Constipation and burping

Does anyone know if there is a connection between constipation and burping?

It seems like lately I've been burping a ton after eating something, no matter what it is. It lasts for a long time too. I have been a little constipated lately as well, and I was wondering if the two could be connected. But since it's never really happened that much before, perhaps not. I did read that a symptom of IBS could be frequent burping and part of me wonders if my frequent constipation could be related to IBS.

Any help's appreciated!

Blue Orb

to Janna

Hello Janna... I just wanted to compliment you on how eloquent and beautiful your story was about the "hot Yoga farts"
It's always nice to read about experiences of women who are interested in the bodily functions of men as the reverse of that can be rather dominating at times. Please pass on more of your experiences (of course if you wish to do so)
As for me I am still with my girlfriend and she still lets me observe her as she defecates.
I promised some recounts of my experiences a while back but never got around to it as I wanted to make sure it was ok that I posted these experiences... but we will both remain anonymous so she seams to be ok with it.
I have an account of a very memorable experience written but I just want to double check with her to make sure that it's still ok if I post it.
Happy peeing, farting, and pooping everyone,
Blue Orb

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. Things are busier than I thought. I've still been sitting on the loo every morning to hopefully do a poo, and it's been helping a lot.

Anyway, I got up this morning and tried to have a poo. Unfortunately nothing happened, so I ate and left for school. But, just my luck, I started to feel a need to poo in the middle of my first lesson. It wasn't too bad, though by morning break, I was quite desperate. I normally don't even try and poo during morning break because you'll likely spend the whole time queueing.

But today I couldn't hold it until lunch, so I rushed as soon as we were released and I ended up behind only one other girl in the queue. Luckily, one opened fairly soon and the girl in front on me only needed a wee as she was in and out quickly. I went in and sat down and started pooing right away.

There were three somewhat long pieces that came out very fast. I was surprised because I almost always take a long time to poo. I waited for a while after to make sure there was nothing more to come, then wiped. It was a messy poo, and I needed to wipe five times before I was clean. I flushed the toilet and headed to my next lesson.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


My First Post

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I'm a 20-something girl from the east coast of the United States. I have fairly long blonde hair (well, not naturally, but whatever...) and I'm tall, at least for a woman, at 5'10". I poop once a day, after I come home from work. I think there's nothing better than taking a good dump after a stressful day at work.

Well, on to the story I suppose. Today was one of those terrible days at work where it seems like everything that could go wrong did. It drug on forever and I already felt like I'd been there for days by lunchtime. Finally though, the day did end and it was time go home. I left work and got on the bus heading home. During the ride, my body was sending me the first small urges to poop. I changed buses at the station and then had just a few minute ride to my house.

By the time I got off at my stop and then walked the last little ways, my urge was full on. I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to have a great relaxing dump and then maybe a bath afterwards. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down on the toilet. I peed a little and then started pooping. I pooped out five or six big firm logs in total that felt great. The first one in particular was amazing. My hole opened to let it come out, and it just inched out incredibly slow. I savored every second of the turd emerging.

The log was hanging out of me like a brown tail for several minutes, even though it wasn't all that long. When it finally did snap off, the next one took a while to get in position. The other logs came out quicker, but still slow enough to allow me to enjoy the sensations. I hate when I have one of those poops where I sit down and it all flies out of me at supersonic speed, one after another, and I'm all finished in less than a minute.

Once I was done, I only needed a few wipes to get clean, and then I stood up and looked at my load. All my logs coiled up right in the center of the bowl and made a good sized pile. I closed the lid and flushed it all down, then washed my hands.

Bill F
Hello again!

So yesterday, I accidentaly got back at my sister for making me wet the bed. I had a mild case of constipation, which usually puts me on the toilet for a while. While I was struggling, I heard a knock on the door, then my sister barged in. Apparently I didn't lock it! Sam clearly looked desperate, and she told me "How much longer will you be?" "Probably a while." By the way she was holding, I could tell she had to poop. I was about to tell her to use the other bathroom, but I remembered the toilet was clogged by yours truly. So I tried as hard as I could, but the turd would not budge. Eventually, she said she can't take it anymore. I spotted the garbage can and told her to go in that. She said "I'm not going in there! I'd rather wait for you." "Suit yourself." Soon after, she farted (what would have been "no going back") and quickly changed her mind. She yanked her pants down. And reached for the garbage can. I could see a turd quickly growing from her butt. She placed the can under her just in time to catch the first turd. She sat on the can to push out the rest. Another fart signalled she was done, but she startted peeing into the can. When she was done, I got her some toilet paper. She wiped and left, leaving me with a smelly garbage bag to take care of. Seeing Sam pooping must have helped me along, as I got my turd out soon after.
Now to continue my story with Lisa. As we walked to the treehouse, I asked her "Do you always get diarrhea after eating fruit?" She said "Not always, but this isn't the first time I went some in my pants. Two other times both when I was six, on the same day. Before a road trip, I had some fruit for breakfast. We were well on the highway when I felt something warm on my butt. No stomachache or anything, so I thought I just farted without knowing it. I reached my seat, but it felt wet. Finally it came to me that I was having diarrhea. I tried to stop it, but I had no feeling in my butt. I told my dad I was having diarrhea and couldn't stop it. He pulled over, and I got out, still having diarrhea. I yanked my pants down and had diarrhea on the road. When I felt finished, we got some shopping bags, tossed my ruined pants and panties in them, and I sat in another bag in case I had more diarrhea. We stopped at the nearest clothes shop, and my dad got me some new clothes while my mom stayed with me in the car. I was about to but my new clothes on, when I heard a splattering in the plastic bag. I was having more diarrhea, so I kept my clothes off. By the time we got there, I was done and clothed. After dinner, I went outside to play. In the middle of a game of tag, I got a huge urge. I rushed to the house, but I didn't even make it to the front door. I yanked my down and had diarrhea right there on the lawn." "Wow, what a day that must have been." "I'm not done. When I was seven, I really had to poop one day, but my mom was in the bathroom. I decided it wasn't worth holding it, so I started pushing. I wasn't used to pooping my pants on purpose, so it was really tough to start. The poop was really hard, too. It started getting easier, until the poop touched my panties, then it stopped. I was really uncomfortable like that, so I pushed as hard as I could. I accidentaly started peeing. When I finished peeing, I pulled my pants down to help push. I noticed this big bump behind my butt, which I thought was funny. I pushed again, and the poop comtinued, and the lump got bigger and bogger. When I was finished, I farted twice, and saw the huge mound in my panties. I pulled my oants up, and waited for my mom to come out. When she did, I threw an act together and started fake crying that I pooped myself." "Those were great stories. Too bad I don't have any of my own." With that, we went on to the treehouse. We both peed while there, but nothing else interesting happened, besides homework.
Like I said in my last post, I'm trying to post as often as I can, but between schoolwork and remembering other childhood stories, I won't be posting as often. But I will post!
See ya next time!


To Megan, Annie and Jemma

@Megan - good story about the McDonalds poop. Sounded as though you had quite a load to release - 2 large logs and 3 "pieces". I presume the two big logs were fairly thick and came out slowly - thereby having more time to release their odour before splashing into the water below. As for you feeling a bit embarrassed about the smell I'm sure the cleaning lady is used to this but I suppose it's a common thing to feel that way. I'm pleased you're able to poop in public loos - many women it seems have a phobia about it. It seems they're worried about being judged.

Liked your story about the 18 inch "horseshoe" turd. This may have been the result of you not pooing for the day beforehand thereby allowing the poo awaiting release to become more solid. So it came out as one continuous piece rather than several softer medium size turds, say 4 or 5 inches long. However, it was soft enough to curve around the bowl so it doesn't sound as though it was too dry - just a bit more solid than usual. I look forward to your next post.

@Jemma - good story about your gym poop after your workout. Liked it when you said you "let out plop after plop" as it sounded as though you had a good satisfying emptying out - good description of the relief you must have got. You mentioned you had IBS. I had a question for you - were the 12 plops caused by hard nugget type pieces of poop i.e. Bristol stool scale 1 or were they slightly softer pieces? I just wondered how big and soft/hard they were. At first I presumed you must have had quite a huge dump in terms of it's volume but then I thought maybe not - perhaps it was just one medium sized poop coming out slowly as lots of small pieces. Anyway, I hope you can answer my question and share more stories with us!

@Annie - sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. It seems as though you've had some huge poops recently. It may well be that your periods are a significant factor. I read recently that about a third of women experience a change in bowel habit during their period and/or just after or before.

Thanks to all the other posters too!

Comment to three??? It's okay I just read your story two weeks of nothing but then you had 15inchs come out that's good but I bet it hurt though but you ever thought about stool softener


Sunday's poop

I felt the urge to poop after my coffee at lunch so I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet with my Garfield comic. All it took was one gentle push and the turd came out. It was a bit of a messy wiping job. The crap was about a foot long and pretty thick. I haven't gone in a few days since that 3 footer.


Girfriend's poop

I'd admit, I was shocked to notice how this website existed at first, especially the part where this website has been around for over 15 years. But I want to share a few stories that happened to me in the past. Before I start, here's a introduction, I am currently 24, been with my current girlfriend, Ashley, for over 5 years and we are currently living together.

-- Babysitter Explosion --

When I was 11 (Almost 12), I was having a babysitter because my parents was out on a conference meeting for a couple days. My babysitter at the time was a 22 year old college girl and was quite nice. One day she she took me to the zoo for the day and on our way home, we went to McDonald and she had some sort of burger with a drink I think & we shared some fries. On our way home, she suddenly held her stomach slightly made a uncomfortable noise. As soon as we drove back to my place, she quickly unlocked the front door and she bolted to the bathroom after telling me to lock the door for me. When I did, I sneakily went to the side of the door and heard her fart quite loudly before waves of diarrhea exploded out of her. It stank up the entire bathroom, even a little bit of the hallway I was in too. This goes on for minutes until she finally finished and flushed. I quietly went to my room to pretend I didn't hear the entire thing and to this day I don't think she noticed that I had.

-- Hot Dog Gas Grenade --

When I was 14, I was dating this random girl from school who loves to watch movies. One night she went to my place and we were watching movies, then all of the sudden, she accidentally let out a fart. She get completely embarrassed and was blushing after apologizing. I comforted her as much as I can and eventually she let out a couple more farts before the movie was over but as soon as she did, she ran to the bathroom and had let a huge one rip. It was quite stinky and honestly, it kind of had a hint of that hot dog we had from several hours before. Guess that didn't really agree with her stomach.

We eventually cuddled and only 1 fart came out throughout most of the night.

-- Uncontrollable circumstances --

I was on a 3 days roadtrip with Ashley (21, 5'9, dirty blonde, average built) a couple of years ago. While we were driving back home, she had a discomfort look on her face. I asked if she was okay and she said that she had to poop very badly and haven't been able to go for almost 2 full days. We've taken this road we were on at the time before and we didn't remember seeing any kind of public washroom for a while when we passed through these woods. The more time we had passed, the more desperate she looked. She suddenly let a fart came out and said her bowels was starting to shoot out sharp pains and she won't be able to hold it in much longer. I suggested that she should go on the backseat, which at first she was hesitating at first but decided to do so a moment later. I parked the car nearby and as soon as she hurried to the back, she hastily pulled her pants down and just lowered her butt slightly over the seat while trying to stand and lean towards the back of the front seat and hanging onto it.

She held her stomach with one hand and suddenly her body froze. A crackling noise came and this very thick solid turd started to slowly come out. As soon as it did, she said: "Uuuuugggghhhhhh here it comes, uuggh*, then the poop started to move a bit faster. More time had passed, the longer it became and somehow it managed to stay in one piece, probably because it was kind of solid. As soon as that long poop came out, she said that there was another one that came out. The 2nd piece came out much faster but it was much thinner and shorter than the first one. As soon as she was finished, she sighed of relief and by the time we got home, she went straight to the bathroom to clean her self up before coming back out to help me clean up her mess. I had never seen her so embarrassed after this incident because this was the first time I had ever saw her as exposed as this while she pooped.

PS. In case if any of you were interested, it took us an hour before getting most of the stain out and almost 3 days before being able to air out most of the odor from the car.

-- Volcanic Ashley --

About 8 months ago our apartment's toilet was broken and wouldn't be fixed until the next day. It was quite a bad timing because Ashley had eaten something that basically went south or something. As soon as she got home, she quickly emptied out a waste basic and squatted over it. As soon as she did, a very loud explosion of diarrhea came shooting out of her like a volcano. Waves of diarrhea came shooting out of her, followed by a bit of watery farts. This goes on for several minutes until she finally looked like she was finished. I handed her some toilet paper and she wiped. We decided to just toss the entire thing out because we doubt we'll be able to clean it well enough to get the smell out.

-- Pharmacy was a big help --

About 3 months ago, Ashley had to poop quite badly and she knew she was going to have massive diarrhea. We were over a couples away from our place, so we drove around to find a gas station or any places with a public washroom. We bumped into one one our way home but it was quite dirty to the point where she was willing to risk holding it in. As we were about to take off, we saw this pharmacy and we decided to take the chance of asking if they had one. But before we gone in we saw a sign that said they didn't have one. We were about to leave and take the chance of getting back home, but she wanted to look for something in there that she could use in case if she couldn't make it. As soon as she came in she tried to act as normal as she could and hide her desperation, even though she was quite urgent. Within a moment, we saw they were selling a bedpan and decided to buy that. As soon as we got back to the car, she took it out and sat on it. After a couple seconds had passed, a bunch of flopping sound came from inside the bedpan. As soon as it started, she sighed a bit. Waves and after waves, all of them only lasted a second, then all of the sudden she held her stomach then a moment later, this violent flopping sound came along. That was the main load that was trying to come out. As soon as it was finally out, only a couple more flops came out before she was finished. I passed a couple of tissues to her and she lifted her butt and wiped. I noticed how her load was quite big and anymore she wouldn't have had been able to contain it. She stated that it felt like sitting on a real toilet.

-- Constipation coming out --

She was constipated for almost 3 days now and was feeling kind of bloated. She looked online for some ways to relief herself and saw some yoga exercises that might help her relief herself. While she was doing a pose where she was on the ground reaching forward a little bit, she let out a violent fart. Before she could get up, she held her stomach quickly and used her other hand to cover her butt while she looked like she was clinching her butt. A moment later, she said: "Oh oh.... oh no, here it comes, I'm about to poop myself", while she was on all fours, she spread her legs apart as wide as she could then this thick poop started to come out into her panties. Despite that she was soiling herself, she was sighing of relief. Eventually her load was too much for her panties to handle so it started to fall out from the side of it and she still kept going.

After several minutes, she was finished and she waddled into the bathroom as well as she could but not without dropping some more poop on her way there. I could swear that half of her load was on the floor, which was quite a lot. Luckily the floor wasn't carpeting, so nothing was stained and it was somewhat easy to clean up.

Jasmin K

School Toilets

Hi All

Dont know if anyone else has has this happen at their school but when I returned after the holidays one of the toilet blocks had been removed, like has totally gone and has been converted into a store room and those were the toilets I used to use as they were generally the quieter ones, less queues etc.
Ok so they have added 6 new cubicals in the remaining girls toilets but they are like manic at Break and lunch. Thankfully I dont have any issues with using the toilet when there are others waiting. Even though I get to school early Ive had to que before I can get on a toilet for my morning poo which since going back to school Ive only not managed to poo on 2 occasions which for me is good.There are more morning regulars now ranging from newbies right up to 6th formers and Ive got to know quite a few of the girls and we often discuss things to do with being able to go or being constipated along with other girly things.
The 2 occasions I couldnt poo were both when I had had to que for a toilet and didnt have enough time to actually get it out, I was also listening to the sounds coming from the next cubical the occupier of which was one of the morning regulars who seemed to be having as much difficulty as I was and it was obvious she was straining hard by the grnnnn noises and the occasional prrft sounds. When the buzzer went we both wiped and left, she commented to me that she would have to go back at break. I tried again both at break and lunch but couldnt do anything. The next morning I went to school about 15 minutes earlier and got straight on a toilet and having taken my blue bikini style knickers off, put my feet up on the dividers and strained and strained squirting some pee forcefully into the toilet. I kept straining really hard holding each try for as long as I could, I heard the drip drip sound which I knew ment one thing, I checked with a wad of toilet paper, it was bright red with blood. I needed to get this poo out so I strained again and again when after about 10 minutes I felt a log pushing against my bum hole. I strained again this time doing a quite loud ppfrt ppfrt. The girl I had spoke to earlier in teh next cubical asked If I had fininshed, I said no but I can feel it coming, I strained really hard and a nobbly log started to push my bum open. I kept straining and a piece splashed into the water. A voice from the next cubicle asked - jas have you done it yet? Ive done some but thers more, You? No, ive got guts ache and really need to go,Some other girl who was queing shouts, dont just talk about it, do it there others waiting. I said you can have my cubical in a minute and strained hard again, I knew I was about to break wind again and being in a naughty frame of mind I leant right forward and strained really hard producing a rasping fart and some liquidy mucousy poo. I strained again and another good log splashed down. I wiped, I was still bleeding and as I stood it dripped on the seat and floor. I grabbed wad of paper and put it between my bum cheeks and pulled my knickers up. Thankfully they are really tight so will hold the paper in place. I checked what I had done , 2 decent sised logs, 1 very hard and knobbly the other knobbly but softer at the other end both sticking out of the blood red water. The back of the bowl was sprayed with blood and mucous from when I broke wind - I decided to not flush and exited leaving the next user to see the efforts of my sit. The girl in the next cubical said Jas come in here.It was the newbie girl, she was in that awkward situation of having got a big log so far out but it wont budge all the way out and cannot squeeze it back in. It was obvious that she had been really straining on it, She said that this had happend to her the previous evening - but she had managed to draw/squeeze it back in, well almost judging by her knickers. I pointed out there was only 10 minutes untill lessons and suggested she really try to get it out. I asked if she wanted me to press her ???? whilst she strained, I did and she strained but nothing moved. Her ???? was very hard, I asked how long she hadnt been for, she said about a week, that she kept trying and just doing little bits. I pressed on her ???? again and she strained again and I noticed her eyes were watering. I asked her and she said - it really hurts its tearing me. The first buzzer sounded so I asked what she wanted to do as I had to go, She replied I need to get it out and strained and strained, I suggested that she break it off and she said would I do it for her cos she always gets messy, I said are you serious, she said she didnt have any alternative and as I am used to looking after my sister i got some tissues and got hold of it under her as near to her rather swollen bum as i could and sort of pulled and nipped it off. It was a piece about 4 inches long, fat and very hard, solid not knobbly. She started to wipe rather unsucessfully with TP so I offered her a wipe out of my bag,I realised the paper between my bum cheeks was soaked so I pulled my knickers down picked it out and chucked it into the toilet, luckilly I had some spare knickers as it had soaked onto them as well and was still bleeding so I put a pad on in a fresh pair of knickers. She asked if it was my period, I said I had made my bum bleed earlier.She said she had done that but if it happens she has to get off the toilet and take laxitives which she said she hates and thats caused her the problems she has. She asked what I do, I told her and she asked if was allowed to spend ages on the toilet at home,yes of course I said, allowed to? I was made to, she apparantly isnt.She asked what I do when I am constipated, strain it out I replied - after a couple of days stay untill I do it etc.
Anyway she is there same time as me most mornings and a couple of times she has come to my house after school and stayed on the toilet untill she did it.
Perhaps more on that another time
Happy pooing
Jas K

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: College Girl it sounds you had a rough day which became a new experience for you.

To: Annie great story it sounds you had a really good poop and I bet you felt good after.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Bloated Butt

Funny story

Oh my gosh, I had a funny experience pooping earlier today. As i've said before, I poop about once every two to three days, so when I have a BM its always really big by most people's standards. My logs are never less than 2 inches thick and on a few occassions have been close to 3 inches thick, and a few times have been OVER 3 inches (but that's rare even for me). Today was no exception. The last time I had gone before today (it is Friday evening as I type this) was Tuesday afternoon, so a lot of poop had built up inside of me.

Anyway, earlier today I had gone grocery shopping and had gotten some toilet paper, since we were completely out. While I was out shopping, I felt a powerful urge to poop, and I knew it was time for me to finally have a BM. So I rushed home and put everything on the table in our kitchen, then rushed into the bathroom and sat down. I passed a lot of loud gas and started feeling the beginning of a HUUUUUGE log poke out of my anys. My poop almost never comes out by itself. If I just sit there and dont push, my poop just sits at the very end of my anus, just barely poking out and not moving any further because its so big and thick.
Its always so big and thick and firm that I have to push. And today, I was seriously pushing and grunting and slowly it inched out. I could feel it stretching my anus really wide, moving so slowly even with all my effort. I would push for five seconds, only for the log to move a centimeter or two, and I'd have to stop and catch my breath. This went on for a few minutes until the log was sticking a few inches out, when I suddenly realized that the log wasn't coming out any further. It was completely stuck, and judging by how it felt, it must've been three inches thick. This massive thick log was just lodged in my butt, sticking halfway out!

I grabbed my buttcheeks, squeezing them in my hands and pulling them far apart, and pushed as hard as I could for like 10 seconds before I had to stop. I wrapped my arms around my bloated stomach and hunched over until my boobs touched my knees, and still nothing happened. I marched my feet as I sat on the toilet to try to loosen it up, but it still wouldn't come. I mustve sat there for close to five minutes, grunting and gasping and straining, trying in vain to plop this turd out. I was so uncomfortable, I could still feel loads of turds still stuffed inside of me, but I couldn't poop them out because of this thick massive log plugging me up. Finally I decided to just get some toilet paper and grab the log and pull it out. But then I remembered that I forgot to unpack the toilet paper! It was still sitting on the kitchen table, and our kitchen is all the way down the hallway from our bathroom.

I rarely curse, but I was pretty tempted to do so during that moment. Fortunately my boyfriend wasn't home yet, it was just me, so I kicked off my bunched up shorts that were around my knees and slowly got off the toilet. I could feel the thickness of the turd as it protruded out of my anus, it seriously felt like someone had stuck a potato into my butt. Holding my t-shirt up with one hand and keeping my panties around me thighs with the other, I waddled out of the bathroom and down the hall to the kitchen, feeling my naked buttcheeks jiggling as I moved. I got to the kitchen, quickly unwrapped the toilet paper, grabbed a roll, then waddled back as quickly as I could.

I sat back down and ripped off some TP, then lifted up one hip so I could reach the log with my hand. I grabbed it and sort of wiggled it around, and I kept doing this until I felt it coming lose, then bore down and pushed it out. I gasped as it plopped into the toilet with a loud splash, and it was immediately followed by an explosion of loud farts and a wave of softer poop. "Ooooohhhhhhhh...." I moaned as I pooped and farted. Every few seconds I would involuntarily bear down: "Oooooohhhhnnnnnnngggggggg!!!!" plop,plop,plop,plop,faaaaaaaaaart,plop,plop,plop,plop,faaaaaaaaart,"Oh Godnnnnnggggg!!!!",fart,fart,plop,plop,plop,plop,"Oh my God..". This went on for several minutes, probably close to ten minutes, before I was completely empty. I sat there and just enjoyed the feeling of relief before I decided I was done, wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and went back to the kitchen to unpack the rest of the groceries.

Just thought y'all would be interested. ;) I dont know what I wouldve done if I had forgotten to even buy toilet paper.

Steven A

To Tyler

So, about you post, I might have gone maybe 1 - 2 days ago, but whenever I hold in my farts, after a awhile, it turns into a poop urge for some reason. I don't measure my urine. I don't know the size of my bladder, but it would be cool to find out. About marching band, I always go before I march, and after if I have to go. Nothing much happened this Friday, but I'll tell you if something does.


To: Michael (Lurker now Poster) (Are there TWO Michaels???)

Hey Michael....

Well; reading over what you posted....It sure sounds like you've been severely backed up at times. I've had times (when I was younger; 12-13) when I did pellets like you.....but; man....that was when I was **badly** impacted.....and would typically be followed by me throwing up and needing an enema.

Judging from my body....for poop to get that hard and dry and's been up in there for one heck of a long time; weeks....not days.

Just to think of how much space those 3" X 9" logs would take up inside of you. That would worry me. That's why you had to pee so often; the enlarged intestine is pressing against your bladder.

So; I think it's great that you decided to "make changes" and get yourself having movements more frequently. Are you taking laxatives or stool softeners to accomplish that? What exactly have you done?

I hope you tell us how it's going for you. Did you go today? Yesterday? Your poops are soft and small now?


PS: It's amazing how much variation there is from one person to another. There are people on here who don't go for days on end....and then when they do's still soft....and just really long. That was never me. If I don't just gets wider, harder and drier..... I have never done one of those "coilers" hahaha....


It's soft.

Hey peeps.

Today I had a race. Yet I still had a pooping streak of everday.
Most of my time spent was lounging around. About an hour from my event, my intestines told me it was action time!

I went to the bathroom at the site and there were 3 stalls, 2 urinals. I noticed the bathroom smelled deeply like lavender. I liked the smell.

I sat down and my belly rumbled. What I thought was a nice sized turd was actually not. I didn't even have to push and a torrent of soft shit flew into te bowl.

I waited for more. I pushed again I sharted and pooped more out.
It was pretty stinky in my stall, nobody was in there unfortunately to smell my vapours.

I wiped only two times due to very little be on the TP. I stood up and looked at my mound. The whole bowl was overwhelmed with large chunks of poop. They were like turds but very thin, but still thick. Like thick like paper but thin like a film on the water. I flushed and the toilet got it down in one ago.

Not without a lot of skid marks however.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tim (and Sally)

Japanese-Style Toilets

Hi, everyone, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when we were 7 years old. That week at school, a new girl had joined our class. She was from Japan, and her name was Megumi. We decided to make friends with her, and we invited her to our treehouse that weekend. She arrived at about 10:00 in the morning, and she was carrying a parcel. We asked what was in it, and she replied, "Sushi. I thought you might like to try some". We thanked her, and we took a piece each and ate it. It tasted very nice, indeed, and between the three of us, we demolished it in no time. Later on, we were playing a board game, when Sally suddenly grabbed her stomach. "What's wrong?" we both asked. "I think that sushi was bad" was all she could say. At almost the same time, as if by magic, Megumi and I both grabbed our stomachs as the cramps hit us like fists pounding at our stomachs from the inside. Sally released a very wet-sounding fart, before dashing outside, followed closely by Megumi and I. We hadn't shown Megumi the toilets, but she didn't ask or care, she was too desperate for that. Sally ripped her shorts and red undies down and squatted over her toilet hole. I closely followed suit, ripping down my own shorts and blue undies and squatting over my toilet hole. Megumi was the last up, whipping up her skirt, dropping her pink undies and squatting over the hole next to me. We both sprayed diarrhoea for about 15 minutes. While we were relieving ourselves, I said to Megumi, "I heard from a friend that you squat in Japan, so I built these toilets for you". She smiled weakly, before squirting even more diarrhoea. Just as we were nearing finishing, Sally dropped some yellow-coloured water, before burping and quickly sticking her head between her legs to release red vomit down onto the ground below. Megumi coughed and vomited a little, but not much. When we were done being sick, we wiped our privates and went inside, feeling very weak from all the pooping and vomiting. We thanked Megumi for the sushi, but said in future we might leave it. She just smiled and said that she understood. She even said that her experience had put her off sushi for a while, and we all agreed with her.

Hi, everyone, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 11. My cousin Rose, who was 8, had come to stay with us, and I decided to take her for a walk in the woods. Halfway through the walk she told me, "Tim, I really need to do a poo!" I thought about this, before telling her, "Rose, I need to go, so let's go in the bushes." I led her behind the bushes, made sure we were out of site, and I helped her lower her pants and black undies to her knees, before dropping my own jeans and white undies to my knees and squatting down. Rose did not squat down, however, she adopted a half-sitting stance with her bum jutting backwards. I started to pee a heavy stream, but Rose still hadn't started. "Are you okay?" I asked her. It took a long time before she replied, "I'm trying real hard, but I can't go!" I was in the process of dropping a long log, so I said, "Push harder." Rose took a deep breath and pushed, and, like magic, a long, yellow turd dropped onto the grass, followed by yellow-coloured diarrhoea. I was doing tan-coloured diarrhoea now, then a fart, and I was done. Rose kept going for another minute before she was finished with diarrhoea, then she peed for a further minute and a half. I gave her a leaf to wipe with, and we kept walking. An interesting outing, I thought to myself.


Portajohn Poop

This story is from last year, my third running event. I hadn't pooped in 1 and a half weeks and I knew I was gonna blow. It started out early, so we sat on the bus and waited. The bus ride was very uncomfortable. My belly wasnt bloated, but it was kind of squishy.

It was almost at the site, when I couldn't hold it. There was this boy who was listening to music so I made sure he couldn't hear if I farted. I clapped and he looked at me and looked back, but he didnt notice the sound, just the motion

I didn't fart, luckily.

When we got there, I was waiting in line for the toilets. There was a long queue. The boy who sat next to me was right infront of me, he was holding his stomach and his face looked like he was in pain.

I waited several minutes. Apparently everyone was taking dumps. Most likely diarrhea.

When it was finally my teammate's turn, he rushed in hastily. I heard him uncontrollably fart as he closed the door. For 5'6 I assumed he wouldn't take to long.

But he did. 10 minutes and he came out. He mumbled a "Sorry bro" before leaving. I entered after him.

The seat was down. When I opened it, the smell was bad. In the tank was a large mound of soft diarrhea and toilet paper. I saw badly streaked Tp on top, as my teammate had done.

By now I was almost crapping myself, so I sat for a few minutes.

I leaned and pushed but nothing came. I felt my hole stinging and hurting with pressure. I kept pushing.

I felt my hole turn inside out it felt like it, I kept pushing it felt like I was being stabbed.

What felt like forever I heard a big THUD! There was more so, I pushed it with ease.
I had been in there forever, so I wiped and saw streaks of blood. I threw it down and wiped again. Same thing.

I gave up.

I stood up and looked.

I was surprised. Very shocked.

My massive serpent dwarfed the poop in the tank. 3 inches wide, a foot long. There was a lot of blood at the end. Mostly because of the smearing. It was incredibly soft at the end. The porta potty stunk bad already, but because of my huge S shaped turd, it smelled unbelievably bad. I looked at it longer than left.

I left feeling like I went to heaven and back.

college girl

diarrhea day.

At the end of my freshman year of college, I still lived in the dorms. One night, my friend and I had eaten a ton of junk food. This left my stomach feeling uneasy before I went to bed. The next morning, as I was waking up, my stomach was killer. I could hear it rumbling. My roommate and her boyfriend were sleeping on the bottom bunk below me, so I had to be quiet. I am embarrassed to fart in front of people, but the pressure in my stomach was so intense I knew I had to. I thought I was safe because they were asleep, so I tried to let a silent fart pass. I pushed just slightly, and before I knew it my underwear felt hot. A chunky spurt of diarrhea had squirted into my panties. I immediately clenched my buttcheeks, wondering what to do. I was wearing black shorts and bikini underwear underneath. I didn't want to get off the bed and wake my roommate and her boyfriend up, because I didn't want to risk them knowing I had just sharted. But now I had a desperate urge to poop. Continuing to mull this over, I had to keep clenching my cheeks. It was only about 8am, and my roommate didn't usually get up until 11, or at the earliest, 10. So I made a risky move. I got off the top bunk, careful to be quiet on my way down the ladder. They stirred in their bed, but paid no attention to me and went back to sleep. I quickly grabbed a pair of red sweatpants, pulled them on over my shorts, and walked to the bathroom down the hall. Unfortunately, this was a community bathroom, and there were girls already up using the bathroom to get ready for class. I am not a fan of pooping in front of people, especially not when it comes to diarrhea, so I just washed my hands, and left. I went back to my room, grabbed some school books, went downstairs to where we have a study lounge and laundry room (and a single bathroom!), and pretended to study for a few minutes. As soon as the laundry room was clear, I went there to enter the bathroom. I pulled my pants down and inspected the damage. My panties were brown, but not totally ruined. I wiped them out the best I could, and was just about to sit on the toilet when I heard voices. A group of guys and girls walked into the laundry room. The walls of this bathroom are very thin and I didn't want them to hear me, so I sighed, pulled up my cold, wet, stained underwear, shorts, then sweatpants. I walked back through the laundry room and into the study room. I sat there, waiting for the group of people to leave, but they were folding clothes that had just finished in the dryer. I tried to focus on my books, but soon it was just too much. My stomach was killing me, and I knew I was about to completely poop my pants. I figured maybe if I let just one squirt out, that would ease off some of the pressure. So I tried that. I pushed, and sure enough, a pile of mushy diarrhea filled the seat of my panties. I still had to go, though, and badly. I decided to say screw it, I'd rather let these people hear me poop than see me poop in my pants. So I walked back through the laundry room, trying not to look like I had just had an accident, but walking normally made the poop spread between my legs. As I set foot into the laundry room and smiled awkwardly at this group of people, I felt my buttcheeks unclench as I released another spurt of diarrhea into my panties. I could no longer stop it. It was drizzling out, luckily it wasn't making any noise, but it was about to come full-force. I sped up, still filling my pants as I reached the bathroom door. The group of people walked out of the laundry room just as I shut the door, pulled down my pants, and exploded on the toilet. I cleaned up again, the best I could, I pulled my messed panties up, then my shorts, and my sweatpants, which now had a barely noticeable brown wet spot on them. I headed back to the study room. I knew my roommate had class at noon, so if I waited until then I could make it back up without her knowing I had pooped myself. Everything made out okay until a few minutes before I was going to head back up to my room. Then I had to go again. I figured, screw it, why not? And just let go. It was exciting, pooping in my pants on purpose. I let the poop ooze out, filling my pants. I felt the seat of my pants with my hand. It was warm and squishy. I hurried to the bathroom, passing a girl in the laundry room who gave me a questionable look but may not have known what I had done. I cleaned up again, and walked back upstairs. I had to throw my panties out, and my shorts. My sweatpants had a stain on them, but it later came out in the washer.


To Steven A.

Hey Steven.....that was a cool story about the urge you got in first block. And; you managed to hold until 4th block.....I was hoping you'd tell more about how strong the urge was over all that time. I guess you were sitting down most of the time and could keep your butt cheeks clenched shut....

A foot-long! That's a decent poop for you; eh? Do you remember how long it had been since you'd last gone? Maybe some farts were leaking out by the time you finally got to release that log?

BTW.....relating to your "need to pee" on the band you think you have an average size bladder? Maybe bigger than average? Have you ever measured your output (in ounces) when you finally pee?

Also relating to the band trips: Do you remember on the days of the marches.....going to the bathroom (poop) before leaving (at home) and thinking "oh cool.....I've had my BM....and now I can go march and not worry about getting urges while out there?????"

After reading your when I see a HS band I look at the musicians and wonder...."hmmmmm....that guy on the trombone looks like he has to poop bad!" LOL!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amy great story I hope Milly is feeling better and it sounds like Lilly had a good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Observant Guy as always great catch itsounds like your wife had a really good poop and so did the other 2 women from the sound of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: ??? as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about your diarrhea it sounds like you had a rough time and great story about your outdoor poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Big soft poop

I haven't pooped a substantial amount in a while. I go every day to every 2 days but not this big in a while. My stomach felt full and uncomfortable so after having 2 cups of coffee and a bottle of water I felt a strong urge to go. I was turtle-heading on the way to the bathroom and when I farted I thought I was going to have diarrhea on myself. Plus it stunk pretty bad too. I grabbed the Garfield comic book we keep in the bathroom and the toilet paper and sat down. All I had to do was give a gentle push and this monster shit came out. It only took about a minute. When I was done I wiped (very messy) and stood up to check out my creation. HOLY SHIT is all I can say! It was about 3 feet long and soft with some soft poop next to it. Luckily when I flushed it it didn't clog the toilet. It bent in half and left skidmarks in the toilet.

Guy from Sacramento

Response to Michael

Hi Michael, good question, I realize that sounded vague. He's about 6'2-3", 160 lbs or so. He's tall, but he is thin. He hasn't been as active lately, but last year he was on the lacrosse team and so he is athletic. He does tend to eat a lot and he never gains any weight; he's been the same weight and height for a while. So that could explain some of it.

And no, our toilet isn't great. I just mention that because I never seem to clog it, but he does every now and then.

Good news is, he hasn't been constipated since that time I posted about it. Hopefully this favorable pattern will continue.


Thank God for Raisin Bran and Tyler

Tyler you should try raisin bran. Im not pooping like I uses to ur im getting very close. Im pooping everyday now. Yesterday, afterschool I had a slight belly ache and decided it was time. I changed and while I was changing I farted a few times. Not too stinky.

When I went to the toilet which is only a few steps away in our locker room, I went in and locked the door. I put toilet paper in the hole, which I shouldn't have to do, but with my bowels being turmoil ish I didn't know what to expect.

I sat down, and put my elbows on my knees. I grunted softly and out comes this what feels like thin turd. It smelled definite, but not bad. I wiped a few times (more than usual) and stood up to see my work.

I was amazed. 2 inches thick. About 10 inches long. I flushed it down afterwards. Boy did that feel good. I had chills.

Today was different. Same time, same place. But it was more crowded today. My belly hurt bad the hour before. And I was getting urgent. I could feel my o ring bursting with pressure. I was already changed and I farted silently thinking it would be smell free like the day before.

No. It smelled rancid. The boys around me didnt care. Maybe one twinged his nose.

I went to the toilet I used a boy just finished. He just peed so there was no smell.

I closed the door and sat down with no fuss. I didn't even bend down and I felt my hole stretch wide and I began to push. It stung a bit.

When it was out it was like a ton of bricks hit me. It smelled very strong. Like if I had pooped with no water. I stood up and saw a large turd.
2 and a half inches thick and it curled into the whole. It was like a big U that twisted at the end.

I sat back down and peed. The smell grew worse. I waited for anything else but nothing came.
I stood up, wiped, and flushed. It didnt go down. I flushed again and the toilet struggled. There were many skid marks around the drain of the bowl.

Tyler I saw your post. :D I like your experiences and stories (Although sorry you go through such pain)

Answers to your survey
(1) When you were doing 3" X 9" inchers....were they painful? Ooh fun question. Throughout my life. Especially when I train running i have a tendency to eat alot (and even when I don't) and create very big turds and turd mounds. They don't stink as bad as you'd think but they clog the toilet and create embarassing situations (for the people after me, I have many stories.)
(2) Why did you decide to "make changes"? I was not pooping enough. I'd eat more than a football player would and I would only poop out pellets everday. Then one massive turd 1-2 times a week. Literally a Pringles can (3-4) inches thick. Luckily some are soft. But the soft ones really stink.
(3) Did anyone (parent,doctor etc) talk to you about your only going every 4-5 days? A nurse did. I shrugged it off. I explained I hated having rabbit turds.
(4) With your thin build (I don't imagine you have much of a ????...) Did you notice distention (bulging) of your lower abdomen at those times when you had 3" X 9" poops packed inside of you? No, I never bulged. My bladder is small so I had to pee all the time. It got annoying.
(5) In your effort to get back to massive poops.....would you consider purposely ignoring urges and hold for a few days? I don't need to purposely hold. All I would really have to do back then was rely on urges. I never get urges and I get anxiety when I can't poop. One of the reason my poops were big is because all my life I relied on big urges, not little ones.
But maybe I would consider holding :). For extra massive.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Another Day at work.

Here is a post, but it is nothing to funny. A woman came to me and ask me to go in the Mens' room and ask for her Grandson. She said his name is Anthony And she told me to go in there and call his name and say that his nana his wondering about him.

I went in there and called his name and all three stalls was empty. I went and told the woman that he wasn't in there. And she went in the ladies' room and calls his name and I heard the boy scream DON'T COME IN HERE! The boy was around 6 to 8 in age.

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