Little Mandi
Thanks for the advice guys. I winded up not taking any stool softeners that night. Nanny was out of them. I took two of my fiber gummies and drank prune juice and that helped my get it out.

My poops are starting to be hard again. I always had hard poop but I think I need to eat healthier. I don't eat like crap but I could do better than I do. I think I eat too much bread.

Anyway, I wanna talk about the bathroom I had to use last weekend.
My friend and I took a trip up to New York for a concert and we ate at Applebees for dinner. While I was there I decided I should go pee. I had a big glass of water with dinner and I had been drinking tea earlier. I knew had to go before the show. The bathroom was kind of weird. The door looked like it was see through but it wasn't see through I can't explain it but I ever saw one like that. Inside was really tiny. I felt like I was suffocating in there only cause I don't like small spaces. Anyway I just did my pee and got on my way.

Alta Cocker

Post Title (optional)Guys taking shits

Hey, I posted here years ago a few times and have always enjoyed this site.

Austin, I loved the story about young Dave the roofer taking a massive dump right in front of you almost totally naked on the can. Did either of you get aroused by that event? I surely would have been-- almost sounded erotic. Did Dave have hairy armpits that were sweating from his effort?

Anyway, there is an old men's room in the basement of an ancient college building near my house in Chicago-- 2 stalls hidden way in the back and around the corner a row of urinals and then the main set of stalls and sinks. Love taking a back stall and listening to the young guys come in, slam down toilet seats, open their belts and releasing long farts and turds. Sometimes guys walk all the way to the back stalls, but usually they aren't there to drop a deuce...

George A


I used to come in to work early. There was this Black lady in her 60 s who would go into the bathroom. I could hear her flush each time a log fell. She would flush about four times. I wondered if there were two or three logs per flush. She is quite attractive. I wonder if there is a difference between different ethnic groups in the amount of poop produced.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poo With A View great story about seeing that woman poop.

To: Lizzy it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but im glad your feeling better now.

To: Phil great story about hearing your girlfriend poop it sounds like she had a pretty good poop.

To: Steve great story it sounds like Tracey really had to poop and had a really great poop to.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story I bet those farts felt really great and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Friday, November 01, 2013


Vicci's turn

Vicci has just read about Tracey pooping at my house on here. She has just called round for coffee, she has just asked to use tha bathroom as I write this now....
She has just released a very loud fart, followed by several big plops! Its gone quiet again..she has just grunted and done another big fart with lots more plopping. More farts now, god the smell is drifting from under the door- it smells like rotten eggs. Oh no more farts and plops. WOW! I have just heard the loudest longest bihgest fart ever! The washing up on the drainer vibrated with that one! She has just flushed, and is coming out. Just said goodbye to her, I need to check the bathroom. Oh MAN! Toilet is clogged full of poop & brown water Grrrghh Vicci!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages, I've had loads on and just haven't had chance. I'll tell you my latest news after a couple of comments.
Megan- great story about going for a poo at work and before that at the shops. I can really identify with the girl in the cubicle next to you when you were on the loo at the shopping centre, whenever I'm having a poo in public its pretty much the same for me as I usually need to push quite hard to get my poo out. Luckily at school I wasn't the only one to have that problem, so if I was on the toilet trying to poo it was quite common to hear straining and grunting sounds coming from girls in the other cubicles who were struggling with difficult poos of their own which made it alot less embarrassing. I guess the whole set up of school ie only being able to use the loo at set times and then quite often running out of time and having to hold it probably results in quite a few school kids getting constipated, at least that was certaintly the way it was for me and a lot of my friends. The other big problem with wanting a poo but having to hold it is that its likely to poke out of your bum if you get really desperate and then you end up with skidmarks in your underwear, that used to happen to me a lot at school and still does sometimes. Again I wasn't alone in getting that, in my favourite loos in my school there were big gaps under the cubicle partitions so you could see other girls pants if they pulled them all the way down. Quite often I noticed that they had marks in their pants especially if they were on the toilet for a poo, most girls wore white or pale pastel coloured pants which made the marks even more noticeable.
Anyway, on to my latest story, I met up with Beth after she'd finished school on Friday to go back to her house, Ellie's gone off to uni but Beth and I get on so well we're still seeing a lot of each of each other. I had been to the shops and had lunch in a café, I could feel a slight urge for a poo developing and knew I'd have to go to the toilet before too long. As we were walking back to Beth's house she grabbed her belly and said "I'm bursting for a poo, I've been needing it since just after lunch and I'm really struggling to hold it in now!" As soon as we got back to hers we went up to her room, she was squirming around now so I could tell she was pretty desperate. My own need was getting stronger too so I hoped she wouldn't take too long. Beth took off her school skirt and chucked it on the bed on top of a large pile of clean socks and pants, she dashed over to her ensuite pulling down her pink and blue stripey pants as she did so and crashed onto the loo, moaning with relief. I could see she had a big skidmark in her pants from where the poo must have been poking out. She just sat for a few minutes, then said "Its getting fatter, I'm going to have to start pushing" and then she started to strain and grunt a bit as she released her breath. She had to do about 5 minutes of hard pushing which was making her go red in the face before I heard a plop as her first log dropped. She then started to have a wee which went on for some time before she began to bear down again, she obviously had more to come. Her wee kept spurting out occasionally as she pushed. I felt my poo moving closer to my bum and started to squirm around a bit, I was wearing tight knickers which were wedged up my bum and I didn't want to get skidmarks. I said "I really want a poo as well, how much longer will you be?!"
"Sorry," gasped Beth, "I didn't know you needed to go too! I'm nearly done now, just a couple more minutes." With that I heard another plop and a sigh, then Beth stood up with her pants at her knees and said "You can get on the loo now, I'm done." She flushed and then took some toilet paper and started to wipe her bottom as I pulled down my black leggings and pink and purple spotty knickers, my poo had been close to poking out but luckily hadn't done so meaning they were still clean. I relaxed and felt my poo slide out slowly, I felt it get a bit hard and knobbly after the tip was out so I had to start pushing to get it to keep coming. By now Beth was done wiping, she took off her knickers and left them on the bathroom floor saying "I'll have to change these pants, that poo was poking out for most of the afternoon!" She went into her bedroom, uncovered the pile of clean underwear on her bed and put on a pair of pink flowery knickers before changing into a tee-shirt and jeans. I was continuing to work on my log, after about 5 minutes of concentrated effort I felt it getting thinner and moving faster and shortly after that it plopped down into the bowl. I then passed three shorter logs which were still really fat though, so they took a lot of effort to pass and then made huge plops when they dropped and splashed my bum, also I made a loud grunt as each one dropped which was embarrassing but luckily Beth had had to strain a lot too so it could have been worse. After passing those logs I felt empty but I needed a wee so I stayed sitting until I was done. I wiped my front and bottom and then flushed the loo before pulling up my pants and leggings. We both felt alot better after emptying our bowels!! Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!


Comments and Linda's survey

@Megan - liked your story about your trip to the library in Birmingham and the "buddy dump" you took with the young man using the other unisex cubicle. Good description of the sounds you heard coming from his cubicle. Interesting that when you tried to do a quiet fart it was really loud! It's funny how often when we try to do something a certain way the opposite occurs. Still - nothing to worry - it sounds as though you both had quite a lot of gas to release.

@David - shelf toilets are common in some other European countries including Austria. I remember a young Dutch woman told me that she had one at home when she was growing up. She said they were designed like that so that you could look at your poo for any abnormalities including parasitic infections. She said that she used to visit a female friend of the same age in Denmark when she was in her late teens and her friend's family had the same type of toilet.Her friend explained that a lot of pork is produced and eaten in Denmark and not so long ago tapeworm infection was fairly common in certain areas. Shelf toilets allowed people to look for tapeworm segments as this was often the only sign they were infected..
It's a pity you were worried about leaving skidmarks which possibly contributed to your constipation. Like pooping sounds and smells they are nothing to be ashamed of.

@Linda - liked your chocolate fundraising poo story. Sounds like you had a big poo in there which was acting like a "plug" - once you got passed that out the rest of your waste just flowed out..
In response to your survey I've never filmed myself pooping - though I don't think it is wrong for someone to film themselves pooping. I rarely get constipated but it wouldn't bother me if a partner wanted to watch me poo. I have heard other people (of both sexes) grunting/straining when doing a poo. I have pooped outside when camping and in other situations and see nothing wrong in doing this - pooping is a natural act and people should not be ashamed or even embarrassed about opening their bowels outside if the circumstances dictate.

@Chelsea - good story about your work dump - sounds as though you "baked it" deliberately and ended up having a very close call!

@Carina - sorry to hear about your experience with diarrhoea and the accident. Try not to be embarrassed/ashamed if possible - I'm sure it happens to everyone - including me.

@Jack - try not to feel humiliated about the teen girl walking in on you - it sounds as though she was embarrassed to but really theres nothing for either of you to feel bad about. It was just an awkward experience.

Thanks to all the other posters - I enjoy your stories too



I have been a 'traveler' for most of my life, when I say that I actually mean I haven't found where I want to live yet. One of the things that change the most as you travel around is the toilets, no country seems to agree on the best! This is a story from when I was in the desert in Rajasthan in Northern India. We had spent a day trekking through the desert to end up at an amazing string of sand dunes in the middle of no where. As we were constantly on the move there wasn't much time for eating anything, small snacks only and a lot of water! Because of this I ended up smoking a lot to compensate. Smoking, along with coffee, is like a natural laxative for me so needless to say it wasn't to long before the need to poop hit me. There weren't any toilets for miles and there wasn't any chance of me getting the rest of the group to wait while I nipped of for a shit. I was with a group of people I didn't know so I thought I would wait until we stopped for the night. By the time got the camp for the night the urge to poop had left me so I settled in for an amazing night under the stars, come the morning though I REALLY needed to empty my bowels so I found some tissue that I guess the guide had brought for such situations and headed off into the sand dunes. After a couple of minutes of walking [and farting!] I got to a spot that looked perfect, no one else around and amazing views of the sun rising over the dessert. For ultimate comfort I pulled my shorts and pants off completely and squatted slightly. As soon as I did I let out a lot of gas and felt the log starting to push its way out. It was at this moment I realised that my spot in the desert wasn't quite as deserted as I thought. One of the other members of the group, a young French girl, was walking towards me. It was to late to cover up though as the first log had just hit the sand and the second one was on its way. The girl saw my shocked expression and said "I'm sorry for scaring you but I get scared alone, you don't mind?". I never found out whether she meant she got scared pooping alone or in the desert alone but either way I am a gentle man so said "Not at all." To be perfectly honest the thought of having my morning poop with an attractive young French girl was quite exciting. The second log almost fell out of me followed by a very large fart. The girl followed my lead and undressed her lower half and squatted and like me let out a very large fart. She looked over at me and blushed but I smiled back. While we both finished our large turds we chatted about what an amazing spot to shit it was. When we were both finished we wiped and burned the paper so as not to leave any litter behind and walked back to the camp.

This is my first post, let me know if you liked it I have plenty more stories.


Bad Diarrhea

I was on the bus home after school when my stomach started hurting.
I remembered that earlier that day, I had diarrhea during my maths lesson.
I was in the toilet for 7 minutes, pooping and farting. I thought that that was the end of my diarrhea then.I then tried to pretend that my stomach wasn't hurting throughout the hour-long bus ride. After a while, I let out a colossal fart.Many people, including my crush heard the fart but no-one realised it was me.

When I got home, I quickly threw my bag into my bedroom, ran into the toilet, and pulled down my pink floral knickers with my tights, and pushed as hard as I could.Soon, a huge poo came out my butt, followed by many wet farts and slightly liquid poo.After that, my stomach stopped hurting.



Guest House Dumps

Thought I would post again about a story which I briefly mentioned in my last post.

Back in the summer me and my girlfriend were away for a weekend in the Lake District, staying in a guest house. There were two toilets next to each other for guests to use, and they saw a lot of use as there was 8 rooms.

After breakfast one morning, I had a strong urge for a poo and could feel it was going to be a good one. I told my girlfriend that I was going to use the toilet, and she said she also needed to go. Luckily both toilets were empty when we got to them. I sat down on the toilet, and through the paper thin wall I heard her do the same. After about 20 seconds my first log crackled out and splashed into the bowl. My girlfriend laughed and said that sounded big. I replied there's plenty more to come!

Another rope of poo started to come out and that too splashed into the toilet. I wondered if she was a bit shy as if she could hear me, then I would be able to hear her. I then heard a couple of little plops come from her toilet and then about 7 or 8 splashes very quickly. They must have just been nuggets as she was still sat there.

I then felt a log coming and pushed it out quickly. About a second after I pushed it out, I heard a big splash from next door. We both must have had big logs coming out our arses at the same time! It was driving me crazy! We both pushed out a bit more poo, and then started wiping about the same time.

We finished off and it felt so good, and my girlfriend had put on a good show for me to hear, while I dumped too. I was literally going nuts knowing she was only the other side of the wall shitting her brains out!

Will post again soon

Pete (USA)
To Zip & Esteban:
I've enjoyed reading your posts. I never stand up to wipe, since I can do a good job of it while I'm seated.

I've used doorless stalls a few times, but prefer ones with doors. . . but if I have to go, I use a doorless stall.

As for having bfs seeing me take a dump, I don't think any have, except for my husband. Since we've been living together so long, it's hard for either of us to avoid seeing each other on the can every now and then, but we don't make a special point of doing so - and we don't make a point of watching.

I do have a story of another guy watching me on the can. This happened a long time ago when I was in my early twenties and traveling in Europe. I met two guys about my age at a hostel in Switzerland and we did some hiking together. One of them invited me to visit when I got to the area where he lived. Since I had not yet come out, I only saw this as a friendly offer of a visit. I spent a weekend with him and enjoyed hanging out, hiking, having meals together, and talking. However, I soon noticed that he spent all of our waking hours right there with me, no mater what we were doing. He did this constantly and it started to bother me, but I didn't say anything. I thought that it was especially strange that he would even follow me into the bathroom whenever I used it, including when I needed to take a dump. He would just stand there next to the toilet and continue talking to me. That was the last time I saw him. I've thought of this experience many times since and wonder if he still does this with others.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sarah great story about your daugther it sounds like she was having alot of fun.

To: Molly great story about your big poop and it sounds like you and your mom have fun with your contests and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chris great story about hearing your babysitter pooping it sounds like she was beyond desperate and just made it in time and I bet she felt better after.

To: Linda as always another great story.

To: Megan as always another great story.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story it sounds like Sally was having a rough day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt really great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love his site


After dinner poop

My friend Tracey came back to my house on our dinner hour. After eating her dinner she said she had stomach pains and could she borrow my loo. Of course I said ok, she went into my bathroom and sat on the toilet with door wide open. She went really redfaced and I heard a turd creaking out of her backside. She looked between her legs and laughed, saying "I hope this toilet has a good flush as that one is a weeks worth monster". She wiped herself and flushed the toilet. She called me over to look. The turd was about 2feet long and too fat to fit down the toilet. That night when I returned I had to fish the monster out and dispose of it. Tracey just laughed it off and bragged about it at work.

Anatomy student

Information for Little Mandi

Stool softeners do not make you go. They simply soften what is in you. Most work overnight. My ex had to take them, but she found an alternative: Nutella. That stuff went straight through her. I don't advise relying on something, but if you need it, take some softeners or an enema. They are less habit forming than laxatives.


to Little Mandi about stool softeners

People react differently to medications, including stool softeners. No one knows exactly how you will respond to one, though most likely you will poop at some time after taking it. Will one pill do the job? Maybe. How soon will it take effect? Don't know. Will it be slow and painful, quick and explosive, hard lumps or liquid? Don't know. It's a crap shoot, basically. Since you have never taken a laxative before, in my layman's opinion, it would be best, if possible, NOT to start taking them now. There are several steps to take before making the decision to take a laxative:

Drink plenty of water; that helps both to soften the stool and to push it along.

Eat fibrous foods, including vegetables (especially greens like spinach or green salad), nuts, whole wheat bread or cereal, brown rice, or the like.

Do eat three good meals a day; don't skip breakfast unless you have to.

Find a similar time each day to sit on the toilet and wait for the urge to poop; sometimes it only takes a few minutes, and the resulting poop is often easy. Take something to read. If you sit for longer than 15 or 20 minutes and nothing happens, you are not ready, so you should plan for another time later.

If the urge to poop comes when you are doing something else, go and poop. Do not ignore the urge; it's an important sign your body is giving you. Don't be embarrassed by having to excuse yourself from friends or family; they all poop, too.

Exercise for some time every day, whether it's athletics or yard work or just a brisk walk around your neighborhood; that helps get your blood flowing and often induces a response from your digestive system.

If your problem doesn't go away, see a doctor; a laxative is medicine, and the doctor can tell you which one is likely to be best, and what its effects (and side effects) can be.

I hope you can establish a more regular rhythm for your bowels; it's more convenient that way, and it feels good! Happy pooping!

I've been pissing my pussy off all evening. I went to Bible study and had to pee, then I stopped off at a dept. store and a hotel to empty my overflowing bladder. I have been drinking lots of tea.

Bloated Butt
To Parris: I'm glad you enjoy my stories! As for whether I have any more about being gassy, it's hard to think of any at the moment, because I'm pretty much always at least a little gassy and its hard to think of specific occasions. Eating a lot makes me gassier, and I eat a lot at every meal, so I'm pretty much constantly flatulent. Not always as bad as my last story, but on any given day I probably fart at least ten to twenty times an hour. Not that I count, though.

The only other story that sticks out was a while ago (I think this was back in April) when I was passing a lot of gas, and I jokingly asked my boyfriend to squeeze my buttcheeks together as hard as he could while I tried to fart, and see who "wins". He agreed and I felt my boyfriend's hands sink into my massive soft buttcheeks as he grabbed my butt and pressed them together. With my butt completely sealed, I pushed slightly to "test" and sure enough my gas just sort of stopped right at the end of my bowels and gurgled around.

"Oh my gosh, did you hear that?" I remember asking as I heard and felt the gas moving around, unable to exit, and move back up into my stomach. I felt really bloated as the gas built up, and soon it was moving back to my butt again, this time joined by new gas. The pressure built up in my butt and was greater than before. This time I pushed a lot harder, but my boyfriend squeezed even harder and I couldn't fart!

"Nnnngggg....God..." I gasped. The gas swelled in my bowels. It rumbled within me, expanding my stomach and making me groan as the pressure mounted. I put both hands on my bloated stomach.

"Looks like I win" he said. "You want me to move my hands?"

"Yes!" I gasped, and as soon as he did my butt exploded with flatulence. BRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! BRRRRRRRAAAAAAAP! Two huge explosive farts, one right after the other. Luckily my boyfriend was quick and had moved out of the way while I closed my eyes and moaned in relief. I put my hands on my butt and sort of massaged my cheeks, pulling them apart slightly and pooting out several more farts. "Ohhhhhhh...." I sighed as I felt the last of the gas exit out of me, my stomach feeling 100% better.

I looked at my boyfriend and he was staring at me, "Feel better?" he asked.

"Mmm-hmm" I said sheepishly. But as soon as I said that my stomach started rumbling again LOL. My boyfriend truly is a blessing. He puts up with so much from me and my big butt, bless his heart.

Also, to Brandon T: Thank you also for liking my stories.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bill F
I have another story of Lisa, from when we were both 8. Lisa's bowels were always quite losse, making soft poops. This is one of the only times I remember her being constipated.

We were walking to the treehouse, when she said "My stomach is killing me. I haven't gone number 2 in two days!" With someone like me or Emily, I would consider that fine, but knowing Lisa's routine, that was insane. All I said was "Wow!" She said "Yeah, usually I go at least twice a day!" The treehouse was still a long walk away, so Lisa said "I'm gonna try going by a tree or something. Follow me!" I followed her in the woods. She stopped by a suitable tree, and pulled down her pants. She squatted down, and started peeing. I noticed a small a river flowing from under her, that went downhill. Her pee slowed to a trickle. Her face scrunched up, and she pushed really hard. She farted loudly twice, one after the other, and I saw her anus open up. It domed out, and got really wide. Since I was under her, further down the hill, I could see the start of what looked like a very fat poop, but it didn't budge. She stopped pushing, and I saw the poop tuck back in, out of sight. Her anus tucked in as well, then shut.
Lisa said "Looks like I'm in for a tough one." And stood up, pulled her pants up, and we continued walking. We got to the treehouse, where the first 'order of business' was to get rid of Lisa's problem. I told her about the snail method, and she agreed to try it. She pulled her pants down, got on her knees, and stuck her butt in the air. She spread her cheeks, and her anus opened up with air rushing in. Meanwhile, I had to go as well, so I sat on the toilet, all the while keeping an eye on Lisa. I saw the poop start to move, with her still in the position. It started coming out slowly, as was my own poop. Her poop kept coming out, at the same angle her anus was pointing, I noticed that if it were to fall, it would fall right into her panties, even if they were down. I told her this, and for some reason, she started pulling them up! She pulled them up until they were right her anus. I wondered what she was doing by this, when she gave a big, sudden push and the poop pretty much jumped out of her, missing her pants on the way out. It fell on the floor, and she stood up, looking desperate. She said "I'm not done, and the rest of it is gonna be messy. My turn on the toilet!" I was done, so I got up, and she rushed to take my place. It was a good thing she kept her pants down, because she let out an avalanche of farts (the air from before) and soft poop from the very moment her butt hit the seat. She peed more during her episode. With one final fart, she was finished.
"Oh my god! i feel so much lighter! Next time I won't hold it back just because there are only public bathrooms around." She wiped, and pulled her pants up, but not before letting out another fart. "Geez, how much air went into me?" She said, and farted yet again. I said "Well, the times I did this, I always had a lot of leftover gas, which usually kept me farting a lot for a half-hour after." Sure enough she farted at least ten times in the following half-an-hour, and a few more after that. She went home for dinner, where no doubt she'd cut even more farts. I wonder what Lisa's sister thought of her newfound talent. I say talent, because she would sometimes do that without being constipated, so she would be able to fart more. Always the funny one, Lisa was.
Another thing, is that the leftover gas is just air, so it doesn't smell at all. I still use the snail method now, and it's always worked. I would teach it to Sam, but she never gets constipated.
See ya next time!


Child on the toilet

My child was sitting on the gym toilet doing lots of poo and suddenly at the top of her voice said lots of poo is coming out of me! There is a lot more to come! As her poo landed in the water she yelled plop for each one! I couldn't do anything it was so embarrassing and a bit funny


teenage dumps

Hi guys,
im new and my name is molly. I just turned 15 and im a freshman in highschool. im 5'5 and 130 lbs. i consider myself pretty and a very normal teenager. I sleep a lot and eat a lot. i also think i have a big butt. My school is a boarding and day school but i am a day student. sometimes i sleep over and have to use the dorm bathrooms. i usually take a poop every few days. When i sit down, i lower my pants to my ankles, usually let out some gas, then push put a big dump about 1.5 feet long. it only takes me a few minutes and my poops really stink. My mom gets mad at me for not turning on the fan after i take a dump because it stinks and then she has to wipe off the skidmarks in the toilet. i think my mom is very pretty and she can take some big poops too. sometimes we have a competition. she has only beaten me twice and it is fun (and stinky). stories to come.


Steven A

To Tyler

Hi, I'm back, I was just busy with school and stuff. Nothing much happened at the last game since it wasn't too far away from us. So, your question about the bus. I do take the bus to and from school. I normally hold it until I get home, if I have to go. The only experiences I've heard about other people having to go to the bathroom on the bus was a guy and a girl. (They both happened on different days). The girl said that she had to pee really bad and sometimes, a girl that gets off at my stop complains that she has to pee. (Maybe they don't use the school restrooms?) The guy said that he had a to take a dump. That's all I've heard on the bus, so far. Also, I overheard a conversation during lunch at a table behind us. A girl said that during one of her classes, she almost sh*t her pants. I found that interesting because normally a girl wouldn't say that in front of her friends. Well, that's all I have to say, for now. I'll post again soon.


Babysitter pooping

When I was 11, my parents had decided to leave me with this young 25 year old woman to babysit me when they were away for a conference and they wouldn't be back for a few days.

She was quite friendly and sociable if my memory serves. One night when she decided to take me out for this neat little pizza joint nearby my place she thought I might like for dinner (Which by the way, it was delicious). On our way back home, she looked kind of distracted. I asked if she was okay, which she replied that she was. By the time we got home, she quickly bolted went to unlock the front door and asked me to lock it after I came in before bolting to the toilet and due to her haste, she didn't close the bathroom door. I quietly went to the hallway to listen in and heard a very loud fart with a few waves of watery plops dropping into the toilet bowls. Guess she had the runs and was desperate while we were in the car.

This went on for several minutes before she started to get some toilet paper to wipe and flushed. I went to my bedroom before she noticed that I was nearby. A couple minutes later I went to the same bathroom and noticed a lot of the stink was still there. It was nearly unbearable for me.


Having to go at outdoor events

What if you are at an outdoor rock concert or similar event, in the middle of the crowd and have to pee or poop, and can't hold it to the end of the show, what would you do? Have you ever actually been in this situation?

Two times I have pulled my pants and underwear down and squatted and peed, and once when I was wearing a skirt I peed through my underwear. Luckily I've never had to poop, I really don't know what I would then.


On a Thanksgiving Night.

It was on a Thanksgiving in 1996 where we all had to wait until dark to have dinner because of everyone had to work in the day. Well this post isn't really nothing much. After we all ate me and my Brother was still at the table and I got in the chair and got on my knees and stuck my butt to a lit candle to fart on it. I tried to, but nothing would happen. Then I turned around and Saw my Mom looking at me with wide eyes.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like you guys had some fun Sam mainly by gassing you out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lavinia great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but at least nobody so your accident which saved you some embarrassment and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Phil great story about hearing your girlfriend poop it sounds like you got some good stories about her I look forward to hearing them thanks.

Well thats all for now.

PS. I love this site


Austin re: David

Well....sure sounds like it had been a while since David had gone. I bet if you'd asked him when he'd last pooped....he would have had no idea.

Some kids are raised to be "regular" and go every day ....with follow-up by their parents. Others; like David, get no such guidance and start ignoring urges. Their intestines; like most any part of the body adapts and enlarges to accommodate the load.

Still can't figure out where thin people put all the poop LOL!


Little Mandi
What up guys?
I think I'm constipated. I haven't been in a few days which is normal for me but I had to go a few minutes ago and it hurt so bad. I almost always have hard poops and have to push a little hard at first to get it started then it comes out normal but this time I couldn't get it out it hurt to bad. My grandmom keeps stool softeners in the house cause she gets constipated from her medicine. I'm thinking about taking one but i'm scared. I've never touched a laxative in my life. I might just suck it up and take one anyway cause I hate just sitting on the toilet straining in pain.
Are stool softeners harsh on your stomach and do they work fast?

Casey Lynn

Football Game

Today my twin brother Connor had a football game. He is 15, 5'5, has dirty blond longish hair, and pretty slim ( 6-pack and about 130 lbs ). This morning he woke up early, had breakfast with the family, and then me and my mom brought him to the school a couple hours before the game. Me and my mom shopped around in town for awhile and then went to the school for the football game for 1:30. When we got there the team was practicing. When we went to look for Connor he was doing really well and catching every pass that came his way. He has been playing football since we were really young so he has gotten really good at it. He is the star quarterback and gets a lot of playing time(mostly the whole game). Once the game got started Connor looked like he was doing pretty good, but his hand kept drifting over his lower stomach/ bladder area and he was looking a little uncomfortable. This happened until halftime when the team got a break and usually went to the bathroom, but the coach kept Connor back to talk to him about the plays and the touchdowns he got ( he got 2). Connor didn't want to be disrespectful to the coach so he kept talking to him , but he kept swaying back and forth and crossing his legs. By the time the coach stopped talking to him it was time for the game to start back up again and I could tell that Connor wasn't happy. It was pretty obvious that he had to go pee and telling by his 'not so subtle' pee dance, he had to go pretty bad. Earlier this morning he was trying his best to stay super hydrated and that water was finally getting to him. Plus all of the water that he had during the game which was probably an equivalent to about 3 bottles. When it got to the fourth quarter almost everyone knew that Connor needed to pee and made sure to cheer him on even more to get him through the rest of the game. By this time he had to go really really bad and couldn't stay still at all, but he ended up helping the team win the game 30-6. After the game the team shook ands with the other team and then met in the middle of the field for the talk. The talk took about ten or fifteen minutes and Connor was absolutely dying. They finally let them go and Connor was the first one to run off of the field. When he was running to the locker room he passed my mom.
"Good Job Baby!" she said probably expecting a hug and a thank you, but instead Connor just pushed by her and said "gotta piss mom!"
She laughed and the rest of the team followed him to the locker room for showers. After they were done showering and changing they came out and it was time to leave. Connor came over to me and my mom to talk to us.
"You did good hun!" my mom said pulling him in for a hug.
"Thanks mom, I had to take a pee that whole damn game!" he replied laughing and looking very relieved.
We all laughed and headed home. Connor knew that he wasn't going to hear the end of this from our family and his team but he didn't really care. He just had to pee.

Anatomy student

Hiking and Lunch With My Ex

I went on a hike the other day and had a very uneventful poop in the woods on top of a mountain with a beautiful view.
I also met up with Katie and we caught up after nearly a year without speaking. She is happy and so am I. I asked her if her new boyfriend found out about her monster bowel movements, she told me that she just holds it. I asked about going on trips with him, she said she takes a laxative before they leave and eats a lot of cheese to plug up her bum while on the trip, then drops a definite pipe blocker when she returns home. Bless her heart, I told her she's gonna get hemorrhoids or worse.

I've been drinking tea all day long and pissing it out. My urine is clear like water and my bowels are loose. I was shitting little pieces frequently today.

To Alex:
Yes, I did more than a loo in Japan could handle, but just once. It was a loo in a public building. I needed to go very badly so I went in and started my business. After dropping quite a lot of motions I decided I'd better to flush, so I did, but it wouldn't go down and the loo was full with water. I didn't have access to a plunger, and it wasn't my house, and there were 3 cubicles but I was alone from the beginning, so I went out of the cubicle and into the next one and I finished my business. I was there about 15 minutes I think, and yes, I really unload. I like to come out of the loo feeling very empty. Normally my motions come out in 2 groups, but sometimes three or even four.
Thank you for saying a nice thing about my English. I don't think it's very good but I lived in Wales for some time when I was younger.


Post Title (optional)Too Much Laxative

I had been constipated for several days so I decided I had better try some laxatives. I took a couple of spoon fulls and went on about my work almost forgetting what I had just taken. Several hours later I got the first urge to poop. so I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and very soon I was pushing out the first log with no problem. I pushed out several more and thought I was probably done but decided to sit there a bit longer as it had been a good experience. Then suddenly I had a sharp stomach cramp that was followed very quickly by a explosion of loose stool that just poured out. I wondered what had caused that then remembered I had taken 2 large spoonfuls of the laxative. I must have taken too much. Over the next 2 hours or so I had to rush to toilet every 10-15 minutes with the same results. Then it stopped so after almost an hour I decided to walk out side in my backyard as it was a nice day. I have a large backyard with many trees.I was way in the back of the yard when I felt my stomach grumbling again. I started to walk back to the house but realized that it was too far as the diarrhea attack was going to happen real soon. There was no one around so I ducked behind a tree, dropped my pants and squatted. My anus opened up and a massive explosion of lots of watery crap exploded out. Most of it landed on the grass but some hit my pants. It was a mess . Getting back to the house I cleaned up and took a nap and was fine when I woke up. I will be more care full with laxatives if I use then at all in the future.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey all.
I have been meaning to do a post all week but just been busy with one thing and another.
I am going to include three short stories in this post I think but first a comment.

@Mr. Clogs, Good to hear you are better and thanks for the response. Keep the stories coming.

In my last post I mentioned that I was holding back a log while I was typing and as soon as I had submitted I went straight to the bathroom and dropped my trousers and boxers before sitting on the toilet.
I took my mp3 recorder in with me to record the proceedings>
I set the recorder going and as there was a lot of pressure on my hole I relaxed and knew that there would be no need to push.
I had been enjoying holding the load back for a while but now it really wanted out.
I expected it to come out quickly as soon as I relaxed but it took a few seconds for the head to open my hole.
It was coming out slowly even though I was desperate to go.
The reason for this was that the log was very thick and they are the ones I enjoy most of all.
Some small bits of poo dropped before the head of the log began to move out, stretching my hole nicely on its way.

Once the main part of the log was out the poo became softer and moved out quicker.
It was still thick and now there was also a lot of squelchy farts making their way out.
The log broke and splashed loudly in to the water but it still kept coming.
Towards the end of the log there was lots more farts and after the last bit had dropped in to the toilet I began to release a long wee.
This to felt very good to get out.

Needless to say there was a strong smell in the bathroom at this point.
I sat for another five minutes pushing but that was all that came out.
When I listened back I was amazed at the amount of crackling and farting as the log came out.
It seemed a lot louder than I remembered at the time.
I may record a few more experiences in future as its easy to listen back and write about it afterwards rather than doing a live poop.

I have been reading some of the older posts in the last few weeks and I came across one post from a woman who enjoyed the feeling of holding her poo in for a moment before releasing it.
Since I read that post I have started to do this and find it very enjoyable.
Its hard to hold back because your body knows that you are on the toilet and the relief when you relax is very nice.
I can't remember the ladies name or what page the post was on.
I think it was posted around 2009 but I could be wrong.
If anyone thinks they may know who the poster was and what pages her posts were on then let me know as I would like to read more of her stories.
I know it's a bit of a long shot so if no body knows that is understandable.

Yesterday my partners mum came over to visit.
As soon as she arrived she announced that she needed to use the bathroom
She Went in and closed the door and I could hear the sound of her clothes rustling.
Next I heard her release a strong gush of pee that hissed out of her and splashed in the toilet.
The stream went on for around 45 seconds and got stronger mid way through.
It sounded like she was really pushing it out as apposed to letting it flow out itself.
It was a very powerful stream.
She must have been very desperate to go.
I wondered how long she had been holding it in for.
When she finished she flushed the toilet and came back in to talk to me and I had to hide my excitement.

That's all for now, comments welcome.

Take care all,

John H

I frequent urination stopped. I was going out tonight, but I changed my mind. I run this small bldg. I will vac and mop in the morning. I discovered some defect that must be corrected. Every defect is a health, fire and safety hazard. Today, I was peeing like it was no tomorrow. I was shitting little with lots of gas. I had to pee 3x at church, 2x at the movies and then 5x at home tonight. I have not changed my clothes. I am wearing a navy long sleeve shirt, a navy wool skirt, no hosiery, a white HIND microfiber panty. I took off my navy panty-hose when I came home. I did not wear a half slip to church today. I peed at church. Then, in the cinema, I had to pee and move my bowels. So, I went to the female toilet, lifted my skirt high above my cute little belly button, pulled down my navy panty hose and white athletic panty to my knees, sat on the bowl and just let it gush out like a faucet. Then, there were these little plops. I wiped good because I rectum itched. Less than 30 mins., I had to pee again. I took a stall, unhitched my skirt zipper, let it up, pulled down my undies to my knees. Before I could sit, I just spread my legs over the bowl and just let my pee flow out. Later after the film, I had to go again. So, I had to repeat the ritual. I undid the skirt, the undies to below my knees, squatted over the bowl and peed. I squeezed out every last drop because I had a long subway ride home. Then, when I got home, I was busting for a bad pee. I just got my clothes undid in the nick of time and I just let it run out. My urine is nice and clear.

(1) how far do you pull your pants or do you just take them off
to my knees or ankles.

(2) what type of shoes do you wear when going to the bathroom or do you just go barefoot at home,
barefoot or teddy bear slippers.

(3) what do you prefer constipation or diarrhea and tell me do you enjoy having what you chose
neither, my bowels are mostly loose.

1. What had you eaten to of produced such colossal logs? I had salads and chicken at a sports banquet.
2. How big was each one? (you lucky devil having three of em!) I had logs and mud.
3. Do you normally let your boyfriend watch? i think more people should share these awesome experiences with their other half! I do not have a boyfriend. My room mate on the trip was with me in the hotel room.
4. Are your dumps normally that big?! No.


Post Title (optional) Normal poos!!

I haven't have any constipation for a while, which is great! I've actually been pooping twice a day and thats amazing for me. A few days ago at work, someone was telling me about her infected tooth and that she had to take strong pain killers. She also told me the pain killers made her constipated. She didn't go into much detail though, just that it wasn't a nice experience.

I don't have any recent constipation stories right now. I have a story from several years ago so I will write about that:

This was about 15 years ago, my Mum and I went on a holiday interstate to visit some relatives. It took us all day to get there (I live in Western Australia and we went to New South Wales, on the other side of Australia). As we left early in the morning, I didn't get time to do a poo. I hadn't gone the day before either. The next day was busy, catching up with relatives all day. Once again, I had no time to spend on the toilet so that meant I had gone three days without a poo.

The next day, we were busy again. I tried to find time to do a poo but I didn't get a chance until later that evening. I was desperate to get it out and I really needed to take a dump!! My mum and I were staying with my aunt and uncle. I made my way to the toilet and spent about 20 minutes, pushing and straining, trying to squeeze my load out. I was so constipated!!!!! I managed to get some of it out, the turds were dry and rock hard. I was worried other people were needing the toilet. So I gave up and wiped my butt. I felt defeated and I still had a huge load up there. Then I had an idea. I sneaked upstairs, where I knew there was another toilet. Nobody saw me and I ran into the upstairs toilet. I pushed and strained with all my might. It was hard work!! I was able to get most of the poo out but I still had some left up there, it just wouldn't come out. It was better than nothing and I felt much better. The next morning, I got the rest of my load out.


Jessica's Survey...

Hi Jessica.
In reply to your survey -

1) how far do you pull your pants down or do u just take them off?
A- it's either knees or ankles depending on how desperate I am. Only once I took them off where I was having such a big poo I needed to outstretch my legs.

2) what type of shoes do u wear or just go barefoot?
A- it depends on if I am at home or out in public - at home it's more than likely
Barefoot in summer & slippers in winter. Out it's either sandals in summer or boots
In winter.

3) would you prefer constipation or diarrhoea? & do you enjoy having what you chose?
A) I would rather have constipation as I get diarrhoea/runny poos all the time.
I do enjoy having constipation it doesn't last long eith me & once I push it all out that feeling of being empty excites me! :-)

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