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After Thanksgiving Poop

The best part about Thanksgiving is the poops that come the next day. This year didn't disappoint! In the morning, I gave birth to a long smooth poop. This one was done at home. Later, I went to the mall for some shopping. About an hour there and then I felt my bowels making a move. I found my way to the bathroom. That place was hopping! Anyway, I got lucky and found myself a stall. I pulled my pants down and sat down on the toilet. I didn't have to push hard to get the poop going. I should tell you that I only go number 2 in a public restroom if it's an emergency or if the bathroom has a lot of traffic. I can't do it alone unless I'm absolutely certain that no one else will come in while I am having a bm. Back to the story: the poop came out smoothly again but the smell immediately dispersed as soon as it started coming out. I got a pretty loud THWOP sound from releasing that poop. It was also long again and it was followed by three little slithers of poop. It was all a nice light brown color. I wiped a few times really good since this one was sure to leave stains if I didn't. Surprisingly, the long poop went down without a problem when I flushed. I washed my hands and went back to shopping. I wonder how many people that go to the mall after Thanksgiving produces monsterous bms like that. What were after Thanksgiving poops like?


Enemas; Thanksgiving

My mother, a nurse, on rare occasions gave me enemas when I was quite small; I don't remember ever having one as an adult. I am rarely constipated, and usually nature takes its course, though I can remember a time or two when an enema might have been appropriate and needed. Nonetheless, I can tell you that enemas are still very much around. Patients at hospitals receive them from time to time if they have to have extensive pain medication, since the medicine dulls pain by dulling nerve reactions, including the nerves that sense when you have to move your bowels. If you get seriously constipated, you can go to the pharmacy and buy enema kits, which include (at least) the little pouch with the spout that you lubricate and insert into your anus. That pouch may be pre-filled with the solution that you inject into your rectum. The pouches are small, so you may have to use more than one. At that point, you should be near the toilet, for obvious reasons.

Two days ago was Thanksgiving. We drove to a relative's house about 90 miles from home and had the big meal at about 2 p.m. It was good, and I ate well, though not to the point of stupefaction. I felt an urge to poop once while there, but when I went into the bathroom and sat, I got nothing but gas. I don't usually expect to have post-Thanksgiving bowel movements on Thanksgiving Day because I already normally have one or two movements that morning, thus clearing my system. However, after the drive home (and a nice big taco salad for a late supper), I had two good bowel movements a couple of hours apart. Yesterday morning I had another one, large and satisfying, my only one of the day. I don't know whether to count my most recent b.m. as a post-Thanksgiving movement, or whether it was all from yesterday's meals; nonetheless, it was a nice big one, starting with a foot-long thick solid lumpy-to-smooth turd, followed by a 3" and then a 2" piece. When I wiped, I discovered that an additional sticky piece about an inch long had stuck to me, so I ended up using 5 separate pads (3 or 4 sheets each) of toilet paper, each full-sized and then folded; a very messy wipe, but a very satisfying large poop.

Happy pooping!


to Charlie

hey Charlie, nice to meet you. your situation sounds unfortunate, so I guess you have chronic constipation then and you need enemas and suppositories to go? do you think it's just because of withholding or is just one of the symptoms? do you think you could go normally if you didn't withhold or would it still be hard and constipated? because sometimes i'm not sure, sometimes i think it'll be bad, but it's not. and other times i think it'll be fine but it ends up hurting. i still end up pooping without an enema or something most times though. i don't mind having a big log come out as long as it's not too hard and doesn't hurt. those are the best types. sometimes withholding causes that but other times it just makes me constipated -_-

anyway, nice to hear from you, hope to hear from you again!

Sunday, December 01, 2013


an embarrassing moment from when I lived at home :-


So when I was 15 & lived with my parents still,
My mum had a mate Mark, who was ever so good looking
& I fancied him like mad!
So one day after school, unbeknownst to me,
He was round helping my mum put up a shelf as dad was away working
(He was a lorry driver)
I came home desperate for the loo, & because the loo was nearest the front door
I didn't realise he was round our house.
I went in absolutely desperate to unleash this poo that was giving me
A stomach ache, went in, did my business - the walls are paper thin in our house and the living room(where they both were having a cup of tea) is next to the loo, long logs, 5 all together - then a few mushy pieces, & boy did it stink!! I sprayed, flushed leaving skid marks & washed my hands, exitted the loo and as soon as I'd stepped out of the loo there was Mark! "Ah hi Jem you alright love?" Red in the face I replied "yeah great thanks, you?" "I'm good ta" "well, bye then" I replied and raced upstairs rushing to get my school uniform and lay on my bed mortified Mark heard me have a huge poo!!
Not so toilet shy anymore! Anyone else got any stories about having a poo in front of someone you fancy/fancied & being embarrassed about it?
Take care everyone, Jemma x


To Cary Re: Enemas

I'm curious to know how old you are? I ask because enemas seem to have been lost in the not so distant past (like 1960-70). I didn't think Mom's gave them any more. In my childhood (1940-50's) they were used at the drop of a hat. And, yes as you found out, "they ARE the best relief ever". I've had significant constipation problems in hospital over the course of my lifetime, and while enemas seemed to be rare after the 70's, when they were used, it was a wonderful relief. Was your Mom a nurse and
how often did she use them?

jessica (az)

Black Friday/Thanksgiving mall dump

On black friday i went to the mall with my Mom and my friend Amy to go to JCpennys to buy clothes when i was in the changing room trying out these new black fuzzy slipper flip-flops, that were fuzzy throughout the flip-flops, when my stomach growled at me saying i needed to go from last night. i told my mom to watch over my stuff for me and ran to the bathroom in the store. when i went inside the bathroom i noticed someone else was in the stalls, but i didn't care and took the stall adjacent to the person that was there. as i was pulling down my shorts i noticed i was wearing the black fuzzy slipper flip-flops, but i stilled pulled my shorts down to my ankles any ways. as i was trying to concentrate on pooping i heard tons of splashing next door to my stall and a flush, then the person got up wiped and left, now i have the bathroom to myself. some time later i felt a huge poop coming, so i leaned forward and spread my toes apart to poop. it was easy to poop due to how comfortable my feet and toes were in these flip-flops, because i was able to concentrate easier, so releasing my bowels went with ease. a little later some one came in and i was my friend Amy came in. i said hello to her and she noticed it was me and said hello back. i asked did she needed to go poop. she answered yes and took the stall adjacent to me. she pulled her pants down to her ankles and starting blasting away. it started to smell bad after she came in and i asked her what did you eat and she replied thanksgiving of course. couple of minutes later i was finishing my last wave of poops and got to pull my pants and wipe and i noticed i stopped hearing plopping noises from Amy and then i heard a soft grunt with loud splash then she sighed in relief and start grunting again. i decided to take off these black fuzzy slipper flip-flops and asked her to wear them. she asked why in an airy voice. i told her they are comfy and might help you concentrate on pooping. she said alright took off here converse and socks and held her hand under the stall door and i handed them to her. she put them on and said thanks. as i was walking outside the bathroom i stopped to pretend i left by fakeley closing the door behind me. once she thought i left she dug her toes into the the flip-flops really hard making them turn white and a loud grunt. a little while of hearing her strain on the toilet a loud splash came from her stall and she stood up and pulled her pants up, wiped, and picked up her shoes and left the stall to notice i was still in the bathroom. she blushed and said you were here the whole time. i responded by saying yes and asked her if the fuzzy flip-flops helped. she stopped blushing and said yes. when we left the bathroom she handed me back the fuzzy flip-flops and she got a pair of her own in white my mom noticed her getting the pair of fuzzy flip-flops and she got a pair in gray.

jessica (az, here is an answer to your question.
(Q) what do you think is comfortable wear and positions while going to the bathroom
It depends where I am and what I am wearing. At home, I wear loose clothing, like pj's or sweats, or a pj shirt. When I am out and about that is another story. When I come home from church, school, etc., I take off my skirt or dress or pants and just be in my shirt, stocking feet, underwear, so when I need to, I do not have to mess with lots of clothes. I just pull down my undies to my ankles and sit on the bowl. I bend over just as you do many times when my stomach is loose and crampy.


Constipation and holding to Josh

Hi Josh. I am an occasional poster to this site. Welcome to the site! I too got constipated as a child and I think that started me withholding also. I remember many times my Mom would find skids in my briefs and discipline me for not wiping good enough. Then one day she happned to be walking by the bathroom as I was trying (unsuccessfully) to go. That was the first time I ever remember getting an enema. From then on it would hurt when I tried to go, so I didn't try to go for a few days, which made me even more constipated.

Even now, in my 30s, I still withhold because I know it's gonna hurt. I have to use suppositories at least once a month, and enemas every few weeks.

jessica az: Lay off those spicy things. They cause damage when consumed in large quantities.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I cooked so much, but could not eat so much. I have enough to eat which will give enough to evacuate.


An IBS sufferer

So I have Stress Induced IBS
& at the mo it's raised it's ugly head
Due to about a month of non stop stressing for me.
I have an anxiety disorder plus OCD so I get stressed
Very easily.
I am self helping my OCD teaching myself to check things only once
Now etc which is good though it's not the same for everyone with OCD
I just happen to be able to control myself sometimes - not always - it's an awful mental condition.
So my IBS is all over the place.
Cramps mainly - mild but constant.
I take Colpermin & Mebeverine for my IBS
The worst thing about it is that sometimes the cramps are
Overwhelming and in public it can be a bit of a nightmare.
Obviously the other symptons are constipation - don't really have that.
Diarrhoea - occasionally - I have very loose and very frequent bm's - that's my personal definition of my particular IBS. I also have to be careful what I eat - too much wheat can upset my ????.
But it can eventually with most people. It's not the most digestive friendly thing!!
Well that's my take on my personal situation with my IBS.
Would be interesting to hear from anyone else who has or might have IBS...
All for now, Jemma x


Post Title (optional) Bill F's Question

You asked about having two steams when you are urinating. It happens for one of the following: 1.If you hold a full bladder for a long time and then begin to pee, the opening of your penis may had stick together. 2.Or if you are not circumcised and your foreskin is tight, it may happen. In the USA most males are circumcised, then it seldom happens. I was born and live in America.

P. S. I never pissed in school. Now I work all day, 8 or 9 hours without peeing and go home with a bursting bladder.

Friday, November 30, 2013

Leah T.


Its me Leah. Lately I have been traveling a lot and noticed that when I fly I get quite windy on the plane. I guess it has to change in air pressure. Does anyone else notice this?

Bill F
Today I have another story about Emily.

One time, when we were both 10, we were in the treehouse when she challenged me to a contest: who could hold their poop the longest? I didn't want to set up a bout of constipation, so I turned it down, but Emily decided she would see how long she could hold it anyway.
The first two days were normal, and by the third day, she was farting a lot, and they were quite long. By day 5, she was still farting a lot, but these farts were a lot shorter, because she was closing up each time to keep from losing it. When she was a week in, I could see her stomach was getting bloated, and she stopped farting completely. On her eighth day of holding it, she started to look really uncomfortable, and when she eventually had to pee, she had to keep her anus closed by pressing on it with a wet wipe. Even with her anus stopped, some gas still leaked out, which made a high pitched noise. On day 10, it looked like she was close to breaking point. Our board game was moving very slow, because each move was a challenge.
On day 11, she was sitting with her butt flat on the floor to keep everything in. At one point in our game, I heard her stomach growl very loud, and her expression changed to one of shock. I couldn't hear anything else, no farting, not even crackling, so I wasn't sure what was happening. Her face began to look like she was pushing, but I'm sure it wasn't on purpose. She was pushing involuntarily, and the floor was stopping it. She stayed like this for about thirty seconds, when she gave a big grunt and sighed. She said "Almost lost it there." Somehoe the poop had gone back in. But no more than five minutes later, it looked like it was coming back with a vengeance. Another twenty seconds passed which looked like an even harder struggle, but once again she shrugged it off. "That was too close. I don't think I'll be able to take another wave any stronger than that." I asked her "Is it hurting?" She said "Between waves, there's a strong pressure all the time. During a wave, it hurts a lot." Then I asked "Then why are you holding it?" She was about to give an answer, but she was cut off by another wave, which as she feared, seemed stronger than the other two. I noticed under her skirt that she had no panties on today, and I also noticed a very large poop pressing hard against the floor. She started slowly leaning to one side, and I saw her poop continue to come out at the same speed. It looked almost as if she was slowly lifting herself off of her poop. Finally, her poop split off, leaving a 3 inch wide log on the floor. She finished her answer, panting the entire time, "Because the relief feels so good when I finally let go, especially if I can't control it."
I picked up the poop with some wet wipes and tossed it out. We got back to our game, when her stomach growled a little later. When I saw another equally large log poking out and pressing on the floor, I said "You're not done?" She once again leaned to one side, and another shorter log grew from underneath her. When that once split off, she said "Are you kidding? I wouldn't be done at that point even with a normal poop! You should know that." I said "Since you already lost two logs, and god knows how many more you've got in there, how about you just empty yourself and be rid of it all?" Her stomach growled again and another thick poop poked out of her anus against the floor. She said with a grunt, "Great idea." And quickly stood up, and her butt was lifted off of yet another log. She turned around and I saw her anus was already wide open, with a fourth turd coming fast. It was just as wide as the others, getting narrower and exiting faster toward the end. It fell to the floor, but her anus remained open as a fifth log rushed to replace the fourth. This one was thinner, and came out much quicker. It landed further away from her than the others, and with a very big, yet quiet fart, she said she was done. She went to pee while I picked up the other turds and tossed them out.
I asked her "Feeling better?" She said "I haven't felt this great in a while! I feel twenty pounds lighter, like I just pooped out half of my weight!" I said "You probably did." We both laughed. Then I said "I'm not sure if you should be holding it for that long. I get that you go less often tham most people, but eleven days isn't normal for anyone. My mom says you can really hurt yourself if you hold it on purpose like that." She agreed, and still on the toilet, quickly pushed out three little chunks of poop. She said "I wasn't expecting that!" I said "When do you ever?" We both laughed again, and she wiped herself mostly clean. She stretched, and farted twice, quite loud. She said "It feels so great to fart again!" I told her "See? All these great thing you missed for holding all that poop. You might have gone without peeing, too! Imagine how much you'd miss that." She laughed, and left for dinner. After that, she never held her poop on purpose for any longer than three days, which was normal for her.
See ya next time!

Autistic girl

How old was the autistic girl on the towel?

jessica (az)

hot cheetos = upset stomach

When i came home from school, last week on thursday, none of my parents were home, and i was to tired to do anything at all and just wanted to relax after a long day of school. I went to the snack cabinet, i grabbed some hot cheetos and grabbed a pepsi from the fridge and sat down in my living room to watch T.V. When i was snacking on the hot cheetos, my stomach growled and I released a nasty, hot fart, which burnt my butt, then my stomach growled again, but i ignored it this time. some time later i finished my snack and i just sat around watching T.V. some more. A little later, my stomach growled again and this time i felt poop about to rush out of my butt, so i quickly got up and ran to the nearest bathroom. when i made it i didn't even bother shutting the door and unbutton my pants down to my 4 in. foam black platform thong flip-flops (of course)and immediately sat down, while leaning forward, having my hands cupped in front of me, and moving my feet towards the toilet. when i sat down i was farting up a storm, while hot, mushy, smelly, poop ran out of my butt, while hearing the sounds of plop plop plip plop plip plip plop, which felt like lava. As i kept on pooping i started to feel real hot, so i rolled up my shirt, which helped a little. soon after i heard the doorbell rang, so i was like oh no. i quickly pulled down my shirt and pulled up my pants and walked out the bathroom and opened the door. when i opened the door it was the mailman with a package, for my dad, so i hastily told the mailman to comeback later because he wasn't here. the mailman said ok and left. once he left i ran back to the bathroom and did the same position on the toilet, like i did last time, and started pooping again. some time later as im still pooping a storm, i began to get hotter, i quickly got up and opened up the bathroom window at the same time that im hoping that the neighbors don't hear me. a little later i heard my front door opened, and my mom yelled cheerfully im home. though i panicked i didn't do anything because by now my butt was really sore. my mom walked over thinking i'll be in my room to realize i'm sitting on the toilet with nasty poops. she asked me if im okay. i responded with an airy voice of yes and told her to close the door. she said alright and just did as that. when i felt i wiggled my toes, stood up to wipe, and looked at the toilet to see red/brown mushy poop lying in the toilet, when i bent down to reach my pants i pooped little and i said oh no, so i sat back down to poop some. luckily it was for a short moment and i stood up to wipe again and flushed the toilet. later in the night i was awakened by my burning stomach. i got up having one hand on my stomach and the other on my butt. i went and pulled my pajama shorts to my ankles and dug my feet onto the soft rug. as i was pooping, i guess my poops were loud that it woke up my dad and he came over and knocked on the door to keep quiet and left. the poop was so hot, that i kept flinching in pain, which was really bad. a little after i stopped pooping and i got up, wiped and left to fall back to sleep. when i woke in the morning i started dressing up. as i was dressing up for school my stomach growled as i was putting on my shorts and i clenched my stomach and put on my 2 in. foam black platform thong flip-flops and ran for the toilet. i sat and down and plopped away with burning shits. i ended up wasting a lot of time getting prepared for school and ended up just quickly doing everything i needed to do in the morning. luckily i stopped having burning shits and and felt more relaxed.

1 question survey

(Q) what do you think is comfortable wear and positions while going to the bathroom
(me)i think wearing looser pants, a soft tank-top and flip-flops are comfortable wear while going to the bathroom or just going naked. for positions i think pulling your bottoms down to your ankles is comfortable and leaning forward while clenching your stomach

Blind Guy

To Jane

Greetings. I am pretty much phobic about public rest rooms, so I've worn diapers when I know I won't be able to use my own bathroom or one that I feel comfortable with, and that I won't be able to hold it long enough to get to said bathroom. I also used them during a period of enuresis during my high school and college years. Despite the total embarrasement factor, they are quite comfortable and really take away the worries of both issues. I never bother with store brand ones though, and have only used the high capacity ones you can buy on line. Best of luck, and just know that you are not alone here.


Post-Christmas piles

Last Christmas, I visited my cousin, Sabrina, and her family. They have a cabin out in the woods. It's very nice and beautiful, but also quite cold. But anyway, on Christmas day we all had an excellent, huge meal. The next morning, several family members were going for a walk in the woods, and Sabrina and I went along.

After a while, I was feeling an urge to poop, but didn't want to make everyone wait for me, and I really felt I could hold it until we got back to the cabin. But shortly after that, Sabrina said she needed to go as well. At that point, I decided to go ahead and poop, since someone else was going also.

We went a ways into the woods to find a bit of privacy. When we had found a spot, we squatted next to each other. Sabrina began peeing right away and it was a strong stream that melted almost all of the snow around her. I also peed a little bit, but mainly I had to poop, so I began to concentrate on that.

I pushed out a few good sized logs, and I looked over and noticed a big pile underneath Sabrina and that she was still pooping. Thin, soft, turds oozed out of her nearly non-stop, and hit her steaming, stinking pile. I did two more turds of my own and we finished at almost the same time, although her pile was easily twice as big as mine.

I got out some tissues and was ready to wipe, but when Sabrina got out an actual roll of toilet paper, I knew she had planned this all along. I said something like, "Wow, you really had to go, huh?" and she told me she did. She said, "I did not want to shit at home. This would stink up the whole cabin for hours."

Seeing as the cabin didn't have a bathroom fan, I'm guessing she was right. If she had dropped that load in the toilet, the smell would have hung around forever.


Tyler + Withholder + PinkSweet

Tyler: Hi Tyler, thanks for responding to me. i don't know if there's really any event that triggered it but i think it started because of constipation. i think it didn't want to poop because i thought it would hurt or be too big because that definitely happened a lot when i was younger. from that it kind of turned into a habit. and it would cause me to soil my briefs sometimes or get more constipated. now its not as much of a problem as it used to be but i still do it.

so i have some questions for you: do you still hold? do you still get constipated? and do you ever get skid-marks or small accidents or something? glad to know there are others like me! :)

Withholder: Hi, nice to meet you. i guess i usually hold for a few days, never too long because if I hold for too long i'll probably end up needing an enema or something and that does still happen sometimes. but a few days won't be too much of a problem. and yea when i finally do go it tends to be big and kind of hard. i know that just makes constipation worse but i cant really help it, its just my default reaction to hold it when i get an urge. do you do the same thing? id like to hear about your experience too :)

PinkSweet: thanks for welcoming me! do you have a similar issue?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Laurie great story it sounds like your boyfriend was really good about it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Unknown Poster great story about that autistic girl.

To: Cary first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like that enema did a really great job of helping you poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: annie as always another great story I hope you are or were able to have a really good poop after the one on the plane and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alexa great live coverage and great poop by poop coverage to it sounds like you had a pretty great and also noisy poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story and it sounds like your friend Alicia kinda help get your poop moving even if thats not what she planned and it sounds like you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Observant great catch as always.

To: Timee great stor.

To: Linda it sounds like you had a pretty rough day I hope your constipation dosent last to long.

To: Shelbi great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a pretty good one and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story about your big poop I bet you good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

John H

Large load in girlfriends grandparents toilet

Hey all.
Hope everyone enjoyed my last post where I talked about taking a dump outside.
In this post I will talk about a very enjoyable load that I dropped in my girlfriend's grandparent's toilet.

Yesterday my girlfriend and I decided to take a trip to visit her grandparents.
They are very nice people and always make sure to serve us up lots of food any time we call.
#I hadn't pood the previous day so there was a large amount of poo inside me waiting to come out.
I had no urge to go when we got there and I sat down at the table and enjoyed all the food that was given to us.
After I finished eating I felt very full and there was movement and a building pressure as a load of poo made its way down to my hole.
I could feel that it was a large load and enjoyed holding it back for a while as we talked about one thing and another.

After a while I decided it was time to release the poo as I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it until we got home.
I left the table and went to the up stairs bathroom.
I dropped my trousers and boxers and sat on the high toilet.
I relaxed and a soft fart escaped before I felt the tip of the first log opening my hole slowly.
The log crackled out and there were some soft farts also.
I didn't push at all. I relaxed and let nature do its work.
The log felt fern and stretched me nicely as it came out.
The first log was very long so it didn't make much of a splash when it reached the water.
I let out some short farts and a long pee before I felt the next log moving down and pressing on my hole.
It was another thick one that felt very good coming out.
It came out quicker than the first log and splashed in to the water.

By this point I had been in the toilet for several minutes so I knew that everyone down stairs would know that I was having more than a pee but it was such an enjoyable dup that I didn't mind that.
Next a third log splashed out.
This was softer than the first two.
I pushed to see if there was anything else to come out and some softer poo plopped in to the bole.
I felt much better after the clear out and I wiped with some of the very soft toilet paper before flushing the toilet.
The toilet had a strong flush so all my poo was taken away apart from a slight smell.
I fixed my clothes, washed my hands and went back down stairs.

As soon as I sat down my girlfriend's gram went up stairs and I heard her footsteps going in to the bathroom.
She was most likely going to survey the damage or maybe she has an interest in toilet matters.
Either way she came back down a moment later and the conversation continued on as normal.

That's all for this post.
Will post again soon with some comments.
Take care all,

John H

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tim (and Sally)

Running River

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here again with another story from my childhood. This one happened when I was about 12 years old. Here goes:
The Saturday after sleeping over at the treehouse, as I told in my last story, Sally and I decided to go for a walk in the forest, only this time, we would go deeper than we had ever gone before. After we had been walking for about an hour, Sally stopped and said, "Tim, I need to stop for a wee." I needed a wee as well, so I agreed to stop. We walked over to the nearest tree, unzipped our pants, and peed standing side by side. My pee stream only went for about 30 seconds, but Sally's stream lasted for almost three minutes. When she was finally done, she zipped up her jeans and said, "Sorry, it must be all the water that I drank earlier." I told her not to worry, and we continued on our walk. Two more hours passed, and we found ourselves in a part of the forest that we had never been before. The trees were so thick that almost all sunlight was blotted out, and we noticed a fast-flowing river next to our walking path that we had never seen before. Sally suddenly stopped and looked at me. "Tim, I need to go to the toilet again." she said to me. "What do you need to do?" I asked her, and she replied, "Both a wee and a poo." I then started to think, as I needed to go as well, but we couldn't go and squat behind the bushes or the trees, as it had just rained the night before and there was mud everywhere. Then, it struck me. We could use the river! "Why don't we squat on the edge of the riverbank?" I asked her. "That way, all our poo and pee will just be washed away!" Sally agreed instantly, so we ran over to the riverbank, and found a suitable spot to squat. Sally the leather belt on her jeans and unzipped her fly in a hurry. She then proceeded to push her jeans to her ankles, followed by her red undies. I dropped my shorts and blue undies to my ankles, and we both squatted next to each other, taking care to ensure that our bums were sticking far enough over the water. Sally was the first to begin, as usual. She started with a short pee, which lasted about 30 seconds. I also had a wee, which lasted for about the same length of time. Once she was finished her wee, Sally cut a loud fart and started grunting. Nothing was coming out, so I suggested that she use both her hand to spread her bum cheeks. She spread them, and she farted nonstop for about 15 seconds, then a huge tan-coloured turd slid out of her anus. As it did, it broke up into two pieces, which made Sally grunt. I pushed out 3 dark-brown, sausage-shaped turds, followed by some mush. Sally was nowhere near done, however. She grunted again, and some diarrhoea flowed out of her anus into the water. Finally, she grunted so loud that it startled me. Still grunting, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. I told her that another tan-coloured turd was coming out, and that it was even bigger than the one before. I stroked her forehead and said, "Come on, Sal, one more beautiful, big push should do it." Sally summoned up all her might and pushed. A gigantic turd, almost the size of an anaconda, splashed into the water and was carried downstream. I stared, open-mouthed, at the monster which Sally had just managed to produce. "Wow, I feel like I just gave birth!" she joked. "Yeah, that thing was so big, I would swear it had a heartbeat!" I shot back. Sally laughed loudly, before farting once more and having a short, 30-second long final stream of pee. I said that I would go and get leaves for us to wipe with. I went and got the leaves, and we squatted down next to each other again to wipe our private parts. While we were doing this, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, about our age, wearing a T-shirt and running shorts, came running up the path. We were worried that she might see us and freak out. What happened next, neither of us were expecting. Se ran up next to Sally, smiled weakly at her, ripped her running shorts and yellow bikini undies to her ankles, and squatted down. Without warning, she shot out a loud fart, followed by a turd that was at least as twice as big as the one Sally had just managed to produce. Sally had a hard time with her turd, but this girl didn't even bat an eyelid as this huge turd splashed into the river and floated downstream. "Wow, your bowels are incredible!" we both said at once, handing her some leaves to wipe with. She just smiled and said, "That was the result of not pooping in 2 weeks!" We pulled our pants back up and the three of us decided to skinny-dip further downstream, seeing as the day was so hot. The girl told us that her name was Leslie, and that she lived in a nudist camp near the beach, which was not far away from where Sally and I lived. She said that Sally and I must come and visit her family sometime. We agreed to visit her the very next day. The toilet experiences at the nudist camp were something special, so keep an eye out for my next story, which will be about the nudist camp. Until next time, stay safe and peace to everyone!

JANE: I love diapers! no, I dont wear them very often because im too shy! I have worn them before, and I gotta say, if I could wear them all the time I would! Do you use your nappys for both or just weeing?

Ive been sooo gassy all morning. Theres all this pressure right at my butt! If I dont sit down carefully its pretty uncomfortable. I have all this stuff to get done with people, and I just felt like waiting to use the toilet after Im done. Now im regretting it. I have to go so bad.

Now Im done, guess nothing stopping me now! Ill write while im going

I like how the feeling intensifies once you sit your butt on the toilet...i just had a bubbly fart...I can hear the crackling of my poop coming out, and im farting really small stinky farts...okay its coming out now... it was one massive turd that broke a few times as it came out, crackling and farting the whole way down! ahhhhh felt good :)

Mr. Clogs

Looking forward to your Thanksgiving Posts

Just like the title says. As for me, keeping it simple, but I do need to take a laxative and clean out, Mind you I'm able to go, but just need that extra "relief" if you know what I mean. Anyway enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends and keep the posts coming, I'm sure someone has an adventure to tell.



Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages, I've been really busy.
Megan- great post about you and Charlotte seeing each other on the loo! I know what you mean, it must have been a bit embarrassing if she realised you were having a poo from the smell. It sounded like you had to push quite hard towards the end, hope your not getting constipated. The same thing happened to me a while back, I used the toilet in front of one of my friends (also called Charlotte!) who I hadn't seen for ages, I was actually less embarrassed about going for a poo with her watching than I was about her seeing my knickers as I know I don't exactly wear fashionable underwear, luckily I got to see her knickers too as she went to the loo straight after me and hers weren't any better so it was OK!
Beth W- I loved your story about wetting your knickers, I remember a while back when I was at school I was so close to doing the same. I'd been bursting for a wee all morning and when I got to the loos at the start of lunch break I had to wait in a massive queue. I can remember standing there with my bladder just about to give way, it was summer and I was wearing a skirt with no tights and just as a cubicle started to unlock I almost lost it and let a spurt of wee go, it soaked my knickers and I could feel it starting to leak out and run down my legs, luckily by then I was in a cubicle and by the time the next spurt came I had got my knickers down and I was on the loo, thank God! I look forward to more of your stories.
Anyway, at the moment I'm going two or three days between poos which is quite good for me, I still have to strain a bit to get them to come but I wouldn't say I was constipated as such which is better than it has been. The other day Lucy was sleeping over round my house, it was about 10 in the evening and we'd eaten a massive takeaway pizza for tea so were feeling pretty full! We went up to my room to chill out for a bit before getting ready for bed, my belly was feeling a bit bloated and my jeans were digging in so I took them off and sat on my bed wearing just my tee-shirt and knickers, Lucy said "I'm going to have to do the same, my jeans are really tight" and took her jeans off, she was wearing yellow flowery knickers which looked really tight as well. We sat and chatted for a bit and after a few minutes I started to feel a poo coming, I did a quiet fart which made the urge go away for a bit, luckily it wasn't a smelly one so Lucy didn't notice! About ten minutes later I thought I needed to fart again so I pushed a bit but realised that a log was ready to come out as I could feel it starting to poke out of my bum, I clenched my bum and managed to suck the log back up but I was pretty sure I'd have marks in my knickers as I could feel they were giving me a wedgie. I realised I hadn't been for a poo in three days and the log felt pretty big, as I stood up I said "I need a poo," so Lucy came into my ensuite and sat on the floor. As I've mentioned in other posts, Lucy and I are totally used to seeing each other on the loo and we tell each other exactly what we need so we know whether to go in to the toilet with each other or not- if its just a wee we know it'll be quick so usually we don't bother coming in, but if we say we want a poo we know it might take a while so that's when we do go in so we can keep chatting. Anyway, back to the story, I went over to the loo, pulled down my pale blue knickers and sat on the seat, I relaxed my bum and felt the log starting to poke out slowly and I moaned with releaf, Lucy said "Sounds like you really needed to go, why did you hold it so long?" I said "I didn't, I thought I just had to fart and then all of a sudden I was desperate for a poo, just as well I could get on the toilet quick!" I looked down at my knickers which somehow had remained clean despite the fact they'd been wedged up my bum. I could feel the log getting fatter and knew I would have to start pushing so I took a deep breath and bore down, after a few pushes like that I could feel I'd gone red, to be honest that's quite normal for both of us so Lucy never said anything to draw attention to it. By now the log was at its widest point and it was quite hard and knobbly. I relaxed for a moment and realised it was too far out to get sucked back up so I gave myself a breather for a couple of minutes, Lucy said "Are you constipated?" and I said "I didn't think so but I must be a bit, I've got a massive log stuck half way out of my bum!" I started to bear down again even harder and couldn't help grunting as I drew breath, again I know Lucy quite often needs to push when she has a poo and also ends up having to grunt so it wasn't too embarrassing. I suddenly felt the log move faster and realised the fattest part was through, it started to speed up a bit and a few seconds later I moaned with releaf as it dropped, it made a loud plop and splashed my bum! I could feel more poo inside me so I pushed again and felt another log starting to make its way out, I expected this one to be easier but as it slowly started to come out I realised it was another big one. I spent the next few minutes straining and eventually managed to get the log to drop. I took some loo roll and wiped my bottom before flushing, pulling up my knickers and washing my hands. Lucy then said she needed a wee, so she dropped her knickers and sat on the seat, as she was weeing she said "I should really try to have a poo, I haven't been for a couple of days and I don't want to get constipated."
I said "Do you feel like you need to go?" and she replied "Not really, but I might as well try." By now her wee stream had stopped and I saw her take a deep breath and start to push, a few hard pushes and grunts later she said "I must have needed a poo after all, its coming out now" and kept on straining for a few more minutes , just like me she had gone red by now. Soon after I heard a plop as her poo dropped and then she passed a few more pieces which didn't need quite so much pushing. Lucy said "Right, I'm finished," and took some toilet paper to wipe her bum. She then flushed, pulled up her knickers and washed her hands, and we both went back into my room to get ready for bed. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!


Reply to kmd

Hiya kmd
Thanks for your questions, I'll try to answer them all lol if I can,
Cinema:- yes they were all large so they ended up piling to the surface & yes it did smell!
As for the skirt pulling down thing, yes I always pull my skirt down for the exact reason you mentioned. One toilet I went in years ago (after school about 15 years ago, and i was wearing my school skirt) had some womans blood from her period on the seat!! I knew this as she also left her soaking bloody tampon on the floor so I used the next cubicle - alarmed at what I saw - and had my wee. So since then I always pull my skirt down.
Hope you're ok?!
My IBS is playing up at the mo, Cramps mainly,
Though my Colpermin capsules are sorting me out slowly!!
Look forward to your next post! J x


To Jane

Well, as a matter of fact I do wear diapers. After I had a bad bladder infection, I started to wet the bed nightly and also had day time accidents. There were times when I had a diaper on pretty much 24/7. Recently it improved and I had no accidents in the past few weeks. But I did shit myself about a month ago. Was diapered at the time, so no big deal.

Tim (and Sally)

Teaching My Cousin

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here with another childhood story. This one happened when I was 14 years old here goes:
One weekend in the spring, my cousin Rose, who was now 11 years old, was visiting us and she was going to stay with us for a week. Her family were from a farm, just like us, so we both loved being outdoors. The week passed quickly, and soon it was Saturday. Rose's last day with us was Saturday, as she would be leaving on Sunday morning. As a farewell present, I asked her if, after lunch, she would like to go for a walk with me in the forest. She loved to be outdoors, so she agreed instantly. It was a hot day, so before we left, we drank lots of water. I called Sally to ask if she wanted to come as well, but she said that she had bad diarrhoea, and didn't want to risk walking with us in case she had an accident. I told her to get better soon, and Rose and I set off on our walk. We had been walking for about 30 minutes when Rose turned to me and said, "Tim, I need to do a wee!" I needed to go as well, so I suggested that she go and squat behind some bushes. She replied, "No, I can't do that because Mum will kill me if I get these pants dirty!" So I thought for a minuted, before saying, "Rose, do you want me to teach you how to pee standing up like a boy?" Rose thought for a minute, before agreeing to it. She's always been a bit of a tomboy, and today was no different. So, I led her behind some bushes. "Ok, Rose, the first thing you need to do is to lower your jeans and undies to your ankles." Rose obediently unbuckled her belt, unzipped the fly on her jeans, and pushed them to her ankles, followed by her pink undies. While she was getting ready, I unbuckled my own belt and unzipped the fly on my jeans, in preparation for the demonstration. Once she was ready, I said to her, "OK, Rose, I'm now going to do a wee, so that you can get some idea of how to do it." With that, I took my penis out of my fly, held it with both hands, and pissed a powerful stream for 2 and a half minutes non-stop. Rose watched intently, never once taking her eyes off of me. Once I was done, she said, "Your snake has no hat. I've never seen that before!" I laughed, then we went back to work. "OK now, Rose, it's your turn now. Put both of your hand on your vagina and spread it widely. Make sure to push hard while you pee to avoid splashing." Rose nodded, and put both of her hands on her vagina and spread it widely. She pissed a powerful steam that lasted for a good 30 seconds longer than my own. While she was urinating, I felt the urge for a poo. I couldn't be bothered to squat, so I simply pushed my jeans and undies to my ankles and adopted a high squat with my bum jutting outwards. I was fortunate to have answered Nature's call right there and then, as I released what I thought was a fart but what actually turned out to be diarrhoea. It splattered onto the ground, followed by three wet farts and more diarrhoea. I grunted with each wave of water that flowed out of my anus. Rose, who was by now finished, wiped her vagina with some grass, pulled her jeans and undies back up, and gave me a concerned look. "Are you alright Tim?" she asked me. "Yes, I'm fine, just a little diarrhoea!" I told her. Rose thanked me for teaching her how to go like a boy, and found me some grass to wipe my bum with. I wiped, and once I had pulled my jeans and undies back up, we began the walk home. One month later, I received a letter from Rose, saying that she had taught all of her friends how to pee standing up! I smiled to myself, and thought that I was a pretty good teacher when it came to these things. Until the next story, stay safe, everyone!

Hello everyone. I have a story about when I knew that my then-boyfriend was 'the one'. Most people's stories are probably not poop-related, but mine is. I guess I should start by saying that I'm shy about going #2, and I used to be far worse than I am now.

Many years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I'd been dating a guy for a while. Things were good between us, but my shyness was making it difficult. I could not bring myself to go #2 when he was around, which made it especially uncomfortable when I stayed the night. Up until this incident, I had been lucky and managed to not have any major uncontrollable urges. But as we all know, no streak can last forever.

My boyfriend had planned a romantic weekend away for us. I was excited at first, until I really began to think about it. I'm a once-a-day girl and pretty much always have been. There was little chance I could make it all weekend without having to go #2. I made what turned out to be the best decision of my life to just go and deal with it when the time came, come what may, rather than risk him leaving me.

Anyway, the weekend was lovely, until the inevitable happened. I had made it until the last morning and there was a while it was looking like I might have been hit with a really convenient bout of constipation. But alas, no dice. It was early that morning and I could feel that I needed to go #2. The need was increasing every minute and holding it the rest of the day and then the drive home was just not an option.

So I gently got out of bed, trying not to wake my boyfriend, but I didn't succeed. He asked where I was going, and I said I just needed the toilet. He said okay, rolled over and (I assumed) went back to sleep. I went into the bathroom, turned on the fan and prepared to 'do my business'.

I was incredibly nervous, and even though I had needed to go very bad while in bed, now I was sitting on the toilet and nothing was coming out. I did eventually start going, but I was soon interrupted by a knock at the door. My boyfriend was wondering if I was alright, saying I'd been in there a while. I looked and saw that it had been fifteen minutes. I shouted back that I was fine and almost done.

I finished up, wiped, flushed, and sprayed some of my perfume around. I doubt it really helped, but I was willing to try anything. When I came out, I half expected him to be disgusted with me, but he didn't seem to care and just went in and closed the door.

I was still upset and sat on the bed and tried not to cry. But I failed miserably. When I heard the toilet flush, I wiped my eyes as best I could, but he came out and knew I'd been crying. He asked what was wrong, and I said nothing. He persisted and finally I told him the whole story about being embarrassed to go #2.

He comforted me and told me he didn't care at all. It was perfectly normal, and "I do it too you know", he said. That helped me a ton, probably more than he ever knew. And after that day, there was never a doubt in my mind that he was 'the one', my soulmate. We're now happily married and have two kids.


To Josh the new guy!

Hi Josh...and welcome.
I'm Tyler; we have a lot in common, maybe you've read some of my posts. You are sure not alone with encopresis.....I read a lot about my issues and there are **many many** kids like us.
For you; was there some event or "trigger" in your life that caused you to begin holding? Some of us can identify something from very young childhood....and others (like me) really can't. I wish I could.
Anyhoo......glad you feel comfortable here....As for me....go ahead and ask me anything you want. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.


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