Witnessing Girl With Autism Pooping

So today, I was in the PE locker room and I witnessed this Autistic girl pooping. We have to share the locker room with the kids and teachers from this program for severely Autistic children because they have a pool in the same like basement as the gym where they do therapies and stuff and after gym my friend and I and my gym teacher went into the women's locker room which smelled like feces mixed with chlorine from the pool. I could see that there was a girl who was Autistic butt naked on a towel that was trying to poop. There were a couple of teachers from this program sitting silently waiting for the girl to push her poop out. I ran to go get my key for my locker when I saw the girl trying to push. I then quickly clothed myself when I again saw the girl pushing her poop out. I heard her make noises and cry when a teacher from the program complemented her possibly on her poop. I did not see or hear the feces go into the towel which the teachers possibly set up for this girl since she was not toilet trained or has trouble producing a bowel movement in a diaper . On my way out of the locker room I saw a teacher possibly bringing in a wipe to clean her butt after she pooped.

Brandon T

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To: Connie great story about your mega dump it sounds like you had alot to get out and it sounds like you really enjoyed it to and I bet you felt beyond amazing afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Obeservant Guy as always another great set of catches.

To: Raina it sounds like you had a really rough day.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story and it sounds like you already got your next story brewing up I look forward to reading it thanks.

To: Rachel great story about your big poop at school it sounds like it was a really good one to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I just took a simple small per before I go to sleep. I could smell the tea tincture in my urine. Good night.


Boyfriend enema

Hey everyone....I have been a follower of this site off and on over the last couple years..
Anyway,this last weekend I visited my BF and stayed at his place...on Saturday morning I got up with a major stomach ache and knew that it was because I had not had a BM in three days..I tried for a half hour to action.. Totally plugged up...My BF ask if I was sick as he wanted to use the bathroom???I confessed my problem and ask if he had any laxatives or a suppository???He said he didn't but he had an enema bag which he used once in awhile when he was constipated...I was BF took enemas? He never mentioned them over the two years we had been dating....
SO... I said really I could certainly use one I mom used to give them to me for the very same problem when I lived at home...he said he would be glad to help if I needed or I could use the bag myself...I said he could give me one if he was not to embarrassed..
He said no big deal...and got a warm soapy mixture ready and filled the bag and give it to me...OMG cramped up like painfully ...Finally took the bag and yes it was the best relief ever...So guys if you are really plugged up don't be embarrassed to use the old fashion enema bag....later..

To Josh: How many days do you usually hold in your poop? When you finally let it out, is the log very fat, dry, and knobby? I am a lifelong poop holder as well, been holding it ever since I was little and now I cant stop. I would love to hear about your experience with encopresis, constipation, and holding.

I wonder if...

Has anybody such a remembrance?

I've read some stories on previous pages;one of the most interesitng was story of Julie from page 646.Now I think I'd like to have such a situation: i'm on a similar train station and have very strong urge to poo,so i'm goig to the toilet (looking just as that in this story) and i see that a cleaning lady is just cleaning toilets.I ask her if i could use one of them and she tell me to go ahead,still cleaning the other stands.So i unzipp my trousers and squat over the hole next to her and start to push...
Had anybody situation like this (or similar)?

Mr. Clogs


Connie: First welcome and I enjoy your posts of taking a mega dump in the toilet. Wow that was a lot turds that was built up in you. Keep the posts coming.

Observant Guy: Interesting post about your sister-in law.

Bloated Butt: I really enjoy your posts especially answering Linda from Australia question. Appreciate the details and keep the posts coming.

As for me nothing interesting to report. I probably need to clean out after Thanksgiving and stuff. Bowels been less than spectacular here lately, Guess I'm have to up my fibre intake.

Take care everybody!

--Mr. Clogs


Squat toilet mess and airplane poop

Hi. Been constipated for the last while despite a healthy diet and lots of exercise. I'm in Taiwan right now visiting my in-laws for the first time. I'm having a great time but my stomach is swollen and it doesn't feel or look nice. The last time I pooped was Sunday just before we landed in Taiwan. I started twitching on the airplane and complaining that my stomach hurt so I got up to go to the bathroom but both bathrooms were occupied! I suddenly got really hot and sank to the floor not feeling well. I thought it was a seizure coming because usually I get really hot before one comes. Finally someone came out of the bathroom and I went in. I pulled my jeans and undies down and sat with my head on the sink as my bowels unloaded. It took a few minutes. I couldn't take my time in there because we were landing. I was supposed to be in my seat. But it was either that or shit my pants and I was NOT going to meet my in-laws for the first time with a load in my pants. After about 5 minutes I felt done. I wiped as best as I could and stood to pull up my clothes. There were 3 logs in the toilet each about 6 inches long. My stomach still hurt after that but I couldn't go anymore. I haven't been able to poop since :( And I've been eating nothing but healthy stuff and walking tons.

Today my husband and I went to a restaurant called The Modern Toilet where they serve food and drinks in literally, toilet, bedpan and urinal shaped dishes! Our drinks came in urinals and our food came in toilets and bedpans. And for dessert we got ice cream in the shape of poop. LOL. After I had to pee so I used their only bathroom which had a squat toilet! I've never used one so obviously I was in for a challenge. I thought I was doing well but I ended up making a big mess because my pee sprayed forward onto the floor (and my pants :( ) not downwards into the toilet. I had to clean up the bathroom as best as I could with toilet paper and walk around with my shopping bags covering my mishap (big wet spot on the leg of my yoga pants-thankfully black. What a disaster

Little Mandi
What up guys? I don't really have nothing to post. I kinda feel a poop coming on. I haven't been in a few days so its about that time.

It seems like the ''puke bug'' is going around my family. My grandmom was throwing her guts up last week for an entire day now today my mom has it.
When I had the bug I never threw up. I only got the diarrhea part of it and was lucky enough to stop it with the pepto bismol. I sure hope I don't get it again.

I'm gonna do these surveys I saw on here now.

1. Are any of you embarrassed to use a public restroom?
Yes,very. I'm extremely extremely poop shy and would never be able to go unless I was gonna truly poop myself. Sometimes I even get pee shy.

2. How would you react if someone farted in a public place?
I may give a funny look to myself but I wouldnt act any type way. I don't bother me when people fart around me. Sometimes I even think its funny.

3. Does Thanksgiving affect your bowel habits?
No,I poop normal still.

4. Do you wipe standing up or sitting? Sitting down if I have only done I wipe sitting down.

5. Would you use the other restroom in a public place if your restroom was out of order and you are desperate to go?
No,Probably not.


(1) what was your longest toilet session in the bathroom, and why?
I think the longest time I took in the bathroom was about 45 minutes that one time I was extremely constipated for 7 days.

(2) dirtiest place you've gone to go to the bathroom?
I dont remember where I was but I remember this bathroom was filthy. The floors were soaked and it smelled really bad.

(3) most odd place you've gone to go to the bathroom?
Never went to the bathroom anywhere but a toilet. I did go pee in the ocean before but who hasnt?

(4) worst moment to go to the bathroom?
I'd say during a long car ride or something like that.


Pooing right now

Okay, so, I'm feeling the beginnings of a need to poo. I'll be on the toilet shortly and I'm going to type my experience as they're happening. Oh, I just let off a long wet fart. Better get to the bathroom.

Alright, sitting on the toilet now, about to begin. Brrt Ppptt Ppprrrtt. Some gas before I start pooing. It's already smelling in here and I haven't done any poo yet. Pfffffffft. A nearly silent puff of gas announced the crowning of my first turd. Just the first little bit is poking out. Maybe a small push will help it on its way. Nnnhh.

Good, it's sliding out easily. Still coming. Seems pretty long. Ploop. Brraaaaaaaaaarrt. Whoa, that was a loud fart! Pfft Pfft Pfft. Man, I wonder what I ate that gave me all this gas. I don't usually fart this much. Another turd's emerging. It's much softer and just oozing right out. Flump!

I think I'm done, but my stomach's still rumbling. It's probably just more gas. I'll sit for a bit longer and find out. Prrrrttt. Braaarrt. Pff Pff Pppffffffffttt. Oh yeah, that did the trick. My stomach feels soo much better now that I farted a bunch more times. Alright, gonna send this off, then wipe myself.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Love, Alexa

Bloated Butt

To Connie:

My goodness! You sound almost like me! I often have really huge BMs because of my metabolism, and also because I enjoy holding them in for longer than I need to. Even without doing anything, I typically poop every 2-3 days. But many times I deliberately hold them in for an additional day or two, simply because I enjoy the feeling. Sometimes it backfires, though. Have you ever ended up really constipated because you haven't pooped in so long?

I pooped yesterday, on Friday the 22nd, almost a week since my last BM which was on the previous Saturday the 16th. I had intended to poop Wednesday or Thursday but I just didn't for some reason, so by Friday I pretty much looked pregnant, waddling around our house with my stomach bulging and heavy with poop. My boyfriend wasn't home but Alicia was over and she noticed my stomach, and I just told her I was a little backed up. I was passing a lot of gas but managed to keep it mostly discrete, not dropping huge loud farts right in front of her. My butt felt like I had a grapefruit stuffed deep inside and I was basically waiting for her to leave so I can finally plonk down on the toilet and plop it all out.

At one point Alicia was telling me about this mixed martial arts thing that she does. I said before that Alicia is really into working out and has a terrific body. She's a little taller and much more athletic than I am, and she wanted to demonstrate some kind of move. I honestly wasn't feeling up to it but I went along anyway, so we pushed the coffee table to the side of the living room. Alicia told me to punch at her, I've never thrown a punch in my life so I just sort of swung my arm at her slowly, and she caught it and before I knew it she was standing behind me, restraining both of my arms! She was so fast, it was like a blur. I struggled to break free but she was simply way too strong.

"You barely even tried to hit me" she said, letting my arms go. "Try again, this time really try to hit me."

This time I swung my arm harder, and the result was the same. Like nothing, Alicia caught my wrist in mid-air and pretty much spun me around, somehow got my other arm, and held them both behind my back with just one arm.

"So how successful is this against someone who actually knows how to fight?" I said. My bloated stomach bulged out and it was difficult to hide it with Alicia holding my arms behind me.

"I've done it on other people in my class. None of them are as slow as you, though" said Alicia.

I struggled to get free but she held me fast, "So what if someone has a gun or whatever?"

"If they have a gun you run the heck away. Same thing if they had a knife, too. This is just for unarmed opponents" She didn't actually say 'heck', by the way. "Can you get free?"

I strained really hard, but her single arm was strong enough to easily hold both of mine, "No." I sighed in defeat.

"Good," she said, and then she tripped me and I fell to the floor! She still had my arms in a lock with her left arm, but now lying behind me as I lay on my left side, and her legs wrapped around my legs. I tried to pull my legs apart, but couldn't. I could feel Alicia's strong legs hold my soft ones in a firm grip. I honestly couldn't move!

"Ow! Alicia!" I yelled.

"Wow, seriously, you're like the easiest sparring partner I've ever had. No offense." she said, laughing.

"'s not funny...". My stomach rumbled with gas and building pressure, and we both heard it.

"Are you okay?" She reached around with her right arm and felt my bloated stomach, pressing against it slightly.

"Uhnnnnn...I just need to use the toilet..." I sighed. I was hoping to hold it until she left, but it had already been six days since I pooped and I felt like I had to poop out a redwood tree. Plus her wrestling me to the ground probably kickstarted something.

"Oh Gosh. Sorry, sweetie" said Alicia, and she let me go. I shot her a quick glare as I got up and went to the bathroom. A massive log was right at my anus when I sat down, and slowly inched its way out as I pushed, stretching me wider and wider. After a few seconds of pushing I had to stop and catch my breath, and the poop stopped moving. I groaned as I felt a tremendous load behind the thick log, my bowels were so packed and full. I felt my stomach and rubbed it with both hands, then reached down and behind me to massage my buttcheeks and hips. The thick turd was so wide and massive that it didn't move unless I pushed really hard. I could feel so much poop pushing on the main log from deep inside me, but it completely plugged me up and nothing could get past it. I wanted to just bear down and push it out. The pressure and urge was agonizing but I have to admit it felt pretty good.

This went on for at least twenty minutes, maybe half an hour. I would push and push, the thick dense log would inch out a little, then I'd have to stop and catch my breath while the log just sat there with fifty pounds of poop pressing down on it. Finally the load of poop seemed to "win out" and the pressure became so great that I had to just bear down and push, and the log started coming out on its own, although it still went slowly. But finally it plopped out and landed in the toilet with a splash, immediately followed by an avalanche of turds. I grunted and pushed, the toilet echoing with farts and plops. There were several other huge turds but they came out more easily and quickly, stretching me wide for only a couple of seconds before plopping into the water.

I was done after almost 45 minutes of pooping and when I came out I saw Alicia watching TV. She looked at me and said "Feeling okay?"


"Wow, I literally beat the crap out of you, didn't I?"

I collapsed onto the sofa, "Yep. You sure did. In my own house, too."

My boyfriend came in a little while later, and later still Alicia had to leave. I had another BM later that evening but it was smaller (by my standards), only a couple of 2.5-inch thick and 8-inch long logs and some smaller ones. My boyfriend lucked out in missing my earlier BM!

Thanks for reading!

Observant Guy

Dumping after Dunkin

I'm back again with another observation. To fully inform you I must give some extra info.

There are 3 ladies who work in the chief's office at the fire department I work for. One of them is in her early 20's and is slim blonde and relatively new. The second is in her mid 20's slim, brunette and looks like a young Denise Richards( funny her name is Denise too). The third is in her 40s or 50s and she is such a sweet lady. Anyway, my position in the station has the cleaning responsibilities for the chief's office and all the bathrooms in the office, along with the halls and chief's car.

So I was cleaning this morning in the office when I came to take Denise's trashcan and empty it. In her trash, I noticed that there was a Dunkin donuts rounded from a chicken sandwich and Denise was sipping on a hot tea. I left and rounded up the remaining trashcans including the can from the women's toilet. In the trashcan from the women's toilet was an empty Dunkin donuts cup. I checked the toilet for cleanliness (and skid marks) and finished my work. I dumped out the trashcans and returned them to their owners and locations.

Later in the shift(all office staff had left for the weekend) I was sent to inventory some new masks in the workshop. The workshop is near the office so I decided to check the ladies toilet again (for what else, skid marks). To my surprise I saw some small flecks of poo and some very small skid marks. I immediately suspected June (the sweet older lady ) of being the one who pooped, but then I noticed the empty cup of tea from Dunkin donuts... I think that the chicken sandwich had to come out of Denise sometime in the afternoon before she went home... Won't know for sure and I am not going to make a habit of hanging out by the chief's office... I have more important things to do... Like fight fires. Oh well...


I just drank a psyllium brew. I want my bowels firm. I will do so again tonight. I was on a fast which I had no bowel movements for 48 hrs. The fast worked-nothing but pee. I then put probiotics in me last night, with lentil soup, grain bread, cheese rinds, sherbet and ground flax. This morning, my bowels were light brown and mushy-nothing to write about.

As for reading, I rarely read on the toilet unless I get a new book or magazine at home and I need the toilet. Mail arrives here at noon.

When I was nine, my dad took me to his aunt's house in the dead of winter.We took a subway-el train, then walked. It was a January. I hated the cold. I was dressed in my school gym navy sweats, sneakers, underneath, my mother layered me with a maroon Hanes panty, white long johns, and maroon panty hose tights. I like his aunt. She is fun. I ate a second lunch of hot leftovers. Around 2PM, I had to make #2. If I were in school, I would have held it until I got home. So, I had a comic book and I took aunt's fashion magazine and headed to the toilet. I undid the drawstring on the pants, pulled them down with the long johns, panty hose and the maroon panty. It was cold in that bathroom, so I kept the clothes close to my upper thighs. With no effort my bowels released soft brown chunks. I was reading awhile when my father asked for me. I opened the door, as if he never saw such a sight. I told him that I was fine and leaned over, kissed and pet my afro-haired head. He closed the door and I kept on looking at the pretty females. At one point, I peed and farted. I was in there for almost 30 minutes, when I decided that I had enough. I put down the magazine, took toilet paper, opened my thighs, wiped my hairless kitten, then leaned over and wiped my behind with another 2 wads of paper. Then, Aunt came along and I opened the door. "Timeeka, you in there a long time." I said, "It's my stomach. I made #2." She saw the toilet, me in a sexual position with my pants and underwear down. I pulled up my clothes, piece by piece and flushed the toilet. She told my father, "Nephew, your daughter made a nasty loose #2." He told her, "Yeah, but she's healthy."



Hello everyone. Thanks for the warm welcome earlier. I have replies for Raina, Josh and Stacy!

Stacy: you poor girl. It must have sucked to poop and pee your panties like that, but I gotta say your story made me blush ...!

Raina: Im so sorry you get so upset after your accidents. personally I find it endearing! Id totally be your friend in those situations, help you get home before people saw and maybe even make it an excuse to pee my own pants. then you wouldnt have to be sad hopefully :(

Josh: hello and welcome...I am also new and the same age as you x

Not a story to share yet as I am busy. Maybe later x

I drank my psyllium brew 2 yesterday. My bowels have been loose for a long time and they need toning. My movements have been solid like rope. Today, I was in a posh hotel where I always stop because the toilets are clean. It's cold here. 23 degrees F. I am wearing pants. After church, I went to the hotel toilet before heading home. I felt the urge in my bowels. So, I stopped off, found a stall, put my coat on the hook, undid my navy wool dress slacks and white Hanes full-cut panty to my ankles. It felt good in that handicapped stall and I pushed out what seemed to be an endless yellow smooth roll. I did not pee, but I sat for about 10 minutes. A female took the next stall to pee. She let down her charcoal slacks and white Jockey panty to her ankles and took a short pee, wiped and flushed. She was quick. I wiped myself 3x, and I left an odor. I flushed, went to the sink. My clothes were fixed. I saw the girl-an Asian fixing her slacks. She zipped up and left.

bill meh

Post Title (optional) constipation

Iwas eating bagles allweek for breakfast, and they seemedto stop me up very bad.. 2 times this week i didnt poop for a few days and when i had to it was sitting there for a long time, pushing and waiting, a few times it went back in so i got up and came back to try again, it happened yesterday too very hard and dry just creeping out of me...

How many of you have tried adult diapers and how many are curious about it and would like to try it?

I wear them myself day and night to protect me from frequent accidents. I like the comfy feeling and good protection and was curious how many others are out there.

Mr Inquisitive

For Connie

Hi Connie, awesome pooping story.

Are your dumps always that huge? If so what do you eat to make them that big?! And do you really feel sorry for the toilet that has to experience your load? (Sarcasm)


Response to Tyler and Steven

First I'll respond to Steven's survey.

1. Are any of you embarrassed to use a public restroom?
No, not really.

2. How would you react if someone farted in a public place?
I'd look at them. Then walk away
3. Does Thanksgiving affect your bowel habits?
Not really.
4. Do you wipe standing up or sitting?
I do both. Usually sitting.
5. Would you use the other restroom in a public place if your restroom was out of order and you are desperate to go? (Only one restroom is open)
Yes, when you need to go you need to go.

To Tyler
I get urges every 3-5 days sometimes more often, but never more than 5 days. Sometimes i get an urge, but its little so i ignore it. I usually can tell by the smell of my gas if its worth sitting on the pot. If it smells strong, I poop.

Suprisingly after 5 days my poop is soft. Not gooey but clay like. I remember when I didnt poop for 10 days. When i finally went it was all easy to pass. It was thick and multicolored. One big log.

Most of my BM's are usually one big turd, orange-brown, have a strong smell, are lengthy and girthy, make a lot of wiping, and leave quite a few skidmarks in the toilet.

I wish I could poop outside more. It is fun, I like the freedom and the feeling of pinching a loaf outdoors with nature. Not to mention peeing. I have pooped infront of a boy and peed. But never around a girl, oddly enough.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt (again)

You asked me if my friend noticed that I was constipated when I stayed at her place 10 years ago, if she noticed that I wasn't feeling well and that I was bloated, full of poop. She didn't notice and I didn't tell her either. I was very poop shy back then, I hated doing a poo at friend's houses or when I went away on holidays. It didn't help that I was prone to constipation anyway (and I'm still prone to it) and I could only do a poo at home. Now I'm able to poop in public toilets and I don't mind using them when I'm constipated, to try for a poo. I've never had to help anyone out with constipation before. I've never had anyone help me either. I always go about it alone and I prefer it that way. I have a story about a time when I was constipated and had to try for a poo in a public toilet.

One time in particular, I went to a shopping centre and walked around for a while, hoping to get the poo moving. I had been constipated for a few days and the poo needed to come out. I made my way to the public toilets and chose the last cubicle. I spent ages pushing and straining (probably close to an hour) when the cleaner came in to clean the toilets. I had a few inches of poo sticking out of my anus and it was stuck. It wouldn't budge and I couldn't just wipe and leave. The cleaner announced that she was in there to clean the toilets but I didn't care, I wasn't going to leave until I could push at least a bit of poo out. I continued to push and strain with all my might but the poo was so big and hard that it wouldn't move - not matter how hard I tried. In a desperate attempt to get it out, I stood up and strained like there was no tomorrow. I was so constipated and in dire need for a poo!! Then I sat down and kept straining. The turd broke off and fell into the toilet - it was only a few inches long and I felt defeated. My anus was sore and burning from all the straining. I still had massive loads of poo in my bowels but I knew I couldn't get them all out that day. I had already spent well over an hour on the toilet and I was badly constipated!! So I wiped my butt, I used lots of toilet paper because I had lots of dry, sticky poo stuck to my anus. Even after wiping several times, I knew I hadn't wiped properly but I pulled my pants up anyway. My anus was still burning when I left the public toilets to drive home. When I got home, I went to the toilet again (my housemate wasn't home, luckily) and I found dried up poo in my knickers. I spent another hour pushing the hard load out. I felt better but it made my anus bleed.


to timee

Yeah, well usually I do, this one time I didn't .....


Post Title (optional) To Jasmin K

Yes I was very, very constipated when I was around 6 and 7 years old. I didn't have piles as a child, I developed them later in life, only about 2 or 3 years ago. I'm surprised I didn't have them before because I've had some bad bouts of constipation in the past. They are okay now but when I've been doing too much straining, they pop out and bleed.

I've actually been doing very well with my pops lately, I've had no constipation issues for about 6 weeks now. Which is great for me!

I have a few questions:

For all of the constipated people on here, what was the longest time you have spent on the toilet, while doing a poo?

For me, the longest time I've spent on the toilet was 2 hours. This doesn't happen very often although its not unusual for me to take an hour on the toilet, when I'm constipated.

For those of us who get constipated all the time, are you overweight? And do you have piles from too much straining?

I'm not really overweight but if I did lose some weight, it wouldn't hurt me. I've got big bones and a solid build. I've had piles before but they are okay for now.

For the girls, do you tend to get more constipated when its that time of the month?

Yes, this happens to me. When I've got my period, my constipation seems to get worse.

Have you ever been out somewhere in public, like a restaurant, cafe etc and overheard people talking about constipation?

I remember a few years ago, I was out shopping in the city. Two women were walking towards me and I heard one of them say to the other one "I'm really constipated right now!" The one who said she was constipated was overweight, whereas her friend was skinny.


To Jemma, Jess, Abby,Troy, Anatomy student, Abigale&Megan

Hi folks,

I would have posted before now but I have not been well for the past two weeks with cold/flu :-( but I've enjoyed reading all the posts now I'm better. I've not had much appetite so my dumps have been smaller than usual.

@Jemma - great post about the cinema poo you had but I felt sorry about the lack of toilet paper in the loo. It must have been a big relief to have been able to release all those plops and wet farts. You mentioned the loo was busy so I'm glad you didn't have to wait for a cubicle given your urgent need. I hope your belly felt better after your poop and your toilet visit didn't spoil the film. Spending 10 minutes in the loo is not that long - the main issue is to be able to have your bowel completely open and emptied.

As for the lack of loo paper I'd suggest maybe keeping a small pack of tissues in your handbag to save you from having to find an unoccupied cubicle with loo paper (not always easy) when you're very desperate. I help out as a volunteer at a local charity and part of my duties involves cleaning the ladies and gents loos. The cubicles each have two loo paper holders so if one runs out of paper there is another as "backup"...clever idea ..maybe your local cinema could try it!

I also enjoyed your stories about your pub and Premier Inn poos - especially how you described your big fart ("FAAAARRRRT") prior to plopping in the pub loo - very descriptive LOL.

I have some questions for you about your cinema poop. When you were plopping in the cinema you mentioned that the first five plops slid underneath the water. Did the rest of your plops do the same or did they start to pile up above the surface? I wondered because it sounds as though all your plops were quite large.. Was it very smelly by the time you'd finished? (my plops sometimes are)

Also, do you always pull your skirt down with your tights when you're about to poo? Or do you sometimes pull your skirt up around your waist and then pull down your tights and knickers together - for example if you're not feeling so desperate? When you pull your skirt down do you let it go down to your feet or just to your knees? I once had a friend who pulled her skirt down to the floor of a loo in a restaurant and it got ruined because the cleaner had put a product containing bleach on the floor and it hadn't dried properly :-( After that she always pulled her skirt up around her waist when pooping at work or in a public loo.

I had an interesting similar experience with running out of loo paper in a supermarket toilet that I'll tell you and others about next time I post (worried that this post is going to be a bit long otherwise..) Anyway, perhaps you can answer my questions and I look forward to your next post. Keep the stories coming - they're brill..

Jess - good stories about your trip to France. Sorry to hear you're poop shy - hopefully if you visit this site in the future and read more stories it will help you overcome that. I hope the monster turd that you passed at the campsite wasn't a painful experience for you (didn't sound like it). As for it not flushing that's nothing to worry about - cleaners are used to dealing with that sort of situation - the important thing was that you got some relief. During my cleaning duties mentioned above I often come across big turds and "log jams" that haven't flushed (usually in the ladies as it happens) and it doesn't bother me - I just sort it out. Hopefully we'll hear more stories from you..

Abby - liked the story about your hunting trip. Good that you were able to squat behind a bush and let out those two big turds rather than trying to hold on. If you've got any more stories about pooping outside perhaps you could share them.

Troy - sorry to hear about your ????or. If it's a stomach operation then my guess is that you probably wouldn't need an enema before the op since your stomach is "above" your bowel. However, it's probably best to ask your surgeon to be sure. Hope the op goes well.

Anatomy student - liked your "live post"

Abigale - liked your story about your huge poo in the woods. You did the right thing by stopping the group and fully emptying your bowels behind the tree; there should be no shame in doing that. I hope your friends don't make you uncomfortable by continuing to joke about it - it was a perfectly natural and sensible thing to do.

Megan - good story about your experience with your friend Charlotte

Next time I post I'll have some suggestions for Jas K and Linda and respond to some other posters that I haven't been able to on this occasion. Thanks to all those who post on here.


Park Poo

I was out on a walk in the park when I needed the toilet, I had been constipated recently and the things I took were having an effect. I had never used these toilets before as I'm shy about going in public. The bathroom was brilliant, instead of the usual large room and wooden stalls that barely cover you, they were brick walls with thick floor to ceiling doors. It felt really private. Not the cleanest of places but clean enough for my needs. I had the place to myself so I took the stall at the end and locked the door. Inside was a metal toilet with a wooden seat and a button on the wall to flush, and one of those large plastic toilet roll holders. This stall was spotless. I turned around to face the door and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them down to my ankles along with my pink knickers before sitting. I would usually lower them only to my knees but since I had so much privacy I was happy with them lower. I made myself comfortable and relaxed, I didn't need to go anywhere so I could take my time. After twenty seconds or so I softly farted and felt myself opening up as the tip of my poo started to come out. I simply relaxed, enjoying the feeling of finally let go. My poo slowly slid out of me with ease and it was pretty odourless. Things went smoothly for a few seconds, my poo seemed to go on forever and then I suddenly felt resistance. My poo was touching the bottom of the bowl and this was enough to stop it moving on its own. I pushed gently and it started moving again for an inch or do, then fell into the toilet with a gentle splash. I sat there for a few seconds and started to wee. It hissed against the metal bowl and lasted for about half a minute. I knew I wasn't finished so I pulled out my phone and started writing a text message, letting nature do things in its own time.. Mid way through the text my next poo started to slide out, this time much quicker than the first. There was a very gentle splash as it fell into the toilet, I was finally empty. I let out a small dribble of wee and stood up to look at my creation. There was a long dark brown poo curled around the perimeter, about 1.5ft and then another laying on top across the middle making about 2ft in total. I was amazed, I never thought so much could come out of little me. I hadn't been in a week but WOW! I sat down again to wipe, twice for the back and once for the front. Once dressed again I flushed. It took 3 flushes but luckily it didn't clog. I sprayed some perfume just in case and left my stall to wash my hands before carrying on with my day.


poo at Asda....

Hiya everyone!!
So for my most recent story I had a nice big sloppy poo in asda
After work Friday evening.
I'd gone there after work to pick up a few essentials & I'd been desperate for a poo
For a while, & my stomach was starting to hurt,
So decided I'd go in asda.
Toilets empty which was a plus.
This poo consisted of 3 big logs all dropping out at once plus about 8 nugget sized pieces. I wiped 4 times & flushed. Got my items plus a bottle of wine to relax with, & went home. :-)
More soon!!
I enjoy reading so many posts on here!! JEMMA x


Post Title (optional) To Jasmin K (again)

You mentioned that you use creams for piles and the cream stains your clothes, unless you wear plastic type underwear over your normal underwear. When I was a kid and I was very badly constipated, I had a problem with liquid poo leaking out into my knickers and that caused stains. It came out without warning and I couldn't stop it. It happened a several times a day too. Because I was so extremely constipated, I had to see the doctor several times. I remember one time in particular, my Mum took me to the doctor and she examined my bottom area. She told my Mum that I had lots of beads of liquid poo all over my anus and vaginal area.

As I mentioned in my other post, I didn't get piles until a couple of years ago. Considering how many times I've been constipated, I'm surprised I didn't get them when I was younger or when I had extreme constipation as a kid.

Tim (and Sally)

Sitting Seats

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 12 years old. For the weekend, Sally and I had decided to camp out together at our treehouse. We'd sleep, eat and do everything else there, and come home on Sunday night. Only, this time, we decided to invite a third person to go camping with us. We invited a girl named Cassie to come with us, as she was new to the school and didn't seem to have many friends. Cassie was from a very prudish, strict family, and was very uncomfortable with toileting or nakedness, unlike Sally and I. Nevertheless, when we spent Friday night, our first night, camping at the treehouse, we all got on well. We woke up at about 6am the next morning. When I woke up, I felt a powerful urge to pee, so, without bothering to go outside to the toilet area, I walked over to the window, opened it up, pulled my penis out and peed out of the window and onto the grass below. Cassie stood there, shocked, and asked me why I was doing that. I shrugged, saying that bodily functions are not something to hide or to be ashamed about. We forgot about it, and we spent the day playing board games in the treehouse. At about midday, Cassie went down to get something out of her backpack. While she was gone, Sally and I both felt the need for a poo, so we decided to go and use the toilet. We walked out onto the toilet balcony, and we chose our seats next to each other. Sally unbuckled the belt on her jeans and unzipped the fly. Then she pushed her jeans to her ankles. Once she had done this, she then grabbed her blue bikini undies and pushed them to her ankles as well. Once she had done all this, she then climbed up and squatted over her toilet hole, taking care to make sure that her bum was correctly positioned over the hole. I dropped my shorts and red undies to my ankles and I squatted on the hole next to her. Sally had a quick, 30-second pee and then began to grunt and heave, as a turd started to emerge from her anus. I peed quickly, then I began to push a tan-coloured turd out of my anus. Sally must have been grunting quite loudly, as Cassie suddenly appeared on the toilet balcony. She froze, before slowly asking what we were doing. "We're going to the toilet." I said. "Do you need to go as well?" Cassie nodded her head, so I motioned to a toilet hole to the right of me. Cassie slowly walked over to it, lifted up her dress, pushed her orange bikini undies to her ankles, and squatted to my right over the hole, carefully positioning her bum over the hole. I could see that she was very nervous, so I leaned across to her and said, "You'll find that it's easier after you've passed the first turd." Upon hearing this, Cassie summoned up all her strength and pushed hard, grunting loudly as she did so. An enormous turd, dark-brown in colour, emerged out of her anus. Sally, who was by now finished, wiped her vagina and anus, pulled her jeans and undies up, and said, "I'll just be inside, guys. Take all the time you need." I smiled at Sally, then I went back to concentrating on Cassie. She was almost done, and her turd broke off and dropped into the pit below with a huge thud. She let out a sigh when she heard the thud. After this, Cassie became less uptight and self-conscious, and she was able to pas four more turds while we were chatting. We finished up together, and, after wiping my own anus, I handed her the toilet roll for her to wipe her bum and vagina with. She remarked that it was easier to wipe while squatting than while sitting down. Once we had washed our hand and pulled our undies up, we went and found Sally. Seeing as the day was so hot, I suggested that we go and swim naked in the creek. To my surprise, Cassie agreed at once. So, we stripped naked and had a good swim. A good weekend, we all agreed. Especially as we had managed to show Cassie that nudity and toileting are no big deal. Until next time, peace, guys!

I just took a mega shit and have to share it. I love holding my shit as long as I can. I love the feeling of my intestines and stomach being packed and then the extreme relief of emptying them out into a poor, unexpecting toilet. Well today, I had to shit out a week's worth of used food.

I went to the bathroom and took off my pants and underwear and got comfortable on the toilet. I felt my asshole dome open and the epic shit begin. I pushed out three fat, long logs and flushed the toilet, so it wouldn't clog. Then I packed the toilet full of more of my shit, with lots of soft smelly turds.

All together, I ended up flushing down three full bowls, plus a bit more. I wiped my dirty asshole and sent the remainder of my shit on its way to the sewer.

Jemma: That is why I look to see that there is paper on the roll whether at home or public.


Hi im new

Hi everybody, im Josh, im 19, and ive been lurking on this site before but ive never posted. but i thought id feel comfortable enough to do that now. well, first off, since i was very young ive had issues with holding in poop. i did regularly throughout my childhood and sometimes it led to constipation which i also have issues with. of course even now i still hold in my poop and have accidents sometimes because of it; ive had encopresis because of it and still do to some extent. my parents have always been pretty understanding of the issue and have never gotten too angry about it, even if it does bug them sometimes. but anyway, thats kinda how i got interested in poop related stuff and stories and i like reading the stories on this site and i plan on posting some of my own sometime.

thanks! you all seem like nice people :)

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