Pooping right now

Hi! I'm actually on the toilet right now taking a major crap! I started a few minutes ago. I've let out several turds already and I'm really stinking out the bathroom at the mall. Another one just eased out of me and hit the water with a big plop. This crap is going to be a really big one cause I haven't been for almost a week. I last went on Friday. Plus it was Thanksgiving here in Canada a few days ago. Of course I ate like a pig, and stuffed tons and tons of that delicious food stuffed into my belly.

This one's a fat one. Feels great coming out. Okay it broke off, but barely made a sound. Oh, another turd. It's coming out very very fast and it's long too. Alright, it's done now. Hmm, I'm farting a lot right now. Big loud ones. Nothing's happening right now, but I just know a lot more will need to come out. I think I'll leave the mall and go home to finish my crap. I'm wiping now. Very messy. Second wipe. Still quite messy. Third wipe's starting to look clean. Four, five, and six wipes. Alright, done wiping. Flushing the toilet.

I'll save this post and resume when I'm on the toilet ready for the remainder of my crap. Alright then. It's about an hour later and I am feeling the poop ready to come out for sure. I'm letting off turds like rapid fire here. One after the other almost non-stop. I think there was like ten in total. This turd is another super long one. I think it's grown even longer than the one I did before too. Finally it's done. Having some soft serve style poop right now. It's like ice cream oozing out of my butt. Okay, now I think I'm completely finished. I feel so much lighter now.

Wiping again. Messy just like before. Getting cleaner with each wipe. I'm on my eighth wipe this time and still not quite clean. A few more should do though. All right. I think I used close to half the roll, but my butthole is clean. I'm going to flush now.

Well, that's all. I hope you liked it. Bye.

So Embarrassed
I had a horrible experience recently. We've been having a lot of work done around our house, including in the master bedroom and bathroom. I came home from work a few days ago, just bursting for a shit. I found that the door to the ensuite attached to the master bedroom had been removed. The workers were nowhere around (as far as I could tell), so I assumed they'd gone for the day.

I went in and sat down and began having a much needed, but noisy and very pungent shit. Just my luck, I heard the workers come in right then. They knew right away from the stink something was up, and soon they heard me plopping and splashing away. I was embarrassed, but couldn't stop shitting. They said something like, "Oh man didn't know anyone was in here, sorry." and left.

So, yeah. That's my embarrassing story. Looking back, I see it could have been worse. Nobody actually saw me on the toilet or anything, but still. Definitely not one of my favorite experiences. Plus I have to sort of relive it every time I see any of the workers, even if they weren't the same ones who were in the room.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Miki great story about your giant poop yeah I bet it mustve felt so good to finaly get it all out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan B great story about your first accident in your overalls and that also was the day you also met a true friend who then became your best friend and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Toilet great story it sounds like Amanda really had to poop alot and gave the car a good first poop it sounds like shee felt pretty great after she was done I look forward to reading your next story thanks.

To: Annie I hope your constipation ends soon and it sounds like your sister has a really healthy digestive sytem and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lara great story about you and Calires poops in the boy s room it sounds like you both had an exciting time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chelsea as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had some pretty great poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: MX another great story about your wifes pooping.

Well thats all for now. Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Shelbi: See my early posts.



I had been drinking, and wasn't paying attention (as always). I realized that I had to pee. My roommate was in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. So I knocked on the door. I told her I had to pee, and asked how long it would be. It got to the point where I was holding myself and pacing back and forth. I didn't want her to see me, so I sat on the couch and held myself so that I wouldn't have an accident right there.
She finally opened the door. When I stood up I couldn't hold it anymore. I had started to pee my pants while trying to get to the toilet. It went all the way down to my knee, and I finally sat down, with her still in the bathroom, and finished. I hope she didn't see the huge spot I had made in my panties.

Big Dumper

For Chelsea

Chelsea that sounds like you've experienced one of the euphoric dumps everyone has at least once in their lifetime! i'm very happy for you.

couple of questions..

1. What had you eaten to of produced such colossal logs?
2. How big was each one? (you lucky devil having three of em!)
3. Do you normally let your boyfriend watch? i think more people should share these awesome experiences with their other half!
4. Are your dumps normally that big?!

Tim (and Sally)

Forest Times

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here again with more stories from my childhood, this time from when I was about 10 years old. For the holidays, our family were staying at a lodge in the forest. The toilets there were normal, nothing like the ones in my restroom story. However, in our room there was a double shower, which we often used together. Anyway, on the first morning, at breakfast, I noticed Sally eating lots of prunes. I decided to warn her of the dangers by saying, "Sally, if you eat too many of those, you'll get really bad diarrhoea!" but she decided to eat them anyway. She came to deeply regret this decision shortly after, though. After breakfast, Sally and I decided to go off for a walk together in the forest. After we had been walking for about and hour, Sally stopped and said to me, "Tim, I just need a quick leak. I'm going behind a tree, wait for me here." I just nodded and she went off to do her business. While she was gone, I decided to have a quick pee against a tree trunk myself. While I was having my wee, I heard a grunt and a splash. I quickly finished my wee and I ran over to where I had heard the sounds. I found Sally, she was squatting, jean shorts and white undies at her knees, over a pile of runny diarrhoea. "I guess I should have listened to you, Tim. I only went for a wee, and now I've ended up having liquid poo!" she said to me. "At least you know for next time!" I told her. "You might as well let it all out now, since you've already started." With that, she released the rest of her diarrhoea while I finished my wee. I found some leaves for her to wipe with, and she pulled her jean shorts and undies up and we continued walking. That is the story of how Sally learnt, the hard way, not to eat too many prunes. Until next time, guys!
P.S., To Brandon T: Thanks for always replying to my posts by saying that they were good and that you enjoy my stories. It really makes me comfortable with sharing personal stories, knowing that someone enjoys hearing about them! Peace!


poo at work

So for my next story,
This happened Thursday at work, i was so desperate for a poo that I couldn't
Concentrate on my job, I had to hold it for about an hour as I was
Dealing with customers who had a complaint so it's my job to rectify it,
I was clenching my bum cheeks whilst trying to sort out the situation,
Jiggling around. Eventually it was sorted and I rushed to the loo.
Now this poo I had was wierd. It was like a bunch of loose pebbles coming
Out of me... no logs or anything like that, the size of pebbles but mushy
And lots of them almost like diarrhoea. .. though I didn't have diarrhoea.
There was me & my colleague in there with me and I was so noisy "ah, you must've been desperate love!" She said "yes..." I replied whilst wiping.
Such a relief to finally have gone having got these customers dealt with.
Well that's it from me, will look at doing/completing a survey soon!! JEMMA x

Tim (and Sally)

Earliest Outdoor Memory With Sally

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here again with another story from my childhood. This story is my earliest memory of peeing with Sally. I think I was around 6 years old at the time. Anyway, here goes:
As I said in one of my earliest posts, I met Sally at Kindergarten when she used the toilet next to me one day after lunch. We soon became firm friends and I asked her if she wanted to come over that weekend. I asked my Mum, and she said that it was OK, so Sally came over on Saturday for a few hours. After playing around the house for about an hour, we decided to go for a walk in the woods together. After we had been walking for a while, Sally turned and said to me, "Tim, I need the toilet." I needed to go as well, but I had never gone in front of a girl before, so I began to feel uncomfortable. While I was thinking about this, I heard footsteps. I turned to see that Sally was walking behind a clump of bushes. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "Going to the toilet." she replied. "Come on, you said you needed to go as well, and I'd like the company!" That settled it, so I followed her behind the bushes. Sally unzipped her fly and dropped her jeans and purple undies to her knees, before squatting down low. I dropped my shorts and yellow undies to my knees also, before squatting down next to her. She began to have a wee, so I waited. After a minute, I was relaxed enough, and my own pee stream began. While I was doing my wee, Sally looked over at my penis. She said to me, "That's interesting. Your snake has no hat. I've never seen that before." meaning that I was circumcised, which is very uncommon where I come from. Once we had both finished our business, I gave Sally some leaves so that she could wipe her vagina, and we pulled our pants and undies up and kept walking. That is my earliest memory of going to the toilet with Sally, and many more were to follow. Until next time!


RE: Big Dumper

No I have to make it perfectly clear my normal dumps are certainly no where near as big thats what makes these stories so memorable to myself, as for my boyfriend I let him watch as its a massive turn on for us!
Recently, my new job seems to make me eat more and have to hold my poo for longer, which is producing a lot more satisfying results!!!
So recently my boyfriend had missed out on a lot so I decided to put on a show for him :D
I went to ann summers in my lunch break and bought some tasteful lingerie, I needed a poo at work in the morning, however, I was determined to hold on to it all day and crash out this dump in the presence of my boyfriend.
I got back home first and started putting on the corset complete with suspenders and stockings, black thong I also wore my black heels. I was rather gassy and was hoping Stan my bf wouldn't be much longer!
As I was putting the finishing touches to the outfit Stan came into the house I was expecting he would come find me in the bedroom , but he went straight to the toilet. Unaware I was in he left the bathroom door open, I walked to the bathroom and was confronted with my sweet man on the toilet with his suit trousers round his ankles, with his naked thighs on show he was looking at the floor and released a ripe fart at which point he looked up to see me standing in the door frame. WOW were his first words :) followed by the fact he was in dire need of taking a shit, I asked how long he would be cause I'd been holding on all day for him, I didn't mind the wait I was enjoying this! He said he needed 10 mins as he was majorly desperate and had been dying to use the shitter at work but there was no paper!!! I watched him go it ws rather arousing but watching him poo made me need to go so bad, i walked up to him turned away and bent right over to take down my thong exposing myself, I then sat my huge round arse down on his thighs and told him to spread his legs somewhat so I could dump in-between them, hearing Stan go and sitting on him, breathing in this ripe farts caused my hole to dome and produce a thick healthy poo that was stating to cause my arse to ache a little. MAJOR relief was had I can tell you that folks till next time peace out xXx

Tim (and Sally)

Outdoor Relief

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here again with another childhood story, this time from when I was about 14. Here goes:
It was the weekend, and Sally and I were hanging out together at the treehouse, as usual. We were bored, so we decided that we would go and explore the forest together for the rest of the day. Before we set out, however, I made sure that I used the treehouse toilets for a wee, just in case. I told Sally that she should use the toilets as well, but she said that she was good. Once I'd finished having my pee, we set out on our adventure. We had been walking for about three hours, and we were starting to think about heading back, when Sally turned to me. "Tim, I need the toilet." she told me. I told her, "Well, I told you to use the treehouse toilets before we went, didn't I?" and her reply was, "Well, I didn't have to go then, and I do now." I agreed, and told her that I needed to go again as well anyway. So we found some bushes and we went behind them. Behind the bushes was a fallen log, which we could use as a seat. Sally shook her head, saying that she only needed a wee and that she preferred to squat for that. I nodded, and told her that I was going to sit, as I needed a poo. I found a comfortable part of the log, dropped my shorts and grey undies to my ankles, and sat down. Sally lifted up her dress, dropped her red undies to her knees and squatted down. She tinkled like a horse, and I was having trouble getting my poo out. All of a sudden, Sally cut a wet fart. She quickly jumped to her feet and, with her dress up and her undies still at her knees and ran over to the log and sat down next to me. Once she was sitting down, she immediately began to squirt brown liquid diarrhoea onto the grass behind the log, followed by the res of her pee and some farts. "See, I told you to go before we left." I said to her, and, with a grunt and a push, I finally managed to drop a single, hard log. Sally, whose face was white with pain from the diarrhoea, gripped my hand tight and did not let go until the last of the diarrhoea was out of her. I apologised for saying that she should have gone before we left, and to say sorry I found some leaves and I wiped her vagina and anus fore her. She kissed me, saying that it was fine and that I was right anyway. Once we had finished, we started to walk home. Sally complained that her bum still felt dirty, so we found a creek and stripped naked for a swim. Halfway through our swim, Sally had to dash off into the bushes to have diarrhoea again, but it was still a good day. Until next time, guys!

Megan B- Your roommate sounds like a real sweetheart! Like she told you, accidents do happen to us all and it's nothing to be ashamed about. If this site has taught me anything it's that there's no shame in relieving yourself!

Chelsea- Sounds like another really urgent poo! I know exactly the sort of poo you needed, because I love curry! Looking forward to your next story!

Today I went shopping and while I was looking around I started needing a number two. Soon it was quite urgent so I decided to go and take care of it. I was in a department store and I found the toilets and went in. There were three cubicles and the one on the left was taken, so I took the one on the right. As I entered and went to close the door I saw someone else enter the room. She was a fairly chubby girl of about 16 or 17 with brown-blonde hair. I had seen her in the shop's restaurant earlier, so I guessed she might have eaten and now needed to do a poo as a result.
I saw her scan the toilets, looking for an empty one, since the middle cubicle's door was shut even though nobody was in there. I locked my door and I heard her try the middle one and, finding it free, she went in and locked it.
I sat down with my jeans and blue knickers at my feet. The other woman flushed and left, and I saw my neighbour's jeans and multicoloured striped knickers appear at her feet as she sat down. This reinforced my idea that she had to do a poo, as did the fact that once she had done a wee she remained seated. I did a wee too, and, not hearing anything from her, I guessed that she wanted to do a poo but was embarrassed about someone hearing and was waiting for me to leave. Unfortunately for her I wasn't going anywhere for a good few minutes! I had a turd poking out by now so I decided to break the ice, thinking she might be less embarrassed if she knew I was doing a poo.
I pushed it out with a plop and it was soon followed by another. After still not hearing anything from the girl I waited for a minute before carrying on with my poo. Listening, I could now hear what sounded like her sighing or grunting very quietly every few seconds. Looking down I could see that she was clenching and unclenching her legs, which made me think now that the reason I hadn't heard anything yet was not because of embarrassment, but because she was constipated or having a hard poo and was having to push to get it out, although I think she was still embarrassed at having to strain to get it out and having that be overheard. I did another small piece and then I heard her grunt slightly louder. This was followed by a very loud plop as she finally got what sounded like a very big first turd out and began to poo.
Someone came in and used the other loo for a wee, then it was just me and my neighbour again. I really wanted to listen to her finish her poo, so I took the rest of mine slowly. As the other woman left my neighbour produced another plop, and another a minute later. I did my fourth piece. A couple of minutes later I did my final piece and I could hear her straining to get what remained of her poo out. After another minute or two it finally dropped with a small splash. I decided she was probably done or nearly done pooing, so I wiped myself (front and back!) and left. Sure enough I saw her come out of the loos shortly after and leave the shop. Obviously she thought it was best to take care of her need before leaving, despite the potential embarrassment of being heard grunting and straining to get a difficult poo out. All in all we had both spent about ten minutes on the loo but I felt better for it, and no doubt so did she!


holding poop on vacation

My best friend and I were coming home from a weekend trip together. I have travelled with her before and am very close to her, but I am poop shy and can't poop in the hotel room when we are staying together. I don't like when other people hear or smell my poop. We had eaten a lot all weekend, and had a big lunch right before we left. She was driving home, which took about 3 hours. I felt the poop from the whole weekend making it's way down to my anus. I was farting a little bit here and there. I think my friend noticed but didn't say anything. When we were getting closer to my house, she asked me if I needed to stop to use the restroom, and I said no. I just wanted to get home as soon as possible and let this monster go by myself. As we got closer to the house, it was getting harder to hold back. We finally pulled up in my driveway, and I opened the door and really felt this huge poop starting to relax and come out of my body uncontrollably. If I could only make it to my bathroom, I would have complete privacy. I hurried my stuff out of her car and said my good byes as fast as possible. She turned to get back into her car and I went into the house. I raced up the stairs to the bathroom, not even bothering to take my shoes off. The poop was really coming out at this point. I didn't have time to turn the lights on or close the door, it was all I could do to get my pants off and sit down and relax and release in the privacy of my own toilet. It felt so amazing and relieving. I moaned and groaned as the whole weekends worth of poop came rushing out of me.

Little Mandi
What up guys? Its been a while. Nothing interesting going on here.
Here are my answers to Sydney's diarrhea survey.

#1 - What foods give you Diarrhea?
Nothing at all gives me diarrhea. I seriously have an iron stomach. I remember when I was younger spinach used to give me diarrhea but not anymore.

#2 - How bad does your diarrhea stink?
It usually don't smell that bad.

#3 - Do you get diarrhea more often from bad food or illness?
I'd say I get it more from illness.

#4 - What is the most bizarre place you've ever had diarrhea
I never had it in a weird place before.

#5 - Would you rather have diarrhea in a dirty public restroom with lots of toilet paper, or a clean, private bathroom with no paper.
It would be really gross not to be able to wipe but I'd deal with it to have a private bathroom where no one can hear or see me.

#6 - What was your most embarrassing diarrhea incident?
I don't have any crazy embarrassing diarrhea stories cause I never get it but I was super embarrassed about having to go public and even though no one knew about this I was embarrassed the few times I slightly pooped myself from wet farts.

#7 - How would you describe your diarrhea?
sticky,wet,most of the time gassy

#8 - Have you ever had diarrhea at a friend/boyfriend/girlfriends house?
Luckily no.

#9 - What's a food that you think is "worth the risk?" (One that gives you diarrhea, but you eat it anyway?)
Nothing. I can eat the most random combinations of food and any type food and I won't get sick.

#10 - Do you like having diarrhea?
I don't mind it as long as I'm at home. I don't enjoy the cramps that come with it though.

#11 - Has anyone ever had diarrhea and you had to help them out?
Yes. A few times I had to help my grandmom out when she got it.

#12 - Have you ever had diarrhea and someone had to help you out?

#13 - What's your favorite/least favorite thing about diarrhea?
Favorite thing I guess would be that relieved feeling you get after.
Least favorite thing would be the stomach pains and the embarrassing loud sounds.

#14 - Share a recent diarrhea story!
I don't even remember the last time I had diarrhea.
The most recent time I can remember was this one time I was down the shore on the boardwalk. I don't know what happened but my stomach got upset out of no where. I started getting killer stomach cramps and I knew I had to get to a bathroom asap. Me being me most definitely wasn't gonna use the bathrooms on the boardwalk so I held it. I tried to keep my cool but I was miserable as ever from the pain. I sat down every chance I got and let out small farts to relieve the pressure. I really had to go bad. Finally it was time to go home. In the car I sat on the heel of my foot and clenched my butt as hard as I could. I almost didn't think I was gonna make it. As soon as we got to the house. I darted straight to the bathroom,turned on the water to cover up sound and as soon as my butt hit the seat it exploded out of me with a loud fart. I pushed out a few more squirts which actually felt like mud was coming out of my butt then was done. I didn't have to go anymore times after that.

Megan B

First Time

Brandon - Thanks for the reply.

Megan- Sounds like an interesting experience with the adjacent bathrooms at the library.

And, yes, my roommate, like I said, is super nice and did make me feel better about what happened. Like I said, that wasn't the first time she's seen it happen. She was on my floor when I was a freshman and we became friends and eventually decided to get a place off-campus this year.

To be honest, it happens, maybe, once every couple months? I mean, not like clockwork, but, sometimes more, sometimes less. She almost kind of expects it, which is super embarrassing in a way, but, also nice because at least she's understanding.

So, here's the first time it happened...

We had been hanging out for a few weeks, it was my freshman year, she was a sophomore, and I was totally geeking out about getting to hang out with someone who wasn't a freshman and everything because, you know, I'm a dork.

I don't even remember feeling sick or having an upset stomach or anything, let alone what I had been eating, so, I can't even say what might have caused it. All I know, is she had found this pair of denim overalls she wanted me to try on (she had already noticed my huge obsession with overalls by now). So, I went into the dressing room, and about halfway through putting this pair of overalls on I just get that dropping feeling in your gut that you need the bathroom... NOW.

I ripped the overalls off and yanked my pants back up and got my shoes back on in a hurry (thankfully, they were some DC skater shoes that I could just slip on) and just came tearing out of the dressing room trying to find the closest bathroom.

She was totally freaking out about how I had just come running out of the dressing room like I was about to throw-up or something. I wish I was about to throw up. I couldn't see any signs for the restrooms, but, I saw a cashier and ran up to them asking where it was. They told me it was clear in the back of the store. CRAP!

So, I'm like power-walking trying to keep myself from just exploding.

Somewhere in all the excitement I just got this almighty cramp and stopped dead in my tracks, doubled-over, and just filled my pants. I mean, like, you'd think the seams were about to rip. I just couldn't stop it and it felt like I was standing there for an hour pooping my pants.

My friend came running up, "Megan, are you okay?!? Are you going to throw up or something?!?"

I started to tear up and all I could say was, "I'm sorry."

She noticed what had happened. "Did you poop your pants?"

I just lost it and started crying. She gave me a hug, told me it was okay, and took me out from the store. By that time a couple of people were near us staring.

In my complete and total state of humiliation I hadn't even noticed that I had peed a bit, too, until we were outside. There was a visible wet spot on my pants, too. I was just mortified at what had happened and couldn't stop crying.

We got back out to her car. Luckily she had a towel in her trunk that I was able to sit on. Ugh! That was so gross having to sit down in that mess. It was mushy and gross.

The drive home was mortifying. I kept apologizing to her and told her she must think I'm a total loser.

"Accidents happen, and you're not a loser." Was what she said. I was in awe. How could someone see a grown, college student poop their pants and not just think they're total lameness? She even let me wrap her jacket around my waist to hide my shame getting back into the dorms.

Thankfully my roommate, at the time, was off on a date and I was able to clean up in private. She even came by later that night to make sure I was doing okay. She is so sweet.

I pretty much realized from that night forward we were going to be best friends. And we have been!

Big Dumper

For Chelsea

Chelsea that sounds like you've experienced one of the euphoric dumps everyone has at least once in their lifetime! i'm very happy for you.

couple of questions..

1. What had you eaten to of produced such colossal logs?
2. How big was each one? (you lucky devil having three of em!)
3. Do you normally let your boyfriend watch? i think more people should share these awesome experiences with their other half!
4. Are your dumps normally that big?!

Hey everyone. I just took an amazing dump and I want to tell you all about it. But first, I want to describe the food that became the dump. Two days ago, on Tuesday, I went out to dinner and had a huge meal. It was a very large steak that came with a big helping of mashed potatoes. I don't know where I made the room in my stomach, but I ate it all.

I felt the urge on my way home from work and had no choice but to hold it for almost an hour until I got home. I went straight to the bathroom, yanked down my pants and underwear and plopped myself on the toilet. A long soft rope of poop eased out right away. Immediately it was very smelly in the bathroom. The poop rope was probably a foot long and a half inch thick, I'd guess. I followed it by a skinnier, but somewhat longer rope. And then I finished up with three banana like turds in rapid succession. I felt infinitely better after getting that all out of me. I wiped myself a bunch of times and flushed, washed my hands, and then came to type this.

car toilet

first car poop

Ok so I'm gonna tell about amandas first car poop. This story will be two parts. This happened about a month ago. So after about two weeks since amanda car pee when she peed all over.

So we went to the movies for a date, and amanda said earlier that she wanted to soak my car again that night. So during the movie amanda let off some quiet farts. She also drank a lot of soda so she would have to pee a lot. Halfway through the movie she said she had to go really bad. As soon as the credits started we hurried outside. I drove to a secluded spot as she undressed. She told me she was gonna try something new. She said she had to poop.

She asked if she could poop in my car. I figured why not since she had already been peeing in it. So amanda climbed between the front seats so she could try her new idea out. She put her back and her butt against the gear shift and spread her legs so far that they were in each seat. I held onto her right leg so she could keep balance. I had a good view of her vagina as she got ready to go. She spread her lips apart and began to pee.

Her pee immediatly began to arc onto and over the console as she peed forcefully. As her pee came out of her uretha it sprayed wide onto both seats. I could hear it hissing as she peed. She was soaking the back seats quite well. Then she said watch and grabbed her lips. She began to aim her stream and she hit the back window. Then she angled her stream up and hit the ceiling! I have t tops so it splashed down onto us and I had drops in my hair from it. Then she sprayed both front seats and soaked my arm. Then she was done.

She wiped her vagina with her hand and rubbed it on the seat. Then she rotated so she faced forward and I could see her anus. I saw it open as she farted and my car was filled with her smell. I watched as her anus began to open as she grunted. She positioned her self so her butt was hovering about 4 inches over the cupholder. She grabbed her large buttcheeks and spread them. She told me that she normally takes massive poops every other day, but this time it had been 3 days since her last poop. At this point I knew she had planned to poop In my car, but I was ok with it.

Amanda began grunting and pushing as her anus spread open even more. I saw the turd begin to poke from her hole, and her strong aroma of her poop hit me like a shockwave. She apoligized for the smell between grunts and I said it was fine. The turd made a cackling noise as it poke out of her anus. I thought the turd was gonna slide right out then, but instead she only grunted louder like an animal as her hole spread even further. I asked if she was in pain and she said a little. She had so much poop that needed to come out, but she was having trouble pushing the first turd out.

Her face was red and she took deep breaths and pushed harder. Slowly her hole spread some more. I asked if there was anything I could do to help and she said to rub around her butthole. So I took my thumb and pointer finger and touched right next to her anus and each side. I massaged her skin around that area and she said she never imagined that her first car poop would require me to rub her anus. We laughed and then she tried pushing again. At this piont the tip of her poop was hanging about a half inch out of her. I tried pulling her hole open and it helped as the turd inched out. The turd was about and inch out and it was almost two inches In diamater! As I was rubbing her my pointer finger slipped and touched her turd. It was warm and soft and I wasn't too disgusted.

Ok I will continue this story in part 2 see ya.

toilet car

first car poop part 2

Ok so here is the second part

So I was gonna tell amanda I had poop on my finger when her anus streched more and the turd started sliding out. The turd was knobby and dark brown. It was at least two inches in diameter. I quickly moved my hand out of the way but I was too slow and the turd touched my hand. Now there was poop on my fingers and hand. But I was glad because amanda was able to push the turd out. It thudded into the cup holder and onto the plastic between the seats. It was about 7 inches long. But she wasn't nowhere near done.

She turned her body so she could loom at what she produced, so her butt was over her seat. When she pushed that first turd out, it got things moving as a second turd slid out incredibly fast into her seat. It hit the seat and rolled down until it hit the back of the seat. This left poop mark all down the seat. At the same time she started peeing again as she still had some left. Her stream arced directly onto me becuase she was facing me. I gasped in surprise and she tried to turn so she didn't keep pissing on me. When she turned her right foot stepped RIGHT on the turd in her seat, smearing it into the seat and on her foot.

At this point she was peeing onto the glove box. She cussed but she wasn't done pooping. Another 4 inch log sprang out of her hole onto the console, and then rolled of into my seat! Amanda then lost her balance and fell into her seat. Her leg got smeared with poop. Her vagina was facing me so she was peeing onto me again. Thankfully her stream died. She tried to sit up becuase she was still pooping since she was stopped up for 3 days.

She lifted her butt of the seat and tried to poop onto the console so she wouldnt get more poop onto the seats, but now her poop was getting loose and it began to pour out of her all over the seat. About 4 or 5 light brown strands of poop plopped onto the seat and cupholders. And then the diarrhea started, as liquid poop splattered onto the console and my seat. Thankfully it wasn't explosive and it was only a little. Then she was done.

Poop was smeared over her ass and down her legs. My shirt and jeans were wet andbthere was a little poop on my jeans. But we both started laughing because it was hilarious to us! I picked the turd up that was in my seat and put it in the cupholder. We opened the doors to air my car out as the smell was so strong. I grabbed her panties and wiped her legs and butt off. I used them to pick the poop up off the seats and cupholder. I threw it into the bushes. But now amanda was sitting on her knees in the pee soaked backseats, and there was poop smeared all over the passenger seat and diarrhea all over console. I didn't know what to do but in the end we drove to the store and I ran into the bathroom and got a whole bunch of paper towels. We wiped her legs down and wiped off the console. Then I went back In and got some cleaner. We cleaned up as best we could then went home.

The next day my car reeked but we cleaned it for an hour. We decided that car pooping was awesome but we would only do it a little and when we were prepared.

That's all for now. Car toilet


Always constipated

Hi :)

Im from Germany, so as you can think, my English is not good :D

I have a Question to all these constipated girls in the world, that employed me for a long time..

Would you ever upload videos of yourself pooping?
Ive seen alot of those videos and i think, that i would do it, too...

How do you think about this?

Love, Lilly

John H

Back posting again. some comments

Hey all, I am back posting again.
I stopped because I felt that my posts were not interesting to anyone but I still have been visiting the site most days to read the new posts.
There has been some really great ones and its good to see the new posters along with some people who haven't posted for some time.
I have some interesting experiences to share since I posted last but will keep them for future posts.
This post I just want to leave some comments.

@long time lurker, Hey thanks for posting and asking where I was. Glad that you enjoy my posts. Its good to know that you like my stories and hope you like the ones that I will be sharing in my future posts.

@ Eves dropper, Hey and thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your stories and hope you post more of your experiences.
Like you I have enjoyed listening to ladies in the bathroom since I was a young child.
I liked your account of listening to your friend Loraine pooing in your bathroom.

@Mr. Clogs, Hey man hope all is well. I read that you have been having some health issues. Hope they have cleared up since.
I am just wondering how large the cup you peed and pooped in is? It must be very large to hold all that early morning clear out.

@Pat, First congratulations to you both on your wedding. I hope you have many happy years together and I am sure you will.
Thanks for sharing all your stories. I really enjoy them. Keep them coming.

@Chelsea, Hey I really have been enjoying all your posts so far. I like your descriptions and details that you put in your stories. I particularly enjoyed your Uni days story.
The bathroom must have been in some state after that and it must have been a major relief to get all that poo out.
Like you I love everything about letting a nice thick log push its way out of my hole. It is such a pleasurable experience.
Keep the stories coming.

That's all for now.
I really have to go because as I type this there is a log pushing to get out.
#Ive been enjoying holding it back but its time now to go and sit on the toilet and let it all flow out.
I might record it and write about it in my next post if it's a particularly enjoyable one.
either way I will be back to share more experiences soon.
I have one story about an outdoor poo that I am looking forward to sharing.

Take care all,
John H.


Questions for Chelsea

Great stories Chelsea! I have a few question for you if you don't mind?

How often do you usually take a dump?

When you get to the toilet to take a dump, how much longer would you usually be able to hold it in if you had to before losing control? A lot more time or just a little more?

What size are your logs usually? How long and how many inches in diameter? How many logs do you usually drop for each bowel movement?

Any idea (roughly) how much your load weights in total for most BM's? I know its gross, but would you be willing to weight it, especially after a bigger poop?

I know for me, an average dump is somewhere between 200 and 300 grams and my largest poops are around 400 grams.

Is your poop usually on the soft or hard side?

What was your most urgent dump time during the last few years? Where were you? What were you doing? How large was it when it came out?

To Dominic

When was the last time you were allowed to go in your pants or when was the last time you did go in your pants in general?

To Mina

You mentioned how the flush on Japanese toilets is strong. Have you ever done more than one could handle? It sounds like you really unload when you have to go! By the way, your English is excellent.

I've been eating roughage meals of fruits, salads and grains. I've had two bouts of diarreah, both at home.


Constipated again and sister's frequent dumps

Constipated again :( I wish I could regularly go every day like everybody else. My 16 year old sister on the other hand goes a lot, like 4 times a day. Is this normal? When she has to go it's usually pretty urgent. She eats a relatively healthy diet. My mom makes sure they have balanced, healthy meals. My sister doesn't drink much water though. I on the other hand have been drinking lots of coffee and water and not much of anything is produced which is frustrating. I eat fibre cereal every day and vegetables with dinner and limit the starches and junk food. Why can't my bowels be normal like everyone else's? So not fair.

Yesterday, after school I was walking home with my friend clare.

We both have blonde hair and I am 5 foot 5" and clare is 5 foot 4". We are both 16. We are both nice and slim however, clare has slightly more built legs as she plays football.

As we were walking along the main street, clare announced that she was bursting for the loo and I suggested that we used the toilets in a local caf. Clare agreed and we went in.

We entered the girls bathroom which had two cubicles before taking one each and closing the door before I heard clare say "im not sitting on this, its disgusting in here" I knew what she meant as my cubicle also had skid marks down the pan, and pieces of loo roll on the floor. We both came out of the cubicles.

Clare seemed quite desperate to go, as was I by this time. She suggested that we could use the boys bathroom if no one was in there so we had a peak around the door and it was empty therefore we both took the one cubicle.

We elected that we would try and sit on the loo at the same time, if we lifted the seat up and just sat on the rim of the toilet bowl and although it was uncomfy, we did so!

Clare began by rolling her skirt up and pushing her tights to just above her knees before placing her thighs on the rim of the toilet bowl and budging over to give me room to also sit. I pulled my tights down also but I was wearing a circle skirt so I just sort of left it hanging while on the toilet.

It was quite tight but we both managed to fit on the toilet even although my right thigh was pressed right up against Clares left thigh. While we were sitting there Clare was explaining to me that she has often found that boys toilets are cleaner than girls as she has sometimes been forced to use boys rooms with her football team.

All of a sudden she said "anyway im gonna start now" I agreed and we went quiet and began. Suddenly clare's thighs tensed up and she made a slight strain before a big piece of poo hit the water and splashed onto my bum. I said "omg I didn't know you needed to poo" then she replied sarcastically with "just because you never need a crap, doesn't mean I don't haha".

I decided that I would surprise her and drop a little one therefore I made a face and tensed my bum cheeks. Clare turned her head when she felt my thighs tense up and heard me make a tiny strain.

I didn't think that I needed a poo but much to my surprise, a little bullet piece fired into the water, followed by another one. Clare said excitedly "I honestly didn't think you did craps, nice one!" she was right to be fair, I don't think she has ever witnessed me doing a poo but ive heard her once or twice.

Seeing as we were sitting so closely, I found it quite difficult to get my legs open enough to do a pee but I attempted it. Most of it though just sprinkled out onto my legs rather than flowing into the loo. Clare was still pooing away, I managed one more little bullet and then I was empty.

All of a sudden, the door opened and somebody walked in. Before I knew what had happened, clare swivelled towards me and lifted her legs onto my thighs. Because she did this, there was a gap between us where a whaft of both our poo's came up, it was disgusting.

she whispered in my ear very quietly "you know what boys are like with looking under the toilet doors to see if they know who is in there, so I thought it would look abit weird if he saw two pairs of legs in here."

Thankfully though, he just went to the urinal and left, while he was there, nor me or clare did one piece of poo or pee. As soon as he left, Clare removed her legs from my lap and said "if he had looked, he would have known it was a girl anyway as he would have seen your tights"

We then agreed to start wiping, due to having limited space we took it in turns. Clare started by tilting her bum towards me and wiping thoroughly 6 times. She then did her front once and gave me the loo roll. My poo wasn't too messy so I only wiped my bum twice but I had to wipe my crotch a few times because of what I said earlier about my pee.

Following this, Clare pulled her tights and pants up before rolling her skirt down to her mid thighs and I pulled my pants and tights up while still sitting on the loo before simply standing and dropping my skirt.

We made sure to be careful leaving and went back into the girls bathroom to wash our hands.

I have a few more stories which I will share about some of my friends and little brother doing the toilet

bye x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sydney great diarrhea stories.

To: Bloated butt great story about your boyfriend helping you with you big poop and I bet you felt pretty great once it was out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Princess Peach great story about your giant poop I bet he was surpised and hopely learned a lesson.

To: Carina great story it sounds like you had a really good cleanout it sucks that you had 2 accidents in the process and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chelsea as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good and relaxing poop and it sounds like you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alison first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a really rough day but it can happen to anyone at anytime and I look forward to reading your next post thanks.

To: Mina great story it sounds like you really had to poop alot I bet you felt really good and refreshed afeterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Crimson Flash great catch.

To: Meagan as always another great pooping story.

To: Linda great story as always.

To: Leah t great story about Kims farts.

To: Jemma great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Hey Esteban!

Great post, Esteban. Good to see that your bf is not bothered by seeing you on the toilet. After all, it is natural and everyone does it.

They guy that was waiting for your stall actually stood there and watched you wipe? Most guys will stand off to one side while waiting, but I have also had guys just stand there. Maybe they want to make sure you know they are waiting so you will hurry up. I've talked to a couple of guys while they waited in front of my stall.

I think you mentioned it before, but do you wear briefs? I think often guys in briefs tend to hide their stuff more than if wearing boxers. Or bb's.

I've never had a bf see me take a dump. My last one was very private about that and couldn't fathom how I could use a doorless stall.

I do have a friend now that was a bf a long time ago. He never saw me on the toilet while we dated, but over the past few years when I have visited him at his place, he has had to bring me tp while I was taking a dump because I ran out. Twice. He seemed a bit sheepish and wanted to know if I wanted him to leave it outside the door. I said no, I don't want to have to waddle over to get it. Lol!

Haven't had the opportunity with the current bf.

And do you stand to wipe? Just wondering how much you were on display in the public restroom and with your bf.

Leah T.

bathroom shy.

Hi all. Leah again.
Let me tell you a little more about myself. I am 30 years old, an accountant working for an audit firm on a tropical island. In our office we have lots of people from other countries which is great for making friends and learning about other countries. The bathrooms in our office is not the most private and I prefer to go home (I live 5 minutes from the office) for a number 2. Once during busy season I had a lot of coffee in the morning. I went to the toilet and removed my pants and thong and sat down, but noticed that the partition was flimsy and you could see the shoes of the person next to you. I tried to be quick when no body was in the bathroom. As I Farted quite loudly, someone walked into the bathroom. I was super embarrassed. I waited for her to pee and then leave. I left and went home for my dump.

Thursday, October 17, 2013



Megan glad you like my stories, I can only imagine the amount of fun we would have together if we were both desperate for a poo and had to share a cubicle not sure the toilet could take it nor me ;)
So back to my uni days, in my second year I lived in a shared house with 6 Girls and only two toilets! This obviously lead to some great stories like the next one!
I had a few lectures first thing in the morning on this particular day I was sitting in a two hour lecture with 20 mins to go when suddenly a huge urge to shit started banging at my back door, it was Gina's curry from the night before, as terrific as it was I was having to pass some very smelly gas in the huge lecture hall best part is on one was quite sure who it was :)
Towards the end of the lecture it became clear I was in need of an urgent need to relieve myself and when the lecture was over made sure I was first to the small toilets in our social sciences department, as I walked in the two stalls that were there were vacant but to my utter dismay there was no paper my heart sank....I was sooo close to getting the relief I desperately needed but knowing the nature of curry poos I knew I would need paper and lots of it!!!
I toyed with the idea of just going but decided I could make it back to the house it was only 10-15 mins by bus
The ride back wasn't too bad considering it took 30 mins when you include waiting for the bus and walking back to mine from the stop, at this point if there was just a toilet on the road in full view I would use it, I just needed to get my arse sat down, I was very much looking forward to spending a while in the toilet ;)
As I got through the front door the other girls were getting up and ready for their lectures unfortunately for me they also had to answer the call of nature to evacuate last nights curry! The downstairs bathroom was locked I could hear the shower, so made my way to the upstairs toilet and tried the door it was locked! Rachel replied sorry taken try downstairs, I asked Rachel how long she was going to be "a while I've just sat down last nights curry has made me need a banging shit" Yeah me too I said, whilst waiting outside all I could hear was loud plops and splashes, Rachel seriously needed to unload but it was agony for me to listen to and her elated sighs of pure relief. Made me wonder what else she was up to? I knocked again telling her I was very close to shitting myself now could she hurray!!! Rach said just about to finish sorry I haven't been for 3 days. After 5 mins the door opened out came Rach a ???? blonde with some killer assets and curves in all the right places im jealous!
I rushed in, the smell was more than ripe the Rachel had a decent session in here I pulled my tights and underwear down in one motion sitting on the toilet to have an immense dump, the smell was intense far smellier than Rachel a torrent of soft shit came coursing through my hole the I wont forget the relief, I ended up spending a good 20mins in there, constantly unloading the whole time, It took alot of wiping when I came out I was confronted with another housemate Charlotte out side holding her bum I replied its all yours babe.
Got to mention another story from this week I started to need a poo at work but as I was an hour away from finishing I figured I would hold it for my boyfriend so he could watch once home, he loves seeing me desperate for the toilet, and this felt like a huge long log, by the drive home (took my car this week) I was turtle heading bad my arse felt full, knowing my luck I got stuck in traffic, finding it hard to concentrate with this brown tail trying to push out, by the time I got back to mind holding was not longer an option, I raced out off my car into the house and up to the bathroom still in my heels, I hitched up my new creme pencil skirt and dropped my thong to the floor in doing so I had to bend down, this caused the poo to start coming out I was so desperate I had no time to lift the seat and proceeded to release my dump on the toilet lid, it was rather thrilling I have to admit it was the closest I've come to shitting myself recently I didnt enjoys the clean up though, keep posting peeps peace xXx

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