Bill F

Another Emily story

Today I'll tell another story about Emily. This time we were both 9, and this day she was wearing a dress. When we were walking back to the treehouse, and she started farting quite a bit. They were short and loud, but dry-sounding. I asked her "Are you alright?" She said "Yep!" And we continued walking. We were nearing the treehouse, when she let out another dry fart, though much louder and longer. It ended abruptly, and she suddenly stopped walking. She bent over and groaned, then I heard a squelching sound. I couldn't see any bump because she had a dress on. But I could clearly see two streams of pee, one flowing down her leg, and one going straight down. As three large pieces of poop fell to her feet I could tell her panties were overfilled with poop. It finally seemed like she was done,and she said "Oops... Didn't see that coming!" All I could say was "How did that happen?" She said "I don't know! I had to fart, so I pushed it out. Then the poop came with it, and I couldn't stop it." She was very calm about her accident, and didn't even seem sad. She took off her panties, and I was shocked by the amount of poop in them. The entire butt was covered in poop. "Oh my god! How did you possibly go that much?" "Well, I've been starting to eat a lot more, also I haven't pooped in five days." She lifted up her dress, and asked me "How bad is it back there?" Even though her poop was hard and dry, her butt still had a large heart-shaped poop stain on it. "Pretty bad. I have wet wipes in my treehouse, let's hurry before it dries." We rushed off to the treehouse, leaving her poop-filled panties behind.
Emily had to run awkwardly so she could keep her dress off her butt. When we got to the treehouse, she got the wet wipes to wipe as much of her butt as she could, while I sat on the toilet to pee and push out a few pieces of poop. When I finished, I asked her to pass the wipes. I wiped myself and pulled everything up. She lifted her dress and asked "Did I get it all?" She spread her cheeks and to me it seemed like she had gotten all of the poop out of her buttcrack and anus. However, there were a few stains she missed on her cheeks. "You missed a few spots, I'll just get them." As I was wiping the last few stains away, she farted twice, right in my face! One after the other. She burst into laughter. "Should you really trust a fart like that, after what just happened?" "Relax! I don't have any..." Her voiced trailed off, and lo and behold, I saw her anus open up, and a fat turd peeked out. As it started growing, I realized she was about to poop on the floor! I got a few wet wiped flat in my hands. The other end of her turd popped out, and I caught it with the wet wipes. "... Didn't see that one coming, either." "Are you finished now?" "Yep!" I carried the turd to drop it out the window, and she decided to let me wipe her anus. "You're not gonna fart in my face again, are you?" "I don't think so." I wiped the remaining poop off her anus, which I saw begin to twitch. She was trying to push out another fart in my face. I got out of the way before she farted, and she said "Dangit! I wasn't fast enough."
We spent a good few hours in treehouse, where we did our homework and played board games. Eventually she said she had to go for dinner, and I offered to walk her back. As we were walking, she stopped, spread her legs, and started to pee. She continued walking, still peeing. "Any reason you randomly started peeing?" She said, still walking and peeing, "Well, I don't have any panties in the way, and it's more convenient that squatting." Eventually she stopped peeing, and stopped walking. "Maybe I shouldn't have kept walking." I could see she had pee streaks on her legs. "You want me to head back to the treehouse to get some wipes?" "No need, I brought a few with me." She pulled out some wipes out of her backpack and wiped off her legs. We got to her house, then I headed back to the treehouse. On my way back, I spotted Emily's filled panties, which had quite a few flies around them. I saw the pee stain this time, and I still couldn't believe the size of the load in them.
See ya next time!


A couple stories and random TV show pants peeing

Not much going on here on the pooping front. Just some hard chunks but nothing substantial. I did a small log yesterday that somehow clogged the toilet even though it wasn't big. Only about 6 inches. Other than that just been doing some hard ball like poops despite drinking lots of water and eating right.

My husband had a minor "sharting" accident the other night if you can even call it that. He waddled into the kitchen where I was doing dishes and said "I pooped myself." and turned around. There was a big wet spot on his butt but no poop stain on his butt or computer chair where he had been sitting. It came out in the wash and left no stains obviously. But why did he poop out waterish-type liquid but not poop? He wasn't having diarrhea at the time.

Ever seen the show Top Gear UK? It's a car show where they do challenges like racing to the North Pole, turning a car into a limousine, boat, etc and having to do things with them like try to cross the English Channel or drive celebrities to an awards show. It's interesting. One episode they were doing a 24 hour Britcar endurance race where the 3 hosts have to take turns doing laps to try to get to the finish line along with a bunch of other cars. At one point two of the hosts (James May and Richard Hammond) had to pee pretty bad and were both doing the pee pee dance. Eventually when they did their laps they just let go and peed in their race suits. Richard Hammond told the other host, Jeremy Clarkson, that James had peed himself in the car (while Richard was waiting for James to finish his laps) and when it was Richard's turn he said to the camera "I'm having a wee right now." and let go and peed his pants. My husband and I didn't see any wet spots on them or anything, but they were most likely wearing jeans under the racing suits and had to sit in the puddles and wet clothes for a few hours each so I think that had to have been uncomfortable. And poor Jeremy had to sit in their puddles of urine when it was his turn to do his laps. I think the car probably stunk by the end of the race with all the urine. This happened in Season 10 episode 9.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Secret Pooper
Hi everyone, I thought I'd post about the 2 BM's I had today ...

The first one was at my house early this afternoon ....

It was around 2pm and I was doing some housework when I was beginning to seriously feel the need to have a poo. I could feel a rather full feeling in my belly and was also letting rip with some really smelly gas too. I stopped what I was doing and made my way to my en-suite, I locked the door, pulled down my denim shorty shorts and panties to my thighs and parked my bum on the loo .... I took up my usual position - leaning forward with arms crossed and pressed to belly with legs spread apart. I always take my time when I have a poo. I then let out a few soft grunts and pushed a few times. Surely enough it worked as suddenly I could feel a huge load making its way to my anus. I could feel my hole open and then what felt like a HUGE load of poo drop out ot my bum and .... PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP-PLOP-PLIP-PLIP-PLOP, PLOP, PLOP! The noises were loud but I didn't care as I was enjoying a really good satisfying poo. It was a smelly poo. But I wasn't done yet I could feel more waiting to drop. So I let out a few more soft grunts and then what felt like five more chunky pieces of poo dropped out my bum ... SPLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP! It was even more smellier in my en-suite now. I tore off some loo roll and was ready to wipe my chocolatey bum but before that I had a look behind me into the bowl to what I had produced ... There was a huge mound of a healthy brown poo, with lots of big chunks in the brown and some smears on the bowl. My first 3 wipes were messy as the paper was covered but on the last 2 wipes I used wipes and they got my bum completely clean. I got up off the loo, pulled up my shorts and panties and flushed the loo. The smell continued to linger in the air for almost an hour. I did use the last bit of air freshener but it ran out. Feel a lot better now for letting that big brown beast out of me.

The second poo came when I was at my parents tonight at about 7:15pm...

I was sorting through some stuff in my old room when I was struck with a strong and VERY URGENT need to poo. I let out a really bad, wet fart which stank BAD! I quickly made it to their upstairs loo, locked the door and pulled down my shorts and panties and sat on the loo. I didn't even have the time to take up my usual position as inside 5 seconds about 5 big pieces of poo dropped out one after another in rapid succession .... PLOP, PLOP, PLIP, PLIP, PLOP! That was it! I was done, it was a bit smelly but nothing like the poo I did this afternoon but it felt great to let all that out believe me. No other feeling like having a good poo. It took about 3 wipes to get my bum clean, again it was a messy one but I don't mind at all. I flushed the loo and got up and pulled up my shorts and panties then went downstairs to have my ???? dinner.

That's all from me for now, I'm so tired I'm off to sleep now. Goodnight everyone & happy pooping :-) x

Jasmin K

Difficult monday morning poos


Yes it was a real tough poo that time ,at least they are not like that every time I go, but Ive got to make sure I dont get constipated by going every day.

Ive got a couple of questions to ask.

Natasha Hi
Sounds like you follow a similar morning routien to me, Its good to know that there a regular morning sitters on this forum. There are lots of girls in my school me included that have a morning routine sit on the toilet, sitting there straining even when we dont need to go just to try to keep things moving to avoid constipation. I know a lot of girls in my school that are constipated and try to go at school - it seems really bad at the moment
Can I ask, how long are you able to spend on the toilet each morning, is this at home, school or both? and also do you just sit and wait for it to come or do you strain hard to try to get it moving?

General question to all, especially any girls at school

Do you find that on Mondays it always seems more difficult to do a Morning poo?
As long as I can remember on Monday morning I always have real difficulty to do a poo which considering that on Sundays I tend to eat loads, full cooked breakfast, Roast lunch or dinner and if its lunch then something else in the evening whereas in the week my eating is somewhat sporadic and not always good food, lots of rice,pasta etc. So after good food on weekends I dont see why it difficult to poo on Mondays. For example yesterday, After a decent breakfast I went for my usuall Sunday morning relaxed poo where I start off trying or straining only a little and just sit reading my book on my kindle,after 10 minutes of not doing anything I then start to strain harder for another 10 minutes and as Id only done a couple of small pebbles I started to strain as hard as I could for about 15 minutes and produced a few more pebbles. I could feel my poo coming so I strained really hard again and produced a log about 4 inches but quite thick and firm and a few pebbles. later I ate a huge Roast lunch but before going out I tried again and did some pebbles sort of strain and 1 pebble splashed in the water, Strained again another and so on untill I had done about 10 pebbles. I wiped, pulled my leggins up and went out and met some friends in town. We hung about in the shopping centre and ended up having a Mc D - So then today I would have expected to be able to do a decent poo after all that food. It was a case of 3rd time lucky, I had breakfast and set off to school, arrived early and went straight to the toilets and took an empty cubicle, there were several already occupied and by the sounds others were trying for that morning poo. I pulled my knickers down sat and
started straining, I spent 1/2 an hour doing that and only broke wind, As the buzzer went I wiped my bulging swollen bum and pulled up my knickers and went to first lesson. At break I went again and spent the 20 minutes of break straining hard, making me bleed but again no poo, Got back on the toilet at lunch and after 30 minutes of excessivly hard straining a log started pushing against my sore and swollen bum hole. I kept straining and it kept coming then splash, I felt underneath me and could feel my anus protruding, I knew it was a big log, I could also feel another coming so I strained again and another decent log. I wiped and put a pad in my knickers and stood to examin what Id done, 1 log about 8 inches and bum stretchingly thick, firm and knobbly, like pebbles stuck together then less pebble like to wards the end and another formed log which was quite firm, thick and stuck vertically up out of the water 3 inches so probably about 6 inches in total.
So here I am in technology during a free study period sitting on a comfy chair as I have a throbbingly sore bum at this moment.
Ok so now i have to go
Jas K


The Perfect Poop

I've been really busy; I'd forgotten to do sit times and I hadn't felt any urges either. But today; right after lunch I thought I felt a little something down there I did a couple of test pushes. Sure enough...I could feel a pretty decent turd moving inside of me.

I went and sat on the toilet....just sat there relaxed for a minute or so....not much happened....but then I started to push. It was great; my steady pushing did the slid out all in one air pockets and no interruption.

I stood up and looked at was perfect! Dark brown and end way down in the bowl and the other end sparkling out of the top of the water.

That's the way it should be; the "text-book" poop.

So; Steven and Dominic and Michael.....did you go today?


@Angie (First post) good story about your post-work poop. There's something very satisfying about a dump that you've been holding on to (out of necessity) for some time. Like you I enjoy the sensation of my anus being stretched when pooping. It doesn't happen to me very often though because my poo is usually very soft - i.e. Bristol stool scale 4-5.

@Peter - great series of stories and amusing titles! Do you have more?

@Jasmin K - I felt sorry for you that you were bleeding when you started to poo - that sounded painful. Maybe you need to have more fibre or "roughage" as it's called and more liquid to drink. If you get dehydrated that can lead to constipation. It's good to hear you're not shy about pooping in public e.g. school toilets.

@Michael (portajohn) - glad you managed to hold on. I hope you don't experience poops that are painful very often - 1 1/2 weeks without going is a long time.

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. Things are busier than I thought. I've still been sitting on the loo every morning to hopefully do a poo, and it's been helping a lot.

Anyway, I got up this morning and tried to have a poo. Unfortunately nothing happened, so I ate and left for school. But, just my luck, I started to feel a need to poo in the middle of my first lesson. It wasn't too bad, though by morning break, I was quite desperate. I normally don't even try and poo during morning break because you'll likely spend the whole time queueing.

But today I couldn't hold it until lunch, so I rushed as soon as we were released and I ended up behind only one other girl in the queue. Luckily, one opened fairly soon and the girl in front on me only needed a wee as she was in and out quickly. I went in and sat down and started pooing right away.

There were three somewhat long pieces that came out very fast. I was surprised because I almost always take a long time to poo. I waited for a while after to make sure there was nothing more to come, then wiped. It was a messy poo, and I needed to wipe five times before I was clean. I flushed the toilet and headed to my next lesson.

My girlfriend is one of those lucky girls who never seems to get fat no matter what she eats. She eats like a horse and doesn't poop very regularly. So when she does go, it's huge and requires multiple flushes. She also doesn't mind me watching and often times it's her who invites me to come to the bathroom with her.

Like yesterday, for instance. In the evening after dinner, we were lying in bed, watching a movie. A bit into it, she started farting. They were short, almost silent puff like farts at first. But as time went on, they got louder and longer, until she was ripping big nasty smelly ones. I loved every second of it though. At one point, she did a really long loud fart, it must have been a five second continuous fart. Afterwards she said, "I gotta take a wicked shit. I haven't been in six days."

Then she invited me to feel her stomach, so I could feel the poop in her intestines. I put my hands on her stomach and she guided me to her lower left abdomen, where sure enough I could feel a knot. She blasted a short fart and got up to go to the bathroom, beckoning me to follow. She was farting the whole way, soft smelly ones again.

Once in the bathroom, she took off her pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. She slid all the way to the front of the seat and bent forward, to give me a great view of her anus. I watched as first the water in the toilet turned amber, then yellow. Then she stopped peeing and asked if I was ready for the main show. I said of course.

I saw her anus dome open but close again right away. Then it opened a second time and stayed open as a thick turd crowned. It came out fairly fast and shortly the end was touching the water. It kept coming, hitting the bottom of the toilet bowl and curling up on itself. She said she had to push a bit more to keep it coming because of the resistance. She pushed out more of the turd until it broke off. It looked like something about halfway in between a J and a U shape.

Very shortly after that, there was another even thicker turd stretching her anus. That one came out a bit slower and broke off when it touched the toilet. She quickly pushed out two more thin turds that looked like twin loaves of french bread almost. She flushed the toilet, but told me, "I better flush and not clog the toilet. I still have a ton inside me."

True to her word, the next turd was already on its way out. It was a long thick rope of shit that went kept coming and coming. When it finally broke off, it obscured most of the water in the toilet. Another one similar to it but a little shorter followed. She flushed the toilet again. I watched with anticipation as she continued to shit. She had done two big loads that filled most of the toilet and still wasn't finished. She said, with a strained voice, while the turd was easing its way into the water, "I feel soooo much better. Just a bit more, I think."

This turd was also a long rope like one, though it was much thinner than any of her other turds. When it snapped off, there was still a remnant hanging from her anus. She gave a push and the rest of the turd shot out almost immediately. I saw her give a few pushes, as her anus opened and closed a few times, but nothing more came out. "Okay, I'm done now. Want to wipe me?", she asked. She didn't have to ask twice.

I gently wiped her, and the paper was completely brown. The next one was the same, as was the one after that. After about six or seven wipes, she was starting to get clean. I think it took maybe ten in total before it was completely finished. She flushed the toilet one final time, and washed her hands. Then we went back to bed, but well, not to watch the movie.

Little Mandi
Hey guys. Its been forever since I posted. I really don't have anything interesting going on in the bathroom world.
Remember the slimming tea I mentioned? I got to try it. I don't drink it everyday cause it has senna in it which I know isn't good for your body. I honestly expected it to upset my stomach but it didn't at all. It did make me poop but a normal poop.
To be honest, I don't like pooping cause I get embarrassed but I always feel good after I go. When I don't go my stomach kinda feels uncomfortable. I kind of wish I was an everyday pooper.

Anyway,I'm bored so heres a pee survey I found.

1) I cross my legs: I quite often cross my legs when I have to pee bad.
2) I bend my knees: Not usually. Only if i'm walking and I feel it coming out ill bend down to stop it.
3) I press my fingers against my crotch: Only if no ones around I do that.
4) I raise one knee, then the other, and so on: na never did that
5) I make up and down movements with my whole body: Occascinally I'll bounce but I don't usually do this
6) I hop from leg to leg: No
7) I fidget with my feet and fingers: Yes all the time
8) I press my thighs together: Not really
9) I put one foot on the other: sometimes
10) I sit on my foot, pressing myself against my heel: yeah sometimes
11) I try not to move my body at all: No
12) I try to think of something else: Not really
13) I concentrate completely on holding my pee back: only if its really bad
14) other: I pace around the room if I am standing
Which of these methods do you apply when you are in public? Occasionally Ill cross my legs but I try to act normal
Did you ever voluntarily let your need grow towards that stage although you could easily have gone to a bathroom much earlier? No if I have to go pee and theres a bathroom in sight I go right away

Jasmin K- Sounds like you had a tough poo in your last story. At my school one block of toilets was closed down one year but they were old and were never really used anyway.

kmd- Yes, I have no problem pooing in public toilets, I only get a bit embarrassed in certain situations like when the cleaner comes in. No problems usually though! I have noticed that it seems to be younger girls who are more embarrassed about doing it- girl over 18 and women seem, in general, to be far more likely to poo in public and to be less embarrassed about it.
Yesterday, for example, I went to the loos in a shopping centre to wee and there were a couple of women there who were pooing. They were about 35 and didn't seem embarrassed about it at all, whereas last weekend I came across a girl of about 15 pooing and she was blushing red when she came out. I guess once you leave school you tend to get less shy about it because people won't make fun of you, and that it's just something that everyone has to do from time to time.



Alright, so I have a weird story about pull-up diapers & stuff.
So we went to my grandparents' house earlier this weekend because my cousins were gonna be in town. We arrived Sat. afternoon and they arrived in the evening, and since it was late by the time they arrived we decided to take our showers so we could stay up the rest of the night. I was the last to go, & when I was finished I headed for the closet in the hall to grab an extra hand towel. They were far in the back so I had to reach but my arm brushed against something plastic. I looked over at what it was but couldn't make it out. I grabbed it and pulled it out, and it turned out to be an old package of Pull-Ups that we left there years ago. I thought, Oh my gosh I remember these!, but I didn't say it out loud for fear of embarrassment (I actually wasn't wearing pants this whole time so I was already on edge for fear of someone seeing me in my underwear). I'm always finding old stuff from my childhood at my grandparents' house; I used to be a bedwetter up until I was about 10 or 11, so about 7 years ago. I remember hating pull-ups but wearing them anyway because I knew they were for my own protection. There were several left, so I grabbed one along with the hand towel and headed back to the bathroom to see if they still fit. I took off my panties and slid on the pull-up, and sure enough it fit like a glove. It was a little snug since I've grown a bit since I last wore em, but other than that it was fine, I couldn't figure out why I hated them so much. I guess they were comfy because I didn't have to wear them anymore, plus they were very nostalgic. I put on my pajama pants, finished up (brushed my teeth, etch.) and headed downstairs. I felt a little self-conscious about it, but forgot about it after a little while. My little sister Sam who was watching TV on the couch with me asked what's with the pull-up (which I didn't notice was sticking out the back of my pants) and I told her about the old package I found in the closet. "I thought you hated them." "Yeah, but they're kinda comfy now that I don't have to wear them anymore." "Oh, cool." Our cousins, Melanie, Tori, and Hannah, came in and we all got comfy and watched Up. About halfway through I had to pee. I knew the movie like the back of my hand since it's one of my favorites so I figured I wouldn't miss anything, but I suddenly remembered I had a pull-up on. I debated for a minute about whether to use it so as to not bother anybody, but figured it would be more embarrassing if they found out, so I went off to the bathroom instead. After the movie was over, Tori gathered everyone together into the room they were sleeping in and started a Truth or Dare circle. When it was my turn I picked dare, but I instantly regretted it because Tori made me dare to let everyone tickle me. It's a long time tradition for my cousins to tickle me because they knew it'd make me pee myself, and I totally did (which is weird since I literally just used the restroom like a half hour earlier). I was super embarrassed as I thought about everyone watching my pants get soaked, but then I realized the pull-up had caught it all and was super relieved. Melanie asked, "Why didn't you pee yourself? You always pee yourself when we do that." and I responded "Ha! I'm wearing a pull-up!" as I pulled down my pants. Everyone said, "Oh yeah, forgot she wore those," as I pulled my pants back up until Sam piped up saying, "She doesn't actually need to wear them anymore," and Tori asked "Well why are you wearing one?" and I told them about how I found an old package in the closet and everything. Hannah then said something like, "I wonder if they have my old teddy bear I left here," and then Tori mentioned something about her old blankie, and before I knew it everyone was rummaging through the house for all their old stuff. I headed to the bathroom and changed into a new pull-up for the night, and when everyone found what they were looking for we all went to sleep. For the record, Hannah and Melanie found their old teddy bears, Tori had an old blankie, and Sam actually found her old pacifier which she went to bed with after washing it with toothpaste.
Early the next morning my cousins headed out (they were only in town for the night) and took their toys with them. Sam and I stayed at their house the rest of the day, and since we had nowhere to go we stayed in our pajamas the rest of the day. I also left my pull-up on from last night out of laziness, and since it was dry I left it on that night as well. The next morning we headed out rather early so we had little time to change. I wondered about whether to take some pull-ups with me, but decided I should leave them here and let them be a special occasion. Besides that I had a car so I could just go out and buy some more whenever I wanted to. I decided to leave the pull-up on again so I could have one to bring home, but decided they felt a little weird under normal clothes. I'm glad I decided to wear it though, because I ended up accidentally peeing myself on the long drive and nobody seemed to noticed. Sam knew I had it on because she saw me putting on my jeans and she kept calling me a baby until I reminded her that I could hear her sucking her pacifier all last night.
I've since gone to Walgreens and bought a package for myself to use at home. They're a little different than the older ones, but I've been using them a lot lately since I've had diarrhea all week. I have another story about that, but I have my pajamas and a fresh pull-up on right now because it's getting late and I want to go to bed. I'll probably post about it this weekend, but thanks for reading my weird story, I hope you enjoyed it!


to D-Jay K

Your schedule seems to be normal for you right now. What's happening is likely that your first b.m. doesn't quite empty out your rectum and lower colon, so an hour later you sit down to finish that movement with a second one. That happens to me with some frequency. I suppose that if you continued to sit for a long time after doing your first movement, you would eventually have another one; but meanwhile you would be missing doing other things. As long as you are having actual bowel movements, and they are reasonably solid, you seem to be doing fine; don't worry. What I think you will find is that your bowel habits will change at one point or another during your life; you may go more often, or less, or at different times, depending upon your job or other circumstances. As long as your poop is coming out with little or no pain and is a good shape and texture, you should be comfortable with it.

Brandon T

coments & stuff

To: Angie great story

To: Natasha it sounds like you had a good poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tim (and Sally)

Response to Angie's Questions

1. Was anyone here ever encouraged as a child to poop their pants to end constipation?
Yes, when I was young, and I struggled to go the toilet, my Mum would always say, "If you can't go while sitting down, you have two choices. Number one, you can go and squat outside in the garden behind some bushes, or number two, you can squat in the corner and go in your pants". I almost always chose to poop in the garden behind some bushes, but during winter when it was too cold to go outside, I just squatted in the corner and pooped in my undies, as it was easier than going outside.

2. Has anyone here ever pooped their pants on purpose while constipated as a child (without permission or encouragement)?
Yes, when I was about 12. I hadn't pooped for 3 days, and I was getting desperate, so I went for a walk in the woods by myself to try and 'loosen' things up. While walking, a massive urge hit me out of nowhere, and I got a sudden, desperate urge to go. I ran behind some bushes, but before I could get my pants down, I had already gone in my undies. I felt relieved that I had gone, but annoyed that it was in my undies and not on the ground.

3. Has anyone here ever had an accident as a child because they were constipated, and then they had a sudden urge to go but couldn't make it to a bathroom?
Yes, like I said above, after I pooped my pants, I threw away my undies and put my shorts back on. After about 30 more minutes of walking, anther sudden urge hit me out of nowhere. Not whishing to poop my pants a second time, especially as I was not wearing any undies, I just dropped my shorts and squatted where I was. I pushed and strained, but nothing would come out, except for a little pee. So I decided to go home, and during the night, the urge hit me again, so I squatted over my bedpan and I finally went.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tim (and Sally)

Answers to Survey Questions

I think it was Tess who did this survey, and it looked like a good one, so I thought I would answer it. So, here goes:

1) Do they have doors on the toilets in nudist places, and if so why?
2) If you went into a public toilet, and there were no cubicles, but just a row of toilets standing in a line would you use one (a) to wee (b) to poo? And why or why not?
3) As in question 2 but they were all occupied, would you (a) Leave the public toilet
(b) Wait until someone finished and then use that toilet, but look away from those sitting there while you waited (c) Wait, but watch those using the toilets while you waited, and smile if they caught your eye (d) Wait, watch and chat to those using the toilets (e) None of the above - please explain? In all of these why do you chose the answer?
4) Do you think toilets like this would be a good idea? Why?
5) Do you think toilets like this, but a joint toilet for males and females would be a good idea? Why?

Alright, here are my answers to the above questions:

1) I've been to many nudist places, especially with Sally, my childhood friend and now my wife, and there is never any privacy at all. All the toilets are unisex, and without cubicles, just toilet after toilet all in a long row. But, hey, when you're a nudist, you're already nude, so what's the big deal? I've used them many times, often having diarrhoea, and nobody has even batted an eyelid.
2) I would use it to wee and poo. No big deal, as Sally and I did it all the time when we were children, and we still do.
3) I would wait and chat to those using the toilets. They would all know I needed to do a poo or a pee, and they would be doing it as well, so there would e no reason to be embarrassed - it would make the wait seem shorter.
4) I think they would be a good idea. I think people would be far more friendly, as everyone is there for the same reason, and society would be open and welcoming. Besides, it's very difficult to pretend to have airs and graces when you are relieving yourself by doing a poo or a pee - you have to be yourself when you're doing your business!
5) Not sure, sounds like fun, but everyone would have to have respect- it wouldn't work if you got some guys hanging around there just to perv on girls, or try and do it with them rather than having a poo themselves


Desperate poo today

Hello. I'm new here. I've read many stories from others here and want to start sharing my own now. I'm 24 years old and share a house with two other girls I met whilst at uni. Enough introduction, I think, on to the story.

This morning, I woke up with a need to do a poo. But it's been extremely cold lately and for once, I was actually warm in bed, so I didn't want to move. I ignored it for a while, but soon I knew I had to get out of bed or mess myself. I went to the loo, but the door was closed. I knocked in the door and Chloe answered. I asked if she was almost finished. She replied, "No, sorry. I'm having a poo, and I've only started."

My next stop was the loo on the upper floor. But, of course, that one was busy too, and I could hear the shower running. I knocked and said, "I'm bursting for a poo, can I come in?" and Liz said I could.

I entered and closed the door and let out a long loud fart as I sat down on the toilet. I was probably just in time, seeing as I started pooing immediately. There was lots of plops right away and I was stinking it up. I told her, "Sorry about the smell." but she replied, "Don't worry. Everybody has to poo and it always stinks."

That made me feel better, though as I let out more turds and made the stink worse, I was still embarrassed. I don't mind if someone knows I'm doing a poo or care too much if anyone hears me going, but the smell always leaves me embarrassed.

I did my last few turds and then started to wipe. I was still wiping when Liz turned off the shower and grabbed her towel. She drew back the curtain when I was in the middle of wiping and I had my messy bum facing directly at her. That embarrassed me a bit more though later on we had a laugh about it.

So yeah, that's my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye for now.

D-Jay K

I'm new to this website

My name is D-Jay K. I noticed that this website talks about pooping stories. So I thought I'd share one and think about posting something else again. Anyways, I'm concerned about my bowel movements. I usually have them around 11 am-12 noonish. I have my 2nd BM around 45 minutes to an hour later. I rarely have a 3rd BM. When I have this, it usually happens around the evening. Is this normal?

D-Jay K

I'm new to this website

My name is D-Jay K. I noticed that this website talks about pooping stories. So I thought I'd share one and think about posting something else again. Anyways, I'm concerned about my bowel movements. I usually have them around 11 am-12 noonish. I have my 2nd BM around 45 minutes to an hour later. I rarely have a 3rd BM. When I have this, it usually happens around the evening. Is this normal?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Angie first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you had a really good one and enjoyed it and I couldnt agree with you more nice slow easy poop is something that can be very enjoyable and also very refreshing to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like Sam really had to poop and it sounds like had a really good poop to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always great story about your big poops I look forward to the next one thanks.

To: Peter great set of stories your first one it sounds like your babysitter was beyond desperate and just made it in time and great 2nd story it sounds like she found out hotdogs give her bad gas and knows to avoid them unless shes in a farting contest lol and great 3rd story it sounds like Ashley really had to go bad and luckily it wasnt diarrhea just an urgent poop that couldnt wait and great 4th story it sounds like Ashley was way beyond desperate at the point where any container would do and it sounds like she barely made it in the gabage can and great 5th story it sounds like Ashley had a really good and desperate poop in that bedpan and from the sound of it she finished just in time just avoiding overflowing the bedpan and finaly great 6th story about Ashleys constipation relief it sounds like she had a really good poop to sne wasnt able to make it to a toilet but from the sound of it she didnt care she was just glad to finaly be empty and all those expierences will be with you forever as great memories and please post any new stories you may have to thanks.

To: Jasmin K it sounds like you both had a really rough time.

To: BloatedButt as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt beyond great after getting all that out of you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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