Megan B

Thanksgiving Mess

Hey all, been awhile since I posted a new story. I'm the dorky one who loves overalls.

As I've noted in my previous stories, I'm occasionally prone to... bathroom accidents. Here's a recent one.

My roommate and I were doing Thanksgiving dinner at a friends place. We decided to walk there because they only live a mile or so away. A nice short walk to work up an appetite!

Not surprisingly, like always, I was wearing some of my overalls! I was wearing my yellow overalls with a black and white striped top. I think it looked pretty cool myself!

So, we get to my roommate and I's friends house and start in on dinner. We brought some sweet potato pie and vegetables, our friends had handled the turkey, stuffing, and other stuff.

We ate and ate and ate. It was so good!

So, fast forward. We're done with dinner, talked and hung out for a bit and my roommate and I are getting ready to head home. Literally right as her and I stepped out the door I felt a small twinge in my stomach. But, I mean, they had just shut the door. It'd look weird to knock, go in, use their bathroom, and then just leave. So, I decided to try to make it home.

About halfway though I was starting to get desperate. My roommate noticed I had slowed down a bit.

"Is something wrong?"

"I have to go, really bad."

"Why didn't you go before we left?"

I explained to her how it had first hit right after they shut the door and I didn't want to make it an awkward situation.

"Let's hurry then." She said.

With every step though I can feel it building more and more. I have to stop to hold it in a couple times.

So, I'm waddling along trying not to go in my pants when about 2-blocks from home I get a really bad cramp. I stop and clench as hard as I can. But, it's no use. I can feel it starting to ooze out. It was this really gross, wet, mushy poo. I guess my face must have said what happened, 'cause my roommate said "Did you just go in your pants?"

I nodded.

Well, it's no use now, once the pressure relieves enough I can start walking again I do. It wasn't much, but, I definitely pooped my pants.

Then, just a block away I get another cramp. And this time it all came out. I stood there and just totally filled my underwear. I could feel them starting to sag as this mushy poo filled them. It just wouldn't stop. It was probably only a few seconds, but, it felt like ages before it stopped. By the time I was done my underwear was sagging badly. Not to mention the stain that started to show up on my overalls, too.

We got home though, and I jumped in the shower and started cleaning off. I managed to save the overalls, but, my underwear was ruined.

My roommate have me hug when I cleaned up. She also told me to go before we leave somewhere. That totally made me feel like a little kid being told when to go to the bathroom, but, it's true, I should have.

That's my story! Go before you leave!

Hope everyone is well!


To Bloated Butt

I always enjoy your stories. It sounds like you should poop more often for health reasons, to rid your body of all the built-up bacteria. I once read in a doctors' book of home remedies a suggestion for becoming more regular and helping constipation. It is as follows- Pick a time of day that is convienent for you everyday, and sit on the toilet for ten minutes and gently push, not strain. You may not see results right away but after a while your body will become "trained" and you will be able to poop everyday. There will be a lot of times where you will do nothing but you have to not give up. After you get yourself pooping just keep up the daily routine. If you decide to try this, please let us know how it goes. Good luck.


first post/need suggestions

Hello my name is kevin. I'm 16 and me and my sister who is 17 have a fascination with pee and poop. I know this sounds weird but we both watch each other go on the toilet all the time. It started when I was 12 and we've continued doing it since then. We keeo it a secret from our parents, though are usually not home. By being this close with each other we have become really comfortable with each other. However I have rarely seen my sister vagina. This is all changing though, because the other night we were both in the bathroom. My sister (her name is kaitlyn) just started peeing, but I really had to go. Now I have only went in the toilet and outside before, but that night I felt risky, so I opened the shower curtain and peed. I pissed all over the shower and soap bottles. Kaitlyn was amazed. We then realized that we both want to start going places beside the toilet. So far I've only went in the shower. I told kaitlyn about this site and that they could give us some ideas.

So my question to you guys is where all should we go? We are willing to go anywhere as long as we can clean it up. We have plenty of time as our parents are rarely home. We also want ideas for games/competitions we could try (aside from who cam hold it the longest). The only thing we won't do is pee or poop directly onto each other, as were aren't that close. We are siblings lol. I thought of maybe pooping into the other persons hand or into a container they are holding. Do you guys think this would be good? We are grossed out by poop or anything. I also thought about doing an enema so we could have watery diarrhea.

So if you all could give us some feedback that would be great. We are both new to this kinda stuff and we are very excited :)

To Mark and Jake

Ever have any accidents besides your close calls?


Our poops

Hey everyone I'm new the the site and so ill just start with this story of me and my boyfriend

This was a a few weekends ago. We are both 17 and live with out parents. My parents were away as were his. So I went to stay over at his house for a few days. When I got there it has been about 3 days since I popper and I was getting a dull ache in my stomach. That boy can read me like a book and asked "are you not feeling well" I told him I just had a little stomach ache. Being the caring person he is he insisted on rubbing it for me. After a few hours I thought I needed to poo so I told him I was going to the restroom. I got to the toilet and it was like all of a sudden I didn't need to go. However my stomachache had worsened and I was looking for some relief so I sat on the toilet for about 15 minutes straining an pushing trying to relieve myself. About then he knocked and came in to check on me. We're pretty open with each other so I just told him what's up. He looked at me with sympathy and sat on the edge of the tub rubbing my back and stomach and holding my hand. After about 45 minutes I pushed out one small log and didn't feel much relief but enough to go back to his room. I guess he could see the discomfort on my face because he kept rubbing my stomach. A complete turn of events happened 3 hours later. I could feel my stomach cramping and I kept getting waves of pain. I ran to the bathroom because I knew I was about to have diarrhea. I sat on the toilet for a good 30 minutes with liquid pooring our of me. Josh by my side comforting my the whole time. I felt much better after that so we went for a walk. I noticed josh slowing down about 20 minutes into the walk. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had a killer stomachache. So we say down for a bit. I was feeling more diarrhea coming on so I told him I was going to go behind a tree and have a poo. He said he also needed to so he came with me. My poop was still working itself up but he needed to go right then. He squatted down and squeezed my Hand when he was hit with pain or needed to push. Occasionally he would groan in pain and hold his stomach (I find that adorable) finally a huge log started to come out of him. Must've been at least 10 inches before it broke off and 3 more of equal size followed. He then sighed with relief. By then I was getting desperate so I pulled down my pants and squatted. He squatted behind me and then let out a few farts and small logs. I was still dumping liquid out of me and he just put his arms around me and comforted me. I was completely fine after that bout of diarrhea and didn't go again the whole time I was at his house. He however was not in such good shape. We had to stop 3 more times on the way back for him to relieve himself. When we got to his house we layed on his bed and I drew circles on his stomach with my finger. I would rub his stomach when he was cramping and go to the bathroom and hold his hand when he needed to. He pooped about 6 more times that night. Each load about 4 logs. It turns out he had been 8 days without pooping and that's why his poor stomach was hurting him so bad. I hate seeing my baby in pain but he was just so cute:) xx

Do any of you guys poop with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Does having someone help you make you feel Better when pooping?
Do you like having diarrhea or solid poo better?


Alison O

Thanksgiving blowout

Hi this is a story about my sister who is a senior and me who is a sophomore. On thanksgiving we went to our aunts house and out whole family was going to be there for the first time in 10 years. We got to see all of our cousins that we haven't seen in forever. Anyways after we ate dinner and desert my sister was the first one to poop because turkey gives her the shits and she ate a lot of it becuase she loves it. My sister snuck away to the bathroom and started to poop. Ten minutes after she left I felt a need to do a number 2. I knocked on the door and she said she was still pooping. I knw she was going to be a while becuase she takes forever to poop so I decided to use the other bathroom downstairs. I went down there to find my mom in there and I heard her thru the door and she was having some nasty diarrhea and grunting really loud. I just walked away and left her alone. Another 25 minutes went by and my sister finally walked out. As I was walking in she said give it a couple minutes before going in there because I just dropped a bomb in there. I said I really have to poop so I'm going to have to suck it up. I walked in there and yea she was right. It needed a few minutes becuase boy did it skink. She really made a stinker. But I had to ignore it. I pulled down my jeans and sat my butt down on the seat my sister left warm. I let out a really ergent fart. I sat there farting out a lot of gas for the first 5 minutes. Then I started to poop. I pushed out my first log and it was fat stinky and long. Then the other came out right after that and then before you know it Diarehha starts pouring out of my butt and finished by a loud fart. I sat there for another 10 minutes pushing out some smaller poo. I then wiped flushed and left. My cousin then said I have to do a number 2 how bad did you stink it up. I said really bad. She waited 10 minutes then went in there and took a giant ergent poop. That's all for now. Bye.


to Tyler + withholder

Hi Tyler

that’s cool that you’re going better now; being constipated frequently is no good; I’ve had times where it seems like I’m constantly constipated. but i agree about the feelings of a large firm log coming out, that is a great feeling. and feeling full too, i don’t mind it, thats why i don’t mind holding and having poops like that in the end. not getting urges would be frustrating, my problem is more that i ignore them when i do get them lol.

and yeah my stomach does get distended for sure! i can notice my belly bulging and clothes feeling tighter around my waist; i can tell that I’m full of it lol


Yep, i kinda like when it’s knobby like that too, I’m kinda used to that type of poop. i don’t really mind it.

JW before I was born, my mom told me how she had enemas in the hospital before exploratory surgery. She was 21 years old. She was given jello and ginger ale until she was shitting water. They wanted her totally clean. She was.

My bowels have been firm lately. I will take more psyllium. I had lots of fiber during Thanksgiving, in the form of black rice, dark bread stuffing, greens and flax meal.

raina: When I was a freshman about my first week in college, I had to urinate and I had this long class. I held it in until I could no more. I was wearing cut-off gray sweat pants, cut real short. Toward the break, I fled out of the classroom to the female toilet, where there were some girls and a few open stalls. I took one, closed the door, yanked down my shorts and Am. App. boy briefs, green w/red leg bands to my ankles. All I could do was face the door, bend over spread my legs and pee. It just went straight down vertically. It sounded like a firehose. I took paper and wiped bet. my thighs and my cat standing up. I pulled up my clothes and flushed. I came out of the stall putting my shirt in my pants and tying the drawstring.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Some Girl it sounds like that a pretty rough day for you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooper lady great story about you peeing in the snow I bet it felt refreshing.

To: Linda great story it sounds like had a rough time but at least you were able to get it out and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: BloatedButt great story about your thanksgiving mega dump it sounds like you went all out and got a really great dump from it and I bet you felt really great once you were finaly done and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kristi first welcome to the site and great thanksgiving poop story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan great story.

To: Train Station great story.

To: Jemma as always another great story.

Yeasterday I took a big poop it was just aver a foot long it was smooth and came out quickly and only a one wiper to.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

big c
My posts aren't posting for some reason

Sarah: love your posts

Bloated butt: absolutely love your posts


My brother and I buddy dump

Thought I would tell you about the post-Thanksgiving buddy dump that my brother had (and me too). Now, my brother and I are twins and we've always been very close and pretty open about pooping. He and I both have constipation issues, although mine are certainly worse than his. Either way, I figured we would probably both get a little constipated after Thanksgiving and my thinking was correct.

Sometimes I notice if my brother is going to the bathroom and I started to feel like he hadn't been, so I asked him about it after it had been a couple days. He told me that he felt like he was constipated and I said the same thing. He had been having some cramping. I hadn't, but I knew that I was constipated. I wasn't sure if we were going to do enemas or anything, but I knew we had to do something.

So that evening my brother just told me he wanted to try and poop and at that point I was actually starting to feel maybe the slightest urge. We share a room so I noticed that he had been farting and I thought maybe he was getting an urge too. So he went into the bathroom and I accompanied him. (If he tells me he's going to poop, that means I can come in with him). So I went in the bathroom with him and he immediately pulls down his pants and underwear and sits on the toilet. So I sat on the tub (we've done this before). At first all he was doing was grunting and farting. Nothing was coming out except gas. He said that he felt like it was going to be really hard and would hurt. But I tried to be encouraging and told him to go for it. It took a lot of pushing before he could really get anything out and he was grunting and groaning pretty loudly, while I tried to be encouraging and saying things like "keep pushing", "you got it", etc.

Finally I heard a heavy drop and I knew that he finally passed that first hardest bit. He looked tired after that I could immediately smell it, but he kept going. The rest was not as bad. It was still big, but it was softer and it didn't take as much effort to get out. By the end the toilet was totally filled and the room smelled like old crap and he hadn't even flushed yet! Luckily it didn't clog, but he felt a little sore after that.

And surprisingly enough, mine was not as bad as his was, which is rare. We basically just switched spots after that. I sat on the toilet, mine came out more readily but it was still really big and my brother said my face was getting red as I strained. Except instead of one hard part and softer stuff later, mine was only hard at the end and the rest was softer; it was one gigantic turd. Afterward my brother pretty much marveled at it hehe. That didn't clog either but I made certain to wipe after flushing the first time. Who knows how many pounds of poop we collectively dropped that day, but it was a lot. In total, we were in there for almost 40 minutes!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


To Rachel

Just a quick post before I go to work

Rachel - I really liked your story on page 2330 entitled "Huge poop at school" especially when you stated that "portions of both pieces were sticking out of the water in several different places" - great description. It seems that after pooping the first three big fat logs more poop came down into your rectum while you were wiping and gave you another urge to poop. It sounds as though your bowels had a really good clearout. I'm glad that you found a toilet at the university with good suction though as I've said before previously in other posts there's no shame in clogging a toilet - cleaners are used to that situation.

As for your bowel habit being somewhat irregular and you not pooping for 5 days that's ok as long as you're otherwise well and there is no pain or bleeding - though it doesn't sound as though you were concerned. Peoples bowel habit varies widely in terms of the frequency and amount they pass.

It would be great to hear more stories from you! (like the detail in your post)

I've got a story of my own that I'll tell in my next post. Don't have enough time at the mo as I have to go to work...

To our American friends- I really enjoyed all your post-Thanksgiving stories! Makes me wish we had a similar day here in the UK!

Today I did a bit of shopping again. I was in the shopping centre and I needed to wee, so I started making my way to the loos. I passed one of those temporary stands that companies set up to try and sell you things, and a woman in her mid 20s working there started walking off in the same direction as I approached. I guessed she needed to have a toilet break, and as I followed her it became clear that she did. She walked into the loos and held the door open for me. I followed her in and we took the two free cubicles. She pulled down her trousers and her pink knickers and I saw them appear at her feet as she sat on the loo. She did a fairly long wee, having obviously been holding it for a while as she worked. I started to wee too, and it soon became clear that it wasn't just a wee she had been holding. I heard her let out a soft fart and then her poo started crackling out. I waited a while before wiping to see if I could produce any poo of my own. She made four fairly loud plops, having obviously a fairly big load to get rid of. I didn't need a poo yet, and all I could do was a couple of farts, so I wiped and left her to finish. I'm sure she felt a lot better afterwards!

Later, I had a big load of my own to take care of! I went back to the loos and produced three big logs and three small pieces, plus another, loud fart. I felt a lot better afterwards too!


To Jemma

Hi Jemma

Sorry to hear about your anxiety disorder/OCD and that your IBS is playing up :-( I can empathise with you about the OCD - like many psychiatric conditions it can dominate peoples lives. It's good that you're practising self-help techniques to manage it - hope you're finding them to be of benefit. Unfortunately, anxiety can make IBS symptoms worse which in turn can cause anxiety so it can become a vicious circle at times...

Bearing in mind that I'm not your GP (nor am I a pyschiatrist) it would be inappropriate of me to offer specific medical advice to you but I thought I would make some suggestions that may be of help.

You mentioned that you've been stressing non stop for the past month. Maybe you need to focus on what has been stressing you and thinking of possible strategies for coping. Sometimes a "big" problem or task can seem more manageable if broken up into smaller pieces. If it's a work problem - for example a stressful role - maybe a move to another dept. would be of benefit. I remember you saying that you worked with customers that had complaints - I'd imagine that would be quite stressful. I'm thinking that if you can reduce the stress levels then that in turn might help your IBS symptoms.

You mentioned that the colpermin capsules were slowly helping - that's good - although they can cause anal irritation (from the peppermint oil). One thing you could try is peppermint tea - which you can make with either fresh or dried peppermint leaves. It's important not to boil the leaves and also let the tea cool before drinking it. People often drink it after/between meals.

I have some other ideas but first I have some questions for you.

When you get the cramps in your belly do they get worse if you have to hold on? Similarly, what happens to your cramps when you poo? Do they get better (or even completely disappear) or do they stay much the same?

In relation to your asda poo (good story BTW) did you get the urge to poo when you were at work - you mentioned you'd been desperate for a while? If you did get the urge at work were you unable to go because of work pressure or was it due to embarrassment about using the work toilet? Did you feel bloated beforehand? Did you pass any gas when pooping or were your 'plops' gassy e.g. made a "crackling noise" when they came out?

As for me I don't have IBS but I've certainly had symptoms that at times gave me an insight into what it must be like. I'll post again soon.



Any bathroom/fitting room stories from anyone in stores on Black Friday?

Some Girl

Potty punishment

When I was a little girl, probably 7 or 8, I was staying at my aunt's house over the weekend. At some point, I had to stand in the corner for a long time as a punishment. I don't really remember what I did, but obviously my aunt thought I deserved it.

But it got worse. I started having to poop almost immediately after my punishment began. I asked to go to the bathroom, but my aunt said no and told me to hold it. I held it for a while, but soon I really had to go. I asked again, saying I really can't hold it any more. She was angry, but said fine and brought me a child's potty and some toilet paper.

I didn't want to use it but I knew she wasn't going to let me go to the real bathroom. Having no choice, I sat on the potty and started pooping. When I was finished, my aunt still made me stand in the corner and wouldn't even remove the stinky potty.

Eventually I was allowed to leave the corner, but my punishment wasn't over - I had to take my potty to the bathroom and clean it.


Snow peeing

A good thing about the winter is that if you have to pee while outside, there are snowdrifts you can hide behind.

Yesterday night, I was walking home from the bus. It was very late at night. I really had to relieve my bladder. So I walked into the parking lot where I sometimes go if I have to pee late at night. When there's no snow, I have to walk all the way behind the stores, and preferably hide behind a dumpster, but this time, there was a big snowdrift near the parking lot entrance, so I just crouched behind that. I scooted my pants and panties forward to just before my knees, and then released my bladder. I looked between my legs and saw the urine come splashing down onto the ice and snow between my feet. The ice and snow melted a little, and a puddle was created. What a big sense of relief I felt!

When I had finished my piss, I pulled my pants back up, stood up, and walked home, feeling a little better.


Had to poop bad

Hey everyone. I'm going to tell a story about a time a couple of years ago when I had to poop so bad that I almost had an accident. This happened when I was 16.

I was at my house and just before dinner I had to poop. Usually I can hold it with no effort at all but then as I was eating dinner the pressure grew more and more. Then I kept holding off my poop until just before I took my shower. Pretty soon I was struggling to hold it. My butt was actually hurting. I realized I needed to go to the bathroom pretty much right away or else I would have an accident and poop in my pants. So I ran to the bathroom and at the same time I was clenching my buttcheeks. I got to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. Then I let go and a long, massive log slowly came out from my butt. It was definitely at least one foot long, and that is no exaggeration. It took more than ten seconds to come all the way out. The relief was overwhelming.

I knew I wouldn't be able to finish my poop without flushing that big log first, because otherwise I would have clogged the toilet. So I flushed, finished pooping and then flushed again. Then I washed my hands and took my shower. It was the closest I had come to pooping my pants since I was about 6.


Story Requests / Quick Story

Hello everyone, I'm a long time reader but this is my first post. I'm 16 and I was wondering if there are any girls or women out there who have any really good diarrhea stories. Like urgent, almost accident type diarrhea where you almost had an accident. Also I like stories about urgent diarrhea that you have in an unusual place, like at the beach, in the shower, in the woods, etc.

Now for my story. First of all, as I said above, I'm 16 years old and from the northeast. I'm about 5'11 and I weigh around 160 pounds. I'm in pretty good shape, I play soccer all year round so that keeps me pretty slim. Anyway, last week, I came down with a mild case of the runs. It wasn't too bad, I only had it for 2 or 3 days, but one night i was taking a shower when the urge hit me really bad. My shower has a ledge that comes out from the wall about a foot and a half, and its at the perfect level where I can just sit down and enjoy the hot water. I was sitting there when I got a sudden feeling like I was going to be sick to my stomach. All I could do was just sit there, hunched over with my hand on my stomach, and wait it out. When the feeling passed, I was overcome with relief. But I knew the pain would come back again, and next time it would be worse because that's how it usually is when I get diarrhea. So I decided I would try something. Nobody else ever uses this shower, so I decided I would just wait until I couldn't hold it in anymore. About 10 minutes and 2 waves of pain later, I still hadn't shit yet, but I knew I was close. I kept waiting, and finally another stomach ache set in. This one was really bad, I honestly don't know if I could have held the poop in if I had been somewhere else at the time, but luckily I had the privacy of my own bathroom. It got to the point where I could feel my anus start to get really tired, and I couldn't hold it any longer. When the pain in my stomach reached it's climax, I just let go, in my seated position, and I felt the hot, squishy poop spray out from underneath me. This poop didn't have any shape to it, it was just one mass of brown/orange. It felt sooo good to release, but my stomach ache wasn't gone. There was more. I was still sitting in my own hot shit, when I got hit with a sharp cramp. I almost had to let out a moan, this one was so bad, and another wave of hot, sticky shit just ran out of me. my little ledge was covered in diarrhea. Finally, the pains in my stomach started to subside. I turned off the water so I could observe the mess, and wow, it was bad. There were flecks of shit on the corner behind where i was sitting, and a little on my back from the initial shit explosion. My ass was caked with shit, and there was so much poop on the ledge that there was literally a butt-print in it. When I finished admiring my explosion, I turned the water back on and cleaned up my mess. Nobody in my family has found out yet, and I don't think they will. I kinda want to try this again.

I hope some of the ladies of toiletstool can give me some good diarrhea stories to read! Thanks eveyone!



Gassy again

Bloated Butt: Thanks for replying! Does your bf mind when your really gassy? And are you ever really gassy around friends? Sounds like we're both gassy girls lol. Loved your most recent story btw:)

Leah T: I also get a lot of gas when I fly. But It usually makes me super bloated but the gas doesn't come out till later. I usually have to lie down for a bit and pas gas till I feel better.

Brandon T: Thank you for liking my story earlier!

Does anybody else here have problems with gas? I've always been a little gassy but lately its been so bad. I had to open up the windows the other night because I was non-stop farting. I also had to end a date early because I was so gassy. I had to tell the poor guy I had to be up early. I felt so bad that I couldnt tell him it was because I had some major gas LOL.


Post Title (optional) Constipated again

Well after nearly 2 months of no constipation at all, I've managed to get constipated again. Its back with a vengeance and I've been having a very hard time on the toilet. I seem to get badly constipated within a short period of time too.

All this week, I've had lots of trouble with my poos. It started on Monday night, when I had to spend 45 minutes on the toilet, squeezing out some stubborn turds. They weren't that big but they burnt my anus - which have made my hemarrhoids stick out and bleed. On Tuesday, I tried on the toilet in the morning before work but it was hopeless - I had a solid, rock hard ball of poo stuck in my anus and after 30 minutes of straining, I had to give up and suck it back into my rectum. It was horrendous and my anus was sore all day. On Wednesday night, I spent almost an hour on the toilet, pushing and straining with all my might, to get the poos out. I was able to get a few, rock hard and very dry poo balls out (about the size of golf balls) but that was it. I still had more up there but I just couldn't get them out, no matter how hard I tried.

On Thursday, I didn't do a poo at all. I tried in the morning before work but after 45 minutes, I gave up. Then I tried again that night but I was too constipated. On Friday, I was feeling miserable, bloated and lethargic. I was literally full of crap. I didn't even bother trying for a poo that morning because I knew nothing would come out. I needed to spend a very long time on the toilet so I waited until after work. Luckily, I finished work early that day so instead of going home, I went straight to a shopping centre nearby and made my way to the public toilets. I didn't want to go at home because it would take too long. Plus I didn't want my housemate to know how constipated I was.

There were 5 toilet cubicles, including a disabled one. I chose that one because it was bigger and I would have room. I went in, locked the door and pulled my pants off completely. I knew I was in for a difficult pooping session so I sat on the toilet and tried to relax. At first, I wasn't getting any urges to go at all. I did some gentle pushing to try to get things moving. After about 15 minutes, I did some farts and my anus started crackling as it began to open up. Then, I really had to work hard to get the poo to move down. I pushed and strained for 10 minutes and then I needed a rest. I could feel a massive turd stretching my anus open, beyond its limits. I reached down to feel my anus with my hand and it was open very wide - although no poo was sticking out yet, I put my fingers inside and I felt a rock hard, gigantic poo up there. I kept pushing and straining with all my might. More farts came out and after about 30 minutes, I could feel the turd finally move down bit more.

I had to have another rest so I stood up. It was so hot in that toilet cubicle and I was sweating so much from struggling with my poos. So I took my shirt off so that I just had my bra on and nothing else. It felt good, to be standing there almost naked. I continued to push and strain as hard as I could, while I was standing up. The turd was slowly coming out, bit by bit. Then I stood near the wall, put both hands up against the wall, put my head down and pushed like there was no tomorrow. I don't normally grunt when I'm in a public toilet but just I had to that time. I surprised myself at how loud I got. I was also doing lots of heavy breathing. Luckily, nobody else had come in. I was also lucky that I was in the disabled toilet because there was more room for me to move around. I sat back down on the toilet and reached down to feel how far the poo had come out - there was about 3 inches poking out. I also looked at the time on my phone - I had already spent 50 minutes on the toilet and I only had 3 inches out!!!! I pushed down on my anus with fingers and strained at the same time. The poo came out a bit more when did this but not much.

I squatted over the toilet bowl, with both feet up on the bowl. I stayed in that position for the next 15-20 minutes. It helped me a lot too, as I was able to squeeze the poo out a bit easier. It was still very hard work for me though. Then I stood up again and did some more straining. standing up. After that, I squatted on the floor, with some toilet paper under my bum. This helped the poo to come out even further. It felt like the poo was getting wider and wider, the further it came out. I must have had 8 inches out, when I knew it was going to be very long. I had to stand up and continue pushing. The poo was one big, long, dry and rock hard, brown snake!! It was extremely wide too. It hurt so much coming out and I was sure it wasn't good for my hemarrhoids either.

I decided not to let the poo fall on the floor so I went back to the toilet, with an 8 inch snake hanging out of my butt and sat back on the toilet. After a lot more pushing, straining and heavy breathing, I managed to get all the poo out. I had a look at it and it must have been about 14 inches long and as wide as a big banana. It was rock hard and very dry too. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to get that poo out!!!! I can't believe I had so much poop in me, when I only went one day without pooping. I got extremely constipated in just one day. When I wiped my butt, there was hardly any poo on the toilet paper but there was some blood.

Yesterday, I ate lots of fruit and high fibre cereal for breakfast. I also ate lots of salad and drank heaps of water throughout the day. I had a poo in the afternoon, which only took me 20 minutes to push out. Then today, I've been to the toilet 4 times to do poos. The first time took 10 minutes and the other times took 15 minutes. I'm still a bit constipated but not as bad as during the week.

Bloated Butt

Post-Thanksgiving Mega-Poop

Oh my goodness...

Let me just come straight out and say that earlier today (Saturday November 30th), I basically took one of the most immense dumps I've ever taken in recent memory. It was the first time I pooped since Friday the 22nd, when my friend Alicia made me poop by basically tackling me. Yes, that's right, I just went 8 days without pooping, and during Thanksgiving to boot.

Basically it happened like this: last Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, I didn't poop. I figured I could wait until Wednesday to plop my load out, so I deliberately held in my turds and let them build up inside of me, enjoying the feeling as my poop got bigger and bigger and more urgent. But as it turns out, I ended up getting really stressed on Wednesday because I had to make way more food than I thought I did, so the boyfriend and I had to go grocery shopping for more stuff and I spent that day making dishes to bring over to my boyfriend's brother's house, which is where we spent our Thanksgiving. So all day Wednesday I was in the kitchen, pooting and farting as I made the food, feeling like a chicken that desperately needed to lay some brown eggs. By Wednesday night I was too tired to try and poop, and went to bed early.

Thanksgiving we spent on my boyfriend's brother's house, and although I felt an urgent need all day, I dare not use the toilet. And of course I stuffed myself, too. I had seconds of almost everything, and thirds of a few dishes. By the end I felt like I was going to burst, and the pressure grew so great that I finally broke down and discretely excused myself to the bathroom. But when I sat down on the toilet, I instantly knew it wasn't going to work: the log was simply too big and thick, and I knew there was now way I was going to poop without making a ton of noise, and also I knew I'd be in the bathroom for almost an hour. Like I've said before, I'm quite poop-shy around anyone other than people that I'm really close to, and there were a lot of people that I was only casually acquainted with at that house. Listening to them all talk and laugh right outside the bathroom door, I simply sighed in defeat and got off the toilet without pooping.

So I basically spent the rest of that Thanksgiving completely bloated, trying to look casual and hoping no one noticed my pregnant-looking belly. Even worse, I was gassy, and other than a brief moment where I was alone on the porch, I had no way of relieving my gas. So there I was, trying to look casual while I made small talk with people I barely knew, feeling like I had grapefruits lodged in my colon. My stomach growled and rumbled all day until FINALLY we left. We didn't leave until close to 9 pm, and then drove two hours back home. All the way home I passed gas, the Christmas music on the radio constantly interrupted by my groans and sighs as I released huge bursts of flatulence.

When we got home I made a beeline for the toilet and plonked my huge butt down with a heavy sigh. But then I suddenly felt really tired and sleepy, since we had gotten up really early and also because I had eaten so much (and also had some wine). Knowing that my BM would be strenous and long, I decided to just go to bed and do it tomorrow, so I got off the toilet and waddled to bed and promptly fell asleep. I had no trouble sleeping but I had a weird dream that I couldn't stop pooping LOL. I would poop and poop, but got no relief, so I ended up pooping a mountain. When I woke up I felt my panties to see if I accidently messed them during the night, but they were clean. I was still completely stuffed.

I originally was going to attempt to poop as soon as I got up, but when I got up I didn't feel a real strong urge. I guess it had "died down" as I slept, so I decided to wait until it got strong so I could go. I ate some leftovers and my bowels rumbled, so I waddled off to the toilet and sat down. For 20 minutes I pushed and grunted, but the poop wouldn't budge. I gave up, and then I ate some more leftovers and a couple of hours later I tried again, with the same results. I was completely constipated! My boyfriend came home from work to find me wearing only a white t-shirt and panties, rubbing and cradling my poor stomach. I confessed to him that I couldn't poop, and he got on my case about eating too much at Thanksgiving. He looked in the fridge and saw that I had eaten most of the leftovers, too.

"Oh for crying out loud!" he said.

I blushed, "I'm sorry, honey! I left you some pecan pie, though." I was really careful not to eat that, since i knew he liked it. He helped himself to a slice. I tried to poop again but I STILL couldn't go, and by then I was getting worried. That night I miserably crawled into bed after vainly trying to have BM for the fourth time. I snuggled up close to my boyfriend and asked him to please cuddle with me, since I felt so uncomfortable with my bowels being so heavily packed with turds. I fell asleep in his arms while my enormous round butt released fart after fart beneath the covers.

FINALLY I pooped earlier today, on Saturday. After much begging, I got my boyfriend to basically give my abdomen a deep massage. I laid back and sighed has he kneaded my stomach. I continued to pass lots of gas, and I moaned as his hands squeezed my turd-stuffed stomach.

" gentle with me. I'm very delicate" I teased him.

Then he started getting kinda rough, really working my belly with his knuckles and pushing deep into my soft abdomen. I grunted involuntarily as I farted louder. This went on for ten or so minutes until my bowels rumbled again, and THIS time I knew something was going to happen.

"Oh my....hnnnnnggghhh!!" I gasped, squirming on the bed. "Okay I need to poop." My boyfriend helped me up and followed me as I speed-waddled to the bathroom. I was about to sit down when my boyfriend stopped me and told me to sit on the toilet facing backwards.

"It helps you poop better, I think." he said.

"Does it?" I asked, pulling my underwear off and straddling the toilet. I leaned forward and rested my arms on the toilet tank, my boobs pressing against the raised toilet lid.

"Oh wow your butt and hips look ginormous" I heard him say. I felt his hand grab my left buttcheek and squeeze. A small fart escaped from my anus as he did so.

I looked over my shoulder, "Oh, so that's the real reason you want me to sit like this, huh? Enjoying the view?"

"Sure am, ma'am" he said, grabbing my other buttcheek with his other hand and squeezing them both.

I felt the immense log start to move, "Oh gosh here it comesssssssnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhh!!!!" It inched out slowly, then stopped when I stopped pushing. I panted, "Oh god it feels huge..."

"It LOOKS huge" I heard him say. "It looks as thick as a coke can."

"Ugghh it feels that way, too..." I could feel the wide log completely stretching my anus to capacity. I tried to pinch it off but it was too firm and dense. "Unnnnggggghhhh!!!!" I pushed again and it inched out a little more, and now I could feel the weight of it as it hung out of my butt, but most of it was still in my butt, with loads and loads of more poop behind it.

"Keep pushing, baby," said my boyfriend. He squeezed my big soft butt, spreading my cheeks apart as this immense turd stuck out from between them. I caught my breath, then bore down again. The log got heavier and heavier as it left my butt and started to fall downwards into the toilet, and my boyfriend continued to squeeze and massage my massive voluptuous butt. I moaned in pleasure as I felt his strong fingers work my soft rear end, "Mmmmmmmm don't stop...." I said with my eyes closed.

"Lean forward a bit, the turd is poking the front of the seat."

I did as he said, then started pushing again. More and more of the log came out, and soon I could feel that most of it was now hanging heavily from my anus. With a final grunt I pushed the last of it out, my anus instantly shutting closed again as a huge splash was heard.

"Holy crap! Its almost as long as my foot!" I heard him say, but I was too concentrated on my rumbling bowls. The main log was gone, but there was still loads of feces still to come.

"Oh God, honey" I gasped as I felt my bowls cramp, then suddenly I started farting out an avalanch of turds. I involuntarily bore down, pushing turd after turd out of my butt, and the bathroom was filled with the sounds of my grunts, farts, and splashes. My boyfriend, bless his heart, never let go of my butt, but continued to hold and squeeze them, keeping them spread. None of the turds were as big as the first one, but several were pretty thick in their own right, and every few seconds I had to strain for a second or two. But there was lots of softer poop, too.

I heard the toilet flush beneath me, but was too caught up in my own little world to say anything. I continued to moan and groan for goodness knows how long, farting and plopping. The relief was indescribeable, and I was in such bliss. The toilet flushed a second time, and still I continued to poop shamelessly.

"Oh God...Oh Goddddnnnnnnggghhh!!!....Ohhhhhhh...." was pretty much all I could say as I dumped my Thanksgiving load. And still my boyfriend supported my heavy wide butt with his hands. I can't imagine when he was seeing (or smelling), but he never said anything afterwards. Finally the "avalanch" was done, and I simply farted for a few seconds. My boyfriend continued manhandling my curvaceous buttcheeks, coaxing more farts out of me. They echoed loudly in the bowl. I rested my head on my arms, which were folded on top of the toilet tank, and moaned. I felt my boyfriend wipe my butt and make sure I was clean, then he got me off the toilet and flushed it a third time. The bathroom positively stank!

"Oh my gosh, that was so bad!" I said as we left the bathroom. I collapsed on the couch. We had been in there for about an hour!

"Don't worry about it. I bet you feel better after that!"

"Mmmm-hmmm! Tired, though." I said. Then I added, "I'm pooped."

An hour later I had to poop again, and then again about four hours after that, but both of those went much easier, despite being pretty huge themselves. They both consisted mainly of just big soft logs. I feel sooooooo much better now, but I'm also a little worried because this is the second time in a row that I've gone a week without pooping. I need to try to make an effort to poop more often. I ended up constipating myself this time, and with Christmas coming up I know I'm going to eat like a pig like I always do, which can aggravate the problem if I'm not careful. But for now I'm doing fine! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! See you next time.

Mr. Clogs


jessica (az): Thanks for sharing your story about taking a dump at the mall on Thanksgiving/Black Friday. I guess those fuzzy slippers helped you and your friend out a lot. Interesting.

Leah T. : Could be the pressure on the air plane.

As for me on Black Friday or Thanksgiving, Nothing interesting to note. I went to Home Depot to get a box, As soon as I got into the store I had to pee. I made my way to the men's room to pee. I peed in the toilet instead of the urinal because I had on sweat pants thong undies underneath and it's hard for me to get my wood to pee. Plus the stall gave me some privacy too. I took my time peeing since I was cold and it can be hard for me to go. I did my business, washed my hands and dried them and went and bough the box I needed to ship something out.

So I guess you can consider it Post Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Take care.

--Mr. Clogs


Cary to JW

Hey JW
Just caught your post and questions....No my mom was not a nurse far from it....electrical engineer....however, you were very close my aunt who was my mom younger sister was a nurse...she was the one who got my mom to use enemas when I got plugged up...
I never really minded them and to be honest they sorta got me a little hot.. Ya know...
I agree that enemas are not the go to remedy these days...although a couple of my sorority sister used them in college...oh..I'm 28...and since I posted here a few days ago I give my BF an enema just for kicks last nite and we sorta used it as foreplay....I'm sure he enjoyed the clean too...or at least it looked like he did while he took it....smiling..
Catch ya later....


For Josh

Hi Josh....

I had the worst problems with constipation when I was a little kid....from when I can first remember through about 11-12. That was when I just didn't go for many many days.....sometimes weeks. It usually ended up with enemas (2-3) from my mom. Nothing else would work.
As a young teen I started to go....but with huge and very hard poops.

I wonder sometimes what the trigger was for my issues; it could have been a painful poop like you...but I don't really know. Maybe someone messed with me? If my mom knows....she's never talked about it.

Now...I often go much better...and I sooooo enjoy the feeling of being full...and the feeling of urges....and the feeling of a firm large log sliding out of me. They are awesome feelings.

I don't always get urges.....even now. I sometimes only feel just a little clue that something's there....and if I sit on the toilet and push....I find I can go....and sometimes a lot comes out. So; I have to pay attention to how many days it has been since I've gone....and sometimes just sit on the toilet to try. I don't really want to get constipated.....although by some people's definition of constipation....I am almost continuously constipated if you take it to mean having large hard poops....after several days of not going.


PS: Josh; does your stomach ever get distended when you haven't gone for a long time? Mine sure does. I can feel my underpants fitting belly bulges kinda down low.


Thanksgiving poops

Hello. I am a 19-year old girl with long, flowing blonde hair and hazel eyes. I'm 5'8" and weigh about 120 pounds. I eat like a horse and have two big poops every day.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and so I ate even more than I usually do. My younger sister Nadia (she is 17) and I also had a bit of a contest to see who could eat the most. She did end up eating more than I did, but not by too much. In any case, neither of us left the table hungry.

I had to poop during the big Thanksgiving meal too. All the food I was eating was forcing my body to make room by pooping. I excused myself and went to the downstairs bathroom. I wanted to be as far away from where people were eating, because my poops are always stinky. I figured people would appreciate not being stunk out while they were trying to eat. Anyway, I did a good sized load and returned several minutes later ready to continue stuffing myself.

Then this morning I did not have my usual morning poop. I didn't feel the need to go until much later in the evening. I headed to the bathroom and saw the door was closed. I started to walk to the downstairs bathroom, but I didn't get very far before the bathroom door opened and Nadia came out. She was bare naked and had obviously just come from the shower. We're a very open family and don't care about seeing each other naked. She went to her room, presumably to get dressed, and I went into the bathroom.

The fan was running and it was very steamy. I sat on the toilet and started to poop. I let out many soft turds that curled up in the toilet. I flushed mid-way through to avoid a clog. Towards the end, there were some turds that were firmer. When I was done, I wiped until I was completely clean and then flushed. Then I needed another flush to clear my poop.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica (AZ) great set of stories it sounds like like you and your Amy both had really poops at the mall it sounds like she had to go alot and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day it sounds like those hot cheetos dont agree with you very well at least now you know so you can avoid them in the future and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like Emily had to poop alot and I bet she felt so much better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katja great story about you and Sabrinas big poops outside it sounds like she really had to go alot and I bet you both felt pretty great and pretty refreshed once you were both done and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great set of stories you sure have a ton of great memories.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anatomy student


So, ever fart, smell it, and think "did that really come out of my butt?" That has been going on for 2 days now. I usually poo every other day, but after thanksgiving, I've pooped 3 times today. I also just learned my metabolism is so slow that it takes a meal about 2 days to navigate my bowels.

Anatomy student

To Jemma

I have ibs as well. Do you have celiac disease? It causes diarrhea after gluten (found in wheat) is ingested. Wheats and breads don't mess with me, but spicy food almost always gets me. I had a pain a year ago that was so bad I thought my pancreas was ruptured, after an x-ray, it was revealed that it was a big ol' Taco Bell fart trapped in the upper transcending section of my bowels. I have always acted on my urges rather than out them off, so they rarely grow large. I do get constipated regularly though. I have alternating bouts of both, with "perfect" turds in between bouts. You know, those once in a while dumps where it is all one big poo that isn't too dry, that comes out without any effort, then splashes lightly without stinking.

Simon r

childhood memory

Oh I like this page very much and wanne tell you something from my childhood . It happened on the eleventh birthday of a classmate. The birthday was very. cool and a lot of boys from the class were there, but nearly every body were from the same village with 3 thousands inhabitants or from some villages suround. We had very much fun and ate cake and had some games. On one point. we got a little bit bored , so his parents suggested. we could. play a paper chase game through the village . But we did use chalk for arrows on the ground or walls .I was in the group that got chased. We should. take his sister and brother with us who are twin.s. We got his sister Laura in the group and we were a bit annoyed she was a girl and nine or ten years old an we must be quick if we want to be winners. We had something about 10 or15 minutes time ahad before they start to chase us. We were very good in time and had some very good false hints placed . we were maybe on the half of the track to the finish when Laura first mentioned she need to pee. One said that we. were not in a place she could go and that she needed to hold on. She was not very happy . The game did went good and our groop was now on the main street through the village. She said again that it is urgent and that she won't pee in her pants.. Laura looked for a place and found some it was a tree with a bench in the near. She said she will go there and that she know how to pee outside, cause this is not her first time. we mentioned that there is much traffic and she would be exposed .So we build a circle around her so nobody could see.She didn't even mind , I first thought maybe because it is urgent. Laura then pulled her jeans and panties down and crouched. Then there was as force full stream, the dirt around the tree was so dry it build a puddle. I dunno how long she peed but it seemd forever. As she was done she just pulled her pants up like nothing happened. This was the first time I ever saw fully a girl pee. Every time I walked past the tree then I had this scene before my eyes

Jemma- Sounds like you really had to go! Glad you managed to wipe your bum in the end- that's why it always pays to check for paper before you sit down, but I know I don't think about it until I am already going. Luckily it's not happened to me that often!

Today I went shopping and in the middle of eating a nice (and quite large!) Chinese meal in the food court, I started to need to go for a poo. By the time I finished eating I knew I had to go to the loo right away as it was pretty urgent. I made my way to the loos which were really busy, but I got a seat soon enough. I pushed out two big logs, some gas and then three small pieces. The girl next to me was having some loose-sounding poo- I felt sorry for her!

Steven A

Post Thanksgiving Dumps/Farts

Well, after I ate a lot during Thanksgiving, I went to my grandparents house to spend a few nights there. when I got there, nothing much happened until later that night. That's when I started to fart a lot, like every 20 minutes, I had to fart. But, this didn't lead to a dump until the next day. On the next day sometime during the day, I got an urge to go poop, so I went to the bathroom, and then pushed out only pieces of poop, not logs, but only pieces. After I pushed it all out, which wasn't a lot, I wasn't too happy. But, I dealt with it. I then wiped, flushed, and washed my hands and went of with my day. The next day, my grandpa took me out for breakfast with his friend. After I ate, I developed an urge to go. So again, I went to the bathroom and then pushed out the same that I did yesterday and maybe a little more, but still no log-like pieces. I then did the same thing after I use the restroom every time and went on with my day. I think I ate too much cheese for lunch on the day before Thanksgiving, maybe that's why my dumps aren't logs. Well anyway, I will post again soon.



To Josh: I definitely understand about holding it automatically, almost without thinking about it. I'm so used to holding it after all these years that even when I have an urge, or what feels like diahhrea, I hold it, and the urge usually passes without a bowel movement. Yes, it does make the poop much wider, harder, and dried out, but really I enjoy the way it feels when it's knobby like that.

This post is titled Thanksgiving because I ate SO much over the holiday, really stuffed my face on Thursday even though I had two days of poop in me already. I was sitting there with a bloated belly, going back for a second and third plate, releasing silent but deadly farts because of how constipated I was already. Ate tons of leftovers and I still havent pooped, today is Saturday. I am getting close now, it feels really, really fat and hard, and is trying to open my butt hole, but so far I'm holding it.

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