Little Mandi
Hey guys, my stomach is actig funny this morning.
I woke up around 8:40 with a little headache,nausea and heartburn.
I decided to blow it off. I went upstairs brushed my teeth and went pee. After,I sat at the kitchen debating if I should have a little something to eat but I couldn't bring myself to eat or even have my morning coffee which I never turn down. I sat there at the table taking deep breaths and playing with my phone when my stomach started rumbling. I then felt like I had to fart so I did like I normally would and it felt a little wet. My stomach was still rumbling and a few minutes later I felt another fart coming on. I started to let it out but I realized I didn't have to fart. I went right up to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I pushed and a squirt of liquid came out I pushed again and more liquid came out. This went on for 5 minutes before I felt done.
My stomach still felt sick so I grabbed a piece of gum cause they say mint is good for nausea. I grabbed my computer and started watching videos on youtube when my stomach started rumbling again. Mom Mom and Nanny had to go out for a bit so as soon as they left I dashed up the stairs back to the toilet and the same thing happened I pushed out liquid for another 5 minutes again. Just as I was about to leave the bathroom my stomach got a big cramp so I sat back down and thats when the flood gated opened. Diarrhea poured out of my butt like a waterfall for about 30 seconds straight non stop. I felt empty after that episode but I know for sure I'm gonna have to go again soon I can feel it. I'll keep posting on here. I don't even remember the last time I was sick in the stomach like this cause it never ever happens to me.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jase great story about seeing your girlfriend poop.

To: Crimson Flash great catch.

To: James great story about your wife peeing outsde.

To: Linda as always another great story it sounds like you had a rough time but didnt give up and I bet you felt so much better after getting that beast out of you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooperlady great story about your big poop it sounds like you had a good cleanout and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachypoo great story.

To: Angie great story about your big poop it sounds like you felt pretty good after that poop out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jesica first welcome to the site and great pee accident story and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Andrea first welcome to the site and great accident story it sounds like you got the relief you needed just not in the place intended to but accidents happen and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Chelsea as always another great story it sounds like you and Lily both had really good poop Lily mostly from the sound of it and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great set of stories.

To: Timee great poop story.

To: PinkSweet welcome to the site I look forward to reading your stories thanks.

To: Abigale great story about your big poop outside it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt pretty good afterward to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anatomy student

Live post

I have just seated myself at 1:39pm after my pre poo weigh in of 132.2lbs. I had the urge for a while, but waited a bit. I had some really smelly farts earlier... The first 3 pieces came out fairly easily at 2 minutes in. It was a stretch for me, but not too painful. I feel more but it isn't really moving.
The time is now 1:44 and I am finished. 3 hard 2" thick lumps left my rectum. Single wipe, single flush. Post poop weight: 131.0lbs. That was a 1.2lb poo (heavier than normal.)


Child-sized Toilet

I was at Wal Mart early this morning and had to take a dump. I decided to use the family restroom since there probably wouldn't be any families needing to use it that early in the am. I noticed there was a really small toilet in there as well as the standard-sized one. I tried the small one. It felt kind of strange and wiping was a little tougher....but overall kinda interesting.

Anyone else ever try using one of those??


more ???? and butt aches!!!

I had to wake up because my ???? hurt so bad. I had a short burst of diahrea in the morning. Im have ???? aches again ! Ive been sitting on the toilet with no luck. I really wanna get rid of it but pushing does nothing!
Hmmm a few bubbly farts and I can feel it move a bit, still nothing. Pushing and tensing .... now my butthole hurts....
When I push a steady stream of farts and poop comes out but the poop is very little. It hurts I just want a big bowel movement and get out of here already!



Anyone else like holding it in until the urge becomes too much? I love holding it in until I have to go really bad. Then I'll sit on the toilet and try to hold on for a few minutes! Eventually it just slides right out with no effort. My favourite


Steven A Questions

Are any of you embarrassed to use a public restroom?
If I'm in a public place ( restaurant, mall, movie etc) than no but if I need to make a special stop just to use restroom than yes ( especially if I have to ask)
How would you react if someone farted in public?
I probably wouldn't unless it was really quiet than I'd laugh
Does thanksgiving affect bowels?
Do you wipe standing or sitting?
Always sitting
Would you use the other restroom in public if yours was out of order and you were desperate?
Yes I've done this many times

Steven A

2 Stories About 2 Dumps

Well, yesterday when I got to school (I came to school late), I developed an urge to poop. So, I went to the bathroom and pushed out a log that was 8-12 inches and a few other pieces. I then wiped and went on with my day. Later at school near the end of the day, I developed another urge to poop, so again, I went to the bathroom and did another log a bit smaller than my first one and some other pieces. It was a bit surprised that I had to go 2 times in 1 day. (I normally go 1 time a day every 1 to 2 days). So, my second story was today. I developed an urge to poop, so I went again and pushed out a log and some other pieces in similar size or maybe a bit longer than the ones I did the day before. I'm on a good streak with my pooping so far, I hope to kept it up. So, I will post again soon and will have more stories in the future.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

John H

Comments and an outdoor poo

Hey all.
I noticed that I forgot to put my name on my last post.
I have another story but first some comments,

@Jase, hey and thanks for sharing your story. You are lucky that your girlfriend doesn't mind you in the bathroom with her. Im sure she will wipe with you there soon. Keep posting and let us know if she does.

@crimson Flash, Good catch with your Secretary at work. I would have reacted the same as you. Shame you were to busy to check out the toilet.

@James, hi I enjoyed your story about watching your new wife taking a pee standing outside. What a way to start off married life together.

@Jessica, sorry to hear that you didn't make it to the toilet. You were so near but yet so far as your body couldn't hold back the pee anymore. Lucky your boyfriend was with you and that he was so helpful.

@Andrea, Hi I really enjoyed your post. It was a good thing that there was no family home when your accident happened. It must have been such a relief to get all that poo out after being constipated.

@Chelsea, Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the second part of the story.

@ PinkSweet, welcome and glad you started posting. Would love to hear more stories from how you first became interested in toilet matters and some of your purposeful accidents.
My girlfriend spends more time on the toilet when she has her period two. Her movements are a little looser and bigger during that time.

To everyone else really great stories also.

Not so long ago I travelled a long distance home and could feel the need for a poo building on the way. I knew I would make it home and head to the toilet but when I got there I found that there was a leak in the bathroom so the toilet couldn't be used until it was fixed.
I continued to hold my load in as I had no other choice.

Later in the evening the toilet was still broken and the pressure was getting very strong.
I released several long farts that helped to ease the pressure but I knew this was only a temporary solution.
I had to be careful letting out the farts as the log would make its way out if I relaxed my whole to much.

I got several strong urges to go but I held back with all my might but it was getting harder each time.
At this stage I had been holding back the poo for several hours.
The toilet couldn't be fixed until the next day so I knew I would not be able to make it through the night.

When the rest of my family went to bed I went to the bathroom and got some toilet paper.
Then I went outside to the trees behind the house.
As I walked I was hit with a very painful urge to go and I knew there was very little time left.

I went in to the trees and dropped my trousers and boxers in one go.
I squatted down low and made sure my clothes were out of the way.
There was a soft breeze which felt nice blowing on my skin.
I relaxed my body and straight away a log came quickly out in one go.
It was followed up with several farts and some more lumps of poo.
I was so relieved after holding for so long.
Then I began to pee and after I had finished I stayed squatting for a moment to make sure I was finished.
I wiped myself with the toilet paper and pulled up my trousers.
I left the used paper next to my large pile of poo and walked back inside.

It had been years since I last had to poo outside and it was a very enjoyable experience to relive it after all those years.
No one noticed my poo and the toilet was fixed the next morning.

That's all for now.
Take care all,

John H.


Gf and me

So this past couple weeks I been goimg to my gfs place in the morning when her parents arent home and I usally wake up at 5 to go over there and it dont take much or me to get ready but I usally take a morning poo and I been startimg to take them at her housr and she been in their with me anf I dont seem to mind it, and latley she has let me be in there when she pees and I usally see her wipe, but not much as pooing but todah when I got there I walked in a fount her on the toilet and I aksed wat she was doing and shes like im pooping! And we talked, it when it got time for her to wipe she wouldnt let me watch but I hope later on she will

Crimson Flash

Secretary most likely pooped

I got a small catch today. At work as I was walking in the hallway, our bathroom door opened which was a few steps in front of me, and our secretary came out. She smiled at me when she noticed me but then blushed. She's in her '20s. I got a whiff of a pretty strong poop smell at this point. She knew I'd smell it. But I acted like I didn't and said a friendly hi like I usually do. I didn't have time to check it out though, but that's it for now.


First time peeing outside.

I am new to the forum and have been reading the experiences. I wanted to share ours with you all. My new wife Jessica and I driving from San Antonio to El Paso to for honeymoon. We started about 8 in the morning with our coffees and off we went. We got an hour into the trip and we stopped at a truck stop to refill the coffee and pee. We took off and drove for an hour and Jess said the coffee was getting the best of here and she had to pee. She asked if I could stop in the next town. We had just passed Ozona about 30 miles back and there was nothing but desert. We passed I sign that said Ft Stockton, 103 miles and she had this frown on her face. There was complete desolation out there not even a gas station on the side of the road. She asked me to take the next exit. We exited and came to a stop sign, the to the left the road went over the interstate and loop back to the right, it went up a hill where there were some oil tank. Jess said "lets drive up by the tanks" She said we were out of options and her bladder was at full capacity. We got to the tanks and she told me she have never peed outside before that the closest she came was a portapotty. She looked confused, desperate and needed to relieve herself. She asked what she should do. I told her maybe she should take off her pants to make it easier, she agreed and removed her pants but kept on her panties. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow and said "now what?" I said "well, go pee. She got out of the car wearing her shirt, shoes and panties, she waled around the car looked around and came back to the passenger side. She stood there put her feet apart and moved her panties to the side. To my surprise, she began to pee which some got in the car she shuffled a step back and the stream went straight down this time. She peed for a while and then it started to trickle off, she said she could see the cars on the interstate. She took some tissue and dabbed he crotch and her shoe as some on the ground splattered. I sat there in awe as I had never seen a woman urinate from a standing position, at least not make a mess doing so. My sister tried only to pee down her leg and in her shoe, what a mess. Jess go back in the car, put her pants on and took a huge gulp of coffee. She kissed me and said "thanks honey, much better" happy wife, happy life. What a way to start off a new marriage.

This has happened often in the last several months. I generally wake up in the early morning with the urge to go poop. Not real badly just a gentle sense that I should go to the toilet. I generally try to ignore the feeling for a while but when it gr owes stronger I get up to go. But has I head for the bathroom the urge to pee becomes stronger so rather than sitting down I stand and pee. usu sally quite a bit lasting 30 seconds or more. Then I sit down expecting to poop and the urge is suddenly gone and after sitting there for several minutes trying to go I give up and go back to bed. A couple of hours later the process repeats its self but this time after sitting there a while I am successful in dropping a couple of firm logs. This morning was a little different. First the urge to poop and then the urge to pee but while I was standing there peeing the urge to poop became overwhelming and I quickly stopped the pee and sat down and began to poop first was a regular log but after that it was all soft and squishy not the runs but one step from it. So thats my story for today. anyone have any ideas about why this happens

Hi! I just had to take a good dump. I began to feel movements in my lower ????, so I got on the toilet. I got seated and relaxed. I farted a silent one, like "pffffft", then a couple of firm turds just shoot out of me. I didn't feel empty, so I pushed a bit and a fantastic log began xiting out of my intestines making a crackling sound. I made two more farts, louder this time, and then i began wiping.


Answer to Emily's post

> What if you are at an outdoor rock concert or similar event, in the
> middle of the crowd and have to pee or poop, and can't hold it to the
> end of the show, what would you do? Have you ever actually been in this
> situation?

> Two times I have pulled my pants and underwear down and squatted and
> peed, and once when I was wearing a skirt I peed through my underwear.
> Luckily I've never had to poop, I really don't know what I would then.

I've been once in such a situation. I pulled my jeans and panties down and peed on ground. If I'll ever be in such situation again, I'll probably do the same.


For Dominic

You asked me; a couple of post cycles back....whether I've been constipated lately. Sorry it's taken me so long to answer.
No; actually I've been pooping pretty well lately....they're soft and just kinda average I guess.
I just wish I got urges. I mean; I can sorta feel that something is back there....but I don't really get an urge to go. I have to make a point of sitting and pushing....and if I do that....I can go. Sometimes I have to continue to push....fairly get it all out. But; it's not hard or wide. So; I guess to some people I'm constipated. But to me....constipation is just not being able to go at all....or doing a really wide hard poop....or hard marbles.

That was an interesting story about your brother Chris. I've had urges like that where it's sooooo strong....but it's been a long time. I call those "power poops" or "power dumping" where all you do is sit on the toilet and it all slides pushing required. I enjoy pooping like that. How old is Chris?

Hope you're doing good to you soon, Tyler.

1. Are any of you embarrassed to use a public restroom? No.

2. How would you react if someone farted in a public place? Sometimes, it happens. I have to admit that it has happened to me. It scares me sometimes. I felt sorry for a girl at church who farted in Bible class. She was embarassed. I saw it on her face, but who am I to judge?

3. Does Thanksgiving affect your bowel habits? I eat big on that day and the days after, so my bowel movements will be heavy. I will see lots of undigested greens and grains.

4. Do you wipe standing up or sitting? Sitting mostly, if wearing a dress or skirt. Pants, either sitting or standing.

5. Would you use the other restroom in a public place if your restroom was out of order and you are desperate to go? (Only one restroom is open)Never had the pleasure, yet.


To Timee

I've posted before under title "guy always needs to pee" but I want to change that title seems a bit long anyhow
It sounds like you and I share common problem --to much peeing! My question is do you find this embarrassing and I also wondering if you try not drinking caffeine


Post Title (optional) Constipation session at friend's place

I remembered another constipation session I had at a friend's place that I want to share:

This happened about 10 years ago. A friend wanted to stay with some friend's of hers, they lived in a small town, about 2 hours drive away. She asked me if I wanted to come along, I wasn't doing anything else that weekend so I went with her. The only problem was, I hadn't done a poo since Monday. It would have been okay if I had been able to do a poo before we left - but I had tried several times without success. I was well and truly constipated!

I had one last go at trying to push some poo out before we left on the Friday afternoon - I had 4 days worth of shit inside me......but it was hopeless. So I picked my friend up from her place and we drove to the small town where her friends lived. We got there after dark but we stayed up late, watching movies and having a few drinks. I hoped that the alcohol would help with my constipation - but I didn't get any urge to go at all. It also didn't help that we ate a heap of junk food that night.

The next morning, I felt bloated, miserable and I was literally full of shit. I was in dire need of a poo! I thought about sitting on the toilet and trying for a poo that afternoon but I didn't - I knew I needed to spend a very long time on the toilet. We spent that afternoon watching more movies and eating even more junk food.

Later that night, while we were watching yet another movie, I felt the urge to do a poo. I squirmed around and felt so uncomfortable, that I almost ran to the toilet. But I waited till the end of the movie. It was after midnight by then and we all went to bed - except me. This was the perfect opportunity for me to sit on the toilet. I didn't really want to try for a poo there but I had no choice - I was desperate!! I made my way to the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat down. I had to wait about 15 minutes, while the poo slowly moved down towards my anus. I did lots of farts too. Then I started pushing and straining. I felt a big hard turd coming down but it was taking forever. I thought about just giving up but I kept going. I really had to push with all my might. I leaned as far forward as I could, screwed up my face and bore down. I wanted to grunt but I didn't want anyone to hear me. After about 30 minutes, I had huge, rock hard turd stuck in my anus. It had stretched my anus apart as wide as it could go and it hurt. I didn't know how I was going to get this monster out - it had a wide girth and it was very dry, like sand paper. It burned as I pushed. I reached down and felt my anus with my hand - I couldn't believe how wide it was stretched apart!! It felt like the turd was out several inches but only the tip was sticking out!! And I had already been on the toilet for over 30 minutes at that stage!! I thought about giving up again.......

I kept bearing down as hard as I could. It was extremely difficult and I was having a marathon constipation session. I couldn't believe that I had let myself get so severely constipated!! I wanted to give up but I kept pushing and straining, until eventually, the turd came out a bit more. It got stuck again. This time, I stood up, clenched my fists, screwed up my face and pushed like I had never pushed before. Finally, the turd slowly inched out a bit further but I had to keep pushing the entire time. I tried to have a rest and it felt like my anus was trying to suck the poo back in!! So I really had to work hard. I ended up squatting on the floor for that part of my session - this helped a lot but the turd was so long that I had to sit back on the toilet. After over an hour, the huge massive turd finally plopped into the toilet with a loud splash. I had more up there but it was much easier to get out. I had a look at my load and there was a big turd, about 12 inches long, sticking out of the water in the toilet bowl!!

Thankfully, nobody needed to use the toilet while I was in there. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to finish my constipation session!!

jessica (az)


real quick since there is another jessica in new to this website i decided to tell which state i live in to tell us apart, now to the survey

(1) what was your longest toilet session in the bathroom, and why
(me) about an hour due to diarrhea or constipation

(2) dirtiest place you've gone to go to the bathroom
(me) behind a dumpster in an alley way

(3) most odd place you've gone to go to the bathroom
(me) a trashcan

(4) worst moment to go to the bathroom
(me)when I'm taking a walk


Biggest dump of my life

I took what was probably the biggest dump of my life today! It was quite thick at first, but then got looser. I thought I was done, but later returned to the bathroom to shit some more. I was a little suprised at how exhausting it was.

Bloated Butt

To Linda:

My friend only gets on my case when I'm constipated, having a hard time pooping, or am gassy/bloated. That happens to be all the time, so yes, she reminds me a lot of the need to exercise. According to alicia, its not so much being overweight as it is being inactive. Moving around and exercising helps to "loosen things up", she says. She tells me that after jogging she usually needs to poop pretty badly. My boyfriend usually poops after working out, too. I'm sorry that you dad is so constipated!

I'm not that overweight, I'm just out of shape more than anything. But I'm not really fat. My face, neck, arms, stomach, waist, etc. are all pretty normal, if a little soft, but then you get to my hips and they're huge. Same with my butt. I'm just naturally pear-shaped and all of my weight goes straight to my lower body. When I sit on the toilet my hips and butt overtake the sides. My boobs are a little big, but from the waist up I look mostly normal, if a bit soft and not very muscular or toned. I don't particularly mind having this type of body; I like being soft and curvy and having wide hips and a big round butt. My boyfriend likes it too LOL. Alicia even said that she's actually kind of jealous of my curves, though I think she looks great too.

I enjoyed your constipation stories. It must've been rough having liquid poop coming out but not being able to get the rock-hard mass out. I've never tried squatting on the toilet and I'm afraid I'd lose my balance. I've squatted outside and it helps quite a bit, though I get tired if I'm squatting too long. I also enjoyed the story about the guy you dated. Have you ever helped anyone who was constipated, like rubbed their stomach or anything?

As for techniques to use when I'm constipated, usually I just massage my stomach, or pull my buttcheeks apart and try to make my anus wider so the immense logs come out easier. I've also massaged my butt while on the toilet. I don't know what it is, but something about squeezing and kneading my huge soft butt makes it easier to poop. All of my BMs are very large and thick, so I do this a lot, and I always take at least 20 minutes to poop. When I'm REALLY constipated, it can take almost an hour.

Anatomy student

To Linda

You might have read some of my posts about Katie, my ex girlfriend. She suffered from constipation. So, I began studying the human bowel and how it works. Constipation is where your poo takes too long to navigate the large intestine, or you've put off the urge causing it to stay in longer. This causes the poo to dry out and get hard.
What you can do:
Eat vegetables and fruits rich in fiber (broccoli, celery, apples, prunes, and papayas)
Drink plenty of water
Don't hold it or "prairie dog" it as Katie would say
Enemas could help you get better relief. Katie took some monster dumps that would clog the toilet, sometimes she needed a liquid glycerine suppository to lube up the poop. It doesn't take much either.
To help your hemorrhoids, try to only lean forward or pull your knees to your chest while seated to open the rectum and straighten it out. Most poo problems are from shitting while sitting. Sitting and standing puts a kink in the rectum.
Holding in a poo can cause the stretch receptors in the rectum to become desensitized. When this happens, you can never feel a poo urge again.

Monday, November 11, 2013


My weekend

I haven't posted in ages but I've been regularly reading :)
Great stories everyone, I just made some biscuits that looked like massive turds before they we're cut up (biscotti). It was funny.
Anyway, I've been still having trouble with loose poops and needing to go straight away when I feel the urge, I hate it, I long for the feeling of taking. Nice firm poo everyday and having it slide out my bum :) mmmm
I have taken some really good poos lately though, you know those nice, firm big longs that slide out and you can hardly help but groan as it stretches your ring :) mmmmm
Anyway, I've been away with my husband and family recently and because we all shared one room I'm a motel with one toilet (6 of us) I was nervous because I'm a shy pooper.
It turned out ok though, I sunk ad few nice turds on the first day while everyone was watching tv and i had the fan going. The next day it was just me and my husband in the room so he took the chance to try and squeeze a few poops out, I sat outside the toilet and listened ;) he won't let me go in, I heard some nice plops and small groans, it was amazing.
The next day I needed a poop again so went to the public toilets but there was no toilet paper so I didn't go. I waited until we went to eat at a restaurant and quickly pushed out some turds so I felt a lot better.
Unfortunately no really exciting stories. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the stories you guys post :)


Post Title (optional)

To Bloated Butt: Does your friend always give you are hard time about how exercise can relieve constipation? Just so you know, my Dad isn't overweight, he eats healthy and he exercises but he still gets constipated quite a lot. I know that being overweight contributes to constipation but thin people get constipated too.

To Jasmin K: I loved your story! It was great that you and your friend could help each other out, while you were straining for a poo. I loved your descriptions and I could just imagine the big, hard lump of poo, stretching your anus beyond its limits.

For me, if I eat too much junk, it constipates me. However, there have been lots of times when I've watched my diet, ate lots of fibre, fruit, ???? etc, drank lots of water and I've STILL become constipated.

For those people that get constipated frequently, which techniques do you use while you are straining for a poo on the toilet?

Also, how long does it take for you to do a poo, when you are constipated?

For me, I only have to go 1 or 2 days without doing a poo and I become very constipated. Also, I can be constipated but do a poo every day - although it can take 30-45 minutes on the toilet. This has happened to me many times. Does this happen to other people too?

I use all sorts of techniques when I'm constipated. I do lots of pushing and straining. It has caused me to get hemarrhoids too. They aren't too bad right now but in the past, they have bled and caused me pain. My doctor told me that I need to stop getting constipated and to stop straining too much. Easier said than done!!

If my constipation is really bad, I squat over the toilet, with my feet up on the bowl. This helps me a bit. Sometimes I need to stand up while I'm trying to push my load out. If I'm having lots of trouble, I alternate from sitting on the toilet (leaning right back against the back of the toilet) to leaning as far forward as I can. Then I squat over the bowl. Its not unusual for me to spend up to an hour struggling with a hard, stubborn log, that gets stuck in my anus and won't come out (even though I've spent an hour trying with all my might to get it out). When that happens, I have to have a break for 10-15 minutes and then try again. Most of the time, I can get the turds out in the second sitting, although it can take me 30 minutes or longer to get them all out.

When I'm having one of my long constipation sessions on the toilet, I check my anus by reaching down and feeling how far the poo has come out, with fingers. Sometimes I have to push down on my anus with my fingers and strain at the same time to help the poo come out. This hurts but it does help.

Another technique I've had to use in the past is soap suppositories. I've also used laxatives and suppositories from the pharmacy but only when I was a kid.

Hi all, Angie here. I've not posted in a very long time. I'm 23, long dark hair, pale with blue eyes, and people say I'm slim. Nice to hear from you kylee, welcome to the site. To answer your question, no it's not only you who does corn poops. Sometimes when I eat loads of corn it's like I poop out a new corn on the cob. I don't know how your friend can poop at school though, I used to feel so embarrassed If anyone in my class knew I was pooping.

Anyway, I work as a nurse and often will work 13 hours without stopping. As you can imagine, by the time I get home I've usually built up alot of poop to get rid of! This happened the other day. I got myself onto the toilet as soon as I got home, finally getting to release. I let out a long hiss of gas first, and then felt the monster poop begin its descent. I decided not to push, and just let it slide. It crept out slowly, stretching me wide open, but after a while it was just too wide, and i had to start pushing. After 5 more minutes of huffing and groaning, it splashed into the bowl like a rock. I looked down and it was at least one foot long and three inches wide, and took ten wipes to clean. My bum really felt hard worked after that!

Hope you enjoyed reading. See you again soon.


To Kylee: corn poop

Yes, corn poop is quite common. Some people think the corn is not being digested, but actually it is: Your stomach grinds up your food, forcing the contents of each kernel out from the yellow husk. The husk is not digestible, but becomes hollow; further along, in your intestines, the husk fills up with liquid chyme from the other processed food, which gradually hardens into turds. Then, when you poop, you can see the yellow husks in your turds, and those husks look like whole corn kernels. They are not; your digestion has worked, and the poop-filled kernels look surprisingly like fresh corn. The corn husks don't always come out all in one bowel movement, either; they can appear in two or more movements. Corn is the best-known food to reappear in your poop, but there are many others: okra seeds, kidney beans (from chili), tomato skins, spinach and other greens, nuts, carrots (little orange strands or fragments), and many other foods can occasionally be detected in your poop. It's a good idea to inspect your bowel movements, just to see what's there.

Hi all, Angie here. I've not posted in a very long time. I'm 23, long dark hair, pale with blue eyes, and people say I'm slim. Nice to hear from you kylee, welcome to the site. To answer your question, no it's not only you who does corn poops. Sometimes when I eat loads of corn it's like I poop out a new corn on the cob. I don't know how your friend can poop at school though, I used to feel so embarrassed If anyone in my class knew I was pooping.

Anyway, I work as a nurse and often will work 13 hours without stopping. As you can imagine, by the time I get home I've usually built up alot of poop to get rid of! This happened the other day. I got myself onto the toilet as soon as I got home, finally getting to release. I let out a long hiss of gas first, and then felt the monster poop begin its descent. I decided not to push, and just let it slide. It crept out slowly, stretching me wide open, but after a while it was just too wide, and i had to start pushing. After 5 more minutes of huffing and groaning, it splashed into the bowl like a rock. I looked down and it was at least one foot long and three inches wide, and took ten wipes to clean. My bum really felt hard worked after that!

Hope you enjoyed reading. See you again soon.

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