Secret Pooper

A smelly after work poo on Thursday evening.

Hi everyone, before I get on to my story...

I have a few comments ...

@Brandon T: Thank you for liking my stories, yes I definitely did have a really good clean out last Sunday. My bowels were definitely very active that day. It was good to just sit there, take my time an just unleash big time. I reading your posts too.

@Michelle: Loved reading about your embarrassing accident you had last weekend. I bet it was absolute agony holding in your poo.

Right, onto my story now...

On Thursday I was feeling quite lousy to be honest, very upset and stressed out with things to the point of tears basically :-(. Had a pretty full-on week of stress at work with increasing & mounting pressures etc. So thus I was in a really bad mood all day. Now having suffered from depression (and still do when it comes and goes) that when I get really pent up with stress to the point of breaking it more often than not results in me having bad stomach aches, giving me cramps and the all too familiar 'knotted-up' feelings in my belly resulting in me doing really smelly BM's and spending a lot of time on the loo.

Well Thursday evening was no exception, I left work at 5pm (boy was I glad to be away from the stresses and strains until the next morning). But since about 2pm (ish) I could feel my belly feeling gradually more and more uncomfortable, I started passing wind and could feel an uneasiness in my guts like something was brewing up. So from about 2pm till 5pm I kept breaking wind but not loudly but some of them did smell a bit. When I got home I crashed on the couch, with a cup of tea and just kicked off my shoes. I could seriously feel something was bubbling up in my belly because I broke wind and it was very smelly & carried a strong meaty smell and lingered in th air for a few minutes before dissipating. I went very quiet and then just drank my tea and went to my bedroom. I just wanted to have some time to myself. I got changed into my crop shorts but just couldn't be bothered to change out of my work blouse. I sat on my bed and could feel wave after wave of something inside of me waiting to hit, I let out some more really smelly SBDs and thank god I was in my room because I could bear to smell them (just about!). I just sat there in my room feeling so yuk and wanting to just cry so I just laid on my bed and tried to think of something else. After about half an hour I began to feel that I was going to have a poo anytime NOW, the urge now went from a moderate one to very high. I'm sure you all know that feeling. I got up off my bed rapidly because I knew now that every precious second was important and any delay could prove disastrous as I could totally mess myself badly. I slipped my hot & sweaty work feet into my open toe mules and made a dash to the loo.

I locked the door and quickly pulled down my black cropped shorts and panties to my thighs and just plonked my bum on the seat. I immediately crossed my arms and pressed them against my belly. I then could feel something and sure enough all I can remember is that I let out about 3 farts which were very smelly ... I then took a deep breath and let out some soft grunts and pressed on my belly with my arms crossed then I could feel a huge load waiting to drop out my bum, then I could feel my bum hole open and a big(ish) chunk dropped out and made a loud PLOP! In the bowl below, then another thick piece dropped out with another fairly big plop. It was beginning to get smelly now and just before I could grunt again my bum hole opened again and what seemed like lots of chunky little pieces just began to drop out in rapid succession .... Plop!, plop!, plop-plop-splopslopsplops-plip-plip-plop! By now it was quite smelly in the loo, I thought that was it but no, I could still feel more inside me still waiting to drop out and it did. I pressed my belly again and a final wave of poo just shot out of me with about three big plops! Full of smell! Aaaah! That was it, I was done and oh my god what a bellyache I had but I sure managed to stink the bathroom out, not that I was embarrassed about it because I couldn't help it, the fact that I had a really good poo was all the more satisfying. I looked behind into the bowl to see what kind of mess I had produced and there was loads of chunky brown pieces on top of more pieces, the water had turned a bit brown with a few poo smears in the bowl but the smell was something else. I tore off some loo roll and wiped my bum and needless to say the paper was covered in chocolate lol lol and then I tore off some more paper and wiped again and it was covered in poo, the 3rd and 4th wipes weren't as messy and thankfully on the 5th wipe my bum was totally clean :-). I got up off the loo, pulled up my panties and cropped shorts and flushed the loo. I tried to find the air freshener but to my shock there was hardly any left in the can so I had to open the window to let the fresh air in. I just hoped that no one would go in after me stinking it up proper. Luckily no one did, thankfully.

Anyway that's it from me for now. More from me soon.

Take care everyone x


It's - unisex stalls

Hey, Itk. I have never lived in a place with unisex stalls, but I have used the stall next to a woman before. It happens often in gay clubs, where the clientele is mostly male, but there is also a women's restroom. Guys end up using the women's restroom because it seems silly to wait for the men's room to become available when there are so few women around. It doesn't bother me, of course, but I could see how it could bother some straight guys. Or gay guys too, I guess.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Michelle great story it sounds like you had a rough day but your ex handled it well and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you and that other girls desperate poops it sounds like you both really had to go bad and alot to and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story it sounds like Sally had a 2 part poop but you were there to help her out as always and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lauren as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop at work and it sounds like a few other ladies did to and it sounds like you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Friday, September 27, 2013


Latest news

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest news, sorry its been ages since I last posted, I've been trying to get stuff sorted for my gap year between school and uni and haven't had time to do anything!
Jasmin K- glad to hear you were finally able to have a poo during lunchtime but sorry you were on the toilet so long, hope your next poo is easier. I've finished school now and followed the same routine as you, I would always get in early, have some breakfast and go for a sit on the toilet before class and try to have a poo. There were always other girls doing the same so if I had to strain at least I wasn't alone! Now you come to mention it I quite often wasn't able to go before school on Monday so maybe the weekend had the same effect on me!
Natasha- good to hear you've been successful in having a poo first thing in the morning. I find eating breakfast gets my bowels working and so it's a lot easier for me to go for a poo after breakfast, the trouble is I hate eating just after I've woken up so I used to get to school early and use the loo after I'd eaten something in our canteen. Like you the other day though some mornings I just wasn't able to go and then it was really annoying especially if I started to want a poo half way through first lesson. It was good though that you were able to have a poo at morning break, normally if I felt an urge coming once lessons had started I had no choice but to hold it till lunchtime because there was hardly time to have a wee at breaktime let alone a poo! I hope your new routine continues to work out for you and that you don't need a poo at school too often, or if you do that you get time to use the toilet and don't have to hold it for too long.
Anyway, I've got a story about some child minding I've been doing recently, for the same family that I posted about ages ago. The kids are called Grace and Joe, Grace has just finished her first year at senior school and Joe is a few years younger. The other day I was looking after them when Grace said she needed the loo and went to the bathroom upstairs. We had been chatting in the living room and Joe was playing computer games in the study. I waited and waited but there was no sign of Grace so after about ten minutes I went upstairs to check she was OK. As I was walking up the stairs I realised I was starting to want a poo, it had been three days since I'd last been so I knew it would be a bad idea to hold it in. I popped my head into her room but there was no-one there so I went to the bathroom, the door was open a bit but I knocked anyway and a voice from inside said "Who's there?" I said "Its Abbie," and there was a slight pause before Grace said "You can come in, I was just making sure it wasn't my brother!" I pushed open the door and there was Grace sitting on the loo with her jeans and pink flowery knickers at her ankles, she was red in the face and had clearly been straining to poo. "I didn't want to disturb you, its just you've been gone a while and I was just checking your OK" I said feeling a bit embarrassed.
"Yeah I'm OK, just a bit constipated, I haven't been for a poo in a few days" panted Grace as she continued to strain.
"Well, I'll leave you to it," I said, turning to walk back out.
"No, its OK, you can stay," Grace said, "It'll take my mind off it if I've got someone to chat to."
"I know what you mean," I agreed as I sat down on the bathroom floor, "I get constipated quite alot too and it does make it easier if someone else is there to distract you a bit." Grace took a deep breath and bore down hard. "Its really annoying, it starts to come out then gets sucked back up my bum," she said.
"I get that too, try to squeeze your thighs together and hold your bum cheeks apart and that should do it," I suggested. Grace did as I suggested and strained really hard for as long as she could, she grunted loudly before quickly drawing breath and doing the same again. After two more pushes like this she relaxed and said "Its about half way out, its too fat now to get sucked back up," and she started to bear down again. I was hoping she wouldn't be too much longer, I was starting to get more and more desperate by the second and was having to clench my bum to stop a massive fat log from poking out into my knickers. After a few more pushes she panted "Its coming now" and shortly after I heard a splosh and realised her poo had dropped. Almost straight away I saw her belly tense and realised she wasn't done, I said "Are you nearly finished, its just I'm bursting for a poo as well," and Grace said "Oh sorry, I'll try to hurry, I shouldn't be much longer." She pushed out another log and then said "I'm done now."
"Do you mind if I get on the loo straight away, I can't hold it much longer," I said, and just as I said that I could feel my poor bumhole losing the battle and allowing the log to poke out, I did my best to suck it back up but knew that I'd probably have skidmarks by now. "No that's fine, I wipe my bum standing up anyway" said Grace as she shuffled over to the side. I quickly hiked up my denim skirt and dropped my white knickers before sitting on the loo, I couldn't help moaning with relief as I relaxed and felt the log start to make its way out of my bum. Next to me Grace had finished wiping, I shifted forward so she could throw the paper away and she pulled her knickers and shorts up and sat on the edge of the bath obviously waiting for me to finish. I was feeling a bit embarrassed about a younger girl seeing me having a poo although given that I'd just watched her I couldn't really complain, just then I noticed she was looking at my pants and I saw I had a pretty big skidmark, I blushed and said "Sorry about that, I couldn't stop it poking out of my bum," and Grace said "I'm just glad I'm not the only one who gets marks in my pants, mum tells me off but sometimes I can't help it."
I couldn't help grunting just then after a particularly hard push, but luckily that did the trick and I felt the log sliding out faster and shortly after it plopped into the bowl. Almost straight away I could feel a second log emerging from my bum but knew that one was a lot smoother so it would be easier to pass. Once I'd pushed out that log I was done, I wiped my bottom and then pulled up my pants and eased my skirt back down. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!


Fast food poo & 'major' sightseeing!

On Tuesday I went to see a film with some friends and afterwards we went to KFC for dinner- we all had the new 'mighty bucket for one,' which is a lot of chicken! I was completely full after that meal but I had already pooed earlier and didn't need to go again.
Yesterday, however, was a different story! I was out shopping and after a sandwich and a muffin for lunch I started needing what my grandad sometimes calls 'a major' or a 'major one!' As opposed to just needing a wee, which is a relatively minor operation compared to a poo, especially for men!

Soon I was getting some stomach cramps and my need started to become quite urgent so I knew I had to focus on getting to the loo to take care of it. I made my way through the shopping centre to find the nearest loos were pretty busy, with five people waiting already. There were four cubicles but one was out of order. When I joined the queue I already had a pretty strong need, although I was not yet desperate to go. I could tell it was going to be a big load because I had eaten so much KFC the day before!
A couple of the women in the cubicles seemed to be pooing as only one cubicle opened up in the first 5 minutes that I was waiting. The woman who went in needed one too, and I guessed at least one woman in front of me did too because she kept putting a hand on her stomach briefly. So for a few minutes all the cubicles were taken by women going number two. Then in quick succession the two women who had been on the loo when I arrived came out and two of the women waiting went in. They only needed to wee so they were out fairly quickly. By now my bowels were feeling really full and I was getting pretty desperate after waiting in the queue for ten minutes. The woman who I thought needed a poo went in and then so did the girl who was ahead of me. There was very little to be heard from any of the cubicles for a couple of minutes until the first woman who had gone in came out. I quickly took her place on the loo, hiking up my skirt and lowering my red knickers to my feet.

Very quickly my bumhole opened up and the big turd that had been nearly poking out anyway finally emerged. It was pretty thick so I had to give it a few pushes and it started hurting my bum at its widest point. It was long, too, and it landed with a loud plop at almost the same time as the woman who I guessed had to poo did her first piece. The other girl only weed and was quickly replaced by the girl of about my age who had been in the queue behind me. I heard a plop from her not long after she sat down, so now all the cubicles were again taken by women doing their 'majors!' I was glad to have my bum on a toilet seat because it had been getting really uncomfortable holding it in and I had been getting really urgent to poo. After a few minutes I had done three small pieces and a wee and I felt like I might be done. Both my neighbours had finished and been replaced. I sat for a minute to see if any more needed to come out, but that was it. I only had to wipe twice, plus my front, because it had been quite a dry poo. I felt a lot better after I finished!

When I was a child my grandad always used to call pooing 'a major' whenever I was with him and I needed to go. Obviously the topic tends to get raised less as you get older, but we have always been really open with each other and that does include things in the bathroom! I have no problem telling him if I need to go, or what I need to do. I was reminded of it the other day when talking to him about something completely unrelated which he said was a 'major operation.'
Then today I went on a trip to do some sightseeing with him to London and 'majors' were mentioned then, since we were out all day and used the loos a few times! We drove down and stopped on the way for a snack and a wee. We took a look round the Olympic park and had lunch in the shopping centre there. Before leaving he said he would go to the loo and asked me, 'do you need to go while we're here?' I said yes, and he asked, 'for a major or...?' since we had just eaten and he knew I often go after meals. I had to do a wee but didn't need a poo, so I said, 'No, I don't need a major yet, I'll just wee while we're here.' We laughed and he said he would be having a major, so we went to the loos and I waited a couple of minutes for him after I was done.

After we had been on the fun cable car thing over the Thames we got a river cruise up to the London Eye which we had tickets for. Near the end of the boat cruise I started to get the feelings that I would be needing a number two fairly soon. Not long after we got on the London Eye I started to need a major! By the time we got off I had a minor urge and we were running out of time do see the sights so I ignored it and the toilets in the visitor centre we had used for a wee when we arrived. We walked over the river to see parliament and then got the Tube to see Buckingham Palace. By now I couldn't ignore the need to poo as it was getting strong. There were no toilets in any of the tube stations we visited as only a few stations have them, a Londoners no doubt know well to their inconvenience!

After a quick stop in Piccadilly Circus we got the tube to St Pancras so my grandad could get some photos of it to compare with ones he took when he was a boy. I knew there would be toilets there but I assumed they would need payment to access like most station toilets here, and I had no coins on me. I knew I needed to use them, though, because I was getting quite desperate now since I had been holding it for nearly 3 hours since first getting the urge! I saw a sign to the toilets and we were heading over that way.

As we drew level with the sign my grandad saw it and said, 'Do you need to use the loo while we're here?' I said that I did, and that he would need to give me some coins to get in since I had none. He got out 20p and got one for himself so he could go too. As we walked to the loos he asked, 'do you need to do a major or just a pee?' I replied, 'Now I do need to have a major!' He gave me the money and said, 'well you'll be getting your money's worth then!' We laughed, but it turned out the toilets were free after all. He said he would wait for me outside and we went in to our respective toilets.
I took a free cubicle and pulled down my jeans and green knickers to my feet and sat on the loo. I weed first and my poo started to ease out, preceded by a loud, quite squeaky fart. The first log came out with a plop, followed by a second. A minute later I did another fart, then a smaller turd came out. A few minutes later I did two more little pieces and then I was done. I wiped front and back and left feeling better of course! We stopped once more on the way home for a toilet break where I did another wee, and got home ok after a fun day out! Hope you enjoyed the stories!

Ps, let me know if you've heard anyone call a poo a 'major' before! Also I'd like to know what funny or uncommon names you personally give to pooing or to weeing!

Well I had one hell of an embarrassing accident this weekend....

In case you didn't read above I'm Michelle. Found this site like 7 years ago when I was researching advice about my then 13 year old daughter's bed wetting problem (she has it under control now thankfully) and after what just happened to me I thought of this place and figured it'd be the place to share. a bit about me, i'm in my early 40s, white, brown to think I look pretty good for my age. I had a divorce 5 years ago so I try to stay in shape since I'm "available". On that note, the person whom I was with who witnessed my humbling moment was, in fact, my ex husband. We are good friends actually, we just didn't mesh as a married couple, hence the divorce after several years of trying to make it work. But we get along well living separate lives from one another and do spend time together fairly often. Anyway, on Saturday we both took a drive together to go see a couple of friends of ours who are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. They live about 4 hours from us these days so we were planning on driving up late Saturday afternoon and spending the night at a motel before their event which was on Sunday, a mid morning golf outing and picnic followed by a small gathering at their house (it was actually a lot of fun even though I don't really care for golf). I'm pretty regular with my bowel movements, but it didn't exactly dawn on me before we left that my usual early evening dump was gonna be ready sometime in the middle of our drive, otherwise I probably would've tried to make myself go before we left, for comfort's sake. But I didn't, so about an hour into the drive I was building up a fairly strong urge to poop. I held it. Ninety minutes in, pressure started to mount. I held it. I really wanted to try and make it to the motel rather than make a pit stop for a number 2...Bout an hour later, I really had to go and it was getting pretty uncomfortable, and another hour and a half of holding it in seemed out of the question, plus by that time my bladder decided to join the fun and I had to pee pretty bad too, which certainly didn't help. So I swallowed my pride and said to my ex "hey David, next time we get a chance to stop I'm gonna need to hit the ladies room." He faked being annoyed and let out a big exaggerated sigh and said "FIIINE...but number 1 only we're only gonna stop for 2 minutes." I laughed and said "well tough I'm gonna take all the time I need!" To which he replied "ahh OK gotta drop the kids off at the pool i see...that's fine I'll let you out and keep going you can call a cab when you're done." I played along and said "sounds good, just find a place." I did my best to sound cool and calm about it but in reality I was in pretty urgent need of the bathroom because of my failed attempt to make it through the whole ride, and wanted to beg him to stop as soon as possible. But I knew if I did he would tease and screw around even more. I discretely folded my hands together in my lap to hold myself as I pressed my knees firmly together and "clenched". It was getting really bad... 10 minutes later he zipped right by an exit with a sign for some gas heart sank and I said "why didn't you pull off there???" And he said in this smartass taunting way "that's one of those deals where the stations are like 3 miles from the exit down some other highway...there's a better exit coming up...sorry i didn't realize it was such an emergency!" I felt a little embarassed for revealing just how desperate I was, but I mean, I was getting very desperate.

We approached the next exit and it was similar to the previous one where the gas stations weren't exactly just off the exit, but I made him pull off there anyway even though he insisted the next exit was gonna be one with gas and restaurants right off the highway. I didn't care though I just needed to stop. We pulled off and had to meander down some desolate tree lined roads of nothingness before 5 agonizing minutes later we got to the gas station. My heart sank when we got there because it didn't have any kind of market or anything, just a window you walked up to to pay for gas. I got out of the car to check for a bathroom anyway, and as soon as I stood up I felt just how serious the pressure was. My bladder was throbbing and I was starting to involuntarily push a little bit and kept having to concentrate on clenching my cheeks harder, a phenomenon I've seen referred to as both "turtle heading" and "prairie dogging." I promised my body that the bathroom was near and held on for dear life and shuffled gingerly to the window. I asked the attendant if there was a restroom, trying not to sound like I was on the verge of disaster even though I was, and he just mumbled "port o potties in the back." I thanked him and did my shuffle around the side of the building and found the two port o potties... the first one was locked and when I tried pulling in the door I heard an old man voice say "occupied!" No problem, there was another one...I opened it up and to my horror it was absolutely OVERFLOWING with waste!!! It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. There was no way to use it without literally sitting in waste. So I basically felt like crying. I stood waiting for the old man, desperately waiting, debating in my head whether I should wait, head back to the car and find another place to go, or take off across a field behind the gas station towards some brush I could take cover in...but as I thought it over the decision was made for me...

None of those options would be the case...I stood there and finally turtle headed, or prairie dogged, past the point of no return. I pushed beyond my control, and couldn't get it back...a warm, firm log slowly forced its way into my panties and light beige khakis causing them to bulge out, then quickly broke off and was followed by a much quicker bout of softer mush that spread across my butt and up toward my back, all with a lovely soundtrack of crackles and blurps... I stood there helpless outside an occupied gas station port o potty and completely pooped in my pants, at the age of 42...with my ex husband waiting for me in the car. And yeah, you better believe that my bladder wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity for the sweet, underwear-soiling relief my bowels had just gotten. It might have already been happening as i pooped, but i didn't notice until i was done pooping that pee was also steadily flowing out and soaking my pants all the way down to my shoes, the tingly warmth darkening the backs and insides of my legs and front of my crotch, and also spreading onto my butt and mixing it up with my mess, creating just the loveliest sensation...

I was then relieved. I stood completely still in my pee puddle, almost in a daze, and tried to plan my next move. I certainly wasn't gonna try and deal with my mess in a port o potty, so it was time for the long lonely waddle back to the car to face the music from David... as soon as I saw the car, I just started bawling- which surprised me. I didn't feel like crying when I was pooping and peeing myself, or immediately after I was done..I just felt more annoyed and embarrassed than anything, but for some reason seeing the car with David waiting made me just lose it. It was probably for the better because he got out of the car and seemed really concerned and compassionate, rather than bursting into laughter and making fun of me which I'm sure he would've done if I didn't start crying. He just said "aw damn Michelle I'm so sorry, I shoulda stopped sooner...ya OK? Come on it's all've got a change of clothes in the car.." I couldn't even speak. I felt so humiliated and could barely even look at him. Next thing I knew he was handing me my overnight bag telling me he'd wait while I changed..then i told him it was port o potties and I couldn't clean up in there. He seemed troubled... I guess he was having to face the reality of me needing to get back in his car in pee soaked, poop filled pants. But he thought on his feet and grabbed a bunch of those reusable grocery bags from his trunk and lined three or four layers of them on the pessenger seat and said "OK, we'll pull over at the next exit." I carefully got back in the car and slowly lowered by butt into the seat, and the feeling of my mess squishing beneath me was almost as bad as the initial moment of pooping my pants. We rolled all the windows down of course... I settled in for a long ride, because I decided (with some protest from david) that I would prefer to just tough it out for the remainder of the drive and clean myself up in the motel bathroom than a public one, so that I could use the shower. And so that's what we did...another 90 minutes or so in the car, sitting in my own mess, pants soaked with pee... it was positively glorious, just how I had planned it...

Getting to the motel and getting to change my pants and shower was amazing. It was like finding an oasis in the desert and drinking fresh water after being on the brink of total dehydration. But as soon as I was all cleaned up and changed that was David's cue to go from supportive and empathetic to TOTALLY making fun of me. He wouldn't stop making jokes about heading to the convenience store and offering to pick up some depends... faked calling the front desk and asking them to bring a plastic sheet for the mattress... etc. But I had it coming of course and it was in good have to laugh about it... Thankfully though, he thought better of telling people at the party about my accident, I would have been so humiliated if he did...but I must confess I did tell one friend of mine at the party, who I trust with my life, about the whole thing and shared a good laugh about it. She admitted to once wetting her pants on her way home from the grocery store and chalked it up to life when you get over 40!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story, and I certainly hope its my last for a long, long time!



Hey Steven

Yeah; sit times sometimes works. But; I used to do that when I wouldn't go for days on end otherwise. Sitting allowed me to focus on going and I could often get at least something out.
You though....your body works so are so regular that I don't think you should mess with anything.
It's too bad that you can't go at school when you get your urge. It shouldn't be like that in schools. Kids should be able to go to the bathroom.
I bet you're like me. I really can't poop if there are other kids there; I would have to be totally desperate. Especially if I have to grunt and strain....I can't have other people hearing that...I'd be soooo embarrassed. Dumb; eh? I just can't help it though.

PS: In your marching you play an instrument that you blow? Do you think that playing those kinds of instruments make it harder to hold your pee if you have to go bad? I don't seems like all that blowing pressure would make it tough.....

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Emily first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really rough day and also learned that laxatives arent for you or at least that kind and at least your husband was there to help you out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story about Emily it sounds like you guys were having alot of fun in the treehouse and it sounds like she had a good pee and poop to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Secret Pooper as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good cleanout and I bet you felt really good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K another great story.

To: Natasha always another great story it sounds like you had a really good poop at school and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ron great story about your girlfriend letting you watch her poop then let you wipe her after and it sounds like she gave a really great show to and please share anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Lindsey great story.

To: Lauren first welcome to the site and great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt better afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Angie's Survey (that Tim posted)

Thought I would answer this one because I had issues with pooping my pants as a young kid and constipation didn't help:

1. Was anyone here ever encouraged as a child to poop their pants to end constipation?
-Sometimes I was. My parents wanted to do anything to help end constipation and sometimes I just preferred to go in my pants, so they would let me and then clean me up afterward. They never got mad, so I guess it was okay.
2. Has anyone here ever pooped their pants on purpose while constipated as a child (without permission or encouragement)?
-I used to sometimes yeah. I preferred squatting to poop sometimes and the only way I did that was in my pants. Sometimes if I felt an urge I just wanted to go with it and not have to walk to the bathroom so I would just squat where I was and go in my pants.
3. Has anyone here ever had an accident as a child because they were constipated, and then they had a sudden urge to go but couldn't make it to a bathroom?
-That happened to me once when I was on some kind of laxative for constipation. It hit me unexpectedly and wasn't where a bathroom was (it was also a public park) so I ended up pooping in my pants right there as my dad eventually took me to a bathroom.

I stopped having accidents eventually, but those are some memories of accidents or on-purpose soiling that I remember.


Both Of The posts were mine

I had to double post due to my device running out of battery.

To Tyler and whoever else who is interested: I've been pooping rabbit turds for a few days this week. My gas has been potent though. Last Thursday I pooped nicely compared to other times. It was a well formed log and smooth. (It was green) :D.

To Annie - Does it bum you out when you have rabbit poops too? D: I know it does to me, because they aren't satisfying.

Anyways, so everyday I sit down and poop next to another kid. It's the same kid everytime. This is usually afterschool. I'm going to call my poop buddy anonymously Derek.
Derek usually beats me to the toilet everyday, so I usually rush getting ready afterschool so we can poop together. Today, he beat me. Later I go in my stall, put nothing down on the seat, and just sit there. I grunt and only a rabbit pellet comes out. I wipe until there is nothing left. Derek, ever since I got there hasn't made a sound. I could smell that he pooped though. We both got up and flushed at the same time.
While he was washing his hands I got out of the stall. The stall he just used had a very strong smell. I went in when he wasnt looking and was greeted by a toilet full of light chunks of dark brown floaters. Apparently, the toilet flush wasnt strong (it never was).
I walked out and continued my day.


To Emily (23)

The problem isn't with laxative per se, but rather with how much you took. A dose like that is what the doctor gives when they want to empty your whole system for a medical procedure!


Dorms with unisex stalls

Does anybody here live, or used to live, in a dorm with unisex toilet stalls? I mean where there is more than one stall, not a restroom for just one person. Was it hard for you to get used to, having someone of the opposite sex using the stall next to you when you had to go too? Or wasn't it a big deal? We all know some people are shy and others aren't when using a single sex restroom. I'm wondering how it is with unisex facilities. Please post your comments and stories. Thanks.


to Tyler


That sounds like you had the perfect poop; I love it when mine are like that. I pooped last night and it was pretty good too. I had skipped a day going and any time that happens I always worry that I'm going to be constipated, but luckily that night (after eating a little bit more), I started to feel a slight urge. I always do "test pushes" too (I always wonder how many others do that), and doing that made it feel like I had a big hard turd in there so I was a little worried that I was constipated. Luckily when I went to the toilet, it ended up being better than I thought. The first part was a little hard and it took a bit of pushing, but the rest slid out easily and it ended up being a pretty large amount. Those types of poops are incredibly satisfying. So luckily I wasn't constipated. -_-

Hope you're doing well--hope to hear from you again! :)

So I was off to work today. I had intended to trek into the woods but as it happened I had a last minute meeting to attend. Sunk my plans to hike and camp. Like the loyal company woman I am I decided to show up. Blah Blah etc and on my way home my ????/bowels began to churn. I had to bm and bm now. Luckily there was a Target store on my way home. I parked and shuffled inside. I went in right behind another woman about my age. We got into two of the three available stalls that were available. I was on the verge of pooping my panties but waited because I did not want to poop out loud next to her. She coughed and began to poop loudly so I joined in. I really had to go because I take a high fiber diet and also I had spiced things up last night with some jalepenos. I felt like I might have loose poos on the way into the store so I was having trouble holding it in anyway. She was pooping loudly into the bowl and I suddenly added to the mix. The smell was terrible. She farted and plopped and I asked her if she was alright. She said yes she was okay but that she had eaten some fiber bars in the morning due to constipation issues and thought she would have gotten home in time.
I told her that I had taken too much psyllium last night and had Indian food which had resulted in my discomfort. She then laughed and said it was better to poop then be stuck up. I agreed as I would rather let it all out than be constipated.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tim (and Sally)

Treehouse Accidents

Hi, everyone, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 12 years old. Inspired by Bill's story about Emily, I decided to tell this one about Sally and I. It was a hot summer's day on the weekend, very hot, and Sally and I had just been for a quick skinny-dip in the creek to cool off. After we had dried and put our clothes back on, we started walking back to the treehouse. When we were about 10 minutes away, Sally let out a forceful fart, so forceful that it blew her dress up. We said nothing, though I was silently amazed. 5 minutes later, however, she farted a second time. This was not as forceful, but it sounded very wet, and she stopped walking as a piece of poo fell onto the ground. She wasn't wearing any undies, on account of it being so hot. "I need to poo!" she said, before releasing liquid diarrhoea while still standing up, not even having enough time to squat down. "How bad does it look back there?" she asked me, lifting her dress for me to see. "Your butt looks okay, but you'll need to wipe when we get back to the treehouse. So she held her bum cheeks together and we sprinted for the treehouse. When we got there, we both went straight to the toilets on the balcony. I squatted over my toilet hole to do a quick pee and push out a fart and two small tan-coloured turds. Sally tried for more poo, but there didn't seem to be any left, so, still squatting, she asked me to wipe her bum for her as it was very awkward for her to do it. I wiped her vagina and anus for her, and it took 3 wipes to get it clean. Just as I was reaching for a 4th wipe, I noticed that a turd was making its way out. I said to Sally, "Don't poop now, you're not over the hole!" She scrunched and said, "It's no use, the ship's already sailed!" If it hadn't been such an emergency, I might have laughed at Sally's choice of phrase. Thinking quickly, I grabbed the chamber pot that we kept in the treehouse for emergencies such as diarrhoea or cold days, and held it under her bum to catch the turd and the copious diarrhoea that followed. When she said she was done, I tipped the pot down one of the holes into the pit below and started wiping her all over again, a little annoyed that all my fine work had gone to waste. This time it took 6 full wipes to get it clean. We sat and talked for about and hour after, then it was time for us to go home. On the way home, Sally stopped and said, "I need a pee. Why don't we have a peeing competition to see who can pee the highest up that tree trunk over there. So, we faced each other, ready to begin. Sally lifted her skirt up, holding it out of the way with one hand and using the other to direct the stream. I unzipped my pants and held my penis with two hands. We peed for 2 minutes each, owing to all the water we had been drinking. I lost to Sally, who peed the highest by a long way. As punishment, I had to kiss her, which was not really a punishment at all. That's all for the moment, guys. Until next time!


Poo at work

Hello again. I have a story to share about the poo I did at work today. I work at a cafe and I started noticing a need to have a poo a few minutes before my lunch break. As soon as another waitress was there to take my place, I went to the toilets. We don't have a separate staff toilets, so we have to use the customer toilets.

There's six cubicles, but around lunch time, they're usually all taken. Today was no different, and I was queueing behind one other woman. A cubicle came open fairly soon, but the other woman must have needed a poo, as she stayed in the cubicle for a while. Another cubicle came open a bit later and I went in.

I sat down on the nice warm toilet and weed for a good long time. Then I farted a few times before I started pooing. I quickly let out five or six small turds with tiny splashes. I was also surprised that my poo was hardly smelling at all. A nice bonus, I guess. After a few more splashes, there was nothing coming. But I still felt my stomach hurting a bit like I had to poo more.

I gently rubbed my stomach and that helped loosen things up. I blasted a loud dry fart and then a big long rope of poo came rushing out of me. And right after, another one very similar to it. Then I felt empty and my stomach didn't hurt any longer. I needed to wipe several times before I was clean. Then I flushed and washed my hands and went out to enjoy my lunch.

Hope you enjoyed my story. Bye for now.

My name is Emily I'm 23 I have a awesome body and blonde stright hair. I have three kids and a husband Ryan.

Ok so yesterday i woke up . My stomach was hurting pretty bad so I went to the bathroom. I pushed but nothing would come out so I went and ate some breakfast I had eggs and bacon. I then figured I would go shopping so I went shopping. My stomach was feeling more and more sick and full. I knew I was constipated so I decide to go to the drug store on my way home. I bought some laxitives I got in the car and took about three. I got home and went and laide on the couch. I got up around 4 to start making dinner. Since the laxitives haven't worked I took another three. I made dinner I made some Pizza and salad. So anyways we all ate dinner and my stomach felt horrible. So I went to the bathroom an decided that I would try and push. I tried and still nothing. I didn't want to take any more laxitives so I decided I would take bath. I got in the bath and I was in there about a hour and my stomach was rumbling so I decide I better go on the toliet and I sat down and pushed a long turd came out it was hard. My stomach was still feeling horrible so I waited I then felt a fart so I farted and poop came out it was softer this time. I then farted again and and the diarrhea started it was wave after wave water wave. I was on there for about 20 minutes. I finally felt done so I got up changed my cloths. My husband told me that he was going out beacuse some friends were in he asked me if I wanted to go. Of course I said yes I feeling so much better. So we got ready took the kids over my parents and went
Out I was wearing some tight pants and boots with a white top. We went out to a bar we order some drinks chatted had a good time. We were about to leave when my stomach started cramping but I figured I would be ok. So we left and on the way home my stomach got worse so I tole my hubby to pull over I was going to be sick so he pulled over to the side of the road and I got out of the car I went into the woods on the side. I lulled my ants down and basically peed out of my butt ater about ten minutes I was done . I pulled my pants up and went back we proceeded to go home. My stomach was still cramping we were about five minutes from my parents house when infarted and warm poop filled my pants. My husband asked if I was ok I said no I had pooped my pants so he instead of getting the kids tome me stright home helped me clean up the went to get our kids. I had diarrhea about five more times last night. I still feel a bit sick today I'm never taking laxitives again

Steven A

To Tyler

Tyler, do "sit times" work for you? I might need to try that because I don't like holding my poop in during school and waiting to let it out when I have time to. I had to do the same thing today. The football game this week is far away (Up to an hour or more to get there and back) and I might have a story about people being desperate for the toilet on our way back to the school. I will post again soon.


To Jemma

I don't know if you've visited this site since my last posting but I realised I stated that I wasn't sure if you had a huge dump after your gym session. Shortly after my last post I read your story again and realised I didn't notice the title of your post stating you had a massive poop (doh!); so my speculation was irrelevant - sorry about that...

I had a few questions about your massive poop and your IBS - although I appreciate you may decide not to answer them.

In relation to your massive poop after the workout:-

Were the turds hard/firm/soft or a mixture? Were they big in terms of their length and/or thickness? Were they gassy?

In relation to your IBS:-
1)How often do you do a "massive poop" like the one you described?
2)Do you have to find a toilet quickly i.e. within a few minutes when you get the urge for a massive poop or can you hold on for some time?
3)Do you pass a lot of gas when you poop?
4)Do your turds tend to be firm or soft - or a mixture?
5)Do you sometimes get constipated or have diarrhoea - or both?
6)How long have you had IBS?

Anyway, I hope you things get better for you.


Post Title (optional) Answer to survey questions

1) Do they have doors on the toilets in nudist places, and if so why?
In Ontario, where I live, I know of two nudist places. They all had doors. Perhaps, bathroom set-up requirements are dictated by regulations and regulations are perhaps stricter in Ontario than anywhere else in N. America.
besides, in 56 years, I have never seen public bathrooms without doors.
2) If you went into a public toilet, and there were no cubicles, but just a row of toilets standing in a line would you use one (a) to wee (b) to poo? And why or why not? To pee, poo...I am not sure...
3) As in question 2 but they were all occupied, would you (a) Leave the public toilet
(b) Wait until someone finished and then use that toilet, but look away from those sitting there while you waited (c) Wait, but watch those using the toilets while you waited, and smile if they caught your eye (d) Wait, watch and chat to those using the toilets (e) None of the above - please explain? In all of these why do you chose the answer?
4) Do you think toilets like this would be a good idea? Why?
I do not think society is ready for this. In any country you go regardless of race, religion, culture or language, the custom is almost always to give privacy to people using the bathroom in public places
5) Do you think toilets like this, but a joint toilet for males and females would be a good idea? Why? I would personally love sharing doorless bathroom with females if I can hide my excitement but again, we are not ready for this and the risk of harassment is far too high.

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