Another story about my wife

Hello everybody, some time ago I posted few memories about my wife; then I thought those were only memories,because we were during our divorce.But later unbelievable came: we are together now!
But let's get back to the point: just a while ago we had a major maintenance in our home.The result is... we have no door to the rooms nor to the bathroom (we removed here few weeks ago,living before for few weeks in my wife's flat). And then came the first weekend: Saturday,the whole day together... and my wife is saying she' s going to do #2 and she's looking for the toilet seat (we mounted a new bowl,but there was no time for mounting a toilet seat). She was looking,but couldn't find it and after few minutes she screamed she has no more time and run to the toilet. I've waited for this moment for few days,knowing that will be a great opportunity to see her on the loo; when she couldn't find a toilet seat,I knew she would then poop in a half-squat position,so it turned into a big possibility of seeing her dropping down her turds. So: she run to the toilet,lowered her pajamas pants,half-squatted over the bowl,groaned and few second later I heard a big PLOP.Unfortunately,I came to the bathroom too late: I saw her in her previous position,but she immediately told me to leave and don't watch and she quickly flushed the water to not let me see her poop in the bowl!Due to we still have no door,I've seen her few times on a loo doing her #2 i i heard plopping,but she still doesn't allow me to be in the bathroom when she's pooping.Once I did my #2 when she was bathing (the bowl is about 0,5 meter from the tub) but she wasn't too happy about it. I wonder if there's a way to ask her to let mi watch her poop?


Diarrhea Survey/Questionare!

Hey there poopers and poopettes! It's been a long time since I've posted here, hasn't it? Sorry, school and College applications have been occupying my time more than anything else. Still, I figured I should celebrate my return with a fun survey about my favorite subject (JK, it actually sucks having it) diarrhea!

#1 - What foods give you Diarrhea?
Seafoods, red meats and dairy. Most food groups, in fact =P

#2 - How bad does your diarrhea stink?
On a scale of 1-10, 6 on a sick day, 9 on a bad food day

#3 - Do you get diarrhea more often from bad food or illness?
Food for me. Part allergies, and put my stomach hates me.

#4 - What is the most bizarre place you've ever had diarrhea
In a hallowed out log during a school camping trip. The log was off somewhere on a trail we were hiking on, and when we took a great I went back down the hill and unloaded. All the girls in my group saw it. They were pretty nice about it though :D

#5 - Would you rather have diarrhea in a dirty public restroom with lots of toilet paper, or a clean, private bathroom with no paper.
Personally, I need toilet paper. No matter how messy my poopy ends up, if I can't wipe than I'd rather not go at all!

#6 - What was your most embarrassing diarrhea incident?
I once pooped myself during a date. Basically, I was in middle school and I was hanging out with this guy at the outlet mall. We'd had some ice cream earlier, so the cold ice cream plus the heat on my stomach (bad idea to wear a belly shirt) made everything churn. I ran to the bathroom, but stopped short as I started having bubbly diarrhea in my panties. He ended up promising not to tell anyone, but on the condition that we end the date early. Awww.

#7 - How would you describe your diarrhea?
Wet, sticky, and loose.

#8 - Have you ever had diarrhea at a friend/boyfriend/girlfriends house?
All the time. My friend Melissa might as well keep an extra roll of toilet paper for me!

#9 - What's a food that you think is "worth the risk?" (One that gives you diarrhea, but you eat it anyway?)
Sushi. It wrecks my stomach, but it tastes so good!

#10 - Do you like having diarrhea?
It kinda sucks, but I kind of like the smell... WEIRD, RIGHT?

#11 - Has anyone ever had diarrhea and you had to help them out?

#12 - Have you ever had diarrhea and someone had to help you out?
Yes... Very yes XD

#13 - What's your favorite/least favorite thing about diarrhea?
Favorite: The smell. Least favorite: The stomach pain.

#14 - Share a recent diarrhea story!
I was at school, taking a test I had to make up. We were having a short day, so each class only lasted 20 minutes, and each break lasted the usual five. I was working on the test when the food I had for breakfast caught up to me. (Damn eggs!) So I was finishing up the test when I let this fart go and I swear people across the hall could smell it. I wanted to look around to see if someone noticed, but I didn't want to seem suspicious. About 15 minutes into class, I started having worse and worse farts, until finally I just couldn't handle it. I handed my test in, only like 80% complete and rushed to the toilet. I spent the remainder of class farting and pooping my guts out until I heard the bell. I was nowhere near finished, so I spent as much time as I could cleaning myself out. I actually tried to push out the poop, but to no avail. Finally, this really loud sound came out of my butt, followed by a ton of poop. CRACKLESPLOOOSHSQUISHSQUISH. Finally, I was ready to flush and get out of there. Long story short, I was almost 10 minutes late to my next class! I teacher was pretty understanding when I told her it was potty problems!

Okay, that's all for now. I hope to see some good answers!

- Squiddy!

Bloated Butt

To Tina "Little Privacy Please?"

Your story made me laugh. I've had similar experiences with my own boyfriend. I might share some later.

I have another pooping story to share. This past Saturday (the 12th) I was laying on our bed, on my stomach, reading a book. I was wearing just a thong and a black t-shirt and a pair of socks, and had the bedroom door open. The last time I had had a BM was the previous Monday (the 7th), so I was feeling pretty full and gassy. I tend to get really gassy the last day or so before I poop, but today I was holding most of them in because my boyfriend was home. Anyway I was just lying there, enjoying the feeling of five days worth of poop pressing against my butt. I'd let myself relax and feel the tip of a massive thick log just barely poke out, then it would just sit there because it was too thick to come out any further without pushing. Then I'd suck it back in and start over. Every few minutes I'd feel a fart coming on but I would hold it, not wanting to stink up the room in case by boyfriend came walking in.

Sure enough he did come in while I was reading (Game of Thrones if you want to know, i've been getting into these books ever since the TV show started getting big and everyone was talking about it), and the first thing he sees is my enormous round butt in a tight thong facing the door. He laughs and asks how long I've been lying there like that, and I said "about half an hour". He sat down at the edge of the bed and started playing with my butt.

"I can't believe how big your butt is, sometimes" he said. I could feel my butt jiggle as he poked at it.

I twitched my hips, "Don't be mean." I felt him grab my buttcheeks and squeeze them together, then release them. My butt jiggled even more. I stifled a laugh, "C'mon, stop. I'm trying to read."

He kept playing with my butt, completely oblivious to the fact that I was full of poop and was a ticking time bomb. I tried to concentrate on reading but I was also fighting waves of pressure and a tremendous urge to poop. "Uhhhhhh, honey...."

"What?" he said. I looked over my shoulder and could see my huge hips and butt, with him playfully smacking them like bongo drums. My bowels gurgled as gas started moving towards my rear end. I tried to hold it in but my boyfriend started grabbing my buttcheeks and spreading them apart. Before I knew it the gas was moving passed the poop in my rectum and reached my hole, and I had no way to clench my butt!

"Oh God" I said and blasted a thunderous fart that lasted five seconds. My poop didn't come out, but my boyfriend got the full smell of it and immediately let go of my butt. I blushed and said "Sorry sweetie. Oopsie poopsie", wiggling my butt.

He waved the air, "You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

"No I did not! I told you to stop playing with my butt!"

"Uh huh. You could've just told me you needed to fart."

"I think you should know by now what my butt is capable of. And I need to do more than fart, anyway", I said, and was about to get up and go to the toilet when my boyfriend stopped me.

"Not so fast." He left the room and came back with a latex glove and some KY jelly. "I'm going to help you poop easier."

I knew exactly what he had in mind and was about to protest, but then I thought for a second and figured what the heck, so I laid back down and assumed the position. He put the latex glove on his left hand and gently pulled my thong down with his right, then placed some KY jelly on his gloved index finger and spread my buttcheeks.

"Oh wow I can actually see the very tip of your poop. Let me feel your stomach," he said. I rolled over slightly and sure enough, my stomach was bulging slightly from all the poop. "No wonder you had to fart. When was the last time you went to the bathroom?"

"Monday." I said.

"I thought you went Thursday?"

"Huh? No I didn't. It was Monday. You should know when I poop, anyway." I said.

"Geez, how can you do that? Doesn't it hurt?"

I shrugged, "I've always been this way. I've always had large bowel movements, and holding them in makes them even bigger. And I just feel a little bloated."

He spread some KY jelly around my anus and pushed his index finger in. I shuddered as I felt his finger push my thick log deeper into my rectum. He wiggled his finger around and pulled it out. "You feel really stuffed back there."

"Trust me, I know I feel stuffed back there..." My poop started pushing against the inside of my anus again, and I had an urge to push it out, but suddenly I felt his finger go into my butt again and push the poop back up into me. I groaned as he did this. He pulled his finger out and immediately my massive log was threatening to come out right behind his finger, but it stopped right at my anus, being too big and thick and firm to go any further.

"Unnnnnngggghhhh...." I grunted involuntarily.

"It's just barely poking out. And it feels huge when I push on it." I heard him say.

"Unnnnggg...god, you're telling me things I already know, honey..."

Again he pushing the finger in, and again I felt him force my turd deeper into me. My stomach hurt slightly and I gasped, and he asked me if I was okay. I said yeah, and he started moving his finger in and out quickly. When he moved his finger out, my poop was right behind. There was so much pressure behind it, I felt such a powerful urge to poop that it took every ounce of willpower to not push hard as he pulled his finger out. This went on for several minutes, each time I felt like I was going to poop out a football right there on the bed.

"Oh God, honeeeey....please, I need to poop....Please let me poooooop...." I gasped. I wiggled my wide hips, my buttcheeks wiggling, as I desperately held back five days of poop. My boyfriend pulled his finger out and said "Okay. You should be able to go pretty easily this time." I immediately shot up and clenched my butt and waddled to the bathroom. Without even bothering to close the door, I sat down.

"HHHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" I grunted really loud and bore down hard, feeling a 3-inch-thick log slowly pushing its way out. "Oh God" I said as it finally came out with a huge splash. I farted and plopped some more. I looked up and saw my boyfriend at the door.

"I bet that feels good." He winked.

"Nnnnnyeah...." plop plop splash fart fart plop splash plop plop fart. I plopped and farted for a few more minutes before I was done, then I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands. I put on a new pair of underwear and some shorts, then went to the kitchen to get dinner started. He came in while I was getting things out of the cupboards and said "Dont fart in my face ever again." I winked at him and said "No promises."

Hope you all enjoyed. See you later!


As a kid

Just thought I would share a few peculiarities about my pooping habits as a kid.

Someone brought up the concept of being allowed to go in your pants and well, sometimes I was. As a kid I hated public bathrooms and the bathrooms at school and I would refuse to use them and often hold it in. My parents would get pretty frustrated by that, especially if we were in a crowded place and a couple times they would allow me to go in my pants because they knew that was pretty much the only way I would go.

One time we were out somewhere and I was probably about 8 years old or something and I had to poop and I guess my parents caught on because I was squirming and grunting and that kind of thing. They were good at eyeing it. So they were trying to get me to use a public bathroom but I didn't want to and I just said I didn't have to go, but I knew they knew I was lying. So my dad pulled me aside and told me that he knew that I had to go. I was probably clenching my butt and moving my legs back and forth with desperation trying to hold it in.

But my dad said that if I had to poop, I should just poop. He meant in my underwear. So I said okay and he stood with me there in that private spot off the main area and I started pushing my poop into my briefs. It instantly smelled bad and my dad was making comments about it. Finally he asked if I was done and I said yes, so he took me into the bathroom and cleaned me up.

By that point, my parents feared accidents from either me or my brother so they brought along clean underwear, which was helpful. My parents didn't let me do stuff like that very often, but sometimes they would. Just thought I would share that.

Shannon M.: Leave the kids alone. They are fine.

D-Jay K

4th post

To Jasmin K- Staying seated on the toilet, even if you think you are done pooping, is a good idea. For me, my first and second pooping trips of the day are usually a 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes apart. Sometimes an hour. And giving yourself something to do works.

Here's my newest story. I just finished my lunch and I walked down to the library to work on my lesson for school, but first thing is first I had to poop. So I went downstairs to use the restroom in the basement. It is across the hall from the computer lab. Anyways I went into the stall that was closer to the wall. I dropped my pants and boxers and sat down. The first poop that came out took a little bit of pushing. When it came out, it was 7 inches long and 1/2 of an inch in diameter. I pushed again and a couple of other turds came out that were about 5 inches long. I farted and laughed. I continued to push some more and a couple of nuggets came out. I had a feeling that I wasn't done yet and still had a lil more to go. I pushed and pushed and nothing came out. So what I did was I massage my stomach, rocked back and forth, and then I strained until my face turned red. Still nothing came out. I fished my cell phone out of my pocket to look at the time and I noticed that I've been sitting here for 20 minutes. I tried to push again and nothing came out of butt. I decided to fish my PSP out of my backpack to entertain myself while sitting on the toilet. I had the volume on "Mute." While I played, people were coming in and out of the restroom. I played a couple of games for about 15 minutes and then I turned it off and put it back in my backpack. I tried to push again and nothing came out. I tried massing my stomach again and nothing came out. I tried rocking back and forth and nothing came out. And then I put both of my hands on the toilet seat and pushed real hard and then I farted and a turd that was about 5 inches long came out of me, right along with a couple of turds. I pushed again and then stringy poop came out. I thought I had some more nuggets to push out so I pushed again and only 2 came out. I wiped my butt until there was nothing left on the tissue, stood up while pulling my pants and boxers up, washed my hands, and went out the door to do my lessons for school. When I checked the time I realized that I was on the toilet for 45 minutes.

The next post that I'm going to write will be a pooping story from my past. To everybody, stay seated, keep pushing, find a way to amuse yourself, relax, and enjoy your poop.


Mike's Survey

1. Do you put paper on seat to poop in Public? Soemetimes
2.Guys do you pee in a toilet that has not been flushed? I am a girl. If I find pee in the toilet, I flush it.
3. do you flush after peeing? 99% of the time.
4. females do you wipe your puss after peeing and pooping? Yes. If I pee outdoors and I have no paper then...
5. If a toilet dirty do you use? depends on what it looks like.
6. Do you pee outside? Yes.
7. If you have to poop outside do up do it or go inside?
8. Do you use porta potties? Yes
9 do you check your panties or/underpants after peeing/popping for spots? Yes.
10. have you ever used a handicapped toilet? often.
11. have you ever used opposites toilet when young/ Yes, with Daddy or an older male cousin.


Park stall

Hi im jack, 17, male 6ft1 and have been a lirker for a long time now, and thought inkihht come in with a story that happened some time ago.

I was walking in the park te other day and I felt that I needed to poo. I walked to the toilet in the park and was surprised to see there was one toilet, with no and two ten-foot brick wall partitions. I didn't really want to go incase someone saw me, but I was busting and eventually swallowed my pride.

I unbuckled my jeans and dropped them to my ankles along with my white briefs. I immediately dropped a 7 inch turd with a loud thud. So there I was emptying my bowels, when suddenly, a teenage girl, about my age walks in and stops in her tracks. I was really embarrassed and pulled my jeans up over my knees. She immediately apologised and looked really startled. I said it was no big deal seeing as there were no doors, but really It was a big deal, as I was sitting there with a turd half way out my bum. And would tv you have it as she is stood there on her way out, the turd drops with a massive thud into the bottom of the bowl. She started giggling, trying to control herself and then said "gosh, that sounded huge!" I knew I went bright red. And replied with "yes it was". So after that, she said "bye! And sorry once again, and ran out of the stall. I stood up wiped myself an left
It was truly a humiliating scenario

Princess peach

Ahhh relief at last.....

My ex boyfriend had broken up with me recently after I caught him cheating on me. After he had treated me like crap, I decided to treat him back with it. We've been dating for several years. We're 25 now.

A few days ago, I heard that he was heading to another state for a while to visit some of his buddies there and wouldn't be back for a while. He actually forgot to ask for the extra set of keys he gave me from when we were still together back, so I decided to use this to my advantage.

I purposely didn't go do my business the night before, and by the time I went there, I had to poop very badly considering that I had been holding it for nearly 24 full hours. I decided to head to his bedroom and hopped onto his bed. I sure hope he enjoys his present, I know I will because it's been too long. I pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles and I squatted over his pillow. I relaxed my bowels and released a lot of forceful fart. I suddenly felt a bowel movement and a very strong urge coming on. As it is about to come out, I immediately thought to myself: "Ugggghhhhh here it comes.... Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...".

This long poop started to come out at a pretty decent speed and it felt so good. I managed to poop out a couple of very long logs out before I was finished and I decided to wet his bed afterwards. As soon as I had finally finished relieving my bodily functions into his bed, I left with comfort and pride in knowing that I've just treated him the way he treated me.

Anyways, I hoped you guys like my experience. I'll come back and post another if something relevant comes up.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tina great story about your giant poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards.

To: Abby as alwaysa nother great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you all had really good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anatomy Student I bet your girlfirend felt pretty great after that giant poop and I bet she was also beyond desperate by the time she was able to let that diarrhea out.

To: Bill F great story.

To: Proud Dad great story.

To: Chelsea great story about your big poop it sounds like you just made it and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to.

To: Pat as always another great story it sounds like Artiss had a really great poop outside and you were there to help your new bride through it all and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim & Sally great story.

Yesterday I heard 2 girls poop at the bookstore the first was the one from before this she didnt fart but I did hear some plops and a little grunting then awhile later another girl went in and began to pee and when she finished she farted kinda loud and I heard some plops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hey guys I know haven't been on in awhile been busy
Yesterday i woke up and I felt the urge to poop so I went to the bathroom and I pushed and huge chunk came out I farted and a big log started coming out so I pushed it was huge it was really fat to. I was done so I went to have some breakfast I had two biscuits, some bacon, and two chocolate chip waffles. After breakfasts I decided to go over. Y friends house. We were watching a movie when I had the urge to go again so I asked her were her bathroom is and I went to her bathroom and sat down I didn't even have to push a soft log came out then I pushed and some mushy crap came out I farted a few times. Then I wiped and went back to watching a movie about ten minutes later. Y stomach started hurting and I had to go poop again so I went back to the bathroom as soon as I sat down soft crap came out of my but I couldn't go anymore but my stomach was killing me so I sat there massaging my stomach it wasn't helping so I got up and went back to the movie. After the movie was over my stomach was still killing but my friend suggested that we go out for lunch so walked down to the local pizza place . We got a pizza half with pepperoni and half plane. Even though my stomach hurt I still ate because I though it would help so I had three plane slices and one pepperoni. We sat and talked a little my stomach felt better. We got up and started walking back home. We were almost home my stomach was grumbling I didn't worry to much because we were almost home. But this one kid was out walking and we know him from school I kind of have a crush on him so we stopped to talk to him. My stomach started cramping I knew I needed to go to the bathroom. We were joking a round and my stomach hurt so bad I farted accidentally and I felt poop just slip into my underwear ( thank god I was wearing jeans and not a skirt) it was really watery just like pee I tried not to make it noticeable but another cramp came and I farted really loud and my butt just exploded . My crush was like I have to go and left. I started crying my friend was like are you ok .i told I had pooped my pants so she helped me back to my house I got cleaned up and she stayed with because. Y parents weren't home and we watched a movie and I had to go to the bathroom like ten more times to have diarrhea it was horrible and I'm so embarrassed. This morning I was fixing some thing In my room and I bent over and soft watery shut went into my underwear I felt finest was so wired


Work dump

I've always read through the posts on here and thought some of the sizes and claims people make about their dumps to be a little far fetched, that was until today!
I got the train to work but was running a little late as I arrived I soon realised I was gonna need to take a shit at work during the course of the day, I would have gone before I started work but being in a rush I didn't have the time.

During the course of the morning my poo was becoming a struggle to hold, as it was giving me a stomach ache, I caught a few of the guys in the office staring at my arse in my black pencil skirt, little did they know there was a huge turd inside waiting to be released!!!
I was counting down the seconds until my lunch break, this was not an enjoyable dump to hold, I went straight to the toilets, lucky for me I was the only one in there, I usually enjoy company but not this time.

As I entered the large cubicle, I kicked off my black heels and hitched up my skirt and dropped my black lace knickers to the floor, the toilets at work are really low, so inviting for a poo, often I sit for a wee and cant help dropping a few logs.

However, getting back to this poo I sat down and really had to push, eventually this dark brown beast out of my arse it had to be 7 inches long it was sticking up out of the water, funny enough I didn't quite feel the relief that I thought I might get, but nonetheless this thing was a monster not very wide but very long!
I then had lunch and went back to work, towards the end of the day I felt the more familiar signs of a full arse and that i was going to need another poo I assumed I didn't get it all out first time.

This poo was different though, it was a pleasure to hold and I was getting rather excited at the thought of dropping this poo, I toyed with going at work before I left but felt it was more fun holding it for my boyfriend despite the hour commute home.

However, walking back from the train station I was beginning to wish I did go at work I was bursting, walking as fast as my heels would let me, I was also was releasing some strong hot gas at this point, every step on the walk home was making the dump I needed to have more desperate, it was rather thrilling the anticipation of being able to nestle my arse on the seat and relieve myself. I just cant believe I needed another banging shit.

I got my keys out ready and let myself through the oak front door, I dropped my handbag to the floor and made my way to the bathroom, as I got in I hitch my skirt up once again and wrestled my black lace knickers over my arse and down to my ankles, I didn't have enough time to take my heels off, I was so moist at this point I sat down with my legs and arse tired from holding in this dump all the way home, and then it came I couldn't wee I was too desperate to shit first.
My boyfriend text to me say he was just round the corner but I really couldn't hold it having sat down, I replied he had to hurray! but it was too late the tip of a massive turd started expanding my hole pleasurably, I probably could have held it but the intense relieve and pleasure was too hard to resist as I crashed out a huge turd that was much wider than the one earlier, I felt rather naughty that I couldn't hold it for my boyfriend bless him, the aroma that filled the bathroom was rather raunchy.

I couldn't stop my hands wondering whilst dropping this log but when it did plop! I lacked the sense of relief I was dying for, and thats because immediately another huge turd almost identical rushed past my hole to join his twin in the toilet, the feeling was orgasmic! I instantly felt a stone lighter my boyfriend came into the bathroom to find me with my heels on still he had missed it all but I made it up to him ;) the best part of all is that it was a clean poo no need to wipe, both my boyfriend and I were amazed at the sight of the two logs in the bowl and I have to confess now im a believer!
peace out guys feel free to ask me any q's or stories i would love to here some more uni stories about house shares theres one on the way soon from me xxx


Teaching to squat.

My friend wants to teach her 5 year old daughter how to squat/pee outside in case of emergency pee breaks on long trips, but doesn't really know how. Any advice?



Bad start to school

I'm 11 in the 6th grade and this school year of started of really badly. I'm really bathroom shy and me and my mom just moved in with my stepdad, stepbrother and stepsister this summer. My step brother and sister are older than me and I have to share a bathroom with them which is really hard especially #2, sometimes I can't even go if I try. When school started I would try and wait until school and use the bathrooms there althouh I don't really like going there either. I would wait to go during class when its usually empty. It was only my second week of school this year when I had the worst day of my life. It was Monday and I was holding #2 since the week before I waited the whole weekend just to go at school so about 4 days. As soon as I got to class I was going to ask to go because I had to go #1 and #2 really bad and my stomach was really cramping but we only get a few hall passes every 2 weeks and I didn't know I already ran out of them. Well I asked the teacher and she wouldn't let me go she said we have hall passes for a reason, you can go at recess though. When I was on the bus I was worried I might not even make it to school so I knew I couldn't make it until recess. I asked again I told her I can't make it to recess she just said sorry. I sat in my desk and try to hold it. It was only like 20 minutes later my stomach pushed really hard and I couldn't hold it back. My poop came out and touched the seat but it couldn't go further. My stomach kept pushing and everytime I did my front leaked a little. My stomach really hurt and it was getting worse. I knew I had to go to the bathroom and since I couldn't leave the classroom I decided to poop my pants to stop my stomach from hurting. I was really scared and I didn't want to do it in front of everyone so I got an idea. If I could get to the bookshelf at the back of the class I could hide so when my stomach stopped pushing for a minute I went and told the teacher my textbook was missing pages and asked to get a new one from the back. While I was asking her I could feel the cramp coming back. Finally she said yes but like 3 steps from her desk my stomach pushed really hard and a huge poo started coming out. I quickly went to the bookshelf squatted down and as soon as I did my stomach pushed so hard I couldny stop myself from grunting. It was really solid and kind of hard to push out so my stomach kept making me grunt a little and the poop made a lot of noise coming out but people were talking in the class so I don't think anyone heard. I could feel it making a huge bulge and I was also peeing my pants I felt so embarassed and weird like a little kid hiding to go in there pants. By the time I was done there was so much poop in my pants from holding it so long and I was so scared. I knew it would be impossible to hide it but I was too afraid to confess and my desk wasn't very far away so I just went back to my desk. It was gross to have to sit in that huge mess but I don't think anyone knew what I did. People were kind of looking around wondering what the smell was but only a couple people looked at me. I sat there for like an hour. It was almost recess and I actually thought I might get away with it but it was the teacher that caught me. I guess she got suspisious since I asked to go to the bathroom 3 times in like the 1st 10 minutes of class and didn't ask again. She asked me if I had an accident and I got so red I was numb with embarrassment. She called the nurse and I had to sit there and wait for her and she took me to her office. When I got up everyone saw the back of my jeans which were soaked and obviously full of poop and I wished I could die right there. Then in the nurses office while she was getting ready to help me clean up there was another girl in like 3rd grade I had wait there with. It was pretty embarassing being older and having a little kid see you like that. Well I actually still had to go so after someone a teacher came in and took the girl out I was alone. I really didn't want to go in my pants anymore but I didn't know what would happen after. Like if would get sent back to class I didn't want to have to go again. I thought whats the diffence so I bent my knees and pushed. Of course just as its coming out the nurse comes back in and sees me. I guess it looked pretty obvious the way I was standing and she got kinda of mad I guess it was just more mess to clean up. Anyway the teacher said I did it on purpose because she figured out when I asked to get a textbook I really went back there to go in my pants so she said I planned it. Well shes kind of right but it would've come out by itself about 30 seconds later anyway if I stayed at my desk. So my parents actually got mad at me and said I need to learn to use the bathroom around others. After that it was even harder to use the bathroom because my step brother and sister would tease me about it and I had another accident later but maybe Ill write about that later this is kind of long. Well im glad I found this site at leas t im no the only one that's had an accident that wasn't a little kid.

I haven't posted for some time, so for those who don't know me, I'm a Korean resident of Japan, female, medium-sized, in my 20s. I lived in Wales in my teens.

I got a shock this morning in the loo. I was pooping as usual, it didn't feel like anything special (I always poop quite large quantities) but suddenly the smell got much worse. I got up to look and sure enough, there was a mountain of poo ABOVE the water level. I didn't realise I'd dropped that much out of my bottom - it didn't feel like it!

Fortunately loos in Japan have quite strong flushes and when I took the chance , almost all of it went down, there were a lot of brown crumbs swimming in the water but nothing worse.

As is my custom, I sat down again because I never seem to finish with the first BM. Sure enough, about 4 minutes later I did some more- quite a lot more, but not as much as the first time (though it felt about the same). I stayed put without flushing to drop the last few little pieces about 3 minutes later. Then I flushed again, and to my relief the toilet was clean.

I feel like going again as it's so relaxing, but unfortunately my bottom is empty now, so I'll have to wait....

Crimson Flash

Heard older lady poop & pee

Hey guys, I haven't had anything new to post in a while. However the other day I was out on a walk through a local park. I had to pee so I went over to use one of two portable toilets (porta potties) that they have, positioned side by side. I went in and inspected the inside to make sure it wasnt too gross or anything and hoped the locked worked, which it did. Then I did a quick pee. As soon as I finish I hear somone enter the adjacent toilet. Luckily they didn't try to open my door I thought. I heard a woman clear her throat followed by a sigh as she sat down. It didn't sound like a young girl or teenager. I assumed it was an average adult woman. Everything was quiet for a few seconds. Then I heard 3 loud plops each about 3 seconds apart followed by 2 more plops about 4 or 5 seconds apart and finally several small plops over the course of about a minute. I also heard her pee a little. When I heard her reaching for toilet paper is when I assumed she was done and I quietly exited. I went over to a bench nearby to see who emerged. A minute or two later the door opened and it turns out it was an older woman in her late '50s or early '60s that I see going for walks at that park a lot. That's all for now. Good stories everyone.


Doorless stalls lead to Openness with BF

I post a lot about doorless stalls, but I usually go in alone and any interaction is with strangers. Besides my BF (we've been together for 4 years)is very private about his toilet habits and has shown little interest in mine... Until recently.

We had driven up the coast for the afternoon, and were walking along a little grassy area that paralleled the beach when nature didn't just call, she was pounding on my back door. There was a men's room about a five minute walk ahead, so we headed there. It was one of those men's rooms with a linear layout - You walk in and pass two sinks, then two urinals, then two doorless stalls toward the back.

I was going to take the last stall with at least a modicum of privacy, but to my surprise BF came with me, headed to the last stall and stood there to pee, I sat down in the near stall that was also the handicapped stall, so it was double-wide with even less privacy. I let out an enormous fart and squeezed out a big turd that splashed as it fell into the water. When BF finished peeing and walked by me, I said something about not leaving me much privacy. He was embarrassed and said he hadn't even thought about it. While he was washing up a guy came in, walked past my stall and looked in and then sat down in the stall next to me. While I was finishing, a third guy came in, saw the stalls were busy and stood in front of us waiting for one of us to finish and watching me wipe.

Outside, BF asked me about it and I said no big deal. I didn't think about it again until a few days later, when we were in a hotel together. I was sitting on the pot when he asked to come in to brush his teeth. HE ASKED! Hot, I thought. I narrated my pooping experience with him in there, "Oh, this is a big doesn't want to come out... Oh, oh, oh. Here it comes... Now it's not stopping... it's huge."

A day later he was in the shower and I came in to take a dump. He was finishing up and stood right in front of me to dry off. A few days later at home, I called him into the bathroom to see something funny on my I-pad. I thought he'd take it and leave. But to my surprise he left the bathroom door open when he took my I-pad and talked to me while I wiped a particularly messy one.

He still won't let me watch him, but I hope this is a new openness in our relationship. I really enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chelsea- Sounds like you had two very enjoyable poos! I certainly know the feeling! Glad you enjoy my stories and I look forward to hearing more from you! Sounds like you and Rosie both had a bad case of the post-hangover poos!

Abbie- Hope your gap year goes well for you and that you get to travel to some nice places and will have plenty of stories to tell on here!

Today I wasn't volunteering at my local library, so I decided to take a trip to the big new one that has just opened in Birmingham. When I arrived on the bus I really needed to do a wee. I went into a nearby department store to take care of it. I found their toilets and was surprised to see that the cubicle walls were translucent- while in one cubicle you could see the silhouette of the person in the next one. One cubicle was occupied when I went in. I sat down next to her and could see her jeans and pink knickers at her feet and her silhouette through the wall. She was sitting up straight and from the smell she was doing a poo. I heard her do some farts and loose-sounding pieces as I weed. I sat for a couple of minutes to see if she was nearly done. She did some more plops and then I saw her reach for some paper. I wiped myself and left, waiting around for a minute outside to see her come out. She was a pretty Chinese girl a few years younger than me, wearing a really lovely jacket that I immediately wanted!

I had some lunch and went to the library. In the time it took me to eat lunch and walk there I had developed a full bladder again, and now I needed to take care of a fairly urgent number two. I found what I thought were the toilets but it was marked disabled. I only found out later that they were for use by anyone. I looked around and found a sign for the loos downstairs. I headed there and found two single-occupancy toilets, one gents and one ladies. They were both taken so I waited. A man came out of the gents but I didn't want to use that since I was going to poo. A couple of minutes later a woman came out of the ladies cubicle and I went in.
It was a really small cubicle and I set the dyer off while I locked the door! I pulled down my jeans and green knickers and sat down. I did my wee first, before settling down to poo. My first turd came out easily, followed right away by another and a fart.
At this point after I had been on the loo for about 3 minutes, I heard someone approaching the loos. They went straight in to the gents' cubicle so i assumed it was a man, as a woman would have checked the ladies before resorting to the men's. He locked the door and I wondered if he was needing a wee or a poo. I guessed he was in a hurry to use the loo because he had been walking quite fast and had quickly gone into the cubicle. My question over what he needed to do was answered when I heard him pulling down his trousers, then sitting. I was getting rather excited by this- I love hearing other girls on the toilet, but I also love hearing guys, and it's quite rare since I don't use unisex loos that often- maybe I will have to start doing so more from now on!

I heard quite a loud fart, then a plop, followed by two more and then another fart and plop soon after. I'm sure I heard him sigh at this point, and I can understand why- his poo must have been pretty urgent! I guessed that, like me, he had been holding it in while coming to the library and then gone straight to the loos. He started to do a wee and then I heard another soft plop and that reminded me that my own poo was far from complete. I pushed out my next turd, which I know he must have heard. I needed to let out another fart but I was a bit embarrassed about doing it since he could hear- poos yes, farts I am still a bit embarrassed by!
I tried to do it quietly but I failed and it was quite loud! After he did another piece, though, he did another fart that made me feel a bit better about it! He flushed the loo then, but he hadn't wiped so I figured it was a courtesy flush for the next user or because the bowl was filling up! He wasn't done yet, pushing out another piece. I did likewise, a small turd but one that made a loud noise for some reason! I had a few nuggets to push out and then I was done. I wanted to listen to my neighbour finish his big poo, though, so I stayed seated for a few minutes and just wiped my front. I heard another fart and four more plops, mostly small ones. Someone then approached and tried my door, so with someone waiting for the loo I couldn't really listen to any more, so I wiped my bum and left. As I left a young guy came up and went past me to the loos. I heard him try the door of the gents.
I stood nearby looking at some books to wait for him to come out. I had been in the loo for 12 minutes in total- for about 9 of those minutes he had been doing his poo, too. After I left he was in there for another 4 minutes- whether he had not finished his poo when I left or whether he was just wiping etc, I don't know. He was about my age, and not bad looking! He was a little bit overweight and I wondered if that had an effect on how big his poo had been or if he had just overeaten the day before! I saw him checking me out as he walked past so I gave him a quick smile; little did he know that we had just heard each other poo!


Post Title (optional) To Suzi

I can vividly remember my Mum using the 'soap suppository' on me when I was constipated as a child. I remember one time, I was 5 or 6, when I was severely constipated and my Mum inserted the thin piece of soap up my bum. Then she told me to sit on the toilet, until something came out. I sat there, did a wee, then tried to push the poo out - the only thing I pushed out was the soap suppository!!

I suffered with constipation quite a bit in high school too. I remember my high school gave all the students a box of chocolates, that everyone had to sell, to raise money for the school. I loved chocolate back then - I couldn't get enough of it so I was very excited to get a box of chocolates to sell. There were about 15 big bars of chocolate in the box, probably about size of an average sized Toblerone. I bought about 7 or 8 of the bars and ate them all in about 3 days. Needless to say, all that chocolate caused me to become extremely constipated.

I went 2 or 3 days without pooping and then I realised, I was constipated. I tried to get the poo out several times but I was way too backed up. After about 5 or 6 days, my Mum figured out that I hadn't pooped for at least a few days. She knew about the fundraising chocolates and she asked me how much I had eaten. When I told her that I had eaten 7 or 8 bars in 3 days, she was horrified!! She gave me a laxative that night and I felt so uncomfortable. I was full of poo and my stomach bloated.

The next morning, I had the urge to do a poo. I had breakfast and then made my way to the toilet. I sat there for ages, trying to push the huge load out but it wasn't working. So I gave up and walked around outside for a while. I could feel the load moving down towards my anus and I had the sudden urge to do a poo. So I walked slowly back to the toilet - I wanted to run but I was literally full of shit and I felt so heavy and bloated. I got back to the toilet and closed the door. I sat down and waited. I felt the poo moving down and I really had to push hard. It took lots effort for me and it was such hard work, trying to get this monster out. I had to stand up for a while because sitting down was too uncomfortable. Then I sat back down and pushed with all my might. Then, just when I thought I would have to give up again, the huge load came out all at once!!! It felt SO good to get almost a week's worth of poo out of me!! I must have been on the toilet for well over half an hour. My load was gigantic too!

Constipation runs in my family too. My Dad is often constipated, especially when he goes on holidays but also when he is at home too. My Mum told me when they went to Greece in 2011, my Dad was constipated for most of the 10 days there were there.

Leah T.

Kim's farting

Hi everyone
Last post I mentioned about Kim's wind. For those of you that don't remember Kim is my friend and former roommate. She is really pretty and quite slender. Sadly she doesn't see her this way and is always dieting. After a really good night out eating good food and partying, Kim and I spent the next day recovering and just chilling. Kim took some laxatives because in her mind, eatin is cheatin. She had some terrible flatulence. Most of the day Kim spend the day on the couch watching TV. I was doing some work on my computer. Kim was just farting loudly. Now I am open minding but her farting did make me feel uncomfortable. She even challenged me to a lfarting contest to see who could fart the eloudest. I did decline her invite. At least the smell wasn't too bad and we were discussing the night we had. At this point I needed to break wind. And I did not want to make a sound so I got up and started to walk towards the kitchen. I then farted. It was fairly soft sounding and Kim looked at me but wasn't sure what I did. My face was full of guilt. I would have gotten away with it, but I had eggs for breakfast and fish for lunch. The fart smelled like someone died. Kim held her nose and ran to her room. I followed her but was so ashamed and embarrassed. She laughed at me and mentioned that I must have being holding that fart for a least 5 years. I just wanted to die I was that embarrassed. I spread some perfume for the smell. But it was at least 5 minutes before we could enter the lounge again. I was so embarrassed and blush when I type pit the story.


Reply to kmd & thank you for your advice

Hi kmd,
I'm much better now thanks. & I was pleased that with the 5 imodium it took to clear up my bout of diarrhea, I was only constipated for 2 days, & the first day of that I just felt completely empty lol,
So that was good - hate to feel full & heavy whilst constipated - though I don't get constipated very often.
Your suggestions were very helpful - are you a doctor??
I have had a full blood count since the investigation & all came back clear
So I was pleased with that. I'm on different ibs tablets now which have helped.
I was also told if my symptoms continue they'd refer me to a gastroenterologist, who can investigate more.
For now though, I'm getting better with the new tablets. Thank you for your advice as nd concern it is appreciated :-)

My latest story is from friday 11th October, I had a bad ???? ache as I was on my period & needed a poo so went in debenhams as I was desperate. I told my fiance I had a ???? ache & was going for a poo, (we tell each other all the time) to which he replied "ok baby" & gave my big poo filled bum a big slap, which I enjoyed!
As soon as I sat down I let out my first plop, followed by 3 more at once in quick succession, holding my achey ???? I let out another plop, longer this time though required no effort to drop it it just slid out like the other 4 I had done. (All of this happening whilst changing my maxi pad) Then a wet fart and suddenly some little nuggets all dropped one by one very quickly, 5 all together.
I looked down in to the bowl to see what I'd done, not finished yet, & they were all very pale poos, skid marks all over the pan, but I hadn't finished yet. My ???? cramped again as I sat back down had another wet fart and let out 3 slimy pale big plops again in quick succession, by now the toilet stank and the water was almost gone with all my plops covering it. I texted my fiance whilst pooing to tell him I had a ???? ache and would be as quick as I could. He replied " take your time baby i will rub your bum & ???? better when we get home xx" (he's so caring bless him) so I let out 5 more bullet sized plops as I wiped my very messy bum & flushed. I was in there 10 minutes all together & when I came out my fiance greeted me with a smile and again slapped my now empty & clean bum 3 times. That was it my ???? was happier, to my surprise,
& we completed our night in the local pub!
Hope you enjoyed my latest story! JEMMA x

Hello, not posted here for a few years. Just had a long weekend in Austria. The toilets are strange out there, the water is right at the front and there is a flat area at the back with no water where your poo ends up. I was staying at some friends house, so I don't know whether it was some psychological thing about leaving skid marks, but I did not go for 5 days and ended up with quite painful constipation (very rare for me as I usually go twice a day). When I did feel the need to go, all I could do was some very small lumps. The flight back was very uncomfortable due to a soreness in the large intestine area. As soon as I got back in my car at the airport, I felt a very strong urge to use the toilet. It was about an hours drive back home and I was quite desperate by the time I got there so once inside, I just put my bag down and went straight upstairs to the loo. It was a relief to get my trousers and underpants down and sit on the toilet. I just let nature take its course and relaxed for about 10 minutes. I could then feel things starting to move, my anus started to slowly open over a period of about 3 minutes to a point where the stretch was very painful as my bowel movement began to come out. Over the next 10-15 seconds it was all over as it slid out smoothly without a sound. I only needed one sheet of toilet paper to wipe my arse. When I stood up and looked in the loo, the size of this turd was amazing (for me anyway), about 2.5 inches wide and over 12 inches long. Never done anything like this before and certainly felt much better afterwards. Needless to say, it took about 2 days for it to flush away.


Little privacy please?

Last night I was taking the biggest turd I ever had to poop out, my boyfriend just suddenly came in drunk and thought would be funny if he picked me up while I was on the can. Little does he know, I was in the middle of a crap and I literally had a thick turd sticking out of me slowly coming out.

I screamed and begged him to let me back down on the toilet and luckily he did because I felt a bowel movement and the turd started to move faster and finally dropped out. For some reason he got grossed out and demanded why I didn't tell him I was taking a crap. I gave him my: "Are you kidding with me?"....

I don't think he remembered what happened or even believe me when I told him about it....


3rd shift

I back with another story and I just change jobs about a week back it closer to home any I get put on third shift and we stock shelves and stuff
my boss is always blaming every thing on 3rd shift, so we got idea that one of will take dump in the display toilets, then we can say were everyone was at. so at 11pm we draw straws and Joyce won but Beth said she had go to so she can finish it off. Joyce pull down her pants and sat down on the craper. to hide the evidence she had the trash can next to her for the poopy paper. she let one big fart then wipt then she pull up her jeans and texted Beth came back to were I was. Beth pull her jeans down and sit down and started to let a nasty fart as she was squeezing out a big pile of crap after she was done she put her paper in the trash can and pulled up her jeans up and closed the lid we got some air fresher to hide the smell and we went back to work like nothing happend.


I will answer my own questions now:

1. Has anyone ever filmed themselves while they were taking a dump?

Yes, I have filmed myself a few times.

2. For those people that get constipated a lot, do you like your partner/boyfriend to watch you while you are pooping? Or do you prefer to do it alone?

I'm single right now but I would prefer to go alone

3.Has anyone ever been in a public toilet and heard someone else in there, having trouble pooping??

No, this has never happened to me.

4. Has anyone been on a camping trip and got really constipated and had to do a poo outside??

Yes, this has happened to me a few times.

Anatomy student

more tales of my ex-girlfriend's tail

As I have discussed before, my former girlfriend, Katie, had abnormally large movements. She struggled with this issue from childhood. Her toilet was often clogged.
One time, my family went on vacation and we brought Katie with us. Katie has CPABH (can't poop anywhere but home) and often puts off defecation until at her house. This trip was no exception. Se was suffering in silence through the whole trip, apart from smelly farts. When we got to my house, we loaded Katie's stuff in my car and I took her home. As soon as we left my house she informed me that she has to "take a dump" and has had to since we left 3 days before. When we arrived at her house she made a b line for her bathroom, and she must have been about to poo herself because it took her about a minute. She let me see her creation, it was 3+ inches thick and about 12" long. Probably a 2 pounder. The pot clogged immediately. I plunged it because I too had to poo a little.

Another time, She was at Walmart getting a haircut. Halfway through, she had a wave of diarrhea hit her. She was able to hold it until her hair was done, then went to the bathroom, squatted (she never sits in public for #1 or #2) then had gassy explosive diarrhea. She also told me that when she got home she went again and passed a hard poo. Sometimes during constipation you have liquid squeeze past the obstruction.

I still worry about that girl a little bit.


Answers to Linda

1. Has anyone ever filmed themselves while they were taking a dump?
- No, I have never filmed myself taking a dump. But a few years back when camping my sister took a picture of me when I was squatting in the bushes to relieve myself. There was no toilet where we stayed and my sister was out for a walk in the morning to take pictures when she suddenly observed me and could not resist the temptation to be a little rude. I was not aware that she did it until much later when she showed me the picture. And it was a rude picture showing me from behind, squatting with shorts down just in the process of wiping and when enlarging the picture it was no doubt what I had been doing. I do not know if she still has the picture but I still feel embarrassed when thinking about it

2. For those people that get constipated a lot, do you like your partner/boyfriend to watch you while you are pooping? Or do you prefer to do it alone?
- Usually I am not constipated, but my girl friend often is. In the evening she can sit on the toilet for 15-30 minutes. She does not seem to bother if I come in to take a shower or brush my teeth when she is on toilet. But myself I prefer to be alone. When only the two of us I do not lock the door and I do not deny my gf to come in, but I can feel that I like to be alone just as it happen.

3.Has anyone ever been in a public toilet and heard someone else in there, having trouble pooping??
- Yes, many years back visiting a cabin in the mountains with my scouting group. The toilets were of the long drop type, three cubicles adjacent to each others only separated by a thin wooden wall. I heard the person in the neighboring cubicle straining and grunting and when I looked down the hole and saw when was coming from my neighbor it was only firm round lumps. Afterwards I saw that the person being there was one of our adult leaders. She obviously was severely constipated.

4. Has anyone been on a camping trip and got really constipated and had to do a poo outside??
- I have pooped outside many times when camping, but not because I have been constipated. But I know that some persons prefer to go to toilet outside to avoid constipation especially when the only alternative is filthy porta potties, for example at festivals. At a music festival this summer I went to poop in a nearby forest myself several times instead of visiting the smelly and dirty porta potties. My girlfriend and many others also did so.

Bill F
Hi guys!
In Canada, Thanksgiving is this weekend instead of November, so I'll be posting again when the meal of epic proportions gets to the toilet.
I've got another story to tell about Emily, which was the first time she actually pooped on the toilet in my treehouse. I was 9, she was still 8. She had been constipated for a couple of days, and we were at the treehouse after school. She said her belly really hurt. She sat down, and peed for a while. She bore down, trying to get her poop out, but to no avail. She said "Not again! That's the third time this month!" "Do you need any help?" "Yeah, maybe." I decided to try a different method of relief that I used when my mom wasn't there to massage my stomach. I would get into what I call the 'snail' position, so that my butt was in the air. The I would relax my anus, suck my stomach in, and spread my cheeks. My anus would open up, and air would rush in. I held this air for as long as I could, then sat on the toilet and pushed it all out. I think this 'air enema' is much better than liquid ones, because A) There's no painful nozzle, B) You don't need any help to set it up, C) If there's anything left over, you can just fart it out, and not worry about dirty underwear.
I explained this process to Emily, and she agreed to try it. She got her panties off, got into the snail position, and spread her cheeks. Her anus spread very wide, and I could hear the air rushing in with the same farting noise. She gasped, and said "It feels cold!" As her anus was open, I could see her turd, which was very wide, no wonder she couldn't push it out. She said "I don't feel any more coming in." I told her to close up, and stand up. Her stomach was slighty bloated from the extra air. She stood there, holding the air for about 10 minutes, getting increasingly desperate. While she held the air, I went to the toilet myself, and had a rather short pee, and a hard poop. She was holding her stomach, and bouncing up and down, which I think helps the air do its work, to get behind the poop and help push it out from the inside. She asked "Can I let it out yet?" I said "Depends. Is it just the air wanting out, or do you feel the poop as well?" "Just air." "You need to hold it until the poop comes a' knocking." She continued holding, and about three minutes later, she said "Ok, the poop wants out now!" Not another moment later, all of the air rushed out with one gigantic fart. She started walking toward the toilet. As she walked, I could see her still opened anus. Her poop had spread the hole so wide, it was already spreading her cheeks before the poop even poked out. The poop started poking out of her anus, and kept going faster. She got to the toilet, and turned around. When her side was to me, the poop was already a few inches out, and I could see it started to poke past the end of her cheeks. She finished turning, and sat down. This sitting position put more pressure on her stomach, which made the poop push out even faster. Her legs were spread wide, and the poop slipped out. It had been pushed by air the whole time, I could tell, because another loud fart followed immediately after. It was replaced by an equally thick turd, which started pushing out much slower. Then it stopped. She grunted, and bore down. The turd started moving again, though quite slow. It was a lot shorter than the first one, and popped out suddenly.
"Done!" Emily said, and wiped. She said "I think I like the stomach massage better, but I can try the 'air enema' if I'm alone." I said "Ok, if you get constipated with me again, I'll do that." We played board games until dinner. The leftover air came about half an hour after, and she farted 5 or 6 times during our game. Usually she farts 2 or 3 times. We went home for dinner, and then I learned she was going on vacation for a week.
See ya next time!

Anatomy student

To Jasmin K

Eating chocolate, tea, or anything with caffeine can further dehydrate you. Try getting more water in your diet. Caffeine is a diuretic, which makes you pee more. If you pee more, less fluid is in your large intestine, causing your poo to get hard and knoboly. Coffee causes dehydration too, but it also stimulates peristalsis (intestinal movement) which can help get the poop moving out.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had a nasty day while in that cement mixture and great story about your big blowout it sounds like that banana pudding did a real number on you and luckily you made it to the toilet each time and good tip about stopping diarrhea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bubble Butt Boy good story it sounds like she really to go it sucks you didnt get to here it.

To: Annie wow yeah I bet you do feel to get a beast like that out of you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chelsea great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to and from the sounds of it you were the only who needed a good poop that day and I bet you felt pretty good after and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you and Lucy both had really good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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