Big dump at school

Hi again. I just got home from school and I want to tell you about the big dump I took today. I started feeling the need to poop towards the middle of the last period. I asked if I could go to the bathroom, but the teacher said no, since it was so close to school letting out for the day. So, I had to no choice but to hold it. When the bell finally rang, I had to poop pretty badly.

The bathrooms at school are usually busy and I couldn't wait in a long line for a stall. Luckily, I knew where a less popular bathroom was, and I was sure I'd be able to get right in a stall if I went there. I met up with my friend Mandy on the way and I could tell she had the same idea as me.

She said she really hoped no one was in this bathroom, because she'd been holding it for hours. I told her I also had to poop really badly. We got to the bathroom and both of the stalls were available. I went in one stall and she went in the other. Almost immediately upon sitting down, I felt a big fat log coming out.

It wasn't very long though. I let out about six of those thick banana-like turds which made loud splashes. I realized I hadn't heard anything from Mandy's stall. I asked if she was okay. There was a pause, then she responded with a strained voice, "Yeah I'm fine. Just pooping out a real fat turd. I think all my poop's coming out in one giant piece, really."

Meanwhile, I was feeling another log ready to emerge. It was thin but long. I felt it coil up in the bowl and keep coming. When it ended, I felt emptied out. I reached for paper to wipe and then realized there was none. I asked Mandy if she had any paper. She said she had plenty and passed me a bunch under the stall divider. I wiped myself thoroughly and flushed the toilet. I went out to wash my hands and then waited for Mandy to finish.

It took a few more minutes before I heard her wiping. She didn't wipe very much at all. Then she said I had to see her turd. I opened the stall door and looked in the toilet. There was just one huge turd, really thick and curling around the bowl several times. I remarked that she must feel much better to have that out of her. She said she definitely did. Then she told me she didn't poop for most of last week, it had been six days since she had last pooped.

She tried to flush the toilet, but it of course was clogged. She then washed her hands and we left the bathroom to walk home together. We talked and I told her about my huge poop I did at summer camp. (It's on page 2305 of this forum, if you haven't read about it already)


Building 500

Hello guys,
I'd like to tell you guys about the bathrooms in the main school building from where i graduated from. Its no longer around, but it was at the school for the Blind in Austin. The bathrooms were separated by water fountains. When I walked in, the sinks were on the right, and beside these were the stalls )about 4 if I remember right(. Building 500 had a basement,and 2 floors above. When I needed to use the bathroom at this building, I went during class. The bell in the school was horrible,and I'd rush to beat the late bell by walking quikly at the start of the timing before it. Believe me, these were real school bells mounted on the wall,and you wouldn't want to be directly under one! My school bell phobia back then was intense sometimes to the point I nearly ran to avoid being next to a bell.


Today I ran a few errands and then went to a McDonalds for some lunch. While I was eating I started to need a poo, so when I finished I went to the ladies. I noticed the gents were being cleaned.
Both cubicles were free so I took one and sat down. Everything looked clean so I guessed it had just been seen to by the cleaner. Someone came in and took the other cubicle and we both did a wee. She left and I started on my poo. I pushed out two big logs which made loud plops and were followed by a fart. The smell was fairly strong by now.
Someone opened the door and I assumed it was someone coming to use the loo, but then I heard bumping sounds and realised it must be the cleaner pushing the cart along. She asked if anyone was in there, so I replied with a yes. She said she would wait outside. I was a little embarrassed because I knew she probably smelled my poo and would definitely when she was cleaning! I spent 5 more minutes on the loo finishing my poo with 3 more pieces. I left quickly past the cleaner who was waiting!

Tim (and Sally)

Winter Poop With Sally

Hi, everyone, I'm here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 10 years old. It was winter, and Sally and I were taking a walk in the forest. We had been walking about an hour, and the snow was falling heavily and it was bitterly cold. Sally suddenly said to me, "Tim, I need to do a poo. I can't wait till we get home. I'm starting to cramp up." I started to worry at the thought of this, and then I had an idea. About 200 metres in front of us was a little hill. Below it was a lake, frozen solid, but a rock could break it. "Why don't we go up that hill and poop off it into the frozen lake?" I asked her. Sally nodded, and grabbed her stomach with both hands as we ran up the hill overlooking the lake. I found a rock, and dropped it onto the ice. The ice broke, revealing water. We began to relieve ourselves. Sally unzipped and pulled down her snow pants to her knees, followed by her green G-string. Sally always wore thongs or G-strings, whatever the weather. I also unzipped and dropped my snow pants to my knees, followed by my red undies. We squatted together, our bums overhanging the water below. Sally started to dribble pee, while I peed very forcefully for over a minute. After 2 minutes, Sally's pee had stopped. She concentrated and pushed very hard, and a log began to emerge slowly from her anus. It broke off and hit the water with a splash, followed by my semi-solid log and diarrhoea mush. Sally did some more mush, a little bit more pee, then she was done. My own brown water continued for another 30 seconds before I was fully emptied out. We had nothing to wipe with, so we grabbed handfuls of snow. Sally rubbed her vagina and anus with some snow, while I just rubbed my bum. It felt cold, but refreshing. We pulled up our pants and undies and started to walk home. One of my more unusual poops, I thought to myself.

Tim (and Sally)

Morning Poo in the Bushes

Hi, everyone, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 13. It was the summer holidays, and I was sleeping over at Sally's house for the night. We watched movies, talked, all that sort of thing. Eventually, we went to sleep in her room. She slept on her bed and I slept on a mattress on the floor. At about 5:00 in the morning, I heard Sally waking up, so I decided to get up as well. I started towards the bathroom, but Sally stopped me, asking, "Where are you going, Tim?" I replied, "To do a poo." Her response was, "I have a better idea. Both my parents went to work at 4:00, so we're all alone in the house. Why don't we have a pooping contest in the bushes at the back of her house, and have a competition to see who can poop the most?" I agreed, so we got dressed and went downstairs. On the way, I went into the bathroom to get some paper for the both of us to wipe with. While I was in the bathroom, Sally's sister ran into the toilet, wearing nothing but a singlet, sat down on the toilet and released a flood of diarrhoea. She didn't care that I was there because she was really desperate. Anyway, we walked down to the bottom of her house, which is so far from the house that you can't be seen from it, and to the bushes. There was a small walking trail as Sally's property backed onto bushland, used by people running or walking dogs, but at the moment we were alone. By the time we got there, I had started to cramp up, and I could tell by the way Sally was walking that she really needed to go badly, too. I said, "I really need to go, why don't we start?" She nodded, so the competition began. We pulled down our pants and undies and squatted facing each other. We could see each other's private parts, but we didn't care because we'd seen each other like this a thousand times before. I immediately pushed out a massive, sausage-shaped, tan-coloured poo. Sally was letting off farts every 5 seconds and doing a hard pee stream at the same time. I had a very long pee after dropping my first log, then I started straining after seeing sally push out 3-4 large, very smelly logs. I pushed and strained, but nothing would come out, so I grabbed my butt cheeks with one hand and spread them, like I sometimes do when I'm struggling to poop. This paid off, as I farted for 20 seconds nonstop and 2 hugs logs slid out of my bum without any pushing whatsoever. The feeling of relief is impossible to describe. We both dropped 1 more turd each. I then had a short pee and a fart, and I was done. Sally did the same, and we were both finished. We decided to wipe each other's bums as a special treat. Mine was easy to do, but Sally's was really dirty and she kept letting off farts while I was trying to wipe it. While we were comparing the piles to see who had won, a young woman, about 22 years old, came walking by. She saw us, still squatting, over our piles of poop, and she was speechless. "My God, you must have been desperate to go!" was all she could say, before she walked up next to Sally, dropped her shorts blue and red undies to her ankles, and squatted down before dropping a turd that was larger than both of our piles combined. We both instantly voted her the winner of our pooping contest, and I wiped her bum for her as a special winner's reward. We got talking to her and went with her down to a lake. We stripped naked for an early morning skinny-dip. While we were swimming, Sally and I showed the lady how to pee while standing. A good sleepover, I thought to myself.


To Guy from Sacramento and update

Hi. I'm a fellow sufferer of constipation so I could give you some tips on what you can try to alleviate it.

You could try giving him some stool softeners (with LOTS of water to soften it up!). I take them every day prescribed by my doctor. You could also try some strong coffee, a nice long walk to stimulate his bowels, fiber cereal (again with lots of water) or an enema to give immediate relief. Also lots of fruit and vegetables. Those are the most gentle ways I can think of. You want to avoid harsh laxatives if you can help it. It can cause nasty stomach aches, diarrhea and they're unpredictable when they could start working.

As for my own bowels, I'm not quite there yet when it comes to emptying my bowels. I manage to go about every two days, usually after a coffee. It doesn't hurt but I don't feel empty either. How do you people manage to stay regular? I want to be able to poop every day, if not more than once a day.


massive poo after gym workout

So this is my third post. For those of you interested I am 27, live in the south of the Uk,
Size 10, & I have IBS (though this is getting investigated at the mo as my tablets are not
Working properly)
Anyway, I was at the gym this morning and after a hefty workout,
I was ready for my second poo of the day. I went to the ladies & thankfully all the
Loos were empty. Sat down got my phone out played a game and let out
Plop after plop. Had 12 plops all together not coming out very fast, spent about
5 mins roughly in there but boy did it smell when I'd finished. Wiped three times & flushed. & got on my bike home feeling empty & euphoric after a great gym sesh.
Well that's it! Hope you enjoyed this story. Jem x


advice/suggestions and reply to Megan

@Guy from Sacramento - sorry to hear about your son's problems. I'll make a few suggestions. He clearly had a large mass of hard poop just sitting in his rectum that he couldn't pass due to a lack of energy - sounds as though he was getting tired out. He could try one or two glycerine suppositories in his rectum. He'd need to hold them in for about 15-20 minutes to allow them to melt to soften the hard mass and lubricate his anal canal.
Increasing his fibre and fluid intake might be helpful as a preventative measure. People sometimes forget that even if you have enough fibre in your diet it is important to keep well hydrated otherwise constipation can ensue. The other thing is to make sure your son doesn't "hold on" when he needs to poop.

@Shelbi - looks like you've had some useful advise already from Brandon T and Anatomy student etc. I agree that if you want to take the pressure off you knees you could try leaning against something or peeing standing up with your legs apart - could be messy though. It depends where you are when you need to pee but if you are in a forest you could sit the upper part of your buttocks on a low-hanging branch or if on a road trip on the sill of a car. The other suggestion I have is to just sit down on the ground/grass and pee. Obviously, this isn't practical if you were in a situation where you also need to poop.

@Megan - thanks for your reply to my last post! I understand you wouldn't be able to say whether the gassy woman did visit the café for a hot drink etc. I have a hunch she did and it caused her "big urge" to poo. Having been in a similar situation myself I can imagine the relief she must have felt when she was able to sit down and allow her sphincters to open - albeit slowly. Again, a great story - especially about the sound effects you witnessed..

Good story about your colleague Lis. It sounds as though she had a substantial load to pass if she was still "plopping" after several minutes in the loo. From your description it seems as though you developed quite a sudden urge to poop so I was pleased you didn't have to wait too long. I presume you had a lot of poop to release if you did five turds over 10minutes. I wondered - did they all come out within 2 or 3 minutes? Or did it take longer? Sometimes I spend several minutes in the toilet myself when I'm pooping. However, my turds usually only take a minute or so to come out and then I spend the next few minutes chilling...I find the toilet a relaxing place. I don't think I am alone in this view.
As always I look forward to your next post.

Veteran Male Lurker

Thank You, Amylee

Because a few of Amylee's anecdotes kept rattling around in my head, I decided to use this website's search engine to download every single one of her fascinating entries: 47 by my count, from pp. 1970 to 2190. In all, I see that here on my screen, they comprise a little under 103 pages, the equivalent of a small book.

Amylee, I hope you are well and still look at this website, and I want to thank you for sharing. I, too, am a shy person (albeit male) who also suffered hazing from bullies in high school. Bless you.


To Lauren

Hi Lauren. I keep thinking about you for the past little bit. How have you been feeling lately? Did the bladder infection clear up? I really hope you are feeling much better and everything is back to normal now.

I have some questions about car peeing that I thought I'd ask. When you are wearing a dress and need to pee in the car, do you pull up your dress and just pee thru your panties, or do you pull down your panties also? If you pull your panties down too, do you leave it down so it does not get wet? How about your girls?

On a side note, how much do you spend on your girls for back-to-school? I am going to take my cousin shopping for back to school this week. She's 12 and spends a lot on school clothing. She always likes those expensive jeans that can cost up to $200 a pair. I don't know if that's normal. Thought I would ask you to see what you do for your girls!

Take care and God Bless!

Monday, September 02, 2013


To the Guy From Sacramento

This is kind of my usual answer on medical forums.
Two things for your son's constipation:
(a) glycerine suppositories
(b) cut a piece of soap (pref. plain soap without any artificial perfumes), the size of a suppository. Put some vaseline in the butthole and push the soap all the way up there. Hold it in until it meolts - it'll sting a bit but it won't do any harm and it'll definitely make him do a big dooey in 15 to 30 minutes.


Soiling the car

Recently my best friend and I (we're both in our late 20's) was just going on this long road trip to the neighboring states and we both were kind of exhausted. We've taken this particular road many times before on this kind of trips and we never really had any trouble until this time. On our way back to our place, she had to poop very badly and said that she hasn't been able to go for almost 2 days. Unfortunately we both knew there wasn't going to be a place with a public washroom around for a while. We kept on driving trying to make it back to our place but we wouldn't be able to get there for another few hours and she was getting desperate. After 30 minutes had passed, she was getting very sweaty and worried that she's not going to make it. I then decided to suggest her something that shocked her a little, I told her that she could just poop on the back seat. I only suggested it because the car I was driving was very old and I was already planning to get another one very soon anyways.

She originally hesitated for a little bit but asked if I was sure about this, which I responded yes back. I parked somewhere close and she didn't mind that I went back there with her. She hastily pulled her panties down and hopped onto the seat with her back aimed towards me. She rips out a loud one and told me that she could feel one about to come out. This solid poop started to slowly poke out of her and with ease, it kept slowly coming out without much straining. It kept getting longer and longer and as soon as the poop came out, she said that she could feel another one coming. The 2nd one wasn't as big and thick but it was still longer though. Afterwards she pooped a 3rd one which was pretty slim and short and it ended up with a little bit of peeing before she was finished. She immediately apologized for such a big mess, I responded that she didn't have anything to apologize for and we cleaned it up as best as we could as soon as we got home. Unfortunately before we got there we had to endure a few more hours of stink though.


to Secret Pooper

Your experience with pain-killers is rather unusual, I think. For most people (including me), pain medications bring on constipation, often severe. The pain-killer not only dulls pain, but also dulls the sensation felt by the nerve endings in your lower tract, including your rectum and anus; thus, you may have feces close to the exit but cannot tell, so you don't try to go, and the feces lose their water and harden up, making them hard to pass, thus constipating you. Compared to that, I would say you have a less troublesome problem; at least you are getting your poop out! In my lifetime, the worst constipation I ever had was after an operation, when the pain-killer kept me from having any bowel movement at all for four days (my all-time record); when I finally did have a b.m., it was incredibly painful and difficult. So in some ways you should be thankful your problem is what it is.

Maintenance man

To Bianca:

You probably should have the fan replaced. It is running slow usually due to dust or wear. What you are smelling is the result of the motor getting hot from being overloaded. If you leave it off, that will prevent the fire hazard.


Sister's smelly dump

Hello. I have a story to share about my sister. She's 17 years old, fairly skinny, and has long, flowing brown hair. And she can really stink up a bathroom.

So anyway, this evening I was in my room just browsing the internet, when there was a knock at my door. I answered it, and it was my sister. She said "Can I use your bathroom? I really really have to poop, and dad's in the main bathroom." I told her of course she could. The ensuite bathroom attached to my bedroom has a door, but it's really thin, plus the way the bathroom is designed makes it an echo chamber. It also doesn't have a fan, so I could hear every sound she made without even really having to listen intently.

I heard her sit down and then came the rustling sound as she lowered her clothes. She peed a strong hissing stream for at least a minute before it trickled to a stop. Then I heard a soft grunt and the crackling of a turd coming out of her bottom. At that point, I was beginning to notice the smell wafting out. But it was an earthy kind of almost pleasant smell, if that makes any sense. I continued to listen as her turd crackled out more and finally it plopped pretty loudly in the toilet.

She began to flip through the pages of a magazine I had in there for reading while I poop. She continued to give soft grunts every once in a while and letting out several turds, just one after the other. The smell was getting pretty intense outside the bathroom, so I could only imagine how it was in there. Once she had been pooping for maybe ten minutes almost non-stop and deposited something close to twenty turds (I didn't keep count exactly), there was silence.

Then I heard her walking across the floor and she opened the door just a bit. That let out the trapped smell and it was pretty awful. She asked if she could keep the door open to let in fresh air. I wasn't exactly thrilled, but said it was fine. She then opened the door all the way and went back to sitting on the toilet.

Within a minute, there was another log crackling out. Now that the door was open, it actually stunk less after a while. I guess it had more area to dissipate in. She continued pooping and passed at least another twenty turds in her second wave. Finally, she started to roll off paper and wipe. She wiped a ton of times and flushed the toilet. She washed her hands and came out.

She thanked me for letting her use my bathroom. I told her it was no trouble, but couldn't resist teasing her. I said "Sure sounds and smells like a great dump, sis." She blushed and replied, "Yeah. I really need that cause I didn't poop at all yesterday."

When I went in the bathroom a few hours later to pee, it still smelled pretty funky right around the toilet, and there was lots of skidmarks all around the bowl. Some of them went away when I flushed, but not all of them.

question for Jasmin K

first I'd like to say that I like your stories a lot. In your last post you said that 2 of your best friends are constipated at the moment. Could you please write about some of these present and past situations? Like did you help them and, how was the whole ordeal, what kind of technique they used to get the constipated turd out and those kinds of things. Many thanks!


to Guy from Sacramento

Pushing and straining so hard can lead to hemorrhoids and anal fissures, so it would be good to get Tony back to normal bowel movements on a regular schedule. Several factors can affect bowel function:

Water intake. He needs to drink lots of water each day, several glasses if possible; that keeps the stool from getting rock-hard and becoming impossible to pass. Water is best, but other liquids can help also.

Dietary fiber. He should be eating a good daily dose of cereal grains (whole wheat, oats, etc.) through cereals, whole grain bread, and the like; nuts (not to excess, or diarrhea can result); green and yellow vegetables, including spinach and broccoli; large beans such as lima beans, navy beans, kidney beans, and the like. Fiber gives the stool its bulk, and the mass of poop needs to be big enough to stimulate peristalsis.

Exercise. Walking, running, gardening, playing sports, and similar motions of the muscles help circulate the blood and keep the digestive process going. Too much exercise or physical exhaustion is not good; but enough exercise is important.

Timing. Tony should try to move his bowels on a decently regular schedule, which means being up at a good time in the morning so he can defecate at a convenient time--before breakfast, after breakfast, or even at school before or between classes. (Please note that breakfast is a very important meal--it gives essential nutrients before starting the strenuous parts of the day, and it can be the time for introducing fiber into the diet.) Even if he does not feel an urge, he might try sitting on the toilet at the same time every day, perhaps with a book if a movement is not immediate. He shouldn't sit too long at a time, but just sitting there could stimulate movement.

I know that this message won't appear for a few days, so I hope Tony's immediate problem will go away and he has some good bowel movements. I hope he will be alert for any problems that might occur; anal fissures have a characteristic pain that sometimes makes it hard to wipe thoroughly--and yet good wiping is important lessen the likelihood of fissures or anal itching. If he continues to have problems, he may have to see a doctor. I think my advice is good, but I am no physician and cannot prescribe either medicine or behavior; a doctor can do all that, as well as looking at Tony's anus to check for physical damage. I hope this advice is of help.

Shannon E.

Responding to Csze's survey :]

In response to Csze's questions:

1) If you had to pee or poop very badly and you had only two choices: go to opposite sex bathroom, or go in your pants, which one would you choose?

Since I have experienced both events, I have insight on both. I absolutely hate public restrooms in general, so I'm already uncomfortable going in a same sex restroom (this would probably explain why I have so many accidents in public :P). If it's extremely bad and I think I can't hold it, I'll try to use the toilet, more often then not. In certain situations, however, I have in fact just pooped my pants if I needed to go in a public setting. Since I'm also an advocate that pooping your pants is 'not that bad' (I enjoy it from time to time, in fact.), I could go with the latter as well. The same applies to pee, for the most part.

2) Have you ever pees or pooped your pants purely out of convenience?

Many times

3) If you were on a phone and you had to pee or poop, would you:
a) Make an excuse to finish the call and go to bathroom
b) Tell whoever you're talking to that you have to go to bathroom and call back later.
c) Tell that you have to go to bathroom and keep talking while doing your business
d) Don't say anything and go in your pants

If I'm at home, I almost always go with D. I don't like to talk while I'm on the toilet, nor do I like the idea that whoever I'm talking to knows that I'm on the toilet. Since I (like I stated before) do not mind pooping / peeing my pants, it's an alright option for me to just poop where I stand / sit / lie and finish my conversation.

That's all for now! Happy Pooping :]

I am a 13 year old girl from Chattanooga, TN. I thought I would film myself pooping like Kassie, but I actually wanted to capture the poop coming out of my butt. Here is how I did it.

I took all my clothes off and got in the bathtub. Then I propped my phone at one end, and I sat at the other. I then bent my knees and hiked them up to my shoulders ( I am very flexible being a cheerleader). That way my butthole was pointed at the camera. I had to pee really bad too and did I pee! In the position I was in, my vagina was pointed at the ceiling. My pee sprayed about 5 feet into the air. Then I felt the poop coming. Initially, it was hard to pass. My face scrunched up and I gave some soft whines as I pushed out a long, loud, and stinky fart. I had to rub my stomach to help the poop come out. I pushed again and a perfectly round pellet shot clear across the tub like a cannonball, barely missing my phone. Then another cannonball turd shot out. Then I pushed and on the phone, you could see my butthole slowly stretch open, revealing the tip of a turd. It slowly slid across the bottom of the pee-soaked tub. When it was done, it was a 18 inch long firm turd. Then there were 4 softer turds, each about 6 inches long. I was about to get up when I felt a gurgle in my stomach and some poop entering my colon. I pushed and a stream of watery poop sprayed all over my phone. It took 15 minutes to clean up the mess. I never thought I could poop that much, even if I hadn't gone in 6 days.


Anonymous College Guy response

Your posts sound pretty interesting. I definitely like using public bathrooms, but at the same time, they do make me feel awkward sometimes. Depends on the specific situations, I suppose. Because I've been in public bathrooms and had someone comment on the smell I was producing while I was in there. That embarrassed me, I have to say. And I can think of three times that's happened (at school, that is)!

Now, the whole idea of "buddy dumping"…the only person I've ever done that with is my twin brother. We're very close and very open about bathroom things, so sitting in adjacent stalls and pooping at the same time is no biggie for us, neither is both of us being in the bathroom at the same time at home.

@Guy from Sacramento

How often does he get constipated? Have you considered a diet change? For this specific instance, have you considered a suppository or an enema? Has he ever had either one of those before? Good luck.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ana first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop in the ocean it sounds like you really had to go and alot to I bet you felt pretty good and pretty empty afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie as always another great poop story it sounds like you had a really good and felt pretty good afterward to and who wouldnt after getting rid of a beast like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about your bosses story about her pooping herself.

To: Bianca it sounds like your vent fan may need to be cleaned or fixed but to be safe you shouldnt leave it on and also call someone to have it checked just in case better safe then sorry and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooperlady great outdoor peeing story.

To: Secret Pooper great story about your pain killer poops it sounds like they were pretty nasty at least you made it to the toilet without having an accident and always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Davy from D
Esteban, Zip, ACG: I like your stories. And Esteban: I'm proud of you somehow for overcoming your shyness! I've had similar experiences; unfortunately there are absolutely no high partition or even doorless stalls in Germany, so I can't prove to myself that I wouldn't mind other guys seeing me while I'm on the can...


From Childhood

,hi yall, ,i have a story to tell. I had an accident at school when I was little. I went into my classroom, and the diarrhea just came out into my pull-up. I was mildly inconttinent from my cp back then, but now I've grown out of that problem. Most of the time, my bowel just leaked, and once a month I pooped big loads in the toilet. Another time when I got an enema, i shat myself while sitting on the floor after waking up in the morning. Most of the time, the T A in school didn't understand my leaky bowel issue, and thought I was soiling for attention! When I was in my room back then,It smelled like poop sometimes, because I had the habit of digging my butt crack. I loved playing the Bee Gees song Spirits Having Flown from my Bee Gees cassette all the time while at home. While at the school for the blind, my friend heather threw up on the floor as I stood playing with the dorm's Furby )a 1998 version I think(.


Guy from Sacramento

Do you know what kind of diet he is on? As I got to say for now, don't let him use ointment on hemmorids (if he has them) It will dry up and make it harder to go. That's my opinion but it may be something else.


Peeing Advice for Shelbi

Instead of squatting, try standing. Here is a chronological list of what to do.

1. Pull down pants or take them off.
2. Spread legs apart.
3. Use your hands to spread your labia apart.
4. Let her rip! Push hard so it to avoid a slow trickle at the end.

Anatomy student

Guy from Sacramento advice

There are several approaches to treating constipation. There are stool softeners, vegetable laxatives, propelene glycol (ex-lax) and enemas/suppositories. My ex girlfriend was always dealing with large, dry poop. She preferred glycerine enemas. They basically lube up the pipes like drain-o. They are safe and fast acting. Laxatives cause cramps and gas as side effects. Any option will do the trick.
The big issue is prevention. Fiber and adaquite water intake are the major ways to prevent future issues.
Note: no one (to my knowledge) on this site is a doctor. I took college anatomy and I often reaserch this subject out of pure interest. If your son has any rectal bleeding, sharp abdominal pains, or doesn't poop in the next 2 days, see a physician immediately. Hope this helps.


Post Title (optional)reply to guy from Sacramento

In all seriousness, it sounds like your son is very constipated. My first option would be an enema. I realize most 17 year olds aren't going to be too thrilled at the thought of letting Daddy put a tube up their rear end, so why not get the equipment and let him handle it on his own. (he might have to be assured that there is nothing "queer" or "gay" about putting a tube up his butt so he can take a good crap. I had a football coach in high school who would joke about this same thing time and again but he was actually very serious. "If you can't shit we'll stick a tube up your butt and make you crap" were his words. Last option would be a good strong laxative. Whichever way, we all need a healthy colon no matter what our age and by healthy that means keeping it clean and empty as much as we can.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Guy from Sacramento

My son's constipation

Thought maybe this site could give me a little advice. My 17-year-old son Tony has been having some issues with constipation recently. He never told me anything about it, but this morning I was walking past the bathroom and I heard some loud grunting and heavy breathing coming from the bathroom and I knew it was Tony. I didn't want to embarrass him, but I had to say something, so I asked him if he was alright. He paused and then said "no, I'm trying to poop, but nothing's coming out." So I offered to come in and see what was going on, and he allowed me to.

He said that he had been pushing for 10 minutes but nothing was coming out. I asked him to lean forward so I could see what was going and I saw that when he pushed, his anus would open and the feces would start to come out, but then he couldn't push anymore and it would go back in. It looked very hard and pellet-like.

I didn't really know what to say, so he was unable to go. He said he hadn't gone since the day before yesterday. What can I/he do to help?

Hi, my name is Ana. I'm a 13 year old Mexican girl and an only child. I just started 7th grade. Most of the boys at my school say I'm hot because of my dark skin, cute face and flat stomach. Anyway, here's my story.

Last summer I was on a trip to San Diego; I was 12 then. I usually get constipated when I ride in a car for a long time, and we drove all the way from Midland, TX. I tried to poop several times at the hotel, but it wouldn't come out. Then, on the 5th day there, we were at the beach. I was swimming in the ocean when I really had to go. There were no bathrooms in walking distance, so I decided to go in the ocean. I waded out further than anyone else so I wouldn't get embarrassed. When I got out far enough, I pulled down my bikini bottom and started to go. I pushed and a big long fart came out making a barrage of bubbles. I grunted and pushed again and another load of fart bubbles shot out. Then I pushed again and my butthole started to stretch open as a long, hard turd started to come out. It was 12 inches long and the width of a Coke can and still coming. My butthole was stretched to its limit. Then it sped up and jetted out. It had to be 18 or 20 inches. Then I let another load of bubbles and a softer, banana-sized turd shot out. Then, I felt some more coming, and a cloud of diarrhea came out with the force of a firehose. Then I was done, but there was a massive poop cloud all around me. I raced to the shore acting like none of this ever happened. When I got out of the water, it must have floated closer to the beach because a boy about my age shouted, "Someone s**t in the water." Then everyone scrambled out of the water. Hopefully, no one figured out it was me. Then we left the beach. My parents were appalled. They didn't know it was me though, or they just didn't mention.

Anatomy student

Squatting tips for Shelbi

Pull your pants to the bend of your knee, and kinda sit on your heels. Try to relax and balance rather than actually squatting. If your pee goes all over the place, using your middle and index finger, spread the sides of the urethra open to expose the "pee hole." Hope this helps

Emily (Emma)

Pee and Pooping During Ice Skating Lessons

When I go to the ladies room at school I usually wipe the seat put a seat cover down sit on the potty and go. My mommy taught me when i was younger since she knew when I pee my stream splits and sprays so she taught me to sit when going toilet. I change my maxi pads and tampons too while sitting. I also ice skate so girls you know its a pain trying to undo the body suit the skirt and pulling down your tights to use a toilet while during ice lessons. I usually try to leave my skates on and put a blade protector on them to walk to the ladies room. I'm a shorter girl but on skates its still hard to sit on a toilet wearing skates so I usually try to use the handicap stall with a higher wall mounted potty. I still have to move myself up onto the toilet with my skates on my tip toes. its hard being short!


MASSIVE shit that clogged the toilet!

Last time I pooped was Thursday. I didn't go at all Friday and Saturday, despite lots of water, fiber and lots of exercise yesterday. I have been drinking lots of water today and ate toast with butter and jam and a big bowl of grapes and that seemed to trigger my bowels. Wow! I pooped out a turd that was about 2 1/2 feet long and managed to clog the toilet. It took 3 flushes to get it to go down. Damn!

Yesterday I went to the flea market and my husband and I both needed the bathroom so we went. He ended up having diarrhea in the mens room and when I went in the ladies room there was a big line up of about 5 people and only 4 stalls so needless to say there was some waiting involved. I've never seen a lineup in a bathroom. Luckily everyone just needed to pee, not poo. But my urge wasn't urgent so I could wait. After waiting about 15-20 minutes a stall opened up and I got to go. I changed my pantiliner and did a short pee with some farting because of a bean and cheese burrito I had for lunch. Needless to say my husband and I did a ton of walking yesterday-3.3 km each way, both to and from the flea market, then to the supermarket and Shoppers, to a garage sale and home. Man our feet were sore! And my stomach feels a lot better. I guess that's what happens when you don't poo for 3 days! Still, that's better than going only once a week.

my boss's over-share

Interesting accident story my boss told me and another employee yes:terday after accidentally letting some info slip when talking about something else... she's about 38-39 years old, in pretty decent shape, good ass... she was walking towards an office where me and another employee were using a computer and she had a distinct waddle in her step and a funky look on her face. She finally made her way all the way over to us and she did she goes "oh man I don't know what I did but I really hurt my back." I looked at her and said "oohh your back...the way you walked over here I thought you had pooped your pants." Without even a bit of hesitation she responded "if I pooped my pants it would be so much easier to deal with than this." My other coworker said "THAT would be easy to deal with?" And she starts to go "yeah it's not that bad you just- never mind." She abruptly stopped talking and then tried to casually change the subject. My coworker and I looked at each other and then I said to my boss "sounds like you have some experience in this field." Her face goes bright red and she's speechless for a few seconds then goes "....damn it." It was obvious then that she had a story to tell so we both egged her on until she explained both what happened and how she "dealt with it" so easily. The story goes, about two or three years ago she was at the dmv to get her picture retaken after renewing her license and as usual it was a long wait. She had to poop shortly after arriving but didn't think it would be a problem to wait. But as the wait dragged on and on she started having to go really bad but her number was getting close and they were starting to move quicker. She was afraid if she went to the bathroom then she would miss her turn, so she was determined to get her picture done and then go straight to the bathroom before home. She finally made it to her turn but getting up and walking over to the photo area only made her have to go worse and she was really struggling to hold it in as she was getting the photo done and she farted audibly at least once and the DMV employee heard it. She finally finished the picture and started heading towards the bathroom when she just couldn't hold it anymore and started going in her pants. She said that as soon as she started having an accident it was like her brain went into total recovery mode and she just got into this zone of staying calm and going to take care of her dilemma as quickly and quietly as possible in order to save herself from extreme public humiliation. She said she just casually turned and headed to the exit instead of the bathrooms and forced herself to walk as normally as possible and keep a straight face even as she was actively pooping her pants. As soon as she got outside she leaned against a brick wall and pretended to be looking through her purse while she finished messing her pants. When she was done she discretely reached back and pulled her shirt down as far as possible to try and cover her butt, then turned away from the wall and swung her purse behind her in one motion, and again casually walked off towards her car trying to look normal. She said that the mess spread all throughout the back of her pants because of walking normally but it was better than doing the rigid waddle to avoid disturbing the load and clue everyone in to the fact that she had a load in her pants. As soon as she made it to her car and got in that's when she finally started freaking out over what she'd done, but at the same time felt exhilarated that she did something so embarrassing in such a public place but managed to stay so cool about it that no one noticed. She didn't offer many details about cleaning up, just said she got home and changed her underwear and that it wasn't as bad as you'd expect. We both just stared at her and my coworker goes "was it diarrhea?" And she just burst out laughing and said no. I said "that's astonishing. Can I see your driver's license pic?" She burst out laughing again and after a minute or prying she showed it to us. She actually looked really good in it, and said "yep that's me literally seconds before pooping my pants and I look cool as hell about it!"

Anyway, that was the end of it. After putting her license back she got back to talking about her back hurting, and even though I wanted to continue discussing the story of an adult professional pooping herself in public, I didn't wanna seem too weird so I dropped it.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shelbi maybe try to hold onto somenthing if there is anything around or posibly try to learn to do a standing pee im sure a few of the women here can give you some advice on how to.

To: Paul as always another great story about Claudia it sounds like she really had to poop alot and gave you a good show to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim great story about seeing your friend Mei-Ling pooping.

To: Abby as always another great story I bet who ever cleaned that room was in for a surprise but it serves the owners they need to make sure each is cleaned after each guest and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Scarlet first welcome back and great desperate pee story.

To: Meagan as always another great poop story.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Patricia D.

Sounds like a really great guy!


Strange Experience

I'm not sure i posted this before, but sorry if it's a repeat. I had gone poop once, and had the oddest experience! It had nothing to do with the poop, but with the ventilation fan. After I flushed the toilet, and washed my hands, I turned on the fan. It came on at a crawl, increasing in speed verry slowly with a ghostly sounding whirr. Not only that, but my poop smell was replaced with a slight metallic odor as if the brushes were causing friction even though the vent was on for no longer then 19 seconds. Has anyone experienced this before? What's the possibility of the house burning if I had left the bathroom with the vent on? Please answer soon! Bye!


Csze's survey

1) If you had to pee or poop very badly and you had only two choices: go to opposite sex bathroom, or go in your pants, which one would you choose?
Go to the mens room

2) Have you ever pees or pooped your pants purely out of convenience?

3) If you were on a phone and you had to pee or poop, would you:
a) Make an excuse to finish the call and go to bathroom
b) Tell whoever you're talking to that you have to go to bathroom and call back later.
c) Tell that you have to go to bathroom and keep talking while doing your business
d) Don't say anything and go in your pants



Its me again

Hey Guys,
I love your site! By the way, My ear did clear up before the end of last year, and is doing great other than some itching from dryness.I've had just as much great poos as all you guys have had on this site. My dog Diego shure rips some nasty farts, and so does my Furby )2012 version(. Luckily they don't stink, lol! The new version called Furby boom coming out has an app in wich your furby can use the toilet! It can even poop on the app, lay eggs on the app, and more! Sadly, i won't be abre to use the app due to blindness, but the toy itself sounds like it can work withut it. I don't have a Furby boom yet, but it still sounds fun without the app.

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