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A couple of listening experiences.

Hi, I don't post too often on here as my posts are all about hearing girls on the toilet, and I appreciate that could become boring if not uncomfortable. However, i've seen similar posts here so I guess it's ok.
Here's a couple of times I was verry lucky. Ever since I was a young lad i've loved hearing ladies on the toilet. Peeing is great, but pooing is just amazing. I'm not proud of it, especially as usually I have to be covert and listen at doors which is nasty I guess, but there it is.
One day about 12 years ago when I was in my early 20s, a school friend came over. Her name was Loraine. We were practicing a song we were doing at school, so come to think of it it must have been about 15 years ago. She was really pretty and we got on well, although we were never an item. She'd been there an hour and we'd finished practicing. She wanted to borrow a jack leed from me, I said no problem. At that moment my dad came upstairs for something. She said she was gonna nip to the toilet and I said i'd get the leed and see her downstairs. She left my bedroom and went in to the toilet which was next to my room. I couldn't believe i'd get to hear her Pee, although I couldn't really hang about as my dad was stil upstairs. I put my head round the bedroom door, and as I did I heard her unzip and pull her pants down. At that moment my dad found what he'd come up for and went downstairs. So I got as close to the toilet as I could. She started to pee, a fast flowing tinkle, and I could tell she'd been waiting a while for it. My dads footsteps faided, there was a pause, ... then to my excitement I thought I heard a plop. Verry small, and I wasn't sure if it was the end of the wee. I stood there not breathing. After a couple of seconds, Plop. Sure enough, Loraine was pooing in my toilet. I didn't dare move a mussle. There followed about 5 or 6 more plops. I could tell she was shy about it and letting them out slowly at first, but by the end they were coming quickly. Again I think she'd been ready for it. I don't think there was any straining. I guess she'd rather have done it at home. I was so excited and grateful for this awesome experience. I could now smell her poo verry faintly. There was a gap of about 5 seconds, then one last small plop. She pulled toilet roll straight away, and I listened to her wipe for a couple of seconds, before walking back to my room to get the leed. She flushed, and washed her hands. I heard her go downstairs and call out to me. I said "I'm stil up here looking for this leed.". She said "O, I thought you'd gone down stairs.". She'd obviously heard my dad go down and thought it was me. I realised then that she might not have taken a dump if she'd known I was in the next room. But there was no awquardness really. I felt guilty as I always do, but it was so great to hear. I heard her pee another time, but never poo again.

Another time I heard one of my teachers take a poo. She was nice and real good fun. I was at boarding school, and some teachers would come sometimes to supervise homework. This particular evening, I was in my room revising for GCSEs. I was just about to go to the bathroom myself, when I heard the teacher outside. I heard her ask someone "Is there a loo in here?" She was coming in to our little wing to use the toilet. I heard her walk past my door, and as I heard her high heels go in to the bathroom and the door locked, I opened my door softly and went as close as I could. I heard the lid go up, and clothes coming down. She did a sort of hissy pee that went on for about 10 seconds and sort of faided away. Then there was a pause. Then a small gush of pee like she'd pushed hard. Then a huge plop. Just the one. I don't know if she heard something or sensed there was someone there, but she flushed straight after the plop before she'd wiped. I don't no if this was to cover up more plops, but the one i had heard was beautiful. I was only about 14 at the time and I hadn't heard many ladies poo. I'll always treasure the sound of that plop as it echoed through the large bathroom. I was lucky enough to hear her poo again. If i've offended anyone i'm sorry. Thanks for all the good work on this site.


Two days and two urgent poos!

Yesterday I got the bus to a big out of town shopping centre. I had to change buses and before I got on the second one I considered finding a toilet to try and poo, because, although I didn't need one (or a wee), my stomach felt a bit bloated. I saw the bus coming and, since I didn't actually need the loo, I just got on the bus. I didn't think it would take that long but it was a slow journey, taking an hour, and not long into the journey my breakfast (a big bowl of cereal, orange juice and a muffin!) worked its magic on my system and I began to need a poo. It quickly became quite urgent, but luckily it was quite easy to hold. I kept getting stomach cramps but they weren't too strong.
Later, though, my urge started to get pretty strong, and I knew I wouldn't be able to wait that much longer. I thought we must be nearly there but it was 20 more minutes before we arrived, by which time I was feeling rather desperate! I had to clench my bum to stop my poo poking out. I quickly went in, finding lots of cubicles taken but plenty free. I took one, yanked down my jeans and pink knickers, and sat.
After that I expected it to come right out. I had been expecting a gassy, soft poo because of how I had been feeling, but when I sat on the loo I started to feel like it would be a big load. I relaxed and my poo began to come out. It came out slowly, which surprised me after being desperate for it, and, unlike 3 or 4 of the other women in the loos, there was no gas! It slid out slowly, one big long and fairly thick turd. It took maybe 45 seconds for it all to slide slowly out, and it fell with a soft plop. A much smaller log came next and I did a short wee which I had started to need. I pushed out a couple of pebbles and then I was finished. While relaxing a bit after doing my poo I checked my knickers and saw that I had a small skidmark on them.

Today I went into town to apply for a job in a local university campus that is not far from where I live. I thought it would be simple to hand in my CV, so when I arrived at the student union/admin building needing to have a number two quite strongly I thought I'd hand it in and then go and find the loos in there. But I was told I had to take it to the recruitment offices and the receptionist took me there. Every minute made me need a poo more strongly! When I gave it to the man there he talked to me for a while. When I finally left I was really desperate to go and needed to find a loo right away. I was in the staff only part of the building and had no idea where the loos might be. I passed a woman in the corridor and decided to ask.
'Excuse me, are there any toilets here I could use?' I asked. She realised I didn't work there and said, 'oh, the staff toilets aren't really for visitors...unless it's an emergency?' I didn't want to embarrass myself by admitting that it was, so I said, 'oh no, that's ok. Are there any downstairs?' She said, 'Yes, you can use the ones in the student union concourse.' She told me how to get there and I thanked her and left. I went downstairs, dying to go, and found the loos. I hurried in and sat. Two logs came out right away. I did two more before I was done. I checked my blue knickers and this time I had a pretty big skidmark in them! At least I had made it, both times!

On the way home today a few schoolchildren got on the bus. Two girls of about 15 sat near me and I could hear them talking. One said, 'I need the loo.' The other replied, 'Yeah, me too.' The first one then said, 'I mean I reaallly need the loo! I should have gone at school but I hate pooing there.' Her friend replied, 'Yeah, I always need to go by last lesson but I wait til I get home if I can.' Her desperate friend asked, 'is that what you need now?' She said yes and then they changed the subject. A few stops later they got off. I assume they both got home ok and got the relief they needed, because they didn't seem to be in a hurry!

The Listening Ear


To Linda: I've been enjoying your stories lately, and note that you like constipation stories, especially noisy ones. I think you may enjoy Part 11 of the Memoirs of a Listening Ear on page 2069. Have a look.


Teddy Bear

Holding Your Pee Competition

I got real lucky some years ago; I met Jane and quite by chance we discovered a mutual interest in doing wees.
It was New Years Eve......We had been dating for three months....To celebrate we had dinner,saw a movie and went to the City Square at midnight to see the new year in while sharing a bottle of bubbly. We were surrounded by a crowd of thousands and would be waiting hours to get a taxi home......We decided to walk as it was only a couple of miles......I was looking after a friends river-side appartment while she was overseas.
About half-way home Jane enquired about available restrooms....but everything was closed....I thought she had gone at the movies while I was in the men's room but now she admitted regretfully that she had not had a tinkle.........I already knew Jane had an impressive bladder capacity but drinks with dinner,large fanta at the movies and wine at midnight now resulted in her busting for a pee..It was very obvious that Jane needed to get to a toilet urgently but I didn't know how to help her....
As we approached the appartment complex I reminded Jane I was on the third floor......By this time she was quite distressed and as she bounded up the steps Jane finnally grabbed hold of herself....standing outside my door I nervously fumbled with the keys; Jane grabbed them and opened the door.As she dashed inside she called me some very rude names.......Fortunately I left a light on; Jane was already pulling down her slacks and undies as she rushed accross the hall....In the bathroom she literally tossed herself on to the toilet and immediately began to gush;it was a noise that sounded like a sand-blaster..... I'd never heard a girl make such an amazing whooshing sound..... as the torrential flow eased it was more of sizzling hissssss.....Jane had left the door open so I stood round the corner to give her some sort of privacy. As the last dribbles splashed into the water I quietly moved outside..........
Jane then joined me out on the balcony..... As I expected she was rather embarrased by what had just happened to her; but she was also angry at me for being so unhelpful in her time of need and seeming to enjoy her desperation........ It didn't take long for both of us to see the humour in the unusual experience we had shared.Jane even addmitted having to change her panties because a little bit of wee had accidently leaked out ....... before long we were swapping pee stories; games we'd played as kids and other peoples accidents etc...... All this chat culminated in each of us claiming to have the largest bladder; I challanged Jane to a competition to see who could hold in their pee the longest???
Not long after this we both had four days off. (We were both nurses)
Jane would be staying over from Friday evening..... The basic plan : Have a pee around noon during our lunch break and then let our bladders fill to bursting point.... The first person to use the toilet would loose........ This would happen sometime during the evening. After dinner we sat in the lounge room watching TV and I just waited for one of us to get a serious urge.......When it was approaching 10pm I was getting concerned; I was yet to reach desperation but my bladder was starting to feel dangerously full.... I could only assume that after ten hours Jane must be getting as uncomfortable as me......
It was a very warm night (summer in Australia)....but I was surprised when Jane suggested we strip down to our underwear.... Then she grabbed a cushion to put in her lap so she could slip her hand between her legs....... Jane blushed because I knew full well that she was frantically holding onto her privates...... Despite needing to go so badly Jane was still determined to win the competition.... This was definitely not how I planned the evening...... I just expected Jane to loose ....... Fearing that I may end up wetting my own pants if this torturous situation continued for too much longer....... and not knowing how Jane might react to me disgracing myself ...... and worried I may be forced to surrender....... I had to devise a new plan.
I suggested that if Jane could stand up for ten minutes I would forfeit to her and crown her victor..... She actually believed she could accomplish this variation to the challenge........
I knew even if Jane didn't that maintaining control while standing is much more difficult; I on the other hand was still sitting and by crossing my legs I could squeeze my willie tightly between my thighs........Jane was in obvious agony; she was dancing from foot to foot....... My heart was racing as I anticipated the imminent accident that one of us would soon have to face; I couldn't stop a few dribbles soaking into my undies.....Jane couldn't see what I had done but ultimately it didn't matter........ All of a sudden she made a frantic grab for her crotch; Jane's vice-like grip of her vulva could not prevent a few dribbles escaping......but it did leak out from the lowest part of her girlie slit.
Jane was horrified that she had to resort to grabbing her privates in such a childish manner; declaring passionately that she would just have to concentrate more dilligently on holding in her wee without actually touching herself.
Jane stood in front of me gyrating and bouncing up and down. She was wearing light mauve panties.....I could see the wet patch.... We had moved to the kitchen which had a tiled floor .... so any puddles could be mopped up......
Jane moaned "I've done a bit of wee.......not gonna let any more come out."
She continued to struggle against her balooning bladder; her contorted face a display of her mounting distress........ Eventually she needed to go potty so urgently she had no choice but to grab hold of herself. Quite simply her bladder was pushed to capacity.... With only two minutes remaining there was no time to get to the bathroom; Jane would have to urinate right where she stood.
As she wrapped both hands around her aching crotch Jane squeezed her thighs together..... I think she probably wet a bit more.
"I really am busting......... can't hold on!!"
Jane fought against her bodily needs for a few more seconds but it was clearly futile.....
"Oh my God!!.....I'm already doing it.....too late......Oh no!!.... I'm going wee wee in my pants!!!"
Resigned to her fate Jane moved her hands.....Her upper chest and face became flushed........A couple more spurts shot out of her panties.... She pulled up violently on her pelvic muscles as she groaned... Her entire body began to tremble..... she closed her eyes and made a strange growling the exact same moment a few quick spurts soaked through the now dampened crotch.....
Then without delay the real deluge began......there was a sizzling rustling sound as the pee flowed through her thick thatch.
The cloud-burst was relentless..... Jane looked down and parted her legs.......As the pent up pee continued to flow it made more of a whooshing sound......most of the wee streamed straight through her cotton panties; some sprayed out the sides like a lawn sprinkler... The remainder rolled down her legs in yellow riverlets.
The cascade splished and sploshed creating an enormous puddle..... Even when she was done, droplets of wee continued to drip from her urine soaked crotch......
When I stood up I lost all control and did a massive wee in my pants... adding even more to the spreading puddle.....
We both enjoyed this experience so much we shared lots of other special moments together for the remainder of our relationship.....


Post Title (optional)another pleasant memory

Had something happen recently that took me back to another memory from about thirty years. Back then I was staying at a small state park. The restroom and shower area was somewhat small since the park wasn't really very crowded and was small. Well, I went into take a big poop. It was early night and the place was empty. There were three stall with no doors but as soon as you walked in the door you had a full view of the three toilets and who was sitting there. Well, I had been sitting for about five minutes (kinds hoping someone would come in) and a young handsome scruffy dude walked in . He was about my age. I could tell he looked a little embarrassed walking in on me. But he suddenly walked over and said, 'Mind if I join you?' I told him to go right ahead, we all gotta go sometime. He sat in the stall next to me and dropped his pants and said the immortal, "I feel a big one comin." I said, "Same here. I felt a long warm turd slowly sliding out my hole. I then said, Boy I did a whopper. He replied the same. We both then proceeded to wipe our young firm muscular butts. we each got a look at each other's private areas when we were pulling our pants up. We became good buddies while we were at the camp. Oh, nothing like that warm male bonding while taking a shit together with another friendly guy.

Sooooo hard

Been really having problems going these last few weeks. Its been taking a lot of straining and pushing and the most memorable almost felt as though I was giving birth.........I always grip my pants when I have to push hard and this was no exception. I have never had such a wide poo before, it was so hard as well and my eyes watered at the extreme pain it caused. 35 min to push it out, I did try not to push cause I knew it was so big and so hard. I cried out quite loud when it finally dropped out into the pan with such a solid, resounding 'bonk' sound I had to double check that it had not broken the pan. It was smeared with mucus and blood and my bum hurt for a few days after. It soaked my bum with the pan water. The next one that pushed its self out was just as hard but a normal size thank god, but hurt just as much because of being so sore. I have been trying to drink lots of water. All the best.


not well at mo

So sadly not well at mo had a very sudden bout of diarrhea when I went to bed last night. Lasted 2 & a half hours & ended up taking 5 imodium all together to stop it!
(Not all at once obviously) slept the rest of night thank god but not been myself
Today. Just dizzy, hot/cold & generally not myself.
Have eaten & have been very thirsty. Think it's my stress induced IBS ss
I'm getting married & I'm stressed about that. I'm a people pleaser
And unfortunately I can't keep everyone happy. So anyway gonna hopefully
Get a better nights sleep tonight! & topped up my medicine box of my friend Loperamide (imodium) just in case!

Bill F
Tim, I enjoyed your story about the motel bathroom, and it sounds like you were there for Sally when she needed you most.
Anyways, the second toilet in our house is fixed, so things have gone back to normal. There were two more incidents with Sam after our little "war" ended. The first time, I was on the toilet, having a tough poop when Sam barged in, obviously needing to poop really bad. I told her I wasn't done yet. She would have gone in the trash bin like last time, only that's exactly why it wasn't there. We were getting a new one, so I told Sam to go in the tub instead. She said "I can't dirty up a place where people get clean!" More wise words from Sam. Then the second fart came suddenly. She quickly pulled her pants and panties down, getting them out of the way of her moving poop just in time. She then bent over and got into a sort of half-squat, half-standing stance with her poop quickly sliding out. Two fat turds landed on the floor below her. She then quickly stepped in the shower and peed. While waiting for my poop to come out, I wrapped my hand in toilet paper, and picked her poops up and dropped them in the toilet. I was done soon after.
The next time, I was having a shower, and I had locked the door. Sure enough, Sam knocked and said she had to poop. I started washing myself faster, all the while she was begging me to hurry. I turned off the shower, and dried off a bit. As I was drying off, I heard that second fart. I opened the door, but Sam just stayed put with that bug-eyed look. I saw her pants poke out from her butt, and a wet stain started forming on the front of her pants, then one large stream down her leg. By this time, she was finished pooping herself, and she went into the bathroom to clean herself up, while I went to get the mop.
Hopefully there won't be as many emergency situations now, for Sam's sake.
Now, I have another story to tell about Emily. We were walking to the treehouse, like last time. Also like last time, she farted quite a few times on the way. After one of these farts, she lifted up her dress, still walking and to my surprise, she had no panties on! I asked "Where's your underwear?" She said "Hold on.." She kept her dress up, so I had a good view of her walking butt, and the turd that started sliding out of it! It looked very different from when she normally pooped, as this time her poop was swaying back and forth as it grew. The first turd dropped, and another one started pushing out, also swaying back and forth. The second one dropped, and she seemed done. Then she said "After I pooped myself last time, I thought I would be better safe then sorry. Now, I still have to pee, and what I just pushed out isn't exactly helping, so come on!" When we got to the treehouse, Emily was holding herself, legs crossed. She started climbing up first, and I stood under her, for reasons we boys know. Anyways, she kept holding herself while climbing, and she farted again. Without warning, a turd shot out, and I dodged it. I said "Watch out, you almost dropped a bomb on me!" She said "Shut up, you're making me wet myself! You can be funny later." Once she was in the treehouse and I was no longer under fire, I climbed up myself. Once I got up, I saw her lifting her skirt up and sitting down apparently just in time. She said "You made me lose a spurt in my hands!" Soon I heard a loud hissing. I said "Oops." She said "Hey, that's my line!" We both had a good laugh, and she finished peeing. She wiped her vagina, and as much of her butt as she could. She showed me her anus, and said "Did I miss anything?" I said no. It seems her poops are very dry, and it's not easy for her butt to get really dirty. I sat down and had a poop, with quite a few more farts in it then usual. I peed more than usualas well, because I packed two juice boxes for lunch.
See ya next time!

There was a kindergarten story. I was in kindergarten. We had a toilet bowl and sink in the classroom with a curtain. I went to morning session. So, I would empty my bowels when I woke up in the morning or when I got home. I hated school. The kids and the teachers were miserable. I used to be self-conscious even in privacy by pulling down my navy skort and panties to my thighs and knees. In the afternoon, my grandmother would take me to her house. There I could make #2 in privacy. Sometimes a HS or college girl would babysit me at their house or mine. I was passed around to many people. One afternoon, a college girl took me home and I had to make #2. I undid my navy skort and pink little girl pink panties to my ankles while I hopped on the toilet with the seat turned up. I let out dark brown chunks. The girl checked in on me to see how I was. I sat for a while until I reached for toilet paper and wiped myself. I fixed my clothes and flushed.

D-Jay K

Third post

Ok. I'm gonna have this one short. This has been on my mind since 2011. One morning when I was working at Perkin's, I had an urge to take crap. I did not have any stomach pains. I took a my crap and when I checked the toilet I saw at least 5 or 6 turds and blood. I don't know if it was a hemorrhoid or if is a serious problem. I was kind of worried. Nothing weird happened since then. My BM accomplishments have been normal. A family member of mine has CD. I don't. Can this be inherited in time? What should I do, even if it was just 1 scare?

I am tired. Staying in tonight. My rectum stopped itching. That red chile peppers did my rectum in. It was hot baths followed by rubbing alcohol that stopped the hurt. I took probiotics in recent months to give me firmer movements. During the summer, I was taking classes at college. In the afternoon, I had to make #2. So, I went to the lib. toilet, undid the drawstring of my gray cut-off sweat shorts, let down my red Jockey microfiber panties, sat on the toilet and dropped 1-3, maybe 4 firm logs. They felt good. Another black girl in my class came in, took the adjoining stall. She undid her cut-off blue jeans and red cotton bikini panty, belt buckle hit the floor. She said, "Timee, I go to drop this deuce. I can't take it no longer." With that, she let out a squealing buzzing fart. First, it was two splashes and then chunks. We talked for a while, then wiped ourselves and flushed. We came out of the stalls fixing our clothes. She commented on our underwear, both being red.

I am tired. Staying in tonight. My rectum stopped itching. That red chile peppers did my rectum in. It was hot baths followed by rubbing alcohol that stopped the hurt. I took probiotics in recent months to give me firmer movements.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Megan B great story it sounds like you had a rough day but managed to save your favorite overalls from being completely ruined and your room mate was a big to you your lucky to have her as a friend and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Betty first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop on the floor of your car it sounds like you really had to and at least you didnt have an accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Timee great peeing stories and I hope your ass feels better soon and I look forward to your nwxt post thanks.

To: Tiffany great story you really were a great friend to Nikki helping her out while you were both locked in that closet and those seniors hopefully learned there lesson and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nick great story about your girlfirends pooping adventures it sounds like she really had to poop both those times.

To: The Brother great story about your sisters big poop it sounds like she really had to go alot and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story it sounds like you guys had a really great holiday and you really helped sally out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

long time lurker

old posters

Hey long time lurker and first time poster. I was wondering what happened to Mr. Klogs and John H. havent seen any post from either of them in a long time. If they still visit here then I hope you both post soon


Linda's questions

Linda's questions - nice set of questions; here are my answers:

1. I've never filmed it, but I have looked at it up close with a mirror, just out of curiosity, especially when I was constipated, I wanted to see how much things were actually "stretching" down there...
2. I don't have a partner, but I imagine I wouldn't mind them there if I were constipated and pooping. It's not the same, but I have had my brother there with me and I don't consider that weird.
3. I have, before. I've definitely overheard constipation before. One time I overheard a friend of mine (I didn't know it was him at first, but after we got out of the stall and I after I heard him grunting and pushing and barely getting anything out, I saw that it was a friend. Must have been awkward for him). Although often I'm the one being overheard :P
4. I've been camping many times and I've been constipated while camping before. I often find it easier to poop while squatting, especially outside, so having to do a constipated poop while camping (which I've done) isn't that bad. As long as I can go off and be somewhere private.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Hi everyone,

It's been a very long time since I posted last-there's been SO much going on-Artiss and I are finally wed!!! Our relationship that began in a Dollar General bathroom after I accidentlally walked in on her while she was trying to clean herself up after shitting her pants in the store was consumated in a beautiful outdoor setting where we exchanged rings and vows and pledged our love for one another-this beautiful older lady who could easily be my grandmother rather than my wife. But she is now my wife, and every night when we bed down together, she reminds me how lucky she is to have me and I remind her how lucky I am to have her.

She looked so beautiful on her wedding day in a dress that we had both picked out-it was a very shiny and silky white.. AND she even had matching underwear made up to go with the dress-full-cut briefs made out of the same silky white material with fancy lace and imitation-pearl inlays over the crotch area-white, silky garter belt, and matching bra to hold her D-cup breasts. I got to see it all after the wedding was over and we were alone-and a little bit before that-let me explain.

The ceremony was so beautiful, we were wedded under the trees in a county park near us on a wooded cliff overlooking a rapid-running stream through beautiful and unusual rock formations. After the vows were said, there was a reception right there in a park pavillion, followed by dinner and a dance after that.

This pavillion had bathrooms with indoor plumbing and flush toilets rather than the pit toilets found elsewhere in the park. We had just had the dinner and were getting prepared for the dance, when what I had expected to happen did- Artiss winced suddenly and held her breath a second before exhaling, while her hand went across her stomach. "Patrick, I need to.......the dinner. We're married now-I want you to come with." That said, she took me by the hand and lead me across the pavilion to the toilets.

Now the neat part about the bathroom set-up in this place was that there were men's and ladies rooms with stalls in them, but right in the middle between the two was a single-room "Family" bathroom, designed for parents with small children. We're a family now, Patrick." she said as she lead me through the doorway into the private chamber and then locked the door behind us.

"OOOOHHH Patrick" she cried holding her stomach again. "I've really cooked up a brew in my gut-I wanted you to watch me go while I was wearing my wedding dress-let's face it Patrick-we both get turned on by....that.....and there's nothing wrong with it, it's something we enjoy. But oh, Patrick, I can't wait any longer, or my white dress will have a huge brown stain in the back-it will have "happened" she said as we both chuckled, remembering the movie "Bridesmaids."

That said, she walked over to the toilet and started hoisting her voluptuous skirts up. There were a lot of them, but she managed to get them hitched up in the rear an her thumbs in the waistband of her garter belt, grabbing the underpants on the way down to her knees as she sat down on the seat.

Her skirts were piled high on her lap now, with her bare thighs sticking out from underneath, visible all the way up to her bare bottom. "Time to get down to business" she said, as the cannon fired loudly from her asshole, spraying a load of messy, smelly shit into the bowl beneath her exposed derriere'. "UUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!" she moaned as round 2 exploded from her rectum. Then the hissing sound of piss emptying from her bladder. Her eyes were rolled back in pure relief. "Oh Patrick, it feels good to have you in here with me-we just took a vow to share......everything.." I smiled, taking her hand and rubbing it, as several small machine-gun rounds of farts and plops sounded from underneath her.

Finally her gut settled down, and I unrolled the paper for her as she began the task of wiping herself clean. Then she stood up, pulled her undies up an re-adjusted them before letting her skirts drop back down to her ankles and the turning to the sink to wash her hands. When she had completly washed and dried them-I unravelled and handed her the paper towels-she took her hand in mine, and looking me straight in the eye said, "I love you Patrick" and kissed me deep and hard before unlocking the door so that we could go back out and return to our guests.

To Kelly: I can openly discuss my bowel habits with my Mum. I don't live with my parents anymore so I don't tell them every time I'm constipated. But when my Mum and I were on holidays last year, we went to the UK and Europe. When we were in Paris, I got constipated and I told my Mum about it. She was constipated at the same time as me too. I even gave her a 'commentary' while I sat on the toilet, trying to push the poo out.

Dominic: I also have to watch what I eat, otherwise I get constipated easily too. If I eat too much chilli, it makes my poos bigger and harder. Plus they burn my anus when I'm pushing them out.

Emily: I had major constipation problems when I was around 6 or 7 years of age. I remember having to wear sanitary pads when I was constipated because I had liquid poo coming out - from being impacted with poo. I pooped my pants a few times as a kid, because I had to use suppositories to help me go and the poo would come out without much warning.

Here is another story from a few years ago. I was constipated at the time and I had the urge to go before I started work at 7am. So I sat on the toilet and started pushing - I had about 20 minutes to spare. I pushed and strained and a skinny piece of rock hard poo started to poke out of my anus. It was burning too. I had to work really hard to keep the turd moving. After lots of trying, the poo just wouldn't budge so I had to break it off with some tp. I used lots of toilet paper to clean my anus, as it was covered in sticky poo. I spent almost 30 minutes on the toilet so I was running late for work. My anus was burning even more after that. I felt defeated but I had to go to work. I felt uncomfortable all morning, my anus was sore and I was full of poo. I went to the toilet for a wee later that morning and I found dried up poo in my knickers!!! I was horrified! I was sure I had wiped my butt properly!! I stayed constipated until the next afternoon!

Tim (and Sally)

Forest Accidents

Hi, everybody, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 16 years old. I have told many stories about my girlfriend, and now wife, Sally having accidents and about me always being there to help her out. However, this story is a little different, because this time, it was she who helped me out. So, here goes:
One weekend, during springtime, Sally and I were walking together in the forest, just enjoying each other's company. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, cramps started hitting me, making me double over in pain and agony. "Are you alright, Tim?" Sally asked, a worried tone to her voice. "I really need to do a poo!" was my grunting reply. "Here, let me help you." she responded, taking my hand and leading me to the bushes. Before we got there, I had a massive urge to let a fart out. I pushed, and instantly wished I hadn't. Poo flooded my shorts, the fact that I was not wearing any undies making it worse. I started to cry, prompting Sally to ask, "What are you crying for, Tim?" to which I replied, "I've just pooped my shorts, and I wasn't wearing any undies." This made her stop and kiss me, and she said to me, "Remember when we were staying at that motel with the squat toilets, and I had really bad diarrhoea and I was afraid that I had massed my favourite pair of undies?" I nodded. "But you were so kind and caring to me, and I've always wished that I could return that in some way. Now, I can." and with that, she helped me behind a bush, helped me pull my very messy shorts down, waited until I was squatting down and pooping, then she squatted next to me for a quick pee and a fart. When I was done, she found some leaves for me to wipe with. I kissed her and thanked her for being such and understanding friend. On the way home, we stripped naked and went for a swim in the creek, where I also managed to wash my shorts so that my parents wouldn't know what happened.

Tim (and Sally)

Survey that Dominic Answered

Thought I would answer this one because I have sometimes had issues with pooping my pants as a young kid and constipation/diarrhoea didn't help:

1. Was anyone here ever encouraged as a child to poop their pants to end constipation?
-Yes, when I was about 5 years old. I had really bad diarrhoea, and every 30 minutes, I had to ask my parents to stop so that I could pop a squat in the bushes. Eventually, they got tired of this, and told me to just go in my pants. So, whenever the urge to poo hit me, I would just relax and let it all out.
2. Has anyone here ever pooped their pants on purpose while constipated as a child (without permission or encouragement)?
-I used to. I preferred squatting to poop and sometimes the only way I could do that was in my pants. Sometimes if I felt an urge and I couldn't make it to the toilet/bushes in time, I would just squat where I was and go. I had to be careful, however, as I didn't wear undies very often, so I always tried to make it to toilet/bushes if I could.
3)Has anyone here ever had an accident as a child because they were constipated, and then they had a sudden urge to go but couldn't make it to a bathroom?
-That happened to me once when I was about 10 years old. The urge hit me unexpectedly while I was walking, and it was so fast that before I even had time to think, I was pooping my pants. Luckily, I had undies on that day. My undies were already dirty, and they were old, so I thought I should finish what I started, so I just squatted and let it all out into my undies.

Tim (and Sally)

Soap Laxative

Hi, everyone, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was about 10 years old. My mother was very strict with me when it came to having a bowel movement every day. Up until the age of 13, she would always ask me, "Have you had a bowel movement today?" and "Where did you have it?" She didn't care whether I had it at home, with Sally, in the bushes or in the backyard, as long as I had 1 bowel movement per day. If I hadn't had one that day, she would say, "Right then, go and get your potty and meet me in your room." This was her little routine. If I didn't say that I'd had a poo when she asked me, even if I wasn't actually constipated, she would give me what she called "A soap enema." Basically, I would go and get a stainless steel bedpan and a roll of toilet paper from the cupboard and go into my bedroom, where she would be waiting. Once there, she would say, "Take off your clothes, give me the toilet paper and place the bedpan on the floor." which I would do. Once I was naked, she would say, "Assume your most comfortable position." which was usually on the ground on all fours, but sometimes I tried squatting or lying face down. Usually, though, it was all fours. Then, using a knife and a bar of soap that she kept especially for this purpose, she would cut off a piece of soap, about the size of your thumb. Then she would spread my bum cheeks with her fingers and say, "Push like you're doing a poo." which I would then do. She would proceed to force the piece of soap up my bum with her finger, as far as she could reach. Then she would say, after re-inserting her finger up my anus to check that the soap was properly in position, to lie face down on the floor for about 5-10 minutes to give the soap a "chance to work." Once 5-10 minutes was up, she would then tell me, "Get up and squat over the bedpan." Which I did, and then she would coax me into pooping by saying things such as, "Come on now, push really hard, that's it, no, come on, push harder, you're not pushing hard enough!" If I still hadn't been after about 30 minutes, which was the case this time because I was well and truly constipated, she would make me go on all fours again and insert a second piece of soap up my anus. Only this time, she made me lie down for 5 minutes rather than the previous ten, before telling me to go back to squatting. After another 30 minutes, I still hadn't been, and my legs were starting to hurt from the prolonged squatting position. I remember asking her if I could go and sit on the toilet rather than squat, but if I asked this question, her response was always, "No, squatting will help your poops come out faster." This time, however, nothing seemed to be working. So, Mum cut a third piece and said, impatiently, to me, "You've got 5 more minutes, then I'm giving you a third piece. Here it is. Your choice." Usually, 2 pieces did the trick. Not this time. 5 minutes passed, and Mum, seeing that I still hadn't gone, told me to get on all fours a third time and she inserted the third piece of soap up my anus. This time, I didn't lie down at all, I went straight back to squatting. The third piece did the trick, and with a lot more grunting and pushing, and a lot of guidance from Mum, I passed 7 huge turds into the bedpan and 3 crumpled, melted pieces of soap. The bedpan was so heavy from the turds, it was almost impossible for me to carry to empty. Before I did, however, Mum gave me toilet paper to wipe with. She told me to wipe in the squatting position, so that she could see my anus clearly and make sure that I wiped correctly. After I emptied the bedpan out, I washed it in readiness for next time. Until the next post, see you later, guys!

1. Has anyone ever filmed themselves while they were taking a dump?
No, I have never filmed myself from taking a dump. Having said that, though, there was this one time, which I have written about here on this website, I'm pretty sure, when I was about 10 and I had diarrhoea in a squat toilet. When I was done, I discovered that someone had concealed a camera in the toilet and had filmed me having diarrhoea. I was angered by this, and threw the camera down into the toilet pit.

2. For those people that get constipated a lot, do you like your partner/boyfriend to watch you while you are pooping? Or do you prefer to do it alone?
I am 20 years old and I am married to Sally, who is also 20. We have been friends all our lives and have been married for 2 years. We have been naked and gone to the toilet in front of each other since we were 6 years old. We always watch each other on the toilet, it's nothing new to us. In fact, just last week, I finished installing a second toilet in our bathroom, so that the two of us could use the bathroom at the same time without having to wait for the other person to finish.

3.Has anyone ever been in a public toilet and heard someone else in there, having trouble pooping??
Yes, at a camping ground squat toilet, where the toilets were unisex. She came in, squatted down and sounded like she was constipated. Just as I was finishing up and getting ready to leave, she finally managed t drop her load. It was pretty large and hard, judging by the amount of grunting and straining.

4. Has anyone been on a camping trip and got really constipated and had to do a poo outside??
Yes, Sally was really constipated on a recent camping trip that we did in the forest, so I gave her some prune juice. Within half an hour, it worked, and she had to dash outside and use the hole that we had dug in the ground for a toilet. She filled it right up. It was so full, in fact, that I had to dig a new hole for us to use.


Reply to kmd

Hi kmd.
No worries,
I've had IBS for 10years.
They're usually very soft hardly ever solid,
I usually have massive bms 4/5 times a day.
I don't tend to pass gas as I get very desperate & it's difficult
To control so my ???? aches very quickly & it all just slips out.
It's quite embarrassing in public though I've never messed myself and don't
Intend to lol.
It's also a pain at work having to go so often.
I'm never constipated though sometimes I'll only go once a day for a massive bowel movement so to me I suppose that's a bit like constipation.
Thanks for your concern :-)

Hey everybody. It seems like I've been starting every post lately with an apology for going so long between posts. I was ill recently and missed a few days of school. Then I struggled to get caught up and had no time. But anyway, I've a few moments now to share a story. I have a few comments first, then the story.

Jasmin K - First, sorry to hear that you are struggling with constipation. It has to be miserable to have a sore bum every time you do a poo, or strain so much you're bleeding.
Also, you asked earlier about my morning routine of trying the loo. Well, lately I wake up early and have breakfast and then go sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. I just read a book or something and if I can do a poo, great. If not, I go off to school. I only strain and actively try to produce a poo if I haven't been for several days. And on Saturday and Sunday I sit for double the time, at least half an hour.

Abbie - Glad to see you're posting again. I hope everything goes well with your gap year. This is my last year of school, but I'll most likely go straight into uni once I've finished.
It is annoying though when I sit in the morning and get no results, only to have an urge in the middle of first lesson. Luckily, on that day I was able to get a stall and have a very quick poo. As I said, I normally need a lot longer to do a poo, so I don't bother even trying during morning break.

Now on to the story. I've had some success with my morning routine, but it could definitely be better. I did a poo Tuesday evening before bed, and then nothing Wednesday or Thursday. Then I was able to have a big satisfying poo on Friday morning and leave for school feeling completely empty and wonderful.

This morning, I sat on the loo and after about ten minutes, I was feeling like I would be able to do a poo. There was four pieces that came out easily, then I had to strain to get out the last piece of poo. I wiped several times, flushed, and then took a shower.

What really surprised me though, was when I noticed an urge to poo again this afternoon. I don't ever remember doing two poos in one day. But it was really a poo, and not just a fart, so I went to the toilet again. Shortly after sitting, a rope-like poo started coming out. It was very long and got thinner as it kept growing. When it did end, I pushed out a few nuggets of poo and that was all. I needed only two wipes to get clean that time.

All right, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it.


A thing I don't get

I know one time I gone in a bathroom with 5 stalls. I gone in the 3rd or 4th stall to poo. I locked the door and when someone enters the restroom they go to my stall and try to get in but they go to the next stall. What was so special about my stall. And they only pee too. And there are urinals in there too.

Mark E Mark


For anyone out there who is constipated, get yourself a box of cereal called "All-Bran Bran Buds." Not the tastiest cereal, but will unclog the worst constipation. Stress and poor eating had me using enemas just to go two months ago. Started keeping the bran buds cereal around and eating servings of it as normal cereal with Cheerios or something else for flavor. It goes well on ice cream and gives it a crunch. Can be used in smoothies. Get creative. After a week of eating this cereal my constipation was gone. No more enemas. Huge poops would just slap their way out of my butt and into the toilet. Have fun and enjoy!

Megan B.

Red All Over

Lindsey- That's cool about the Pull-Ups. I was a bedwetter until I was 15, so, I know the drill. Whenever I'm at the store and walk past the aisle with all the Pull-Ups and adult diapers and stuff I always think back to what it was like wearing them. Totally hated it at the time, but, if I'm honest, there's a little nostalgia about it now, maybe just the whole nostalgia of being a kid. We think life is so complicated in high school. Little do we know. Compared to college and holding a job versus some homework and bedwetting? Hell, I'll take the bedwetting! LOL

On to my story:

SO, I'm a sophomore in college now, 19. I'm fit, though not a twig. Oh, and I have a freaking obsession with overalls! I must have like 8 or 9 different pairs!

Anyway, I had just gotten these awesome red overalls! Not like rust colored corduroy, but, fire-engine red! You've got to admit, fire engine red overalls are cool, there is no room for debate.

Anyway, I had just gotten these and was totally excited to wear them for the first time. I went with a white and blue baseball tee with them, and of course, some converses!

Now, lets backtrack for a moment. I had sushi for dinner the night before. But, not like real sushi, supermarket sushi (hey, I'm a poor college student!). Nothing tasted funny about the sushi, but, something must have been a little off in it, because, my stomach was upset the next morning! I felt a little queasy, but, most of the discomfort was south of the border, so to speak. Unfortunately, I had to make it to class this day. I had a test in art history (boo!), and I had missed my afternoon English class the previous meeting, so, I needed to catch up.

But, I wasn't going to let an upset stomach keep me from looking totally awesome!

So, I visit the restroom a couple times in the day, and each time it's like chocolate fondue! Almost liquid, but, not pure water. Pleasant, I know.

So, this English class only meets once a week for an excruciatingly painful 3 and a half hours. One short break in the middle. It's in the basement of the economics building (go figure), and they're the ratty-eat bathrooms imaginable. I think the school kind of forgot about them. By the time I could have gotten to another bathroom I would have had like 30-seconds to do something. Since I didn't feel too bad I skipped it and went back to class.

With about 30-minutes left in class I started getting some bad cramps and could feel it getting bad again. I squirmed, crossed my legs, considered the meaning of life, and held on for dear life for the next 30-minutes! With 5 minutes to go I had all my stuff in my backpack. I was planning on an immediate egress from class as soon as the professor called it.


I was out of there immediately!

The nearest toilets were up a flight of stairs and clear through a couple halls.

Right as I got to the top of the stairs someone grabbed my arm and stopped me dead in my tracks. It was my roommate (total sweetheart!).

Before she even spoke a word I lost it. I stood there in front of my roommate and started filling my panties with this unimaginably foul mushy fudge. My roommate saw the look on my face, caught a whiff (I'm sure a few others coming up the stairs did, too!) and she quickly jerked me out the doors by the stair case.

"Did you poop your pants again?"

(This may not have been the first time she'd seen me completely crap my pants)

I was at a loss for words. I couldn't even muster a response besides a nod of my head.

She peaked behind me.

"It's bad."

From about halfway through campus to the edge (we live right off campus) she walked behind me closely to (hopefully) block anyone from seeing. She was really apologetic, although, I told her it wasn't her fault, she didn't know. All the while with each step I can feel this stuff moving around. Thankfully I was wearing high-cut panties that day and they held it mostly in.

We got back to our place. I went straight to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I had this huge stain right on the seat of my overalls! I was mortified. I turned the shower on and jumped in, overalls and all. I proceeded to wash off. I must have been in the shower for an hour!

Eventually I was clean. The panties were scrapped, but, I decided to see if my overalls were salvageable, so, I tossed them in the washing machine.

I went into my room to find my roommate had already laid out some clothes for me. She's a year older than me and loves to be motherly. I threw on the yellow overalls she had grabbed out of my closet and the white and black tee, too. She always thinks of cute outfits!

Anyway, she was in our living room watching tv. I was still embarrassed, even though she was totally cool about what happened and had helped me get home, but, still, I mean, I POOPED MY FREAKING PANTS.

She was nice about it though and reminded me that her and I were going to go to the book store after my class, which is why she was waiting for me. I had totally blanked about that in my desperation to (unsuccessfully) not poop myself.

We watched tv and grabbed some dinner. I ate light and NOT sushi!

The lesson here? Supermarket sushi sucks!

But, the red overalls were saved! Not a trace of my shame was left on the seat of those overalls!

When my class met again no one said anything. Either no one noticed, or they're being polite. Either way, I'm not going to ask if anyone saw!

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