Hello, I'm Amy, I've posted here once or twice before along time ago, but I'm back with a babysitting story this time.

First it's 2 girls, Milly and Lilly, they look very much alike, except they the younger one has fairly bit longer hair, they have bright yellowish-like blonde hair, they are sometimes the same age, the younger one was actually conceived a bit after the first one and she was premature, so a few months a year they are the same age, I've look it up before from what I've found it's rudely called "Irish Twins", they get along really good too, the younger one is always following he older one and loves to copy her.

Anyways the story I was watching them both at my house, and after some time the older one tells me "I got to go pee-pee poo-poo" as she holds onto her bum, so I take her to the bathroom, the younger one follows us,
I turn on the light as Milly (the older one) runs over to the toilet lifting the lid then turns to me, I then help her with undoing her shorts and pulling down her training panties then she pulls them the rest of the way off and climbs up on the toilet and sits then she looks down between her legs and she starts peeing out loudly then I hear a really wet sounding fart and really runny poo, I then hear Lilly giggle and say "Milly tooted" I look at her and I think she's trying to fart then I see her hands go between her legs and she tells me "I have ta pee-pee!" I then look over at her sis on the toilet real quick don't look like she even done peeing yet. so I ask her to try and hold it. then Lilly complains over and over "I have ta go pee-pee now!" so after about 10 seconds later she's starting to cry so I ask her if she needs to go poo-poo too she tells me "no pee-pee only, pee-pee only" she say dancing holding herself I then ask "are you sure you only need to pee-pee?" and she nods her head up and down "pee-pee!" so I tell her ok and I help her out of her skirt shorts and training panties and then lift her up the counter and tell her to go pee-pee in the sink so she squats down over the small sink and she looks down between her legs as a gush of pee rushes out barely hitting the top of the sink I tell her to make she goes in the sink and she goes ok then she uses her hand and pushes the top of her place down there in a way to aim it more down, then I hear Milley asking me to wipe her so I go help her off the toilet and grab the last bit toilet paper on the roll and start to wipe her she tells me she has to go more as she rushes back on to the toilet and hear her runny poo pour into the toilet, then I hear Lilly fart and see her still peeing a tiny bit and she farts again and she her balling up her hands and so I go over to her and see a tiny bit of poo in the sink, I tell her not to go poo-poo in the sink and I say you told me you didn't need to to poo-poo, and she tells me "I didn't need to poo-poo then" then she farts and says "haveta poo-poo now" again I look over at Milly and she siting there hold her ????, I tell them to say put and I'll be right back and tell Lilly to just sit there try to hold it, she sits down and I run out and to the car open the trunk and grab their potty chair and came back took a min at most, and got Lilly and sat her down on the potty chair and tell ok now you can go poo-poo the I see her balling up her fist again and she goes "ehhhh" then I go get a new roll of TP from under the sink counter and ask Milly if she's done she nods "I think so" so she hops of the toilet and then I help wipe her and and get redressed and then check on Lilly if she's done yet and she tells me "no, poo-poo more" see her going "ummmmmm" then hear her pee start up while shes pushing she then looks down and opens her legs a bit trying to look I hear her saying "big poo-poo" and then she stops and stands up and look in the potty, there 2 thick hard poo's about 4" long and then she tell me "time to wipe!" so I grab some TP and tell her to bend over and start to wipe her, then wipe some more and she farts into the toilet paper as I'm wiping her then see poo starting to poke out as quickly sits back down on the potty chair saying "poo-poo!" and then when she got back up there was another poo but thin and long and soft I then wipe her more and clean her up and get her redressed and clean up every thing

Observant Guy

Sister In-law's funky bottom pt II


After sunday's observation,it felt good to observe her after she hasnt been living with us for just about a year. Her poop in the downstairs bathroom stunk up our hallway so bad that my wife had to spray it twice and the hallway and living room to cover it up. So last night after I finished posting about that, I got a little testy and wanted to see if I could make Lightning strike in the same place twice. After I posted here I sent her a text and asked her if she would like to come by and help me clean up a bit around here. She replied that she would be interested. So I got to work on a not so evil (yet soooo evil) plan. I picked her up in the afternoon and obviously kept to my word about needing her help. We cleaned up the basement and then I got tied up with a business call. After the call, I took her to Moe's southwest grill and recommended she get a "Homewrecker" burrito at my expense.

She took my advice and got the homewrecker with shredded port, pinto beans, cheese and rice. She also got some chips and some cheese dip for them. I also got some nachos loaded with cheese and black beans.

We got home, ate and talked about where her life was at the time. she let me know that she wanted to go back to her friends house whom she has been getting to know. The last few guys she had been dating were losers... I suggested that she possibly take an pre date shit before I dropped her back off at her friends house. She said she didnt have to go, but that it was a good idea...

Just as we continued to talk one of the losers called her and she took his call, as we were sitting she jumped up and said she had to go... she ran for the downstairs bathroom and shut the door. I gave her a little bit of a head start so as to not seem obvious that I wanted to hear and smell her shit...

I heard her take a seat and she immediately farted and let loose something that sounded very runny. I continued to listen from outside the door. She talked to the guy while she pooped and it seemed as if everything was flowing easily. She didnt grunt and she didnt let out any more farts.

It wasnt very long but after about seven minutes I heard her going for the toilet paper. We dont have the roller that the holder needs so the tears of the paper were easy to hear. Just as she was getting the paper, I began to smell what she produced in my toilet as it creeped out under the door. It had a rotten egg smell which personally is my favorite.

I headed upstairs to look for a sweatshirt she left at our apartment, now at the house so that she could leave the one she was wearing which is favorited by my wife. She flushed and came out and I heard her say "whew much better!"

She walked towards the stairs and called for me as I was grabbing the sweatshirt. As I handed it to her she said "I've been looking for that one" She headed back to the bathroom and as she went back in she said "Dont go in here for like 45 minutes I just blew it up!" as she laughed. I could smell the air freshener under the brief smells of poop that I got. I closed the bathroom door to preserve the smell of her poop.

I took her home and we talked about her pooping habits. She said that she didnt know anyone who pooped as much as she did. I told her that my wife does and that the apple doesnt fall far from the tree...

After I dropped her off downtown I rushed home to get back and check out the damage as well as get high off her fumes.

When I got home I ran to the bathroom to take a huge whiff... It was awesome! The smell of her poop overtook the smell of the air freshener and it stunk all over again. In the toilet I saw 3 small skidmarks suggesting that her poop landed to the front of our white elongated toilet. I took in the smells, and after went out to my back yard to have a cigarette and calm my nerves. Just as I was relaxing my wife sent me a text message with a picture of her evening poop that she took at work. It was 1 long thin turd with 3 thin ones that were about half the size of the largest. What a night!

Observant Guy


Finally got something out

After about two weeks of constipation, Ive finally pooed. I hadnt gotten a drop out of myself for two weeks. Today in class started pooting. Nothing loud or too stinky, just gas. I hadnt let out farts for about two weeks too. Eventually I was running out of gas and the poop was moving closer to my anus. In ELA I raised my hand to go to the bathroom. When I got there I kind of slouched on the toilet. I wasnt in a hurry as I knew itd take a while. I let out a bit of gas on the toilet, it helped a bit. Girls were in and out going pee. I entertained myself by tapping my feet, my hands, and reading. After what felt like ten minutes my turd started coming out. It came out slowly. While it was coming out I looked inbetween my legs. This monster was about an inch wide and would turn out to be about 15 inches long. And that wasnt the worst part- man did it stink! I decided to sit there a bit longer to see what else I could get out. A little tiny droplet of poop wiggled off of my butthole and was floating around in the toilet. I wiped like-20 times. The toilet clogged when I flushed it-a first for me. I decided to ignore the clog, wash my hands, and go to class. When I walked by the bathroom later, it still stank like the poo I has taken earlier. Anyways, thats my story. Sorry I havent posted lately.

Guy from Sacremento: How big is Tony? And how much does he eat. Is he active? I am just trying to figure what so you mean by "large toilet clogging stools". If he poops everyday and clogs the toilet. He either might be eating too much/ a lot or your toilet is weak/ has problems. Or maybe it's just him. Anyways good luck and God bless.

Today I pooped right after school. It had been two days and it was just 2 long thin turds. A little more than I expected. Since my transit time is slow i thought it would be pebbles again. It flushed well and left quite a few skid marks.


Response to Tyler


I understand completely about the different types! Type 1 (the worst) I don't get very often thankfully, and yeah, I usually just end up getting an enema for that if it happens, because I'm not going to risk it getting any worse. Type 2, where it's hard and large but it'll still come out, I've definitely had that before; all the stories I've shared about constipation so far have been type 2. And yeah, I guess maybe others haven't broken it up with their finger, but I have. I don't think my brother has either and he gets constipated too, just not as often as I do. But it really helps sometimes to do that. I'd prefer to be able to get it out on my own than have to rely on getting an enema.

Not being able to rely on urges must suck. I don't think I've ever really experienced that. When I'm constipated, I don't get urges, sure, but if I sat down and pushed, nothing would come out (I've tried). I usually do end up getting an urge eventually when constipated and then it ends up being a type 2 where it wants to come out, but it's so big I can barely get it out. As for type 3, that's normal for me. Large and hard, probably considered "constipated", but not painful (even a little pleasurable, like you said; it's very satisfying to get such a big poop out). I'm used to that kind of poop because I get it pretty often. If I go every other day, then my poop will probably be like that.

Thanks for responding!! Hope to hear from you again. And I'll be sure to share more

Oh yeah, and to anyone who's wondering, just a brief physical description: I'm about 5'7", I'm 120 lbs or so, short straight blond hair, blue eyes, some freckles, but not super pale skin, I tan pretty well. So yeah :)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie im glad you are feeling better.

To: Bianca great story about your big poop.

To: Emma first welcome to the site and great accident story.

To: Megan great poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Observant Guy

Considerate or Not?

Hello friends,

I havent been on in a while for many reasons. The most important being that my wife and I have bought a house and have been spending alot of our time moving in and doing small (or Large) projects. I also had nothing really interesting to report for a while, BUT today there was something new to report.

I had just gotten home from work and I needed to straighten up around the house before some guests came to watch the Cowboys/Giants game. I slipped out of my uniform and into some comfortable clothes. I went down to the living room and started setting up our home theatre system which I had put off for a week. While doing so my mother called and since I had not talked to her in a while I gave her some of my time.

I started to complain to her about my sister in-law to my mother because she has still found a way to insert herself in the lifestyle my wife and I live by frequently asking to borrow my wife's car or use our things. I feel that she is using us, but everytime I think about saying something to my wife about it, my sister in-law finds a way to keep me quiet. The last time she was left alone in our apartment(search for a previous story by me), I had to come home and make sure she didnt make a mess and while I was home, she took a rather stinky morning poop and seemed to allow me to smell it rather easily, and discreetly... Then I always end of deciding not to do anything. If I have never mentioned my sister in law is 40 years old, tall with dreadlocks, and has an amazing butt and decent sized breasts. Both she and my wife look very good from the back side in skinny jeans.

SO back to my current story... As I was talking on the phone to my mom, my wife and sister in-law came home and I had to stop complaining. While I sat on the couch talking, my wife and her sister brought in some groceries for the game. while my wife unpacked the groceries, my sister slipped away into our downstairs bathroom, which was just off the living room. I got up off the couch continuing to talk to mom but listening in on my wife's sisters bathroom activities...

I tried to talk to make it seem as if I wasn't listening, but it was hard to ignore a very sharply heard explosive fart that occured from the bathroom. As always it could have been a fart during a pee but by the way my sister in-law shits, I hoped for a shit from her...

Sure enough 5 minutes later she flushed and exited and took my wife's keys and left. She left the bathroom door 3/4 of the way closed. I headed into the bathroom to investigate and was met by a very foul odor of poop. There was a speck (like a small dot)of poop at the drain and a small speck of poop (another dot) in the drain. As my wife and I cleaned up before the game, my wife had to use some air freshener to sanitize the air because it was creeping into the hallway and living room long after my sister in-law had left. Again it made me want to hold off on talking to my wife about her usage of her car... Oh well...

Observant Guy


Another poop

I pooped again today. No diarrhea this time, just a soft log. But it seems like I'm on a good streak with my pooping. It only took a couple of minutes for it to come out and it was a messy wiping job. It's a nice change from the diarrhea-ish poop I've had since Thursday. At least I'm feeling better. I think the mushy poop is because of my period.


Re: Accident at Disney World

Hi Emma, welcome to toiletstool. Hope you're doing well?

I happened to read your story. At least it wasn't too bad of an accident that you had over there. Was that your first accident or have you had more before that one?

Take care!

Steven A

Good Dump In School

At the end of my first period today at school, I got an urge to poop but I had no time to go since my first classes after 1st period are my course classes and I'm embarrassed if I'm gone too long in the bathroom during class. I have Band 1st Period and we march on our parking lot at my school, so I couldn't go then. But, I have gym 4th period and that was my chance to go. After I got changed for gym, I went into a stall in the locker room. I sat on the toilet and then I pushed out one long log that was a little over 1 foot long. I wiped then flushed and washed my hands and then I went outside for gym.

Yesterday, I had really bad diarrhea. I had just come back from school when I suddenly felt a familiar feeling in my bowels. I ran to the toilet, hurriedly pulled my panties down and sat down, locking the door. Lots of mushy poop came out of my butt, followed by loud farts. A while later, my butt felt like it was burning and I was happy it was over

During my school residential, I really needed to poop, so I went to some thick bushes, pulled down my trousers and knickers then squatted. I pushed and two long logs came out of my butt, followed by some small turds as well as a few smelly farts. I then used some leaves to wipe and put them near the pile of poop under my butt. I pulled up my trousers and knickers then sighed in relief, walking away.


Answer To Bean

Like many, I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I am a 12 year old male from East Tennessee. I thought I was wierd for liking such topics as are on this site. I like trucks and heavy equipment 'Trucker' and my nickname is Jayke so I have a fitting title. Anyway, Bean, I do wipe my penis with toilet paper only when I have staggling drops. It helps me to prevent from a nasty and sore penis.


To Michael (Years Long Lurker....First time Poster)

Hi Michael.....welcome to the forum here; I always love to see more teens posting.

Oh man; I hear you with "big formed solid logs".....I used to go like that...and it was right about when I was 15-16. Then; like you....they gradually got smaller, softer and more frequent. It just happened; I didn't work at it.
Anyone who has had the pleasure of pooping like that would agree; it's an awesome feeling. Everything from the feeling of the urges themselves the indescribable feeling of the the hard to describe feeling immediately after....kind of an empty but nice and warm feeling up in there
As awesome as mine were....I never did 3" X 9" poops. Holy Geezus! And; out of a lanky teenager? should sell tickets....$ to seethe product....$$$ for the production :)

So; a couple of questions for you?

(1) When you were doing 3" X 9" inchers....were they painful?
(2) Why did you decide to "make changes"?
(3) Did anyone (parent,doctor etc) talk to you about your only going every 4-5 days?
(4) With your thin build (I don't imagine you have much of a ????...) Did you notice distention (bulging) of your lower abdomen at those times when you had 3" X 9" poops packed inside of you?
(5) In your effort to get back to massive poops.....would you consider purposely ignoring urges and hold for a few days?

Again....thanks for posting! Please tell us what's going on.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Another poop

I pooped again today. No diarrhea this time, just a soft log. But it seems like I'm on a good streak with my pooping. It only took a couple of minutes for it to come out and it was a messy wiping job. It's a nice change from the diarrhea-ish poop I've had since Thursday. At least I'm feeling better. I think the mushy poop is because of my period.


Great Poop

Hi Everyone,
I had a wonderful poop yesterday. I held it since the day before so it would feel good coming out. It felt nice and long coming out. my poop came out in 2 peices, the first one a little big. It only got stuck a little when it flushed, but didn't cause a problem. It was one of those in wich it blocks the drain furthest from the bend, but still allowing water to pass. The poop eventually broke down, and left the drain swiftly.

Once I was on my IPod. I suddenly got an urge to poo. I was holding my stomach and wriggling around. Finally I got up to use the bathroom and let out a 21 inched poop. I am a female.


Friday and Saturday's poops.

I pooped twice yesterday. Once shortly after I woke up and once during dinner. The one after I woke up was probably about 6 inches and during dinner I had an upset stomach and had mushy poop. On Friday I did a massive dump about 2 1/2 feet long.

Blind Guy

Advice for K

Greetings. I dealt with the same problem throughout my childhood, teens and college years. If you have not already done so, I highly recommend that you see your doctor. The doc may send you to a urologist or gynecologist, who will do some tests in order to see what may be causing your issue. There is often some physical or neurological cause for enuresis. There are medications that help people dealing with enuresis, like DDAVP and Imipramine, as well as alarms that will wake you up when they detect moisture. If nothing else, you might want to invest in some form of protection to prevent embarrassment, especially for your daytime issues. The idea of "adult diapers" may not be appealing, but I personally found it less uncomfortable than dealing with this problem in a college dorm. You can buy them on line and have them delivered discretely to your door, and they will save you from dealing with the sheets and clothing every day. As someone who has dealt with this issue, I feel your pain and sincerely wish you the very best. If you can figure out what is causing this issue, unless you already know, you can then start looking for solutions. I hope you can get this problem fixed in short order, and am here if there is anything I can do to be of use or assistance. Good luck!

Poll (female) about having to pee urgently.

All female friends of this site will know how it is when you are dying for a pee. Could you please describe what you do to hold your pee in when your need is almost unbearable, assuming first that nobody is watching you. Say "yes" or "no" or make any other personal comment to the points:

1) I cross my legs: Yes and keep uncrossing and recrossing constantly
2) I bend my knees: Yes
3) I press my fingers against my crotch: Yes, I have my hand down there
4) I raise one knee, then the other, and so on: Yes just like marching
5) I make up and down movements with my whole body: Yes I bounce a lot
6) I hop from leg to leg: Yes
7) I fidget with my feet and fingers: Yes
8) I press my thighs together: Yes
9) I put one foot on the other: Yes and tense them
10) I sit on my foot, pressing myself against my heel: No not really
11) I try not to move my body at all: No
12) I try to think of something else: No
13) I concentrate completely on holding my pee back: Yes
14) other: I pace around the room if I am standing
Which of these methods do you apply when you are in public? Mostly all
Did you ever voluntarily let your need grow towards that stage although you could easily have gone to a bathroom much earlier? Yes, but I really enjoy the feeling of having to go and squirming around constantly.


Accident at Disney World

My name is Emma. I'm 17 and pretty normal. Last weekend my family went to Disney World for the first time. After dinner we rode a few rides and then stood in a spot to watch the fireworks and stuff. I had a water and dinner and more water standing waiting. We watched the fireworks and then decided to ride some more rides. I had to pee pretty bad by that point but held it so we could ride more. We got in line for the Haunted Mansion and then the line just stopped moving and we were stuck. I had to pee soooo bad. I was trying to hide it and act normal but it was really bad. We stood there not moving for like 45 minutesand I was just about to try to push my way back up the line and run to the bathroom but then finally the line started moving again so I stayed. I figured I could hold it until after and then go to the bathroom. We finally got on the ride and and sat with my hand pressed into my crotch and legs squeezed together the whole time. I was wearing pale pink shorts and I knew if I leaked it would show. We got off the ride and I told my family I was going to go ahead to the bathrooms and meet them there and they said ok. I took off and knew we had passed some bathrooms earlier but it was dark and I was kind of panicked and got turned around and must have walked right past them at first and then asked a worker finally and the pointed me where to go. By that point I was holding myself and walking with my legs squeezed tight and didn't care who saw me even if it was mostly dark. Then I had to stop and cross my legs by a pole. I started moving again and finally saw the bathrooms and hurried faster and got to the door and inside but there was a small wait. I was bouncing and holding and bending and a lady in front of me let me move in front of her. A stall finally opened and I pushed inside almost before the other woman was totally out of it. I turned around and closed the door and suddenly lost control for a second and started to wet myself. I crossed my legs and squatted and squeezed hard and regained control after a couple of seconds. I whipped my shorts and panties down at one time and sat and let go and it was amazing relief. I looked down and the crotch of my panties were quite wet but worse was that there was a wet spot on my pale pink shorts in the crotch about the size of a softball. Mostly it was between my legs when I pulled them up after I finished but a little was barely visible from behind up my butt cheeks slightly. I was mortified. I snuck out of the bathroom and my family was outside. I asked my mom if we could go back to the hotel. She wanted to stay a little longer and I told her I really needed to go. She asked if I had started my period. I had to admit to her that I didn't make it in time and had peed my pants a little. She laughed and we walked away a little and she had me turn around and checked my butt and told me nobody would see if I was standing up straight and we would leave soon. So I had to spend the next hour until we got back to our hotel totally self concious about the wet spot on my shorts and then hide it back in the room. Luckily nobody else said anything so I don't think anybody but my Mom knew.

Steven A

Friday's Game and Saturday Festival

Hi, I'm back to tell you what happened after we got back to the school on Friday AND Saturday. Well, on Friday, on the way back from the game, I forgot to go to the bathroom and I had to pee really bad, even though the trip back took 20-30 minutes, it was uncomfortable to hold it on the bus with all the bumps and stops, but, when we arrived at the school, I put my stuff down and I made it to the bathroom. There were other people as well that had to go as well. The same thing happened on Saturday at the Band Festival, but this time, I made the mistake of drinking too much water, but I had to stay hydrated. So, that's what happened in 2 days of my Marching Band season.


Answer to Guy from Sacramento

Dulcolax is the name of laxative pill which the generics is named "bisacodyl". It's a chemical laxative, irritant for your colon and anus, when you take more than one pill: on and after 2 pills (never more than 3 !), it may cause pain when pooping and before that, a real urge to run to your bathroom (with some pains in your intestines, or a violent diarrhoea if three pills).
Avoid taking it outdoor when there is no toilets near you. It works during about 10-11h when you take it during a meal ; and 3-5 h when you take in with an empty stomach : you must comput the hour of your possible relief - lol -.
It's better to use Microlax, a micro-enema which works within 5 to 20 minutes after "insertion."
Have nice poops !

Guy from Sacramento


Again, thanks for the responses; you've all been very helpful. This most recent question was one that Tony asked me to post here, so I think he will read your responses. I figured that the large stool in of itself was not an issue, but it could be if it were too hard.


Thanks. I agree that this does seem to be normal for many teenagers. For him, "regularly" is once a day, so even not going for one day can cause him to have an exceptionally large bowel movement that often causes clogging in the toilet. But I don't know if not going for one day is enough to call it "constipation", but usually when that happens it results in it being hard at first and then very soft. He said that when that happens, he sometimes gets a little soreness that usually goes away quickly. I was also wondering if he might be wiping too roughly in that case, but that I'm not sure.


Thanks for the information. If there was any bleeding, I'm sure he would tell me and that would be an issue for the doctor. Those regular large stools that he passes don't seem to cause any problems like that.


Thank you. Glad to know you have a similar experience.


Thanks. I can see how a larger size could be ideal and more typical for younger people.


A new story about a big diarrhoea

I was 12 years old and I was spending holidays in a children's holiday camp. After swimming in the quiet arm of the neighbouring river, we made a hide-and-seek game with both boys and girls. May be the water was too cold, may be the meal was too rich, I felt that my stomach was churning. As I was hidden with a friend (a boy), and we squatted in a bush, I knew that my belly was building a big load. I told my urge to my friend and he said "OK, make your own business." I step three yardsback and I unzip my shorts and I pulled them down. I squatted in another way nand I was so waiting but nothing came. I was afraid that a girl may see me in such a position. I pulled back up my shorts, since fortunately the game was over. I still have to poop so bad but I have no TP to wipe. I decide to go behind another big bush, but as I go, I saw a girl I knew heading in the same direction with some TP in her hand and she held the other on his belly. I could not go in the same bush (I knew that girl : she would have shouted if i had followed her , even to make the same thing as she was going to make).
So I tried to hold my poop in. Now, I had a big ache in my belly. I was afraid to got a sudden diarrhoea. We all came back to the camp and several aches reached my belly before we reached the camp. I thought that my face was pale. Finally, we reached the camp and I ran to the bathroom : only one of the eight stalls of the room was not taken (I was not the only one to have an urge) and I jump into this stall, with my belt already unbuckled and my shorts and undies already undoing. I squatted quickly, just in time to let a liquid load of poop squirting out in the toilet hole. One minute later, I kept pooping and I heard my friend who reached me in the room : "Wow !!! How were you able to hold such a lot of shit in your butt ? I need to have a poo too and I'm feeling for your pain;" "thanks a lot," I said with a sigh and I at time, I had a new load of squirting shit which flew in the hole. "Good Lord " he said. "I'm afraid you are very sick. Is there anything I could do to help you ?" "No, I think I'll be done now. Just refain any girl to come in" I was wiping. "Did you see we are in a boy's room ? he laughed. "I needed a poop too bad to see anything when I came in. Wow, I feel so fine now ! I had no time to close the door of the stall. Could you come and help me to stand up. My legs and my thighs are so tired after such a sitting..." I whispered. So he came and helped me. He was a good friend one of those anyone can trust. Then I came to the surgeon's room to have a medicine. I did'n't came for the dinner and I plopped on my bed. I slept about one hour and I wake up the last load of diarrhoea I pushed out for the day.
May be i'll get another tale soon. Have nice dreams !


To Dominic

Hiya Dominic.....thanks for reading my post and for replying. You and I seem very similar.....when I was 13-14-15 I often had poops that were so hard and wide that I could barely get them out.

I remember once getting out of school and all of a sudden feeling this super-strong urge....and I felt a huge poop moving down to my butt. I hadn't gone in like....forever....and I knew I didn't want to lose the I decided to just let it come; even if it meant pooping my pants.

Instead....I managed to walk the entire way home....not pushing...but not holding it back either. It was right there; I'm sure if someone pulled my pants down and looked up would have been like right there....visible. The pressure was intense...and quite felt AWESOME!

When I got home I immediately sat on the toilet and began pushing. I pushed the hardest I ever had.....and kept at it. The pain was horrible; I let up once or twice but it wouldn't go back I had to keep pushing. It finally got through (had blood on it) and after a minute or two of hurting like hell....the pain started to diminish.

It was after a couple of bouts like that when I first tried breaking it up with my finger. Even on this site.....very few people seem to admit ever doing that.....but I did.....and made things easier.

What I'm dealing with now is very different; I'm not sure what's going on. I just can't **rely** on urges....but when I purposely sit and push I can usually go...and it's not really hard or large. I dunno....

Like I've mentioned before here....I've lived through at least three different "versions" of constipation. What I just described here was "version 2" (hard large but "accessible). Version 1 was when I was very young (Just couldn't go at all; needed enemas) and "version 3" as an older teen when I was somewhat regular but did large and hard (but kinda pleasurable) poops.....still "constipated" though by most people's definition.....

Take care Dominic....Talk to you soon.


For K

Hi K, I know the feeling as well. After a bad infection more than a decade ago, I started to wet myself again. I have to wear diapers to bed and it is indeed rare to wake up dry. Sometimes I do have accidents during a day as well, but these days I am lucky - did not have any for a while.

A month ago I had the other kind of an accident. I must have eaten something that did not agree with me. I had diarrhea a few times in my pants, could not get to toilet fast enough. My stomach was still upset when I went to sleep and I expected to have another accident during the night. But I did not and woke up fine, just wet.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie great story about your big poop and I hope you feel better soon.

To: K it may a medical codition you go to a doctor to check just to be sure.

To: Elisabeth S it sounds like whoever did it propaly didnt like the janitor or who knows.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Need of advice

Hi! My name is Michael and I'm 16. To describe myself, I am 5'11 or 178 centimeters tall. I weigh 150. I run everyday and do running all year long, (I'm not that great at it, but I view it about getting healthy.). Some say I am scrawny, some say I am muscular. I go either way. Anyways, I am a lurker, and have been a few years and this is my first post.

Anyways, I wanted some advice. I have NEVER been an everyday pooper. I take some vites for nutritional supplement. A couple months ago I pooped every 4-5 days because I only pooped when I actually had an urge. They were usually big, formed solid logs that plugged the toilet. It wasn't the length, it was the girth. Sometimes up to three inches wide, nine inches long.

So I decided to make changes and try to poop everyday, but I have no urge. I sit down everyday at school on the pot an only push out one inch thick turd. It was not what I call a relieving bowel movement. However two days ago, I had an no urge, just toxic farts after not pooping for 2 days. I pooped out a short 4 inch long, by 2 inches thick log. It slid in the toilet. And it had a definite smell of poop.

Any advice? I want my satisfying BM's back.


Story about school

Last year, near the end of school, I hadn't pooped in a week due to exams and the end of the summer. My stomach had been rumbling all day. I had just finished my math exam, and was sitting in my class sitting hanging out. Suddenly, my stomach rumbled, and I really had to fart. Everyone was spread out so I walked around the classroom. There were some boys playing a card game so I decided to watch. I then faced away from them and pushed softly and farted quietly. It made a pffffffft sound.

I walked away as soon I pushed because I knew it smelt bad. One of the boys who was playing cards face turned red and covered his nose with his shirt. The boy next to him wrinkled his nose and they dropped their cards and walked to other parts of the room.

Of course, since this was my last exam and it was my luck that I seriously needed to crap. I asked the teacher for the pass. I walked down the hall and looked in a Spanish class, the teacher was yelling for some odd reason. (I later found out they broke his Chinese vase.)

After looking at the incident, I went to the bathroom down the hall. I opened the door and was hit by an awful smell. It smelled sulfurish. I saw that a kid my age was taking a rather fowl smelling dump and I didn't feel like smelling his poop. So i left despite me getting desperate.

I walked around the school, and went to my locker once. When I went back there was one guy peeing at the urinal but that was it. I looked in the stall the kid was in and there was a ton of light brown skids. Apparently he had a great dump like I was about to have because I was getting desperate.

I went into the second stall, and put a small wad of toilet paper in the hole (which is what later caused a problem. I sat down and felt enormous pressure on my butt. I leaned down and my hole opened up very wide. I could feel it push on my bladder as I sat their doing nothing. I balled my fists and pushed. Nnngh!! I felt it crackling out my butt and it felt like it never would end.

When I was done pushing, I had a rather wet fart, and another turd. the smell was very strong. It smelled oddly bad, like when your dad poops in the bathroom. I stood up and was amazed. In the bowl was two large logs. Very large. 3-4 inches thick each and 10 inches long.

I flushed but it wouldn't budge. My crap wouldn't go. I walked further away from the toilet and I looked at it again: 2 huge logs with a ton of skid marks in a toilet that smelled really bad.

Seeing i could do nothing, I left the stall and walked away.


Hot Yoga Farts

The other day I was at the hot yoga class that I had recently started taking. There were mostly the same women in this class but there was also a man who was trying it for the first time. He was wearing slim fitting black shorts, likely without underwear as I could trace the outline of his cock through the front, and a white t-shirt. I figured he must have been gay, but his eyes seemed more than a little interested in the curves underneath all of those yoga pants, including my own. I engaged in some small talk with him in the brief period before our class began. He seemed a nice enough guy, but I wasn't so sure he would be able to survive the class. I actually haven't made it the whole way through yet either. That was why I usually stay towards the back of the room by the door so that I won't interrupt anyone else when I leave. The new guy took the spot next to me. I suppose his reasoning was more of a scenic one. I caught him drinking up the site of the girls in front of him stretching out their lower backs and glutes, and I stole a few looks at his muscular ass myself.
As the class was under way I could already see the moisture on his skin from the humidity of the classroom. As we progressed I became pretty impressed by how well he was keeping up, he had a great body but even still the poses can be difficult. In short order the sweat was dripping from everyone in the room, and there was a spreading odor. The smell was a bit more ripe today, more than the usual body odor and occasional flatulence. I could also see my male partner was showing some discomfort. I was assuming the foul odor belonged to him, he mustn't have known that it is important to take a shit before the class as that was a lesson I learned early on myself. Sure enough, during a forward bend I could barely make out the sound of a fart leaking from between his clenched cheeks. Seconds later another sound from my right, akin to the hiss of opening a caffeinated beverage. He released himself from the pose as the smell became more pungent. He was a hot mess, his shirt was drenched, sticking to his chiseled torso, and his hair was disheveled with the sweat coming down his face. He rejoined us in our next pose. His muscles were cooperating but he was betrayed by his intestines as he let out a more audible pop of a fart. Everyone seemed not to notice, but I think a few others did. We were doing some seated poses which seemed to be easier for him, but his attention was apparently off of the posteriors of the females in front of him and focused instead on controlling his own. For some time I didn't hear the sweet release of any gas from my ailing neighbor, but the lingering odor was not showing any signs of dissipating. I looked around to see the crinkled noses on a few of the women nearby to confirm the smell wasn't of my own imagination. The next move was a twist, I turned toward him as he turned away from me. As my eyes moved down to appreciate the muscular buns resting on the mat beside me, I was greeted by the ripping of a fart from between them. It still was not loud, but it did sound a little on the wet side. I was unsure if that was influenced entirely on the sweat that must be pooling around his asshole, or if it was also the announcement of an impending bowel movement. The man slowly turned back toward the front, but his eyes caught my gaze. I asked him if he was alright and he responded with a smile and a nod. But that confidence was short lived as we were getting back to our feet, a bubbly blast was emitted. This fart was loud enough for the entire room to hear and was met by a few giggles throughout. He rose, embarrassed, the rest of the way to his feet. He then excused himself to the small unisex bathroom in the hallway with an apology. As he passed by I hadn't completely arisen and got a face full of his strong aroma. His shorts were stuck to the flesh of his back, framing his ass, but it appeared to only be by sweat as I couldn't make out evidence of an accident. I waited momentarily for the class to resume before I too departed to see what other sounds I could make out from outside of the single occupancy powder room.
As I arrived to the water fountain just outside I could hear that the show had already started inside as booming farts bounced acoustically out from within. It sounded like there was an orchestra inside playing just for me. With the toilet as his instrument it was amplifying the music exploding from his asshole with long bassy farts to the splatters and splashes of the poop dropping below. It did not last long unfortunately as the sounds of the expelling shit trailed off, only followed with a few more toots being dryly blown out and then the hiss of urine being drained from his cock. I had hoped for at least one encore to this performance but the rattle of the toilet paper was signifying the curtain call. I waited outside the door for him to clean himself up. I ran the water fountain and took a drink as he emerged. I greeted him once he was outside. The smell from within had permeated the area to an almost overwhelming degree. I asked him if he felt better now, but again just a smile on his blushing face to disguise his humiliation as he walked away. I shouted that I would see him next week as he was leaving, and he did respond with a positive that he would. I am really excited for the possibility of a repeat performance, and left well satisfied with the outcome of this weeks class.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

A couple of days ago I needed a poo while I was at home, so I went to the loo and sat down. I hadn't pooed the day before. After a bit of pushing to get things started it came out pretty easily. Just one piece slid out quietly and that surprised me as it didn't feel that big. But when I looked at it I was amazed- it was huge! It must have been at least 18 inches long with another bit that had broken off. It was sitting like a horseshoe, with the open part facing the front of the bowl. It was pretty thick, too, so it was certainly a big log! It flushed ok though. It's rare for me to do huge turds like that, even if I miss a day's poo, usually I do lots of medium sized pieces instead.

Today I was at the library volunteering again. In a reversal of my last story there, I was in the middle of doing my poo when someone tried the toilet door. I said, 'hold on just a minute!' I heard Lis reply with, 'ok, don't take too long!' I guessed she was quite urgent for the loo because she hadn't been since I arrived. I took a few more minutes finishing my poo and wiping and then I came out. We smiled at each other and she went in. She must have only been doing a wee, because I saw she was back at work in just a couple of minutes.


Using a flannel to clean up

When I was about 7 years of age(I'm now 25) I was with my dad at one of his mates places when I got the 2 minute warning that I had to get to the toilet quickly or risk having a horrible bout of diarroeah into my boxers. I managed to make it just in time and it was just as bad as expected with shit splattered all around the bowl. However it got worse as I realised I had got some shit onto the front of the toilet itself(it really was bad) being young I didn't know what to do so I picked up this guys flannel which was on the basin and used it to clean up and put it back. I hope the poor bloke realised before he next washed his face.

Reguards gazza

Steven A

To Tyler

Hey Tyler, sorry to hear about you having to go back to "sit times". Hopefully, you can be regular again soon. I go maybe every 1 - 2 days, but there not logs, occasionally I might pass logs sometimes, there just pieces. I drink water mostly and hardly any soda. I also eat Fiber One/Plus Bars and they seem to work. I have a game tomorrow on Friday and I don't expect any problems with people having to go to the bathroom since this game isn't so far away. I love this site and the stories on here! I will post again soon.


Massive poop this afternoon and diarrhea/upset stomach

I had a huge poop shortly after lunch. It was about 2 1/2 feet long and only took a couple of minutes to come out. But for the rest of the day I've had an upset stomach and diarrhea. I've had diarrhea 3 times so far. I don't know if I've got some kind of bug or if my body's cleaning itself out because of my period. But I'm not feeling well.

To guy from Sacramento

Large stool

Glad to hear tony is feeling better.
The issue of large bms isn't really a bad thing. His bowel probably have a good muscle tone and he probably has tons of bacteria cultures in his large intestine (the good kind that is.) as long as he can comfortably go, he is just fine. If he is often constipated and has anal bleeding (anal fissures) then you need to talk to a doctor. There are so many things that can cause such a variety if problems, a professional is the best option.
My ex girlfriend had the same issue. Her poop was usually 2" thick. If she got constipated, then it would get too thick to flush properly and a plunger would be needed.
Stool softeners are the best OTC approach. Dulcolax makes some, but there is probably a generic.


Response to Guy from Sacramento

I just saw your new question about large stool--I don't think it's a problem unless he is actually constipated. If he is going every day and the poop just happens to be large, but it's not really hard or difficult to push out, then I don't think there's a problem. I'm the same way a lot of the time. When I'm not constipated, I poop regularly, and I usually end up doing one big "log" of a turd. It does stretch my anus a bit, but it's not hard/lumpy and I can push it out quickly. Having large stool and being constipated aren't the same--constipation means that the stool is hard. If it's not, then I don't thin it's a problem.

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