I let my parents do that, but otherwise, we have helped each other out in that regard, only a few times, but it has happened. Since we both have similar issues, we understand each other's issues more and don't feel weird about helping each other out sometimes.

I just assumed he would feel weird about it, but he was actually the first one to ask me to give him a suppository. It was when we were on vacation with my family and my parents were preoccupied and well, my brother and I were alone at one point and he told me was constipated. (I had kind of bragged to him earlier that I wasn't and that I had had a big dump earlier, because usually I get pretty constipated on vacations, and we often talk about our poop habits lol). So of course we had brought suppositories and enemas and such and he said he was going to done, but he asked if I would give it to him.

But like I said, we've always been close, so like changing in front of each other, seeing each other nude, we're just used to it. Having me insert a suppository for him didn't seem that weird. I was glad to do it and he was grateful that I did and has done the same for me a couple times. We've gotten more and more open about this kind of thing as we've gotten older; it's a much more casual thing now than it used to be.

Friend was not shy

When I was younger, I had a friend named Jordan. She was very much a tomboy, preferring to hang with the guys rather than do traditional "girly" things. But anyway, one day we were chilling at her house, just the two of us. We were flipping channels and trying to find something good to watch on TV. Well, every few minutes, Jordan would let out a long, loud fart. Each time the fart was longer than the last. Finally, after blasting a really long fart, like at least three seconds non-stop, she said "Man, I really gotta take a dump!"

I was a bit taken aback. I knew she was open about farting, but she had never been so frank about pooping. She walked to the bathroom, which was close by where we were watching TV. She was cutting lots of short farts with each step she took. I heard the rustling of clothes and her sitting on the toilet. I hadn't heard her close the door though. When I snuck a quick peek, I saw that she had indeed not closed the door at all. I saw her sitting on the toilet, her jeans and panties around her ankles.

I didn't risk looking any longer than just a brief second, but I turned the TV down a bit and continued listening. I heard several rapid plops at first, and then silence for a while. Then a splash. This repeated at least ten times, over the course of something like five minutes. It was all punctuated by a huge heavy splash and shortly after that, I heard her say "Damn it! There's no toilet paper!", followed by her asking if I'd bring her some.

I said that I would and went to their other bathroom to get a spare roll. When I returned, she was still sitting there, with the door wide open. I averted my eyes, for her privacy, but she told me, "You can look, it's fine." I brought her the toilet paper and she even let me watch while she wiped. When she wiped the first time she showed me the soiled paper. I was like, "Dude, that's gross!" and she responded, "Yeah I know. But admit it, you like it." And I was forced to concede that I did enjoy it.


Work Dump

Hello everyone, I posted a few weeks ago and thought it was time for another story.

I am very erratic with timings of when I have a poo, sometimes going two mornings in a row, then nothing for 3 or 4 days. I'm the opposite of my girlfriend who usually has a poo within 20 minutes of waking up in the morning.

Anyway, at work today I could feel the need for a poo, I hadn't been for 4 days so knew I would be due a good one. I held it in for a while, baking it. After about half an hour, I couldn't hold it any longer and made my way to the toilet.

I sat down on the toilet and within ten seconds a long rope of poo was stretching my arse to its limit. It felt so good as it eased its way out. It kept coming and coming, by now the end of it had entered the water in the toilet, but it still kept coming out. Eventually it snapped off, but there was more to come! Another poop came out quickly and thudded onto the log below.

After another ten seconds or so, another log started to come out, this one getting stuck half way. A bit pushing soon got it moving and it was out. I finished with one small piece and I was done. I sat there for a while just enjoying the relief, it felt so good. I wiped, then flushed the toilet. It didn't all go in one flush, think my first mega log had blocked the U bend. I thought I would leave my masterpiece for someone else to admire!

Later on, I needed some toilet paper to blow my nose, so went back into the stall to see if my load had been flushed away. To my amazement it looked as though someone else had done a massive shit on top of mine! A real dump on a dump! I feel sorry for the cleaners dealing with that lot!

Hope you liked my story, will post again soon.


letting my fiance hear me have a big poo

Hey everyone.
So yesterday at work, I had a dodgy belly.
Only 5 minutes before leaving work I felt an urge but thought I'd hold it till I got home..
My fiance was at home as he works shifts and he was off yesterday, I came home and told him I needed a poo, why didn't he come with me and he could tell me about his day. So In he came & I sat down & started my poo whilst he stood next to me telling me about his day, I had 12 small bullet sized plops, I asked him if he'd like to wipe my bum which he did, he was so gentle I loved it, and he remarked at the amount of poo I had done.
I flushed, and he washed my hands for me....
Will post again soon, jemma x


For Michael

Hi Michael....

Thanks for replying to my other questions. I read that you've gone 10 days and could still poop good. You must have one awesome set of intestines man. I am definitely impressed!

I have gone that long (longer actually) but by then my poop would be rock hard and so big and wide that I'd either need an enema....or maybe I could marble at a time....with the proper digital stimulation. I learned to do that at about age 11.

So; tell me a few things:

(1) The 10 days.....was it on you got urges but kept holding just to see how it would feel?

(2) How did you feel on day 9 or 10? Any stomach aches? Was your stomach noticeably distended?

(3) Was a parent or someone concerned...and inquiring daily if you'd been able to go?

(4) Do you remember where you were when you got the urge on day 10?

Thanks Michael....Hope you poop huge today LOL!


PS: Can you do "coilers"?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Timee that good.

To: Beth W great story about your 2 desperate diarrhea attacks I bet you felt pretty good once you were finaly done and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pinksweet I hope you feel better.

To: Leah T great fart story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

Anonymous College Guy

Just a quick reply

Hey all! Sorry I've been absent for so long(more like 6+ months) but I still occasionally visit this site and read the very few stories from guys. I honestly haven't pooped in a public restroom for quite some time because I felt like my obsession with it was mentally unhealthy. Yea sure going in public when you have the urge was fine, but I was literally holding in poops all day so I can go on a public toilet or with a stranger by my side.

That fact is very strange since most people enjoy taking a dump from the comfort of their home. There's just something I absolutely enjoy though about sitting on a cold hard toilet in a foreign place. Does anyone else share that interest? I feel like I'm the only one.

Anyway once an opportunity comes up I'll post about a bathroom experience, I'll just need to cough up the strength to walk into a stall again. I went pee in the Walmart bathroom the other day and there was a guy with Nike's on taking a dump, almost took the stall by him. :)

It also didn't help that Walmart bathrooms have no doors whatsoever, so you can hear every person talking in the store in the bathroom. As well as crying kids, checkout sounds, and so on. It just doesn't seem like they give much privacy, pooping only a few feet away from shopping customers with an open space between. Anyone else dislike that?

@Some guy: Awesome buddy dump story about you and your friend in highschool, it sounds like you guys didn't mind eachothers company! It wasn't awkward though when you guys finished up and had to meet face to face in the bathroom? Believe it or not I didn't use my high schools bathrooms once for a poop in all 4 years. Kind of ironic since I've taken well over 50 dumps at my community college.

@John H: Hey buddy, great story there. I find it quite rare when a guy with a GF writes a story about himself taking a crap, and not about his significant other. Keep it coming!

Just pinched off the last bit of my load, it's a smelly one. I'm starting to miss being enrolled in school and taking dumps with fellow guys my age. Since campus is so close to home, sometimes I'm tempted to hang out at the library til I get an urge to crap. But I just know if I run into someone I know and they find out I'm not in any classes, it'll just be awkward.

Anyway that's it for now, you all take care. Promise I won't be gone for as long.

Steven A

To Tyler And Something Else

I haven't had one in awhile. I think sometimes I eat too much cheese with my lunch when I buy sometimes. I might need to cut back on the cheese, but it's only one slice on my sandwhich. I will figure out something to help me. But, anyway, I was in school and I was walking out of the restrooms and when I walked by I heard a fart come out of the girls bathroom. I guess I was just there at the time when it happened. Well, that's all for now. I'll post again soon.

Charlie to Josh
Josh--Anonymous was me replying to your post from a few days ago....I forgot to sign my name to the post. Your posts sounds identical to me when I was your age and even now :)


For Josh

Hey Josh.....I've noticed the odd characters that pop up in your posts. Are you composing your posts in WORD or similar software and then pasting here? That might be the cause. Try a very simple editor like NOTEPAD and turn off "Word-Wrap"....see if that helps.

You asked me about skidmarks and stuff. Yeah....all the time...but not much else. I never did complete BM's in my pants like many encopretics. I think it's because when I get backed up....the poop is just so hard and wide and stuffed in there...that nothing can leak past it like it must do in some people. Plus; I would get so sick with nausea and vomiting that I would beg mom for an enema....sorta my body's way of keeping things from getting too bad.

Have you ever needed a hospital clean out?


Saturday, December 07, 2013


To Beth W - plus story of my own

Hi Beth W - I read your story about your diarrhoea with interest; but I felt sorry for you - sounds like you had a rough evening. Hope you recovered swiftly and got a decent nights sleep. I've had similar experiences myself.

It sounds as though you had either something to eat or possibly something to drink that really upset your belly. When I first read your story I thought that perhaps you had a "bad pint" during your evening out - did your drink taste ok? I'm not suggesting at all that your drink was spiked; rather that it's possible that one of the drinks you had may have had had "gone off". This can happen, especially with beers and ciders particularly towards the end of the barrel - I know from experience since I worked in a pub for a while when I was a student. The other possibility is that you ate something dodgy earlier on - did you have a meal or snack there or somewhere else?

The first bout of diarrhoea you had probably only cleared out your rectum or "bum" although the understandable relief you got would have made you feel as though you'd released everything in the pub loo. Getting off the bus and starting to walk after sitting for some time would have likely stimulated your bowels to contract more vigorously hence the sudden pain and feeling of huge pressure.

You mentioned that the second bout of (what sounded like) explosive diarrhoea you had was "horrendous"; I'm not sure if you meant the smell, amount or just having to squat behind a hedge - or all three. However, I'd like to reassure you - and other women (and men!) - that you absolutely did the right thing to squat down behind the hedge and just let go of all that poop and gas. I hope you weren't embarrassed as there was no need to be and there was/is no shame in doing that. The cramps/pressure was your body's way of telling you there was indeed "rubbish" inside your colon that needed to be expelled. As for the smell and amount - well that's something that nature can take care of quite easily. Most of it will soak into the ground and some rain will quickly remove any remaining evidence. You mentioned your knickers were badly stained just from not being able to wipe (hope it didn't soak through to your jeans) - but just think what would have happened if you'd not nipped behind the hedge. Not having something to wipe with after pooping outdoors is an awkward situation that I've been in too - I've improvised by using leaves or grass but that's not always easy.

Anyway, as I said if you (or others) do happen to be in an outdoor situation again (e.g. festival, walking/hiking etc.) where you need an urgent poop and can't make it to a toilet - either due to diarrhoea or just a big load just find some privacy e.g. a hedge/bush etc. and poo - there really is no shame:-)'s better than pooping yourself.

Hope your belly settled quickly? Would be good to hear more stories from you - desperation or otherwise.

Onto my story, which is similar to yours in some ways and that of Jemma during her visit to the cinema loo...

It was a few months ago and I was in the car out in the country miles from anywhere and I got a definite urge to poo but it wasn't too uncomfortable. There were no shops etc around - let alone toilets - so I held on and got on with my business as the urge wasn't too strong and it subsided. However, from the initial sensation, I got the impression it was going to be quite a big load..

After about an hour or so the urge came back and I was only a few miles from a small town - that I knew well - that had a supermarket with loos. I could feel a definite pressure building up in my bum so I drove into the car park and quickly walked in. The walk to the loos stimulated my bowels even more and the urge got stronger and I began farting. I walked up the escalator and made a beeline for the loos.

There were two cubicles - one was out of toilet paper and so I went in the other one. I could feel my bumhole opening up as I sat down and the "head" of a big firm log expose itself - some smelly gas escaped around it resulting in a short but clearly audible fart. I hadn't been for two days so I knew this was going to be a fairly big one. I pushed 3 or 4 more times and the head of the poop emerged by about two inches - it wasn't painful but it was rather uncomfortable and I was pleased that the crowning process was over. I stopped pushing for a second or two to get a break and then gave a slight push. The rest of my turd came out fairly slowly and broke of after about 9 inches. The head was not knobbly but smooth with deep cracks in it. It made a loud splash even though it was only about an inch or so above the water when it fell. Immediately afterwards more poop came out resulting in an 7 or 8 inch log dropping - with another splash though not as loud. I could feel there was a lot more inside so I waited a minute or two for it to enter my rectum. I then let out about 3 or 4 medium sized turds. By now the bowl was quite full but my turds were still below the surface of the water except for the 9 incher which was sticking out slightly. I still felt a bit full (but mainly with gas) so I waited another minute or so. I let out some big loud farts and a final load of some very gassy softserve poop. I sat fow another couple of minutes to make sure I was completely empty.

So I went to pull some toilet paper from the dispenser and.....there were only three very thin sheets.. I looked at the small amount of paper piteously; my bum was literally caked in soft and very smelly poo (after the big logs and softserve) and it was never going to get the job done. Pulling my underwear back up was not an option - the poo would have soaked through and there would be a smell trailing behind me as though I'd pooped myself. With the poor quality paper I only managed to get at best 50% of the poo off with one pass.. So what to do I thought - the other cubicle had no paper (disabled toilets out of order) and neither did I and my bum was still in a mess. Then I looked at the toilet roll holder and a plan hatched in my mind.. I grabbed the empty cardboard roll and tore it gently off the holder and tore it carefully in two. With one piece I made an impromptu poo scraper (LOL!) and scraped as much poo as I could off my sticky bum.

It was at this point that the cubicle door decided to unlatch(!) (the lock was dodgy) and the door began to creak open. I tried to reach it with my free hand but couldn't. So I kept it closed as much as possible with my foot all the while continuing with the "scraping". This of course left me with another problem; what do do with the cardboard - I couldn't flush it as it might cause a blockage. So I remembered I had a small carrier bag and put it in that. By this time I'd managed to remove about 90% of the poo from on and around my bum but I decided that wasn't enough - you see I get a very itchy bum if I don't clean that area properly. So, with the other piece of cardboard I made a little "brush" at one end by carefully tearing some strips about an inch long and then rolling the card up lengthwise. With this I managed to get most of the remaining poo off but not all. I put my little brush in the bag, tied said bag, flushed and got ready to exit. I carefully peered out of my cubicle and looked left and right to make sure no one was around.. I then deposited the package i.e. my bag with its "sraper" and "brush" discretely in the bin, washed my hands thoroughly and left..

Moral of the story - don't assume that a toilet roll holder isn't almost empty and if you can - have some tissues or paper napkins on you...


what happened to me at work yesterday....

Hiya everyone!
So yesterday I was at work it was 8am, & I was desperate for a poo,
However I had to hold it as I had 3 lots of customer complaints to deal with before I could go.
Now, I deal with people face to face (as opposed to people on the phone) & the first customer I dealt with was fine, *8.20 he was gone, over comes my next customer, by this time I'm jiggling about a bit trying to hold it all in.
Then he asked if I was ok.
I replied yes and just continued to help him resolve the matter,
8.50 he was finished then my third & final customer came. Before we sat down I clenched my peachy bum cheeks trying to hold all this sloppy poo that was wanying to exit my backside, then this customer asked if I was ok as she thought I was fidgeting about a bit, for the second time I said I was fine. My customers didn't need to know I wss about to release a mountain of poo!! We sat down and I think she could tell I needed the loo as I kept moving around in my seat and she gave me funny looks, I kept lifting my bum up to clench my cheeks, & relax back down again.
She was satisfied and left at 9.15, then as I was about to get up to go to the loo, my phone rang, it was my boss. "Jem - now you're free I just want to see you csn you come to my office please" said my boss, I couldn't say no obviously, so I had to hold in my big poo poo a lot longer!!!!
I walked in (???? aching) "sit down Jemma" I sat down & immediately had to lift my bum to clench my cheeks.
Unfortunately I was called in because I had to explain what happened with a certain customer on Wednesday that complained about me, do I had to give my side of the story... which made my desperation for a poo even worse because I got in trouble, kept leaning forward and backward to keep my poo in which my boss noticed but didn't say anything, so anyway situation was resolved and my boss let me leave, 9.55! I was now on a long walk to the ladies!! On my way my mate Simon stopped me asked if I could give him a hand, by this time I really couldn't! "Sorry Si I must go to the loo!! Help you in a minute" & rushed off.
I finally got to the ladies, checked the loo roll - plenty!! & pulled down to my ankles my black pencil skirt, black tights, & pink knickers.... and as soon as I sat my bum cheeks on the seat, I let out my plops, 1 after the other, medium in size, the first part of my poo, I had 7 plops all come out together in quick succession, then a fart, then another followed by another 5 more runnier poos, then another little fart.
Due to the fact I'd been holding & I was upset I got called up to see my boss, my ???? wasn't happy, & I wasn't finished. I had a pause after the fart, then as my ???? ached again I let out another 5 runny plops then I heard the door open "Jemma, you in here??" "Yeah" I replied "Your client is waiting for you, the 10am one!!" (It was 1015) "oh shoot!! I'm just having a poo I'll be as quick as I can!!"
& off she went without an "ok" or anything. My ???? still aching, I forced the last bits of poo out of me ...plop-plop-plop, less runny this time, & wiped 6 times to get clean! ! I
Looked down at what I'd done and it was a mixture of lots of runny poo, & medium sized logs. I left loads of skidmarks!! Pulled my knickers tights & skirt back up sprayed my perfume, and left to see my ten o clock client - at approx 1025!! Oops!!
My boss wasn't happy but I explained I had a ???? ache.
My next poo of the day was just before lunch at 1220, Which was runny again!!
So I didn't fancy much lunch - only had 2 digestive biscuits & a cup of tea!!
Well that's all from me for now. Hope my ???? behaves itself at work from now on!!
Jemma x


to Anonymous

hi Anonymous! it sounds like your situation is similar to mine. i don’t know what causes the other, but they’re all related. i hold because i’m constipated but i’m constipated because I hold. and my BMs are kinda like that sometimes too, where i can’t go no matter how much i push and strain. when that happens i know i need an enema or suppository. i use fleet enemas most of the time, but sometimes i use an enema bag. as for suppositories, either Dulcolax or glycerin. i don’t use all of these too often, but every now and then. I’ve done some by myself, but sometimes my parents help me with them *blush* i guess I’m kinda used to them doing that and it doesn’t seem embarrassing to me.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like sam had a really great poop even if she wasnt awake for it but you were there to help her as always and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PinkSweet great story it sounds like your body was ahead of itself but you were pretty desperate and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenna first welcome to the site and great story about your super long pee it sounds like your bladder really wanted to be completely empty.

To: Megan B great story.

To: Lindsay first welcome to the site and great pooping story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Alison O great story about your mom, sister, cousin and your big thanksgiving poops it sounds the 4 of you really had to go and gave those 2 toilets a good workout and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I am regular as ever. Since Thanksgiving, I've been eating a high-fiber diet with fruits, vegs. and whole grains. I took psyllium and will taake more. My bowels are nice and firm. I'll tell you all some incidents of late.


To Dominic

Hi Dominic....
I just read your post about you and your brother; how close you are. I envy you; ya know? I think it must be awesome to have a brother and be that close and caring for each other.
If it comes to the point where either of you need an enema or that still your parent's job? Or would you accept Chris's help....and vice-versa?


PS: I'm sure lots of kids had issues with constipation after Thanksgiving....Especially if they're not at home and get their schedule and privacy messed up. I remember one Thanksgiving when I was little; I hadn't gone for soooo long....and I was afraid to tell Mom. I ended up gettting sick and needed 2 enemas. Just backed up a little too far.

Beth W

Diareahha desperation

Hi there another story from me, this time from last night. I was out for a few drinks with friends, and suddenly I felt a huge pressure in my bowels, I went and sat on the toilet, and immiediately a load of runny poo came out of me and fell into the bowl.

I thought that I would then have been cleansed of any rubbish in my bowel. I had one more pint of cider and then said goodbye and got the bus back to my house. The bus took 20 minutes and I felt fine throughout, but as soon as I got up again and got off the bus that pain came straight back to my bowel, but this time it was twice as bad. I started to walk home (my house is only 5 minutes from the bus stop) but after about a minute of walking I knew I never had a hope of making it. I hobbled to a hedge nearby, pulled my jeans and knickers down and squatted. Immediately a blast of diareahha came out, followed by another blast shortly after and a fart. I could smell it even though I was in the open air, it was horrendous.

I was done after that, but I had nothing to wipe with, so had to pull up my jeans and knickers, even though the remnants of my emergancy crap were still around my bum. I got homed and my pants were caked in it. It was horrible.

Anatomy student

To anonymous about constipation

Holding or putting off the urge to poo can cause constipation because the poop has longer to dry out and you risk desensitizing your rectums stretch receptors. In English: your crap will harden and you might not get the urge over time. Holding it in can also cause hemorrhoids.
There are 2 major enema types: water and glycerin.
Water enemas take a greater volume if liquid and are more uncomfortable.
Glycerin ebemas are small bottles filled with glycerin, an oily lubricant, that Hulu squeeze into your rectum and wait a short period. My ex girlfriend used them regularly.

Some Guy

High School Buddy Dump

Hey, everyone!

I have a poop story from high school that involves a friend of mine named Anthony. Anyway, one afternoon after school, I was feeling the need to take a poop. So, once the bell rang, I headed to the bathroom where I normally took my after-school poops. As I was walking in, Anthony was walking out, looking desperate. He muttered something about there not being any toilet paper. "Great," I thought, since I was needing to poop. At this point, I figured out that Anthony was also needing to poop. I then thought that this would be a great time for a buddy dump. My focus then turned to finding a bathroom (with toilet paper!), realizing that a buddy dump would be a bonus!

I headed down the hallway to the next-nearest bathroom. My urge had slightly passed, which was good, especially since I didn't want to have an accident! When I got there, all three stalls were vacant, which meant Anthony wasn't there. Wanting to have a buddy dump, I quickly left that bathroom and headed for another which wasn't all that far away (I guess I could have gone there earlier).

I finally made it to the third bathroom of the afternoon. I noticed that the door to the handicapped stall was locked, so I called out, "Anthony?" He responded back, "Yeah?" I said, "You goin'?" to which he responded, "yep." So, I proceeded to take the middle stall, the stall to Anthony's right. I went in, closed and locked the door, pulled down my pants and underwear, and took a seat. I immediately started to poop.

As Anthony and I sat there pooping, we chatted. At this point in time, Anthony and I had been friends about four years. We had never buddy dumped together before. We had casually chatted about the bathroom and stuff like that before, but it was just a little different this time as we were both sitting on the toilet! I haven't talked to Anthony in several years as we kind of drifted apart, but I remember this buddy dump and wanted to share with you all.

Happy Pooping!


Thanksgiving and thereafter

Hey guys it's me, Michael. Before this Thanksgiving I didn't think that it would really affect my bowels that much, because it never did. But now all of a sudden it did. I also have good news, I am finally getting consistent poops. It feels like finally it's happening and I feel good about it.

The day of Thanksgiving I ate a lot of food, ALOT of food, and I am proud to say that my scrawny body decided to gain a pound or two. Because I was so inconsistent and the time, I didn't know when I was going to get rid of all what I ate, but I decided not to worry. Because I went the day after.
The next day in the afternoon, I had a slight urge and headed to the toilet, I didn't expect it to be much since I was probably constipated and wasn't going to poop for a number of days afterward, however that would be very odd as I didn't poop for 2 days before Thanksgiving either. When I got into the bathroom, I slid my sweats down (I ran earlier that morning to stimulate my bowels, plus I felt like being comfy, being skinny sucks because you get cold very easily.) as well as my underwear and situated myself on the toilet. I pushed and grunted a bit before I began to feel a tip of a turd inching for my hole. I decided to bend over and push a bit harder. I heard it crackling and it sounded like paper being squashed, it was inching it's way out and slowly. I kept pushing until I felt no more, and at that moment I heard a thud, and it wasn't a thud like something landed in water, it was a thud like it had landed on dry ground or on the porcelain.
Amazed at the sound, I waited a few seconds more for anything else to drop out, only a small fart remained, it was silent as well as odorless. I stood up and saw my creation. It looked like a big salami roll placed diagonally in the toilet. It was a good 10 inches, as well as several inches thick. (2-3 my turds are always thick, luckily my toilet has a large hole)
I had a bit of trouble getting it down as I flushed it once, and it didn't budge, it just stayed there. So I got the plunger and broke it in two. Because of that the bathroom went from scentless, to having a strong aroma of my turd. Luckily nobody uses it but me and visitors that come over to the house.

After that I didn't know when I was going to have my next BM. I hoped that I would have it in the next 2-4 days. I was right, and I did, I had it 3 days later.
Three days later in the evening while walking around the city people-watching (Yes, I watch people, and it's really entertaining especially for a 17 year old boy) I suddenly needed to go to the bathroom. It wasn't urgent, but I wanted to go anyways to keep it from budging at my posterior any longer. My house was at least a mile away and I would rather not walk all that way, plus I somewhat wanted to poop in public because I wouldn't dirty up my toilet as badly. So I decided to have some fun and go up to the local convenience store and poop. It wasn't that far away either.
When I got to the store I started to get hungry, but I couldn't worry about that now, I headed straight to the commode. However, I decided to see if there were any new sales. I walked around to the soda section because that is usually where most of the discounts are. An older guy, probably 20's and was very nicely dressed was walking around selecting drinks, probably for a party. I felt my belly rumbling, I let out a bit of gas quietly to ease the pressure. Big mistake. It smelled pretty strong. I knew I needed to poop, but apparently I needed to go at this point. The poor guy, scrunched up his nose and gave me the evil eye. Acting ashamed on the outside, but very proud on the inside, I trotted towards the back of the store into the bathroom. The door was unlocked now, thankfully. I got in and I made sure I locked the door tightly, this place has a reputation of people being walked in on as I have heard from multiple people, then again I wouldn't mind being walked in on. I went to the toilet and checked for toilet paper. I then turned around and pulled my pants and underwear down and sat. Unlike the last bowel movement, I had much more gas. I proceeded to noisily fart into the bowl. I'm sure if anyone had their ear at the door they could hear. When I was done with gas, I began working on my dump. I leaned down and spread my legs and began to push with my feet. I pushed once and hard, and I began to hear this big crackling sound. I heard the log crackle and splash medium-loudly into the toilet. It was medium-loud for me because usually my turds are so big they don't make much of a sound. I wasn't done yet apparently because I felt a little more and pushed again. This time a nugget, and judging by the size it felt like a golf ball. I stood up to see my work, it was bright orange and it looked like a dagger. It was about a foot long, however it seemed a little thicker than my Thanksgiving poop, which is odd. I wiped, and flushed, leaving the toilet with quite a bit of skidmarks. If somebody were to have gone in there at this moment they would of walked right back out, it didn't smell pretty. I washed my hands and left, hoping nobody was going in there.

That was two days ago. Today surprisingly I had a decent poop. I had just gotten home from school and I felt no urge, but my stomach had been hurting me all day, it was bothersome, I hadn't farted a lot as I usually did. I sat down and did some of my homework and finally decided I needed to poop this thing out urge or no urge. I walked swiftly into the bathroom and sat without hesistation, pulling my clothes down. I peed quickly. As I stopped peeing I gave a little push, and I felt a poop, so I pushed, but not as hard as I did the last time and I felt it moving. I waited then I pushed again and I heard a thud. I looked down between my legs and I could see dark brown. It didn't smell bad at all though, at least not to me. I stood up. It was smaller than both the Thanksgiving poop and the last poop, but not by much, maybe an inch or two shorter, but it was the same girth. I flushed it down successfully, though it left a lot of skidmarks. I washed my hands and left to chill in my room.

I don't know why all of a sudden I'm getting regular. Maybe it is because I'm eating more often, not just to gain weight but maybe I am growing again. After making it up to 155 lbs at 5'11, I'm climbing up there.

I have never actually fully pooped my pants or peed my pants since I was a very small child before toilet training. Has anyone here done it on purpose? Ladies? Gentlemen? I may as well put this out there too, my bladder is pretty intolerant, it gets very uncomfortable for me to hold it like a lot of people. One of these days I want to see how long I can hold it. Jenna, how long can you hold your pee in?

Bloated Butt, I loved your post. Eight days? Wow, I bet you feel better after that. I have a question for you, when you don't go for a while, when you finally go is it very thick logs, or a lot of them. Usually when I get stopped up, or I delay an urge for a few days, my logs get thick up to a point then they just get longer and longer.


For Steven A.

Sounds like you went to your Grand-Parents for Thanksgiving? Lucky You HaHaHa....

I agree with you that it's discouraging to me too when I have a bowel movement and it's a "nothing" kinda poop.....just some small pieces that barely give me any feeling when I go.
I hate having a poop "wasted"....If it's something I'm only gonna do every couple of days.....I want it to be big and long and firm.....and feel **AWESOME** coming out LOL! And; I want my urges to be strong and fun! Not just a barely-felt urge....but a big strong push inside of I can feel how much is in there!
Not so much to ask; is it?
Hope you have a massive firm poop today Steven.....tell me all about it!




ast few days I havent had a proper PM at all. My ???? feels bloated and gassy. I get a feeling like I have to go and it might be diarrhea but I sit on the toilet and strain for just a tiny bit of diarrhea.

Last night my belly was all crampy and gassy. I rubbed it till I fell asleep and had a slightly better BM this morning. Im still feeling like I have to go but it wont happen!!! THIS SUCKs. No idea what I ate. Im just relaxing and rushing to the washroom whenever I got the urge.


further reply to kmd....

Hi kmd

U also asked about my cramps - well with my IBS they soothe with a loo visit but not completely until my tablets control the spasms then they dissappear so basically they aare pretty much the same until my tablets control my cramps.
What were your other suggestions you mentioned. ...? :) J x

Thursday, December 05, 2013


A thank you

Jenna, I absolutely loved your story and cannot wait to hear more from you. You really should time how long you go for next time you're that full. Or even better, measure it in a jug.

Does anyone else have some nice pee stories?

Shelbi x


reply to kmd

Hey kmd
Good to hear from you again,
Hope you're well.
Thanks for your feedback its always nice to hear your ideas and suggestions.
It's a family stress thing...
As for your questions...
I'd only felt an urge for a poo when I left work but it was slight, then on my drive to asda from work I was stuck in traffic and the urge became more 'urgent'
I was a bit bloated beforehand, & my poo was gassy yes, passed some gas whilst plopping.
My OCD is worse at night when I'm tired - think because my mind is not as determined to be in control at night it just wants to sleep lol.
As for the peppermint tea - tried it before & didn't like it. Drink green tea though which is a good antioxidant.
Look forward to your next post and more feedback from you.
Jrmma x

Leah T.

@ sarah

Farts, always a difficult thing to talk about. So glad I found this website. You remind me of my friend in the cayman islands Sara. She is from the UK and is quite prim and proper. But at dinner parties she does announce that she loves cheese even though it makes her fart. Once or twice I would notice a smell from her when she was eating. We were once having some poutine and wine at my friend Lara's place. Sara got up to the bathroom and I followed her because I also needed to use it. Sara then said Leah come in I want to show you something. She then bend down and farted loudly. She just laughed and walking away saying cheesy farts always smell the worst. I am not the thinnest person and I enjoy food. Soft drinks and spices do make me flatulent. I try not to fart in public but if I do I try and break wind discreetly.

Bill F
I've enjoyed reading all about the Thanksgiving and Black Friday posts. I posted mine a month and a half ago, when it was Thanksgiving here in Canada.
Fulup; Thank you for your insight on the double stream. I am not circumcised, so that's probably why it happened. It hasn't happened since. Hopefully that isn't telling of a problem.
Anyways, onto my story, which happened this weekend. I was sitting in bed Saturday night, reading a book, when Sam opened the door to my room. She was looking very frightened. I asked her what was wrong, and she said "I had a nightmare. Can I stay in here?" I said "Why didn't you go to mom and dad's room?" She said "I knew they were asleep, and I didn't want to wake them up." I said alright, and she climbed in next to me. Within five minutes, she was fast asleep.
Soon after falling asleep, she farted twice, and I knew what that meant. To prevent a soiled bed, I had to think fast. The first thing I did was carefully pull down her pyjamas to keep them from getting soiled. I saw that her anus was already wide open, with a big turd staying there, not moving. I knew it wouldn't stay that way for long. Then I slowly picked her up and carried her to the washroom. The walking must have shook her bowels loose, as I saw the turd start to emerge from her butt. The turd picked up speed and looked like it was at the end of its journey. It dropped onto the floor, mere feet from the toilet. Another turd started emerging just as fast.
Sam's a very heavy sleeper, and never woke up during any of this. I carefully sat her down on the toilet, and soon after I heard three plops that would have woken up any light sleeper, like me. A third fart told me she was done pooping. I was about to put her back to bed when I heard a faint hissing of pee. When she was finished peeing, I picked her back up, pulled her pyjamas back up, and returned her to her own bed. I cleaned up the large first turd off the floor, and went back to bed. At least her nightmare, which she later said was pooping her pants, didn't come true.
See ya next time!


Just Random 10

Here is my tenth random notes.

For Some Girl: I know one time when I was 6 and my brother was 4, he still used the potty. And one day he made me mad And I disconnected the bowl from his potty chair and then later he was pooping on the potty and it was going out in the floor. Then around a month later he was bound to start preschool and someone from the school was over talking with my parents, and my brother was on the potty and I gone in the living room where every one else was and I said he is in there $hiting.

And everyone else: I never have any real Thanksgiving dumps. But I had some good Holiday dumps that involved out door cooking.


hi josh!

Nice story! You just reminded me of a diarrhea story of mine.
When I was 14 I was stuck in class when sudenly I felt an intense urge to poop. Fifteen minutes till the bell rang, and I thought I could wait.
The minues ticked on, I was in agony. I was sweating and bouncing my leg slightly, My stomach felt like a rollercoaster ride. When the bell rang I bolted to the washroom. As I closed the stall door, I involuntarily unloaded it all into my panties. A huge diarrhea mushy mass slipped right out of me and into my panties!
I took my pants and panties and unloaded it into the toilet then thry it out. I sat down on the toilet and kept on diarrheaing for a few minutes. Cant believe I pooped my pants in front of a toilet like that. Lol!

I cleaned up best I could, left my panties there and went home.

Constipation and holding to Josh

Josh, its nice to meet you too! I'm not sure if my withholding is what causes my constipation, or if I withhold cause I think its gonna hurt when it comes out, or won't come out at all. Sometimes I will sit, and think its going to hurt,but it just comes out big and wide but still easy and clogs the toilet when I flush LOL and sometimes I feel like it will be easy to go and I sit there and can't go no matter how long I try (thats how most of my BMs go)

What kind of enemas and suppositories do you use when you need one? Do you use them yourself or have someone help you with them?


My longest pee (so far)

Hey guys! This is my first time posting so lets just get right into it lol. I guess I should say a little about myself. I'm 22, about 5'8 and about 130 pounds.

I've kinda had this interest in peeing for awhile now and I guess this is a great place to express it. I'm what you would call an average pee'er I guess. I go about 3-5 times a day. I always get turned on with holding my pee for a long time and letting it out. It feels so good. Since I pee the average amount each day, my pees don't last very long. I have this goal tough: and that's for my pee stream to surpass 1 minute lol. That's never happened to me, not even my morning pees haha.

That is until recently though, where I've gotten a lot braver with holding my pee and trained my bladder much better if I do say so myself. I'll tell you about one of those experiences. The rest will be for later :P

So I was over at my guyfriend's dorm a few weeks ago just hanging out on a Friday night. I woke up early that morning for my daily run and zumba class and I easily drank 2 bottles of water. I should say I peed after I got out of bed that morning (for about 30 seconds). Anyways, after that I had a light breakfast and then headed out to this field day event I was volunteering for. It was outdoors and a hot day so I naturally had to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. I think I drank four more bottles of water. It was an exhausting but fun day, and I guess I forgot about going to the bathroom at some point as I was running around. So the event ended at around 5, and by then I had drank about a bottle and a half more, counting the one I had for lunch. I could feel my bladder telling to go find a toilet to pee in but for some reason silly me ignored it. I guess I figured I'll go when I get home. So when I got to my apartment, I got a text from my best guyfriend who lives on campus that he wanted to hangout. I don't get many chances to spend time with him so I jumped on the chance. I felt gross and sweaty from being out all day though so I decided to take a really quick shower and head over to his place. After my shower, I got dressed and headed out. Once again, I forgot to go potty (This never happens to me, when I feel like I need to pee, I pee lol).

So I got to my friend's place at around 7. His dorm is separated by gender on each floor, so his floor is all guys only has a guys bathroom. It doesn't really matter, since they're all pretty chill and I have gone in that bathroom a bunch of times before. So I hung out with my friend and his roommate for what it turns out to be hours. We watched some tv, talked, and they introduced my to this really fun card game that I wanted to keep playing since I kept winning haha. Well I was starting to really feel the need to pee. Like my bladder was screaming and I was super uncomfortable. But I didn't wanna stop playing, so I just put it on the back of my mind. A thought crossed my mind that I'm really pushing it, and that this may end up being a really long pee. I got kinda turned on by that thought and it motivated me to hold on even more. Finally at around 12:30, my friend's roommate decided to go to bed and I realized just how badly I needed to pee. I stood up and immediately had to bend over and put my hands on my crotch. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to pee right then and there. I looked to my friend with my faced scrunched in agony and he immediately knew. He took me to the bathroom down the hall with me kinda struggling to walk and doing the pee pee dance as I went along. I have honestly not felt anything like this before. We finally get to the bathroom and I run to the nearest stall. I was literally shaking as I latched the door, put the seat down, pulled down my leggings and thong and sat on the toilet. I've been holding it so long that my pee didn't come out for a couple of seconds at first. Then, it just started coming out. It felt soooooo good and took me by surprise that I let out this huge sigh of relief. Then I immediately cut it short cause I realized that my guyfriend was standing right outside lol. So I peed and peed and peed. It started as a strong gushing stream thundering into the water, then settled into a steady stream that fell straight down. I just kept going and going, and I had to look down at my vagina a couple of times wondering if it was ever gonna stop. Finally my stream started to weaken little by little until I was dribbling into the toilet. I let out another huge sigh, not caring who heard it. It just felt so good. Outside the stall, my friend finally spoke up, "Wow, that sounded like niagra falls." I was still in the bliss of relief but I did manage to respond "You have no idea." My bladder felt empty and kinda hurt, but the pee I just had was amazing. I just sat on the toilet for a few minutes more until my guyfriend asked me if I was alright. That seemed to snap me back to reality. I quickly wiped, pulled up my pants, and exited the stall. I felt so much lighter when I stood up. I went back to my friend's dorm room and we had a good laugh about the whole thing.

Well that's it for now. That pee was so good that I will definitely be doing that again. I really wish I had timed that pee, but I can honestly say that it was at least 3 minutes long. Well, that blew my original goal out of the water lol. Until next time! :)

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