happens to me alot-I really wish it didn't

I'm a 27 year old girl. I still wet my bed almost every night. I don't know why I never grew out of it, I just didn't. Its a pretty big shock when I wake up with dry pants cuz it hardly ever happens. About two weeks ago, I woke up when I was just starting to go pee. My panties were sorta wet cuz I had dribbled but not too bad, but I had to go so bad I couldn't make it all the way downstairs to the toilet. I tried really hard to make it even though I kinda knew I wouldn't make it. I was leaking little dribbles in my pants all the way down the stairs and I had barely got to the bottom of the stairs when I totally had an accident on the floor. It just all came out; there was no holding it back. I sometimes wet myself during the day but not near as much as nighttime. I think its because I'm so shy and I feel kinda panicky in public, and I think that makes it hard to hold my pee sometimes. I also have a really bad habit of waiting too late. I always seem to think I can hold it, but then it turns out I can't. Sometimes I don't even realize I need to pee at all until its almost too late. The other day was awful. I was driving home from the store and suddenly I realized I had to pee. BAD! I thought I could get home but all of a sudden, I knew I'd never make it in time. I pulled into a gas station so I could pee, but I really had waited way too long. I was already going in my pants when I got in the doorway of the gas station, and I just couldn't go any further. All I could do was stand there, soaking my pants and all over the floor in front of like six people. When I was done, I ran out, crying. I was so humiliated pissing my pants in front of strangers like a preschooler. It happens off and on. I wish so much that it didn't. THis is nothing new at all. This kind of thing happened to me as a kid, a teenager and on and on. I guess you could say I never really was reliably toilet trained. It sucks!

Elisabeth S.

In School

Hey Elisabeth again, I know I don't write frequently. There are so much good now posts here.
Today in school I saw the awfullest toilet there ever. I had a lesson off after midday and went to the toilets near the playground at my school, because some toilets in the school were to far away and it was urgent. The smell inside was disgusting and I searched for the source. I must say that only 12 of the 20 stalls are open. I found that it was one of the stalls in the middle. It looked like more than one girl defaced the toilet and stall. There were several unflushed logs in the toilet, I would not mind if it were just skidmarks. Some must have peed over the toilet paper and the toilet seat, it was full of pee. On the inside of the doorhandle hung a use tampon. It was an awful view. I closed the door and went to a clean stall. I put quickly some toilet paper on the seat and sat dow. My pants and panties were at my ankle. I started to pee and it felt good. I also pushed if I need to poop, but no I did not need it. After I flushed I washed my hands and went back to my friends. This must be a poor person who must clean it. I also think as a result this stall will be closed too.


to Guy about big movements

From what I can gather from reading and experience, a bowel movement is supposed to be pretty large so it can stimulate the diaphragm and rectal muscles to push it out. I read once that the ideal movement is about the size, shape and texture of an over-ripe, fairly large banana, sometimes more than one. In my own experience, as a younger man I felt best after passing a long thick movement, often well over a foot in length and over an inch thick. I still enjoy such large movements, though they are not as common now that I am over 70 years old. There is nothing wrong with a large stool as long as it is reasonably comfortable to pass. Most often you need a push, sometimes a fairly hard one, to start the movement's passage through the anus; but long straining is not good. Anyway, the term "healthy b.m." has always implied a big one. As I remember, my teen years were the time when I most consistently had very large movements; as an adult, I became less active (no phys. ed. or team athletics), so I ate less, and my movements, while still large, were not quite as large as what I had when I was, say, 15 to 20 years old. Tony's large b.m.'s sound pretty normal to me; he merely needs to pay attention to the factors I cited in my last post--and be sure to heed any signals he gets from his bowels. Toilet capacity and ability to flush is another issue entirely, and I won't tackle than one here.

Andrew (again)
Just wanted to say I am the same Andrew who posted on page 2306.


Constipated again

I got constipated again recently. It started when I was helping a friend who's in college move out into another apartment. I spent a couple days helping him and running errands and all this stuff and that meant I had no time to relax or to really think about what I was eating, so eventually it had been a couple days with no...movements.

Finally today I got an urge, but I could tell by test pushing (glad to know other people do this) that it was going to be big and hard, so I had to make attempt #1--and I couldn't get anything out at all. I could feel something really wide and hard start to come out but I couldn't get it to move any further. I was pushing as hard as I could and grunting out loud and all that and I didn't want to start feeling nauseous like I have in the past from straining too much, so I just gave up. I hate having to give up. But sometimes when I'm constipated and I'm feeling urges but nothing comes out, I just have to eat something else to force it out of there. So that's what I did--had three slices of watermelon.

Then the urge came back but this time it was stronger and it felt like something was going to come out. So I decided to lay out some toilet paper next to the toilet and squat because I knew that sitting wasn't going to be the best position. So I started pushing as I was squatting and finally I could feel something coming out. It took a coupe tries but I finally got some hard dark brown stuff out and then the rest came out easily. It was really wide and dark brown and it was such a huge pile that I was afraid of clogging but luckily that didn't happen.

Either way, I need to try and stop this pattern because I feel like it's just going to happen again soon.

@Tyler Sorry to hear that. It sounds like constipation returned. I mean, if I'm constipated, then that just means that I don't get urges for a couple days and by the time I do, things have gotten harder and bigger. Is that the same that you're referring to or is your problem different?

Hello.A story from my childhood.One time,my cousin Greg and I were out fishing.We were both about 12.I had peed several times,just up against trees and stuff and so had he.Then suddenly without saying a word,he pulled down his trousers and pants,squatted and pushed out a soft mushy poop.It was quite big but came out of his bum quickly.When he had finished,he just pulled up his pants and trousers without wiping,so I guess he didn't care.I remember us giggling and me saying something like"you could have waited!" ."when you gotta go" he replied.After that we headed home as we were bored with fishing.
Also, a neighbour girl of his,who I can't remember the name of,was the first girl I had ever seen peeing.We were both about 6 and were playing in the woods.We found this old shed and she said that she had to pee.As luck would have it,there was an old tin saucepan in that shed."I'll pee in that" she said.I had no idea why it was there,but it became her toilet.She pulled down her shorts and knickers and placed the saucepan underneath her.She then proceeded to pee noisily into it.I had a sideways view.She half filled it and when she finished,she handed it to me and I had to empty it outside.We played there for a while and this was repeated 2 more times,each time I had to empty the saucepan outside.I hope you like these stories.Please comment.Thanks and bye for now.

Brandon T

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To: Bloated Butt great fart story.

To: Missy> first welcome to the site and great pee story.

To: Bill F you really helped Lisa out you are true friend.

To: Megan great poop story it sounds like you and that other woman had good poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Guy from Sacramento....and Tony!

hey; happy to hear the good news with your son. When you're completely blocked like he was....things get very uncomfortable very quickly. He was at a point where he needed to do whatever was necessary; believe me....I've been there.

Don't all teenagers do large poops??? LOL! That's what we do! As long as they're soft and don't hurt.....that's fine.

Like me and so many kids....he probably does have an enlarged colon....what with his history of continual cycles of constipation. That allows huge amounts of stool to settle in down there before he gets an urge to go. And; if he does go....that's fine. But...if; as you say he ignores urges....then that huge lump of stool is just gonna get harder and drier....

Maybe he's like me. I have to constantly pay attention to when I've last gone....and work at it. If I didn't...there would be way too many times when I would end up like you just did.....backed up so bad that it hurts like hell to get it out. It's a miserable feeling.

Think about it....when teens are "regular"....we pass "foot longs" all the time. Just think about how much builds up inside of us when we miss urges and don't poop much for days on end. How can our bodies even deal with it???

To Tony: I hope you decide to post here. Maybe you just want to read for a while....see what it's like...and then you can decide.

Thursday, September 05, 2013


I guess I'm going back to "Sit Times" was nice while it lasted.

For the last year or so....I finally thought I could just rely on urges; that I could take my mind off my bowels and how long it had been since I'd gone and all that. I thought I could finally be like most people and just poop when I felt an urge.

I seem to be regressing. After lunch yesterday I had an odd "full" feeling.....and after thinking about it.....I realized that I hadn't gone for three (maybe four) days. Absolutely nothing had come out of me for all that time....and I had felt NO URGES. I did some "test pushes" ....and....nothing. (I was at a BBQ....just standing around and talking)

I got home and sat on the toilet and really tried. Still; nothing came down. I finally decided to finger myself a little.....and finally I was able to stimulate things and I had a bowel movement about a half-hour later.

It was ok....not rock hard or huge or anything.....but I could definitely tell it had been inside of me for a while.....not the soft poops that I've kinda gotten accustomed to.

So....a warning I guess. I'm going to go back to my sit times....where I sit on the toilet and "try" every morning after breakfast.

<<SIGH>> I wish I could just poop like I necessary....without having to think about it all the time.

I peed out of my bedroom window awhile back. I really had to pee and it's summer time, so I pushed the wooden frame around the window up, then pulled the screen up, then pulled the glass window up. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis, then stood on my tiptoes so my pee stream could go out the window, I start peeing and I peed out the window, I actually ended up peeing onto a shelter type thing above the basement door, but nobody saw or heard me peeing.



To Maintenance Man:
Thank you for responding! We don't have the money to get the bathroom fan fixed, so my family and I just stay away from it. Interesting how a bad bathroom fan could overheat within just several seconds. Mom told me the motor is bad, so wear is most likely the issue here. Our house is around 60 years old, and most likely this bath fan has been sitting in the housing that long. I haven't had interesting poops lately, but sometimes I go more than offten just like the rest of us. One time on Dr G Medical Examiner, a person died from the bacteria in his gut. When the examiner opened the body to review his bowels, they were packed with poop to the point that only a little bit of liquid could seep out!


Had An Accident While on the Toilet

I had a little accident while seated on the toilet yesterday that I wanted to write about.

I had a strong need to pee and I suspected that I was also going to have a bowel movement as well. Because of my disability (cerebral palsy), I sometimes sit on the toilet just to pee because at different times and places it's just easier.

I no sooner got situated on the toilet and I began to urinate almost immediately. I thought I was properly positioned on the toilet, but as soon as I started to go, something didn't sound
right (I didn't hear the sound of my pee in the bowl). However, I couldn't stop peeing, and the next thing I knew, I looked down on the floor only to discover a puddle of urine forming near
the base of the toilet. Although I knew I needed to reposition myself on the toilet (or at the very least reach down between my legs and redirect my pee into the toilet), I began having a
bowel movement and I just sat still until my BM had dropped into the toilet. By this time I had finished peeing and most, if not all, of it was now on the floor in front of the toilet. We had company all weekend and fortunately the bathroom door was closed.
When I'm alone or just here with my wife, I'm not that diligent about closing the door. So I didn't need to worry about anyone seeing what I had done. At this point I just folded some toilet paper and dropped it on the floor to sop up my puddle of urine and
then I began wiping myself.

I might add that even though I thought I needed to have a BM it was a bit of a surprise. I had a very big BM a few hours earlier (a big log), and I would have thought that I was cleaned-out for the time being.

Bloated Butt

To Shy Shayla

Hi there! I think a lot of us pear-shaped women have epic BMs, as you say. I dunno why, I think its because we have larger pelvis and that means a bigger colon. But I'm not a medical professional.

At any rate, yes, it was embarressing to have my boyfriend see me like that. But it wasn't the first time, so while it was embarressing, it wasn't like "OMG i cant believe this is happening!" The first time it happened I was trying so hard not to cry. But my boyfriend is super sweet and I got used to it. I pretty much HAD to get used to it because there's just no hiding when I need to poop. Again, I only go about once every two or three days and I eat a ton, so whenever I'm ready to have a BM there's a ton of poop ready to come out. I can be coy for only so long, y'know?

And yes, I would've let my boyfriend watch me on the toilet if he had been able to come with me into the gas station bathroom, or if I had held it all until we got home. But I'm comfortable around him and he makes me feel safe. He's cuddled me when I'm constipated and/or bloated. In fact, the incident that made me start opening up about my bowel habits involved us cuddling in bed.

We had eaten a large dinner (pretty much every dinner I have is a large dinner, I like to cook and I like to eat, what can I say?) and I was feeling bloated and gassy. I was still extremely shy about pooping and farting around him even though we were living together, so I was trying to be nonchalant. He had his arms wrapped around my stomach and I was definitely feeling some telltale pressure, so I said "Ooooooh, don't squeeze me so hard, okay?"

"I'm not squeezing you."

"You are a little bit..." He really wasn't squeezing me, he just had his arms around my midsection, but again I was trying to be sneaky and I didn't want to say "Because I've got a major gas bomb in my stomach and something very bad will happen if you squeeze it too hard. Something very embarressing for me and very unpleasant for you."

But just then my stomach gurgled REALLY LOUD as the gas shifted inside, and suddenly I felt a huge fart coming. I tightened my butt.

"Are you okay?" he said with concern.

"Y-Yeah" I said, trying not to blast him. "I just ate too much."

"Is that why you want me to loosen my grip?"

"Mmmm-hmmmmmm..." I had my eyes squeezed shut almost as tightly as my buttcheeks.

And just then, my boyfriend did something which I'll never forgive him for: he squeezed me as tightly as he could. My eyes popped open and I had only a moment to gasp before the loudest and biggest fart erupted from my gigantic behind. It lasted like 10 seconds or something ridiculous and was so loud you could probably hear it from outside the bedroom. Finally it trailed off and I gasped again, this time out of sheer shock of what I just did.

"Feel better?" my boyfriend said, and I looked at him and he was grinning!

"Oh my God!" I put my hands over my face and started to fight back tears, repeating "Oh My God" over and over again. It was then that my boyfriend saw how upset I was and started comforting me. He held and kissed me and assured me it was no big deal. He asked me if I cared if he farted or pooped, and I said of course not, and then he said "So why are you so embarressed about your own bodily functions? Why are you holding yourself to a different standard?" I didn't have a good answer for that, except that I was trying to be so pretty and attractive for him, and I thought he'd be disgusted at what my body could do. But now that the worst had happened, I started feeling better about it.

That was how it started. I still try to be a low key as possible, out of sheer politeness if nothing else, but like I said, sometimes its impossible when I've got something humongous ready to come out. The point of all of this is that you'll become more comfortable around him whether you plan to or not. Good luck!

I am new girl here at the site and I am a 21-year old college senior. Anyway, I drink a lot of water and I love to hold my pee. It feels so wonderful. I will bounce, wiggle, rock, kick, and squirm with my legs pressed tightly together. At my high school prom I pretty much had to go the entire night. It started to get so bad about halfway through my hairdressers appointment. I tried not to squirm so much by crossing my legs really tight with my hand between them. After the hairdressers I drove home and then put on my green dress to go and I was really pacing around my room. My date picked me up and we went. First we had dinner and I was really starting to squirm and bounce around in my chair. Then the dancing began and it really helped me to hold my legs together and shake.
I danced most of the prom until it got so unbearable that I just went to the bathroom after holding it for many hours. I probably never hold it past 10 hours or so.


Peeing On Someone's Car

I was driving around the little town I live in one night and really had to pee bad, so I thought I'd be a little adventurous and naughty, so I decided to pee on something. I drove to the elementary school and drove behind the school, I drive into a parking lot behind the school and see a car parked there, so I get out of my car, look around to make sure no body is around or in the car and I climb up onto the roof of the car, pull out my penis and pee on the roof and windshield of this car, I pee for about 45 seconds, then get off the car and back into my car and I drove away.

I also have a question for anyone, I sometimes wipe my penis off with toilet paper sometimes, are there any other guys who do this or am I just an odd one?

Bill F
Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. With back to school going on, I don't expect to be able to post as often. Nevertheless, I am posting today!

So Samantha has been having a little bit of a prankster side about her recently. On Sunday morning, I woke up to wet sheets, and my hand in a bowl of warm water. I won't call this an accident, because it was done on purpose... by her. I'll be sure to get her back later. Hopefully this won't turn into one of those famous prank wars.
My story today will be about Lisa, when we were both 10. At lunch, I had a sandwich, and she had a bunch of fruit. Near the end of our last class, she told me her stomach hurt. I told her "Anything I can do to help?" She said "No, but I could try letting off some gas." With that, I heard, very faintly, a soft PFFFFT. I could see the relief on her face, and I could soon smell a very strong stink. I asked her "Aren't you worried about the smell?" Just as I said that, the girl behind Lisa, who I didn't really like, yelled to the whole class "Phew! What stinks in here?" Lisa's face turned red, but I had her back, and shot back "She who smelt it, dealt it!" She shut up after that. Just before the end of class, Lisa tensed up, and let out a short, but very wet-sounding fart. The girl behind her was about to pipe up, but the bell rang and she very quickly left the classroom. I couldn't blame her, that fart smelled worse than the last one.
"I have to go 1 and 2. Now!" Lisa said quickly as she rushed out of the classroom and dashed toward the girls' room. I guess her bowels were pressing on her bladder. But as it always is, the line to the girls' room was long enough to go out the door. I was heading to the boys' room myself, which had no line, when Lisa stepped out of the line and ran up to me, letting out wet farts with every step. She told me "I can't hold it any longer! What'll I do now?" She was bent over, holding her stomach with one hand and her butt with the other. I told her "Quick, you can go in the boys' room, and I'll stand guard." She started "But I've never been in a boys' room before! I don't want any other boys to hear.." Another wet fart, a much longer one, interuppted her and obviously changed her mind. "..Uh oh... Forget anyone hearing me! Hurry!" And I led her into the boys' room. Thankfully, no one was looking, but I think Lisa was beyond caring. As she was running, meanwhile already pulling down her pants, I heard several squelching sounds. When her pants were past her anus, mushy poop was pouring onto the floor, and small pee stream was starting into her panties. She jumped onto the toilet and had a very powerful bout of diarrhea, complete with tons of farts and plops. I couldn't hear a stream. But guessed she was peeing.
"Can I check the damage?" All she could do was moan in pain, but she managed to nod yes. I pulled her pants off and right there almost got knocked out by the smell. A second try, and I could see a sizable log and a small amount of mushy poop in her panties, as well as a large wet spot on the front. I said "Hopefully you don't like this pair, they can't be saved." And threw them out. Her pants were mostly safe, except for a wet spot on the crotch. "Well, at least you don't have to walk home bottomless." I told her. She was still having diarrhea, and by now was finished peeing as well. She did say "Good. Let's hope it stays that way." I closed and locked the stall to give her privacy, and I tossed her pants under the partition.
I leaned outside the bathroom to see if any other boys were coming. One boy was coming, and I told her. She said "Well he can't know I'm in here, and I can't stop!" Thinking quickly, I went into the stall next to her, so that he would think I was the one having diarrhea. Before he came in, I told her "Raise your feet against the door so he can't see your shoes!" (They were pink. A dead giveaway.) The boy came in and walked to one of the urinals. I remembered that I had to go as well, so I sat down and peed. I straigned to push out a few farts and managed to push out some poop to make it more convincing. Sure enough, the boy asked "Are you alright in there?" I recongnized his voice. He was my good friend, Mike. I said back, in a fake pained voice "I think so..." He must have recognized my voice. "Bill? Is that you?" "Yeah, I don't think my lunch agreed with me." Washing his hands, he said "Don't overflow the toilet!" I laughed at that, and he left. His remark made me wonder how full Lisa's toilet was. I stepped out of the stall to check on Lisa.
She unlocked the door, and I told her "You're not overflowing the toilet, are you?" "Not yet." She opened her legs, and the toilet was full of brown water, much fuller than normal. With three back to back farts, her diarrhea stopped. I asked her "Are you done?" "Wait..." She said, and let out a very loud fart that I'm convinced could be heard in the girls' line. Then I heard a splash and a pee stream and she said she was done. I closed the door to let her change. I asked her "Will it flush?" And I heard a flush. "Yep!" She came out, leaving behind a flushed, but brown-painted toilet. Making sure the coast was clear, I noticed the girls' line was gone, and Lisa was on the toilet for about six minutes in all. We walked back to the treehouse, where she told me a few of her previous accidents, which I'll tell in my next post.
See ya next time!


For Steven A. Marching Band Stories

Hey Steven....

Well; How 'bout incidents while the band is marching along...playing. I can just imagine.....

There could be pee incidents....but how 'bout urges to poop while marching! Maybe some kid hadn't pooped for a few days....and the exercise of walking along gives him an urge! Maybe a really strong "oooooh I'm gonna poop my pants" kind of urge.

If there's video of the march you should look it over....checking for weird facial expressions and body language.

Of course; on the bus.....maybe there's whiffs of farting; some kid having urges and hoping nobody figures out it's him?

Like your stories.....keep posting.... You still nice and regular?


Brandon T

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To: Mitchell great story it sounds like your girlfriend really had to go bad and it sounds like she kinda enjoyed it to.

To: Shy Shayla first welcome to the site I look forward to reading your stories thanks.

To: Natasha great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and it sounds like that other girl just made with seconds to spare she had to be beyond desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abby glad your feeling better stomach bug suck be time back a few months I had a minor one it wasnt pleasent the diarrhea burned and if I even took a sip of milk less 3 minutes later I puked luckily it only lasted a few days but those few days sucked big time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kassie as always another great story it sounds like you and Mandy both had really good and big dumps I bet you both really good afterwards Mandy mostly from the sound of it then again anyone would feel good after getting rid of a monster like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great set of stories.

To: Jemma great story about your big poop at the gym it sounds like you had to go alot and it sounds like you felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sakina great story about your friend pooping in your car it sounds like she really had to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Allison great story about your sisters dump it sounds like she was pretty desperat and had to go alot I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look frward to your next post thanks.

To: Analiese first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and a video to remember it by and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional)Anal retentiom

I'm sure I wasn't the only kid who had this problem when they were young. I would sometimes go five or six days without taking a big one. I came later to realize it was anal retention. The summer I was sixour family took a vacation to Tennessee. We left on Wednesday and didn't get back until the next Monday. The whole time we were gone Ididn't poop. I didn't have to. My folks knew eventually I would have to. (My Dad kept joking that I was probably going to do one a yard long whenever I did go. Well, as soon as we arrived home that Monday afternoon, you guessed it. I ran straight to the bathroom. I not only did one "whopper" I did about two or three.I called my Dad intocome look at what I had done and he had a good laugh.He had wiped by butt plenty of times when I was little so I wasn't embarrassed to show him what I had done. No kid should have to go "sit" for a while to see if he has to go. Your bowels will move when they are ready and you feel the urge coming.

Guy from Sacramento


Wow, I did not expect so many helpful responses. This site is very helpful. I didn&#8217;t realize that there would be such a delay in posts appearing, so the short-term issue I spoke of has been solved, but the long-term constipation issue (since it does seem to happen to him at least once a month) hasn&#8217;t. Some of you suggested glycerin suppository and that is what I eventually decided on. It did work and he ended up passing a very large amount of stool.

I do have another question: Tony does get constipated sometimes, but when he is not constipated, his stool tends to be pretty large anyway. I myself would know since it sometimes clogs the toilet and I have to deal with it (I&#8217;ve seen his normal-sized turds before; they are often pretty big, but they aren&#8217;t usually hard and he can go regularly). But my question is: is this bad? Is it bad to have large stool even if he&#8217;s not constipated? He says there&#8217;s no pain, but it just seems...too big to me. I&#8217;m not sure.

I will try to respond to these one by one but I apologize in advance if I miss a response:


You are completely right about that. The last time he went before this period of not being to go at all, it was just a small hard amount. This was definitely a build-up from longer. I don&#8217;t know long, but probably close to a week. I like your advice about &#8220;sit times&#8221;; I think he could benefit from that. Sometimes I feel like he may ignore urges. His usual non-constipated pattern is to go once a day (sometimes every other day), usually in the evening. He was finally able to pass this, but it wasn&#8217;t easy. He was getting urges, strong ones, but it was too big to pass. He usually passes a large amount of stool each time even when there is no constipation, but this time was problematic.

I will ask him if he wants to post here. He has been more open with me than I thought he would and so it wouldn&#8217;t surprise me if he was willing to post here. I did tell him that I asked an online forum for help, so he knows I posted about him here.


Thank you for your suggestion. Stool softeners sound interesting; I was just concerned about him becoming dependent on something like that. He himself expressed concern about that as well. About all of these remedies, really.


Thanks for your suggestion. The glycerine suppository is what we eventually decided on. He tried to go one more time when he got a strong urge but there was really no movement and I was worried he was going to do some damage, so I decided we had to try something more drastic. The glycerine suppository worked, but I hope that a dietary change will prevent this from happening in the future.


Thank you for your suggestions. The glycerin suppository is what we did and it did work, but I hope that he doesn&#8217;t have to resort to that too often.


Your answer is very thorough and helpful. Fiber has definitely been an issue. And exercise--he is relatively fit, but has been spending a lot of time in the computer chair lately. Normally (I don't pay super close attention, but I think I am right on this one), Tony usually poops in the evening around 6-7. And that's another thing--he usually doesn't eat much for breakfast. I'll suggest him sitting for a time if he's not getting his usual urge--someone else suggested that as well. He says that sometimes when he feels an urge, he has to sit for a little while before anything can come out. And he actually has had an anal tear before; it was small and it went away quickly, but I sure hope that doesn't happen again.


He gets constipated probably at least once a month, from what he's told me. It usually doesn't last as long as it did this time and he's able to get it out on his own. He usually tells me when he gets constipated (and I can tell, if he's been in the bathroom for a long time). This is the first time that he had a suppository. In the past, he's used fiber supplements to help him go.


I know that he hasn't been eating much fiber and probably too much meat. At least that could explain why he has been getting constipated.

&#8232;Anatomy student-

The glycerine suppository is what we eventually used and it worked quite well. He ended up passing a large amount of stool as a result, which showed that this had been building up for longer than I thought.


Yeah, Tony seems to be more open about this than I thought he&#8217;d be. We&#8217;re pretty close in general, but it surprised me that he allowed me to give him a suppository. He didn&#8217;t seem to mind that I did it--it just seemed easier that way. It was eventually what worked.

Again, thank you all. This site is very interesting the way you all talk about it so candidly. That is what I was looking for. I will ask my son if he wants to post here, but he may not. Either way, you&#8217;ve been a big help.



Hello all, my name is Robert (as it says above) and I'm a 20 something year old radio professional. My girlfriend, Michelle, and I recently moved in together and in light of our cohabitation I've decided there is a direct correlation between your brain and your bowels. I'm sure most of us have something like this in our lives whether it's not having the urge to go until we're at a certain place or alone or whatever. I've just noticed that in a month of living together I can count the times we've pooped around each other on one hand. Prior to her moving in I would go nearly every morning when I woke up or in the afternoon when I got home from work. Now, as if by some mental magic, I don't have a need until I get to work in the mornings and seldom have to go on the weekends. She's at home a lot without me so I know that's why I'm rarely around when she goes but still it seems like when living with someone your habits would cross more often. She knows I'm interested in toilet habits so she does indulge me from time to time but now that we live together it's not really happening. Maybe we're both just a little more shy than we thought. I would like to encourage an open bathroom door policy though, any suggestions? Also I'm going to try to become a regular poster so I hope to see an uptick in posts around here :) Happy Pooping!


My special poop to-day

Hi, I'm Eugen again, the old Franchie.
When it's time to poop, I never refrain from going to my bathroom. So, I cannot refain from telling my morning poop story.To-day morning, it was time to poop, as usual, but I did no feel any urge to go and I only drunk a glass of water to help my four morning medicine pill to go down.
Nevertheless, I went into my bathroom and I pulled my trousers and undies down and I plonked my bum on the bowl. I was looking for a poop during ten minutes without strainig and suddenly, I felt my anus opening and I knew that a long but thin turd was poking "at the door".
The turd dropped in the bowl, making two plops, and I stood to admire my work. But my stomach hurted and I knew that there was more to come out. So I changed my position on the seat and i spread the cheeks of my butt. Then another turd (a little one) emerged and dropped in yhe water (plop !). I had a cramp and a third turd went out : one minute , one cramp and then one turd. And I remained on the seat twenty minutes !!! I was afraid by the lot of turds I pooped at that time. I think it would not finish, but at the 21st minute , I was done and I wipe. Because my anus hurted, I did not remain in my bathroom to admire my work one more time and I let, and I go in my bedroom to put some coldcream on my painful anus. I feel better now. I hope to come again with new stories. Bye !

Mr. CLogs

Took a 4 PM bowel movement (shit) break

Hello everyone, I'm back with another post to share. Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend and some stories to tell especially beach stories or going to the beach, better yet road trips. I normally don't take a dump after 11 in the morning. I usually get my bowel movement done by that time and usually pee the rest of the day. Today was the exception so here goes. I was home today washing clothes and about 2PM I felt the urge to go take a dump but I put it off. Again at about 3PM the same urge came about and I decided to hold off until I fished folding and putting my clothes away. About 4PM I decided to give into the urge and made my way to the bathroom. I got in the bathroom undid my belt, jeans, undies and plopped on the bowl.

I gave a bit of push and some airy farts came out, nothing yet, gave another push this time a nice hot turd started making it into the toilet. This turd was a nice coil about 4 feet filling the toilet water which was quite a bit at that time of the day. I must of been backed up for weeks after my trip to PA to visit my folks there. It felt so good pushing out that stinky coil of turd, so good that I got turned on a bit (I'll let you use your imagination on that). Then I peed a bit into the toilet which wasn't much either, none the less I felt better and felt like I took a good crap (shit). I wiped but I noticed the poop was dry and stinky on the toilet paper. I put back my undies, jeans and buckled my belt on and flushed my nice 4PM creation. It took me all together 15 minutes to take that dump! None the less I felt great!

Peace everyone and happy peeing and pooping to all.

--Mr. Clogs

Kassie- Sounds like you and Mandy both had very relieving poos at school! Like you my school had a set of toilets that were less busy than the others for some reason.

kmd- I finished pooing in about 5 minutes, but when there's no hurry and nobody is waiting I like to relax and take my time, too, so I often sit for a few minutes after I finish pooing. Usually I finish pooing in about 5 minutes, but if I'm in a hurry and I push hard I can finish in a minute or two!

I went to see a film yesterday with a friend and before we went we got a meal. After the main course I needed the toilet, so I excused myself. My friend had already been when we arrived for a wee. As I walked to the toilets I passed a family who had finished eating. The mother asked the kids if they needed the toilet, and I heard the young daughter say, 'I need a poo poo and a weewee!' I thought that was rather cute, albeit said embarrassingly loud! I needed a poo poo and a wee wee as well, so I went in and sat down. The girl and her mother came in and took the cubicle at the other end.
I weed and I heard the mother say she would go first. She just had to wee and then she started helping her daughter on to the toilet. I pushed out a turd with a plop. The girl asked, 'is that other lady doing a poo poo too?' I smiled as the mother said, 'yes, I think so.' The girl said, 'I need a poo poo too!' Her mother replied, 'ok, you have a poo and remember you need to wipe your bum after!' The girl weed and did a few pieces of poo. I did a few more pieces and then I was done. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands, then headed back to our table.


To: Shy Shayla

What you have sounds like "shy bowel" to me. And while I don't want to be discouraging yours sounds like a BAD case. FIRST, don't let it be belittled, by yourself or anyone else, IT IS very REAL. My advise would be to deal with it now, gradually, rather than later when you may have to go "cold turkey".
I have an issue with my pooping also, I grunt...a LOT. I have a partially paralyzed glottis so when I "push" a lot of the air goes out my windpipe and I GRUNT. College was the worst! It was MOST embarrassing when I'd have to stop, "mid-struggle" to explain myself.
If you "sit there straining, making it come" maybe the first thing to do is find some foods that make it REALLY easy to "I can't wait to sit down" to go. The start with a SMALL light, maybe a night light, a flash light, or a candle and then build up that way...I wish you good luck, pooping IS A STRUGGLE!!!-- JW

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


girlfriend's diarrhea arrives

Last night I was at this park at night with my gf of 2 years. We are both 18 now. While hanging out, she had a stomach cramp and she suddenly had to poop very badly. I suggested her to go here because no one else was around t he time. She hastily agreed and slid her panties off and sat on the swings while sliding her butt back enough so her butt is aiming the ground. Soon after, a wave of diarrhea shot out of her. One after another and she looked like she's enjoying it. Afterwards she felt. Lot better but was embarrassed because of what happened. As soon as she wiped, we left and. Couple days after, we came back and noticed that it was gone. Guess someone cleaned it up or something lol

Steven A

First Football Game (Marching Band Desparation Stories)

So, I play in the marching band at my high school. Some of our football games are far away and we take like an hour or more to get to our games and then the same amount of time to get back to the school (depending on traffic). Our first game of the season was just like that. But anyway, on the way back, I didn't here anyone complain about having to go to the bathroom during the way back to the school. (Luckily, I didn't have to go that bad). When we got back to the school, I put my stuff away and then I went to the bathroom. There were a couple band members waiting to use the bathroom. Then, after I gone to the bathroom, I went home and got to bed. Our school locks certain parts of the hallways by using gates, and the only bathrooms open to us were 2 bathrooms, one for girls and one for boys. I will have another story in a couple of weeks because we only have one more game that's further away than where our first game was. I hope you enjoy my stories about Marching Band!

Shy Shayla
Okay well I've been lurking and reading for a while now. Been kinda building up the guts to post on here. ( still don't have it ) But well I guess I can ease in to it right? Okay my name is Shayla and well I have kind of a thing about using the toidy. I don't know if it's a kink or what but it stems back to my childhood and I'm still doing it now. ( I'm 18 FYI ) See... I like to poo in the dark. Just me, sitting there, bare bottomed on the toidy, lights out, pitch black so NO ONE... not even me could ever see, doing my business with all the Ooooo's and Aaaaa's that come with it. I sit there straining, making it come, groaning knowing it's happening in total pitch. I've tried doing it with the lights on.. can't. I can't even do it anywhere but home. Once in the dark... it happens and it feels GREAT! Even after it's all said and done I like sitting there in the dark relaxed and enjoying what I just did and all the feelings that come with it. I know one day it's gonna have to come to an end. I mean one day, I'm gonna move in with my boyfriend, we'll have to share a bathroom and... I shiver to think about it. I'll share some stories next time. Right now I got some questions for one of you.

Bloated Butt
Kinda feel funny calling you that, but that's how I know you so here goes. Nice to know I'm not the only "pear" shaped gal here on the site that tends to have EPIC toidy sessions. You story sent shivers up my spine. I mean maybe it's from having a curvy pompie but it seems that you and that poor throne are in for one heck of a ride when you take a seat. Must have been hard to have your boy see you like that, desperate and in much need. Yous aid you let him see you go the 2nd time when you got home? Did you really? Was it embarrassing at all? What if you made it home and had that major number 2 at the house? Would you have let him watch too? I love my Steven to death, but I don't know if I could let him even HEAR. I don't know. Sorry to pick on you like this, but it seems you'd be the best person to help me get over my problem. Hope to hear more from you.

Anyway folks, I'm needed to go. ( no not THAT kind of go ) So I'll share a story next time. Take care all and thanks for listening.


Hello again. Got a quick comment, then on to my story.

Abbie: I liked your story about you and Katie pooing. Sounds like a few seconds later and Katie would have done it in her pants. Sorry to hear you're still sort of constipated though. As for your question about Brooke, I don't think she's usually constipated, though she has times when it gets really bad. It's not something we talk about a lot, so I really don't know.

With school starting up again on Tuesday, I'm hoping to train my body. I'm waking up early and going to sit on the loo for ten or so minutes, even if I don't have to poo. I want to avoid having incidents like in years past, where I end up holding my poo most of the day and being super desperate (or even having accidents, on occasion). It's working fairly well right now. When school actually starts and I get more stressed, we'll see.

I sat this morning and was able to do a small poo. I did a couple of pieces, but I was still feeling like I needed to do more. After pushing for a while, I knew nothing more would come, so I just wiped and flushed. I figured I'd poo again later in the day, and I was right. I was out at the shops with my mum buying the last of my school supplies.

When I started to feel the urge, I told my mum and headed off to the toilets. There were three cubicles, but they were all available. I took the one furthest from the door. Upon sitting, I weed a little and then started concentrating on my poo. The first log was kind of fat and difficult to get out, but once it the first part was out, it kept coming easy. After that, there were two more that I passed much easier. Whilst I was wiping, I head the door to the toilets open and someone rushed into the cubicle next to mine.

She yanked down her clothes in a hurry and started having what sounded like bad diarrhoea. It started stinking in a hurry too. I felt bad for her, but at the same time I was glad I didn't have to spend too much time in the stench. I quickly washed my hands and rejoined my mum and we finished our shopping and headed home.

Not sure when I'll find time to post again, but hopefully it will be some what soon. Bye everyone.


To: Guy from Sacramento

Well; your son could have been me; when I was 13-15 or so. I would get so impacted like he is.....that I could not get the large hard mass literally was bigger than my "opening".

First of all.....he did not get this way by simply not going "since the day before yesterday". He no doubt has been having trouble pooping for quite a while....although maybe he managed to do a "marble" or "pea" sized poop the day before yesterday.....

For the mass to be that large and's been in there for a long time.....maybe even a couple of weeks.

For lots of kids.....they don't really know what a "normal" bowel movement's been so long since they've had one. They manage to push out a lump here and there....but eventually things get ahead of him and he's blocked.

What can he do? this advanced stage....what I would do if I were him.....would be to poke my finger up in there and dig out whatever I could....and keep doing that until I couldn't reach any more. Then I'd wait until the urge returned....and do it again.

Eventually he will be able to pass the remains of the impaction. Load him up with fruit and water and maybe some stool softener....and encourage him to concentrate on pooping for a while.....until he is pooping frequently and softly.

Depending on how long he's been carrying so much poop around.....his colon is most likely enlarged and will take a while to shrink back down.

Encourage him to establish "sit times" for himself....preferably before he leaves for school in the morning. For some of us....just waiting for urges don't cut it.

Good luck to your son; maybe he'd like to post here and tell us how things are going? (No pun intended....)


the stomach virus

it was Thursday evening and just home from work and the stomach bug hit me like a ton of bricks it was coming out of both at the same time I was sitting on the crapper and I had my head in the puke buck a puking I was one sick puppy it lasted for 2 days I couldn't eat nothing except a sprite or toast but after it was over I felt better

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