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Food, Nicotine and Dodge Chargers

Hey everyone,

I have another adventure to share. I was checking in on Anne two days ago because I had not heard from her in a while, so I went over to her apartmet in the morning around 9am. I rang 3 times and got no answer. I headed back to my car and left her a message on facebook. To my surprise I got a quick response. She urgently wanted me to come back over. I found out that she didnt answer the door because she was on the toilet pooping. She invited me in and went back to the toilet to finish. Before she sat down again I saw 3 long yellow/brown logs at the bottom of the bowl. The bathroom stunk like rotten eggs. She only peed a little more and wiped and flushed leaving some small skidmarks at the bottom of the toilet. She hopped in the shower and after took me for a ride in her new Dodge Charger.

Later in the day my sister inlaw brought back my wife's car (upon my wife's demand because my sister in law is a bit of a weed smoker and my wife doesnt like her having the car because she has the ability to see a friend who gets her high while she is in rehab). When she got in she asked me if it was ok if she made herself something to eat. I didnt deny her the ability, so she made herself a bowl of Chunky soup. Shortly after, she asked if I had any cigarettes. I have recently switched to chewing tobacco, so I had to rummage through my military gear, where i found her a leftover pack from august. She went out on the back porch, had one and came back in the house and went straight for the downstairs bathroom. I listened and looked under the door and saw her jeans around her knees. All of a sudden she let out a huge booming fart on the toilet, then let out what sounded like some wet mushy poop. she continued to sit and periodically i heard a plop in the toilet. About 15 minutes later she flushed and came out and headed back outside to smoke again. I waited till she was out of sight then I went to investigate.

upon entry I smelled a light poop smell (lighter than her ususal smells) and observed 1 medium skidmark and a few small ones in the bottom of the toilet. I also noticed a smell of sweat, which made me think she hasn't had a shower in a day or two, or that she wasnt wearing clean undies. I took her home, met my wife out for some drinks and was able to observe my wife having a rather stinky poop later. not bad for a day making the age sweep 27 (anne) 32(my wife) and 40 (my sister in law)

I can bet I will have some stories about my wife and sister in law after thanksgiving next week... until then I will always be Observant. O.G.


To Michael

So typically go every 3-5 days; eh?

Do you mean that you just don't get urges at all for that long.....or are you getting urges but are choosing to hold?

Your poops aren't hard; even after 5 days?


i wish so bad that i didnt have this problem. i think i held my pee in too long again without realizing it. while i was at class today, i suddenly had to pee and poop really bad. i had eaten lunch over an hour ago but not much, just a sandwich and some juice. i left class and started down the hall to the restroom. i knew i had to hurry but i was dribbling pee in my panties and my stomach hurt because i needed to poop so bad. i had to basically hold both my crotch and my butt desperately. thats how bad i needed the toilet. i was pretty wet by the time i got to the bathroom door and my poop was practically forcing itself out. i tried to get into a stall and get the stall door shut. i was trying to hold it and get the lock fastened, but it wasnt working. alot of people use that bathroom and the door wont stay shut at all without being locked. i was starting to pee down my leg but the lock wasnt working. i was almost crying. i grabbed my crotch, trying not to pee anymore. while i tried to force the lock with the other hand, i started to poop my panties. i just couldnt hold it in anymore. it was not diahrrea but very soft and once it started coming out in my panties i couldnt get it stopped. and the lock stayed stuck. it was too late. all i could do was stand there holding the door shut while pee ran down my pants and made a puddle on the floor and i totally filled my panties with soft warm poop. i was such a mess. the only lucky thing was i had brought my purse with me so i didnt have to go back to class. i could just go home. and to top everything off, i went home, cleaned up in the shower and ended up crying myself to sleep, only to wake up 3 hours later, cold and with my sweatpants and panties absolutely soaked with pee. :'(

Bloated Butt
To Sarah:

Thank you for liking my story. As for your question, the answer is yes, I often have days where I'm constantly bloated and flatulent with gas. I love food and eating, and like to eat large heavy meals. Those have a side effect of making me bloated and gassy, and giving me massive bowel movements. I poop every two or three days, sometimes four or five, and a few times have gone a week without pooping, so my BMs really build up and become gigantic. All during this time I'm extremely gassy, especially the last day or two before I finally poop. If I feel a really bad fart coming on, and I'm not the only one home, I'll go into the bathroom and bend over slightly, grabbing my enormous butt and spreading my buttcheeks apart, and let it loose.

I did eventually poop last Saturday, two days after I posted that story. It was positively huge and I made a lot of noise grunting and groaning as immense turds plopped out of me. But that was the last time I had a BM and now I'm bloated and gassy again, LOL. I can feel a large mass of poop sitting in my bowels, growing larger and wider and denser with each passing day, with a ton of softer poop and gas building up behind it. It feels good but also a little uncomfortable and embarressing to be so gassy and bloated.

To Jess:

I sympathize with having huge poops and being a little poop shy. I'm still very poop shy around strangers but am much more comfortable with my boyfriend and a few of my close friends. I definitely know the feeling of having a gigantic thick log coming out of you, the sense of tremendous relief and bliss, causing you to involuntarily moan in sensual pleasure. And then having to deal with the fact that you just laid a monstrous brown egg that won't flush! Good thing it wasn't your own toilet!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F great story as always.

To: Sarah first welcome to the site and great story about your big dump at work I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Timee as always another great of stories it sounds like you had some pretty good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story about your desperate poop at the movies it sounds like you really had to go bad and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jess first welcome to the site and great set of stories about your big poops it sounds like your 2nd one probaly gave someone a big surprise and posibly impressed them and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Huge poop at school

A few days ago, I had to take a dump towards the end of a lecture. The need was manageable, so I held it for the remaining minutes. Then I went to the bathrooms in the athletics building of the university. It's a bit out of the way, but they have high powered toilets that will suck away nearly anything. See, I'm quite irregular in how often I poop, sometimes I'll go two days in a row, and other times as much as a week will go by without me having to poop. I've clogged other toilets at the school, but never in the athletics building, no matter how much I crap out.

So anyway, I hadn't taken a dump in five days, so it was going to be enormous. The bathroom has five stalls and on that day, only one was taken. I went in the stall farthest from the door (after making sure it had toilet paper, of course) and got comfortable on the toilet. Shortly, I was cranking out a fat log. It grew to about eight inches before snapping off. Two more very similar followed and I felt like I was done.

But as I started wiping, I realized that I wasn't done. I pulled the lever to flush and quickly sat back down. A warm soft gooey chocolate snake was worming out of my butt. It was very long. At one point it broke off but more kept right on churning. After several minutes of the log coming and coming, it was finally done. I finished wiping and looked at my creation before flushing them away.

The two pieces were light brown, winding and twisty. Portions of both pieces were poking out of the water in several different places. I pushed the flush and instantly it was all vaporized into a brown liquid and got sucked right down the drain, and clean water refilled, leaving absolutely no evidence that I'd just deposited a huge load in that toilet.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jasmin K

School and Constipation

Hi Everyone

Just to say my best friend Sam and I had another joint poo session
last Saturday, this time at her house. She was again struggling with constipation and had been for a couple of days. I was ok at that point, having been each morning including Saturday. As were were going out we decided to make sure we were both empty so again we took it in turns on the toilet and massaging and squeezing each other. Sam went on the toilet first and strained and strained whilst I rubbed and pressed her swollen ???? or what she calls a poo belly. Even by my standards Sam has a real bad diet eating loads of crisps and chocolate and little else.After straining for 20 minutes she dropped a few pea sised pellets moaning out loud as these tiny pellets came out saying her bum was so very sore. I offerd to put some cream on it for her which she accepted adding that she needed to carry on pushing to stop her poo going back up inside. As I applied the cream I could feel her swollen bum, like 4 or 5 big swollen and bleeding lumps or piles sticking out. Once the anesthetic effect of the cream soothed the pain she strained hard again and a log started to emerge after a few more strains splashed into the water and floated there. She wiped and put a pad in her knickers and stood and pulled them up adding that she was feeling better and was surprised how much she did in just an hour saying normally on to do that much takes her about 2 hours adding that after I had been she would have another go to get rid of any leftovers. As I sat down on the toilet and started to strain I said that I didnt actually need to poo having been that morning. She said make yourself go again, and as I strained she rubbed my ???? and after a while I felt some poo coming down, I strained had again and felt it push against my bum. Sam massaged around my bum and using 2 fingers of each hand to stretched it open as I strained. Nothing came out but my bum was feeling full like it does sometimes after I have done a big poo it still feels like there is more there and I keep straining and straining but often there isnt any more poo and the inside of my bum, a reddy pink crinkled tube like piece pops out. Its sometimes like that when I am on the toilet at school for my morning poo,I am sitting there straining and if no poo comes come then I get swollen lump/piles which will start to bleed. I have to keep straining cos I want to do a poo then sometimes my bum will start to feel full and bulges down. I press up on it with 2 fingers as I strain to try to get the poo out but sometimes its the inside that comes out. I used to just strain for a few minutes more then stop and push it back and leave trying for a poo untill later but nowadays I just keep straining untill the poo comes out or I run out of time. Anyway with Sam massaging me I strained really hard making the inside pop out. Sam thought it was a poo untill she looked. A couple of strains more and a few lumps and some softer poo came out.
I cleaned up and padded my knickers and pulled them and my jeans up.
We got ready to go out and after we were both ready Sam went back on the toilet and did some more pebbles.
Although we both had very sore bums neither of us were constipated or would get the inconvienience of having to poo whilst we were out. Despite wearing tight jeans we both wore pads because we both had Anusol on which as many who use it will know it makes nasty stains.When the fun begins we visit the toilets and remove our pads and have a clean up of the cream.
Sam knows I write to this forum and between us we have some questions.
When Sam is constipated and /or has bad piles she sometimes wears plastic pants, not like baby ones but knickers made from PVC like frenchies or boy shorts to stop blood or other 'stains' that can happen at these times showing through and doesnt need to wear a pad when she uses bum cream. She has suggested that I might try some as I get really uncomfortable sitting on a pad when my piles are bad.
Does any one else use plastic or pvc knickers during a bout of constipation or when they have piles.Do you wear them to school and if so how do you disguise them? - Sam wears them over her brief knickers and a pair of knickers over the top.

And a question for Linda, but any one else can answer as well.

Linda you said in a previous post that like me you were very constipated as a child and during school and that you also have piles. Can I ask did you have piles whilst you were at school or did you get them later? If you did have them at school did you use cream on them and how did you manage with the obvious cream smell and stains.

There are several girls I know in my school who have piles and use cream who all get the comments when others can notice the unmistakeable bum cream smell

Bye for now
Jasmin K

Gordonzola: I used to read when I little. I had these huge bowel movmements with lots of time on my hands when I was little.


I'm back

I'm back to regular every 3-5 days. They are decent sized, the only problem is the gas and smell.

It was the last period of the day, I really needed to poop. I had been having really foul gas all the day. When the bell rung, I went to the gym to change and poop. I set my stuff down, and as soon as I did, I got a stomach cramp. I needed to poop now. As I made my way there I was farting badly. I got into the stall and lowered my cargo shorts and underwear and plopped on the seat. I saw my butt in the reflection of the TP holder. I let out a big low-pitched fart and bent over so that my face was near my elbows. Not wearing shoes I spread my legs to make this easier. I pressed on my toes and out a sizeable turd crackled. I was very relieved afterwards. The first thing I noticed was how bad it smelled. I knew it wasn't diarrhea but it smelled like it.
When I stood up I saw a big turd that stretched from one part of a bowl to another. It was orangish-Brown and was quite thick. I began to wipe my ads which was completely messy. I had to wipe a lot. When I was done wiping, there was a large turd under a mound of toilet paper. It smelled really bad and I knew it wouldn't go down with all the TP. I didn't flush and left the stall.

Bill F
I've heard about this in other posts, but this is the first time this has happened to me...
I was peeing at a urinal earlier today, when my pee started to split, and I was going in two full streams. Does anyone know how this happens? This is the first time I've ever done it.

I just remembered a much earlier story of mine, when I was in kindergarten. This was before I discovered that girls poop or fart, which I talked about in one of my earliest posts. It was right after lunch, and I was sitting next to the new girl in class, Emma. She was starting to look like she needed to pee, but I didn't know how to start a conversation with her, so I stayed silent. It looked like h need was getting worse very quickly, she probably drank a lot. Just then, because most of the class was getting loud and out of control, so the teacher (I remember she was quite strict) ordered ten minutes of silence for everyone, even though Emma and I didn't do anything. She got more and more restless, and I was constantly darting my gaze between the clock and her. Halfway through our timeout, I heard a short spurt, and she shot her hand between her legs. We exchanged looks, and that was all we needed to communicate. I heard two or three more spurts, each longer ones. Finally, the timeout was over, and Emma shot her free hand in the air. She asked, in a heavy British accent, "May I please go to the loo?" The teacher said yes, and she ran out of the classroom, leaving a small trail of pee behind her. I noticed a big puddle in her chair, and a smaller one on the floor. The teacher used Emma's emergency to teach us about the different ways people say 'washroom'. Emma came back, relieved, but with tears in her eyes. I asked her "Did you make it?" She said "Yes, but my pants are soaked." She was wearing a skirt, and I didn't know that British people refer to underwear as pants, and she explained that as best as she could in her situation. Everyone else made fun of her, as there were several obvious wet spots on her skirt, but I tried to comfort her. She was depressed for the rest of the day, and by the end of that month, she had changed schools. I really feel sorry for her, and I personally have a lot of respect for anyone who can pee while running or walking, like Emma and the other girls did, as I can't. But I can, as I discovered today, pee two streams at once, and I have no idea how.
See ya next time!

I used to read on the toilet when I was little. I would take my comics or girl novels with me. I had all the time in the world. I stopped after HS. I just get in and get out.


Tyler's question

Hey Tyler. I've never really looked at someone and wondered if they have the urge or if they have pooped all day, but I have seen guys walking towards a restroom and wondered if they are going to either take a leak or pee.

There is a guy at Home Depot and it seems like we are on the same dumping schedule. He's a good looking guy, probably mid 20's, with brown hair and slight beard, and I've actually been walking behind him towards the restroom a few times and wondered if he was going to take a dump. Sure enough he was. He is actually a quiet dumper, and I noticed he sits with his jeans and underwear at his ankles. I tend to notice underwear and he always wears black trunks. Wipes while seated. Whenever I head towards the restroom i Wonder if I will run into him again.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good and a pretty big poop outside I bet you felt afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bloated Butt great fart story.

To: Megan great story about you and your friend pooping together it sounds like you both had really great poops.

To: Angie as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had 2 great poops and I bet you felt pretty good after them to.

To: Beth W as always another great story.

To: Raina first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great set of stories and I look forward to your next one thanks.

Yesterday I heard a woman have diarrhea in the bookstore bathroom she went in and sat on the toilet then I heard a wet fart then some splattering then one more wet fart then she wiped and flushed then I went in and saw a pea size glob of poop in the bowl im guesing her diarrhea exploded out just a little.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Beth W

Yeah, bedwetting can be embarrassing. The first thing I would suggest is that whether or not you decide to wear protection at night, you need to make sure that both of you have liners covering your mattresses. I'm guessing that you and your friend are still in college. Not protecting the mattress(es) runs you the risk of getting a hefty bill from the college for cleaning or replacement of the mattress. Depending on how often you are wetting the bed, you may seriously want to wear protection at night. It will make a huge difference for you in terms of dealing with it, and saving you much time with cleanup in the morning. If it's only a few times a year, then maybe it isn't necessary. If it's a few times a week, I would definitely consider it. I think you'll find that most of your peers are a lot more mature and not likely to make a big deal over it. It is possible to wear the overnight stuff (the ones with the most capacity) and still manage to make it pretty discreet that your wearing it.

Something else that you may want to try that may or may not help. Try keeping a daily log of what you eat and drink between dinner and bedtime. You'll want to note things like medications, especially those that you don't take regularly. Record things that are different in your routines, different food or drink, different volumes, alcohol consumption (if you do drink), bedtime, waking time, any events that are particularly stressful just to name a few. What you're looking for is a pattern of a difference that coincides with the nights that you are wetting the bed.


To Bloated Butt + Story

Bloated Butt: Loved your story about your mini gas attack. Im also pretty gassy so i can relate lol. Do you ever have days where your just farting all day? I had a day like that last week Any you should def share some for fart stories if you have any:)

Now for my story. Im 24 years old average height, average sized breasts with a very round butt so I've been told. Anyway the other day I had a very gassy day at work. Im usually a little gassy but that day was bad. All day I had been ripping these huge farts. Luckily I have my own office. So while I worked I was farting up a storm completely stinking up my office. At lunch I still had a lot of gas so I thought it would be best if I ate in my car where I could relieve myself freely. I couldnt believe how much gas I had. after lunch an urge to poop was building so I thought i'd better go to the washroom. I quickly walked in and went into a stall, pulled my panties down and sat. immediately I blew a loud and extremely long fart. "ahh" I sighed as my slightly bloated ???? deflated. I then started pushing out a very long piece of poop that must have been about 10'. It plopped into the water. I pushed out to more pieces that were about 6'. I wiped a few times and i was done. I still felt gassy so I farted a few times while I washed my hands. The washroom smelled terrible. After that my gas eased up and I was able to get through the rest of the day.

P.S I've been pretty gassy today though. I must have farted 5 or 6 times while writing this lol



When I was in 6th grade, I visited a church lady's house with my mother and I had books with me. It was on school holiday. I took my coat off and sat on the couch and read. Then, I saw a magazine at the same time which I felt my bowels churning and farting. I wanted to hold it back but could not. I took the copy of Ebony, and did told them that I had to use the toilet. I closed the door tight, lifted my blue and black flannel skirt, unbuttoned my pink shirt, pulled down my navy pantyhose and white Carter's panties with the little bow on the waistband to below my knees and sat on the bowl with my legs slightly apart. My bowels were firm and I went "UH" and I squeezed out 3 brown pieces 4 inches long and a fart. I picked up Ebony and read it. Then, I felt my bladder and I peed for about minute. Then after, I broke wind an dropped 2 more pieces. I put down the magazine and bent over to see bet. my legs. My mother came along looking for me. I said, "Mommy, I am in the bathroom." I opened the door and told her. "I'm on the throne taking a #2." She saw me in a sexual position with my clothes disheveled and my bowel movement floating on the water. The lady came along and said, "Your daughter has a library in here." My mother said, "Timeeka likes to read." "We'll leave you alone. We'll be awhile." They closed the door and I resumed on reading. I broke wind with another buzz and then I wiped. I put down the magazine, took paper, opened my legs and wiped my underside. I used a wad to wipe for my underside then another to wipe my hairless kitten. I sat for awhile and broke wind one more time. I was just forcing out any gas in me. I read some more until I had enough. I stood up, pulled up my undies, then let down my skirt, buttoned my shirt, put the shirt tails in the skirt waistband, then reached under my skirt and pulled up my pantyhose and panty one more time and flushed 2x because two of the pieces would not go down.

Another time, I was at another home of a deacon and his wife. I had just turned 14 and was in 8th grade. I had a book with me and I was with another girl Ari, from Sunday School. So we were talking like girls would. Anyway, I had to make #2. So, I asked for the toilet and the girl showed me. She said, "I have to pee. I'll go with you." She was wearing a nice navy skirt like mine, with a white polo shirt. We entered the bathroom. She undid her skirt, pulled it down with her yellow FOL boy shorts to below her knees, opened her legs wide, farted and peed real loud. When she finished, she wiped her black haired young cat, got up and flushed. She fixed her clothing, while I undid mine. I pulled out my white shirt tails, loosened my skirt waistband, pulled down my white pantyhose and my yellow Carter's briefs to below my knees. I sat on the toilet and just let my bowels pour out of me. It was dark brown and thick. So, I was talking to my Sunday School classmate and was thumbing through the book. "I know I am stinking the place." She said, "No worry." She had read the same book, so we talked about it. Meanwhile, my legs were open and she could see everything I owned. It was not over. I was reading and I felt another release. She said, "Dang, Timeeka, You got a loose stomach." I said, "My bowels usually soft or loose. Starting my period does not help." I was still reading and we were still talking. I put down the book on the sink to concentrate on a long pee and then a wet fart. I took up the book to read some more and let out one more small fart. Then, my Ari's mother came along asking for us. Ari cracked open the door and her mom said, "You and your friend are in toilet. OK." Her mom got a look at me. I reached for toilet paper then wiped myself. My rectum was a little sticky. I had to wipe 3x. Then, I wiped my cat when Ari said, "Your getting a little hair on your pussy." When I finished, I fixed all my clothes, adjusting the kinks in my panty hose and panties. Then, I flushed the bowl.

My last one: One Saturday morning, I woke up, opened the door to find the newspaper. I took it in and took a thin section. My folks were still asleep. I had to move my bowels 1st thing in the morning. I was a 16 year old HS junior. I was wearing a light blue pj shirt and a white nylon full-cut band-leg brief. I was reading in bed until I went to the bathroom, pulled up the seat, pulled down my panties to my ankles. My bowels released in a series of splats, wet and dry farts. I was reading the paper, just letting it all pour out. When my old man came around and found part of the paper missing. He said, "Maybe Timeeka has it." He called for me. I told him, "I'm in the bathroom evacuating my stomach." He opened the door to find me in a sexual position on the bowl. "I'll give you the paper when I come out." He said, "Take your time." Meanwhile, my bowels were still pouring out with my legs slightly apart. I was in there for about 30 minutes with the farts, cramps and pee. I put down the paper, leaned over, wiped my behind good, then my developed cat. I farted dry one more time before I stood up to pull up my panties and flush. I washed my hands, gave him the newspaper and crawled into bed with my parents.


desperate to poo at cinema, then no loo paper afterwards!

Hiya everyone!!
This story is from Friday,
My friend Ella & I went to the cinema,
& after half hour of the film, I felt a poo coming on.
It started off manageable but I became very desperate.
Ella told me she only poos twice a week, has done for years, (jealous! !)
So I started fidgeting a bit not wanting to leave the film to go poo
Ella noticed & said "Jem I know that you need the loo, just go - I'll let you know what happens in film when you get back. "
So I went, the toilets were busy unfortunately for me as I knew this would be a runny noisy splattery poo, & pulled down my black velvet skirt and tights followed by my black knickers, & as usual with me it required no effort at all to slip out of my
Peachy butt, I also noticed I had started my period.
It started off with a wet fart followed by 5 runny plops very quickly, these first five loose long plops slipping straight to the bottom of the pan under the water, then another wet fart followed by another 3 mushy plops, again one after the other with no effort required. My stomach churning! I got out my maxi pad & stuck it on my knickers,
Whilst dropping out my next 3 mushy plops. I felt done, but my ??? Still ached, I squeezed out another 3 long plops not as runny this time more solid. I then went to reach for the loo paper to then realise to my horror there was none available! !
I would've used a pad but my only one I was now wearing, so I thought I'll flush and go next door, pulled my knickers tights & skirt up and flushed that loo, went in to the next cubicle but there was none there either, finally the cubicle right at the end had some and I went in pulled everything down again and noticed my messy butt had stained my pad!! But never mind, I wiped 4 times until I was clean and put a bit of loo paper on top of my poo stained pad as more protection, then flushed. Went back to my original cubicle to discover one long skidmark I left which I was surprised about considering the big poo I had!!
Went back to Ella who said "my you were a long time, 10 minutes!!" So she sussed I had a poo, & she updated me on the film.
Well that's all for now, more soon!!


Too much good stuff...

I just stumbled upon this website just now and I thought I should make a contribution. These are two short stories of when I went to two different trips, both were in France. I have many other stories but I thought I should start with these two.

Some things you should know about me before I start:
1. I tend to release very large poops, other than when I get diarrhoea (which is every so often). If I am at a new place to eat, my stomach is very sensitive, I don't know why...
2. I am VERY poop shy.
Right, now on with the stories.

My first trip was in the half term. I went with my best friend and we went by coach along with a small group to the south of France. We were about two days, and her and I had just finished lunch (our rooms were upstairs, we stayed in a really nice hotel). Suddenly, I felt a mass in my stomach. It was very heavy, especially when I stood up. I also felt extremely gassy (as I always do just before I have to go). I told my friend that I needed to go to the toilet, to which she replied that I can go when we get back up to our room (we shared a room together). I had noticed a toilet downstairs that nobody seemed to use very much so I told her I would go to that one instead.

It was a lovely toilet, nice and clean. I didn't really think about that though while I was undoing my trousers. As this point, I really had to go. As soon as I sat down, I could feel 3 enormous logs slide out of me. I couldn't stop the farts that came afterwards. I smiled and sighed as I sat there, satisfied I had emptied myself completely. I stood up to check the product. 'Oh god, that isn't going to flush...' I thought to myself. I had to try... At least if it didn't, nobody would know it was me. I closed my eyes and pressed the button.

It flushed. I don't know how, but it did. At first the water rose quite a bit but then it swallowed it all. Thank goodness...

I wasn't so lucky with this next trip. This time I went with a different group. I didn't have my best friend there with me in this one. This time, I was in the middle of France (Taize)... Camping.... With 3,000 people or so... Sharing shower cubicles, sinks, and yes, even toilets.

In Taize, the food is very simple, very healthy. I had to be careful with my nut allergy (I didn't want to puke everywhere!). I didn't eat that much there, however due to the sheer amount of people who entered to toilet each day, I couldn't bring myself to relieve myself of any poo.

That is, until Thursday came (the last time I had gone was about a week or so before.. We went for 10 days, 2 of those days were for travelling by coach). My stomach started hurting all of a sudden, and a large mass was pushing on my anus. I was desperate. I was clenched my anus all the way to the bathroom from the tent I was staying in (only about 3-5 minutes walk.... Didn't feel like it though). Thankfully only 2 people were in the bathroom (both taking a shower) so I briskly walked into a cubicle, closed to door and rushed to undo my shorts (it was about 35 degrees Celsius when I went).

As soon as my butt made contact with the seat, I felt something huge and semi hard making its way into the toilet. It felt so good I moaned a little, then I realised something. It wasn't stopping. This huge log just kept coming. Eventually it stopped but when the end entered the bowl, there was no plopping sound (as it would if it entered the water). I started to become worried, 'it wasn't that big, was it? I haven't eaten that much!'. Well, I wiped (nothing came up on the paper), got up and turned around to see it...

... Oh no. It was larger than I ever thought it was. The thickness of the turd was about the same thickness as a coke can, maybe even a little bigger (my anus didn't feel the same for a good 12 hours) and was about 15" or so (I know it was MUCH longer than a 30cm rule which is about 11"). There was no smell, only this light brown monstrosity curled up in the bowl. I thought that the toilet could handle it, oh how I was terribly wrong.

Flushing did nothing. It was all there. Every last bit of it. I ran out of the toilet as fast as I could. This was about 2pm and the people assigned to clean that day would be there at about 3pm. Well, someone will find a large surprise in the ladies bathroom!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


hunting trip

it was hunting season and my boy ask to go hunting with him I said yea sure we was both wearing cameo and had to wear a orange vest and hat so we go to the wood my stomach made a roar noise I said it just gas we was walking to the hunting spot then I let a loud nasty fart then my boyfriend ask me what have you been eating he said it smelled bad well we got to the hunting spot he had cameo tarp or blind around his hunting spot so we hunted for 3 or 4 hours so on the way back to the truck my stomach was churning big time so I ask for toilet paper and it was cameo toilet paper so I found a bush and went behind the bush and squat down and let a small fart then then I squeezed the first turd out it was 14" long then I grunted some more another turd came out it 12" long then I wiped with the cameo toilet paper and pull up my pants


A Question

Does anyone here ever look at another person and wonder if they're feeling an urge? Or; if they've pooped that day? Or...wondered if it's been a long time since they've pooped? Or....wondered if they had a lot of poop backed up inside of them? Or...wondered if they have a tough time pooping?
If so...could you describe how all that is for you?

Bloated Butt

To Linda again:

I read your last story about staying with your friend 10 years ago and being constipated. That must've been awful! I sympathize with being bloated and constipated. Didn't your friends notice that you were feeling unwell? Surely someone must've seen how bloated your stomach was, so full and heavy with poop. Has anyone ever offered to massage your stomach when you're constipated? And have you ever done it for anyone else?

I don't have anything really eventful to add in this post, just that I had a minor gas attack earlier when my boyfriend was telling me about something that happened to him at work. We were sitting on the couch at around 7 pm (so a couple of hours ago as I type this), and as he was telling me about his day, there was a rumble of gas in my bowels and I felt the urge to fart. I thought it'd just be a silent one so I tilted my hips a little and BRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP! My boyfriend had to stop in mid-sentence as I released a massive burst of flatulence. I actually gasped in surprise, I wasn't expecting it to be so violent!

"Oops" I said, trying not to laugh.

"Excuse you" he said, and then went on with his story. I actually felt more gas coming but managed to hold it in. I'm feeling better now LOL. My last poop was on Tuesday, so it's starting to "build up" inside of me and making me gassy. I'll probably poop tomorrow or Saturday. Anyway, that's it for now! Bye!


In the loo with my friend

Today (Thursday) I saw my friend on the loo, and she saw me!

I went out shopping with my friend Charlotte, who I haven't seen for a while. She has recently moved back closer to me so hopefully I will be seeing her a lot more again! She is the same age as me (22), a couple of inches taller and curvy with light brown hair. We went out shopping together and ate lunch in McDonalds. After we ate she said she needed the loo. I did too, for a wee, and I thought she might be needing to poo. We went into the loos and sure enough her lunch had taken effect and she needed a number two and let out four logs. Like me as I mentioned in the surveys I replied to in my last post, Charlotte wipes her bum standing up if she has done a poo.

Not long after this as we were leaving I started needing a poo but I didn't need to go right away because it wasn't urgent. Besides, we had only just used the loo in McDonalds and I didn't really want to have to go again so soon, even if it was for a different reason! We decided to go back to her house. I held it in on the way, deciding I would go at her house when we got back. When we got inside Charlotte went to put her shopping away in her room, leaving me in the living room.

By now my need for a poo was pretty strong. Her house has an en-suite in her parents room and a main bathroom off the upstairs hallway, so I went upstairs and into the loo. I didn't lock the door because there was nobody else in the house and I don't mind Charlotte seeing me on the loo, although I wasn't expecting her to come in. I crossed to the loo and pulled down my jeans and green knickers to my feet, and sat down.
I did a quick wee and then my first log started poking out. I gave a gentle push and it slid out with a plop. A second followed soon after, and I was starting to push out a third when the door opened.

Charlotte walked into the bathroom, not noticing me until she had taken a step.
'Oh! Sorry, I didn't know you were in here,' she said, seeing me sitting on the loo with my pants at my feet. She said,'I just came in to put my new shampoo away.' She had bought some while we were shopping. I said,
'Oh, no problem.' At first I think she thought I was only weeing too and she was going to stay in the room (which we have done quite often before), but then she must have smelled my poo or just guessed, because she said,
'Oh, are you pooing?' I said, 'Yes, my lunch must have taken a bit longer to have an effect than yours did!' She said,
'Oh, I'll leave if you want.'

I didn't mind as we have always been open with each other about such things ever since we first met in primary school, although I was a little embarrassed about her finding out I was pooing by the smell! Normally we don't mind each others company but sometimes if we are constipated we would rather be alone!
I said, 'No no, it's fine.' She put the shampoo away and sat on the edge of the bath.
We chatted and I pushed out my third log with a plop. She asked me why I hadn't been when we were out, and I said I only needed to go as we were leaving. I did three more smaller pieces of poo, the last one of which required some fairly hard pushing, and then sat for a couple of minutes to make sure I was done. It smelled quite strongly but not too bad and Charlotte didn't say anything about it. She asked if I was done and when I said yes she said, 'Hold on just a sec!' She opened a cupboard and got out a roll of posh, velvety toilet paper and passed it to me.
'It's smoother than the one on there!' she said, indicating the toilet roll in the holder. I stood up and wiped my bum with it, then my front, and she was right, it was lovely and soft! I flushed my poo away and then pulled up my knickers and jeans and washed my hands.

Later I went downstairs to get us some drinks. When I had got them I went upstairs and into her room but she wasn't there. I called out to her and she replied,
'I'm in the loo!' I stood outside the door and said a few things. She said, 'I can't hear you very well, you know you can come in if you like.' I wasn't going to pass up the chance to see her on the loo, especially after she had seen me, so I went in.

She was sat on the loo with her tights and purple knickers at her knees and her skirt hitched up around her waist. I knew she was only weeing because, like me, she lowers her clothes to her feet when she does a poo. I stood near the door and talked, able to hear each other clearly now! She finished her wee and I watched her wipe her front, pull up her clothes and flush.

Hope you all enjoyed this story- I wasn't planning on posting again so soon but after it happened I knew I had to tell the story right away! Hopefully there will be lots more stories involving Charlotte to tell now that she has moved back near me!



Now since I read your post, Now I got to go. Hold on. (6 minutes later) Now I am back!


UTI and Citro Mag

Hi there. Haven't posted for a little while because I've had nothing new to report. Had burning when I peed for a few days this week and was even leaking (which felt awful as I'm 27 and it felt like I was a little girl again having accidents). I had to keep changing my underwear and eventually wear pantiliners to keep my undies from being wet. Went to the doctors the other day because it became too much for me. He had me do a urine sample but there was nothing wrong with my urine. He didn't know what was wrong despite my symptoms but he gave me antibiotics anyway. I'm already starting to feel better (went to the doctors on Monday) so obviously it was a UTI. Drinking cranberry juice and lots of water did nothing but the antibiotics seem to be helping. It doesn't burn anymore to pee and I'm not leaking anymore (thank god).

Other than that I've been pretty constipated. I haven't had a proper, good poop in a long time despite the water and healthy eating, etc so I'm taking Citro Mag to hopefully clear my bowels before I leave the country on Saturday (going to Taiwan for 2 weeks with my husband to visit his family and finally meet my in-laws for the first time. We've been married 8 years now). I want my bowels clean and for my jeans not to be tight. It's not a nice feeling to be clogged. We're going to be doing tons of walking in Taiwan so I'm sure my bowels will regulate themselves with all the exercise. I'm taking a little of the Citro at a time instead of the whole bottle at once to avoid another incident like last time (almost had a seizure on the toilet and threw up everywhere). Drinking lots and lots of water to help it along and being careful about farting to avoid possibly shitting myself. That's it for now. Hopefully this produces good results. I'd like to be "clean" by the time we leave.


Another day at work

Hi all. I've had another mammoth shift at work today, which you might remember means I've stored up a mammoth load of poop. I can feel it all loaded up and I'm writing this on my phone on the way home. I'm leaving this page open so that I can "write as I poop" as soon as I get home...

I've got home and sat down on the pot. I've relaxed everything and I'm getting the first stirings of movement. A little nugget of poop about an inch long just slipped out but I can feel a much bigger load waiting. Just peeing a little while I wait. I pushed a bit to move things along, can finally feel myself opening but it's very slow. I've finally finished. Its a big snake of soft warm poop coiled in the bowl. Quite a lot is poking out of the water. And what a stink its made! I've left a lot of skid marks around the bowl too. I've now finally cleaned up after 10 wipes. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing!

Steven A, that is good if your bowels move more than once a day or less.

Hi all. Had the day off work today so thought I would tell you all about the poop I had today. I was out shopping when I felt the urge hit and a slow fart hissed out of me. Luckily the shopping centres toilets didn't have a queue, but most of the stalls were occupied and I had to use one sandwiched between two others that were in use. I sat down and "let go". I could here the woman next door peeing while the other one remained suspiciously silent. I could feel the poop crowning out of my butt and it slowly began sliding out. Next door, I heard the quiet lady grunt softly. I felt my butt open wide before the end of my turd slipped out with a splash. While the lady next door carried on quietly grunting, I reached round and wiped. Just before I pulled up my pants and flushed, I heard a loud splash followed by a sigh of relief. I guess she had really needed that! I finished up and went back to my shopping. Hope you enjoyed the story, hope to write again soon.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like Sam really to pee and had almost didnt make it at least she avoided having an accident and it sounds like she had a pretty good poop later on.

To: Stacey first welcome to the site and great story.

To: Little Mandi as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day it sounds like you have had a stomach bug or maybe just ate something that didnt agree with you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PinkSweet I hope you are able to get all that poop out.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brando T

PS. I love this site

Little Mandi
To continue my other story I definitely had a 24 hour bug. I spent around 9am to 12:30 in the afternoon running to the bathroom. I think I went 5 times all together during that time.
My stomach felt horrible. All I wanted to do was sleep. I slept off and on till a little after noon. I was nervous to eat or drink anything but I managed to drink some water which a few minutes later just cause right back out. I was talking to my one friend through text and he talked me into eating some saltine crackers. I realized I had to go to the store for this cause I didn't have any. I thought for a second. The store was only a few blocks away but I was scared I was gonna need the bathroom again when I went out. Anyway, I decided while my stomach wasn't too crampy I would just go to the store. Lucky for me my grandmom offered to drive me to the store. I went in the store and picked up a box of saltine crackers and red gatorade. As I was about to leave I saw the medicine aisle and decided to pick up a bottle of pepto bismol. I payed for my things and got on my way.
I went in the kitchen and started munching on the crackers and sipping the gatorade. I surprisingly felt better eating the crackers so I kept munching on them. While I was sitting there my phone rang it was my other friend. I forgot all about the plans I had with her. I told her I wasn't feeling that great but I would see how I felt by 4 when I was gonna meet her. I thought to myself afterwards how am I going to hangout without shitting my brains out? I looked at the bottle of Pepto I bought and decided to take 2. Well,it cured my diarrhea and nausea but my body still felt weak and I was having on and off stomach cramps. I slept the rest of the day on and off till 4 when I was gonna meet my friend. I decided that I felt well enough to hang out. I don't know what possesed me to do this but I did. We winded up hanging out for a few hours. My stomach would get a cramp here and there but I didn't have anymore diarrhea after I took the pill thank god. I really shouldn't have pushed myself to go out. The cold weather made my bones hurt worse then they already did. I wanted to cry they hurt so bad. As soon as I go back home I bundled under a bunch of blankets and went right back to sleep. The next day, I felt 100% like myself. No stomach issues,full appitite and no body aches. It was weird but I'm glad it was only a one day thing. I never get sick like that.

I am having surgery to remove a stomach tumor. Does anyone know what the preop prep will be. Just curious if I will have to take an enema.


Loos in Japan

Someone with no name asked me to describe loos in Japan. I was busy when I read that but now is easier time.
Actually most loos today are like those in Wales, you sit on them. But many of them have a machine which sprays water on the parts of you that drop something into the loo.
We still have loos which are a hole in the floor. About 50 cms long and 15 wide with a kind of cover at the front. Many women flush them while they are weeing or pooing to hide the noises. I don't because it's bad for environment.
I used to prefer the squatting type, but I prefer the sitting type now, because of the machine. Also when I was little I could finish a motion in about four minutes but now I need ten or more because I do a lot of motions when I go, and it's uncomfortable to squat for ten minutes.
In the countryside we have loos which don't flush, though not so many now. We squat over them and wee and poo and then leave it like that. So there is a big pile of poo and paper in the loo. I used those sometimes and once I did motions in a such loo, that was upstairs in a friend's house. The motions dropped about 10 metres and made a big big noise. I did about ten motions so that made ten big noises. But my friend said nothing.




hi Linda,

The problem with being constipated is that you are not getting enough fiber. you also can use miralax, it is a safe laxative and will help with your problem.

If you can use Metamucil, I use fiber pill from Costco and take 6 every morning. i never have this problem.

Try eating more leafy greens raw like spinach, kale and also eat almonds, you can get this in a large bottle at Costco. cooking gets rid od fiber.

i wish you happy pooping!!

Beth W
Cheers for the feedback from my first ever story guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed the relief of that wee, even though it went in my pants.

As I mentioned in my first story, both me and my girlfriend Hollie are occasional bedwetters, and I'll elaborate on some of whats happened as a result in a tick. First of all a story from today though. After my lecture at Uni had finished I made a beeline for the toilets as I needed to do a poo. I got into the toilet and picked the middle of the three cubicles and pulled my knickers and jeans to my knees and sat. I had a quick wee and then started to push out my first log. That didn't take long to leave my bum and went into the toilet with a bit of a splash. Just as I started pushing out a second log I heard a girl rush in and take the cubicle to my right, whimpering as she pulled her jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet. I heard a moan as straight away a gushing stream of wee poured into the bowl, and it continued all the time I was pooing. As I pushed out my second and third log I took a look under the cubicle and saw that there was a big wet patch in the girl's rainbow knickers so she must have not quite made it in time. I wiped and flushed and left quickly as I didn't want to embarrass her as she came out, besides she was still going as I washed my hands and left! I felt sorry for her; I know what it's like not to be in total control of my bladder.

So as I said, I am a bedwetter and so is my girlfriend Hollie. When we got together at Uni last year it was fine as we stopped at eachother's halls and slept together. I have to admit I was a bit nervous as for as long as I could remember. But as we were cuddles up in bed one night I woke up as I felt a familiar dampness growing around my crotch. At first I thought it was me but then I realised it was Hollie peeing all over me! I woke her up and she was horrified and started to cry, saying that every now and then it happens and she can't help it. I comforted her, saying that I was exactly the same. Has anyone got any advice for us? It's not the be all and end all but it's one heck of an inconvenience for us to sort out.

Keep the stories coming guys, in particular I love Chelsea, Megan and Abbie's stories!

Ciao for now

Beth W


Reading on the toilet

How many of you routinely read a paper or magazine when taking a poo?
With most of us now having smartphones maybe you now play games or read your e mails.
If I,m at work I would rather not advertise the fact that I might be off for a poo by taking a paper in with me, I just look at my phone.
At home though, a magazine, or sudoku.



my name is raina, im 28 and i have struggled with occasional wetting much of my life. drs have said it seems to b due to my anxiety and ptsd from severe childhood physical and sexual abuse. i have accidents when under stress and when i didnt realize i held it too long. i also still wet my bed many nights. two days ago, i was at the mall downtown, not something i do often because i have a hard time around crowds. id been there about an hour and had been fighting off panic attacks basically the whole time. then just out of nowhere, i dribbled in my panties. up until then, i hadnt even felt the need to go. when the little trickle came out, i realized just how full my bladder was. i had to go BAD!! i was shaking and trying not to panic or cry while i tried to find the closest restroom. i didnt want to draw attention to myself by holding my crotch, but then a pretty big trickle came out and my panties were feeling pretty wet even though my pants were still dry. i kept telling myself that i could make it even though i could hardly walk. i was almost to the bathroom, my panties soaked from the dribbles i kept leaking. all of a sudden, i knew i was going to have an accident. i pressed hard in my crotch but it was no use. i was peeing full flow. i started crying and couldnt move. i soaked my pants, socks and shoes and made a huge puddle on the floor between my legs. it seemed like id never stop peeing. some people stared. a couple teenagers laughed at me. no one offered to help me. i cried all the way home :(


Using the Ladies Toilet during School

At my school the ladies toilets are really clean so when i need to go i don't mind sitting down on them. Except when some other girl used it and squatted or hovered and sprayed her pee on the seat its gross. Girls take my advice i usually carry Always feminine wipes to wipe the seats and for when i finish to clean myself and for that time of the month they work! I love Always and Kotex maxi pads especially U by Kotex extra Maxi Pads (Long)with wings they have cute girlie wrappers and cute girlie designs on the top and bottom of the pads!!Also Kotex overnight maxi pads with wings work great too with that body hug design!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tim (and Sally)

Suprise Poop

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here with another childhood story, this time from when I was 11 years old. One weekend in summer, it was boiling hot, so Sally and I were hanging down at the treehouse. At about 11am, we stripped naked and went for a swim in the creek. Once we got back the treehouse, it was about midday. The day was still hot, so we decided to lay our towels down on the balcony and sunbath nude. After about an hour of nude sunbathing, Sally suddenly let out a monster fart, so loud that it startled me. "Are you feeling alright?" I asked her. "I need a monster poo!" was all she could get out. Without even bothering to put clothes on, she dashed over to the toilet platform and hurriedly squatted over one of the toilet holes. She began with a forceful pee stream, which lasted almost a minute. She then pushed, forcing out a 2nd fart, which was almost as powerful as the first, followed by a monster turd and a wave of mushy diarrhoea. I squatted next to her and had a short wee and a quick poo consisting of a single brown log and a small amount of mushy brown liquid. While Sally was finishing up, I went and got the toilet paper and gave it to her for her to wipe her bum and vagina with. I wiped my own private parts, then we washed our hands and went back to sunbathing in the nude. I am very grateful for all the nude sunbathing that I did when I was younger, as now I have the best tan, and so does Sally! Until next time, peace!

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here again with more childhood stories. This one happened when I was 15. Here goes:
One Sunday afternoon, Sally and I were hanging out at the treehouse as usual, when she told me that she hadn't pooped all week. "Well, then, why don't we both go and try now?" I asked her. "Sure!" she said, so we both headed to the toilet balcony. Becaues her poo was going to be a big one, Sally chose to sit down rather than her preferred position of squatting. I also decided to sit down. Sally lifted her skirt up, dropped her light blue coloured undies to her ankles, and sat down on one of the seats. I dropped my shorts and red undies to my ankles, and I sat on the seat next to her. We both began with strong streams of pee, which lasted for about 2 minutes. Once we had finished peeing, we both shifted into a squatting position to take care of doing a poo. Sally farted powerfully, grunted and strained, but nothing happened. So, I decided to help her. I got up and, telling her to keep squatting, I massaged the cheeks of her anus together, telling her to push at the same time. "Stop, Tim, it's working! I really need to poo!" Sally suddenly shouted. I stopped, and she moved back into squatting over the hole. She pushed, strained, farted some more and, finally, with an almighty, "UNNNGGGGHHHGGGGNNNNAAAHHH!!!!" A HUGE turd, twelve inches wide by twelve inches long, slid out of her anus and dropped, with an almighty thud, into the toilet pit far below. Sally was not done yet however. She strained a bit more, and a smaller, two inch turd slid out and down into the pit, followed by some mushy diarrhoea. I peed, farted twice, and dropped a single, very long, brown-coloured, snake-like turd. After pausing to catch her breath, Sally kissed me, saying that she was very grateful for being the one person who was able to relieve her constipation. I kissed her back, telling her, "That's what friends do!" Then I went and got her some toilet paper. Her anus was red and swollen, so I wiped her bum and vagina for her, taking care to do it very gently. As a further thankyou, she wiped my bum for me. Once we were done, we pulled our undies up, washed our hands, and went down to the creek for a nude swim. Until next time, peace, everyone!


Chelsea- I'm looking forward to the second part of your story! From your description your friend Lily sounds a lot like one of my friends who I have seen weeing, but sadly not pooing!

Survey time!

Steven A's survey:

1. Are any of you embarrassed to use a public restroom? No, I am happy to use public toilets for whatever I need to do.

2. How would you react if someone farted in a public place? Usually laugh to myself while trying to act as if I didn't notice!

3. Does Thanksgiving affect your bowel habits? Not being from the US or Canada I don't celebrate it, but Christmas always does. I usually poo a lot more around Christmas time simply from eating more!

4. Do you wipe standing up or sitting? Sitting down if I have only done a wee, but when I poo then I wipe standing up, I find it's much easier.

5. Would you use the other restroom in a public place if your restroom was out of order and you are desperate to go? Yes, but probably not for a poo!


(1) what was your longest toilet session in the bathroom, and why? Probably about an hour when I had really bad diarrhea.

(2) dirtiest place you've gone to go to the bathroom? In a park, I had to use the loos for a wee and they were pretty nasty!

(3) most odd place you've gone to go to the bathroom? Behind the bushes in a different park that had no toilets!

(4) worst moment to go to the bathroom? When you have just started a long car/bus/train journey!

Yesterday I talked to one of my friends who is still at university. She said that she had been in the student union and had to go to the loo, and while she was on the toilet the fire alarm went off. She said by the time she finished and left everyone had evacuated the building and were waiting outside and she had to walk out by herself and it made her embarrassed even though nobody knew why she was late leaving! I didn't ask because she is not one to talk about her toilet habits much, but it was implied by what she said that she had been pooing and that was why she was slow in leaving!

Tim (and Sally)

Garbage Bag Toilet

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here again with another childhood story, this time from when I was 12 years old. Here goes:
One Saturday afternoon, Sally and I were hanging out at our treehouse when, all of a sudden, it started to pour with rain, along with thunder and lightning. We ignored it, and continued playing our board game. After about an hour of playing the board game, Sally looked up and said to me, "Tim, I need the potty!" so I asked her what she needed to do. She replied, "Both a wee and a poo!" which worried me considerably. We couldn't use the toilet area, as that was not protected from the rain, but it was clear from the way that Sally had one hand on her crotch and one hand on her bum that she wouldn't be able to hold on for much longer. I was starting to feel like I needed a poo as well when, all of a sudden, I remembered that I had a single large garbage bags stuffed away in the corner. I went and got it, and I showed it to Sally, saying, "Since we can't go outside for the toilet, we'll use this instead!" Sally could only nod her head in agreement, as the agony of holding on was too much. So, I opened the garbage bag, strung it around a chair to hold it open, and we were ready to begin. Since we couldn't squat over it properly, I warned Sally to be extra careful when she started pissing, as I didn't want splashing on the floor. She said she would be careful. Anyway, I told Sally to go first, as she was the most desperate. She dashed over to the garbage bag, undid the belt on her jeans, unzipped her fly, and dropped her jeans all the way to her ankles. Then, she grabbed her turquoise-coloured boyleg undies and dropped them all the way to her ankles as well. Sally then assumed a high squat over the bag, and began by releasing a powerful stream of piss that went on for 3 minutes without stopping. She was evidently relieved, as she sighed loudly as her piss hit the bag. This was too much for me, my own desire to piss being greatly increased by watching her. In a panic, I dashed over to the treehouse window, threw open the shutters, undid the belt on my jeans and unzipped my fly, yanked my penis out and pissed a powerful stream out of the window and far onto the ground below. Sally, seeing what I was doing, giggled. She was far from done, however. Once her pee stream had stopped, she farted loudly and a six inch turd began to emerge from her anus. It kept growing until it was almost 12 inches long, before it broke off and hit the bottom of the bag with a thud. This was followed by 3 more turds of similar length, and some mushy diarrhoea. Again, this was too much for me. Seeing Sally defecating triggered my own, desperate need for a poo. In a panic, I dropped my jeans and white undies to my ankles, jumped on the windowsill, jutted my bum out as far as I could, and released mushy, liquid diarrhoea onto the ground below. This was followed my more piss, some semi-solid logs, and huge quantities of brown mush. I moaned from the sheer sensation of relief. Sally giggled again and smiled. "So much for sharing!" she said to me. Then, she finished up with a small turd, a quick spurt of pee, and a loud fart. She wiped her vagina and anus 5 times with the toilet paper, pulled her jeans and undies up, buckled her belt back up, zipped up her fly, tied the garbage bag up, and walked over to me. "As a present for that quick-thinking of telling me to use the garbage bag, I'll wipe your bum for you!" she told me. I smiled in agreement. It was pretty messy, though. Sally took 12 wipes to get it clean. I apologies for the mess, but she kissed me and said, "Hey, don't worry. It's nothing!" After that, we washed our hands and went back to playing the boardgame.
Not a bad rainy Saturday afternoon, I thought quietly to myself.
Until next time, peace, everyone!

Bill F
Today something different happened with Sam.
I was picking her up from school, when I noticed she was looking nervous and trying to hide something. When she closed the door, I asked her "Is anything wrong?" She said "I really have to pee." I asked her "Why didn't you go at school?" She said, as they always do, "I didn't have to go then." I knew that wasn't the real answer, because I could tell she had been holding it for a long time. I didn't press it, because I wanted to keep her mind off it. I asked her how her day was, but it didn't seem like she was in the mood to talk.
Luckily, we didn't hit any red lights on the way home, and that's probably what saved her. She took her seatbelt off to take the pressure off her bladder, which looked swollen. She was crossing her legs and holding herself. Then she did something quite drastic. She unbuttoned her pants, and held herself under her pants and underwear. "You really have to go, huh?" She just nodded and kept holding herself. She was practically in tears from how bad she had to go. For the rest of the drive home, I was seriously considering putting a toilet in the car seats so this wouldn't have to happen again. I felt so bad for her.
I pulled into the driveway, and she took one hand out to open the door, when I noticed it was dripping. The look of terror on her face told me she was starting to pee. She checked for the coast to be clear, and then ripped her pants down, moved her other hand out of the way and squatted right next to the car. She peed with the force of Niagara Falls for at least a minute and a half. Quite a bit of her pee actually splashed her butt. When it seemed she was done, I asked "Feel better?" She didn't say anything, but her face told all the relief words could say and then some.
Her jeans were dry, but her panties had a big yellow stain on them. When we got inside, I tossed them in the wash. Now that Sam was feeling better, I asked her again why she didn't go at school, and this time she gave me a real reason. "Well, on Friday, I went to the bathroom at lunch to pee. While I was peeing I had to fart bad. So I thought I could let it out slowly. I tried doing that, but it all blasted out at once, and it was really loud. There were a lot of other girls in the room, and they all started laughing. Some even complained about the smell. I just sat there, and waited for them all to leave. It was so embarrassing! So today, I didn't go at school at all, and thought I could make it home." I said "Well, you kinda did make it home, you didn't wet yourself at school. And since you stayed in the stall until everyone left, no one knows it was you, right?" "Yeah, I guess. How can I keep this from happening again?" I said "Well for one, hold back on the fish." She laughed at that. "But seriously. If you can hold it until you can ask to go in class, there probably won't be anyone else in the bathroom, and you can blast away all you want."
She laughed, and then she suddenly hugged me, and said "Thank you so much for helping me." That made me flashback to my experiences with Emily, who always hugged me the same way. I was brought back to the present with a loud fart from Sam. I said "Speaking of blasting away..." She burst into laughter, and eventually said "Stop, you're going to make me shit myself!" And she ran off to the bathroom. Normally, I would tell her to watch her language, but she's been through a lot, so I let it slip. I started my homework, and the silence was interrupted by a loud fart and two splashes. She came out and said "Sorry about that." I said "Don't worry, just start your homeowrk, come on, I'll help you." And we both did homeowrk and watched TV until I started writing this post.
See ya next time!


Response to Tyler + Linda


Hey Tyler, glad to hear from you. That's too bad that you don't seem to get urges; I usually get urges, but sometimes I have issues with not getting them either and I think it contributes to my constipation. Sometimes I go a few days without getting an urge, but I probably could've gone earlier if I had tried, which is why I do sit times sometimes. I know what you mean about having to push hard even when you're not actually constipated; that happens to me sometimes if I haven't had much of an urge. Has that been happening to you lately?

And Chris is my fraternal twin, so we're both 17.


Linda, your constipation sounds a little worse than mine, but I know what you mean about techniques and such. Usually when I'm that constipated and have to strain a lot, if just sitting on the toilet isn't doing much, I will squat either over the toilet or I will lay toilet paper out on the ground and squat over that. I also lean forward when I'm on the toilet which seems to help a bit. I can take up to half an hour sometimes when I'm really constipated and I've never had hemorrhoids, but I have had an anal tear before, not fun.


Another "Unfortunate Accident"

This is in response to Andrea's "Unfortunate Accident" from a couple of days ago.

I'm a long-time lurker and will go by the name Stacey (not my real name!). I'm 28, single, live and work in a big city, nothing out of the ordinary, never really had a problem with accidents - just a few here and there, mostly small wetting leaks. But about six months ago something embarassing happened to me and seeing Andrea's story about her "unfortunate accident" made me decide to share my story, too.

So I am pretty active and jog a lot, go to the gym, sometimes run 5Ks or 10Ks and am training for my first half marathon next year. This was a week night in the early summer and after a long day at work and a quick dinner at home I headed back out to the gym. It is a few blocks from my appartment and I walk. I had been a little constipated for a couple of days and was finally starting to feel the need to poo but wanted to wait until I got home and then shower and all at once. So I just went ahead with my workout for about an hour and fought off a few urges but resisted using the gym locker room bathrooms. Eventually my need to go was getting to the point I had to make a decision - use the gym bathrooms or cut my workout a little short and head home. I decided to head home.

I finished my last set and headed home. About halfway there I got hit with a huge urge and had to stop on the sidewalk and pretend to look at my phone with my legs crossed and squeezing for all my life to keep from pooping my pants right there. I managed to regain control and hurried the rest of the way to my appartment, but by the time I got inside I was extremely desperate. I live on the second floor and after hitting the elevator button and it not showing up right away I decided to take the stairs.

Going up the stairs only made things worse and by the time I made it to my level I could feel the poop starting to come out and touch my panties and my butt cheeks felt sticky and dirty and I had leaked some pee, too. I grabbed my crotch and waddled to my door, holding the poo half in, half out, trying to keep the damage to a minimum. I struggled a little to unlock the door but finally managed to do so and got inside. I slammed the door behind me, dropped my things on the floor and started towards my bathroom when I got another huge urge and felt a push and try as I migth I just couldn't stop it. I felt my anus open and the poop pushed rapidly into my panties and spread into a giant ball. I had to squat a little and push hard to overcome the resistance of my tight gym pants and panties. I was in shock. Then I realize I was peeing down my legs, too. When it was all over I waddled like a penguin into my bathroom, carefully took off my clothes, dumped the poop into the toilet, wiped, and jumped into the shower.

I'll just tell this story.
I was playing my computer game when I felt a churn in my intestines,so obviously I went to the toilet. There I was sitting on toilet,then suddenly I felt a load coming off the assembly line after that a load of crap was litterally falling out of my butt. When I had finished I started wiping my butt, which took a long time to finish.

That is where my story ends!

Please comment!

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