1.5 day's load

I'm new here. I'm a 23 year old girl, 5'6, slim. I've always been able to poop kind of a large load and I always go once a day at least. But lately I haven't been able to go for almost 2 whole days.

When I was coming home from work the other night, I had to poop quite badly. Unfortunately the toilet at work was out of order and I had been holding it in for a few hours already, so I was at the verge of losing control. While concentrating and tried to pay attention to the road, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my abdomen which forced a loud fart's way out of me and that's when I could feel my load about to come out and I just don't think I would be able to hold it in.

I quickly pulled over and tried to regain control but I could feel the load right tat the edge and I knew I wouldn't be able to make it because I was still at least 30 minutes away from my apartment. I had no choice but hastily kneeling on my seat with my face was facing towards the back seat and as soon as I had lowered my pink underwear and pulled my skirt up a bit, I leaned forward a bit and this poop started to slowly come out of my anus. I pushed a bit and after several minutes, I pooped a long solid turd and it was followed by a couple long ones but wasn't as long as the first one. It made a huge pile on the car floor.

In the end, I felt relieved but it took me ages to clean out the stains for it.

My rectum is itching me. I had lentil soup and I put lots of pepper in it the other night. My ass is raw and red. I will take a bath and apply witch hazel to the affected area. I put my bikini white with blue stripes in the washer with my shirts, socks and other underwear to soak. In the morning, I will run the washer.

My best friend, Nikki, and I had been best friends since we were in Pre-K.

We're both 14 and was just entering high school this year. Nikki and a few days ago, I were walking to the washroom because she had been constipated for nearly 2 days and was feeling the urge and I needed to put apply some makeup on while keeping her company. But before we could make it there, there was these seniors that suddenly pushed us into this small supply closet that was barely big enough for both of us to stand in with enough space in between us. We tried to get out but they locked the door and left us in there. We tried to bang onto the door and screamed for help but unfortunately it was after school and no one was around because they already left. The only reason why we were still there was mainly due to band practice.

While we were there, Nikki was holding her stomach and told me that she still had to poop so badly and could barely hold on. We had spent a full 10 minutes trying to bang on the door and screamed for help, hoping that maybe one of the teachers or the custodian was still around but that wasn't helpful at all. More time had passed and Nikki started to sweat a little and was in much more discomfort while holding her stomach trying to hold in her load. I used my cellphone's flashlight to look around and found the light on top of us. As soon as I had turned the light on so we could see what we were doing. We knew that our parents wasn't home and never picks up their cell while they were working so when we did call them to let them know what was happening, it just went straight to voice mail.

After being stuck in there for over an hour an a half, she started to cry a little bit and suddenly this forceful fart came out of her while she held her stomach. Then she pulled her pants and panties off and said: "Ughh I can't hold it in, uuggggghhhhh". As soon as she made the 2nd "ugh" sound, this thick solid turd emerged and slowly came out. She started to cry even more and started to apologize because she was stinking up the entire closet. She stood there, crying and pooping, I tried to comfort her a bit and found some tissue papers for her to wipe after she was finished. At the end, I noticed that her pile was quite large. She apologized again after she stopped crying. We were stick in there for a couple more hours before our parents and one of the teachers eventually came and got us out.

Lets just say the seniors was never heard from after we told the teachers what happened.


Girlfriend's random adventures

My girlfriend and I had been dating for a few years now. We're both 18 and are seniors at school. We've gotten very close to each other, so close that we don't have a lot of problem using the toilet in front of each other when one of us was at each other's house to stay over when our parents was busy. But there was a few incidents that happened with her a few times during the course of our relationship though.

1) When we were 15, we were making out at school and she accidentally farted right there in the halls. Her face lighted up like a bright red christmas light before running towards the washroom. It took the entire day to cheer her up that day after that incident.

2) When we were 16, we were at the park just playing around at the jungle gym because we got bored after the movies. She suddenly felt a urge to poop. There wasn't a toilet around, so she looked around real quick before pulling her panties and hanging her butt in between the monkey bars. She told me to keep an eye out before she started to rip a loud one out. A poop started to emerge out of her butt after making a sigh of relief. She pooped out a couple of thick snakes out before finishing. She also squirted a few pee streams out while she was at it.

3) About a few months ago, we were at my place for a couple days while my parents was out. I live in a small apartment with only 1 bathroom. Anyways, on the night that she was staying over, we were watching a movie on TV. Unfortunately my toilet at the time was broken and wouldn't be fixed until after my parents was back. She started to make some discomforting noises and I asked if she was okay. She said she was fine about a little while later, she said she had to poop quite badly and she hasn't been able to go for almost the entire time she was staying over, so she hasn't been able to go for nearly 2 days.

It was already quite dark out and we didn't want to bother neighbors just so she could use the toilet. We looked around the apartment and found a bucket she could go into. She hovered her butt over it and said that she could feel it about to come out. Then this quite thick solid poop started to come out and she looked like she was straining a little bit to push it out. It was coming out quite slowly and after 10 minutes, it was finally out. As soon as it came out, it made a thud sound and the entire time pooping, she stank up the entire apartment.


Getting constipated again...

Just when I have been constipated for a while, I've been getting constipated again and it's pretty frustrating. I haven't gone in three days. I guess I haven't been eating as well these past three days either, but man, I am so sensitive that if I don't eat perfectly it seems like I get really constipated pretty easily. I tried sit times the past two days just to be sure, but nothing happened. I finally had an urge to poop today, but I couldn't get anything out. It feels enormous and hard and I don't see how it'll be able to get out.

Either way, just thought I'd complain about that lol. Hopefully this resolves soon...


Angies survey (that Dominic answered to)

1. Was anyone here ever encouraged as a child to poop their pants to end constipation?

Yes, when I was constipated my mom said I should just start pushing when I feel the slightest urge, and not care if I messed my pants.

2. Has anyone here ever pooped their pants on purpose while constipated as a child (without permission or encouragement)?

Not without permission, because I was always given permission.

3. Has anyone here ever had an accident as a child because they were constipated, and then they had a sudden urge to go but couldn't make it to a bathroom?

Haven't had an accident, but done it on purpose.

the brother

Sister's poo at the park

Hi everyone. First time writer, long time lurker. My sister and I go everywhere together. We drive but prefer to walk. It's a healthier alternative and gives time to talk. Although on this occasion my sister didn't want to talk and I'm sure she would have preferred to drive. We were walking through the park and I noticed her heavy breathing, staggered pace, and minor sweat on her forehead. I looked at her and asked her if she was fine, she looked at me, face contorted and said "I need to go to the bathroom". Now we both know this park doesn't have a bathroom, so I asked "number 1 or 2?". "Both!" She exclaimed. I said "let's hurry home, we're not that far". She started crying and said she wasn't gonna make it. I looked around and said "there's a tree, you could use that". Even with the park being slightly empty, she was not comfortable with the idea. We crept forward slowly as my sister trailed behind me in agony. I looked ahead of us and saw a bench. It was a single long bench like the kind they have at little league games. I looked at her and said, "can you make it to the bench?" She shook her head yes and we made it. By this point she was gritting her teeth and whimpering. She asked "what are we doing?" I looked at her and said "take your panties off". Admittedly wrong thing to say. She looked at me with a confused look and said "what?" I continued to explain "look you're wearing a skirt, take your panties off, hike up your skirt a little and just let go". Normally she would have said no, but she was so desperate no way she could refuse. I faced one way on the bench and sat, she sat next to me facing the opposite direction. She slid her panties off and hiked her skirt a little above her ass, and hung her butt over the edge. Not even a second after she did this, a huge, thick, brown monster of a log started sliding out. It was massive and made a heavy thud as it hit the ground. Then another and another. Each piece was equally huge and the smell as so strong. She then repositioned herself and let a jet stream of pee out. Her urine was like a power washer hitting the cement. As she did, she accidentally let a piece of poo out and it landed on the bench. She sighed in relief, and thanked me for the idea. I told her anytime, and it was fun for me too. And it was fun, it was daring, and it was different. She had a little Kleenex pack and she tried to clean up best she could. Her panties had some skid marks on them, so I suggested she use them to clean up and ditch them. She wiped herself up, and threw them away in a near by trash can. She had some hand sanitizer in her purse and we continued on our way home. That's my story hope you enjoy.

I was on the way home when I had to pee tonight. I got off the subway at this lonely station. I thought that I could hold it until I got home. I could not. I put down my books on the roof of a car. Got to the curb, let down my navy trousers and white FOL briefs to me knees, spread my legs and peed, farted, felt some loose shit in my rectum. I fixed my stuff, came home, dropped my stuff and wiped my rectum with paper. I have been eating lots of fruit and drinking tea, which loosens me. I keep swearing off this forum, but I keep returning. I peed 2x at church this evening, my using the 3 stall female toilet. Both times, I undid my pants to my ankles, squatted over the bowl,and my piss squirted out my young black cat.

One night on my way home, I had this wild urge to pee. I got off the train at another stop in the next district. It is an old station, with an old toilet off to the side-no doors and cut-out stalls, oblong toilets. I was wearing my cut-off short sweat pants. I undid the drawstring, pulled down my gray pants and white FOL briefs to below my knees, squatted of the bowl and just let it out like a water hose, took some paper, wiped my cat, fixed my stuff and went home. I did not even flush.

D-Jay K

My 2nd post

To oldpoop- Thanks for responding to my last post. I have tried to sit on the toilet for a longer period of time before and I used to do this everyday because my second bowel movement would always come at least a half an hour to 45 minutes after the first one. Sometimes I just sat there no matter how bored I got and sometimes I read a book. I only do this every once and while because I work and I'm in college for Software Engineering. I thought I'd post another pooping story. This was yesterday.

Here it goes, I just ate a really big lunch and after I was done eating I went to the library to work on my lessons for school. Before I needed to work on my lessons I felt like I had to poop. So I went to the restroom that was close to the Heritage Center because its the quietest place in the building. I walk into the restroom and its deserted. So I go the nearest stall, unbuckle my belt, pull down my jeans, and boxers and sat down and relaxed. I pushed and the first couple of turds that came out of my butt were small. They were just lil nuggets. I knew I wasn't done, so I pushed again. This turd came out slowly and it took me about 3 pushes to get it out. The third turd that came out of my butt was at least 6 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. I wiped my butt and I thought I was done but nope I had a feeling in my stomach that was telling me that I still needed to push some more. I pushed again, again, and again, and nothing. So I decided to take a breather for moment to catch my breath. After I did, I fished my cell phone out of my jeans pocket and I looked at the time. I noticed that I have been sitting on the toilet for 12 minutes. I was like "Damn, time goes fast when you're having fun." I was only thinking it. Anyways, I start pushing again and then somebody walks into the restroom to do their business. This guy was using the stall right next to me. He was taking a leak. So I disregarded what he was doing and went back my business. I pushed again and this time I pushed hard. I made a grunting noise. I pushed again and still nothing came out. I decided to massage my colon. I massaged the left side gently and then the center of my ???? and then the right side. I pushed again and nothing. So I massaged it again and this time I rocked back and forth. I pushed and I felt something moving inside of me. I put both hands on the toilet and pushed again. The guy in the stall right next to me finished his business and left. Once again, I was alone in the restroom. I massaged my ???? while I pushed and still nothing. So I leaned forward again and then it finally came out. I checked the toilet and what I struggled to push out of me was all stringy poop. I pushed again to make sure if I still had to poop some more or not. I still did. I pushed again and a couple of more nuggets came out of me. I noticed that I was done pooping so I sighed in relief. I wiped myself clean, stood up while I pulled up my pants. Grabbed my back pack, washed my hands and I was out the door. It took me 15 minutes to poop.


Reply to Kelly etc

Kelly. It's not unusual to go a day or two without having a bowel movement. Hopefully matters will have resolved themselves by now but if they haven't I'm sure they will soon. Constipation is usually a self limiting condition which sorts itself out without medical intervention. It's old advice I know, but the best way to deal with constipation is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, drink a decent amount of fluid and exercise regularly. Stay away from junk food if possible as that tends to make matters worse rather than better. Prunes and dates are particularly good at getting things moving. Laxatives should only ever be used as an absolute last resort as they tend to disrupt the normal functioning of the bowel. I'm sorry you feel embarrassed about discussing bodily functions with your parents as I'm sure there's no need to be. I'm sure your mother would be happy to discuss any aspect of your health with you and I wouldn't be shy of raising the subject - at the right time and in the right place. Good luck. Hope you're soon functioning normally,

Anatomy student

To Kelly

You and I are in the same boat. I'm a super introvert and never want to open up with anyone. Just tell them it has been a while since you've taken care of business and need some medicine/advice to get the train out of the station. They will understand. Talking about poop is human nature.


To Kelly....

Hiya Kelly....
Wow; you're really packing it in ya; aren't you? No poop since Thursday....and now it's Tuesday?

So; in the past....what have your remedies been? Have you needed to go to your parents for help? And; if so....what did they do for you?

Unless you are going to ask them to assist you with an enema or suppository....what can they do for you that you can't do yourself? Why bring it up to them if it's embarrassing for you?

Sit times would probably help you enormously. My pediatrition told me to sit after breakfast....for like 10 minutes. I also have sat after school. It allows you to focus on pushing....and also forces you to pay attention to how much you do every day.

You can also treat yourself with stool softeners....or even laxatives; although laxatives are bad for teens. Bad for everyone...but especially bad for us.

Is there a drug store or supermarket that you can get to on your own? Go there and buy stool can pay for it thru the you won't be embarrassed. I guess you could even buy and give yourself an enema.....but I have always asked for help with those.

Anyway....hope you've already been able to go by now.....give the sit times a try and let us know if they work for you....


PS: Can't tell from your post if you're a boy or girl....

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good and big poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly you may just need to come out and tell them its better to be a little embarassed then to risk causing damage from not being able to poop thats my advice.

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story it sounds like you had a tough but also really good poop and I bet you felt a whole lot better after getting the beast out of you and your boyfriend was a good help to you to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lindsey as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but at least you had that pul up on and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had some pretty good poops and so did those other women to and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story.

To: Toilet Car great story and I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about seeing that girl pee her pants.

To: Linda first welcome back to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty roug time but it paid off with a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hana great outdoor poop story.

To: Secret Pooper as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you and Grace both had tough but also good poops and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Leah T.

what a gas...

Hi all
This is my first post. I have been travelling a lot for work lately and because of eating out I have a lot of wind. I try and release SBDs especially if I am in the company of guys. My friend and former roommate is very pretty but she would fart loudly when we lived together. Often when we were watching TV Kim would lift her cheek to fart. Her farts were louder then my guy friends. She wasn't embarrassed to fart in front of me but she would never fart in front of guys or in public. We both did a lot of diving and with the sucking of oxygen and the change in pressure we got lots of wind. I remember Kim used to enjoy farting all the way home. I made sure I got most of my farts out in the water.


Some Guy - unlatched doors vs no doors

Personally I'd rather have no doors at all than a stall with a door that won't lock. With no door, at least other guys know you're there. With an unlocked door, they can bang the door open onto your knees while you're sitting on the toilet., followed by too many, oh sorries.

To Jasmin K: Like you, I also had the same problems with constipation as a child. When I was 7, it was really bad and I had to spend ages on the toilet too. I missed school a bit as well because the constipation made me feel sick to my stomach. My Mum would tell me 'You need to sit on the toilet until something comes out'. I literally spent hours on the toilet sometimes. I remember going to the doctor several times for medication to help me go, which did help but it made my bowels unpredictable too. I remember having accidents in my pants that I couldn't control and it was terrible. One doctor's visit in particular I will never forget: I had to lay on the bed in the surgery and the doctor had a look at my bottom - and I heard her tell my Mum that she could see beads of liquid poo all around my anus and vagina. I had an impaction and liquid poo was coming out past my constipated mass of poo.

To Bloated Butt: I absolutely loved your story!! I don't think I've ever been constipated for 10 days straight as an adult - maybe a week at the most. I seem to get very constipated only after not going for one or two days - and the amount that comes out is as if I've been backed up for 10 days. I'm not an overly big girl but I'm not skinny either.

To On The John: I eat quite a healthy diet, with lots of fruit, vegetables and fibre. I try not to eat too much junk food or fast food. I don't really drink enough water though, which is why I get constipated so often.

I'm a bit constipated today because I ate stir fry noodles with chilli in it last night. Chilli also makes my poos bigger and harder so I had a hard time on the toilet tonight. I had the same chilli noodles again tonight so I will probably be even more backed up tomorrow. I spent about 20 minutes on the toilet, pushing and straining.

Thursday, October 03 2013


To: Kelly

I find sit help, but I think you do yourself a disservice if you sit before breakfast. I find my bowels are ALWAYS easier to get moving after breakfast than before. Coffee in the morning seems to help me A LOT.
As for asking your parents for help, I would certainly think it would be easier to talk with your Mom than your Dad. I'd start by asking if she ever has trouble going to the bathroom and what she does about it.

Hi i dont know about anyone else but squatting certainly works for me. i had been trying on the toilet for a while and not getting anywhere I knew something was ready to come but it wasnt so much that I couldnt push it out but more I counld't get it in a position ready to come out and pushing felt very unproductive. After trying steadily for perhaps ten minutes I thought maybe a change of position might get things going. I decided to squat so I took my trousers completely off and got into a deep squat near the toilet. This had a great effect, The urge to go became much stronger and I really felt like pushing so I waited for a while then started giving very hard slow and audiable grunts which felt really strong and productive. 'Not long now' I thought. After just three more grunts I knew it was ready to come so I got back on the toilet and got two good sized pieces out with just a few pushes. I really think changing position can make a big difference.



Post Title (optional)

Linda from Australia here again. I have a few questions for people:

1. Has anyone ever filmed themselves while they were taking a dump?

2. For those people that get constipated a lot, do you like your partner/boyfriend to watch you while you are pooping? Or do you prefer to do it alone?

3.Has anyone ever been in a public toilet and heard someone else in there, having trouble pooping??

4. Has anyone been on a camping trip and got really constipated and had to do a poo outside??

I have a good story from a few years ago, for those of you that love constipation stories. So here it is:

I was sharing a house with 2 other people at the time and I had the bedroom with the ensuite bathroom (which I loved). I got home from work one afternoon, as I had finished work early that day. It was a Friday afternoon. I was meeting a friend for dinner and I had about 2 hours to get ready. The only problem was, I was constipated and I was desperate for a good dump. I hadn't been at all the day before - in fact, I had been having trouble all week. So I had 2 hours to have a shower, get ready AND do a poo.

I made my way to the toilet as soon as I got home. I knew shortly after I sat down that I was in for a VERY hard time. I tried to relax, to let the poo move down by itself. This didn't help so I had to start pushing and straining. My anus was sore and burning. I got hot really quickly, it was summer too so that didn't help. I could feel my anus start to open up ever so slowly, as the turd moved its way down. I kept pushing hard but the poo was well and truly stuck. My anus felt like it was on fire!!I reached down and felt my anus and I could feel the tip of a pointy turd poking out about one inch. I had to get this thing out so I continued pushing and straining with all my might. I had to close my eyes and screw up my face. I leant forward as far as I could. Eventually, I was able to push a small amount of poo out. I still had more poo in my rectum but I had already been on the toilet for nearly an hour and I needed to get in the shower.

I didn't even bother wiping my butt and got straight in the shower. I felt my anus again and this time, I stuck my finger up there. I could feel lots of rock hard balls of poo, about the size of marbles in my rectum. I tried to dig them out but they were so hard and dry that I couldn't get anything out. So then I did something that my Mum used to do when I got constipated as a child - I broke up some soap and stuck it up my butt. It burned and stung with the soap in there but I hoped it would work like a suppository. I left it up there while I showered, which was about 10 minutes. Then when I got out of the shower, I sat on the toilet again. The soap helped a bit because I was able to squeeze out several pieces of rock hard poo. I still didn't feel finished but at least I managed to get something out. I had to wipe my butt and it was still burning and sore. I had a look at my load and it wasn't very big at all. I still felt uncomfortable after that dump but I did feel a bit better. Later that night, after I had been out for dinner, I pushed out some more poo and I felt much better!!!

Tim (and Sally)

Strange Motel Restrooms (Part 1)

Hi, everybody, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 12 years old. Sally's family and my family were going on holiday together, as we often did. This time, the destination we were travelling to was some way away, and required a stopover at a motel. We booked three rooms, 1 for Sally's parents and her younger siblings, and 1 for my parents and my younger sister. Sally and I, being older, were given a room to share between the two of us, as we were considered more responsible. The room was fairly standard: 1 room with a TV, desk, chair and 2 separate single beds. But the bathroom was unique, like nothing I had ever seen before. There was no door to the bathroom and there were no sitting toilets. Instead, there were 2 squat toilets, side by side, with no privacy whatsoever. The showers were the same: 2 heads in the wall, nothing separating them. If we had been any other sort of children, we might have been disgusted by this. But, having gone to the toilet and been naked in front of each other countless times before, we couldn't care less. This led to some interesting stories, one of which I will now describe below:
1) The first one happened like this: After we had unpacked and settled down, Sally and I watched some TV together. About halfway through our favourite show, Sally's stomach began to growl. "Do you need to go?" I asked her. "Yes, but I'll try and wait till the show ends". Was her reply. Less than 5 minutes later, she came very close to regretting this decision. Without warning, Sally cut loose a loud and very wet fart. "I can't wait anymore. I have to go, NOW!!" she yelped, then she jumped off the bed and dashed into the bathroom. I followed her, and found her struggling to get her belt down. I dashed up to help her. I undid her belt, unzipped the fly on her jeans, and grabbed her green undies and yanked them down to her knees. She squatted down and immediately released diarrhoea, along with a strong, hissing pee and a few loud farts. I squatted beside her to have a quick pee. I tried to make #2, but nothing came out. When she was done, I showed her how to wash her bum and vagina using the hose that was provided instead of toilet paper. She was really upset and crying, because she was afraid that her undies were messed. Those green undies were her favourite pair, as she had saved up for weeks to buy them. I took a look and told her the good news. "Your undies are clean, no marks at all!" She hugged and kissed me, thanking me for being such and understanding friend. I just kissed her cheek and said, "That's what friends do. Come on, maybe we can catch the end of the programme!" That's all for now, folks, but keep a look out for the second part of this story. Until then.

Tim (and Sally)

Strange Motel Restrooms (Part 2)

Hi, everybody, Tim here with the second part to my two-part post "Strange Motel Restrooms". After Sally had diarrhoea, the rest of the afternoon and night was uneventful, except that I had to get up at around 10:00 at night to go for a poo. The next morning, however, it had started to rain, along with thunderstorms and lightning. The grownups told us that we were not going to our planned holiday location due to bad weather, and that we would spend the rest of our planned vacation at the motel. It was not so bad, there was lots to do and Sally and I enjoyed the time alone together. So, we went down to breakfast. It was a pretty typical motel breakfast, but it was still good to eat. Sally had a lot of eggs, which I warned her about, saying, "You'll be farting nonstop!" Sally just shrugged and said she like them, so I said no more about it. Later in the day, at about 1PM, we were up in our room, watching TV again, due to the rain outside, when I realised that Sally hadn't been for a poo all day, which was really strange for her. I said this to her, and she replied, "I'm off to try for one now". I waited for her, listening to the grunts, strains and farts that echoed from our doorless bathroom. Sally came back after 10 minutes, red-faced, saying to me, "I can't go. I'm constipated!" which made me quite worried. I said to her, "Come into the bathroom with me, I think I can help". I led her into the bathroom and told her to remove all her clothes, which she did quickly. I then told her, when she was fully naked, to lie down on the bathroom floor in her most comfortable position, which turned out to be face down. I got the toilet cleaning hose from one of the squat toilets and removed the nozzle. I said to her, "Sally, I'm going to insert this hose gently up your bum and turn it on. The feeling of the water should help you want to go". She nodded, saying, "Anything, as long as it helps me go!" I smiled at her, and got the hose into position. I told her to take her butt cheeks and spread them wide, so that I could see her anus. She did this, and I began inserting the hose up her anus. It was difficult at first, as the feeling of the hose on her anus made it contract. I told her, "Push like you're trying to poo!" and this seemed to help. When I finally got the hose far enough up her bum, I turned on the tap. Slowly at first, then gradually faster. I continued to do this until Sally said, "Stop, Tim, it's beginning to work. I need to go really badly!" Hearing this, I quickly turned off the tap and removed the hose from her bum. I helped her to stand up. She had both hands on her bum, and she was making little whimpering noises, and tears were running down her cheeks from the pain of holding it in. She got to the squat toilet, squatted down, and I told her she could release. Immediately, brown water flowed from her anus, coupled with copious wet farts and a powerful hissing pee. 4 enormous turds slid right out of her bum and straight down the hole, followed by mushy diarrhoea and copious brown water. I squatted down and dropped 3 turds and had a short pee. I washed my anus well, then washed Sally's anus for her, as it was very tender and she was too sore to do it properly by herself. She kissed me passionately on the cheek and hugged me tight, saying, "Tim, I love you more than you'll ever know. Thank you so much for helping me to go!" I returned the kiss and the hug, saying that I loved her just as much. It was an interesting holiday, but one that I wouldn't have traded for the world. Until next time, guys!

Reply kimmy

Yeah I been having that problem latley where id get a feeling and then I cant go unless I sit on the toilet for over 30 mins, I used to just sit down and go

Some Guy

Park Toilets

Hey, everyone!

I have a couple stories to share tonight. First, I took advantage of the great weather this evening and went out walking. About half way through my walk, my butt began itching. I had pooped earlier this afternoon, so I knew I needed to wipe just a little bit more. Luckily, I knew where a bathroom would be along my route. I finally came to a park which has a pavilion with bathrooms included in it. I walked in to the bathroom, which only has two sinks, a urinal, and a toilet with a handicapped stall. The interesting thing about the stall door was that it didn't latch because the door has warped a little. If you were to walk into the bathroom, you couldn't see anyone on the toilet, but you could see their feet. When you walk into the stall, the toilet is on the left. Anyway, I was the only one in this tiny bathroom. I attempted to latch the door, but when it didn't latch, I figured it wasn't a biggie since the door closed (and there weren't a lot of people around). I pulled down my pants and underwear and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe. Sure enough, I needed to clean up a little more! My butt felt better. I figured that since I was there (and still had a little ways to go until I got home), I should see if I needed to go. So, I sat down for a minute. I didn't end up needing to go. This may sound weird, but I felt totally brave sitting on a toilet with an unlatched door (even though I was fairly certain nobody would be coming in)! I think I will try to poop sometime in that bathroom.

Happy Pooping!
Some Guy


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Hi everyone, have got time to post again tonight so here goes...
Megan- great story about when you had a poo the other day at the shops and also during your trip to London. I've never heard anyone call having a poo a 'major' before, my close friends and I all say poo or number 2. If I'm with a friend I trust I'm quite open about what I need, basically if I say I want a poo then they know I could be a while so we usually go to the toilet together meaning we can keep chatting, if I'm having a hard poo which is quite often the case then someone else being there takes my mind off it and makes it easier to go. I suppose if I just said I needed the loo it would be more awkward as my friend would then end up having to ask what I needed to do to know whether to bother coming in with me or not! My friends all seem to do the same as me, although announcing that you need a poo or a wee is fine if you're in the privacy of your own home but I know I've said it rather too loudly out in public on occasion which is rather embarrassing!
Anyway, back to my story, today I got up and had breakfast and then felt a small urge to poo building in my belly, I thought I should take care of it straight away as I didn't want to make my constipation bad again so I headed straight for the loo. I lifted my nightie, pulled down my yellow and blue stripy knickers and sat, as I started to push I had a wee which I was also quite desperate for and then tried to relax and let my poo come on its own. After a couple of minutes nothing seemed to be happening so I started to push, shortly after that I felt the tip poke out of my bum. I kept on pushing quite hard and let out some grunts as I did so, a few minutes later I could feel a few inches of a fat log sticking out, it was really stretching my bum hole but luckily it wasn't too dry or knobbly which made it feel a bit more comfortable. After a few more big pushes it dropped with a plop and then I passed some smaller pieces. I felt empty then so I wiped my bottom, pulled up my knickers and went off to get dressed. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!


Constipated Again: Discussing It With Family?-Need Advice

I haven't posted in a while, because I haven't had much to report, but I am here to say that I'm constipated again. I realized the other day that I hadn't been paying enough attention to my bowel movements, so I'm not 100% sure how long it's been, but it's Monday, and I haven't had a bowel movement of any volume since at least Thursday, but most likely before that. My stomach is starting to get to the uncomfortably full and bloated stage, but I'm only now starting to feel anything filling the rectal area, and I was able to do a tiny pellet this afternoon, and feel like I could maybe do a little more later on tonight.

There's been a lot of talk lately on the forum about "sit times", and I've been wondering if that's something that would help me. I feel like the rest of my family is on a "wake up and try" schedule and the unspoken expectation is to wake up first thing and at least try to have a bowel movement before breakfast or anything else, but my bowel movements haven't been discussed with my parents since about the start of puberty. So, I really need some advice please on how to ask one's parents for help/advice when you aren't really a household that discusses such things. I can freely discuss peeing, but the subject of pooping makes me extremely embarrassed when I have to discuss it face to face. I don't know why I can't discuss it like I would a cold, or any other medical condition I need help about with my parents. I feel like once I reach a week of being constipated, I'm really going to have to tell someone, and I don't know how to come right out and say that I'm constipated and that I need help from them. I realize my parents pottytrained me and everything, so I shouldn't be embarrassed and that everybody gets constipated from time to time. Any advice is really appreciated, thank you.

Bloated Butt

Constipation story

To Kimmy: No its not just you. My bowels are slow as well and when I poop its always really large and difficult to get out. A bowel movement for me is never less than 20 minutes long, and when I'm particularly constipated they can be longer than 30 minutes. And like you I grunt and push, and I am also a "big girl", though all of my weight is in my hips, butt, and thighs.

To Linda: Great story! I also love to read constipation stories. To me they're better then diarrhea stories, mostly because I can relate more to constipation than diarrhea. I don't think I've ever had really watery BMs; my whole life they've been solid, wide, thick, and massive.

Here's a constipation story from a while back which I guess I'll share: it was a little over a year ago in April 2012, and I hadn't pooped in 10 days. Like I've said, i poop every 2-3 days, but occassionally I'll get a little constipated and might go 4, 5, or 6 days without pooping. But this particularly time it had been 10 days and nothing had happened. Even though I was eating and eating, getting more and more bloated and stuffed, I couldn't do much more than pass gas. That's when I decided to try something stupid.

I remembered as a child I would get constipated a lot, and my parents would feed me things like beans and chili to get me to poop. I guess the idea was that I'd get so bloated that something would give, and it actually worked a few times. So I went and fixed myself a pot of beans and ended up eating four bowls before I felt like I was going to burst. My stomach was distended even before I had eaten, but now I literally looked pregnant. Stuffed near to bursting, I waddled into my bedroom and lied down, waiting for it to work. But about an hour later I realized my mistake: the beans created so much gas inside of me that it really DID feel like I was about to explode. I gripped my stomach and almost screamed from the gas pains.

That's how my boyfriend found me when he came home that day. I told him what was wrong and he came over and started massaging my poop-filled stomach. I don't usually have much of a belly; I'm a pear-shaped woman and my mid- and upper bodies are much smaller than you would guess if you saw only my bottom. But I do have a little bit of a chubby belly, and now it was bloated out like a beach ball. My boyfriend's strong hands pressed down and I almost started crying because of the intense pressure. He calmed me down and started massaging firmly, and for almost half an hour I just lied there while he did so. He told me he could feel how backed up I was, and I told him it wasn't just gas that was causing the bloating.

Then suddenly I felt a pressure move down my bowels and reach my butt, and I tilted my wide hips and grunted out a loud, long fart. "Ohhhhhhhh...." I moaned. He laughed and said "Bet you feel better after that." I nodded and without warning I farted again. His massaging was working and not only was he loosening things up, but the beans were digesting and starting to push everything else along. Another ten minutes passed of me farting, when finally I felt a powerful urge to poop. I had been feeling an urge to poop for the last several days, but not strong enough to where I felt like I could get anything out. But now it hit me like a ton of bricks: ten days worth of poop wanted out badly.

"Oh my gosh, I gotta poop bad..." I said and started to get up. My boyfriend stood up and helped me, and he supported me as I slowly waddled to the bathroom. He waited outside the bathroom while I went in and sat down on the toilet. This was before I was comfortable with him being in there with me, so I needed privacy this time. Anyway, I sat down wearing nothing but my t-shirt and panties, and started to push. At first only some more farts came out, so I gripped my buttcheeks and squeezed, feeling my fingers sink into the soft flesh, and pulled them apart.


"Having trouble?" my boyfriend asked from outside.

"Hnnnnngggyyyyyyyeeeeessss...." I answered. "But I'll be fffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggghhhhhh!!!!!" I felt a gigantic log inch its way out, moving more and more with every push. I don't know how long it took but it must've been several minutes of me just laying this log. Finally it all came out, but I didn't have time to celebrate when another massive turd took its place in my anus, blocking it up and taking its sweet time to plop out. That eventually came out, followed immediatly by a burst of flatulence and a wave of soft poop. I plopped and splashed and farted for goodness knows how long, moaning and groaning and grunting and gasping. The relief was incredible, just turd after turd coming out of me with every grunt. I think I heard my boyfriend knock and ask if I was alright, but I was in too much ecstasy.

Finally I felt like I was more or less done. I wiped and got off the toilet to look at my BM, and pretty much saw a massive load of poop, as expected. I did see one particularly large log that must've been the first one that came out, and it must've been 3 and a half inches thick and over 12 inches long. There were a few other large logs that were more similar to my usual ones: over 2 inches thick at a minimum and 8 to 10 inches long. Plus lots and lots of softer turds. I flushed three times to get most of it down, and I heard my boyfriend warn me not to clog the toilet. Well, I did end up clogging it, and I sheepishly exited the bathroom and told him he'd have to plunge it. Fortunately it wasn't that big of a deal and my boyfriend got it working properly again.

Good thing, too, because later that evening I had to poop again. And the beans still hadn't finished digesting so I had to poop those out, as well. That BM was far less eventful, though. It all came out without too much trouble and only took twenty minutes or so. By then I had gotten it all out and felt loads better. I laid next to my boyfriend in bed and he rubbed my now-much-flatter stomach. I sighed and farted, "Ahhhhh much better." I'm not usually that crude but it's true that I felt soooooooo much better. That was probably the worst case of constipation I had had for a long time, and I haven't been that constipated since. There's been a few times where I went almost a week (like when we went on vacation a month back), but not 10 days. And you have to remember that for me, not pooping for 10 days is like other people not pooping for like two weeks. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the story. I know I enjoy reading all of yours!

On The John

To Linda

I also used to have problems having a regular BM. I have worked sit down jobs (pardon the pun) for several years. I ate like most people. Too much protein, cheese, white bread etc.
I got to the point where sitting on the john was really uncomfortable so I scoured the internet and eventually talked to a nutritionist at a local health food store. What I uncovered was revolutionary for my digestive health and not at all hard to achieve. First I transitioned to whole grains and then added probiotics. In the beginning I started with kombucha tea and later to a product called primal... I will omit the rest of the brand name but it is easy to find. I found that after staring to eat more legumes and greens my appetite for healthy food grew. Drinking water in large quantities is essential. If you don't like water that much I would recommend iced tea or green tea unsweetened.
It is really important to start small and take baby steps. I feel so much better now. I have one or two movements a day. I do also take psyllium fiber which does cause gas but only when I over do it occasionally. I have been cutting back in that department as whole foods really are a nutritional means of substituting dietary fiber. Exercise whether hiking, running and just plain walking also stimulate the peristaltic movements of the ???? so every little bit helps.
Last but not least, I was camping a few weeks ago and there was no outhouse around. I had to pull my undies down and let rip in the woods. It felt so good and was so complete in my relief that I bought a squatting stool (you can just get 4 yoga blocks if you are embarrassed for your flatmate) on-line and have used it (I live alone) for a couple of weeks. I should change my name because I never sit my bottom on the john anymore but squat just over it. I don't even spend enough time pooing to require a book or magazine anymore. I just pop a squat and two to five minutes later I am completely empty. It even saves money on toilet paper. The only problem now is when I have to go on a traditional toilet I miss the squat. I hope this helps.


To constipated persons:

Best remedy for occasional or periodic constipation is threefold: fiber, water, exercise. I find that nuts (chewed well) help with the fiber component, as well as lots of ????, whole grains, and fruit such as pineapple. Water--a good amount--is also helpful, starting with a hefty glug upon arising. Exercise is important: not so much a formal routine (though that would be good) but some strenuous activity for at least half an hour or so each day. It can be a long walk, gardening (which I do), or any number of activities, but it needs to be something that promotes circulation, deep breathing, and healthy heart activity. A set time to sit on the toilet each day can also help.


Pull-Ups 2

To Brandon T: Thanks!

Hey y'all! Been a while since I said I'd post again, but I've been waiting for a weekend when I didn't have as much homework to do. Anyway, I got myself some Pull-Up diapers and have been in them since week before last because of diarrhea. It all started when I had a huge headache and stomach ache at school. I went to see the nurse's office and ended up throwing up in the bathroom. It was so painful I could barely walk let alone get to the bathroom from there, but it felt much better afterwards. I then had the urge to poop so I pulled down my pants and panties and used the same toilet. Again it felt so much better, but it was very obviously diarrhea. I told the nurse and she said it was probably something bad I ate. I still felt a little dizzy, so she called my mom and had me sent home for the day.

My mom sent me to bed so I could rest up (I didn't even change out of my clothes) and told me to give her a holler if I needed help using the restroom. I was feeling well enough to walk by this point, but it would've taken a lot of energy to go back and forth over and over again. I considered just spending the rest of the afternoon sitting on the toilet, but I eventually figured I could use the pull-ups and not have to go anywhere. I hobbled my way over to the closet to get one, slid my pants and panties off, and slid it on. I then put my pants back on and went back to bed.

I woke up a few minutes later to the feeling of my lower stomach churning an couldn't help but fart it out. Some liquid poo came out with it, but the pull-up held it all. I had a little bit left in me but I was nervous about whether the pull-up would leak, so I rolled onto my back before letting it go. With very little effort I pooped out a huge load of liquid diarrhea, I didn't even realize I had to go that much. I was so glad I had the sense to put the pull-up diaper on, I don't think I would've made it to the bathroom. I then closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.

I woke up at 9 pm having to poop again. I was feeling much better at this point so I decided to use the bathroom. I pulled my pant down and ripped off the poo-filled pull-up and threw it away before pooping some more. It was still very runny, so I took a shower and put on another pull-up under my pajama shorts and went back to bed.

My mom woke me up early the next morning and asked if I felt well enough to go back to school and I said yes. I headed over to the dresser to grab some clean panties, but I decided last minute to leave the pull-up on and use it as underwear for the day. I figured I might regret not having any protection on, so got ready and changed into some high-rise jeans and a simple top to make sure the pull-up was hard to see and then headed out. I had a few close calls with the diarrhea but that was it. I ended up not needing the pull-up after all (in fact most of the time I forgot I had it on), but I was glad I had it.

For the next few days I had a couple more diarrhea attacks at home and one at school, and the pull-ups have proved very helpful. I've since stopped having diarrhea, but I still wear a pull-up to bed every now and then just because they're comfortable. They're a pretty handy underwear too, panties and diapers in one. I've had one on all day today since it's the weekend and I only have a couple left, so I'll probably go get some more tomorrow. Meanwhile, thanks for reading my stories! I'll probably post some more if anything else interesting happens!


Embarrased on the toilet!

Abbie- Great to see you posting again! Sounds like you and Grace both had pretty difficult poos. Glad you both managed to go and that you got on the loo in time. What are you planning to do on your gap year?

Today I went shopping. I took the bus and it was a bumpy ride, which made me start to need a wee and then made my need get progressively more urgent! To make matters worse I started needing a poo which again got quite urgent quite quickly. When I arrived I was planning to go get some lunch, but now I had to go to the loo first because I really needed to do both things. I went into the shopping centre and found the nearest loos.
As I went in a mother and her young son went in ahead of me. The three cubicles were occupied and one woman was already waiting. She got a cubicle pretty quickly, and then a minute later the woman and her son did too. I heard her ask, 'do you need to do a poo?' He said no and she asked, 'do you need to do a wee?' The boy said yes. After he had weed the mother did too. I waited, standing with my legs together because I had a really full bladder! Luckily neither of them had to poo and they were out in a couple of minutes before either of the other cubicles opened. The mother and her son came out then and I took their cubicle and sat down.
I pulled my jeans and black knickers to my feet and sat on the loo. Right away I started doing a powerful wee that lasted about 45 seconds- I really needed that! I had been dying to wee but I had a strong need to poo as well, so I relaxed a bit and began to let it out. After a minute my first medium-sized turd came out with a splash. By now the other two cubicles had opened up and been taken by other women. A second medium-sized log started emerging from my bum as I heard someone else enter the loos.
When I was waiting for a toilet I had noticed that the locks on the doors were pretty unclear as to whether there was someone on the loo or not. They were part-green and part-red, but I knew they were all occupied since the other woman had been waiting. My poo was half-out when the new arrival tried my door, presumably seeing the green on the lock and assuming it was unoccupied. I was surprised when the flimsy lock (a narrow bar of metal that you have to rotate into place but which can rotate 360 degrees, with only about 45 of those actually being in contact with the other part of the lock), which had been in the locked position (albeit near the edge) got nudged out of place and the door swung open!
A girl of about 15 in school uniform and with red hair like mine was standing there as the door opened. There are schools nearby and kids often use the shopping centre for lunch and to use the loos. The door hit my right knee, having missed my left, and so it was a little more than half open, but that was enough to let her clearly see me sitting on the loo! I had my knees together and my feet apart, as usual, so she didn't see anything too personal, or the turd half out of my bum, but with my knickers at my feet there was still plenty on show! She quickly apologised and pulled the door closed. I said 'it's ok, it was my fault I didn't check it was properly locked,' and leaned over to relock it. As I reseated myself my second turd fell with a plop, so now she knew why I was on the loo! A minute later the cubicle next to me became free and the girl entered and sat down.
I could see that the girl had her school trousers and her purple knickers at her feet. As it turned out she needed to do quite an urgent poo. I heard a soft fart and a plop as she started going a few seconds after she sat, followed by a second log soon after. I joined back in with my third piece and then a few little nuggets of poo. My neighbour gave a bit of a grunt and I heard a third plop from her. She did two more plops and I did five little nuggets of poo. I was done then so I wiped myself and left her to finish her number two. I had been on the loo for about 8 minutes and the schoolgirl for about 5. I felt much better after, a little embarrassed about the door opening, but a little excited by it too!

Jasmin K


Hi there

Just a few responses this time.

Abbie. Enjoy your gap year - hope you keep up the good bowel habits.

Kimmy. I too get constipated a lot and strain a lot to get it out. I spend ages on the toilet like you anything from 10 mins to a couple of hours depending when and where. If you read some of my old posts you will find your not on your own.

Linda. Next time I get constipated really bad I will detail it on this forum. Like you I had major constipation problems as a child I think probably the worst being between 9 yrs and 11 yrs. I used to spend ages straining on the toilet and not doing anything - if that went on for 3 consecutive days I got kept off school and literally had to stay on the toilet until I did it , I still do that sometimes. If you read some of my old posts there is quite a lot of detail.

Jas k

It's been a while since I've posted anything. My last post was the one about pooping in the ocean. This one is about the way I pee. I pee very forcefully, nearly like a firehose. Also, when is it on the toilet, my pee stream shoots up into the air, over the seat, and into the floor unless I spread my legs wide and lean forward very far. Since I pee like a boy, I've tried standing like one but couldn't aim and made a mess. The problem is that my vulva sits really high, and my urethra points up. Yesterday, I was outside and since we live in the country, I peed outside instead of walking to the house. I went behind the barn, pulled down my pants, and tried standing to pee outside. I started to pee and it sprayed out like a firehose. It angled up instead of down, went about head high to me, and about 6 feet out.

Tim (and Sally)

Nudist Beach Toilets

Hi, everybody, Tim here again with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 14 years old. My parents, and Sally's parents as well, were what you might call a bit "liberal". For our holiday, they had decided to stay at a nudist beach near our home. We would be away for 7 days, and with Sally and I aged 14, we were given the freedom to do our own thing. On our first day, Sally and I had stripped naked and gone for a swim, and now we were just walking around when Sally suddenly stopped and said, "Tim, I need to make number 2". I replied, "How urgently?" as I really needed to go as well. "Right away!" was her response. This got me worried, as there were no toilets in sight, but also because we were naked, and there is nothing to catch your poop if you go on yourself. Seeing this, I asked someone where to go, and he pointed to long grass. I explained to Sally that the people around here used the long grass as a toilet, and that we should go there. So we dashed to the long grass. By this stage, Sally was so desperate she was holding her bum with both hands and was making little grunting noises. We found a private spot, and prepared to relieve ourselves. We used our hands to dig two holes in the sand, and we squatted beside each other. The good thing about being nude is that when you're in a hurry to get to the toilet, you don't have to waste time taking things off! Anyway, we squatted side by side, ready to begin. Sally began with a long pee, while I farted and pushed out a long, brown, sausage-shaped poo. Sally, while still peeing, did a wet fart and sprayed diarrhoea, with hardly anything landing in the hole. I dropped 4 small tan-coloured poops and squirted some diarrhoea, before peeing. Sally, thinking she was done, stood up to find us some grass to wipe with. She was not done, however, and the minute she stood up, diarrhoea flowed from her bum, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. I, being done by this time, got up and hugged her, kissing her on the cheek and saying, "C'mon, Sal, it's not that big a deal. Everyone has accidents at some point in their life, there's nothing you could have done to hold that poo in. Better out than in, anyway!" This earned me a hug and a kiss in return. I found some grass for us to wipe with, and it felt cool and soothing on our anuses. We finished up, and we went back to swimming in the sea. A great time, I thought to myself.


For Steven A.

Hey Steven....

heh; I guess we both yearn for "the perfect poop". Referring to you saying that you'd prefer logs over pieces....

Yeah....the perfect poop!
Wide but not too wide
Firm but not too hard
Long "log style"....
Some pushing required....but not too much

I know that more fiber would give you more volume (I read once that metamucil gets you pooping like the soft-serv at Dairy Queen....Haven't had a Dairy Queen cone since hahaha....)

But; more volume won't cut it if it's too soft. Too soft is just squishy; no feeling....

As far as I know....the only way to get firm, nearly "hard" poop is to ignore urges and hold it in for a couple of days.

Someone like you who's body works so could probably do that and not get constipated.....but.....I dunno....

Just poop when you get your urge good to your bowels and they will be good to you.


PS: As far as adjusting your urge-time to after school.....I bet if you keep doing what you've been doing.....holding....that over time you will find that your urges come later and later in the day. Maybe....

Steven A

Friday Night Game

Well, the game on Friday night took forever to get there and back. But, there were some bathroom problems when we got there and some during the game, but they were all fixed. When we got back to our school after a long ride back, only 5 people or around that number had to go to the bathroom. I luckily didn't really have to go that bad. I was expecting more people having to go but that's what happened when we got back to school. I will post again if I have anymore stories. But, once marching band ends, my stories might slow down, but I will still post here regularly. I'm going on a band trip for like 4 days or so in the spring and I may or may not have a story about that. The buses we will take may have bathrooms on them and that will solve the bathroom problems on our way there.

toilet car

how it all started

Hi my name is Logan and my girlfriends name is Amanda. We both enjoy peeing and pooping in my car. Really Amanda is the one who pees and poops I just provide the car and watch.

So it all started a few weeks ago when Amanda said she had to pee. She asked if she could go in the seat. I was intrigued and said sure. So she pulled her pants down, spread her legs and went. Her pee flooded into the seat, and since her legs were spread it sprayed onto the glovebox and the floor. I thought this was really awesome to watch. Amanda smiled and thanked me as she finished her pee and then farted. Later that night when we were home I told she could defiantly pee again in my car and she said it was fun and she would again.

So a few days later we were out and she said she had to pee and wanted to go in my car. So I said fine, and then she said she wanted to pee on the floor of my car and also on the door. She said she has always like peeing in weird places and that peeing in my car was a lot of fun. I said she could pee all over my car since it made her happy and I enjoyed it. So I drive to a secluded parking lot and amanda stripped from the waist down. She spread her legs and began peeing. It sprayed alot onto the floor and glovebox. Her stream arced up and her pee splattered against the windshield. Then she turned her body she that she sprayed across the windshield. Amanda looked so happy as she peed on the windshield and dashboard. Her pee splashed off of the windshield onto the cupholders and console. It splashed on me and also on her legs. She was so excited doing this. Her stream started to die and she realeased a few farts the smeeled strong. With her last little bit of pee she sprayed the radio and got some on my legs. It was warm but I didn't mind and I told her it was ok if she got some on me.

Amanda was done and we then admired her feat. There was urine in a puddle on the passenger side floor, and some more was dripping down the glove box into the puddle. Pee was running in little streams from windshield onto the dashboard. Pee was dripping from the rearview mirror onto radio. There was lots of drops of pee on the console and in the cupholders, and there were drops on each window and on my arms chest and even on my chin! Amandas legs and feet and seat were soaked and so was my right leg.

We both smiled and talked about how we both discovered a new pastime for each other. We wiped of the dashboard and windshield and console but let the rest dry. This was just the beggining of our car adventures. I will post more in the following days

Toilet car

Monday, September 30, 2013


Post Title

To Kimmy: Please share some of your constipation stories with us!! I would love to hear them! I love it when people go into detail about their pooping sessions too.

I get really constipated about once a month (sometimes more often) and I have to sit on the toilet for a long time to do a poo - sometimes for well over an hour. I posted on this site a few days ago about how constipated I get. I have to push, strain and grunt a lot to get the poo out. How many days do you stay constipated for?? I normally only stay constipated for 1 or 2 days but I have so much trouble doing a poo, just being constipated for a short time. Sometimes when I'm backed up, I do a poo every day but it takes me 30 minutes or more to push the load out! My poos get very big and hard when I'm constipated - and very dry too. Sometimes my poo gets so stuck in my butt that I have to push down on my anus and strain at the same time.

Also, do you ever have problems with poo getting stuck in your butt and you have to break it off? I get this problem sometimes. Or have you ever been on the toilet, constipated and trying to push a turd out and it gets stuck, with about 2 inches sticking out and you have to get up quickly to answer the phone or the door (without having time to break the turd off or suck it back in?) This has happened to me before.

To Bloated Butt: I LOVED reading your story!! It sounds like you had a really, really hard time on the toilet, pushing that poo out! I also loved how you had a turd sticking out and you had to get off the toilet to get the toilet paper from the kitchen. How long did you spend on the toilet?

I've had lots of hard constipation sessions on the toilet too. Please share some more stories with us!!


to Kimmy

Hey Kimmy,

Yes, that does happen to me when I get constipated. I might go 3-4 days without pooping, sometimes it may even be longer. And when I finally do go, usually it means sitting on the toilet for over half and hour and having to do a lot of grunting and pushing. You're definitely not alone. I don't eat that bad either, but I still get constipated frequently.



Hello all, does anyone get constipated and have to sit on the toilet for like 30 min to an hour to get it all out? And when you are constipated to you grunt a lot and push. Please let me know because I am constipated most of the time, go 3 to 4 times a day and have to push and grunt alot. I am overweight but eat normal. Just wondered if anyone else does this or is it just me? Thanks

I had the most share worthy experience I've had in HS today. I'm a senior, and this other senior girl (Really short, but very cute philipino girl) sits across from me in my Spanish class. It was 30 minutes from the end of period, and she started to have a very evident need to pee. She was bouncing her leg incessantly and would uncross and cross her leg every couple minutes. I don't know why she didn't ask to go to the bathroom, but I guess she was determined to hold on. This went on for a while, and after 15 minutes or so, she stopped bouncing for a second and sport of arched her back. Then she looked down at her lap and sort of pulled her sweater over her to cover up her crotch. I think she leaked a bit and it looked like she was checking to see if it was noticeable. I was really hoping she would lose it but at this point she started discretely holding her hands to her crotch while still bouncing her legs and then the class ended. While everyone else was leaving the class, she stood up, put her back pack in front of herself, and pretended to be checking her phone. It was pretty obvious she had leaked some and I wanted to get a look to see, but then a friend of mine came up and i had to leave. When I left she was still hiding herself. Even though I didn't get go see anything, I thought it'd be worth sharing.


Post Title (optional) Constipation

I used to frequent this site all the time but I haven't been here for years. My name is Linda and I live in Australia. I love reading stories about constipation so if anyone out there is constipated right now or has a good story, I would love to read it!! I especially love it when people go into lots of detail about how they sit on the toilet to do a poo (when they are backed up) the straining they do and if they make lots of noise while trying to push the poo out - like grunting and groaning.

I'm often constipated myself so I know how it feels. I've always been prone to it and when I was a kid, I really suffered with chronic constipation for a couple of years. Even though I ate lots of healthy food, I still got constipated throughout my childhood and when I got to high school - I got constipated a lot then. Now, I get backed up about once a month. Sometimes its more often and sometimes I can go a few months without any problems.

Anyway, I've got a good story from about a month ago. I had been having trouble on the toilet all week, although I was going once a day, I was only pushing out small amounts of poo. This happened for a few days and by the Wednesday, I didn't do a poo at all. I tried to go but nothing came out. I hate going to bed without doing a poo because I feel so uncomfortable. The next day was Thursday and I couldn't go then either. I tried several times but I couldn't get anything out. I ate lots of vegetables for dinner and fruit for dessert to help things along. I felt the urge to go and tried before bed but the poo just wouldn't come out. I went to bed, feeling more uncomfortable and I had stomach pains all night. I was full of poo and desperate to get it out. I tried to do a poo before work on Friday morning but again, it was hopeless. I went to work, feeling bloated and full of shit - literally!!! I made up my mind that I HAD to get this load out that day!!! I got home from work and my house mate was out - this was great because it meant I could spend lots of time on the toilet and I didn't have to worry about her needing to use the toilet - we only have one.

I had dinner first and waited about an hour. I was getting the urge to do a poo so I sat on the toilet and waited. It was 8.02 pm. It took a long time for the poo to work its way down towards my anus. I relaxed and let it move down, before I did any straining r grunting. It must have taken 15-20 minutes until I could feel the poo in my anus. It was BIG!!! I started straining, I closed my eyes and screwed up my face. This helped a bit because the poo moved down even more and I could feel it starting to stretch my anus apart. I kept straining hard and then I did some grunting. I looked at my watch and I had already been on the toilet for over 30 minutes!!

I kept pushing and bit by bit, the poo moved very slowly and poked out a bit further. I reached down and felt my anus - it was stretched wide apart, with a rock hard, very dry turd sticking out about 3 inches. There was liquid poo coming out too. Each time I pushed, I did a wee. It hurt so much each time I pushed, I didn't know how I was going to get it all out but I just had to. Then I said 'Here we go' and pushed as hard as I could, screwed up my face, closed my eyes and dug my toes into the floor. The poo came out a bit more so I pushed hard again. This time, I pushed so hard that I also had to let out a loud yell. I hoped my house mate hadn't come home because I didn't want her to hear me.

All this pushing helped because the poo came out even more and broke off. I still had more up there so I continued pushing. I had to push hard for several minutes to get the rest out. Then, one piece got stuck in my anus. Then I heard my house mate come home!!! I didn't know what to do! I reached down and quickly felt my anus - there was about 2 inches poo sticking out. I tried to suck it back in but it was out too far! I didn't want to break it off either so I reluctantly pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and ran into my bedroom. My house mate didn't see me. It was 9.35 pm so I had spent an hour and a half on the toilet and I still wasn't finished!! I waited about 10 minutes, hoping that my house mate would go straight to bed. I snuck out of my bedroom and went straight back to the toilet. I closed the door and sat on the toilet. It took me another 15 minutes of pushing and straining, to get the rest of the poo out!! My pants didn't get any poo on them, after I pulled them up, amazingly!!

I have just been hiking in the mountains. One day I had to go to toilet in the middle of the day and there was no toilet around. I had to go behind a big boulder and pull down my throusers and squat and poop on the ground. Luckily I had some paper napkins and luckily nobody came around. It was really nice afterwards because the urge had been really strong. Many hikers poop outdoor I think.

Steven A

To Tyler

My school does allow kids to go to the bathroom, but it's embarrassing to go during class for me and mostly everyone else because most people are gone for awhile and they come back into the classroom, the students know what you did. I just don't know why it's embarrassing, everyone does it and there's no reason to make someone feel embarrassed because they had to go poop. Well, I was just wondering if "sit times" can change your bowel habits. I would like them to be after school everyday if possible. I'm not poop shy, I still go when there's kids in the bathroom, but I usually wait to leave the bathroom until they leave, so it won't be awkward. My bowel habits differ from time to time, sometimes I may have logs, mostly I will have pieces. I think my bowel habits have changed from over the summer into the school year and I'm trying to get them back to logs only, if that's possible. Is there any way to do that? I mostly drink water and I eat an apple a day with my lunch, and I also eat Fiber One/Plus Bars when I have them. Well, I will post again soon about my football game this Friday. (P.S. Tyler, I play trumpet and it really doesn't affect my bladder pressure at all).


For Michael

Hey Michael....I read your post where you're back to rabbit pellets. Sorry man....not good; although I guess it's sort of a "normal" for you.

I know that for me....that would be a signal that I was extremely backed would take a long time for my poop to get that hard; that dry and that small.

How do you feel when it's like that? Can you feel pressure inside? Can you feel the lumps if you press against your stomach?

I guess by now you've managed to pass "the big one".... I hope so.

You never really ask for advice... but; if you still haven't gone...I think you should talk to your parents and maybe use some stool softener or even get someone to give you a suppository. Keep us posted.


I was wondering if any one knew about any Female poop and fart scenes in TV and Movies, where I could watch them would be good also

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