Rest Stop Accident

My name is Jessica. I'm 26 years old. Just a normal woman. My boyfriend and I went on a trip last weekend to celebrate our two year anniversary since we started dating. We drove a few hours to the foothills of the mountains to a really romantic B&B and had an amazing weekend even if we didn't get out much. We drove back Sunday late afternoon and stopped for dinner on the way and then back in the car. I didn't need to go to the bathroom at the Arby's we stopped at but not too long after we were back in the car I felt a little twinge in my bladder. No big deal. It was getting dark and I was tired and I soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke up suddenly almost an hour later and realized I really needed to pee badly. I shifted in the car seat and sat so that I had one leg on the seat with my heel pressed into my crotch. My other foot was fidgeting a little. I could hold it for a while from there but not until we got home, which was still about an hour and half away. I asked my boyfriend to stop at the next rest area. He asked if I wanted him to stop somewhere else sooner and I said no, the next rest area is fine.

We rode on in the dark listening to music and my need kept getting worse. I must have started fidgeting more and I didn't even realize but I had one hand in my crotch pressing as well. My bf asked if I wanted to stop sooner and I said no but if you speed up a little I won't complain. So he sped up a little.

Finally there was a sign for a rest area. I said, "Thank God, I swear I'm about to pee my pants" and laughed. He laughed too and said, "Good thing, I don't want you to ruin the car seat!" If only he knew how close to that I was. The closer we got to the rest area the stronger my urge got and I was on the verge of an accident. I hadn't needed to pee so bad in forever.

Finally we pulled into a parking spot. I was scared that I would start peeing if I moved and kind of just sat there. He asked if I was ok. I said, "No, I'm afraid I'll pee if I move." and laughed a little. He was a little surprised but nice about it. He said, "Can I come open the door or something?" I said yes so he came around and opened the door. I said, "Ok, I can do this, I'm not a little girl", squeezed tight, and swung myself slowly out of the car with one hand still pressing into my crotch. My bf reached out and helped pull me up so I was standing. Even so as I stood up I felt a spurt of pee escape into my panties. I gasped a little and he asked if I was ok and I just nodded and started walking as fast as I could with my thighs clenched and a hand in my crotch up towards the bathrooms.

It was dark out, about 10pm, but there were lights on and I would be visible running through them but there were no people out by the bathrooms themselves, just a few near cars on the sides. I hobbled like a crazy person, desperately holding back the pending flood, getting closer and closer to the entrance of the ladies room. But the closer I got the worse it got and suddenly another spurt escaped, then another, and another. My panties were starting to feel quite wet in the crotch and with every step they were getting a little wetter.

I made to the entrance of the ladies room and turned the corner when I was hit with a huge urge and in that split second I suddenly knew it was too late and I was about to pee my pants. I tried to stop it but my body would not let me. No matter what it was going to happen.

And so, right there by the sinks, with the toilets not ten feet away, I completely soaked my jeans like a little girl. It flooded down my legs, across my front and butt, left a puddle on the floor and soaked my socks and shoes. I just stood there, watching in the conveniently (!?) placed wall mirror as the wetness spread. I must have peed for at least a minute.

When I was done I was kind of in shock. I hobbled into a stall and locked the door and stood there for a minute. Then I pulled out my phone and sent a text to my bf: "I need new clothes"

BF: "What?"
Me: "I didn't make it. Pls bring new panties, jeans, and my sandals."
BF: "Ok. What happened? How bad?"
Me: "I didn't make it. I'm totally soaked. Plz just hurry."

I stood there waiting for a couple of minutes and then he texted that he had my stuff at the entrance to the ladies room. I asked if there was anybody else there. He said no. So I told him to come inside and bring them to me. I opened the stall door and stepped out to meet him. He just laughed when he saw me and said, "Wow, you weren't kidding!" I kind of smiled and said, "Well, I told you I had to go." He said, "At least you made it here and didn't do it in the car." I took the stuff into the stall and stripped down and wiped off as best I could and put on the clean clothes. As I washed my hands with my wet jeans and panties piled up on a sink next to me another woman walked in with her young daughter and the daughter asked, "Mommy, did that woman pee her pants?" I went beet red and so did the mother and she said, "Shh, you can't ask thing like that." I just smiled and said, "It's ok. Yes, I peed my pants. Even big girls sometimes have accidents."

I made the walk of shame back to the car carrying my wet things and tossed them into the trunk and we carried on. I faked going back to sleep to avoid talking the rest of the way home. It was embarassing for a woman of my age to have an accident like that but at least bf was understanding and didn't make a big deal about it.

Crimson Flash

Poop Report

I don't normally post about myself but I don't have any new sightings or catches to post so this time I'll post a poop report. I got the idea last Friday so I did Friday to Friday. FYI I normally poop every other day.

Friday- No poop

Saturday- I had an urgent need for a #2 and as I was pulling my pants down it already started coming out which is rare for me and by the time I sat down quite a bit of poop was coming out. I also farted while pooping which is rare for me. After it was all out I looked and it appeared to have been a huge long snake that broke into many pieces as it crackled out. It was difficult to see the bottom of the bowl. Note- I ate a burger with a sesame seed bun this day.

Sunday- No poop

Monday- I should have been due for a normal large poop, but only did a disappointing small poop, only two hard chunks and a little pebble that I had to push hard to get out. I felt more inside, but could not get any more out.

Tuesday- Another satisfying huge poop load very similar to Saturday's. The leftover older harder poop came out attached to the fresh pieces, and the sesame seeds I mentioned from the burger I ate three days earlier were also present. Another side note, on Tuesday I ate corn with a meal.

Wednesday- No poop

Thursday- Another substantial poop which this time stayed in one piece and quietly slithered out. It was a long smooth U shaped snake, except for one final separate hard chunk of older poop. All the corn from Tuesday was in the snake.

Friday(today)- I just finished taking another large poop which crackled out into many pieces and filled the bowl. All fresh poop. It's kind of rare for me to do these two days in a row so I may not go tomorrow.

So it took 2 to 3 days for the seeds and corn to come out since I became slightly constipated on Monday. Other times I noticed seeds and corn the very next day after eating them. So this week it just took a little longer due to slight constipation. If anyone else is interested in posting something similar, feel free to share your reports. That's all for now.


Answers to Steven A Survey

1. Are any of you embarrassed to use a public restroom? No

2. How would you react if someone farted in a public place? It has happened to all of us

3. Does Thanksgiving affect your bowel habits? No

4. Do you wipe standing up or sitting? Standing

5. Would you use the other restroom in a public place if your restroom was out of order and you are desperate to go? (Only one restroom is open) Yes have done that more than once.


Unfortunate accident

I'm a 35 year old mother. I haven't had problems with my toiletries since I was a kid, but recently that was changed.

Recently I was suffering from constipation for a little over 2 days and yesterday while I was coming back home from some errands I had to do, I had a really big urge to go. Unfortunately out of dumb coincidence, I was stuck during traffic hour. After being stuck for a good 20 minutes, the traffic finally lighten up. By the time I got home, I already had a couple of close calls when my urge had gotten intense.

I quickly hopped out of my car and tried my hardest to hastily get in but unfortunately I dropped my keys onto the ground. As I went to reach it, a moment of weakness had came and this forceful fart had started to come out. It was quite violent and suddenly the tip of this thick turd started to poke out. I quickly grabbed the key and stood there trying to regain control. But by then my bowels had overpowered me and it slowly started to come out. I unlocked the door and went inside. I knew my family was still out for a couple more hours, and since I was already started going, I decided to screw it. I quickly bent down and relaxed my body and that's when it happened.

It took a couple minutes before I was finally empty and by then so much poop was in my panties that it was hard to waddle to the bathroom. I managed to waddle there and dumped all that crap into the toilet and I decided to throw the panties out because I don't think I wanna clean it up. I don't think I had pooped myself for almost 30 full years. But I can at least say that I'm pretty relieved, nevertheless.


Festival Poo Part 1

Abbie Loving the stories you have no idea their Brilliant, you too Megan!!! Desperate to poop and Yvonne miss your stories...
Anyway getting back to my original post concerning the dire situation I found myself at Reading fest this year.
Me and some girlfriends came down for the festival on the thursday night we got weekend tickets, so we were camping. Lily one of the girls going met me at mine in the morning after putting her stuff in the car, we chilled out and waited for the others to arrive.
I noticed Lily looking a bit uncomfortable whilst we caught up on things mid-sentence Lily stopped "Chels Im not gonna lie I really need to use your ensuite is that okay?" "Of course you dont need to ask" "Well I hope you don't mind it's just I've been holding on to this poop since yesterday morning so I can have a good clear out before we go to the festival" I told her to go for it, such I good idea I was gutted I had never considered this!

So Lily went into the ensuite leaving the door wide open and started to wriggle down her tight jeans, now a little info for you guys so you could envision this Lily is a blonde like myself but she's got quite a big frame she's fairly tall but still pretty. As she dropped her knickers and jeans to her ankles I was confronted with the image of her naked thighs and legs, there not chubby, rather muscular and toned I'd say she had some powerful thighs and legs tbh it was quite a sight for me to take in. Lily proceeded to stink out my toilet with a rather desperate fart, I couldnt take my eyes off her he then started moaning as a big log made its way out of her rather round bum and into my toilet. The smell was rather pungent Lily seemed to notice as well and apologised, but I could help but love the smell you could tell it was an urgent poo, Lily then started moaning in relief and I'll assume some pleasure as a quick succession of heavy plops started to fill the toilet. Lily sighed claiming "god I really needed this, I was struggling hard last night and particularly this morning but I really wanted to hold it till I got here." Lily got up and revealed a mammoth pile of turds that were all floating on the surface whats more they were so thick...I can see why she enjoyed herself a little she did start to blush.

Watching her relieve herself in such a way really made me want to go now, funny how that works sometimes....just as Lily finished wiping I mentioned my need to go now and started pulling down my tights but as Lily was pulling up her underwear she quickly sat back down on the throne "sorry chels thought I was done" This time a solid log started inching its way out of her arse just my luck as mine was now doing the same almost, eventually Lily dropped her final log there was a deep splash, sensing my desperation she just moved out of the way just in time for my arse to hit the seat and release a long but small turd in comparison with her efforts. I had no idea how this flushed but glad it did.

I have to stop typing now got a few other things so I've split this post in two halves hope you've enjoyed this because it's nothing compared to the hour wait for a poo once finally getting to the festival next time peeps take it easy peace out xx

Post Title (optional) Linda

I've got a good constipation story from a few years ago. I was dating a guy and we were on holidays. We had been away for about a week, when I noticed that he hadn't done a poo for at least a few days. We were very open about our pooping habits and we had no problems talking about the subject.

I think it was the next day, after I had noticed that he hadn't pooped in a few days, that he actually told me he was constipated. That night, we had planned on going to the movies. We were staying at my sister's place and when we were driving to the cinema, he told me that he really needed to take a dump. It only took us a few minutes to get to the cinema, from my sister's place and when we got there, I asked him if he wanted to try for a poo before the movie. He said that he wanted to wait till after the movie. While we were watching the movie, I saw him squirming around a bit and he looked a bit uncomfortable. He told me several times during the movie that he was desperate for a shit. The movie wasn't that good (I can't remember which movie it was now) and I was almost expecting him to just walk out of the movie to use the toilet - but he didn't. When the movie had finished, he told me again that he really needed to do a poo. I reassured him that it was only a few minutes drive back to my sister's place so we quickly made our way to my car. It didn't take long to drive there but to my boyfriend, it probably seemed like hours. I felt sorry for him, he was obviously very constipated!!

We got to my sister's place and he couldn't get out of the car quick enough. He literally flew inside and into the toilet. He pulled down his pants and took his shirt off (it was summer so it was hot). He immediately started pushing and straining hard. I could see the concentration on his face, as he screwed it up and pushed with all his might. I must admit, it was a big turn on for me!! Even though I did feel sorry for him, it was fantastic watching him, as he struggled to get his load out. Sweat was pouring off him and he was clenching his fists as he bore down on the toilet. He leaned forward as far as he could go and he dug his toes into the floor. By this time, he was completely naked too. I'm sure his anus was stretched to its limits and I'm sure it was hurting him too. This went on for at least 20 minutes, before a huge load of poo went plop into the toilet. The look of sheer relief on his face was priceless, as he continued to push the rest of his enormous load out. Then he wiped but he told me that he didn't really need to - his load was so dry and hard. Then we both had a look at his load and it was massive - he said it was the biggest poo he had ever done!!

Tim (and Sally)

Urgent Poo

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here with another childhood story, this time from when I was 13 years old. One weekend, Sally called me and said that she was bored, so I told her that we could hang out together in the treehouse for the day. I met her at her house, and we began the 15-minute long walk to the treehouse. When we arrived at the treehouse, Sally let off a powerful, wet fart, so powerful that it blew her skirt up in the air, revealing blue and red undies with a wet, brown stain on them. Before I had time to ask if she was feeling alright, Sally did a second fart and grabbed her bum with both hands. "Tim, I need a poo badly!" was all she could say. She grabbed her undies with both hands and threw them on the grass, then she shot up the treehouse ladder, closely followed by me. When she got up the ladder, she dashed out to the toilet balcony. She reached the toilet seats, and started to lift her skirt up. As she did this, however, she farted again. She could no longer hold on, and a large brown turd shot out of her bum and onto the floor. Sally started crying, and quickly sat down a toilet seat, before having the rest of her diarrhoea. I took a quick pee, and then I fetched some paper for her to wipe her bum and vagina with. I also picked up her turd using toilet paper, and threw it down into the toilet pit. I hugged her tight and told her to stop crying. I said, "Who cares that you missed the toilet? It might have happened to anyone. The important thing is that you relieved your bowels!" When she heard this, Sally kissed me and hugged me even tighter, saying that I was the best friend ever. She wiped, washed her hands, and we went to hang out with each other for the rest of the day. Until next time, guys, peace!


My Great Aunt's

This Happened about a 2 years ago, I forgot all about this. It was around Christmas time 2011. Me my Dad, Mother, Sister and Brother had visited my Great aunt that was living in an seniors' home. We was all sitting out in the lobby with another family that had A Man, Woman, A boy around 12 and two girls 8, 14. and was also talking with another elder man. A few minutes later A man around 75 Came out of the bathroom and walks to us and Says, THERE WAS NO MORE TOILET PAPER, SO I HAD TO WHIPE WITH A PAPER TOWEL!


H-Dogg Post

That was a good post man...can i hear some more stories of you in those urgent situations...


Post Title (optional) Toilet Discrimination

Hello Old Fart

Thank you for your answer. Trespass was perhaps the wrong word...what I meant to say is that the cop in my case scenario issued her a ticket for being at a place where she was not supposed to be.
Since I invented the scenario, there was obviously no recorded outcome.

I agree with you that the women should be exonerated but for a different reason that I'd be happy to explain later.

Now, scenario number 2. This was a real situation that happened to me.

The setting was a large convention center in Canada and, being a large convention center, there were ample bathroom facilities for both genders. This convention center was hosting a TIPPERWARE (or TOPPERWARE?) event, which was of course all female. There must have been close to 1000 women attending the event.
I had been hired to provide simultaneous interpretation into French (French is one of the two official languages of Canada) and after interpreting for a while, I became thirsty as I always do when delivering this type of service.
And when drinking a lot, you pee a lot, right?

For my misfortune, organizers had converted all male restrooms into female restrooms to accommodate all the ladies there. The "male" sign had covered over with a "female" sign. I asked organizers where the mens' room was and was told to walk to a staff bathroom in a utility area and the other end of the convention centre.
Very very impractical. I felt violated.
So, while these friendly women were in session, I walked into one of these converted bathrooms without being seen and did my a stall because all urinals had been covered with a tarp.

Nobody caught me and I did not overtly attempt to test the law here. Assume however that I had been caught, what do you think might have happened?


Pete (USA)

There are several toilet-themed restaurants in China

These restuarants resemble bathrooms, with seats that look like toilet bowls topped with cushions in the shape of large piles of poo. Walls are decorated with toilet rolls and shower heads.

Their dishes include brown, curly wisps of soft serve ice cream. The food comes in individual, toilet-like vessels, from bidets to potties to - in the case of the ice cream - little cups, where the plumbing at the back forms a handle for diners to hold their desert.

One place has a signature 'super constipation black dry s***' ice cream, topped with red beans and sprinkles in a mini squat toilet.

My rectum itches. I had a fish stew in tomato sauce and potato salad for dinner. It was good and spicy and it worked on me in secs. after. I've been cleaning the kitchen all evening because it is filthy. I had to take break to sit on the toilet. I let down my green adidas trousers and white FOL briefs to my ankles and let it out. It was one 6 in. piece and loose mud. Did my ass ever itch. I wiped myself good, fixed my clothes and flushed. I am going to sleep. It is 1:29 in the morning.


Long time lurker

Hey everyone. Ive been lurking this web site for years and years and years. I never had the guts to start posting. But I really want to get into the community. Call me PinkSweet. I'm a petite nineteen year old girl whos has a fascination with "toilet" stuff since I am 6. Maybe forever. I find on my period I spend plenty of time in the washroom. Iget constipated and diahrea. And painful belly aches :( I always bring my phone and read your stories when this happens :)

I have plenty of dirty embarassing "accidents" and "purposeful" accident (if you know what i mean)
if you want to read more later. lmao

Saturday, November 09, 2013


Poo in the woods

A few years ago me and a couple of my friends went on a camping holiday. Towards the end we decided to do this walk through a nearby forest. When getting ready to go I did my final wee and although felt like I could have done a poo whilst I was at it decided I could leave it until we got back as I didn’t want everyone to be waiting for me. The walk started off o.k however about half way around I started to regret not doing a poo before we left. Soon I could feel it starting to slip out with every step I took and so feeling really embarrassed had to ask everyone to stop. When I explained everyone saw the funny side of it and went around gathering leaves for me to use as toilet paper. I took the leaves and went behind some trees until I was out of site. I pulled down my pants and squatted. It was really cold and I could feel a chill on my bottom. This massive amount of poo flowed out of me and into a big pile. I don't think I've ever done such a big poo! I then used the leaves to wipe my bottom, luckily although my poo was vast in quantity it wasn’t too messy to wipe. Ever since my friends have joked about it and never let me forget having to do a poo in the woods.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kylee first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like your friend had a really great poop and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and the outside of the corn kernel dosent break down for some reason maybe cause of whatever its made of is acid proof and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jessica great poop stories it sounds like both times you really had to poop and also had really good poops to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Beth W first welcome to the site and great pee story I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story it souns like you and Sam had a tough time but at least you helped eachother get through it and you both felt better in the end and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great deseperate poop story.

To: Megan as always another great poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tim (and Sally)

Little Privacy

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here with another childhood story, this time from when I was 12 years old. Every Sunday, Sally and I would go to Sunday school together for 2 hours, from 12 to 2 in the afternoon. The church was pretty normal, but the toilets there were quite unique. The room for Sunday school was in a sort of cellar, and the toilets were at the back of the room. There were 2 flushing toilets and 1 sink, no privacy screens at all. The only privacy provided was a curtain, so that, although you could see other people on the toilet, you couldn't be seen by the rest of the class. The curtain did nothing to stop toilet noises, however, as Sally found out. This particular evening, Sally and I had both had the same dinner: chicken at her house. We thought that it may have been a bit undercooked, and we were right. During a Bible reading, our stomachs both began to rumble. We knew that we had little time to act, so we jumped to our feet and dashed behind the curtain. You had to ask permission to go, but there was no time even for that. Once we were behind the curtain, it was a race against time. Sally unbuckled her belt, unzipped her fly, and dropped her jeans to her ankles. Then, after shoving her blue and red undies to her ankles as well, she swiftly sat down on the toilet. After dropping my shorts and blue undies to my ankles as well, I sat down on the toilet next to her. We both defecated a storm, farting multiple wet farts and moaning as brown water flowed out of both our anuses. This went on for about 5 minutes before we were done. We wiped our privates, flushed the toilets, pulled our pants and undies up, washed our hands and went back to join the rest of the class. Everybody sat there in stunned silence at what they had just heard. They were shocked that we could have diarrhoea in public and not care what happened! Until next time, peace!

Post Title (optional) Linda

To Bloated Butt: I LOVED your story!! I'm like you when it comes to exercise - I'm not into sport at all and I couldn't think of anything worse than going to the gym. I'm not really over weight but I could probably lose a few kilos. I try to eat healthy food but sometimes I let myself have treats. Chocolate makes me constipated, I love it but I try not to eat it very often.

Constipation also runs in my family - my Dad suffers with it and my grandfather on my Mum's side was prone to it aswell. So its not surprising that I get constipated quite a lot too.

I've got a story from my childhood, that I still remember very well. As I've mentioned before, when I was around 6 or 7, I was severely constipated for a long time. I was on holidays with my family (with my parents and my older siblings) and we were visiting my grandparents. Because I was so extremely constipated, I had lots of liquid poo constantly leaking out into my knickers - past a massive big hard mass of poo in my bowels. My Mum was getting a bit sick of washing all of my dirty knickers, so she gave me a sanitary pad to wear in my knickers, to catch the liquid poo. I had no idea about sanitary pads back then but it was a good idea.

Anyway, one particular day, I was playing outside, in my grandparents back yard , with a pad in my knickers, when I got the urge to do a poo. My Mum told me that I had to tell her every time I tried for a poo on the toilet, just in case I managed to push any out. For some reason, I didn't want to tell my Mum that I needed to do a poo so I hid behind the big tree in the yard and started pushing - but I didn't pull my pants down. Lots of liquid poo came out but nothing else. Then I pulled my pants and knickers down and started walking towards the house. I had liquid poo all over my bottom and it was dribbling down my legs. I called out to my Mum and she came outside to see what I was doing. She saw the state I was in and took my into the shower to clean me up. Then she made me sit on the toilet until something came out. I think I managed to get a few pebbles out but that was all.

On that same holiday, my Mum told me that my Pop was also constipated, just like me. He suffered with bowel problems and he got constipated quite a lot. He had his own toilet because when he wasn't constipated, he had to go several times a day. (my grandparents had 2 toilets in their house) On really bad days, he had to stay home and stay close to the toilet. I remember accidentally walking in on him, when he was on the toilet, trying to do a poo. He knew I had walked in on him but he was concentrating too hard on trying to push a big poo out. He was grunting and groaning too.


2 stories in 1

1st story-I was at school and we were released for bathroom break .So all the girls were fixing their makeup,hair , etc.All the stalls were out of order except one and we all had too pee (I thought),so when we were in line for the only stall ,my friend chandler said she had to go #2 .So we said she could go ahead ,unfortunately I couldn't hear her plops because the blow dryer ,sink ,and the talking .Well when she was done I walked in while she was flushing (I was next in line)and saw a HUGE brown log .It was at lest a foot and a half , so I jokingly said "big poop" .When I sat on the toilet i Peed for at least 2 minutes .Well that's the first time I've seen a friends poop .

2nd story - Anybody heard of corn poop well I just did it .I ate corn the other day and now I'm pooping out my corn .Is this just me that does this

Btw ,this is my first post

Happy pooping,


Steven A's questions + update

Hey, everybody. I've been a little constipated as of late, but nothing too bad. This morning I finally went after a couple days of not going. It wasn't the greatest bowel movement (lol), it was too hard and at first, but after the first bit, the rest was soft and full and felt excellent. It was so relieving to get that out. Almost clogged the toilet again too >.< Thankfully this time it didn't seem to happen.

Alright, Steven A, thought I would answer your questions:

1. I'm not embarrassed, but I don't prefer to use one. Especially if I'm constipated, I don't anyone else hearing that.
2. I don't think I would really care. Unless they deliberately did it right in my presence lol.
3. It might make me go a little more hehe, eating a lot tends to just increase bowel movements for me. It doesn't seem to worsen my constipation though.
4. I do both. Lately I seem to have been doing standing more, though.
5. Sure, I've done that before, although it was a pretty remote area and I didn't expect anyone else to notice or come in.

Old Fart

Toilet Discrimination


Not guilty. The female needed a bathroom, she had a ticket for the theater, therefore she was not in trespass. The cop ticketed for the wrong offense. As to whether she was in violation of any local laws would depend on where the theater was located. However none of them come into effect since the cop's ticket was for the wrong offence. Case dismissed with prejudice.
If the cop caused her to not make it to a toilet in time that may be cause for legal action against the cop, civil rather than criminal.

So, it's your story, did she make it?


Popeye's chicken at 6:30 a.m. in Atlanta

This will be brief. No toilet was even involved.

Years ago, I flew from Seattle to Pittsburgh, the first flight of the day. There was no time for breakfast in Seattle. We landed in Atlanta, with a connecting flight to Pittsburgh in about an hour. That's when I found Popeye's chicken at the Atlanta airport. I noticed there were normal breakfast items on the menu, along with the usual fried chicken, bones and all, and sides. I think I had 3 pieces of spicy chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy, both of the latter likely reconstituted from dry mix. I was really hungy, and thought I'd never have the chance to eat such a meal at that time of the morning ever again.

An hour into the flight from Atlanta to Pittsburgh, I felt some familiar rumbling. The plane was packed. I've had accidents as a child, so I've gotten pretty good at predicting what's coming out of my shit pipe. I was in the center seat, which was probably cheapest for my company to provide for my flight. So rather than get up, make an unnecessary trip to the bathroom, and risk farting into the face of a passenger, I just stayed put. That's when I silently let out the most rank fart I've done since a bus incident in the 7th grade. This one smelled like a sewage treatment plant. I supposed the chicken that laid down its life for my meal was getting some revenge. Everyone in my seating row politely pretended not to notice. But I looked at the people in the row behind me, and saw a woman with her shirt collar pulled over her nose and mouth. I wanted to laugh then like I'm laughing now as I type, but that would have blown my cover. And it was perfectly dry.

I wonder if that seat cushion could still be used as a flotation device.


2 stories

i have 2 stories to share

I was doing homework in my room when i was rudely interrupted by my stomach. I stop doing my homework slipped on my black 2 in foam thong flip-flops and headed straight to the bathroom. I pulled my pants down to my ankles, stood on my tip-toes, grabbed the nearest magazine, and started pooping. in the middle of pooping my mom knocked on the door saying dinner is ready. I told her to politely go and that i was on the toilet. My stomach growled telling me i was almost done. I dropped my magazine and crossed my arms around my stomach and starting to push a really thick poop out of my butt. when it fell into the toilet a couple more poop came out and wiggled my feet in my flip-flops. i got up to see my poop there was about 15 small pieces and the thick poop on top of it. i wiped 2 times flushed the toilet and went to eat dinner.

I was at a family BBQ at my uncles with my parents and they were serving up delicious foods, so of course i ate the food. about an hour later my stomach made knots, so i asked my uncle where's the bathroom. He told me no one is allowed in the bathrooms in the house and that he rented a port-a-potty for the families to use. He pointed where it was and so i went. Luckily the port-a-potty was clean for use. As i entered i locked the door and pulled my denim shorts all the way to my 4 in platform black thong flip-flops and sat down on the toilet. For five minutes nothing came out so i moved my feet inward towards the toilet, clasp my hands together, leaned forward and looked down at my toes. soon enough when i did that this huge poop was trying to leave, but it was stuck. I pushed as hard as i can, turning my body slightly red and as i was trying to get this monster poop out, someone was knocking at the port-a-potty and saying is anybody in there. I responded by saying occupied. the person said oh sorry and left. a couple more minutes of pushing the poop came out and made a loud thud. once that poop came out mushy poop came out and it was going plop plop plip plop plip plop plop plop plop plop plip. so for ten more minutes i was sitting on the toilet with the most stinkiest poops and loudest farts ever, soon the smell got so bad that i stopped looking at my toes and went tippy-toes to avoid smelling my poop easier and finish pooping faster. once the final wave ended i wiggled my toes in my flip-flops and got up to wipe my butt, but i noticed that there wasn't any toilet paper, my uncle forgot to put toilet paper in the port-a-potty luckily i had my phone with me and texted my mom to ask my uncle to get some toilet paper for me. it took my mom 10 minutes to reply that she'll get some toilet paper. while i was waiting for my mom to come back, my stomach growled and poop was coming out again, so i hastily grabbed the toilet seat, moved my feet inward towards the toilet again, and tensed my toes up. as i was pooping my mom knock on the port-a-potty saying she got some toilet paper and to open the door. i said okay, since it was my mom. when i unlocked the door she handed me the toilet paper and asked me if i was ok because it was smelly in here and that she hears constant pooping. i told her i was fine and that i had to go again. she said alright and be out soon because she had to go to. as i finished i wiggled my toes again and got up to wipe my butt and let my mom in. i decided to wait a little and see what happens but she just had to pee. oh well.

do you guys have any port-a-potty stories you guys would like to share

Beth W
Hi there this is my first time posting on here, but I've been a long time reader. I'm 20 and at University in the North of England. I live with three other girls including my girlfriend, Hollie.

My story is from a few weeks ago, I was on tablets to help me clear a chest infection, but they also made me wee a lot more regularly than usual. After one of my lectures I walked home, with a bit of a need to relieve my bladder but campus is only 15 minutes away from where I live so I thought I'd just go once home.

As I was walking however, the need built rapidly, and by the time I got to my front door I was really bursting, literally holding myself with one hand as I opened the door with the other. Unfortunately just as I walked in I heard a door slam shut upstairs and I prayed that it wasn't someone going into the toile, because we only have 1 in the house and I knew that if it was being used I was in serious trouble.

Alas for me it was, as I hobbled up the stairs. I heard the rustling of trousers being pulled down as whoever was in there sat down on the seat and started a loud torrent of wee. I asked who was in there and it was Hollie, and I asked how long she'd be only I was bursting and she said "I could be a while because I need a poo". She can sometimes take a while with her poos so I started to become frantic, especially as I felt a spurt of wee go into my knickers.

I stood there holding myself hopping from foot to foot, but as Hollie struggled to empty her bowels I knew I was fighting a losing battle. I frantically looked around for a jar or vase to try and wee in but it was no good, and I felt a second spurt go in. I hammered the toilet door to try and make Hollie see how desperate I was but she said she couldn't really come out for me because she had a log half sticking out of her bum. At that point a third spurt of wee came out...except it didn't stop. I stood there helpless as at twenty years old I flooded my kickers, wee cascading down my legs onto the landing floor.

I didn't really know what to do, so I stood there dumbstruck before going to the bedroom to take my wet clothes off and get some new ones for my shower to help me clean up. At that moment I heard the toilet flushing, and Hollie came into the room just as I was standing there in my undies. My soaked knickers were a dead giveaway as to what happened and she said "oh no I am so sorry, I didn't realise how desperate you were". I told her it wasn't her fault, and I went off to clean myself up.

So there it is, my first accident (whilst awake) since I was a small girl. I say whilst awake because I am and always have been an occasional bedwetter and so is Hollie. There have been numerous occasions when half of our bed has become soaked, and one occasion when we both wet the bed on the same night! But more on that later.

Ciao for now.



Response to Anon


Yeah, I think I'm better at holding it in than he is, he's had more accidents than I have. But it's good that my parents don't get too angry when it happens and they are prepared just in case that it does.


For Steven A.

Hiya Steven....

Wow! A big satisfying dump for you; eh? That must have felt sooooo good coming out....and you must have been just content and happy to feel soooo empty after; eh? Had you gone several days without going? Were you concerned about that? (You're usually so regular...)

And...I'm glad to answer your questions!

1. Are any of you embarrassed to use a public restroom?
Sort of. Especially if I'm constipated. I just CANNOT have people hear me pushing and grunting. A normal poop I can do in a public restroom....but I will only be comfortable if I am in a stall with doors and nobody is right next to me. I also don't like cracks by the door where someone can peek in at me.

2. How would you react if someone farted in a public place?
No reaction really; I like farts; I'd be mildly amused...but not much else. If I had the nerve (which I don't) I'd like to ask when he'd last pooped....and if he was feeling an urge....and; if big it felt inside of him.

3. Does Thanksgiving affect your bowel habits?
Ya know....I don't think so. I'm sure I poop more because I eat more...but I don't really notice it. I always think of the constipated people though....I can never understand how our bodies can just continually take in more food if we haven't gone for so long.

4. Do you wipe standing up or sitting?
I almost always wipe standing....although if I'm in a public restroom I will wipe while still seated....'cause I don't want to be standing and showing my junk if someone is peeking in through a crack

5. Would you use the other restroom in a public place if your restroom was out of order and you are desperate to go? (Only one restroom is open)
If I was desperate I'd go most anywhere. It wouldn't be a big deal....I'd just hurry in and out. Way better than pooping or peeing my pants.

Happy Pooping Steven....I always like your posts!


To Sabrina

Hi Sabrina! Welcome. I really enjoyed your story about your poo at school; please share more stories you may have whether at school or elsewhere.

Some questions for you:
Which foods do you eat that are fiber heavy? Do you eat a lot?

Also, when did you get the urge in last period? It sounds like you really had to go, and I'm glad that you made it. Is there a rule that you can't go to the bathroom during class time?

Finally, how big is the bathroom? Does it have many stalls? Do you always moan after a relieving poo/pee?

Love your story, please keep posting!

Steven A

Just Took A Good Dump and Questions For ALL To Answer

So, I was just chillin' at home and then I got hit with an urge to poop. I went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I then pushed out a log that was 10 to 12 inches in length and maybe 2 to 4 inches in width. Then, I wiped and flushed and came to type this. I also have some questions for ALL to answer.

1. Are any of you embarrassed to use a public restroom?

2. How would you react if someone farted in a public place?

3. Does Thanksgiving affect your bowel habits?

4. Do you wipe standing up or sitting?

5. Would you use the other restroom in a public place if your restroom was out of order and you are desperate to go? (Only one restroom is open)

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Jasmin K

Getting over constipation and surveys

I've been doing really well with my poos lately! I haven't had any constipation at all! I think its because I've been trying to eat healthy food, including lots of fruit and vegetables.

I have a questions:

Has anyone ever had a long constipation session in a public toilet? If so, how long did it take and did other people hear you?

Hi All
Firstly I will answer Lindas survey and then give the long overdue report over my last bout of constipation.

Has anyone ever had a long constipation session at a friend's place? Yes on many occasions. My best freind also suffers constipation and we often accompany each other when trying to go. I have sat on the toilet at her house for 2 sessions on the same day of about an hour duration each.

Does anyone ever get liquid poo coming out when they are constipated? Or have you found dried up poo in your knickers/pants, after pushing out a big load, after being constipated for a few days? Even though you wiped properly? Sometimes when I have been constipated for a few days I get softer / liquidy poo that comes out around the hard piece, It depends how hard and for how long Ive been straining. When I am not constipated I get a yellow brown mucous like stuff that comes out before any poo when I am straining hard during my routene morning sit on the toilet.

Has anyone ever been on the toilet, constipated, with 3 or 4 inches of thick, rock hard poo sticking out of your butt and you suddenly had to pull up your pants, WITHOUT having time to finish your poo, break it off or suck it back in?? Luckilly only once at home, I wanted to go to my room to get something so pulled my knickers up in case it broke off and landed on the floor.

Ok so I finally managed to go on the Saturday afternoon of the week I talked about in my last post and thankfully Ive been able to go every day since.
On the friday my best friend Sam (Samantha) Asked if I had managed to go yet, I said no and she then told me that she was also constipated. Anyway we arranged to me at my house to go out on Saturday evening and decided that as I had the house to myself all day Saturday she would come over in the morning. On Saturday Morning I got up, had breakfast and when mum and my sis went out I went for my morning sit on the toilet. I strained and strained for about 1/2 hour when my friend called. She said she had managed to do a poo but still had belly ache and wanted to try to do some more and that she had made herself very sore. I suggested she still came over and we could help each other to go.
When she arrived we listened to music and showed eachother what we would wear to the party etc make up etc. Then she said I need to go on the toilet come with me. So we went to the bathroom and she pulled her tight jeans and bikini knickers down taking them right off. She said that her piles (hemmis) were really sticking out and bent over, indeed they were and I offered her some of my cream which she applied. She then sat down and strained, grunting as she pushed and strained after about 5 minutes producing a few plips as little bits dropped into the water. She suggested that we take it in turns say 1/2 hour on the toilet then the other of us untill we were both empty. I offered to rub her belly as she strained which she accepted. After 1/2 hour I got on the toilet and strained, I could feel it just protruding but that was it. I took a deep breath and bored down straining with all my might pulling up on the back of my legs pushing all the effort right into my bum. Drip drip drip as my bum bled but as I felt underneath I could feel a rock hard lump in my bum which after straining hard and using a finger dropped in the pan followed by a few pebbles. Several eye watering strains later with Sam pressing and rubbing my belly I strained out a knobbly hard 6 inch log. My 1/2 hour was up and we decided to flush and Sam sat down, She was straining and dropping peanut sise pellets of poo with each strain. I went and put my high boots on as with my feet raised I can push down harder. When I returned I rubbed Sams belly for her and she asked why the boots. I explained to her and she said oh I get the same effect by squotting down adding that at home she often squots over a sheet of newspaper of an old towel. I found an old towel and placed it on the floor which is laminate wood. As the 1/2 hour was up we changed places and Sam squotted and strained. We both concentrated on straining and I watched her straining and dropping little pebbles and squirting pee every now and again. With my boots on I pushed down really hard and despite the pain and swelling in my bum I kept pushing and finally a few pebbles then another log started to emerge. It was much fatter than the last one and as I pushed it against my swollen bum hole I could feel it stretching it, making the tear split open again making my eyes water. I reached and go the cream and applied some and letting the poo go back up a bit put some inside my now protruding anus.Whilst waiting for its anesthetic to numb my hole I asked Sam if she needed more, Yes please and she shuffled round and presented her bum. Did you want me to apply it I asked, yes if you like she replied. I obliged. We both strained as hard as we could, Sam dropped a couple of logs of pebbles and my log was inching its way out, I had to manage to keep some pressure up on it when I took my breath and relaxed from straining to stop it going back up inside, eventually It was sticking out about 6 inches and getting fatter. Sam remarked that when I strained against the poo it was pushing my bum down below my bum cheeks, she asked if I wanted her to push it up so the poo would have to come out. This she did and with a lot of effort eventually a very solid hard lump about the sise of a tennis ball thudded with a splash in the water followed by a log and some softer bits. I wiped and flushed and gave Same some bear hugs to squeze her as she strained. plip plip plip went the little pellets, a whole load and some larger softer ones as well.
Having cleared our constipation we had a good time out and so far still constipation free.



desperate poo at the local pub sunday....

Hi everyone.
My next story is from Sunday, my fiance & I went down our local
Pub Sunday afternoon, and an hour into it & a few glasses of wine later,
I felt the need for a poo. I held for a bit but soon got more urgent
So off I went, the loos were empty, sat down
Faaaaaaaaaaart then suddenly very loudly plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop. ...and then even quicker plop-plop-plop-plop. Wow! I thought, I didnt think I needed that much of a poo! Wiped 6 times (I was very messy)
&flushed. Left skidmarks in the bottom of the bowl.
And as I walked out another lady walked in clutching her stomach!
Poor lass.
Well that's it from me for now. More soon!! :) Jemma x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like Emily really had to poop bad and it sounds like she had a pretty rough time to at least you were there to help her out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Frank good story it sounds like Rachel is pretty adventerous.

To: Bloated Butt great set of stories it sounds like you had some interesting poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elisbeth S great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you just made it in time.

To: Timee great pee story.

To: Porta Potty Poop great catch.

To: Sally first welcome to the site and I look forward to reading your stories.

About an hour and a half ago I heard a woman poop at the bookstore so she went in and sat down on the toilet then I heard a soft grunt and some plops then another set she reapeted that patern 4 times then flushed then I went in and there were skidmarks in the bowl.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Linda thats good that your poops are normal and you arent having constipation issues.

To: Abby great story about you guys pooping in that toilet and leaving it unflushed and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sabrina first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and had really great poop to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Chelsea they both sound good I cant choose lol.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story it sounds like you got a great a great show at camp and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story it sounds like you had a really great poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Abbie- Sounds like you both had big, urgent poos! Glad you made it onto the toilet.

Today I was out and I got some lunch in a cafe. As I ate I started to need a poo. As it turned out I wasn't the only one whose food started things moving. At the next table to me were two women in their 30s, one blonde and one brunette. I was eating and they were done, and the were close enough that I could hear them talking. The blonde woman said, 'ok, shall we go?' Her friend replied, 'yes, but I need the loo first.' She asked if she needed to wee, and she said quietly, 'no, it's all that food, I need a number two!' They both laughed and the brunette went to the loos to do her business. Like her I needed to do a number two before I left, so I went to the loo after I finished.

There were two cubicles and she was in one, so I took the other. She had been in the loo for five minutes and had nearly finished. Her poo smelled pretty strongly. I did a quick wee and then I pushed out my first log with a plop. I heard a very small plop from her and then she started to wipe. I pushed out another log as she flushed and then two more after she left. I left much better, and no doubt she did too!

His sick ????

I was staying with my boyfriend because he wasn't feeling good. He had asked me to rub his ???? for him. He fell asleep and woke up a bout 2 hours later.
He immediately cradled his stomach and winced in pain. "You okay?" I asked "my ???? is killing me." He said almost in tears. I asked him if he should try going to the bathroom so he said he'd go try. After about 20 minutes of hearing him straining trying to get out whatever was hurting his poor belly I went to go check on him. He said nothing happened and to go back and he'd be there in a minute. I wasn't convinced he'd be okay so I sat on the edge of the tub held his hand so he could squeeze it when he needed to push and rubbed his back. After another 5 minutes of painful straining liquid starte gushing out of him. He grunted in pain and I could tell he was hurting. Diarrhea still poured out of him for about 2 minutes straight and after he was done he said he didn't feel much better but wanted to go back to bed. He cleaned himself up an I helped him to bed. Almost a half hour later he jumped up and ran to the bathroom because he thought he was about to poop his pants. Bu when he got there nothing would come out. We repeated the process before and it took 45 minutes but he finally got some out. At first it was runny but then it turned hard and he struggled to get it out. He grabbed his ???? with his free hand and pushed very hard. When he was empty he said his stomach didn't hurt anymore he just felt kind of bloated which was resolved after he passed some gas. My poor boy had the same thing happen for about 3 days.


To: Chelsea

I vote for the Festival Poop story. I love reading your stories. Keep it up!

Bill F
To contradict my last story, this time I'll talk about one of the few really soft, runny poops that Emily had. Her bowels were usually the opposite of Lisa's with hard, big poops being the norm.
One particular day, when we were 10, was different. We had just left school, and just started walking the trail, when she let out a very wet fart, that sounded like it splattered against her panties. She held her stomach with both hands, and slowed down. I asked her "Are you ok?" She said "I need to poop, really bad!" I said "Can I hold your butt so you can hold your stomach, like I did that one time?" She said "Yes, that would help a lot." She was wearing a skirt, so I reached under her skirt, where I indeed saw a splattered wet fart on the seat of her panties. I found her anus with my hand, with I could tell was already tightly closed with a strong grip. I said "Your panties are already a little dirty." She said "Dammit! I knew I shouldn't have trusted that fart." We kept walking, with me still holding my hand there, in case her anus gave up. She stopped walking, and said "There's too much, pressure, I need to let off some gas." I asked "Are you sure it's just gas?" She said "I'm pretty sure." I said "Just to make sure, don't completely let go, just ease up on your hold a little bit, I'll do the same." I let my hand go a little bit, and I felt her anus loosen up a little. I felt a very weak jet of warm gas against my hand. Since she was letting it out quite slowly, it went on for a long time, maybe five seconds.
The gas suddenly switched to a liquid, and I quickly said "Stop!" Her anus tightened up again, and she asked "What's wrong?" I said "It became liquid. You couldn't feel the difference?" She said no. Well that might become a problem, I thought. There was an additional small spot on her panties. The smell of her five second fart hit me like a ton of bricks. I can say with little doubt that it was the worst fart I've ever smelled in my life. Kind of like a combination of rotten eggs, cooked spinach, and of course, poop. I said "Yikes! What on earth did you eat?" She said, to my surprise, "For lunch, I had pasta, and cereal for breakfast. Why do you ask?" I said, in even more shock, "You can't smell that?" That's when I saw she was holding her nose the entire time. I said "No fair, you said you were holding your stomach with both hands." She agreed with that, and returned her hand back to her stomach. She got her first whiff of the monstrous fart, and said "What DID I eat? I didn't make THAT, did I?" I asked "Can you keep walking? I want to get away from your contribution to air pollution." She said "I think I can keep going."
After that, things settled down, until we were about halfway there. She stopped and said "I really need to let off pressure again." I said "Ok, we'll do the same thing as last time." I covered my nose this time, to be safe. Her anus relaxed slightly, and when I eased my own grip, more gas slowly began to leak out. Suddenly, more liquid shot out, and before I could tell her to stop, I felt her anus force itself violently open, with a log quickly on the way. I pulled her panties to the side, out of the way. A thin, light brown (they're usually dark brown) rope shout out of her anus, followed by several small balls of poop. From experience, I knew that like Sam, Emily always peed when she pooped, so I pulled aside the crotch of her panties, and sure enough, she let out three very wet farts, and started peeing from both ends. Since both my hands were keeping her panties out of the way, I had to keep my breath held to avoid the smell, which Emily, in between heaving, said was even worse than the fart. She stopped peeing, which was good for me, as I could breathe again without smelling it. With a final, much drier fart, she said "I think I'm done. You don't need to hold my butt anymore." We kept walking leaving behind a huge puddle of diarrhea.
We were approaching the treehouse, when she cut yet another quite wet fart. Holding her stomach with one hand, and her butt with the other, she made a mad dash for the treehouse. She climbed the ladder, and was out of sight. I kept walking normally, when I saw behind the treehouse, a very erratic stream of diarrhea, no doubt Emily's. I walked behind the treehouse, and from below, I could see Emily on the toilet jutting out of the window. Her panties were to her knees, her chest was resting on her knees, she was holding her stomach with both hands, and her anus was spewing a combination of farts, liquid diarrhea, and mushy poop. I yelled out "Boo!" Which made her shriek. She looked behind her, and saw me. She said "Oh, it's you... I guess I'm lucky this is diarrhea. If I got frightened having a normal poop, it would have gone right back up." I went back around the treehouse, and climbed up the ladder. She looked up at me, and farted at the same time. She looked painful, so I said "Sorry for scaring you. Anything I can do to help?" She said in a strained voice, "Some water would help." As she let out another fart in between waves of diarrhea. I got a water bottle from the cooler, and handed it to her.
I said "I'll see if your panties aren't beyond repair. She slid her panties off her feet. She said "I leaked quite a bit before I got them down, on top of what happened on the way." I remembered a small bucket I had in a corner of the treehouse, in case more than one person couldn't hold it any longer. I got a few more water bottles to pour in the bucket. I carefully put her panties in the soak out most of the stains. Even when I took the panties out, she was still having diarrhea. I used wet wipes to try and scrub out the rest of the mess. When I was done, there was still a light shade of brown on them, but I figured they were wearable. I said "Good news! They're good as slightly used again. She laughed, and said "Good, I was waiting for a break." Then she let out four farts in a row, each getting louder, but drier. We both waited, but there was nothing after. Then, I heard a hissing sound. I thought her diarrhea had restarted, but I realized she was peeing. Once she stopped peeing, she said "Speaking of breaks, I think I'm done." I said "Good, because I wouldn't mind going now." She wiped, and stood up. She kept her panties off, while I sat down. To be better safe than sorry, she sat on the bucket, in case she had more diarrhea. Her butt was way too big for the bucket, and I could see a lot of her butt crack while she was sitting. I was concerned for a moment whether her anus was even over the bucket at all. When I was finished, I stood up, but Emily continued sitting on the bucket. Her panties were out of her reached, so I handed them to her. She had a concentrated look on her face, so I guess she wasn't done. I handed her the wipes as well, now that I realized she would need them again. Finally, she hovered above the bucket to wipe, and stood up. When her back was turned to me, I couldn't help but laugh at the round mark the bucket left on her butt. I told her the forced planetary pun when she asked what was so funny. "Uranus has a ring around it!" She said "Yes, and that ring is very cold!" We both laughed, and she also said, after pulling her panties up, "... And very sore. Well, anyways, thank you so much for your help again. I have to go for dinner. Hopefully the diarrhea stays put until I get home." She left, and I looked in the bucket, and saw two very normal turds. I emptied the bucket out to be used in an emergency another day. I found out later that she ate some undercooked meat from the night before, and that was the last of her diarrhea.
I think my sense of smell might have been permanently weakened from that day, and all I smelled was a (really, really bad) fart.
See ya next time!


First Post

How's it going everybody. I have long admired this forum and I have decided to finally start contributing. Quick bio: You can call me Frank. I am 22 yo, 5'9", Dark hair, tan complexion, pitch black eyes, medium build but slightly muscular. I'm currently taking 21 college credits with many work and volunteer projects on the side, so I stay well out of trouble XD
My first story to share would have to be from when I was around 6 years old. I spent a lot of time at my good friend's house-we'll call her Rachelle. It wasn't until high school that I finally found out she had a crush on me back then, but I always viewed our relationship as a good friendship rather than anything else.
Anywho she seemed to be very open about using the bathroom. Many times I'd walk upstairs to find her on the toilet with the bathroom door wide open. I didn't think anything of it, just continued to her room until she joined me to play.
One time in particular, we were outside playing in her little playground area, roughly 200 feet from the house. She came up with the craziest idea. "Let's poop outside today." Kinda surprised, but yet kinda having to go myself, I decided to go for it. We asked her parents if we could bring some TP outside but we were told we would have to use the bathroom inside instead. So we went back out to play and Rachelle said, "Let's do it anyway!"
I replied, "But, we don't have any toilet paper."
"Who cares? I never use toilet paper anyway."
I agreed to do it anyway, but being the modest little kid I was I said we need to set up a curtain for privacy.
She said, "That doesn't bother me if we don't have privacy but we can set something up."
I grabbed the curtain from her playhouse and made a clothesline-style privacy fence, "This will work!"
We each dug a small hole to poop in.
So I went behind the curtain and pooped, then she went behind the wall and pooped. After she was done we went back together.
"There's yours, and there's mine," she said. "Now we have to bury them so it will dissolve."
So we did, continued playing, and that was that.
I kinda kick myself whenever I think back on this because if I could go back in time, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Not only that but I probably would have lead several "poop adventures" with my good friend Rachelle. Such as..pooping in a bucket, or finding the best way to poop outside.
Anywho, that's my first story! Hope you enjoyed it! Is there anyone else out there with a similar story.

Happy pooping =D


Yesterday, I went in to use bathrrom at school and accidently walked in on someone. I opened the door and there was this black kid sitting on the toilet, humming while taking a poop. I said sorry to him but he just smiled at me and kept hummin. I closed the door and walked away. I could still hear him humming and then I heard plops in the toilet. This was a weird experience.

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