Proud Dad

Daughter's toilet training

I've posted here quite a few times, not recently though - mainly under my real name. I check for new postings daily :)

My little angel is 2, she will be 3 in December.
She is doing well with toilet training now, she has always refused to use a potty but will now quite happily sit on a toilet - preferably with a kiddie-seat, but will go on a normal seat if someone steadies her.
She is now recognising the need to wee, but still hasn't recognised the poo signals yet - she has poo accidents but will tell someone the instant she is pooing.

The other day we were at an indoor play center - the type with all sorts of climbing activities and big slides.
She told me she needed a wee, so did I so I took her to the Mens.

As we walked in though, she said "I want to wee in one of those, Daddy!", pointing to the urinals.
I explained that she was better off using the toilet for now, but Daddy would teach her someday.

This leads me on to this related story...
Earlier this year I had needed to pee desperately but her older sister was in the bath. Although she is not my daughter, we have an amazing bond and trust in each other, so it's not a problem for either of us to use the bath or shower while the other is using the toilet or vice versa.
She had watched me pee and made a comment about how it was so easy for boys to be able to stand to pee.
I replied that girls could too, having seen it for myself within our group of friends from Primary School.
I explained it to her and she was a bit sceptical, but gave it a go later.
The first go was a bit messy but I gave her a few more hints - I didn't think it was appropriate for me to actually watch her manipulate her privates. I told her to practice in the shower - it didn't matter if any went astray in there - it would all be washed down the same drain anyway.
A week or so later, she told me she had mastered it, I was so happy for her.

I just think it's one of those useful little life skills that can be so beneficial and also remove an element of risk.

to Karen:
Sorry to hear you lost your job. Was it just a case of being against company policy, or is it also a traffic law violation?
If not, I think they were being too harsh on you.

to Red head:
Who knows, maybe a bit of bravado, or else the restrooms the other side of the parking lot were disgusting?
Faced with a disgusting restroom, I'd go outdoors too - but doubt I'd go where they did in daylight!

To Bill F and Tim(and Sally)
I love the tree house stories! We used to build "Dens" a lot and always made a toilet area.
I think we only managed to make one successful tree house.

S :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Uni dayz

I go to a uni up in the north of England and in my first year you have to live on campus, the block I was in was all girls with 6 of us sharing a toilet insane!
Anyway back to the story one night we all decided to go out together to the student union with a few other friends from our respective courses, we all had a great time out and returned back pretty drunk, I went straight to bed we got back around 4am, during the night in bed I was letting rip with some juicy hot farts my room smelled soo bad because of them, however, despite all the gas I wasn't ready to shit yet.
Waking up later though I certainly needed to, I quickly threw on anything I could find and made my way out to the toilet, as I got there I tried the door but someone was already in there just my luck, after i had tried the door the occupant called out "sorry I'm in here" I instantly recognised the voice it was Rosie, the one girl in the block I struggle to get on with, were civil but we just dont have anything in common. Also when we go out she attracts a lot of attention from guys, like me she's blond but has some amazing legs and double D boobs, however, I insist I have a much better arse :D
Either way I was forced to wait, my stomach was churning inside I was doing a poo dance hopping from one foot to the other with my hands in-between my bare thighs, in my rush I went out in a short skirt, t-shirt and last nights heels.
I knocked on the door and asked Rosie with some desperation in my voice if she was going to be long? Rosie responded that she probably wasn't going to come out anytime soon.
This really wasn't what I needed to hear, Rosie seemed to be taking her sweet time about it, I was busting to go, I'd got to the point where I just want to the relief I didnt care if my behind wasn't nestled on a cosy toilet seat but I was far too desperate to go anywhere else I just had to hold on, after an agonising 5 minutes finally the toilet flushed, I got pretty excited I needed that toilet soooo bad, Rosie came out obviously had somewhere to go this afternoon as she was looking hot in a low cut top with some tight jeans that showed off her curves, showing no signs of a hangover at all, she looked down at me seeing what I had thrown on and desperate state I was in, and remarked that I should give it 10 mins and walked back to her room, I could not wait another minute let alone 5! She was right though as I got in there, she had completely bombed the toilet the smell was bad but because it had come from Rosie I didn't mind in fact it was slightly a turn on, however I was adamant she made me wait on purpose.
I locked the door and dropped my black g-string thong to the hard floor, I sat down in the dimly lit bathroom on the toilet and finally released some gas I had dared not to outside.
Rosie had done a great job in keeping the seat warm, but now it my was my turn the moment my round arse ht the seat a huge turd around 8 inches started to make its way out, just as last time the feeling on my hole was immense, it dropped with a massive plop! I was far from done though my arse was still full I was desperate for more to come out and wasn't disappointed, the next load of poo was more soft but didn't feel any less relieving. There was sooooo much it started to curl up at the bottom of the toilet underneath my huge dark brown floater, the smell was amazing I loved it. The best part was I didn't need to wipe just as well coz I was so impressed with this dump I thought I would leave it as a present for the next occupant. I was very moist in between my thighs and had intended to go back to my room to dry off however, someone banged on the door, It was Rosie, I had only been on the loo for 5-10mins but she was back desperate to go must have been feeling some hangover effects after all she asked if I was nearly done, I replied nope still busy! Which, wasn't a lie I might have finished pooping but there were still other needs to attend to, which I did siting back down over my mammoth load, I had no choice the fact that this tall blond was desperately waiting for me to come out so she could take another banging shit, meant I had to stay and make sure I was completely relieved ;)
After struggling to hide my elation, I left the toilet to see her with her jeans unbuttoned and hands on her bum, I informed her that I couldn't get it to flush before going back to my room for a while :)
looking forward to more strories from you guys ciao xxx

Me and Artiss just got back from our honeymoon. We took a wonderful sightseeing tour of the Great Lakes with some very lovely and intimate moments.

On the second night of our trip, we were staying in a rented cottage along the Lake Superior shore. It was a very romantic location, with the little cottage on the beach, the moonlight across the water, and the waves hitting the shore. We had a nice little dinner together, then we went out walking the beach together, right along the surfline, the cold, clear waters of Great Lake Gitchee-Gumi lapping our feet. Artiss was wearing a lovely summer-type of dress, as the evening was warm.

Suddenly, she stopped, held her stomach and said "Patrick", and I knew what that meant/. We were a long ways from the cottage and from the nearest rock formation s where she could squat and hide. Suddenly, I got an idea. "Artiss dear, there's nobody around here but us. Why not just squat here and let the lake be your toilet bowl and flush your waste away?" "What a splendid idea, dear" she said. With that, she hitched her skirt up around her full-figured hips, fulled her full-cut briefs down to her knees, and squatted, right there in the surf. The white cheeks of her wide buttocks shone in the moonlight.

She grunted. First her bladder emptied, with a steady stream of pee from between her thighs Now for the main business at hand. She grunted again. A big log began to poke it's way out from between her cheeks. Longer, longer, it came out, then PLOP!!! into the waters of Lake Superior it went, the surf took it, and it was immediately washed away, like a giant toilet bowl.

Now Artiss' bowels switched into high gear. As if the first big turd was like pulling the cork on a bottle, a steady plop-plop of turds came out from he rectum in rapid order. Artiss sighed her immense relief-"Oh Patrick dear, this feels so good." A few more pushes, and some small turdlets came out along with one last squirt of pee from her vag, the she was done.

The next question was what would she wipe with. "I won't, Patrick" she said. "I'll just let the lake clean my bottom for me." With that, she took her undies off the rest of the way,waded out further into the cold lake waters, her skirt still hitched up, and bent over with her backside facing into the incoming waves. "Oh Patrick, this feels so good, come over and join me here." And I did, and we did-coming up behind her-make love right there, with the waves splashing around our bare waists in the moonlight.

Tim (and Sally)

Holiday Adventures

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here again with more childhood stories, this time from when I was about 11. Sally and I went to stay at my aunt's house for the holidays. My aunt was very strict and a very prudish Catholic. She did not like anything to do with toileting or nakedness. As you might guess, Sally and I were often doing those two things, which made her quite cross. At night, she would lock us in our room, only unlocking the door when she got up, which was late in the morning. So, you learned either to hold it in or to go beforehand. I told my aunt that it was awkward having to hold it in for so long, so she gave me a potty to use. I asked for a second one, for Sally, but she said that we would have to share. This arrangement worked fine, until one night. That night, for dinner, we had eaten chicken. It was quite raw, and did not taste very nice at all. After going to the toilet and brushing our teeth, we went to bed and my aunt locked the door. Sally and I slept soundly until midnight. At the stroke of midnight, I woke up with a pounding head, deathly cramps and a powerful urge to poo. "I'm going to use the pot, Sal!" was all I could mutter before dashing over to the cupboard, grabbing the pot, whipping up my nightshirt (no undies) and squatting over it. I was only just in time, and I started to have diarrhoea before I was even squatting properly. Luckily, though, it all landed in the pot. By the time I was finished, the pot was ready to overflow. I wiped and crawled back into bed, feeling very weak. 10 minutes later, Sally awoke with the same pounding head and urge to do a poo. She woke me up, and my own urge started to come back. "We can't use the pot, Sally. I filled it up on my last trip. Sorry about that!" Sally just moaned, "Well, we can't hold it in until morning either. What do you suggest we do?" I began to look around, and then I realised something. My aunt's house was two stories high. In our bedroom was a window with a wide window sill. Our room jutted out from the house, and it overlooked the back garden, which my aunt never went into. "Quick, Sally, we'll have to stick our bums out of the window!" Normally, we'd worry about being seen by someone passing, but it was the middle of the night and we were desperate anyway. We both dashed to the window and I unlocked the latch and pushed it up. We jumped up on the ledge, whipped up our nightshirts, stuck our bums out and blew diarrhoea onto the grass below. Sally did a strong, hissing pee. I tried to have a wee, but my boy part wouldn't point down properly and I ended up wetting my nightshirt. When we were done having liquid poo, I wiped my bum. Then I wiped Sally's bum and vagina for her, as she was too weak to do it herself. I carried her back to bed, and I realised that some poo had splattered onto her nightshirt. I took it off for her, and I took my own off. I put her to bed naked, and then I went to bed naked also, thinking that it would be more comfortable that way. My aunt never knew what we did, but she did question us about the full chamber pot. We simply shrugged and told her that we had running stomachs that night. Until next time!


To Jemma

Hi Jemma

Thanks for your reply to my questions. I was interested to read that you have massive bowel movements (bms) 4-5 times a day - presumably similar to the one that you described after your workout session at the gym. I also read about the sudden bout of diarrhoea you had - I hope it cleared up quickly and you are feeling much better now. I'm not surprised you felt dizzy - you must have lost a lot of fluid from your bowel if it lasted 2 1/2 hours. I do enjoy reading your posts but I was sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well.

In your recent post on page 2314 you mentioned that your irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) was being investigated as your tablets aren't working. I thought it might be of some help if I put some suggestions/thoughts forward bearing in mind that you stated that your bms are very soft and you also get diarrhoea. There are a few conditions that come to mind that I will mention briefly:-

Coeliac disease/gluten sensitivity - This condition is caused by an allergy - or in less severe cases - a "sensitivity" to gluten which is found in wheat and certain other cereals such as barley and rye. Diarrhoea/soft stools are a common feature and it can be misdiagnosed as diarrhoea predominant-ibs. Coeliac disease can be diagnosed by a blood test and/or the taking of a small sample of lining (a biopsy) from the small bowel to look at under a microscope. However, importantly, even if tests for coeliac disease are negative a person can still have a sensitivity to gluten. By removing gluten from their diet their symptoms should improve considerably.

Bile acid diarrhoea - bile acids (also known as bile salts) are produced in the liver and are secreted into the small bowel after a meal to help digest fat. Normally over 95% of the bile salts are re-absorbed in the final part of the small bowel - or 'terminal ileum' as it is known - so only a small fraction enter the large bowel or colon. This recycling process is known as the "entero-hepatic circulation". If greater quantities enter the large bowel then these bile salts draw fluid into the bowel and cause bowel contractions resulting in frequent soft stools/diarrhoea. Bile acid diarrhoea can occur as a result of the bile salts not being reabsorbed properly (due to disease of the small bowel) or overproduction of bile salts. This condition can be diagnosed by a procedure known as a seHCAT test.

The reason why I mentioned these two conditions is that patients who suffer from them are sometimes misdiagnosed as having ibs. However, some patients who do have ibs also have coeliac disease/gluten sensitivity or bile acid diarrhoea.

Frequent stools can also be a feature of a thyroid disorder or an intestinal parasite called "giardia" caught by drinking contaminated water. However, your doctor will have probably have done tests for these already. If not, it would be worth doing so.

In terms of self-help there are a few ideas I had that you might wish to consider - though I appreciate you may have tried them already.

1) Gluten/lactose sensitivity - you may wish to try cutting out foods containing gluten for 2 or 3 weeks to see if that helps. If there is no difference in your symptoms then it is unlikely that you have gluten sensitivity. The same goes for lactose which is a sugar found in milk and other dairy products.

2) Food diary - some people with ibs find it helpful to keep a food diary to identify foods that can make their symptoms worse e.g. peppers, citrus fruits.

3) Soluble fibre - this works by helping to absorb excess fluid in the bowel thereby making the bowel contents more solid. This will hopefully ease the urgency and possibly frequency that you experience. It is important to use soluble fibre; insoluble fibre can worsen diarrhoea. Soluble fibre e.g isphagula or psyllium is available in powder or capsule form. Some people prefer the capsules to powder and vice-versa. It is available from health stores - there is one called "Colon-care" - no I don't have shares in the company that make it (LOL)!

4) Relaxation techniques e.g. deep breathing exercises when you're stressed (you could even try this in the loo). Exercise e.g. workouts are also a good stress reliever (you probably know this already)

Anyway, these are some thoughts/ideas that I thought I'd share with you (and others). I hope you find them helpful; if not (e.g. you've thought of or tried them already) then perhaps others will. I'm not attempting to take on the role of your doctor but I do come from a healthcare background and have an interest in (and have worked in) gastroenterology or "gut medicine" as it is known.

Lastly, you mentioned that you find trips to public bathrooms embarrassing but please try not feel this way even though you may let out lots of turds or "plops" over a few minutes that cause a smell. It's perfectly natural to poop and certainly nothing to be ashamed of..

Hope things get better for you and I look forward to your next post :-)


soap suppositories/potty policing

Tim, I grew up under a regime very much like yours. But my parents (usually my mum) often didn't give me any kind of warning, she just painfully forced the soap up my little smellhole, all of a sudden. The shock adding to the pain of the fat finger forcing the soap through my tight clenching "stink door" making me scream and cry. She didn't need to ask whether I was constipated - she examined her daughters' dooey whenever they did any, and kept a "doo diary" for us, at first secretly, then later openly. She recorded and rated my excrement output and if I hadn't done enough smelly evils lately (in quantity or in frequency) I was gonna get something pushed up my poor smellhole. Usually either a glycerine suppository or some soap.
I resented it and was terrified of it but I know now that I was habitually constipated and that it runs in the family. Which is why I've ended up doing exactly the same with my young 'un.


Banana Pudding Blowout and a throwup story bonus

Hi everone and sorry I havent' posted of late but I haven't forgotten about my friends here. Got a couple of new things to share.

As you know I used to work at a local cement company as a driver, I got the job because I can drive old trucks with two sticks which they still use, not that I'm the best cement deliverer (those small yards are a pain in the buttocks to back into haha). Well I quit that job last month, or they fired me whichever you want to call it.

When i quit/got fired, I was training a ridealong, a young guy, let's call him Logan, a fast learner; he has his CDL but he'd never driven trucks with two sticks so they had me training him, he had been with me for about three days and he's doing great. Well, last monday when I went in I'd felt fine until about 9:30 am and I started feeling sick to my stomach during a delivery; felt like I needed to throw up and have diarrhea; I held off on the diarrhea part until I got back to the shop but I did get sick beside the road, couldn't hold that back.

Might have been the shrimp and steak dinner from night before. I felt a little funny when I woke up but I'd eaten a bacon egg and cheese biscuit for breakfast with coffee that morning and felt fine until I got to work. During my first delivery I had to stop alongside of the road once on the way to the delivery site because I felt so sick like I was going to throw up, my mouth kept filling up with saliva and you know what that means; I pulled over and parked and walked around a little to get some fresh air which would either make me feel a little better or speed up the process of barfing. I felt like I could hold it if I really wanted do but thought it best to just let it out and then it might make me feel better. So I got sick on the side of the road by the truck after sticking my finger down my throat; it helped me feel a little better. After I threw up I drove to a convenience store for a 7-Up to settle my stomach then had Logan take the wheel and let him drive us to the delivery site, but I handled the paperwork with the customer but Logan did the actual pouring. This was against company policy, I am supposed to actually drive to the delivery site and handle the pouring and only allow the trainee to drive back with no load on the truck, that's what got me fired. The boss accused me of "sitting on my ass inside drinking a Coke" instead of doing my job. Oh well, I didn't really like working for them anyway. I still have my retirement and my substitute teaching career to fall back on anyway. Whatever made me sick wasn't too serious because I was perfectly fine the next day; maybe just the food was too rich for my ????, or maybe because the steak was medium rare; I had a twelve ounce ribeye and a dozen fried shrimp with melted butter for dipping, a caesar salad, a loaded baked potato, creamed spinach, two beers, and a strawberry shortcake for dessert. I actually felt a little sick after finishing all of that, went for a walk and thought of throwing up to make myself feel better but I felt pretty much fine before bed, little did I know I'd throw it all up the next midmorning by the road anyway. When I vomited up all that stuff it tasted really bitter and sour I could see what looked like whole strawberries in it on the ground after I threw it up and I wished I'd have thrown it up the night before and gotten it over with when it wouldn't have been as yucky. This happened almost a month ago. I don't think I'll be wanting anything on THAT same menu for a while.

And for the banana pudding blowout story you've all been waiting for! This happened this past Saturday. I made a large batch of southern banana pudding Saturday, I was in a cooking mood which I get into sometimes to bring back the memories of when the boys were little but this time there was really nobody to share it with so I ate it for brunch, lunch, and supper until it was all gone, that's a lot of banana pudding. That night I got up around one in the morning with cramps and had a massive BM. When I sat on the toilet and pushed it all came exploding out of me. When I thought I was done I put on my bathrobe and sat outside with a cup of coffee when I got the urge again in a few minutes then it was back on the potty for more explosive diarrhea. After that I tried going back to bed but I'd have to get up every 15 minutes for more of the same so I just gave up and watched TV reruns through the rest of the night and made some coffee. During each episode of diarrhea it came out with such force that water from the bowl splashed back up onto my hiney so when the diarrhea was finally over that afternoon I took a long hot shower for good measure because I like to be clean.

Oh, and how did I get the diarrhea to stop? Take this tip from me. Saltines and cheese. I went to the store and bought a box of unsalted saltines and a block of Swiss cheese. Best natural old fashioned remedy for diarrhea. I like unsalted saltines with Swiss cheese or hard parmesan or white cheddar with watered down orange juice with extra sugar when I get in that situation. Any kind of cheese will work but those are my personal faves. Gingerale is good to drink, too.

red head
Hi everyone! I'm new here and want to tell you about what just happened over the weekend. I was at the beach with my friend Jess probably for the last time this year :( When we got there we saw some guys playing football, they looked like they were in college. A few of them were cute. We put some blankets down close by and laid out in our bikinis. We got a few looks from the college guys while we were putting on our sun screen lotion lol. We were there for a while working on our tans. I noticed the college guys weren't there anymore. We started talking about leaving, but Jess said something about my freckles since I have red hair, and when I got mad she called me a ginger and ran. So I chased her down the beach for fun and grabbed a hand full of sand and threw it at her. We laughed about it and then figured we would just walk up to the car from where we were. There was a small hill with some trees and the parking lot was up there instead of taking the path that we came from. As we walked up the hill we saw someone sitting on the guardrail with his back to us. Jess grabbed my arm and said that she thinks he is naked. As we get closer I can see that he is naked with his butt hanging over the guardrail. I could kind of see his package too! I heard a noise that sounded like a fart and asked Jess what he is doing? She put her finger up to her lips and said shhh. I heard another fart and saw something coming out of his butt. I looked at Jess in shock and she mouthed O M G! I couldn't believe he was just going to poop there? Jess still had my arm and she actually pulled me up a little closer. I could see the poop hanging out of his butt. It was really long! He pushed it out and it fell on the ground. He farted really loud and Jess and I both had to cover our mouths so we didn't laugh out loud. Another poop started to come out and it was another big one. When this one fell another one came out. He must have really had to go because they just kept coming. They were those like hot dog shaped poops but these were like footlongs! He was just going so much! I mean I don't know where it all came from either, he wasn't that big of a guy. Then Jess started looking around her bag because she wanted to get her phone out and take a video lol. Before she could find it we heard voices in the parking lot. It had to be the guys we saw playing football and they were laughing at their friend. He laughed with his friends but was still pooping with some still hanging out of his butt. The laughing stopped and one of the guys said he had to take a shit too. We saw him walk over next to his friend but he didn't see us. He took off his shorts and sat down next to his friend. This guy had a much bigger penis than the other guy. He had a big bruise on his butt cheek too. Real quick right after he sat down he farted really loud and some poop shot out behind him. Everyone laughed and he said that beer always gives him the shits. This is just so weird. Jess was still watching them. The first guy wasn't pooping very much now, he might have been shy around his friend. The other guy was having really loud diarrhea with farts. I don't understand why they were going here when there was a bathroom at the other end of the parking lot? The first guy who was pooping the long pieces had a long piece of poop coming out but it wasn't really moving but we could hear him breathing hard and his back was all red. The other guy with the big dick still had the shits with loud farts and diarrhea shooting out. Pretty gross. Every time he would fart really loud both guys would laugh lol. The guy with the shits was just squirting out liquid stuff now and then he pointed his dick down and started to pee now. I saw enough at this point and just wanted to go so I whispered to Jess that we should leave. She whispered back that she had a better idea and that we should tease these guys. Before I could say no she started walking up toward them so I followed. We came up behind them and said hi guys. The look on their faces! So embarrassed! I kind of was too I mean. They were both laughing and their friends were too but their faces were so red. We could see they had a van parked nearby and the other guys were over there drinking. They were the college guys that were playing football. Jess sat next to the guys but I felt bad for them. They introduced themselves to us and apologized for what they were doing in front of ladies lol. They were laughing the whole time and seemed pretty chill but they were covering their privates with their hands and still looked embarrassed so I said come on Jess. She must have caught on how awkward it was so she came over and the guys at the van invited us to stay and have some beers. The shitting guys yelled for something to wipe with and they threw a roll of paper towels at them. No one else pooped over there but a couple guys did pee over the side. Sorry this is so long but I don't really understand why the did it in the first place? It was pretty funny though and we had a good time. Jess has been texting with one of the pooping guys, he is actually pretty cute.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and you didnt rush it either which is good and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Meagan as always another gret story it sounds like you and that other girl had really good poops and felt pretty good afterwards to and great story about your 2 other desperate poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story it sounds like Sally was beyond desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eves Dropper great catches.

To: Teddy bear great pee competion story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Bubble Butt Boy

Interesting Experience

Recently I had an interior decorator come to my house to give me an estimate on some work I wanted done. She looked a lot like Angie of the Angie's List commercials on TV, about 40, brown hair, and I couldn't help but notice, a big butt, displayed in a pair of tight pants. At some point while she was there, she asked to use the restroom, which of course was OK. A little while later, she went out to her car to bring in some supplies. After setting them on the table, the following dialog took place not 15 minutes after she had gone to the restroom before:

She: "I'm afraid I have to borrow your restroom again!"
Me: "Just be sure to put it back." My twisted sense of humor...
She: "I think my lunch is running right through me!"
Me: "Well, first things first!"

It occurred to me that she was about to take a big diarrhea dump in my downstairs bathroom! It wouldn't have been possible to listen at the door because there were others in the house, but I did notice that she was in there a while and left the door closed when she came out. But oddly, she didn't turn on the fan. I wasn't able to check the scene of the crime until she left about half an hour later, but there was still a pretty strong rotten egg-type smell in there and a small skid mark in the bowl. For the rest of the day I kept thinking about her huge butt and what must have come out of it. When you gotta go, you gotta go!


Megan B

I read your story about pooping in your pants the other day. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. I to sometimes have been known to have an accident (poop) in my pants. An understanding friend like your roommate is great. Sounds like it stained your red pants pretty bad. Just 2 days ago my bowels let go in a coffee shop. I know the embarressment, but its all good. Do you have any other stories from the past (college or high school) of pooping your pants. I pooped my pants in class in 8th grade and once on the bus coming back from a swim meet in High School.. Ive had some others also as an adult. I do believe that we all love to hear these type of stories from anyone that its happened to It makes us feel better to talk about it. Paul


HUGE shit

Haven't posted here for a while because I haven't had much going on in the bowel/poop department. I had an upset stomach last Saturday due to my period and pooped out some mush and a soft-ish turd about 6 inches but that was it until a few minutes ago. I've been suffering from constipation (what else is new?) but I finally shit out something substantial. I had a stomach ache and nausea during dinner so I decided to have a coffee after dinner. Before I even finished my coffee I had to "go". I went to the bathroom, quickly got the toilet paper, the Garfield comic and pulled down my clothes and sat. I didn't really have to push as it was ready to come out. Within a minute this huge shit came out. No straining, etc. It was a long soft turd. I got up to wipe and the job was too messy for toilet paper so I took everything off from the waist down, climbed in the shower and washed my bum with soap and a facecloth. Afterwards I dried off and got dressed. I checked out my creation before I flushed it. About 2 1/2 feet long! No wonder my stomach has been so bloated and hurting during dinner! That's a LOT of shit. Going to have another coffee and see if the rest of it will come out. I feel a lot better now that I'm not totally clogged.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Paddington Poo

Hi peeps
I was traveling into London the other morning and whilst on the train in a started to need the loo now I still had about 10 mins left to go it was fine no panic but I was aware I was gonna need to spend a good amount of time on the toilet, by the time we got into the station my round bottom was full to the brim with poo.
I must admit I was sort of excited at the anticipation of being able to relieve myself, so I got 30p out to pay to use the toilet and although I dont agree with that it means the toilets are always clean and its not too busy so you can take your time.
As i got through to the toilets some were blocked and therefore out of order a gorgeous leggy blond in a short skirt took the last vacant loo.
Whilst waiting I couldn't help but listen in on the farts and splashes that were coming from the taken stalls, this was only adding to my excitement but it also made this poo incredibly hard to hold, I needed a good sit down and soon, and as luck would have it not a moment too soon a toilet became available as a curvaceous brunette around early 20s left, I entered the toilet and locked the door behind me, at this point I had to cut a ripe fart that filled the stall I do enjoy the smell of my own brand, I sat down to enjoy this dump pulling down my tight jeans and kickers so they were round my ankles.
I first started to release a gushing wee didn't know I needed it so bad and as it came to a trickle my moment of ecstasy was about to arrive, I was one of those dumps you know is going to be a nice long poo and it didnt disappoint pushing out past my hole and expanding it, the feeling was close to orgasmic and the smell was so raw i really didn't mind I was doing my best to savour it, unfortunelty it was just 1 big shit no other pieces but I was very relieved and turned on, so as I was in no rush I stayed in the stall to make sure I was completely relieved ;)
I've got more stories especially from uni but I'll leave it there for now got to say im inspired by stories from Leanne, Emma, Desperate to poo, Kirtsy and Megan some of the stories on here really get me going....peace out x


To Linda

1. Has anyone ever filmed themselves while they were taking a dump?
Not me

2. For those people that get constipated a lot, do you like your partner/boyfriend to watch you while you are pooping? Or do you prefer to do it alone?
If I had a partner I would still want to be left alone on the toilet

3.Has anyone ever been in a public toilet and heard someone else in there, having trouble pooping??
A few times - I once had a onece-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a suppository out of my handbag and pass it under the door to someone who was having trouble doing the doo.

4. Has anyone been on a camping trip and got really constipated and had to do a poo outside??
I don't go camping - and I don't recall ever doing an evil (I'm getting to like that term!) outside.

Was interested to see that you knew about the soap suppository trick. It was something I dreaded - was terrified of - as a child, but it works like crazy. Thing is you have to let it work like a normal suppository - allow it ten minutes to work and then retain it until it overwhelmingly impels you to push all your smelly evil out.

Jasmin K

School toilets and constipation again

Ive just got time for a coupel of replies and a quick post as its so boring in technology today.

A couple of messages first

Thanks for your reply - Its interesting that you can just sit on the toilet and wait for your poo to come out, I know if I did that nothing at all would happen, and that you can go a few days without going before having to make it come out - I would be soo soo constipated. Even when I am having a Sunday relaxed poo I have to keep pushing a little to try to get it to come.


I am constipated again so will post full details later, a strain by strain account when ive more time. The short version to date is below.

Ive not managed to poo for the last 4 days, the last time was last weekend when I managed to go 2 times on Saturday, once at my usuall time in the morning which took about 20 minutes and I produced 1 decent log of about 8 inches and again on Saturday evening before going out. I didnt feel full or anything its jujst I like to go before going out so after I had got ready I went and grabbed a couple of twix bars to eat and went to the bathroom and pulled down my skimpy shorts ( I wasnt wearing any underware ) and sat on the toilet, I strained and did an unusually loud fart and strained again. I started to eat my Twix and kept straining. It didnt feel like there was anything going to come but I kept straining, I was determined that I would poo before going out so I kept straining. After about 20 minutes I could feel something moving and strained real hard and yes it was coming and after about 10 more minutes and another Twix a few pebbles splashed into the water. On Sunday morning. I got up, showered, had breakfast
then waited an hour and a half for my sister to be finished on the toilet whilst listening to mum and younger sister arguing,she saying she had finished my mum checking her saying that she hadnt done enough my sister saying she couldnt do any more, my mum saying she had to make herself do more etc etc. My mum checked again and she had done done enough poo to get off the toilet. (She is still made to go every morning and evening because she dirtys hers knickers if she isnt)
I finally got in for my morning poo and after 10 minutes could feel a substantial log moving down and another couple of pushes it was in stretching my bum. It was one of those poos that got fatter as it came out, it was quite a knobbly one and with each strain it move a bit further out. After 10 minutes it was out, A log made up of nuggets and pebbles and a few loose pebbles, not a bad sise either considering on Saturday I had eaten junk food, crisps, chocolate and sweets so much so that I had ???? ache. I had more when out with my friends on Sunday, but still managed a huge roast dinner that evening.
Monday had 3 sessions on the toilet at school couldnt do anything and sat on the toilet in the evening for an hour strained so hard my bum was bleeding,Nothing except a few pfarts. On tuesday at school tried again really hard, I was even eating chocolate whilst I sat on the toilet as this sometimes makes me need to go, but nothing, same at home in the evening.On Wednesday I decided to really try stuffing my self to push it through ate breakfast, then 2 choc bars on the way to school and whilst on the toilet another choc bar and crisps, after 1/2 an hour with my bum bulging as I strained a couple of pebbles splashed into the water. When I strained It felt like a log was coming but wouldnt emerge. I went back at lunch but couldnt do anything, I had a look at my bum through my mirror as I pushed it was bulging out and looked red and swollen inside I could feel a hard log.
When I get home after school I am gona put my high heeled boots on to raise my legs up and stay on the toilet straining until this monster poo log is out.
One of my friends has just told me(she knows I am constipated)that eating chocolate when your already constipated makes it worse. Is that right or not? anyway I hope not as I like eating chocolate on the toilet it sort of helps to take my mind of what I am doing.
Its like when I was younger I used to get constipated from eating too many sweets, It never stopped me eating them though and when I used to get kept of school with ???? ache (which ment sit on the toilet straining untill you do it) my mum would give me a huge bag of sweets, puzzle books/colouring books depending on age etc to keep me amused on the toilet.
Will write again when Ive done it.

A very bunged up Jas K


Latest news

Hi everyone, a quick post from me tonight as its getting late.
Natasha- glad your routine of going to sit on the loo after breakfast is at least being semi successful. I agree with you that a relaxed sit for a while is the best thing to do although as you say, if you haven't been for a few days after trying that I think you don't have any choice but to push hard and see if you can get anything to come. If you do feel a poo coming once you've got to school its always best if you can go to the toilet as soon as possible, as we've both said in the past morning break is far too short so you will probably have to hold on till lunchtime and go then if you can. I was always jealous of girls who managed to have a poo at breaktime, I would quite often go for a wee then and hear other girls managing to poo in a couple of minutes but I always take at least 10 minutes if not longer so it was never an option for me. Good luck and I hope that you stay constipation free.
Megan- sorry to hear that you were so desperate for a poo after you'd handed in your CV that you got marks in your knickers, I know from personal experience that is a common occurrence if I need a poo and have to hold it in for any length of time as its so hard to stop it from poking out slightly. The conversation you heard those girls having sounds very familiar, if I was desperate for a poo by the end of the day I would often choose to go home as the loos tended to be really busy then, but then you were left wondering if you were going to make it in time! In my gap year I'm going to work and then hope to travel a bit later in the year so I'm looking forward to that.
At the weekend Lucy stayed round my house, she's also having a gap year so we can do stuff together which should be good. We got up late on Sunday morning and lazed around, we ate some breakfast and then went back to my room and chatted when I felt the urge for a poo starting to get stronger, I realised I hadn't been for three days so knew I shouldn't put it off. I said "I need a poo" and walked off to my ensuite, Lucy knew that was an invitation to come along and keep chatting so she went into the bathroom with me and sat on the floor. We hadn't bothered to get dressed so I hiked up my nightie, lowered my yellow knickers and sat on the loo, I tried to relax and felt a thick log slowly easing its way out, as it got fatter I took a deep breath and started to bear down to keep it moving. I strained for a few minutes, doing my best to keep talking even though I was having to push quite hard. Lucy shifted on the floor and drew her knees up under her chin, she said "I'm bursting for a poo now as well, please be quick!" I could see she was wearing white knickers which I knew would be a pain if she got skidmarks so I panted "I'll be as fast as I can" and did a hard push as I could feel the log was in danger of getting stuck, luckily that worked and I felt the widest part of the poo come out and a few seconds later it plopped into the bowl. By now Lucy was standing up with her knickers at her knees, I started pushing out my next piece as she asked "Are you nearly done, its poking out of my bum already and if I get skidmarks in these knickers I'll never get them out" and I said "Won't be long now, this ones a lot smaller" and as if to prove my point the next piece dropped with a splash. I sat for a couple more minutes but knew I was done so I quickly flushed and swapped places with Lucy and she sat down. I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom while I heard Lucy panting as she strained to push out her poo. A few minutes later I heard a plop and she moaned with relief, then after passing a few more pieces she said she was done. She wiped and flushed and then pulled up her knickers. We then went back into my room to get dressed.

Mr. Clogs

Tuesday morning dump taken in a cup

Today I woke up about 8:40 in the morning, I had to really go to the bathroom so I grabbed a cup I keep in my room for that purpose and first urinated into the cup. It felt so good to relieve my full bladder and filling the cup with about 28oz of fresh golden urine, while I was urinating into the cup I could feel my bowels moving to and was about to poop in my pjs. If I had on undies on I might pinch a loaf in my undies, but since I didn't have any on I had to hold back the poop, and quickly remove my pj pants off, put the cup on the floor that was halfway full with pee from last night. I squatted over the mouth of the cup and began filling the already pissed filled cup with some fresh morning poop. I was done in less than 2 minutes. I put some undies on, my pjs back on and took the bathroom cup and dumped it into the toilet and washed it out in the bathroom sink.

For those who were asking what happened to me, well like I was saying my last post, dealing with some health and other challenges, I'm doing okay now, so here's the second of my latest posts so far and hope you all enjoyed it as much as I posted it. Keep the posts coming, for those suffering constipation, try some prune juice to see if it get things moving for you. Al right I got to go!

--Mr. Clogs

Hi i'm new to this sight and i find it interesting that people talk about their bodily functions, so i might as well do the same

Some introduction, I'm a female, with white skin color,and black hair. I'm only 17, and i'm also very pretty and slim too. i live in a very hot town so i tend to wear flip-flops a lot, so i'm obsessed with them, but enough introduction now here's my story

The other day i was watching T.V. in my living room and then my stomach was hit with a sharp pain, so i put on my 4 in. foam black platform thong flip-flops and headed to the bathroom to have my bm. I pulled my pants down all the way to my ankles and sat there and pushed softly. About 30 min. later nothing came out, so to wait out the time i decided to re-do my toenails with red nail polish.about 10 min. later i felt a sharp pain again so i decided to dig my toes into my flip-flops, grab the toilet seat, and push as hard as i can, soon enough I pooped multiple chunks into the toilet and just plopped for 5 min. once i was done i stood up and wiped, but as i was pulling up my pants i felt another sharp pain so i wasn't finished, so i pulled my pants down to my ankles, sat back down and as soon as i sat back down a huge poop was trying to leave my bowels. I bent forward, dug my toes into my flip-flops again while tip-toeing, pushed hard, and softly grunted. in about a minute it fell into the toilet and then i wiggled my toes really fast in my flip-flops, and me doing that tells me i took a really good relieved dump. I stood up again, wiped about 5 times, and flushed about 3 times. when i went to go check the time once i finished, i noticed it took my an hour to finish my dump, well i didn't care as long as i took care of that dump then i'm fine.

lastly i want to say on more thing, taking a dump in flip-flops is very comfortable, prefer you guys doing the same if you want to

quick survey:

(1) how far do you pull your pants or do you just take them off
(me) i pull my pants down to my ankles

(2) what type of shoes do you wear when going to the bathroom or do you just go barefoot
(me) flip-flops of course

(3) what do you prefer constipation or diarrhea and tell me do you enjoy having what you chose
(me) i prefer diarrhea and i do enjoy having diarrhea


Megan B- Sorry to hear you had an accident! At least your roommate was so understanding about it, that must have helped make you feel a little better about it. After all it happens to us all from time to time!

Today I went shopping again and while I was in a big department store I needed to use their loos because I had a pretty strong urge for a number two. I found a sign for the loos and headed over there, noticing a tall blonde girl of about my age heading there too.
Sure enough, she was heading for the loos as well, and sure enough when I entered she was in one of the two cubicles. I took the other one and made sure it was locked properly after last week! I could hear my neighbour pulling off paper to line the toilet seat, so I figured she was probably there for a poo like me. My seat was clean so I sat and began to wee. After lining the seat she pulled her jeans and black knickers down to her feet and sat on the loo.
Within a few seconds she farted quite loudly and then I heard her poo crackling out of her bum and a loud plop, followed by a smaller one and then another trump. I guessed she must have been holding her poo in and needed to go quite badly by the time she got on the loo! I started my poo with a quite large piece which made a loud splash. Two smaller pieces followed, then a bit of gas of my own, as my neighbour did two more plops. After a final piece she did a short wee and then was quiet for a couple of minutes. I guessed she was making sure she was done pooing and that there was no more poo to come out. I did another medium-sized log and a last little piece. I started wiping and shortly after I heard her tearing off paper too.
She came out while I was drying my hands, having flushed the loo twice. I guessed this was probably to flush the extra paper she lined the seat with but, since she pooed, it might have been to get rid of marks on the bowl. We exchanged a quick smile as I left, feeling much better!

P>Charlie to Mark E Mark
What kind of enemas did you have to use for your constipation? How often did you have to use them? I usually have to use three enemas every month.

Tim (and Sally)

Treehouse Tales

Hi, everybody, it's Tim here again with more stories from my childhood, this time from when I was 13 years old. Bill F, your story about Emily pooping as she climbed the treehouse ladder reminded me of a similar story of my own. Here goes:
It was the weekend, a Saturday, I think, and it was the middle of summer and boiling hot. Sally and I were walking together to the treehouse. All of a sudden, Sally cut a wet fart, with such force that it blew her dress up, revealing orange undies with a wet smudge on them. Sally clutched her stomach and doubled over in pain. "Tim, let's run to the treehouse, I desperately need to go!" I nodded, and so the race against time began. Sally removed her undies and threw them away into a bush, saying that they were beyond saving anyway. We ran to the treehouse, and we got to the foot of the ladder. I told Sally to climb first, as she was really desperate for the toilet by this stage. I climbed beneath her, for, as Bill F stated, "reasons we boys know!" Anyway, every five steps of the ladder, she would stop and hold her stomach. Just as she was getting to the top, she stopped and grabbed her bum. Without warning, diarrhoea sprayed out of her bum, narrowly missing me. I just managed to grab onto the treehouse railings and pull myself up that way, avoiding Sally's diarrhoea. Sally finally hurled herself up into the treehouse and dashed out onto the toilet platform. She whipped up her dress and sat down just in time to spray brown water into the pit below.


Thank You For The Advice

Thank you very much to everyone who replied to my post. The day after I posted, I think it was Tuesday, I was able to push out the poop that was causing the problem, and did not go again until Saturday, and then a good amount Sunday too. So, that's averaging about twice a week right now I think, but I don't tend to eat very much, so maybe that's somewhat normal based on what I've been eating. The person who said I don't necessarily need to tell my parents is right, but it's probably a good phobia to get over.

Bloated Butt

Answers to Linda's questions

1. Has anyone ever filmed themselves while they were taking a dump?
No, I haven't.

2. For those people that get constipated a lot, do you like your partner/boyfriend to watch you while you are pooping? Or do you prefer to do it alone?
Up until a few years ago, I preferred privacy. But recently with my boyfriend (and others), i've become much more comfortable with having them in the bathroom with me. I like having the company since I'm usually in there for a long time, and sometimes I feel kind of vulnerable so I like to have someone with me. My boyfriend has even kissed me while I was on the toilet, and he and others have massaged my belly too.

3.Has anyone ever been in a public toilet and heard someone else in there, having trouble pooping??
I VERY rarely poop in a public toilet. I avoid it as much as I can. I can't remember any occassions when I've been in the public toilet and heard someone else pooping.

4. Has anyone been on a camping trip and got really constipated and had to do a poo outside??
I'm not a very rugged or outdoorsy person so I've never been camping. I've pooped outside in our backyard, but never in the woods. I'd be too frightened to poop in the woods by myself. Can you imagine if a bear or cougar came walking up while you're in the middle of pooping? I'd have a tough time running away with a three-inch thick turd sticking halfway out and with a bloated stomach full of poop weighing me down. Not that I'm a fast runner to begin with, but still.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jemma I hope you feel better soon and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story about Sam it sound like she had some pretty good poops even though they werent in the toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee great story and im glad your anus stopped itching and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat first congrat tou you and Artiss on your wedding it sounds like it was a wonderful event and great story about Artisses big poop after the ceremony and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you had 2 pretty good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Yesterday I was at that bookstore when I saw a girl kinda hurry into the bathroom and as soon as she sat down on the toilet she let of a loud muffled fart it sounded like she was pooping as she was farting the it got quite the a couple minutes later she flushed and came out.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Staying in tonight. Just urinated 30 mins. ago. I went to my private bath, let down my light blue FOL bikini, squatted over the bowl and peed. Wiped myself. I am lounging in my underwear. Going to sleep. Good night all.

Mr. Clogs

Enema Monday

Hello everyone, I'm back with another post, this time it involves with an enema. This past September has been rough on me with regards to going to the bathroom. I have to take it slow and easy now. So that's why I haven't been posting here. Anyway, I decided to give myself an enema for my bowel relief. The past week my bowels haven't really been spectacular to say the least, the bottle I had for about a month or so. I was going to give myself an enema last month but never really had the chance to do so. So today was just that day to do it. I have had my first cup of coffee for the day and before I drank my second cup, I decided to treat myself to an enema.

I had to undress my pjs and undies I had on, took a wet wipe to wipe off residue between the butt cheeks so I can apply some lube to aid with the insertion of the enema tube into the rectum. I had to squat a bit help insert it, then I laid on my side and began gently filling myself with the enema. It took a good 5 or 10 minutes just to halfway empty the bottle. As soon as I couldn't take any more I held onto the enema solution to work.

Not even a minute had past until I felt the urge to poop. I couldn't get to the bathroom in time so I ended up grabbing one of my cups I use to pee in at night or when someone else is in the bathroom and evacuated my bowels into the cup. I felt better and much relieved! I wiped up with some wet wipes. I poured the rest of the enema solution to the cup and I had the urge to pee just peed right in the same now poop filled cup. I dumped the contents into the toilet, rinsed the cup out and washed my hands and enjoyed my second cup of coffee.

long time lurker: Thanks for asking, I had to take a break to attend some unexpected medical issue I was having and now I'm back. I hope you enjoy following my posts.

That's all for now, take care everyone.

--Mr. Clogs

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Older guy

What a dump

Tina Arena was an Australian pop singer from the 90s who has since become a big star in Europe, particularly France. Last weekend there was an article about her in a Sydney newspaper. I thought you might be amused as I was by this bit:-

The sound technician suggests they get back to work. Arena agrees. First, however she bustles off to the toilet. She returns some time later, visibly relieved. "Thank god for that", she sighs. "Felt like I had a' dead dwarf inside me."

The thought of Tina Arena pushing out a huge load is very appealing.

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