not afraid to poop at school

its human nature as my friend Zane said that's why I am not afraid to go when nature calls I am unashamed of my own natural body

kmd- Yes, it certainly felt good when it did come out! The blonde girl in the other story you liked did have a somewhat smelly poo, but not as bad as it might have been really! I have never heard either of the Cockney terms you mentioned, but I quite like the 'baking it' one!

Today I was at work at the local library so I thought I'd go through the day's toilet-related activities and tell you about them!
Lis was working with me and we were standing at the main desk doing some work. We hadn't been open long so I didn't need to use the loo yet, but Lis did.
'I'm just going to nip to the loo,' she said. I knew she only needed a wee, because usually if she needs a wee she will say she has to 'nip to' the loo or something similar. I said sure, and she walked off to the toilet. She was back soon after christening the library's toilet for the day!
An hour later it was my turn, while I went to the staff room to make us some tea. I went via the loo for a wee.

After eating my sandwiches for lunch I needed a poo. I was working by myself in the stockroom so I went to the loo but it was occupied. I waited and a minute later a customer came out with her young daughter. I went in and did three medium-sized logs and two smaller bits of poo. I was on the loo for 8 minutes and after wiping my bum four times I flushed and left. I saw Lis was eating her own lunch when I returned to the front desk.
After that we both went to do some work together stacking books. After a while Lis said, 'Can you carry on by yourself? I just need to go to the loo.' We were nearly done so I said, 'no I'll finish here if you need the loo.' She went off to the toilet and I finished the work and went back to the desk. She hadn't said 'pop to' or 'nip to' the loo, so I knew she probably needed to do a number two. I guessed she had been feeling the urge building up since eating her lunch and had needed to go pretty strongly by now. She doesn't say explicitly when she needs to poo, but she does sometimes say things afterwards that confirm that she did poo.
After about ten minutes she came back. 'I had to change the paper,' she said. There had been a little bit left when I went but a few customers had been in since and it must have run out. 'It's a good job I checked before I started going. I'd just sat down and I noticed there was no paper! I had to go and get another roll from the store room or I'd have had nothing to wipe my bum with!'

That confirmed that she had done a poo and we both laughed about it. About an hour later after some more tea she said, 'oh, that tea's gone right through me. I'm just going to nip to the loo.' She went for a wee and returned in a few minutes. Soon after that I needed a wee too, so I excused myself and went to take care of it.

(1) how far do you pull your pants or do you just take them off
I pull trousers/leggings to my knees. if im wearing a skirt I just roll it up and if I have tights on then I just push them down to my knees. Whatever the situation, I drop my pants to my ankles.

(2) what type of shoes do you wear when going to the bathroom or do you just go barefoot
Everything really! I go for a pee barefoot when I get out my bed. I go in shoes when I go in school or anywhere else. Sometimes I just go in my tights or socks. depends really

(3) what do you prefer constipation or diarrhea and tell me do you enjoy having what you chose
I hate both, but I probably prefer constipation. Nothing annoys me more than having diahorea and being off school having to run to the toilet every 5 minutes and having a sore bum. I don't poo that often anyway so constipation is probably better for me


R.E. The Nightclub Toilet.

To Chris T.
Yes I also saw the programme about the Nightclub toilets.I quite enjoyed it,although some of it not so much.The scene with the girl peeing with the door open was quite good.Real fly on the wall stuff!

Tim (and Sally)

Holiday Times (Par 1 of 3)

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 7 years old. It was on the long summer holidays, and Sally's family and my family were going away for three days in the countryside. We were staying at a farm cottage, which we shared. The cottage was very small, and it only had 1 bathroom with 2 toilets, side by side, in it. This was good, as we were not shy, but it still didn't solve the problem. Also, as there were only 4 beds, Sally and I ended up sharing a bed together when we slept. On the first night, Sally told me that she wasn't feeling very well. I asked her if she had tried for a poo, and she told me that she had, but she hadn't had any success. "Oh well. Maybe tomorrow." I said to her, and we climbed into bed. About an hour later, I heard a wet fart and the smell of diarrhoea. "Sally, are you OK?" I asked. She didn't answer me, she was in too much of a hurry. She jumped out of bed, threw open the bedroom window, sat on the ledge, pulling her nightdress up and dropping her pink undies to her ankles as she did so. This was fallowed by a sigh of relief as she squirted diarrhoea into the garden below, followed by a hissing pee. Just as she was finishing up, I heard a burp. Sally heaved, stuck her head between her legs and vomited up her dinner into the garden. She started to cry, saying that she was so sorry to have to do this to me. I walked over to her and rubbed her stomach for her, telling her that it was better out than in and asking her to try and bring up anything she had left. Then I went and got her a glass of water for her to wash her mouth out with. When she had finished, I wiped her bum and we went back to sleep. Before we did, she hugged me tight and kissed me, saying that I was the best friend in the world. Keep a look out for the next 2 parts of this story!


memory from school trip back in the day

My next story is a memory from my first school trip.
I was 11years old and we went to Cumbria as an end of school trip before starting secondary school.
It was for a week & I was determined I would not poo
All week! I was really very toilet shy back then.
So on the first day I needed a poo. It was ok though, I managed.
Let out a few farts here & there.
Though by day 3 of 7 I was rather desperate & got to the point where I couldn't fart anymore as it was definite poo.
Everyone must've known I was desperate for a poo as I never went to the loo at our
Hostel & I was fidgeting so much.
By day 4 my stomach ached so much from holding in all the this waste.
Luckilly by day 5 I had a spare 10 minutes as I got up early due to my achey belly & when everyone was asleep I went to the loos & thankfully all four loos were empty. I locked the door sat my bum on the loo, & relaxed. Crackling out my first long plop, it splashed in to the water followed by about 10 runny plops in quick succession. It was so smelly and I was so desperate the toilet was filled with my big plops & skidmarks.
I still had more to come though. 5 more slippery runny poos. I then had 2 more little less runny poos and wiped my really messy bum. Took me about 6 attempts at getting my bum clean! I looked in the bowl and all I could see was a pooey mess with loo roll on top. But boy did I feel better. I was in the loo about 10 mins all together. Though when it came to flushing - well, it took about 3 flushes to get it all to go and even then the bowl was left completely skidmarked!! Went back to the dorms and got dressed ready for a nice fresh day ahead!
That's all from me, Jemma.x

Bill F


I'm back, finally with enough time to post about my post-Thanksgiving adventures, if that's the right word.
My girlfriend Anna came over for the dinner, and stayed overnight. Not much happened, until the night after Thanksgiving, when it really started weighing us down. Anna, Sam, and I were watching TV in the living room.
Sam leaned to one side, and blasted a long, loud fart in our direction. I said "Excuse you." And she said "You said it! Excuse me, I have to go." And she walked quickly to the bathroom. Anna asked me what all that was, and I told her about Sam's situation. She said "I wish Lucas (her brother) had something like that. No one, not even he knows when to go." Just then, we were both hit by the smell, which was much worse than normal, probably because of how much she ate. I said "Deadly, yes, but definitely not silent." We both laughed at that, and got up and moved to my room. We walked past the bathroom on the way, and I heard two plops from in there. Certainly not the only two.
We got to my room, and turned on the TV in there. When Sam found us in my room, she asked "Why are you in here?" I said "'Cause you stinked us out of the living room." She said "The right word is 'stunk'." Anna said "She got you there." We continued watching TV for a while.
Later, Anna was the next one to get up to the washroom. After she closed the door, Sam farted again. Another long one, but quieter, and just as smelly. I said "Really? Again?" And we moved back to the living room before any of us would faint. Again, as I walked past the bathroom, I heard a hissing, and very faintly heard a plop. We forgot to turn off the TV, so I convinced Sam to go back to Mordor (any other Lord of the Rings fans here?) to turn off the TV. Holding her hands over her face, she went in. She came back, then Anna left the washroom to head back to my room. All I could hear was "Oh my god!" And rushed out of the room. She found us in the living room, and I said "Guess who." And gestured to Sam. We all laughed and continued watching TV.
Soon after, nature called for me, but I waited until I was certain the bathroom was stench-free. I sat on the toilet, and dropped four sizable logs. I left the bathroom, and kind of expected them to have gone back to my room. I went in there, but didn't see them. I could still smell it, and the fart still lingered strong. I found them still in the living room. I sat down and we watched more TV. At some point, Sam got up and went to the kitchen. From in there, I heard another loud, long fart. I told Anna "She's not usually that gassy. But I guess Thanksgiving dinner has different effects for different people." I didn't need to go in the kitchen to know I wouldn't be going in there any time soon, either. sam came back, and I said "Well it seems Sam has done all the 'cooking' that'll be going on in there today. I'll order pizza." The rest of that night went on as normal, except for Sam's continued farting. But she did have the courtesy to let them go in the kitchen. Sam went to bed after dinner, and I took Anna home. I got back home and went to bed myself. It was that night that I was really grateful that we don't share a room anymore.
See ya next time!


Young Roofer Dude has a Dump

Hey guys. During this past summer between semesters at school I worked at a couple of part time jobs including some property maintenance for my family. My folks hired a roofer to replace roofs on a couple houses including our own home and asked me to keep an eye on things while they were at work. There are 2 guys about my parents' age on the crew and one had brought along his son David to help out. David is about 18 years old, real cool dude, tall, with dirty blond hair and blue eyes and very friendly. After a couple of days on the job, David and I got to chill together a bit during his breaks and he started telling me about his problems with his girlfriend and school. Anyway, the other morning I was outside working on my bike. The roofers came down from the roof for a break and went to their pick-ups. David comes up to me and starts talking. After a while, I start to pick up that he's feeling some physical discomfort and he says: "Hey dude, mind if I use your bathroom? Otherwise I have to drive 5 miles to town to find the nearest public one."

I said sure and took him to the bathroom that opens off my bedroom and went back into the bedroom. I thought David only needed to pee because he left the bathroom door open. Anyway, when I had taken a shit that morning, I had used the last bit of toilet paper on the roll and was too lazy to put on a new roll. So David yells to me from the bathroom: "Hey dude, you got some toilet paper in here?" I go back into the bathroom and go to the cabinet under the sink to get a new roll.

While I'm doing this, David says Thanks a lot bro. I suddenly need to take a shit like you can't imagine." David was unbuckling his belt in front of the toilet as he was saying this and pulled down his shorts and boxers to his ankles while dropping on to the toilet with a clear sense of urgency. David wasn't wearing a shirt so he was basically naked as he sat there on the toilet with his shorts and boxers covering only his ankles. I took the cover off the toilet paper roll and handed it to him. I'm figuring I'll walk out and let the guy poop in peace.

But David just goes on talking while he's sitting on the toilet.
So, I decided to hang around cause he didn't seem to be shy and I just sat down on the edge of the tub. I noticed that David had a great tan line from his roof work and mentioned it and he seemed real proud of his tan. By this time, I hadn't heard any poop coming out so I figured the guy was just having a silent dump. David then pushed his cock down into the pot and started a good strong piss.

He smiled at me and said: "Hey man. That felt real good." I then heard David fart quite loudly and he just laughed and I did too. Then I saw his face grimace and his neck muscles tense up and I knew David was beginning to shit. Or so I thought. He only farted again and we both laughed a little. Both David and I knew that he was going to need an even stronger push to get his dump started. Then David took a deep breath and really started to grunt and strain. I saw him tense his abs until his stomach looked like a washboard. I heard his first turd start to crackle out. The crackling went on and on for several seconds as David pushed and pushed until he just couldn't push anymore.

"Ugggggggh." David moaned as he released his breath and slumped forward." The crackling had stopped and I realized the big turd had stalled out mid crackle without falling. After taking a moment to regroup, David took another deep breath and braced himself for another determined push. The massive turd began crackling again and after several long moments finally dropped into the water with a very loud plop. David exhaled with a long sigh as big turd finally left his body.

"Whew!! That was a tough one!" David then apologized for stinking up the bathroom but I had definitely done worse in there smell wise. We both laughed. He started speaking again about general stuff, but then after a while, he stopped talking and started to grimace grunt and strain again. I heard another great big turd crackling out of David's body that eventually hit the water with a massive plop. This turd sounded a bit easier to get out than the first one and David was able to evacuate the entire log in a single push.

"Ahh!!" David responded reflexively to the feeling of relief overtaking him as the second big log evacuated his butt.

After catching his breath, David started to talk to me again. Then he pushed again. I saw his belly and abs tense up as lots more shit came out of his body hitting the water with loud repeated rapid-fire plops, much looser and smellier now. This was becoming quite the massive shit for David for who sat there moaning and rolling his eyes as all that crap came out of him.

"Wow!" Exclaimed David catching his breath. "That sure was a LOT of crap!!"

David waited another minute farting several times before making one final push and relaxing. Some more loose shit dropped into the water.

"Whew" David sighed smiling at me as he rolled his eyes in relief. He then began tearing toilet paper off the roll. David lifted his butt off the seat a bit, reached under and stuffed the toilet paper into his crack for a good wipe. He looked at the paper and I could see it was real smeared with shit. David kept on wiping, looking at the paper after each wipe. After about nine wipes, he finally got a clean one. He then stood up and then he pulled his boxers and shorts back. I got a quick look in the toilet before he flushed but could only see a whole lot of soiled toilet paper. The guy had just dropped an astronomical load but managed to cover it in paper.

David washed his hands and said: "Hey thanks again so much dude. I had to crap so bad, I don't think I could have made it up to town!" I believed him.

David then went back to join his Dad's crew on the roof. I thought it was real cool that he was so relaxed about taking a dump while I was there and just talked to me real naturally all the time while he took a shit.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story it sounds like you really gassed your house up and also had a really good poop after that big meal and I bet you felt so much better afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Musician great story.

To: Jessica great diarrhea story it sounds like you had a rough night but you made it to the toilet without having any accidents and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Paige great live coverage and poop by poop coverage to it sounds like you had to really go alot and I bet you felt really good once you were done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Courtney great story.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great set of stories your very lucky to have such great memorys they will last forever and always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story about your desperate poop at work it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Steven A.

Hiya Steven....

Do you take the bus home from school? If you you ever notice kids who need to poop? I remember so many days when I get an urge in school....but hold it until I got home.

I don't take the bus; I walk...and usually alone. But; on a bus.....there must be kids who need to go....sooooo badly.....

Anyone ever talk about it....or display body language that says "OH GOD I HAVE A HUGE POOP RIGHT AT MY BUTT...."


PS: How are ya? Haven't seen you post for a while.....


To Bloated Butt

Just wanted to say I love your stories!Do you have any more stories about you being really gassy? Also how much would you say you fart a day?lol

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Post Title (optional)bad IBS attack

I have IBS and I alternate between constipation and lose bowel movements. I go from several days of not being able to poo and then a massive and urgent need to poo. I usually have around twenty minutes to get to a toilet when this happens and if I can't get to a toilet soon enough I end up making I big mess in my underwear.
The last episode was last night. I was on my way home from work and I hadn't been in five days. I was sitting on the bus when I felt my stomach rumbling so I knew I would be emptying my bowels very soon. The problem was I was about twenty minutes from home and I was worried I wouldn't make it in time. I sat on the bus with my bum cheeks clenched together and it must have been obvious I was desperate for the loo. Fifteen minutes later I was at my stop. Now for the difficult bit. I had to get up without letting anything slip out into my knickers. I took a deep breath and stood up to ring the bell. I just about managed that and as soon as the bus came to a stop I got off very carefully. I felt my stomach rumbling some more and I really thought my time was up. Somehow I managed to avoid the most embarrassing moment of my life but it was so close. Luckily my flat is only a hundred yards from the bus stop but it felt like a mile being so desperate for the loo. I got to the main entrance to the block I live in and pulled the heavy door open. My stomach rumbled again and I started to climb the stairs to get to my flat on the fourth floor. My stomach kept rumbling and with with eight flights to climb I felt I just couldn't hold on any longer. All I could do was hold on to the hand rail with my legs apart and let everything come out into my knickers and tights. No-one was around to see what happened which was a relief but nowhere near the relief of emptying my bowels of five days worth of poo. I got to my flat and took my clothes off ready to take a long hot shower but I still had to go. I sat on the toilet and pushed out another nine inch poo and finaly I felt empty. The cleaning up wasn't too bad because I have multi directional shower just for my accidents. Once that was done I got dressed and threw my knickers and tights in the bin and washed everything else.

Pete (USA)

I'm back

Hi -

I used to occasionally post here several years ago. I've recently been lurking and decided to post again. I enjoy listening to other men relieving themselves in public restroom stalls. I would like to read more experiences of others who share this interest.


First Post

Hello everyone, I've read this site for a while and thought it was about time I posted. I live in England with my girlfriend, and like most people on this site, I enjoy a good shit.

My poo patterns are irregular, I can go anytime of day, sometimes twice a day, then nothing for 5 days. My girlfriend is more regular, usually first thing in the morning, particularly after a coffee.

The other morning, we had breakfast in bed, then she disappeared off to the toilet to unload. The bedroom is near the toilet, so I could hear her in the process. I heard her sit down, wee for a bit then silence. A while later there was a plop, followed by another, then a few seconds later another loud plop. By this time I really needed a poo, and was wanting to unload badly. I asked her if she was nearly done, and she replied she would be a while. I heard several more plops over the next few minutes, and then finally wiping.

By this time I was bursting to go, the door opened and she smirked at me knowing I was desperate. She said "God I needed that!". It did sound a hell of a shit! Then it was my turn. I had barely sat down, when my poo started. It felt good getting rid of this one. It had been baked long enough! I dropped four logs, and was done.

A couple of days later, the same thing happened in the morning. Except this time I was on the toilet first! I was happily unloading a good morning poo, when she asked was I finished? I thought I could have some revenge here! I wasn't finished when she asked but decided to string things out a bit! I told her I wasn't done and would be a while longer. I could feel more poo wanting out, so pushed and a log started to emerge. It got stuck for a while, leaving me with a poop tail. Eventually it came out and plopped into the toilet. She asked again was I done, but again I told her I wasn't. I sat there for a minute or two enjoying the feeling and then started to wipe. I then flushed, and let her go in.

I felt cheeky keeping her waiting, but was sure she did the same to me earlier that week! I later confessed what I had done and she laughed, and said "I knew you were taking the piss. I nearly shit myself!". She found it funny.

We both enjoy a good shit, but have never been together or seen each other go. We have been in toilets next to each other at guest houses etc shitting our brains out, but I have never seen anything, although she often says things like "sounds like you really needed that"!

Will post again soon. Hope you enjoyed my first post.

PS Megan and Chelsea - love your stories!


Pete, your concern is covered in the FAQ.

Bloated Butt

Gassy after eating

Have another funny story for you guys. This Friday (the 18th) my boyfriend and I went out to eat at a buffet that serves Southern food. Needless to say I completely stuffed myself and had about four huge helpings of food. I remember my boyfriend giving me this look, like "are you kidding me?", when I got up to get a fourth plate after already finishing off three huge plates. I just love to eat, I guess. And I like to get my money's worth. Anyway, I completely polished off everything and left practically no leftovers. By the time I was done my stomach was completely bloated out like I was pregnant, it was so full of beans and chicken and cornbread and macaroni and cheese, among other things. When we got up and went to our car I was slowly waddling. I practically collapsed into the passenger seat and put both hands on my poor stomach.

My stomach was seriously gurgling as we drove home, but nothing really happened until we were cuddling together on the couch watching television. I suddenly started getting really gassy. I clenched my butt as the pressure was seriously building up, and I ended up passing an SBD. I looked at my boyfriend and said "I'm sorry, sweetie..."

"Sorry for what?"

"You'll know in a sec."

He instantly knew what I was talking about but before he could say anything the smell hit him. "Good GOD!" He put his shirt over his mouth and nose.

"Sorry!" I said again. I put a hand to my stomach and it was gurgling some more, and I felt more gas building up.

"Oh my Gosh..." I said and suddenly I farted again. This one was really loud and lasted three seconds. I bit my lower lip and looked at my boyfriend. "It's my stomach." Almost instantly I could feel more gas making its way to my butt.

"Your so gross" he said.

"Oh like you never fart!"

"Not like you. I've never seen anyone fart like you."

"I don't fart that much. I'm just gassy because I ate so much" I said, as another loud fart exploded out of me. "Ugh...You wanna rub my belly?"

He shook his head, "Not if it'll make you fart more."

I cuddled close to him and kissed him on the cheek, "Awwww but it'll make me feel better." I kept on farting and pretty soon the entire room stank. "My stomach hurts. I've got the poots..."

"That's what you get for eating so much. And you're always gassy".

I couldn't really argue with that, but he did start massaging my abdomen anyway. I sighed as his hands gently kneaded my bloated stomach, and more gas worked its way through my bowels. Every few seconds I'd fart again. We watched TV for maybe another thirty minutes, all the while I was dropping fart after fart, completely stinking up the room. We lit a couple of scented candles but eventually my boyfriend had to call it quits and went to bed. I stayed up for a little longer before following him in there. I slept on my stomach and continued passing tons of gas throughout the night, but the covers kept most of the smell in.

Yesterday (the 19th), I pooped it all out. It was my first BM since last Wednesday, and wasn't particularly eventful by my standards. I just went in, sat my big butt down, and laid a couple of really big, thick, dense logs, along with a load of softer poop and turds. It took about twenty minutes and I felt loads better.

See you all next time!


Response to Tyler & Anonymous


Thanks for responding! Yeah, they were definitely concerned and I understand why they would sometimes let me do it, if it meant me getting poop out somehow, they were happy. And yeah, it usually didn't leave much of a mess because it was usually pretty hard and not as messy. I know what you mean about little marbles hehe, I used to sometimes do that too.

That idea of you pooping in bed sounds interesting; I've never done anything like that before, but that's a funny image to think about, sticking out and everything haha.

You been constipated lately? I have a little bit, but not too bad. Just usual constipation lol.


I don't think I've done it since elementary school. I never could've gotten away it when I was older. There were sometimes when I wanted to, though, if I had been holding it for a while. But I never did.


To Chelsea and Car toilet

Chelsea- I was just curious how much of your load actually made it into the toilet bowl and how much of it ended up on your man's "package". I know at my house if my wife tried that I would end up covered although she prefers to poop in private.

Car Toilet- I love all your stories and hope to hear much more from you, just curious does all the peeing and pooping in the car turn yall on and lead to other things later? Also what other places has your lady relieved herself in? Movie theaters, dressing rooms, elevators, etc?? Care to share stories of them or even better get her to share the stories?


Summer accident

Earlier this summer, I was hanging out in my hometown with my ex, and we had been out to our favorite old bars. We had a pretty good time, and we were ready to go back home and spend the rest of the evening together. She had been saying for awhile that she needed to pee, but she kept putting it off for some reason. So we got back to the house (which is way out in the country side and pretty secluded) and we couldn't even wait until we went inside, we started kissing as soon as we got out of the car. I took her hand and we walked out into the grass and we sat down on an old picnic table. We sat down and she was kind of sitting on my lap, and we started kissing again, and the next thing I know, I started feeling warmth in my lap, at first I thought it was nothing, but then I realized what was really happening, she was completely soaking her panties and jeans right there on the picnic table! I won't go into detail about what happened after that, but it ended up being one if the most memorable nights of the summer! We're planning on visiting again soon, and I can't help but wonder if she'll have another "situation" this time, of course I'll let everyone know if it does. Hope everyone is having a good fall!


Diarrhea survey

im going ti do Sydneys diarrhea survey

#1 - What foods give you Diarrhea?
usually spicy foods or dairy

#2 - How bad does your diarrhea stink?
they smell horrible

#3 - Do you get diarrhea more often from bad food or illness?
i get it more from bad food

#4 - What is the most bizarre place you've ever had diarrhea
in a trash can

#5 - Would you rather have diarrhea in a dirty public restroom with lots of toilet paper, or a clean, private bathroom with no paper.
i would you rather have diarrhea in a dirty public restroom with lots of toilet paper

#6 - What was your most embarrassing diarrhea incident?
i never had an embarrassing diarrhea incident

#7 - How would you describe your diarrhea?
very wet, gassy, and mushy

#8 - Have you ever had diarrhea at a friend/boyfriend/girlfriends house?
nope not yet

#9 - What's a food that you think is "worth the risk?"
enchiladas, if im at my house

#10 - Do you like having diarrhea?
i do, as long as no one is around to hear it

#11 - Has anyone ever had diarrhea and you had to help them out?

#12 - Have you ever had diarrhea and someone had to help you out?

#13 - What's your favorite/least favorite thing about diarrhea?
favorite thing about having diarrhea would be being relieved once it's done
least favorite thing about having diarrhea would be thinking that you have finished, but aren't

#14 - Share a recent diarrhea story!
the last time i had diarrhea happened not to long ago. When i was at the mall with my friend Nicole (Nicole has blonde hair is about my weight and a just a little shorter than me), we decided to have a lunch break at the food court. we decided to eat at subway and when were done eating we went to go clothes shopping. as we were shopping my stomach gave out a long, loud rumble, and then i grabbed my stomach hastily. I told Nicole that i needed to use the restroom, and she said she would continue shopping. as i made it to the restroom, there was no one there, thank goodness, so i quickly went to the first stall and shut the door. I pulled my denim shorts down to my ankles and my 4 in. foam black platform thong flip flops and right away when i sat down i let loose on the toilet. About five minutes later a woman about in her mid 20s came in, and i immediately held my poop in as best as i can while clenching my hands into fist, clenching my toes into knuckles, and tensing up my whole for support. luckily she was just putting on some make-up and left right away. once she left i spreaded out my toes, released my fist, untensed my body and released my bowels into the toilet. about 10 mins has passed and i've been on the toilet for about 15 minutes, and i still wasn't done. finally the last wave happened, and when it was done i wiggled my toes into my flip flops for satisfactory of relieving myself. as i was wiping, Nicole came in to check up on me and see if i was okay. when i answered to her i was done she said she had to take a shit and said if i can wait for her and i said sure. she took the stall adjacent to the one i was just in. as i was waiting i saw her pull down her tight pants to her ankles and her 2 in. foam black platform thong flip flops and she just sat there. about 5 mins has passed and she has still been sitting on the toilet, i could tell she was taking a big dump, cause i heard soft grunts from her. while i was still waiting for her to go already my stomach growled again and i farted, so i held my butt and ran to the stall i was just in earlier. as i sat down again Nicole asked my if i was really okay and i said probably not. as i was blasting diarrhea in the toilet i looked at Nicoles feet and i could tell she was really focusing on her poop, because her toes were digging into her flip flops. about 3 minutes had passed i heard a loud splash in her toilet and a couple of plops. she stood up and wiped herself and flushed the toilet. Nicole asked me if i will be finishing anytime soon, i said yes. finally (again) i finished up and wiped myself and flushed the toilet. i asked Nicole if we can go home, i told her i wasn't feeling good. she agreed and we both went home. as i came home i had an another attack of diarrhea, but it was short and i was done for the whole day

one quick last thing, no one answered my survey from my first story so i'll put it up again

(1) how far do you pull your pants or do you just take them off

(2) what type of shoes do you wear when going to the bathroom or do you just go barefoot

(3) what do you prefer constipation or diarrhea and tell me do you enjoy having what you chose


Hey Zip

Glad you liked my post. The guy who came in seemed kind of desperate. He wanted us to know he was there. I don't think he was intentionally rude.

I've mentioned my previous boyfriend was much more open about pooping habits, but we had a one bathroom apartment so it just made more sense. Current BF is still very private when he's on the can.

I've also posted previously that I wear boxer briefs for comfort when I'm dressed for work, but casual, like at the beach, I prefer to go commando, as long as I have my button fly cargo shorts or jeans on. I'm afraid of the teeth of a zipper near my foreskin. I drop my shorts or pants all the way to the floor (unless it's wet or dirty).

I wipe from the front sitting down unless I'm on an airplane. Those toilets are just too small to reach under my junk. If I have a really messy movement I stand up to finish the job. I usually use wet wipes when I'm home.

Regarding your comment to the other poster about being watched by a girl, I posted once about a guy who came in to use the urinal directly opposite my doorless stall. He had his two kids standing on either side of him - a boy about 11 or 12 and a girl about 8 or 10. She kept turning around and staring at me. I was very uncomfortable but I didn't say anything because I thought it was weird for a guy to have his daughter right next to him at the urinal while he pulled his penis out to pee. No sense making trouble when your pants are at your ankles and there's poop coming out your butt.

Mr. Clogs

Couple of stories and comments

Laxative Tuesday:

I would like to start off with a story that happened last Tuesday. I was feeling constipated (clogged) as usual and needed some much relief. I took a laxative the before bedtime with water and went to bed about 1 that Tuesday morning. Usually when I get up after taking the laxative, it usually kicks in, that morning it decided to kick in after I had my coffee. I took a few sips and immediately it started to kick in. I made a run to the bathroom holding back the brown flood from filling my undies, unfortunately some got onto my undies while I was getting ready to sit on the toilet. I just opened the brown flood gates and filled the clean toilet water with my liquid poop. I felt great after that first big load. I wiped up with lots of toilet paper and I wiped some of the poop from my undies and put them back on, washed my hands and finished my coffee.

Through out that day I had to go to the bathroom to get the laxative out of my system. Usually it'll be out of my system by lunch time. It didn't stop until dinner time. I was glad that laxative worked out of my system I must of been really constipated.

Big Crap on Sunday:

Yesterday I had to take a dump. I just finished my first cup of coffee of the day, coffee sometimes get things moving for me. I had to move my bowels. On Saturday I didn't take a good dump that morning for some reason. On Friday I had a Gyro with all fixings, usually when eat them I have a nice bowel movement the next day, in Saturdays case, it wasn't. Now for Sunday morning, I could feel a massive bowel movement coming on. For dinner on Saturday I had fish and fries and a large popcorn for a snack and beer. Now with all of these foods in my system, it was going to be a big shit. So I went to the bathroom and took off my PJs and undies off and immediately started pooping away. Ahhh the snap, crackling, and plopping sound made as I was filling the bowl with a nice, hearty, smelly turds making a nice little volcano island forming in the water. To add to my morning creation I added some pee to the mix. I used some toilet paper and some wet wipes to clean up as it was messy. Got dressed, washed my hands and left the bathroom, and of course flushed.

car toilet: I really enjoyed your story about you and your friend pooping in the car. Hey when you gotta go you have to go, thanks for sharing.

Courtney: I enjoyed your story with you and your room mate, but it sucks only one bathroom and 2 or more people living in apartment. Lets hope she didn't see anything.

Chelsea: Enjoyed your response to Big Dumper and putting a good show for your boyfriend. He's indeed a lucky guy.

Pat: Congrats to you and Artisse (Pardon my spelling). I enjoyed the post about Artisse and her bathroom adventures. Keep the posts coming.

Paige: I enjoyed your live post.

JohnH: Thanks man for asking and being concerned. I'm doing much better now and I got it straitened out. Without going into too much details, I must of strained too hard when peeing. You asked about the cups that I use to pee and occasionally poop in, yes they're large cups. They can hold up to 30 oz of liquid (urine) which I can fill the cup to the brim with pee. That particular post, I had to pour some pee into another cup and then poop in that one. Thanks again for your feedback stay tuned.

Well that's all for now, I got to go and use the bathroom. Happy peeing and pooping everyone.

--Mr. Clogs

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yesterday I was helping a friend of mine move things out of several storage units into one bigger storage unit, my friend is a woman and she had another woman friend helping along with me and my friend's boyfriend. As time went by my friend says she really needs to pee and the other woman needs to pee as well. My friend and the other woman go to the back of the storage unit to pee, I didn't follow or watch. I soon had to pee myself so I walk to the same place where the two women peed and proceed to pee, it was very yellow in color, then a few hours later I had to pee again, so I go to the back of the building once again and peed, this time my pee is clear and I also noticed the toilet paper the two women used to wipe with, we did finish moving all the stuff into the storage unit and left around 8:30 at night.


The Nightclub Toilet

I watched a TV program last night, about a club bathrooms, and found this site searching about it.

Anyway, I've not seen anyone specifically mention it, but it seems the kind of thing you people are interested in.

It was broadcast in the uk, and I wonder if any of the UK people here saw?

It mainly followed the plight of toilet attendants, but it showed the general on-goings in toilets of both sexes; including girls in the guy's room, visible pee streams, for those of you interested in that, and even a ???? girl peeing with the door open.


Summer accident

Earlier this summer, I was hanging out in my hometown with my ex, and we had been out to our favorite old bars. We had a pretty good time, and we were ready to go back home and spend the rest of the evening together. She had been saying for awhile that she needed to pee, but she kept putting it off for some reason. So we got back to the house (which is way out in the country side and pretty secluded) and we couldn't even wait until we went inside, we started kissing as soon as we got out of the car. I took her hand and we walked out into the grass and we sat down on an old picnic table. We sat down and she was kind of sitting on my lap, and we started kissing again, and the next thing I know, I started feeling warmth in my lap, at first I thought it was nothing, but then I realized what was really happening, she was completely soaking her panties and jeans right there on the picnic table! I won't go into detail about what happened after that, but it ended up being one if the most memorable nights of the summer! We're planning on visiting again soon, and I can't help but wonder if she'll have another "situation" this time, of course I'll let everyone know if it does. Hope everyone is having a good fall!

When you get caught down the road and gotta poop' have you ever tried using moss to wipe your butt ?? Be honest now , Sears Catalog not being availiable, moss sure comes in handy don't you think ?? Don't be shy, fess up now !


To Dominic

Hi Dominic....I read your post about how your parents would sometimes allow (or even encourage) you to poop in your underpants.
I can certainly understand them doing you've said before that you were frequently pretty badly constipated as a kid....and that your parents were aware of it and were concerned.
I'm glad that they were concerned. I'm sure that it must have been tough for them to see you go day after day without pooping....and welcomed the chance for you to get some relief....even if it meant pooping in your pants.

At got some of it out of you.

As far as the clean-up afterward; I doubt it was that bad because the poop was probably hard and dry....and didn't really make much of a mess.

I remember a couple of times from when I was young where I did little marbles in my underpants. They were hard....and sometimes would work their way out and down my pants leg....and roll out onto the ground.

I never really did a full poop in my pants though....


PS: Even now I think it would be cool to poop while lying in bed. That is; if it was a real hard dry poop.....and I could go while lying on my stomach....and have the poop stick up in the air as it came out of my butt....


Phone with Friend.

It was one day when I was ten. One of my friends called me and he said that he is on the toilet. We talked for a while, then he told me to listen, then I heard the sound of a toilet flushed. And the I told him to listen, I put the phone to my butt to try to fart, then my Mother caught me and said JASON! THAT'S GROSS!

Then A few years later I was talking to my other friend and he was in the tub. And I heard his Brother Wayne said I need the toilet cause I ate apples. About five minutes later I heard my friend said he was leaving the bathroom , then he said WAYNE! YOU GOT A TURD STILL HANGING FROM YOUR BUTT!


Nice story Jack

Hi Jack. Nice story about getting caught on the toilet by the girl around age.

If it was a girl you knew, would you be even more embarrassed? I'm guessing you wear boxers, but if you wore briefs, would you have been more embarrassed as well?

Have you ever used a doorless toilet stall before? How would you have reacted if another guy came in?

You said you stood up to wipe. What would you have done if she walked in while you were standing there wiping?

I definitely don't mind using doorless stalls. In fact I just used one at this local park. A row of about 8 stalls next to each other. Another restroom used to have two stalls without doors that faced each other.

I have had a woman stand in the doorway of a restroom while she was waiting for her young son to come out. She could only see the stalls at an angle, so she could probably see the side of my knees and maybe my feet and legs.

I also stand up to wipe, which can be very revealing. But other than the occasional lady cleaning the restroom, I haven't been seen by a women on the can. I think


Teaching to squat.

Shelbi: Pull up the dress or skirt, pull down her panties to her shins, let her hold her panties, squat and pee.


Thanks Megan

I haven't posted in a long time, but still read regularly. Megan's posts are my favorite! I love how she always ends up taking a buddy dump with some cute, unknowing girl and then they wash their hands together in the wake of their combined stink. My heart would be pounding! I miss college when on any given day I would witness 2-3-4 pretty girls pooping. I took it for granted then. Keep the stories coming please, Megan!

- MK

Hey everyone. I just took an amazing dump and I want to tell you all about it. But first, I want to describe the food that became the dump. Two days ago, on Tuesday, I went out to dinner and had a huge meal. It was a very large steak that came with a big helping of mashed potatoes. I don't know where I made the room in my stomach, but I ate it all.

I felt the urge on my way home from work and had no choice but to hold it for almost an hour until I got home. I went straight to the bathroom, yanked down my pants and underwear and plopped myself on the toilet. A long soft rope of poop eased out right away. Immediately it was very smelly in the bathroom. The poop rope was probably a foot long and a half inch thick, I'd guess. I followed it by a skinnier, but somewhat longer rope. And then I finished up with three banana like turds in rapid succession. I felt infinitely better after getting that all out of me. I wiped myself a bunch of times and flushed, washed my hands, and then came to type this.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


To Megan and Chelsea

@Megan - great stories (as always) It sounds as though you've had some close calls recently but I suppose it just added to your relief when you did manage to find a loo. I liked the detail in your post about your fast food poo on page 2319 (I like KFC too - it's my favourite). Your description of your bumhole very quickly opening up but then you having to push a few times during the "crowning" process was similar to what the woman in her 30s with the brown hair (that you described back on page 2303) probably experienced. Hopefully the pain that you experienced was only momentary and was compensated for by the relief you got during the crowning process? I suppose the fact that you were wearing a skirt probably helped in that you didn't have to unbuckle a belt or fiddle with buttons like you would if you were wearing jeans.

It's good that you can be open with your grandad about toilet matters - seems as though you're both quite close. I don't think I've heard the term "doing a major" before - hehe.. However, I remember reading that there is a cockney (East London) term for pooping - called "parking a roly". There is also a term for the situation where someone is holding in a badly needed poo - "baking it" or "baking clay in the kiln"..

I also really liked your account of the young blood girl in the loo in the department store (page 2322) who let out a big gassy load. Seems as though she had been "baking it" for some while and some of the bowel gas she was producing had got mixed in with the poop she was holding - hence the loud fart followed by the large crackling poop - then another turd and fart. She certainly had a lot of gas aswell as poop to release - did she create a strong smell? The fact that she let out all her poo prior to a wee suggests that taking care of her impending poo was her main priority.

Your experience of someone opening the toilet door whilst you were seated is something I can readily identify with! Some door locks are very flimsy and have a poor locking mechanism. On a few occasions the door has opened by itself whilst I've been seated - fortunately I'm not easily embarrassed..

I was glad you were able to make it to a loo just in time on a couple of occasions when you ended up with skidmarks (the relief must have been huge). Not to worry though I'm sure they washed out.

@Chelsea - good stories about your Paddington poo and your encounter with Rosie. I can identify with you in that hearing other people farting and plopping in the loo can make your urge stronger. I'm glad you were able to make it though - sounds as thouh you got your moneysworth during your Paddington poo in more ways than one LOL..

I had a couple of questions about your visit to the loos at Paddington. How many cubicles were available for use? (You mentioned some were out of order). Also, you said that when you entered a "leggy" blond girl with a short skirt took the last vacant stall. Did she start farting and pooping too (though perhaps you can't say because it was so noisy)? If so what did it sound like? Did she appear to have a big load to release?

Anyway I enjoy your stories and look forward to more. Perhaps you can answer my questions.

Finally - thanks to all the others who post on here.

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